Support Groups - Amazing Autumn Royal Adventure !! All Welcome!!

10-01-2004, 03:03 PM
Welcome all from every kingdom, province, monarchy, duchy, federation, or ------------------( please fill in the blank)......


This adventure promises to lead us to places we've never been but have longed to see ... this adventure promises to teach things we thought we knew ... this adventure will be amazing!!

So, call your coachman, the adventure awaits!!

And as most adventures are written by the adventurer....

YOU decide ( and who better??) what direction you shall fly your colors!!

This adventure is a shared adventure... with other royals who will share and support ....

Open the blinds! Let down the drawbridge! Sound the trumpets!


The Amazing Adventure Begins!!!

10-01-2004, 03:04 PM
Holy mackeral!

Down for almost 4 hrs--- at first I figured it was just a way to keep me out of trouble and help keep the nose to grindstone but after a few hours I was definitely feeling internet withdrawl!!


10-02-2004, 06:06 AM
Hello all!

Well, believe it or not, DH and I already have the truck packed.... He must have gotten up at3:30 (!), I woke up when he did but didnt get up till 4... Everything was stacked up waiting... a few boxes still in the basement so as I write this I am still a little sweaty... That sure is one way to be wide awake in a hurry...

Now, DH is telling me the doors open for us to set up at 6-- the whole time I thought 7--just one of those things where "he said, she said"....

As I was packing the record albums yesterday ( Must be about 200) I kept resisting the urge to keep a favorite aside for myself.... Would make no sense at all as ... I don't have anything to play record albums on and.... the only way to keep albums in the pristine condition so many of these are is NOT to play them.....
Yet, everytime I saw a favorite I automatically thought " Oh, that's a keeper"...
Kind of like when I watch the Food Network channel and find my mouth drooling... unless its a cooking lite program, why do I torture myself watching people make pastry??

So, here's our thought of the day........

"If you believe you can or believe you can't, you're right"
--paraphrased from Henry Ford

Question of the day:
"Do you chew gum?"



10-02-2004, 08:13 AM
Thanks for starting the new thread, Kaylets! I'm ready to try something new as we go into autumn, something to set us up for the holiday season ahead. There, I said it! It won't be long, you know.

Yesterday at work was great. We had 800 kids from the local schools come to see the pow wow. The Native Americans were so nice, the kids were so into it too. I made all the vendors and dancers dinner last night---I thought there would be 50 at the most and there were almost 80! Luckily, I had a 'feeling', and made extra and it all worked out beautifully. And I was invited to dance with the women when they brought out the big drum and that was fun, altho I had to be gently reminded by the elders to not wiggle my shoulders. The upper body stays very upright and still [My Pilates training really helped there!] and only the knees go up and down and the feet only slightly leave the floor. Anyway, it was fun and I'm ready to go again and do it today when we're open to the public. Hope the rain holds off!

10-02-2004, 09:24 AM
Sounds like two queens have very exciting days ahead today.

Did ok the first hour on my garage sale - much activity and little selling after that so I quit about noon. Happy enough with results - a little cash, a little extra space here and there. Didn't really have a lot out and have sorted out leftovers which will net me more space.

Off to DDs today to play w/the princesses. Check in tomorow evening. I'll be choosing my Autumn goals in the next day or so. Hopefully maintaining the goals I've been working on in last few sprints as well.

Great weekend, all.

10-02-2004, 09:59 AM
'Tis dark and damp in this corner of the walking for me!

Good luck at the market today K! Eydie that sounds like so much fun...the dancing. Anagram...good news on the garage...have fun with the princesses.
Missed Punkin 'O Friday. And any news on the tadpole? are thee? Arabella...EOM is done?

I have to work today, so brevity is the cry! Have been successful these my health's goal is to drink the water! I have a social do tonight so am going to be very conscious of what crosses these lips!

Ceara :wave:

10-02-2004, 07:44 PM
Hello all!

Fleamarket was a bust. We barely made the rent... no one did well. Lots of folks walking through...not buying...

Back to Ebay!

DH is very discouraged and won't even consider a place closer to home that is having an inside/outside market next week... he's also having lots of asthma issues which makes me think that's the other reason he's not interested...

anyway... very disappointing... we also went w/ signs and business cards advertising our services as Ebay Assistants...One person expressed interest... would we consider putting her troll collection up for auction... well...all I know for sure is that there must be someone else out there interested in trolls....

Could've been worse I guess... could've not made enough to pay the table rent and I could've spent much more time getting ready for the event....


Next step in the adventure....

Load of laundry!

w/ a cup of tea!


10-03-2004, 08:41 AM
Kaylets, Sorry your sale didn't go better. What do you do as an E-Bay assistant? Sounds interesting.

Anagram, have fun with the princesses! Don't forget to share your autumn goals with us! I'm still cooking up a plan....

Yesterday the pow wow was so much fun. All the dancers in their regalia! [A little pow wow trivia for you: it's bad form to say 'costume', it's 'regalia'] And they were all so stunningly nice--these people truly wanted to share their heritage, so generous. And I get the impression that they do the pow wow circuit and they all know each other so it had the feeling of a big family reunion. [The good kind!] It was an outdoor event and almost 1000 people from our community came, so it was a huge success! We'll definitely do it again next year.
We've talked about "putting orselves out there". Yesterday. 'putting myself out there' was thrust upon me! The guy heading up the powwow asked for someone fron Reynolds Homestead. I was the only one standing around the circle and I went up. I thought he was just going to say a 'thanks for the hospitality' thing, and suddenly he's handing me the microphone and asking me to do the introduction!!!!!!!!! I took the microphone and started talking. I really have no idea what I said, but I know I said it with enthusiasm. At one point I must've said something good, because the drummers were pounding the drum and whooping, probably something about doing it next year. Anyway, after a couple of sentences things went all swirly and surreal and I wrapped it up. I only said a few sentences, but I said them with enthusiasm. And the scary thing is I think if I'd had a few minutes to plan I could've done a decent welcoming speech. And I'm not agaonizing over it--it was what it was, and that's a new thing for me. I do know this: after doing that infront of a few hundred people, teaching Pilates should be a breeze! It all happens for a reason, right?


10-03-2004, 11:54 AM
Hello all!

YAY Eydie!! Yes, I agree... it does all happen for a reason... and you're right, Pilates will be a breeze... after all, you already know what you're going to have to say in class!
When we first moved to Delaware, I took a job at a Tandy Leatherworking store and many customers were Native Americans buying for their regalia... and yes, you're right, it is a reunion of sorts... annual events that go back long long b/4 we got here... trading, sharing, competing, celebrating......

So, don't leave us guessing... what did you prepare that you had "enough extra" to feed almost 30 more??

Anagram--- Sometimes its almost makes you wonder whose idea was it anyway to have these yardsales, fleamarkets ...
Ah well, at least we burned some calories !!

Ceara-- damp yesterday, sunny today but wearing sweaters w/ jean jackets...
Walked the local farmers market for our Sunday walk and again, glad I wasnt out there trying to sell... very breezy ... some vendors were wrapped in blankets...

Did buy a big pot of garlic chives from one vendor...they taste garlicky now and might be a good experiment for the front patch of yard... which I have decided to reclaim from the ivy... at least try... ivy is trying to take over and that wasnt my plan... just wanted it to be an accent....

so my friends... one load of linens hanging out grabbing the breeze, another load running now, kettle is ready to sing, need to start some soup as well as freeze another batch... notice how when you know you're time is short you manage to make every moment count??

Ok... off for a short kitchen adventure... the question if ... can I stay in there a full 15 minutes?

Big Hugs to all!

10-03-2004, 03:52 PM
Happy Sunday, :queen:s of the Realm -- Reporting in on the Breast Cancer Run (happy they don't call it "Race") for the cure. I did it! Finished the 5k running, was tempted to walk the last of it, thought "who would care if I did?" Decided only I would, and that was enough to keep me "running." AND there were at least 30 people ran in after I did. I suspect most of them did a run/walk thing, but I consider them runners and so consider that I beat them :lol:

Eydie, love the sound of your pow wow and dancing. Reminds me of Scottish dancing, the way the upper body is almost motionless. However, the feet really go.

Kaylets, sorry about the flea market -- some things are just like that, huh. A friend of mine who sells antiques and collectibles finds that there's quite a fluctuation from one day to another.

Ceara, it's dark and rainy here too. Not too hard though -- I got damp, but not drenched.

Anagram, have fun with the princesses! I haven't seen his Lordship (DGS) for over a week and am starting to suffer withdrawal. Heard a child that sounded very much like him at a second-hand store and my heart leapt! Mad about the boy!

Hmmm... goals -- that sounds like a good idea :chin:

New week coming up! Love to all...

10-03-2004, 10:01 PM
Yo, :queen: s!!! Just a fly-through on the broomstick, sorry again for the brevity mode! :)

Lost 1.4 pounds on my Scary Hallowe'en Challenge ... details on journal in the land far away! :cb:

Arabella, finishing the Race for the Cure was an awesome accomplishment. Kudos!!! :up: It was great that you wanted to stop but kept going ...

Kaylets, garlic chives are delicious. Back east, I grew them all the time and used them a lot. Sorry your sale was a bummer. I admire you for doing these sales ... I couldn't sell so much as a raffle ticket if my life depended on it.

Huzzah to all, mentioned and unmentioned.

Kind of blah right now. Will return when I'm perky!

10-04-2004, 06:46 AM
Hello all!

Wood Nymph! GOOD FOR YOU! Yes, I agree, its what we do when no one else is looking that is that defining factor...

Congrats Empress on your loss! Glad you stopped by... been missing you!

Eydie-- An Ebay Assistant will do an auction for folks who would rather not do it for themselves... no interest, no time, no computer, no experience, ...
So far, we've really only "assisted" ourselves... but we've been doing this almost 5 yrs now...

so, back to work... Am trying not to think about what might be waiting for me.. just get back into the routine and see what that brings ...

For sure, this past week has reminded me that a schedule is a must for me... otherwise, the time just speeds away as I browse books and magazines and take naps.... The good news on the naps is that yesterday, I didnt feel like I needed one... so maybe I was just needed the rest... hmmmm ... such a concept....

Thought of the day:

"Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons."

--Ruth Ann Schabacker

Question of the day:
" If you were stranded on desert island but allowed to bring one herb or spice ...... what would it be?"


I'm off!

10-04-2004, 08:01 AM
Kaylets, I made chili [with onions, sour cream and cheese to add], rice, salad, and cookies for the dinner. I'd had some chili left over from another lunch and I froze it, and got it out of the freezer before Friday 'just in case'. And I always stockpile lots of cookies in the freezer so I had plenty. And not to make broad sweeping generalizations----but Native Americans eat A LOT!!! :lol: As all people do when they're having a good time! And get this, the chili was totally vegetarian and low-fat and nobody even noticed there was no meat. I LOVE that!

Empress, congrats on the weight loss. Amazing what a little tweaking can do, huh?

And all honor and respect to Arabella for finishing strong in her 5K!!! We're so proud of you!!!

Ahh, Monday. A new week, another chance at being supremely healthy!

10-04-2004, 09:18 AM
Am off usual. First I'm gonna wash some dogs legs, then walk, then blow those legs dry then go to my friends for some grooming tips...Jeesh! I think I took too much hair off at the last show.

Then I plan to head home and wash and blow dry the youngest heathen. A full day at work and training class after 8. I think I'm gonna be tired!

Congrats on completing the Run for the Cure Arabella. You are right, you would have cared if you'd walked the last bit...Kudos! :cp:
Good going Empress A.... I knew you could do it.

The week end was a Sunday walk in, didn't stuff myself in the usual Thanksgiving tradition...the bird was oven is filthy...and the overall week end was nice. Dinner Saturday night was fatty....I didn't put the gravy on the battered chicken breast cutlets....but that was OK...The salad was good...Off to a new week and good choices :coffee: :lol: Oh yes...and Water.

Gotta run...:wave:


10-05-2004, 08:06 AM
Hello all!

Adventure was disappointing last night... another 1.5 gain... I could feel my pants getting tighter and tighter all day... might have been the lentil soup I had for lunch... also noticed my bra fits very snugly this am too..... Sigh....

But what are you gonna do????

again, sometimes, its just the simple idea that we are expecting too much from ourselves..
If a friend told us they hadn't lost much in the past few weeks, we would be supportive... Sometimes I need to remember to be a better friend to myself...
Hmmmmmm... that good get very long winded!

I have about 3 minutes to get out the door so I wish ALL of us a day to be kind to ourselves and remember that its not what happened yesterday its what is in front of us today ...


Thought of the day :

"We are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from it."
--William Osler--Physician 1849-1919

Question of the day :

" Would you compete on Jeopardy or Fear Factor?"


Kettle is on!

and yes, chili sounds perfect for a crowd!

10-05-2004, 08:15 AM
Good reminder, Kaylets---we should all be kind to ourselves. That extra pound could be anything. Keep going! And about the question of the day: neither! Alex Trebec annoys me and I think Fear Factor is weird and kinda degrading.

Sister Queens, please send up a good thought for me tonight. I'll be teaching my first Pilates class at 6:30 and I'm feeling fairly confident at this point but as the day goes on...?

10-05-2004, 11:19 AM
Fly-by -- frantic (what else is new? :rolleyes: ) Spent all day yesterday on unplanned editing tasks that should have been done (by someone else) before but HAD to be done yesterday. I'd intended to catch up on some loose ends and get everything nicely tucked away and now I'm behind again! Stop the world, i want to get off!

Eydie, break a leg!!! Metaphorically, of course... You're going to be WONDERFUL - just wish I could be there to take the class.

Love to all -- let's take this day and do the best we can with it.

10-06-2004, 07:06 AM
Good early morning, Regal Ones! Another Fresh Start for me. Monday was our 46th anniversary so I'm in the first days of another wedded year. Imagine - 46 years and I'm still crazy about the guy with all indictions he feels the same. We spent Mon. afternoon wandering one of our favorite mountain parks and basking in the autumn sun, the falling leaves and our blessings in general.

