Support Groups - Desperate Housewives (Formerly Stay At Home Moms) #272

10-21-2004, 04:16 AM
Welcome all to a thread full of wonderful women taking on the responsibilty of raising a family and trying to take care of themselves too. We look forward to a new day with members, new and old! Please feel free to jump right in and say hello Here is a little bit about who we are ...

MichelleRae: Michelle sahm to Taylor 8-25-01 & Teagan 10-13-03 Married 2 years to Zhaun. Plan I'm following is a combined WW and South Beach Diet

Spryng: 24 y.o. married 6 years. Kids- Ava 4, Bubba (aka Joseph) 3 & Tanner 1. Currently on ww, hit goal in April.

Mompen: Penny 23 y.o. Happily Married & SAHM Momma to three active boys, Hunter 5, Nicholas 4 & Andrew 16 mo. Weight Watchers and a bit of South Beach is my way of life.

Loveliam: Leigh SAHM to Liam 10.21.03 & happily married for 2 years. Doing the Weight Watchers thing

Sydsmom: Kristin SAHM to Sydney 09-27-01, married almost 2 years to wonderful dh Began Weight watchers mid-July

Cheri: married to Donald for 8.5 years, SAHM/homeschooling momma to Nathan, 5 (9-11-98), Daniel, 3 (8-29-00) & Elijah, 1 (10-16-02) & doing the low carb thing kinda, lol

Cindi: Mom to 6 boys & 1 mean girl. Plan.. No diet for me! Portion control, exercise & lots of water (most days)

Chubba: Geri..Mom to two boys, Will (3) & Tony (1)..married for 4 years to a great guy..following Dr Phil most days!

Crystal: 27 yo sahm of 3 almost 4. Alisa 6, Ally 3, & Andrew 22 months. Due Feb 1st. Married 9 years, live in Texas & homeschool. My plan, when on it, counting calories & exercise.

Ricci sahm to two boys 4 and 5, married 7 years, doing ww

Jaymi: 2 kids, 20 mo Girl & 6 yo boy. Been married to DH for 2 years. WW Core Plan is my way of life.

Jill: SAHM of 1 daughter, Bayley, born 9/19/03. Currently trying to lose some of the baby weight I gained with her & need some extra support to help me do so.

Melissa: SAHM of 1 girl (4) and 1 boy (2). Currently watching what I eat and exercising 4-5days a week.

Deana: SAHM of 3 boys and 1 girl. Counting calories exercising, and drinking lots of water

Chris: SAHM of Tiana, Kayla and Nicole: ages 11, 5, and 2. Married for 5 years. I live in Billings, Montana. I'm a rheumatoid arthritis sufferer and trying using WW Flexpoints to lose weight.

10-21-2004, 04:31 AM
... I'd love to join this one! I'm definitely a desperate housewife :o

Elisa, part-time working mom of Sarah, 5. Household-challenged, computer addict :o ;)

10-21-2004, 08:16 AM
goodmorning ladies....

YEAH!!! RED SOX!!!! I am soooo tired from staying up to watch the ended at midnight here on the east coast.....but it was sooooooo worth it!!!!!

Anyway......thanks for the warm welcomes!! it may take me a while to figure out who is for the being chatty part......that is what I love! I am on this darn computer all the time!!!

Someone mentioned the step plan? what is that plan all about....sounds like it may be geared to the way I want to lose this weight.

Well this is day one for me.......this weeks goals are eating after 6pm.....I can do it!!

will check back later

10-21-2004, 08:18 AM
Thought I could come down here and catch up..but the boys are making noise in their know, when I want them to get up early...they don't! Grrrrrrrrr.

TOM is lurking...can you tell??? I'll be back...eventually. Maybe I'll even get to catch up at some point ;).

Love ya!

10-21-2004, 08:31 AM
ok, Michelle, I was confused for a brief moment on the name change Cute....I like it. I haven't gotten around to watching that show though. Remind me the day it's on...Sunday right? what time and station? thanks

Well, a good nights sleep does a body good! Heading to the gym to workout with the trainer. I would like to get there early so that I can get my cardio in first. Otherwise, I am too tired after an hour of slave driving to do it! I'm feeling good though. Not down any weight this week, but I know it's coming. I'll check in with you all later. Have a good one.

10-21-2004, 08:39 AM
:D :dizzy: :spin: :angel: :cb: :cp: :dancer: :flow2: :balloons: :cheer:

Yea Spryng on Dh's posistion! See the angels were looking out for you.. Maybe this is what you needed to boost your spirits. I am so happy for you. Also, you will get that job! Have a good one. I bet you couldn't sleep with all the excitement.

10-21-2004, 10:13 AM
Good Morning!!! man those weight loss tickers are awesome I'm gonna have to go get me one of them!

Hi Elisa welcome to the group!!

Kathy, I was so darn excited about the redsox I could have peed myself lol I was yippin and hollerin and this was while at work!! ;) I used to live in Mass so I'm a devoted fan!!

Geri TOM is lurking here too, he should be showing his ugly face any minute lol. Have you been drinking your water?

Spryng I must say again that I am so happy for you!!

Ok girls I'm so sick today My throat is killing me!!!! I wish I could have slept more but I was too uncomfortable! So I'm gonna go gargle and lay on the couch!

Love to all!

10-21-2004, 10:22 AM
Desperate Housewives...that definitely fits the bill! How are you all? This is just a fast post because I have to work. I'll check back later when I have more time.


10-21-2004, 10:24 AM
First of all, Welcome Elisa and Kathy!!! Kathy you sound like you really need support to get you there and that's what we are all about. I'm Crystal, 27 yo sahm of 3 and expecting #4, Allison, Feb. 1st. Alisa 6 yrs., Ally 3 yrs., and Andrew is 22, almost 23 months. I've been married for 9 years. I'll tell you with EVERY single one of my pregnancies, I got pregnant after losing anywhere from 15 to 25 pounds and not trying to get pregnant. Dh just got "fixed" so this is the last one for us. I homeschool my oldest daughter and we live in Texas. Please stick around because you will find that we are here wether you are on track or not. Elisa, we welcome anyone wether you're a sahm or not, if this is where you feel comfortable. So welcome ladies.

Spryng, I'm so excited for your dh. Now is this job less pay? Meaning do you HAVE to get that job for this to work for y'all? And I'm so glad it went well last night. Are you and Tanner feeling better?

