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10-24-2004, 02:16 PM
New thread!!

10-24-2004, 06:29 PM


Thanks also for the prayers. I think I've asked everyone I've seen today to pray! :lol: If it's like'll be beautiful.

I got really down yesterday. I had one of those days, I guess. Just wanted to be shut off from the world. It was raining....DH out of work. My mother got bad off....couldn't swallow. I just wouldn't want to go through yesterday, again. I'm better today. Only thing that's changed is it's a beautiful, sunshiny day. And, I did go to church. That always helps. Maybe, just Saturday will cheer me up. Having my kids & grands here, & seeing the roof finished should help a lot. I suppose everyone gets a little depressed sometimes.

Sunny...I'll put your other pj girl on at the end of this post. If I ever post anything you want, just take it. I don't mind. Was you talking about the site I sent you to, wanting the $60? They've never asked me for any money. I'm sure they sell things, but a lot is free. The name signatures, I just post & ask for. If so, let me know. I'll go register with a new user name, & see what you're talking about. It may be something new, I don't know about. Sorry you're having bad luck with it. Did you scroll on down toward the bottom, on the left side? That's where the extra ziggies usually are.

Sheila...You're doing great with your weight loss! Gonna have to start wearing two pair of socks each night! :lol:
How did you like the tour of the houses? I know it must have been a lot of fun. Hope you got some ideas you can use.

Hello Bluet & all. I have work to do on the albums. I'll come back later.
Here ya go Sunny.....

10-25-2004, 10:39 AM

Good Monday Morning Sheila, Angel, Bluet and Jacquie ~
Thanks Sheila for beginning a new thread ;)
How was your weekend??


Joe & I did allot over the weekend (again):
Saturday... we went out to breakfast with our pals, Mike & Peggy, and then grocery shopped as usual. Then I came home around 10:30 and Joe went to sing for a Memorial Mass at church. He got home at around 1:00 and then we went to the New *SAM'S CLUB* that just opened with Mike, Peg and their daughter, Lisa... what a great day shopping and looking at all the new things! Then we all went to dinner together and played video games on this BIG SCREEN at the restaurant - so much fun! Anyone in the restaurant could play for FREE --- trivia games... and I came in 5th from about 15 people playing (cool beans). We were there for about 3 hours :cp: Then we went to Wal-Mart to walk off dinner... we were exhausted when we got home at around 8:00pm! A very long day! We left the house at 7:45am that day and got home at 8:00pm.

Sunday after church... we went to breakfast with Mike & Peggy and then just came home and chilled out for a bit. Well, we were not gonna do any work, but when I came into my office yesterday afternoon to check my computer --- what a stench!!!!:p!!! Something was rotting near the vent in my office. So poor Joe had to go under the house and there he found a mole DEAD in the vent near my room under the house and it was warm enough yesterday to make it begin to smell... it will not go away! Joe has tried everything. And this smell is terrible! Noooo, awful!!!! It's gonna take a long time for it to go away I think. Good thing he went under the house though, cuz he found allot of holes that many animals (mice, moles & chipmunks) chewed and had to tape them up again. Why don't these mobile home manufacturers incase these vents when they build these homes! Joe says that it is going to be a project he will have to do next Spring & Summer now. We have too many animals around here to leave the vents exposed like that. I have to leave my window open a bit so I am able to come in here and play on the computer :o :stars:

Today I am going to catch up with my housework and laundry... never finished what I started last week. Our weather this weekend was beautiful!!!! Sure hope you all had a great weekend too!


Angel ~ THANKS!!!! for the "Good night" girl ;) As for that site... I think there are 3 levels there... the Basic which is free and then 2 other pkgs. you pay for. That's where I got the information. I WILL scroll down the page as you recommended :D :bubbles: Thanks!


*I am so sorry if I am confusing you Sheila & Bluet... Angel recommended a site to me where I could get some cool graphics and that's what we are speaking of (just didn't want you gals to feel left out ;) ) Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! I plum tuckered out myself... looking forward to staying home and just catching up with household chores today...



10-25-2004, 11:21 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

Sheila, thank you for getting us to a new thread. Hope your home visiting was sucessful. Wish I could have gone with you. I know it is so much fun.

Sunny, another busy weekend. Sounds like you had a wonderful time, except for the mole. I am suprised they would hang around with 3 Kitties in the house. Must be getting cold outside for critters to be looking for winter homes. You didn't hurt my feelings, you and Charlotte can talk about graphics all you want, I find it interesting. :)

Charlotte, our Saturday project was a wash out. Cold terrible rain and wind all day. Praying that your Saturday project goes better next week. Sunday was a lovely sunny day. Go figure.

Talk to you all later.


10-25-2004, 12:29 PM

This just about says it all! :lol: The phone has rung constantly since I woke up this morning. When it wasn't ringing, I had calls to make. Now....time to get ready to go to the station.

Oh to you all later. Have a great day!

10-25-2004, 08:54 PM
Brrr, just took my dog for a walk, and my hands and nose are freezing. It was sprinkling, too, but if you live in the PacNW, you've gotta be able to take rain or you just don't do a darn thing.

Sounds like you had an action-packed weekend, SunnyD. Is Sam's Club like Costco where you have to pay a yearly fee? I'm not a Costco shopper so I'm not even sure that's what you do, but I think it's something like that. That was a long day of shopping for you guys.

A dead mole! How gross! And we thought the dead rat on TV was bad! !Kudos to Joe for going down there to check it out. I wonder how long it had been there. I hope the smell goes away soon.

I'm sorry the weather was so crummy, Bluet. Did you still make hamburgers? A big, juicy hamburger sounds good about now.

Charlotte, love the Monday graphic! I remember feeling like that when I used to work. Especially when I had little kids and trying to get them ready to go to school/daycare, too.

Well, the remodeled house tours were a lot of fun, but too much driving. We saw this one "bachelor pad" that was something else. It was a four story house on a smaller hill lot with incredible views of downtown Seattle and the water. The ground floor had a theater room with leather seats on two levels and a huge TV. Then there was a gameroom with a great fireplace. I think there was a powderroom on that level, too. The next level was the one bedroom with yet another big TV, and a huge bathroom with a fireplace and a TV built above the fireplace plus a gigantic closet. The next level was the gourmet kitchen with all sorts of sinks and built in stuff plus the livingroom with the incredible view, and another bathroom. The top level was the office and roof garden. We couldn't believe it was only a one bedroom house. The colors and decor were very masculine. Quite the place! Our favorites were the homes we could actually see ourselves in (and neither of us could see ourselves in the "bachelor pad" even when we were single)--the more modest homes. Saw a bamboo floor in one place. I'd heard of bamboo floors, but had never seen one. I liked it.

So it was a pretty good weekend until my Dad got weird last night. *Sigh* My DH and I discussed how we're going to deal with him. We just have to learn not to get upset by his behavior, which is kind of difficult. He also announced he wasn't drinking anything after noon because he didn't like waking up to go to the bathroom so often. I kind of freaked about that because his last lab work indicated dehydration and some kidney problems. Dehydration is the #1 reason that the elderly end up in the hospital. He must have listened to me because he was back drinking stuff today.

Hope everyone is having a good Monday!

10-26-2004, 09:18 AM

Good Tuesday Morning!


Sheila ~ Yes... it is a wholesale club , Sam's Club and Wal-Mart are the same company and the Sam's Club is a wholesale club just like the Costco is (with different products). They are great places to shop in with a friend... that way if there's something in bulk you both use you can get a great price and split the pkg. and the cost. The appliances and clothing are at a wonderful price too. We all enjoy shopping together and checking things out. We pay $35.00 a year for two memberships (mine & Joe's). We also get gas there at $1.93 a gal. ~ a pretty good price these days! Costco is the same price for a year.

It still smells in here a bit this morning, but not nearly as bad as yesterday... it is the worse smell ever ( :stars: !) I think. I have no idea how long it was there, but Joe caught another one in a trap yesterday, so they are looking for food & warm places to go for the winter that's for sure! There is a female cat that roams around here, but she can't get UNDER our home where they go... Joe's traps will get those little critters.

Soundslike you had quite a day of touring... WoW! Some of the things people have in their homes are amazing to me. We live rather simply compared to your description of that one home! How do they keep a bamboo floor clean??? Wouldn't stuff get into the cracks of it? The whole tour sounds like it would have been great to do... again wish I could have joined you. I am keeping my eye out in the papers for anything like it here. I really would love to go on one.

So sorry to hear about your father... glad you got him to drink water. My FIL didn't drink either and landed in the hospital for a week! *Prayers*

Charlotte ~ LOVE your Monday morning animations (especially the kitty :lol: )!!! :lol3: I too use to feel that way on Monday's getting ready for work... when I worked, but now I enjoy my jammie days on Monday's - so it's a great day for me ;)

Hope you had a good one at the station yesterday!

Hi Bluet ~ How are you feeling?? I am thinking of you in hopes that your spirits are better today. I know it helps allot when the sun shines... here's a bit of sun for you today :sunny: ;)

I am afraid I frightened Jacquie away with my family calamity last week gals :( Hope you come back soon, Jacquie! I promise you --- I am not usually like that and am sorry for the bad first impression.


*Have a Great Day Gals :lol:*
<>< MiLeS: 15.25


10-26-2004, 03:50 PM
*Thinking of you*

10-26-2004, 06:26 PM

Sunny, I don't think you chased Jacquie away, it was not out of the ordinary to ask for help when you had something you needed help understanding. Don't worry about it. o.k. :) I have a mole incident I can tell you about. In the fall of the year DH would always like to bring in his coveralls and other items he wore outside when he did silo work and have them washed and put away for winter. He kept a pair of coveralls hanging in the silo room, just for working on the silo. Well one fall I washed everything up and was getting things ready for the dryer, when I felt in the pocket of the coveralls and what to my surprise did I find, but a dead nicely washed little mole. I still shiver to this day. :^:

Charlotte, are you feeling better? Is this just a seasonal thing, that DH is out of work? Rainy cloudy days always make me depressed too. In fact we are having just that kind of day today. Last night when I got home from work, I ate some supper and then read the paper and then I watched HGTV all evening. I get so upset with myself when I do that, I know there are so many tasks waiting for me to do or finish, but no energy or no motivation to do it. The holidays are advancing on us too and I know I won't get every thing done the way I want to once again before company comes for the holidays. Then I get down on myself and get depressed. I am stilling praying that the weather will hold for you and you will have enough help to finally get your roof done this weekend. No more roof leaks, right! ;)

Sheila, sounds like you had a good time with the house touring. I have heard that bamboo floors are very strong. I have never seen one yet, except on Trading Places. That bachelor pad sounds cool, only too much climbing stairs for me, I'll bet he hardly ever uses that theatre room. Can you imagine him sitting all alone with his bowl of popcorn in his theatre room watching a movie. :lol: What if he was in the bedroom, or living room and needed a snack or drink, then he has to climb to the top of the house to the kitchen. I have a two story house and that's enough floors for me.

Sorry to hear about your Dad. I am glad he decided to drink water again, but it is pain to be getting up all night for trips to the bathroom, so I understand where he is coming from. Yes I made hamburgers and Wisconsin beer bratwurst and some tater tots with cheese they ate everything. Now I guess they are going to road build this weekend since last week was a washout, so I will have to come up with another lunch plan. I don't want to dwell on this Sheila, but on CSI, it really did show two or three maggots crawling out of that decaying rat. Perhaps you DH did what mine always does and took a little nap during that part. Then my DH wakes up at the end of the show and asks what happened, and if I am too tired I just say oh, its too complicated.

Well, it is almost close of the work day. I'll sign off for now. Take care everyone.


10-26-2004, 10:20 PM
Hey, everyone!

Bluet, maybe he was just trying to protect me when he said he didn't see maggots. Or maybe because we have a small TV on the wall in our bedroom he just didn't see them. I watched CSI Miami last night, which I'm not thrilled with. I think they show even more gratuitous gross stuff than the Las Vegas one. But, I'd rather just see it on TV any day than find a dead one in my pocket--yuck!! At least it was clean. :)

SunnyD, the bamboo is just like regular wood flooring, all sealed and everything. The neat thing about it is the bamboo grain--very pretty. Did I mentioned we saw a cork floor, too? It was cork tiles, and it's sealed also. The guy said it's a really "forgiving" floor, good to walk on, and if it gets damaged, you just replace one tile. When we had vinyl flooring, the first month my DH dropped the leaf of the table on it, and punched a hole in the vinyl. We had someone come out to patch it, but the edges of the patch get dirt in them and it looked awful after a few months. I like the idea of only having to replace one tile. Also, my DH drops stuff on our laminate countertop all the time, and there are several cuts in it. I'm thinking I'd like a Corian at my next house, although I know it's kind of spendy. Not as bad as granite, though. We had tile at our house in Boise, and I just didn't like it. I love the idea of seamless and no grout to clean.

I love the cute dogs, SunnyD. They look like Dachshunds. I fostered a Dachshund that my DH couldn't stand. Her name was Dottie. Dachshunds are notoriously hard to housetrain, and she had no problem letting it loose whenever. She was also stubborn as all get out. My DH was so happy that she got a home that he actually drove her 500 miles to her new home just to get rid of her. He swears she hated him.

Not much happening around here. My DH went to the dentist and was depressed when he got home because he had a cracked tooth that needs to be overlaid to the tune of $435. Yikes! Luckily, we have money left in our flexible spending account. I have not heard a word from my DD or SIL about coming for Christmas. If they don't get it squared away soon, there will be no flights available.

Started out this morning with the 3 miles WATP tape, followed by 20 minutes of stretching, then an arm workout. I was going to try to do another 2 miles tape in the afternoon, but ended up taking my dog for a 15 minute walk instead. I debated about whether or not to do the tape afterward, but decided to watch Oprah instead. :)

Hope everyone has a great evening!

10-27-2004, 08:23 PM
Maybe you all feel as crummy as I do today? I dragged myself down to the pool, however, and did water aerobics. I still have stretching to do, but I'm buying pizza for my "guys" (DH, Dad, DS), and I'm having a smoothie. Stomach feels kind of queasy in addition to every muscle aching.

My daughter's DH is in big trouble with the Navy. *Sigh* I'll let you know more when I find out more. It's hard when your kid is clear across the country having an emotional meltdown.

10-27-2004, 09:53 PM

Bad, bad week so far! :( My dad use to have a record. Some of the words were..." I was told to cheer up, things could be worse. So, I cheered up...sure enough, things got worse!" I'm ok, really....really....really My step-dad even called me today from the nursing home. Chewed me out good. He said I went behind his back to be his sponsor & put him in the nursing home. He didn't want to be there. He said if anything happened to him, that his blood would be required at my hands. Oh well....should have expected it....he's always been that way. HE signed himself into the nursing home. HE told the nurse to put me down as sponsor. HE asked me & my sister to get everything out of the apartment, & storage by the end of Sept. (when the rent was up) To give the things away, sell them, or throw them away. Whatever we thought best. We just about killed ourselves! I just hung up & laughed. What else could I do?!
Also, suppose to have thunderstorms Saturday. :^: Of course we are! :lol: Ok....I feel better, I vented. :D

Sheila...Hope your DH's problems with the navy turn out ok. I'm so sorry.
Glad your dad went back to the water. Hope things are better with his situation. I know you have your hands full. Thanks for the prayers for Saturday. Looks like you gotta pray harder, friend. ;)

Sunny...loved those doggies! You made me want bacon, with Garfield. :lol:

Bluet...the work problem is usually a seasonal thing. But, mostly January & February. This is usually a very busy time for him. He's had the slowest year ever. It's scarey, because he has work, if anyone does. He is well known for the good quality work, & people have waited for long periods of time to get him. Work everywhere around here is slow, with everything. The bills go on though, you know. I'm a little blue, also, because I can't do what I want for Christmas. I'm just glad I thought of the ideas for the kids & grands & started early. If I can't do for anyone else, they're most important. Thanks for the prayers for Saturday. I do believe in prayers. Just, lately, I guess my faith is fading a little. Sorry, I've got to stop this whining!
One thing going on with me....Tuesday (Nov. 2) it will be 2 years since our house fire......

Hello Jacquie....
Girls, I'm very concerned about Fatpuss. I emailed her with a card telling her we missed her. I haven't gotten a response. She always answered my emails. I'm afraid something has happened to her.
Talk to you all later.

10-27-2004, 11:16 PM

I just lost another post to good old micro-soft.

I guess we all are in a slump tonight. I stayed home from work today, came down with a sore throat and a head cold yesterday. Slept most of the day away.

We sound like we all need a big hug.

I have to go lie down again, I'll talk to you all tomorrow.


10-28-2004, 07:12 AM


10-28-2004, 09:19 PM
Thanks for the hugs, Charlotte! Sounds like we all need them.

Your step-dad sounds like he's developed some memory problems. My Dad did the same thing about moving. He picked the place and moved in, and now he says that we made him move there. You're right--all you can do is have a sense of humor about it.

I'm worried about Fatpuss, too. I hope she, DH, the kids, her Mom, and brother are all okay. If I remember correctly, her DH had some heart problems. :(

Actually, it was my daughter's husband who got in trouble with the Navy. He's currently stationed in Mississippi, while she's in Chicago. I haven't heard a word today so I don't know what's happening with him. I never call her anymore--just wait for her to call me.

Hey, although you aren't going to get to do everything you want for your family, you're doing something that's so incredibly special, Charlotte. You're creating a lasting keepsake for them, and I bet they will treasure that forever. In fact, it will be around far longer than your kids or grandkids.

Bluet, I hope you're feeling better! I was a bit under the weather, but am okay today. I started taking Actonel, which is like Fosamax, for my bones, and I'm worried it caused a reaction. I'll see when I take it next week.

Last night my DH said he was so tired of all the election commercials, and would be happy to go back to even a tampon commercial. So what do we see last night while watching one of the cable channels but two tampon commercials. :lol: I will be happy when the election is over, and people can stop sniping at one another.

Hope everyone is feeling better today both physically and mentally!

10-28-2004, 11:48 PM

Well I drug myself to work today coughing and hacking, I think I am feeling better, still some congestion and a slight headache.

There are some people missing here!!!! Not only Puss is missing, but Sunny and Jacquie seem to have disappeared too. The last time I head from Puss was on September 5 when she sent me an email that said she and DH were going to Spain for two weeks. I sent an e-mail to her last night, but did not get a reply so far. :(

Charlotte, your big hug is lovely. Sorry things are not exactly par for you right now. It is not going to rain on Saturday, it just can't! We had a down pour tonight and enough is enough.

Sheila, kids, if isn't one thing it is another always something to worry about. I know I have four of my own. Gosh, who needs the stress, you have enough worries with Dad.

DH and I watched Survivor tonight, I just can't settle in, I don't feel comfortable with any of the players this time around. Guess, I will have to see how it plays out over the next weeks. The men sure made a huge mistake tonight, if they think the women aren't going to stick together when they merge, they are pretty much mistaken. CSI was so, so I guess. :o

Well, what do know tomorrow is Friday, what on earth am I going to make for the Road Crew's lunch this week? They will be raring to go since last week was a wash out. Saturday is grandaughter's next door 6th birthday party. She is having 7 little girl friends from kindergarten over for a play date. Her baby sister will be with me all day.

Chat with you all tomorrow. Are we all feeling better yet? ;) I sure hope so!


10-29-2004, 10:45 AM

Bluet...I do hope you're feeling better. My cough & croupy throat stayed with me long after the cold left. I hope yours leaves soon.
Well....I get concerned about Sunny. But, most of the time he absence is due to spending time with Joe. If he's off work at all, she spends full time with him. They're very active in the community. Of course, she has IBS, that really gets her down sometimes. We'll say a prayer for her.
Fatpuss, though....I'm very worried about. Yes, I forgot about her DH having heart problems. I keep thinking of the trip, though. I hope & pray nothing happened to them. She has always answered my emails (she gave me her address when this site crashed that time.) But, when I emailed her the other day....nothing. :( Let's pray hard for her.
I had a friend on another forum that left about a year ago. We kept emailing to each other. She was diagnosed with skin cancer on her face & had to have surgery. She was very scared. The last email said she would be having surgery the next day, & would get back to me as soon as she could. I haven't heard from her, since. :( I don't know if she got bad news, & went into depression, or what happened. I emailed, sent cards, did all I knew to do. I still can't seem to give up. Sometimes, I still send her a message.

Sheila...sorry I got the people mixed up concerning the navy. I do hope everything turns out ok.
I'm tired of the election commercials, too. In fact, we're running a lot of election commercials that's going on in our communtiy, at the station. It brings money in...but, will be glad when they're over. That was funny about the tampon commercial. :lol:
My step-dad doesn't have memory problems...he just changed his mind. He's always done that. We've had a lot of trouble with him these past few years, since mother got sick. There's a lot I could tell. He just wants out of the nursing home, now, & wants me to feel responsible enough to set him up in an apartment....NOT! My sister & I almost killed ourselves getting everything cleared out in 2 weeks...I just got his medicaid, if he wants out, fine. He can figure it out. See....I'm not always sweet. :lol:

Well.......It's TGIF Friday.....lots of work at the station. So, gotta go. Hope all have a safe weekend with Halloween. Although I don't like the day...Won't our kids & grands be cute?!

10-29-2004, 02:11 PM
*Guido... loves it under the small table*


Good Friday Afternoon... I am here Bluet, Sheila & Angel,

I just got caught up with some personal e-mails I had to send off and another thread to reply to... there were a few newbies on the other thread I belong to and they had some questions that I felt I needed to answer and before I did that I had to get out my bible and do some reading. I didn't want to lead them astray ;) So that all has taken up some time... I'm sorry :sorry: to worry you. I didn't realize that I had been gone that long.


Bluet ~Your washer & mole story sounds as bad as some of the CSI shows lately :lol: Yuk!!! :lol3: Thanks for making me feel better about Jacquie... but I still feel badly about her not returning. Hope that she and Puss do return real soon!!!

