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10-26-2004, 11:39 PM
I get overwhelmed and give up so easily I've decided to baby step my way to weight loss. (Any other flybabies?) I am an at home mom of 4 kids, 6 years and under, I homeschool, am currently rearranging and painting my entire house, buying another home for MIL to move into next month, and can't handle any more projects on my mind so...

This week I am going to make sure I drink at least 64 oz of water each day.

That's it.
That is my one soliatary goal for this week.

I will also try to eat healthier and move more, but I am not setting specific goals for that until next week. I need small steps so I can accomplish them and have something to be proud of for once!

Next week I want to add a few ounces of H2O to my daily goal, and some form of excercise. I want to lose this weight quickly, but I've wanted that for 4 years and it hasn't happened, so I might as well think 'slower' and actually accomplish it instead of whining about how hard it is. If I don't follow my 'diet to the letter I get mad at myself and just completely give in for the rest of the day/week. An unhealthy twist to perfectionism.

My husband is supporting me in this, but he won't yell at me when I need some yelling so I'm asking for your help! Is anyone else out there tired of beating themselves up almost daily because you aren't doing what you feel you should be in this area? If so, join me. You can start where you are at. Maybe 64 oz is easy for you and your goal is 100, or maybe you want to start with x amount of time walking. It doesn't matter where you are just jump in and lets get started.

10-27-2004, 12:38 AM
I feel the exact same and would love to join u
I am married(my husband sounds just like urs), have no kids, however I am homeschooling my nephew who is 8, and hopefully at the end of nov I'll be starting school.

I am doing my own at home version of weight watchers flex points can't afford the program at the moment. I just started it about a week ago doing ok on it but if i mess up I get so upset and am like oh well and for the rest of the day I eat and eat and be grumpy hehe....

My first goal is to walk or do treadmill 10 minutes at least 3-6times a week and drink 40oz of water a day.

10-27-2004, 09:33 AM
Don't you hate the water thing. My initial attempts at drinking 64 oz about killed me. I spent more time in the bathroom, than any other part of my house, and I literally felt like I had to gag it down most of the time. In fact my goal was 40 at first also, I rarely made it. I do strongly encourage the water though, tough as it was to swallow it really did make a difference in my skin, as well as speeding up weight loss.
I did belong to WW until I got pregnant with #4, then I got put on hold. I joined online, but when I asked them to calculate what my points should be since I'm nursing, they kicked me off the website. Grr. I do have the books and was planning on implementing that again here in the next few weeks. I try to keep point values in mind when I'm choosing what to cook or just have the nibbles. Feel free to ask me any questions you want. Maybe we can start tracking our points together also?
Bravo for homeschooling by the way. It can be very challenging to say the least. Mostly my problem lies in self discipline, something else I'm struggling to change along with my weight. What curriculum are you using? We do a 'relaxed, classical approach. My daughter is 6 and doing 3rd grade work, so we feel we can take it as slow and easy as we want and we are still ahead of the game. My son on the other hand is going to have to get a boot on his butt to get any progress. I've never seen any one so distractible, and he is such a dwaddler! I don't expect a lot at age 5, but this kid could take 2 hours just to pull up his pants!
I'll stop my rambling for now. Just wanted to say hi, and welcome aboard.


10-27-2004, 10:27 PM
lol two hours huh...

I haven't come near to drinking 40oz. I've drinking around 28oz.
My nephew and I do a very relaxed schooling with the A.C.E. home school program. we mostly concentrate on his reading and spelling he is a little behind on those. Math he can do the easy multplying plus adding and subtracting so we don't work on it as hard.
I actually do have a question about the flex points how do u do activity points?
I read ur post about weight watchers on the ww forum here that suck about the throwing you out on ur butt ( so to speak) but atleast they did refund you.
I would love to do the points with you I think it would help me stay on track I am not very good at disciplining myself hehe....
Today I had 21pnts
I haven't exercised today as of yet, was busy running around town, not sure if I'll get to. I thinking bout changing it to 3-5times instead of 3-6times because knowing me Ill get upset if i don't do it 6times and I don't think I can do that yet anyways hehe....
How was ur day?
talk to ya soon,

10-28-2004, 04:44 PM
The activity points are used to give you a little extra catch when it comes to how many points you ate. They aren't very liberal with how many you get though. It was something like 1 point for 30 min of walking, I'll look it up later and let you know more. You can also use them without using them toward the amount you eat and just look at it as a boost in the diet. I didn't like watching them though. I was to good about saying, hey, I'll eat this now and work out for a point or two later. (how often do you really think that happened?) When I did my exercise in the morning I would be juiced and not want to waste the excercise by eating it away, so..

The record on my sons dwadling (that we actually timed) Was 3 1/2 hours or 5 1/4 hours depending on if you count the time that he was sleeping. He was told to go get dressed and we would take him somewhere. He went up and started piddlin arround. We decided that we would prefer to stay home anyway so why rush, baby was asleep, dd was gone, I was still pregnant with #4. About 2 hours after he started he asked to get a drink. We reminded him about the trip. 30 min after going back to his room I checked on him and he was asleep. He woke up and slowly finished dressing. Then came down with a huge smile on his face and said "I'm dressed and ready to go now." I laughed so hard I cried. He didn't seem to have any concept of the hours that had passed! And the only toy that was out was 1 plastic army like figure. Go figure.

28 oz. of water sounds exactly like me about a year ago. I average 36oz now if I don't really push myself. I do agree with the 'experts though. I'm much less hungry if I've been drinking my water. It doesn't seem to affect me on day one so much as it does day 2 and on. It must be connected to hydration. I never realized how much 1 oz was until I started counting them as I drank them. 1 oz of chips or cherry coke sure doesn't seem like much!