Michelle, of course your girls like to play dress up. Alisa would play and play and play all the time if I kept play clothes here for her, she grew out of the ones we had. Girls LOVE doing that.

Leigh, glad everything went well yesterday. Now you're getting into the "fun" 2 year old stages, good luck, lol!!!

Deana, you do like to get involved in things, but take it from me, I don't get involved in nothing and I get bored, even with threee kids. That's why I'm excited about girl scouts.

Hello Jaymi, Jill, Penny, Geri, Cindi, Ricci, Chris, Mel and all you other sahm's out there. Hope you had a great night and have a great day.

Well, I slept okay, Andrew was stuffy, like most nights so we slept on the couch a few hours because he could breathe better. It wasn't the worst night I've had but definitely not the best either. He didn't go to bed until almost 1100 and my girls were in there awake until after 1000. I'm sick and tired of them all sharing a room, I'm trying to be a little more patient. Dh is starting some ground work and digging for the house this weekend so that will be the first sign of really building. I have to go to the bank today to pick up our house plans and open a construction account for the funds to be placed. Other than that I'll be home.
We went to some friends house last night, they just bought a new one and I hadn't seen it. It's only 5 minutes down the road. They fell into a GOOD GREAT WONDERFUL deal. They only have one little boy, he's 3 and this house is 2400 sq. ft. 4 bedrooms and an office, a huge kitchen with an island and a dining. French doors that go out to a huge porch from the dining, the office and the master bedroom. A mud room in the utility room, trees a barn. All hard wood floors except the bedrooms. The master bedroom is like as big as my whole house I think, really. It was so nice, they only had to finance like $100,000 for it. It was a deal with a friend and they had other land and there was a trade, long story, nonetheless, it is nice and BIG. Made me that much more anxious.
Well, all the kids are awake so I'll go for now. Have a great day.

10-21-2004, 10:37 AM
Liam is still asleep . . .

Deana- congrats on being Chariperson! I know it's probably a bit overwhelming, but I just know your boys will love that.

Spryng: !!!!! :cp: :cheer: :dancer: That's how excited I am the DH got that position! Awesome :D And I know you're going to get your job too . . . As for my plan- I was thinking it actually would be a really good plan for maintaintence, not merely losing weight. Anyway, here is a link to the book on Amazon, BUT, the most thorough review I've found is on 3fatchicks homepage here:

Michelle- wow! THe Redsox thing is pretty incredible. I do not follow sports much, but of course know all about the Curse, etc. How did you get to be a Redsox fan? I'm glad I'm not the only one acting like a little kid over Liam's Birthday :lol: Oh I can't wait to see pictures of the girls in their costumes - we should all post pics of our kids dressed up for Halloween.

Jaymi- I know you'll be having better days starting NOW! :)

Elisa- welcome!!! It's great to meet you. I'm Leigh, SAHM to a one year old named Liam. I've been married for 2 1/2 years to a wonderful DH. I look forward to getting to know you . . . what weight loss plan are you using? This is the SAHM thread- Michelle is trying out a new name for it.

Kathy- I'm doing the step plan :) See my links for Spryng in this post (above) and that will tell you a lot more about the program. I like it a lot so far. The main author was in charge of a big study of people who lost 30 lbs or more and kept it off for more than 6 years - through the study, he discovered some basic principles for losing weight and keeping it off. Anyway, it's a very simple, common sense type plan of burn more caloies (walking) than you consume.

Hi, Geri! No, not evil TOM!

Melissa- have a great workout!

Okay, gotta get Liam dressed and all . . .

10-21-2004, 10:38 AM
oops- I took so long to write, I missed some of your posts, but I'll reply to them later :)

10-21-2004, 11:17 AM
Good morning all!

Well I woke up to some bad new today. FIL had eye surgery the day before yesterday and then today he woke up delusional, saying strange things and doing strange things so MIL rushed him to the ER. Well it turnes out he has a fever and extreme pressure behind that eye so now they are rushing him to Kansas City (where his eye doctor is) to relieve the pressure or they say he can go blind permanently. Pretty scary for them all right now. Poor guy has been through so much. I hope he is back to normal by the end of the day. So I'm waiting by my phone for news on that.
So today I'll be sticking around the house for the most part. I have to take those movies back later. Probably after dinner tonight. DH is on his way back from florida so I'll see him saturday. I'm happy about that. So today I want to finish up my laundry and do some deep cleaning in my living room because SIL is going to come over tomorrow and help me rearrange it. I'm so tired of where everything in there is right now. Maybe I'll even paint it... Hmmm... I'll have to think about that. My furniture is a dark green and my entertainment center is oak, what wall color would look good in there? Right now it's white and I hate white walls. Maybe a tan or beige or something? What would be an easy wall treatment? Crystal, maybe you can help me with this?

Leigh, those links didn't show up, can you post them again for me? Have a great day today with Liam!!!

Crystal, no DH's new job position is not less pay, it pays the same he is making now but he'll get more miles per week so he'll actually make more. So no, I won't need this other job for me but it has GREAT health insurance and it is really affordable so I really need the job for that if nothing else. DH's company has bad coverage and costs way too much for family coverage. Dh is hoping I don't get hired, lol.. but I am hoping I do, one for the insurance and 2. I just want a change. I've been at home for years now (not that I am complaining because I love it) but it would be nice to have a good paying job with great benefits that gives me an added sense of accomplishment, you know? I just feel it's time. But either way I will be happy. I want to at least give this job a real shot though if I'm hired. The first 8-12 weeks will be training so I'll be sitting in a classroom everyday learning all about the insurance policies and forms and such, which I was told is a breeze. You basically get paid to sit all day. Plus the day you start you instantly get insurance coverage, 4 weeks paid vacation! and sick days, etc. So it's a great company and I would feel lucky if they chose me. And Tanner still has a runny nose today but he didn't cough or anything all night long. I was so glad he slept well. I'm feeling great too so I guess I fought that cold off! I'm so glad.

Michelle, want to know an old remedy that gets rid of sore throats?? Cayenne pepper. You make a warm cup of water and add some cayenne pepper (the powder kind) and drink it. It will burn on the sore throat but everything it burns it heals and your sore throat will be gone by the end of the day. I hope you feel better soon and so happy about your team!!! I don't follow any baseball but I know how dh feels when his football team wins so I'm happy for you!

