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04-30-2001, 04:56 AM
Sisterhood of Success - I hope that doesn't sound too "smug" for the readers of our powerful thread (which is almost 2 years strong). We are successful here because we have figured out something fundamental - as long as you don't give up and move forward with earnest committment to the health and fitness journey, your body really doesn't have a choice: make improvements and you will improve. Setbacks are temporary and are seen as learning experiences. What I mean by sisterhood of success is that we persevere (gosh I love that word, isn't it just like poetry: Persevere) and continue in our quest and mutual support.

I'm so happy to be posting today. It has been a couple of weeks of scant posting and a severely hectic life, and I really have no guarantee that this is over now, but I just took a fairly easy weekend. My cold was awful last week, but I am happy to say that the worst is behind me and there is just a little snuffling left to work its way out. The timing was terrible, and I did feel awful for 5 days!

But I'm excited, because I think the misery of getting sick spurred me into some solid action, and I can see results of this already. I was truly miserable so reached for books and web sites about naturopathic approaches, and I bought a wonderful new book about juicing! I'm basically using juicing as a therapy, LOTS of veggies, also some fruit and organic lemons and ginger - wow. It is great to have a book that talks about how to approach juicing, how it works on the cellular level and how exactly to work it into your lifestyle. What is really exciting is - I have been juicing solidly for, what, 4 days or so, and I just can't believe how I feel and how incredible my skin looks. It's a real wake up call because I had really done some sliding into things I do not do well with - chips and bread and sugar are things that just have to be kept to a minimum with me. It's really fun to try something and see fantastic results so quickly.

I was just too sick to work out this last week. I missed both ballet classes. Today I finally felt like I could do something low-key. I went to the club and did just 30 min on the elliptical "Buffer" and some sit-ups and arms - I can really tell I'm off my game! But I think the little bit of exercise did help. I'll be easing in this week, and I can't wait to get that strong control back.

I am also making the decision to cut back on my beloved java. I gave it up for Lent and the experience was illuminating. I drink way too much of the stuff, in no small part because of my weird job, strange hours and minimal sleep. I still adore the taste and smell and the warm cup of heaven, but I will be cutting back and really savoring a smaller amount. I believe it makes me feel "less romantic" if you follow me. If there was ever an incentive to reach for a tea bag... ;)

So I'm sitting here hoping that my little rejuvination, even in the throes of illness, is catching a bit and there will be news from you-all. I'm going to fire this off to your screens and get back to work here, thinking about all I've learned this week. (Maybe in some cases relearned, doesn't that just keep happening in a circular way?)

Raychel let us know how the team training is going. Do you use supplements? How is the court case coming along?

Steph when do you get the new baby? I hope you are having some spring now.

Catherine how is the latest resolve coming along. You always have great insights and energy.

PW I hope you are still enjoying your job. Has the healthful part eased into the new lifestyle with ease, or were there bumps?

Justy I'm always interested in an installment from your life.

Katy - What's the latest? Any new inspiring discoveries in your corner?

Phoebe do you ever check in? I saw your name on some other thread last week when I was doing a little lurking.

Shorty - Would love to hear from you.

Happy Monday everyone - make it count!


04-30-2001, 09:33 AM
Juno - You missed your calling in life Ė you should have been a writer. Maybe while youíre transcribing, you sneak in a few of your own thoughts? Thank you so much for the wonderful new thread. Personally I would love to hear more about your ďjuicingĒ adventure. What is the title of the book? What have you done so far? After my illness I was so motivated to get back on track. Itís amazing how quickly you lose your ďedgeĒ however.

I found a running program in one of my magazines. Itís for a 10K. I know that I can do a 5K, but a 10K will be a challenge. Itís a 15-week program. I need something to motivate me to run. Walking just isnít doing it for me. Iím still doing 2xís week ST. I bulk up so quickly. Iím also doing lunges and sit-ups for target zones. I am going to add squats too.

Am playing ball, but had a two-week bye. So the temptation to go out afterwards hasnít been there. Luckily. My resolve for staying away from my bad habits is getting better every day. However I STILL struggle with food. WHY is that? M It is such a mental game Ė extremely frustrating. Iím working hard on going strictly off the food pyramid and taking my vitamins.

Well, it is pushing 80 around here Ė finally! Everything is green and all is good. Hope youíre all doing well too

04-30-2001, 01:09 PM
I just reread and had a realization - it is THREE years we are coming up on on June 18.

I guess I just feel so young with all our great accomplishments that it didn't seem like 3 years had passed.

Hey Catherine - sounds like you are doing great. I'm sure the food struggle is somewhat never-ending for us all - why Cheetohs are more enticing than broccoli and why chocolate brownies are more enticing than minestroni soup - we are sabotaged by garbage at every turn. Fat/sugar and fat/salt are so enticing to people. More on this later - have to finish my work!


04-30-2001, 01:57 PM
Now there is a word that implies power!!

I've been dealing with a low back strain the past couple of weeks. I don't know what I did to make it progress so badly! Back troubles are really unusual for me. Its amazing how a sore back really takes the stuffing out of you. Sitting makes it worse so I'm either standing or laying down. Of course my job keeps me in my chair (and so does posting) so this is going to be short.

