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10-13-2004, 11:14 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
The wind has been blowing all day long and the temperature is down to 45 degrees. I am not ready for winter weather yet!

Maggie -- Sounds like your day was a good one! I need to go shoe shopping and am dreading it . . . nothing new feels "right" on both feet since I had my toe surgery. Thanks for the birthday greeting!

"Gma" -- Hope you enjoyed your walk and your day was a good one!

Gail -- It's nice to see your post! Come back again!

Not much new from my corner of the world but I wanted to check in and say "good night." For some reason I am tired tonight and I'm heading for bed early . . . or else!

Have a terrific Thursday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-14-2004, 10:43 AM
:hb: Jean, I did not realize that it was your birthday also! :) So...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) :hb: Good luck shoe-shopping. One of the reasons shoes out there might not feel comfortable because the styles are changing. Have you seen those really really pointed toes?! :o Do you have an Easy Spirit store near you? Their shoes are very comfortable. If I remember correctly, you're now a grandma right? How's the little one?

Maggie, my hair is cut very short now also. I love it. It feels thicker and healthier...and I need to make an appointment to have it trimmed this weekend as a matter of fact. Its good to see you're back on the OP wagon. Such a journey we travel! I've enjoyed looking at the pictures of your little houses you've been making. I've discovered the joy of knitting. I can't pass up a store that sells yarn! Its become a real obsession for me. Better that than chocolate, huh? :lol3: Right now, I'm knitting prayer shawls for Mom, Heather, and Amy for Christmas. Amy's shawl is purple w/fringe and I'm through with that--its wrapped in tissue and boxed up. After the next two shawls I plan on knitting a poncho for Amanda (she's 4 years old). For little Robyn (she's 8 months old now) I plan on finishing the yellow blanket I started for her. Anyway, that's what I do in the evenings now.

Gloria, remember me? :) I'm sorry that your trip to the Cape was cancelled. Sounds like it would have been a lovely getaway.

Faye, I need to introduce myself to you--I've known Maggie for ages and I've known Jean for a long time also. And Gloria for awhile. I used to post here sporadically. And I knew Maggie and Jean from another thread. My husband and I like Vegas! We were there a few years ago and we stayed at NYNY. A very dark casino! We will not stay there again although everyone was very nice to us there. Nathan's restaurant (NYNY) has a great breakfast buffet. We plan on going again next summer--Wayne (my husband) has told me to start doing some research now. We're leaning towards Mandalay Bay or Bellagio this time around. Are you going to plan on sightseeing outside Vegas? We went to the Hoover Dam last time and that was very interesting. Next time we'd like to go to the Grand Canyon. And oh yeah...we're not big gamblers--we will only lose so much of our money--we'd rather watch the people because there are some very crazy people out there!

10-14-2004, 05:02 PM

YIPEKIO my focus is back. My week turned out to be 24.1 points average a day and at weigh in I showed a loss of 4.8 POUNDS ~ just a tad short of 5 pounds and that sure makes me happy I stayed on my program. Spurs me on to have another good week of doing what works for me. We at at Subway and I had a nice OP one. I like that place.

JEAN I am sure you will find some shoes that are comfortable now. I have to wear SAS walking shoes because of this brace. They are very spendy but we get a nice discount from having been in law inforcement. I ordered a black pair and soon will order a brown pair. The ones I have on are still in great shape and are 4 years old. I also have some sandals that work with this brace and for that I am thankful because I love sandals. I also have a pair of water sandals that are great when we go gold panning. There are shoes that you will like that will work for you.

GAIL so good to see you once again girlfriend. Your knitting sounds like you are going to make great gifts. I love hand knitted articles. That little girl will look so cute in that pancho. Hard to eat when you knit isn't it. I can't eat when doing glass either. Pointed toed shoes. YIKES I used to wear those and now they are coming back. For the sake of fashion.

Everyone have a lovely afternoon. Still jazzed out here in California.

10-14-2004, 06:52 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It was a crazy day at school today! I got pulled from my regular job to sub for a teacher who teaches both math and p.e. I did her morning math classes and her afternoon p.e. classes were sent to the study hall. I did my regular schedule for the afternoon but still felt like the hamster running in his wheel! I was glad to come home to peace and quiet!

It's a cool 50 in my corner of the world this afternoon. They finally turned the heat on at school and some newly applied grease (?) started to smoke so the fire alarm went off. We stood outside for quite awhile and it was not a nice day to do that! But it is better to be safe than sorry.