How are you feeling today Bonnie :^:? Any better? It is so hard this time of year... with the daylight being less and the days getting shorter, it's really tough on the emotions! Not to mention the flu-bugs going around!!! I have a grow light here in my office (still a stinky office, phew) that I put on while I am on the computer... it really does help me feel better - like sun is shinning on me. I felt that if it works for the growth of my plants it has to help me too :D Especially during these dreary days, like we have today!!

Sounds like you will have another very *child* busy weekend this weekend... hope that you are up to it health-wise. I wouldn't want you to get sick all over again :^: Are you going to have trick-or-treater's there? We get a few kids, but most just have what they call Autumn Festival Parties now - not Halloween Parties. The kids still dress up & get goodies, but as cute characters like Kitties, Frogs or Princesses, Princes, Pumpkins and such. Much better as far as I am concerned. I don't like all the evil that gets out this time of year because they feel free to do so. Sad...

Sheila ~ I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better today... boy those bad bugs out there this year. It seems to get worse every year!

That bamboo floor sounds really beautiful!! I pictured it still in it's raw state I think... not flat like a floor. Cork! Cool! I love the look of cork...that would look so cool as a floor!! Like in a workout room or a reck-room or even a basement floor. I bet it looks neat.

When Joe & I get new countertops that is what we would like to use too --- Corian. This way I can get the sink put in underneath... so there are no edges from the counter top to the sink (you following me?) They do it allot with the granite, but I cannot afford that! But love that food cannot get stuck under the sink frame edge and it's all smooth. Good thing my kitchen is small.

Yes, those are Dachshunds... I found the animation and just grabbed it, it was so cute! I have heard the same thing... that they are very hard to train.

How's DH's tooth coming along?? Get it fixed? Glad that you have that flexible spending account to fall back on. Joe went for that sleep study and they nailed us for $545.00 of his cost... the insurance paid 80% but we had to pay the other 20%... I just didn't realize it would be that much!!! I think it was well over $2,500 for the whole study :o

Have you heard anything more about DD's hubby & the Navy?? Wonder what could have gone wrong?

I am with your DH! I am so ready for Nov 2nd and the END of all these commercials!!!

Angel ~ Thanks for the *Hugs* Sounds like you are coming along with your books for the kids. They are going to so love them!!! My mother made all us kids photo albums of our childhood and gave them to us a few years ago -- I just love that album and find myself looking back allot! Some good memories there.

I tried to e-mail Puss several times but each time got the mail I sent returned telling me it was the wrong address, so I no longer have it. I sure do hope that she stops in and lets us know how she is!! I pray for her often!!

I cannot blame you or your sister for staying with your decision in keeping your DF in the home. That is so much to go through, we did it with my FIL too... wouldn't want to do it again. At least you know he is getting good care and you did all you could for him. My FIL didn't like it at first either... it took him about 2-3 months of being there for him to finally accept that he wasn't going to be moving again. I wish you well with them both, your DM & DF. You aren't mean at all... just firm and that's okay ;)

I know that there's more to you and your life then the graphics and animations... but they are so cute!! So I must tell you so ;)


:eek: OOOOOOOOOOOO :eek: hhhhhhh... THUNDER!!!! Looks really dark out there - we have a big storm coming, I had better finish and get off here. I don't like to have the computer on during big storms. Whoa!!! That was a big boom! Later gals!



10-29-2004, 02:23 PM

10-29-2004, 11:35 PM

Well, DH has what I have now, talk about an unhappy camper whew. What a Mr. Crabby Appleton. I thought I was losing my voice this afternoon, but it is better now. I am still so congested and really really tired.

The men won't be building their road tomorrow, we had over an inch of rain lat night and more expected tonight. They will have to find another form of entertainment for Saturday. The grandboys won't be coming down until the evening and staying while their parents attend a 40th birthdy party for one of DD's friends from grade school, well they have been friends since kindergarten actually.

Sunny, I am happy to hear that you are just busy and not under the weather, like the rest of us. Guido, looks so cute under the table. I like his little two tone nose. ;) We have never had a lot of trick or treaters, because we live in the country. Most of the country kids go into the city to trick or treat. But a few kids do stop in, and the grandkids from next door will be over I am sure. Halloween has never ever been a favorite of mine. I scare too easily. And I don't understand all that candy. I imagine you and Joe have big plans for the weekend. Are you going to any Fall or Harvest parties?

Charlotte, well tomorrow is your big day. I sure hope it has stopped raining in your corner of Alabama. I suppose you really got your fill of election commercials today, being at the station and all. Since Wisconsin is an important state to both candidates we have had them practically living her the last two months. I for one will be very thankful when this election is over, I can't say I would be looking forward to tampon commercial though. I still remember the first time I saw a tampon/pad commercial on TV, I was really upset, but all that is common place now. Well, back to the important thing in your life a, "roof" I hope you get one tomorrow and all goes well.

Sheila, I hope you are not trying to book passsage to Chicago right about now. I know you are worried though. Whatever it is, it will be all right. Our Son's in-laws have a dachshund. Nasty little character, very stubborn and impossible to house train. But they keep trying, bless their hearts. There's a big beautiful full moon out tonight and all the dogs around us are barking up a storm. I hope I can fall asleep, so I don't have to listen to their serenade all night. I was so tired at work all day, it is month end and I had a ton of stuff to get done on the main frame computer, but the men got backed up and put us behind, so I have to go in on Sunday to finish up. What is it about those men, they are so self focused. Hope you are ok Sheila and life isn't handing you sour grapes right now. :)

Take care all. Talk to you soon


10-30-2004, 12:45 AM
Hi, all!

Can't figure out why I haven't posted before, other than I got caught up watching Oprah (love those room makeover shows), then went to get my Dad his medication that he forgot to get. After that I made dinner, then I watch TV with my Dad for an hour. Oh, I bought him the medication I've been wanting him to take ($200--yikes!) and told him to take it to help with his memory and sleep problems. I suppose that's not entirely truthful, but it wasn't a lie either.

Bluet, sounds like you had a horrible day at work what with the computer stuff and your cold. What a bummer that you have to go in on Sunday. At least OB might not be there?? Hope not. Well, if they can't work on the road, I guess you don't have to cook for the road crew. Are they going to be able to get it done at all before spring with the weather getting crummy? You don't understand candy? My hips understand it too well! :lol: No, I do know what you mean. My DH was telling me that trick-or-treating had its roots in an Irish tradition. Don't know if that's true, but it would be interesting to find out why it all started. It is kind of weird when you think about it. We tell kids not to talk to strangers or take candy from strangers yet one night a year, we send them out to knock on strangers' doors and ask for candy. Quite the mixed message!

Charlotte, I really hate it when we lose touch with people on bulletin boards. Like you, I worry about what's happening and why they've disappeared. Truly we'd never know if something horrible befell one of us unless a relative got on the computer and posted, and in bad times that's unlikely to happen. Maybe we should tell our DHs that if something happens they need to come to this BB and let us all know.

At the station you probably can't get away from those darn commercials. At least at home you can mute them or switch to another channel. I wish that we could put a dollar limit on what candidates spend, and if they collect more it all goes to the social security fund. It just seems like they spend a ridiculous amount campaigning. When one of the candidates came here, he stayed at someone's home and the smallish city had to provide extra police and security people at the city's expense. The place was near a lake where there is a lot of float plane traffic, and the float plane business had to close for 24 hours--no air traffic was allowed. They figure they lost over $100,000 plus they had to strand someone in Canada because they couldn't fly to pick the guy up from fishing in the wilderness and there was no way to contact him.

I hope the weather is good tomorrow, Charlotte!

Guido is so cute, SunnyD! Love that pic! Hey, that's a good idea about the grow light. My crazy (literally) cousin's shrink recommended a full spectrum light for her to stave off winter depression, so my sister and I bought one for her. It was expensive, but they're supposed to work well.

I've never seen the one-piece granite sink, but I love the one piece Corian sinks, which I've got to have. Not having caulking to discolor or mold (a problem in this damp area) would be wonderful. The trend at this show was farm sinks, those big clunky sinks. They're okay, but I still want a one-piece Corian sink.

No word from my daughter yet. I've learned that it's best to let her call me so I'm hoping that no news is good news. According to her, the punishment was either separation (which I interpret as dishonorable discharge) or 45 days of confinement to his bunk or something like that. She had some Navy name for it, and it wasn't the time to ask her all about it.

Well, I lost another pound today. At least the trend is downward, if ever so slow.

10-31-2004, 10:55 PM
Hope everyone had a great weekend! I hate seeing us on page 2, so I'm bumping us up.

11-01-2004, 10:11 AM

Good November Monday Morning,

Hi Bluet ~ I am so very sorry to hear that hubby is now feeling ill! I do hope he's up-to-par again soon!
How are you feeling today?

Nope... we didn't go to any of the Harvest parties, but it looks as if allot of the children and parents did! We had a nice, but way too quiet Halloween! I wish we had more children come by then we do... we only had 10 come to the door last night. We get less children now because of the BIG Autumn parties I mentioned at the fire stations or county halls... for children's safety. Oh well... ... now Joe has some bags of 'lunch size' oreo cookies for his lunch this week and next :T

Hi Sheila ~ Mee too... loved the makeover shows and I watched that Oprah show too. Boy... is she ever looking good! Our fav is on Sunday nights ~ *The Extreme Makeover - Home Edition* They have a special on tonight (at 8:00 I think ) telling us how they do what they do.

You know... I heard that Halloween began with the Irish too. I know it began as a pagan holiday to celebrate evil. That's why I am glad that most in my area have gone over to the celebration of Autumn.

I am so sorry to hear of your DD and her Navy problems... hope it all gets cleared up real soon!!!

:bravo: in losing another pound!!!! :bravo:
I am so very happy for you! You are doing a wonderful job!:cp:! I have seen some of your other threads in the 100 Club ;) You are so good for those gals Sheila! I haven't budged again... but I just keep on going in hopes of seeing change myself. I just began a new November Walking Thread (Exercise) and have already gotten quit a number of ladies to join in - so nice! They really encourage me to keep on going... as I try to do for them. We had a wonderful October Thread going. I think you know some of those gals too.

Angel ~ Hope all is well with you... I know you are very busy right now with the elections tomorrow!

I wonder if we could exchange our home addresses through PM, so we are able to stay in touch with one another if anything were to happen here. I have already instructed my Joe in how to get here if anything were to happen to me, but if we had each other's addresses we could always fall back on those. Just a thought ;)


We didn't do a whole lot this weekend, believe it or not. Saturday we went to breakfast as usual, but Joe & I grocery shopped alone because our pals, Mike & Peggy had to be somewhere else that morning. We also went to the wholesale club for a few things I needed. Then my Joe went out to change the oil on the jeep (to get it ready for our Thanksgiving trip to Maine) and then he mowed the lawn for the last time this year. I was inside and had opened up some windows --- it was such a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!! It went into the 70's and was very windy (gusts at about 40 - 45mph). So leaf raking was out all weekend because of the high winds! Sunday we had some gusts of about 35 - 40mph. I decided to watch old suspense movies this weekend & caught up with some magazine reading... such a nice day. It was very relaxing with the windows open just listening to the sounds of the wind and leaves outdoors... I just enjoy the Autumn season so much and hate to see it go.

Yesterday, after church, I went out to breakfast with Mike, Peg & their DD, Lisa, but Joe stayed at church to direct the CHOIR @ 10:00... then he joined us at the restaurant about 11:30... we got home at around 12:30 and then just read our Sunday paper and chilled out to an old movie together... *Hush, hush, sweet Charlotte* with Betty Davis... really a good suspense movie! Then at around 6 the kids began to show up, but not many at all... I was bummed! Our Guido loves it when the kids come and they pet all over him... the other two stay in the bedroom hiding & sleeping. Last night we just chilled to TV... our shows... *Extreme Home Makeover* and I taped *Cold Case* on at the same time and then I watched *Law & Order - CI* and off to bed we went at 10pm.

I wish the dead mole smells had gotten better in here, but with the warmer temps this weekend it got worse! Thank goodness I could open the windows!!! I cannot wait till it has gone, but I think it's here to stay for a bit longer then I would like!

That's it!!! Our whole weekend in a nutshell... we had a blissful weekend for sure. Hope you all did too :^: :smug:

Well, I am going to get on the T-Mill now and try to get in a mile or so... I ate some of those oreo cookies last night :o :D Long time since I had anything sweet like that! Got a bit of a headache this morning (sugar hangover :faint: I think!).

Thinking of you...

VOTE Tuesday!!!


11-01-2004, 10:08 PM
Good evening, ladies! It's rather a dark and dreary one here. Rain, grey skies, and you can definitely tell it's getting darker earlier.

Well, SunnyD, 10 was more than we had. We had the same two groups we've had for the third time in a row--the kids next door, and the kids across the street. I'm not sure if it's just because there aren't that many kids in the 'hood or if it's because they have to walk up the hill and through the carport to get to the door. Our leftovers went to my Dad who took them somewhere. I had four myself, but I had planned on having four fun-size candy bars. I bought 3 Musketeers, which advertises 45% less fat. Don't know if that's true, but I counted out the Weight Watcher points.

Did you rent the movies or watch them on TV? I noticed that yesterday there were a bunch of scary/thriller-type movies on a lot of the channels. I'm not a fan of the genre (I scare too easy!) so I settled for my old standby HGTV. Even that didn't escape the scary stuff because they changed "If These Walls Could Talk" to "If These Walls Could Haunt," which was all about ghosts that live in old houses. I had to quit watching at that point!

That smell is still with you? Hhmm, I wonder if there's something else that is making the smell that Joe hasn't found yet? It seems like it should be cleared out by now.

We had two beautiful days in a row, too. I cut off dead flowers and tried to put most of the flowerbeds to bed for the winter. My DH wheelbarrowed some mulch down from the back 40 and covered everything after I'd cut back and weeded. On Sunday we took the dog for a walk down in this neighborhood where there's a small park overlooking the ferry dock. I love to watch the ferries go back and forth.

My daughter told me that her DH got busted down one rank and is on a 45-day thing where he can't go off the ship. He can still use his cell phone, however. She said he was going to try to get separated from the Navy, but I have no idea how that talk went. My oldest son called and said he took my GD to the Mall to trick-or-treat. I guess she really loved looking at the kids in costumes. She isn't around other kids very much, but really gets excited when she is. Her teachers have been working with her on eating, and I guess she actually ate some baby food the other day. That's a real breakthrough because she hates anything in her mouth. It's pretty common with kids with her condition. I talked to her on the phone for a little bit, and my son said she was smiling plus she did "talk" to me. He's supposed to come out for a couple of days at Christmas, but she has Christmas with her Mom this year.

Hope everyone had a great Monday!

11-01-2004, 10:20 PM

I am going to try to post to you all tomorrow morning. I am so tired from this flu thing I am going to bed. I was falling asleep trying to watch HGTV. I have to get my energy back pretty soon. I went on several coughing jags today, resorted to keeping cough drops in my mouth, but now my stomach feels like yuk. Everyone at work tries to avoid me. :lol: One of the gals in the front office looked like she was coming down with this today. :?: I told her I was really, really sorry.


11-01-2004, 11:47 PM


It took me a long time to get over that last episode of cold and flu. It was really rough. Hope you're better real soon.

Sheila...I'm glad your little granddaughter is doing as well as she is. She sounds so precious! Her picture makes me want to just squeeze her! My granddaughter gets off the bus at the TV Station. Her dad was late picking her up tonight, so when it came time for my program, I just let her sit up there with me & sing! I got more call ins than usual. Hmmm........I wonder why! :lol:
I hope your SIL is ok. And your daughter. I'm sorry for the problems. would have to be home addresses for my DH. He couldn't email! I keep thinking he'll try to do a little on a computer, but, so far, he hasn't. I don't mind. I can give an email address to any of you, & instruct maybe my friend at the station to let you all know if anything happens to me. I don't like losing touch at all. It has really worried me about Fatpuss.
I like your beautiful November graphic! Have you had any luck with that new site? I found a couple of things there last night.

Well, the Lord answered my prayers. It was a beautiful day, Saturday. Couldn't ask for a more perfect day. Only thing, no one showed up. I guess I just give up. I don't know what else to do. Our SIL finally showed up around 3pm. He said it was raining at his house Saturday morning so, figured it was here, also. IF he had called, he would have found out it wasn't. In fact, I told him so. I told him it was raining all around, but we asked for it not to at our house....& prayers were answered. He just smiled. You know, it's easy to smile, when you don't live in it. Sorry.....that's just how I'm feeling. One thing for sure, I'm not planning another day. IF it happens, it happens.

I hope all have a good evening.

11-02-2004, 01:56 PM
Greetings all!

I really wasn't lost!! My computer just packed up completely and I couldn't get into it. DS was in Houston on a computer course so I had to wait for him to return to see what the dickens was wrong with it. Luckily for me he was able to fix it remotely....he isolated 913 spyware files and was able to delete them!!! I had no idea this is becoming such a problem...and I don't really surf the net that much so I have no idea where they came from. I noticed they have been advertising a program on TV this Thursday about this very problem so I will have to watch it and get a little more educated. I have a firewall and virus detector but I guess nothing is safe and sucure anymore. Anyhow as of today I am up and running again so now I have more reading to to to get caught up again!!

Just thought I would let you know I am back!

Have a good day....Jacquie

11-02-2004, 03:04 PM

I had a busy morning at work, payroll and accounts payable and then invoicing. So couldn't fit in any time to post. Finally it is my lunch break, but I will need to go past it to post. I sure hope, that the rest of you do not get this crud thing. I am sorry Charlotte had to go through this. I would be really upset if the rest of you felt like this. :(

I have really been thinking about Fatpuss and her not responding to at least one of us to let us know she is ok. Even if she couldn't fit posting into her schedule, I know she would tell us that, so that we would not be concerned about her. I have sent her at least two or three e-mails to her home and I am sure Charlotte has too. What do you think our next strategy should be? The last time I heard from her was September 5.

Charlotte, I'll be darned, what went wrong on Saturday, I thought you had a commitment from everyone to be there to get that roof done. I know how disappointed you are I can feel it in my heart. Did DH work on it alone then? Did any of the roof get done at all? I love the story about your Grandaughter singing with you on the show, how darling is that?

Sunny, we didn't have any children come for trick or treat this year except for the grandkids. The grandkids were so cute we had the three grandaughters here at once the 6 year old was Belle from Beauty And The Beast Christmas, she had a beautiful red dress on with a crown, the 16 month old was a cute little pumpkin and the 13 month old was a fuzzy little white rabbit. Grandson was Frankenstein. It was a lot of fun to see them. They were so proud of their costumes.

Sunny, I was thinking the same thing, that we should exchange addresses. It is only fair to one another that we do that. We have been posting together for a long time now and we certainly would be concerned, if one of us stopped posting and did not respond to emails. This way we could always send one another a card or note when we had the urge to do so.

Sheila, sounds like you are having some gloomy weather too. We have had our fair share of rain. No, they did not work on the road on Saturday. DH and SIL went to a farm dealership about 30 minutes from here and bought a huge truck (larger that their current one) and an elevator to use to get their wood home, that we burn in our wood burners. They traded in their other dump truck and the guy called it a fair trade even-up. I don't know about those guys. I told you they would find some other entertainment for Saturday. SIL is installing an outside wood burner this year. There are underground pipes leading from it to whatever building/home you want to heat on your property and heats water some way and heats your home or other building. That way all the wood mess is outside instead of in the basement. One only has to put wood in it twice a day, which is a blessing when it is below zero outside. I like the warm heat of a wood burner, but not the wood in the basement. Congratulations, on your weight loss. :) You are really working hard at it and deserve to drop those pounds. Bless your heart, I hope you meet your goal weight right on schedule.

Well, girls I had better get back to work, enough folly on company time.


11-02-2004, 11:31 PM
Hi everyone!

Ah, Charlotte, how cute about your granddaughter singing with you. Sounds like she was a big hit. What a bummer about Saturday! Guess while we were all praying for good weather, we should have added a few about people showing up. I'd be totally ticked off.

Jacquie, how great to see you back! Like you, I always let my DH fix any computer problems. My son works in the field, and now my daughter is learning how to fix computers so I have a lot of expertise to count on. I thought the virus protection and firewall would help with the spyware stuff, too, but I guess not.

I can't figure out how that heating thing works, Bluet. I can't picture it in my mind. Will he have to go out in subzero weather and stoke the thing so they can get hot water? That's pretty good that they got a bigger truck, and it didn't cost them anything. It sounds like Halloween was a lot of fun for your grandkids. I just love those little pumpkins costumes for toddlers.

My father accidentally voted for the wrong candidate today. When I asked him if he got a new ballot, he said no because he'd been going to vote for a candidate that wasn't running for the two main parties anyway as a protest so it didn't really matter who he voted for. I was rather amused because he's always been a staunch member of a particular party. Plus he voted the opposite party for governor here. I was rather amused.

On a not amusing issue, my daughter called and is getting evicted from her apartment. The manager called because my DD has a person staying in the apartment while everyone else is gone. My DD said they'd put this person on the lease, but the manager said the only way they could do that was if my DD came into the office in person. She explained that she couldn't because she was in Chicago, but she'd be happy to fax everything. Can't do that, according to the manager, have to come in person. Luckily, my DD can get out of the lease because she signed a military clause that lets her out if her orders change, which they did. She and her DH wanted to keep the apartment, but they'll just have to find a new one when they both get back to Norfolk.

A rainy, rainy day here, and our bathroom skylight is leaking again. Grrrr!

11-03-2004, 12:10 AM

Hope everyone is doing well tonight. It's raining here......again. I'm beginning to think we're never going to see sunshine 2 days in a row, again.