The family court is going okay. BIL has another court date on May 8 - I'm not going this time and I don't think anyone else is in the family either. For me its work, for the rest of the family its frustration around BIL's wishy-washy behavior on taking his wife back. I'm torn because I know that it's conditional on all of our parts when we say "she isn't welcome here". OTOH we are on the outside looking in and can see what path this is going down. (I should say HAS been going down for the last 8 yrs)

It's alternately warm and then cold here...ahhhh Spring. The weather can't make up its mind.

Supplements I take: Lots of mineral/vits spread throughout the day...a glucosomine chondroiton supp...and I just started glutamine peptide (an amino acid) post workouts to help with recovery/repair. Its too soon to see if there is any difference yet.

Catherine: I'm always envious of those who are comfortable running. I like the way it feels in my heart and mind but my body doesn't! I get odd hip/hamstring/heel aches when I run. But sometimes I'll do intervals just because - even though I pay for it. Good luck with the training program!

Juno: I have a juicer but never dust it off! I suppose I eat so many veggies I don't leave room for additional juices even though I know they are soooo good for you! I've never thought about java affecting my drive. I usually have 1-2 cups a day. It makes sense though if you are stimulating your CNS, you have to come down sometime and that probably effects your natural energy levels. Have you ever tried "Good Earth Original" tea? Ummm, sweet and spicy. I don't think its caffiene free though. I've been reading tons of good things about green tea - its truly a wonderful all around anti-oxidant. I drink it periodically.

Okay my back can't handle any more with you all later.

04-30-2001, 04:23 PM
I was reading Juno's post this morning and wondering why I thought it was 3 years and not two! I'm glad I'm not crazy and it really was 3.

We never had spring here and just leaped into summer. My plants are growing so much because of all the 80 degree days. We did lose a few shrubs thanks to this very long harsh winter so I will be doing some digging in a few days. Did some raking yesterday and went on a long family hike. On Saturday we went and had a picnic near a beautiful waterfall and just spent most of the time outside (I think I have been outside since Wednesday). Today the rain is coming down so we are inside (almost needed a day inside!)

Exercise is good and I am trying to do more variety in my cardio. I am using TaeBo once a week and step-aerobics. Plus we have been getting out almost every night for a walk with the dog & kids. I did cut back on my yoga but I still do little 15 minutes spurts 3 times a week. Wish I could do more but I decided that was something I would cut back on.

Juno - Rough weeks are all behind you. Onward Juno! Last week I forgot to mention that I bought a pair of shoes a month or so ago that weren't my usual air-cushioned $$ shoes and boy was that stupid. I'm not walking on air but cement. Anyhow I put duct tape in my old shoes (holes inside) and turned the other shoes into street shoes. I need to go buy new ones but can't justify it since I just bought the other ones (especially because I gave C a big speech about shoes & money).

Raychel - Ouch on the back. When DH had problems it was a big pain for all of us. I know it hurt but it was driving me nuts. Hope you can make it go away! Family & wishy-washy is so fun isn't it NOT!. Have some of our own saga's where everyone keeps going back and forth. My sister and one of his. Drives me nuts!

Catherine - Good luck on the running. You can do the 10K! My body just isn't made for running so I am trying to do a bunch of other things. I really want to try and swim a bit this summer. I used to love it but now I tend to float. Next year I am buying ice skates in the winter since my kids will be older and I am going to skate. My 5 year old just got rollerblades but dad gets to do that because I just don't like rolliing!!

That's it for me. I have a bunch of things I should be doing. I get the new baby in two weeks so who knows if I will ever have time to post after that (summer is coming and you know they must let these kids out of school - boo hoo!). Later everyone! Stephanie

05-01-2001, 07:18 AM
Hello everyone, hope you are all very well.

Juno, thanks for remembering me. I have to confess that I have been lurking and keeping up with everyone's posts. I haven't felt "5% enough" to actually post myself but its been inspiring for me to keep up with you all through reading. My divorce is now finalised and I went through a period of not posting at all because I wasn't being healthy as I should, but I am feeling stronger and happier than I have for a long while and I am even back to going to the gym on a regular basis. I loved what you said about not giving up, and if you keep at it, you will see improvements. That's what I am striving for.

Happy 1 May everyone.

Phoebe :)

05-01-2001, 11:55 PM
Hello everyone! I can't believe it is May already - this year is just flying by. Which isn't all bad considering..... :)

A new gym just opened up on my way to/from work and I've been debating joining. Well, last Thursday I got my butt in there and joined up. The only day I haven't gone since is Sunday but I went golfing instead. I love it! It's huge, new (obviously!) and has lots of equipment. Even when the parking lot looks full it's still pretty empty looking inside so there's been no waiting for the machines. And how nice to be back on the buffer!

Summer has hit here too. Today has been a little cooler and overcast and we're to get rain tonight. The rain will be very welcome here, we've already had a few large grass fires and we have fire bans on because it's just so dry.

Phoebe I was so glad to see your post! I had to smile when I read it since I can relate so well to you right now. I don't know if you remember but I'm separated and we're going through the year separation before our divorce becomes final (5 1/2 more months to go!). But I have also been told that I'm happier and seem more relaxed. I know it's a tough road but I'm so glad that you're doing better - and are happier!

Juno - I love the sisterhood concept. How true of us and how comforting too. It was a great reminder that we aren't just doing this by ourselves but are part of a group that cares for each other. Thank you. My gym has a food/juice bar and I was checking out their 'menu' tonight wondering how their juices would stand up to yours. What's your favourite combo?

Catherine, wow on the 10K! Keep us up to date on how you're doing on that. Good luck!