Enjoyed weekend w/dd's family. Princess Eight tells me she wants me to live with them because "it's always so much better when you're here" and Princess Four bats those big blue eyes at me and whispers "I love you, Mimi".
Can it get any better?

Have been working on how to hone plan and seeking motivation. Think I've found it. Talked to Texas sister and she's back on WW and has lost 20 lbs. Always been pretty competitive (she's 2 yrs younger) so will taunt myself w/the thought she might catch up w/me - at this point she's about 70 lbs heavier than I but I still think it will work as motivation for me. I've been toying w/that elusive onederland and that 50 lb loss mark for so long......having seen it only one one weigh in some long time back. Stomach has been doing somewhat better (of course, since I finally see gastro today). So hoping that might do it. Have been fairly on plan, fair on water and on exercise but it is so easy to go from "fair" to "poor".

So, here we go..........

10-06-2004, 07:34 AM
So, enough of the me, me, me.

Nice to "see" you, Empress and congrats on loss. Glad the "tweak" is working for you.

Eydie, I can picture you "Pilat-ing". I too wish I could be there for class. Chili sounds great and pow-wow interesting. There is one near here every summer - might try to catch it next year. I'm sure your talk was most gracious but can see where you'd have liked a tad of prep.

Wood Nymph, so proud of you for finishing the run and for reaching deep into your royal heart to find that last push. DSG sounds like he'd cause w/drawal pangs in me too. He's still at such a cuddly age, isn't he? Though he sounds like a cuddly whirlwind. Being behind is my natural state, I think. At least the last few years. But remember you made the effort and had EOM under control. And it's only because you're "to the rescue"........

Ceara, you're sounding like a whirlwind yourself. And like you're enjoying it all.

Are you digging out from under the desk, Kaylets? Still refreshed from the vacation? Sorry the sale didn't go well. Ours was good basically because I sold my "granny stuff". Very early on a very preggers sweetie came bustling up the driveway and was so very happy to find a hichair and portacrib in practically unused condition and reasonably priced. We bargained slightly and she was a few bucks short on cash. But her excitement was so palpable I told her not to bother. She didn't look huge but her fourth son was due Monday at 11:00. I forgot to tell her that was my anniversary but I think it was just a little example of how things sometimes come together in this universe for a reason. She was practically floating (picture that at 9 months!) as she and dh loaded the stuff and it certainly made my day that it made hers. Moneywise it wasn't worth the work but it also made a bit of space. I had a lot of people but most were asking me where the other sales were. Apparently we didn't have a lot of neighborhood participation on Friday and it had been advertised as a 50-family sale. Never did get out to check on it myself.

Well, dh is up now as well and the tummy is calling for its oatmeal so off I go. Great day, all.

Speaking of preggers, Frogger...............

10-06-2004, 07:50 AM
Hello all!
am officially back on Flex... Have no idea if water weight or Core or sitting around reading for a whole week on vacation pushed the scale up 1.5 lbs but I am back on Flex anyway... I realized last night that after a bowl of vegetable soup and 2 small pieces of pumpernickel bread, I felt satisfied... Guess I REALLY missed bread...
and REALLY didnt like spending flex pts on it.. go figure... evidently, I was "saving" the pts for another reason...
All I know for sure is, Core helped me get into the next 10 lb range when things were moving really slow and I want to stay there!!

Thought of the day:

"A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort."
- Herm Albright

Question of the day :

"Would you rather be a guest on Oprah or on CNN News?"


Anagram--Maybe $$ wise you're not ahead but... you DID make someone's week and you do have some more room to fill ... :) !
As for competing w/ DSister... whatever motivation works I say....

Eydie--We need an update!

Arabella--Today you are now owed 2 "Kind to me " moments to make up for yesterday...

Ceara-- So, how did the heathens do??

Empress!! How goes it??

Must be gone...

10-06-2004, 08:25 AM
Anagam, wow---46 years!!!! That is so inspiring! Wishing you many more years!

Well friends, the pilates class last night was great! :D 11 people showed up [4 men among them, would you believe?] and they all seemed very into it. Time will tell --I've seen yoga and tai chi classes come and go at work and in the week between some folks decide it's not for them and you never see them again. You know, I actually enjoyed doing it, and may ask someone to videotape it next week. Maybe.... Garry was there and he said I did well and was very clear. His only criticism is reading my bio of Joseph Pilates went on maybe a minute too long, because he could tell that eveyone wanted to get into it right away. Bottom line is, I'm SOOO happy that I took this chance.

10-07-2004, 07:39 AM
Hello all!

Congrats Anagram! In today's world, 46 yrs IS a major accomplishment!

Eydie! Congrats to you too! DH is a sweetie to go to class to offer support!
Don't try to worry about which students drop off.... every class everywhere has some turnover...
All will be fabulous! Really wish I could be there too!

Can you believe its the middle of the week already??

Tried an experiment at work yesterday and made myself a "pot" of tea thru the coffeemaker... I put a clean coffee filter in the filter basket and just let hot water run thru the basket into the pot. I had a couple tea bags in the pot... It was sooo nice to just fill my cup each time instead of having to wait for a tea bag to steep in my cup .... I'nm starting to think that maybe a teabag for each cup of tea is
wasteful... but I never realized b/4 .....
I realize ( now) that all teas are different strengths but really took me a long time to "get" that letting the tea steep gave you more flavor than just a minute dunk and then toss.....


I need to get more water in... I need your support! Water used to be so easy for me but since I've begun this new job I am not getting water in!

So... today my goal is to get 2 bottles in...I don't know what size the bottles are ... they're on my desk..

Thought of the day :

We do not remember days,
we remember moments.
--Cesare Pavese

Question of the day :

Which "moments" do you remember most clearly?


10-08-2004, 07:54 AM
Hello all!

Got crazy yesterday-- Dh 's been having shortness of breath for a couple of weeks and finally called the doctor... They said come in NOW....
They gave him an EKG and there was no eveidence of heart damage but he has many more tests to take and now has both an inhalator and Nitroglycerin to carry with him constantly.....

The inhalator helped him immediately and he was relieved that it just might be only his asthma but I evidently was stressing as last night I ate everything that wasnt nailed down....

ah well....


Thought of the day:

"If you look at zero you see nothing;
but look through it and you will see the world."
- Robert Kaplan

Question of the day:

"Would you rather eat breakfast for supper or supper for breakfast?"


10-08-2004, 08:19 AM
Hello everyone and it sounds like your all doing well. Maybe I can get inspired from your spirit hope you don't mind if I join in?
I have started to get back into the grove of being healthy and having a healthier lifestyle. I've kept off for the most part my 10lbs. but then have been at a stand still. So I need to get motivated to move a bit more and to eat differently. Some change is diffently needed to get the scales moving. I do feel good and have maintained my wt. for awhile other than a couple up and down lbs. Sometimes water weight! I guess? But this week I did get back into going to the gym and walking the treadmill. I have a sore muscle in my back from my first 2 visits. But I am dealing with it. I am off to Seattle next week for 9 days but that will include some exercise with relation to walking and sightseeing. Well gotta go to work now any advice is always appreciated.
Skyfirefly =enjoy the Fall weather today its going to be 80 in Central NY

10-08-2004, 05:33 PM
It's Friiiiiiidaaaay - No, it's not :queen: Punkin. Just a poor imitation.

Welcome, cacmsc = be stalwart in your weight loss quest and inspire me. I'm just barely trailing along under the wheels of the wagon.

Sorry to hear of dh's problem, Kaylets. Stressful, no doubt. Hope he continues to do better.

And you have stumbled on to one of my cheapie little tricks. I almost always reuse a teabag if dh hasn't cleaned up and thrown it out. I love to let it steep and can get two really good cups from most types. And if the second one turns to be mostly flavored hot water (as with some herbals) that's ok too.

Nice weather here. Busy, busy. Going to Penn State=Purdue football game. First time in years we've made the trip to State College but weather should be perfect (ok, I'm not a football nut but dh feels up to it and I'd like to see him enjoy it all). Friends who invited us are doing the driving and I'm looking forward to a long but relaxing day.

Nice weekend all.

10-08-2004, 06:43 PM
AAAAAHHHHH! Tea made in a cup??? :yikes: No,no, no! In a pot, let steep for five minutes. Tea in a coffee maker? :faint: You girls are giving me a heart attack. I think we've had this discussion before, haven't we? I even have my own two cup brown betty pot at work because I can't stand tea made in a cup. I can taste the difference if tea is made in a pot that ever had coffee in it.

So, here it is Thanksgiving weekend in the not-so-frozen north. 26 Celsius yesterday and today...beautiful! This weekend I am devising a plan of attack, part of which is trying to get through Dr. Phil's book again.

Have to drive DD to work. Will be back to update over the weekend.

10-08-2004, 08:15 PM
Sorry, do not mean to attack hearts. Yes, we've had the discussion before. I agree that a teapot is better but I am just too lazy. Note I do heat my water in a kettle rather than in the microwave (except when at daughter's because if I want tea at all there that's my only option).

Happy Thanksgiving!

10-09-2004, 08:42 AM
Happy Saturday! As the orange juice ad used to say, another day, another chance to feel healthy!

Welcome, cacmsc! Always nice to have a new queen among us. You mentioned treadmilling, do you favor any other sort of exercise? Do you follow any certain food plan?

Have a great time at the game, Anagram!

Kaylets, how's your husband today?

Wildfire, I agree with you about the tea--most of the time--I use the old tea bag in a mug method at work. I have a tiny little pot that I use at home. It just seems like more of a relaxing ritual to use a teapot, doesn't it?

10-09-2004, 08:49 AM
Back in to edit, because I forgot to report --- I LOST TWO POUNDS THIS WEEK!!!

Hello Lovies! I'm off for a 3-day hiking trip, so won't be here again until Tuesday. We'll be hiking hours and hours a day. Also intend to eat healthily, although possibly a bit more than usual. Monday's our Thanksgiving, so count yourselves among my blessings. And thank you! :)

Welcome, cacmsc (does that stand for something? am i overly nosy? ;) ) You know a good group when you see one!

Wildfire -- why is it that water heated in the microwave is no good? I agree it is not, but don't know why that should be. I maintain that the standard is: fresh water, just at the boiling point, loose leaves steeped in a brown betty for five minutes. Ah!!! However, I mostly use teabags and have been known to make it in a cup, although almost never heated in the microwave.

Anagram, WOW!!! 46 years happily married. Wow. That just blows me away -- what a wonderful blessing!

Kaylets, sending good healing energy to DH (and you!). You're not alone! :grouphug:

Eydie, a big congrats on your successful Pilates teaching debut! What an amazing woman you are!

K all, I must get ready to go. Love to all -- have a great weekend!

10-09-2004, 09:20 PM
Hello all!

Ok, so I agree, as tea is a fairly new drink for me, I do notice a difference in the microwave water and do heat water on the stove in a kettle... and then pour into a ceramic or glass pot... AND have no idea what a brown betty is...

Although I will do a google and maybe even an ebay search to see what happens... but... I have seen a cute little pot at the farmers market that has its own tea "ball" holder inside... ( Its more of mesh tube ) and that would look very cute on the desk.....

Anyway... I've no choice now...must get pics ready for Ebay and begin the auctions ... folks at work have begun their holiday shopping so I know others must be doing the same...
So, since last week was another reminder of how much more I get accomplished when I have a deadline I hope to get lots done tomorrow...

Really! and at the same time, hope to get some soup made too... In fact, think I will put some beans on to soak...

Thanks for the good vibes for DH... He has not used the inhalator sinc the first night although probably could have ... Has not felt any need to take the nitroglycerin.... BUT did order a side of fruit at breakfast to take the place of his beloved fried potatoes...

Welcome cacmsc!! Tell us some more about yourself!

And to all Royals, I wish a calm and peaceful night.....I for one, am off to soak beans ...

Oh, and by the way, KETTLE IS ON!

10-09-2004, 09:22 PM
Ok, for anyone else who didn't know ...
Brown Betty Teapots
This little teapot has quite a history. Its origins date back to the end of the 17th Century and the birth of the British Ceramic Teapot.The original unglazed teapot was made out of red clay from the Bradell Woods area in Stoke-on-Trent. Today the Brown Betty teapot is still made in Stoke-on-Trent with the same clay from the original area. British people believe the Brown betty makes the best pot of tea because of the type of clay that is used and the shape of the pot. This teapot is lovingly hand-made by Caldonia Pottery in Staffordshire England. Available in 2cup,4cup & 6cup.

*These teapots are not intended for use in a microwave or on a stovetop. We recommend an electric tea kettle to boil the water for brewing your tea.

*Please note - because these teapots are handmade there may be some slight imperfections.


10-10-2004, 08:24 AM
Good groggy morning, all. Enjoyed the day yesterday but still achy and groggy from the walk and the sit on the metal benchs. DH enjoyed though and that was what I wanted. A recuperation day here today for sure. Probably be back later to read the MANY posts I'm sure will come in.

Glad to hear dh doing ok, Kaylets.

Wood Nymph, tromp well and return safely.

wsw, assuming you're having technical difficulties and can only hope they ease soon.

Wildfire, how's your heart attack doing?

10-10-2004, 10:13 AM
Hello all!

Sorry, but no, I am not the only Powerball winner.... although it did make me want to jump out of bed to find out if it was me!! Dh was sound asleep and when I said " Only Powerball Lottery Winner was sold in Delaware!" he was up on his feet in just moments!!

Ah well...maybe a generous friend or relative won!

So far, have got both the clothes and dish washing machines running... ate breakfast, took a shower, and sent out my Good Morning thought... also answered some email.... DH readjusted some settings on the digital camera so you know what I am going to do!
In fact, I'm thinking that it might be a good time to take some shots of me too.....
what do you think?? Is it time for me to face my fear of showing folks what I look like?

My favorite show, Sunday Morning is talking about the Vioxx drug recall... and how Pfizer knew 4 yrs ago there were real problems .... YIKES...
Wonder how the Republicans will explain how high drug prices here in the US protected us against this latest "safe" drug....
Ohhhhhh, here I go, I can feel my hot button on marketing getting pushed...

