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10-14-2004, 09:35 AM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We are a friendly group who share all the ups and downs of our daily lives... not just weight loss. Won't you join us?

10-14-2004, 10:00 AM
Good Thursday morning, ladies!

Marti - yep, we'll take lots of photos at Disney World! Oh, you're gonna love the smoothie maker! They are built differently than a blender and I wish I had bought one when they were on sale. Remember all the fruit smoothies I had last summer, lol? Hope you get some rest this weekend!

Katy - glad you're making progress with your arm in PT. Hey, you can always fly to Indiana and see me! I'd love to meet you, and all the JLs. I had to giggle about Miss Leigh's Lady Godiva routine, lol. What a cutie-pie! How're the classes going?

Cristi - yikes! Hope your arm is better after holding the phone for so long! About your friend Lourdes, if you aren't comfortable going around Thanksgiving, you could postpone it until a better time. I'm sure she would understand, and then you wouldn't have to worry about leaving during the holidays. Love her name, btw.

Sue - glad you got a good report on your MRI. That makes you breathe a sigh of relief, I imagine.

Angie - you want me to be crazy, immature and take lots of pictures? Well, sure! Why should I act any differently than any other day, lol!

Hi also to Mindee, Jen, Susan, Shanna, Ellen, Julie, Kathy, Katiecat, and anyone else reading this.

Yesterday I went to the bank (finally) for some traveler's cheques, called Tiffany Town Cars to confirm our ride from the airport in Orlando to the resort. Also called the resort to confirm some things with our rooms (4 of them!) and it's a good thing I did... the people at the front desk at Pop Century didn't have some of the info correct. This will save time when we check in. Also began to pack. The only thing I'm carrying onto the plane is my purse. That will give me 2 free hands for grandkids!

It's doubtful that I'll be able to post again before we take off.... so ...toodles! Look for a postcard from me..... love you guys!!!! :grouphug:

Leave the light on for me...

10-14-2004, 04:12 PM
Jana~ Have fun on your trip!!!!

10-14-2004, 05:58 PM
Hi Ladies~

Getting on later than usual today-better late than never though I guess. :) Not sure what the heck is going on but I was so tired. Took V to work this morning, came back had breakfast at 4:30 am and watched the end of a movie then passed out. I slept till noon! :yikes: What's funny is it actually felt good and I awoke very rested. Needless to say didn't get anything done. Had planned on going to the new Super Target to check it out and possibly buy a new crock pot. Forgot to look at Wal-Mart while there yesterday-DUH! Anyway...

Jane~have a safe and fun trip! Look forward to seeing photos when you guys get back. About Lourdes, she doesn't mind at all if I change the date. I told her Carrie and I are going to CA next summer and if I didn't make it to see her in Nov. then we definitely would get together then. Of course that is enough notice that she can work around her schedule and not actually schedule any work then. I wouldn't actually be gone for Thanksgiving but still it is too close to the Holidays I think. Right now though it is still up in the air but I have to let her know something by the end of Oct. I ment to mention, that I saw on the news about a recall on Dodge/Chrysler mini-vans, something to do with the air bag couldn't remember the year models but I thought of you and thought I would mention it. Apparently some people have been hurt by them going off and not by being in a wreck.

Marti~a smoothie maker would be so cool! I need to get one. I like to have one for breakfast sometimes and our blender is so stinking old I think they would be better made in a smoothie maker. How is work coming along?

Hi Mindee~what's up with you girly? How's little Brandon getting along? Learn anything new today? I love them when they are that age, learning and discovering new things all the time.

Angie~no it wouldn't be at Thanksgiving time although it would be nice if both families could get together. Her and her family are my family and vice versa. I have known her since our girls were 2 yrs. old and they will both be 21 in January. Their birthdays are 2 weeks apart. But I have spent loads and loads of time with her and her family as they have with us.

Sue~glad the MRI results were fine. Hopefully you never have to have another.

Okay, can't remember who else posted last on Chit Chat #82 but HI to everyone else! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. I am so enjoying this weather. It is a bit nippy with the wind but I love it! Take care ladies. See ya later :wave:

da fat n da furious
10-15-2004, 01:15 AM
Cristi, I drive a Dodge mini van.....can you find out what year?

da fat n da furious
10-15-2004, 01:31 AM
I wish I was with Jane and the family! Whos with me on this?

Katy does your DS love Star Wars? Was at Wally's today and was thinking of buying some yarn,,,I do know how to crochet, granny squares have nothing on me...can even do a *ribbon* affect for the trim, but can't follow a book if me life depended on it. What I know was taught to me hands on.

Crisit, a new Super Target? oooo would love to have one of them here. As for the crock pot love mine,,infact I have two, one small round great for veggies, and a huge oval great for roasts. I woke up early this morning and did some work on the scheduling for the theatre.
But wished I could of come home to take a nap. I had a brunch date with a couple of ladies from work then off to a nail appointment then to chase down a guy ,,, This guy has been avoiding getting handed is legal docs. CAme home took some advil,,,splitting headache,,,infact my whole body change. Went grocery shopping, did some banking, ate a egg sandwish at off to football.
I wanted to go shoe shopping and grab a Starbucks fancy hot drink and do NOTHING! Sleep or watch a movie....
Football was good tonight, Tanner was switched to the other side, so he won't have to deal with the bully. The kid who does is bigger and pushed back more then got pushed.
Well I need to get to bed. Should fold clothes but ahhh i can wait.

10-15-2004, 01:37 AM
Hello ladies… are you all doing?

Nothing really new around here. Still working on getting him to roll over. He will get as far as he can on his side on his own, but then his shoulders stop him and he ends up back on his back. We are also working on what looks like a mouthful of teeth. His bottom gums are really puffy and white, so any day now we will see some more teeth. The question of the day is just how many exactly?

Well, my lovely MIL is at it again! When Brandon was in the hospital in June, and I was worried for him and under my breath beating myself up, she was going around and telling everyone that I was the reason he was in there. She was telling everyone that it was because I was too lazy to get out of bed to take care of him. Needless to say, I am fuming and as far as I am concerned, he only has one grandma…..MY MOM! She has, any chance she can, made fun of/put down and God knows what else, about me or my mom. And frankly, I am GLAD that this year we are doing things with MY family. Because as far as I am concerned…..she doesn’t exist!

Oh and another thing. When Brandon was born and we got his hospital pictures. I made sure that my family got pictures and then I distributed the rest of the pictures on my hubby’s side. Well, we ran out before Tommy’s sister Kim and Tommy’s brother Tim could get one. His mom has been hanging that over our heads since we gave them out. Well, you know what….they are NOT getting any when I get Brandon’s pictures from my mom. My mom told me that she was getting Brandon’s pictures done, and they were NOT for my MIL. My MIL should consider herself lucky that I gave her new brag pictures.

Does all that make me sound like a real witch? (you know what word I wanted to put, but can’t) I am right, for thinking that? Am I doing the right thing?

Cristi~ I am doing good. I am right now in the beginning stages of trying to figure out how to make an animated siggy. So far, I am downloading a 30 day trial of Paint Shop Pro 9. Brandon is doing great! He is growing every day! Yesterday I put him on the floor in the middle of a blanket, and through the course of me eating my lunch and watching him, he almost made it to our fireplace. Thankfully it wasn’t on. But before he did all that moving around, he was licking the bottom of his Halloween Pooh’s foot. Then he picked up his Halloween Pooh and was talking/yelling/licking it.

10-15-2004, 10:57 AM
Good Morning ladies--

I'm not feeling to good this morning, and wasn't feeling good yesterday either, I may be coming down w/something. Seems like everyone at work is sick!

Just wanted to pop in and say good morning to you all and let you know that I'm thinking of you, not ignoring. Just don't feel good.

I will do individuals when I feel better.

Have a Great Weekend!

10-15-2004, 04:10 PM
Hi Ladies~

Angie~yes I am with you on being with Jane and family in FL. Wouldn't that be so much fun! I will find out about the mini-vans for some reason I am thinking it was the '96-2000 models but can't say for sure. I did manage to find a crock pot and one that the bowl comes out. I have a small one DS bought me a few years ago, but the pot doesn't come out and it was kind of a pain to clean. Since I found one cheap I also bought a smoothie maker. It's just a small one that makes an individual smoothie which is fine because I can keep it on the counter and I only make one at a time anyway. Glad Tanner doesn't have to play with the bully anymore.

Mindee~I don't think you are being a witch. Not sure what is up with some in-laws. I think what she is doing is wrong and I do know how you feel as we are on the outs with ours from all that went on. From day one they were idiots and I finally had enough. They were addressing me most of the time and so I addressed them which I always heard that the hubby should be the one to deal with them-oh well. Even after the way they carried on I still sent cards to them for the holidays because I don't hold grudges, but then the Aunt got a wild hair and thought she would start some more trouble. The thing is the whole family hates me and my kids and I haven't even met the ones who are starting the trouble. So DH had his say and that was that. You want to know what she had to say was the reason for all this nonsense? And what have I done? She said because "Her (meaning me) kids won't talk to us" He said what? That is all she had to say, which by the way is a lie. I haven't spoken to them at all and neither has DH, of course they don't speak to us either so...that was 2 years ago I believe. We don't see them as we are never invited to anything and they live about 1 1/2 hrs. away. Regardless of what I have done good to straighten things out it doesn't matter-good or bad they are going to talk so they can talk all they want. The way I see it, grandparents or not there is no need for the negativity in ones life-it's totally uncalled for. Families are supposed to pull together not divide one another. I think you have to do what is right for your family and not worry about what they are doing or saying otherwise it will drive you crazy. Anyway, I hope you figure out what to do about it and not let it drive you mad.