Bluet...that's a good idea about the addresses. Anyone wants my address, or email address, just pm me. We're friends, & I want to keep in touch. I have a trusting friend at the station that will help me out. DH would....but, doesn't know computers....& you'd never be able to understand his handwriting. :lol: I am soooo worried about Fatpuss. :(
Yes, DH worked from early Saturday until after dark on the roof. I got up early to go to town & get hot dogs, hamburgers, etc, to grill for everyone. Wasn't even sprinkling in town ( 10 miles) either! When our SIL came later Sat. evening, they got together & put up part of the plywood for a ceiling in the garage. It's hard to be upset at him....he's worked a lot on our house. It's just that we thought we had a committment from all of them, & got disappointed. We still haven't heard from our SIL that was in the army. He's having a lot of problems though. We're very concerned. He's having such bad nightmares, he makes himself stay awake all night. Then, he can't function during the day. Gina is the only one working, because he hasn't been able to find a job yet. It's sad he spent a year in Iraq, & can't get peace of mind, now. I'm afraid it's going to harm their marriage, if something doesn't happen, soon, for the better.

Yes, Sheila, I was ticked off. Mostly hurt, though. I'm a little touchous, I suppose. Today is the 2 yr anniversary of the house fire. It's getting to me.

Had another bad episode today. Got news early this morning a young woman (around 19 or 20) was killed in a care accident. She & her brother were in my Sunday School class for several years. We go to a very small church. So the children were all the same age. Didn't have to change classes as they grew. I stayed their teacher, & we were very close. Her, & her brother had stopped coming to church, which is sad. They still loved me very much, though. Of course, I still love them. It just about tore me up this morning, when I got the news. I just left home for the day, to escape.

I know it's hard to take care of your dad, & a lot of things are sad. But, he still does things to amuse us. I love hearing your stories. I hope you're keeping a journal. You may have to refer back to some of these posts. :D

I hope things get better for your daughter. Prayers going up. glad to hear from you! Darn these computers! They can be so aggravating! I have Ad-Aware on mine. It's a free download. I run it once a week to clean out spyware, etc. There's always something it finds. The first time was over 600! My computer always runs faster afterwards. This is besides the virus protector & firewall.

Hello SunnyD! Hope you're just resting today, & nothing's wrong.
Hi to all! Have a good evening.
Hope you all voted today....I did!

11-03-2004, 01:22 PM

Good Afternoon Sheila, Bluet, Angel & JACQUIE (good to see you!) :D!!

And what a great day it is!!!
I am so very HAPPY :hat: with the outcome!!

I am so sorry I cannot stay right now, but I have tons to do today and haven't been feeling very well since yesterday early morning (around 3:30am)... think it's a bug, but it's NOT hitting me hard, just with a terrible migraine headache :headache: I could hardly see where I was going yesterday, but Joe took me to the polls and we voted :) then I came home to rest.

I'll be back as soon as I am able to touch base with each of you.
*God Bless America!*

*May God Bless You!*


11-03-2004, 07:02 PM
Charlotte, I'm always amazed when we actually see one day of sunshine in the fall! :) It's actually pretty sunny here today. Nice enough to take the dog for a little longer walk than the past couple of days. I imagine that two years ago, you probably thought your house would be up and running by now, so it must be totally dispiriting to see what's left to do. But. . .it WILL happen! I'm so sorry the young woman you knew from church was killed--how awful for her family and those of you who loved her. It's tragic to think of someone dying so young.

Well, SunnyD, we'll have to agree to disagree on the outcome of the election. I'm a bleeding heart liberal and proud of it, but some of my best friends are Republicans. :) Actually, my best friend and her husband ARE Republicans. I'm still waiting to hear if Washington State is going to make history. If we elect the woman governor (my choice), then the top three elected officials, the governor and both senators, in my state will be women, which has never happened before in any other state. It's still too close to call, however. I do hope that both parties can work together to strengthen the economy and make healthcare more affordable for all.

My DH and I had to laugh because we predicted that yesterday would start the Christmas advertising, and indeed we were correct. So now instead of political ads, we'll get Christmas ads. I do wish they would go back to starting Christmas ads after Thanksgiving.

Well, I'm going to try to get another 2 miles in today. The downside of exercise is that I seem to be hungrier than usual. Hopefully it will all balance out at the scale.

Hi Jacquie and Bluet! Hope you feel better, SunnyD, and hope Thursday is a lot better for you than Wednesday, Charlotte.

11-04-2004, 12:54 AM

Oh no, Sheila you' re not a bleeding heart liberal, say it isn't so ;) I have have been a staunch Republican my whole life Ms Ultra Conservative, that would be me. Ah, the American dream, the right to be what and who we want to be. :) I agree with you, may they make up with one another and work together for a better place for us to live and fix the health care issues. We shall see what we shall see.

I had a bummer of an evening, when I got home from work I mentioned to DH that the refrigerator wasn't making it's usual thrashing machine noise, just a steady quite little hum. So unlike the beast. Well, the compressor went out on the thing. We have had it 18 years and it was a lemon from day one. Just the loudest noisiest thing. So off to the appliance store we went and bought a new refrigerator, which will be delivered tomorrow between 11:00 and 12:00, so I will have to come home from work during that time. Everything was defrosted in the freezer and I had to make all the chicken and salmon I had in there, plus a pizza, the rest I threw out. We also have had DS and DIL wedding cake top in the freezer from two years ago, but it is thawed out and sitting on the cupboard right now. I will have to call them tomorrow and ask them if they still want it :?: We bought two bags of ice on the way home and all our perishables are now sitting in coolers on the kitchen floor. It is 10:45 and there are still dishes to do in the kitchen, but I am going to bed as soon as I am done here. Well at least the walls and floor got cleaned behind the refrigerator for a change. My what an expensive day for us.

Charlotte, I am sorry to hear that your friends lost their lives in an accident. You really don't need anymore sadness right now. I hope SIL can get his head straight and find work, before it is too late. My how we worry about those kids. That is a cute phrase your used "touchous" I have never heard anyone use that before :) It says it all doesn't it?

Sunny, beautiful graphic your sent today. What is a Republican girl doing living in a strong Democrate state? ;) Oh, who cares right? Hope you are feeling better by now and thank you for your address.

I know you all hear this from alot, but I am tired and I need to go to bed, Thursday tomorrow, I hope it goes better.


11-04-2004, 09:53 AM

My granddaughter (the 5 yr old) wanted me to use this angel. She really liked it. Good morning to all. Well...I'm mostly glad the elections are over. I'm glad we can discuss what we are on here, & still be friends. :lol: I've seen a few arguments, & that bothers me. We all have a right to our opinion. I'm concerned about all the issues...usually vote for the person, not the party. I worry about the abortion issue, though. I believe the baby is a human & has a soul with the first heart beat. I can't vote for anyone who believes in abortion. As we've pointed out, though, it's a free country...& all have their right to choose.

Well, suppose to be a pretty day, for a change. Looks like it will be. I'm off today....but, got to get to the beauty shop before 9 am. Boy, do I need beautifying! :lol:

Thanks for the messages on the loss of my friend. Couldn't bring myself to go to the funeral yesterday. I did go to the wake, though, the night before.

Bluet..."touchous" must be a southern word. I've never thought about it before. :D

Sunny...hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself. Liked your graphic.
Hope all have a good day.

11-04-2004, 09:43 PM
Hi, ladies!!

Oh, shoot, Bluet! All that good food gone to waste--what a bummer. So why do people keep the tops of cakes? I mean, after two years you can't eat it, can you? My DD used to keep her dance corsages in the fridge, but I always ended up throwing them out (and she never noticed) because what in the heck do you do with an old dance corsage? I guess I'm just not sentimental that way. Did you get a fancy fridge with bells and whistles? Hopefully this one won't be a lemon.

That is a beautiful angel, Charlotte. Your GD has good taste. :) Yeah, I've seen arguments on BBs, too, and it's disturbing. While we're lucky to be able to express our opinions, name-calling shouldn't be part of that, and that's what I've seen too much.

Anybody want some goodies from Omaha Steaks? My dad has gone on a spending spree. I had to tell him that he couldn't order anymore because I don't have room in the freezer. A couple of days ago, we got three boxes of pork delivered, to add to the four boxes of steaks. Then today the UPS guy brought a huge box with 9 items. I had to quickly cook the frozen lasagna and the potatoes au gratin because I just didn't have room in my freezer. Dad's got a little dorm-type fridge, and he has two boxes of stuff plus I took the "gourmet franks" out of the box and shoved them into his freezer. He doesn't get the concept that I don't eat a lot of that stuff so he gets a bit hurt when I tell him (and because of his poor memory he never remembers me telling him) I can't eat stuff like lasagna, potatoes au gratin (those things are like lumps of fat!), and hot dogs. I won't even go into the aplets and cotlets incident. I did tell him he could buy a fruitcake for Christmas. I'm about ready to throw away any catalog that comes his way!

Weigh-in tomorrow. I've been working really hard because I want to get into the 170s this week. I don't care if it's 179.9, I just want it to be in the 170s. I've been doing too much exercise, though, and my body is saying STOP. I kind of know how you were feeling, SunnyD. I do sleep pretty well, though, after doing 110 minutes of exercise a day! My goal is to be able to wear my size 10 jeans in public (I don't like really tight jeans--they may be in fashion, but not for this 51 year old body) before Christmas, and that's probably going to be another 5 lb. loss before I do that.

Always love Thursday night--good TV! Hi to Jacquie and SunnyD, who I hope is feeling okay. And, Fatpuss, wherever the heck you are, I hope you're okay! We miss you!

11-05-2004, 12:18 AM

I just got a simple white side by side a Whirlpool. All my other appliances are almond. I don't know about me, and DH let me get away with it too. :?: I want to remodel the kitchen in a few years when we have some money saved up for it, and I want all white appliances. So even though I have almond appliances in my kitchen I went with the white refrigerator. I should know better, from the days when I had an avocado green washer and a white dryer, and a white refrigerator, and an almond dishwasher. I had to wait forever until I had all my appliances matching. Now I have started the trend again. Some people never learn. When I had that really ugly avocado washer in the laundry room, which is next to the kitchen I had this gosh awful wallpaper on the walls. It was all vegetables it had a white background with huge avocado's and other huge vegetables on it. I only did one wall thank goodness. But every birthday picture I took of the kids back then I have them standing by thier birthday cake with that awful, awful garrish wallpaper behind them. I don't like loud flashy stuff, so WHAT WAS I THINKING????
Or not thinking? I also painted my living room orange at that time with orange carpet. I was really young and naive, of course we have hundreds of Christmas family photos in that orange living room. Now all my walls are white, and no matter what, they are staying white. Gee, I didn't think buying a refrigerator would send me off on such a tangent. :dizzy:

Well, what did you all think of Survivor? Told you the women would all stick together. I wonder if the two women that were in an alliance with the men will regret their decision tonight down the road sometime. What's up with CSI, they seem to be hung up on maggots. Well, at least CSI wasn't as riskque as last week.

Sheila, do you remember that I mentioned that I don't get out much? I don't know what aplets and cotlets are :( . I am sure I would enjoy the story, can't be any worse than some of mine. Gee, I hope you reach your goal weight. That would be so cool for you. Nothing makes one feel more on top of the world than fitting into a good looking pair of jeans. I love fruit cake, you could always have Dad send one to me. ;)

Charlotte, that is the most beautiful angel. That would make a beautiful Christmas card. Do you feel better now that you got yourself all beautified
up? You are very pretty anyway, so they didn't have to work too hard at it at the beauty parlor. Do you always have the same person do your hair? I have natural curly hair, and wear it short, so I always have to look very hard to find a good stylist, and when I find one, I hang on to her/him forever or as long as they stay in the business. I always tip really well, cause there is nothing worse that a bad haircut.

Sunny, guess your down and out again :( Hope you get to feeling better soon, because it is almost the weekend again and you always have big plans on the weekend. Take care, we miss you.

Sandra, if you are out there please let one of us know, we are all worried about you tremendously.

Tomorrows Friday Yea, eight more hours of OB and I'm outta there. Have a good Friday all!


11-05-2004, 01:27 PM

:wave: Hello Sheila, Bluet, Angel & Jacquie!
I am so touched by all your posts and concerns for me :grouphug: Thank-you so much! :goodvibes

I am feeling so much better now - not sure what I had, I didn't feel like I usually do when I get the flu. It started with a headache for 2 days and then just felt zapped of energy... no fever either (thank goodness). I still feel a bit on the shaky side today (I feel it from deep within - strange), but at least the sun is shinning and that makes me feel better.

I really do not have the time at the moment to post to each of you wonderful people (and I have allot of reading to catch up with here yet), but the first chance I get I will be back to do so... okay. I have been working on some Thanksgiving & Christmas cards (for when I see my family the week of Thanksgiving) since I haven't felt well enough to go out lately. We are going to Maine the week of Nov 19th - 28th... and I have tons to get done (the darn bug set me back too :( ). We did some Christmas shopping for them a few weeks ago, so I could bring everything instead of mailing it all this year and I still have to get them wrapped up and ready to go. We will see my parents, my sister & her 2 girls & my brother & his 3 boys. So much to do, so little time to do it in :dizzy:

I'll be back Gals... the first chance I get ;)
We don't have too much planned for the weekend (and I hope it stays that way too :^: )
*God Bless you all*


11-05-2004, 04:30 PM
Hi all!

Just checking in.....Now I know what it is like to loose a post.....FRUSTERATING !! to say the least. I had just about finished my catch up post and all of a sudden it was gone....lost out there somewhere in cyber space!

I will check in later...I'm off to get my hair cut and will post again when I get back


11-05-2004, 05:47 PM
Hi, all--

Bluet, I was going to say the same thing about the maggots! Although you have to admit it's kind of interesting to know that you can cut open a maggot and get DNA out of it. I was reading that, like leeches, there is a medical use for maggots. Eating gangrenous tissue or something like that.

Here's a URL to a place that makes aplets and cotlets. If my Dad accidentally sends me more, I have your address, and I'll pass them along. :D

Isn't it funny what we thought was cool in the "old days?" I mean, avocado green--what were we thinking?!?!? And shag rug of any color. The first house we bought had shag rug in the family room, and my daughter was in the Play Doh stage. Needless to say, once was all it took and Play Doh was banned from the house. I always felt like I should mow the shag carpet. A side-by-side sounds good. I have a very small refrigerator because the area for the fridge is small. I'm looking forward to the day when I have my own house with my own refrigerator that is wide and shallow with a freezer drawer on the bottom. Our fridge is narrow and deep, and although it has pull out shelves, when you pull them out, anything in the back falls down to the next shelf so we end up never using the pull-out feature.

SunnyD, glad you're feeling better. I wonder if you had a little virus. Glad the sun is shining where you are. We had two glorious days, and now it's kind of foggy today. So where in Maine do you go? I really enjoy the Maine coast. Are you driving or flying? Sounds like you're going to have a lot of fun with family.

Jacquie, bummer on the lost post. I've never had that happen to me, but others have mentioned it before.

So we got a call the other day from the alarm company which was contacted by the police because we've had six false alarms in the past six months or something like that. I said I didn't think that was correct. When the technician got there, he showed me that there HAD been six, although one had been cancelled. Except for the cancelled one, they all involved my Dad's place, and they all happened when my DH and I were out of town. I tried to talk to Dad, but he kept insisting something was wrong with the alarm, and he never had any problems. Then he said it must have been us, but my DH pointed out that we were out of town when the alarms went off. Boy, he didn't want to hear that at all. Add dementia to your general stubborn old coot, and it's quite interesting.

I didn't make my 179.9--I was off by .2 lbs. Do you believe it?!?! I am down to my driver's license weight, however, which I've actually never weighed before. I weighed 147 until I got pregnancy in 1978, and I've never been less than 184 since then. Twenty-six years of baby weight! I don't plan to ever see that prepregnancy weight again, however, but I guess after 26 years that's okay. When I was at my Weight Watchers meeting today, I made my leader feel my arm muscle, which I discovered yesterday. I'm so proud of being able to see muscle even when I'm not flexing my arm. I know that's kind of whacky, but I've been working really hard on that.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday! Hi, Charlotte!

11-05-2004, 09:18 PM
Went from this
to this
at the beauty shop! Yeah........right! :lol: I did get it trimmed, & like it much better. Thanks for the compliments,'re very sweet. Yes, the same girl does my hair each week. She went to school with my twin daughters. She is very good & fast. My hair is thin (especially since the Methotrexate, which is chemo). Dana can make my hair look thick! I've lost my eyebrows, though. I hate having to put them on each day. I'm not good at it........and no, I don't want them tatoo'd on. I couldn't afford it, anyway. I also have the same place do my nails each time....different people, but they're all good. Makes me feel better to pamper myself a little, & doesn't cost much.

Shag carpets! Orange & green! I remember, also! Since I've been working on the picture albums for the kids, I've seen a lot of that! :lol: Especially at my MIL's house. She had green walls, orange shiny curtains....including in the doorway going from living room to dining room, flowered wallpaper in the dining room & kitchen. Everything then was fruit for vegetables. Then, green shag carpet. Yuck! What were we all thinking of! :lol: sorry about the lost post. I've had that to happen. It makes me so mad...but, can't do a thing about it. Sometimes, I "copy" & just hold on to it, in case it doesn't post. Sunny says she copies & pastes in notepad.....but, I just simply hold on to it. If I don't need it, then I just forget it.

Sheila...sorry you didn't get the weight loss you wanted. You're doing very well, though. I think you're to be commended! I've been needing to get about 10 lbs off that I gained this summer. Can't seem to get the will power. :( When I make up my mind, I can do it. But, until then.........

Sunny...glad you're feeling better. Love ya......

Well...I'm tired. Our 2 yr old grand turned 3 today, & her 5 yr old sister turns 6 we've celebrated all day. Plus, I worked. Our daughter (the one in the hurricaine delema) came for the weekend & brought her 5 yr old. She & daughter both, have to take allergy shots every day! They are big girls about it, though.
It's turning cold, now!

11-07-2004, 08:33 PM
LOL! Love that, Charlotte. We know that you never really look like that top graphics, but always like the second one. You have to put your eyebrows on, and I have to have mine ripped off every three weeks. I envy people who have great eyebrows, don't you? Sounds like you've had quite the birthday celebrations--what fun!

We thought we were going to have to call a plumber on Saturday morning. Friday night my DH put onion skins down the garbage disposal, and it backed up the sink in the kitchen as well as the sink in the utility room. Pretty gross stuff. He put some liquid we got from the plumber the last time he put onion skins down the disposal, and that worked overnight so they were all clear in the morning. Good thing, too, because I would have been mad about paying weekend rates.

Did some online Christmas shopping. My DH got $250 worth of "points" from his job that he could use for gift certificates so we decided to get each kid a $50 gift certificate from places they like--Borders for my stepdaughter, The Gap for my daughter, Home Depot for my oldest son, American Eagle Outfitters for my son-in-law, and Fred Meyer for my other son. I'm finding the "points" a lot easier to take than what I call the worthless stock options.

My DH got home from grocery shopping this afternoon, and I was putting the stuff away in the pantry. I opened the door too hard and it hit my shoe and bounced back and hit me in the face. The area around my eye is swollen, and it hurts like heck (can you break the bone around your eye?). I told my DH I can't go to the doctor because if I tell them I ran into a door they'll think he hit me because "I ran into a door" is a euphemism for spousal abuse. He said he thought about that after I did it. I'm hoping it doesn't give me a major black eye--if so I'll have to come up with a more creative excuse than running into a door.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I tell you, I haven't eaten so much red meat in ages. I'm just hoping that my Dad didn't order more Omaha Steak stuff and forget that he ordered it. I've got defrosted steak (and lots of it), and leftover pork tenderloins plus part of a lasagna that I had to cook because it wouldn't fit in the freezer. I'm glad I took that cholesterol test last week instead of this week! :)

11-07-2004, 08:52 PM
Hi everybody...
Well, our 5 & 2 yr olds turned 6 & 3, so I thought I'd show you a couple of pics. Also, Paula (our daughter from South Alabama), & her 5 yr old, Carly, were here over the weekend.

This is Mamaw Charlotte with Nicole & Brooke:

This is Paula:

This is Carly:

This is a pic that Paula took one day of Carly pouting: :lol:

This is our son, David, with his girls:(Brooke was a little blurry...she was trying to run to the camera to see the preview, which she loves to do.) :D

The pics are looking blurred, or strange in places....anyway...this is DH hauling hay for the horses:
Going to show pics of the house in next thread. I don't want to slow down the thread too much, though.
Have a great Sunday.

11-08-2004, 09:10 PM
Charlotte, you and Paula look like you could be sisters. And your son is so handsome. What cute little granddaughters! I love pouting photos. I have one of my granddaughter pouting, and it's the cutest thing. You can show that photo to Carly's future husband--those are always winners. :)

Where is everyone today? Recovering from exhausting weekends? Hopefully Bluet and SunnyD got some much-needed rest and recovery time.

Same old, same old around here except that my DH is in DC for a couple of days. He left at 4:00 am, and between the time he left and my daughter woke me up with a phone call at 7:25, I had two nightmares and one nice dream. Of course I was in the middle of the dream when I the phone rang. I went to water aerobics, then noticed the massage lady was there so I got a massage after class. I was back at the Y again at noon to attend a talk given by an Alzheimer's researcher, which was pretty interesting. Took the dog for a short walk in the fog. He doesn't like it when I take him because I let him lift his leg twice, and then he's walking fast the rest of the way. I hate it when dogs stop, sniff and have to mark everything.

Hope everyone had a decent Monday--any snow yet?

11-08-2004, 11:19 PM
Hi Everyone,

Sheila, you know better than to even bring that topic up! Snow is a four letter word where I live. No snow, but it is getting colder at night now. Twenty-nine degrees last night. That is down right CHILLY. I am back to wearing a sweat suit, turtle neck and socks to bed, plus a couple of quilts. I was really cold at work today, finally I put my old white sweater that I keep in a drawer at work over another sweater I was wearing. OB, insists on turning the boiler way down to save money. He isn't even the owner, just another employee like the rest us. Well, not just like the rest of us, he is really annoying. If I was .2 off my goal weight at Weight Watchers, I would have just started screaming at the top of my lungs. What is that all about, you can't even count .2. What is .2? NOTHING, that is what it is nothing. :) So there got that off my chest. :D How is your eye doing Sheila? Hope it didn't turn all purple and stuff. Man, you are a hard task master, there is no fooling around when you go for a walk, pretty soon when you go for the leash "Little Dog" is going to run for cover. ;)

Charlotte, what lovely pictures of your family. All the girls are so pretty and you son is one handsome dude. I see you have some angels scattered here and there. :) The girls baby dolls look like they are well taken care of and the girls are really proud of them. Really looking forward to the pictures of your house. I hope eventually I can get a digital camera, we have spent enough money for awhile, so it will have to wait a bit. Carly looks like she dressed for someone's wedding, I love pictures of little girls all dressed up and little girls with their dolls. That is a really nice tractor DH has, looks like he has the right idea for hauling those big round bales, they are hard to manage, if you don't have the right equipment.

I still do not have any energy, and I still have a head cold. It is two weeks today, that I came down with this whatever it is. I did get a little rest on Sunday, but had the grandkids next door on Saturday. DD was scheduled to work, even though she asked the Clinic not to put her on this weekend. SIL is in Montana hunting, but due back tomorrow, he has been gone for 8 days. Grandkids really miss him. I really don't see what those guys see in stalking elk around in Montana. :) If it is not a warm state, then I am not going, I'd rather stay home. :cool:

Not too much else happening around here either. Nice for a change. Sunny, how are you all doing tonight? Hope you come back soon, we miss you. Sandra, we miss you too.

Take care everyone. Time for bed.


11-09-2004, 02:05 AM

I'm really dragging........needing my treatment. Well, gotta wait until next Monday.
I suppose one reason we haven't heard from everyone is because of the site being worked on. I came in earlier, & it was so slow, I gave up. There's a notice on the threads at the top. Maybe it'll be super better when they're finished!
Thanks for the compliments. Actually, Paula is my youngest daughter (31) People do (sometimes) think I'm the sister of one of the twins. They'll be 36 in January. I wonder if they get upset at that. They say they don't...that they're proud of their mother. I remember, though, my oldest sister being upset when people thought our mother was her sister. A man asked my dad in a grocery store, once, if he could date his daughter. He was talking about my mother! :o I guess young looks just run on her side of the family. Our son has to show his license to buy cigarettes! He's 25. He shouldn't be smoking, anyway!! I use to look young for my age, but, I think I look older now. I've been through too much stress the last couple of years. It's aged me.
Yes, I have a few angels out. I also have a van full of them, from the angel shower my MIL gave me last year. I told DH if he didn't get the house finished soon, I was getting them out, & my new bedspread & drapes! :lol:

Bluet I hope you get your energy back, soon. That's a major part of my problem when my Remicade wears off. Prayers your way!

I think I'll put the pics of the house in the other way. It doesn't seem to make the thread load so slow.

Ok....first pic is of the front view of the house & garage. The garage is what's being worked on now. There's black paper on the garage roof, now.
Second pic is view of old roof in front part of the house....meeting new roof in back. The tarp is where all the rain is coming into the house.
Third view is just another shot...oh, that big yellow truck is DH's work truck. He lays floor covering. Hardwood, ceramic tile, etc.
Fourth the inside of garage. The ceiling is now all finished with the plywood. Looks much better.
Last view is ramp DH built to walk up to the roof to work on it. He never ceases to amaze me!
I'll show you the inside soon. Yes, it's getting done...just slowly.

11-09-2004, 10:31 AM

:wave: A Good Tuesday Morning to you ladies...

What a week last week! I thought I was not going to get hit too hard with that virus, but did. I was ill all week and into the weekend with it. It wasn't the flu (didn't have any of the same feelings I do with flu), so I just slept and waited this one out. No fever, but bad bouts of other things (if you know what I mean) :o :faint: And the moments I was up --- I was making Thanksgiving, Birthday and Christmas Cards to bring to my family... they do take a bit of time to do and I am still not finished. Yesterday I spent the day cleaning, sewing (mending) and catching up with laundry and today I need to get in a walk, run a vacuum and work some more on the cards.

Buuuurrrrrrrr!!!!!! It's really cold outside! It went into the 20's last night - too cold for me. I am just praying that the snow holds off, I can handle the cold with a few layers of cozy warm sweaters, but the snow would make things difficult for driving to Maine. I will take allot of pictures while we are visiting. It's been over two years since I have last seen my family. I have such mixed feelings about going... I want to go and see my family, but am having some anxiety about leaving my boys (my kitties). I am sure they will be in good hands with my girlfriends daughter, Lisa, but I still worry a bit. Not about Lisa so much, but how they will be with her... they are so attached to me as I am them. As for me, I will be fine once I am on the road for a few hours. It's really COLD in Maine this morning... they are about 10* colder then we are.


Sheila ~ No worries about our political differences... that's what makes this world an interesting place to live in ;) I have had the best conversations with friends that are different in thought then I... that's :cool: But I must say I am a true believer in the *Right to Life*! Especially since I am not able to have my own children - they are such a precious gift from God.

You know... normally I get upset with all the EARLY adds for Christmas (I am a believer in waiting till after Thanksgiving Day)... Buttttt, this time with us going to Maine and wanting to bring the Christmas Gifts with us for my family, it has really come in handy to have things out so early. I have allot bought already, including the stocking stuffers for the kids. I will still have to get my cards done for Christmas when I get home for friends and family here, but at least my family will be all set.

I love your new avatar of dear grandbaby... she is absolutely adorable!!!!

I haven't done the walking I usually do either, Sheila... with the virus I got and being so very busy I have just barely gotten in 6 miles so far for the month - no where's near my monthly walking goals I set... I didn't walk yesterday, but am going to get in at least 1.5 today. My best to you with getting your exercise in... it's seems harder for me as it gets colder and darker here. I just want to veg-out and that's not good... too much to do! :dizzy: I have lost another pound!!!! :cp: I am almost into the 180's!!! I cannot wait! I am still wearing both sizes depending on what I buy (bummer) - so I am in a loose 18 Jean (yuk!), but wear 16's in other pants & a Med - Lg top. I have always been smaller on top... ooohhh, to be in a 14 again... I want it as much as you want the 170's & size 10!! You are so close... keep at it now :D Gotta keep building up that muscle to show off ;) Slow, but sure, Sheila :goodvibes we'll get there.

Sheila, your DF stories are just too funny sometimes :lol: I hope you know that I am not polking fun of him... but that the stories are too funny. My FIL did the same things! Couldn't pass up a deal even if he didn't need it!! He always bought something or another without thinking of the aftermath. Hope you are enjoying all that good protein ;)

How's that eye of your doing today??

Bluet ~ Joe & I are driving to Maine to see my family - they all voted for Bush too, but are an exception to the Maine rule... and we have Bush stickers still on our jeep :o I think we are going to get the evil eye as we travel East... they are all blue states ;) And snow is a four letter word here too! Never know what this lake will turn out from one moment to the next. Hope it stays quiet till we get home from our trip!!

How's that new fridge of yours working? Whirlpools are nice. I love our new fridge - it's the Sears Trio - with the freezer on the bottom, love it. What a shame that you didn't have time to get a new one before the old one went on you and then losing all those goodies in your freezer, bummer. You know something Bonnie, you can paint your fridge when you decide to change your kitchen... it wouldn't be nearly as costly as another new appliance, especially since you just bought this one. So almond is okay for now and when you are ready to remodel your kitchen you can have your fridge painted white ;)

I just saw a whole program on satellite about the older kitchens from the 30's 40's 50's on through to today... the 40's & 50's is when color really began to hit the kitchens... I really loved the early 50's of the pastel colors and that is what I am using in my someday remodeled kitchen. It was a great program. I saw the 60's, 70's & 80's when the orange, yellows & greens began (bright!) and then went to harvest gold's and avocado greens... too funny. I was never one to follow trends, but have always looked back and picked out what worked & what I liked.

I was right and we didn't do much over the weekend. It was beautiful, but we stayed home being I wasn't feeling up-to-par yet. Even Sunday after church I came right home and didn't go out with our buds like we usually do. It sure was nice though --- to just come home :^:

Charlotte ~ I too am so very sorry :sorry: to hear of the loss of your dear friend... you are in my thoughts.

You are too funny with your graphics... they say it all with you :lol: Too cute! Love the Angel too.

And those pictures!!!! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful family!! Your children are just so beautiful and handsome... they must take after you Charlotte ;) And those grandchildren... you are so Blessed!

And it looks as if your home is coming along wonderfully. It really helps me get a perspective of what you have been going though by seeing your pictures. I do hope that it doesn't linger much longer for you and that soon, very soon, you will have your home back and then some! You have a nice home!! I look forward to seeing the pictures of the inside.


Well, this has taken me well over 2 hours to do with catching up in reading your great posts and posting in return, so I must be going and getting my day started now gals. I will be back whenever I can get a moment, okay.

Love you all!


11-09-2004, 10:38 AM
Good Morning,

Charlotte, beautiful pictures of your home, that looks like a very involved roof line. Did you add on a piece to the house and the garage? Everything is so green yet. Most of our leaves are down on the ground and the branches are bare. Still looks like summer in Alabama. :)

Sheila, I forgot to mention your new picture of your darling baby. What a wonderful smile, isn't she just t the sweetest little girl!

Take care everyone, have a good Tuesday, Dr gave me amoxicillan yesterday, hope it clears up this crud in my head and I start feeling better.

Love you guys, bye for now.


11-09-2004, 10:44 AM

Feel Better Soon Bluet!

*I am thinking of you with prayers of healing*



11-09-2004, 08:40 PM

Well...this is how cold it feels tonight! :lol: Yes, the grass is still green. We'll have a couple of really cold days, then a couple of really warm days. Was nice the upper 60's. Going down to the middle 30's tonight! :^:

Thanks for the compliments on the pictures. Yes, we love this old house. And, yes, we are building on to the back & adding an upstairs, plus a garage. There was an attic room...but will be completely full upstairs. It will have to be finished later, but, the roof will be up, anyway. We're adding 4 feet to the back of the house, because we're turning the kitchen & back porch into a combo kitchen & den. I could show more pics of that, but don't want to bore you to death. :lol: I'm going to show the inside soon. Where the tarp is....that's where we've got to with the new roof. So, need a really nice day to finish up, because the front half of the house is dry & want to keep it that way. :D That's where our living quarters is for now.

SunnyD...sorry you've been so sick. I do hope you're better. I know it has probably left you very weak. Take care of yourself.

Sheila...that precious little granddaughter is beautiful!

Bluet...hope you start feeling better!!

Hope all have a great evening.

11-09-2004, 09:27 PM
Charlotte, photos are never boring! I love your house so much. With the additions, how many square feet will it be? When you look at it one way, it looks like a smaller older house, but then when you look at it from another angle, it looks huge.

Oh, Bluet, you're still not feeling well? I was hoping that you'd rest and recover over the weekend. I'm glad you got some medicine, and I hope it works for you. Being sick is the pits. You should see all the vitamins I take to try to avoid illness. Today at the gym a woman was coughing, using the weight machines, then not disinfecting them. I was so steamed about that. There are signs everywhere about wiping down the machines, especially during cold and flu season. I make it a point to wipe them down before I use them and after I use them, especially after coughing lady.

Sounds like you've got some big Christmas projects going, SunnyD. Since you're going to Maine, are you going to decorate your house very much? Congratulations on the pound! It's so great to see that scale move down, isn't it? Did you get your walk in today? Have you tried Leslie Sansone's Walk Away The Pounds tapes? They are very good. I've been doing those in the late afternoon--either 2 mile or 3 mile. I try to get an outside walk in, too, on days it's not raining because the dog would bug me to death if I don't.

My DH and I kept missing each other when he'd call from the DC area. He was leaving his meeting early to take the Metro (have you guys ever been on the DC subway? Very nice!) into DC and go to one of the Smithsonians. He grew up in that area and said he'd spend lots of Saturdays wandering around the museums.

I got an hour massage today from the massage guy I haven't seen since early July, I think. Other than that, I followed my same old daily routine of exercise, housework, and All My Children. Tomorrow I go to the doctor to get another wart removal treatment on my foot plus I hope to see lower cholesterol numbers if she's got my blood test results back. My Dad has two doctor appointments tomorrow so I guess it's doctor day at our house.

Hey, I love my new avatar, too. :) She's got the happiest smile--it just lights up the room. So many health professionals said that she would have no quality of life if she lived. Does that look like no quality of life?? I don't think so.

Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!

11-10-2004, 12:17 AM

Watched part of CMA awards tonight. I really like Willie Nelson songs.
Willie's not so hot to look at much anymore, but he has great country music.

You'll never guess what kind of blunder DH and I pulled today. We both feel just horrible. Every year we both go to Grandparents Day at the grandkids school. Today was Grandparents Day for the two grandkids next door. WE FORGOT!! Grandson was waiting for us when we got home from work with his sister's art work and his art work that were our gifts. He asked us what happened that we did not come, he said he waited and waited in his sister's kindergarten room until it was time to go to church and we never came, and that never happened before. I can just imagine how those two little kids felt. I know how I feel, and it ain't great that's for sure.

Tomorrow is a slower day for me, it is the day I try to catch up on all the stuff I have been putting off and letting pile up in my office. I hope I can catch up with some of it, because every time I look at my desk I get stressed out. The accountant is coming on Monday, so I have to tackle that job too, unless I want to spend the weekend at work. I am thinking that, that is something I don't really want to do.

Sunny I always wanted to visit Maine. Perhaps someday.

Well, I hope Wednesday will be a good day for all. Take care.


11-10-2004, 11:02 AM
Good morning everyone.

Bluet...I've always liked Willie Nelson's singing....but, never WAS much to look at. :lol:
I felt sorry for you with the blunder with the grands. There's just a lot going on in life that can cause us to forget things we don't want to forget. I can tell you're beating yourselves up over it. Please don't. It wasn't done intentionally. Maybe you can plan something special with them, soon. Lord knows, you have grands with you every week end. They should know, you love them.
I've felt guilty all these years with my bad back. Our grands had ball games, etc. that I just wasn't able to go to. The seating & climbing benches was intolerable. Even holding them when they started walking & reaching up to be picked up. :( I couldn't do it, & they didn't understand. You know how they want to be held, only when you're standing! Hope you get some rest today.

Sheila...the house will be 2,464 square feet......not including the 24x24 garage. DH's excited over the upstairs, where his office & extra bedrooms will be. I'm excited over the garage. I won't have to get out in the rain, anymore! We'll also have a mud area in there. (We'll see how successful that is! :lol: )
That little granddaughter IS sunshine! The drs can only predict. God is the only one who knows. He had a plan for her. Think of how many lives that little angel has touched! I know she's touched mine.
I had the RH factor with my baby deliveries. I had to take special shots with each birth. After Paula was born, the med in the shot wasn't good, & they didn't know it. When I got pregnant with my son, they discovered it. I had to go through a lot the whole 9 months with him. My dr said he would have all kinds of problems, & I needed to abort. I don't believe in abortion, & wouldn't even talk about it. They even turned the mirror away during delivery (afraid something was wrong with him.) He had to have 3 blood replacements. He's always been the biggest & strongest of the kids. You saw his pic! Nothing wrong with his health! :D

SunnyD...loved your pig/turkey graphic. ;) Sure hope you're feeling better, today.

Hi Jacquie!
Thinking about you, Fatpuss. :?:

Here's a photo of Connie & I doing the "Tennessee Valley Now" program each weekday evening from 4-5. Connie does the news & obituaries, I do the announcements, Brian Davis calls in the weather (either Connie or I work the maps) & Bobby Welch does the sports. Most say they watch because of the way Connie & I "cut up" with each other. It's lots of fun. I was about to read the "Thought for Today", out of our "Angel Book" (of couse! :lol: )I'll ask permission to put in the website address to the TV Station.

Have a great day!

11-10-2004, 11:54 AM
Hi all!....Just popping in to say hello!

I have been down and out since last week with the most violent cold I have ever had.
I have been in bed with a head that feels the size of a pumpkin.
The Norwalk virus has invaded one of our nursing homes and one of the hospitals so hopefully they can get it stopped. I had my flu shot last week so we will see what that prevents ...not Norwalk anyway.
I will try to get caught up this afternoon if this old head feels better!

TTYL Jacquie!

11-10-2004, 05:00 PM
Hi, ladies--

Hey, I'm so bummed. :( I just got back from the drs. office where I was hoping to see lower numbers on my cholesterol test. I was so upset when she said the numbers were higher. How can I do anything different? I've lost 81 lbs., I eat all the right things and avoid all the wrong things, and I exercise daily. My doc says it's got to be heredity. As far as I know my Dad doesn't have high cholesterol, my sister doesn't, and I'm pretty sure my mother didn't. My paternal grandmother died of a stroke, however, so maybe she had high cholesterol? I don't know. I told myself that I'd start taking a statin drug if this test was still high so the doctor gave me a prescription for a low dose of Lipitor. I want to get off medications, not get on them. And now I have to take Lipitor and Actonel (for bone loss). It's really upsetting me.

Jacquie, so sorry you've been ill. Are you and Bluet passing something through the computer?

Charlotte, your house sounds so cool. I love mud rooms--really good for people with kids and animals running in and out. So how does that Rh thing work anyway? My daughter is Rh negative. In fact, she's O neg, which is highly desirable in a blood donor as I understand.

I'm with Charlotte, Bluet. Don't beat yourself up about missing the kids' thing. You've been ill and you've been under stress at work so it's understandable.

Hope everyone has a good Wednesday!

Popping back on for a sec to say that when I walked out my door to take my dog for a walk, there was yet another white Omaha Steaks box. What am I going to do with my Dad??? This time it's a pound of bacon (I don't eat bacon!) and four Cornish game hens (I hate Cornish game hens, and they are loaded with fat!) that I have to cook today because I have no room in the freezer. He sent those as a "gift" to me, using my Idaho phone number, and the message on the gift tag was "Enjoy!" and then his full name. Makes me wonder if he knew who in the heck he was sending it to. :(

11-10-2004, 06:24 PM

Sheila, Don't be so bummed, it's all right, at least you are taking care of your health with regular visits and precautionary measures. I have been taking Lipitor for some time now, and my cholesterol levels are really good. I also eat oatmeal everyday and take fish oil with Omega3. Do you still take flaxseed oil capsules with Omega3? I am having a bone density test next Tuesday, so we will see if I have to take meds for that too. I know how you feel about trying to get off meds instead of taking more. :mad: and not only that the expense is something we can do without. DH has 0 neg too and the blood bank is constantly calling for him to donate blood. He does once a month, but had to skip this month because of the dreaded crud flu thing.

Charlotte, I never thought Willie was much to look at either, Iwas just trying to be nice because I like his music. Now Josh Turner, is something else, mighty easy on the eyes, honey I could stand looking at him for awhile. Great picture of you and Connie on your show. It would be neat to be able to go to the show's web site, hope you get permission to post it. You are going to have a really big house to keep clean Charlotte, but think of all the places you can find to put your angels. :)

Sunny, How are you today? Forecast was for snow tomorrow morning, but now they have taken it out of the forecast. :dizzy: Thank goodness, gosh knows I am always running late, and do not need to be slowed down by slippery roads. It is 65 degrees outside right now and the temp is suppose to drop drastically tonight and on into the weekend. Man, I love Wisconsin! ;)
Getting all your packages wrapped and all your cards made? Just think you will have all that behind you and the rest of us are just trying to sucessfully get through Thanksgiving. I always worry if my house is clean enough and if the food tastes good and there is enough of it, and if everyone is having a good time or not. Obviously I have some misconception that I have control over most of these things. :)

Jacquie, hope you are feeling better. I am still struggling with congestion and a headache. Oh, will it never go away? :?:

Take care everyone, gotta run, picking Mom up to take her to a wake, her neighbor passed away unexpectantly, then I thought I would take her out for supper.

Have a good evening, and remember,............switch the channel to Survivor and CSI. If CSI is gross, Sheila, I will be whine. :)


11-10-2004, 11:21 PM
Well, I am not back to whine, but I think my mind has melded together, all evening I thought it was Thursday, until Survivor didn't come on after Wheel of Fortune. I was grumbling to DH why they did not have Survivor on tonight, and dear DH said, maybe because it is Wednesday and not Thursday Bonnie. Well, you just gotta love me there is no other alternative to my looniness. Bye for now, talk to you all tomorrow on THURSDAY. :c-]

11-11-2004, 10:01 AM

Good morning friends. Today is Thursday, November 11, 2004...Bluet. :lol: Hey, I do that all the time. I think a lot of it is stress. Then, it's just going to happen, sometimes.
Talking about Josh Turner (we play his video a lot) Connie went to the MCC awards last week & saw him in person. Even sat in on an interview with him! He was asked about his video. He said that it was exactly like he'd had in a vision/dream. Some people don't like it, but don't really understand it. She said he was a very shy guy. Connie has interviewed a lot of people in the past few years. (one on one) Dottie Rambo, a lot of the singing groups, Randy Travis, lots of them.
I won't have to clean the upstairs of the house. I told DH I couldn't be climbing the stairs. He said that was fine, he'd take care of that part of the house. His office will be up there, & wants his privacy. Sometime, when he's not home, I'll have to crawl (if I have to. :D )up there to see how it is, & his office. :lol:

Sheila...don't worry so much about the Lipidor. It'll help you, & as Bluet said, it's better to take care of yourself.
The RH negative factor (remember, times have changed since having my babies.) is dangerous to babies that are carried. I had a special shot after each delivery that protected the next pregnancy. The baby could be deformed, die, etc without the protection. Something about too many x's mixing with too many y's chromosomes (or vice versa). Everything will be fine, as long as she has a good dr. I also had AB Negative blood, which is very rare. I had to have transfusions each time. With the twins, who came first, I needed blood. They arrived 2 months ahead of time, & the hospital wasn't prepared. It was advertised on TV & radio for blood for me. They told me 2 teenage boys came to give me blood. I never could find out their names, & never got to thank them. Hopefully, DH & family did that for me. He said they didn't want any big publicity...just thought they should do it.
Well, only advice I know to give you on all those freezer foods is....Here's my address........... :lol:
Do you think he's trying to make up for the lottery ticket? :p

Hello Jacquie!!

Hello SunnyD....I know you're going to have a beautiful graphic for today.

Hope all have a great Veteran's Day. I want to express my appreciation to all Veterans. There's not enough "Thank You's" to give for what you all did...& still doing... for us!

11-11-2004, 06:37 PM

Hi Gals,
Sorry I won't be around much during the next two weeks... but I will be back as soon as I am settled in after getting home from Maine. I have so much to get done before I leave that I just will not have a moment to post much more before I leave. You ladies are the best and I will be back the first week in Dec. with all kinds of pictures (I hope) to share.


Sheila ~ I AM super busy with Holiday things to get done... yep, I am still going to decorate for Christmas! Joe took the day off yesterday because it got warm (60*) enough for him to get out and put up the house lights for Christmas... he hopes to finish this weekend. That way it's all set for when we get back and we'll just go get a tree. Then I will decorate our home hopefully the first week in December. We have a bible study on Friday the 12th of Dec. here at our home and I would love to have it all decorated for when they come :crossed:

Nope :( I did not get in my walk and have yet to do so! I have just been so very busy from the moment I get up at 5:30 till I collapse at 9:30 :yawn: Yes, I do have the WATP DvD's the 1,2 & 3 mile ones... I have done them, but just haven't the time right now. I do enjoy the workout very much. It sounds like you are doing wonderfully!!! :cp:

As for your cholesterol numbers, maybe you can't lower it yourself. My girlfriend (only 47) is on Crestor for her cholesterol... she has gotten her high choles. from her father. Maybe it's the same with you... is your Dr. going to put you on meds?

Awwwe Bonnie ~ we have all made mistakes like that, your grandchildren will forgive you in no time at all. You have not felt well and that alone can cloud the mind. Sure they were disappointed, but children are very forgiving & move on much faster then we do ;)

Maine is beautiful for sure, but I wouldn't want to live there! They have such cold temps! Joe & I lived there for a year after we were married and we literally had to bring the car battery into the house every night so the car would start in the mornings --- it got that cold! No thanks! So far we are fine here in Ohio... no snow yet! They are calling for flurries tonight, but nothing much. It's suppose to be up into the 50's again by the weekend :crossed:

You are so adorable!!! You made me laugh so hard when you got your days mixed up :lol3: I have so done the same thing :lol: I love my Thursday evening shows! I plan nothing for those nights if I can control it. It's the only night I really like being home. The other nights I just record shows if I am not able to be home... but Thursdays are different :D

Angel ~ It's my father's 69th Birthday today as well as Veterans Day!!! Beautiful graphic, Angel. My father considers it a special gift being he is a Vet (both Korea & Viet Nam) and was also born on Veteran's Day --- very special. He still suffers so & thinks of his DF who died on the beaches of Normandy when my father was only 10... he gets very sentimental and rightly so.

Yes, thanks I am feeling just like new... like nothing was wrong. I am so glad that it didn't hit me while I was visiting my family in Maine or this week when I really need to be well in preparing to go.

Hi Jacquie! Feel Better real soon!!!! It's sure making it's way around! :grouphug:


Well, I really must be going now. Joe just came home and I have company coming this evening for a couple hours... I will see you ladies again the first week of DECEMBER, okay :^:
Miss me... I sure will MISS YOU ALL! :goodvibes
Luvs & Hugs,


11-11-2004, 08:47 PM
Ah, SunnyD, we will definitely miss you! Have an absolutely wonderful time. And try to take some time out to get in a walk. It will de-stress you!

Sorry I was so whiny yesterday. You are all so good to me. I haven't turned the prescription for Lipitor in, but probably will. Gotta keep faith with myself, and I did say if the numbers weren't lower than I'd go on it.

Bluet, I have to tell you I started thinking it was Thursday after you said that about Survivor and CSI. Then I thought, no, it's not! You were just anticipating your one really good night of television. Want to make any bets on whether or not we'll see maggots again on CSI? I should tell you my maggot story sometime. . .

Charlotte, if I could ship some of that stuff to you, I certainly would!! Cornish game hens--yuck! My Dad had one for dinner last night, and the remains for breakfast this morning. And he's getting another one tonight since I had to cook all four, and he's the only one who eats them. I'm having a very expensive stew. I thought the package I had thawed was bits of steak that are good in stew, but it turns out it was filet mignon. Oops! Should make the stew taste even better, right? Thanks for telling me more about the Rh negative thing. That is so wonderful that your situation was publicized and two teenage boys donated blood for you. It's great to live in a community where there is such support.

I went on another forced march with my dog today. Most of the walk was uphill, too, so my heart was really pounding. He walks fine except when he wants to sniff, which is just about everywhere. My DH comes home tonight and the dog will be much happier. One of our cats, Arrow, is really missing my DH, too. My DH always calls Arrow after dinner, just like a dog, and then the cat sits on his lap and gets petted. He doesn't want to do that with me--he's a daddy's cat, I guess.

Absolutely gorgeous day here with blue skies and lots of sun--just perfect to honor the men and women who served our country. I'm going to have to say thanks to my Dad tonight. He served at the end of WWII (he was down where they tested the nuclear bombs) and during Korea (he was in Germany). I wore my Navy Mom sweatshirt today--thought it was appropriate.

Hope everyone had a good Thursday!

11-12-2004, 12:06 AM

Oh Sheila, when you said "He doesn't want to do that with me" I thought you were saying DH doesn't want to hold you on his lap and pet you. I had to read it twice to catch your meaning. ;) Yes, wearing your Navy Mom sweatshirt was very appropriate, I am sure you wore it proudly. We have two veterans in our office, we all said thank you to them today. I think it made them very happy. Of course, OB probably didn't say thank you, he doesn't use those words much. You weren't whinning yesterday, you never whine. Well, what is the difference maggots or vomit, I don't know. I think CSI confused me more than enlightened me this evening. Ghrisom looked pretty hot in his tux, don't you think?

Sunny, we will miss you, hope you have a really great time, don't forget to come back though. Well, I imagine you will, just so you don't have to take your battery in the house with you every night. Gosh sounds so like Wisconsin. Sunny why did Chris vote for Sarge tonight? What do think his strategy is? How long of a drive is it from your house to your Parent's house in Maine?

Charlotte, I bought a little artificial Christmas Tree tonight at Fleet Farm, so I guess you can say it is official, I am starting to think about Christmas. I never cease to amaze myself. I asked DH what the plans were for this weekend and he said if the weather holds, they are going to work on that road again. I wonder if that means I have the grands again. I'll have to find out if DD is scheduled to work. I am going to have Thanksgiving here on the Saturday after Thanksgiving (it is a long story) and then we are driving to Stevens Point On Sunday for Adam's baptism. I don't know Charlotte, you think I'll ever get any time to clean my house, or paint a wall or two? Oh well.

Friday again, the weeks are flying by. I remembered it was Thursday all day, how about that. :D Enjoy your Friday everyone. Sheila get that prescription filled, and work on DH, he should be holding you instead of the cat. :o

Love your guys.


11-12-2004, 08:35 AM

I have a moment and wanted to reply...

Bonnie ~ Feeling better?? :^: How's that cough?

*Survivor* I think that Chris voted off Sarge because he needs to work the ladies on that tribe... he wants them to keep him there and once they find out he voted with them they just might keep him. Not to mention that Sarge didn't know when to stay quiet, he said way too much last night - it buried him! As I was watching... I really got the feeling that these people in this game are so much meaner then all the others in the previous shows. Don't you think so too?

Oh our drive to Maine... it takes us about 15 hours to get to Maine from our home. Joe says that you and I are about the same distance in travel... after I got your address I went to Map Quest and found where you live on the map. Who knows... we may be able to meet one day :^: That would be cool if we all could one day.

Ohhh, don't you worry --- we'll be back (can't leave my boys for long!) and I will be back here to share some pictures with you all the first chance I get (if I remember to take them in all the fun ;) ).

Sheila ~ I KNOW you are so right about walking! In fact, I am going to take that walk today - I PROMISE YOU! :goodvibes Thank you! :thanks: And if you cannot be whinny here... where can you? :D ;) Hope you feel better today :grouphug:

:wave: Hello's to Charlotte & Jacquie!!! :wave: I do hope you both are feeling better too! :grouphug:


If I get another moment I will stop back again, okay...
Have a great day! Love you all!


11-12-2004, 09:35 PM
Bluet, I about choked when I read your comment on my DH and the cat. I had to show him, and he laughed, too. I tell you, the cat is so happy that his Dad is home again. I'm pretty darn happy, too! :)

Luckily, I could tell what was coming in that gross vomit scene so I closed my eyes. Whew! What did you think about that one father's weird beard? I've never seen anything like that. I wonder if he did that for the role (I don't know why, though) or if it's the way he always looks. So strange. . .

Okay, you've got to explain the Thanksgiving after Thanksgiving--please!

I'm tired today--no energy. Walked a little, stretched a little, and called it good. I did lose a pound last week, though, and now weigh less than my driver's license. Only 10 more pounds until I reach WW goal. Don't think I'll be doing that by the end of the year, however.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Hope the weather cooperates for everyone's plans.

11-13-2004, 12:04 AM

Man alive, I just couldn't resist Sheila, and what is so fantastic is that you have such a beautiful sense of humor. :) DH too. I am so thankful I met you on this forum, you make me smile. The Thanksgiving story is not much, DD from Stevens Point called me at work one day and said that her church only baptises the fourth Saturday/Sunday of the month. She thought she would like to have Adam baptised on a Saturday evening. Since it was only one week to the fourth Saturday in October, we decided to have the baptism on the fourth Saturday in November, which just happens to be the same week as Thanksgiving. I told her we could all just celebrate Thanksgiving and the baptism on Saturday at her house. DD thought about it and said it sounded like a good idea, and she would let me know. I mentioned to all the kids that we would celebrate Thanksgiving on Saturday this year, so they made other plans to celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday. DD procrastinated for a couple of weeks, and then finally called me and said, that she felt it would be too overwhelming for her to have so many people at her house with a big meal and SIL's family too. I agreed and we talked it through again and I said I would have the Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday at my house and then she could just have the grandparents and the sponsors on Sunday with a little brunch after church. That made more sense, but then I missed the door of opportunity to have Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving. That's my story Sheila. Holidays, always seem to become so complex and involved for me, because I want to please all the kids and I have yet to figure out that, that is an impossible task.

The Dad's beard on CSI, what a hoot. I was really trying to concentrate on whether the middle line was really exactly in the middle of his chin, and I don't think it was. He looked like a professional westler. I thought his beard completely strange, but then I come from a small town in mid America, and don't have an opportunity to see bazzar stuff like that too often, some people up here still listen to Polka music on the radio after church on Sunday. ;) I really don't care for those two CSI characters they are bringing into the show, I think there are enough characters to try to follow right now.

Sunny, yes you are right about Chris on Survivor, I don't think it is going to work for him though. Of course I could be wrong, but I don't see the women aligning with Chris and Chad. I had more respect for Scout, I thought she got along with everyone, obviously she doesn't. Yes, this group is really ruthless and mean spirited compared to prior Survivor Groups. Having the guys pick the chicken bones, was really so high school.

Charlotte, how did your day at the station go? Hope you had a fun time. Must be getting close to time for your treatment again. I hope you don't get too tired and can stay with us.

Hope your weekend is a really good one everybody. Talk to you all later.
Good Night. :)


11-13-2004, 11:01 AM

Good Saturday morning, everyone. It's cold, but, at least, not raining. DH will be the only one on the roof, today, though. Others had to go out of town for cheerleader competition! We have 2 granddaughters that are cheerleaders out of one family. There are 3 girls. Sadly, the youngest (12) didn't make it. It's hard when they all three try for something, & some gets it, but not all. She got pretty upset, but is ok now. Of course, she got lots of petting from all of us, & milked it for all she could. ;)

Well, I was starting to wish I had been watching Survivor, so I'd be able to discuss it with you all. But, to be truthful, reading your posts, I'm glad I didn't. :lol: I'll just keep up with it by you all. :D poor thing. You've got to learn, you can't please them all. I set a date & time for the holiday meals. If they can come, fine. If not, I try to not worry about it. I'm the mom, so they can work it out. Of course, I'm not mean about it. But, it's been the same for Thanksgiving & Christmas every year, so they have PLENTY of advance notice. It's always worked out. Sometimes, some can't stay long, because of going somewhere else. But, that's ok.
We have Thanksgiving dinner around 1pm on Thanksgiving day. We have Christmas supper & gifts on December 23rd. I started this tradition when I married, because it's my mother's birthday, so we could go see her & celebrate Christmas with her, too. Then, when she got older, it moved to my house, & been here, since. I didn't change it, because those living out of town will have time to get back home for Christmas with their little ones. We go see my mom that morning, then back home to cook & finish wrapping gifts, etc. I'm so happy this year that my entire family will be together for the first time in several years. The army life has kept my SIL from being with us for a long time. I hope I can use the timer well enough on the digital camera to get a good family picture! :D I'll probably use the same little tree as last year. I like it. Stands about 4 ft (on a table) & the branches light up all different colors.....beautiful.........& I don't have to decorate it. :p
My day at the station wasn't too great. I had a very weak day. That's a big issue with RA...fatigue. It really hits me some days. I go Monday for a treatment. Thanks for asking. I'm sure I'll be able to post a little. I'm pretty good at talking in my sleep. :lol:

Sheila....I still need to lose my 10 lbs. I haven't even tried. I'd weigh the same as my driver's license, also. I had lost to a size 8, now...I'm 10 (probably needing 12, but won't give in! :( )Gotta get it off, before it creeps back up on me.

You're doing so well on your diet! I'm proud of you. :D
Sounds like your dog keeps you pretty busy with your "forced marches". It may be helping with the weightloss, though. The girls finally asked about their dog. My son told them that he ran off with a girlfriend dog. They seem to accept it. Wouldn't it be nice for life to seem as simple as a child sees it?! Well, sometimes, anyway. The girls have been through a lot with the divorce. He & his ex are talking a lot now. In fact, she's been flirting with him, & wanting to date. The divorce isn't even final....she's still on drugs, etc. I had a long talk with him. I have his picture on the wall that I took when he first came to us. He barely weighed 140 lbs! He is almost 200 lbs now....goes to a gym & works out. Looks great! Hasn't been on drugs since the day he came, & in church. I don't want him to go back. At least, not yet. If she straightens her life out, & becomes a wife & mother that she should be, I'll think differently. He's not perfect, but has improved soooo much. She hasn't even tried to change.

SunnyD...I hope you have a great time! We'll miss you a lot. Just be sure you come back to us! Fatpuss left & hasn't come back, so it's a little scarey. At least, when you that you're back & you'll talk later. Do something, so we won't worry. I'm afraid something terrible happened to Fatpuss on her trip. :(

Hi good to hear from you!

Gotta go pay some bills, & buy groceries. I don't like going to the grocery store, but, am thankful I have the money to go. :) I wish I could get some new ideas for cooking. Seems I buy the same thing every week. I'm in a rut.

Have a good weekend.

11-15-2004, 03:15 PM
Good morning!

Charlotte, I hope your treatment went okay, and that you'll be able to post and let us know how you are doing. Your poor granddaughter who didn't make the cheerleading squad when her two sisters did--that must have really made her feel bad. Hopefully she found something else that she's good at. Okay, so are you still celebrating Christmas on the 23rd this year with everyone around, or are you going to celebrate it on the 25th? Will your mom and stepdad be coming to your house, or is it to hard on your mom to leave her routine?

You know, my son's ex is doing the same sort of thing as your soon-to-be-ex DIL. She calls him all the time and flirts with him. Luckily, he isn't having any of it, and told her to quit calling him unless it's about their daughter. He was helping her with stuff, but he saw where that was leading and decided to stop.

I hope everyone had a good weekend, and that everyone who had come down with the creeping crud is feeling better. On Saturday, we went to a consignment shop because I decided that might be a cheap place to buy jeans that hopefully I'll only be able to wear for a couple of months. I was rather nervous about doing that because I kept thinking that I might not fit into a sz. 12 in any other brand of jeans. So I took a sz. 12 and a sz. 14 in the dressing room with me. Then I had a horrifying thought that my weightloss has all been a cosmic joke, and I might not even be able to fit into a sz. 16. Was I relieved when I put on the sz. 12 pair and they fit perfectly. I didn't even try the sz. 14 on. Then I got brave and found a three-piece outfit (jacket, long skirt, and pants) in a burgundy color suede-like fabric and tried that on. It, too, was a sz. 12 and fit perfectly. Whew! We then went to a children's educational toy store and picked up something for our new stepgrandson who probably has no idea who we are.

On Sunday, we decided to go to lunch downtown at one of the fancy restaurants participating in a special fixed price lunch. For $12.50, you get an appetizer, entree, and dessert. It's a really good deal, and I would never eat at these places if it weren't for this promotional thing. After lunch, we went to Pike Place Market, which is a popular spot downtown where there are fish markets, produce markets, and vendors selling all kinds of stuff. My DH has been taking cherry juice daily, which helps with his aches and pains. It's only sold at the Pike Place Market. Decided to do some holiday shopping while we were there, too. Then we went to Petco so that we wouldn't have a pet revolt at our house because we'd run out of cat and dog food. I'm sure they would go after us with claws and teeth if we failed to feed them! After all that running around, we stopped at Starbucks (easy to find a Starbuck's anywhere in Seattle) for coffee and gingerbread for me, and hot chocolate and a pecan square for my DH. So, too much eating for me over the weekend, although I did exercise for an hour each day.

We're having a rather rainy Monday. A great day to start cleaning up my junky office. I keep putting it off because it hasn't been nasty enough to stay inside all day. Hope you're all having a good one!

11-16-2004, 12:05 PM

Just taking it easy today! Treatment went ok....other than taking over 3 1/2 hrs this time! A lot went on. My nurse didn't want to start treatment meds after inserting IV, until Dr saw my thumb. Trying to not whine......I have a very bad thumb on my right hand. (yes, I'm right-handed) About 3 weeks ago, I thought I had something in it....maybe a tiny sliver of glass. But, about a week later, 2 more little raised spots appears (making 4) and my thumb is dark red, twice the size of the other, & VERY touchy. (Bluet, I didn't say touchous. :lol: ) Now, there are several little spots! Dr says he thinks it's circulation problem, & that my thumb is dying! I'm on Prednisone for a week, but have to call him Thursday to report how it's doing. This has really scared me. After we get it taken care of, Dr wants to run tests to see what's causing it. He said it would be very rare for RA to be the cause of it, although it doesn't help that I have RA. My legs & feet are very easy to cramp, & my feet stay cold. If I'm in a cool place, my feet turn dark blue! Of course this has me concern...but, I'm really concerned with the fact that it could happen to my organs...lungs, kidneys, heart, etc. Dr said it was like having frostbite. Well, frostbite is when blood vessels form crystals, etc. I had a friend at the TV Station a few yrs ago with Lupus. She had crystals to form in her lungs & died. Just be patient with me, & let me rave a little, until I know more. I don't want to in front of anyone living around me.
My poor (just can't understand) DH. When I told him....the first thing he said...."Those Drs are going to kill you". He blames drs for everything. I suppose I wouldn't have RA, if it wasn't for them. :^: Yes, we've had some bad dealings with some Drs, but they're not all bad.

Hi Sheila....We celebrate Christmas on the 23rd at our house with our children & grandchildren. Since we married, we went to my mother's on that morning to see her & step-dad. They didn't want to come here. We exchanged gifts & had snacks. Then would go home & start cooking for that night. Now, mother, & step-dad are both in the nursing home. Mother doesn't even know she's in the world. I'll do as last year. Go to the nursing home that morning with my gifts, & stay awhile with them.
We then, go to my MIL's on Christmas Eve night, for my DH's family (very large). It's one large, noisy, chaos!! Our children and grands are also there. (except for Paula, from out of town....they go home that morning, to get ready for Christmas morning) Then, on Christmas Day, DH & I rest!!!!!! If anyone comes over, there's plenty of left-overs. Usually, though, we get phone calls from all the kids & grands telling us what they got. :) It's worked every year for a long time, now. I was a little concerned, because of my son't divorce & the girls. It's their mom's week to have them. But, she said we could have them a few hours on the 23rd, as she knows the routine.
I'm glad your son is standing his ground with his ex. My son has me worried. He does remind her in every conversation of the bad things....but, she turns the water works on & that's bothering him. Well, it's like this.....she sleeps with a guy every night that's living with them! I just don't have any sympathy for her at this moment! I figure he's not keeping up her "habit" for her, as she needs.
Hurray for the size 12!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doesn't it feel so good!! I'm proud of you for hanging in there as you have. It's not easy to do.
I had a little weight gain...but, Dr said I had a lot of fluid retention, & my blood pressure was 150/100 with me on blood pressure meds, so it's possible.

Well, gotta go.......Hope all of you have a good day. I need to sleep awhile & get over the treatment. Maybe I won't whine so much when I post next time.. :^:

11-16-2004, 02:33 PM
Hi Sheila and Charlotte,

I am in a really blue funk. I am feeling really out of sorts. Don't have a good reason. Well, I didn't until I read Charlotte's post. :(

I have to come back later and post this evening. I have been racing around this morning like a bandit trying to get work done that I am behind in. I have to run home during my lunch break, because I have to get some sweats, that I forgot to take along this morning. I am having a bone density test done this afternoon at 4:00 and the tech told me to wear slacks with elastic waist, of course I have none, so sweats will have to do.

Charlotte, I am so sorry to hear about your thumb and your anxiety. I am praying for you. talk to you all later.


11-16-2004, 10:34 PM

Sorry I didn't post last night. Like I said I was in such a blue mood, I went to bed at 8:30 p.m. and got up this morning at 6:00 a.m. I did sleep most of the night, but I was dreaming all night, some really weird stuff about work and I had a dream the kids were little again. I don't know where any of this was coming from.

I had been to the doctor for my routine 6 months check up, and he mentioned he wanted me to have a bone density test, to see how I am doing in the osteoporosis area. The tech said my doctor would call me in a week or so with the results, so we will see. That machine made me a little nervous going back and forth over me, but I survived. At least it was painless.

Charlotte, your thumb sounds definately touchous to me. Of course I am very concerned about your hand, I am praying very hard that it will heal itself and it will all come to nothing. I throughly understand DH's concern, he is just really worried for you I am sure. I am glad your treatment went well, and with some rest you will be feel like yourself again. Just in time for Thanksgiving. That's what we are here for Charlotte, to give each other support through the good and the bad, continue to vent all you want, we won't abandon you. :)

Sheila, aren't you just the cat's meow, fitting into a size 12 jeans. :D I like living in a small town, but sometimes feel as though I am missing out on the opportunites large cities have to offer. It sounds like you went to some pretty interesting place last weekend. I took care of grands for 10 hours on Saturday, went to church on Sunday, went to Country Kitchens for breakfast :lol: and then went to work in the afternoon to get ready for the accountant. Some glamorous life I lead. :^: This weekend though there is going to be a Christmas Parade of Homes, I would really like to go, but have no one to go with. Sheila, I suppose you could fly in and go with me :) wouldn't that be fun. I guess I will stay at home and finally get to clean house. All the kids have promised I will have no grandchildren this weekend. I don't really mind, I miss them when I don't see them, but then I complain because I can't get anything done when I have them every weekend. Go figure.

Well, I guess I'll wander downstairs and see what DH is up to, he likes to watch NYPD Blue on Tuesday nights, he has been watching it since it first came on way back when. I don't think I'll stay up that late to watch it with him.

Have a good Wednesday Charlotte and Sheila. Sunny, if you are checking in hope you are fine and enjoying yourself whether you are in Ohio or Maine.


11-16-2004, 11:03 PM
Well, Charlotte, that was a pretty awful doctor's visit, I must say! I hope your doctor can get to the bottom of what's causing the problem, and then fix it. I know there's a disorder called Reynaud's that causes your hands and feet to get really cold. Have you heard of that? No, doctors aren't all bad, but I'm a firm believer in being proactive with healthcare and reading up on stuff because sometimes doctors are just too busy to take the time to diagnose correctly. I diagnosed myself after reading stuff on the internet, brought the info to my doctor, and then had her refer me to a neuro who then confirmed my suspicions. I got a little upset with my DH yesterday whose doctor told him to take an aspirin a day and some over-the-counter anti-inflammatory stuff. My DH didn't even tell the doctor that aspirin makes his nose bleed, and that his father died from bleeding caused by anti-inflammatories.

Your poor DH is just worried about you, and doesn't know how to express it, I'm betting. Most men don't. And they hate that they can't fix the problem. Am I right? Hey, you can whine, rant, rave, or do whatever you want--we're here for you! And I'm especially praying that this health scare is over soon.

Okay, now I totally understand the Christmas thing. It sounds hectic, but wonderful, and I like that you get to rest on Christmas day. That way you can go to church (or do you go the day before?) and have a nice leisurely day. Oh, and my ex-DIL turns on the waterworks for my son, too. It's been a year now, though, and he's getting really tough about it. I'm hoping your son does, too. I had a long talk with my son about how lonely he'd be, and how tempted he'd be to get back with her based on that loneliness, but that wasn't the basis for a good relationship. He said that really helped. I don't know if he was placating me, or if he meant it, but I'm glad he set down some groundrules.

Bluet, I would fly there if I could! I love those home tours. In a couple of weeks, there's a nice neighborhood in Seattle that's having a Christmas tour. The tickets are always so expensive (everything is expensive here!), but those tours are pretty much the only thing we spend entertainment money on. As long as you don't count the monthly cable bill, of course.

Hey, your life sounds a lot more fun than mine. I'd love to have more family around (but not living with me--had enough of that!), and I'd love more grandchildren, too. But I wouldn't want to work on Sunday. Hope all that went okay for you.

Drove the hour across town (see, that's one of the bad things about living in the city--traffic is terrible) to get to the chiro for my massage and some testing. My DH took his new cell phone so I could call him on mine when I was done. That way I wouldn't have to stand there waiting for him. I called him while I was on my way out, but got his voice mail. Then I called two more times during the 10 minutes I stood and waited in the cold wind for him. Turns out his phone wasn't working correctly (he had to reboot his cellphone--what's with all this electronic stuff that has to be rebooted??) so it never rang. Oh, well, a good idea gone bad.

I've watched most of the NYPD Blue shows, too. It's getting a bit stale, however, so it's time for it to say adieu. And I should say goodbye, too. Hope everyone has a great evening!

11-17-2004, 03:40 AM
There's no real occasion for this graphic....just thought it was cute. :lol:

Well, it's 1:03am & I haven't been to sleep yet. Went to bed, couldn't sleep, & got up. :^: I rested today, but didn't sleep, so I could tonight. Lot of good that did! I got very fact, my voice almost left me. That happens sometimes. Feeling better now, but it's in the middle of the night, so gotta be quiet. :p
Thanks to both of you for you encouragement. I'm sure I'll be ok. I suppose it was the shock of the Dr & nurse being so serious, & rushing to get meds started for my thumb.
Yes, I've heard of Raynaud's. In fact, I've been reading up on it. Connie (friend at the station) says I know too much for my own good. But, I wanted to be a nurse. I'm soooo interested in all medical things. My daughter took nursing for a little while. When she gave it up, she gave me all of her books. I've read cover to cover from all of them. Then, when I got my computer 3 yrs ago....I was in medical heaven! :lol: I'm not I'm not in heaven anymore, though. I didn't know I'd be researching my own symptoms. I do feel better tonight about it all, though. Thank you.
Yes, I know DH cares. He just makes me so darn mad sometimes. I need to talk to him, as I do you all. But, I can't. He sets in about....if I hadn't been on certain meds, I might not have so-and-so problems. Well, he doesn't know that. I think he honestly believes the Drs caused the RA! Sometimes he makes me feel like he thinks I'm a drug addict! Sometimes I'd like to rip that radio out of his truck!! All he listens to is the "alternative medications".....
Don't get me wrong...I have a great DH! He just doesn't understand. Also, like a lot of people say...."I don't look sick." :^:
Oh my...Sheila! Your husband needs to be more careful & tell the Dr. everything. That's an easy way to get in trouble fast! Glad you caught it.
The Christmas thing isn't really hectic at all. I suppose it's because it's routine. All the kids love to help cook the meals, too! We go to a very small church, so we have our Christmas service the last Sunday before Christmas. In fact, there are so few going right now, that, we're only having Sunday morning worship. It's sad. It's the most loving church I've ever been to. We've been there for 15 yrs. Most of our people have died, or moved off. Very few left. Us & the pastor & wife drive quite a distance, & gas is high. So, until we get built back up, (hopefully) we're saving that high gas.
Sounds like your son has a good head on his shoulders! My son listens to me, & talks to me a lot. In fact, he told me the other night that I was right. He keeps thinking of how bad it was with her, & doesn't want to get back into that. But, then, he met her down the road tonight (for 2 hrs) to show her the 6 yr old's school pictures. :( She had already seen the proofs. And he could have given hers to her Friday when he took the girls back.
Oh you poor thing with the cell phone situation! My husband turned in his pager because he didn't need it & the cellphone, both. Ok, so why isn't his phone ever on when it's suppose to be!!!!! It drives me crazy. :?:

Bluet....sure hope you're feeling better. I hate to have days like that. I'm having one of those nights, as you can see.
I had a bone density test before they started the treatments. Yes, it's a little strange, but at least it doesn't hurt! ;) I hope you get good results.
Thanks for the prayers & support. It's good to know where I can come & feel free to talk. I forget it's a weight loss forum, sometimes. :D I think I'll start remembering, though. The fluid retention from RA was bad this time. I've put on more weight. If I'm not careful, it all will come piling back on! That may be why my blood pressure was high. I didn't ask what they thought the reason was. My blood pressure meds have diuretic in them, so it usually stays down.
I do hope you get out of that blue funk!

Sleep well, & talk to you both tomorrow.

11-17-2004, 09:42 PM
Hi, all!

Well, I'd much rather have that bone density test, which does sound weird and the position is kind of uncomfortable, than have my boobs handled by a technician and then squished into the mammography machine. When are they going to come up with something better for that? I mean, really, if men had to have their testicles squished each year, I'm betting they'd invent a better machine pretty darn fast. Where are all our women inventors? I am happy to hear that researchers have come up with a male birth control pill. Let men have the weight gain, risks, and other side effects for once!

Charlotte, did you finally get some sleep? Did you have to go into the station today?

There's an awful lot of stuff out on the internet, which can be a good thing. I'm able to check on a lot of diabetes stuff for my Dad, and I can ask intelligent questions about his condition, which the doctor seems to appreciate. My stepdaughter's mother is a nurse, and the way she overprotected that kid was kind of funny (and kind of not--they bought a house together and my SD is 28). When my SD was at our house on a summer visit about 15 years ago, she broke one of her smaller toes, and so I taped it to the other toe, and made her put her feet up and put ice on the toe. Well, she got home, and her mother immediately took her to the doctor who told her to tape them together, put her feet up, and put ice on her toe.

That's too bad about your church. Are there very many young people who go there? My grandmother's church had a hard time continuing because the average age was quite high and there weren't a lot of kids who stayed around the area and went to church, I guess.

So I'd really love to live in a smaller town where I don't have to see police officers with prisoners handcuffed and face down on the sidewalk. This isn't the first time I've seen this either. And the newscasts are always so dreadful. When I first moved here, there were two shootings in a neighborhood retail area fairly close to my house that I used to frequent when I was a kid (I seldom go there now because of the problems), and it freaked me out. Once my dad is gone, I'm out of here--he's the only reason we came here.

Hope everyone had a good day! We're expecting high winds, which I hope won't knock the power out. We're getting all the flashlights and candles ready just in case. This house is so drafty, though, that I bet the candles will blow out all by themselves!

11-17-2004, 11:46 PM

A couple of times today, I thought it was Thursday again, but then I caught myself in time. Tonight I watched a movie on Lifetime. Sometimes those movies are so darn corny, it is hard not to laugh. I started to watch a movie on Hallmark, but then decided I was all movied out and changed my mind, besides my butt was getting tired of sitting so long. :) I was sitting in the kitchen on a hard kitchen chair, because I was too tired to move.

The guys won't be building their road this weekend, because the men in orange (hunters) will be in the woods this weekend on through Thanksgiving weekend, looking for the almighty doe or 12 pointer buck to shoot at. DH and DS have never shown an interest in hunting, but two of my SIL's are big hunters. I personally, don't believe in hunting or guns. I am absolutely terrified of guns. And the deer I could do without too, because we have to be afraid they are going to run out in front of our cars at night. Right now it is still light when I go to work, but it is dark when I drive home at night, and I have to drive at least 8 miles on country roads. My eyes aren't as good as they once were and it is getting harder for me to see driving at night.

Charlotte, hope you can get some rest tonight, those sleepless nights get pretty long. How are those meds working for that thumb? Can you tell if it is helping? That is really a baffling situation. Charlote, I have sent Puss a couple of ecards and it has just occurred to me tonight, that she has not picked them up. You know how you always get an email from
the card place that says "your ecard was just picked up, and then it says the email address of the person that picked up the card", well I have not received any of those notices indicating that Puss has picked up her mail. :?:

Sheila, yes living in a small town has more postives to it than living in a large city. Traffic and crime would be my two biggest complaints. I am not a patient person and if it takes me longer than ten, fifteen minutes to get where I need to go, I usually have a hissy fit. so obviously I would never make it in Seattle. I can't imagine taking an hour to go across town. :( Of course when you move, you will let us know where you are, right!!! This tour of homes, is for the Symphony and the tickets are $10.00 a piece. There are five homes that are decorated for Christmas by local florists. If I go I will probably come home and sit down and bawl for awhile, knowing in my wildest dreams, I could never get my house to look like the houses in the tour. One year I went and it had snowed the night before, sloppy wet snow, what a mess. Of course one wears those little surgical booties over their shoes, but they were looking pretty dirty and wet at the last couple of houses I visited. Hope you didn't lose power tonight, Sheila, but on second thought better tonight than tomorrow night. Goodness, what would we do with out Survivor and CSI. You can count on us to keep you up-to-date Charlotte. ;) Silly TV shows, aren't we a hoot?

Take care Sheila and Charlotte. Love you guys. Have a good THURSDAY.
Sunny, hope you are enjoying Maine. It actually got up to 60 degrees here today. That is Unimaginable :lol:

Bye for now.


11-18-2004, 09:59 AM

I had this pic taken of myself just for my friends! Yeah...........right. :lol:

Morning, Bluet...Do I have to find a graphic to put in the signature telling the day, etc., for you? :lol: Well, I can't talk. I had been off for 2 days because of my treatment. So, when I went to tell the program line-up on "Tennessee Valley Now", yesterday, I started reading off for Monday. :D
You must have been pretty tired to watch those movies in a kitchen chair! Poor Bluet, you never get a real good day's rest, do you? Girl, it'll catch up with you, if you're not careful.
We have to dodge the deer, also. Our son is getting ready for the big hunting season. I have no problem with it, as long as they eat the meat. (not me, I HATE it!) I don't have to put it in the freezer, or cook it..... The gun long as it's for a needful purpose, I don't have a problem with that, either. I would hate for someone to break into our home for harm, & not have a gun for protection. I sure don't believe in overdoing it by having several & showing off all the time, or being unsafe. Ours are only brought out for hunting, so far.
DS went bow and arrow hunting a few weeks ago. He saw an eight-point buck walk real close to him, like he was daring him! He said the buck was beautiful, & was thinking how it was going to easy, & would bring such a prize home, & probably make the papers! :p He got so excited, he went to hyper-ventilating & couldn't do a thing! He finally shot the arrow, but it missed. The buck didn't even move! He got a second shot & still missed. He said "mama I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I was so excited I couldn't breathe." The buck finally just walked away. He said it was like he had a death wish & DS disappointed him. :^:
Well, I finally went to bed at 5:05am! It didn't seem to bother me too much, yesterday, though. Then, last night went to bed at 1am.
My thumb is a little better. Thanks for asking. The prednisone seems to be helping. I had one of the little bumps to crack through the skin, so I put hydrogen peroxide on it. It really boiled a lot. Don't know if it helped, but couldn't hurt. I'm suppose to call my nurse today to let her know if there's any improvement. I've been doing a lot of research the last couple of days. Could be Sjorn's Syndrome, Raynaud's Syndrome, or Lupus, which can be started from RA. Vasculitis sets up when there are complications. I go for my 3 month check up Wednesday, to my reg. Dr. I think I'll have him do a complete physical, although I'm not crazy about the idea. I don't want any bad surprises, later, though.
I sent Fatpuss an ecard also. It wasn't the kind to let me know if it had been picked up, though. VERY concerned about her. Maybe, she's decided to spend some time there. We'll think positive.

Hi Sheila....yes, I went on to the station. Connie tried to get me to come back home. Mostly because my Remicade hadn't "kicked in" yet, so I was still very fatigued. In fact, I barely had a voice. That happens when I get too weak. I stayed there, though. Just didn't do much. I don't want to get into the habit of staying home, if I'm able to go at all. It would be too easy to give in to it all, & just let my life waste. NOT going to do that!
That was a cute story about your SD & the broken toe!
There was quite a few young people at our church when we started going there 15 yrs ago. They all grew up, though, & although they love us & the church....unfortunately, they hardly ever come. DH & I are the youngest, there now....& we're both 55.
Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day here. Going to go get beautified ( ;) ) & come home to work on the Christmas albums. I don't like much being finished with the immediate family. Then, I can work on the smaller album of the extended family. Whew!! It's cost me a bundle in ink & copy paper, & time. I do think it'll be worth it, though. They're turning out great, so far.

Hope you all have a good day. Missing Sunny, & Fatpuss, Jacquie........

11-18-2004, 10:19 PM
Bluet, you just love Thursday so much that you want every day to be Thursday! I like Thursday, too, partly because of must-see TV, and partly because Thursday leads to Friday, and I just love Friday. Hey, I know what you mean about those Lifetime movies. I started to "watch" one during commercials last night. They're like mini soap operas--actors emoting right and left. Definitely not worth spending time in the hard kitchen chair. You must really have been tired!

While I'm not opposed to hunting, I could never shoot an animal, and I dislike deer meat. When I was with my sons' father, we went hunting several times, and I was so thankful we never saw a deer. What I really enjoyed was wandering through the woods on great fall days.

You'd definitely never make it in Seattle, Bluet. The traffic jams are legendary. We time all our trips to take place when there's the least amount of traffic, and we have to have three different routes to take at all times. We also look on the internet to see the traffic cams and reports. So it's quite the big deal to go anywhere around here. Speaking of going, you should go to the home thing. Just go with the idea that you're going to look at how pretty stuff is, but you're not going to be jealous. Okay, that's easier said than done, isn't it? *Sigh*

Charlotte, that's so funny about your son getting so excited about the deer that he couldn't get off a good shot. Sounds like the deer even made it easy for him.

I'm glad your thumb seems to be better. It's a great idea to have a complete physical to see what's going on. You'll feel better once you know it's nothing major (and it's not!!).

So I'm wondering if Fatpuss is having more computer trouble, and her DS hasn't been around to fix it, or it was something so major that they need to get a new computer. Remember how she had computer trouble a couple of times?? I'd prefer that explanation to something else. :(

Well, my dislike of answering the phone got me into trouble. My oldest son called while my DH (who does answer the phone) was gone so it went to voice mail. He said that he was able to get a few days off at Christmas, although I don't think he'll get off Christmas day. He neglected to tell us which days, though, and it's getting hard to get an airplane reservation. He works at night and goes to school during the day so it's hard to reach him. My DH finally reached his oldest daughter, and she is going to Mexico the week before Christmas to build houses with her church group. She does this every couple of years, but it means that she won't be here to see her sister and meet her sister's husband. Oh, well.

So, it's CSI's 100th episode. Will it be maggots, vomit or both?? Inquiring minds want to know! :lol:

11-18-2004, 11:50 PM

Yes CSI's 100th episode, and it was blood, plenty of blood, too much blood, and too much violence. I have a few observations, but I don't think they are allowed on this forum. I might get booted off, so I'll just end it there. I can say this though, can CSI get any more bazaar? Survivor was pretty uneventful tonight, I will have to wait until Sunny comes back to discuss the theories behind those people.

You know Sheila, I never thought of that, about Fatpuss, it could be that she does not have a computer at the moment and can't receive her e-mail. Perhaps we will hear from her eventually anyway. :)

Charlotte, it is good that your thumb is improving and it is a good idea to have a complete check up when you see the doctor. My bone density is normal in the hip for someone my age and above normal in the spine. I really got lucky didn't I? I inherited good bones from my parents.

Sheila, I hate chatting on the phone too, I kind of let out a little moan when the phone rings, and usually let the machine pick up. The kids absolutely hate that. DH is worse than I am. He will not under most circumstance answer the phone, unless I am not here.

Yea, tomorrow is Friday, I am always happier on Friday, because I think 2 whole days of not having to go to work. Well, most weekends I don't have to go to work. But then the weekend absolutely flies by.

Well, I am going to say good night for now. Sweet dreams Sheila and Charlotte........Charlotte 5:00 not a good bedtime dear.

Sunny, hope you are fine and enjoying your Thanksgiving vacation or preparing for it. Fatpuss, hope you come back to us soon.


11-19-2004, 08:25 PM

Well, that had to be the weirdest CSI ever, don't you think? It was certainly a bit over the top. Of course, Las Vegas is a city that's kind of over-the-top. I keep wondering how real CSIs learn to use all that new technology. It's pretty fascinating stuff.

Hey, congrats on the excellent bones! Do you take calcium? Drink lots of milk? Or is the secret just healthy ancestors?

I'm very psyched right now because it turns out my oldest son will definitely be here on Christmas Day. So I'm going to have all my kids with me! Plus I still have a deposit on the wedding photographer, and he's going to come to the house and take a photo of all the kids together. I haven't told them that, however. So I've been on Cloud 9 all day--it's been several years since we've had Christmas together.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Bluet and Charlotte--get some rest!!!

11-21-2004, 11:33 PM

Hi everybody. I've been pretty sick. I'll be back when I'm feeling better.

Love you all!

11-22-2004, 01:16 AM
Hey Charlotte,

What does that mean, "pretty sick" How sick are you? Really worried about you, please let us know. Praying really hard for you. It is really late, I stayed up too late this evening. Will check in when I get to work tomorrow.


11-22-2004, 10:17 AM
Good Morning Charlotte and Sheila,

Charlotte, how are you feeling this morning?
Sheila, hope you had a good weekend.


11-22-2004, 09:39 PM
Hi Girls!
I hope you are all well.
I'm as busy as a one-armed paper hanger. Got most of my cleaning done. All I need to do now is re-make all the beds and put down new rugs and wipe up my kitchen and dining room floors.
THEN, ... the cooking and baking starts. :tired:

I'm doing good. Exercising in the pool at least 4 times a week. Joined a health challenge my place of employment is having from today until Feb. sometime.


'Twas the night of Thanksgiving, but I just couldn't sleep
I tried counting backwards, I tried counting sheep.
The leftovers beckoned - the dark meat and white,
I fought the temptation with all of my might.

Tossing and turning with anticipation - the thought of a snack became
So, I raced to the kitchen, flung open the door - and gazed at the
fridge full of goodies galore.

I gobbled up turkey and buttered potatoes,
pickles and carrots, beans and tomatoes.
I felt myself swelling so plump and so round,
'til all of a sudden, I rose off the ground.

I crashed through the ceiling, floating into the sky,
with a mouthful of pudding and a handful of pie.
But, I managed to yell as I soared past the trees....
Happy eating to all - pass the cranberries, please.

May your stuffing be tasty, may your turkey be plump.
May your potatoes 'n gravy have nary a lump,
May your yams be delicious may your pies take the prize,


Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

11-23-2004, 12:36 AM
Hey, Charlotte, another beautiful photo of yourself! Love what you did with your hair! :) So what's up with you? Is that danged virus still bothering you?

Bluet, you were supposed to get some rest this weekend instead of staying up late. What did you end up doing this weekend?

Willow!! So good to see you! Are you hosting Thanksgiving or going to a kid's house? Ha ha! Love the "thighs" line in that poem. Good for you for going back to your pool exercises. How is your hip?

I bought a pair of knee-high "leather" boots over the weekend. I've never worn a pair of boots before, and I haven't worn anything with a heel in a while. I wore them tonight with jeans when we went out to dinner, and, while they looked darn good, they were hard to walk in. Maybe I'm too old to be thinking of anything but comfort.

Our substitute water aerobics instructor is getting a subtitute for the next two weeks, and I'm so glad. She doesn't make us work very hard, and I get cold in the pool. I could hardly wait to head for the hot tub. Hopefully, the sub's sub will be better. The regular person comes back after New Year's. She and her family run a handmade chocolate business so she's doing that for the next month. She brought samples one time--yum!

Here's to a great Tuesday, everyone!

11-23-2004, 01:00 AM

I watched the Packer/Texas game until 11:30 last night. Why do they start those games so darn late? Saturday I had finally tried my hand at making those roman shades. Well, after 8 hours of sewing, I scrapped the whole idea. Obviously one has to know how to sew perfectly straight to get those things right :( . I even had the roman shade pattern for dummies, oh well. I didn't give up though tonight I took the material that was all hemmed and made one (so far) of a much easier design that I saw in the JC Penney catalog. I will have to see how it looks tomorrow morning when I hang it on the window. Then decide if I am up to four more.

I think I just inherited good bones from my parents, because I never was a great milk lover. I do take calcium, when I remember to. :?: I take so much other medicine and vitamins, that I don't want to take the calcium with.

Willow, thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you too. It would be nice if you stayed awhile. I was thinking of you just today and was going to pm you to tell you that Charlotte, is ill and that Fatpuss never came back. :( How's your other board going? Sounds like the whole gang is coming to your house for Thanksgiving. Ours too only it will be on Saturday and then to Stevens Point on Sunday for new grandson's baptism.

Charlotte, hope this finds you feeling better. Very anxious to know what is wrong with you.

Sunny, hope your vacation is full of joy.

Good night all. Take care.


11-24-2004, 12:21 AM
Hi, everyone--

Charlotte, hope you're doing okay!

Bluet, when do they start the game there? They start 'em at 6:00 pm here, so they're usually over before 10:00 pm. You're very brave even to attempt Roman shades. You'll have to take a photo of what you ended up with. Whatever design it was, I'm sure it will be beautiful.

Was lazy today in that I just didn't want to get up and go to the gym to lift weights. I did end up doing 2 30 min. walk away the pound tapes and I worked on my biceps and triceps. Of course, I also ate a piece of gingerbread from Starbucks, and a tall mocha--didn't even ask for a nonfat mocha. :( I haven't been eating well at all lately. But we've been having fun doing this November dining thing at places we'd never normally go if they weren't discounted. Last night we got a 3-course meal that we would have had to pay $90 for the two of us, and we only paid $50. I wore my new boots--ouch! Those boots are NOT made for walking. But they looked good. :)

Lots of rain here. Hope everyone is doing okay.

11-24-2004, 11:02 AM
Good Morning,

Well, are we ready? Tomorrow is the big turkey day, well Saturday for me. Last year I didn't have any pie, I wonder if I will be able to hold out another Thanksgiving? It is going on two years since I gave up sugar and white flour. I never thought I had the strength to give up my chocolate, but I have, I can have sweet potatos or pumpkin or squash, so that will have to do for the pie. I am ok with that.

It is freezing here this morning, my office is so cold anyway, two outside walls, with windows, must not be a lot of insulation in this old building. I am trying to stay below the radar today (pray for me) OB is at it again and I don't want any confortation, so I don't have to deal with the baggage for the four days we are off. Things aren't right in his little world again :?: .

Gotta go, have a good day. Charlotte, hope you are feeling better. Sheila are you sic'd up for the day after Thanksgiving shopping? Not me, I don't go near malls on that day. :D Sunny, we have snow predicted today, wonder if it is snowing in Maine. Willow, slow down lady, you work too hard. Fatpuss, hope you are doing o.k.


11-24-2004, 07:54 PM
Two years of no sugar or white flour?!?!? You're my hero! I'm baking the pumpkin pie (Weight Watcher style) right now, and then I'll be putting the key lime pie (again Weight Watcher style) in the oven soon. I haven't even checked the turkey to see if it's thawed, but it's only 10.8 lbs., and we put it in the refrigerator on Sunday so it should be done.

Hope you were successful in staying away from OB today. Maybe the in-laws are in town?? Who knows what makes OBs act the way they do.

I've decided what I'd like for Christmas is for Fatpuss to come back. I'll have to check with the nearest Santa. . .

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! And don't work too hard, you guys!

11-24-2004, 11:16 PM
Good Evening,

Well, that iron that I hardly ever use, took a hmmm tonight and I can't sew hems without an iron. So, my last two shades are on hold. That's ok I am pretty tired and crabby tonight anyway, just can't make it on 4 hours of sleep. :o

OB has an obssesive/complusive personality and refuses to admit it. He has a very short fuse, and knows he is big enough (in size) to bullie everyone. No one likes him. His in-laws live in this town and his wife divorced him fifteen years ago. Let's just admit it Sheila, there is no hope for him. The good news is I was able to avoid him all day, except for a short episode this morning, so the day was pretty good. :)

I am just making pumpkin on Friday, the girls are all bringing a pie, except daughter next door is bringing the mashed potatos, I hate sitting there peeling all those potatos. I guess she doesn't mind, her first degree was in hotel/resturant management, with emphasis in foods. There weren't a lot of job opportunities here for that, so she went back to school and got her degree in nursing and now she is an R.N.

I have to clean, Sheila, it has been such a long time since I have had any free time to clean my house, it is extemely dusty.

Charlotte, thanks for the pm. Hope you are feeling better, and the meds are working. Sure hope those girls are helping you tomorrow. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. I might have to bother you in a day or so for another update.

Sunny Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you are having the best time ever.

Fatpuss, How bout you come over here and celebrate Thanksgiving with us, we would love to see you :)

Willow, Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!

Sheila, Happy Thanksgiving to you and DH and DS and DAD. Let me know if you find that Santa.....

Good night everyone


11-25-2004, 12:40 PM

Hope you all have a great day with your family. I'm down with the flu. If it's not one thing, it's another. My DH & kids are doing the cooking. I'll be ok.

Talk to you all later.

11-26-2004, 03:09 PM
Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

Charlotte, while I'm not glad that you came down with the flu, I think it's wonderful that your family pitched in to relieve you. I know you weren't feeling so well even before you came down with the flu. I hope you're doing better today.

Bluet, did you get some sleep? I can't even believe you'd try to make it on four hours of sleep. Peeling potatoes isn't one of my favorite chores either, but I peeled five yesterday. Used only four because the pot I chose to cook them in was smaller than it should have been. I made garlic potatoes--a trial run before my DD gets home for Christmas. My DH asked what he could do, and I'm sure he didn't think I'd take him up on his offer. Instead I had him make a salad, mash the potatoes and carve the turkey. I also got to the dishes before him so he was obligated to take the turkey off the bone, a chore neither of us likes. I made two pies from Weight Watcher recipes, and both were pretty good.

I did say, however, that except for the garlic mashed potatoes, I'm not cooking on Christmas. I've never enjoyed cooking, and when I was working, my DH and I traded cooking and dishes, but now since I don't work, I feel obligated to cook. He does the dishes.

My oldest son e-mailed us yesterday, and my daughter called from the train she was on going from the Navy school to downtown Chicago to meet her in-laws. She wanted to talk longer, but we were headed out to the Turkey Day Stomp, a high intensity aerobics workout at the Y. My DD said, What have you done with my real parents? when she heard what we were doing. Actually, we've done it three years in a row now. It lasts for 1.5 hours, but we can only make about 45 min. before we're totally drenched in sweat and burnt out. After doing water aerobics for so long, my knees aren't used to all that pounding. I couldn't believe that neither my sister nor my half-sister bothered to call our father yesterday. :(

Have a great Friday!

11-26-2004, 09:38 PM

Hello my friends,

Thank you for all your sweet words of encouragement. I have been very sick...but, on the healing side now. I stayed up all day for the first time in quite a few days. The Dr told me Tuesday that my thumb indicated a very bad infection in my body & the RA would cause me to get infections very easily. He gave me an antibiotic to take for a week, then go back next Tuesday. Said for me to go home & go to bed. I laughed to myself. Although I had been feeling pretty bad, I had too much to do to go to bed. Well, that night I went to feeling worse. By the next morning I had the flu in the worse way! I don't know if I had been taking it all along, or what. Anyway, today was the first day feeling like myself at all. Still kind of rough, but better. My thumb is still blue & bothering me. Can't use it much. Dr said he was treating it as a viral infection this week, & see if it helped. Gotta keep a close eye on it. If it worsens or gets a red streak up my arm gotta go to the er.

I hope all of you had a good Thanksgiving. Although I was out of sorts, DH & kids came through for me. DH cleaned our make-shift house & cooked turkey, & a few things. I got up long enough to put the dressing together....MIL sent a cake & turnip greens to help out, & kids did the rest.
Our daughter from South Al couldn't come, but called twice. Trina & Gina talked to her in another room. I heard both tell her that "mom looks terrible"....I need to tell them that without walls, I could hear them. :lol: Why do kids think that mom isn't ever suppose to get sick? They don't think much about the RA, but let me get the flu, & I'm dying. :^:

I got a beautiful Thanksgiving card from a very special friend today. It really picked my spirits up!! :coffee:

That's a great work out...Turkey Day Stomp! Hey, when you give out....think of someone you'd like to give it to....might get some renewed energy! :D Maybe Bluet's OB!! I wish something could be done about that!

Well, maybe I'll be able to post some more tomorrow, since it looks like I may live! Have a great evening.
Love you all.....

11-27-2004, 11:54 AM


An Angel says, "Never borrow from the future. If you worry about what may happen tomorrow and it doesn't happen, you have worried in vain. Even if it does happen, you have to worry twice."

1. Pray

2. Go to bed on time.

3. Get up on time so you can start the day unrushed.

4. Say No to projects that won't fit into your time schedule, or that will compromise your mental health.

5. Delegate tasks to capable others.

6. Simplify and unclutter your life.

7. Less is more. (Although one is often not enough, two are often too many.)

8. Allow extra time to do things and to get to places.

9. Pace yourself. Spread out big changes and difficult projects over time; don't lump the hard things all together.

10. Take one day at a time.

11. Separate worries from concerns. If a situation is a concern, find out what God would have you do and let go of the anxiety. If you can't do anything about a situation, forget it.

12. Live within your budget; don't use credit cards for ordinary purchases.

13. Have backups; an extra car key in your wallet, an extra house key buried in the garden, extra stamps, etc.

14. K.M.S. (Keep Mouth Shut). This single piece of advice can prevent an enormous amount of trouble.

15. Do something for the Kid in You everyday.

16. Cary a Bible with you to read while waiting in line.

17. Get enough rest.

18. Eat right.

19. Get organized so everything has its place.

20. Listen to a tape while driving that can help improve your quality of life.

21. Write down thoughts and inspirations.

22. Every day, find time to be alone.

23. Having problems? Talk to God on the spot. Try to nip small problems in the bud. Don't wait until it's time to go to bed to try and pray.

24. Make friends with Godly people.

25. Keep a folder of favorite scriptures on hand.

26. Remember that the shortest bridge between despair hope is often a good "Thank you Jesus."

27. Laugh.

28. Laugh some more!

29. Take your work seriously, but not yourself at all.

30. Develop a forgiving attitude (most people are doing the best they can).

31. Be kind to unkind people (they probably need it the most.)

32. Sit on your ego.

33. Talk less; listen more.

34. Slow down.

35. Remind yourself that you are not the general manager of the universe.

36 . Every night before bed, think of one thing you're grateful for that you've never been grateful for before. GOD HAS A WAY OF TURNING THINGS AROUND FOR YOU. "If God is for us, who can be against us?" (Romans 8:31)

11-27-2004, 10:07 PM
Hello Lovely People,

I am exhausted, our Thanksgiving Day is over everyone has gone home, the dishes are done and I am done in.

Charlotte, glad to hear that you are up and about. Lovely posting.

Sheila, Turkey Stomp, that is really a neat idea. I wonder if our Y here has that.

Sunny are you back home yet?

I'll be back tomorrow evening, when we get back from Stevens Point.

Have a good Sunday.


11-29-2004, 06:31 PM

Northern part of our state has snow, I think seeing it depressed me. Adam's baptism went well, had a nice time, got home last evening around 5:00 pm. Didn't feel like doing much, so I watched Noel on TNT with Susan Sarandon, Robin Williams, Penelope Cruze and a few other people. It was o.k., I wouldn't watch it again this year, but it was a good Christmas movie, it did make me shed a tear or two.

So Charlotte, are you feeling better? How is that thumb doing? I wonder if the strong antibotics made your body feel like it had the flu? Sometimes that happens to me when I take high doses of antibotics. I printed your 36 Christian Ways to Reduce Stress and put it on my bulletin board. It makes some genuine points. I forgot my camera when I went to Stevens Point, go figure, but the other grandmother said she would send duplicates of the pictures she took. She took a lot of pictures, so I hope she comes through for me. I am glad DH and the kids helped you Thanksgiving Day, that would have been way too much for you to handle, with not feeling well. If your like me, you must be kinda glad it is over for another year. It sure was fun though, seeing all the grandkids together.

Sheila, I am still tired, and I probably will try to stay up for the Packer game tonight. They never start those football games until 8:00, that is so late, it's 9:00 on the east coast, what are they thinking? I don't like to cook either Sheila, I had to do so much cooking for years when we had the farm full time, and I was a stay at home Mom, so the kids always expected home cook meals when they got home from school. I was happy to do it, but now I don't like to go near the kitchen, unless I am looking for something to eat for myself. We certainly have no problem with that this week with all the leftovers. I didn't make it through CSI last Thursday, I barely made it through Survivor. My eyes kept slamming shut half way through CSI, so I gave up and went to bed. So where are they going with breaking the team up and bringing in the blonde chick? I hate taking the turkey off the bone too, we had a twenty pounder, it is always such a mess and time consuming. We had way too many pies, it never fails, I ask the girls to being one and they always bring two each, perhaps, I will remember that next year and assign only two to pies and the rest to something else, because every year I wear myself out. My Mother-in-law didn't have the holidays at her house anymore, when she was my age, my Mom did though.

Well, I hope you all have a good evening and your Tuesday is special. Charlotte, you have a doctor's appointment Tuesday, right? interested to see what that doctor says about your thumb. Sunny, are you back yet? Sheila, hope your sisters finally called DAD.


11-29-2004, 11:14 PM
A rainy evening to you all!

Glad the baptism went well, Bluet. Did Adam cry? Did he have to wear anything special? Sounds like there were a lot of people in attendance. I hope that the other grandmother comes through, too, because it would be fun to see the photos. My granddaughter had two baptisms. The first one was in the PICU because she wasn't expected to live. They gave us special permission to have more than two people there so, in addition to the priest and her parents, there were about six other people standing there all scrubbed up and in surgical gowns. Then on her first trip to San Diego, she had another baptism with her mother's family, and a big party following.

I was wondering how that Noel was. I liked the cast, but we are addicted to that naughty show, Desperate Housewives. I was kind of bummed to find them splitting the CSI team up, but I guess they have to shake things up now and again. You can only show maggots and vomit just so much! :)

Charlotte, I'm so glad your family came through for you. It sounds like you've had a really rough time lately. I wonder if the antibiotics affected you like Bluet mentioned. I've heard they can do that, too. I hope the thumb is doing better--praying like crazy that it quits hurting and turns a nice pleasant pink again! Thanks for posting the stress reducers.

Well, I haven't been eating well (or maybe I should say I've been eating too well!), but I've been exercising over an hour a day, and drinking lots of water. I've got to put myself back on a more rigid eating schedule. We went to our last November dining thing today, and it was the best one yet. I had smoked shrimp rolls, a blackened salmon sandwich, and a "warm grappa brownie with vanilla ice cream." I have no idea what that is, but, man, oh, man, it was good. The restaurant was cold, though, and we were right by a window. It only got up to about 40 today, which is rather cold for us. I forgot to put my socks on last night when I went to bed (I use special thick socks), so I woke up cold and had to put them on at about 3:00 am.

So what's everyone done in the way of holiday decorating?? I thought about putting my village out, but haven't done it yet. Tomorrow we're wrapping some presents because our son is staying overnight on Saturday while we stay in a hotel in downtown Seattle, and go shopping and stuff. I don't want him to see his presents should he go snooping around. Okay, he's 26, but you never know!

Have a good evening, everyone! Sunny, are you back yet?? Hope you had an extra-wonderful time!

12-01-2004, 11:25 AM

Welll, ladies...the trusses are finally all up on the house. The ceiling was so bad, it started falling they lifted it off! So, it's clear skies! Only thing, not clear skies!! Been raining really hard, & turned cold. We have tarp up to protect us. We're having to stay on our toes to keep things protected from leaks, & to stay warm. So, if I don't post often for awhile, you know I'm just very busy. At least, I'm seeing some progress.

My cold/flu just won't leave (probably the cold/rainy living conditions). I postponed my Drs appt until tomorrow. (Thursday) My thumb doesn't seen to be any better. It's not as ugly as it first was. But, it's still blue, & I can't appy pressure at all. Very aggravating. :^:

I don't know about little Adam crying, but, sure all others did! :) I would have liked to seen the Baptism.

Sheila, I've been eating too much! I'm gaining weight so fast. I know a lot of it is fluid retention. But, I was on that Prednisone, too! :^:

Well, I'll try to come back soon. I have a lot to do before I go to the station. At least it's comfy there. :coffee: The whole upstairs is living quarters for visiting singing groups who come a long way to guest at the TV station. Connie & Bro. Jones keeps trying to get us to come stay there. David won't, I know...because he has to watch things here. But, like he said, if I don't get better, soon, I may stay there until I, at least, get over this mess. Don't worry, there's several computers at the station. :D

Have a good day!

12-01-2004, 11:33 AM

Hi Gals!!!! WoW!!! I cannot believe that it's December 1st already! I MISSED YOU ALL TOO!!!!! It is so good to be back!


Joe & I had a wonderful time in Maine! Our trip there was easy going and we got there in 14 hours right on the nosey! I drove all the way there... I wanted to get there on Friday evening so that I could surprise my folks at the Denny's where they go to breakfast every Saturday. And we did - surprised the heck out of them!! My sis & her DD walked in first while Joe & I hung back a bit and then came in after another couple --- it was priceless when it dawned on my mother that the girl that looked allot like her daughter was her daughter :lol3: it was the best! My sis & I finally pulled one over on my mother and believe me, that was not easy! The whole week was great! Everyday was filled with something to do and places to go... it went so very fast! I do have some great pictures to share with you all, but must downsize them before I do --- give me a day or so and I will post them for you, okay.

We got home on Sunday evening at 8:18pm leaving my sister's at 6am, but the drive home was harder with the rains and winds we had to fight, not to mention that all the college kids were heading back to school too. I drove 10 hours and just couldn't anymore with the winds, so Joe drove the last 4. Unfortunately we witnessed a 5 car pile up in NY - all 5 college cars - I really felt for them! No one was hurt thank the Lord, but all their loaded up cars were spread all over the roadways... bummer! After seeing the way they all zigged-zagged in and out of traffic it's a wonder nothing worse happened to them... I was glad to see no one was hurt! And glad to be home! Lisa took such good care of our boys that they didn't even miss us at first, but after we were home on Monday it dawned on them that we were home again to stay. Zeppe kept me up all night Sunday night wanting me to pet him and filling my face with is rough kisses... and Domino & Guido fought for my attention on Tuesday all day.. kitties are just too funny. I really missed them too!

I haven't had the time to catch up with *all* your posts, but I will try to do my best, so I have some idea what's going on with everyone.

Hey gals... I lost another pound while in Maine, so I am now down 27lbs. & officially in the 180's!!!!! yeah!! I am almost half way to my goal!!!

Well, I really must be going, I have so much to catch up with today: Bill's, Laundry, Decorating for Christmas, Christmas Cards... just to begin with.

Love you!!!!
{{{Big Hugs}}}
I'll be back soon!
*God Bless*


12-01-2004, 05:26 PM
Good Afternoon,

Welcome back Sunny! :D

So glad you are back home safe and sound again. Sounds like you had a marvelous time. Did not know you were going to surprise you Mom and Dad, what a sneaky nice thing to do. ;) Do you like to drive, that you did all the driving? That is quite an accomplishment, clocking all those miles. So the boys are glad you are back, bet they'll stick to you like velcro for a few days, just to make sure you don't disappear again. We have missed your posts and your decorating for Christmas. Congratulations on your weight loss, way to go girl!

Charlotte, gee, I must have misunderstood something, I thought your roof was completely reshingled, am I understanding correctly, that you have torn it off again and put up trusses? I am confused. It probably would be a good idea, if you went to stay at the station's guest rooms, your health sounds pretty fragile right now. No getting sick for Christmas too. :( It is really nice to have friends that are there for you in the way your friends are at the station. You know Charlotte, I think, this is a poor time of the year to be on a diet. I know I gained some weight over the Thanksgiving Holidays, that food is just too good, now I have to get working on loosing it again, what a pain. :?:

Sheila, I am wondering if you are downtown Seattle on a little R and R and shopping? How much fun is that? :) A little get-a-way before Christmas. Oh, I just looked back and you plan that for Saturday. The baptism was good. Adam did not cry at all, he was very good. He had been up most of the night though and Daddy had to take him for two car rides, one at 1:00 am and one at 2:00 am, before he calmed down. The reflux is still a trouble for them. The doctor increased his zantax, hoping this will help him. He is still sleeping sitting up in his car seat in the middle of his crib, but doesn't sleep for very long at a time. DD and SIL, have not had a good nights sleep since he was born. Does anyone have any experience with this, do they eventually grow out of it, is it like what they called colic, when our babies were little?

When our first grandson was born, ten years ago, I bought a baptismal gown for a boy and one for a girl. The kids keeping passing them around and using the same ones. I thought it was a nice tradition to start for them, since we did not have one from my family or DH's family to hand down. I wanted the long ones that were old fashioned looking. That is a bautiful story about your grandaughter's baptism, Sheila.

I thought, if I am not too tired tonight, I would start getting some of my Christmas stuff out of storage and decide what and how I want to display it. I have a collection of santas that I always place on the fireplace mantel, perhaps I could start there. We'll see, I was way too crabby last night to try any decorating. *#:c)>.

How about that everyone, I remembered it was Wednesday Have a good Thursday all, check with you later. Fatpuss, we are still looking for you!


12-01-2004, 11:07 PM
Hey, welcome back, SunnyD! Surprising your parents sounds like such fun! They'll have a good laugh over that for a long time. That's a heck of a long drive. I'm sure glad that nobody was hurt in all those accidents. And what an accomplishment to have lost weight on vacation--that's almost unheard of! Congratulations! :bravo: It's fun to be missed by your pets, isn't it? But also good that they liked their catsitter. I think I mentioned I used to catsit for a friend, and I never saw her cats during the two weeks she was gone. They ate the food, and I saw litterbox action so I know they were there.

Charlotte, I thought that most of your roof was done, too. What did Bluet and I miss?? Yeah, I've heard that steroids can really put on the weight, no matter how hard you try to keep it off. That's great that there's a place to stay at the station if you feel that you need it. What good friends you have!

I had a hard time getting this website to work yesterday so I was afraid to post. I hate typing and then losing it. You all know that feeling, right??

My DH took me over to the chiropractor yesterday (the drive lasts longer than the appointment!), then we ate lunch out, although we both had breakfast food, and then we wrapped some presents. He took a sick day yesterday because he had to go to the dentist, then take me across town, and the whole day was pretty much shot anyway. He works for a company where there is no sick leave recorded--he just says he's sick and they still pay him (he's salaried). Vacation time they do keep track of.

We got another white Omaha Steaks box in the mail. Aargghh! What am I going to do with Dad? And he said there's another one on the way before Christmas. I'd just managed to get a bit of room in my freezer compartment, too. Do you think it would be bad if I kept the Omaha Steaks mail from him for a while? When I asked him why he ordered more, he said the free ham got him. In addition to the free ham, there were more gourmet burgers (now we're up to 16!), 8 pork chops, and 8 chicken breasts. We still have more pork chops, a bunch of hot dogs, and I can't remember what the other box in Dad's freezer compartment is. Maybe I will send some your way, Charlotte!

12-02-2004, 10:24 AM Gooooood Mornin' Bluet, Sheila & Charlotte!!

Hi Bluet! Thanks for the BIG welcome back :D
Yes, We were expected to be there late Saturday afternoon (well, that's what I told them :crossed: ), but we planned to be at my sister's on Friday evening so we could walk into the Denny's and surprise them and we sure did! I loved it - my mother is a toughy to surprise!

The driving: Yeah... I got a urinary track infection from holding my bladder too long (my fault!) I didn't want to stop so we could make good time. We stopped more often on the way home... won't make that mistake again. I got rid of the infection myself :D just took the concentrated cranberry I bought at Wal-Mart and had lots of water & green tea. By the third day it was just about all gone. All together I drove 24 hours - 14 there and 10 back... whew! I do love to drive and it's so much better then just sitting, and then Joe got to enjoy the sites and relax - he was a happy camper.

I have some things out for decorating, but haven't gotten it started yet - I hope to today. I will have it done over the weekend for sure and as soon as I do I will have pictures for you all ;) I still have Christmas Cards to do too :o !!!

Have you begun decorating???? Just put on some Christmas music and that will knock out those crabs --- you'll see. What I do is put on my favorite movies while I decorate --- *The Santa Clause* with Tim Allen & *Christmas Story* (love them!) Oh and I cannot forget the classic... *How the Grinch Stole Christmas*! Give it a try if you have the movies ;) :^: If no movies... there's the Christmas music to fall back on :D

Congrats & Blessings for little Adam and his baptism! I just read Charlotte's post and gathered that he was baptized. It's just too hard right now to go back and read every bit of each post, sorry :sorry: I skimmed through, but know I have missed some information - forgive me...

Hi Sheila! Yes, surprising them at the Denny's was still the talk when we left... I am so glad we did it! But... I keep getting this yucky feeling though that just won't leave me --- I wish I had *hugged my mother more* then I did. I just feel like I didn't get enough time with her staying with my sister this time --- I miss her so much! The whole visit overall with my family was great - everyone told me I did the right thing by sticking my nose into what was happening with my grandfather and his living conditions... at least now I know something is being done to help him. My parents told me that they admired me for it :^: I am just happy that no one was upset with me over it & that we all had a great time together.

Yes! I shocked myself with losing weight... but I was so very busy everyday! There was something planned each day for us - tiring, but oh so much fun! I did get to play a few games of Scrabble with my mother --- she & I love to get a game or two in when I visit, no one else plays with her but me. I won 3 of the 4 games we play :D Yes, I am boasting! My mother always won the games before :lol:

Hi Charlotte! I am so sorry to hear that you are now on steroids... my sister is too (note her pictures)! You can see it in her face - they call it moonfaced from the water the body holds, you can see it in her hands and feet allot too. Do you have to be on it long??? I will continue to keep you in my prayers!!! Steroids are so hard on the body... it's amazing that it does any good to be on them.

I too got the message that your roof was completed :o I am so sorry to hear that you are still having leaking problems - what a bummer! Are you able to decorate for Christmas?


I have some pictures to post of our Trip to Maine for Thanksgiving...
I am the first-born of 4 siblings & here are 3 of us ~ (going L-Rt) Russell (the youngest), Me (the oldest) & Linda (the middle child):

I just laugh so hard each time I see this picture - *a classic pic*
My father nagging my mother while she drives - we were in the back seat & on the way out to lunch when I took this :lol3: He saw that I was going to take it and stuck his tongue out!

Getting ready to sit and have our Roast Beast :hun: & then...

enjoying the feast :ink:

My sister & I Thanksgiving Day...

My Dear mother, Jeannette & Brother, Russell...

Here we are at the 1950's Denny's Diner for breakfast: (L to Rt) Me, Linda (my sis), Jeannette (my mom) & Ed (my dad) ~ my father looks like an old homesteader with his cane :lol: ...

My Joe with Linda's kitty, Missy - she is the mother to our two boys ;) ...

I hope I haven't bored you all to tears :cry: !!!!


12-02-2004, 09:11 PM
SunnyD, those photos are wonderful! Love the one of your mom and dad in the car. :) And the holiday table looks so festive, and everybody looks so happy. I'm glad you had such a good time. Although your good time came with a price! Yuck on the bladder infection. I used to get those when I was younger--no fun at all. My daughter started getting them really young, too, and has to watch how long she holds it.

So. . .tonight's the night, Bluet! Thursday is here again. I know I'm looking forward to seeing what's going on in Las Vegas.

I actually finished our annual holiday letter and got all the Christmas cards addressed and stamped. I'm so darn early that I think I'm going to wait until next week to send them. Like being fashionably late for a party, I definitely don't want to be the first person to send Christmas cards!

My Dad is really hooked on catalogs and advertisements. He got a Gevalia coffee maker and some coffee in the mail today. He obviously didn't read the advertisement well because it's a 12-cup coffeemaker and he only drinks two cups in the morning. It's also a bit more space age than the one I got him when he moved into the addition. We'll see if he uses it or if it becomes a counter decoration.

Hope everyone had a great Thursday!

12-02-2004, 11:49 PM

Man are those people on Survivor ever getting snakey. Good old Chris is having himself one heck of a time. I have a feeling it is going to get very nasty from now to the end, and all for a million dollars. What a disappointment CSI was. Ours was a rerun, the first show of the season. Don't tell me they are going to show reruns now even before Christmas.

Sunny, what wonderful pictures of you and your family, thank you for sharing, everyone looks so happy. :) Are you serious, did you really have roast beef instead of turkey? Some people do do that, especially if they don't like poultry. Those bladder infections are really painful. I am glad you were able to conquer it on your own. I put up one of my little trees in the family room tonight, at least it is a start. It is new this year and I am not sure I like it yet, I'll look at it in the morning when I am feeling more alert.

Sheila, girl you are going to have to have the postal workers hold Dad's mail at the post office. He is getting out of hand with this buying frenzy he is on. How does that coffee thing work, does he have to buy a certain amount of flavored and specialty coffee a month? Today was pretty quite at the office, but then I forgot to run the program for printouts before ending the month, so now I have lost important information. I will have to call the programer tomorrow to see if he can retrieve any of it for me. In the fifteen years I have been running these month end programs I never ever forgot that step before closing out the month. Oh well, first time for everything. :(

It is very cold here this evening and we have had our first snow :mad: Bet you can guess what is going through my mind.

Have a good Friday everyone. Yea Friday!!!!!!


12-03-2004, 08:55 AM

Good morning everyone. Welcome back SunnyD!! I'm glad you had such a good time with your family. Thanks for the photos. ;)

I didn't mean to get everyone confused about the roof. Sorry. We did the back half & new garage first. The house was leaking during rain where the new & the old met. We were living in the front 4 rooms. This past few days, we (yes, WE...I held the floodlight,etc. :D ) tore the front totally off. The ceiling started falling in on our furniture, etc. We didn't know it was in such bad condition...mostly termite damage. They thought it was better to just lift it off, & put on a new ceiling. The rains were due to come in Monday night, so they had to hurry. With the added plastic across where the ceiling was has made a huge difference. The house isn't cozy warm, but not as cold as it was. The rain has finally stopped, so tomorrow (Saturday) there's going to be a lot of fast work going on before the rains, again, Sunday. I said once we finish the roof, it probably won't rain for 6 months. :^:

Well, I don't know if I can explain my Dr visit or not, but I'll try. Dr & (wife) Nurse Practioner, both took care of me. We've been friends a long time, & (wife) Chris & I have spent a lot of time behind closed doors in prayer together. (mostly about our kids! :dizzy: ) Anyway, my thumb has Herpes Whipple, which is a kind of Shingles. They said my white blood count stays so low, & my immune system is at rock bottom, so I'm VERY easy to get any infection. They run tests, as I'm still coughing, & croupy. I haven't had the flu, or a cold. It's from the Herpes Whipple! STRANGE!! They said to stay away from crowds, & from anyone sick. Not just now, but always, because of my immune system problem. That I don't have enough white blood cells to fight off infections. I was given a list of strong meds!
They know about my house, so after the regular exam, asked me how it was going. I told them, & they urged me to move into the TV Station until the roof was finished. (but, I'm not, unless I get very sick, again.) I told them I was going to be in the Christmas parade last night representing the TV Station, & was told I was NOT going! I went anyway, & had a great time!! I look kind of cute in my Santa cap!
I don't mean to carry on about myself, just explaining. I think once I'm over this mess, I'll be ok. I do have to watch my thumb, though. They told me of a nurse that was a friend of theirs who had it. She thought it was on the mend, & woke up one morning with it blue to the palm of her hand. She went to the ER & was flown immediately to a large hospital to have her hand & part of her arm amputated to save her life! That kind of woke me up. :o

Gotta start breakfast for DH. Talked too much about myself. :(
Sheila, if you don't start a new thread soon, we're gonna fall off the forum! :lol: Hey, I'll take those steaks! ;)

Everyone have a good day!

12-03-2004, 10:46 AM

Good Friday Morning Ladies :coffee2:

Oh Bluet... you are just too funny :lol: --- Noooo, I am sorry I mislead you with my movie quotes... we had Turkey for Thanksgiving... are you kidding - my family loves turkey, I was just quoting the Grinch from *How the Grinch Stole Christmas* "He even carved the Roast Beast" (not Roast Beef ;) ) I am so happy you guys didn't mind all my pictures... it's so nice being able to share with you all :D

Survivor: I am sooooo happy that Ami is out of the game now - she is so fake!!! More fake then the tree I am looking for this year!! I just never cared for her. I am glad to see Chris is hanging in there - I like him and he has been very fair and good to everyone. Unlike some of those women on the show (so sad!) to see their behavior and know that I am of the same gender :no:

Bummer about *CSI: Vegas* being a rerun already, but I figured it would be because of the way they ended last weeks with breaking up the team! Remember... I hope they don't get rid of anyone! I enjoy that cast the most. I bet we don't see many new shows till after Christmas now --- I will be surprised if we do. I went to bed very early last night 9:30 and was wide awake at 3:15am... so I got up and paid my bill's and balanced my check-book ~ No money left :faint: but the bill's are all paid :D Tis the season... *Ho Ho Ho* Every year I tell myself that I am gonna save $$ just for Christmas like I use to do when they offered Christmas Savings Accounts with Interest at the Bank (remember those days?), but I never do. Maybe this year for 2005 :o

Sheila, You and your father are such a pair :lol: At least you don't have to be concerned with the lack of food or coffee for the winter :lol3: My father-in-law did the exact same thing when he was bored with life --- ordered everything he saw on TV - especially when he couldn't sleep at night, he'd get up and watch the info-mercials and spend, spend, spend :lol:

Yeah... I get those urinary track infections everytime I either have to hold too long or when I have a flare-up. So I take concentrated cranberry vitamins everyday to keep them away, but when I do get an infection I just take more and drink more. I get rid of them pretty quickly now that I know what to look for. At the first sign I increase the vitamins.

Good for you getting your cards finished! I am so jealous of you!!!! I haven't even begun our cards yet :dizzy: I got them done for MY family in Maine, but still have the family & friends out of state & some here at home to do. I usually send out about 200 cards, but am hoping to do allot less this year.

Hi Angel, Adorable graphic! Thanks for the welcome home ;)

Ohhhh, now I understand better what you are going through with your ceiling and roof... you poor thing :faint: You are not going to know what to do with yourself when your home is completed!

As for staying away from all those who are ill - how will you ever do that and go to work?? Most everyone has a cold or flu right now. My heart just goes out to you Charlotte, you have gone through so many trials in the last few years, what with your home, your son, your daughter and the storms, and especially your health. What a trooper you are!!! I hope that the shingles clear up soon... my sis-in-law has shingles and her Dr said that STRESS causes it to flare up, so that makes allot of sense that you are suffering with all that you have had to endure. My prayers are with you always Charlotte!!

Today I plan on finishing up with the laundry and then trying to get started with my decorating... I did do a little decorating yesterday just to get started. Tomorrow, instead of meeting with our friends for breakfast (like we usually do) Joe and I are heading out very early for the stores: K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Lighthouse and More, Wholesale Clubs... searching for a fake tree. We have ALWAYS gotten a real tree, but I am getting tired of picking up after it and Joe is tired of lugging it. Soooo we are going to caved in & get a fake one this year, they are so beautiful now and look so real - I cannot wait to get one this year. I hope we find one early in the day so we can get home and begin to decorate it on Saturday. Sunday we'll meet with our friends for breakfast after church - we haven't seen them for over 2 weeks & have allot of catching up to do! I miss them.

What are you gals planning for the weekend??? Doing some Christmas Shopping or decorating?? I know what I am getting Joe for the holiday, but haven't gotten anything yet.

Have a beautiful day today everyone!
Love you guys!!


12-03-2004, 02:07 PM

Oh Bonnie, Did you get my PM about Webshots? How did you do? Do you like that site? Just was wondering...


12-03-2004, 06:05 PM
Good afternoon, ladies!!

Charlotte, dang, woman, you are so rebellious! I had to laugh when I kept reading, the dr. said I shouldn't do this, but I did it anyway and had fun. I'm going to send you some of those surgical masks--wear one of those and everyone will stay away from you for sure! I do know how you feel, though. You want to be able to live your life or what's the point of life! Anyway, you be careful and take it easy. At least try to do (or not do!) some of the things they said, okay? :) And thanks for the roof clarification. We all needed that. Hope a lot gets done on Saturday.

You know, SunnyD, I've seem some incredible fake trees. And when I am cleaning up all the needles for weeks after taking down our tree, I keep thinking I want one. One of these days, I'll get one, and stick one of those pine-scented smelly things on it. I would miss the smell, but definitely not the mess.

Bluet, I was totally disappointed when I tuned in to CSI and discovered it was a rerun. What are they doing showing reruns during sweeps? Isn't it still sweeps? Maybe not. I'm betting most of December is reruns, too, darn it. You know, I haven't asked my Dad whether or not he has to buy coffee each month. Several times in the past year, he's signed up to get something free that comes with a subscription to some dumb magazine, and you're supposed to cancel before a certain date or you are automatically subscribed. Well, of course he never remembers to cancel, and then when the magazine comes, he's totally flummoxed. Luckily, he's been able to get out of it by calling up and denying any knowledge. And, frankly, at that point, he really doesn't have any knowledge of ever doing it so he's not lying!

So, I'm feeling pretty frustrated right now. My son called and when I reminded him about staying at our house this weekend, he said that he couldn't stay overnight. I was so upset! He thought he could leave the house at 10:00 pm on Saturday and come back at 10:00 am on Sunday. The dog can't hold it that long! Plus not having access to water will dehydrate the poor dog. After I told my son that wouldn't work, he ended up cancelling his Sunday morning meeting. But, of course, I'm all worried that he just said that, and he's going to leave the dog in the crate for 12 hours. Every time I think I can trust that kid, he does something to make himself untrustworthy. How am I supposed to have a relaxing weekend away when I'm going to worry about whether or not my animals and Dad are being taken care of? My DH said that he can just put it out of his mind, but wondered if I could. I thought about cancelling, but I was so looking forward to this. What to do, what to do. . . :(

Well, off to the post office and the bank. Have a great weekend everyone! I will start a new thread on Sunday, okay?

12-04-2004, 01:01 AM

I was out late Christmas shopping tonight. so I will sign on tomorrow and catch up with everyone. Sunny, I got a nice screen saver and wallpaper from your recommended site. Thanks a bunch! :-) You can tell I am not a real big fan of the Grinch, I thought you just accidentally spelled "beef" incorrectly. Hey, that can happen. Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte, I don't know what we are going to do with you girl. Gotta take better care of yourself! Sheila, just go, DS will come through for you, he is your son after all.


12-04-2004, 08:14 AM

Good Saturday Morning Gals,
Just a quick note...

Bonnie, I am so glad that I could be of service and that you are enjoying the site. I got the picture above at that site and have it on my Desktop. Sounds like you had a busy shopping day... hope it was successful :)

Sheila, I do know of your delima! I wouldn't leave my boys till I KNEW that they had good care --- they are my kids. I do hope that your DS comes through for you and that you will still be able to go on your trip.

I too will miss that natural tree and it's scent, but these new artificial tree's are awesome looking... I am excited about hunting for one today :dancer:

Charlotte, I hope that this post finds you doing better today...
*Thinking of you*

Have an Awesome weekend Ladies!
:sunny: SunnyD


12-04-2004, 08:42 AM

It's going to be a busy day. Hope all have a great Saturday!

12-04-2004, 04:36 PM
Good Afternoon,

Sunny and Charlotte, those are absolutely beautiful pictures that you have posted. They look like really old fashion Christmas. I put out all my Santas on the mantel this morning and finished my little gingerbread tree in the family room. So much more to put out though. I asked the kids if I needed to put all these Christmas decorations out every year, and they said well, they liked seeing them at least once a year. Well, if they grew up with these things around them at Christmas, then I guess I shouldn' break tradition. It is really a lot of work though. I sound like bah hum bug, I don't mean to.

Charlotte, the sun is shinning here, and I hope it is shinning in your corner of Alabama so that dang roof gets done. I read up on that Herpes Whipple and that is nothing to fool around with, you hear me? Take good care of yourself.

Sunny I hope you find or have found an awsome tree. I put up three artifical trees every year (two small ones and on tall one) and I don't miss the real trees at all. Two of my trees have the lights on them and that is even better yet. No more standing around on the frozen tundra trying to decide what tree is shaped the way. Last night I bought grocieries, returned a few things and bought some Christmas presents. So I got some things done.

Sheila, sure hope you didn't cancel your mini-vacation. I sure hope DS did not let you down. I agree I'll bet we will be seeing CSI reruns until the middle of January. Do you think Ghrisom is leaving the show. I hope not, because he is the reason I started watching the show in the first place, although I liked him better without that beard.

Well, gotta get back to my decorating. Have a good rest of the weekend gang.


12-05-2004, 08:39 PM
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