Raychel, ick on the sore back. Are you starting to feel better yet? My x has a bad back and I remember how uncomfortable he could get. How's the training program going?

Steph, your picnic by the waterfall sounds wonderful! I haven't been on a picnic in years but that just may have to be on my 'to-do' list for this summer. Thanks for the great idea.

Other than work and now the gym, life is pretty quiet right now. It has been so nice! I do have tickets for the baseball game this friday and am debating asking a friend (male!) if he wants to go but am leery. I don't want him getting any ideas other than friends. I guess I'd better make up my mind soon tho!

Well I suppose I should run. My dishes are not going to do themselves as much as I would like that :) Take care everyone!

05-03-2001, 09:28 PM
It's great to read all the new posts!

Justy - Jealous of the new gym membership! Get a workout there for both of us (I'll get to join a gym in 2010 or so :). I am glad to hear you are sounding happy!

Catherine - Summer/Winter The temps just keep hopping back and forth. My kids were annoyed they had to wear their coats all day & for our evening walk. If you can figure out how to win the food struggle you are way ahead of the rest of us. I have it about 80% conquered but the 20% results in these extra 20 pounds which on my 5'4" frame just seems like a whole extra body.

Phoebe - I'm glad you were able to post. Hope we get to hear more from you. There are many days I don't feel 5% just because of food but I still post here anyhow. This is my bad habit :) Wish it would overtake the food!

Raychel - Hope the back is healing up. Have you been able to get in any workouts or just out of commission?

Juno - I was doing so good with my one diet coke a day and had even cut it back to every other day but lately that has gone out the window. I usually only drink one but find I have two probably two times per week. I hate not being able to just give it up. I always scoff at people that can't give up their "bad" addictions but hey if I can't even quit Diet Coke who am I kidding?

I just got on for a few minutes while everyone in the house is busy doing something and leaving me alone. My boys have been riding their bikes while I walk but tonight I made them walk (DH usually goes but had work to do) and they were so annoyed they had to walk. It takes two of us to watch them on their bikes and the dog. Other than that I need everyone on foot! Our hikes last week had a downfall - ticks!! Found a few on us when we got back. I hate those little things.

Okay I am sure they are all needing me now so I shall pop back into my families world. Have a great weekend (mine which is filled with yardwork, trip to Goodwill, and a whole bunch of errands). I have been cleaning like a maniac this week inside - must be spring cleaning fever?


05-04-2001, 03:05 AM
Yes, click - that sound you hear is Juno knocking on wood. I do have the spring click and I am planning on surfing this spring wave for all its worth.

The cold is almost all over but the good habits are continuing. Catherine asked about the juicing. I'll try not to make this a small book:

I got a juicer from my parents as a gift a few years ago. It was, like, I didn't know I wanted one of these, but thanks! But I do enjoy it from time to time. When I got it I looked around in bookstores (and some on the web) for things to read about juicing, from a nutrition standpoint. I once lived in Seattle and I knew about (and sometimes patronized) those healthy/trendy juice places like Gravity Bar. Well maybe because I live in "Siberia" I could only find one book, and I'm sure you have seen this book yourselves in health food stores - it's old, originally written in the 30s I think, updated and not of great technical quality. It was written by this guy named N.W. Walker, who I guess lived to be about 812 years old due to the splendor of juices. His book told us the good things each type of juice does - but no footnotes, research, anything. And it is really dated too. "Nymphomania" is listed as a disorder ('suffered' by women only, of course.) So is "dropsy" and "catarrh." Evidently the diseases and disorders known to man are because we don't drink fresh juices and otherwise eat right and cleanse the colon (don't get me started on his colon-cleansing mania!) Here's what he says about "menopause" - "The penalty women pay for half a lifetime (40 to 50 years) of eating destructive foods which fail to nourish the blood and in fact any part of the system so that it can be rapidly and constantly regenerated."

One thing I always noticed about fresh veggie juices when I made and drank them is they are really rejuvinating - I can drink some and often will get the surge as if I took some great drug or something. So, with the cold from **** flattening me, I dusted off the juicer. I also went to this fun pharmacy/herbal/new agey store here and looked at the book selection and was happy to find a great variety of MODERN books on juicing. The one I bought is "The Juice Lady's Juicing for High-Level Wellness and Vibrant Good Looks." by Cherie Calbom, MS. There were others that looked good too. She explained (not by ranting) about what goes on in the body at the cellular level and explained how juices work and why. Footnotes, citing respectable research. Recipes. Yes she likes cleansing and gives the recipe for a coffee enema (sorry my friends she only advocates the holy brew taken BACKWARDS), but she isn't spraying spittle about it.

So I have been juicing my merry heart out this week, in the quest to kill the cold and to really feed my body well - I must confess that my sterling food habits have slackened over the long gray winter. No excuses, it just did. My body shows it too, and I'm all OVER that. If nothing else - with juicing or just eating stuff - it really has made me mindful of how the body works, and how the quality of what is put in there is so massively important.

Another thing that got me interested in making more juices was talking to a friend of mine who is new to town since last Fall - she has a daughter in ballet and we have gotten acquainted and she joined my book group. I really like her, she is very no-nonsense, a nurse, and is 4' 11" and TINY. She astonished me one day when she told me she "does" herbalife. We talked about it quite a bit and she said that what herbalife supposedly does is meets your nutrition requirements (with some enzymatic voodoo that I don't wholly understand) such that - if your body's needs for vitamins and minerals and antioxidants and all those other trace good-for-you things are MET, then you won't be pecking around the kitchen because your body will in fact be fulfilled in its nutrition. I don't know about taking their stuff, but that made sense when thinking about the juicing. It is an easy way to meet or exceed the requirements for all those fruits and veggies.

