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10-27-2004, 09:53 AM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We are a friendly group who share all the ups and downs of our daily lives... not just weight loss. Won't you join us?

10-27-2004, 10:19 AM
Good morning, ladies!!

Cristi - good for you with the candy!! I bought stuff that won't bother me - Gummi Savers, M&Ms, & Kit Kats. Now, if it was Butterfingers or Snickers the kids would never see it, lol.

Jen - I love pink, but almost didn't get it because there is so much of it out there right now. But this sweater feels like angora, and that will be nice when we slow dance. About your photo, you could download it to and copy the img link. Then when you are doing your reply here, paste the img link from photobucket. Phototbucket is free, for a certain number of hits, then the photo disappears. But I bought an account and mine don't disappear - I delete them, though, lol. try to post the cake pic, ok? We'd love to see it!

Julie - love the idea of the Power Lunch Program!! You'll be such a positive addition to Danny's life, Julie! I'm very interested, week to week, how he does, so let us know, ok?

Hi to Marti, Susan, Angie, Katy, Mindee, Shanna, Sue, Kathy, Katiecat, Sam, Ellen, and anyone else reading this.

I helped guide Katie on a home-ec project last night. She had to design 2 dining rooms, using fabric swatches and pieces of wood pasted onto foamboards. I finally came in handy, lol!!

Not much going on today. I have to get some cleaning done! If anyone stopped by unannounced, I'd be embarrassed! So I'll put The Rolling Stones cd in and crank it - that gets me moving, lol!!

BBL with Jumpin' Jack Flash, lol,

10-27-2004, 12:18 PM
Hello - finally checking in here....
Just been so busy! Leigh's birthday is on Halloween and there are so many things going on...parties at church and both schools, then of course a family celebration here on the big day. Yesterday we carved and painted our pumpkins...lots of fun.

I haven't been losing, so I haven't checked in on weighin day, but this week is looking up ( or is it down?). I like WW Core, but still need some external limits on portions, so I am counting Flex points while sticking to mostly Core foods. Anyone have a good recommendation for soy cheese?

Holidays are coming up and I attended a great talk at the preschool on trying to simplify the season so we don't get overwhelmed and lose all the joy the holiday should bring. It sparked an idea to start a thread here about our coping strategies for the holidays... I think I could use a dose of JL wisdom to help me cope with the tough food choices.

Sorry I once again don't have time for individuals....I'll try to get back later, but I have to get out and walk before the day gets away from me

PS - Jane thanks for the card!


10-27-2004, 01:29 PM
Hi everyone :wave:

First I have to say Hi to everyone from Shanna Banna :wave: :cb: Her computer is goofy and she wanted me to say Hi for her and let everyone know she cares and is thinking of us.

Julie, the Power Lunch program sounds so cool! I know the kids that people help really appreciate it and love having a mentor.

Jen, the chili was good! It started out rainy and ugly yesterday and was a little chilly-the reason chili sounded so good. By the time it was done and time to eat the weather changed and it was warm. I don't care to eat soups unless it is cold. Yes, we liked The Grudge. Well, it was okay-it definitely wasn't scary to me. We had a few good laughs but I think we have a warped sense of humor.

Katy, you reminded me that I need to go get a pumpkin! DS#2 wants to carve one. I bought a fake one that has a light in it that looks real and that was good for me. I do have two small ones on the porch with the scarecrow but they won't be carved-just decorations for fall. Didn't really decorate for Halloween except to put some pumpkin lights around the door which I will turn on on Halloween night.

Jane, I used to buy the candy that we don't like but we always ended up with lots let and I hated having to throw it away. Just seemed like a waste of money to me. So we buy what we like and what ever is left give to the kids, even though they don't really need it either. If it looks like we are going to have a lot of candy left by 8-8:30 I have given kids handfuls of candy. Of course this was when the kids were younger and had gone trick-or-treating and didn't need to have more. It has been a long time since we actually lived somewhere where we had kids. The last place was in OK and I was surprised that we only had about 20 kids. I know more cities do more things now for the kids to keep them off the streets, like trick-or-treating in the mall. But I have a good feeling we will get lots of kid this year and I look forward to it.

Anyway, Hi to everyone else. Don't really have much to say myself-same old boring stuff going on in my life.

10-27-2004, 03:51 PM
Good Afternoon ladies--

Cristi--Glad you heard from Shanna, I haven't heard from her in awhile now, hope her schooling is going ok. As for the Halloween Candy....I buy what we like for the same reasons, hate to waste it. Last year I only had 5 kids show up and we live in a kid busy neighborhood! So the kids that did show up got HANDFULS of candy! This one little boy (so cute) looked at me when I did that and said "WOW...thanks lady!" :lol: Too cute.

Katy--This year we didn't buy any pumpkins! :( It's the first year that I haven't taken Jhanai to the patch and I am so heartbroken over it! We were so busy w/parties and stuff that we just ran out of time. James was wondering why there was no carving going on. So I may take Jhanai somewhere for another tradition for Christmas........not sure what yet. I think we may go and buy a bunch of stuff to make Wreaths.....been wanting to do that.

Jane--The sweater sounds so cute! The sale we've been having are at JC Pennys. As for the treadmill. I told James to wait until after Christmas....OR....instead of purchasing one, join a gym instead. (which I'm leaning on right now) I'd rather do more than just walk or jog on the treadmill. I miss the weight lifting. (And so do my muscles----they've gone soft on me!)

Afternoon to everyone else!

Well, last night I felt extremely horrible. Just felt bad and didn't want to spend too much time away from the when I got to work last night, I told them that I just wasn't feeling good and didn't have their number and would like to go home. So I went home and I have the phone number so I don't have to make the 20min. drive to get there to tell them! I'm feeling much better now...I think I just needed some sleep. And boy...I slept interruptions. Been a long time since I've done that.

Ok....I must gussy up and look presentable. You all have a great day and I will yap at ya another time!

10-27-2004, 03:53 PM
Hey.....I just checked the chat room out to see if anyone was in......nobody....but I did see they changed it around a little. Looks good and has smilies in there! Now...if I ever get a chance to get in, how am i going to keep up w/that? :lol:

Better go!

10-27-2004, 04:18 PM
Marti - hope you get to feeling better. I was talking this morning on a walk with my neighbor about gyms vs home. Since we both have small children we both were leaning toward the gym. We've been walking, but I don't think the weather is going to cooperate for much longer, so I need think about Plan B. We have a great community center nearby with a gym and childcare, so I may start using it more. I can pay as I go there and not have to deal with month-to-month membership fees. I do have a folding stepper for when I absolutely cannot get out of the house ( sick kids, bad roads, etc)

Jane - I love the feel of angora....That home-ec project is right up my alley. I used to love to sew for my home, but it's hard to get big projects going these days with the kiddos underfoot. So when we remodel or they get bigger, then I start sewing in earnest again. How's Home-ec these days.....I hear it's often called Life Skills and students learn money management in addition to household skills. I used to pooh-pooh home-ec as a kid. I learned my skills from the women in my family or I just taught myself. But now kids are growing up not knowing how to shop or cook, which I think is sad...those skills can really save a person some money.

Julie - I think your volunteering opportunity is great and you will find it so rewarding. I used to tutor kids for a side income and I found the many kids who were behind could catch up with just some dedicated one on one reading time. It was really that simple in most cases. So good for you!

Cristi- have fun with the pumpkin. We did a combination of carving and painting with tempera paint. That way my 3 y/o could get involved. Do you think your new neighborhood will see alot of trick or treating action?

Susan- bought yourself a cute bikini yet ;) You are gonna have so much fun!
Angie - warming up yet? We just don't get that cold down here in OR. We were snowed in for a week early this year, but that was really unusual for us. I've lived here so long, I really like the gray rainy weather
Mindee - how's Tommy's job stuff going? The union helping him out? hope so - I thinking good thoughts for you guys
Shanna - Keep up the good work - Winter Break is right around the corner!
Sue - When do you go to CA? I'm sure you are very excited to see your DD.

