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10-05-2004, 08:03 PM

Hello :wave:

Here at McSkinneys, Our mission is to motivate,support and lose those pounds & inches.We must keep those Loozing Floozies loosing!!

Feel free to join our group of wonderful ladies.Come on in.....Give us YOUR motivation,support and ideas.We would love to have you!!!

10-05-2004, 10:25 PM
Sherry, I can tell a little difference with the Dell. We live outside the city and our phone lines are old. No matter how great of a computer we have, as long as we stay with this service, it will be slower. I would love to be able to go without coats Halloween! We even had one year when it was cancelled due to freezing rain! That is also the same year we had snow on the ground from Thanksgiving to the end of March! Gotta love Kansas weather.

10-06-2004, 06:48 AM
Cold Halloween???? When we used to go out, we had to make sure that the kids wore something that they wouldn't sweat in!!

10-06-2004, 09:38 AM
That is why I want to move to Florida, Shelley..... other then the hurricanes!
It's raining today, by the end of the month when it rains, we could have freeze along with it. I'm dreading this winter driving Allison to and from school. Shelley, what cereals are suggested to eat on the core program? I think they are probably the ones higher in fiber???

10-06-2004, 11:01 AM
Ha, Sherry, you left off an option on your poll this time--the one I would've chosen is:


Which is exactly what I've done with all of the clothes I've "outgrown" recently. I'm determined to get back in them. Everyone I work with will think I've gone on a shopping spree!!

You're right--$177,000,000. Dang that's a lot of money. I sure could use some of it! And don't worry, I wouldn't forget any of y'all. We'd let Dee chose a location, since she's the seasoned traveler, leave all the men at home and just hang out, relax and be pampered for a couple of weeks. It's a nice fantasy, anyway :D

10-06-2004, 01:34 PM
Hi all my friends here....glad to see things are going pretty well here with everyone and wanted to let you know that i will only be posting often on here since i don't have much input and basically told to zip it, will be a lurker instead of posting

The weather here is chilly like Sherry said and i hate that it is turning cold. So Shelley there maybe some people migrating to the South. But then we would have to deal with newbies to the state. lolololololol

formerly known as vickster

10-06-2004, 02:01 PM
Vickster, what the heck happened? If I wrote anything to offend, I am truly sorry. I enjoy seeing a message from you when I log on!!!! Please PM me if you wish.

10-06-2004, 06:42 PM
Vicki-What happened??? There hasn't been much posting around here. I hope that I didn't say anything to offend you!!

Cheryl-I thought the same thing! I keep all my small clothes.

Gayle-The cereals puffed wheat, puffed rice, shredded wheat and 100% bran cereals that don't contain added sugar. I am not doing core now because I just have to eat more carbs since I run so much.

10-06-2004, 09:38 PM
Vicki....What is going on????? I went back and read some last posts and can't seem to find it. Who said what? If you don't want to post it here will you PLEASE send me an email? I hope no one here has hurt your feelings. Love ya!

Shelley....Speaking of Florida...This joke is going around. I don't know if you have seen it but wanted to post it. :lol: I thought it was priceless!

10-07-2004, 06:35 AM
Sherry-Thanks, you did send it to me. Too funny!

Vicki-Please let us know what happened. I went over all the posts also from #5 and couldn't find anything. We love you and don't want you to quit posting! This is the only board that has been so kind, and we have all become such good friends! The Core board has some pretty nasty people over there, that's why I quit posting there.

10-07-2004, 10:28 AM
Shelley, I agree. This is the only group I consistantly post to. Some of the other boards seem to have PMS'ing women with huge claws and fangs waiting for the "fresh meat" (newbies) LOL! They can make you feel so stupid for asking an honest question.

10-07-2004, 10:32 AM
I am trying to stay OP but finding it difficult. Every day I am tempted by all the goodies sitting around. Yesterday it was an open bag of Dorito's. Steve is trying to stay OP too, and finally realizing how hard it is to do. We have both gained weight and now it's time to lose. I hope everyone else is having more success then I am in the OP department.

10-07-2004, 11:03 AM
Vicki, sometimes people say something innocently and it comes out wrong. I hope it wasn't me, but if it was, I'm sorry. Please don't be just a lurker.

Sorry for not posting this week. Work has been totally crazy and tiring. There have only been two of us here this week to do what six people ususally do. I've had sooooo much work I didn't think I would ever get it done, but I'm almost least for now.