Time to take some pics!


Thought of the day :

I hope that my achievements in life shall be these---

that I will have fought for what is right and fair,
that I will have risked for what mattered and
that I will have given help to those who were in need,
that I will have left the earth a better place for
what I've done and who I've been."
-- C. Hoppe

Question of the day :

"What expression or quote is your favorite?"


( with fresh lemon this morning! :coffee: )

10-10-2004, 11:07 AM
OOh, too bad, Kaylets. I was about to ask you to adopt me.

By all means, please take your pic. If you're reluctant to "publicly" post, share w/us by e-mail or pm with a site where we can find you. Pretty please.

Am coming slowly out of grog and getting ready to move for the day. Had a nice relaxing Sunday paper read and second cuppa is waiting. It's a green w/lemon so I'm sort of sharing your lemon. Second cup on the teabag, too. ;)

Lovely day full of promise but I'll probably not get too ambitious. Just feel full of leisure and appreciation at the moment.

10-10-2004, 11:08 AM
I guess, after 45 years or so, it's still

Better to light one little candle than to curse the darkness.

10-10-2004, 09:49 PM
Just wanted to let you ladies know that Sydney Allyson was born September 28th at 3:59am. We went in to be induced on the 26th, but once the pitocin took, contractions were too fast and I wasn't dialating fast enough. So we had to have a c-section. It wasn't too bad though and I'm healing nicely.

She's beautiful!! She was 8lbs 5oz and 21inches long. Head full of red hair! Yes, red hair! She gets it it from my mother and my dh mother.

Will post pictures soon!!!

10-11-2004, 12:33 AM
Many Congrats, Momma Frogger! Seems like she's a big little princess and so glad she arrived safely and you're both doing well. Love the red hair!

10-11-2004, 08:09 AM
Hi Frogger!! So glad you and Sydney are doing well!! She sounds beautiful!!
I am sure you've already been told this but its really true.... everything else can wait..SLEEP WHEN THE BABY SLEEPS!!

Hello all!

Weekend flew by again!! I have to work today but expect the mail and traffic to be light ... at least am hoping! :)!

So, here we go Monday, Here we go!

Must dash ... wish I could stay and chat but things like a crock pot of baked beans stole time from me this am... but at least they will be waiting for me tonight when I get home!

Thought of the day:

"Worry is a waste of imagination"

Question of the day:

"What signs of "fall" do you see where you live?"

So, what's new out there guys??


10-11-2004, 08:48 AM
So happy for you, Frogger! Can't wait to see pics! :D

Speaking of that, yes--please, Kaylets, I'd love to finally see what you look like. That would be fun! And thanks for the info on the Brown Bettys; I always admire them at a housewares shop I frequent. Maybe I'll put a 4-cupper on my wish list.

Arabella, congrats on losing 2 pounds! Hope you're enjoying your hiking adventure!

Must away--another busy week for me. Lots of food events and another Pilates class. I'm happy to say that I'm doing so well with my sugar reduction regime---I'm almost ready to take it to the next level. [I think....the prospects a little scary.] It floors me that I can totally resist the jug of assorted chocolates the boss keeps at work, 3 weeks ago I was eating them mindlessly. Just goes to show the mind can be retrained.

10-12-2004, 12:32 AM
Good evening, royals! Coolish day today. Ok on food, water, exercise. Not much new but somehow the day flies by. Fall's just beginning here. One sugar maple in full bloom but most color changes are slow in the neighborhood.

10-12-2004, 08:02 AM
Hello all!

Here we go Tuesday!!

Hope everyone who stops by is doing well today! I saw a great discussion topic on the WW's home page..."Persistence, Not Perfection"
I think that will be my mantra for a little while...After all, we wouldnt expect any different from a family member or a friend, right??? Why do we expect sooooo much from ourselves ??? As long as we are doing SOMETHING why shouldn't we celebrate that effort??


Thought of the day:

" 'Christopher ' Reeve apparently ...'didn't' (sic)..... allow himself any self-pity, and doesn't have much tolerance for it in others, he .... 'said ' (sic)
"You know what's interesting to me is that being physically paralyzed for eight years, I get pretty impatient when people are able-bodied but are somehow paralyzed for other reasons, and I'm going, 'Come on, come on, go for it.' … It took being in a chair to realize that. And so my recommendation is don't break your neck to find out that you need to fulfill your potential."
--From ABC News online

Question of the day:

"If not now, when?"


I really, really will try to stop by later to see how everyone is doing! These quickie posts are like a tease for me!


10-12-2004, 09:08 PM
Good evening, royals all. Gripe time - since everything is going lo-carb I can't find the coffee flavored Slimfast that has been a mainstay or my "Program" such as it's been. It's the only flavor I like and I've tried the newer versions and don't like them as well. Likewise, I can't find my oatmeal spice meal bars. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

Now, it doesn't really seem like Halloween w/o the Hag o' the Hut urging us not to fall in the clutches of the demon candy. Sob.

Have a guy FINALLY coming tomorrow to do some work on the house foundation and other misc. Will be so glad to have that behind us. Closed the a/c vents today and cleaned up a few of the radiators so we could do a little heat thing. Really chilly out there tonight. Lots of lighted Halloween decs in the neighborhood too. Ran errands, etc from 2:15 to 7. Of course, that included a visit w/my sister and dinner out. Best not to discuss that last part. Salad, a roll w/no butter, cole slaw, broccoli-cauliflowr mix and half of my shepherd's pie. Guess what's for lunch tomorrow?

10-13-2004, 07:25 AM
Good morning, all! Just passing thru--have to go to work early for the board meting today. Thankfully I'm not on the board, just have to make breakfast and lunch for it.
My second Pilates class went really well last night. 1 1/2 hours of Pilates and we kept up a really good pace. The only thing that was a bit distressing is 3 people didn't come back. Maybe they figured it wasn't for them or maybe they just had to miss a class?
Anagram, speaking of the lo-carb frenzy, a friend of mine told me yesterday that because of it, Hostess [the Twinkie folks] declared bankruptcy. Anybody else heard that?

10-13-2004, 08:07 AM
Hello all!

Anagram! You took the words out of my mouth! I keep expecting that this adventure will lead us by the Hag of the Hut's place too.....

Eydie! Not to worry! I am sure if you spoke w/ other instructers, student turnover is just part of the process... The point is that the REST of the class did come back...which means they enjoyed themselves, they enjoyed you and they FELT BETTER .......

Besides, you don't know what that first class will lead to.... This is at l east my 4th go round w/ WW's but I never went away mad... just went away....
( and gained!)


To everyone, I am not ignoring you, am just running late again...
Am really eager for the time change as my mornings yearn to be more thoughtful....

My Monday Weighin showed that increase has dropped off which is a relief... I am not really on Core but eating mostly Core foods... but still am resisting writing down what I am eating... am really going to have to get realistic... after all, I'm only kidding myself... and that myself is just my mind... my body knows what's going on ... in fact, probably better than my mind does!! :)!!!

BUT.... forward!! Its what is in front of us, not what is behind!

Persistence not Perfection!

On a big plus note, I took lemon to work to add to my tea and am really enjoying it!
Who would have thought what a difference!!
And zero pts too!!

Thought of the day:

"This too will pass."

Question of the day:

"What do you collect?"



10-13-2004, 09:03 PM
So glad the P. class went well, Eydie. Three people not showing up doesn't sound unusual. Bet you'll see at least one of them next time. I did hear that about Hostess. Krispy Kreme stock has taken a hit too.

Kaylets, anything new on your WW leader quest? There's an article in today's Hbg Patriot about a fellow who does ebay for others. Very interesting.

Sort of a run-in-circles day - nothing turned out as anticipated yet managed to feel good about everything. Hope to stay awake to watch debate - only made it into about ten minutes of the others. But tonight I've had a good nap so maybe will be able to stay until the end.

10-14-2004, 12:06 PM
Hello dolls, I found ya!

They really, really need to find a wagon with better seatbelts! I was on it, hit one turn in the road and I flew off like a crash test dummy! Don't know how I'll survive the next 2 weeks, but I shall persevere! One meal at a time, focus on the veggies and protein... :crossed:

No joke, between 10/16-10/30 I have FIVE potlucks!!!!!!! :eek: How did this happen????

Been a busy bee - again/still. Yesterday my local group asked me to become a member of the Core Families. I accepted enthusiastically of course, what an honor. The Core Families make the decisions for the group, plan local events, Sabbats, etc. Pretty exciting stuff for me! This weekend I have my first Renaissance Guild meeting too. Still have discussion group every Friday night until November, then it's over for the winter, and Full Moon on 10/27... :faint: Can't wait for November, when the social butterfly in me *should* slow down!

Anagram, 46 years together is indeed an inspiration. Makes my heart warm to hear you talk about how you both still feel about each other.

Frogger momma!!!! Congratulations!!!!!! :bb: The world needs more red heads too! Can't wait to see pictures!

Cacmsc, where'd ya go? Welcome, welcome, welcome! We wanna know more about you!

Kaylets, love the Christopher Reeve quote - it really makes you think doesn't it? WHAT is keeping us from doing whatever we want? :chin: And yes, what's going on with Vioxx is scary. My stepfather's been on it for a few years now and he's already got a history of strokes - he didn't need any help! So, now we're looking for a new med without the side effect of bleeding - which all the others cause, and he can't take (because of the strokes he's had in the past). Geez why do they do this!?!?!?!?

Hi Eydie!!!! :wave:

Anyone else already Christmas shopping? I've already got a few people on my list done and after all the Halloween hubbub I'll probably finish up. Loooove being all warm n' toasty at home while everyone's out rushing to finish! And this year I have a baby to shop for!!!! Bo-Beena will be about 4 months pregnant by Christmas.... :angel: :bb: :cb:

Well, should get some work done... happy Friday eve everyone!


10-16-2004, 08:28 AM
Hi Queenly Ones! Did another reception at work and didn't eat any of the goodies---it's getting easier and easier. I've finally dropped another pound-so that puts me at 134 pounds. [just 4 pounds away from having my navel pierced! Hee hee] Today I'm going to my best friend's parents' house for their annual apple butter making extravaganza. I'm sure there will be all kinds of sweets there--my plan is to take more than enough healthy foods with me so I won't be tempted. My calories may go over, but at least I won't be eating sugar.

Hi Punkin! :D Lovely to see you, and that's very exciting news about being asked to be part of the Core Families. An honor indeed!

Where's Queen wsw? Check in with us, please! :)

10-16-2004, 08:29 AM
Hello all!

Things got very, very hectic and I too tore right thru my seat belt and hit the chocolate HARD!!! Wednesday was Snack Day and the group who hosted it, used Halloween as the theme set up on the empty desk in front of mine...
Short story is that I was distracted Wed and Thurs but resisted but Friday, job stress, domestic stress and not eating breakfast made me actually go looking to see if the chocolate was left and there was LOTS!

So, I made a public announcement and ate till I couldnt eat without feeling sick.... It was time to go too which probably was a good thing ...

So, I came home, drank lots of water and tea, as within 2 hrs, was already feeling that furry tongue sensation. Luckily, this morning, I am ok so far...
Was sure I'd have to deal w/ that "MORE MORE MORE" sensation when I woke up...

On the plus side.... I didnt pretend I wasnt eating the chocolate... which I think was why I am not feeling too guilty... I will just have to move forward...

SO.... Hot off the press, take a few for now, take some for later and to share,
NO GUILT CARDS!!!!! and if don't forget, when you turn them over they read
"FRESH START!!".....

Hi Punkin! Glad you could stop by! Holy Mackeral! that is some kind of schedule! 5 potlucks ... will you bring the same thing each time?? I'd be tempted.....

I'll be back in a little while .....

10-18-2004, 06:31 AM
Hi, Royal Adventuresses (is that a word) ... sorry about being away from the palace all the time and then only doing me-me posties when returning but I do lurk amongst thee when thou least expecteth it. It's often hard to find time for posties beyond the journal I'm doing in the online diet land far far away ... I'm doing great (she modestly saith) on my Halloween challenge and a calorie control "streak" I've embarked on.

Punkin, it's good to "see" thee again!!! :wave:

Kaylets, methinks chocolate now and then be not such a bad thing ... it's a health food, isn't it? Loaded with antioxidants ... :)

Since my "streak" started, I've been studying the effects of even the tiniest bit of stress or any negative feeling on my fab bod and notice that I can be sailing along feelin' in complete control but when a negative thought surfaces (lots of them do), it brings with it an automatic thought to eat something ... I can actually feel the cortisol or whatever rising and my blood pressure going up and evidently my deep belief is that putting something in my mouth is the medicine to counteract that ... a very, very strong desire to eat ...

So we should never be fooled that this is an easy fight to win ... but it can be won.

Not sure if the above makes sense, it's the middle of the night! :) Bye all.

10-18-2004, 07:02 AM
Hello all!

Hello Empress!
Glad you could stop by!
In fact, I just skimmed a book who touched on the same subject, that we our brains are "wired" to tell us to eat for many more reasons than just sheer hunger... don't remember all the details but do remember that the book's premise was this... when we resist a urge to eat, for whatever reason BUT even if its for comfort, we are adding lots more stress due to feeling deprivation...
I never understood Deprivation to be more than a psychological feeling... this book argues that deprivation is as much physical......
Makes sense to me if you are skipping meals but sure explains the increased stress I felt at work when the 3 days of Snack Day were laid out on the empty desk in front of me.....
Also, lifts a whole lot more guilt.....



Thought of the day :

"If you can dream it, you can do it."
---Walt Disney

Question of the day :

" What was happening this time of the year when you were 16?"

so, another weekend flew by ....
Did get some progress made w/ Ebay auction photos ... will be glad it was some and not none... although I do wish I had made more progress... Also got a couple of slow cooker meals made ahead.. even managed to cook some dry black beans and freeze them to be there on those " rushed" nights...