I didn't even think about calculating my points this morning. I've probably done 11 already. Butter on noodles and veggies isn't a very point smart meal.

I've gotta go for now. I'll let you know more about those points when I find my booklet.
Jenn :dizzy:

10-29-2004, 03:40 PM
That's so funny about ur son...
Well I did my 40oz of water yesterday and my points were 21 again. Thanks for the info on the activity points I probably would do the same thing and be like I'll walk for a hr after I had eatten something I shouldn't have hehe. Ur so right and ounce of this and ounce of that it doesn't seem like anything.
I'm on my TOM yuck so anything fattening and really sweet sounds so tempting right now. Last night I got to have a peanut patty so yummmmmmyyyyyy.
Well I'm off to go make some lunch

10-30-2004, 12:08 PM
I did so good until last night! My husband is crazy about the stupid monopoly game at McD's and he wanted to eat there. I did have about 11 points left to spend, but I'm sure I went over. I am proud of myself though, I didn't even eat half of the fries. Not normally something I can brag about! :smug:
I am really struggling with the water. I feel like my eyeballs are floating in my head all day, but when I look at the water jug before going to bed I see that I'm just over 40 oz. Last night we had errands to do and I had that coke, but since it was the 3rd night out of 5.. I'm going to try again though. My problem has always been giving up as soon as I failed, I can't let myself this time.
I did a mild stretch and tone yesterday morning, I feel like I got run through a wringer. Did I stretch to much, or am I really that out of shape? I'm going to do it again today, but focus on other muscles. It hurts, but it feels good because it reminds me that I did do something.
What are your fav ways to excercise? I need some inspiration.


10-30-2004, 08:58 PM
Hi! Do you mind if I join you?

I have 4 kids as well! Delaney is 7, (3rd grade), Riley 3 1/2, Parker&McKenna will be 3 in March. I homeschool my kids as well!

I have a hard time being regular with my water too.

When I am good on my water it is because I drank it all in the morning, just to get it out of the way. Then everything else is a bonus. I'll have to start that tomorrow. That also workes because I don't end up spending all morning in the bathroom.

Can you let me know how to do WW? I'd love to do that with you ladies too. I am good with knowing plans, and how they work. On my own, I tend to splurge. How many calories do you consume a day?

thanks! (i have a wobbling pre-schooler with chicken pox on my lap!) gotta go

10-30-2004, 11:53 PM
Sure you can join! My 6 year old is doing 3rd grade work and everyone thinks I'm either a tyrant for pushing so hard, or lying that she is capable.
I did really well the first 2 days with my water, but I think my jug grew. It is so hard to drink that much. If it was cherry coke, I'm sure I'd get it down a little easier! :lol:
Weight watchers calculates the calories and fats of foods and then gives each food an amount of points. I'm not sure how they calculate it. Without buying the points guide it would probably be very hard to follw. E-diets wants me to eat between 1200 and 1300 cals. My doc says they/re nuts. He wants 1600 if I wasn't nursing (which they don't ask about), and a min. of 2000 while nursing. I say he's nuts. I'm going to try to start tracking points again, but I haven't been able to get to my points guides since we started painting. Luckily we have finished and dh is rebuilding the rooms tomorrow so I can hunt for it. The best bet would be to call your doc and see how many calories he wants you to eat. A nurse could probably figure it out for you with a few simple questions.
Anyway, we'd love to have you! If you can track down a food guide I'll gladly coach you on how to use it and do anything else I can to help. If you know anyone who attends meetings, give them $10 and ask them to pick up the food companion for you. It has tons of foods in it. It is really all you need.
By the way, I did all my water today! Yea me :D How did you guys do?


10-31-2004, 12:37 AM
What a bummer! I responded to you, and it doesn't look like it posted! :(

KWYM. Delaney is 7, and she is really in 4th grade. (she's doing an online charter school), but I refuse to call her anything higher than 3rd grade. No matter what level she is really doing, I'll always call her the age appropriate grade. I run into similar issues that you do.

As for calories. I think I may have had about 1300 calories today. I AM SOOOOO FULL!!!!!! I am really trying to consume what I need and not go under! It can be so easy to have no more than 900 calories. NOT GOOD.

I'd do what you think is best for you, in reguards to calories vs. nursing. I've nursed twins while trying to lose weight. The only real thing you need to make sure that you are doing, is keeping up on your water supply. Even if you aren't eating enough, your body needs water first. And for every cup of coffee or caffiene you have, have 8oz of water, so it doesn't slow down your milk supply. But since you have other kids, I'm sure you know about this. ;) I think doctors forget that Mom's do know best. ;)

10-31-2004, 01:49 AM
Welcome Carrie great to have you the more the merry ........
My husband love the monopoly thing too we need one piece for every color lol and our car is filled with the pieces we already have I usually just get a drink from there or hashbrown I love there breakfast. WTG on the fries Jenn
Proud of u both with the water.... I finally did my 40oz today yipppeeeeee...
I really like walking at night at the park and bringing a flashlight to look at the animals my nephew and nieces enjoy doing it to. also we have a trampaline (sp?) so we do that and dancing my nieces love it when we dance... I also have denise austin pilate for everybody and slim in 6 videos. I mostly walk though it my favorite thing and my husband does it with me so that makes it so much more enjoyable.
Sounds like u might have done a little to much stretching not that ur to out of shape.
OH man Carrie your poor baby with chicken pox I hated it when I got it all i did was stratch and get in trouble for stratching. Carrie I have a couple free ww websites and I think I have calorie website too.
more stuff
point caculator
calorie counter
hopes this helps,

10-31-2004, 11:47 AM
Scorchin- Thank you so much for those websites!