Hi to anyone I missed

I had a nice walk with my neighbor. Then I came home and baked muffins (doesn't count as holiday baking!) Had alot of mushy bananas. Think I'll put a little orange frosting and sprinkles on them and call them Birthday muffins for my little pumpkin girl.

Hope the rest of the day goes well for everyone. Does anyone chat anymore - do you still meet up Thursdays at 6pm Pacific? I miss chat....

10-27-2004, 05:33 PM
Good Afternoon Guys!!

Thanks for all the support on the lunch idea!! I met with Danny today and he picked out a book called " Saint of the Dragon"...not my choice, but it's all about him...We took turns reading, swapped every 2 pages..Plus they give the kids juice and cookies while we read, so I give him little breaks to eat it!!
I didnt think he seemed very impressed with the start of the book, but says he likes it, so I'll just grin and bear it!!
Im dreading Halloween here, so far I've only bought 3 bags of candy, the kinds I dont like!!! I wont buy the rest til the weekend, because I dont want to know it's here...We have a housing complex a few streets over and figured we'd get tons of kids last year, but only probably got 25, and were stuck with tons of candy!! Plus with it being on a sunday night, that kind of stinks!!
So I dont think I'll buy as much this year!!
JANE: hope Katie does well on the home ec project,, that was never my thing

MARTI: hope you're feeling better

RosieKate: what are the kids going to be for halloween?

Have a nice night Girls

10-27-2004, 06:15 PM
Ooooooh, Katy. I would never be caught dead in a bikini......haven't been in a pool in years.
I have a terribl;e body image.
Lost the weight but have loose skin..........attractive, eh??
Just on pins and needles......

He is a sweet man though. We kind of talk about what he looks for in a lady. His late wife was 300 pounds when she passed away and ......when he says...... it was her that he loved, that the weight meant nothing.....just kind of makes me teary eyed. Because I can hear how sincere he is....

He just really cares about me and he was cracking me up last night - so funny......

Bought a cute blouse today along with PJ's ,,,,taking advantage of summer all new make up - still have a few more things but basically am done.

Thinking of taking a taxi to the airport or ask my sister. ,,,,,,,

Chili sounds yummy..........

Going to take care of a traffic violation back later....

10-28-2004, 12:55 AM
Good evening ladies. I have been playing on my computer, trying to clean it up and de-bug it. I was wanting to totally strip it and then put things back on, but it is different than my old one, so I haven't figured it out yet.

Jane - I love the idea of the soft pink sweater. I know pink is really in right now, and I used to wear it a lot. Guess I just haven't thought of myself as "pink" lately. I have gotten into a neutral rut!

Marti - Hope you are feeling better. Yeah, we can figure out that new chat room.

Katy - Isn't it nice to have a neighbor to walk with? Mine talks non-stop, so I just walk and listen. lol. I haven't made my plans for CA yet. DD keeps changing her plans of when she will come to see us in Vegas. We leave for Vegas the 8th of Nov. however.

Susan - I just know you will have a wonderful trip. Look at all the support you have here. He sounds like a neat guy!

Julie - Good idea with the lunch program. You know it will mean a lot to Danny.

Cristi - I think we all agree about the Halloween candy. I asked DH if we could start a new tradition of giving the kids bananas or something. J/k He opened a bag of little candy bars today and so far I have resisted.

I feel pretty good about my walking lately. Have gone twice a day every day. The eating is going good, but I hate to think about weighing in as I am usually disappointed. DH is walking and eating better also, so we all know he will lose more than I do. Don't know how the eating will go next week. We are trying to clean out the fridge and not buy groceries since we are leaving in 2 weeks. Might get down to Cheerios....LOL.

Tomorrow we have a meeting at a condo complex to weigh the options of a new condo. If DH can have a workshop we find the condo very attractive.

I just tried Folger's Hazelnut De-caf coffee. I had always wanted to try flavored coffee, but couldn't find de-caf. I love it.

Okay..I have talked enough.

da fat n da furious
10-28-2004, 02:30 AM
Hello Ladies,
Susan, ask your sister to take you...its always nice to have someone there to say goodbye with.
Jane, love pink, infact had a pink day today,,,pink top, black pants with pink pinstriping and yup my fav boots, PINK! feet are killing me thou,,,,and top it off with my pink poncho,,,,hmmm maybe too much pink but do I care? nope
Katy, good idea about painting your pumpkin, I do that, and add strange things to mine,,,hats and scarves.
Another suggestion,,,take your old coffee cans or any other can and spray paint it, and then with black marker (permenant) make a scary/funny face on it,,,punch some holes into it and use a tea light. I used to teach a craft class, and that I remember was one of my crafts, I still have my cans.
I decorated my house with lots of spider webs and caution and lights.

One of the ladies in football told me about making witches finger cookies...sugar cookies with a bit of green coloring, use halved almonds as finger eh?
Cristi, I used to have to buy bags and bags of candy when we lived in Sylvan, we would have close to or more then 300 kids each year. We moved here and had like 5 the first year and then last year we topped out at 15...
The past couple of years I bought treat bags and filled them with fun stuff...erasers, spider rings, and candy.
Before in Sylvan I would just be glad I could keep up with all the kids. When the kids would come home I would make Monte go throu the bags with them and they would give us all the candy they didn't like and I would toss it back into the bowl and give that away too...
I did pick up my yankee tea light cookies,,,fresh picked cotton has to be my favorite.
Brandon asked me to pick up some hooker boots....hmmm now where am I going to find men size 14 hooker boots? Should see him in his fake red
well I should get to bed....

10-28-2004, 04:41 AM
Hello ladies… are you all doing?

A little post on me now: AF has come into town. I am on cd4, as of Thursday. So things are trucking along. I came out of the bathroom and I looked at Tommy and our friend Anna and said “ah ha…..I can drink with you guys on Saturday!”

He has also recently found his toes in the past couple of days! He love playing with them when mommy or daddy (or whoever) are trying to feed him or change him!

Brandon is 18lbs. 9oz. and 26 ¾ inches long. His head circumference is 16 ¾ inches long. His chest circumference is 18 ¼ inches long. He got two shots. The first one, DTaP, he didn’t cry at. When she did the Prevnar, he screamed. He is must be warn out because he slept from the time we left the doctors office until a little after 7pm, and then now he is done for the night. Ok, that was short lived, he is now wide awake with no intentions of going back to sleep! And he is actually looking at mommy this time.

Tommy has to call his union rep tomorrow. We got there and the receptionist says “his insurance has been cancelled.” I said “no it hasn’t because when I talked to Debbie in billing last week before I even scheduled his appointment, she said it was still the same.” She goes “well this says that it was cancelled September 1.” They sent us to the back waiting room, and then she came in and said “we will take him this month with just the Medicaid, but tomorrow you have to call and get that taken off there.” I said “if I take the Medicaid off there, then he won’t have any insurance.” By law, Tommy is suppose to have insurance through his old job until the end of the month which is this Sunday.

The nurse that came in to take all his measurements told me that I was anal retentive. I took along a chart of development that I printed out and have been putting a colored dot next to the things that he is doing. She looked at it and goes “well aren’t you a little anal retentive?” I said “hey, I like to keep track of what all my son is doing.” She then goes “I am not saying anything bad about you doing that. There are some parents who come in here and guess at what their child is doing. It is not that often that we get parents that come in here that have a log of what their child is doing.”

Oh yeah….I asked about the flu shot, and lo and behold they ran out three weeks ago.

Man….I haven’t gotten an email from here so I had to come back here to check things out. Me and our friend Anna, went out on a limb last night. We decided to dye each others hair the same color. And got totally different results! Mine is more of a reddish/strawberry blondish/brown. Hers is a blonde/brown and a little orange. My first thought about after seeing it all done, was “I hope Brandon still recognizes me and doesn’t start crying when I look at him.” Thankfully it didn’t phase him at all!