DH left early to make up time he's taking for Dr appts and tests... so that was weird to get up an hour early... glad I had a lot of his lunch and clothes ready...

Never mind about me.. How is everyone??
Anybody have any fun this weekend??
How about a nice nap even??



10-18-2004, 07:17 AM
Hi Empress! Lovely to see you and you're doing so well. You are on a roll----don't let up!

Kaylets, what was the title of that book? And about the question of the day, I don't recall exactly what was happening this time of year when I was 16 but I'm sure I was doing something absolutely shameful---and disco was king! :lol:

Friends, it may be a fluke--but when I weighed myself this morning, it showed me at 133 pounds! Cutting back on sugar has been so good for me! And my energy level's up. I got up this morning at 5:00 with no problems and did a 30 min. abs video. I'd forgotten how much I love getting up really early.

10-18-2004, 07:38 AM
Hello all!

Eydie, the book is called " Fit or Fat" by Covert Bailey... might carry it w/ me for the bus ride to review what I think I read... Let's hope I got it right!

10-18-2004, 10:21 AM
I've been reading and reading and reading!

Congrats on the new arrival Frogger! Get lots of sleep and just do what your guts tell you...not every one else. Enjoy her....she's only little once!

Nice history on the brown betty. Can't remember the QODs. Actually can't even seem to type....

Got back from Colorado trip last night....what a drive! Saw lots of gorgeous country...and we drove up Pike's Peak....what a thrill. Next time I'll take the cog train....hadda do laundry practically. Dogs did well....the judging was weird...what else is new. The puppy placed consistantly in her classes...the others not...but that was what I expected. People saw them and that is what counts. Saw the Garden of the Gods....awesome...and shopped in old Colorado...lots of cute shops.

Trip was a little stressful I think....munch monkey in the van...however the scale is showing the same number so that is good....I didn't eat as often as the other person did and I am more mobile and active...that likely made the difference.

Howsomever... (and I know that isn't a word), today I need to do banking and shopping...why is it that no one knows how to buy milk? My daughter is moaning because there is no food and was actually happy to see me for this shopping! What a goof!

So off to do something :faint: Would like to crawl back into bed but think I'll just make an early night of it....have already done 2 loads of laundry from the trip so that is good....was nearly outta undies there...

Punkin! Good to see thee back on the wagon....I'm haulin' meself back up there as I type!

:wave: to all royals....gotta haul a** here!~


10-18-2004, 12:40 PM
Wowza *to quote* - nice to see the palace filling up again. There were echoes in the hall over the weekend. Hi Empress, Hi Punkin.

Sounds like a great trip, Ceara! And an interesting book, Kaylets/Eydie. Hope dh does well on tests, etc., Kaylets.

Nice weather here today so making hay........Rest of week sounds rainy. Guys showed up to hopefully finish outside repairs to house. Off to pool. Hands full of no guilt and Fresh Start cards.

Here we go, Monday (there I go, quoting again).

10-19-2004, 07:48 AM
Hello all!

You should've heard the rain when the alarm went off this am!! Pounding sheets of rain!
Its slowed some but I don't think I am going to put a lot of effort into my hair and makeup till I get inside the office!
Luckily, I wear my hair short....

Dh sees one of his doctor's today... the endocrinologist... hopefully btwn this dr and the GP, they can figure out the shortness of breath problems DH is having....

Thought of the day :

"There is always one true inner voice.
Trust it."
---Gloria Steinam

Question of the day :

"What were you doing this time of year 10 yrs ago?"


Must go deal w/ puddles and "rain delay " traffic!


10-19-2004, 07:56 AM
Well good rainy morning, Royals. Congrats, Eydie, on that additional loss and for being back on track again. My fall from grace over the weekend was monumental and restressed my tummy again. New med has helped some but still having some problems.

Also not losing any weight but, strangely, having some other little successes. A month or so ago i had bought a new pair of gray slacks which did seem a mite roomy. When I went to wear them last week, they were baggy so I exchanged them for the smaller size. Yes, they fit although they could stand a few pounds loss to feel 'perfect'. Also last month had bought a red top, later went backt to get same in cream. Same size too big. Didn't buy it. Later went back tried on smaller size - Yay! Bought three different colors. Am parting w/fair amount of stuff that was big at end of last winter but now seems so big as to be unwearable. So I am heartened by all of this and still clinging.

Have been faithfully making the pool three times a week and adding periodic bursts of speed to my in-water cycling and cross country-ing. Not getting in a lot of outdoor walking though as I usually do at this time of year. Too much rain. Will try to work on that between the may raindrops expected this week.

Still modifying my "plan" - lots of oatmeal for stomach is helping cholesterol, I hope, but am giving that area a bit more attention. HDL, triglycerides good but LDL seems to be trying to creep up. Probably another reason to get in more walking.

Anyway, enjoy the day, my :queen:s - I'm off to survey the realm and chart a course.

10-19-2004, 08:17 AM
QOD gave me lots of good thoughts, Kaylets. Can't remember any one specific thing but it was sort of a "golden age". Both kids recently married. DH working at his post retirement job - an interesting one though running its course (he would retire again four months later). Since it was fall, we'd have been doing a lot of running around, travelling. Knees were bothering me but shots helped. I was still playing golf so that would have fit into some fall days as well. I was at least 35 lbs heavier than I am now. But a lot more active. Yes, probably a "golden age" (one of many, I'm glad to say) but no princesses in my life at that point. So a new kind of joy still around the corner.

Re prior question about 16, I'd have been a junior in a small parochial school in a very small town. Working a few hours a week as a "housekeeper" for a teacher and a few more hours playing music, checking coats at a local teenage dance. No boyfriend but a burgeoning romantic interest in a friend which lasted off and on in varying stages until I met dh. I was the oldest of only six children at that time, a good student, a quiet kid. Loved fall even then esp in those mountains when the leaves turned. Didn't drive, not much to do there but family chores, jobs, schoolwork kept me busy. We might have already started practice for school play. Wasn't crazy about my part that year - I was cast as the MOM (it was the biggest female part that year but it wasn't my cup of tea compared to two prior years). But the plays were the best part of my school year and it "kept me off the streets" - which there were pretty safe and you were always more or less under observation by people who knew your family and didn't hesitate to let them know of any perceived improprieties. I think I was related to at least a third of them anyway. Everything was far from perfect but looking back at tis GREAT distance it can seem somehow idyllic.

10-19-2004, 09:23 AM
Yesterday was good on the food front and then came the evening. Oh well, onwards! My challenge for today will be to eat sensibly...which is generally easy...and drink water. Then I WILL NOT EAT after 7 p.m. I guess that means no dinner potluck meeting for the Optimists :) for me!

Training class was fun last of our members is suffering from really bad is coming...and he has white I moved his dog for him...Jeez, they go fast!

Did the Costco thing yesterday, and some church chair stuff....and got my ears candled....that feels much better thank-you. And three loads of laundry....and made chicken in the crock pot....boneless thighs with 1 c of honey and 1 c of HP sauce, mix and cook on high for 4 hours. So today is grocery shopping at the no frills....where I get other things. My daughter was a little happier last night....there were more food choices for her.

Other than that I think I need to wash a heathen or two and do a little grooming on the seniors...their ears are quite hairy, not to mention their skulls ... I do have another show in Ohio this coming week-end.

Ten years daughter was nine, son seven. Was working in a different branch....and likely doing Storytime on this morning. Was 15 pounds lighter, just starting in the union as a rep. Was on the board or VP in two different dog clubs......still had a mortgage, a blue van, same house, same husband :lol:. Did more sewing then tho'.

So gotta get goin' here....still draggy from trip and can't type...of course I have no lights on....good thing I took keyboarding in high school....I use the back arrow and delete buttons a lot.

Up and At'em Atom Ant!

Ceara :wave:

10-20-2004, 06:28 AM
Kaylets, I've been meaning to ask how your Beloved is. Let us know, okay?

About your question of the day, I don't remember exactly, but I can guarantee I was agonizing about my weight! A couple of days ago I had the revelation that I don't have to do that anymore. What a blessing!!! :D

Anagram, Congrats on the lower sizes--that's always a thrill! And I'm so proud of you for going to the pool so regularly. Do you do 'aqua' classes or do you swim? One of my many deep dark secrets: I can't swim a lick! :o

Ceara, do you notice a difference of any kind after ear candling? Haven't done that in a while---I recall how soothing it was though.

Still doing my new low/no sugar program and am feeling great. I have cravings, but I handle them so much better.

10-20-2004, 07:05 AM
Good morning, :queen:s. I'll be sorry later that I'm up so early today. Have been sleeping pretty well lately so hope this is an aberration and not the start of a bad habit.

And how much energy not lost on stressing over weight, Eydie. At the pool, I mostly hang in neep water doing cross country ski moves and bicycling. I also do lots of stretching, etc. and general flexibility stuff. It's 50 minutes or so of constant movement. I used to be able to swim but could probably only doggie paddle now. I do "swimming" now but it's with a flotation belt. Still working on getting it back. The kicking feels uncomfortable with the new knees so I'm trying to get them used to it.
Sometimes there is an instructor in the water for those who want to work out with her/him but hasn't happened for a while - they've been having lots of staff layoffs. I usually don't work out with them (to be honest, most of these people are older than I and the pace is a bit slow for me). So I hang out in the deep end with people more inclined to do their own thing - I've had physical therapy, taken other classes and know what I need to do for my own situation. There has always in the past been someone there to answer PT questions, etc. But I'm not sure lately - the staff person is very nice but may just be trained in lifeguarding/CPR. I've never seen her in a bathing suit. I miss it so much when I don't go (physically - mentally I'd rather be doing something else) and know my health is so much better when I go for weeks on end.

And dh never learned to swim either - not even when he was in the Marines. And I think it was mandatory then. :)

10-20-2004, 07:25 AM
Anagram, my father never learned to swim either and he was in the army in Italy during WWII and the boat he was on was hit and he said the next thing he knew he was on dry ground and had no recolection how he got there. The man that was with him said my dad hit the water and was windmilling his arms and he said 'For someone who doesn't know how to swim, you're the swimmingest SOB I'd ever seen'!!! I love that story! :lol:
Just goes to show that the survival instinct is strong indeed.

10-20-2004, 07:45 AM
Hello all!

Dh will spend most of today taking a nuclear stress test to try and pin down his difficulty breathing. I thought I was not too worried about it but then found myself very short tempered w/ the dog and realized I might be stressed too...

So, I took a few moments to say ask for strength and felt better immeadiately...

Its so easy to say "Don't worry till you know if its anything serious" but subconciously, I think I am constantly thinking about it.

Thought of the day:

"Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody's going to know whether you did it or not."

---Oprah Winfrey

Question of the day :

"When you were a little kid, how did you answer, 'What do you want to be when you grow up?'
What is your answer now?"

So, any positive vibes sent this way would be greatly appreciated!

And thanks Eydie, it was wonderful to see your note waiting for me...


Subject: Today's Thoughts
> > All stolen, but who cares!!!!!
> >
> > The older I get, the less important the comma becomes. Let the reader
> catch
> > his own breath!
> >
> > A baby boomer is a man who hires someone to cut the grass so he can play
> golf
> > for exercise!
> >
> > All pro athletes are bilingual. They speak English and profanity.
> >
> > There are only two things a child will share willingly - communicable
> > diseases and his mother's age.
> >
> > Thin people are beautiful but fat people are adorable.
> >
Special Thanks for contributing to B!


10-20-2004, 08:56 AM
Morning, All. I've got two days in OP again, white-knuckling it at some points -- stressed out and longing for sweet oblivion via carborama. Holding on, though, and I know it gets easier. Day 3. I've been thinking about how much better it feels to stay away from the white stuff, but I guess I'd forgotten that the first few days aren't always a joy. Sometimes it seems quicker than others getting to the good part. I will hang on!

Punkin, so nice to see you reporting in. I'd forgotten -- is your group a pagan one? Hope this isn't too nosy. I'd like to join something similar if I could find it here. Maybe through a web search.

Kaylets, holding your DH in my thoughts! Here's hoping it's something minor and easily fixed!

Eydie, what a fantastic achievement to realize you don't have to obsess about weight! :cb: I don't think the obsession tends to be helpful. Here's to eating healthily and not obsessing about weight! :cheers:

Ceara, ear candling sounds nice, in a bizarre sort of way :lol: Is it something you do periodically or just when you have some kind of symptoms?

Anagram, that's it, isn't it. Consistent exercise is the way to feel better. I'm trying to get back into the habit of doing yoga every day. I feel altogether different when I do, and this "no time" excuse doesn't really cut it, because I'm much more productive when I feel better. (there, I think I talked myself into it)

Amarantha, I know what you mean about eating in response to negative emotions. I've found myself eating BEFORE I can experience the emotion, sort of like an innoculation, I guess. I'll be administering drug of choice and wondering why and then realize that someone had said something or some tiny little thing that made me uneasy was probably at the root of it. That said, I do think some of it is physiological, even when it's in response to a psychological impulse. I find when I'm on a "smart carbs" kind of plan that I still have the impulses but they're more like idle thoughts that I can dismiss rather than those ones that grab you that you have to fight with your entire being. Avanti!

K-- just about off to the gym. Love to all! Let's make this a good one!

10-20-2004, 09:42 AM
That's a great story, Eydie. Always wondered what would have happened to dh under similar circumstances...

Of course, you're stressed, Kaylets. Hoping all will be well......

And good for you, Wood Nymph, back on track again already. I've never had my ears candled either. Always sounded interesting.

Fighting discipline still this a.m. Even planning an easy day it's hard to get moving. It's those gray skies, I'm sure.

10-20-2004, 01:11 PM
Good morning loves,

It's been a stressful week... my beloved Bo-Beena's suffered a miscarriage and I'm devastated for her. I've been her shoulder to cry on, then hanging up the phone and crying myself. That "it wasn't meant to be" is obvious, but not all that consoling.
On the other hand, she's looking at it also as a "do-over". She (we) are getting back on the wagon in our quest for improved health... oh, life has such twists n' turns.

