100 lb. Club - ARTIST WINS the September Points Challenge!!!!!

10-04-2004, 12:47 AM
Claire wins with 110 points out of 120!!!!!
:cheer: CONGRATULATIONS Claire!!!! :cheer:
WAY TO GO!!!!!! :cheers: :cp: :cb: :bravo:

The top 5 are as follows...

1. artist - 110
2. Nelie - 109
3. Sheila53 - 98
4. barbygirl43 (PG - 110) - 96
5. plann2walkonwata - 62
6. yaya9577 - 30

And we have 3 people who managed to have no zero point days!!!!
~ artist ~ Nelie ~ Sheila53

Join me in congratulating them on a job well done!!!!!

10-04-2004, 01:05 AM
Congrat's to ALL of you -- you're really ALL WINNERS!! Artist, great job.......and Nelie, wow, what a race! That was a close one! Gotta say, all those named here are just heroes in my book -- 3 cheers for each of you!! :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp:

10-04-2004, 01:18 AM
Congratulations! You did a fantastic job! :bravo:

Every single one of you are on the road to success! Feel proud! :D :cheer: :D

10-04-2004, 12:21 PM
Congratulations Artist!!

Everyone else, join us on the October challenge!!

10-04-2004, 08:23 PM

10-04-2004, 08:51 PM
Congratulations, Artist--WTG! And, Nelie, only one point behind--great job!

10-05-2004, 12:43 PM
****Enters stage right and takes a bow****

Thanks for all the support guys - you really keep me going on this journey! I'm very nearly at my half-way-to-goal point, and I know I wouldn't have got this far, and still have the motivation and determination to keep on going, without all of the positive energy, inspiration and support from this forum!

10-07-2004, 04:43 PM
WTG--great job. U 2 nelie :)