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10-21-2004, 11:45 AM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We are a friendly group who share all the ups and downs of our daily lives... not just weight loss. Won't you join us?

10-21-2004, 02:28 PM

Sounds like you had tons of fun Jana :) Just glad to have you back....

On the run {{{{Ellen}}}}} hope you are having a good day :)

Taking Gaby to grandma's....for the day.

"Nana" is Rocky's mother in law- her daughter died 10 years ago and left Rocky with a son to raise. Nana is a HUGE help - along with "papa" .....they live within 2 miles.....
anyway,,,,,,,he told "papa"....figures it will get to "nana"

Better get,,,,,,11 1/2 days to go!!!! YAY,,,,, weighed in at 141 this morning....

10-21-2004, 04:44 PM
Jane~well, gee, you went and changed the avatar before I could post and say I liked your new avatar and hairdo! :lol: Of course I think Molly is adorable. Glad you guys made it hope safe and had a wonderful, fun time at Disney World. About the name, it doesn't matter. I changed it back to Cristi because it has been that for so long here and I kinda got used to it. Seeing Cristina in the signature looked weird even though that is what I go by. My foot is a little better, not much. It felt better yesterday but then when I put shoes on and have them on for a while it starts again-not sure what is up with that at all but if it continues I will be heading to the doc.

Mindee~my mother too is old fashioned and set in her ways and will tell me how I need or should do things even after I have told her that we are different and do things different. But rather than get upset about it or say anything anymore I have learned to ignore her when she starts. It's just not worth it to me to get upset over minor things such as that and ruin the day. That's the way she is and I have accepted it because she will be that way till the day she dies, so...anyway, hope things go well with the Union. Will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers that all works out for the best.

Marti~we did buy for V's dad, step-mom and his mom but his mom passed away the year we were married and of course we are not a part of his dad & step-moms life any longer. I do try to get friends a little something but other than that we don't buy for a lot of people. There was a time I did, of course that was when we had the family together. I used to cook but with my family in AR they can't make it here so...Anyway, now you have me worried missy-I hope there is nothing serious wrong.

Angie~you made me think of my family and the way they treat us a little different, or at least the kids. They never liked the fact that I didn't marry a "white" guy so with the kids being part Choctaw they didn't care much for that-oh well. I didn't marry to please them. The same with DH#1's family. They never had much to do with us because he married a "white" woman and always made a point of mentioning it. Although, they still would come to family dinners and such when I invited them so it wasn't so bad, just didn't treat us like they did the rest of the family. People are funny to say the least.

Julie~I missed that show but really wanted to see it. Hopefully I will catch it next week. I would love to get on one of those shows. Hope you get to feeling better. Is there anyway you can back out of all the baking? Seems like a lot to do especially since you are not feeling well. Or maybe you could get some help with it.

Katy~DH is also Lutheran. I was raised and baptized Baptist but go where I feel at home. Right now that is the Catholic Church since DS#1 was baptized and became Catholic. Not sure why he choose the Catholic faith. I need to get out and start walking. The weather is perfect for it here now.

Susan~received your newsletter today but haven't had a chance to open it yet. I left it in the car to read while waiting on V. Did I send you my street address? I don't check the PO Box as often as we had everything changed over to our street address. DH has to close the PO Box because his name is on it as the main person and hasn't gotten to it yet. But when you receive the card I sent make note of our address. So how did you like your Excel class? Are you getting the hang of all that? I need to take the advanced Excel class to learn more.

Let's see...I can't remember who else posted on the other thread. So I will just say Hi to the rest of you ladies. Hope all is well with you. :wave:

Not much going on in my neck of the woods. Yesterday was another wasted day-I hate that. I couldn't wake up for the life of me. Had to force myself to get up and get going. I think it is the weather. Did manage to get the house vaccumed and last night went looking at more trucks for DS#2-he found one. Now we just need to get to the bank and get a loan. V was calling them today hoping they still had the paperwork and we'll go from there. Not sure what needs to be done but I am sure we will have to co-sign since DS doesn't have any credit. Today did my weekly shopping at wally world. Then DD and I were off to JC Penneys. I had ordered some crocheted throw pillows for my bed and a comforter and skirt for DS#2. I still need to get some curtains for his room also. So we were just looking around. Didn't really see anything that I couldn't live without except a big oversized sweat shirt. And that is about all I have for now.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful day!

10-21-2004, 07:13 PM

Thanks for the card!! I need to get an address book and put everyones info in there. I have envelopes all over my

Trying to find a health article and I am done with November's.

Having a hard time with Gaby, she is soooo active.....hard to keep up with her. She is at grandma's today.

I have another excel on Monday- they only offer 2 classes...I enjoy it- hope the second level will teach me some things I didn't know already.

anyway, better get back to work.....

10-21-2004, 07:45 PM
Brandon’s 6 month check up appointment is next Tuesday at 2:30pm. So we will see how long and how much he weighs! Plus he gets his next round of shots. (and hopefully they will give him a flu shot as well)

Ok….tell me what you all think of this. My hubby talked to his mom last night and asked her if he had gotten a flu shot yet. (here in MI, there is a shortage. So the high risk people are only allowed to get them. And by high risk, they mean babies 6 months to 23 months and senior citizens.) My FIL will be 70 years old, is on oxygen and can get sick very easily. And my MIL has NOT taken him to get a flu shot! I think her reasoning is that it costs too much money! At the most it costs about $17! There was a place not to far from where we live that was doing them for a new or gently used item to give to a homeless shelter!

Jana~ Well, he got the call this morning from them saying that they had to let him go due to poor work performance. He talked to the girl that called him to schedule an appointment with the Union Rep in the office, and she said that he had to go through the union office. Which is just that he is getting the run around again. He has to take his uniforms back other wise they will doc his pay. He earned a vacation time, two weeks, and they are not giving it to him! They are paying him for his personal day, but not his two weeks vacation that he earned! Yup I am a few days past when I was suppose to start. There is an office near us that does the WIC and all that. So Tommy is going to research into it tonight and then call them either tomorrow or Monday.

Marti~ Yup I have kept track of things. And to get even more into, if we did get pregnant, which it is looking like, then I will more then likely have a girl. Brandon was being stubborn until the u/s tech shook the heck out of my belly to wake him up. Then he opened his legs for us. I had a dream the night before that he was a boy and I could see all his parts out in the open, and I did. Let’s put it this way… cousin on Christmas Eve saw the u/s and said “great job Tommy! Man, is he hung!”

Cristi~ Thanks for the tidbits. I appreciate the prayers for us.

10-22-2004, 10:47 AM
Good morning ladies,

Susan - I bet Nana wants Rocky to be happy and will welcome your visit. How could she NOT like you?? Once she meets you, she'll know why he is so taken with you, hon. This is all getting to be so exciting!! Got the newsletters, and boy, you did a fantastic job!!!! I'm going to figure the points on the chowder recipe, because it sounds yummy.

Cristi - oops, you weren't supposed to see the other avatar, lol. I couldn't really tell what it looked like until it was there, and I didn't like it at all. But thanks for the kind words. I'd like to know more about the Choctaws! Neal and I help support an Indian reservation in Colorado, and I feel so badly about the way the Indians were/are treated! One of my assistants, when I worked outside the home, was a Blackfoot Indian, and she got a check every month from the tribe, which I think was cool. I sure hope your DS gets his truck. It will be nice for both of you, lol.