Now now my other twin daughter has them too. Poor girls! So that's 3 kids with full blown chicken pox. They were up all night. :(( My oldest just got over hers. I just realized that it was only my second child that had the vaccine. (she didn't have them very bad at all. ) Poor Parker, and McKenna. They are smothered in them.

I'll check those sites out after church, and let you know what I think. Thanks so much!

10-31-2004, 01:36 PM
okay Carrie, what do you eat? Do you eat lots of raw veggies? That's about the only thing I know of that you could get stuffed on by eating that much. Actually, I probably should just go back to eating like that. I once did my own diet where I would make myself have an early morning apple ( I hate eating breakfast), then eat 1 cup of raw carrots/broccoli/cucumber... before lunch and have a huge salad before dinner. I didn't snack nearly as much and I was so full overeating wasn't really a problem. I'm also starting to eat lots of veggie soup. It is really filling! I put lots of herbs in mine so it taste yummy too.
It's going to be fun trying to drink all that water today. I forgot to drink it before church, and I'm going to a fall festival at 4. I have a feeling I'll spend more time in the bathroom than watching the comedy show!
Carrie: I'll be praying for your little ones.
Heather: I have been to dotties in the past, but had forgotten about it. I'll enjoy checking out the other links though. Thanks!


10-31-2004, 02:42 PM
Jenn, I had really hearty low fat soup. Hot foods seem like they are more filling to me than cold food. I have to eat a TON of salad to feel like I am full. But 1300 calories in veggies isn't bad. (if that's where the majority of calories are coming from) LOVE beans. Beans are a good lower calorie, low fat food too. I like using beans instead of meat. MMMMMMM

I couldn't go to church today (because of the kids) I feel horrible to let our praise team down like that. We are so low on musical instruments as it is. :(

I am drinking water as we speak. Let me know if you get your water down today. I'm downing some now, because of you! Don't let me down! LOL Have a great time at your harvest party. I am hoping I can take my oldest daughter to one tonight.

What are you going to do with the sweets in the house?

How cute, As we speak, one of my twins (McKenna) is giving me water. I finish a glass, and she brings me another. She keeps saying.. YOU DRINK YOUR WATER MOMMY. Good girl! OOO there she goes again to get me another glass! Got to go! :D

10-31-2004, 05:21 PM
Quick post, getting ready to feed everyone and go. I'm over half way there with my water. Guess I better get busy. Beans are a great way to lower the cals. I am trying to increase them, but dh can't handle to many. Causes him to many, um, uh.. well problems. Do you have any suggestions on how I should cook them? I'd also love any cheap on cash, cheap on calories recipes if you'd like to pass them my way! :T Our fav is red beans and rice, with kielbasa.
Well, I'm off. The kids have some games scheduled before the comedy show at church tonight and they are begging to get there early.
Night all.


Oh, by the way. Did I forget to mention that tonight is desert night?? I'm more than a little nervous. Talk about temptations! It's halloween and for the first time in years I'm scared. Me, 50 or so deserts to freely sample. My scale breaking as I climb aboard.. Yikes! But, I can do all things...

10-31-2004, 06:12 PM
You can do it Jenn resist all those sweets.... well most of them :)
You both can do it with the water I have faith I already did my water for the day was cleaning and rearranging our room today.
Well Last night after I posted my parents and Dh wanted to go to sonic and have dessert for my parent 34 anniverary well I got a regular reese pieces sonic blast I thought it was like only 10pnts which I had saved up for but instead it was 15.5pnts 658 calories and 30 grams of fat omg I was so depressed after that but I did do the treadmill for 20 minutes after that hehe....
I love beans my favorite is brown beans and corn bread ( have to watch the corn bread fattening) and then with the left over beans the next day I like to make refried beans ( not really fried I bake them) it soooo yummy.
Speakin of soups my mom is making beef stew with okra, potatoes, carrots, corn, tomatoes, and beef of course for dinner tonight ( I love it when its her night to cook hehe) Last night I made spaghetti with garlic bread and mangrine oranges it was tasty...
If you were wondering bout us living with my parents, we moved in with my parents after dh got out of the army we moved from fort stewart, ga to texas at the end of sept and haven't finish unpacking yet.
Our church didn't have church today what we normally do is they have an all saints day tonight instead of halloween where everyone dresses up but not scary.
in fact I need to get ready for that.
Keep ya'll in my prayers,

11-01-2004, 04:41 AM
Hey guys,
I found a really awesome website that is a weight watcher journal. U put ur points in there and everything. It also has the flex points and the new core program on it.

Take Care,
Heather 8-)

11-01-2004, 11:49 AM
Girls, I did SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad yesterday. Sorry. My husband ended up making sugar cookies, and I made pop-corn balls for the kids. HORRIBLE!!! I couldn't resist. They didn't go out for halloween, so that's it for the sweets. I will make up for yesterday, with the rest of the week. Should I cut my calories down lower, to make up for yesterday?

On those websites, do you have to be a WW member to join?

11-01-2004, 05:49 PM
Don't punish yourself the rest of the week for one bad day! That is only setting yourself up to feel like you have failed when you can't maintain the lower goals. If anything I might add a little more excercise, or if you can't afford the time (I can't) bump up the intensity.
Today is so dreary, it has been misting all morning. The weather isn't to bad as long as the wetness doesn't touch your skin, then it is freezing! I am actually in the mood to go on a long walk with the kids, but can't. (Probably the reason I'm in the mood! :lol:
I've got to make myself go to bed earlier so I can get up in time to use the treadmill. I never get around to it if I wait until the kids get up.
I've got to get. Its' almost 5 and I still have pumpkin puree and applesauce to make.
Night all.

