Support Groups - Friends helping Friends: 90 pounds to lose HELP!

04-29-2001, 01:20 AM
I'm looking to start a Frineds helping Friends support group, There has to be other out there with the same issuses I keep dealing with on a daily basics. I'm tired of the snickers (and I don't mean the candy bar either), I've been trying my best to get a grip on the mood swings, the roller coaster ride I just want off of. I'm 48 pushing 49 in a few short months and just want to rid myself of the health issues I can and deal with the ones I have little power over. I have days when I ask myself "WHY" am I working so hard for so little, and then I walk past the livingroom wall with the family pictures and I have answered my own question. I need to do this for me, so I can see what they will become in the future. I want to sit on the swing with my hubby of 28 years growing old together just enjoying nature and counting all the Blessing God has given us. I'm maybe a dreamer but these sites keep me sain. When everything seems to be going wrong, I jump to these pages and read, just to find a new mind set. Anybody looking for a Friend who would be a great weightloss/exercise buddy post here. I don't understand the e-mail deal as I'm a manual typewritter person myself. Need all the help I can get w/ the computer!?!

04-29-2001, 04:14 PM
Wow, it sounds like we're on opposite ends...I'm about to start a family next year (gettin hitched!) and I'm 22. I find that on this board, we are all alike in that we want to be healthy, regardless of our age, etc.

Do you exercise much, or like cardio..walking, jogging, machines? I am a part of a thread under the "Exercise" forum...we've been going strong, and are a very varied group of women...I'm the youngest so far at 22. But we post most every day throughout the week about our success or downfalls, and encourage each other to move. A few of the women are 5-10lbs away from their goals, and then there are those like me, with 50lbs or even more to go. If you don't do much cardio, we can share tips on what works best for us...cardio is very important in losing, maintaining, and being healthy!

This thread is the longest I've been a part of, and if we all do our best to be energetic and keep it going. I invite you to join! We're under the "Exercise" forum, called, "Cardio Queens Unite"

That would be so great if you tried us out! I feel like the marketing department or something, but I know what it's like to be at a board full of people, but don't know where to go!

Tell them Girlie sent you!!!