Marti~sorry to hear you aren't feeling so great. I know DS has a cold and missed school three nights this week. He had to go to work because he is the manager but school, as long as he gets his work turned in he is fine. And as long as he doesn't miss too many days. Anyway, you take care of yourself and get some rest.

A big HELLO to everyone else, Kathy, Katie, Katy, Julie, Jen, Shanna, Sue, Susan, Sam, Ellen and anyone I may have missed. I always feel like I have missed someone. Our group has grown so much it is hard to keep track some days.

Well, I made it to the super Target and must say it is nice. Being so used to buying groceries at Wal-Mart I forgot about it or I would have bought them there, maybe next week. It is nice and big and clean, so is Wal-Mart though. Also, had to go get my tags for my car this morning. Geez, what a hassle but it is taken care of. It was only a hassle because we didn't pay for the tags on the old car (they weren't expired yet) before trading it in and I have personlized tags that I wanted to keep. Can't wait to use the smoothie maker and crock pot. I'm like a little kid with a new toy-LOL Anyway, that's about all I have. Take care ladies and have a wonderful weekend! :wave:

10-15-2004, 07:32 PM
Just wanting to say hello.

Hope you ahve a safe trip Jane :)

Hope you feel better Marti :)

Busy. Payday, and bill paying comes and

Talked with my sweetie most every night,he calls me in the morning ...chatter, chatter...

17 days to go, not that I am counting --lol

he was talking and we lost connection. When it cleared he said " you probably didn't hear any of that??"
I said........." were saying when I get off the plane you will slip a diamond ring on my finger, propose marriage and all"...

I was joking...

but he said in a quite voice....."don't think I haven't thought about that".... romantic, what a sucker I am .

He is picking me up with his son that day. Plan to take time during the week to drive across to Kona and spend the night there with his son in tow of course.

getting excited,,,,,need to pack!!! lol

10-16-2004, 11:47 AM
Hey never fails, I'm gone for a few days, and it takes me and hour to read through everything and catch up!

Waaaaaaaaaaahhhh...I wanna be at Disneyworld with Jaaaaaannnnneeee! :stress: OK...I threw my little fit, but it didn't help. I'm still not at Disneyworld! *sigh* Oh well, I bet she's having a wonderful time with her family :D

We just printed out our Disneyland trip pics from our digital camera and I've been having a blast doing the scrapbook pages...I think I spent over $40 on Disney scrapbook paper and stickers and stuff, but it's so much fun...and it's like re-living the trip when we look through the pages. I can't wait to go back!

Susan, Rocky sounds like a really nice guy...I'm sure you'll be on pins and needles until you leave. It means a lot that you talked to someone else who met him in person and said they really like him. I think I told you that I met my husband on the internet, and we've been married 4 1/2 it certainly can happen :) Hope you have a wonderful trip!

Marti, Jhanai's costume should be fun to put together...I liked Angie's idea for teasing up Jhanai's hair and spraying it. I have really thick curly hair that won't behave, and I always wanted to tease it up and go as the Bride of Frankenstein, but never did. Tim and I got invited to a Halloween party, but I don't know if I can convince him to go -- he loves Halloween, but hates parties, especially if he won't know people there. But we thought about dressing up as a devil and an angel :devil: :angel: and going as a Conscience :lol: We like to get those pumpkin carving pattern books and carve up really elaborate pumpkins, and he makes this great hot spiced cider...

We usually go up to Apple Hill in the fall, and hoped to get our pumpkins and cider there, but there are terrible fires up there right now and the freeway is closed :( I don't think Apple Hill has been directly affected, but a lot of the surrounding area has.

It's been so smoky the last few days that it's been hard to breathe -- two days ago it was horrible...the sun was RED. We need rain, desperately, to help the firefighters and to clean out the air. The good news is that they seem to be getting the fires under control. I woke up about 6am this morning, and it was still dark and I could see Venus in the sky -- so maybe the air will be clearer today.

My latest crusade... :soap: Target has announced that they will not allow the Salvation Army bellringers in front of their stores this year -- to enforce their "no-solicitation" policy, and provide a "distraction-free shopping environment" for their customers. Shame on them! Maybe we need a little distraction from "buy buy buy spend spend spend" during this holiday season. A lot of families won't have a turkey on the table this season, or coats or shoes for their kids, or a couple of toys or a tree without the Salvation Army. They even have funds to help pay utility bills so people can keep their lights on or get them restored if they've been disconnected for non-payment. I tried writing a couple of letters to Target, and only got one canned "cookie-cutter" response so far. This year I'm writing a check to Salvation Army to make up for the change they won't be getting from me in front of Target, and I'm encouraging everyone I know to do the same...even if it's just a little bit, it would really help.

My 18 year old son has a learner's permit, and yesterday was the first day he'd ever driven my car (and only about his 4th time behind the wheel total), and his first time in "real" traffic -- before it's always been at night, and on neighborhood streets. He had just passed a large truck, so we could get in the left turn lane and go home, and I looked over at the speedometer and said, "Mike, that was fine, but you sped up when you passed him and need to slow it's about 45 on this stretch of road here," and I swear as soon as those words left my mouth, a cop pulled him over! Mike was polite and apologetic, we explained he'd never driven my car or in traffic before, showed the cop his learner's permit -- and the jerk still wrote him a ticket! :mad: That was really rotten. I'll take him to traffic court -- if he gets a fair judge :judge:, they will just dismiss it, but I told Mike worst case scenario, he'll have to pay the full fine, and pay for traffic school, but then it would be totally wiped off his record. Still, that's so unfair! grrrrrrrrr....

Anyway ladies...hello to all the rest of you! This is getting tooooooo long, and Tim just made coffee :coffee: Have a great day!

10-16-2004, 02:19 PM
Good Morning-

Weigh in at 141 pounds,........woooooohoooo

Volleyball game for Rebecca.

Tons to do!!! HI Katie :)

Thanks. I always liked him - he was always so sweet and funny. Cared about everyone.
Offered to send one member of our parents group money for medication that they needed - cause they had no insurance.....he is really a very kind man.
Can just tell that by talking with him and of course I respect the lady that actually met him.
She is a tough lady that takes karate lessons - independent as nails....but she gushes about him, what a sweet man and wonderful father he is...and I hear his son in the background...and he sounds like a doll...and the way they talk to each other is

anyway,,,,,,,,,,,,,I can't wait to meet him :)

better run....

10-16-2004, 02:44 PM
Merry Christmas Ladies.


Angie how are you enjoying the snow? We have about 2 feet of the white stuff here. No end in sight.

I want to be in Disneyworld too. Especially in the nice warm sunshine.

Katie, I will gladly join your crusade. The Salvation Army and Red Cross help out so many families that they need high traffic locations. Maybe we should start sending letters that if they can't stand there to get donations, the store should donate a large $ amount to make up for lost money.

Susan honey, I think that it would be in your best interest if I go first and check him out to make sure he is all right for you. I am sure that he can pay for 2 tickets :rofl: I'll start packing. Only 16 more sleeps.

Marti how are you feeling today? I hope that you are better. How is the Halloween costume coming along? Cole (just had his 2nd birthday in the 14th) will be riding in his first horse show on the 30th so we have to come up with a costume for him. Either Zorro King Arthur and we will dress up the horse also. What is the difference between a smoothie maker and a blender?

Mindee sorry about the MIL. Why was Brandon in the hospital? He certainly sounds like he is doing very well. How do I get to his website to see his pictures?

Cristina I am glad that you had a sleep in. You must have needed it. Target is trying to buy up a franchise in Canada so that we will have Target also to compete with wally world. Is Target a great store also? I don't know if it is Zellers or the Bay they are trying to buy. Angie do you know?

Hello to Ellen, Jen, Sam, Julie, Katy, Shanna, Sue, :wave:

We are in the process of buying our new acreage. We have agreed on a price and are waiting for a well flo test, and a compliance letter from the county to say all is well with the septic and then in one month we should be moving. I am so excited. So much to do in such a short time.

Well I must run and go and find some boxes and start packing.

Have a great Saturday. I will be envious of you all in your warm weather. Winter has hit us I am sad to say.


10-16-2004, 02:44 PM
AAAAAAAHHHH i don't like to be this long with coming in here to at least read and post a little. But I am still alive, ( barely) and kicking and screaming my way thru the endless weeks. The stress of school and homework and job hunting and feeling alone as definitely taken its toll on me. I have been sick for about two weeks now and am finally stopped coughing so much and my nose got tired of running, so it is resting finally. Now I am dealing with the exhaustion of being stressed all the time and not getting the sleep i need and just everything. I feel like the biggest idiot here, I don't know how many times I come home from school and just cry and even get misty at school with the frustration of feeling like a moron and that I will never get anything right. I swear i live at Lane community college. I have no life, no one to talk to and spend all my time doing homework, being by myself and sleeping. Not a fun life. I have an interview today with a place I don't want to work for, I just applied since it was in the paper. I don't know how I am going to add a part time job to my day. who knows when I will sleep now. Uggghhh.