Mel, you are so right, lol... I did have a hard time falling asleep last night. I just kept thinking about the future and how bright everything looks right now. I am very excited even though I'm trying to contain it, lol. And desperate housewives comes on sunday on ABC but there will be an encore of the episode from last sunday on this saturday on ABC. So check it out and let us know what you think! I think it's a great show and the woman with the 4 kids always cracks me up because it's very realistic, lol. I always think of Geri when I see her, lol.

Geri, hope you have a great day! Please come post again soon!

Kathy, no eating after 6 pm is a great goal! What are you up today?

Welcome Elisa!! I'm Spryng, mother of 3 (4,3,1) been married for 6 years now. I am on weight watchers and hit my goal weight back in april and have since been trying to get to my personal goal weight. What plan are you on? I hope to get to know you better so post often if you can!

OK, I need to get off here and start getting around. TTYL!

10-21-2004, 11:47 AM
Hi ladies! Thank you so much for all the welcome messages!

I'm on The Fat Flush Plan by AnnLouise Gittleman. I've had a lot of success with it, not just with weight/inch loss, but my skin is clearer, my nails are stronger, my hair is nicer... sometimes it's hard to stick to it, but overall it's a pretty workable plan.

I'm trying to progress well and not cheat at all because at the end of November my husband will takle me to London for a shopping spree, and I'd like to be as close as possible to my goal weight/size by then!

10-21-2004, 11:51 AM
I'm back for a few mins I just downed half a bottle of nyquil....not really....sure tasted like it though Bleeeccchhhhh!!

Spryng Are you just so excited to have dh home at night now? I can't believe it!! You are going to be so busy now!!

Kristin are you preg or not? lol I didn't know if you had heard from TOM or not and I may have missed that post.

Penny where are you?

Chris have a good day at work!

Ok I'm gonna go pass out in a Nyquil induced stupor!
Love to you all!!


10-21-2004, 12:19 PM
Eeek! I'm such a space cadet LOL! Spryng and Kathy I left out the links to the diet info!!! Well, here it is . . . review of diet: and reviews on amazon:

And Spryng, the book comes with a pedometer, but it doesn't work very well. I have a pedometer I got at target that works extremely well (it was in the $12-$15 range - can't remember exactly). They explain in the book how to find the correct spot on your waistband for your pedometer - it's a bit different for everyone because it's based on your center of gravity. Anyway, you can test your McDonalds one out. The pedometer should be anywhere from 2 to 6 inches from your bellybutton. Walk about 10-20 steps and count them . . . check the pedometer - do this until you find the placement that counts your steps most accurately (the pedometer might be 1-3 steps off). Test the position by taking 20-50 steps - count your steps, check the pedometer and make sure it's really working well. I check mine periodically throughout the day as well just to make sure it's still accurately counting.

Michelle- Hope you're better soon. It seems like sickness is sweeping the country!

Chris- hope work goes well today.

Crystal- wow! That is a lot of space for just 3 people . . . sounds like a beautiful house though. I can tell how excited you are to get into the new place :)

Spryng- so sorry about FIL! My thoughts are with him and your family. I've never heard of the Cayenne pepper thing- I'll have to try it next time I have a sore throat.

Elisa- a shopping spree in London sounds like fun!

Okay - I have MORE laundry (I swear, it's insane. I told DH we need 3 washers and 3 dryers just to keep up around here). And I need to straighten up the kitchen too. Liam will be opening his gifts from us tonight rather than at his party. I guess I'll wait until mymother and sister get here, though.

10-21-2004, 12:45 PM
Hello again!

Ok, I was adding some new recipes to our mom's losing weight board and I wanted to run something by you all. Would any of you be interested in a recipe review each week?? We could pick one day a week (say friday for example) and go to the mom's losing weight board and pick out one new recipe to try (if you are on a different plan than those on that board just add your own new recipe there under the appropriate thread) then we all try our new recipe on then on the message board we can post how we liked it etc. What do you think?? I thought this would be a great way to try new things and to also give feedback on the recipes there. So let me know what you all think and we can start this next week.

Leigh, thanks for re-posting those links for me! I'm going to check into that today! I think it may be something I can do!

Michelle, yes I am excited about having dh home every night. The only problem is we are going to have to buy a second vehicle because if I get hired then he won't be able to drive the van back and forth to work and he really needs something better on fuel anyway. Which my van isn't, lol. But I know we can work all that out later.

Elisa, tell me more about this Fat Flush diet. Is it low fat?? What is a typical day like for you? Sounds very interesting. And a shopping spree in London!? That is an amazing reward!!! London is only something I'll ever dream about. :)

Ok, gonna get off here now. TTYL!

10-21-2004, 01:10 PM
LOL!! okay I am blonde, it took me a bit to figure out who the heck Tom was!! doh!

Mel: where or how do you find the time to work out with two little ones? do you have someone who can watch the kids or does your gym offer daycare??

Crystal: ugh I so hear you one kids sharing a two shared a room up until earlier this year....while it is better now that they are in separate rooms...I have a new problem.....since June my now 4 yr old has shown up in our room everysingle night....if I wake up I bring her back to her room and brace myself for the 30 minute fit....but usually I dont wake up!! so that kills any sort of you are building a new house or adding on?

Leigh: thanks for the links...I will check out that plan tonight! and happy birthday to your son!! what did you get him??

Spryng: wow! congrats on being at goal!! wow! any words of wisdom for those of us at the begining of the battle??
I am very sorry about your FIL, I hope he is doing well.

Well off to the pumkin patch is carving time this weekend. I am going to go out tomorrow and buy a scale......ours broke at the beginning of the summer and I KNOW I am heavier now and just dread getting one....but I need to see the small losses in order to keep you all plug your ears tomorrow morning as I am sure there willl be a loud scream coming from NH!!

Anway...will check in later.....have a good one!

10-21-2004, 01:17 PM
Good Morning Ladies!!!

Spryng: Oh My Goodness! I almost cried when I read your post about dh getting the position. I am sooooooo happy for you both! Still keeping my fingers crossed for you on your job. We would miss you terribly but we know you have to do what's best for you and your family. Hope fil is much better today. That's soooo scary. Keep us informed. Btw, I like the beige idea for the living room, or maybe an eggshell. Too dark will make the room look smaller. As far as wall treatment, what about a border half way up the wall? Glad Tanner slept better last night. Hopefully he'll feel better today. I would be interested in trying the review board, although I can't guarantee I would be able to each week, especially on a certain day because our schedule is different every week with dh's work and time I get home from scouts. But I'll give it a shot.