On another subject….we are going on Friday to get on hopefully WIC, bridge card and anything else that will help us out for now. My parents are coming down this coming weekend and they told us that they would take us grocery shopping to put some food on our shelves and fridge. Let’s see what else has happened…… in-laws came over this past Sunday. Things went okay. They stayed for two hours, and finally took the hint that we had things to do when I went and jumped into the shower. Things have been all off for the past week. All of our sleep schedules have been thrown off. As well as our eating habits as well. Which I am feeling very guilty about….since it seems like I have reverted back to the emotional eating again. But I am getting out of my slump and gonna kick some butt! Tommy finally brought me down my work out tapes from the attic. So now I have to get my butt in gear to start doing them.

Oh yeah….we went to Wal-Mart last night with our friend Anna. We know where we are going to go to get all the stuff for Brandon’s first birthday! They have the ducky cake mold, ducky candles, and pretty much ducky everything! And we know where we have to go when we get the extra money to redecorate the bathroom! Wal-Mart! They have an entire bathroom with ducks….so we are going to do that when we get the extra money. Brandon was looking at everything and then got mad when we walked away from it all. Tommy told him that we would be back for it when we had the money to buy it all, he got a smile on his face and then was happy for the rest of the trip.

Julie~ I will keep my fingers crossed that things work out with being on birth control this cycle. I told her when they were over here this past weekend, that there was a place that was doing it for the high risk people ONLY, and all you needed was a new or gently used item to get a shot.

Cristi~ I was going to get Brandon one while he was at his doctor’s appointment but they ran out, so I think he won’t be getting one. I will just make sure everyone that wants to hold him that he isn’t used to washes their hands and to keep him away from sick people. Thanks for the comment about my new avi! Thanks for the Halloween card!

Jane~ We have told her over and over again that he needs to get the shot. Along with my GMIL, she hasn’t gotten it either!! Thanks for the postcard. (I think I already did say this…but thanks again)

Katy~ The job stuff is going I guess. We went yesterday and he got everything straightened around so he can call on Monday for his unemployment check. But we have both been looking in the classified section. There is one ad that caught both of our attention. We can both make some extra money by stuffing envelopes and what not. Tommy got the information sent out to him, we are waiting to get it to see if there is some kind of catch to it, and then we will go from there. He told me a couple hours ago, that if there is no catch to it, then he can work on doing it during the day, and then he will take over caring for Brandon so I can do it at night. But I figure that we both can do as much as we can during the day/night.

We are having Halloween here at our house. I can’t wait to see Brandon’s costume and to see him in it! I think as it is right now, I will take him out and Tommy will stay and pass out candy. But my parents are coming down, so we might see if they will stay and pass out candy while we take Brandon around the neighborhood.

10-28-2004, 09:51 AM
Happy Thursday morning, ladies!!

Katy - how're your classes coming along? Are they finished before Christmas? The class Katie is taking is called Houses/Interiors, but there is a Life Skills class, too. I think now that you're counting WW points, too, you'll start to lose again.

Cristi - I guess I'd rather throw candy away than eat it. Of course, out here I only buy for my DGDs, so there is none to toss. Angie had a really good solution - give non-edibles!! Our town sponsors trick-or-treating on Main street, and this year they have even included some games with it. The first one to complete some sort of puzzle correctly gets some prizes.

Marti - glad you're feeling better! Don't want you getting rundown! Chat is tonight... and you'll be at work, right? Maybe we can schedule another one for earlier in the day. Let us know what would be good for you, ok, and I'll add the info to the sticky.

Julie - bet Danny loved the 1 on 1 with you! Home ec isn't Katie's thing, either, lol. She has a good grade so far, but it doesn't come naturally to her, like her music and writing.

Susan - I had such a good time talking to you on the phone last night! Only 5 more sleeps! Just remember what we said about your sweetie...and it will all be ok.

Sue - wow, you'll be in Vegas before you know it! Yep, men lose so much easier than women, imho. It seems that when they make up their minds to do it, they don't fool around. Plus, women have an extra natural layer of fat - does that have something to do with it?

Angie - omg, you HAVE to take pics of Brandon to post here!!!! You could dress up like a pimp, lol. I just love the idea of the witch's finger cookies, and they would surely be a bit hit for any Halloween party. Btw, your pink and black outfit sounds very cute!

Mindee - Mary's dr tells her to keep the kids out of Walmart and other crowded stores during flu season... just a thought. Yes, you did thank me for the postcard, and you should get a Halloween card soon. Mail takes soooo long from our little podunk post office. There is only 1 employee at the site, and she goes home for lunch. I'm not kidding!! It's against the law to hold 1st class mail, but we all know she does it. Oh, about stuffing envelopes... around here it IS a scam. There was a letter to the editor about it a long time ago. The company will say you didn't do it right, or that you never returned them, and may even charge you up front to mail them, blah, blah, blah. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. If money could be made that easily, why would they have to advertise for workers? I surely don't mean to rain on your parade, and hope for your sake that it is legitimate. You could call the Better Business Bureau or the Chamber of Commerce in you area for a report.

Well, it's very foggy here in Indiana. I'm taking Madison and going grocery shopping after it lifts. Makenzie - the little stinker - has been saying "Need Mawmaw" almost everyday, so she's been with me more often than the others, lol. But today is Maddie's turn for some 1 on 1 of her own. She calls me Wham-ma, lol.

Have a good day, and I'll bbl,

10-28-2004, 03:21 PM
Hello everyone.

Well last night was a better night at work that's for sure. I had felt so awful the night before! But all is good.

James & I went to JCPenny's again yesterday before work. OMG!!!! We need to hide the checkbook!! But we saved another $140 if thats any indication as to how much we bought. I absolutely LOVE sweaters and they had so many sweaters on sale!! I have bought four so far! Very lovely. Now, to find so cute non-jeaned pants to wear! :lol:

Oh ladies....just when I was getting going on my post, I must go. I will be back later.


10-28-2004, 04:30 PM
Good Thursday,,,,,,,,,

omg- yes, 5 sleeps left!!! Though I doubt I will sleep Monday night *sigh* be packing and unpacking and packing,,,,,,,,,and darn, ,,,,,now I have missed the plane,,,,lol

Wonderful to talk with Ma Jane :) are so sweet. I just was listening to your voice and it truly calmed my fears.

I told Rocky what you said and he agreed.....he feels what we have is special......he was busy cleaning his living room and next was the I get the spare room. Which has Kris's tv in there....I thought that was sweet of him but Rocky said Kris just thought if he gave me his he would get a new one for his
Anyway- I don't watch tv ..........and am I really going to be in that bedroom by myself??? :dunno: He just laughed and said not if he had a

hmmmm, we'll see..... omg- is that tooooooooo much info??? lol

Bought some cute capri's red/white strips with a white tee mom even has some red slip on's and if I wore a blue scarf Rocky could fly me from a flag pole on election meds!!!

Bet you look lovely in pink Angie........actually, probably is your color, with your pretty what I was going to

You buying swaeters Marti??? You and James need to snag Shanna and come for a margarita with Katy and I....someday!!! :)

Your little Brandon sounds like a sweetie Mindee......sounds exhausting all that you do - hope you are having a great Thursday.....

oh,.......your grandbabies sound sweet too Jane,,,,,bet you are a wonderful grandma :)

How is Sue and everyone else today????


There,.........I feel so out of the loop,,,,,,trying not to forget you all........sorry.

Better get to work,,,,,,

10-28-2004, 05:18 PM
Hi Ladies~

Jane~I have tried the non-edible treats and they usually ended up in the street or yard. The kids just don't seem to want anything but candy. I know when the kids would trick or treat and got pencils or pennies they would look at it like what the heck. They even got toothpaste one time. I just always hope for lots of kids to get rid of the stuff. Although, I haven't been tempted to get into so...Our town also does the trick or treating. It's not a big town but we are very close to the big town that it seems big. On the main drag there are businesses, Dr's offices a couple of stores, banks and some fast food restaurants and a strip mall and they all give out treats. It is so cool to drive down the street and see all the little ones in costume. Oh I have been meaning to THANK YOU for the post card and Halloween card and also the card I received today! :thanks: I love the purple and pink with the fan! Or is it a really dark blue and peach??? Well in the light I was looking at it-it looked pink & purple.Hey also meant to ask if you guys went to the beach while in FL? Or saw any other sites? Or was it just a Disney World vacation?