Gail -- It's nice to see you again so soon! Thank you for the birthday greeting. The years seem like they really are flying by; my mother and grandmother used to say how time flies and I never believed them. I have to find a shoe with a wide toe box because I had toe surgery last spring; the problem is that the heel slips and that really bugs me so I use those little strip things in the heel of my shoes. I refuse to buy two different sized pairs of shoes. :no: We have added another grandchild as I notice you have also. Madaline was a year old in August and Ian will be two in November (different parents!). Both Amanda and Beth are expecting again: Beth the end of April and Amanda the end of May. I think they're both nuts but they didn't ask for my advice. :rolleyes: I enjoy both knitting and crochetting but unfortunately, anything I make has to be square or rectangle shape because I never learned how to read a pattern. I really like the afghan stitch as it goes so fast.

Maggie -- CONGRATULATIONS on the SUPER loss! You go girl! :cheer: :cp: I haven't made it to look at shoes yet. :( I won a free dinner at the local Chinese restaurant and had to go pick up my coupon. The local radio station draws a name from the birthday list that is broadcast every day. My name was on the radio because of being on the school list, and I never even knew I had won until I got to school and everyone was congratulating me. :o

DH is farming so I need to get busy and finish some laundry and ironing before he gets home.

Have a fantastic Friday . . . I am ready for the weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-15-2004, 08:59 AM
Miss a day and I am completely out of the loop! :lol:

Jean: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOU TOO! :hat: :gift: Hope you had lots and lots of fun and got lots of goodies!

Maggie: WOOHOO for you on your losses. Way to go girl! :cp: :dance: :cb:

Gail: It is great to meet you. I have been posting here about a year or so I guess. I am 50, have a married dd with a gs who is 4 and a ds who just got married in April (hence the first trip to Vegas) I don't work (gave up looking about 6-8 months ago) so I just hang out around the house with my Yorkie and my cat. :lol: Been married 32 years next month. Do you and dh definitely want the strip? If not, the Orleans is a fantastic hotel. It is down on Tropicana just a mile or so from the stip and the rooms are huge and comfortable. The staff is great and the prices are really good too. We are going for 13 days and it is costing us $955 total. The rooms are like mini suites. I will try and enclose a pic or two of what they look like here at the bottom if I can find them on the computer.

I am going with dd and T to some kind of Christmas shop today. I am not going to spend money though because dd and I are going in just about 3 weeks to Nashvile on Thur and Frid to do some Christmas shopping at Opry Mills. I am looking forward to it except the drive (which is 4 hours and she has a little Nissan UGH!) I tried to convince her to trade cars with her dad as the Grand Marquis is sooooo comfortable, but she said no so I guess I will be all squished up as Thomas sits behind the front passenger side and you have to keep your seat all the way up for his long legs. I have a feeling I will get stuck with him in my bed as it will be a novelty for him and his mom says he is an octopus (oh goody) :lol:

I need to go and mix up a meatloaf and baked beans and put in fridge for dh to put into the oven this afternoon.

Have a great day

Faye :)

10-15-2004, 12:51 PM
Holey moley! Maggie, congratulations on that loss! :high: THAT is a great weekly loss! I have a Subway about 5 minutes from the house and I have yet to go there. I should especially on Friday nights as that is my night to go to the grocery store--it would be so simple just to stop in and pick up a sub.

Jean, time flies! You now have two grandchildren...and so do I! :lol: And you have more on the way too!! Heather (my oldest daughter) got married in June but she says not yet. Both she and her husband want children but they want to get settled into a home first. They're in a very small apartment right now. She says next spring they will be looking for a house seriously. I need more grandchildren!! :D Can never have too many of them!

Faye, lucky you--I will retire in March 2006. I turn 55 then and I'll have enough years of service where I work to receive my pension. Wayne and I can't wait--we're already planning projects for me to do and supervise others to do also. Wayne and I have been married for 32 years also! We have no pets but we used to have a golden retriever (until he passed away) but we plan on getting another one when I retire so I can house-train it. Note: this dog will be for my husband but it will be for me to train it. What is wrong with this picture?! :lol: Seriously, I would like to have another dog and actually I was looking at other breeds (because Wayne swore this next dog will be more for me :rolleyes: but do I believe that? :lol3: ) and I was looking at Yorkies. I've thought about getting a Yorkie for me and a Golden Retriever for him and let the two grow up together but I think that would be a bit too much--house training two puppies. Wayne and I would like to stay on the strip. Those rooms at the Orleans look lovely (and thank you for posting them) but who knows my mind just might change. Its fun just looking at all the different websites and comparing the hotels. We would stay for five nights. That would be plenty for us--we like traveling but we're homebodies at heart. And talking about Christmas shopping...I will start that this weekend. Easy to buy for the grandchildren (I can spend a fortune on them) but for the rest of the family--that is not so easy!