Mindee - since you asked, and speaking as a MIL myself, .... I'm thinking your MIL may not always mean things to be taken the wrong way and maybe you should give her the benefit of the doubt. If you look at things her way, and not take everything to heart and look for the good in her, everyone would be happier. She also needs to put some effort in understanding you - after all, when she belittles you, she's showing that she doesn't trust her own son's judgement in picking you for a spouse! Not good on her part!! She should trust Tommy's ability to find a good wife.... I get along well with Dale (SIL) and Gina (DS's S/O), but if I have a problem, we talk about it and get it resolved. Btw, unless FIL is mute, why hasn't he taken care of getting his flu shot himself? Even if he doesn't drive, I'm sure he knows someone else who does... maybe you could take him? So sorry about Tommy's job! Hope he finds something else real soon.

Hello to all the other Jaded Ladies and any lurkers. :wave:

Well, I guess you see I'm no longer "Jana". I got it changed since the original Jane hasn't been here for years. Also, got a ticker to help keep track of my weight loss in a fun way. Although I probably want to lose more than 100 pounds, I thought that would be a good start. Fun way, too.


10-22-2004, 11:15 AM
Good Morning ladies--

Jane--I tried to get the tracker to work for me yesterday and I had a time with it! What did you do to get it to show? As for your name.....wonder if they could change mine to Marti?? I haven't seen any Marti's anywhere on this site.

Mindee--Well I hope you have your girl this time around. Please let us know if you are or not expecting. That is exciting news!

Susan--As of today----10 more days to go!! :D Are you packed yet? I think I would have been packed and ready to leave as soon as I hung up the phone! :lol:

Cristi--Oh my...please don't worry about me. What's going on is a good thing. Just have to make sure everything is squared away before I tell you all. I'm trying to work on getting healthier and I just need to finally DO IT! But you're a sweetie for worrying.....but please don't, I'm fine. This weekend JCPenny's is having a great sale! Did yours have one? Jhanai is really wanting a coat for Christmas (a real purdy one, not a practical one) and I thought I might go there and check out the sale tomorrow while she's at her Halloween party.

Morning to the rest of you ladies.

Well, I'll be working my shift after today. 6-2:30. Just when I finally felt comfortable w/all the people on days! I'm liking the job more and some of the things that go on w/in the company is nice. They encourage you to volunteer and get involved. I went on their Intranet site and there was this one subject that caught my eye...."No one dies alone" they need volunteers for people who are terminally ill and have no family to sit and be w/them until they die.....that broke my heart. So I went to check the list to see if anyone volunteered and had seen that it was full! So glad. I don't know how hard that would be for me to volunteer for something like that but I do know that I wouldn't want to die alone!

Well that was sad...I better get ready for work....I don't have to leave for another hour but I like to relax, read the paper and drink coffee before I go.

You all have a great Friday!

10-22-2004, 12:16 PM
Okey doke - I'm trying out the Ticker factory - I just looks so cool!
Back later for individuals

I hope busy busy busy


10-22-2004, 01:43 PM
Marti - PM Suzanne or Jennifer to see if they will change your name. There was a "Marti", but she hasn't checked in since March, 2001.

10-22-2004, 03:45 PM
Good Morning- all your weight scale thingie!!! Totally cute. Can I have one?? *waaaaaaaa

You got the newsletter Jane??? Content lacks but it is the clip art and column placement that I am sooooooo proud been tinkering with publisher since June,,,,,I have a cute calender for November.
Leaving our resident reminders in monthly......residents seem to like

anyway....thanks :)

Not packed,.....I haven't had $$$ but I should get a check today and I get paid again in a week. Going to just buy some summer things. He dresses in shorts and t shirts most of the time....nothing fancy...
Though he says we can go to church in I will probably need a cute skirt.
Nana,,,,,,,lol....she is a lovely lady. Portugues??? can't spell it......and part French.
It will be fine....hope to meet his brothers and his brother in law lives next door.....his father is on a different island and his mom and sisters are in at the wedding......hehehe.....jk!!!

Though he was in tears last night when I shared my favorite scripture....the one on my signature,....."tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done"......he teared up and said he has been praying for a lady like me to come into his life.
He said he hadn't felt this much peace since his wife passed away. Which made me cry........ain't we a fun pair????


gotta go!!!!

10-22-2004, 05:03 PM
Just a quick Hi! :wave:

Had to jump on the band wagon with the weight tracker-love it! Now to jump on the band wagon and lose the weight! Anyway, spent so much time on that don't have time to post much. Have to go get V and then will be back at 4-I think-sometime tonight I will post I guess forgot we are going to the bank.

Take care ladies and hope everyone is having a great Friday!

10-22-2004, 07:16 PM
Jane~ I see that you are no longer “Jana.” BTW, thanks for the post card! Tommy saw it and goes “look it is me and you!” (when we were dating if we weren’t getting called Mork and Mindee, then we were getting called Mickey and Minnie) We even toyed with the idea of using Mickey and Minnie as our theme for our wedding. Thanks for the words about the situation. I will take them into heart and try to use them. Ok….now onto the issue of the flu shot. Turns out my GMIL hasn’t gotten one either. My FIL hasn’t gotten one yet because they only have one car. My MIL is due to retire in December, but has been on permanent layoff for about 2 weeks or so now. And she claims that getting him a flu shot is too much money, along with the waiting period. Brandon is going on Tuesday for his 6 month check up and I am just hoping that they have the flu shot for him!

On the job front, my BIL Rob, who works for Ford, and Tommy were talking earlier and Rob asked Tommy if he knew how to do programming. Tommy asked him what kind of programming and Rob said machines. So that is a possible job!

Marti~ Well, I took the test this morning and it was a negative. But I feel like crap! I ate a brownie and a glass of milk last night and I felt sick to my stomach. I ate egg salad for lunch and felt sick to my stomach. My back is hurting. So we shall see how things go from here!

10-22-2004, 08:57 PM
Good Evening Girls!!

Decided to get on here while I have some down time during my baking spree here!!! Jane: Thanks for the postcard, that was thoughtful...

Cristi: Thank you for the Halloween Card as well, I havent gotten around to much lately, but I hope to get my christmas cards out to you all!!!!

Went back to the doc today, she said that I have whats called ENDOMETRIOMA, not the same as endometriosis, but basically means the very early beginning stages of it.. The doc explained that because my TOM'S are very heavy that the blood is backing up and bits are planting themselves around my ovaries!!! She wants me to try birth control for a month and then go have another vaginal scope done to see if there's any improvement, if it's not any better than she said I will probably have to go have the laproscopic procedure done where they go in and remove them ...... I asked if this was a nother fork in our fertility road and she said it shouldnt be a problem for me to have children now, but it could be if I wait til later on in life....SO MORE WAITING I GUESS!!!
I just started baking an hour ago for the big shower tomorrow night, they offered to help, but I figured it would just aggravate me having more people in the kitchen, so Im just working at my own pace right now!! Doing some tonight and then I'll finish up tomorrow throughout the day!!!

Hope all is well with you all,

Mindee: I was reading about the whole MIL thing, I see how that can be a problem, in my opinion shes pretty selfish to not spend 17.00 on preventing something that could be a major sickness for your FIL!!! $17 is cheap , compared to what it could be if he doesnt have the shot!!!

Hello, to Jen, Jane, Marti, Shanna, Kathy, Sue, Angie, Cristi, Susan, RosieKate,and anyone else I may have forgotten


10-22-2004, 10:09 PM
Jane~yeppers, I got a peek at the avatar before you took it away. I thought it was nice. not sure I could tell you much about the Choctaw but ask away and I will try to answer. Ex-MIL, (I guess when you are widowed and remarried they are exes even though I am still in contact with them ???) she used to get a check but it was because she had some property in OK that the government was drilling on. Anyway, the kids have a card CDIB I think it is called, Certificate Degree Indian Blood or something like that. It tells the degree of Choctaw they are even though it is not correct as they are going by EX-MIL's family and since she was adopted by white people it is not correct. She is full blooded and her ex (ex-FIL) is half. His mom was white and his dad was full.