Mindee~about the stuffing envelopes, there are some legit places out there but a lot are scams, just have to be careful. DH did that for a company when I met him but he really didn't make money at it. Let's just say you have to stuff A LOT of envelopes. This was a side thing that he thought he could make work but with working a 40+ hour a week job he didn't have time to spend on it. So just be wary, especially if you have to pay anything up front to do it. Have to ask what is a Prevnar? Never heard of that. But then so many things have changed since mine were that small. Hey, you will have to post a pic of your new hairdo.

Angie~your outfit sounded sooooo cute! Would love to see a pic of your new hair also. I am hoping we have lots of kids but I completely forgot it was on Sunday so maybe not. With Church and other things going on but you never know.

Katy~I don't know about how many kids will be out. Like I said to Angie I forgot it was on Sunday. Maybe they will come out before church and whatever else is going on. I know there was some talk about doing it on Saturday but people said just leave it alone. There are two small towns though that have announced they will do it Saturday, not only because of church but because they have some turkey shoot thing every year the last Sunday of Oct. oh well...your pumpkins sound cute. I have seen some of those painted ones in the store that they charge an arm and a leg for, but they are cute. You guys are going to be super busy on Sunday!

Susan~getting close isn't it?! Yeah, I agree with Angie that maybe you should have your sister take you to the airport. And maybe have her sit with you till you leave, if that is possible. I say that because here you could but since 9/11 there's a certain point you can go and can't go and sit with anyone. Have to say your good-byes at the metal detectors. And if you don't wear a bikini are you at least going to put on a one piece bathing suit? You have to go swimming in HI girly. You can get one that has a wrap around-those are cute. Of course not sure where you would actually find a suit with it being fall.

Marti~you and James are just getting all kinds of deals aren't ya?! I want so badly to go shopping and get some new clothes, not that I need any. But I decided a while back I would not buy any clothes until I lose weight, even though last week I bought a sweat shirt. But it is something I will wear now and after I lose the weight. I like baggy sweatshirts. Yeah, heard from Shanna-she is really having a rough time with school and trying to find a job. But she wanted everyone to know she cares and thinks about everyone. She said she will try to get on on the weekend and post.

Sue~WTG on getting your walking in, and twice a day?! That is great! I really need to get motivated. The weather is perfect walking weather, well when it isn't raining. I think next year I am going to get creative with the treats, just don't know what yet.

I hope I haven't missed anyone, quite a few posts since I posted yesterday and I am a little scatterbrained today. Anyway, HI to everyone else. :wave:

About Chat-didn't know anyone was still doing it. Of course with my favorite, or two of my favorite shows being on Thursdays I can't make it. I love CSI and Without a Trace and don't want to miss them.

Had a few errands to run this morning. It was time for my 6th month cleaning & inspection of my wedding rings. I have to keep on top of it in case something happens to it. If nothing else the diamonds would be replaced as long as I continue with the check-ups. Plus they clean it really good and it looks so shiny and new. I also want to take care of it because V was thinking about getting me a new one on our 10th anniversary. You can trade in yours for what you paid for it but the thing is you have to double that-get a ring double what yours cost. Plus don't know if I can part with it. Eventually though I will have to do something because the bands are scratched and will wear down. Then had to take a bedskirt back to Penney's. Got DS a new comforter last week and he didn't want a bedskirt. Didn't feel like doing my weekly Wally World visit so went to the local grocery store to pick up a couple of things. Will go to Wal-Mart tomorrow to get the rest. There are some things I will not buy there because they are too expensive. Now just trying to get caught up on laundry. Bought a book and will read that later on. Other than that not a lot going on. Being lazy this week for some reason. Anyway, take care ladies and have a good one!

10-28-2004, 08:11 PM
*sigh* Geepers Cristi, I want a diamond ring to clean!!!! lol.....I have never had a wedding ring. Oh, I take that back.
In my first marriage I had a black hills gold, which I loved. In my second marriage I threw my gold band out of the car window while driving over the Astorian bridge......was fihghting with hubby and was going to show

Never had a diamond

My maintenance man here said I HAVE to go in the water........*roll eyes*...ok, I will think of it.

Goodwill has

10-29-2004, 12:57 AM
awww....... I love this song of Rocky's...he sings and writes songs. He has a wonderful voice. He wrote this one 2 years ago. Just thought I would share it ,.....

Holding Hands

Well I loved you from the
first time that I
laid eyes on you
and I hope that you
feel the same as I do

Holding hands
Forever after’s
I love you’s
Dreams come true

Well, do you like
Long romantic walks
On a sandy beach
On a moonlit night
With the stars all around

Holding hands
Forever after’s
I love you’s
Dreams come true

Well, do you want to
Snuggle by a cozy fire
In my arms
That is where I long to be
Just you and me

Holding hands
Forever after’s
I love you’s
Dreams come true

10-29-2004, 01:13 AM
Jane~ I will keep my eye out for the Halloween card as well. I will also try and stay out of the stores as much as I can. I know we have to go at least once to Wal-Mart because he is almost out of diapers. And I will also double check and even triple check about the stuffing envelopes thing as well. I told Tommy that when we get the information from the company we should call BBB and ask for a report on the company.

Marti~ I hope you are feeling better now!

Susan~ I can’t wait to hear about your trip and of course see pics! Yeah, around here it has been very exhausting lately. I swear there needs to be more hours in a day! I love the lyrics to that song!

Cristi~ We are being very cautious about things now. Like I told Jane, I told Tommy that when we get the information from the company that we should call the BBB and ask for a report before going any further. He agreed so we are just waiting and seeing how things go. Prevnar is the pneumococcal shot, for pneumonia. I will have to download the pics off the camera and post a shot of it. My hair today looks red then anything. I had natural red highlights, so it is still somewhat the same as before.

10-29-2004, 01:30 AM
*sniff* *sniff*......thanks Mindee.......

I will tell him - . I let him know you all think he is a keeper and if he breaks my heart he better watch out........Jaded Ladies are coming after

He just sings so sweet and when I asked if it was written for his wife he said was after she died.
He would watch couples holding hands and felt so lonely..........he wanted that with someone again.......*sniff*

So, he writes these romantic songs and he says he always left the name of the lady blank.......until now. *sniff* romantic.....dying here in

night :)

10-29-2004, 01:56 AM are is a pic of the finished product.

ok....hopefully this one works now.

10-29-2004, 01:59 AM
ooooohhh, I forgot to say sweet.

He had been talking about Lei's- those flower, whatever they are called.
Anyway, he told me weeks ago that when I get off the plane he will give me one and I asked where you get them.

He said you can buy them or even make them.

So, today I was posting on our parents board saying I he was going to give me a Lei (??) but with all his cleaning he wouldn't have time to make one....though it would be romantic...

So, he laughed when we were talking tonight and he mentioned that post and he said......."I am going to make you one now.... if you think it is romantic."....

He is a doll.......I just can't wait til Tuesday at 4:00pm.....

10-29-2004, 02:08 AM
ok....the link got screwy because yahoo won't direct link, so you can click on the link to see it!

10-29-2004, 10:47 AM

Marti - don't you think Penney's perpetual sales have saved that store? I used to go in there, and it would be practically deserted. Now, even during the week, there are customers everywhere! And I do love a bargain!! I've bought 2 of the sweaters - the plain teal and the plain lavendar. When I get to my goal weight, I will try some of the cool striped ones. You'll find some cute pants. But I like sweaters with jeans, too.