My Ren faire meeting was laughable - if I weren't so damn angry about it. They got us in there and switched things over to a mercinary fighting club complete with role playing and :eek: wife swapping (no, I'm not kidding). Soooo, needless to say, I won't be involved in that new activity! My legitimate group keeps me plenty busy with family, emotional and karma friendly activities thankyouverymuch!

Kaylets, I'll be thinking of your DH. Hope it all comes out ok, at least he's getting it checked! Unfortunately I can't bring the same thing to all those
$%(&# potlucks. One's a taco party, one's pizza.... Well, 2 down, 3 to go! :faint: BTW, LOVE Covert Bailey, need to dig out my books - I have the series - for a good motivational boost!

Amarantha, so good to see you again! I missed you, your Highness! :queen:

Eydie, today's the first day of my sugar de-tox. Seeing your results has also inspired me! Well done you! Laughed at the story about your father, guess we do have a "swim gene"! :lol:

Ceara, welcome back from Colorado! Congrats on the pups for their job well done!

Anagram, about those slacks, apparently your body is still shaping itself big time! :cb: Loved reading your recollections, I'm envious, I wish *I* could remember such beautiful details... :?: :LOL:

Arabella, yes our group is pagan. We have some that are of native american heritage, a strega and the rest of us are eclectic in nature. Try for groups in your area, I think they're by far the best pagan community resourse site on the web.

Well, I should get some work done... can't wait for the weekend (I know, shocked by this fact aren't you??) ;)

Til later,


"Don't have goals, call them dreams with a deadline."
~ Phyllis Curott

10-20-2004, 08:27 PM
Oh, Punkin. I'm devastated for BoBeena, too. You two take care of each other while she recovers from this. She might be putting on a brave face, but eventually this will all come to a head. It isn't just the baby she lost, she's lost all those already-made hopes and dreams...well, I know you know...and that you know we will be here to help if we can. On another note, I agree that witchvox is the best resource on the web.

Great story, Eydie! Sink or swim...put in that situation you learn quickly!

Kaylets, thinking of you and DH. When will he have results?

Anagram, my ex-US Navy husband can't swim either. I almost drowned I was laughing so hysterically the first time I saw him attempt to dogpaddle his way across a pool and I had to go rescue him. :lol:

Hello Arabella, Ceara, wsw if you're reading, Amarantha, Momma Frog, and anyone I've missed. Anyone know where Cerise is?

I think I have finally found something that is working to motivate me. It involves a tall handsome Irishman and that's all I'm saying. (No, DH isn't Irish!) ;) More later.

10-20-2004, 09:39 PM
Well, now, that comment woke me up - a tall handsome Irishman - hmmmm?

Punkin, I too am devastated for Bobeena (and you). And so glad for her, that she has you to help carry her through this tough time.

10-20-2004, 10:30 PM
This was sent to me by one of my very best friends and I thought of you all and wanted to share:

Women in My Circle

When I was little, I used to believe in the concept of one best friend, and
then I started to become a woman.

And then I found out that if you allow your heart to open up it will show
you the best in many friends.

One friend's best is needed when you're going through things with your man.

Another friend's best is needed when you're going through things with your

Another when you want to shop, share, heal, hurt, joke or just be.

One friend will say "Let's pray together", another "Let's cry together",
another "Let's walk away together"...

One friend will meet your spiritual needs, another your shoe fetish, another
your love for movies, another will be with you in your season of confusion,
another will be your clarifier, another the wind beneath your wings...

But whatever the assignment in your life, on whatever occasion, on whatever
the day, or wherever you need them to meet you with their gym shoes and hair
pulled back or to hold you back from making a complete fool of yourself...
those are your best friends.

It may all be wrapped up in one woman, but for many it's wrapped up in
several... one from 7th grade, one from high school, several from the
college years, a couple from old jobs, several from church; on some days
it's your mother, on others your sisters, and on some days it's the one that
you needed just for that day or week that you needed someone with a fresh
perspective, or the one who didn't know your baggage, or the one who would
just listen without judging... they are good girlfriends/best friends.

Men are wonderful, husbands are excellent, boyfriends are awesome, male
friends are priceless... but if you've ever had a real good girlfriend, then
you know there's nothing like her!

Thank You, God, for girlfriends...those who honor intimacy, those who honor
trust, and those who just guide you back when you feel like life is just too
heavy. The special bond we share, that's unique to us. The words we've
shared. The prayers we've sent up. The laughter, the tears, the phone
calls, the emails, the shopping, the movies, the lunches, the dinners, the
late night talks, afternoon talks, the weekend talks, all the talking,
talking, talking and the listening, listening, listening...

So whether you've been there 20 minutes or 20 years - I love you!

10-21-2004, 07:53 AM
Good morning all! I've got three days now and felt better yesterday. Tuesday was AWFUL, but I hung in. I feel less stressed about work too -- finally told the guy I was doing some extra work for that I just can't handle anything extra right now. So now I feel like I have time to do my job -- hooray!

Actually managed to do yoga yesterday, in addition to walking, cross trainer, weight machines, tai chi and qi qong. All told, a bit over 2 hours, but spread through the day so it didn't seem overly time-consuming. Going for a run this morning and then yoga I think.

Punkin, love to you and BoBeena -- I'm so sorry about her loss! :grouphug: And -- OH GOSH :eek: mercenary fighting and wife-swapping? Not quite what you had in mind for the Faire, huh? :p Yup, stay with karma-friendly and spirit-enhancing, I say.

Wildfire -- that was so beautiful. Thanks for sharing! A tall handsome Irishman (oh, that is one of my FAVORITE accents!) :eek: I'm on tenterhooks!!! I don't think anyone's heard from Cerise. I sent her a PM but you never know if people's addresses are still current. We miss her!

Anagram, oh why is it so hard to get moving some days? I'm a terrible procrastinator, for one thing. The other day when I was feeling so stressed all day my body was screaming for exercise -- I was just moving around the house but kind-of actively and it was the only thing that felt good all day. But, of course, I took my body up and plunked it back down at the computer anyway. :rolleyes:

K -- dollings, I'm off to break fast and thence to a little work before exercise. Love to all -- let's make this a good one!

10-21-2004, 08:02 AM
Hello all!

Punkin- I too send my very best to you and Bobeena and her family. I can't imagine how awful this must be for all of you, especially her. It must be so difficult.

Wildfire- been wondering how you were doing! Women in My Circle is great... thanks so much for sharing...

DH's test went well... luckily, he was having a "good" breathing day and was pretty comfortable throughout... He anticipated the worst... the absolute worst I found out last night... but realized during the test that the doctor must have ordered a less rigourous stress test than the previous ... He came home w/ sore upper arms which tells me he was clenching ....
He has an appt next Thursday to get the results...
Obviously, if something was too terribly wrong, they would've told him right away as I know from experience w/ my Dad... he was in the hospital the very next morning... so...
thanks for the good vibes ...

I was stressing a little about my 10th speech due next week ( took the whole week off to be ready! ) ...I knew my theme but didnt have that great opener and/or visual aid I always like to incorporate in my speech... but then this morning's thought of the day gave me inspiration... in more ways than one...

Isnt that funny about inspiration? and how the thoughts that were so "blocked" then come tumbling along so quick you are afraid you won't remember them all...

Here we go Thursday, here we go!

Thought of the day :

It is not the cards you are dealt but what you do with them that counts.
- Anonymous

Question of the day :

"5 years from now, what do you expect to have completed?"


ARABELLA!!! Just saw your post hit my email.... DH has been searching for a Qi Gong teacher/ class ... no one here in this area... can you give him some pointers??? He really believes it will give him relief ...

Thanks all!

10-21-2004, 11:17 AM

I do think that qi qong is miraculous -- I've got a couple of tapes that I find very helpful and easy to follow. And the library probably has books with more exercises. I did respond to your request before, but I think it kind of got lost in the shuffle at the end of a thread: Here's the link to my earlier post:

All the best to you and DH!

10-21-2004, 01:05 PM
Did someone say "tall, handsome Irishman?"

Details, please! :)

Kaylets, sending positive vibes thru stratosphere to thy neck o' the palace. Keep a good thought and t'will be over soon, but it's hard not to worry, isn't it? Thinking o' thee.

Eydie: Thanks for the visit to the Hut. All there are happy to see thee when thou's in the neighborhood.

Arabella: Yea, the crazies get a little less crazy when we stay consistent with an eating plan ... I'm on Day 11 of an under-1700 streak (details on journal in the diet land far, far away) and it's amazing how in control I now am after 10 days of doing it.

Punkin, sorry thy faire activity turned out to be so warriorlike ... methinks those Ren folkes were mighty overactive in the sturm-und-drang category in centuries past ... well, I guess folkes today are, too, but we do it with computers and air-to-ground missiles.

Sorry about Bo-Beena's miscarriage. Hope she returneth to the forum someday as she be nice.

Anagramatic: Sorry the skies be gray in thy area ... I remembereth gray skies, would like some sent over here, if thou please! :)

To all, mentioned and unmentioned, again apologies for trouncin' in and trouncin' out ... I'm in brevity mode right now. Killer day yesterday and should be working but need to rest up a bit.

:wave: [/color]

10-21-2004, 01:27 PM
Amarantha! :wave: Mmmm.... tall, handsome Irishman -- doesn't that sound GOOD!!! Now, of course, we'll find out she's talking about an Irish wolfhound or something :lol:

10-21-2004, 11:30 PM
Well, twice I've typed out a long explanation of my Irishman, and twice the site froze and gave me a DNS error and threw my post out the window. I'm taking it as a sign and leaving it be for the time being. Sorry!

10-22-2004, 08:32 AM
Wildfire, awww, we all want to know too---but when the time is right! :)

Punkin, sorry to hear about BoBeena. I too have fond memories of her all-too-brief stay at the palace. She's lucky to have you!
I've got to tell you that we had the Ren Fair folks at the Homestead about 12 years ago and it was a disaster! They camped overnight and were such slobs. And one of the staff caught a delightful couple having sex in the glare of daylight, not even concealed behind the boxwoods by the historic home itself, actual intercourse! The lovebirds said that the staff member was in the wrong because "he heard us, he knew what we were doing, he shouldn't have looked!"
Needless to say we haven't booked that event again! Now I'm not saying that all the Ren Fair people are that way, of course, but why take a chance....!

Had my first "white-knuckle" day yesterday since I've quit eating "obvious sugar". I had a bit of stress yesterday and wanted nothing more than to dive into a big bucket of cookies. Didn't though!

10-22-2004, 09:16 AM
Sorry about Bo-Beena...that is heart breaking! Keeping her in my prayers.......:grouphug:
Am off sometime in the next 12 hours to not motivated. I am not far off the wagon but.....I think I'll try a real strict should be easy since I have to buy all my food...and that may jump start me. I'm just nibbly....must be that fall nesting, getting ready for winter thingy. My problem is that I think it's gonna be winter all the time! :lol: Must go and try to walk...need to limber up...and then bathe the mid-heathen.

10-22-2004, 10:27 AM
Oh, Wildfire, all that spicy, eh? As Eydie says, when the time is right.

Eydie, you DO have the most interesting job! And what a delightful bit of reasoning.

Empress, we must have received your gray day again today but it does sound like AZ is having enough strange weather of its own.

Still gray and getting to me. Supposed to be better tomorrow - but they've been saying that!. The miserable weather affects my arthritis and makes me more tired and I long for some quick energy and look covetously at anything sweet. But did pretty well yesterday and hope for same today. Must try for something different to distract me. Hang in, White Knuckled Eydie, my heroine and role model.

Kaylets, five years from now I hope to have completed sorting out all the junk in this house and I hope to weigh AT LEAST five pounds less. At my recent pace, that would be quite a victory.

10-22-2004, 10:42 AM
hello to the royal kingdom! i have missed you all so much! have had long ms-technically challenged period, and starting to feel a little better finally. just a quick check-in to let you know you have not been forgotten. trying to catch up on some posts and need to get a little rest now. thinking of you all has placed a big grin on my face. take good care, all!

10-22-2004, 04:15 PM
Happy Friday everyone! :cb:

Finally having a quiet day... it's been a busy, stressful, crazy week. Spoke with my BoBeena and she's doing well this morning. I'm sure she's feelin' all the love from everyone wishing her and her hubby well. Just feels weird to have all these plans suddenly change...

Food wise, well, at least I'm not face down in a bag of Halloween candy anymore. That's a good thing right? Making progress, that's all I can ask for.

Wildfire, I'm with everyone else, WHAT Irishman??? Looooove Irish accents.... aaaaaahh.... :faint:

Amaranatha and Eydie, I've been talking to "my guy" (yes, he's still around!) and he's got some Ren fair experience, he said basically all the sex stuff is pretty normal, but when I said they'd called it a cult he paused and said "Babe, run. You don't want to be a part of that group". Well, duhhhh, but still his reaction kinda startled me. Ren fairs aren't rating too high with me right now! :no:

Eydie congrats on saying no the the evil flour and sugar bombs!

Ceara, good luck in Ohio!

Anagram :hi:

Kaylets, How's hubby?

WSW, sorry to hear you've been experiencing those difficulties again... good to see you and glad we can keep you in good humors! :lol:

To everyone who's affected by the winter blues.... two of my girlfriends are now certified herbalists and have given me 2 things that have, so far, worked wonders for me. The first is a lemon balm tincture, you can probably get from any naturopath the other is an aeromatherapy spray made from spring water, ylang-ylang, lemon balm and lavender. Works wonders!!! Good luck to us winter-lovin'-but-causes-the-blues people! :cool:

Have a great weekend everyone!


10-22-2004, 09:05 PM
My friend and I were taking about how we hadn't really spent much time outside lately and then we realized that it's been so rainy that we haven't exactly wanted to go slog around in the wet. I feel like I've sorta missed fall though. I love those warmish-crispish autumn days. [Hmmm. Try saying that out loud. :lol: ] Maybe there'll be a few sunny days before winter sets in in earnest.
The fall colors are really popping here! It happened overnight---I thought they weren't going to be so dramatic and boom! here they are.