I wish I was with jana on vacation. My boyfriends sister and here husband are on their way to Maui now, I am soo jealous, as is my sweetie. WE just feel the need to get away and we both don't have a break from school until the second week in December. WE both are so stressed of school and money troubles. Will this madness never end. LOL

Marti: Hope you are feeling better, haven't heard from you in a while, thought you may have dropped off the face of the earth or I have to come on here to here about your life. A sickness is going around, drink lots of green tea and take some zinc with vitamin c and keep hydrated and sleep and relax on the couch. Make your man take care of you.

Susan: Waaahhhh!! I want to weigh 141 pounds. I need some of that Portland water or something. hee hee

Katiecat: I wish i had kids or a halloween party to go to. I love halloween, my house it all decked out for the tricker treaters and I am dressing up my Baby boy cat for halloween and taking pictures with the decorations. Should be cute, I will share when I get the pictures. He is sooo cute in his Witches hat. I put it on my other cat never guessing she would actually keep it on or allow it. Me and my sweetie were laughing until tears were rolling down our faces because not only did she keep it on, but she was frozen. She was not moving until I took it off. HAA HA HA HA LOL I am with you with Target, that is BS, I don't really count that as solicitation, it is charity. I always give spare change to them, I mean I may be bad off and not be having a christmas this year because I don't have any money, but there are tons of people worse off than me. I better add Target to my list of Boycott places, right along with Petco, KFC, Iams, Emril Lagasse, etc. Targets are poopiheads. Harrumph!!!

Well, on a happy note, I have had a Hideous crivers license picture, just ask marti, that was when I was at my fattest when i was married to that bad abuser man and it has coused me embarrasment for years. I have been too lazy to get a new one, so I have had it for about 9 years and have had people laugh at it, my mom and boyfriend included and even people at the store or bar that I have to show my age. They also look at me and the picture a few times as if to say , this is you?? This doesn't lool like you. Well, after having two of the young little girls in my program see it and say it totally doesn't look like me and it was horrid and I should get another one, I finally did it. Probablt the only time I have been to the DMV and out in less than 10 minutes, some kind of miracle I am sure and something else to tell me that is what I needed to do. The two girls saw the new on and were raving about it, i still don't love it, but it looks much better and my face looks soooo slim. I am proud of that, but it must be a distorted pic because i swear my face looks fatter than that, but I am going to take it. LOL So that is the only good thing going on in my life now.
Well I hope this long thing make sup for being gone so long. Hi to every other Jaded lady that I missed in my novel. I am thinking of each and everyone of you every day, no fooling. I miss you all, Until next time.

10-16-2004, 03:58 PM
OOhh I can't keep up any more...

Just got back from soccer game, kids are screaming, shoulder is throbbing - and I need WAY more coffee. Good new, though, I took the kids to Burgerville for lunch after the game and I ordered the salmon salad - Yay. Usually I slip up and indulge in the Pepper Bacon Cheeseburger - and yes it is every bit as sinful as it sounds. I do that once or twice a year - it really tough when the Walla Walla Sweet Onion rings are in season - I'm doomed.

I ended up at urgent care last night in tears over my painful shoulder, the last two weeks of PT have been working on a different part of my shoulder and it just got to the point where I couldn't get my hands up to take off my shirt or even hold something in that hand without shooting pain down my arm. Well, the doc diagnosed me with impingement, I got a better anti- inflammatory and new exercises and was sent on my way. I'm not supposed to lift my daughter, :( don't know how I am going to eliminate that completely but I'll have to try. The constant pain is really starting wear on me -

I have to get - need to settle these kids down and I have to catch up on my class...
Susan - Not much longer.... I have several friends who have met their sweeties online and this situation sounds great - you've known him for along time via this parent group...the whole thing sounds very romantic

Shanna - you hang in there, winter break is closer than you think then you'll get a little break and can regroup. As far as the ID goes, at least clerks are still asking you for yours :dizzy: It's been so long since I was carded its emabrassing - not the sweet young thing I used to be.... :lol: So when you gonna post this gorgeous picture so we can all oohh and ahh?

Kathy - congrats on your new acreage - hope all the tests come back ok

Katiecat - I'm sure target is besieged about this so hopefullythey will change their stance. I'm right there with you on your crusade - I like Target, but not that'll be easy enough to stay away until they change.

Angie - my whole family loves Star Wars - and yes that means me ,too. My two year old was humming the theme song in car this very morning on the way home from the soccer game. We are hopeless nerds!

Cristina and Mindee - so sorry the ILs are so rough on you. I do think you both have set some real reasonable boundaries so what can you do? Some people just like to cause trouble. I'm afraid there are members of my family who would fall into this category, but I don't live in the same town and I don't get involved in any family dramas so my little immediate family manages to stay above the fray and on everyone's good side for the most part. I love my paternal grandmother very much, but she does like to stir the pot and admits up front she has never liked any of her SILs or DILs... Like I said, love her dearly - she's been a great grandma to me but I wouldn't want her for a MIL if my life depended on it.

Hello to anyone I missed! Hope everyone is having a great weekend

10-16-2004, 09:20 PM
Hello Gals!

Sorry it's been a bit, but I've had a rough week this week, so not much time to checkin with you all!!! Well where to begin, I've been having bad pelvic and back pain so I went to the doctors and now they are concerned that I have an ovary issue!!! So they gave me ibuprofen and I have to go for a vaginal scope procedure tuesday!!! It's just one thing after another with me!!!

As far as the "BABY" issue, we got some confusing news, we were under the impression that it was his testosterone, now they are saying his count reads normal, so its back to the drawing board, now they are suggesting a urologist....needless to say we are very discouraged right now!!! I'm actually giving thought about becoming a foster parent, but I dont know if we meet the qualifications here in Rhode Island, if we cant have our own,. we'd love to help a child that might need us, but who knows it could just be another let down!!!
As far as my dieting, I've really lost sight of it, between all of our health issues, Ihavent felt well enough to work out, or watch what Im eating...So Im getting a little disgusted with myself!!! Guess thats it for now, I hope all is well with you all.

Hi to , Jane. Marti, Jen, Kathy, Katie, Shanna, Angie, Cristina, Susan. Sue,and Mindee!!


10-17-2004, 12:17 AM
Good evening ladies~

Well, Ms Jane I hope you all are having a fantastic time at Disney World, which I know you are.

Katy~sorry to hear about your shoulder. I know mine gets pretty bad sometimes but ice and tylenol help. Of course I haven't taken anything stronger for it, just brave the pain when it gets bad. Hope yours gets to feeling better.

Susan~Rocky does sound like a sweetheart. And I know you can't wait to get down there. I had to go check out the place (Hilo) and boy, it is BEAUTIFUL!! I definitely want to come with you!

Kathy~keeping my fingers crossed that you guys get the property and the tests go well. :crossed: I love Target, but also like Wal-Mart too. But I usually do more shopping at Wal-Mart. You threw me when you said Merry Christmas! I was thinking I missed something. You guys really have an early winter there. We get some snow, not every year and I am hoping since we had snow the last two years we don't get any or much this winter. I love the snow as long as no one has to drive in it.

Katie~I am with you on your cause. Does this mean they won't have anything to do with the Salvation Army?? I wonder also if it is all Targets. I say that because Target has always collected toys for the Salvation Army. That would be awful. Although, they still have the tree in the mall where you can choose a child or two, or more to buy gifts for. We have done that.

Shanna~you poor thing, sending some ((((HUGS)))) your way. I wish there were some magic words to say to lessen the stress for you and DBF. How the heck did you manage to have a license for 9 years? We have to renew ours every 4 years, which now they are making it to where you have to take a test to renew-ick! I hate those tests.

Julie~I am so sorry to hear about the "baby" issue and having a bad week. Hope things get better for you. ((((HUGS)))) to you.

Anyway...HI to everyone else :wave:

Well, not a whole lot going on with me. But then that is a given on most days. LOL got my house cleaned today after we loaded V's truck with stuff to go to the dump. Then spent the rest of the day working in the garage building shelves and getting things organized. Thinking of planting bulbs tomorrow after Mass. Not sure but I think I need to get them planted sometime this week. Also, washed my car really good, armorall and all. So everything is at least clean, for now.

10-17-2004, 02:07 PM

We are also traveling over to Kona, the other side of the island --- for a night or 2.
With his son....very
His son is 10, lost his mother at 23 days old. I think I said that before.
Daddy has had one or two girlfriends before but Kris hated dad wasn't ready to pursue anything.....until now.......wooohooo..


I better get to church!! Just was going to add it wasn't him that said he had offered money for medical expenses to this one was her telling me.....and how sweet he was ....
It wouldn't be in it for him to brag about good deeds he was doing..........he has a huge heart....

gotta go!!

da fat n da furious
10-17-2004, 08:38 PM
Hello Ladies
Kathy I hate snow! We didnt' get near as much as you all did up north. But its BRRRR cold here. So cold I froze this morning at football. We were on the road at 7 am for his first game. Took a good 2 hours after the game for my butt to thaw.
The Bay owns Zellers, Fields, and will be taking over Target in Canada, from what I hear they will make a few Zellers into Targets.
Congrats on the acreage!