11-01-2004, 07:49 PM
Jenni, We were up all night with the twins last night, and I am BEAT! Its 439pm and I am STILL in my jammies. (EWW!) I feel so drained today. Exercise is not an option. I looked at that fitplace.com thing. Interesting. I registered, not sure 'bout it. I keep on pressing the wrong buttons. lol I think I'm doing 18 points? I am trying to get the hang of this. How many calories is that? Between 1050-1200? So far I had about 10gs of fat today (that's all I am having) And I think about 1000 or less calories. What can I eat now? LOL! Is a non fat , sugar free latte ok? What do you do with the rest of the calories?

Thank you so much for help. I am going to post what I ate today. Do you think you can look it over to see if that is within the 18pt range (I wouldn't think you had to look up all the items to see) I did look on that fit page to see about fat grams and such, this is what they said..

Breakfast: Oatmeal, brown sugar. 1 cup (2gms fat)
2 cups of coffee, w/ 2tbs nf milk.

Lunch/dinner 2 bowls of chicken veggie soup. (per whole thing: 3oz. boneless/skinless chicken breast, water, basalmic vinagar, 1 cup spinach, 1/2 cup of mushrooms, 2tbs garlic, 1carrot) 4 gms fat

snack (oops!) rice crispy treat-4 gms of fat

I think I'm gonna go for the NF latte for dessert? OH! I drank all my water today, PLUS the soup! YAY!

What do you think?

Thanks girls!

11-02-2004, 01:29 AM
Hey guys,
I woke up sick this morning sore thoart and runny nose yucky....
no u don't have to be a ww member I can't afford it lol.
Don't feel bad Carrie for going over it was just one day. For the last three I've gone over my pnts i had 29 pnts today i'm allowed 20-25 but most of it is coz its my TOM. Carrie you should be in the 24-29pnt range not 18-23pnts. Sounds like u got around 19-20pnts. My oatmeal is instant (brown sugar) its 2pnts if its not instant and/or made with milk instead of water. There would be a difference in pnts. Also, ur calorie range should be around 1400-1600 per day if u can make it that high. but ur losing weight so it sounds like ur doing fine. If you hit a plateu you might want to add a little bit more calories and eat a little more I found out I was eating to less and was gaining weight so I started eating more and started losing again. Hope this helped.
Talk to u chickies later,

11-02-2004, 11:10 AM
Hi Heather,

Sorry to hear you are feeling yucky today.

I've seen the charts on how many points you should have, but I'm not gettin' it. Do you look at how much you want to lose, or how much you currently weigh and want to maintain, or do you look at how much you want to weigh, to figure out points? This is my first week on the low calorie thing, so I'm not sure if it is really going to work. lol HELP. lol

At 1400-1600 calories, is that for a really slow loss? I'm not sure what's going on! :P

Thanks for your help. This site has been sooooooooo helpful!

Did you drink your water?


11-02-2004, 03:09 PM
Carrie, It looks like you are on right now. If your calories are to low your body will go into starvation mode, and it will hold on to the fat for fear of not getting enough food. I agree with Heather on the points. As far as what to look at for calories needed, you look at what you are at now not at what you want to become, that is what your body needs to function at its present weight. Review and change your calories as you lose the weight. I wish I had your will-power. I so blew it yesterday. I had one of those I want it so I'm going to have it, days. Then just as I thought I had control of myself my husband brought home my favorite candies because the were on clearance! I didn't know how I could kill him, and thank him for being so sweet all at the same time so I ate more. I then of course started this morning kicking myself, which isn't good. I'm doing the homework in Dr. Phil's book, and he says things I already knew, but sometimes it helps just to hear it from someone else. I can already feel a difference in my attitude towards myself since I started trying to do as he suggests. The most frustrating thing about all of this is that I know how to lose weight. I want to lose weight, but I sabatoge myself all the time because of what I had thought was no self-discipline. Actually it is more of a self esteem problem. Which wouldn't be a problem if I would focus on the good I do instead of the goofs. My parents always told me not to be proud and vain, I took it a little to much to heart.
Yikes, I'm rambling. It has got to stop raining soon, maybe a little sunshine would help me out of this funk.

I'm off here. The kids are asleep and I might be able to get something done!

11-02-2004, 04:56 PM
Ok.. so really? I go off of the higher calories for now, this current weight? AAAACK! That kind of makes sence of why atkins works for a while, but then you usually have to switch over to low fat at the end, to get the rest of the calories off. But I don't want to go that high in calories. I want this weight off by June! ack! If I stay at a calorie intake for my weight right now, how will I lose the weight? I've already lost a bit of weight since august. Will my body be in starvation mode at 18-20pts?

Will power! HA! I laugh at will power! My husband is an awesome cook, and he is a cook (as a career). Talk about sabatoge!!! We entertain all the time. People know us as the food house! People diet all year, just to visit our house. What food! My husband and I can cook so well, that it makes you cry. Will power.. OH NO! I have two choices, 1. Eat the way we are known to cook, or eat what Jer specializes in, at never stop gaining weight, or 2. Diet so I can eat. LOL, Be smaller respect myself for being able to show self control, then have some of what Jer makes. lol

OH, his desserts are totally EVIL!!!! He makes the most incredible peach, butterscotch cobbler, and cherry cobblers.. MMMM Then people ask me to cook my homestyle food. (Incredible mac n cheese, roasts, chickens, mashed potatoes, etc... spaghetti bolonese,) No. NO will power. Yes, I can cook low fat/no fat, but sheesh! All the expectations!!!!