Leigh: Thank you for the congrats. I more or less brought up the subject and volunteered for it. The Cubmaster tried to talk me out of it a little, saying he didn't want me to get in too deep, but I just told him that my life pretty much revolves around scouting and I would be more than happy to do it. We had a lady that was going to do it last year and ducked out before anything was accomplished so it was a rough year. And this is something that needs to get started very soon so we can get the events scheduled and get the committees working them now. I am so sorry, I guess I got confused and thought Liam's birthday was today so HAPPY late BIRTHDAY LIAM!!!!!!!!! :hb: Sounds like your step plan is working great, keep it up!

Michelle: Hope you get to feeling better today. My ear is still stuffy but has been draining so hopefully that means it's getting better.

Crystal: Hope that Singulair starts working for Andrew so you can both rest better. Wow, what a house for 3 ppl. Wish I had one that size for 6 of us. Glad dh is going to get started this weekend. When is Alisa's girl scout meeting?

Elisa: Welcome to the thread. I'm Deana, sahm to Erik 16 (working on his Eagle Scout), Andrew 8 (Bear Cub, I am Asst. Leader), Matthew 7 (Wolf Cub, I am Leader) and Abby 4 (preschool 3 days a week). I am also now Committee Chairperson for the Pack of about 35 scouts and their families. Wow that looks like so much in print! :o On top of that I also act as Room Mother at school for all the parties they have. A trip to London to shop? Too Cool!!! :goodluck: with your plan. Be sure to check in often here, we chat quite alot and we are here to support you.

Kathy: Welcome as well. See above for who I am! :lol: (don't wanna type that again :) ) :goodluck: with your goals! I am losing my limiting calories, daily food log, atleast 100 oz of water a day and excercise. Be sure to check in often. And yes the little losses help keep the motivation going.

Chris: Hope you have a great day at work!!! How is Nichole feeling today, better I hope!

Ok, now I'm going to have to go get me one of those tickers too. They are so neat. And I think it will help with motivation as well because I will want to see the mark on the right so badly!

Today is Wolf cubs and I have a couple things to get ready for that so I'll check back in later.


10-21-2004, 01:21 PM
Hello all you desperate housewives out there!! LOL I thought that was super cute when I read it. Anyway yesterday was kind of a crazy day so even though I lurked a little I didn't have much time to post. I'm going to TRY and keep this one brief too since I need to get my butt to the gym. Anyway I have mostly been OP this week with the exception of Tuesday. I was soooooooooooo bad that day and it is showing up on the scale today. I peeked just too see how bad that damage has been and I was 3 pounds up!! So the goal for today is 100 oz of water or more and OP!! We'll see if I can get those 3 pounds off by tomorrow. I hate it when I sabotage myself like that. Oh well I am back on track now.

I have my crappy class tonight so I am NOT looking forward to it. However as soon as I get through it I will be off for the weekend already, this week went soooooooooooo fast!! Kind of good but kind of bad since my rough draft of my 15-20 page paper is due in less than 4 weeks!! AHHHHHHHH

Ok there was lots of news last night and today so I will try to address everyone.

Hi Elisa I'm Jill SAHM (desperate housewife LOL) to Bayley 13 months. I'm doing the WW CORE plan and exercising at the gym. I know you will love it here, these girls are great!

Hi Kathy great to have you too!! Stay with us and you will do great!!

Geri sorry about TOM :(

Mel have a great workout!!

Michelle YAY about the Red Sox!!! I can't wait to watch the View today since Star has to dress up as one of the guys and sing "center field" I'm going to crack up! I'm going to watch it at the gym while I am doing cardio, I just hope no one watches me since I will probably be laughing! LOL I'm going to go get one of those tickers too I think. Hope school is going well for you!

HAve fun at work Chris!

Crystal I was excited you like my suggestion for Allisons middle name. What did dh think? Cool about your friends house, that is awesome they got it for so cheap. People here in Oregon dont get houses that big for less than 350,000. That's why I will probably never have one! LOL

Leigh HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LIAM!!!! I was totally psyched about Bayleys party and nervous too! It's funny how we get when it comes to our little angels.

Spryng that is so exciting about dh!!!!! I read it last night and was so happy for you and then dh came in to see what I was excited about and he was reading your post and was like "oh that's cool he got a local route" I thought it was funny that he was excited too! I'm wishing you luck on that job too, it sounds soooooooooooo great. What will the kids do if you go to work, SIL? It would be great to have some extra money coming in, huh?

Ok I really need to get to the gym. Sorry if I missed anyone or any important posts but if I don't leave soon I won't go so I will TTYL!!!

10-21-2004, 01:36 PM
Jill, they did get a great deal on the house. Dh didn't care for Crystal as the middle name, but again said whatever I want. But I don't want to name it something that he doesn't like. So for now it's Allison...we'll figure the rest out later. At least I can refer to her as Allison and not the baby!!! Okay, make it through class tonight and you'll be free for a few days, just some motivation sent your way.

Deana, the next girl scout meeting is next Thursday. It'll be our first one.

Kathy, not only do I have two in one room, I have all three in one room. And with 3 twin beds, they're side by side so there's "she's hitting me", "she pulled my hair", etc. etc. etc. We are building a new home right in front of this one. This is a two bedroom, 1 bath, about 800 sq. ft. home and we're building a 2100 sq. ft home with 4 bedrooms and an office. 2 baths. So we're getting started this weekend, we're doing it all ourselves so it'll take a little longer, but be worth the savings. We're hoping to get into it end of March and the new baby, Allison will be about 8 weeks or so. ANyways, that's what we've been wanting for quite a while now and finally we're getting to do it. Sorry about your 4 yo, my 22 month old suffers from asthma and has never ever been a good sleeper. sometimes we have a good night but most of the time I get about 5 or 6 hours of sleep with many interruptions. Hope your finding it comfortable here.

Okay, just had lunch and dh is getting ready for a meeting so when he leaves we'll get naps, hopefully.