Susan, I wish I was going there! Im cold and need warmth....

Katy, I love Star Wars too, and can hum the theme song...I used to be in figure skating and did a solo with the song.

Julie, I watched Dr. Phil the other day about older kids needing adoptive parents.

Well I am so tired right now I can't stop yawning, I almost fell asleep during rehearsal today.

10-17-2004, 09:07 PM
Been busy around here! Lots of chatting away.

Been feeling better but tired. And James & I have so much organizing and cleaning to do that, that is what we've been doing all day.

Wanted to pop in and say hi to you all and tell you that I will post tomorrow and do individuals. Hope you're having a great weekend.

until tomorrow.....

10-18-2004, 11:13 AM
Good Morning ladies--

So much has been going on over the weekend, I will try my best to get everyone during my individuals!

Cristina--Super Target?! Now that would be something interesting for around here. The Wal-mart here in my town is remodeling and adding groceries.....but IMO, it's nothing close to being a super wal-mart! For one, the didn't expand the building in anyway...just rearranged the place (made it more cramped) and added a few coolers w/food. Now what was the point of all that? Not enough to do any grocery shopping, so I think it's all a waste of time.

Susan--I also checked out the place and you're going to have the time of your life! I'm so excited for you! I envy you and all the others who are taking off for vacation! I hope you have the time of your life and that this will be the time that you will never forget! Take pictures!! Don't forget that camera of yours!

Katiecat--I can't believe that they won't have Salvation Army bellringers near your target! (I'm sure it's w/every Target store) but that has always been one of my favorite parts of the holidays. Making sure I make a donation and hearing the bells ringing....puts you in the holiday mood. At least for me. Sorry to hear about your son getting a ticket! That cop must have been in a sour mood to give out a ticket rather than a warning.

Kathy--I'm not sure how Jhanai's costume is coming along.....I haven't asked. Her friends mother is making it for her. I don't know that family so I don't talk w/them. I have her this weekend coming up (which is the party) and I'm excited to do her hair and outfit. I will get some photos and make sure I share. As for the blender and smothie maker...I have no idea what the difference is....all I know is, if I won it.....that would just be one more item that I would have to find a place for in my kitchen! :lol:

Shanna--I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling so stressed out. Where was this job interview at?? I hope things get better for you and that everything starts to ease up. I can't even begin to imagine trying to work and go to school. I say that to all the students that work at they do it is beyond me. Every break I see them head to the office to do homework....what kind of break is that? Keeping my fingers crossed that things get better for you.

Julie--My fingers are crossed for you as well about the baby situation. I've never had that issue so I have no idea what you're going through, but my thoughts are w/you and hoping that you two will have your baby.

Angie--You guys have snow already? Is that normal this time of year? I have no idea what the weather is like in Canada....I just assume that the entire world is soaked in rain like Oregon is. It's suppose to rain all week here! James has to work in it so he's not too thrilled about that. I hate driving in it when other drivers don't think to slow down when there is lots of standing water on the parts of the freeway!

Good morning to all the other ladies....I know I didn't get you all, I got all that I was able to scroll back to and apologies...I really need to hit the showers, I heard on the news that there is some traffic issues on both sides of the freeway somewhere, so I need to leave early to make sure I find an alternative route. Not sure if it will be in my driving area, but it doesn't hurt to make sure I'm not stuck in it! I guess a three tractor trailer was hit by a one tractor trailer.......that has got to be a big mess! I go. You all take care and I will keep in touch more now that I'm feeling better.

Have a great Monday morning!

10-18-2004, 03:13 PM
Did everyone go off with Jane and family?? Kind of quiet around here since she left. Anyhoo...HAPPY MONDAY TO ALL!

Didn't have much to say yesterday so didn't post but I thought of you all. Went to Mass, the later one (11:30) and to a different church that DS seems to like better. I'm not so sure about. I am used to the one close to home and even though the service is just a bit longer I like to hear witty Father Mike. He is not so boring and stern. He tries to make it fun, or parts of it anyway. I guess Saturday I did something to my foot when I was washing my car, not sure what as I didn't feel anything then. But Saturday evening it was hurting as it was yesterday and a little today. So yesterday I tried to stay off my feet after Mass. It seems to have helped a little. Needless to say I didn't get my bulbs planted. That is definitely on my 'To Do' list for this week. As for today, getting my laundry done and straightening the house-so glad I cleaned it Saturday so not much to do there. I'm glad the weekend weather was gorgeous. We were outside most of Saturday well into the evening. Of course now we are supposed to be getting some thunderstorms tomorrow & Wed. But then the weather changes everyday so who knows.

Susan~so are you counting down the days 'til HI? So what is right this time for Rocky and dating? Or did he just decide that Kris is at an age where he can better accept him having someone special in his life? Dating gets kind of tricky when kids are involved, but you already know that.

Angie~I remember those days of early games with the kids, or late ones when we lived in the desert. Boy, in the fall/winter it got really cold-brrrrr! Of course the wind didn't help. I would wear layers of clothes and take hot tea. Still would have to go to the car and warm up and then head back out.

Marti~I know what you mean about people driving in the rain. I swear it seems that they speed more when it's raining. That's what they did at the one Target that is by the mall-they didn't expand the building but just rearranged things and added freezers to accomadate some food. They don't have everything a grocery store has but a little. I guess they thought they should try to add the groceries so they don't lose their business to the Super Target. I don't think it is as big as Wal-Mart. Maybe Wal-Mart seems bigger because of the Garden Dept. which the super Target doesn't have. Anyway, glad to hear you are feeling better.

A big HI to everyone else. :wave:

That's about all I have for now ladies. Hope everyone has a great day! Take care. :grouphug:

10-18-2004, 07:10 PM
pssssst - finally got those newsletters off in the mail!! yay......took forever.

Been really thirsty today - working on a 50 oz bottle of water.

Gaby keeps me hopping.Think her father is back to drugging. Talked with his mother over the weekend, very sweet lady. Lost one daughter to brain cancer, losing another son to meth use and of course,,,,,Mike,,,,,she is a great support to me.
We talked about Gaby and she laughed.

Getting out from some $$$ problems finally!! It has been 7 weeks or so now. Solved the problem and feel so much better, was under some heavy depression there for awhile.....:)

ummm, the boy is 2 years older now. I guess that is the main difference. Also she was his first girfriend and that probably added stress to his friendship with her. Wasn't a real serious thing but he did like her........though the boy didn't, probably felt threatened.....especially since he might see his father as his world.
Though his late mothers family is very involved in his life.....maybe that is another factor.
It needs to be ok for him to move on, he deserves that......has been 10 years.

anyway, better go

working on Novembers newsletter already........and 14 days to go!!! YAY

da fat n da furious
10-18-2004, 09:53 PM
Hello Ladies
Christina, did you twist your ankle? I have weak ankles and have to watch my step. All my years playing sports. We had a pastor that made the sermons fun, I had to go to mass alot when I was a child, and when I say alot I mean 2-3 times a week. And Father Mooso (sp) made it a droaaaning bore.
Susan, 15 days now? Im getting excited, thinking of all the fun WE are going to have in Hawaii when we come for a

I was feeling so good this afternoon, was feeling like I was ahead of the game and had a day off tomorrow and plans to have lunch with my good friend Pasqualina, weeeeeellll that all changed with one phone call.....Tanner's teacher called begging me to help out with the Zoo school tomorrow. Me of all people,,,I hate the cold and the zoo. grrrrr how could I say no? I know,,,NO! Heck she went to alot of trouble tracking me, I just bought a new cell phone with a new number and she found me.....doesn't help that Tanner's lips are flapping in the wind. So I now have to go over to Wally's and return a pair of not so warm winter boots for some warm ones...
So better get going....*sigh

10-18-2004, 10:00 PM
Well, here I am. Guess I kind of disappeared for a week! Just got so busy. I checked in a couple times, but by the time I read the posts, I didn't have time left for one of my own! Ahhh, such is life.

I went absolutely "hog wild" with food over the weekend. Literally. But I've done fabulous today. I also hopped on my stepper for awhile. Couldn't get outside much after work, it was cold and rainy. But soon, especially after the time change Halloween weekend, it's going to be too dark after work to walk.

I really don't have anything earth-shattering to say. Perhaps that's why I haven't found the time to post lately. hmmm....

I am now finally starting to feel like I understand what to do in my new job. So far I really like it, but I guess you could say I'm in the "honeymoon" phase. It is quite a bit less stressful! PERFECT!

Well, I'm exhausted right now. Guess I'm going to turn in early so I feel better tomorrow.


10-18-2004, 11:32 PM
I am counting it as 14 because I will be there on the 15th

SO excited and so happy with him.

Hawaii dims in comparison is him that I want to, yes. He does have a house so you all can visit... and stay

Welcome back Jen :).....

da fat n da furious
10-19-2004, 12:39 AM
I hope you are buying lots of film.
Monte and I were talking awhile ago about our next trip being to Hawaii, renting a condo near the beach. I hope you are settled there by then so we can hang out too.


