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10-09-2004, 09:11 AM
WELCOME to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We are a friendly group of ladies that share all the daily aspects of our lives with each other...not just weight loss. Won't you join us?

10-09-2004, 09:32 AM
Good Saturday morning, ladies!!

Marti - oh I'm so glad you found some alternative parking!! Makes me think you'll be a lot safer. What are you and your family doing this weekend? Anything special?

Angie - omg, the coach better do something with that kid! What a big bully!! Good for you stepping in when you did. Were his parents anywhere around? Anyway, have a good weekend, and I hope Brandon is feeling better.

TeaRose - no intrusion at all! We welcome you!! What are your plans for the weekend? Anything special going on?

Susan and Cristi - where have you guys been hiding? We miss you!!

Hi also to Katy, Jen, Shanna, Mindee, Sam, Katiecat, Kathy, Sue, and anyone reading this.

I'm down 1/2 pound this week... closing in on 75 big ones!

Today is Caylin's birthday party, and her actual birthday is tomorrow. Can't believe that child is already 1... I'll be taking my own dessert like I did for Dale's party last Monday. It will be nice to see everyone since lots of people are invited to the 1st party. The twins are very excited about their little sister's birthday, lol.

Bought a styrofoam cooler to mail to Dis with our other stuff. Then we'll just leave it there when we come home.

Happy Thanksgiving to you Canadian Jaded Ladies!!

Gotta get, and call my sister! BBL,

Tea Rose
10-09-2004, 12:03 PM
Good Morning Ladies
I really have no real plans this weekend, aside from cleaning ,seems to be a necessary daily project with all my kitties and the furballs that just keep reappearing . I swear they breed. I had only about three hours of sleep last night ,so I think it might be a slow day unless I can find some energy somewhere.Its really rather gloomy here today
that dosen't do much for the mood ,which dosen't do much for the energy level ,maybe I should go back to bed, LOL I hope everyone is having a great day and are spending it doing enjoyable things aside from cleaning,but for me cleaning is the challenge I face today ,so lovely ladies I must get cracking or I'm sure to fall asleep, so have a nice day and sure as the furballs will return tomorrow I will be back with more of the mundane details of my life so run while you still have the chance LOL

10-09-2004, 12:46 PM
Good job, Jane! 75 Big Ones -sounds like Janet Evanovich novel...whatever will she be doing by the time she gets to 75 I wonder?

Welcome Tea Rose....I SHOULD be cleaning my house today.....I usually can find something really good to distract me from that, lol! My MIL has a framed saying, "Interesting women rarely have clean houses" So when I get bogged down in laundry and dishes, I take a deep breath and say this little mantra...then head over to Flylady, :)

Angie - hope Brandon can sleep off the worst of this, I feel for the guy, sounds like he is in alot of pain. As for the coach - grrrrr. I think you've done what needed to be done - the kid knows he's on notice with you and if he wants you in his face for the rest of the season, just keep it up! That should have some effect, n'est pas? I would do the same...When I see a kid getting away with inappropriate behavior and all the responsible adults are just standing by, I will say something to the child. Sometimes that just shocks them, because they have the familiar adults wrapped around their finger and to have a different person bring them up short can actually get them reconsidering their behavior. Let's hope that's the case with the bully.

Well I went back to counting points this week and I'm feeling kind of yucky.. so I am going to go back to Core and set a goal of staying on Core through Halloween. I need help with the sugar cravings. I kept finding myself saying, "it's just two points!" too many times...Yikes. Counting points helped me keep it in line, but I just feel better on the Core and I am staying away from those pesky two point treats for the most part.

We have a long weekend here - statewide teacher inservice, so the whole gang has been home. We had portrait taken of the kids yesterday that went very well. I'll be getting an email attach with the proof sheet, so I'll post and share when that arrives. Today we get a costume for James - probably Star Wars something or other. I told him 20 bucks, buddy, anything over and you pay. So I assume we'll be heading for Goodwill at some point today ;) Tomorrow we're shipping off the kids to a friend's house and we are going to see "Hero" a Chinese martial arts move. Supposed to be really good. We really liked Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and this is supposed to be even better.

So that's my weekend - hope everyone else is having a good one...

da fat n da furious
10-09-2004, 02:05 PM
Hi ya Ladies,
Ok Jane I know I could never been as prepared as I hope to achieve that high praise evenutally.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CAYLIN!!! I can't believe how fast this year has gone by,,,I remember when Mary was expecting her.
I started off spelling he name wring and spelt it like my best friend in grade school used to spell her nickname. Her real name was Calinda but we all called her Calyn

Hello Tea Rose, This is the area where we do all our chit chatting about everyday stuff going on in our lives and every so often we throw in our weight challenges and GOAL achievments.

Katy, we are meeting another football mom and player today at Value Villiage which is very similar to Goodwill,,, Tanner wants to be a Gangsta (gangster) Now Ive done the star wars with Brandon when he was about 8-9 for Luke I had him wear dark pants, his gi for his top and then I bought some material and made him thigh high boots and belt with a holster. IT was cheap material like seat cover, fake leather. And then some cheap broadcloth to make a hooded cape. total cost was way less then 20 bucks. Check the bins in fabric stores for remnents. Tanner was a huge hairy thing, bear or dog, it was great cause it was cold that year and I made this thing big enough to wear over his snow suit. But I have to say I hated working with fake fur,,,Gag talk about hair balls...
well need to take my butternut out of the oven, making more soup.

10-09-2004, 03:18 PM
Sorry to be MIA.

Just a fast post to say hello .

Weighed in at 141- YAY....kind of a stressful week.

My friend in Hawaii is seeing about putting me on his flying card
mile thing....anyway. We are talking of me visiting in 2 weeks.He will buy a round trip ticket and he asked me to be his girlfriend.....and I did meet( on line) him 4 years ago....and.........I love him, so sweet to me.He said he would move to Oregon for me.....and it is, i wanna move to

anyway, in a whirlwind with my sweetie and he writes music and sings like a dream.....

Gotta go............will get those newsletters out Cristi & Jane :)

10-09-2004, 11:47 PM
Evening ladies!!

Angie--If I were part of some of the other soccer mom's you'd be my hero! I can't believe how some coaches just choose not to deal w/the problem. Hope it gets better. Tell Brandon that I'm sorry he's going through so much pain, and that I am sending him get well wishes for a rapid recovery!

Jane--How wonderful that you're so close to the 75lbs mark......what do you have set for you (besides Disney World) for a reward for reaching that? Give Caylin a Happy Birthday Hug from me!! Turning 1 is so fun!!

TeaRose--Hi there! As Jane said, no intrusion at all. My energy level is also at a low today. Didn't get to bed until 4.....had a hard time getting to sleep and then woke up at glad I did most of my house cleaning yesterday. Keep on coming and chatting with us!

Katy--I hope you start to feeling more adjusted w/your program. Holidays are the worst for craving....IMO. And I have a hard time sometimes. One year I did SO well, and was so proud of myself! I'm hoping to not get out of control this year.

Susan--Oh I would like a newsletter too! I forgot to mention it.....only if you have anymore available. As for your Hawaiian man....that is so sweet of him to buy you a ticket to see him and that he is willing to move here to be w/you! That is so wonderful and I am happy for you. I hope you have a lovely time when you go! I bet you can't wait for the two weeks to get here!

Hello to everyone else.

I've been busy most of the day today, went up to Eugene w/James & Jhanai. Bought her some clothes. I guess Ponchos are back in style and she just had to have one. I was NOT willing to spend $40 on one! So everywhere we went I said "no". Finally we went to Ross and found a variety of them and I got her one there for $10. Shanna had said she got hers somewhere for $5! I couldn't remember where that was! Oh well.....$10 is better than $40!

I WI this morning even though I was feeling all bloaty and crampy and I'm 144 still. Happy with that. I'm sure it's creeped up and down now and then since I haven't WI for a couple weeks...but today was good to see it still where it should be. Now to work on it going down a little.

I better get going...making a late dinner. I'm so tired too. Can't seem to catch up!

Take Care and Have a Wonderful Saturday Night!

10-10-2004, 12:26 AM
Good evening Jaded Ladies. Hope you are all having a nice week-end. It was beautiful here today. We went to the Mall early and stopped at a booth to get our blood pressure and cholesterol. (health fair thing) I had a bone density test too. Everything was good, but I had mine done in June, so knew I was in good shape. DH didn't have his done this year, but his was all good too. Went for breakfast and then home.
Yesterday I had my MRI and it was a little scary. I had a mini panic attack (kind of a hot flash) when they first put me in there, but talked to myself and got calmed down. Then when the tech started talking to me telling me when to hold my breath and such I was calm. I would hate to be in one for a long time with no one talking though. You need to know that someone is aware of you being in that machine because you feel so alone. It is like 5 or 6 inches in front of your face and you can't move at all. I am one who has never been in a tanning bed, so had no experience with this closed in feeling.
Anyway...I am heading to bed..early day tomorrow.

Have a good Sunday all.