So glad this is Friday! I just received a phone call from Heather--the kids are setting up a lunch get-together at Ruby Tuesday restaurant tomorrow. We are a rowdy bunch when we all get together (6 adults, 2 children). :D

10-15-2004, 02:50 PM

It is another beautiful day here. On Monday we are going into the Yosemite for the day. It will be excellent top down weather for the trip and this time of the year it is so beautiful. I will pack a good OP lunch and bottles of water and sodas. They close a lot of it down when the snow comes so we need to get in there while we have the chance. When we get another 4WD vehicle we are going to take a trip up to our cabin in the Sequoias where the snow does get deep. It has 4 bedrooms so lots of the family and friends can go at the same time. We have slept 25 folks there before ~ cots and couches. I love that place ~ it has been in the family since I was a wee little tot. Up 6000 feet on Sugarloaf Mountain. Across the meadow and up the mountain is a great sled and tabogan run. In the 1920's there was a ski lift there. Some of the pulleys and cables are still way high in the trees giving evidence to a day gone by. My uncles used it as a hunting cabin and we as kids would get to go up and spend part of the summer there with my grandmother and aunts and mother. What fun the men would come up on weekends. My daughter and I spent the two weeks just before school started up for the year up there each year for years. We took my Jeep and ran all over those mountains. We love going to the snow but not living in it now that we are getting older. Our snowblowing the walk and driveway days are over. I am so excited about our upcoming 2005 Christmas at the Old Faithful Lodge in the Yellowstone where we will celebrate our anniversary and Christmas that year. Life is good!

FAYE what fun to go to the Christmas shop and just poke around and see the new little goodies that are out this year. AH shopping in Nashville. It just seems like yesterday when I was in Nashville. Part of my heart is still in TN. Too bad your daughter won't drive the bigger car... maybe she will change her mind.

GAIL subway has a good variety of meals now and I think you will find one you like. It is a good idea to eat before you shop and that is a good idea to stop there. I want a puppy. I do. But if we plan to travel it is easier with just a cat. But I want a puppy. A lady down the way has the most darling little minature Cocker Spaniel and Poodle mix ~ Cocapoo. It is so smart and just the cutest little thing. Will said I could have one if I found one that size. He is happy that I like it because I have been wanting an Old English Sheepdog and they are big but are so darling but maybe just too big for our small space in the motor home. Anyway that lady said she would keep her eye out for one for me. We'll see. Our traveling days are a few months off anyway and I would have plenty of time to train a puppy. Right now we don't have any plans to permanently hit the road but do plan on taking extended vacations. Your retirement day is not too far off! I am sure you will find lots to do when you are retired. The key is to keep busy and enjoy what you are doing.

Later folks.

10-15-2004, 09:46 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
I am doing the "Happy Friday" dance! :dance: Some of us went to a FAC meeting after school so I am a bit late getting home. DH is farming again today/tonight in order to beat the rain. It's a cool 44 in my neighborhood tonight and it's supposed to dip down into the 20s during the night. BRRRRR!

"Gma" -- Thank you for the birthday greeting! Time flies when you're having fun! :lol3: I have started my Christmas shopping for the little kids but it is the adults I have trouble with. Christmas will be here before we know it! Did you find any good ideas in your travels today?

Gail -- I thought that you had a dog! Maybe you were just talking about getting one. I always thought I'd like to have a dog that needed a walk every day. DH says he's not scooping poop out in the yard and that's that! :spin: I agree with the saying about having grandchildren is so much fun, we should have had them first! :D

Maggie -- Your cabin sounds a bit like ours in that it's been in the family a long time. :yes: DH's grandfather built it in the early '40s and it's been added on to over the years. Now my MIL and her sister, who lives in CA, own it and we are thinking of buying the aunt's 1/3 (MIL got another sister's 1/3 when she had to go into a nursing home). Our kids enjoy it so we'll hang on to it as long as we can.