10-19-2004, 01:53 AM
Evening ladies--

I'm not sure whats going on w/my computer, it doesn't want me logged on very long. Kicked me off twice already since I've been home. Let's see how long it will let me stay on!

Cristina--Sure hope your foot starts feeling better. Nothing like trying to get things done while you're limping around. I also have a TO DO list....more like a shopping list for the holidays coming up. I think I should start doing my shopping now. I know of a few things Jhanai & James both want.....just getting out there to buy it is the part I need to do.

Susan--I've been really thirsty lately too. Seems like I'm constantly refilling my water bottle up. I've already drank 5, 20oz bottles today. That's a lot! I'm still so excited about your trip to Hawaii. Of coarse I say bring your camera, but do make sure that you have some one take photos of the two of you together. That way you have some for yourself when you get back home. Do you think that he'll come to Oregon to visit w/you? I'm sure he will. SO excited for you! (pssst....if you need a photographer, just let me know!) :D

Angie--You are one busy gal! How do you and Monte ever get some quality time together w/you buzzin around all the time?! Is he as busy as you? Now, you can't go to Hawaii on your next vacation w/out your trusty make sure if you go, you hire the same one that I suggested for Susan! :lol:

Jen--Glad that you're getting the hang of your job. I feel like I'm overwhelmed w/information that I need to remember. That, or my brain is just so rusty from sitting on my butt for a year and a half! My job isn't so bad, but I can definately tell a difference in bonding w/the people. Working at Sony and having to work 12hr. day w/your co-workers, you really got to become friends w/a lot of them....I miss that. I'm still not on a set schedule yet for me to really start to get to know the people I work with. Maybe someday......

Hello to the rest of the crowd.

Well, so far I haven't been kicked off. But I'm typing away like there is no tomorrow! As I had metioned to Susan, I'm so thirsty lately. I feel so dehydrated! I'm not sure why that is, but I've been drinking water and getting up an hour earlier than the alarm clock every morning and that puts me in a grumpy mood. Anybody have the problem?

Nothing much going on w/me. Liking my job so-so, I can't say right now that it's my favorite job I've ever had. Trying to get used to sitting on my butt all day. First job I've ever had that I sit while I work. butt is going to hate me in a few months if I don't work on it! Still walking around the hospital during my breaks to get some walking in. And I use ALL the stairs instead of the elevator. It's only 3 stories so it's not like I have many to climb.

Ok.....wanted to catch up and say hello.

I'll pop in tomorrow morning if i have time.

Good night all!

10-19-2004, 08:24 AM
Hello ladies… are you all doing?

Well, our Sunday was a quiet one….well sort of. We missed a phone call because we were busy playing with Brandon, so Tommy checked to see who it was and it was his mom. I went into the bathroom, and didn’t even realize he called anyone.

I went in there to ask him who called, and he told me it was his mom. I asked him what she was calling for, and he told me that she was calling because she wanted to know if we were going to be home. Tommy said, “well, we should be. We have to still go grocery shopping.” Tommy asked her why and she said they were coming over, and she said “so we can see you, Mindee, and the baby.” Tommy said “who?” and she said “to see you and the baby.” Tommy then said “he does have a name, it is Brandon.” She said “but I call all kids “the baby.”” Tommy said “We gave him a name for a reason. So he would be called by it!” She told him “get off your high horse.” He said “I am not on one. His name is Brandon. So call him by it!” She told Tommy that they would be over in a little while.

Tommy told me this, and we decided that it was time to go grocery shopping. While we were walking to the grocery store, Tommy said “do you want to go here (talking about the market at the end of our street) or all the way over there (talking about a cheaper place to shop, but it was about 4 or 5 blocks away)?” I said “Value Center (the further away one), because here (the one on the corner of our street) would be the first place that they would look.”

We get home from shopping, and they weren’t here. So we breathed a collective sigh oh relief. Tommy called his brother Al to tell him about a new Dorito that is out since his brother is into spicy foods like him. Wendy, Al’s wife, answered the phone and said that Tommy’s mom and Dad, came over to their house asking them where we were at. And how come we weren’t home. Tommy said to Wendy, “Oh my gosh. I told her that we had to go grocery shopping.”

While we were walking to Value Center, Tommy kept turning around looking to see if he saw them turn down our street. We got almost there and I started laughing. He goes “what is so funny?” I said “I never thought I would see the day when you would be avoiding your mom at all costs.” Like I pointed out to Tommy, I have been nothing but nice to this lady (her daughter Kim and son Tim) and now I have to watch what I say around them because in one way or another it will end up getting turned around and used against me. Like, I said, I have been nothing but nice to them for five years now, and I get crapped upon in return! So I am done dealing with it! If it were only up to me, she wouldn’t be his grandma, Kim wouldn’t be his aunt and Tim wouldn’t be his uncle. In fact right now, when Kim is mentioned in one of our conversations, she is just Kim or daddy’s sister, not Aunt Kim. She has had nothing to do with him since he was born. Yeah at family occasions and what not when she had to be nice, she was, but after it was over it went back to the same.

Me and Tommy were playing cards the other night and I had Brandon sitting on my lap. Well, out of nowhere he busted out in this big old belly laugh. I ended up winning that hand and then handed him to Tommy so that I could do something. A couple hands later he started doing the big belly laugh again. I said “uh oh daddy must have a good hand.” Tommy got down to one card left, and he was trying to flip it over so I could see it. Tommy goes “bubba, did mommy pay you off in cookies so you would cheat for her?” and Brandon started laughing his big belly laugh again.

Marti~ How are you feeling? Better….I hope!

Cristi~ Wow! I remember you telling us about that, but it sounds exactly like my MIL! I have already told Tommy, when they started there last round of bull, that if it happened again, as far as I am concerned Brandon will only have one grandma, my mom. He then told me “if we cut ties with one then we have to cut ties with both.” I said “I will NOT cut ties with my parents because they have helped us out in numerous situations when your mom looked at us like we had three heads a piece. I do NOT want my son around people that are going to be mean to me or my family. I absolutely refuse.” And then all this new stuff has come to light and I will stand put on what I have said.

Susan~ I agree…..Rocky sounds like a really nice guy!!!

Snow? Already? Who said that nasty old word!?!?!?!?

Kathy~ Brandon was in the hospital because I decided to try a last attempt at seeing if he would breastfeed. Well it was going good at first and then, all he** (is it okay if I use that word?) broke loose. He turned pale on us, was very sleepy, didn’t want to do much, So I called the doctor’s office and they told me to rush him into the office. Thankfully I was watching my sister’s daughter because she gave us a ride to the doctor’s office. We then got sent to the hospital where me and Brandon stayed for four nights/five days. He was diagnosed with failure to thrive. But you can’t tell that by looking at him now!!

You can go to: it is password protected, and the password is baby!

Shana~ that is awesome that you took a step in a new direction and got a new picture to show off the new you!

Katy Cat~ I have set the boundaries and my MIL, SIL Kim and BIL Tim keep pushing them. So they are going to find themselves on the outside looking in if they don’t shape up or they can ship out!

For some reason, I wasn’t getting the emails for this thread!

Julie~ I am so sorry to hear about all the rough stuff that you guys have been through! I hope you guys are able to get to the bottom of things really soon!

10-19-2004, 01:35 PM
Good Morning Ladies~

Marti~DON'T mention the 'C' word! I don't even want to think about Christmas shopping although I know I need to. I only have Vince and the kids to buy for and sometimes my parents. But I usually get the parents a gift certificate since I don't actually see them. But the gets harder every year because they don't really need anything. So trying to find something they will actually like or use is hard. For their birthday I started years ago giving them cash, which they like. DD would love to just have the cash for Christmas but I feel like I have to get gifts, even if it is a gift certificate. They all end up with one because they love their music and books and there is no way I would pick out the right CD's or books unless they give me a list. I know what you mean about sitting on the job. I have always tried to get jobs where I can sit if I want but am mostly on my feet. My booty is big enough! I do hope you get to liking your job better as time goes on.

Angie~no didn't twist my ankle. It's the ball of my foot that is hurting and I am not sure why. It is not swollen and doesn't look like I was bit so I have no clue. Just know if it doesn't get better in a few days I am going to go to the doc. Even though it was hurting I went to Mass Sunday and if anyone is Catholic (I'm not, but DS is and I go with him) and knows how they are they are up and down through-out the service. I got up a couple of times and said the heck with it because I looked funny trying to stand on one foot! LOL Hope you have a fun day! You know, I don't think I have ever met anyone who hates the zoo, well, other than my kids! LOL Everytime we went on vacation I always had to visit the zoo-I LOVE zoo's! So they have been to so many they are sick of them. I can go and go and go and never tire of any zoo. The one we have here is not so great but I have been several times and plan on going several more times. Don't know what it is. :dunno:

Jen~glad you are getting used to your new job. I almost forgot that you started the new job. Hey, don't worry about not having anything earth shattering to say. I never have anything earth shattering to write about but I still post away. Probably bore the heck out of everyone-oh well. I guess I just like to check in and see how everyone is doing and hoping everyone is fine and just to say Hi if nothing else.