Mindee~I agree with Julie about FIL & MIL. $17 seems cheap compared to the costs it will be should FIL actually get the flu and it does seem selfish of her. I know the lines here are very long and they are running out before everyone gets the shot but they have been doing it daily at different grocery stores so that hopefully everyone that needs the shot will get one. I have never had one even when I could get the free working at the hospital. DS got one one time and got the flu so never got another.

Marti~well I am glad that there is nothing serious wrong-you had me worried. At least now you are on a regular schedule with your job. And I am sure in no time you will be comfortable with the others on this shift. I would enjoy volunteering but not sure I could sit with someone till they die. It is sad but I don't think I could handle it. Yeah, this JC Penney was having a big sale. DD and I looked around a little and of course after picking up the order at the catalog desk we did buy a sweat shirt and that was it. Didn't really see anything I NEEDED. But then I never really need anything. I would like to get a new coat also but again I don't need one. I am trying to focus on Christmas but it's not working! LOL

Julie~you are welcome for the card. I had them sitting on the counter for a while and then realized the other day that it was the 20th already and thought I better get them done and sent! I do hope everything goes well with you.

Susan~I finally got to your newsletters yesterday while waiting for V. Very good job girly! Have to agree with Jane about the clam chowder-it sounds so very delicious! I am definitely going to try that. You and Rocky sound like you will make a great couple! :love: And I know you are going to have the bestest time in HI! :) You too are welcome for the card.

We didn't get the loan at our bank for the truck for DS#2 which kind of p's me off. Last week the girl told him that they could only go this amount because of the mileage on that truck. So he tried to find another and did. Yesterday, she changed her story and said they can't loan us (we are co-signing since he has no credit) anything because they want a truck/car that has less than 100,000 miles on it which is hard to find on an older truck and he doesn't want a huge payment or a newer truck. Anyway, so we go to a different bank today when V got home and in 20 mns. she approved the loan-now what the heck is up with that? So next week we are closing our accounts at that bank and I hope they ask why we are closing the accounts. Anyway...he will get his truck tomorrow. :cp: Today DS#1 and I went to lunch-he has been taking me to lunch almost every week and then we go shopping. Nothing big, usually to the bookstore like today. Of course he was shopping not me but I did end up buying a box of Christmas cards! LOL :sssh: Like I need Christmas cards! The joke around here is I have enough to last till 2010! I don't really but they like to joke with me about it. I am as bad at buying Christmas cards as address labels! Wonder if they have a card and label anonymous-Hi I am Cristina and am addicted to buying Christmas cards and address labels...LOL :blah: :blah: :blah: just blabbing away. Anyway...

Hope everyone is fine and had a wonderful day! See ya :wave:

10-22-2004, 11:34 PM
A quick hello to all.....I'm in the process of trying to come up w/an idea for dinner.....spaghetti maybe????

Susan---to join the ticker parade we got going on here......just go to the Tickerfactory and play around. It's free! And make sure you put your Starting weight and've lost so much!

Everyone else...sorry I'm not doing individuals, just wanted to pop in and say that I did check out the convention poll and posted. It would be fun. Who knows if I were able to go or not, but it would be fun anyway!

I will pop in tomorrow when I have more to make some dinner!

10-23-2004, 12:12 AM
Cristi - just have to say thank you for the card, and you'll never guess what?? I bought the exact same ones, lol, and they are in the mail! Great minds think alike, right? LOL!! Thanks again, Cristi! Btw, you've lost more weight! Good for you!!

Susan - you can just click on anyone else's ticker to get there.... you for sure need one with all the weight you've lost!

Marti - I thoroughly enjoyed our phone conversation today! Hope you had a good day at work. TGIF, right?

Mindee - so glad you are open-minded about the things I mentioned about your MIL. But she really should get the shot for FIL!!

Julie - well at least now you know what's going on with the baby thing! What a relief, huh? And you are a very good friend to do all that baking!

If I make 75 pounds lost tomorrow, I'll post a pic of what I'm rewarding myself with... a little bling-bling! ;) Well, I picked it out, but my sweetie picked up the tab. He has been so very supportive!

See you tomorrow!

da fat n da furious
10-23-2004, 01:17 AM
Hello Ladies
Ahhh another week down for football...are you all sick of me saying football? Cause Im sick of saying it. My friends said they felt like football widows,,,told them we would have had to been married and well since Im already married that wouldn't of
I love the tickers you all have,,,gonna have to go and get me a ticker...*grin

Julie, I had the beginning stages of endro, which I guess is what you now have, and the pill does help. But last year I had an abalation, and omg has changed my life around. But since you are wanting to children you really can't, even thou some r. out there will say you can still get pregnant after. But after youve had your children and are still having heavy periods think about an abalation. If this tells you how much Ive changed, in the first 10 months after surgery I have used the same amount of pads as I would of used in one periods before surgery. I can't use tampons,,,not heavy enough...ahhhh I have to go for blood work to check my iron, and will find out how much higher its gone up.
Cristi thank you for the card,,,tomorrow I plan to do some errands, was going to go yesterday but we had a snowy slippery icy day,,,great day for a movie and a nap which is what I did.....*smile So I am hoping I find myself at Hallmark and then Linen and Things to buy more *fresh picked cotton and fresh cut flowers* for my mom and me.
Well need to get some sleep, this cold weather is killing me, Im cold and tired all the time....

10-23-2004, 08:24 AM
Good morning ladies!

Angie - no, I never get sick of anything you say! I love to know what's going on in your and the kids' lives. I had no idea your weather was so severe! When you mentioned snow, I was thinking some softly falling flakes that didn't really stick, and ice never entered the picture! Come visit me in Indiana where the nights are 50ish, and the days are 70ish. Good sleeping weather!

Well, as you can see, I already ditched my ticker. I lost 2 1/4 pounds this week (and last), and the darn thing rounded it up to 77 pounds gone! I like accuracy too much to do that..... Anyway, peek in at the thread where I posted a picture of my 75 pound reward, if you have a minute.

Hope all the Jaded Ladies have a good day! BBL,

10-23-2004, 11:21 AM
Jane - Thanks for the sweet to take the time when I know you were having sucha great time. Congrats on the loss and you reward looks very bling bling, dahling.....Got me thinking of setting some kind of reward for myself to motivate me to get to the next level. Maybe a those. Didn't know you were Lutheran - weren't you checking out new churches awhile back? Our church is ELCA Lutheran - a little different than Missoui Synod. I was raised and baptised in a Regular Baptist congregation, but had a rather ugly parting of the ways when I was a teen and my parents divorced. Went unaffiliated for 25 years, but now am very happy to be in a church family again

Cristi - Thanks for the Halloween card - so sweet, really getting me into the spirit here - DD turns 3 on Halloween and we are going to be busy. Glad you got your truck. Thought about you as I was researching Honda Pilots...though I know you were looking at different SUVS. I'm not much of an SUV person, but I am even less of a minivan person so when we have to move up to something with more seats, the Pilot looks really good. I think it is really wonderful of you to support your DS by going to Mass.