11-02-2004, 08:38 PM
Ok.. I'm bad. we had bbq pork. :(( OH NO!!! I
didn't have much. I calculated my calories for today, I consumed 1517 calories, 36g of fat, 40g of fiber. My points were 32!!! I'm lost. lol I thought 1400-1600 cal were ok? I think it was the fat grams that did me in huh? OOOOH it was worth it though!

I also calculated my regular/average daily calories for Low carb. I averaged 1600 calories a day. No wonder I lost weight! My fat grams were something like 90something!!! ACK! I wonder if a calorie is just a calorie, no matter how it is used? But if I did really strict low carb, calories could be as high as 2200! No matter I didn't gain weight on LC. For my current weight, 2200 calories is maintaining. 1600 calories is losing.
8-P Hmmmmmm Interesting!

11-05-2004, 01:56 AM
that is interesting..
SOrry guys I've been sick for the last couple days. I did get exercising in and have stayed on my point range.. go me .... well i'm off to bed just wanted to say hi...

11-05-2004, 07:54 AM
I hope your feeling better Heather, my husband was home sick monday and Tuesday. Major bug being passed around at his work. I'm proud of you for meeting your goals though. I have a tough time doing it when I'm feeling good.
Carrie, how can you count everything? I'm horrible at it. I like doing puzzles, but trying to follow the guidelines on food is a bit much for me! :o I don't mind tracking ww points, but they simplify it so much. (Not that I've been tracking them mind you!)
I've been having one of those frump weeks. I don't want to excercise, I don't care what I eat (though it is becoming habit to pick healthier foods and not eat so late), I just want to sleep, or read, or ANYTHING! I'm frustrated with myself and proud of myself at the same time. Always before when I would get like this I would just throw my hands in the air and say who cares? No one cares if I'm fat or not, I don't want my husbands attention anymore than I already have it...I need to be healthy though. My kids need a healthy mom, I have to do this. So again I renew my committment and plunge ahead. For some reason the song "I will Survive" just shot through my head! :lol: Fitting I guess.
Well I need to do my bible study before kiddies get up, then I'll start water and workout.
Good day ladies!

11-06-2004, 12:27 AM
Jenni, I'm sick now too. :( Total chest cold. :( I didn't count much today or yesterday, I'll try again tomorrow.

My hands are sooooo tired from playing instruments all day.. aaaahhhh! I'll type more when I'm refreshed.

I have got to control my bad foods! I want to be healthy for my kids too. I'll get there. The weight is coming off, slowly but surely. I'm sure it would be faster if I didn't cheat as much. oops!

11-07-2004, 03:31 AM
Jenni sorry to hear your husband was sick.
Carrie (yucky) a chest cold really makes me feel awful.... Sorry your sick too..
I feel the same carrie I think if i didn't cheat as much and make bad food choices I'd lose a lot quicker.
Sounds like this week we all weren't our best next week will try harder and recommit ourself to our goals.
I think our the rest of the weekend we should come up with at least three small goals like we did before and post them on here Monday. What do ya'll think? Well going to head off to bed night ladies,
Heather 8-)

11-07-2004, 10:47 AM
Heather, I totally agree. Small goals, definately the water goal. (that's the easiest goal) and to stay closer to the calorie range. On Monday, we have to be really good for the week. I don't want any gains. I want to lose for the holiday.

How are we going to handle the holidays?? This time of year is AWEFUL. I wonder if I might need to switch to carbo addicts just to get throught the holidays. Not sure. AAHHH..

11-08-2004, 11:33 PM
MY first goal is to drink at least 45oz of water and to stay within my point range without going over 25.
Carrie I have no idea how we are going to handle the holidays? What I'm gonna try to do is exercise(before thanksgiving) so I can have points saved for thanksgiving. Course it will have to be in the same week. Also I think I might try to eat only my min. amount. I think it would be great also to check in to this thread and just let out our stresses....
My husband, sister, and I joined our local rec center and played racquetball for 30minutes. It was so fun.
Then we went to applebees i had a club house grill and 3 strawberry lemonaid it was so yummy.....
Well ladies take care,
Heather 8-P