Susan~I can understand wanting to see the man and not so much thinking of the place but hey you are talking about Hawaii! I think meeting a sweetheart of a man, not to mention goodlooking, in Hawaii would be the best thing ever! It would make the visit more special I would think. Of course that is me. What better place to meet someone than in beautiful Hawaii?! I can totally see Kris feeling threatened by someone coming into his dads life. But at the same time I think he is at an age that he has to know that dad needs someone special in his life. I know my kids used to wish I would meet someone special but when I would date they felt a little threatened. Sorry to hear about Gaby's dad. But glad his mother is a sweet person to you and Gaby. Sounds like she has gone through a lot.

Mindee~you shouldn't have to cut ties with your family if you cut ties with the in-laws. At least your in-laws do want to come around. I think that is the difference between ours. They may not be the best but mine wants nothing to do with us which is their loss. Maybe you guys can work it out before things get out of hand. Have you guys sat your MIL down and had a talk with her and explained things, how you feel? Let her know how you feel with Tommy there of course. I would hate to see the family break up. I only say that because I have gone through it and have definitely tried with the in-laws and they just don't care. We actually didn't cut the ties but they did by not inviting us to family events and such. But with you guys you have a son and I think it is different when kids are involved. My kids are not related to the in-laws so it's a little different. Anyway, something to think about. I do hope think work out for the best for you all. Now as for Brandon, I did go and check out the newest pics and he is a cutie pie! Getting bigger too!

Well, nothing new on my part-same old stuff, different day. Don't really have much to do today except get some letter writing done and mailed and some emails sent. Going to make a pot of stew for dinner with some cornbread muffins. So...hoping everyone is having a fine day! Take care. :wave:

Tea Rose
10-19-2004, 04:44 PM
Hi everyone:wave:
I just wanted to check in and say hi , I see there has been a lot of chatting going on and Jane is off on her vacation.I am going through a rough patch right now so I haven't been chatting ,although I know it would probably make me feel better , I am not completely up to date with everyones posts but I will try and do that soon. I hope every one is safe and well and if not I send my heart felt wishes to you all. Take care girls and I will talk to you soon so please don't forget about me. Ellen

10-19-2004, 07:18 PM
{{{{Ellen}}}} Hope you fell better. I know how that goes, but happy you dropped in to say hello- :)
Don't reallt liek to chat myself when going through a rough patch but just know we are here !!! :)

Working on my newsletter. Went to an excel class this morning.

Yes, he has mentioned coming to Oregon with see Portland, meet my family and pack me is what he said. Brave Soul he is ,,,,,

We have one round ticket after this trip.....earning those mileage things- so we'll see.

Taking my mothers camcorder.......and film...geesh you to take pictures....of him....... I don't care about coconut

13 1/2 days to go!!

Better get back to work.....just wanted to pop in.

btw- it was Gaby's grandmother that helped me with my $$$ problem.Very sweet of her......

10-19-2004, 08:26 PM
Good evening. Made it in 2 days in a row! YAY! for me. Still don't have anything earth shattering tonight, but oh well, guess you are all about to be bored senseless!

I'm waiting for my supper to be done baking. I've got pork chops and acorn squash in the oven. (Not in the same dish!) I just love acorn squash. Did pretty good with food today. Had a Greek salad and some fruit for lunch, yogurt for breakfast. I've got room for some snacking tonight!

I even walked the dog after work. We have to start walking faster since it's getting dark out earlier and earlier. I'm not sure what we are going to do after the time change. It's going to be dark around 5:15, and it's only October! Maybe I'll have to buy a treadmill for the dog!

Susan - Your trip to HI sounds wonderful. With you there, Jane in FL, when do I get to go somewhere??? One of my co-workers is going to Cancun in Feb. I'm never going to get to go on vacation....boohooo

Cristi- I had that happen with my foot once. The ball of it felt like I stepped on a rock and had a huge bruise, but it looked fine. It eventually passed on it's own.

Marti - I know what you mean about sitting on your butt all day. My new job basically has 2 areas. I could be either in the agency office, where I sit in a cubicle with another nurse, answer the phone, take referrals, doctor orders, check insurance, computer work, etc or I can be in the hospital, taking referrals, talking with patients, going from unit to unit... Obviously I would rather be at the hospital, just because I don't like to sit. Hopefully soon you'll bond with your co-workers. It takes time. And I hate feeling like the poor little new person.

Well, I suppose that's about it for tonight. I should get at least one load of laundry done, and supper is about finished!


10-19-2004, 11:35 PM
Poppin in quickly tonight!

How are you all doing? Things are getting better at work. I've been making phone calls to draw stations (phlebotomy--sp?) to ask about issues and answering the phones more.....kind of helps me get used to all the people we are working with. More relaxed since I'm getting a hang of what I'm doing. If I were to be asked how would I rate the training process....out of 10 I would give it a five. It's nothing like I'm use to. Being trained for part of the day and then getting let loose and if I have a question just ask anyone near.....what kind of training is that? Does this trainer get paid extra to be a trainer?

Ok...enough of my complaining. That's it. Not much else to complain about so thats all good.

Mindee--Your Inlaws sound like they need to be sat down and spoken to. That way they know face to face what you're feeling. And if they can't handle it, then it's their loss. My ex-in-laws love Jhanai, but they're not as loving towards her as I would love them to be, the same w/my own parents. And that's sad to have both sides be that way. My grandma loved Jhanai and we always went to visit and she always sat w/her and chatted. Was always special going to visit her. I miss her. Anyway......I hope they realize how much they'll miss out if they don't change their ways.

Cristina--I don't shop for many either. James & Jhanai and my niece. It's always been easier that way for me. Almost sound selfish of me once I write it down! :o This year our family is going to try and get a Santa for the wee ones at my grandpa's. I will help provide for the gift bags. I am SO looking forward to the holiday crafts fair! I love going to them even if I don't ever buy anything! Just puts me in the spirit of it all!

Ellen--We won't forget about you! If you ever need to chat just come in here and chat away. And if you ever feel you need to chat privately, you can always PM me or any of the other girls. We are all here for you. If you would like, I can PM you my e-mail address.

Susan--So once you get the camcorder back and it's filled w/all your funfilled stuff...are you going to send it out and have us pass it around so we can see how much fun you had?! :D Just teasing. You're going to have so much fun. What are you going to take to wear? Does the weather stay hot all the time? That may sound like a silly question but I wasn't sure. Gotta go buy (or make) a Sarong (is that spelt right?) Get all Hawaiianized!!

Jen--I'm not sure I will ever Bond w/the people here like I did at Sony. 12hr days really makes a difference. And we had to work (at least in my department) 12hr. shifts four night, then switch people we work with so we don't tire of each other. And after almost 4yrs of working there, you really get to know people. I miss a lot of them. I should send them an e-mail.....see if I even have any addresses! much for making this quick! I need to eat some dinner. And then wash up.

You all take care!

da fat n da furious
10-20-2004, 02:01 AM
On the subject of IL and grandparents. My MIL was great with Brandon, loved him to pieces. When Tanner came along she couldn't be bothered, specially when she saw his dark coloring. Because I don't look native, she had of course no idea and was shocked to learn that I was of native origin. Tanner is a throw back of that nationality and she just could not tolerate that. Meanwhile my mom, spoils both the boys terribly,,,and I mean terribly. But thats what grandparents are
Ellen, we all have our bad days, keep coming in here and well if you need it vent.

Rehearsal went well tonight and I did thaw out from my outing at the zoo. The teachers gave me the most hyperest kid...grrr for 3 ish years I have seen this kid be totally rude and well, today he met his I saw his name and admitted to a groan slipping past my lips. But I was on him wayyyy before he had a clue...*Mario, for years I have seen you be a total pain the butt and well your not going to be that way this time are you? Nooo your not because you can go and spend the day with your teacher and let me and the other kids enjoy ourselves* his mouth hanging open he agreed....ya it was a good day. Teacher asked me a couple of times how he was doing,,,,just
We learned that animals can be quite the exobitionists (sp) too. This female gorilla enjoyed herself right there infront of us,,,how do I know she was a female? Well because the young girl in my group informed me she couldn't see a penis. *sigh I just don't know what to say some days....and today was one of them
and on that note Im going to
night all

10-20-2004, 02:33 AM
Hello ladies… are you all doing?

We went to a dinner last night for one of the Masons at Tommy’s lodge. It was a good dinner. The gentlemen that the dinner was held for has been a Mason for 67 years! He introduced his family, and one of his granddaughters looked very familiar to me and Tommy. It took us until we were getting ready to go home to remember where we knew her from! She was my nurse at the hospital the day I was induced to have Brandon. It was really nice to see her again because she was one of the best nurses that I had while I was there! She left Thursday and told me that she didn’t want to still see me in the labor and delivery area when she came back to work on Saturday.