Susan - what a beautiful song! He'll sing it to you Tuesday night I betcha. No, you didn't give TMI - I'm thinking for sure this will be a love connection. Your red and white capris sound so cute!! And if you can't find a swimsuit in OR, you can for sure get one in Hawaii. Rocky can help you pick it out. Btw, what a nice thing to say about me!! Glad I could calm you... may have to call you everyday, lol. jk!

Jen - speaking of phone calls, I had a great time talking to you last night! I feel like we know each other even better now. Looking forward to meeting at the mall in Danville next spring! Hope you get the pictures of the cake posted - we're all dying to see that grey cake!

Cristi - YW for the mail. :) We didn't leave WDW on vacation, but have in years past. I've never seen Sea World, and hear it's a must, so we want to work that in some day. But we've been to the ocean and we saw Universal Studios and some other places. CSI was wild last night! I was watching while playing around in the chat room. I got there late, and nobody was around, so I started trying out the new sound fx and such. I love the fact that the text can be made larger.... helps out when my eyes are tired at the end of the day.

Mindee - you should've already got your Halloween card from me! Btw, the link to your pictures didn't work. :( I tried it twice and got the error page both times....

Kathy, you stinker! I saw that you posted on another thread... come on in and chit chat with us! We miss you!

Hi to Angie, Julie, Katy, Sue and the rest... :wave:

I've been saving about 3 -4 points to eat around 8:30PM or so, and can't believe how much better I've been sleeping! I used to wake up around 5 AM, half starved, lol.

Not sure what I'm going to do today, except clean. Yuk... don't wanna!! lol. Who's gonna come and help me??


10-29-2004, 12:40 PM
Good Morning Ladies~

Susan~what a BEAUTIFUL song! You threw your wedding ring off the bridge?! :yikes: Of course there were times I felt like that-LOL! And you will get that diamond one day, maybe very soon. ;)

Mindee~I tried the link also but see that you said it didn't work, bummer. I would love to see your new hair color. Didn't realize they gave shots for pneumonia to babies, but then like I said things have changed since mine were small.

Jane~oh you must go to Sea World. I've never been to Florida but went to Sea World in San Diego and we loved it! I am just assuming they are about the same or pretty close. It is a lot of fun. I have a key chain with a picture of me and the kids when you first walk through they take it and then you can pick it up when you leave. I am big on souvenirs so almost always get the pictures, among other things. One day I would like to go back. I know DD and I will be headed to the West Coast next June but we haven't actually planned our trip as far as what we are going to do except visit friends and my Aunt, and she definitely wants to go to San Fran as do I-we want to go to Alcatraz. Anyway...should be fun. Yeah, CSI was wild. It's crazy that there are people who live that lifestyle-don't know how they do it but hey whatever works for them. Had a friend who had a friend who was a swinger.

Marti~you asked if there were any Christmas movies out...besides Surviving Christmas I remembered that Tom Hanks has a movie coming out soon called The Polar Express, more for kids. So far that is all I have seen for Christmas Movies.

Well, had to go to Wally world to finish up my shopping some of the employees were dressed in costumes-so cute and fun. I dropped off a roll of film and looked up and saw a nun! Also, saw a witch. I think I will polish my nails orange. :dunno: Other than that I am done for the day. Will straighten the house a little and read I guess. Need to go check out a couple of things online and order some checks for our new account.

Have a good day everyone! :wave:

10-29-2004, 04:01 PM
Hello Ladies---

Its friday and I'm happy! Always good to have a friday! Sorry I didn't get back like I said I would yesterday. James was burning some DVD's yesterday, actually trying them out and it slows the process for anything else on here. By the time he was finished I had other things to do before work.

Let's see, I'm a little behind on my individuals so I will work my way down and scroll until it stops. (sorry if I miss anyone)

Cristi--You know I just seen the previews for "Polar Express" and I must be a child at heart because I'd like to go see it. Take Jhanai w/me since James didn't seem to interested. Jhanai and I will make it a mommy/daughter date. I'm surprised there aren't more out yet. They usually have a more than this don't they? I read in a magazine about a Popeye movie, actually I didn't read it I just saw and advertisement, it looked Christmassy but I'm not sure. Hope you have fun at Walmart...I love going places where the employees get to dress up!!

Jane--I bought one of those striped sweaters, the one that buttons up on the shoulder and has a type of turtle neck.....very cute. I even had James pick which one so as to not get the eye when I put it on. (although, I've never seen him give me one so I don't know what I'm thinking) Wow, you've been on a roll w/getting in touch with the Jaded Ladies. Fun isn't it? I don't have a good long distance plan....otherwise I would make some calls myself. But anyone else who may have one feel free to call me! :)

Susan--Tuesday is just around the corner! I'm getting all excited for you!!! That song was beautiful. Made my heart sing! You've got yourself a great guy waiting for you in Hawaii!! I bet you he's got butterfly's in his belly trying to get everything ready for you. This is such a wonderful opportunity for you and I'm so happy that you're going! A wonderful early Christmas gift! Your outfit sounds cute. Did you buy any cute little dresses to wear while there too??

Mindee--I was going to mention the same thing as Jane about taking your baby to crowded public places. Since they ran out of the flu shots you want to be extra careful. Nothing like having a sick baby to begin with but him having the flu would be horrible. So be careful. Sounds like you have his birthday decor all ready set. You have plenty of time before his birthday to save up for it. Or, you can buy a little at a time and when April rolls around you'll have it all done.

Angie--Pink!? I wouldn't have imagined that your favorite color was pink. I pictured more of the orange/purple combination.....just teasing. I love different colors of pink. But not all pinks look good on me, at least I think. I did buy a top at JCPennys that was a dark pink color, kind of a salmony color. Your idea of painting cans reminded me of punching cans w/decortions and setting a candle inside to set along the front walkway. My sister did that last year and they were cute! Send me over some lady fingers when you make them!! :lol:

Hello to Shanna, Katy, Katie, Ellen, Julie, Jen and the anyone esle I may have missed.

Well, I better get myself ready to take Cocoa to the vet to get her shots. I was hoping James would take her since I hate having dog hair in my car. (terrible aren't I?) He's still in bed, he must have gotten to bed late, but heck...he was in bed when I got home! Better wake the man up!!

You all have a wonderful Friday!!

10-29-2004, 04:12 PM
Good Morning---

omg-- come with me Ma!!! scared.

I am fine, I am fine, I am fine.....

ummm, he sang that song last night, must have been lull in the
He sang it and I asked if he had it written on his computer to send me the words and he said no...........but he typed it real fast and sent to sweet.
He will take his guiter and we'll sit on the beach /with the moonlite shining down and he will sing will. So sweet.....
He is 4 miles from the beach.......
Going to take the MAX over to the airport - will take 40 minutes but is is cheap a taxi is $27......I think this is like $'t I??? lol.....

Still need to get luggage.....and a calling card and I am set!!!

Threw my wedding ring off the bridge- sold the black hills gold one. lol.......We were fighting over his daughter who is older and he was taking her side, even though she was totally nasty to me....and I said.........."That's it!!!!" and threw it.
We stopped and looked around but it was gone......he tells this story to the,it wasn't a good marriage so I don't feel
Haven't bought a dress.......think I should?? Maybe a skirt?? Suppose to go to church on that Sunday......

Gotta go.....sorry,,,,,,,hope all is well with you I am thinking of you and ......whoa....gotta

10-29-2004, 09:39 PM
ok....quickly to see if this works....

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My Pictures

10-29-2004, 10:38 PM
I am soooo glad that it's finally Friday. And the weekend is an extra hour long! Boy do I need it.

I'm sure everyone will love this story, but I think I've got something dead under my back porch. EWWW. Went to take the garbage out earlier this week. Left it on the steps. Later I went out to take it to the cans and thought, "man this stinks" only to leave the smell behind. It lightened up during the week, until today. It was 78 degrees and I couldn't even leave the back door open. I've tried to look under there, but I don't see anything. Guess dbf will have to take a look. It's probably just something one of the neighborhood cats brought me. That is supposed to be a flattering gift, to leave what they kill. Gee, thanks!