Tea Rose
10-10-2004, 01:44 AM
Hi there Ladies
I thought I would give a quick update ,all those well intentioned plans I had to clean the house just didn't materialize. I fought with everything I had to build up my energy I made a nice healthy lunch, coffee, and yes more coffee ,but nothing helped my weary bones.I did what anyone would do given the chance I went back to bed. I did find myself in a state of restful sleep when I was rudely awakened by no other than charley horse in my calf ,now I know it didn't come from vigorous exercise ,but none the less he was there, with me in my bed.Now I really didn't appreciate his intrusion of my sleep deprivation but he didn't seem to mind ,thats why I 'm sure he's a man. I wasn't man bashing girls, it was just a conclusion . When the pain subsided and I could once again breathe ,I looked up and my kitties were all staring at me, wondering no doubt what all the commotion was about.Well needless to say I have a very sore calf right now,and was not at all in the mood to clean the house.I guess tomorrow is another day and there will always be furballs ,they will just be a little bigger.I'm sure that this is really not to interesting ,but its really all I have for today, not that my life really ever gets to exciting.I have been trying to finish decorating my house its been a long and tedious process ,I would like everthing done by Christmas this year. Its a small house I share with my son and daughter and our many kitty cats,mostly strays that just seen to find my door and I'm a softie for hungry animals ,so I do feed them and then they move in and I move a little closer to the edge of the bed. Its a good thing I have a queen size bed, I'm not sure why they all have to sleep with me .Yes I'm sure your asking yourselves who is this crazy lady who feeds stray cats but honestly I am sane, at least most of time.On a more serious note I don't know what
you share on here as far as your personal lives go ,do you keep it upbeat or do you discuss everything. I honestly have never done this before . I just learned ,and I am embarrassed to say, how to use the computer ,my son has been helping when he can but mostly I try to figure this out myself. I know for you ladies this is probably a no brainer ,for me its a little more challengeing, but I am enjoying this so much,its lonely sometimes having no one to talk to ,being everyone has their own lives and I am just trying to find one.I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your company and hopefully I will figure out who is who and who does what,so bear with me please at least until I begin to annoy the heck out of you ,then you may do with me what you wish LOL so ladies I will stop before I put you all to sleep although at this hour it may be a good thing.If your night has just begun have a great time and if its over for today good night. Unfortunately depending how the sleeping situation goes I may very well be back here tonight , not to worry if everyone is sleeping I'm used to talking to myself ,sometimes I even answer my own questions .I think thats enough information
for now I really would like to continue talking to you ladies in future and I don't want you to wonder about me , more than you already might LOL Goodnight Jaded Ladies
sleep well.

10-10-2004, 09:25 AM
Good Sunday morning to you!!

TeaRose - those darn charley horses can hurt so much! And yes, they MUST be male, lol. I used to get them when I was pregnant, and never forgot it even though my baby is 17, lol. We share whatever information we want here - good stuff, bad stuff and everything in between. This is a fairly up-beat, positive group of women who count our blessings. If you think you'll be staying around - and I hope you do - why don't you fill out a bio page when you're ready. If you aren't sure how to cut and paste the form, just answer the questions without doing that. We aren't too picky about HOW you share...

Katy - lol, your sense of humor cracks me up! Janet Evanovich, lol. Now you've got ME wondering how high she'll go? Will she make it to 75 Big Ones, lol. What the heck is Flylady? Must be a cleaning service, judging by the context it was used... Can't wait to see the photo proofs! Have fun sans kiddos today.

Angie - Like Katy, seems as though you can do just about anything, too. I made 50's skirts for the twins last year at Halloween, but would never even dream of handling fur fabric! How's Brandon doing?

Susan - good to hear from you! YAY for 141 :cp: !! Oh how exciting about your Hawaiian trip!!!! Can I come, too? Pulleeeezzzee???? I'll be real good, and you won't even know I'm there, lol. What you need now is a grass skirt... maybe Angie can make you one!

Marti - yep, ponchos are everywhere! Long ones, short ones, all colors and types. Jhanai would look so sweet in one! Zippered clothes are all over the place, too. My reward for reaching 75 pounds gone is more clothes and having fun at Disney World. Hope you get rested up this weekend!

Sue - I tanned in a booth once, and felt like I was in a coffin. Yikes! There is no way I could do an MRI w/o being sedated! Didn't you just have an MRI?
How're you liking this gorgeous Indiana weather? Have a good weekend!

Hello also to Cristina, Shanna, Jen, Julie, Sam, Mindee, Katiecat, Kathy and anyone reading this. :wave:

Not much new since I was here last... the party was good, but none of Dale's family showed, and he was hurt by that. I'd send some photos to his mom via email, but she never acknowledges them to me, so I'm not gonna!

Have a good one, ladies!! BBL,

10-10-2004, 12:58 PM
Getting ready for church , but had a minute

Sue - I feel for you in the MRI - I would have to be sedated to do one of those. My FIL just had to have one for some back issues he's been having. Fortunately, the MRI revealed he could get a steroid injection for his problem, but surgery was not necessary. Hope you get good results.

Jane - Flylady is a website. - " Your personal coach to help you gain control of your house and home" It's an interesting website; they will send to multiple emails during the day to remind you to do things like wipe down the bathroom, catch up the laundry. I was sad to hear about Dale's no-show family. I can relate - mine rarely comes to family events - I've just gotten used to to it over the years. This is the nice thing about having your own family - you can create your own traditions!

Angie - I'm with you on the fur thing - that stuff is hard to sew - haven't done it in years. James found a Harry Potter get-up within the budget so everyone is happy. I made him a very cute ladybug costume when he was 1, but it ended up costing me about 40 bucks and a lot of time with the sewing machine and glue gun. So now I buy them, but stick to pretty basic getups. I admire your creativity - some year I will get back into that.

Tea Rose - so sorry about the charley horse - I hate getting those things. Welcome again to our chit chat thread.

Today is movie date day! I get to have a conversation with DH that won't be interrupted by the offspring - yahoo...

10-10-2004, 06:36 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies--

Our computer went Ka-put earlier and we had no internet connection! How awful is that?? :lol: James made a phone call and got it all fixed. So I'm back in business w/coming here to chitchat!

Beautiful day today. Not doing a whole lot. Went to Walmart and I'm always disappointed w/the way they are handling the remodeling. It's so awful in there, but I needed some stuff! Mascara being one of them. :dizzy:

Sue--Sorry you had a little panic attack during your MRI. I had one done when I was about 17. Couldn't figure out why I was passing out all the time. Woke up on time in the hopital couldn't figure out why I was there! Hope your results all come out good.

TeaRose--Do you have another name that you would like to go by or would you like to stick w/TeaRose? Charly horses are the worse! I get them when I'm not getting enough potassium in my diet.....or is it protein? Which ever it is....brings me down all the time! I usually get them while I"m sleeping and have to wake my DH up to help me.

Jane--Sorry to hear that Dales family didn't want to come. They don't know what they're missing!! You did give Caylin a hug from me now didn't you? Post pictures when you get a chance. My favorite so far was the "Daddy/Daughter" photo! I would love to scrapbook it myself! :D

Katy--Have lots of fun on your movie date! What movie are you going to see? James & I haven't gone to the movies in what seems like over a year or so! I think the last movie we went out to see together was the first "lord of the rings" movies! (been awhile)

Morning to the rest of you ladies!!

Not much going on here today. James is making cheese rolls today! MMM....smells good in here already! I have to clean up a bit and that's about it. Being a lazy Sunday! But that's how I like them!

Better get going before I spend to much time on here and not enough w/Jhanai.

Take Care

Tea Rose
10-10-2004, 08:29 PM
Hi There Ladies
I hope that everyone is having a great weekend , and for all of you Ladies celebrating Thanksgiving on what turned out to be a beautiful fall day ,Happy Thanksgiving
to all of you ,families and friends.You girls all sound so busy out there with birthdays making costumes,parties and wonderful trips.I have never really been anywhere, if I could get over my fear of flying and low cash flow lol I might consider that as an option.Yes I can dream. I'm afraid I feel like my life might seem somewhat boring to all of you girls,I didn't even get the house cleaning done .If what Katy said is true about Interesting people rarely have clean houses I should be on top of the most interesting peoples list,at least for today, but I think not .Oh its not that bad ,whats a few tumble weeds blowing round your house,right.Tomorrow ,yes tomorrow is the day I will do what I didn't do yesterday (why not put off today what you can do tomorrow) is my motto for today .I checked out flylady its a pretty cute site,now if I could get her to fly over here I'd be in business.The MRI Sue sounds unpleasant I always worry about having to go through something like that, although I have had approximately 14 surgeries over the years but like you I have panic attacks when I feel closed in.I am happy that you had someone there to talk you through it ,and I hope everything turns out well.It sounds like your busy there Angie with the costumes and the soup, butternut squash ,I love it,with butter and brown sugar the way my Grandma made it, but I can't do that right now unfortunaltely.Marti I hope that you are feeling better and you get some much needed rest.Jane I did that bio, actually at 4:00am this morning while I couldn't fall asleep yet again ,it was around 5:30 when I finally shut down and fell asleep.So I know that when you look for it you will ask yourself this,Is she halucinating .Well theres a story behind everthing and so there is to this, I followed your fomat filling in all the information you asked for and some that you didn't
I had a lot of free time on my hands at 4:00 am. I meticulousy spaced every line, Name ,Birthdate ,location ect. I filled in every heading when I got to pets it took a while I gave every name ,age ,description,, personality traits and where they came from ,I explained in detail that I am a softie when it comes to hungry critters,which explains why I have (Jan) 7 indoor all fixed and declawed for sanity sake 2 outdoor, one that comes in, and one that is working it out at present ,and considering the changing weather I would do it sooner than later if I were him.I say whats one more ,I just move a little further over in the bed ,good thing its Queen size .When I finished the kitties bio's I continued on down the list favorite movies comes to mind.I gave you a breif list of favorites being anything Christmas :Holiday Inn, White Christmas, Christmas in Conneticut, Meet Me in St. Louis,the grinch Jim carey version,and so on and on and on, I also love all romantic comedies Restless in Seattle ,too much. I love anything John Candy , Steve Martin ,Mike Myers, and Antonio Banderas ( I am still breathing) that's a short list I also like to read I love Barbara Taylor Bradford the Emma Hart Series among many of her other books Three Weeks in Paris Where You Belong, I also Like Nicholas Sparks The Notebook and A Walk to Remember, Luanne Rice had a book I enjoyed called Dance With Me,and I am awaiting Silver Bells to be released in time for christmas I hope , I am also awaiting Unexpected Blessings by BTB
One of my favorite books is called Tea Rose written by Jennifer Donnelly which is what you have come to know me by.I did have some comments of course she did , your saying,I am separted for six years now after a 26 year contolling and abusive marriage, I live in a small, but nice home I have worked very hard to decorate to my liking . I share this home with my two adult children my son 29 who is unmarried but has a steady girlfriend of 5 years ,that is when they are not breaking up LOL He has his own landscape design company, and he is also a musician ,who writes, plays ,and sings in his free time, he is my pillar of strength and stays with me to support me through what has been a difficult transition in my life, My daughter is 27 she is also unmarried and after a 6 year wasted relationship with her boyfriend, she has finally after a year found herself a new prospect. I have yet to meet,this perfect human speciman I have heard so much about ,well as long as he treats her with respect and shes happy .Its in the very young stages of the relationship you know the smiles all the time, giggles at all his jokes on the phone,perfume in the air,primping endlessly in the bathroom ,meeting the folks , nice dinners ,it makes me exhausted just talking about it. ah isn't love grand .She is a very sweet girl ,shy and she to is a great sourse of strength to me.She is an accountant full time and cake decorator parttime she loves soccer and is a very busy girl.Well now, there is me ,I suffer from severe depression ,but I finally gave in to medication which really does help my emotional highs and lows, I have osteopenia and have regular bone density scans once a year ,I am being treated but still losing bone mass, I recently purchased a manual treadmill now I just have to get on it.I love to custom design and decorate cakes thats my living, I love to garden and interior design ,I love holiday and seasonal decorating.I have rediscovered a creativity that I had lost over the years and I am enjoying it very much, I haven't had a new hairstyle in years ,I haven't been shopping in the same ,I desperatly need some new clothes and once I get this weight issue under control I will do all of that. I have approximately 25 lbs to lose I have only had this weight gain over the last few years, I think I just gave up on me. I have struggled with the emotional aspects , being the trigger points for my self destruction ,but I'm working it through. I have at present low self esteem and a low confidence level.I am hoping to acheive my weight goal by Christmas and continue working on my other goals for as long as it takes.I am basically a happy person inspite of all the ups and downs sounds rather funny considering I suffer from severe depression,thankyou meds at least for the time being.Well back to the Bio Jane I finished it all up it was a masterpeice arrows in line ,perfectly spaced I was done ,I was tired., I was glad ,I had acheived this goal.I sat at my desk proofreading after all I strive for the impossibe perfection , when Baby Baggins as I call this cute fluff ball jumped up on the desk looking for that much denied affection (right) so he lies down in front of me rolling and purring and cooing at me ,and before I could say goodnight nurse he reached over with that great big maine coon fluffy paw, hit the keyboard and it was gone ,never to be seen again, gone.Well I took a deep breath and I sighed profusely ,and I did what any one in this position might have done "Baggins" I said, and he looked up at me with those big soppy eyes, and the cutest mug you've ever seen ,and all I could do was hug him and give him a big kiss for his misdeed .This is a constant occurance for this little guy he is so loved,I found him on one of the coldest days of the winter looking for food, that I left out for another little guy and love, I picked him up, warmed him up ,loved him up and the rest is history .So thats the story of the missing bio. well I apologize for this novel it was supposed to be a quick reply I know ,but I was pretty sure that getting back to that meticulously spaced format was now on the backburner for a while but I will do it. I hope this gives you some information of this lady called Tea Rose who you may or may not at this point want to chat with,LOL There it is LuckyCharm, I hope you still want to get know me. I will hopefully get this off before any other critters come in ,that's why this time I closed the door. I guarantee they are all sitting there wondering why they have been so rudely denied entry.Well Ladies I will leave you to ponder my fate and I do apologize for taking up so much of your time. assuming you are still with me here.I hope whats left of your day and weekend is pleasant and I hope to talk to all you kind souls again .

Tea Rose
10-10-2004, 08:31 PM
Its worse than I thought it didn't look so long in this little box LOL

10-10-2004, 08:32 PM
Hey Girls!!!

Thanks for the support with the whole baby thing, hopefully by the end of this week we should know a bit more, I know the fear of the unknown is the worst, especially when the doctors arent convincing about positivity in the matter......we'll see,,,

WELL, back to the saga with my friend with the kids, listen to this, she decided who she was going to ask to be in her wedding party, GUESS WHAT, didnt even mention my DBF and I!!!! I was like, boy she really thinks highly of us huh?? My DBF hollared at her mom, saying how upset we were that, here we are the only ones to help her with her kids when no one else offers, and she doesnt even care enough about us to include us in her wedding?? But I can still make all the desserts for the shower in 2 weeks??? My DBF told me to tell them to come pick up the desserts, cause we wont be going!!! That didnt go over well, she hung up on him and now we're waiting to see what happens.... Im still waiting for my apology when she was ignorant to me when I went to visit her in the hospital!!!! I told my DBF, we must have big "s" written on our foreheads, or we're just plain stupid!!! I dont like it, I know that!!

Well the weekends almost over, we bought a new bed yesterday, which arrived today. so hoping for a good night sleep tonight!! Supposed to work at the hospital tomorrow night, so gotta go catch up on some homework tonight!!

Hello to Jen, Jane, Marti, Angie, Cristi, Mindee, Kathy, Sue, Susan, and RosieKate!!!!
Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend, oh by the way I was so bad last week. I didnt even step on the scale today, I didnt want to be more discouraged then I already am!!!! So maybe tomorrow, or maybe I'll wait til next week


10-11-2004, 12:25 AM

Soasyoucanallseethespacebarisstillnotfixed.Ithough tIjustmight-challengeyoutoseeifyoucanmakesenseofthis.

Martigladtoseethecomputerisfixed.Howdidthecheesero llsturnout?

TeaRosedoyougetcharlyhorsesoften?IfindIjuststraigh tenmyleg-andpointmytoetomynose.

Angiehowiseverythinggoingatyourhouse?Ihopealliswel l.-Youareagoodfootballmom.

KatyIliketheflyladywebsiteanddogetallheremailsinad ay.-Gladthatyougotacostumethatmadeeveryonehappy.

JaneIamsorryaboutDale'sfamily.Wewouldhaveallcomeif wecould.

SusanHAWAII?Thatisgreat.Whatisyournewsletterabout? Howare-thegirls?

Suehopeyouhadagooddaytoday,andthestressofyourMRIis gone.

JulieIamsosorryaboutyourfriend.:grouphug:Ihopeshea pologizes-andrealizeswhatagoodfriendsheisabouttolose.

HellotoCristina,Shanna,Jen,Mindee,Sam,Katieandanyo neelsethatI-hopeIdidn'tforget.

Well_my_thirteen_year_old_dear_son_broke_his_arm_r ollerblading_Thursday_night.He_was_staying_at_a_fr iends_house_and_finally_came_home_at_2:00_am_to_te ll_us_his_arm_hurt.The_doctor_had_to_put_him_out_a nd_try_to_realign_his_bones.Been_a_painful_couple_ of_days_for_him.



Tea Rose
10-11-2004, 01:39 AM
Hi Kathy
That space bar must be driving you up the wall .I don't usually get charleyhorses often ,or I should say I can usually prevent them if I feel them coming ,this one came in my sleep so If there was some warning ,I was to tired to realize it.I am sorry to hear about your sons arm,I hope the pain subsides and he is feeling much better soon.Its not a great thing to happen to anyone, especially a thirteen year old boy with places to go, friends to see ,roads to conquer,I guarantee he will be back on his blades before you recover.LOL Well I think I have said a lot today I hope I haven't worn out my welcome .Have a good night and I will hopefully talk to you soon.

10-11-2004, 08:48 AM
It's Monday again!! :wave:

Katy - yep, Dale and Mary are making their own traditions. Actually, she's incorporating some that she grew up with, and Dale is soaking it all up like a sponge. His family doesn't do holidays. At all. Easter and Christmas are like any other day of the year to them. To each his own, but I personally can't imagine that! How'd the day with just you and your sweetie go? Watch any interesting movies?

Marti - so why were you passing out? Hopefully this condition is long gone! Caylin got so many sweet kisses and gave back some slobbery ones, lol. I will post a pic from her party, ok? Did you have a good weekend with Jahanai?

Ellen - (Edited to add: saw where you listed your name!) Hon, I've got the most uneventful life of all the Jaded Ladies but it doesn't stop me from coming here and boring everyone to tears, lol. I've read all the Woman of Substance books and absolutely loved them. Especially the first one. Emma and Blackie belonged together all along, don't you agree? Thank you for sharing your info! I do believe all of the Jaded Ladies are animal lovers!

Julie - can't blame your DBF for how he feels in regards to the friend/wedding situation. Maybe once she hears from her mother how you guys feel about it, she will open her eyes and see how she's treated you. If not, you haven't lost much, sweetie. Hope the new bed was comfortable!

Kathy - so sorry to hear about your DS's arm! Poor kid! Is the pain being managed now?

Hi to Cristina, Angie, Susan, Shanna, Sue, Jen, Mindee, Sam, Katiecat, and anyone reading this.