Julie - You are going to be so happy you looked into this while you were young. What you have sounds like what I had and it took around 2 years to get pregnant with DS. I wanted my first by the time I was 30, and was almost 32 when he was born - so we weren't too far off. But infertility sucks - there's no two ways around that one. The good news - the laparoscopy fixed it and it wasn't too terrible procedure, The other good news - carrying and giving birth to my son apparently "re-set" my system and after I recovered from it all, the problems went away. Getting pregnant with DD was a piece of cake. Whoever heard of a woman's fertility improving as she got older?! Well, there you go -

Wish I had more time for individuals but you are all in my thoughts - Have a great weekend

10-23-2004, 01:37 PM
Morning everyone!!

Hey...did you see???? I'm Marti now! Not MNJ! (which wasn't too bad since it stood for Marti-N-James!)

Can't do individuals at the moment.....but I wanted to congratulate Jane for losing another 2 1/4 pounds!! Amazing!

I didn't do the weight loss on the ticker...I have it only as my weight. It seemed better that way.

Ok....must get my errands done. I will try to pop in later when I more time.

Enjoy your Saturday!!

da fat n da furious
10-23-2004, 01:43 PM
Good morning ladies,
Congrats Jane, so tomorrow you can bring back the ticker when you have officially lost 77 lbs?
I was so tired last night I didn't take the time to wash Tan's fish skins ( really thin material that keeps the warmth in and the sweat out, and he wears this under his equipment) And of course part of it is black the other part is white so,,,,the timing is bad. Tanner is standing by the washer waiting,,,,lol ooo great time to teach him how to do laundry...ahhh gotta love that!
Tanner's agent contacted us to say she entered him in a audition for a western. Great another thing to add to my weekend...*sigh

house is a mess,,,arghhhh
on a happy note I joined the gym nearby.
gotta run Brandon has a open house at the college he wants to attend next year and has to email his buddy....
talk with you all later

10-23-2004, 07:42 PM
Hi Ladies~

Angie~for some reason I was thinking Brandon was younger-didn't realize he would be attending college next year. I too didn't realize you were having such bad weather. I can deal with the snow but I hate the ice-really scares me to drive on it. Although, for the most part the city keeps the main streets clear, even through our subdivision. I dread the winter. WTG on joining the gym! I would love to but am a little shy about doing so by myself. Oh, and I too never tire or get sick of anything you say. I enjoy hearing about you and the kids.

Jane~well, CONGRATULATION'S on your loss and your reward! They are gorgeous and you totally deserve it! :cp: :bravo: To be honest I don't know if I lost weight or not. I actually lost track of it and hadn't weighed in I don't know how long. Just haven't been motivated.

Katy~that must be fun (Leigh's BD on Halloween). Always thought it would be cool to have a BD fall on a holiday. The Honda Pilots are nice, our realtor had one and they are nice.

Marti~gee, all you ladies changing your names. I kind of wish I would have just left mine at Cristi04-may ask them to change it again but since asking already I don't know. Cristi04 was easier than the one now and I was used to it and still type it in. Hope you are getting all your errands done. Is Jhanai's party tonight? Can't remember :dunno: I hope she has/had a good time.

Mindee~love your new avatar! So CUTE!!!

Julie~hope you are not exhausted from all that baking!

Hi to everyone else!

Busy day today for me. Got up early to go take DS to get his truck and sign the final papers. Had to return a book to the library, which was overdue, oops! Then me and Vince went to a Log Cabin/Home Show and had lunch. It was just nice to spend some time with him. It was a little different than the last one we went to which was a Garden/Home Show and had more landscaping stuff. Of course we walked through the mobile homes, not sure what they call them now days, Modular Homes??? :dunno: Anyway, they were really nice. Then home to get the laundry done, oh joy. Didn't get much of anything done this morning before leaving. Anywhooooooo...hope everyone is having a great Saturday. Take care ladies and have a good weekend! See ya :wave:

da fat n da furious
10-23-2004, 08:59 PM
In the midst of a blizzard Tanner played his was big fluffy snowflakes that tickled the nose....
Brandon even came and watched the game. Then they both auditioned for Going West.
Not much else is happening,,,just thawing out.

10-24-2004, 12:10 AM
Happy Saturday night Jaded Ladies! I hope you all had a wonderful day today. I did a load of laundry and cleaned 2 bathrooms, fixed dinner and cleaned up after that. Other than that I was pretty lazy as it was rainy and dreary most of the day. I finished the book I was reading but didn't start the next one yet. Thought I better get up and move some first so DH and I went out for a walk when the rain stopped. It really was quite warm after the wind died down.
I am still in the process of getting clothes ready for winter and have a huge bag for Goodwill in my trunk. I need to weed out the shoes now and I will be done.
Someone asked about me mentioning our traveling.(was it you Marti?) We have a winter place in Las Vegas and will be going out there in Nov. We will come home for 2 weeks in Dec. and then go back out until April. Fun,fun,fun. I do have a computer there, so I can still keep up on the Jaded Ladies!
Okay you guys changing your names or "handles." Don't confuse me..I am getting old you know. j/k I can't change my name...I am just Sue and not creative enough to come up with anything clever.
Don't mention snow! Oh no. I am hoping to get away from here before it snows as I hate being cold.
Sorry I haven't done individuals lately. I am so lazy.

BUT..Jane, thanks for the postcard that was so thoughtful of you. I am glad you had a wonderful family time. I think family is the most important thing in life. All types of families, may be a huge tribe or a family of two, but equally important.

da fat n da furious
10-24-2004, 12:33 PM
Good Sunday morning Ladies,

I almost slept around the clock last night, crawled into my warm bed around 8 watched Standing Tall (The Rock) and after that crashed,,,woke up 9 am,,,and Im still yawning! It looks ccccold I have theatre today and will have to leave my snug lil nest...

Something Monte asked me,,,Do you only get hot flashes during menopause? I answer yes,,,his reply darn can't wait for you to keep us both warm at night...cause our husky here (points to Skittles) isn't doing the job.

I watched my next play on dvd the other morning, Iolanthe.
I promised my friend Becky I would go over and chunk up her hair, large streaks.

Here we go with the football stuff now, Tanner's team lost 32 to 49 yesterday to the Kodiaks, hes a Colt. It got pretty nasty, Brandon (his first time watching a game) looks at me and asks when the brawling actually starts. I do believe in fair play and yesterday the other team were doing some not so fair playing, ok whatever. But the parents on our team just wigged out, screaming at the refs, yelling out you loser, and other pretty bad stuff. I was appalled. I felt that the coaches were the only ones who should address the refs in their own way. Well the Kodiak parents then started yelling back at our Colts parents and if you can just imagine. Some of the other Colt parents looked over at me to see what we should do, I was Shut up and watch your child play a GAME. if the Kodiak feel the need to do some bad moves it shows we are a threat to them, it will eventually catch up to them. Brandon was "well said mom", I thought so too.

Well I should get showered and out the house...brrrrr

10-24-2004, 01:49 PM
Good morning ladies~

Not much going on of course since the day has barely gotten started. Didn't make it to Mass just feeling a little crappy. Okay, not feeling crappy, actually had a good night. Just have a kink in my left should that I can't seem to pop out on my own or with V's help-just a little bit irritating. Oh well that is what the chiro is for. Today is just going to be a lazy day for me, to an extent anyway. Will do a couple loads of laundry and get that finished up. Started yesterday when we got home but didn't get too much done. Two loads were washed & dried but not folded. V is working in the kitchen on another project so trying to stay out of there because he is using some stinky crap on the counter. Always working on project is putting in wood floors on the whole main floor. Will probably wait till after Christmas for that though. speaking of Christmas...has anyone started Christmas shopping yet? DS started and I don't want to think about it but know I need to. Have been looking outside to see how we will decorate. Will be going to have our Christmas portrait done soon, with in the next week or so-need to make an appointment. Wish I could get the kids in it but they quit being in it a couple of years ago.. Anyhoo...think I will start The Notebook later, sounds like a good read.