Garry and I went out into the world today. And I had a great day, food-wise! We love to go to certain fancy food shops and check out all the seasonal goodies, like chocolate truffles done up like pumpkins and turkeys, fancy pastries, things like that. I'm off sugar [have I mentioned?!] and I looked and didn't have any cravings for the sweet things but felt a little sad and nostalgic. I don't even know if that's right, it's hard to explain. Almost like that pastime has to be set aside for awhile, because I'm feeling so great that I'm not sure I could go back to my sugar-binging ways. Today's revelation was if I can't have the sweets, then I'll try some of those interesting exotic cheeses I couldn't afford because I was spending it on exotic chocolate! It's all good...

Ceara, best of luck in Ohio! Hope your enthusiasm kicks in. Kiss the heathens for me!

wsw, SO HAPPY YOU CHECKED IN! :D Seeing your post put a big grin on my face too! Be well.

Kaylets, in 5 years I hope to be more fit than ever, and teaching a Pilates class still, maybe even a bellydancing for fitness one too? I hope to still be off sugar.I'd like to be working at my same job, in spite of my close contact with sugar! I hope that I'm still wildly in love with Garry, and he with me, of course! I hope that we're all still together here too! How about you

Think warm thoughts, Anagram!

Feeling a slight tickle in my throat--I'm gonna go dose myself good with Vitamin C. I don't want a cold this early on. And I really don't want the flu---I've gotten used to getting flu shot these past few years and am going to miss it this year.

10-23-2004, 05:09 PM
Yo, this be another flybye postie as I have to work yet another event ... don't plan to stay long ... have terrible attitude, but there it is!

Anagramatic, yea, we did have some really bad storms a couple of days ago. It's pleasant and cool now. I find it cold, actually, and am wrapped in blankets and have space heaters on. Others tell me it's not cold ... but the house is 70 degrees and that's cold. Methinks me blood be thin.

Punkin, I had no idea about the Ren faire hijinks ... thought it was all history stuff. We have a big one here every year at a permanent facility out on the desert and I think all they do is joust, eat and play drums. Hmmm. I've actually never been but folks like it. It's so far away in concept from Arizona history that it hasn't interested me much ... of course, Arizona is kind of like that ... borrowing history and sticking it in the desert ... like the original London Bridge, which somebody brought over here when London got tired of it or something ...

But I digress, have to go.

I'm on Day 13 of The Less-Than-1700-Cal Streakiepoo ... a pirate named Sylvia has hijacked my Halloween challenge in the dietland-far-far-away journal. Details there ... Demon Scale better show a loss tomorrow or he's going to find himself stranded on a desert island for the duration of the voyage.

Hi, to all, mentioned and unmentioned. Sorry again that I'm not more responsive here. Brain-dead most of the time.

Later ...

10-24-2004, 09:06 AM
Hello all!

Been awake since about 4:30 w/ the dogs but really out of bed only about 30 minutes... was avoiding the computer and my speech ... was struggling for a brillant, "GOTCHA!" opening... but all of a sudden realized any opening would be ok and immediately felt freerer ....

seems like sometimes its that same old lesson, again and again... different versions... Why is it so hard for me to 'get'
..... "Progress not perfection"....

Yesterday am, DH and I didnt even leave the house till 9 am... had a late breakfast and then went looking for a yard sale that was advertising movies... bought a couple DVD's cheap... brand new... in the plastic... last night watched " It Came From the Sky'' w/ John Ritter and Jo Beth Williams and Yasmin Bleeth... not sure what we were supposed to make of it..

Thanks Wood Nymph for that link...I remembered after I looked again...
Will check at the library to see if that video is available...we have two others that DH feels are not specific enough.. he feels he can't tell if he's following correctly...

Empress! Nice to see you as always...

All of a sudden I am feeling ravenous... guess the smart thing would be to eat..!


10-24-2004, 12:46 PM
Again, apologies, as it's kind of tacky to repost stuff I said elsewhere, thus using up space here, but in explanation of current weight state, I posted this on a new journal in the dietland far away today:

Shiver me timbers 'n ahoy, landlubbers! Havin' claimed victory in the Halloween challenge a week early, the Halloween Challenge team seems to have vanished from the Scaaary Hut in the Deep Dark, Dilemmetic Diet Forest (har, har, I chased 'em away and they're cowering in bathing suits on a beach in France somewhere, snicker, snicker).

I, Sylvia Streaker, Fab 'n Fit Pirate Lass, hath taken the wheel o' Athletea's dietary fortune ... after all, she lost weight whilst held captive on the Streaky Pirate Ship o' Below 1700 cals, didn't she? Proves that pirates know best and calories count, even though we KNOW A hath the metabolism o' a lovely sea cow and will never lose weight fast ... and she likes to eat too much ... and tells our ship's chef that she feeleth satisfied by consistently keeping cals below 1700.

This be Day 14 o' the streak, which started accidentally but has become quite the rage in Athletea's mental neighborhood. So, I, Sylvia, hath made the executive piratical decision to dedicate this new journal to THE STREAK! Ahoy.

Athletea will remain on the ship, voluntarily (har, har) for the forseeable future. If the STREAK SHIP runs aground on an unforseen shoal of caloric indescretion, we'll, we'll maroon the offending BINGE DEMON 'n restart the streak at Day One!


10-25-2004, 09:14 AM
I'M Back! I'm tired....still and I'm stiff. I'm going to brave the perils of autumn and traffic and walk the road this am come h*** or high water! Not likely, no chance of rain....

Ohio was good....picked up 2 more points on the mid-heathen Saturday...and a complete reverse on Sunday...3 out of 3...the judge was a tooth fairy I girl's bite is level...but the rest of her is good. You don't throw out the baby with the bath water in a breeding programme! She has many other good qualities..including good shoulders and layback which are darned hard to get and find these days! Also too much red meat and beer! Ah.h.h Harps.

So :drill: austerity programme here...just gotta find my walking shoes....

:wave: wsw.....glad to "see" you!

Wildfire..I'm dyin' here...details, details....just do it in notepad, copy it and drop it into a post and send quick...maybe it's too sizzling for the site! :lol: (actually I've lost a few posts too lately so I do that highlight and control c thing before I send).

Hey Punkin :queen: O' Friday! I missed thee....glad you're doing well! Empress A...thanks for stoppin' by...thee'd be doin' great! Anagram, do you wanna do my house needs to be de-junked. Any sun there yet? Arabella, I hate to say it but EOM is here...again. Stay steady. Kaylets....missed your early post this was a good day for snoozing here though...Saturday night is fall back night....maybe I'll catch up 1 hour of sleep? :lol: Eydie...really? Right on the grounds in daylight? Talk about tacky. Never heard of Ren this a renaissance revival group...jousting and all that? Think I'll google this.

Gotta shoes are calling me....:wave: to all the :queen:s present and MIA


10-25-2004, 11:44 AM
Hello all!

Hello all!

First "official" day of vacation... spent the past hour or so getting trash to the curb... a lot of it overgrowth from the gardens... some branches and etc... Got so tired of a big weed trying to take over one of the downspouts... only took a second to cut it back and then pull the root up but there it had grown all summer... Guess its just the same when I was overweight... I knew I was heavy but only thought about it when I couldnt find anything I like to wear or when I looked in the mirror... So I stopped wearing pants ( thought ankle length dresses were 'slimming') and avoided the mirror...
Then, when I finally made up my mind that it was time to do something about weighing too much, it only took a few moments to join WW's and start learning... It took me longer to get ready to do something about it than to read the materials, get on plan and to start losing!....

-- as for Renaissance Fair--- who would've guessed?? When I worked at Tandy Leather, they'd come by and spend lots of cash on all sorts of leathers, furs, beads, leathercraft tools, etc, etc but never once mentioned the removal of these costumes !! Oh my... Could it be the grog??

But I can relate... got very, very friendly with a couple at one point... enough where they felt " I could be trusted' to be shown a room built in their apartment building basement. At that point I was told the male of this couple was a "priest". And this room contaned an altar of sorts.....
As far as I could figure, it was just an excuse for sex. He claimed he had over 300 female 'partners'.... At one point, he even appeared on Sally Jessie Rapheal as a guest... Except for the altar, I have no idea where or when all this other activity happened... But that was enough for me!

So there you have it my friends... you just never know....

WSW! Glad to see you back with us!
Got a nice 'cuppa' right here for you. Its your favorite!

In fact, I have a cuppa here for all you!

Thought of the day :

"You have to believe in yourself. The ones who believe in themselves the most are the ones who win."
--Florence Griffith-Joyner-- Olympic Gold Medal Winner

Question of the day :

"Name the last 3 things you had a 'gut feeling' about and it turned out your 'gut feeling' was right."


10-25-2004, 07:18 PM
Ewww, what a creepy story, Kaylets. The fact that this secret room was in the basement adds to the creepiosity for sure! :o

Garry and I are going back to the beach for a couple of days. We leave well before the crack of dawn Wednesday and will head back home Friday. We have to give the dogs lots of loving, they've been particularly needy lately for some reason. {Ever had an 80 pound dog try to cuddle up in your lap--pretty endearing!} We ususally have someone to house-sit , but this time the pups will have to stay in their lot and someone will come over twice a day to feed them. They'll be okay, right? :(

Plotting my strategy for maintaining the low sugar program. Will have to nix the traditional pecan pancakes at the tacky pancake place, and will have no desserts out. Fortunately Garry's very supportive of all this and he says it's been good for him to cut back on sweets too. I've spent the afternoon packing clothes, and foods to have on hand so we can avoid the convenience store stuff en route. I'm ready! :)

Ceara, what's layback? :)

Thanks for stopping by, Empress! Don't sail too far away!

10-26-2004, 08:58 AM
Mornin' :). A layback is the way that the dog's shoulder (scapula) blades, neck and backbone come together....a good layback is smooth, with the shoulder blades fairly closely set together, and set back on the back, giving a good length of neck. This all ties into how the upper arm and elbow are too...90 degrees is best...get Garry to get you a book on the horse and you'll see Bouviers we often get animals with their shoulders set quite high...this leads to a straight front, not a lot of neck or reach when they move. (Some terriers are supposed to move that way and they breed for that front.) Thus a good layback is preferable. It is hard to get good fronts....and really easy to lose 'em.

Anyway, yesterday was the first day back at work after a 2 week vacation....Jeez. I was tired last night! Have Storytime and Toddlertime this am so gotta fly. Counting yesterday as Day 1, and giving myself an "A". Don't think I'll walk this am, but maybe tonight before supper....may do some weights tho'.

I often have gut feelings and act on them but because of my advanced age I can't remember what the last three were right now! :lol: However, I'm often right with them.

:wave: to all :queen: 's. Let's get out there and win one for..........ourselves!
(what or who is the gipper anyway? :?: )


10-26-2004, 09:12 AM
good morning, royals! i think i spoke a little too soon about feeling better last week. the past few days were still rather rough, but i am definitely feeling better this morning now. wish i could say my food has been good lately, but not the case. i have new resolve this morning and plan to stick to my program no matter what. well, just a quick post to say, again, i have missed you and hope i can be on more regularly now. you are the best! take good care, all. thinking of you.

10-26-2004, 10:41 AM
Hello all!

Finally think I have an idea to knit a couple of themes together for the 10th speech ... :lol: :lol: ...the speech I'm giving tomorrow at noon!

hee hee!!

But I am getting excited and am hoping to capitalize on that feeling to pull the whole thing together... the 10th Toastmaster Speech is supposed to inspire the audience... and that's just what I am planning...

Promise to share as soon as I have it on paper...

WSW-- As long as you keep trying... that's the important thing.... don't ever forget the Turtle and the Rabbit story .... the Turtle did win in the end...
I know I share w/ all the other Royals that we are thrilled you include us on your list of who to reconnect with when you've been away because of "technical difficulties"..... You know we are always keeping your seat warm!

Ceara- thanks for the dog terminology lesson... That is one area I have always meant to learn more and now I can!

Eydie-- Have fun w/ Garry! Will keep your seat for you till you return!

Wood Nymph, Wildfire, Anagram, Punkin, Cerise ( miss you!) any new royals or lurkers like to check in and say hello??

Its so lovely here today with a nice breeze and lots of sun, just hung out linens and undies to diry ( I hang the undies under the sheets so neighbors arent "offended" .... crazy how so many places don't allow clotheslines today!)
I have one of the quilts washing right now, expecting btwn the sun and the breeze that the quilt will be dry by tonight... I sleep so much better when the linens have that "hung outside to dry smell"....

I think I will have the Royal Household Steward bring the rockers out to the Royal dock w/ lots of sweaters and shawls so we can take advantage of the great weather today. I also will order that they bring us the binoculars and cameras so we won't miss a thing....


Thought of the day :

"When I look around, I think this, this is good enough, and I try to laugh at whatever life brings. 'Cuz when I look down, I just miss all the good stuff, and when I look up, I just trip over things"
--Ani DiFranco

Question of the day :

"How many pairs of socks do you own? How many single socks are in the drawer?"



10-26-2004, 04:38 PM
Howdy Royal Dahlings!

Just thought I'd check in real quick... nothin' much going. My mom's going to pick up my aunt as I type this. Mixed feelings about her visit as she was less than supportive of my mom last year while she was going through treatment for breast cancer. My aunt actually said "oh I wouldn't do chemo, that's poison". Like having cancer in your body is natural???? :rolleyes:

Kaylets, just freaky about the couple... there are certain VERY old sects of Wicca that still believe in the literal definition of "the divine union" but believe me, they're VERY few and far between in this day n' age! And in the basement???? Yikes!

Ceara, being able to breed anything a certain way or not is fascinating. Like my old Bull Terrier. How they, over the years, got that anvil shaped head... amazing. Oh, and the Gipper was a football player, I think his whole name was Thomas Gipp, in the 30's or 40's that died days after catching pneumonia from sleeping outside his college dorm. In a game not long after his passing the team wasn't doing good in one game and the coach told the team to "go out there and win one for the Gipper" - and they did. It was just on Haunted History this weekend because they believe the Gipper's still hanging out at that school (I think it was in Iowa??).