10-21-2004, 01:43 PM
Good morning.
Welcome Kathy and Elisa. I am Ricci (pronounced Ricki) sahm to two boys,Eric 6 and RJ 4. I am going to cosmotology school at night.
Spryng, congrats on your dh getting that job.
To all of you Red Sox fans, I am happy that they beat the yankees, and I will cheer for them......if the Cardinals lose tonight. :)
Well, all, my cousin ended up losing her baby. Her and her dh have been trying for 3 years. They had started the adoption paperwork, and then she found out she was pregnant. They are devestated. Just keep them in your thoughts.
Just so you all know, working on real people is much easier than manequins. It is alot of fun. Not much going on here. Eric's teacher told me the other day that she put his name in for the gifted program here. She says he's really smart, and needs more difficult work to do. Gotta work on that now. Have a great day.

10-21-2004, 01:51 PM
Hey All, nice to see everyone posting.....Where r u Penny? Funny, we are all changing our tickers.

Please note: My ticker is my challange by Thanksgiving. I have to lose 6lbs by then. I felt that ticker was cute for that!

Anyway, my workout was great. 25minutes of cardio and 1 hour of PT! I'd better see some what of a loss, but If I dont' I know it's muscle. I am watching what I eat and exercising daily. SHould be no problem at all!

Spryng, I am so sorry about your FIL. That's terrible. Please keep us posted and I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers!

Kathy, my dd has school 3 full days per week. So, I drop her off at 830 a.m. and head straight for the gym with ds. He goes in the nursery with all the other kids his age. It's a good time to go, because all the kids are under 3. The big kids are in school. DD does gymnastics there one day when she doesn't have school and the other dd goes in with ds to the nursery. They like it there, so that helps. It finally clicked in my head and I am going at it full force. I have hired a personal trainer and I am working my butt offf......I Glad you could join us!

JIll, sorry, you have that crummy class today! IM me later if ya see me. I haven't chatted with ya in a while.

Michelle, hope you feel better soon. Sore throats stink big time!

Leigh. Happy birthday again to Liam. What do you have planned for today? How many steps so far?

Deana, I had to get a new ticker too. They are soo cute!

HEy again Crystal. Did dh start on the house yet? you should take pics of the progress as it goes. Would be cool to see.

10-21-2004, 02:03 PM
Do you think my card has come in yet? HECK NO!!

Anyway, I have been working really hard at getting the kids on an evening routine and it's wearing me out. Whew! They are fighting me every step of the way!

Spryng, congrats on the job news for DH! How cool! Hope you get yours too!

Crystal, congrats on your girl. If I had to pick an a name, I'd go for the less common names, too. I like Amelia, Ansleigh, a friend has a girl named Annabeth...I love it. But I like Allison, too.

I'll be back, Christian just made a mess for me to clean

10-21-2004, 02:51 PM
HEy ladies a quick hello from me again....loved the new ticker site, so I got one! :) I am 2 lbs down this week! WHO-HOO! ;) Love the new name, it is so fun! :) I got offered a position at the Payless Shoes here about 2 blocks from my house! WHO-HOO! I am excited to have a fun job to get out of the house and make some money for x-mas......and I can stop tellinh everyone yes to watch their kids all the time! LOL! THat is why I was missing so far most of this week! :) I promise I will cathc up! I have to run about 5 places and then get the girl home for a nap, then I can come adn chit chat! I miss you guys!

just a few things real quick! :)
Spryng - I am so excited for you and your family. Like Deana, I about cried when I read it, you are have a such a wonderful all deseve the comforts that this job will bring! :) You can still call me anytime though about anything! that goes for all of you! If you call my cell phone, I'm telling ya, you will get a hold of me! LOL! Home phone is a different story..."stay at home mom" is a joke! I am the new at home mom! LOL, glad that we changed the name! Michelle - love your border around your name, and to answer you, no TOM, doctors visit is next, calling today,....I am going to demand them to do all the tests they can before just inducing a period, I want a blood test and a sonogram just to make sure nothing is wrong...I just found out that ectopic pregnancies are common in my family! Plus I am getting dizzy occasionally! so that is that! TO everyone else, I love you, and I will be back....I need to get my butt in gear today...a little while ago..without even thinking I ate a fun size snickers bar and just as i was chewing the last bite I Was like 'what in the h are you doing to yourself??" I guess old habits die hard! LOL! I"m learning though! :) Everyone have a great day! Love to you all! TTYL! :grouphug:

10-21-2004, 02:59 PM
Hi Ladies...

I am here, not sure if I am desperate or not.. :lol:

Just super busy getting everything ready for the trip.

Welcome to the new ladies :wave:

Congrats to dh on the job! WooHoo!

Hope everyone is having a great on plan day! Love to you lots!

Gonna go snag me one of those tickers....hehe!

Ps Jill, the hair is gettin done tomorrow! :)

10-21-2004, 03:13 PM
Hi all. Liam is kind of fussy today :( I think his tummy is bothering him, but I don't think he's coming down with anything. I'm pretty sure he ate something that doesn't quite agree with him. But right now he seems sleepy again, so maybe he'll get another nap in.

Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes!

Spryng- any news on your FIL yet?

Kathy, what kind of scale do you think you'll get - digital? Have fun finding one :lol: We got Liam a bunch of outer wear that he needs. An attacable stroller blanket, polar fleece jcket, hats, gloves, booties . . . I assume he'll get plenty of toys, etc. from the grandparents and friends.

Deana- it sounds like you have a strong commitment to the scouts- that's so nice! And Liam's Birthday is today. I changed my ticker last night because I had some free time (which is never guaranteed!).

Jill- what class do you have tonight? Sorry it's not good . . . do you like the topic for your paper? Hope you havee a good workout.

Crystal- the new house plans sound soooo nice! I kind of wish I could see the plans LOL.

Ricci- I'm so sorry about your cousin's baby! My thoughts are with her, her DH and your family :( I'm glad you're enjoying the hairstyling - I'd love to do that :D

Melissa- so far I have 1744 steps today. I usually count from 9am until 9pm. But I'm not sure about today because my family gets in around 9pm, so I may keep it on longer. I like your ticker!

Cindi- hope it wasn't too big of a mess LOL.

Okay, Liam's asleep, so I'm off to continue the never-ending-laundry . . .

10-21-2004, 03:16 PM
Kristin- :bravo: on the weight loss!!! And also on getting the job- is it only for the holidays? That will be nice to have extra money for the holidays.

Hi, Penny! I miss you :)

10-21-2004, 03:25 PM
Hey all back from the gym and wanted to pop in real quick and say hi. I haven't eaten yet today either which is not good since I felt yucky at the gym and didn't go full force like I wanted to. I think I will go make myself an omlet when I get done and then I need to get the chicken in the crock pot too. I also have some pants in the attic that I just remembered about and I know I will be able to fit them since I am in a 10 again finally! I am excited because they were my favorite pre-pregnancy jeans so I will be balancing chairs later to try and get to them. Wish me luck!! Ok I'm starving! TTYL

10-21-2004, 03:30 PM
Hi all, I'm up from what was hoping going to be a long nap. Less than 30 minutes I think, but Andrew's down.
I changed my ticker to make it more girly.
Leigh, I had posted the house plans once before but dh is working up some that are the same but more fulfilled, I think. When he's done I may post it on Moms Losing Weight site. But I'll let you all know. The house we visited last night had bookshelves built in EVERYWHERE and I loved them. So I've been looking around on our house plans for everywhere that there can be built in bookshelves.
Okay, I may walk to the mail box. TTYL

10-21-2004, 03:35 PM
Jill- get some food in you! Hey- if you find the jeans and put them on, you should post a pic of it :)

Crystal- ohhhhh! I absolutely LOVE built-in shelves. We really want those in our condo, but don't have the money to have them put in right now. It's one of our hopes for the future LOL.

10-21-2004, 04:11 PM
Hello again!

Boy you ladies have been chatty today :)
No real news on FIL yet. They are at KC so I should hear something soon. I really hope everything turns out fine. I'm so worried that me and dh are on such a great high right now with things working out for us that something tragic may happen and throw us off course. So I'm praying hard that FIL will get through this and recover fast.
My afternoon has been good though.

Crystal, built in bookshelves would be so neat!! I hope you are moving in your new house by march too. How exciting!

Jill, what kind of crockpot chicken are you making? did you get those pants down?? That is funny that your dh thought my dh's new job was great too, lol. It's not too local though, he'll be driving ALOT. I mean it'll be a 3 hr drive (round trip) just to get to work and get home everyday. So some nights if he's really tired he may stay in Olathe and I'm ok with that. At least I'll see him most of the week and every weekend! :)

Penny, come post again soon! We miss your long posts! What are you having done to your hair tomorrow?

Kristin, congrats on the 2#'s gone!! That is great! And I agree, forcer them into a blood test and sonogram, do NOT let them induce a period until you know 100% for sure there is no baby in there. That thought really scares me.

Cindi, so sorry that card still hasn't arrived. How frustrating. Did you call them? Has it even been sent out? How much longer can you go without it? I'm thinking about you!

Mel, great job at the gym!!! What a workout you got today!

Ricci, so sorry about your cousin. How terrible for them. I've never lost a baby but I can imagine the pain she must be in. I'll be thinking about her. You wanna come pratice on my hair? lol. I got a perm a week ago and I like it (most of the time) tell me the secrets to keeping the curls longer and when can I dye it?

Deana, if I got that job I would miss all of you terribly too. I mean I've been here for 3 years (almost) and this has been my only place to get support on anything really, including weightloss. So it will be weird to be gone and only get to post at night or on the weekends. I'm glad though we changed our name to desperate housewives so I don't feel guilty working full time and posting on a SAHM board, you know?

Kathy, the only real wisdom I have to share is this: don't ever give up!! No matter how many times you fall off the diet wagon, do not let one bad meal turn into 2.. then a few days, and then weeks. If you eat bad at lunch go right back to eating right at dinner and just keep moving forward. Don't ever give up. After years of battling my weight and yo-yo dieting I finally learned to just keep going, even after a huge binge. Just keep going and don't look back.

Ok, I need to find some recipes for meals this week so I'll TTYL!

10-21-2004, 05:40 PM
Happy birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Dear LIIIIAAAMMMMMMM!!!
Happy Birthday to Youuuuuuuu!! to you on your special day

10-21-2004, 06:20 PM
Deana, Deana, Deana, I Have A One Free Week At Curves Coupon. I Don't Know If Your's Will accept It, But I Could Send It To You If You Want It.

10-21-2004, 07:09 PM
I am once again struggling with kids and homework!! UGH!!

I am trying hard to do well eating, but it's hard when you have to eat what you got! I am trying not to let this little dilema get me down, but it ain't easy.

Welcome to the new CHICKS!!! We always need new chicks to keep things interesting! LOL!

I called about my card and they said to give it a couple more days, because they'd have to cancel it out and report it missing and then if it came later I couldn't use it...sigh!!! Maybe tomorrow!

At least tomorrow is pay day!!

Going to finish dinner!

Love to all!!

10-21-2004, 07:23 PM
Wow- this is like old times - the thread is really moving today. Well, DH and Liam are out getting Pizza. After dinner we'll head to the airport to get my mom and sis and then Liam can open his gifts. Unless he's asleep or too tired by then . . . in which case he can open them tomorrow. Oh! He sat facing forward in the car seat for the first time today and I got some cute pictures of his reaction - first surprise and then he began touching and investigating all the stuff he had never seen or had access to before!

Spryng- I hope you and DH are holding up okay with FIL's medical scare. I've been thinking of you guys all day.

Michelle- that's soooo sweet! Thank you :)

Hang in there, Cindi. I know it's so hard right now :( I'm thinking of you guys too!

Okay, I'm going back to the laundry. This is ridiculous. I feel like I've been cleaning nonstop and like I run a bed and breakfast LOL. But, the laundry is now all finished.

Angel Marie
10-21-2004, 07:32 PM
Hey girls.There is no way I can catch up on all that chatting you all have been doing.
Ecept to welcome Kathy and Elisa i'm Angel a SAHM of 4.Wanting to lose the rest of my baby weight.I've got about 11 pounds to go.Stay here and get all the support you'll need.The girls here are great.

Well I went to the doctor and guess what?I'm not going crazy :dizzy: .My thyroid is low.I knew something was wrong with me.I haven't felt good for about a month.I'm still drinking my water and trying to watch what I eat,but as far as exercising goes I haven't done it in about 5 or 6 days.I'm just tired all the time lately and my insides feel weriod.I can't wait to get my thyroid medicine then maybe i'll feel healthy again.
I was wondering if any of you girls have kids that try to be disrespectful and make you mad on purpose.My 8 year old daughter has been doing that lately.So, I took everything out of her room and all she has is a bed and her clothes.She's been in their fixing to start her 3rd week.It started out 2 weeks and she knows she can earn her way out but she'll get mad for no reason and be a smart mouth just to ill me so that adds on days.The problem is I don't think it's working for her she don't seem like she's getting it.I hear dr.Phil say do it as long as it takes but I don't know if she's learning anything.
I don't think she has a currency because all she has left is her clothes.Today she has done well she had attitude this morning before school but after school and at dinner she was perfect.So I give her journal and one of her babydolls back to her.She knows she can earn her way out of her room but sometimes I think she doesn't care if she comes out or not.So I was wondering what tactics all you girls use at home.I 've quit spanking a long time ago that never works anyway.So if there is anything ya'll think I could do i'll take any advice I can get.I'm at wits end with her and out of idea's.

10-21-2004, 07:34 PM
Okay !! Hey there ladies! :) yay!!! I am not rewarding myself with food for losing the weight! :) I am feeling so good lately! hehe..okay here is my extensive personal messages! LOL!

Spryng - I hear ya about the doc....I just got off the phone with her, and she wants to see me first thing monday morning at 9:45, and we will explore a lot of get some answers would be a good thing, at this point, I want to know whats up because I would like to have a baby soon, ya know?? well if you go back to work full time, what would you do with the kiddos? Do you have relatives that would take them or what?

Leigh - HAPPY B-DAY LIAM!!! :balloons: That is so nice about all your family there, I bet you all will have a great time! We want pictures!!! WE want pictures!!! LOL! :)

Crystal - sorry no nap! Hope you guys get the house started soon! I can't wait to see how it is all working out! How is Andrew doing today? Is the weather there nice? its like drizzley wet, and yucky and cold here...I hate that, if its going to rain...rain then! Don't just sprinkle barely enough to wipe off the windshield...and that is all it has been doing all day!!! Driving me crazy!

Chris - How is everyone doing?? Are you OP?

Cindi - I am sending some positive thoughts to you :) You will get through this! how are you feeling besides that! Is christian all better too?!

Michelle - I love your little blinkies! you are very good at that! Hope that you have a great evening at work! GGOOOOO RED SOX!!!!!!! :) :) :)

Kathy - Hi! :wave: I am Kristin mother of sydney, and am hopefully going to start working part time again on top of all my other things that I do each week! LOL! I am interested in that diet that you were talking about! I think it was you...the 'flush the fat" diet! that sounds good!

Elisa - Good to have you too! Post often so we can get to know you!!! :)

Geri - Maybe you have my TOM.....I never thought I would say this, but I want mine back! LOL! Not having one is stressing me out right now! LOL!

Melissa - thanks for the encouraging words earlier! :) Glad that you are only 6 pounds from your goal! YOU CAN DO IT!!! :)

Deana - You are a busy are doing so awesome too, I would love to see an updated pic of you! :)

Jill - YOu are so busy too! I think this time of year is so crazy! My planner is all writtne in every darn day! LOL!! EAT GIRL! you can't lose weight without nurishing your bosy darlin'! :)

Ricci - Sounds like you are doing so well! Glad that you are enjoying your career so much! What is next after school ? Full time job, or what!

Penny - How are you doing? Miss you lately! :) Are you enjoying the new clothes!? You deserve them! Are you still feeling that the medicine that the doc gave you is still helping?

well to all the rest of you! have a great evening! :) I am going to relax for a little while and wake up dd from the late nap! :) Talk to you all later!

10-21-2004, 07:34 PM
Happy Birthday Liam!!!!!!! :D

10-21-2004, 07:50 PM
Cindi, I hope that check comes for the weekend! I'm thinking of you!

Kristin. I am only 6 from my short-term goal. Not my final of course. Final is 145 or less. I am so glad you are feeling well! You go girl!

10-21-2004, 09:34 PM
Wow, I can barely keep up with you all! I left for about 6 hours and came back to this many posts. Scouts today was almost unbearable :( :dizzy: . I have 2 boys that jsut really test my ability to not spank them. I sometimes wonder if that's what they need at home. I do think alot of it is a need for attention and I try to give it to them but I have 5 others to take care of too. Atleast my biggest problem child is really trying to be better behaved. He was the second worst today instead of the worst. I started a behavior deal with them today. We made yarn necklaces with our Wolf logo on them and I will hand out beads at random during meetings and when they reach 20 beads they will get to reach in a grab bag. Then when all of them have earned 20, we will go do something fun like a movie or bowling, not sure yet. Geeeesh I hope this works :dizzy: .

MEL: YOU ARE AN ANGEL :angel: . I would love to have that coupon. Can you scan it or send me any info on it so I can call and ask if they will take it here? THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. If they will take it and you send it I should have you send it to dh so he can get it and give it to me for my birthday.....hehehe.

Spryng: Still thinking about fil. Hope all is well.

Jill: Hope class isn't too bad tonight. You have to eat girl!

Cindi: :crossed: about you ebt card coming tomorrow.

Crystal: Can't wait to see progress, for your sake ;) . I have built in bookshelves and that's where my computer is. They are about 10'wide by 8' high. I love them. Dh built them and our entertainment center. They are stained a dark walnut.

Ricci: Soooo sorry to hear about your cousin and baby. As far as Eric in the gifted program, I hope he gets in. Not sure how the program is there but I have my 8 yo in for his 2nd year and he LOVES it. My 7 yo was eligible but missed the IQ testing by 5% to get in. He can still try again next year. Have they sent you any papers yet? If you have any questions on the process, let me know.

Kristin: :bravo: on the job. :cheer: on the 2 pounds gone forever! Did you really have to say snickers? If I could have one that would be my choice. I would love to post an updated pic but my digital camera is not working. I have all the info to send it in on warranty, just haven't gotten that far yet. :o

Penny: We want pictures tomorrow of your hair. Hope you're getting everything done for the trip.

Leigh: Yes I do have a strong committment to scouting. My oldest joined when he was 8 and is now 16. I never was able to get really involved with him because I was still working then so now I don't want to miss out with the other 3.

Angel: I think I would have to agree with Dr. Phil, ride it out and if it doesn't seem to be having an impact on her, maybe take away certain privileges. Hopefully it will eventually get to her and she will work harder at earning her way out of the room. :goodluck: I only have older boys but I know girls can me een more moody. When my boys are like that I just warn them and it seems to work. They know when I mean business.

Well, dh called to let me know how things were going. He was bored today. He was supposed to shoot but it was too foggy this morning and they didn't go back to the range this afternoon. Tomorrow will be different so he will have fun then.

I feel so guilty tonight, even though I shouldn't. I still had 1020 calories for supper tonight so I had a whole hot meatloaf sandwich on wheat bread with mashed potatoes and gravy. Probably about 800 calories so I'm still short for the day but now I'm stuffed and won't even use them.

Well, it's still not close enough to bedtime to suit me and I'm tired. Gonna get off here and maybe read for a while.

Have a great night. See you all tomorrow.


10-21-2004, 09:57 PM
Hello everyone! How are you all today? I hope fine! I haven't exercised or anything yet today. But I will soon enough. Not at midnight this time though! Well anyways I don't have any time and I gotta go. But I will check back in with ya later!

10-21-2004, 10:28 PM
goodevening everyone..... just thought I would check in before bed........well my first day of the diet has SUCKED!!! I do so well during the day.....then my hubby, who works the night shift, leaves for work....and I lose it......I just finished a small bag of m+ms:(

UGH I cant believe how week I am!

are any of you evening snackers? if so, do you have suggestions as to how I can get thru the need to stuff my face at night??

going to bed early is out....this is my only "me" time I I like to stay!!!!

Angel Marie
10-21-2004, 10:44 PM
Thanks Deane-I was starting to think I was going about it the wrong way and thought maybe I was just being to hard on her.But today she has done well she earned a book and a doll back.I think she gives me a hard time just to see how far she can go with me because she is my stepdaughter.With my other kids all of them understand when I mean business all I have to do with them most of the time is warn them or make them sit on their beds for awhile.
Maybe she'll get the hang of how she's expected to act soon.I'm tired of having all of her things in my room.Plus I like to do things with her and I don't get to until she straightens up because I want her to understand that she can't talk back and be disrespectful just because she gets mad.I understand kids will get mad and it's healthy to a certain point but she needs to find a new way to vent it.Thanks again for the support.Wish you girls lived closer I need a babysitter every once in awhile. :lol:

I might just have to tell you girls my story one day.I know a couple of you have done that.It's a long.

Well-I'm going to get a long bath and get ready for bed.I'll check back in before I go to bed.

10-21-2004, 10:55 PM
Hi all,

Welcome newbies! Don't pay any attention to this post as I am in a pre-TOM bad eating depressed state these days :p .

Spryng...congrats to dh


Hi to everyone else.

I have been eating terribly as most of you know. I can't seem to get myself to stop. TOM is no excuse...neither are my kids (they're trying to drive me over the edge these last few days and believe me...with TOM so won't take all that much :lol: ). At work there is always food...everywhere. I have a terrible time just saying no. I'll come up with something...someday. I didn't even get a drink of water today until I heated my dinner in the microwave tonight. No time..busy work day. I still haven't finished that 20 oz bottle :( .

Well, I'm off to check my email then try to get Will to go to bed so I can fight with him tomorrow morning to wake up early to go to the sitters. Doesn't my life sound like fun lately? sure you want to work? Oh yes, you have those good kids :lol: ;) !

I work tomorrow, have something to do tomorrow night, then leaving town Sat morning with Mom to go to my cousin's wedding. I'll try to pop in Sunday sometime and catch up! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

10-22-2004, 12:41 AM
I'm sending out big hugs to everyone struggling to remain OP!! :grouphug: hang in there!! One day at a time just take it one day at a time!! Don't think long term, think okay this is my plan for today....and follow it, then do the same the next day and soon enough its just habit, but....look who is talking ;)

I'm still sick as a dog and hubby told me to call in sick but I can't do that, there is no one to cover me and I don't want to leave them high and dry!

I had a bad eating day today as well, comfort food....I always get like that when I'm sick. Feed a cold, starve a fever syndrome (or did I get that backwards) LOL at anyrate I was bad bad bad!!

Kathy, I do get hungry at night as well, especially since I work nights and by time I get home my dinner has been digested and I'm beginning to feel the hunger pangs, I drink 64 oz of water during a 5 hour shift to try and curb the pangs but I'm thinking of bringing a tupperware container of lemon wedges (I heard lemon in the water is a good appetite suppressant) One day at a time girly, try these for late night snacks, a piece of fruit, string cheese, a 100 calorie snack pack they have cookie varieties and crackers as well, a cup of bran flakes with 1/2 cup skim milk, a salad, a handfull (small) of nuts, plain popcorn with some butter buds or I can't believe its not butter spray...just a few thoughts.

Geri hang in there woman!! How is work going?

Penny where the heck are you??

Okay I'm at work so I should be working LOL, I'll talk to you all later!!

10-22-2004, 03:16 AM
Ummm just so you all know, I have been BAD today too!!! I don't know what is wrong with me!! I think I am just bored with what I have been eating. Anyway I need to go to bed but I just wanted to share that I have been bad too. Let's ALL try to be good tomorrow, K? Must be the dreary weather or something. I should be feeling good though cuz I got some pre-pregnancy clothes out of the attic and they ALL fit!!! I was so excited, they won't fit for long though if I don't get back on track. I am happy to say that I have made it to the gym 3 times this week, I will go tomorrow too. Ok enough rambling need to get to bed. TTYL!!

10-22-2004, 09:05 AM
Michelle...thanks:) hmmm those 100 calorie snack packs sounds interesting! I was trying though to get rid of evening snacking all together.....but am not sure if I can...I might be setting myself up for failure.....oh well today is a brand new day and hubby doesnt work tonight.

Jill: see, that is great, you are picking yourself up and back at it!! I need that type of motivation!! and AWESOME on fitting the pregrenancy clothes!!!!! that must feel great!!

Well just passing time waiting for my daughters bus to come and pick her up......I wish I could go for a walk with my 4 yr old...but alas it is hunting season here and we live in the woods basically......I hate driving down my street to see men with rifles.....I was a city girl so am still not used to that! so anyway...I dont dare go for walks on the paths in the is perfect weather and season for it too......

OKay....I am vowing to stick with it today!! my goals for today are:
NO snacking at all after 6pm
some form of exercise

have a great day all!! talk to you later!

10-22-2004, 09:15 AM
starting a new one...