Sue~that would be so cool to divide time between two places, especially Las Vegas!

Angie~I hated that when DS's played sports. I swear the parents were the worst especially this one guy and he didn't care who's kid it was. Of course he yelled more at his own kid which was horrible. Of course everyone wants to win but I think they forget that it is a game and it is supposed to be fun also. Soccer was the worst!

Jane~about the cards, I actually bought a bunch of different ones. I think I got two of several kinds.

Marti~hope you got all your errands done yesterday. I saw that you and Jane both were on when I was on yesterday, at different times of course but no one posted. Thought about going to the chat room but not sure if anyone goes there anymore.

Anyway ladies...hope everyone is having a nice Sunday. See ya :wave:

10-24-2004, 01:57 PM
Hello girls

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!!
I did make it through the baking, took me all night friday and from 6am til 3 yesterday to finish it all up... Luckily most of it got eaten , so it was worth all the baking!! Everyone seemed to enjoy it , so that made it worth me while a bit. Didnt step on the scale today because I know I havent been staying on track lately and I dont want to discourage myself anymore than I already am!!

Hopefully this week, I can get back into the swing of things!!! Just trying to spend today catching up on some schoolwork, because it really got neglected this week, with all my problems going on...

Jane: HOORAY on the loss, I know you are working hard on that!!! It's nice that DH supports your goal!!

Hello to Everyone else!!!


10-24-2004, 02:15 PM
Good Morning ladies--

How is everyone doing today? Well Jhanai had her little Halloween Party last night, she had lots of fun. I wanted to get some pictures but she didn't have her costume before we left (the woman having the party made it) and when I picked her up, her face was all smeared from bobbing for apples! She didn't want anything done to her hair (what!?) and so she was a simple vampire.

While Jhanai was at the party, James and I had 3-4hrs to spare so we went to the mall where JCPennys is...and went shopping. I bought myself a couple tops and a sweater and James.....well, lets say, he loves to shop and seeing a bunch of 50% off items went crazy! But at least now he has lots of shirts! Time to go back next sale and get him some pants! We spent over $100 on just shirts.....and the woman at the counter said we saved $140! So it was all good.

Cristi--I was on last night a few times...I had PM'd Suzanne about my password. I had no idea what it was and we have computers at the hospital that we can use and I thought maybe if no one was usisng one I could post.....but then I thought "What's my password?" :lol: So I kept checking in to see if she got my PM....she did and now I finally know my password again! Anyone else forget theirs? I was intending to start my Christmas shopping last night before James and I hit JCPennys....I kind of want to shop when I do'nt have to pick up Jhanai afterwards...that way she won't see the bags! Next weekend though. Oh---Thank you for the card! I got it yesterday in the mail. Jhanai is alway liking it when I get any mail from you girls.

Angie--Wrap yourself up warm girl! I had forgotten that Canada gets snow earlier than we do! Actually, for Oregon, we're lucky to get snow every year. It's always rain. But we do get snow every now and then, last year we had some. James and I went for a walk in it and the whole neighborhood was out as though we all had never seen the stuff......this was around 10:30 at it was a bit bizarre to see everyone that late.

Sue--Yep, it was me asking about the you're flying south for the winter?? :D My grandparents have neigbors who leave every winter for Arizona....they right after the holidays and come back in the Spring. The woman gets severe depression in the winter and doing this has made a huge difference. I'm glad that you have a computer there so you can keep in touch!! When do you leave?

Jane--I got your postcard yesterday. Jhanai got the mail and was excited that it came from Disney World. When do you get your 75lbs reward? That is such a lovely gift. Now, was this something you have wanted and thought of yourself or did your Honey say he would like to get your something and had you pick it out? It's beautiful! If I were to lose my 50lbs total, I will have to figure out what I would like to get myself!

Hello to the rest of the girls out there! I better get myself dressed. I have some more errands to run......I forgot to buy cat food yesterday! And I need to make a late breakfast.

You all have a great Sunday Morning!

10-24-2004, 02:17 PM
Julie--You snuck in a little post during my long novel! I'm glad that everyone enjoyed your desserts!!
Hope you get to have some time today to relax a little before you hit the books studying!

10-24-2004, 03:33 PM
Good Afternoon, ladies!!

Katy - yep, I was shopping for a church where the whole family could go to communion, since the Lutherans don't allow that. But when I did find a place, they didn't go anyway, so I said heck with it, and went back, lol.

Marti - yay!! So glad you've got your name, although, like you said, MNJ was special, too. Glad Jhanai had fun at the party! In past years, Neal and I have dressed up, but not for awhile. Now I wish I'd planned something!

Angie - wow, I'm so proud that you've joined a gym! I know I should do that, but think I wouldn't follow through! Hope one or both of your boys gets a part in the new play. When will they find out? Glad you took the high road at the game! I hate to see parents acting like idiots at any kids' sports events..... Btw, I never had hot flashes when I went through menopause. Your sweetie may be SOL!

Cristi - the Log Cabin/home show sounds like lots of fun! Yep, I've started my shopping, and really don't have that much more to go, since I'm only getting most of the family 1 gift and filling in with cash. Katie is the exception since she is still at home. And Neal, too, of course.

Sue - I've finally found someone to ask if they want all my too-big clothes. I approached a woman at church who I though they would fit, and said "I know my old clothes would be too big for you, but do you happen to know anyone who could use them?" She said they would fit her, and is happy about it, and so am I! I'm going to have a whole lot more storage in the shed, now that all those cantainers will be empty!

Julie - you gotta be so glad all the baking is over with! Was the shower nice? Get some rest this weekend, ok?

Jen - where are you???????

Hi to Susan, Shanna, Mindee, Kathy, Katiecat, Ellen, and anyone else reading this!

Thanks to everyone for the congrats for me reaching 75 pounds gone! I am wearing the bracelet and earrings now, with an emerald green top, gray slacks and gray dress shoes, for church today. Remember how I got the charms to represent different things for losing 50 pounds? And I got the gold and ruby bracelet for losing... was it 25? Anyway, different people have asked me what would be my reward for 75 pounds gone, within Neal's hearing. So then, in private, he asked what did I want for that goal... I told him I wasn't sure. So when we were shopping the other day, I saw these, and fell in love with them, so he ponied up the $$, and told me how proud he is of me! I am a lucky woman, because he has always bought me nice gifts, not just now that I am losing weight. He has been known to hide gifts in different places, such as under my pillow and even in the crisper drawer in the fridge, lol.

We're going to DS's in a few minutes to celebrate his birthday. Lots of birthdays in a row....


10-24-2004, 06:06 PM
Good Sunday!!! are getting jewelry for your weight loss??? I want some!! lol...That is REALLY super GREAT Jane....COngrats on 75 pounds gone :)
Soooooooo proud of you.

Heading home from church, service was really good. Missions Sunday and there was an awesome singer.