I'm down about 6 pounds and still staying OP. Rick is doing it with me so that makes it a lot easier. So far, it really hasn't been difficult. I'm not beating myself up over all I've gained and I think that helps too. Acceptance of one's self can be a very liberating thing. I think that is along the same lines of what Janelle has been talking about. Maybe once we stop the the negative self-talk, we can free our minds to accept what our bodies are capable of and just go with the flow. OKAY, are you picturing me sitting in an office wearing horn-rimmed glasses, writing on a steno pad and telling the person on the couch that she is getting very, very sleepy????
Actually, I transcribed a hypnosis session that one of our prisoners had and the therapist had some very interesting things to say. She used weightloss as an example. She talked about how we program ourselves for failure. WEll, I don't know if any of that is true or not, but she was very interesting and I've tried to apply some of the things she had to say. Oh, by the way, the prisoner wasn't trying to lose weight, he was trying to remember some deep dark secret that might help us find out who killed his brother.

Better get back to work now. I was just checking my emails and thought I'd post a quick one.

10-07-2004, 12:27 PM
Sherry thanks for the surveys. I checked the box what if I gain, I will keep my clothes. Well it is exactly the opposite just like Cheryl said. I have thrown away my larger cloths but there is some small cloths that I can't fit in any more :( How are you feeling?

Gayle we want to buy a Dell computer. After all the good things I hear about it here, I am sure that is the one we want. I am just to cheap to buy one until this computer craps out once more. Your weather is simular to ours except we are further north and we have cooler temps than you. Instead of the freezing rain we will get the snow. The last few days have been way above normal. It has been around 75-80. It is suppose to continue through out the weekend. It is our Thanksgiving weekend. I am glad that you and Steve are on program again. Even though you had a dorrito set back, you will be back on program today. Don't you feel so much better about yourself when you are on program?

Shelley hey we are neighbors! If Florida only would have packed up and moved I would be having visiting with you every weekend. You are doing great with your running. You beat your goal last month by miles. I will be joinning you over there. I am walking slower and shorter distances a few times a week. Plus I have been going to aquafit twice a week and doing what I can in the deep end so that there is no impact. It hurts and I limp more after but I feel like I am in control of my own body.

Cheryl you hit the nail on the head with the survey. I know exactly what you are talking about. If I lost 10 pounds I could bring out my new Congratulations on the 10 pounds lost. Let one of us win the lotery and I will pick the destination. How about a two week cruise in the Carribeans? Lots of pampering there. Maybe we could go on the gourmet lite cruise because I think it is too dangerous on the regular one with a choice of 12 meals a day. Fun to dream! I guess you know where my thoughts will wander today as I get my massage.

Vicki my friend please come back you are our friend. If I posted out of line I am sorry it must be the drugs. I would never do that intentional. You are a very kind person and your imput is important to all of us.

Ramona I hope that your busy week has calmed down. Wow you have lost 6 pounds. Must feel great. You are right a positive attitute is very important. How are your boys doing?

I have my ct scan on saturday. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will know what is going on. I am still in pain but it is less than before surgery. I have cut back on the morphine a bit and am hoping that the new drug Gabapentin will take away the syatic nerve pain. It sure makes me tired. I have been able to walk a bit and do aquafit. It hurts but I am tired of lying in bed. I have lost so much muscle that it is pathetic. I had a clean bill of heath at the cardiologist this week. Don't have to see him for another year.
It is Thanksgiving this weekend. Dez is coming home. She never came home last weekend so it will be nice seeing her for a few days. I am going to have a thanksgiving supper here saturday with the help of everyone. On sunday Larry's mom will be having a big meal to. The family will be going but I am not sure if I will. It is one hour drive away and I still can't sit that long. It is also the time of day when I in more pain. I am ok with staying at home. That doesn't bother me.
Well I want to touch up my beautiful red locks today so I better get going. I have a massafe appointment at 1:00. Oh yeah I had my almost waist long hair cut to a couple of inches below my shoulder with a bang. It feels good. Well got to run, I have had to type this in two sittings because I can't set that long.
I miss you guys.

Hi to everyone I didn't post to. I hope that you are doing well.


10-07-2004, 12:36 PM
Ramona, that's cool. The hypnotist thing.

Maybe my self talk is too negative, too. I noticed a new fat roll this morning. :) Depressed me, so I went to McDonald's and got a sausage biscuit and then to a texaco station and got a king size hershey bar and a mellow yellow. Pretend all those name brands are capatalized :).

In addition to the negative thoughts, there's always the one in my head of "I'll start....tomorrow, next week, the first of the month, the first of the year, etc......"
I just can't get the right motivation, I guess. I also run into the fact that I'm really not all that unhappy with how I feel right now. It's true that I would like to lose a few pounds, but it's just not priority right now, I guess.