Eydie, no fall colors here on the Ranch dang it! Junipers aren't known for any other color but green! Blaaaah....

WSW, I concur (spelled right?) your seat is forever kept warm in your occasional absences. Keep fighting the good fight!

Amarantha, I saw the story about them moving the London Bridge to Arizona! Someone must have a lot of money and nothing to do, huh? :lol:

Well all, time to go make some tea. What I thought was just a "frog" in my throat has turned into a cough and a little tightness in my chest.... I can't be sick now I have too much to do this week!!!!!!!! :nono:

Toodles for now,

10-26-2004, 06:43 PM
I am fairly new and a lurker on your fine royal type group. Thought I would just stop in and say hello.


10-26-2004, 07:02 PM
Well that's just too cool...Welcome SeeCat (Molly) and I like the ticker thingy. Lurkers always welcome to "check"in. Glad to see you Punkin...threw me for a minute 'cause I was pretty sure it is Tuesday...... far so good today...need to top off the water. However the dreaded night is near...can I stay outta da 'fridge?


10-27-2004, 11:21 AM
:lol: Ceara, I post on other weekdays just to keep ya on your toes!!!!

Nice ta meet you SeeCat/Molly, welcome to the royal kingdom! Pull up a throne and join in! :queen:

Full moon with bonus eclipse tonight ladies, make sure you take a peek if the clouds allow it! :cool:

Toodles for now!

10-28-2004, 12:58 PM
Hello all!

Well.... at times it certainly wasnt pretty but ... I am here to tell you that I DID give the 10th speech yesterday although at dawn yesterday morning I was sure I could never do it.... hmmmmmmm.....

Believe it or not, the 10th IS more important than the 11th or 12th....
And, unfortunately, it DOES matter to me ( too much, I know but since I'm being honest..) that I bring the audience what they expect and MORE...
The 10th Toastmaster speech is supposed to be a combination of all the lessons learned ... substance, composition, props, does it fit the audience, AND also, is supposed to be inspiring.......

And since I was using a subject matter that was very close to my heart, it was very hard for me to put into words ... the writing was the hardest writing I've had ...

So, at dawn, I was telling DH that I didnt think I was ready and just didnt feel up to it...I could tell from the look he gave me that he thought I was bailing but didnt say it....

By 8 am I realized if I didnt buck up and just go and deal w/ it , no matter how it turned out that how could I even be convincing as an motivational speaker later....???

So... I took my shower and ate a good breakfast .... and began "memorizing" what I had written as my run through's the night b/4 w/ DH were very rough around the edges....
Instead, I made 4 pcs of toast w/ honey and wolfed them down in record time...
Luckily, I realized that I was stressing about the memorization
( Interesting how it wasnt until I made the toast and ate it that I realized," Oh!, you must be stressing...)
and I knew I had to go into high gear to get this speech
to the level I wanted it to be....

I literally started repeating phrases that I was having trouble remembering in the order I wanted to present them...
The dogs were asleep in front of me and they started to think I was talking to them ....but they kept falling back to sleep so I guess my topic doesnt relate to dogs...

although I was 5 minutes late for the meeting, I did get there and... think I did well...

10-28-2004, 08:17 PM
hi all!

kaylets-thanks for sharing about your speech. i am in such awe of your public speaking! it takes guts to "go on with the show" no matter what. you inspire me, as always.

hi eydie, punkin, ceara, wildfire, arabella! and to all the royal palace residents!

today was a full day for me of feeling comfortable with my food choices and that was a nice change of late. i have been so stressed and frustrated now for a very long time regarding life stuff, and have been a bust with my food for much too long now. i am taking a great big fresh start card, sipping a nice cup of tea, and am settling back in to the royal headquarters.

thinking of you all, my lovelies! take care.

all the best,

10-29-2004, 08:06 AM
welcome SeeCat, hello anagram, amarantha, mama frogger, and to all the remaining royals, mentioned and unmentioned.

i am hoping to make this day a good one with food plan and exercise. next thurs., i have a colonoscopy to which i am not looking forward at all. (just a regular one recommended by my internist since i am 51), so not expecting any surprises, but the creepy factor is what i am dreading. oh well. in a way, having to drink only liquids the day before that is motivating me to start eating healthier and gentler again and detoxing from cafeine and sugar-well, somewhat, anyway. baby steps.

i checked with the volunteer organization which has been helping me out to ask for more help, and they placed me on the waiting list, as they are short-handed now. for me, though, it was the act of coming out and asking for help which was the hardest part. as i am getting worse physically, i haven't wanted to ask for the extra help i have actually needed, and this is a good, meaningful first step for me, and i was proud of myself for doing it. i am also going to ask my neurologist at my next appt. on the 15th about the possibility of an occupational therapist visit, to see how i can get my condo. more user-friendly, etc.

well, i hope everyone has a good day. take care, all.

10-29-2004, 09:02 AM
Hello all!

Hello all!!

Frankly, I cannot wait until all the candy is NOT in the stores, ads, commercials!!
I am struggling this year! Guess being home is part of the problem this week!

Need to "Get over myself" and get back to basics... climb an extra flight of stairs, do something to get my heart pounding and my brain thinking about something other than food...

Called into my job to"check in" on Wed and found out my immeadiate supervisor had given his notice... he has accepted a job as Athletic Director for a High School... It seems like a perfect fit and I am very excited but now I wonder what will happen next....

Today's thought:

"Everything you need, you've got. It's there, perfect, complete--maybe not yet realized--but perfect and complete." (Beah Richards 1920-2000)

Question of the day :

"Did you see the eclipse?"


So, WSW, I CAN relate.... I must have had too much tea w/ caffeine as I woke up w/ a start this morning stressing ..... Had to take a look at the calendar to double check things were on schedule... In fact, that made my heart skip a couple beats....

Ah well... whaddya going to do??


10-30-2004, 09:58 AM
Got home form the beach last night. We had a great time---but the time just flew by. Walked 22 miles in the 2 days we were there, and even found a yoga class to attend. It was taught by a tiny Indian woman who took no prisoners; she was tough! And she called it a beginner's class, hah!
It was interesting to me to watch how it is to travel and be off sugar and white flour. We stopped for gas at one of the big convenience stores and normally I'd get something, but being on this new program there was literally nothing for me there. You know, it was actually quite liberating! It helped that I'd brought along a boatload of acceptable foods too!
Went to my favorite pancake place and got a big veg. omelette instead of my usual platter of pancakes and got some pancakes on the side because they were offering "organic whole grain' pancakes! We had to support that!

Kaylets, have you processed your speech anymore? Are you feeling more positive about it? Have you had any feedback? I'm sure you did well!

wsw, I'm always so proud of you when you ask for help! It's a good reminder for all of us. After all, if we don't rise up and ask, how does anyone know what we need?

Punkin, we saw the elipse over the ocean. It was glorious!

Ceara, we didn't know about it beforehand but there was a dog show going on while we were at Virginia Beach, so when we'd walk on the boardwalk we got to visit with all these exotic dogs [and their people of course!]. Let's see, we saw Otter Hounds, Pugs, Irish Wolfhounds [had no idea they were so big!!!]. bull mastiffs, welsh corgis [lovely little dogs!], and lots of others that we'd never heard of. In other words, we were in heaven! Even when that Irish Wolfhound slimed me good!

10-30-2004, 11:11 AM
Hello Lovelies!

wsw, everyone dreads a colonoscopy. It's the humiliation factor. But you know, these people do the procedure every day and have seen it all, so please don't be embarrassed. As far as the actual scope itself, you won't remember anything. The prep is the worst part of the whole thing, having to drink that revolting prep and spend the evening back and forth to the bathroom. The prep is now available in pill form, so you might want to ask if that's an alternative for you. The usual drug cocktail during the procedure is versed and demerol. You may be given something else if there are interaction problems with anything you currently take. During the scope you will be in a twilight sedation, meaning you are conscious and able to respond to the doctor, but you will feel no pain and have no recollection of the procedure when it is over. You should have someone to drive you home that day, and take it easy for the remainder of the day. You'll do fine! The nurse at my doctor's office back east used to say "think of it as a gift to yourself, and then go out and buy yourself something as a reward" anytime I had to have any kind of test done. Sound advice. I'm proud of you for reaching out and asking for additional assistance. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there and ask. :grouphug:

We have a costume party tonight and I have a million things to do, so I'm off. I'll try to catch up tomorrow!

10-30-2004, 03:24 PM
Just a fly-by -- EOM and I've got a horrible head cold. However, it's a crisp and sunny beautiful fall day, so I'm going to go for a walk around the harbour in any case. Had a few bad days, but then a revelation.

I read a newsletter about "thanking your body" that really hit home. Although I've been trying to think that way, I suddenly saw the relationship between my mind and my body as abusive, parallel to other abusive relationships. What I really thought of was the way the Canadian government marginalized Natives. Took the children from their homes and families, took away their culture, punished them for speaking their own language. As a result, they developed horrific self-image problems and a host of addictions. I suddenly saw a parallel, in which I have abused my body by feeding it junk, not giving it the care it needs. Not meeting my real needs but substituting food that I don't need at all. And then when the results of my abuse become apparent (overweight) I feel revulsion for my body. I think I may be beginning a major change of attitude here. My body is what I have made it.

Here's that newsletter:

October 27, 2004
Thanking Your Body
Appreciating The House Of The Soul
The human body is the product of a thousand daily miracles. It is the one thing no one can ever take from you and it is your means to express your innermost thoughts, dreams, and emotions. It is the vessel for the soul. Yet too often we find cause to disparage our bodies or treat them with indifference and dislike, forgetting that our bodies serve us every moment of every day. There is a tangible effect that occurs when we love and offer sincere thanks to our bodies. Positive energy is released, inspiring health, healing power, and overall well-being.

Loving your body enough to actively express a deep sense of gratitude may be a challenge (particularly during an illness) but your body is the tool by which you experience life and, as such, it deserves loving gratitude and support. Spend some time enjoying the physical sensations you may have taken for granted or meditating on them, focusing on the beauty your eyes have allowed you to see, the amazing sounds your ears have allowed you to hear, the wide range of textures you are able to perceive. Then look within. Imagine the wonderful strength of your heart as it pumps nourishing blood throughout your body and your lungs taking in oxygen and expelling toxins. Each component of the body is a wonder for together they form a beautiful and unique work of art that can think, walk, heal, sing, dance, laugh, cry, feel, play, love, and create.

As you learn to appreciate your body, you will naturally begin to care for it with a greater consciousness. Your powers of sensual perception will grow stronger as you acknowledge the body's messages. When you are keenly aware that your body is itself a miracle, you will never fail to give thanks for its blessing.

Here's a link for anyone that wants to subscribe to these newsletters:

Sorry for the me-me-meness! Love to all!

10-31-2004, 09:04 AM
Just realized I've been absent a whole week! Nay, nay, never no more! Life has been happening, etc. Can't stay now, either but pledge to return with vigor later. So much to much to read.

A bit of discouraging news - dh's kidneys are failing further - still not quite to dialysis but only by a squinch. Determined fellow is cutting down even further on his already low rations so he can hold a bit longer. As I cut his rations, I cut my own but it's not denting the scale #s.

We are running away for a bit today so I must off to the shower and twist my head back to the place when I can properly appreciate this beautiful day.

Later - I have missed the palace.

10-31-2004, 11:11 AM
Yo, just a wee postie to say hello as I'm in brevity blah mode ... However, starting a new streak due to really inexplicable weight gain and logging it in a new journal in that same place far, far away. So won't bore anyone with those details.

Anagramatic, I'm so sorry about the discouraging news re dh ... he seems very stalwart and determined. Crossing fingers and toes for him.

Hello, Molly. I love your avatar. :wave:

To all, mentioned and unmentions, again apologies for just drifting in and out and not really being responsive ... actually, I read and mentally respond to everyone, but I just seem to be very tired now and can't type anymore, but have the paying writing to do ... mayhap will take a nap first.

Later ...

10-31-2004, 05:53 PM
Hello all!

Well, after reading the posts, I wonder whatever possessed me to think I should feel sorry for myself....

BIG HUG! :grouphug:
yes, it is an awful test...but Wildfire is right... those folks have seen it all fact, long ago, when I was laid up and subject to many tests... I finally gave myself permission to ask questions like... "While I'm waiting my turn, and if I get cold, hot, thirsty, etc... what happens ?"
Much to my suprise, these were all questions they had been asked before and were ready w/ answers.... Somehow I thought it wouldnt appear "brave" if I asked... I never wanted to be a "bother"....

BIG HUG! :grouphug: !
Your DH is very brave! Hope you were able to take advantage of today's weather...I really hate to hear he is so close to dialysis again... Am sending lots of positive energy your way!

Wood Nymph--
YES! Just this am, saw a documentary about how much food we throw away from fields, grocery stores and etc ... More than are mouths to feed.. we just need to redirect it better... Same study showed how the US is one of the few countries that doesnt know how to eliminate hunger here at home...
And then... there was ANOTHER commercial for holiday candy... And I had an very big lightbulb moment.... How those of us who are so well fed have turned nearly 3 months into an excuse of non stop indulgence...
It reminds me of spoiled children so used to an endless supply .....

Someone got very annoyed w/ me today as I shared my lightbulb moment, accused me of having lost my memories of having fun as a kid ringing doorbells for Trick or Treat.... The studies I saw this morning said aprx $20 billion dollars was spent on Halloween candy ....You can't convince me that was only to be handed out to little kids...
All I can tell you for sure, Trick or Treat 40 yrs ago was one of the few times a year candy was even available... Today, kids have more access to "treats" than fruit...

Empress... so glad to see you!

Just realizing what time it is... sorry, have to get ready to go bowling!