I need to start laundry tonight as I will be gone most of the day tomorrow. I'm not sure what Sunday will bring as it depends on the weather. I'd like to go see the grandchildren but probably won't know for sure until the last minute.

Hope all is well with all of you. Have a nice weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-16-2004, 05:54 PM
Happy Saturday!
I should be doing my Saturday chores but just got home so thought I would "rest" before I start in. I didn't have any customers at the hospital gift shop, except for myself, and I bought a bunch of greeting cards. The buyer was there to price Christmas items so I helped her unpack, mark them, and repack them. We didn't put anything out because the auxiliary sponsors a Christmas bazaar in November so will decorate the shop for that.

Not much else is going on in my corner of the world. It's a chilly 47 degrees but the sun is out so it looks warmer than it actually is. Have a nice "rest of the day!"

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-17-2004, 09:41 AM
Its Sunday now--the sun is shining--its a crisp 45 degrees. It will get up to the 60s today--a very nice day. I definitely need to get some things done around the house this afternoon especially cleaning up the guest room again so I can at least walk inside the room. I have the tendency to dump things in there...along with all my yarn, knitting books, needles...and I have a LOT of that stuff!

Jean, I Christmas-shopped yesterday for the kids also! :) I agree with you, shopping for the children is so much easier than for the grown-up kids! I had lunch with all of them yesterday and when I asked them what they wanted I got groans from Heather and Amy, and the words "Playstation games" from the guys. Wayne has promised to shop for his father as I do not have a clue what to buy him--the man is 80 years old and has everything he wants. My own parents are difficult to buy for although I usually have luck with my Mom. I put so much thought into my presents. I agonize over it all. We used to have a dog. Toby. He passed away about 6 years ago. I've talked a lot about him so you may have gotten the impression he's still around. We loved that golden retriever sooooo much!

Maggie, that sounds great--going to Yosemite! Can I go too? ;) I've never been there. Actually, I haven't been to a lot of places but I'm working on that! :lol: The lodge sounds does! Mom and Dad along with one of my uncles and aunts, owned a beach house when I was growing up and there are a LOT of fond memories there! I know what you mean about "top-down" weather. It will be ending soon. Wayne won 2nd place in his class at the corvette show yesterday. He also won the "50-50" raffle and he split his winnings with me! I bought a pair of pants and a bunch of books with part of my new-found wealth last night. I'm going to a yarn shop this afternoon--I'll soon be poor again! :lol3: When Wayne and I were first married we had a cockapoo--Pinky--the smartest dog I've ever known! We miss her too. Our's looked like a little poodle. An old english sheepdog is definitely too large for a motorhome--we had one of those when we lived in Mineral, VA and we lived in a trailer at that time...and she (her name was Cindy) definitely took up too much room She didn't get along with Amy (Amy was about 4 years old) and so we gave her to a wonderful family who owned a farm.

Well, I'm hungry for breakfast--I'm on an "I've gotta have my oatmeal" kind-of-thing right now....and a glass of skim milk.

And tomorrow I go to work...<muttering to myself>...the weekends have got to slow down!

10-17-2004, 11:44 AM
Good Sunday Morning, Magnolias

It is cool but the sun is out and we should be up to the high 50's by afternoon. Had a lot of rain on Friday and last night I heard it rain again in the middle of the night. We will enjoy the sun today!

:hb: To all whose birthdays I missed! Jean, Maggie, Faye!!! Sounds like you all had wonderful days.

FAYE: I like the sounds of the Orleans and since you say they have a shuttle bus to the Strip we may consider it if we ever get to Vegas again. I know you will enjoy every minute of your stay.

JEAN: Oh, Christmas shopping!!!! I know kids are easier but when they get to the 10 year bracket it starts getting harder. Last year I got books for all along with a smaller other gift. Clothes are out....they either don't fit or are not the latest fad. :) I am thinking of either gift certificates or checks but that seems so cold. The only gift I have gotten is a little chef's hat for Kerri, who is almost 11 and a great cook. As for the grownups we don't do presents for them. 9 Grandkids is about all we can handle.