Anyway, Catherine - you asked! hehe. I'll keep you posted. I'm into putting beets into the mix, it makes the juices red and pretty. I never EAT beets, but they are great in juice.

I have been a club regular again this week. Just plugging away on the Buffer, doing some weights and abs, feeling my strength return. I've been conciously healthy, feeding my body like a holy temple for a couple of weeks, and exercising since Sunday when I arose from my granite death-slab. Oh, and I'm even getting gold stars in WATER CONSUMPTION. Today - happily - the results are visible in the body. The effects of all those veggies were evident in my skin almost immediately. I'm pretty excited and determined right now, happy to be back to this level of health and interest.

Regarding the coffee - I didn't say I would eliminate it. I mean that I am just goign to have a cup or two a day, like normal people are supposed to. Even though I have made mine a blend with a lot of decaf, I think just drinking so much of it just isn't right for me anymore.

My clothes are all falling apart at once. It is something of a crisis, esp in the jeans and black jeans dept (mom uniform). I'm looking forward to getting a couple of new things in the coming weeks.

Okay - time to have my second - and final - cup of joe for the day, and then record for posterity the gleaming jewels of wisdom of the Juneau medical community.



05-09-2001, 04:57 PM
Hi all! Just checking in and saying hello! Everything is plugging along. I'm sooo looking forward to vacation in 2 1/2 weeks! Work has been busy, life has been busy and its now HOT HOT HOT here!

My back is better but not 100% - these things take time. But I'm able to work with it now and am back at the gym.

I'm doing a new experiment with diet....I'm always looking at new things to see what feels good. One thing I've learned this last year is what works for some, doesn't work for others!! And that its okay to change things around!! For a long time now I've been doing a 40/30/30 split on my nutrients. That feels good to me - plenty of energy, good recovery time from workouts etc. Anyway I was ready for a change and tried a lower fat, higher complex carbs, medium protein. Its okay. I have good energy but my recovery time is slower - I think due to low fat. I've been reading about calorie cycling (called ABCDE or Anabolic Burst ummm something something that I can't remember now.) You eat lower cals for 2 wks and then higher cals for 2 wks. Studies show that eating this way affects your hormones, manipulating them in a way that helps you retain muscle and loose fat faster. Studies have shown it to be more effective than eating "moderate" for 4 weeks. Interesting eh? So I'm trying it for a while to see how it feels. About 1400cals then up to about 2300cals. Since I'm used to eating in the 1900-2400 cal range most of the time, 1400 felt really weird the first couple of days but now I feel pretty good. The nutrient split is something like 15-20% fat, 40-50% protein and the rest carb. Lots of veggies required! On the big weeks the carbs are higher and the protein a bit lower, the fat stays about the same.

I thought of you Steph since you struggle with portion control. Maybe something like this would be good for you. Any of us can eat "small" for two weeks - especially looking forward to the "big" weeks. If you want a sample of the food I laid out, let me know.

So thats about it. Take care everyone!

05-14-2001, 03:03 AM
Hi Friends! It's a good time to report - the end of a wonderful Mother's Day. This has been a great weekend, very busy. Friday night was Book Group. Saturday I took my daughters to a quilting class at our State Museum, where there has just opened an historical quilt show - it was a wonderful time. Saturday night we went out for dinner and then saw a film of Sir Shackleton's trip to Antarctica and the ship the Endurance. If you know anything about this you know it is an amazing story, as their ship was ice-locked and destroyed and the men were stuck in Antarctica for months into a couple of years, and Shackleton and a small party went 800 miles in a small boat and managed to save everyone. This took place in 1914-1916. What is amazing is - this was real footage, as they had a cinematographer on the trip! It was like looking back in time and watching history, including the ship breaking up and sinking. If you are history buff at all this was just an amazing film - it was silent, with parts to read in old fashioned style, and a piano score. We took the girls and they enjoyed it too!

Today, morning Mother's Day fun, with cute homemade gifts. Then I went to a lecture and reception for the quilt show with my GF Cindy. Now here I am working and I do feel my weekend was full.

So full in fact that exercise was not a highlight, alas. But I am thrilled to say that food was great and my pants officially felt looser and better-fitting today, and I still declare my click to be in place. I vow to make the exercise good this week! and to stay with this, because I feel great.

Raychel I hope by now the back is feeling all the way better. I'll be interested in hearing how the new diet-plan works. I think a little more structure lately has helped me, and I will be curious to hear about your alternating plan.

I'm vowing to not only keep up the good food deal, but also to get better food into my kids this summer. My kids eat better than most, but it is still appalling the amount of sugar and white flour makes it into them.

Back at it--


05-15-2001, 06:37 PM
Wow, everyone must be busy busy busy. I know I am. My younger D is home after a tummy flu today, otherwise I doubt I would even be home to be posting this. I have soooo much to do, it boggles the mind. Naturally, I have to take time out to waste on the web, right? lol

I'm continuing apace. After you-all have known me these 3 years, I think you would agree that there is a definite correlation between how energized, positive and totally 5% I am and the length of sunlight in the surroundings! Yesterday I did a neighborhood walk AND ballet - as the weekend had been busy but not really workout-y. Tonight DH knows I have a date at the club, where I plan to focus on some cardio and arms. I can feel it all in my jeans, see it in my face, and instead of struggling it feels like a fun game again.