Cristi~ We have tried on numerous occasions to sit his mom, sister and brother down. But each year they pull this. First when me and Tommy started dating they were “on a mission” with my SIL Wendy. Now since she has flat out told my MIL how things are going to be, my MIL and the rest have made me their latest “mission.” His family has done numerous little things to get us to break apart, and we have proven to them that we are not going to budge. I just refuse to have Brandon around people that are double crossers. I think we are going to ride things out through the holiday season, and if they don’t make an effort to change things, then we will be seeing less and less of them. As it is right now, the only time they come over is when they have something to brag about. We are having Halloween over here, and I refuse to invite them. We are also having our annual Christmas party here, and I refuse to invite them. Actually, Tommy told me that he did NOT want them here. He wanted it to be the younger crowd. Last year when I was pregnant, during our Christmas party, I went into our bedroom and laid down. NO ONE came to look for me. Tommy finished cooking the ham, then turned around to tell me that it was time to eat and I wasn’t out there. It took them a half hour to notice I wasn’t out there!

{{{{{{Ellen}}}}}} I hope you feel better soon!!!!

Marti~ They have already missed out on a LOT of things! Brandon is now rolling over! He is about to push, what looks like, the whole bottom gums with teeth. Talking to my in-laws is like talking to a brick wall. They listen to what you have to say but do the exact opposite of what you ask them to do. His mom is very old fashioned in her ways. If she doesn’t like the way I am doing something, then she will tell me how she would do it and tell me that that is the proper way to do things. The last time she was over here, gosh I can’t remember when, she asked me if I have cooked anything (my hubby is the cook but I am coming around), when I said no she had the nerve to tell me “well I understand that you don’t know how to cook. All your mom has taught you is how to make reservations or call in a take out order.” I wanted to belt her so hard that day but contained myself. Now I realize that I should of!

Jen~ When you find a place that sells the treadmills for animals, let me know! LOL

Angie~ Your MIL sounds like mine. Her daughter was the first to have grandkids for her. She had a little girl when her u/s said that she was having a boy. Last year for Christmas, Brandon got a tummy time play mat……that was it. (granted he was still cooking, but Cheyenne….our dog… more presents then that.) Mike and Jay got an outfit, and a couple cars from them. Samantha, the oldest and “precious” grandchild, got anything Barbie, anything Elmo, basically anything she wanted. I am thisclose to telling her that if she doesn’t start treating all her grandkids the same then I don’t want anything from her.

10-20-2004, 10:54 AM
Good morning, ladies!!

I'm back and totally worn out, lol. It's great to read all the posts, but you'll have to forgive me for not doing individuals.

We had so much fun! Since DS and DD both were taking pictures, I didn't even take my camera - it was so great to not have to bother with that! They are getting doubles for me. Another tourist at the resort took a couple of family photos for us (bless him!) and that is going to be my favorite, since we have absolutely no other one at all.

I think I did pretty well with the food. I ate more points than normal, but walked my butt off everyday. I wrote down everything I ate everyday, but had to guess at some of the points. I passed over some of the most delicious-looking treats because I wanted this trip to not be about the food, you know? My one big indulgence was almost 1/2 of a funnel cake at Epcot.... it melted in my mouth.... mmmmmmmm!!!

Neal and I had quite a bit of time alone and we had so much fun! We did things that, in the past, the kids didn't want to do. We were really focused on each other.

I've got a mountain of laundry to do - thank goodness Katie does her own. Also have to go grocery shopping... no fresh milk, bread or fruit in the house! And Katie's senior picture proofs are in - gonna go get those.

For anyone who doesn't want their snow... I'll take it!! I love snow until about March, lol.


10-20-2004, 11:29 AM
Good Morning Ladies--

Just a quicky for now since I'm off to a slow start this morning.

Jane--So glad your family had so much fun and you all made the trip back safely! I can't believe it's Wednesday already! Glad you're back!! Tell us more when you're rested.

Well gals, I was just poppin in to read whats up since I've been on last, I would do more individuals, but must get into the shower.

I will post more later on tonight!

10-20-2004, 12:01 PM
Welcome back Jane!
Hi to everyone..will try to pop back in later for individuals

10-20-2004, 01:53 PM
Well, as if things couldn’t get any worse…..they have. Tommy got walked out today, and his supervisor told him that he isn’t officially fired until tomorrow when Kelly calls him. Our SIL Wendy took him up to the union hall for him to file a grievance, but the guy isn’t there today, so he has to go back up there at 1pm to talk with the guys secretary and hopefully he can file a grievance with her today. He is actually going to file two grievances. One for harassment, and another one for what happened yesterday. (the machine broke down and his supervisor wrote him up for running bad parts when the machine screwed up and then broke down.) His supervisor has had it out for him since she started on his line. So keep us in your thoughts and prayers during this time. It is a good thing I was planning on taking Brandon in for his 6 month check up on Tuesday cause the insurance runs out the end of next week. But I can get the public health nurse to come out to the house to weigh him, and I am sure that we can take him to the health department to get his shots. Since he has Medicaid, I don’t think that they will charge for getting them.

Jana~ Well it is good to see you back on here!! It sounds like you all had a wonderful time!!! From listening to the weather today, California is getting rain/snow and it is heading this way! I love snow… will be awesome to see Brandon during it this winter.

Oh yeah....I still haven't gotten AF yest either. As of today I am 16 days past ovulation. Two more days and my temps still up, it means that there is another member to our family getting added! I took a test yesterday and I think I over saturated it, cause it didn't tell me either "pregnant" or "not pregnant."

10-20-2004, 03:06 PM
Welcome Back Jane!

I will catch up with everyone later. I am trying to finish up a sewing project today.

10-20-2004, 05:13 PM
I weighed in on Monday and it said I was up 3 lbs :faint: or more like this :censored:.... checked back today and it was back to the weight I've been parked at for the last few weeks. What gives? dunno, but at least I'm glad it's not a real gain. I am awfully close to TOM, so I know there are, ahem, water retention issues.

My shoulder is doing much better now that the new anti-inflammatory has kicked in. Still have to work on not picking up Leigh, but I'm getting better at that.

Not much else to report. I walked today with my new neighbor from across the street. She and her partner have a brand new son and she's st home, trying to decide whether to stay home with him for a long haul or work part time. He's only 7 weeks, so she has some time to figure it out. It's nice to have a new walking buddy. ...And they are looking for a Lutheran church! So of course I am so happy to give our church a plug.

Mindee - ((((big hugs)))) guys will get through this (thank goodness for unions). My husband got a layoff notice the day after we found out we were going to have our son. Great timing. It did work itself out, we just needed patience and to realize that when one door closes another opens.

Susan - Yeah I want video ;) well maybe not. Sorry to read that Gaby's dad is slipping up. Hope the girls are all well and enjoying school, pumpkins, and what not. Leigh turns 3 on Halloween so the excitement around here is building, as you can imagine.

Angie - I figure I don't have to teach my son about the birds and the bees because he learned everything by watching a couple of meerkats at our zoo :o He doesn't appear to be scarred for life....course he may not realize that humans do that stuff...

Sue - glad you are checking in - hope you get your project done today

Hi to everyone else - gotta get the girl down for her nap

10-20-2004, 06:45 PM
omg!! Ma's back!!! woooooohoooo.....

Do we have to behave now?? lol

Welcome back!! We missed you , so happy it was a safe trip :)

{{{{{Ellen}}} Hope you are feeling better today :)

I don't really celebrate Halloween RK but Gaby did eye a unicorn outfit at Freddies, cute as can be....might get that for her. I am not sure. Thought I would get her a hula skirt thing though when in Hawaii,,,,that would be sooo

woooohooo....she also went potty for the first time (pssst No. 2) so we are jumping for joy here in

I am taking shorts and blouses, t - shirts, slip ons....maybe a wrap around skirt, I don't know. It is 80ish right now-- though he said there was a thunder storm passing through last night.
It does rain there but not for long.....humid, my hair will frizz.....will look like a poodle.
I think I will find you a coconut tree Marti and place the camcorder there and let it run....24/

No, I won't. Can't wait to see the volcano's and he has a teacher parent meeting that Wednesday, he said I could come with him....and he is suppose to be telling "Nana" today that I will be there...........he is kind of scared of

anyway, better get back to work.....

ta ta

10-20-2004, 07:53 PM
Hey Guys!!!

Jane: Glad you had good trip!!!

Sorry it's been a while since my last post, Ive been having problems this week. I've been getting pain off and on for a while now, and this week it got really bad, lower pelvic and bad lower back pain..They sent me for a scope yesterday and found a large cyst on the back of my right ovary. It's pressing against my bladder which is causing all the pressure....Anyway I have to see the doc friday morning about what they're gonna do for me..The pain was so bad today, all they had given me was ibuprofen, so I called them back and they gave me a scrip for viciden!! So Im hoping those help....

On top of things, my friends shower is this saturday night, which somehow I have to manage making 4 dozen brownies, a cheesecake, a choc cream pie, 3 dozen cupcakes and a cake for!!!! UNREAL!!!!!
The only good thing about that is the fact that I feel like garbage, so I wont want to eat it!!! On top of it all I gained 2.5 lbs last week, cause Ive been down in out and unable to workout!!! It's killing me

Did anyone happen to see the show last night, THE BIGGEST LOSER?
I really enjoyed it, they took 12 people split them into 2 groups, each group is following a different diet /workout strategy, so see who can lose the most weight by the end of each week.. it's on from 8-9, try to check it out

Hello to, Jane, Marti, Mindee, Cristi, Angie, Jen, Kathy, RosieKate, Shanna, Sue, Susan and anyone else I missed


10-20-2004, 11:41 PM
Good Evening ladies--

Well, let me tell you how my day was.....BUSY! I was amazed at all the work we had to do and the phone calls that had to be made and all the issues I had to fix.... :lol: I told the woman who was helping me out that she does a fantastic job at what she does because some of the stuff I'm learning is complex....while others is pretty easy.