I also have come to realize that I'm tired of setting this goal and consistantly not meeting it. I can meet my goals in other areas, just not in the weight-loss one. I tell you, it all just boils down to the motivation factor, and I don't have it (right now). So, I'm focusing on keeping my house clean, not GAINING anymore, not binging (which I'm prone to do), and doing a good job for all of my farmers.

And, of course, keeping up with all my Floozie friends. Even though I'm not currently in a "diet frame of mind," y'all give me hope for when I get there again. Don't know what I'd do without this thread!

10-07-2004, 12:48 PM
Dee!! We were posting at the same time!! I'm so glad to hear you say you're walking some! That's such an improvement over how you were doing 6 months ago--even 6 weeks ago! I'm so proud!!!

Well, I didn't win the lottery. Dang it. But maybe I'll buy a ticket for the next drawing. Now the jackpot is up to 215 million. I swear--WHAT would a person do with that much money? Hmmmm.....Guess I'd like to find out.

10-07-2004, 12:54 PM
Dee, I'm so glad you are getting some relief even if it is just a small amount. Hopefully each day will get better and better. I never realized your hair was sooooooo long. I bet it really feels different to have it cut that much, but I'm sure it looks beautiful. Let everyone else do the cooking for Thanksgiving and just let them pamper you. Glad Dez will be home to see you. Enjoy that massage!!


10-07-2004, 02:03 PM
Cheryl to bad you didn't win the lottery.....I was dreaming about that cruise! When you are ready to lose weight we will be there for you.

Ramona Larry likes long hair but not that long. My hair is a few inches longer than yours in your picture. It does feel lighter. So much easier to wash. I was having a hard time putting the towel on my head after I washed my hair. I can't bend over like that so now it is easier. Have a good day.

10-07-2004, 02:09 PM
I read this today on Julia Havey's website and thought I would share it.













10-07-2004, 07:25 PM
WOW! I leave for the day and you guys go crazy posting messages! What a nice surprise!!!!

Ramona~~~YIPPEEEEEEE on the weight loss! YOU CAN DO IT! Steve drives me nuts when we diet together. I end up counting his calories and measuring his portions too. Then around 8:00 in the evening he caves and nothing is safe in the kitchen. I need to have an extra dose of self control then so I won't cave too.

Cheryl~~~You sound alot like how I feel now. I want to lose weight, but I guess it's not my top priority right now. I will keep my bags packed for when you WIN the big money!!!

Dee~~~Did you donate your hair for wigs? I'm so happy your starting to sound like the old Dee we all know and love.

Shelley~~~You mentioned before that Mike cooks the meals. What kind of meals do you eat to keep within your weight range? Just curious if you guys low carb, use portion control or count calories at mealtime.

Again, it was soooooooooooo nice to come here today and see all of the activity and motivation!!!!!

10-07-2004, 08:28 PM
Friends....Friends....Friends.....what i posted was not an intent to make anyone feel like they have said anything wrong, besides it wasn't my friends here but somewhere on the board someone sent me an email and said zip it over some little tid bit of advice i responded too. Which in turn i got offended and thought i will just not post anywhere for awhile and that is where my post came in.

Knowing my friends here i would definitely let you know if it was one of you b/c i feel that we can be honest with one another....May not like what is said at the time but usually we can talk it out and get on to better things.

So please no one think or go over posts here at this board b/c it is not necessary.

Love you all

Vicki ....----unformerly known as vickster

10-08-2004, 06:49 AM
Whew!! Vicki! I'm so glad it wasn't something that happened here. Plus it is true--if we get offended, we do tell everyone and in the end it seems to get worked out. Like I said before, on the other boards people can get really mean.

Gayle-Mike normally makes things that have no added fat or salt for us. He sometimes makes things that do have fat, but he will then make something else that I can eat also. For instance, when he makes macaroni and cheese for him and Patty as a side dish for pork steaks, he will makes peas, rice, and mushrooms for me and Becky. He never adds salt to anything. They have to add the salt themselves if they want it. Veggies are steamed with no added butter. Butter is always added on individual plates if they want it. He mainly makes chicken, pork, pot roast, steak, whatever as low fat and low cal as possible. I don't count carbs, neither does Becky. Right now I am eating too much candy corn, though! That's been my only downfall this week!

Dee-You are beginning to sound so much better. I had no idea that your hair was so long. I have had a chest cold, so I haven't run since Tuesday. The weather is starting to get cooler! We are having a cold front---highs are 87 and 88, lows are 67-68. It will be nice tomorrow morning when I run. I can't wait for you to join me at the exercise thread!