Foodwise, things are going great. I'm sort of back to having one meal a day be the main one and keeping the other 2-4 of them as small snack meals. My strategy is to make the largest meal dinner, as I still have hours and hours ahead of me before bed (timing wise it is more like late lunch isn't it). That way I can not find myself scrounging something in the kitchen at 11:30 pm. So far this seems to be working well - especially if I DO go to the kitchen at about 11:00 or 11:30 or so and make myself a cup of tea. (Remember I am up until 1:30). If I get hungry when I am working NO AMOUNT of resolve will keep me from finally caving in and eating SOMETHING. If I could just go to bed that would work, but when I have to work it is just TOO distracting to be hungry! I'm also doing better on taking the vites - so part of my deal isn't craving nutrition for 'something I missed.' I don't know if that really happens but it sounds like a good theory, so oh well.

Well... Who will be the next to check in?


05-15-2001, 08:50 PM
I have 23 minutes to post, do some file work, balance my checkbook, paint my nails, and sort the laundry. Think I'll get it all done????? Probably not especially when I choose to post first!

The new baby started yesterday so I have lost quite a bit of my free time during the day. It's just more the little things I am used to doing since I actually haven't had a young baby here in almost 2 years. I am still trying to prep myself for this summer when I will have 9 here all day long. I am still trying to do some of my exercise during the day but I can see that making me go mental over the summer. I do cardio in the a.m. but don't always have time for yoga & ST. I need to rethink my schedule for the summer and not bash my head in over it.

Raychel - Yes I am interested in learning more. I was going to post last week and tell you that but I was suffering from PMS eating so I decided that I didn't want to read about any smart eating! I am trying to really focus on balancing my meals better and use a smaller plate. I do good for a whole bunch of days and then I crash.

Juno - Your weekend sounded lovely. I planted about 200 flowers around my yard in the bed and in containers. Now if only I could stand to be outside (weather is 95 here and 100% humid). Plus the bugs are horrid here already (usually doesn't happen until July!) As long as I don't see snow for a while I'll try and shut my mouth. Where is there perfect climate?? My older son tells everybody that he is moving to Alaska soon. Dad and him sit around and dream about it.

This is the time of the year that I enjoy because it seems like I find so much more to do that I enjoy on the weekends and spend more time with my family because I drag them all outdoors. I still need to get my bike down because I haven't gotten to use that yet and DH's knee is better this year which was a big problem last summer.

Life is good just busy as always. I forgot how many block of 2 minutes I had free until M started yesterday. She is a darling baby though and I will enjoy watching her grow up!! She never napped more than 15 minutes on maternity but she slept 2 hours for me today so I am thinking if I just get nap time I will be fine. Trouble is my most active little 1 1/2 year old only takes and hour and she requires constant chasing (but she is so funny you'd do it and not complain). If only she would sleep long!! I don't have her on Fridays and you can't imagine how much I treasure that peace. My GF has been helping me get out on Friday with all the kids so my work week has seemed so much shorter.

DH had a birthday, Mothers Day just flew on by...C graduates from 8th grade in about 2 weeks. I have almost 3 weeks off this summer and I can't wait!! (not all at one time!)

Okay I need to go work and I have a whopping 12 minutes left. Go Go Go Go Go.........

05-24-2001, 02:04 PM
I had to move us back up to the top. I have been cut off from technology most of the last two weeks, so haven't been able to post. Awful!

Things are incredibly busy. We're in the thick of selling our house. There has been good action on it, but that means you need to have it spic-n-span 24/7. What a lot of work. Add ballgames, family, social acitivites, etc to that and it makes for a busy life.

I have been doing a good job with health and fitness. Still moving forward and that is the main thing, no? It has been raining a lot here and that make working out outside all but impossible. But that too shall pass.

A busy weekend coming up, birthdays, wedding, family time, work, etc. Oooh and I'm taking a day off to go shopping for new clothes. Yippee!

Steph - I don't know how you do it. Both you and Juno must run none-stop all day long. No wonder you're in such great shape. I love children at the 2 yr age - they are sooooo cute and they say the funniest things!

I hope you all are hanging on. I'm trying to.

05-24-2001, 02:31 PM
Catherine thanks so much for breaking the spell - I keep meaning to post but as you say, the pace is brisk and every night it is bedtime before I know it and I vow to post "tomorrow..." But be assured all is going great with me! I have lost at least 4 lbs of my usual winter gain and am pleased already. 4 more lbs will put me at my "favorite weight." Going lower than that before made me look a little gaunt. We'll see this year - maybe my muscle configuration will allow for a little more leanness. One day at a time. I never did "grow out of" any jeans or anything, but girlfriends they are fitting so much more nicely than in winter!

Today is the last week of ballet. At the adult class the teacher commented that I (and the other bare-beginner woman) improved a lot since January. It was really fun. I joined my daughters' class yesterday, and another friend of mine did too. We actually did a very simple choreographed dance and it was so fun! When I was an "observing mom" I never realized how much sweat a ballet class would generate. There is the possibility for me to take some drop-in classes in June during their fine arts camp, and then they won't start up again until September! I'll finally use that video, and I bought a book for adult beginners that supposedly has a ballet workout in it "for days you don't make it to the studio." I'll be cagy and see what I can learn - the soloists are surely going to be working out in the studio in July and August - they're not going to stop for 2 months - maybe there is a hope for a beginner mom.