11-08-2004, 11:39 PM
Is everyone feeling better? I haven't posted for a few days, been kinda sick, and very busy..
The water goal is pretty hard for me! Getting easier each day though. Here are a few suggestions, some I've read about, some I've discovered on my own though I'm sure someone has wrote it somewhere before.
1. Put all snack, or favorite foods up in a high cabinet. Or better yet store in the garage or some other hard to reach location. It's still there if someone else in the house wants it, or if you have room for a little indulgence after a really good day, but not in a spot to tempt you all the time.
2. Eat a small portion, then go do something else for 15-20 minutes before you come back to have a little more if you still want it. I love this one. I get my dishes done more often, and I'm usually fuller than I realized and don't even need the rest of what would have been a standard size serving for me. BIG calorie saver! Another version of this would be to eat a handful of veggies and then come back to eat your meal. The veggies need time to get to your tummy so they knock the edge of your hunger.
3. ONLY eat at your dining room table. You may not watch T.V. and you may not read. Your focus should be on family and food. We are much less likely to snack if we have to sit down at the table with it. I tried this, and was reading while eating. Big no-no for me, I eat twice as much when I'm reading because I'm not thinking about the food.
4. Stop eating 2-3 hours before bedtime. Your metabolism is already tucking in for the night and you will be packing those calories right onto your thighs! If you are used to late night eating (I am!) Cut off and hour before bedtime for a week or 2 and then move it up by 15 min increments as you adjust to new habits. I sleep better.
These are all helping me, though I'm not doing any of them 100% of the time yet. I am feeling better and anticipate huge rewards because of all the calories I'm not eating! Think through your day and find the weak spots then be creative and figure out ways to help yourself through them. One thing I just started doing is making myself breath deep and doing stretches for each muscle group before I allow myself to have a snack, even if it is a healthy one. I'm doing something good for my body, and it is making me work for food that I may not really want. I'd say 3 out of 5 times I focus on my body which reminds me of my goal, and I also am proud of myself for sticking to the plan of stretching, then I don't want the snack. The other 2 times I really didn't want to stretch, so I broke my rule and ate anyway. (If I stick to the plan of stretching everytime, will it be a 100% effective plan?)
I'm signing off here. I've got to start following my own advice. I've been doing more and more each day, and when I lost weight before baby #4 this is the main way I did it. I'm trying to follow W.W, but I'm finding it harder than I expected. I cook alot from scatch and don't know how many points the recipes are, or what the accurate serving should be. Then I just don't calculate my points for the day because I figure I'm so off.
Gotta go, baby wants to nurse. (I already made up for not posting for a few days anyway! :o )
Night all.

11-09-2004, 12:13 AM
hey jenni sorry to hear you weren't feelin well to.
We make tons of food from scratch. I use http://www.fitday.com to help me. Some times it doesn't have it but it has something close to it.

Carrie and Jenni this is from 3fatchicks site about thanksgiving and holiday's
http://www.3fatchicks.com/food/thanksgiving-tips.php :)

11-09-2004, 01:17 AM
Awesome! I'll check that out!

11-11-2004, 12:03 AM
Well doing good so far on my goals for this week how bout you guys???

11-12-2004, 01:13 AM
Congratulations on ur 5lbs weight loss I so proud of you. I think when you reach ONEderland you should reward your self with something. Like lipstick, earrings, new shirt, purse shoes.some thing not to big but not to small either coz reaching that isn't easy. Your sooo close to it i beat within the next couple weeks you'll be there..
Well today i did bad but i had points saved up so thats ok. I had pizza 3 slices 6 points each and taco bell 1/2 grilled stuffed burrito 7 points and 1/2 nacho supreme 5 points hehe... Haven't reached my water goal i'm only at 32oz right now, so I'm gonna try to drink some more before bed...

11-12-2004, 02:37 AM
Awww! Thanks! I am so excited!!! I think what really works for my body (especially since this is a lifestyle change, and we have to live with our choices..) is for me to do low carb mainly, but then switch to a couple of days of low fat, (or a week, if that's what the buget calls for ;)). That way I can really watch what I'm eating, and enjoy what my husband makes, and I can enjoy fruits and veggies too.

Yes, I think a new lipstick or something would be great. Or maybe (MOST LIKELY) a new tin whistle! My husband doesn't buy me jewelery. lol He buys me instruments! YAY! They can be addictive to me! LOL Make-up and instruments.. YAY! JOY!! :D

I'm excited to get back into my old clothes. I already am wearing some things from last year. But I'll never be like this again.

My husband and I had a HUGe talk today. I asked him if he was really going to be ok with me being thin again. With all of the junk we've come through, I want to keep making sure that we are both on the same page. Part of the reason why I gained weight in the first place was to protect myself from the outstide world.. But I want to make sure that my husband is truely alright with me being a pretty girl, even to the outside world. He is really working on some of these issues, but I think we've come a LONG, LONG way. YAY! I can't wait to feel young and vibrant again!

Thanks girls for your ongoing support.


11-12-2004, 08:43 PM
i told my husband to gain so much weight so that no girls would look at him hehe... We went and exercised today at the rec center.
They just had a thing about low carb diets on our local news today about how much more expensive it is compared to normal foods but they said that within the next yr or so they should drop some. this one lady said her pasta noodles cost $5 (two years ago) and now cost $2.75, so thats a lot of money.
take care girls,

11-14-2004, 03:37 PM
Thats funny! Don't ya wish it REALLY worked that way? What a concept. What did your husband say to that?

11-15-2004, 12:20 AM
he laughed and thought it funny

11-17-2004, 12:02 AM
ok ladies,
UR goals for this week?

11-17-2004, 05:14 PM
Heather, Goals for week, and I am totally sticking to it!!!!! water intake, walk at least 3x this week (my poor dog!) and I'm lowcarbin it. NO cheats. Hopefully another 5 lbs gone?? I hope, I hope, I hope?!

I saw all the latest fashions out for this winter, and ooohhh, I want my old body back!

What's your goal?? Rewards??

11-18-2004, 03:01 AM
For this week I want to exercise 5 times this week and make sure my water level is 6 or 7 glasses this week. Reward, hadn't thought of any yet.
Thanksgiving is a week away. I'm thinking Of decreasing my food intake next week to only eat 20-21points from monday to wednesday and exercising monday - wednesday so I can have lots of points saved for thanksgiving and not ruin my weight loss work. Tomorrow I have a placement test for school which starts nov 29( so close). I will go three times a week at night so I can still do my schooling with my nephew and be able to my exercises and things. Going to Itt tech with my husband so that gonna be good.
Talk to ya later,

11-18-2004, 11:53 AM
Wow Heather! That is pretty exciting about school! You must be thrilled! I haven't had a chance to go to school yet. I'll be able to go when the kids get older. How awesome for you!

