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10-26-2004, 10:38 AM

Where is everyone? Well ... I'm starting this weeks thread but will be back to chat when someone else does ... don't like talking to myself. Where are you guys???

Anyone can join in here ...

Hope to see you later ..
Love, CJ

sweet tooth
10-26-2004, 07:01 PM
I'm here... but not for long. We are going to Calgary tomorrow. DH is working there for a couple of days and I will be running around picking up keys for the condo, getting locks changed, finding parking permits and seeing if we can rent.

We also postponed celebrating our anniversary a couple of weeks ago, so we thought we would celebrate in Calgary when we are there. Sooooo, I thought I would wear a little spaghetti strap dress out for dinner to somewhere nice. But, I plan to stay OP since I am so close to goal - again. Feels good to be this close and am hoping that I don't gain anything over the next few weeks.

I go to see the specialist on Tues. I have called and left messages with my own dr., but he is avoiding me. I guess he wants to leave the bad news to the specialist. I would prefer to know, but what can I say. I'll be away now, so I am not going to persist with calling anymore. His receptionist is probably tired of hearing from me now. Makes me wonder whether I should be getting a new dr. when this blows over. I would, but any dr. is hard to come by right now. Most are not taking new patients, so it is difficult.

Hope everyone is having a great day. I won't be around this week, but I will check in next. Take care and stay OP.


10-26-2004, 07:33 PM
Well hi there Peggy - and goodbye ...

Good to hear from you and hope you have a wonderful time in Calgary! What a great job you are doing staying OP ... I'm hanging in there so hope to see some lbs gone soon! I will definately miss you but will keep the door open in here hoping Slyvia or Sharon will be in or anyone else that would like to post.

Going into my hot tub tonite - 1st time in over a week! Didn't much feel like it when I was sick with flu and could not anyway as we had a bit of a problem and had to order a new heater element and then it took a couple days to get the water up to temperature again!

Went to casino Saturday and yes I won again! Got the Royal Flush and won $1,198.00!!! I also won a couple other jackpots totaling $600 but spent that back ... gave some $$ to hubby and my son and DIL too ...

Well .... will check back in tomorrow. Have a great time Peggy ...

Slyvia and Sharon: Where are you??? Miss you guys!

Love, CJ

10-27-2004, 10:15 AM


I wrote your name on a piece of paper but by accident I threw it away.

I wrote your name on my hand but it washed away.

I wrote your name in the sand but the waves whisped it away.

I wrote your name in my heart and forever it will stay.

Love, CJ

10-29-2004, 04:46 PM
Hello Ladies!

I hope you are all doing well. Sorry for not posting, I'm still going up to my parents' house while they are away. Unfortunately, their computer isn't functioning very well so I can't get online.

I have decided to give myself a makeover. I've been feeling pretty crappy and just have some low esteem. I think it's time for me to let my inner self come out to play. I'm fed up with my "tired Mommy" look. We are going through open enrollment through DH's company and a couple of the plans reimburse your for going to Weight Watchers and to the gym. I think that is my incentive. I am also going to throw out my clothing. I need something new. I know that I should wait for me to lose weight but, the way I feel, it's not going to happen. The change has to come from inside of me, then, everything else will fall into least I hope it will. I know things are changing. I have no interest in any Halloween candy. So that is a step in the right direction.

Nico is keeping me very busy. He now climbs the sofa and tries to jump on the coffee table. I take him on walks around the neighborhood so that he can wear himself out. We had some major drama with his Halloween costumes. First he was going to be a dragon. He was OK with that until I put the hood on his head....then he turned into the demon child trying to take it off. He did the same with the monkey costume. I finally figured out that he doesn't like stuff on his head and took them back and bought him skeleton pj's. He loves them and is what he will be for halloween. I just need to figure out how to decorate his face without him having a fit. I'll let you know how it goes.

CJ-Thanks for keeping the door open. I hope you feel better...I'm sure you will when you soak in the hottub!

Peggy- Have a great time in Calgary! I hope your medical issues are resolved soon. You are in my prayers.

Well ladies, Nico has awaken from his short nap.

Have a great weekend!


10-30-2004, 10:55 AM

Just wanted to pop in and say BOO! Hope you all have lots of trick or treaters tonite ... we'll just be going into town and watch all the kiddies go from store to store. Since we are out in the middle of 40 acres with no houses on a dead-end road we don't get to hand out goodies any more.

I think that is such a good thing for you to do .. a makeover! It will make you feel so good I think. I truly believe that the change to loose does have to come from within ... Sharon told me that long ago ... that it does has to happen in your mind first! And new clothes too - that's great. I have a friend that at one time decided that she wasn't going to ever lose any weight, so she got rid of all her clothes and bought a brand new wardrobe .. and guess what? She started loosing and had to buy smaller clothes eventually! Have a great time with Nico tonite .. I don't blame him for not wanting his face covered .. I don't like that either. I have closterphobia (spelling?) ... wonder if it's the same. Anyways, have fun with Nico tonite!

Well ... I'm off ... talk to ya later.
Love, CJ

10-30-2004, 10:27 PM
By pumpkins fat and witches lean ...

By coal black cats with eyes of green ...

By all the magic ever seen ...

I wish you luck this Halloween!!