Marti - Trade me dogs. Yours are small. Try taking a collie in your car. What a mess! Not only the hair, but she drools on the back of the seats, smears the windows. What a pooch.

Cristi - I went to wally world tonight after work and they were getting ready to have a costume contest for all the little kids. Wasn't really thinking when I planned that trip was I? Way too many people.

Jane - Now whenever I read your posts, I can hear your voice! We sure are going to have a blast in Danville. I'm going to have to search the internet. I've never been there. I'm also gonna check out photobucket. And I have to see if my pics even turned out.

Well, I've got alot on my list of things to do tonight, so I'd better get busy. Not to mention, I'd like to get to bed at a decent time and get some sleep! It's tough to be a working girl.


10-29-2004, 11:27 PM
Just a post from my parents board......

Rebecca is leaving for outdoor school on Sunday afternoon. She goes
for a week of science in the great outdoors. She didn't want to
go because it was on Halloween.
Silly girl, camping is a heck of a lot more fun. I need to get her
some boots and a poncho and pack her little self-up.

She has been noticeably thinner......which is a concern. Maybe it is
just a growth spurt (she i s 11 ½ ) but I worry about her. She
has her braces on, the acne thing happening, enjoys school and
participating in sports. I think volleyball is wrapping up and she
will be going out for basketball, along with Rachel.

Rachel is just the greatest. She really has been through a lot, has
been forced to grow up fast with things she has experienced but she
is a trooper.
She is waaaaaaay beyond her years, very mature for her age. Which at
times makes me sad because she is only 13 and I wish she had more of
a chance to enjoy a childhood. blah-blah----

Her and Rebecca always fight. When they were younger their father and
I would drive with them across the Astoria Bridge, which is 4 miles
long. They would be bickering and trying to hit each other in the
backseat. We couldn't stand it, would always just give up and go
Now, we joke and say "you guys were horrible, couldn't even go 4
miles away from home without turning around."

Course now when they fight .....I pull over and threaten to turn the
radio off that usually gets them to

The last daughter I have is Gabrielle--- 32 months.

What is new in her wonderful, active life??? She is so, so cute. I
was combing her hair this morning after giving her a bath. She hates
her hair brushed, wiggles away from me or she will grab the comb and
throw it as far as she can....which isn't far – cracks me up
it travels about a foot and drops.

So, I comb her hair by sitting her in front of me and getting her in
a leg lock.

I talk soothingly to her " Now Gabrielle, you want to look nice
don't you?? You have such pretty honey spun hair – it is a
that you have such a tangled mess going on."

She just says "huh??"

This morning she was wiggling so much; I was starting to feel bad
until I realized there was an orange jellybean implanted in one of
her rat's nest.

Now, I get ticked.

I said.....

"Excuse me Gabrielle but a jellybean in your hair is not at all lady
like. Squirrels might keep food in their cheeks but ....little
princesses like you do not store candy in their hair for later
consumption. Now, if it was a half chewed candy corn that is one
thing ....but a really need to establish standards
sweetie." lol

After this we did have some fun! We went to Goodwill and I picked her
up a suitcase with a picture of an odd looking bear wearing a twirly
cap - it said something too, I forget – has wheels and she takes
handle and pulls it.Anyway, she is heading for grandma's for a
week....need to get her packed.

10-29-2004, 11:39 PM
Hi everyone :wave: will be fine missy. Too bad your sister couldn't take you to the airport. Buying a dress depends on the church you are going to. The Catholic church we go two, actually between the two are pretty lax in what eveyrone wears which is what I like because I don't always feel like dressing up. Wore capris for most of the summer when I went as well as a lot of others. You get a good mix of everything, from jeans to khakis to capris, skirts and dresses. I find it is mostly the older people that really dress up. During the holidays though they tend to dress up more also. But it wouldn't hurt to get one summery dress. Sitting on the beach with your love singing to you sounds so romantic! :love:

Marti~you would think they would have more Christmas movies, maybe in a few weeks. I did see a preview today for another called Christmas with The Kranks. It looked kind of funny, kind of a Christmas Vacation type of movie with Tim Allen, Jamie Leigh Curtis, can't remember who else. I too thought The Polar Express looked cute. Would probably watch it on tv but don't think I would go to the show to see it, only because I don't have small kids. Although there are lots of adults who see kids movies all the time. :)

Jen~eeeewwww, hope you find what's under your porch. I know what you mean though. Before we moved we had some bunnies living under our house and we think one died under there. It was just horrible (the smell) in the middle of summer. Couldn't get under the house either to see. I am glad I went to Wally world early. I love kids dearly but when you get them in a big group like that, ugh! Just don't like all the screaming and yelling they do, I know they are excited but they don't have to scream and yell, or I don;t think they should. Found out the city Trick or Treat here was last night for all the businesses and such. DS came home and told me if I needed to go to the store better do it before 4. There were a total of 100 businesses participating which was cool but I avoided the area.

Mindee~nope girly not working-looks like you missed part of the link. :dunno: : Hope you get it working, I am dying to see your hair! :0

Anyway, just checking in for a few minutes. Not sure if I will be checking in this weekend, too much going on and needing to get done. So I will wish you ladies a very...........


Have a good weekend all!

10-30-2004, 12:11 AM
Breathe???? You think that might help Cristi?? lol.....I don't know......kind of getting too excited to remember to do that,....

omg, omg, omg, omg!!!!! lol........3 full days to go. I haven't even asked my sister. I tried to today but never reconnected. Though I did go over to my dad's (where she lives too) and picked up some luggage.

Maybe a cute lil summer dress??? Maybe - I will go look. Need to pick up a phone card still....and get all the addresses together.

Exhausted right now. Wish I didn't have to work Monday -

Poor thing.......what ever is under your porch Jen .....

night :)

10-30-2004, 07:39 AM
Good EARLY morning ladies....

I've been home for half and hour and thought I would stop in real quick to catch up and tell you what went on today.

Ok, I was at work and I had a question so I asked the guy next to me.....well he's been really patient with me but he always has a tone which I try to put aside but today---he responded in a tone that made it sound like I was some kind of idiot and should have known the answer. So I look at him and say " need to be more gentle w/me because you're making me feel like I'm one of the biggest idiots around." Then he said something which I wasn't listening to because I walked off to ask someone else. Then I see the supervisor take the guy in the back room and talk for who knows how long and before I know it he's working in a different area. Have no idea if it had anything to do w/what just happened or something else but I was glad because I was upset.

I have no idea if thats just his personality or what and maybe I need to learn more about how he is, but I was just not in the mood to hear it.

THEN.....(can you believe it?) One of the girls from the day shift who was wrapping things up asked me how things were going on nights. I told her everything was great and it's the same as days, but it's hard with my daughter. Then she proceeds to tell me how when she started she had trouble too and was so upset after awhile that she almost quit. Hmmm...that is to help me feel better???? (this was after my talk with the other guy so I was still upset) I just looked at her and said..."well, I don't see her every it's harder for me" and I walked away. I must be expecting TOM to come anytime because I felt emotional.

NOW....the good news. :)
I come on to check my e-mail (Thank you Cristi for the e-card!) and I got a note from my sons mom w/pictures attached!! Now, I haven't seen him since he was 10...he's 15 now....what a difference 5 years make!! I was happy to see them. She's sending me a letter w/more photos. I would love to share them w/you all, but I can't show them on here, have to be through e-mail....I don't want to post his photos on the internet! that I have my little novel written here, I think I will head off to bed. You all have a great morning!

10-30-2004, 09:35 AM
Good morning, ladies,

Cristi - I'd love to go back to San Diego and maybe see Sea World while there. We were with some people who rushed us through everything when we were there in '91. But the place is simply gorgeous with lots of free stuff to do, as you know.

Marti - aww, how sweet you got pictures of your son! Yes, I'd love to see them, so send me a copy, ok? Too bad about the cranks at work.... sorry that happened to you.