I am going to do really low carb, and splurge a little for Thanksgiving. Or maybe I'll just make sure we have endulging low carb treats. I'm going to do LC (as my budget permits), then switch back to low fat towards the end.

I didn't do very well with the water yesterday. I got about 6 glasses. 8 is better, but sheesh!

11-18-2004, 12:17 PM
YAY!!! :coffee: I just weighed myself! I lost 2 more pounds YAY!!!!! I just need to keep on, keepin on!!! Hopefully I'll have enough will power to just indulge on the LC foods for thanksgiving. Mmmmmmm... Can't wait to have turkey with the skin!! MMM Salami and cream cheese rolls, mmmmmmm:dance:


11-19-2004, 06:23 PM
ur making me hungry....
Congrats on the 2lbs.. Thats wonderful!!! :clapping:
I haven't exercised but twice so far this week but for the rest of this week I will.... Me and hubby gonna go pick some pecan at the park today for a pecan pie yummmyyyyy can't wait till i get to it...

11-19-2004, 09:15 PM
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMm pecan pie! That is a pie that I never really appreciated until being an adult. YUM!!! The ooey, gooey, carmalized yumminess! MMMMMM Now you are making me hungry!!! What am I going to do!!!!!!????ACK! lol

*Must-Use-Self-Controlllllll* *Must-USE-Self-Control* Hubby is on his way to the store.

11-19-2004, 11:33 PM
hehe you can do it I have faith... I got pecan tarts from wal-mart hehehe. they are 3pnts for one luckily everyone else in the house got to them before i had to many....
OOOOH, have you tried quacker quake snacks I did they are so good. I got ranch they taste almost like ranch dorritos i like them better actually than the chips hehe but for 10 of them they are 1.5pnts saves a lot of points compared to chips... Not sure how many carbs are in them but they are low in fat I think it was like 2.5grams of fat in 10chips.
We went and picked the pecan today got a whole bunch like 7or 8 lbs worth that like $20.00 at the store hehe..
ok stopping the food talk.

11-20-2004, 01:33 AM
Heather, you are aweful!!! That sounds soooo good! I LOVE walmarts pecan pies. OH, you mean one box, isn't one serving? LOL!! :D

I just had Jer buy me some rotiserie chicken, from walmart.. mmmm.

I can't wait till we are both scorchin. (Although we're hot right now too, right?) :)

Mmmmmmmmm Pecan pie! Have you ever tried chocolate pecan pie? When I worked in Yosemite Ntl Park SEVERAL years back, this restaurant use to make it. I haven't had it anywhere else, but mmmmm. Unforgetable!

11-20-2004, 04:37 PM
Of Course, we're both hot mamas right now tehee.
I love there chickens from wal-mart. If there is any chicken left(hardly ever is) I like to make chicken salad sandwich with it I use the fat free mayo and whole wheat bread instead of regular mayo and white bread. It's so good. I can't wait to see if there will be any turkey left so i can make a turkey salad sandwich.
I have never had chocalate pecan pie so yummmmmmyyyy... THOUGHT I SAID I WAS GONNA STOP TALKING BOUT FOOD....
I haven't gone to the rec center once this week, but did do the treadmill at home and we walked while picking pecans yesterday so I'm not doing to bad, but not anywhere near the 3hrs I wanted to get in this week. Mon, Tues, and Weds I'm gonna make sure I go and workout so I can have lots of points saved up for thanksgiving. I'm thinking about looking today at how many points are in everything I plan on eating, so I can estimate how many points I need to save. I also plan on only drinking water all day maybe one glass of tea or something like that.
Is there anything special your going to do for Thanksgiving food wise?
OH, I saw some low carb pie crust at Wal-mart last night (thought of you)and it was only like 50cents more than the normal pie crust. but you could use that for any homemade pies ur going to make. On the low carb thing can't you eat as much meat as you want? We are having an oven roast turkey and a fried turkey (no ham to expensive and everyone is broke hehe).
My hubby is playing the game cube downstairs he is being very loud sounds like he is yelling at it. I'm gonna go see whats up.
talk at ya soon,

11-20-2004, 07:06 PM
Heather, I can relate with the hubby loving the game cube! You and your husband must be about the same age as me and my hubby. Hubby is still 27 (he'll be 28 next month.) I just turned 28 in September.

As for the low carb thing. No, you can't just eat unlimited amounts of meat and fats. Although, there are many people that think low carb is just that. You don't really count calories, because if you think about it, what you eat during the day really fills you up. I did have 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon for breakfast, with tea and water. I was soooo full all day. I just had a little bit of chicken with salsa, and I'm sippin' on hot tea right now (Lunch), but I doubt I'll be hungry for the rest of the day. I do have some very low fat/low carb stirfry ready for later if I get hungry. The fat content might be a little high, but I still think the calories are at a steady 1400-1600 calories, and the carbs are around 20gms. I really think it is the sugar consumption that does me in. The low carb products are great, but they have the same affect on me as eating a piece of bread. It isn't the one piece of bread thats bad for me. It is what it leads me to do afterwards and the day's following. For low carb the idea is, IF you're gonna spluge, splurge on low carb veggies and some type of meat. (preferably lean, and keeping the salt intake to a min.) With that said, it makes Thanksgiving really easy. I can easily have all the turkey I want, all the low carb veggies (cucumbers, brocolli, spinach, olives, finger dipping veggies) as I want, including ranch dressing, and stuff. I am going to try my darndest not to eat the carb stuff. Just because when I do that, I end up feeling like I had a huge hangover the next day. If I splurge on a carb item, it will probably be cranberry sauce.. MMMMMM Salt is a huge factor too. For me, I really have to watch it. A little bit of salt will show up as an easy 5 pounds on the scale. (AHHHH) And I feel aweful!