Today I have to call the hotel in Indy and the Disney Pop Century Resort to verify our reservations. Also need to call Tiffany Town Cars to make sure the 2 vans will be there waiting for us - 13 of us! Their drivers will be at the luggage area in Orlando with a sign with our name on it. I think that's cool. Also am going to send the packages of diapers, breakfast foods, etc. today. As you can tell, the excitement level around here is escalating! :dizzy:

What are your plans for the day?

10-11-2004, 09:52 AM
Good morning!
I woke up at 4 and couldn't go back to sleep - so here I am posting away!
Susan - so when do you get to go to Hawaii? Sounds soo romantic - what a sweet love story
Marti- How were the cheeserolls - We saw all the LOTR movies -they were so great! We don't get out that often to movies, so when we do we try to make it special. Yesterday we sa "Hero" a Chinese movie with lots of fantastic martial arts. It was quite an adventure, and we highly recommend it. If you liked Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, you would ike this one, too. It's not martial arts in the Bruce Lee/Jackie Chan type, more Chinese mythology. Hey we have a book thread, here, maybe we should have a movie thread - I would like to know what kind of movies people like.

Ellen/Tea Rose - I enjoyed learning more about you - don't worry about long posts. You write so lovingly about your family - they are a great support to you, I can tell. From what I read, you are making some postive changes in your life, from my experience positive builds on positive, so keep up the good work. Hey - make those kids do the cleaning, lol!

Jane - Countdown to Disneyland! When do you go - I can't remember. I thinkyour hurricane danger has passed. I read about Matthew, but that was in the Panhandle and heading west.

Kathy - sorry about the space do you like getting all those emails? It drove me crazy...but I can see them helping if I got in over my head..or if my house was bigger and I was working outside the home with little time to clean.

Hi to everyone else....I haven't weighed yet today but I am in a maintenance rut, so I don't expect much change. I got too hyped up during the debates and ate too much, drank too much! Yelled at the TV alot. Geesh... I could never be a politician - a ticket straight to either rehab or Prozac....DH says we may need to move to Canada - told him - hey I know people there :)


10-11-2004, 10:01 AM
Here's Caylin, with just a diaper on, in awe of her birthday cake. Of course, there was a big one for the crowd, all done in a My Little Pony theme. She was surprised when we all sang to her, and got a little embarrassed. :o She did some real damage to this little cake, and her mom was glad there was no laundry to worry about, lol.

Edited out by her Grandma!! :)

10-11-2004, 11:18 AM
Good Morning Ladies--

Early days for the next two weeks. (I think they're testing me to see if I collapse from exhaustion or not!) :lol:

Jane--Can we all saw "Awwww!" She is SO cute! Love those cheeks! Glad she had such a happy birthday! Hmm...why was I passing out? They never figured it out. My stepmom eventually told me I was faking it (which made our relationship that much more bondable----yea right) But if I were to look back and see what it was all about......I would say it was a lack of eating. I was a hyper teen, and hardly ate. In high school I was 110lbs. BUT....while I was having these episodes I could easily have been about 100-105. TOO skinny. I don't pass out hardly ever anymore.....occasionally as I got older I have. Lack of eating before exerting myself I think. So now I really try to watch it. But I really don't have any idea what causes it.

(that was a long winded explanation wasn't it?)

Ellen--I'm so glad you told us a little about yourself. I don't mind long post at all.....I usually post long ones myself and I just babble on about whatever comes to mind. I'm glad to hear that you have such supportive children to be there for you. And it does sound like you're doing a lot to improve yourself and I applaud you for that. It takes a lot of willpower to get yourself to feeling better. Always know that you can come here ANYTIME if you ever need to just talk. must be the early hour, but it was a challenge for me to read your post! :D So sorry to hear about DS arm! Hope he starts to feeling better soon.

Julie--I would have nothing more to do with those friends after that. A friendship is something worth treasuring, not taking advantage of. And I think your DBF calling was a good move. If things don't change I say move on. I hope the new bed was comfy and that you got a good nights sleep.

Katy--I still haven't seen "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" But I like those types of movies. Someone else mentioned "Hero" and said it was good.....I can't remember who it was...someone at work. I think a movie thread is a good idea.......why don't you start one?

Morning to all the ladie out there!

James cheeserolls were good as always. Sent some home w/Jhanai. Yesterday Jhanai & I walked over to the Church playground and played on the swings. We were trying to beat each other on who can swing higher. That was so much fun.....I had forgotten how much of a workout that can be! We probably spent an hour there. Then eventually we got thirsty and walked back home. It's only across the street and down a field so it wasn't too far.

ok...time for me to get gussied up for work, drink some coffee, and hit the road. I still have to stop by the bank to deposit my check (must do the direct deposit soon!) and get some parking money. One drawback about days....paying $3 for parking. But here is a question for you all: Would you rather pay the $3 in one spot, knowing your car is staying put or would you park in the parking structure that is a little cheaper but you have to hand over your keys to the attendant so they can do "stack parking", not knowing whose driving your car? I'll pay the $3!! It's only for two weeks anyways so no big deal.

Alright.....gotta get moving!

Have a great morning!

da fat n da furious
10-11-2004, 12:25 PM
Jane, ahhh shes too cute! Thats too bad about Dale's family, they are missing out on so much, and probably don't even know it.

Marti, I used to pass out the day of my periods, just knock me down. *** for ponchos, I bought one at Wally's for 20 bucks, say them everywhere but so pricey. Wouldn't be too bad to pay 10,,,Id get 2 Pay the 3 bucks. You would worry if you let something in the car for them to steal or maybe there would take a joy ride with your car.

Ellen, Id raither have friends who is are softies raither then meanies to any animal.
Good to know you have wonderful support from your children. I do live a busy life, trying to keep up with the kids and let them enjoy their childhoods.

Kathy, ouch! Hows he doing now? Poor kid that must of been painful to have to be put under to allign...*shudder
Are you having your dinner today or was it yesterday? We went to Sylvan for ours yesterday. My two Aunts and a cousin was there. Good laughs, good food, alot to be thankful for.

Sue, Brandon had to have that test this past summer, he didnt' enjoy it either. Only because the woman tried to move his feet the way they wanted and well that way was too painful.

Julie, have you already made the dessert? Personally I wouldn't make the desserts, Id give her enough time to spring this job onto someone else, let one of HER friends make it. Wish her well but leave it at that.

My plan today is clean the house,,,wash windows, clean up the flower beds, and if I have energy clean the office,,,%$@$ hate the messy office. Im thinking I will try to negociate with the boys,,,,for these small jobs I will take them to a movie..this is a win win situation for One of my friends once said I was the best negociator shes ever seen,,,,lol
Well Tanner and I found a 3 piece suit for 14.99 and some ugly messed up teath with 1 gold tooth in the front. So he will be a greacey
Katy, I used to sew all the costumes in the house,,,past 5 yrs have really not done as much. One year my cousin asked me to make her boys ninja turtle costumes, and since I was making Brandon's OMG those shells! But I did it, so her two boys, Brandon and my youngest brother who was 7 were teh 4 teen turtles. There have been pirates, pumpkins, wizards, trappers, Monte and I have dressed up over the years and gone to parties, once I was a sheik, and Monte was my harem girl,,,hilarious. I didn't know how to keep a jewel in his belly button and used gum. Well that was great till the body heat softened the gum to almost liquid and well with gravity it slid down *lower* from his belly button,,,need I go further in this? HE was so ticked off, everything was stuck
I now only wear a funky hat from Disnelyland when handing out candy...

Well should start to negociate my

10-11-2004, 02:47 PM
Sorry I haven't posted in so long-this definitely has been a crazy week. And after taking almost an hour to catch-up on all the posts I don't have much time to post myself-bummer. Will try to make some short posts and if I miss anyone so sorry.

Marti~I would pay the $3. If it was just an hour or so that they would have my keys maybe but 8 hours, no. I have been meaning to get a poncho-yes they are in and I love them. Just haven't found one that I really like yet.

A big WELCOME to TeaRose!

Jane~so is everyone getting excited? I hope you guys have a wonderful time! And Caylin is sooooo cute! Would love to get a hold of those cheeks!

Julie~I am surprised you are even going to make the desserts the way this so-called friend is treating you. She probably had it planned for you and DBF to watch her kids at the wedding. I'm sorry but to me it sounds like she is not a friend at all but just using you and good for DBF for calling her mother.

Mindee~aaawww, in-laws. Don't even want to go there as mine are the same if not worse. My own parents are about the same! Can you post the site to Brandon's pics again? I don't even know where to begin to find it here.

Angie~hope Brandon is feeling better.

Sue~sorry to hear about the MRI but definitely understand what you went thru. I had one not too long ago and it freaked me out. I too had to talk myself down. I was in there the whole time trying to think of a song to sing but all I could think of was when is this going to be over. Cracked me up the guy said it would take 30 mns. and to not breath-ummm, right. Just not move or breath to heavy and if I felt I needed to get out just call cause they could hear me. Didn't like it at all and hope I never have to have another. I do the tanning beds also and that I can handle because I have control over it if I don't care for it. Anyway...hope you are fine and a very HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! I would have sent a card thru snail mail but don't have your address.

Susan~I am so very happy for you! So when do you go to Hawaii? I too want to go! Can I please? LOL He sounds like a sweetie and I hope you have a wonderful time in HI, of course I know you will. You must take lots of pics!

Kathy~hope all is better with the kids. I am telling you it was a challenge reading your post!

Jen~I agree with you about the Michael Moore movie-I too came away disgusted. And while I know there are two sides to every story he had a lot of stuff to back this up so...