Gail: It is so good to see you back. We missed you. If I remember correctly you are in Maryland or around that part of the country? We may be going by your neck of the woods next year. DS has made reservations for Disney World for the week and 1/2 before Thanksgiving 2005 and has asked all the family who could make it to come down. Don't know if the other kids can make it ( $ considerations and also school time) but we thought we would drive down and then on the way home stop at his place in Raleigh for Thanksgiving! We will probably stay at the Shades of Green Hotel on Disney is government run and since DH is retired Air Force we will get a break on the cost. Will take three days to get down and three back with the Thanksgiving stay in Raleigh. Our first stop would be Annapolis, MD at the Academy also Gov. run hotel, which means getting off RT 95 and using 301 from the Dover, De area to Annapolis. Just hope we have a good weather November '05. SOG takes reservations 1 yr in advance so we will be making them soon.

MAGGIE: Your area of California sounds so wonderful. It, CA, is one place I would like to explore more. Don't know if I will ever make it but I can dream!

Gloria in MA....having my second cup of decaf on a Sunday morn.

10-17-2004, 01:21 PM

It is raining. Started in the night and it is going gang busters now. I love it. It is the first we have had in exactly 6 months. The trees are getting a good washing and it will look absolutely fantastic when the sun comes out. Guess we will have to postpone our plans to go into the Yosemite if this rain continues into tomorrow. There will be another day for that. I just have a few minutes before I need to get dressed for church and thought I would visit Y'all.

JEAN that is a good idea to buy that 1/3rd of the cabin since your family likes going there. I love having our cabin in the family because ~ well just because.

GAIL tell Wayne congratulations on winning both in the car devision and the raffle! Second place is GREAT. When we were in Eurika Springs AK when they were having a Corvette ralley ~ what a sight. Hundreds and hundreds. Your guest room sounds like Will's shop room. Right now there is a saddle across the doorway.... but he has room in there to work.

GLORIA your trip sounds like fun! California Dreamin' eh? Catch a plane and then rent a vehicle and drive the coast. I love that drive up or down the state on Highway 1. Or if you like the mountains come on up. We are going to the coast for Thanksgiving.

Time for me to go get dressed ~ type at you later. Have a wonderful day.

10-17-2004, 04:26 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It started out to be a cloudy day here but the sun has now come out of hiding. It is a chilly 45 degrees as I type. I am NOT excited about this weather turning into winter! :no:

Gail -- I have a guest room full of "stuff" too! Whenever anyone wants to stay overnight, I move it into one of the kids' bedrooms. No wonder my piles seem to grow! :eek: Your talk about yarn is making me want to "make" something. I should make afghans for the new grandbabies . . I gave the ones I made for our kids to the first grandbabies. There just aren't enough hours in the day!

Gloria -- The rain missed us last week! :cp: The guys are trying to get the harvest finished before the predicted rain arrives in the middle of next week. I would almost rather buy the grandkids things during the year as they want/need them. They get so much stuff at Christmas that they don't know what to play with first. I do think I am going to start buying bonds for them. I get our own kids gift certificates only because then they can get what they want. Along with that I buy silly things too. Amanda loves dill pickles so she always gets a jar of those. :lol: I started that after she was pregnant the first time because I didn't want her to think that I was pressuring them to have children. Jason likes the boxed macaroni and cheese dinners so I wrap a a couple of those for him.

Maggie -- My parents belonged to a sports car club when I was a kid. The members would take turns laying out a route, have check points along the way, and then end the day with a meal at a restaurant. They had a traveling trophy for whomever made the best time and not gotten lost in the process. :twirly: They had a Carmen Ghia (sp? -- a German car) to begin with and then switched to Corvairs. I got to drive the Corvair when I was in high school. I hadn't thought about that in a long time until you mentioned car rally. I hope the rain doesn't spoil your travel plans for tomorrow.

I need to change loads of laundry so better keep moving. Have a super duper day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-18-2004, 09:03 AM
Good morning ladies! Wow miss a couple days and boy do you get behind! :lol:

Gail: We have the MOST adorable Yorkie. They are yippers, but you can train them not to be when they are tiny. Our little guy rarely barks, except if he is startled by something and then it is one yip not continuous, never barks at people wandering around outdoors or doors slamming, someone knocking, etc, doesn't bite, is trained for indoor or outdoor bathroom (I HIGHLY recommend this if you are away from home a lot during the day) and trained to only go next to a wall or fence so never poos in the middle of a yard etc. When we got him, Jack was holding him and I was holding his brother. His brother was shaking and you could tell nervous and frightened. Fortune was licking Jack's hand and I told the breeder, "We want him." So if you do decide on a small dog, go with one that acts friendly and not nervous at all even if you have to go through a bazillion to get the right one.