I had to make a call to a draw station today to get some information on a patient....the woman on the other end was busy and her attitude showed it....made me uncomfortable. I was telling some people to give me a few months of working there before I can handle difficult people on the phone! (I wouldn't have lasted at your job Shanna!)

Anyway.....enough of that.

Jane--I hope you're getting enough rest tonight so tomorrow you can tell us more about your trip. And I hope your family gets the photos back soon so you can post some!

Angie--I was laughing when I read your post! There was a time James took me to this little zoo, and the gorilla did NOT like my presents! I saw everyone go up to the cage and it didn't have any issues but when I got up to it....low and behold.....I got a major attitude coming towards me w/a handful of "CRAP" thrown at me. She missed! :D But she kept her eye on me the whole time I was there!!! ***still makes me laugh----animals*** (of coarse I wasn't quite laughing at the time)

Mindee--I will keep Tommy in my thoughts that everything turns out ok. So maybe another bun in the oven??? Well keep us updated and let us know ok?

Katy--I really need to start walking more. I have this motivation inside of me that wants to work out too! Must start! I think that it's nice to have someone be there w/you to have a walking buddy.

Susan--No need to put a camera up in a tree.... :lol: you just come back and tell us how it all went. You don't have to share all. (some things may be TOO private to share) I'm just so excited for you. Too bad your girls can't come w/you...maybe next time!

Julie--I did see that show! And I couldn't believe the whining one of the girls did about it all...but I'm also not in her situation so I don't know what it's like. I just would think that if I were given a personal trainer to show me how to eat, exercise and to give me motivation and encouragment....I would love it. I was amazed at how much they lost in the first week!

Hello to everyone else out there!!

Ok...Must go find out what to have for dinner and call James and see where he's at! He has to be at work by 7:30....and he's STILL not home. Hope he's ok.

check in tomorrrow!

10-21-2004, 12:57 AM
Hello. I finally got a minute to stop by and post again. I did finish my sewing projects today and hope to go to the fabric store for more goodies tomorrow. I am now looking for Thomas train fabric to make a pillow and blanket for my DGS. Then someone told me Wal-Mart has a huge amount of flannel on clearance for $1.00 a yard. woo hoo.. I make flannel pj's, so that would be a steal.
Yesterday we went to Lonestar for lunch and to the grocery store. Nothing exciting. I did manage to walk when we got home and it wasn't too cold.
Today along with the sewing I made potato salad and tuna salad for hubby and did a load of laundry.
Tomorrow we both have dental appointments and then I go back to my Dr. I will go fabric shopping after that.
I am trying to get clothes packed away for the winter and drawers/closets cleaned out. I have most that we need to take West all ready to pack. We leave in less than 3 weeks...hurray!
I have been walking, but not doing real well on the food. I need to get my rear in gear.

Hope everyone had a good day.


da fat n da furious
10-21-2004, 01:50 AM
Mamas home!!!

Welcome back Jane, was the weather nice? Did you hug Mickey? Did you make Minnie jealous? Hows goofy doing ? ummm my favorite was Pooh,,,,
Did you do the rides? what rides?

Alls been good here...
off to bed I go, night all

10-21-2004, 02:46 AM
Katy~ This is our first time dealing with the union so I am hoping that it will be a productive one! We are in the midst of finding out if we are expecting again. So things have a way of falling into place. Tommy has said over and over again “if we are expecting again, it doesn’t matter. We will make it through just fine. We always have,” Thanks for the hugs.

Julie~ Man….I hope you start feeling better soon! Good luck with your options! I missed the show, but I wanted to watch it.

Marti~ Yup….it is possible that yet another bun is already in the oven. I found out with Brandon when I was exactly 5 weeks. And when I typed in my information into a due date calendar, it has me being 4w3d (as of Thursday). Wow! You really have been busy!

hello to all you wonderful ladies!! We rented Farenheit 9/11 and Larry the Cable Guy on dvd. I watched Farenheit 9/11, it was an informative movie.

10-21-2004, 10:36 AM
Good morning, ladies!!

Thank you to everyone for the Welcome Back! I mailed postcards Saturday from the resort to all of you.

Marti - I picked up on something you said in an earlier post.. you mentioned how thirsty you have been, and I wonder if you have been tested for diabetes? If your thirst persists, get your blood checked, ok? With your new job, you can probably check it yourself, lol. Sorry the woman was crabby to you - there are witches at every job who forgot what it was like to be the new girl. A pox on them!!

Angie and all who asked - the coolest show we watched was the new Mickey's PhilharMagic. It's 3-D, and had characters from lots of Disney movies shown on a wrap-around screen and the special FXs were awesome. I rode the Tower of Terror (again) but Neal wouldn't go. It scares the crap right out you, and it is so fun!! I especially liked the Teacup ride since Madison was with me, and she giggled so much she could hardly catch her breath. The Muppet 3-D show is always a must-see for me. And of course, we always do the ride in the Epcot ball, which is Spaceship Earth. It was fun to see the grandkids' faces when they saw all the characters walking around and signing autographs at each theme park. Some of them scared the kids, though, just because of their size. I saw and did so much, it's hard to single them out.

Cristina - I see where you changed your name back to Cristi - do you want us to call you that? How's your foot today? Better, I hope. This Christmas, we are buying 1 gift for the kids and grandkids, and giving them the rest of what we would have spent in cash. It has just become too big of a job for me to shop for everyone. I hate trying to keep it even, and with all of us, each person will still get plenty of presents to open.

Katiecat - hmmm, that makes me mad at Target! I know Wal-mart has limited the number of hours that the bell-ringer can be there, which is a shame! Like you, I really associate that sound with Christmas. The sad thing is, the Salvation Army counts on the donations given at Christmas to help throughout the whole next year. Too sad!

Mindee - good luck with the union. They are usually pretty good at protecting the employee - that's what they are for. So you are only a few days past when you should've started? Tommy's right - things will be ok.

Sue - hope you get the fabric today that you want. There's really some cute stuff out there nowdays. Did you get lots of rain while I was gone? Neal emptied the rain gauge before we left and it had 3" of rain in it when we got back! We really needed it, though.

Katy - glad your shoulder is better. How nice to have a new neighbor to walk with! We are also Lutherans.... did I already mention that? Missouri synod.

Susan - I missed you guys, too!! Glad Gaby is doing well with the potty. Mary's twins are ready for that, too, and she was postponing until we got back from Disney so we didn't have to get out of line and find a bathroom every 10 minutes, lol. OMG, you are going to have so much fun with Rocky in Hawaii!!!!!!!!! Let us know what Nana has to say about it, but I'm sure she'll be happy for her son.

Julie - those ovarian cysts are painful as can be!! I've never had one, but know several women who have. IMHO, the bride is asking WAAAAYYY TOO MUCH of you for the shower!!!!! Especially since you are in pain and have a legitimate excuse, I'd tell her to call a bakery. I wanted to see The Biggest Loser, but was on a plane, lol. I'm going to try to see it next week, or record it.

Jen - I've never made a squash dish, and know I would like it. Is your recipe WW-friendly?

Shanna - it was great to see a post from you! Hope things are easing up a bit. How'd the job interview go?

Ellen - please pop back in and let us know how you're doing, ok? Hope my Mickey postcard helps cheer you.

Hi also to Kathy and Sam and anyone else reading this.

I have to finish laundry today and get some phone calls done. It's dreary and wet here in Indiana, and I'm going to rest some more on the couch with some lite hot chocolate and the Oprah show in a little while.


10-21-2004, 11:17 AM
Good Morning ladies--

Jane--Sometime this month the hospital is having a "Check your numbers" day and they'll check your Glucose (sp?) Cholesterol, BMI, and Blood Pressure...and I want to do it...but I'm not sure if I will or not, it's through the hospital, but OML employees are invited for free, the thing is, I will be on nights that week and the only time they're doing it is 6am-9am......THREE hours! So, unless I want to try and get up early to do that----I'm not sure. The thirstiness has subsided though. I'm going through something right now (which I will talk about later when I'm for sure doing better) and I think that may be HUGE reason for it all.

Sue--Are you going on vacation? I must have missed something about you coming out west....clue me in! I love Flannel PJ's to lounge around. Wish I sewed more----or at all! really keep track of it all don't ya? My daughter was planned, but not to the point that I kept track. More like "when it happens, we're ready for her" and of coarse we tried to see what we were going to have and we couldn't. She clearly crossed her legs!! It was funny...she wanted to be a surprise...........and she was since I thought I was having a boy.

Morning to the rest of ya!

I better go take my dogs out so they'll stop dancing for me....pretty soon they'll turn on the music so they have something to dance too!

I'll try to drop in after work.

Take Care

10-21-2004, 11:43 AM
See ya at chit chat #84!!