Hi to everyone else! :wave:

This past week was a busy one for us as I stated, don't even know where to start. Just a lot of running around. Then Friday and Saturday was our yard sale. Didn't do as good as we would have liked but it was okay. Now we need to take a lot of stuff to Goodwill and see if I can find someone to donate some encyclopedias too. DD and I went to the show, DH and I went to the show, took DS looking for a truck and so on and so on...Just glad that this week will be a slow one-I think. Really need to get off this thing and get going. Didn't think I would be on this long. Nothing really special planned for the day or week. Have some errands to run today. DD and I plan on going to the show this week, need to get to the library and clean this house! Hope everyone is having a great Monday. Take care ladies. :wave:

10-11-2004, 04:39 PM

Just really fast!!!! Have to get to work.

CUTE picture of Caylin :) - happy birthday to her :)

Was about to send the newsletters out - too bad the PO isn't open

It will get there though!

Hawaii???? HOPE in 2 weeks or so........he was putting in for his week off today- he needed to give a 2 weeks notice for time off and he was checking in when I can get on a plane, purchase the ticket and all...
I have just a week vacation myself.......need to talk to my boss when I go in this afternoon.......

He is a sweet and big hearted.....full of compassion and love *sigh*.....he was always like that.......and everyone talks so highly of him. A lady from our group met him in California last summer, he was there for a reunion and they met up from our parents group. She is a teacher and says what a keeper he is......her meeting him in person gives me hope he is
He sweet and I love listening to him sing......and, and,,,,,


My mom is going to watch Gaby for me and........we are set!! She said we have to buy new underwear and bra' it is like "MOTHER!!".....she is soooooo weird, she never supports me in anything........maybe she just wants to have a place to stay in Hawaii????? lol

ta ta gotta get ...........

Tea Rose
10-11-2004, 08:13 PM
Hi Everyone *Happy Thanksgiving* to you Canadien Girls
I hope everyone has had a nice day so far,yes the long weekend is over,I did clean the house and I did get some help fom the kids lol. Actually they grounded me , LOL from talking until I did ,so it was worth it to be back here with my new friends. Hi Jane :wave:Cayla is absolutely beautiful , I really miss those days, thats why I have so many little kitties ,its nice to be needed. I am happy to hear that you enjoyed the Emma Harte series ,I suppose you to will be reading Unexpected Blessings when it comes out in January. I have been waiting for this book for many months now.I absolutely agree with you Emma and Blackie did belong together to bad it took them so long , wasn't it romantic and sweet the way it finally came to be. I just love this story, I will be sad when it ends.Do you have any exciting plans for this week or just more of the same. There is always Christmas to think about. LOL Hi Marti :wave: I hope your feeling better sounds like you are having a rough time.Hi Julie :wave:,I have just read a little about your friend ,sometimes you give a lot and receive little,you have to make the decision to not let her treat you in a way thats upsetting to you.I really don't know the whole story but if I understood this ,she is having a baby ,has two other little ones ,and
planning a wedding ,could it be she is under so much stress that she really dosen't see how she is handling the situation with you ,sometimes as friends we take each other for granted without realizing it.I hope that you can work it out with her if you have been friends for a long time , you obviously have a bond with her children if you take care of them,maybe if you give her the benifit of the doubt till some of her stresses are less prominent ,you could then explain how she is making you feel.I hope I haven't overstepped my bounds its just an outside perspective and I hate to see friendships broken over misunderstandings.Hi Susan:wave: you must be so excited to be going on a trip to Hawaii, I have heard it is so beautiful there ,I hope you have a wonderful time, and I hear that all the time "MOM". LOL Hi Angie:wave: did you get your house cleaning done ,wow you are ambitious today, windows, flower beds and the office ,good for you.I guess your ready for bed then. LOL.I hope you and your family had a nice Thanksgiving.Hi Sue:wave:I hope you feel somewhat releived that the MRI is ove hopefully everthing turns out fine for you.
Hi Kathy :wave:how is your son doing today ,I hope the pain has subsided somewhat ,He will have a few rough daysI know ,but before you know it he will be back to being his thirteen year old self .
I hope you and your family had a nice Thanksgiving. Hi Cristi :wave: Hi Mindee :wave:
I haven't talked you l girls before ,I don't know much about you's yet, Cristi I see your a stay at home mom thats a wonderful job, enjoy them, they grow up to fast. and Mindee I guess you are having inlaw problems I do remember days like that,I know my day is coming , I hope my future daughter and son in law don't feel compelled to write on a forum about me someday , or worse to a shrink. LOL Hi Jen :wave: I see we have much in common animal wise,you must be a busy girl, I see you live on a farm, I think I might soon have to. LOL I see there are other ladies here I haven't yet been aquainted with so I say Hi to all of you :wave: and looking forward to learning more about you.Well ladies as far as my well meaning diet plans go I will admit today was not a food one, I think I was so zealous in my house cleaning I may have vacuumed up my willpower ,well thats the excuse and I'm sticking to it, tomorrow back on track till Christmas, ahh isn't everyone excited about Christmas, I think its a good thing I ducked there,LOL .Well Ladies I guess I should go check on my critters My kids are off to second and third Thanksgiving dinners tonight so I am home alone.Its actually nice and quiet . I have some painting to get to this week hopefully,outside and in depending on how the weather holds up, will determine where I start.I hope everyone has a nice evening. talk to you soon. * Ellen *

10-11-2004, 10:24 PM
Evening Girls!!!!

Well just got in from the hospital, I worked from 3-9 tonight!! Figured if I went in tonight, then I would only have to go 1 night this week after work!!

Thank you all for the support on the friend topic.....what can I say, I guess Im a sucker!!! Apart of me really doesnt feel like making the desserts for this shower in two weeks, Im waiting to see if there's any feedback from the phone call DBF had with her mom before I do anything!!!!

The new bed was nice and comfy last night, I definitely tell the difference!!
It's back to work tomorrow, and back on my dieting tomorrow too, I've really slacked even though I only gained 1lb, CW 191lbs.....I feel bloated because I havent been taking care of myself!!!

KATHY, sorry to hear about your son, that must have been nice at 2am!!!
JANA, that Caylin sure is a CutiePie, Im sure she enjoyed that cake!!!

Hello to all the other girls, Jen, Shanna, RosieKate, Marti, Angie, Cristina, Mindee, Sue, Susan and anyone else I may have forgotten!!!


10-11-2004, 10:49 PM
Well, finally made it back here. Can't remember the last time, Thursday maybe? I dunno. Feels like forever.

Not too much going on here, but I suppose that can be a good thing. Saturday we went to Grandma's birthday party (yes I jumped off the wagon and had cake!) and Sunday was spent watching football. Getting back into it today though. Walked the dog after work. She just loves watching all of the squirrels. And they are so busy burying nuts, acorns, whatever it is that they do! And it's fun to walk, now that some of the leaves are down, crunch, crunch!

I did pretty good with food today, but I still have a problem with the munchies all evening. Anyone have good tips? I'm sipping SF hot chocolate trying to beat my sweet craving. I really don't want to spend every night scrubbing the toilet, but I guess if that's what I have to

Julie - I still say it sounds like your friend is taking advantage of you. It will be interesting to see if there is any kind of response from her.

Ellen - HI! I do have alot of critters, but I don't live on a farm. I would love to though! I'm a city girl right now! Oh well, I've got my furry kids, what can I say? I'm a sucker. Got a few from the shelter, took in a pregnant stray, etc. I'm sure I would have more, but dbf is holding me back. I guess a collie, 8 cats, and a fish are enough for right now!

Cristi - Glad you are able to have a slow week to catch up on things. I would love to have a slow week. Anymore, it seems like each one is a little busier than the last. What's a girl to do???

Angie - Your shiek/harem girl costumes sound like a hoot. Especially with the melting gum.

Marti - I would definately pay the $3. No one drives my car, especially with me not in it! But I'm so over protective of my stuff. A friend of mine used to pass out alot in high school. Hers was definately related to her weight. When her electrolytes were off from not eating, she would crave lemons with salt on them. YUK! She used to come to with paramedics over her all the time.

Jane - Ok, Caylin is a cutey. And remember, this is coming from someone who doesn't like kids. Did you have plastic under her chair to help with that cake mess?

Katy - OMG I would die if I woke up at 4 and couldn't get back to sleep! Can't say I've ever gotten into the martial arts movies, but just about every other kind is ok.

Well, there's a couple other things I'd like to check out on the web, so I must get going. Tomorrow is my "Superior Soup" class, so not sure if I'll make it in.


da fat n da furious
10-12-2004, 12:49 AM
Wow, Im wiped out, I got all the cleaning I wanted plus more inside but didn't touch the outside,,,I still have time before the snow flies...egads!
Im feeling so good about being so caught up, found many things including my ADDRESS BOOK! So now I have
We went and saw Anchorman today,,,I have to admit I think Wil Ferril is hilarious and kinda cute. Since I saw his movie Elf Ive made a point of getting to see all his movies.
Came home had a roast in the crock....ahhh love my Watched I am Sam, on tv. was a good night. Cleaned a few closets and the bathrooms. I had to go and buy shower rod covers,,,why do they make shower curtain rods that rust? duh....
Well tomorrow will be clean the outside I hope, this will be after I finish my volunteer time at school. I take calls from parents wanting interview times with the teacher. Report cards came I have to be there from 8 till 3. Then theatre tomorrow, long day ahead.
Brandon is feeling alot better hes able to walk a bit,,,so another 3 weeks or so we see the Dr about the biospy.
So tomorrow Im thinking of making beef noodle soup,,,but I will jazz it up with some blended veggies,,,,to make it creamy,,,does that sound gross to you? I love creamy soups, and was thinking I could do it more healthy with using veggies and broth instead of cream. Ill let you all know how it turned out.
well night all

10-12-2004, 01:37 AM
Wow..Caylin is a little doll baby. I miss those days of the "grands" being babies.