Cheryl-I am not very motivated for this week for some reason. I think it's all the candy in the stores, plus I am still depressed about our money situation. We will all get back OP when the time is right for us!

Ramona-You have the most exciting job of anyone that I know. You must really enjoy going to work everyday, since you never know what situation is going to arise. Have you heard from the boys?

Sherry-Still traveling between 2 schools? That must be very rough on you.

Debbie-Where are you?? How is school going?

Carol-Are you doing better?

Jennelle-Miss your posts! Did I miss anyone? If I did, please know that it is just these tired old brains. Love to all!

10-08-2004, 10:43 AM
Shelley, I will admit it is a new world everyday. There are so many things that happen out there that I never knew about. There is a whole other sub-culture that most of us "normal" people never see. Right now we are working on setting up a computer system with a voice synthsizer that will trap computer predators. I'm really excited about catching some of these perverts!
I have actually talked to Daniel twice this week. He has really needed to connect with all of us at home as the last week has been extemely difficult. He saw a man catch on fire and burn up and then they had two members of his unit who were killed this past Sunday. He is leaving tonight to go on a raid of a village looking for IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices). Makes me very, very nervous. Ben is fine. He will be leaving soon for his school in San Antonio. He will be there until December. I think Rick will fly down there and spend Thanksgiving with him, but I'll stay home because I don't want to leave my dad alone during his first holiday without my mom.

The Captain is calling me, talk to you all later......

10-08-2004, 11:05 AM
Ramona, I'm glad to hear Dan is safe. I'm sure we can't even begin ti imagine what Dan and the others have seen or been through. I think it is great you decided to stay with your dad over the Thanksgiving holiday! this will be a rough year for all of your family, know you guys are in my prayers.

Shelley, thanks for the info! Now, if only I could get Steve to cook!

Vickster, stay away from those other boards and post here... I agree, there is nothing we can't talk out. We started here as a weight loss group and remain here as friends.

Girls, I found some lifestyle change info. It is a diet plan for people who have tried Atkins and find it to restrictive on the fruits/vegetables. It combines The Zone & Sugar Busters, so it allows low carb fruits/veggies. Basically from what I've read so far, lean meats, limited fat, fruits, vegetables, lower carb breads, low sugar, no calories/point counting, just read your labels and stay within the sugar/carb limits.
If you guys want the info, let me know and I will email it to you.

10-08-2004, 11:08 AM
Gayle, I'd like that info. I'll pm my email address to you.

I probably won't post any next week because I'll be in Branson w/Mom. This is also the week of the state fair here in Arkansas. I'm working the USDA booth four nights. I'm going to try to not pig out there like I usually do!


10-08-2004, 12:17 PM
Cheryl, just sent you all of the info. If you don't get it, please let me know!!!!

10-08-2004, 02:56 PM
Gayle, please email it to me also. Thanks!

10-08-2004, 03:13 PM
Ramona, I just sent you the info too.

I'm going to start following most of her eating suggestions, the difference will be for either lunch or dinner, I will have a healthy choice frozen dinner with a side of veggies or a healthy choice soup with a salad.

10-08-2004, 04:16 PM
Ramona & Cheryl, also if I want to have rice or pasta, I will have the whole grain.

Sherry, is it ok if I start a daily food log thread?? We did it before, but I'm guilty of not staying up on it. I think I'm starting to get in the "zone" again and maybe it will help to go ahead and list my foods here as I also keep a journal at home.

10-08-2004, 05:21 PM
Hi Girls...:wave:

I have been reading almost everyday but not posting. My life is busy as usual and seems I am so tired by the time I get home everyday. Eating like crazy this last week, so that doesn't help anything.
I glad everyone is doing Ok.

Dee...So glad you are doing better.
Gayle...Please email me the new plan. Adkins is so hard for me now...even though I am an expert on it...LOL.
Sherry...Let's plan something fun soon, I sure need it!!

Love to all my Floozie friends.....deb

10-08-2004, 05:34 PM
Debbie, so nice to see a post from you. Don't be such a stranger!

Gayle, thanks for the info. I'll look it over tonight when I get home.

10-08-2004, 05:50 PM
Gayle-You know I want it!! You should just email in one mass to all of us!!LOL!!

10-08-2004, 06:17 PM
Gayle....Send it to me too!!!! :D I'll try anything once! (Well...almost anything! :lol: ) Also....please feel free to start a new food thread. If you want, I will. Just let me know. The way I've been eating lately it would take too long to post all my foods! :lol3:

Debbie...So glad you posted!!!!! What do you mean let's plan something fun soon????? Aren't you & James coming to my house tomorrow night???!!! I sure hope so!

