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10-06-2004, 02:30 PM
Yesterday I felt as if I would slip back into my old habits again.
I wanted to eat and eat and eat. I think it all had to do with my daughter doctors visit with her oncologist and having her scans done. in 2001, at the age of 10 she was dx with cancer and since then I have eaten and eaten like never before. She is in remission and doing very well but just being there brought back so many memories for me. I ate sensibly before leaving home but the return home was hard. I headed straight for the cabinets to see what I could find. I hate this! I know I am an emotional eater, you name an emtion and I'm ready to eat. Food has been my comforter. I guess now I am looking for something to replace that. I only wish I knew why my emotions want to control my mouth. Today I sorta feel the same way and while I am spilling my guts I haven't been walking in a week. :(
I guess this is my way of screaming out for help and making myself accountable. Thank God I didn't have cake, ice cream or some other comfort food in the house. :devil:

I keep telling myself that NO food taste as good as thin and healthy will feel. I will do better! I will exercise and I won't let my emotions get the best of me.

I know there are others out there with this same problem. Let it all go and shed it here.

Have a healthy week all!! :D

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10-10-2004, 04:11 PM
Dear Wildblue,

I can't imagine how hard it must be to have a child with a serious illness. Of course you are stressed out, and of course the emotional eating gets triggered. I wouldn't pretend to know the solution in that situation--the only thing that comes to mind is, it's really important to find some other ways to deal with emotions than eating. Duh! I know, that's pretty obvious. But it might help to make a list of things that might help, and to remember to use the list! Some possibilities:

- Talk to a friend, trusted family member, counselor, or clergy member. Or join a support group.
- Go for a long walk instead of emptying the cupboard.
- Develop a hobby that helps take you away from the situation--an outlet. For example, painting or craftwork.
- Do something just for fun that doesn't involve food. This time of year an autumn leaf drive can be nice. Or other short sightseeing trips.

Anything but the refrigerator!

Good luck to you, and good luck to your daughter also.


10-10-2004, 09:47 PM
Thanks Jay! I just have those days when I am reminded of what got me this way.

10-12-2004, 10:55 PM
Hello Honey. This is a good place to find comfort and support. Try reading the book called The Thin Books, it deals with self esteem and emotional eating, also try reading the book Intuitive Eating. God BLess you and your family.