Today was a crisp sunny day. Hubby and I walked this morning and tonight. It felt good to get back to walking twice a day. I had just done one daily for the last week. I am back OP with the eating, but am sure not bragging. Two weeks ago I did great, bragged and then fell off the wagon for the next week. Now I am doing one day at a time. Baby steps. Hubby is going to quit eating junk, so if it isn't in the house I might be in better shape. I am not buying Halloween candy until the last sense being tempted. I am one who can do so good at just what I should. BUT the snacks get me. I bought ff pudding and ff animal crackers along with some string cheese and lots of fruit. I might get through the munchies this week.

Angie- do let us know how the soup turns out as I am a soup fan when the weather is cool. I just told DH today that we are eating more soup, salad, and fresh fruit for the next few weeks.

Jen- I know what you mean about the sweet cravings. I try to have ff pudding or sf jello on hand. My big crave is for salty snacks, so I have to be careful about having them in the house.

Julie- Good luck on getting back to dieting. The hardest thing I have ever tried to do! I quit smoking with no problems 13 years ago, but the dieting is so much harder.

Ellen- Thank you for the good wishes. It is nice to have you here.

Susan- I will keep my fingers crossed that you get to go to Hawaii and that your friend is a wonderful person. My DD is meeting a man from online who she has talked to for a year. It makes me nervous, but she is an adult. I wish the best for you.

Cristi- Sounds like you have been very busy. Makes me think of my DD here who has 2 13 year old girls. I always tell her she will meet herself coming in the door as she goes out. Seems she is on the go 24/7. Yes, the MRI was a fright and I,like you hope it was my last.

Marti- Yes, by all means pay to park for now. It is well worth it. You are certainly getting the experience of all the shifts at work. Have a good week.

Katy- I have never seen the movies you mentioned, so don't know if I would like them or not. I think your idea of a movie thread was a good one and I have already been there. Don't worry, you will get back on track with the food. Except...look out..there is another debate this week. Hide the snacks!! I too get mad and "talk" to people on the boob tube. (especially the news media as they put such a slant on things)

Jane- I already said that Caylin is a doll and I am sure you knew that. lol.. (from one grandma to another) Hope you have a wonderful time on your trip. It sure sounds like you have everything down to a science about how to travel. I also had gotten pretty good at that when we took our yearly treks to Vegas (before we bought a place out there.) I had lists from year to year of what we needed to pack. Now I can pack light since I have most everything there.

I did laundry and ironing today. Ran the sweeper and cleaned all the fans and registers. Nothing too exciting. Tomorrow I go get my stitches out and have already told DH that he gets to spend the day scratching my back. We have to go look at Hobby Lobby for some clock parts and to WalMart for something else he wants..but I have forgotten what.

Well, dear JL's, I am sorry if I have missed you this time, will get you next time. I am about to fall asleep at the keyboard as it takes me so long to type.

10-12-2004, 02:07 AM
Thank you Sue.
I think I will be just fine. He shows a lot for others - and he loves children- works in a school for the last 20 years in Hilo.
He told his son that I was coming ( trying to prepare and that he hasn't felt this way towards anyone since his mother passed away 10 years ago.
Which took my breath away-

eeekkkk, gotta go get Gaby!!!

ta ta

10-12-2004, 06:38 AM
It is 2:30am here in Portland and I just got off the phone with the sweetest man.

November 2nd at 8:45 am I leave Portland for Hilo........yay......

Just soooooooo excited and told him I couldn't believe he was buying a ticket for me........he just said "be happy.....I said I would treat you like a queen"....he just loves

Just ........omg..........have to go buy underwear!! jk..........just can't sleep now, had to tell someone.....

night :)

10-12-2004, 11:17 AM
Oh my goodness! Lots of posting since yesterday morning!

I'm a little behind this morning! I completely forgot yesterday was a holiday so going to the bank did me no good. (well, I did get money out of the ATM for parking)

Learning something new at work and it seems simple enough to do. There is just so much to remember and get right I start thinking about how they don't require college degree for this job. Maybe once I get going it will come into perspective.....

Angie--Do you have a Ross there in Canada? I found a few ponchos that were less than $10. One was even priced at $4.99. (I should have bought her that one too) This weekend I'm going to look around and maybe buy myself one and get Jhanai a couple more. She needs a black one that will go w/everything. :) I should have had you buy Jhanai's costume. She's wanting to be the Vampires Queen....or as she said it Queen of the ****....I told her to just say Vampires Queen. :D Sounds like you guys found some cool costumes. James and I are still not sure what we're doing this year. Maybe go check out some of the costume contest.....or hang out at home passing out candy.

Cristi--Wow you were busy! How were the movies? (I should probably check the movie thread.....maybe already posted it there) Did you end up finding a truck for your son? James is really wanting another truck. I keep telling him that our truck is fine and the payments we have a need to add to it! :lol:

Susan--I'm SO EXCITED for you!! You a date for take off!! Oh please make sure you bring a camera and take tons of photos of the two of you having the time of your lives! Is this your first trip to Hawaii or have you been there before?

Julie--Don't think of yourself as a sucker.....when you have a matter what they do that irks you or crosses the line....your heart always tells you that you're friends for some reason and to just stick with it. We just want to make sure that you're not getting totally taken advantage of. I think you're a wonderful friend for doing what you have done so far!

Ellen--I don't have as many critters as Jen does, but I do have two chihuahua's and three kittens. A bunch of mini animals running around wanting my attention! Glad that your family helped you out w/the cleaning. What good kids you have there!!

Sue--Maybe while your hubby is scratching your back...he'll throw in a back rub for you! Your idea of not buying halloween candy until the last minute is a great one. I bought four---thats right everybody four--- bags to put up for Halloween and by golly......between me and James they were gone the first week! Candy wrappers everywhere! (I'm so ashamed :o ) :lol:

Good morning to the rest of you girls out there! Hope you're having a marvelous morning. I'm freezing. It's cold. It seems to be getting that chilly nip in the air while the sun is out. LOVE that! I can get all bundled in a cute out fit.....wait....I need to buy a cute outfit, anyway......I COULD bundle up in one if I had one and take a walk. Love walking in this kind of weather.

Ok....I have got to get going. Before it gets too late.

I'll try and check in later after work.

Have a good morning.

10-12-2004, 11:18 AM
Hiya ladies!!! So glad to see all the posts from yesterday!!!

Katy - we leave Friday afternoon and will be back Wednesday. It's a short but sweet trip, lol. I am so excited I can barely sleep! I love your new movie thread! We shoulda done that a long time ago!

Marti - yep, I'm with the others, and think you're doing the right thing by paying the $3 to park. Even at my highest weight, I would sometimes feel faint if I needed to eat. Now I take something in the car so that doesn't happen, lol. Wonder if it's a little bit low blood sugar? Btw, swinging (on swings in the park!!) sounds like so much fun!

Angie - the soup sounds so good! Let us know how it was, ok? I've seen the ponchos at WallyWorld, and they are too cute! I laughed my butt off when I read about you and Monte dressed as a shiek and harem girl! Too, too funny!!!

Cristina - I've missed you here, sweetie. Wow, you have been very busy. Did you find a truck for DS?

Susan - omg, Nov. 2nd will be here before you know it! I'm so excited for you! This guy sounds so sweet, and I'm glad your friend agrees that he's a keeper!

Ellen - I'm the one who lives in the country, on a near-60 acre farm. We don't farm it - someone else does, although our garden is huge, and we have all kinds of fruit trees. I'm just a country bumpkin, lol, but lived in town all my life until 4 years ago. I didn't know there was a new Belva Plain book coming out - thanks for sharing that info!!

Julie - glad you got your night shift over with. Hmmmm, I think it's weird that you haven't heard from your friend yet. Seems like her mom would have called her right away, don't you think?

Jen - I always use the WW soup when I want to munch mindlessly. It gets rid of the need, and is healthy to boot. Start with ff chicken broth, tomato juice, and then add whatever harmless veggies you like. Just a thought.

Sue - maybe you should buy Halloween candy you don't care for. For me, that would be Skittles, and stuff like that. Glad you're getting the stitches out today.

Thank you everyone who commented on the cuteness of my Caylin! She sure had a good time!!

Today I'm going to the bank for some travelers checks and need to do some other trip-related errands. I'm getting so excited about the whole thing!


10-12-2004, 01:32 PM
Good Morning Ladies~

Susan~I am so very HAPPY and EXCITED for you! So does this sweetie have a name??? Or do we call him Hilo/Hawaii man? Yeppers, as Jane said Nov. 2 will be here before you know it. I hope it all works out for you and him, you both deserve to be happy.

Marti~3 bags of candy! :yikes: girly! We bought two of the big bags at SAMS a couple of weeks ago and I am happy to say they are unopened. I put them in the closet for Halloween. This will be the first year in the last three that we actually will have kids and I look forward to that. I love to see the little ones dressed up-even thought about dressing up myself to give the candy out-maybe a witch! :lol:

Sue~WTG on the walking. I need to get back in the habit of walking again, just can't seem to get motivated.

Angie~you want to come and clean my house? I get so tired of doing it. Been meaning to call someone and get an estimate on cleaning it twice a month-really good. Your soup sounds good, so good it is making me want to fix soup for dinner. Would have to go to the store though-don't have any fixin's for soup. I made chili Friday because it was cold in the morning but it warmed up by mid-afternoon. But today is perfect chili/soup weather.