Clothes bought and going to borrow luggage tomorrow.....getting scared of a plane trip.....but,......blah-

better get

da fat n da furious
10-24-2004, 08:36 PM
Julie, you are such a good person, I would have given her the number of the local bakery and left at that. I was talking about this with the family and Brandon said he would have made alot of brownies and laced with exlax...*shudder to think of that.
Christi, love the e card you I have been in so much pain this past couple of weeks with my shoulder but my Dr said there really isn't much that can be done, other then the cortisone shots which Ive had,,,can't or shouldn't have much of that. I have started shopping for Christmas, I hate crowded malls, and start early so I can avoid it as much as possible. 2 more months till the big day....arghhh
Jane, give Neal a big hug from me and tell him keep up the great work..not that its work making you a happy
Marti, when will you see the costume? I wish we had a JCPenny here,,,,we have many great shops of course, very similar in some but a few differences.
Susan,,,a plane is safer then driving in a car. And if you don't feel that way,,,drink a couple of brown cows while in the plane and everything will seem JK

Well rehearsal was great,,,long but very productive. Becky's hair looks great,,,I did big chunks in here hair and shes happy.

Well better make dinner....

10-25-2004, 10:37 AM
Good Monday morning, Ladies!!

Susan - sweetie, listen to mama Jane here, ok? Just think of the hundreds of airplanes that take off and land safely every day, and that will maybe help put it into perspective for you. After some of the stuff you and Rocky both have been through, I feel certain God will see to it that you will get to Hawaii safe and sound. So don't worry, ok? When you get on the plane, make sure the air knob above your head is pointed at your face, full-force, and it will help prevent your ears from popping. Also, chew some gum. And take magazines. The reading material on planes is crap now.

Angie - glad Becky likes her hair! Maybe you missed your calling? Also glad the play rehearsal is going well.

Cristi - thanks for the e-card! The animals reminded me of the South Park kids, lol, and were just too funny!!

I got a PM from Ellen, and she said she isn't feeling her best right now, so she may not be posting for a little while. She'll still be reading what we have to say, though. So here's a big HELLO to you, Ellen, and I hope you're back in here soon!! Your Jaded family misses you!!

Hi to all the others, too!

DS's party was short and sweet. I had 1/2 of a piece (4.5 points!!) of his cake, which I baked and took. At his request, it was a Fruit Cocktail cake, and has icing like you have on a German Chocolate cake. You know, pecans and coconut. Mmmmm! DS and Gina were going to her mom and dad's to celebrate his BD, too, so we didn't hang around too long. Gina sure is sweet to my son, and I hope they get married soon.

I've got several errands to run today, including ordering Senior pictures. Plus, our apples are gone, so I want to stop by the orchard and get some crisp, fresh ones. Also going to Sears to look for an electric saw for Neal for Christmas.

What are your plans for the day?

10-25-2004, 12:59 PM
Just a quick HELLO to everyone!

Jane, what kind of Lutheran are you guys? Just curious because I don't know much about it except that DH is Lutheran and they do Communion at their church-they also decorate and celebrate Halloween. Isn't it funny how they can all be a little different? DS is a member of the Catholic Church around the corner from where we live but has been going to a different one the last few weeks just to try something different and they do things a little different, more traditional. Anyway, was just curious.

Angie, hope your shoulder gets to feeling better. I put ice on mine most of yesterday afternoon and when I went to bed and it is feeling lots better.

Susan~are you sure the nervousness is from thinking about flying or meeting Rocky in person??? ;) I'm not sure which one would make me more nervous. You will be fine I know you will. Take a lot of reading material and if possible a CD player-I think they let you have those on the plane, not sure. That definitely would take my mind of flying, music always helps and relaxes me.

Julie, glad to hear you got all the baking done.

Have a good day everyone!

See ya :wave:

10-25-2004, 06:10 PM
Cristi, we are Missouri synod Lutherans, and although we do communion, it is only for Lutherans, not everybody else. Btw, I was raised Catholic, but since I remarried without the church's blessing, I am no longer welcome to take the sacraments there.

Susan, you can take a discman or CD player, laptop, cell phone, and who knows what else on the plane. We took discmans (as well as some new coloring books and other stuff) for the 3 oldest grandkids on our trip to Disney World to help keep them occupied during the flight. The people in front of us had a portable DVD player.... I thought about taking my lap top, to watch movies if for no other reason, but didn't want to mess with it.

10-25-2004, 06:26 PM
omg!!! So, if I survive the plane trip I still have to face meeting him in person?? arghhhhh,,,,,lol

No, we talk about that. I get off the plane and head south , go down the escalator....and he will be waiting for me....
He said "just be yourself , that is what I love about you"......he is soooooo sweet to me.
He called at 4am his time just to say good morning because I had to leave early for excel....


gotta go.........sorry.....tons to do at work....

10-25-2004, 10:32 PM
I'm here, I'm here. I've been soooo busy. I'm not sure what I've been doing, but oh well. Such is life.

Anywhoooo.....The weekend was pretty busy. Went to bed early Friday night, slept 11 hrs! Cleaned all day Saturday, went out with dbf Sat night. Slept another 9 hrs! YIKES! Sunday watched football, and had to go find decorations for one of the managers at work. Her 60th b-day is tomorrow. We snuck into the office after hours tonight and decorated with streamers, signs, gags, etc. She's gonna hate us! I also baked her a cake. My first endeavor like this. I made 2 cakes, put them side by side on a cookie sheet. Rounded the top. Frosted it with gray frosting (eeeewwwww). I found a tracing of the grim reaper. Put that on it in black gel icing. Wrote "10-26-04" and under that her name "Lori". Now if a big gray tombstone cake with your name on it doesn't say "PARTY!" I don't know what does. :lol: I'm charging up my batteries for my digital camera, then I have to take a pic of this one! It's too much!!!

Since I slept so much over the weekend, do you think I could sleep last night? No way. I am so tired today. I'm glad it was busy at work today, or I never would have made it. I'm probably going to hit the sack very soon.

Susan - Oh, you are going to have such a good trip. How many more days??

Jane - I got the postcard you sent from Disney on Saturday. Thank you. It was such a nice thought. And it makes you seem like a real person, not just another "weirdo" on the 'puter! jk Congrats on your weight loss and jewelry. I've got to stay on-plan. This is getting ridiculous. I keep repeating in my head what you've written before, which do I want more, the cookie (cake, candy, whatever) now or the weight off. Simple, isn't it?

Cristi - Thanks for the Halloween card. Now you're a real person too! It was waiting for me Friday after work. That was nice, after a hard day to get a surprise in the mail, and it wasn't a bill!

Angie - Xmas shopping already? I really don't like to do that until there is at least some snow on the ground. Then I spend a whole day, shopping,'s so much fun. Boy, then do I really get on a roll! My grandmother is already starting to put out some xmas decorations around her house. Did I mention, she's getting a little strange???? Oh, wait, you already have snow!

Marti - Congrats on saving $140! Who cares how much you spent, right? It's what you saved that counts! I'm hoping that by the time I go xmas shopping, I'll about be at my goal, then I can buy for myself too. And then buy some more!

Well, I'm pooped and going to bed. ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..............


da fat n da furious
10-25-2004, 11:21 PM
Thanks for the reminder Jen, gee I would never of remembered the snow...*sigh on the ground ...*eyes rolling ,,such a big help. jk I seriously hate crowds, people pushing, tired kids crying and all that. I worked for years in the retail industry and I can't do it. So I snoop around now and find great bargains, and am able to FIND what I want now. And not end up in fistycuffs over a pair of socks another person grabbed at the same time as nothing worse then spending time in the slammer during Christmas...ha ha ha
Cristi, I put ice on it,,,infact Avon has a great strap thingy it has a place to put the ice pack. Bought one for Monte's knee too...
So does anyone else dress up during Halloween? I admit I like this holiday...the fun! Tanner and I are going to go rent my favorite Halloween movie, Hocus
Worked today, had a very cranky guy who swore at me, almost mad me cry,,,only cause I couldn't fight back...jerk!
I jinx myself, talking about how great IVe felt since my surgery last year...I started TOM again last night, I finished last Tuesday, and to be starting again isn't good. Talked with Monte this morning and almost broke down, I just can't see myself going throu the periods I used to have.