Susan - 3 sleeps!!!!!

Jen - yep, we'll have fun in Danville! Hope dbf finds the corpse under your porch. We have put out poison for the mice - which are a given in the country - and there is one decomposing somewhere in the vacinity behind my dishwasher. Ewwww! Told Neal let's please do traps, so he put those out, but we haven't caught any more. Hope the little suckers stay gone!!

It's past 7:30 here, so I need to go call my sister. The scale is down 1 3/4 more this week, and I'm happy about that!

:) Have a Happy Halloween, Ladies! :)


da fat n da furious
10-30-2004, 04:34 PM
arghhh its just past 1 and Im toast, I want to go back to bed so bad. But it will ruin my sleep for tonight.
Jen, In had a skunk who wanted to move into my yard once...that didn't go over too well....gaag
Im going to have to get some phone calls in soon I think,,,just never home to do that.
Susan, Im so excited for you....
Well we had our game today,,,our last game. This was the play offs, if they won we would be heading for Medicine Hat next weekend and the next over to Edmonton for privincials,,,but we lost. Tanner was exhausted,,,he played hard. Covered in mud, and well he was walking towards me at the end of the game,,,lip quivering,,,eyes shiny with tears. I had this huge lump in my throat, I could of cried along with some of the other players.
We went for lunch and had a nice talk about winning and not winning, went and bought a football holder thingy so he could practise kicking,,,so next year when he moves up to bantams he will have a better chance of geeting on. Saw a nice sweater for Monte so I got him one for Christmas.
Brandon won for best costume,,,did I mention that I even put a fake tattoo on his low back where his shirt and skirt didn't cover?
Well Im going to go do some shopping,
have a great day ladies...

10-30-2004, 04:53 PM
Tanner was exhausted,,,he played hard. Covered in mud, and well he was walking towards me at the end of the game,,,lip quivering,,,eyes shiny with tears.

Doggone it! Give him an extra hug from me!

10-31-2004, 02:00 AM
real quickly, let me try this way to get the pic to show up. (then I will come back and post personals and what not)

click here (

10-31-2004, 02:18 AM
Ok….it worked! Check out the link to see my new hairdo!

Jane~ I did get your Halloween card! Thank you so much!!!! Try the link that says “click here” that one works.

Cristi~ I didn’t know that the shot was for pneumonia until my mom told me when I asked her what that shot was for. Like I said, try the one that says “click here.” I made sure that it would work when I was not signed in, so I know that one works. The link is working now. Tommy calls me “red” now.

Marti~ We are making sure that we don’t take him out unless we absolutely have to. We have already dealt with a sick little one, but I know that if he got the flu it would be like 1,000 times worse! I know that it would keep my MIL and FIL at bay since I wouldn’t want my FIL to come over. He absolutely loooooooooooves ducks! When we get the extra money, we are going to redecorate our bathroom and turn it into ducks!

Susan~ a jellybean huh? I wonder how that got in there.


10-31-2004, 08:14 AM
Good Sunday morning to you!!

Hello.... hello .... hello?? Quite an echo in this empty room!!

Angie - I'd love to see a photo of Brandon in his costume! Hope you get some much needed rest today.

Mindee - the photo of your Brandon is adorable! And I love your hair! Do you feel "sassier" with that color?

Sister Maggie and I drove down to Evansville yesterday. One of those spur-of-the-moment things. She needed kitchen curtains, and I needed (ok, WANTED) another purse from Famous-Barr, and we had fun.

The wind was so bad yesterday, it blew apart the strips of a sheet metal HUGE shed door! Sounded like a bad accident when it hit the ground.

The kids and grandkids are coming over for vegetable soup and apple crisp today. Looking forward to that....


10-31-2004, 11:40 AM
and a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN too!! :)

Didn't think I would have any time to get on but lo and behold I am here. :D I hate this darn time change-went to bed at 12 which was really 1 am and woke up at 7 which was really 8-UGH! I just know this is going to be the longest day ever!

Jane~do you guys do the time change? Was thinking it was more north but hey I don't know. :dunno: Ooooo, a new purse! I love purses but don't get them often, not as often as I would like. I usually buy a really good, expensive leather one and use it for a year or two. I've had this back pack type, a black one for two years now but changed over to a brown/tan one in May when I bought a new one. But guess what? I used it for a few months and am now back to my black one. Mainly because I wear a lot of black boots in the fall/winter. Yeah, Sea World is BEAUTIFUL! Of course I think anywhere on the beach in CA is beautiful! I don't know what is free. I know when we went it was one charge for everything in the park, all the shows-except for the rides. I know they have some new rides now and it is pretty costly to get in bu twell worth it in my opinion.

Marti~so sorry to hear about the idiots at work. Not sure why people feel the need to be that way. Hugs to you . :grouphug: I think that is great that you have contact with yours sons parents. I bet it is nice to know how he is doing and to get the pics.

Mindee~ahhhhhhh, Brandon is such the little cutie pie!! And I love your hair! I have often thought of going red. Always, loved the red color.

Susan~totally can understand how you forget to breath! LOL But yes taking lots of deep breaths when I am nervous or anxious always works for me. You will be fine though.

Angie~hugs to Tanner. Would love to see a pic of Brandon. I need to start Christmas shopping. I started a list, does that count? LOL

Well, ladies I got up at 7 and even though it was early I went to the car wash and washed my car. Been playing around with my signature here again and it is still too early for me. Don't have to get ready for Mass until 10:30 although I could be doing some laundry or straightening the house. Seems I ma always straightening the house. The Symphony last night was GREAT! It amazes me the music that comes from the violin-simply beautiful! Anyway, take care all and have a fun Halloween! :) See ya...

10-31-2004, 11:41 AM
Morning everyone and--


James got his call for work this morning so I'm up early. He hasn't had to work all week! How nice is that?

Is everyone ready for little trick or treaters?? :) I'm hoping James will be home in time (which I'm sure he will) to see all the little outfits that come to our door.

Susan--OMG!!! It's almost time to go!! How are you feeling? It's going to be such a wonderful meeting for the both of you. And as a get to get away from this Cold, Wet Oregon weather! Truly looking forward to hearing all about the trip once you get back.....(that's if you decide to come back!) :)

Jen--Have you found what that smell is yet? You know what's funny? My mama cat used to leave worms for us all over the patio. Never anything else. I have never seen anything like that before. Now her kittens are doing the same thing! And we have three of them so imagine all the poor worms that are getting caught!

Cristi--I seen the preview for that movie also. It looked funny. At first I thought it was another Santa Clause movie (which I love both of!!) and then realized that it wasn't. I can't believe it's this time of year again already!!! Time is going way too fast...I can't keep up!

Jane--Fantastic w/the loss again this week! You're doing fabulous!! What do you have in mind for your next reward?? I loved the looks of the jewelry. Can I come over for soup and apple crisp too? It's sounds good. What are your grandkids dressing up as for Halloween?

Angie--Awww....poor Tanner!! I send him a huge hug his way!! Now, refresh my memory...what did Brandon dress up as? I would love to see a photo if you can share!

Mindee--Got to see the pictures. Cute. How do you like the new color?

Morning to everyone else!

Well today is my day of cleaning. I've been slacking in that area! I need to head of to wal-mart later and get some stuff to clean with, get more candy and who knows what else. I think I better make a list before I forget completely!

Ok...I'll check in later when everyone has had the chance to sleep in on your DayLight Savings day!

Take Care and I will BBL!!

10-31-2004, 11:43 AM
Cristi--Posting at the same time! And we both thought to do the same thing with our coloring!! Great minds think alike!! :)

10-31-2004, 12:05 PM
Hiya Marti! :wave: Didn't realize you had posted-was looking around and still messing with my signature. Have fun shopping at Wal-Mart today! :)

10-31-2004, 12:30 PM
Thanks Marti! It will be almost Spring before I reach 100 pounds gone, and will get ALL NEW CLOTHES!! A friend and I have already planned a trip to Indy for this, lol.