Jane~oh, I can only imagine how excited you all are. I get excited when going on vacation but then as it nears I get so stressed with all that has to be done. Sounds like you are doing fine with the stress level of all that needs to be done. I had to go check out the Pop Century and must say it looks like a fun place to stay-so cool! I love the shape of the pool!

Hi to everyone else, Kathy, Katy, Katie, Jen, Julie, Shanna, Mindee, and anyone I may have forgotten. :wave:

Nothing on the agenda for me today. Had to go to the Post Office this morning and need to get some laundry done and a little straightening of the house. I get so bored with cleaning I tend to not do it or I get started and don't quite finish here lately. Just a half-a$$ed attempt, but it looks decent so...I have discussed it with V about having someone come in once or twice a month to do a real good cleaning. He thinks it would be fine, just haven't gotten around to calling to get some estimates. Don't want to do it if it costs too much. I have been cleaning house soooooo long I really am tired of it, but hate having a dirty house. Speaking of dirty houses...has anyone seen that show on Lifetime at 10 pm-can't remember the name of it. Two british ladies going to these filthy houses and cleaning them-just watched it last night. Anyway...I can not ever imagine living in the filth these people live in-it really is horrible-it's worse that horrible! :yikes: About DS finding a truck, well...he did find one that he likes and is supposed to go look at another. The one he found they didn't do financing there so we would have to go to our bank which is not a problem. It is a nice looking Chevy or GMC-we looked at so many. A '99 and in very good condition, priced right and ran good. Had new tires also. So he just needs to take time off from work and go get a loan if he decides that is the one he wants. This place around the corner from us has another dealership in another town and they are supposed to be bringing a truck over from there to here so he can see if he likes it. She took him inside to look online at their other dealership. So he will go see that and then decide I guess. It was the same year but $1000 less but he wants to drive it and see it in person. Well...on with the day ladies. Hope everyone has a great one!

10-12-2004, 04:11 PM

Put my week vacation in the morning!!! I had exactly 40 hours- going from the 2nd to the 8th- using Saturday and Sunday for extra days.....:)

I have never even been on a plane. I just couldn't believe this man was buying me a ticket. He just said if nothing else it is a thank you for all the post that I have written in the past 16 months - that he has enjoyed so much- that he will be thrilled to just meet me and spend time with me......*sigh*.....and of course he loves me his name is Rocky- and he is sooooooo loving and kind and,........going to be soooooo busy getting ready.
Everything is working out so great so far....and he has these little frogs that chirp outside his window....and he is in Hilo.....and he said the other side of the island was the busy side........I go "whats in the middle??"......2 volcano' to be sooooo fun!!

Gotta go..........sorry-will find time later on :)

Tea Rose
10-12-2004, 06:15 PM
I just wanted to check in and say hello and see how everyone is doing today ,I won't stay to long right now ,I am having a bad day ,the diet didn't go well today ,makes me feel even worse and the cycle goes round.I'm not looking for sympathy ,oh maybe a little, don't mind me .I hope all you girls are having a great day and I'll talk later when I'm not so glum. * GRUMPY ELLEN *

10-12-2004, 06:58 PM
Just a quick check in as I wanted to say how nice it was to talk with Miss Jane this afternoon. I very much enjoyed our visit and look forward to the next time.

Ellen~so sorry to hear you are not feeling so great today (((((HUGS))))) to you sweetie. Sometimes it is a good thing to share and come here to talk, I know it helps me.

Susan~I am jealous girly. First Angie going off to Cuba, then Jane off to Disneyworld this week and now you off to Hawaii, waaaaaahhhhh, I want to go. LOL Would love to visit HI some day, not sure I ever will as I don't care for flying. Make sure and send me a post card from there you hear and don't get over there and forget about us. :D And the count down begins...

I may be going to Phoenix next month, just not sure. My dear friend wants me and DD to come and visit and she is going to pay our airfare which I told her no, that is not necessary. She has a mind of her own of course and refuses to listen. The only thing is I don't want to fly, not at all. I would rather drive but Nov. really isn't a good time to go for me, but for her it is as she is rather busy with her business and it's either then or next summer. I haven't seen her since leaving CA in '94 and I really miss them. It wouldn't be at Thanksgiving, either two weeks before or the week before. What to do, what to do? :dunno:

Anyway...HI everyone :wave: See ya later.

da fat n da furious
10-12-2004, 07:07 PM
Marti, just dress her up all in black...put some curlers in her hair then once her hair is all curled,,,tease it to stand up on ned almost,,,and if you could find black and white hair spray to make her all wild,,,if not just spray with normal hairspray. She needs a cape, powder up hre face to give her a pallor, then either blood red lips or black,,,her
Jane,,,how many more sleeps? Why not take a writing class? I took a children's story book class years ago and had a blast.
Susan, ooooo that is sooo cool. Monte and I are making plans for our next trip being in Hawaii.
Cristi, I felt so much better geting my office organized,,,Tax time won't feel like the nightmare it normally is.

Slept in this morning so off to school I ran with soppy wet hair,,,hate sleeping in. Then of all the nerve, I had a mom call in and ask for an interview with her daughter's teacher...sure I say whats the teachers name? I don't know can't you look in her file...ahhh no Im a volunteer and if you hold a moment I can go and ask the secretary which class shes in,,,she got all ticked off and hung up on me for making her wait! Im like listen you pathetic excuse for a parent if you don't know what your child's teacher's name don't make that my problem. %$^@#$ But of course I didnt',,,but it did run throw my
Well better get my soup on....
talk with you all later

da fat n da furious
10-12-2004, 07:09 PM
Cristi, GO! thats what you gotta do...and enjoy it or

10-12-2004, 09:49 PM
Well, Im jealous. everybody is going on vacation!!!!!

Im having a really rotten day today, I got my mortgage statement and the house taxes have gone up so much this past year, starting next month my mortgage is going up $280.00 a month......YUCK!!!!! Needless to say that really made my day, if anything it lit a fire underneath me to hurry up and finish school so that I can get my degree and starting making good money...Then I wont have to worry about all these bills!!!

ON the friend topic, when I got in last night, DBF told me that he spoke with them and they are thinking, NOW, of asking us to be godparents?????UMMM, hello, sounds like someone is embarassed about the lecture they got and is trying to act like we're important now???? I was sickened by it, anything is better to them then having to apoloize and admit they were wrong!!! MIND you, kids #1 and #2, have never been baptized, but they want to start asking for godparent son kid #3???? HAHAHA
Well its off to bed early for me tonight, I'll check in with you all tomorrow

Hello to, Jen, Jane, Marti, Shanna, Cristina, Angie, Sue, Susan, Ellen, Kathy, RosieKate and Mindee!!!!! And anyone else I missed


10-13-2004, 12:24 AM
Today was uneventful other than going to get my stitches out and stopping by the grocery store. I did some dusting and picking up around the house, but nothing too taxing. :)
Talked to both of my DD's and found that the CA family all has colds and the IN family seems to be okay. My DD here is having a rough time right now as she bought the business she had worked for and it is taking lots of hours to get it all set up the way she wants and to keep up with the work load. DD in CA has a new job interview which will pay quite a lot more than she makes now...keep your fingers crossed, as a single mom she needs the income right now. DS has been studying night and day for his baby bar exam. Not to mention trying to keep up with HIS business as well.
I guess I need you to say a prayer for all of my kids right now. They are my heart and soul and I want to see them succeed. (don't we all wish that for our young'uns?)

Nothing on for tomorrow, so I will pop in and do individuals. May make chat.

Tea Rose
10-13-2004, 02:59 AM
Hi Ladies :WAVE:
I just read this on a card ." You know you've had a bad day when you have gained two pounds and you haven't eaten anything." LOL anyone have those days

10-13-2004, 09:08 AM
Happy Wednesday, Ladies,

Marti - you and I were posting at the same time yesterday! Hope you do get some cute winter outfits. Lots of them! There are so many adorable sweaters out there......

Cristi - I can't tell you how much I enjoyed our (lengthy!) conversation! I feel like I know you even better than before! Hope your DS likes the truck the dealership brings in. Flying is not bad at all. If you think about all the thousands of planes that take off and land safely everyday, that can maybe make you feel better. Aww, the only trick or treaters I get way out here is my DGDs. But oh how I love to see them!

Susan - read what I told Cristi in the above paragraph about flying, ok? Once you get in the air, it's like sitting on your couch or something. During take-off and landing, turn the air on, pointing directly towards your face and that will help prevent ear popping. I know 2 Rocky's personally and they are both sweethearts! I am so excited for you!!!!

Ellen - oh hon, we've all had those days where we overeat. What triggered it? If you can pin-point that, you can help prevent another episode. Regardless, we're here for you, ok?

Angie - it's 2 more sleeps until I get my mouse on, lol!!!! I know some dads who wouldn't know their kids' teachers names, but a MOM?? Somehow that seems much worse.

Julie - sure, you can be the Godparents, then they will have a good reason to ask you to host the birthday parties, bake the BD cake, be a free babysitter even more, lol. But maybe, this is their way of opening their eyes and trying real hard to not lose good friends like you and DBF. I would like to think it is this last reason.

Sue - glad the pesky stitches are out. I'll say a prayer for your kids, hon. Yes, mine are my heart and soul, too, and I know exactly how you feel. That can be said for all of us moms here. Did you get the much-needed rain like we did? No rain at all in Sept. was awful!

Hi to all the others. :wave:

Mary and I are taking her 3 and going to visit my sister who is babysitting her twin grandson and granddaughter. They are 8 months old. Won't that be fun?? I have to get my carpets swept first. Somebody around here has been dragging in wet leaves on their shoes!!