Maggie Your cabin hide away sounds plain freezing to me. I hate all forms of camping including RV's, Cabins etc and am no longer a snowbunny. Hope that when you are able to go you have a great time!

Jean: I am beginning to think from the things you say, you should just back up a dump truck and haul your "piles" away and start over! :lol: You always seem to be shuffling or moving or going through and sorting or something! :lol: Maybe you have too much room so there is space to "pile" :lol:

Gloria: We've had a passle of rain lately but seems to finally to have moved off. I now have leaves all over the deck so I need to get out and blow and vacuum all of them again. They almost need to be done once a week now. We only have one tree but the neighbors have 2, of which we get most of their leaves I think! :lol:

I was disappointed in the Christmas shop though the money goes to the school for the deaf here so at least my entrance fee goes for a good cause. I didn't buy anything. DD bought a pair of earrings for her sil and a box of this yummy hot chocolate mix for Christmas eve for us but even she didn't get much. I have started, but we have birthdays and anniversaries abounding too so I have that to do. My ds just finished real estate school and gets his license next month so I got him a leather attache with a matching day planner that fits in it and a bBQ gift certificate for his birthday, which is this Friday. MY dd's birthday is the 16th of NOV and our anniversary is two days later it just goes on and on. I bought my dd this cute striped sweater at Penneys and found socks to match somewhere else and am going to get her Beyond Paradise, which is her favorite fragrance then on to Christmas stuff!

I need to get going and get chores, housecleaning and walking in this morning.


10-18-2004, 11:09 AM
Happy Monday morning! :coffee: I've got my cuppa coffee, my desk is organized and priortorized so I know what's ahead for me today. I'm trying to do the same thing in that guest room of mine. Yesterday I slogged my way through the room and have made a really big dent in all that mess....which is a good thing because Mom and Dad may be up here soon and they need a place to sleep. :lol3: I've gathered all the novels I haven't read and put them in one bookcase, my cookbooks are all together on a shelf, and another shelf holds my knitting books and patterns that I've gotten off the internet. I was amazed that I didn't have a lot of knitting works-in-progress. I have a prayer shawl, a baby blanket, and a scarf to complete...and I swear I'm going to finish those before I start something new! :rolleyes: :D Yesterday, I made a quick trip back to the Wayne's urging...and I bought two more Christmas presents that I have been thinking about--those are out of the way.

Gloria, I love to Christmas shop--that is almost a gift to myself; however, I like buying a present that someone is really going to love. We have cut back on the adult kids. Now that both daughters are married, we buy a house present for each couple and then a smaller personal gift for each of them. Then I go nuts with the grandbabies! Completely out of control! :lol: We used to give money but we stopped doing that--it just wasn't the same although it is easier and green goes with everything! ....I live in Delaware and if you're on I95 you will drive for a very short time through Delaware on your way down to Florida. When you see the exit for the University of Delaware give a shout--I'm not far from that exit! I'd love to go to WDW again--I've been 3 times but Wayne says he's not interested in going there again. Not that he didn't have a good time; he just wants to go somewhere else. Me? I could go every year! I love that place! :) And that's great y'all will get a deal there. :high: :)

Maggie, I'm wondering if y'all went to Yosemite today.

Jean, make a shawl! Go to and you will find a lot of free patterns for both knitting and crocheting. I love that website! And I blame my yarn addiction on them! ;) I bet your parents had a blast at those car rallies. :) Wayne would love that! He's thinking about joining a corvette owners club. He has so much fun with his car.

Jean, our neighbors across the street from us have a Yorkie puppy. He's the cutest little thing! Not afraid of anything or anyone! That littly guy has attitude! :lol: I fell in love with him and Wayne, who doesn't care for little yipper dogs at all, liked him also...but Wayne's heart is on a Golden Retriever...which I love those also but boy oh boy wouldn't that be something having a puppy from each breed in the same house?! THAT probably would be a lot of fun. Anyway, Wayne and I talked about puppies seriously yesterday and we're going to stick with our original game plan--we'll wait until I retire (17.5 months away! and nooooooo I'm not counting! ;) ) and then find a puppy...or puppies. Sorry about that Christmas shopping...I like crafts shows too but haven't been to one in a long time. I do go to a HUGE one the day after Thanksgiving with my Mom down in Virginia Beach...and...well, I take a lot of money with me... :o Can you tell I'm a "shop-til-I drop" kind of gal?

Okay. I need to get some work done here... after I grab another cup of coffee! :)