Cristi - I change purses to match my shoes, or just carry a navy one when I wear jeans. Glad you enjoyed the symphony!

10-31-2004, 12:39 PM
Oooopsie! :o Forgot to CONGRATULATE you Jane on your loss this week! :bravo: That will be so cool when you reach the 100 mark and get all new clothes! How exciting! :cheer:

I had a few moments yesterday and will maybe discuss tomorrow about being fat and disgusted with myself. Who knows maybe this time will be "the" time. Anyway, for now I have to get going to get ready for mass, have to leave at 11:15. Thought I would check back before logging off. Was still messing with my sig-not sure I have it the way I want.

Have a good day! :)

10-31-2004, 02:38 PM
Hello ladies… are you all doing?

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!!

Jane~ Thanks for the nice compliments. I do feel sassier with this color. I guess nobody noticed the difference when we went to my aunt’s pig roast. It is a good thing because I already had the color in my hair from my natural highlights. Congrats on the weight loss! I have to get my booty motivated again!

It was so windy here yesterday! There was metal siding from a building that was coming off! Me and my mom were standing outside my aunt’s house and the wind blew us a couple feet….it was that strong!

Cristi~ Yeah….he is my little pumpkin head! His hair is doing like Tommy’s did when he was a baby. It is starting to go blonde on the sides. I had natural red highlights, and it worked out perfectly because the color that my hair turned out to be, was the color of my highlights.

We are doing a thorough cleaning of our house. My parents stayed with us last night. So Brandon slept in our bed for the third night in a row. We have the house pretty much all put back together. We just need to use a couple candles and he wants to get the carpet deodorizer, which I can’t stand the smell of, to clean the carpet.

Marti~ I love the new color! It is something that has taken some getting used to. The funny part is, is that when my hair is dirty it looks like it did before I dyed it. But when it is clean, as in just out of the shower, it looks like it is an orangish/red.

10-31-2004, 07:32 PM
Hello! I'm poppin in again for a min. I've been on the computer looking for quotes.

Went to Walmart and my many people in there it was crazy. And they weren't necessarily shopping for Halloween stuff either! But I got my cleaning supplies and some more candy. Now I'm done running around and cleaning house. I've been working on some scrapbooking that I haven't done for awhile.

Anyway...just wanted to pop in and say hello. I'm watching a movie while I scrapbook. Halloween shows on all day.....

Take Care

10-31-2004, 07:40 PM
arrrgh............He sent a new picture of himself taken this month....


and...........and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,he is even cuter!!! He isn't going to like me ......he is waaaaay too handsome and he is thinner and soooooo cute. I wish he hadn't sent it

I don't wanna go all that way to be rejected :(.........I need a serious attitude adjustment!!!!

Ma................tell me how wonderful I am!!!!! lol........ sick about that darn picture.

Rebecca got off ok for outdoor school and Gaby goes tomorrow at 11 to grandma's.....taking the max, might run by Goodwill fro another pair of shorst, if I have time....

Really tired...........and Marti........he does have a computer!!! I will post when I can.............and if rejects me I will be posting a lot.....hahhahahahaahahahaha......just trying to find some humor...sooooo nervous....

*waaaa *waaaaaa

10-31-2004, 09:04 PM
Susan sweetie, you ARE wonderful... and he knows this. He knows that you are a beautiful woman, inside and out, a good mother, a good friend, a good employee and a good (and lovely!) person. He has laughed with you, told you some of his innermost thoughts, and is trusting you to be as gentle with his heart as you are trusting him with yours. So please DO trust him to like/love you! Also trust in yourself, but most of all, trust in God to show you the way.

Now, print that out, and re-read it as many times as necessary, my dear!!!

10-31-2004, 09:55 PM
Not sure how much posting I'll get in tonight. I'm pretty tired. What else is new? I'm not sure about this time change. It was DARK, I mean DARK at 5:00. Now it's only 7:30, but it sure feels like bedtime. I must be tired alot though. DBF "stumbled" across something in his medical book (or so he says) and asked me if I had been tested for anemia, and then rattled off the symptoms. Yes dear, I've had a CBC. So sweet for him to be worried. I'm just not used to working full-time. This year is the first time, ever, I have worked this much. I know, poor Jen. Hopefully I'll adjust soon.

I actually ran out of candy tonight! YAY! I bought 2 bags today. I only had 5 kids total last year, so I figured my co-workers were going to get it, but man, this year, the kids...good thing I bought 2, not just 1! Glad I don't have any for me either.

I also did some yard work today. Started cutting back and tearing out stuff for the fall. Now I just have a couple piles of things to take care of tomorrow after work. As long as it doesn't rain....And no, didn't find the smelly corpse anywhere. Even looked with a flashlight. Must be tucked in a corner or under the steps where I can't see it. Have to admit, I was a little relieved I didn't find it.

My yoga class that was supposed to start tomorrow has been cancelled. Darn. Can't say I'm surprised though, lack of interest in the midwest for yoga, who would have thought?!

Jane - I finally got on photobucket. There are only certain times for freebees. I can't figure out how to get my pic from there to here. I need your help. How can you keep track of your stuff switching purses? I only have one for the fall/winter and one for the spring/summer. Right now it's a tan/black leopard print. See, matched both brown and black. My warm weather one in a pastel multi-print weave thing.

Susan - I want to go to Hawaii. Take me, take me, take me. Have a good time, and don't forget to relax and have fun!

Marti - I have never heard of the worm thing. It's funny, her kittens do it too. I had a mouse once. Poor thing was under the dryer with 4 cats waiting for it. It didn't stand a chance. It popped out and tried to make a run for it. But Danielle Marie snatched it up. I let her play with it and just about kill it before I tossed it in the neighbors yard. We had 2 feet of snow at the time! Dbf said I should let one loose in the house once in a while as a treat so they can hunt. I DON'T THINK SO!

Well, guess that just about does me in. I'm beat, fingers keep hitting the wrong keys, and my Runty Joe is attacking the cursor on the screen. What next????


10-31-2004, 10:53 PM
:) Happy Halloween! We had 32 little goblins tonight and they were all so cute. DH even got into the spirit and jumped up every time the bell rang. He was on night shift for most of his working years so missed out on these type things. I think he got a real kick out of it.

I went to church this morning as it will be my last time to go here before we leave. Next Sun. we have a family dinner out of town, then will leave on that Mon. I came home and did the laundry...every Sun. bedsheets. DH and I took a walk and then I came in and fixed supper. We had baked round steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, yeast rolls and a stir fry veggie mix. The first big meal all week and I did remarkably well. (small piece of meat, spoonfull of potatoes, no gravy, lots of veggies.) I treated myself with a mini candy bar after doing so well.

Here is the kicker: I lost 3 pounds this week. I told you I was walking twice a day and being good. I do know that I will not lose that much next week, but it was cool to start off with a big drop as I just got back on the wagon. I didn't get to walk yesterday as the wind was relentless. DH walked and he said he actually "blew" down the street. Since I am doctoring for an earache I thought it best not to fight the wind. I have started on a steroid pack and sure hope it helps. I cannot fly if my ears don't get better. ugh! Trouble is the side effects of the meds. are HUNGER, SWELLING, retaining water, all of which I do not need. I will just have to be very careful. Also causes sleeplessness which I experienced last night. So, I am really tired tonight.
We do not change our time so now we are on the same as Eastern time.

I think I am really in good shape for leaving next week. Just have to do a few things in the yard first.

We go back to talk to the realtor about the condo complex. We really like the area and the idea of no mowing, snow removal, etc. Just all depends on what he found out about doing a work shop for DH. Can't live without the work shop...DH would be lost and drive me bonkers being under my feet.

Hope you all had a very good evening.

10-31-2004, 11:51 PM
Hello everyone

I wrote a big long post to everyone, and then it wouldn't let me post. So now I will just say hello and I hope that everyone had a great weekend.


11-01-2004, 08:16 AM
Hop on over to # 86!!