I agree that Steph wins the prize for enduring energy. And she can keep her house clean and organized!

Steph do you get Cassie for keeps now?

Raychel what is the latest report with your partner? Also the zig zag eating plan?


Must stay with the work.


05-24-2001, 04:16 PM
I pulled up the site a few times in the past few days but always a crisis arose so I had to go away. Now I am being smart and typing it in word so I can just cut/paste and be gone.

Everything here has been going pretty good. Weíve had some good & bad health news here in my family which is a rarity so maybe I shouldnít take my families good genes as a given anymore. My dad is being tested for diabetes (worst diet of us all!) and my grandma went in for an MRI but not sure what is causing her pain. I had a girlfriend lose an older brother and a dear e-pal that I met at this website (I think she posted under Shelley at the 40-Somethings) lost her husband to cancer. Brings me down to earth that our health is a very serious issue.

DH and I looked into our life insurance options since he had a birthday before May and had to take the lovely physical. Well my DH was so sure that I wouldnít qualify for the ďexcellent healthĒ rates because of my tendency to use real butter & in his opinion too much salt. Ha Ha Ha. I am the one that got the whopping low rates and he just got the non-smoking over 35 male rates. We still donít know what he didnít pass on but I just couldnít help but sit there and stick my tongue out for a few weeks.

I moved around my exercise schedule to accommodate all the kids in my house this summer. No way to do it during nap so I have to get up early and I only allotted two evening sessions. This is the first week but I think it will carry me through the summer. Iím really mad because we have had non-stop rain since Sunday so I havenít been able to get out on walks or bike rides. Can I ever not complain about the weather?????

Catherine Ė I honestly think Iíd be fine without my TV but not without my internet accessJ I admit I am hooked. I canít make it to daycare meetings but I enjoy the support boards and donít feel so isolated. It is one of the few ways I can feel like an adult all day.

Juno - DH gets points for good assisting on the housecleaning end. I took one of my sons to a class last night and came home to shampooed carpets and mopped kitchen. He goes in spurts but they are usually decent tasks. It's the 100 little things left to me. Enjoy the ballet will be in great shape for a fall class!

Success still eludes me in this quest for the last 15 pounds but I must admit it must not be bothering me that much because I'd do something about it. I think at the moment I am just kind of comfy and happy about life and don't have a real strong need to push myself. I do need a big push though because that is just the one piece missing that I can just stop whining about in my little head. I am really practicing on not whining outloud though because C does move in with us FT this summer and I don't want that to rub off on her. She is very athletic looking vs. being tiny & lithe like some of her pals. My sister said that maybe she has an unrealistic goal of weight when she found out that C is around 122 (kid is my height) C's already got some little notion that her shoulders are too broad, her legs are too the mom in me only says I work out to live to 100 but that isn't always true!!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend. We will be painting the inside of our house since it will be crappy. We went to see Shrek last weekend and let me tell you I laughed the whole way through the movie. It was for grown-ups but will keep kids entertained. It was one of the funnier movies I have seen in a long time so if you're bored...head to the theaters!!


05-31-2001, 05:12 AM
Hi friends - This is the school year that just won't die! Two more days and then more sleep for moi. My upbeat cycle continues apace. I relax things a bit on weekends but seem able to get back to a good routine on Monday. Now that ballet is over I went to that aerobics class tonight (It's MWF) and really enjoyed myself. I'm almost boring things feel so good. I felt I looked smaller in the mirror - just want to wave the "hip corners" away with a magic wand I guess - always the last to go. Will be back Friday!

Steph I hope the family health problems are having an okay outcome. Diabetes is a very not-fun disease. The housecleaning service sent a new person today to do my house - she was a little slower but did a better job - I hope they send her back! It is an extravagance but one of the best things I have set up around here. I hope to get back to painting and projects with school letting out. The girls' room (they share) needs to be painted - they are hashing out the color. "teal" is winning - older D wants it dark, younger D wants it light.

5% club "anniversary" is June 18 - a date I seem easily able to remember. What should we all do to celebrate?


06-04-2001, 01:33 PM
Ooooo I'm so excited about our anniversary! Thanks for keeping track of that Juno!

Well girls it's two weeks from today. What can you do for yourself in two weeks that will make you want to celebrate on the 18th. It will be a Monday and a good way to start off the week. For me it will be two weeks of morning workouts. My LEAST favorite thing to do, but I feel SOOOO good afterwards.

Two weeks, that's all. What will you commit to? Not lots of things, just one itty bitty thing.

Juno - I went to a dance/tap/ballet recital this weekend. There were a couple of presentations by women (it was a childrens recital). I thought of you. But I imagine you to be much more sophisticated, lithe, coordinated, etc. Congrats on the 4 lb loss. I think I gained it!

Steph- I think one of the most important things you can do is set a good example and instill a healthy body image into C. I wish that I had someone to do that for me, instead of focusing on how "muscular" and "big-boned" I was. I have very vivid memories of that begininning my 9th grade year. You tell C: You go girl!

I'm doing good. Up, Down, Ease, Struggle, Laugh, Cry. But through it all it is one foot in front of the other. Taking it day by day instead of instant gratification. What a concept, no?