I've been doing really good on the water today. I know I've already got my 8 glasses+ in today. As for exercise. lol HA! Ummmmmmm woops!

Do you guys have kids?

11-20-2004, 08:40 PM
my hubby is 22 turned it oct 4, I'm 20 be 21 on march 23, so we're pretty close in age. Tell me about the games game cube, xbox, playstations. There are to many for me to count.
No,we don't have any kids however, it feels like it I homeschool my nephew and we also help my sister with her kids she has three my nephew Tyler 8and two nieces Maci 3 and grace 2 so they come hang out a bunch here. In fact they are here right now napping. I can't wait to have kids my doctor told me I had to wait until my meds are lowered more (had a kidney transplant jan 22,2004) before we should have any, which is fine that way I can go to school first then get have them.
I haven't got to do the points for the Thanksgiving dinner yet but, Ill do that after this. Great job on the water I'm only had 4glasses so far. I love cranberry sauce. Have u thought about getting a little dish for the dressing and dipping ur fork in it and eating ur salad or veggies using that dressing instead of just pour it on the stuff?

OH, hey I just saw one of the guys I knew at Fort Stewart, Ga. they are getting ready for redeployment poor guys I feel so bad for them having to go back again after they were the first ones to Iraq and had to fight the worst part of the war. So glad my hubby is out now. Sorry that was way off subject but it was just on The tube hehe.....
Ok, Maci is waking up she has a terrible cough.. (poor baby)


11-20-2004, 09:14 PM
Heather, that's got to be rough. I don't know how I'd handle my husband being in the military. I guess, just like everything else, you just do.Oldest daughter just got over that chest cold. For Delaney it's horrible. Those chest colds spark up nasty asthma attacks. We had to do ner nebs every hour for a week. Poor kid!

As for the dressing.. I am actually not much of a sauce girl. I usually have a little on the side (if any), but not so much. I know some people who love to glob sauces on, but I'm just not a sauce girl of any kind. I guess thats a good thing. :)

As for games. My husband use to be really into it . He has/had every version of every play thing out there. Fortunately that was just a phase. He has "out grown" it for the most part. I swear, marrying men in their 20's, SHEESH! I didn't realize we had to raise them too! He's grown up a lot this year though. ;) We had a heck of a time. And our scenario was quite extreme, but in the end things are a lot more balanced. Praise God!

Wow, a kidney transplant? It sounds like you've recovered from it? I bet that was a hard thing to go through at the time.

Back to the military thing. A friend of ours just got married last year. His wife is in the military (I think she did this on purpose), but she just got deployed for 2 yrs. I don't understand why she would say this, but she says that she isn't going to see her husband at all. And that if she has the opportunity to visit him, she wont do it. That would just be aweful! I guess their marriage is over. How aweful!

Oh, I forgot to tell you! When I got on the scale today it showed another pound down! YAY!!!! This must be my weight loss splurt. Oh well! :D I know I'll be into my "old body" in no time! :) I can't wait to get a new wardrobe.

11-21-2004, 09:16 PM
Poor girl, I hated athma attacks I out grew mine so hopefully she will hers.

The military thing was ok I met him right after he got back from Iraq (everyone in his group had to see concoulers and take pills) he was really having a hard time dealing with it. I got on dialysis two days before I met him. Met online. THat is horrible about ur friend doesn't sound like she loves him...

Congrats, 2 ur weight loss

11-22-2004, 06:49 PM
Enjoyed talking to u last night it was fun.
Well I'm doing good so far on my foods have had 7pnts so far today plus doing good on water I'm at around 30oz. Hubby and I exercised at the rec center today I did 2mls on the bike, 5mins doing stepper, and 15mins just using the other machines, That gave me an extra 3pnts for thanksgiving. I figured it out I need to save around 20 pnts for thanksgiving so I can eat what I want without the guilt.
take care,

11-24-2004, 02:44 AM
Hey Carrie,
Sorry I missed ya today was busy today was a teaching day for tyler. How are you doing with your carbing? Hopefully I'll get to talk to u tomorrow.
I doing pretty good on the min points things, however today I had 23 pnts instead of 20 but I did get an extra 3 pnts today from working out, so far I have 13 pnts saved up. I need to save 7 for tomorrow which shouldn't be a problem. I already decided what I will be eating for breakfast one egg toaster 7pnts, 1cp ff milk .5 and lunch dinner 1oz of ham .5pnts, quake rice chips ranch flavored15 2.5pnts, I have no say over dinner (not my night to cook) but I'll make sure it wont be over 10pnts.
Hope to hear from you soon,

11-26-2004, 02:52 PM
Hi Heather!

I did decent for thanksgiving yesterday. I had a bunch of low carb food, then I had a normal slice of date bread. I was sick all night. It was aweful! Don't know if it was the carbs, or just all of the rich food I had. But I was siiiiiick.

On the good side. I didn't drop anymore pounds, but I know I lost at least another inch. I am able to wear clothes (some for the first time. clothes I bought last year, couldn't fit, so I kept the tags on) that I haven't seen in a year. YAY! I have enough in between clothes for now. I'm so glad to get into those!!!! Very incouraging.

How did you do?

11-26-2004, 03:27 PM
Thats wonderful carrie,
I so glad that u now can fit into more clothes I can't wait till my clothes aren't to small anymore.
Take care, Heather