10-13-2004, 11:35 AM
Good Morning everyone--

Jane--Hi, I didn't even see that you had posted after me yesterday.....I got on and quickly had to get off line and get moving. I'm terrible in the mornings. How did I ever make it to work on time? :lol: So are you leaving this Friday? Oh....I'm just jumping up w/excitment for you! You're going to have so much fun. And while your family is in the air on the plane...I will pray that you all fly and land safely to and from Disney World. Can't wait to see photos! Make sure you get one w/you all wearing your mouse ears!

Cristina--I've see parts of that show you mentioned and I'm like you, I can't see how your house can get that filthy! Although I have seen my ex's friends family's home and OMG! :eek: They had garbage everywhere! Diapers that were from when the baby was born and he was walking already. Just plain nasty. (I scrubbed myself clean when I got home!) As for your friend in Phoenix...I say go! It's been 10yrs, and your friend is helping by getting the ticket for you (you can reimburse her by taking her out and doing things when you get there) I have no idea about flying...but if there is some way to go see her....maybe a train? I would go. And enjoy yourself while you do. Then you can add to the long list of people taking off for vacation!

Angie--That's pretty much what we had in mind for her hair. I guess her best friends mom is making her outfit. So that was nice to hear! She's really excited. Her friend is having a party the weekend before Halloween since he will be going to New York with his family during Halloween weekend. I still want to do something w/James. Go out....maybe even dress up! Who know.....

Ellen--Sorry you're feeling down....coming here and just talking does help. And as you get used to us more, you'll find it easier to pop on here and let it all out. Hugs to you!

Sue--Glad your stitches are out. I will send prayers for your kids. Even though Jhanai is only 10.....I feel that way about her too. Just as Jane said....any mother here does.

Susan--I'm excited still that you're going to go see Rocky and meet him, possibly have him sing to you. How romantic. And I think that it's all going to be good. I know postcards are probably the last thing that's going to be on your mind...but if you do get a chance, I would like to get one from you too! Oh Susan....I'm bouncin around here for you! I feel like your girls best girl friends in junior high and you just had a boy smile at you! You getting to go to Hawaii, Jane to Florida, Katie just got back from Disneyland, Angie from Cuba!......Where should I go? :lol:

Julie--Wish I knew how to help with your friends. I can see how frustrated you must feel about it all. I would seriously have a sit down talk with her and lay it all out and see what she says. I think Jane is right, that may have been an effort to not lose you as a friend. Hope everything starts getting better for you.

Morning to the rest of you out there. I hope I haven't missed anyone. I need to go dry my hair and eat some breakfast. I'm so tired this morning. Trying to wake up! I have to do my enrollment today at work for benefits....I guess if you get this done within a certain time...they have prizes...the first time limit was a Digital Camera (I have one) the second one is a GameCube (Jhanai has one) and the third one is a Smoothie maker (don't have that! I could go for something like that)
Ok ladies....I best be getting ready. You all have a great Wednesday!

10-13-2004, 12:49 PM
Everyone has been busy!

I've been working on my class and trying to manage a very painful shoulder. PT yesterday really did a number on me, but today I can raise my arm over my head.. A good thing

I have time for a few individuals, then we are off for our morning walk...
Jane - have a great time in Disneyland -
Susan - Hilo/Hawaii -man ( sorry you mentioned his name but I can't remember) sounds wonderful - I'm a sucker for a man who sings to me - so romantic.

Marti - Hey don't shell out for a poncho - I made one for Leigh in a week -they are easy and super cheap. If you send me the yarn, I'll make one for's the basic pattern of the one I made. I used different colors and added fringe, and made it shorter to fit Leigh

Julie - yikes - sorry 'bout those nasty taxes. Sounds like you have an escrow account. If you have more that 20% equity in your home and you are carrying PMI - get rid of it now! When we dropped PMI, we got rid of the escrow account and it saved us 100 bucks a month or thereabouts.(combination of PMI and the cushion) 'course we have to be disciplined and set aside our property taxes, but we do ok there. Did you know that escrow companies by law require a cushion? Nice part about dumping escrow was that we got the balance of that cushion back.
I'm such a little money nerd...since I'm the SAH-person, I have become the family CFO - takes some pressure of of DH who works very hard.

Cristina - I don't have cable, but I checked out the website for that filthy house show - yuck! Then again - some of the house on Queer Eye for the Straight guy were pretty bad, too! I saw some of those episodes at my mom's - I love that show! Seems like the men who get worked on really come away genuinely improved - not just with a clean house and new wardrobe. BTW - Go on your trip - you'll have so much fun.....Don't have much advice on the plane thing as I never fly anywhere myself. Not because of fear, just haven't gone anywhere that far away in a good while.

Ellen - Hope you are feeling better today... sure can relate. This is a good place to come and get cheered up :) I've had those two-pound days myself.

Angie - believe me, I've seen worse from parents. I had a student who was really disturbed and the parents would take no responsibility. The mom would tell me everything I wanted to hear, but did nothing at home, skipped out on all her conferences. Whenever the kid would be so bad that the principal would send him home, she would pick him up and take him to the therapist ( whose advice they would ignore) and bring the kid back the next day and say "There! Fixed" Yeah right. I think you are great to give your time to your kid's school - I volunteer at both my kids schools and I just love it.

Ok, I know i'm missing someone - so Have a great day to anyone I missed. I need to get moving. I put some new wheels on the jogging stroller and it's a sunny day so I need to get my, to convince my DD she needs some clothes. she's becoming quite the au natural woman, lol! Helps alot with potty training - doesn't help so much when we need to leave the house - " can't go to preschool nekky sweetie! Sweetie? Come back here"


10-13-2004, 02:41 PM
Well, got my usual Wednesday trip to Wally World out of the way. Some days I don't mind it at all and other days it just seems like such a chore. Today was fine. I made a menu last night with a detailed list and pretty much stuck with it, except for the fall tablecloth I thought I couldn't do without! LOL I have a Thanksgiving one but it is for an oblong table and is too big as I took the leaf out of the table so now I need round tablecloth's. No big deal. Also had to run to the library to return some books for DD. That pretty much is my day.

Jane~yes, it was nice to talk with you. I have to say yesterday I was thinking about how my arm hasn't been hurting and after that my arm was killing me. LOL V asked if I changed hands-well of course I did. My right arm is just junk and I need to watch what I do. I know flying is not bad, I have just had a fear of heights forever and it scares me to death to get on a plane. Have fun with all the babies today. And if I don't check in before you leave for DW have a safe and fun trip!

Marti~are you getting used to the work schedule yet or do they keep changing it? I think once they get a set time and it is every day you will be fine. I know we miss you when you aren't around here a lot. Jhanai's costume sounds cute. I think the cutest one Carrie ever had was a scarecrow we made her-it was really cute. You should post a picture of her dressed up.

Katy~love the poncho! I have always wanted to learn how to knit and crochet-never have. My mother sews and is actually very good at it but never picked up knitting or crocheting. She likes to embroider (sp?) also. Have a good walk.

Angie~that is terrible about the mother. What is sad is there seems to be a few out there like that-kind of crazy though that a mother wouldn't take the time to get to know the teachers name at least.

Sue~many thoughts and prayers for your children. Mine too are my hear and soul-wouldn't know what to do without them. Glad you got the stitches out, that must feel so much better.

Susan~are you counting down? I bet your sweetie writes a special song for you to sing to you when you get there. I really am excited for you.

Ellen~hope you are feeling better today.

Julie~sorry to hear about the taxes and your mortgage going up-not good to hear near the holidays. Well, I truly hope that everything works out for the best with your "friend", not really sure what else to say about that.

Hi to everyone else! :wave:

About visiting the friend (Lourdes) I really do want to and I am sooooo not sure what to do though. It is just bad timing on my part more than the flying. I know I could do something to get my mind off the flight but I'm not sure about the timing with it being so close to Thanksgiving. That and I think I feel a little guilty leaving everyone here. So I don't know what I will do, just talk with her more about it and see. Anyway...not much else going on with me. I am going to try and get some reading done and that is about it.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

10-13-2004, 03:48 PM
man, it has been a while since I have posted on here. For some reason, I forget to bookmark this website the last time I was on here. So, I am going to do that in a second once I get done posting this.

real quickly, I posted Brandon's new 5 month pics on his website, so please do go and look at them!

10-14-2004, 12:38 AM
Sorry I can't visit for long. I watched the debate and need to get a shower and go to bed. I just wanted to say that I got an all clear on my MRI today. That is a relief and since I have been feeling so much better I think that will be the last test. I haven't gotten the pathology report of my latest surgery for skin cancer, but that should come tomorrow. One more all clear is all I need. :)

10-14-2004, 01:45 AM
sue~ That is such a relieve to hear that you got the all clear!

da fat n da furious
10-14-2004, 02:56 AM
Katy can I send yarn?
I know that was just one day out of 3 yrs Ive been doing this, one year this mom could not remember which grade her son was in. I just take for granted that everyone knows that and their child's teacher's name and such.

Sue, oh good about the clear MRI

Cristi, you will be home for Thanksgiving right? I wouldn't even think twice about going if Im not missing the actual day. And if you have a fear of flying, you have more danger by driving and playing golf then flying. Heck I flew near a hurricane,,,,

Jane 2 sleeps,,,now 1 sleep. WAHOOOO party time! Have fun,,,be crazy, immature, and take lots of pictures!

Marti, thats so cool you have someone helping out with sewing.

Well should get to bed,
night all

10-14-2004, 09:28 AM
Wait.... go on over to chit chat #83!