Take care.

06-07-2001, 04:14 PM
School is out here in about 1 hour so there goes almost every moment of my free time during the day. Maybe Iíll get a chance to post by September! I havenít had much time lately just because I have been better about getting stuff done during quiet time rather than lurking on the computer. I canít work out during nap anymore so I am trying to do things that just require little spurts of energy. Now I have more free time in the evening but I do miss my lunch workouts.

I had a tiny cold this week which turned into a 3 day laryngitis annoyance. Very hard to manage 7 kids during the day when nobody can hear you. I have my voice back by tomorrow which is nice since there will be 10.

I have upped my ST workouts and am pushing myself on harder weights. Iím not so diligent about cardio right now mainly because I tend to get out in the evening for a lot of walks and bike rides. I really donít want to do step or my tread until the fall again. Iíll use it as a last resort but between hiking, walking and biking I should be fine.

I am making a list after I get off here on some better food goals. I have refined my eating so much over the past 3 years but I still need to work on the trouble spots.

I will be out of town on the 18th so don't think I forgot the anniversary. We are going for a few days back to IL to visit & fix DS's moms roof, visit grandparents, and see relatives up from TX. We have a long vacation in July but I am looking forward to this week off in June even more!

Okay one of the 1 year olds just woke up....must go! There are so many options above this post I'm afraid to use any of them!


06-15-2001, 06:43 AM
Can you believe how long it has been since our posts were flowing in. It's just true - we are the vibrant, busy types. Summer started, and the first thing I did was redecorate the girls' bedroom - we are updated to teal walls with silver sponging, white trim and I painted their beds white. New bedspreads and curtains will follow later. My goal is to paint the entire inside of the house over the course of the summer, and then to get new carpet in the fall? Does painting count as working out? I'll tell you something, painting ceilings certainly does.

I am still doing great, though I tend to do 3-4 days of great food, then have 2 or so of laxity. I feel good. My older D has a fellow sixth grader visiting from out of state, her good friend. Today she said to me "You look like Courtney Cox Arquette" - I said "Whoever that is," then went through the people magazines to figure it out. Well now that is a stretch, but since I am in reality much older and much plumper (a Qtip is much plumper) I will take the compliment from any source!

I'm back to doing more weights, though doing a lot of the machines for ease on the brain. Doing the aerobics class whenever it meets (sometimes canceled if the weather is really good). I'm pretty happy and content - having one of those 'stretch the budget' months but I'm copacetic.

How are you-all? I imagine Steph being supermom, mentoring and mothering that tidy house of kids with workouts and order. Catherine is trying a new sport every day. Raychel is continuing on to her goal of the ultimate body (new pics lately?) and Justy and the rest are out there being 5%. What is new?

I have much more to say and my hope is that a less-tired moment :^: will avail itself tomorrow or Saturday so I can start a fabulous new thread. Take care and make the most of the weekend - share everything and be good to yourself.


06-16-2001, 10:52 PM
Frantic is the pace here! Today is the first day of my vacation but I have been flying around getting things done while my kitchen floor has been ripped out and DH is doing a frantic dash trying to get the cement base in for our new ceramic. We have to head to IL for family visit, put a new roof on MIL's house, and then race back to complete our projects. I'm annoyed because it is so difficult to use anything (no stove, limited cooking space) plus there is dust everywhere so we have had eat out food since last night. Now we are heading out of town where most of our food will be from restaurants too. I'm trying to remember as I head into the land of great food that I can have it if I don't eat tons!!

I was having a rough time getting in my workouts but this morning I just stopped everything and went and got in a 30 minute walk with the dog, 10 minutes of yoga, and hit the weights. I felt so much better. I am going to be a good girl and do some light workouts in my hotel room (crunches, leg lifts, yoga) just to feel good rather than feeling blah when I get back.

We are repainting the whole inside of our house including these stupid textured ceilings which neither of us have dealt with before. I think we will be painting into July because the kitchen floor will be a big project on our return and it has to be dry and set before next Monday or no one can walk on it (try to do daycare with no kitchen :(

I have bought fabric for some new door windows & the boys rooms so I'm like Juno in the Home Ec stage of my house. The old owners came by last week (they were at a grad party next door with us) and said the house looks better than when they were here. Yeah it might but it's been a lot of work!

I hope I have all these project done before we actually head out to CO near the end of July. I remember when Lisa was going to meet me out there. Wish she were still here so we could meet and hike up in the Rockies together!!

My little one is bugging me for juice. He shouldn't even be up the little stinker!

Hope you all have a great week & a great 5% Anniversary!! You all mean a lot to me!!! :dizzy: I just like this face!

06-17-2001, 01:37 PM
Hello all! What is it about nice weather that turns everybody's life crazy busy?

Things have been nuts here lately but I'm actually on holidays this week so am hoping to get some quiet time. I'm at my parents' place right now, with a list of 'jobs-to-do' that is longer than my week will be but I'll have to see how far I get. If nothing else, a change is as good as a rest and hard manual labour is definitely different from sitting at my computer all day :)

I know I've mentioned that I've recently rejoined a gym but I just have to brag - my muscle tone and definition is getting so great! Still not where I want to be but the changes are happening. It's such a great motivator to see the changes, I end up just wanting to spend more time at the gym to hurry them along!