Gotta go get Wayne at work. We're down to one car! :( I'll post again later...

Love & Hugs....

10-08-2004, 08:35 PM
Gayle count me in too! I don't want to be left out.

My mom and dad just got back from a trip to the west coast to see their new winter home. They decided it would be to dangerous for mom to winter in Texas again. Their whole life savings could be wiped out if the insurance didn't pay for one of their illnesses.

Larry (and maybe a little bit me) is going to egptian plaster our bedroom an ochre carmel color this weekend. We have a afraican feel to our room. Should be interesting.

Dez will be at the bus depot soon so I better run.

Have a great weekend.

10-08-2004, 10:04 PM
Sending to all of remember, she says this is what works for her, so feel free to add your favorite fruits/veggies to the list. When she mentions watching the carbs on the package, I think she is referring to such things as salad dressing etc.
I am also going to add the whole wheat pasta/brown rice to my diet. I think moderation is the key and as long as I'm choosing healthy foods and watching portion size, I SHOULD lose.

10-08-2004, 10:10 PM
Just sent you guys the info! If you don't get it, holler!

10-09-2004, 06:33 AM

10-09-2004, 11:35 AM
Debbie glad that you didn't forget about your floosie friends even though you are so busy. I hope that you enjoy your evening with Sherry.

Cheryl enjoy your time with your mom in Branson. Appreciate each moment that you have with her because you never know what can happen.

Vicki I am so happy to hear that it wasn't anyone of us that have offended you. Stay here and you will get a lot of TLC from us. I know that there are a lot of mean spirited people out there that knows it all.

Shelley Mike sounds like a good cook. That is nice that he considers everyones food choices that they prefer. How is your chest cold? I started getting really stuffed up wednesday and just blowing my nose hurt my back so I won't to catch this in the bud. I took vitamin c and echanasia and by the next day I wasn't stuffed up any more. You said that it was cooling down there. Wow those kind of temps here would have been a hot summer What were you doing so early this morning posting at 4:30. Don't you ever sleep?

Gayle I never thought about saving my hair til I seen all of it on the floor. It was too late then because she had cut it in layers and it was all over the place. That is great that you and Steve are trying to lose weight together, at least he won't eat chocolate bars in front of you. You guys can inspire each other. Just remember that guys lose weight faster than women.

Ramona I am so proud of Daniel. I can not even begin to imagine what he has seen and been through. He will need so much love and support when he comes back home. Like I said to Gayle it is easier to diet when your spouse is watching what he eats to. Rick can understand what you are feeling. Larry is also trying to watch what he eats. He gainned about 10 pounds from me not be active. I have always hauled him out in the evening to do something with me.

Sherry I hope that you have an enjoyable evening with Debbie. It is great that you guys can get together and have a good time. I wish I could be there too. You are very special to me. I have never had a gardian angel like you before.

Well guess what? This morning at 8:30 the door bell ringing and there was pounding on the door. We were still sleeping and it startled me awake. The first thing that came to mind was oh no the police are here. Did Dez make it home last night? I shock Larry awake to see who it was. Good news it wasn't the police. Bad news and of course it wasn't near as bad as I imagined, the water company was here to shut the water off. They are doing some major work two doors down. Today is the day that I am making Thanksgiving dinner. You know one thing has to go wrong on a special occasion! We filled the tub, sink and some pitchers. Hopefully that will get us through the day.

10-09-2004, 12:10 PM
Dee-Sorry to hear about your water woes! I know what it's like to be without, since we had that problem over hurricane Charley. I hope your Thanksgiving dinner turns out okay without it. Please ask Larry to take a picture and post it of your new hairdo!

10-09-2004, 12:24 PM
I agree with Shelley, I want to see a picture of you & Larry, Dee!!!! I hope your Thanksgiving turns out nice even with the water problems!

Problem #1 with husband dieting with you... 8:00 in the evening hits and he is caving in... thoughts of goodies, sweets and high calorie foods spin in his head... by 8:05pm he is stuffing anything and everything in his mouth and saying to **** with this diet. This is when I need special prayers from my friends so I don't cave in too!!!! :-)

10-09-2004, 12:26 PM
I think I am going to start a daily food journal. If any of you wish to participate, feel free to join in, regardless of the plan your following!

10-09-2004, 12:30 PM

Please Go To #8...............A New Thread Has Been Started!!!!! :cp: