Support Groups - TG Weekly Chat - week of Oct 11 thru Oct 17

10-12-2004, 10:26 AM

Good morning gals! Where are my buds? Hope to hear from you all this week!

Well, we are back home at the cabin now ... my sister from California is up for a week - yeah! We were busy all day yesterday storing away all the stuff we packed up from our house downstate ...

Peggy: Thinking of you - hope you're doing ok and we hear from you soon.

Slyvia: I confess ... I got into the chocolate w/almonds!

Sharon: I know you're busy, but sure hope we get a post from you soon!

Well ... coffee's on - so come on in everyone! Let's have a coffee clatch!

Until later ...
Love, CJ

10-14-2004, 10:37 AM
All by myself ... I wanna be all by myself .... NOT!!!!!!

Where are you guys? It's really lonely in here and I can hear my echo!

Actually, I haven't been on much either ... been knitting again! Haven't knitted in years and just had the urge to do it lately so am doing some Boa scarves for christmas and have started a neat afghan also.

Peggy: Thinking of you girl ... don't stay away - we miss you.

Slyvia: Hmmmm ... are you in those CUBBARDS again??? lol .... how are ya doing?

Sharon: got your emails yesterday ... was so glad to hear from you. I hope you can slow down some soon and relax ... miss you!

Well ... coffee's ready so guess I'll go have a cup and knit a few rows. Hope there is someone to talk to when I come back.

Love, CJ

sweet tooth
10-14-2004, 01:59 PM
Hi....I'm still here. We have been so busy here this week. Of course it was Thankgiving weekend last weekend, so was busy cooking for the troups here. We are also closing on our apartment in Calgary this week, so that is another project that is eating up the time.

I am doing OK. Will get some more of the test results back this week, so I am trying to wait patiently for the dr. to call.

Everything is going well. We went to a wedding on Sat. I gave DH strict instructions to not let me eat any bread, potato, carrots, corn, etc., but that I would be having a dessert at the reception. Fortunately, the dinner served was a bar-b-que with lots of salads, so it was easy to stay OP for the dinner. I also ate 3 small desserts and still lost 1 pound on the weekend. Since I was doing Thanksgiving, it was easy to make OP foods for me and throw some extra things in for the rest.

I also started working with a personal fitness trainer this week. I am so stiff and sore now... but that will get better, I'm sure.

Hope everyone has a great week. good. ;)

10-15-2004, 04:15 AM
Howdy Ladies! :wave:

I hope you are all doing well. Sorry for not being around parents are out of the country(again) and I'm house/dog/baby sitting again. Their computer is out of commission so I can't get on(need to fix that!). We( my sisters, my Brother inlaw, my hubby and myslef) are going to be busy this weekend...we are remodeling my parents' dining room and kitchen...kind of like "While You Were Out". My Mom knows that it's being done but my Dad has no clue. That counts as exercise...right?
I couldn't do any walking or any other outdoor activity for the past three days...there is a wild fire on the other side of the hill from my parents' house and the wind was blowing all of the ash and smoke westward. The air quality was dangerous as was the 98 degree heat. It was awful! Poor kids were going stir crazy...not to mention myself as well. It felt good to come home and see that lovely fog and smell the fresh air! Tomorrow I'm going to take Nico for a nice long walk!

Peggy-Good job on your eating! I don't think I would be good:( You have so much more will power than me! Congrats on the fitness trainer....I remember when I went to mine for the first time...I walked "funny" for two weeks after that.

CJ-Nope, I'm not in the cubbards! I did think about it though! :D So you ate some chocolate with almonds...think of it this way: The almonds are protein and counteract the sugar in the chocolate. Thus, the sugar doesn't go directly into your blood stream. You are a knitter? That is how my Mom relaxes. I started a baby blanket when I was pregnant with Nico and my Mom finished it. Actually, she made a lot of blankets. I wish I had the patience for it.

Sharon- We miss you chickie! I hope all is well!

OK ladies, I know that Christmas is coming up and want to do something different this year. I was thinking about making a "video" card of our year. It would mostly be of Nico...since we take most of the pictures of him. Do you think it would be tacky or corny? Please let me know what you think, your opinion means a lot to me.

Well ladies, I'm off to bed.

Have a great day!