I told Monte that next year there won't be any theatre till spring, so I will have the fall and winter to enjoy whatever we are doing eg: football and I do want to help with a charity, picked it out already.

Well want to play a bit of solitaire then off to bed.

10-25-2004, 11:56 PM
Hiya ladies~

A little bored tonight so thought I would spend some time on the 'puter. Don't really have anything to say just wanted to see what's up with everyone else.

Jen, sounds like you had a busy weekend. Oooo, the cake sounds like fun!

Angie, you mentioned hot flashes...I know a few months ago when TOM was all messed up and I hadn't had one for 6 months the doc thought I was going through menopause. I was having the night sweats and hot flahes. Not bad but bad enough to make me uncomfortable and wake me up. Then I started the dreaded TOM and it has been goofy since and no more sweats or flashes. I will have to check out Avon-that strap thingy sounds like something I could use. Kind of hard trying to keep the ice on the shoulder unless I am laying down and then it still moves. I've not dressed up for Halloween in ages but for some reason was wanting to this year. I plan on sitting outside to greet the kids and thought it would be cool to be dressed up. Don't cherish the thought of the dog barking everytime the doorbell rings.

Susan, wow 4 am wake-up calls from Rocky-what a sweetie. So how many more days till the big day? I will be thinking of you and sending good vibes your way for a GREAT trip & visit! :goodvibes: :goodvibes: Don't do anything I wouldn't do! ;) :D

Okay, guess I best get going. I am feeling a little hungry, didn't eat dinner. I know I shouldn't skip meals but it is a little late to be eating. Too close to bedtime. Anyway, have a goodnight all!

da fat n da furious
10-26-2004, 12:46 AM
Cristi, I wasn't having hot flashes, Monte was hoping I would be right now, cause hes cold and wouldn't mind cuddling up to me if I hmmm its all about him eh?
The TOM thing was a problem about 9 years ago,,,it got out of hand and I would have it for up to 5 weeks at a time. And heavy. My iron became very low and almost was hospitalized,,,but instead to injections, which made me very sick. So I would take gravol before going get my shot then come home and sleep....horrible. The strap thing looks good, haven't gotten it yet,,,this week hopefully.

10-26-2004, 02:22 AM
Hello ladies...
Taking this quick moment at work (I'm on my dinner break) to say hello. I tried to post earlier this morning and lost it James went and did some stuff to our computer since it was bogging down with a bunch of it's all fixed, but just didn't have time to get on!

I don't have much time for individuals, since I had to figure out how to get online here at work. But once I get a hang of it all, I will try to post more.

I better go make my phone call home.

You all have a great night!

10-26-2004, 09:50 AM
Good Tuesday morning to you! :wave:

Let's see.... who's been here since I last checked in....

Cristi - hope your shoulder is feeling better! Bet you're hungry this morning! If I get busy and go much past my regular meal time, I get kind of faint feeling... maybe a blood sugar drop?

Susan - are you going to know which way is South? Maybe you should ask him "left" or "right". Sweetie, this man is going to love you!! Now supposing it lead to the altar, are all your Jaded friends invited to witness it?

Jen - have fun at Lori's party today! The cake sounds like a hoot, lol. Post pictures, ok? Thanks for the kind words.

Angie - Neal and I used to dress for Halloween, but living out here in the boonies, there isn't much reason. No parties, either. My sister and her DH put on green sweatshirts, painted a big "P" on the fronts, and circled their eyes with black stuff and went as Black-eyed Peas, lol.

Marti - I really miss seeing your posts! Glad you're figuring out the computer at work, maybe you can take a minute here or there to pop in. Btw, Chelsea found a pen pal off the 'net somewhere. Guess Jhanai and Dani are doing ok with it?

Ellen - hope you'll feel up to popping in soon.

Hi also to Katy, Kathy, Katiecat, Shanna, Sue, Mindee, Sam, & Julie!

Got some more Christmas presents bought yesterday, and plan to do more today. Also need to get some laundry done.


10-26-2004, 11:26 AM
Not much going on around here lately-where is everyone?? Well, I hope everyone is fine.

Jane, didn't wake up hungry at all for some reason. Maybe I have just had enough of eating, don't know but just didn't want anything when I fixed dinner.

Angie, I did remember that you weren't having hot flashes but mentioned that about Monte. Makes me think of V-the man is like a stinking furnace. He is always so hot. In the winter time I put a blanket just on my side of the bed because he gets too hot. And he still wears short sleeve t-shirts while I am in layers of clothes.

Marti, I too miss your posts.

Making a pot of chili today for dinner, just sounds so good with the weather what it is. DD and I are headed to see The Grudge later today. I am in the mood for a scary movie, just hope it is. Didn't make it to the show last week as planned but may go twice this week. Not sure with DS getting tickets for the symphony Saturday-I look so forward to that since I haven't been since leaving CA. I really need to get out more like I used to. Just get in a rut and don't want to do anything. Oh well...that's all I have for now.

Hope everyone has a good day today. :wave:

10-26-2004, 04:32 PM
Good day all. I see I haven't been here since Sat. Have been feeling poorly again. This time it is my ears and glands in my throat. I went to the Dr. and got medicne that I hope will fix me up. Since we are flying in two weeks I hope the ears quit hurting. Dr. said I have fluid and an infection. UGH!

I have been walking every day and other than the ears my body is feeling good. Now if I could just shed pounds. Why is that so darn hard? I once told DH that if I could quit smoking I could do anything. How little I knew about dieting at that time. Smoke free for 13 years.

Still cleaning closets and drawers, getting clothes in order and packing for our "migration."

Bought tons of candy for the little goblins, but don't plan to dress up. We usually have around 40 kids ring the bell. Thank goodness we don't have a dog to bark with every bell. lol

Hope to pop back on here later.

10-26-2004, 06:02 PM
Good Afternoon ladies!

Well I don't think I will risk posting at work......I tried logging off and it wouldn't let me for the longest time! I was getting frustrated. So as soon as I got home I changed my password to make sure it wouldn't get used. (call me paranoid)

I am now officially on nights (until I have to be trained for something else, but at least the next month or so is nights) Parking is easy and cheap!

James is making a roast right now.....mmmmmm....does it smell good!! What a sweet guy to make me a yummy dinner!

Sue--I need to buy some candy for the little neighbor tykes myself. But I'm waiting for the last minute since James tends to eat most of it!

Cristi--We are having PERFECT chili weather!! Soups and chilis are the best in the fall and winter. I think this weekend I'll make some hodgepodge soup! I better check out the movie thread...I've been wanting to see the looked interesting enough to go see. I'm really wanting to go see a Christmas movie.....wonder whats out right now.

Jane--Well I'm glad the little girl found a penpal. Jhanai was going to ask one of her friends, but since you told me that, I told her not to worry about it. Do you make Carameled Apples?? James and I were watching a show and he told me that he never had one. I thought WHAT?! how could you not go through childhood w/out trying just one! so now I think I may make some this weekend.

Angie--I finally saw Jhanai's costume when I picked her up from the party. I thought that I (someone who does't sew at all) could have done a better job, but Jhanai was thrilled to have her friends mom make one for her. As long as she was happy. I think she was pretty tame compared to what I had envisioned for her! Maybe once she gets older.....

Jen--You'll never guess what I talked James into.....going back to buy some more stuff! Can you believe that? Going tomorrow when we wake up. This time I plan to buy some clothes for Jhanai for Christmas. She is wanting clothes this toys. I told her that she needs more than clothes.......having figured out what yet though.

Susan--When you go on the plane and head to Hawaii....all us girls here will be sending "Good Flying" vibes your way so it will be a smooth ride for your first time. I will be thinking of you the whole time! Remind me again...what day is your take off day??

Hello to anyone I may have missed.

Well I wish I had more time to post, but I got to head to town and mail some bills. You all have a wonderful evening.

10-26-2004, 06:33 PM

I leave Tuesday at 8:30 in the morning Marti....get there at 4ish- his time.

He is 3 hours behind me so his 4am call is my 7 am he is sweet to do that- though he usually calls at 5:30 his time when he is getting up - which is 8:30 my time...blah-blah

and he will text me or call on his lunch break - plus at night he has free minutes after 9pm - his time- which is mid night my time-->and we talk til 3 am my time...which is going to have to stop because I really need sleep....

Have a prescription at Kaiser to pick up and trying to wrap this packing up.....

weighed in at 142 this morning..........*sigh*......drank a pepsi, now I am really

talk later

10-26-2004, 06:47 PM
Hiya... :wave:

Susan - I forgot to mention, if your luggage is black, PLEASE tie a bright piece of ribbon or yarn on the handle - about 8-9" long is good. We tied polka-dot ribbon on the plain black ones we had, but you wouldn't believe what a pain in the butt it was for others who didn't!

Cristi - chili sounds good! Ever notice that when 1 Jaded Lady mentions it, we all end up cooking it, lol. Think I'll make a pot of it soon.

Sue - I wish we did have trick-or-treaters out here, but all we get is the grandkids. In town, we'd have over 100, and it was fun!

Marti - did you ever find a treadmill you liked? I guess I missed what bargains you got, and where, but I'm still glad you got them, lol. Glad you're going to be on a certain shift now, so you can actually get into a routine.

I went to Evansville today and found a digital camera for Katie $20 cheaper than at our Walmart. Also got some books that were on her Christmas list, and found a sweater for me to wear on New Year's Eve. We're going to a club in town, and nobody dresses up in dresses or anything, just pants and a top. So I got a real soft pink sweater with a few "diamonds" sprinkled on it.... kind of festive, but not TOO much, and also feminine. Neal will like it on me, I know.


10-26-2004, 06:52 PM
Susan~your calls with Rocky sound like me and V before we met. I was living in AR at the time and he was in KS-not that far apart. Our longest conversation on the phone was 4 hours long and I am glad that that time it was his dime! LOL You are going to have the best time girly. Hey, I will take your 142 any day. You have done such an awesome job with your weight loss and are keeping it off. I don't think it is bad to go up and down a couple of pounds because you do stay on top of it.

Marti~Surviving Christmas is out with Ben Affleck. It looks funny and I hope that the parts they show on tv aren't the only funny parts. DD and I will see it next week. I haven't seen any previews for any other Christmas movies which seems kind of odd. Glad you are finally on a regular schedule. I can't believe James has never had a carmel apple! I love those things! Used to like candy apples but had a bad experience in Redondo Beach, CA. We used to go to the pier all the time, that was our favorite place, well one of the beaches...anyway. I got one and was trying to bite into the thing and the stick went right through the apple and stuck me in the lip-put a hole in it and it was bleeding terribly. I don't think I have had one since. Started eating the carmel apples because they are softer and watched out for the stick. You would think they would put dull sticks through them. must make James some/one.

Okay ladies I am outta here again. Have to go get my chili together now that the beans have cooked for three hours. I put my review of The Grudge on the movie thread-it was funny-to us anyway. TATA

Sue~hope you get to feeling better. We have tons of candy for the little goblins also-I just love to see the kiddies all dressed up. I am proud of myself because we bought the candy a few weeks ago and while I did open it I only had a bit of a smore to see what it taste like. I opened it because little miss skinny DD wanted some chocolate and I made her beg. I told her if I opened it I would get in it so didn't want to open it. She really did beg! LOL But I haven't had any of it. I am thinking about throwing something together for myself when I hand out candy-I know it is too late to find a costume. Or maybe next year.

10-26-2004, 06:56 PM
Hi Jane~you snuck in there while I was posting. Your sweater sounds so pretty! I love soft pink sweaters. Sounds like you and Marti are finding some great deals. I still don't want to think about Christmas shopping even though I need to. Yeah, with this weather chili sounded really good today and I need to get off here so I can get the rest of it together and let it simmer for another hour or so. See ya. :wave:

10-26-2004, 08:06 PM
Howdy! 2 days in a row! What gives???

Didn't do much today. Work was busy. Got a few remarks about the cake, "is that gray frosting?" But it was creative. I didn't even get a piece. I dropped it off at the agency office and spent the day at the hospital working. We had a 2 1/2 hr dept meeting. That really puts a time crunch on the day!

I'm looking very much to this weekend. We set the clocks back. Ahhh, an extra hour of sleep! I'm still so tired. Went to bed last night and couldn't sleep. Never fails.

Wanted to walk around the neighborhood and do some yard work tonight, but wouldn't you know it, it rained all day. I didn't think that was supposed to start until tomorrow. So much for plans.

Jane - Your sweater sounds nice. I'm not real big on pink though. I suppose it has nothing to do with my mom telling me for years "pink is for girls". Hello! What am I? How do I post a pic on a thread like you've done? I'll post the cake if a pic turns out.

Cristi - I made chili a couple weekends ago. It was yummy. Today is definately a good soup day. Cold and rainy. Hmmm, wonder what I've got in the cabinet. Did you like the Grudge? On my first date with dbf we saw Scream. I thought it was hilarious and laughed through the whole thing. He must've thought I was a maniac!

Susan - Less than one week! But who's counting?! I'm sure you aren't! lol Caffeine does the same thing to me, but so does sugar. Sometimes so much, I feel like my brain is tingling.

Marti - Oh you are something. Going shopping for more? Girl, you sure do spend your new paychecks don't you? I'm gonna feel like I've gone shopping when I can fit into my clothes again. My goal is 10 lbs by T-giving.

Sue - there are some nasty viruses going around at work. I was exposed over 2 weeks ago, so it looks like I'm pretty safe now. I quit smoking 7 1/2 yrs ago. I've said the same thing, I can do anything. Sometimes I wonder...

Angie - How much snow do you have? I try to find a day during the week, never on weekends, to do my shopping. Which reminds me, I should request a day in December then. Hope your feeling better soon.

Well, getting a migraine from all the rain and the computer screen. Guess I'll have to go rest on the couch!


10-26-2004, 08:47 PM
Hi All

Just wanted to drop in and say a quick hello!!!
Trying to catch up on some school work this week. I have a rotten cold so I havent been able to go work at the hospital yet this week for clinical!!

Same old stuff here, nothing much else going on!! Im trying to get back on track with my dieting... I also am looking forward to tomorrow. I joined this program called the Power Lunch Program, a bunch of us from the hospital, go every wednesday to a low income school near my work on our lunch hour , We are mentoring 6th grade students who have reading problems!! So tomorrow is our second meeting together where we are going to pick out the book we're going to start working on!! I know its only 1 day a week for an hour, but we hope it encourages them to get into reading more!! My child's name is Danny, he's a nice little boy!! So I look forward to that, cause I love helping the kids!

Hope all is well with everyone, and I'll check back later

10-27-2004, 09:50 AM
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