I've been trying to think of what I can do and/or change to celebrate our 5% anniversary. I have to say that I haven't been able to come up with anything profound other than looking back at where I've been, where I am now and where I want to be. But our anniversary is a great testament to us, the power of friends and our commitment to our health and wellbeing.

Happy anniversary!!

06-18-2001, 02:24 AM
:spin: Time for a new thread my friends. Happy Anniversary!


04-10-2003, 06:03 PM
Hi To All! I have just heard from Steph and thought I would log on the 3FC to see what is up. I was pleasantly surprised to find that these older threads are accessible. I will have to go down memory lane a bit and see what I can learn here.

I am doing great - how is everyone?


04-17-2003, 08:31 PM
Hello Juno!

So nice to know you are still around. I kind of fell off the posting/lurking wagon once my dd#2 arrived October 1. Hard to believe that was 6 months ago. My gym nursery doesnít take babies until they are 6 months, so needless to say itís been a LONG winter. I am still the same weight I was when I had my 6-week postpartum check up; and thatís 12 pounds over what I was when I found out I was pregnant. BUT rather than beat myself up over it, Iíve decided to start again and get back into a good gym routine. I have also registered for a triathlon at the end of July as even more incentive to get going. I am doing this with my 2 sisters so there is NO backing out. So far Iíve managed to hit all the activities Ė running, biking and swimming --- However, the extra weight is wreaking havoc on my knees and Iíve decided to do the elliptical rather than run for the time being until I can lose some weight. Iím a strong swimmer and try to do a mile (36 laps) each work out and a minimum of 20 km on the bike. My biggest issue is food Ė Breastfeeding makes me ravenous. If I try to restrict my calories, I end up binging. Good days seem to be those where I can keep my intake under 2000 calories. Its not going to be easy, but I vow to keep on keeping onÖ As always you are a motivator and I appreciate your advice. Happy Spring to Everyone!!


04-30-2003, 02:48 AM
Hey there AbsMom! I guess the email thingy isn't set up on this thread.

Cogratulations on the birth of your little one! You definitely need those calories - what was hard for me was when my girls weaned themselves. Both of them weaned from breastfeeding pretty abruptly (their idea not mine) and in the case of my second girl my appetite kept its lumberjack-sized pace. That is when I gained the most weight since high school - I finally lost it and then got on with the 3FC boards with the "last 10 pounds struggle" and then you know the rest.

The triathlon sounds very ambitious - if that isn't incentive I don't know what is.

I'm clicked in pretty good and intend to start a new 5% thread soon. I have things to share and progress to report.

Stay in touch Absmom!


04-30-2003, 09:46 AM
Hello! I was very happy to see this thread coming "to life" again. I just re-read my last post on here, dated two years ago tomorrow. I sounded very happy and confident then. I am happy now - though have been through massive life changes - though not so confident.

I will look out for a new thread and post a longer "catch up"

Phoebe :)

05-05-2003, 08:57 PM
Hey Juno, Phoebe and others...

My life feels crazy and the gym has been my solice. I've noticed how much better I feel after a good sweat and my husband has too. Funny you mentioned abrupt self weaning... my dd has decided she's done. Sad cuz she's my last baby, but so it goes. I am continuing to battle my mamouth appetitite and hope that soon it will go away. I am still leaking after 1.5 weeks, but the pain has subsided, so I hope it won't be long before I'm done.

I get to pick up my new bike tomorrow. I settled for a touring bike. Its got some speed, but its built for comfort and the price was right. If I decide to become a true Triathlete down the line, my husband says he'd support the investment.... I don't understand why such a bike costs 1000 plus dollars...

Anyway, I am sore in the knees from running, but I will keep doing it as long as I can. I thought I'd just stick with the eliptical until I took a test run with my sisters/race partners last weekend and got my butt kicked. My swim is strong and I feel really confident that I will at least finish this race! 12 more weeks to go!

Lost 3 lbs this week.... 9 more to go to get to my pre=pregnancy weight. I'd really like to SEE some results of my efforts (ie smaller pants)

Hope everyone is well! Happy Monday!

05-07-2003, 02:55 AM
How funny that we're all trickling back in! I checked in here a few months ago and didn't see any sign of the group and was sad. I'm glad you're all still out there.

As usual, I've got a crazy busy life. Can't remember if I posted this the last time I checked in but I now run my own company, a design firm. It's growing faster than I expected which has been a bit of a challenge because I'm expecting my first baby in October! We found out Monday it's a girl. We're very excited and have planned carefully for this, but it's still mentally overwhelming.

As far as food and exercise go, I've been doing what I can, but it's time to step it up a notch. The first trimester was what everyone says it will be--yucky, though not horrendous. Now I'm 4 1/2 months along and just trying to get my habits in shape. I hate cooking now and nothing really tastes good, but I have an enormous appetite. Any suggestions from busy moms about what's easy to prepare and nutritious? Most of the aversions have gone away. I also LOVE fruit and dairy.

I haven't been able to do any strenuous exercise because I had problems with cramping. I'm also really awkward. I'm pretty big for where I am. I now understand why women do water aerobics when they're pregnant and I'm looking into that. I just want to do something to stretch and move. God, I miss running so much.

I hope you're all well and happy. I won't be able to be much of an inspiring contributor these days, but I could use some inspiration myself! Take care, everyone.


05-07-2003, 04:38 AM
Too fun to see you all Absmom, Shorty and Phoebe - I'm inspired, and I will post a new thread! Give me a minute while i think of a name.