Thought of the day :

"When you arise in the morning, give thanks for the morning light, for your life and strength.
Give thanks for your food, and the joy of living.
If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies with yourself."
- Tecumseh, Shawnee Chief

Question of the day :

"What career would you like to try?
What career would not like to try?"
-from The Actor's Studio



My DH is napping right now but we were putting up some Ebay Auctions earlier...

11-01-2004, 07:44 AM
Hello all!~

Ever go back and reread your own post and wonder what you could've possibly been thinking?? that's what I'm wondering about my very last line...

Guess I thought it had been deleted or was part of the line above....

Feeling more cheerful this am ... that there is much yet to be learned ( job, life, etc) but that one step at a time I can do it... That I will be frightened sometimes but that I still am in very good company even when scared....

Hmmmmm.... interesting how the hands know better than the brain what we are really feeling.....

Havent mentioned it lately but I've been "stalled" at the same 2lbs for about a month... have been stress eating... apples mostly... sometimes toast...
even stopped weighing myself daily as I was in "denial"... although I told myself it was better NOT to look every day......

Finally, this morning, decided that I'm only kidding myself... and was pleasantly suprised to remember that the early morning weighin w/ no clothes is better than the official night weighin...

Seems like just a small thing to get so sidetracked about...


Thought of the day :

You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him.

- Leo Aikman

Question of the day :

"Did you have trick or treaters at your house this weekend?"



11-01-2004, 09:07 AM
55 Days 'til Christmas! :faint:

Sorry to hear of DH Anagram but glad to hear of his determinedness.
Nice to see you wsw! :wave: are things goin' back together after the crash? I think recovery takes a while. And the new career? step at a time is good.
Arabella...danged EOM is past...praises be, and onwards!
Had 8 kids last night...but made a really scary jack'o lantern all by myself. That was fun. Strategy this year of shelling candy I don't like is working....
Need to go walk though...and then laundry and vacuum etc...a neverending story.

Have a new employee to train...more stress.


11-01-2004, 11:29 AM
good morning!

wildfire-thank you very much for the helpful info. about a colonoscopy. it helps to de-mystify and de-creep it for me. i appreciate it!

anagram-sorry to hear about dh's situation. his spirit and determination are impressive! take good care of yourself.

hi ceara! i can't believe only 55 days til christmas. i swear i do not know where this year has gone.

kaylets- i know i often need to be reminded about one step at a time too. i always appreciate and enjoy reading your insights and quotes.

hi arabella, eydie, amarantha, punkin! and to all our royal court!

i am definitely back on better track with food and exercise program and am glad about this. there weren't any trick or treaters here last night. kind of thought there would not be, but since my first year here, wasn't sure. well, hope everyone has a good day. take care, all.

11-02-2004, 07:28 AM
Hello all!

Hello all!

Not sure why but after WW's last night ( up .4 again!) DH and I ate supper and then I crashed.... made myself a cup of peppermint decaf tea and I was out for the count...
Not just laying in bed looking at tv, ASLEEP!!
Probably was the smartest thing to do but sure made for a short evening!

Thought of the day :

"Clear your mind of can't"
--Samuel Johnson

Question of the day :

"What memories does Election Day have for you?"


Must run... hope my Election day question makes our Canadian Royals feel left out... I can only imagine what impression we give !


11-02-2004, 09:59 AM
Yes K! I said to my 17 year old DS this morning "What will we watch for commercials after today?" And the wise young man said.."The rehashes of the election." Oh joy.

Gotta is Tuesday!


11-03-2004, 05:24 AM
Good morning, Royals! Up WAY too early but enjoying my quiet time and finally having some computer time.

wsw, so glad some of your tech diffs have eased. Good luck on the colonoscopy. No, they're not pleasant but as someone who lost a brother to c.c. at 54 I really appreciate their importance. In my case, the prep was the bother as I was put out. The dr. I went to has designed these cute little green paper panties with a trap door type back. They're very functional but they also make you laugh and help lighten the sitution.

Kaylets, I've been crashing a lot lately too. Think it's something to do w/change of seasons (and probably why I'm up so early today).

Naughty Ceara - I'm not ready to think of Christmas yet. But must confess I'm a mite ahead of myself in the prep dept this year. That's BAD because I'll just coast along now until the last minute and then rush around.

Had 60-70 ToTers. I gave out little packs of pretzels again this year. So funny - some (little girls mostly) will say "Oh goody, pretzels"; others almost audibly groan. One little one, maybe four, said "I don't like pretzels" and stomped off. But one mom said thanks - that because her boys have food allergies, it's a tough night for them but they could eat pretzels. The REAL reason I bought those, of course, is that dh and I were not tempted w/candy and each little baggie is only 50 premeasured calories.

11-03-2004, 05:40 AM
Wood Nymph, thanks for the words on body appreciation. I think I got to that way too late but I do find it amazing how forgiving my body is when I treat it well.

Empress, nice to "see" you. Fantasy always welcome in the palace, of course. And thou should journal thy journal in thine own way. Isn't that the point? If others don't get it, that's not your problem. Cannot please all.

Punkin, did see the eclipse. Had gone to semilocal college to hear a talk by Carville/Matalin and stayed at a local motel instead of driving the hour or so home. Could peek out the window and there it was - so easy. But I fell asleep before it was over.

Wildfire I'm adopting that "gift" system re tests from now on and I have an endoscopy coming up next week. Will start looking.

So glad you got back to the beach, Eydie. Made me homesick for walking by the sea. (Don't expect to get to FL this year.) We have been out leafpeeping every decent day. On one of those days we ended up walking the grounds of a local historic house and I walked around the manse thinking of you. A wedding was just breaking up when we arrived and they apparently were having a reception at a pavilion in another section. Unfortunately, while the weather was lovely sunwise, it was only in the 50s about 11 degrees less than normal. They don't do catering there (It's, I'm sure, a much smaller and less busy place than yours) but got me wondering about how it was catered or if it was potluck. Anyway, reminded me of you. I hadn't been there in a long time and didn't go in this time but just wandered the gardens etc while dh sat and watched the river. We always drive around w/his golf clubs and our two folding chairs. We also found a nice walking area there that we had not known about and had it all to ourselves.

On the way home from the college talk we went back to a walking trail in a state park we hadcome across a few months ago. So we've been getting in some good walks and I've been hitting the pool regularly. I've managed to string together two fairly good eating days and have high hopes for November. I'm tired of floating just above onederland and surely must get there soon - somehow. But at the very least I'm eating much more moderately, much more heathfully, etc.

Well, dh decided to join me and tells me we still have no president so I guess I'll go check it out a bit w/him. My hero is doing so well on watching even further what he eats that he is inspiring me again. He does not want to hear a word about dialysis but I know he'll do what he must do when/if it comes to that. As Kaylets said, one day at a time. It's the only way we can go sometimes.

Happy 3rd of November has been proclaimed in the Royal Court!

11-03-2004, 09:11 AM
Jeepers Anagram...I was snoring whilst you were're making me tired! Your walks sound lovely...the only leaf peeping going on here is as they are raked onto the tarp and are hauled to the field. I love trees, but the leaves are more prodigous every year. Saw lot of 'em on way to and in Colorado though.
I'm working hard on NOT catching a cold....and am trying to walk more. Am in the training process with a new head goes on. Gotta run
as this is in the quick reply and I'm not sure how much room you get War and Peace this am...Off to walk...:wave: to all :queen: s


11-03-2004, 09:47 AM
good morning to the royal kingdom! i am grateful to be on program with food and exercise. today is a no-brainer for me with having to drink only liquids, but i'll take any help i can get. the leaves are so vibrant here this fall. it really has been a treat to experience them. i am hoping everyone has a good day. take care, all.

11-03-2004, 12:28 PM
Good mornin' ladies,

Has anyone seen "Super Size Me" yet? If not, you should... it's the documentary about the guy that ate McDonalds for 30 days straight. There's a couple parts in the beginning that are a little gross, but the outcome of it is nothing short of horrific. In the bonus materials there was an experiment he did with homemade burger and fries and an assortment of McD's burgers and an order of fries. He put each item in a glass container to see how long it would take for them to deteriorate (mold, break down...). Well, the homemade stuff was first to go. It took over a week for the Big Mac to look "wrong" and the grossest of all.... after 15 weeks the McD fries still looked perfectly normal. His intern accidently threw them out so we'll never know how long they would've lasted. That's disgusting!!!!!! I'm never eating that food again. Ever. I mean it! Eeeeew....

WSW, I understand you being a little freaked out by the colonoscopy. My mom went through cancer treatments and she's still wary of this test! But from what Wildfire says, it should be ok... better to have it than not! Personally I'd like a little of any drug that makes you forget about something! Like this week so far! AAAACK! :eek:

Ceara :wave:

Arabella, hope your head's feeling better!

Eydie, I missed the full moon eclipse completely! Besides the fact that our ritual was held deep in a cave (very cool!) it was overcast and raining/snowing on us when we left. Darn!

Anagram, I'm sorry to hear about your dh. He does sound like quite the inspiration though. Keep fighting the good fight and I'll keep you both in my thoughts...

Kaylets, your comment about asking questions about procedures made me giggle - I remembered getting my tonsils out when I was 4 and the Dr. told me to let him know if I had to pee before they put me out. I didn't have to, but I was so curious as to how they'd let me if I needed to that I said I had to go. So, they did what they needed to do and I told him I didn't have to go, I just wanted to know what they'd do. I still remember the Dr. behind me (now I know he was the anesthesiologist) laughing at me. The other Dr. didn't seem to think I was such a cute kid... :lol: Anyway, it still blows me away how we're so afraid to ask questions about what's going to happen when it's OUR bodies!

Amarantha, love your fairy!!!!

Well, should get some work done... shall be back to herald our Friday!


11-03-2004, 02:24 PM
Yea, Punkin, I actually BOUGHT the DVD so's I could watch it whenever that :o from the Golden Arches calls to me. But my DVD didn't have the bonus about his experiment with homemade stuff ... wish it did, glad you posted about it. I've vowed also not to eat this food, but today I'm taking most of the day off (working tonight) and have been thinking how much I'd like to go to Mickey D's ... but your post reminded me! I can eat something else ... the :o 's too scary. Shudder.

Wsw: Thou art stalwart and will prevail over the wicked med test!!! Good for you for braving it and taking care of yourself. Glad you are enjoying the autumn leaves ... where I live you have to drive across the state to see any ... although a few decidous trees are scattered in yards here and there ...

:queen: K, re qod: My memory is of inadvertently revealing my preference yesterday whilst on a photoshoot out in the golden lovely air of the high desert ... it made one person out there treat me differently ... but I like freedom of speech anyhow and will continue to exercise it ...

Ceara: Thanks for the visits to my journal in the land far-far away ... I've appreciated the travel time thou hast put in on mine behalf! :)

:queen: E: Ditto ... thanks for the support ... glad you had a trip to the beach in the nonvirtual world, too!

Anagramatic: Thanks for thy words on the journaling thing ... I don't seem to be able to stop the diet fantasies ... they keep creepin' in there ... currently I'm on an island with winged monkeys and having a two-day 1500-calorie-fiesta event in the village center. Hmmm ... enuf said ... actually, it's not a fantasy ... I really AM on an island with winged monkeys ... that's why I don't get in here as often as I used to ...

Re the stress eating (apropos of nothing) ... since I've been doing the streaks, I've been noticing more clearly the connection between what I feel must be a cortisol rise at certain times and the desire to eat junk food (or any food, but mostly junk). Yesterday was a long day and my resolve kept ebbing away but I was pretty controlled. Then coming down from the mountains, one of the usual idiots (this happens all the time ... it's a very dangerous road) was travelling left of center, just casually passing everyone in sight and he didn't go back over when I got near him ... I flicked headlights at him (had to be a man) and honked and just managed to avoid being killed as there was only a little room for me to get out of his way. I didn't think it had much effect on me (again, happens all the time) but after about 10 minutes I started to think I was REALLY hungry after all and would stop at the convenience store in the next town and probably had enough cals to have a KK pumpkin spice donut (which would have put me too high for that time of day, but I thought I'd call that an early dinner and just have a light shake later) ... then the connection occurred to me ... it had to be the cortisol rise from the traffic incident, because just before that, I'd been thinking how well I'd handled the day and how I was not feeling like stress eating ... I did buy the donut, though, and had a high pro low carb shake to balance it out a bit ... still made my cals for the day ...

To all, m&um, avanti!

11-03-2004, 09:43 PM
:wave: Punkin! It is Wednesday?

Yup..1/2 lb at weighin...I'll take the loss! Hoping that my head is on in the right direction...finally. Am reading the new Baldacci...Hour really good.

One more day of training...the early head hurts at what they expect to cover tomorrow...Jeesh. Some of our employees have been doing this for a year now on the new programme and I'll bet they don't know all that! HA! I'll bet that management doesn't either...and they make up these training packages. My stomach hurts.

Anyway...gonna bath a dog and go to bed and I recollect there isn't much on TV on Wed night anyway...even at the best of times...

:wave: to all!


11-04-2004, 06:34 AM
Hello all!

Want to head out especially early as I have Friday and Monday off ( if we don't use our time off, we lose it so.....) .... Initially, only Friday was schuduled off and then yesterday was told I needed to book the remaining time... so... I got brave and said " Can I tack Monday on too??"

BUT-- now I need to clear my desk of the most pressing....

Empress-- YES! I too am realizing more and more the connection btwn stress and cravings, mood response, etc, etc.... Wish I could see it faster but ....
---as for the reaction you got about your pol views.... as long as we all HAVE pol views we are AHEAD.... even yesterday o n the bus going in, someone brought up FDR's "temporary fix" but then was SHOCKED to be told that one of the major employers here in this area, a drug manufacturer is British owned... and how the Flu vaccine was coming in from Britain.... As long as we keep talking, keep learning,......

Punkin--YES!! Much of what you tell us about the "experiment" is exactly what started me on more veg life style.... I could go on for miles but will spare us all....

Ceara-- Yes, training seems to go on forever doesnt it?? Again, yesterday, I had 6 or 7 of "Didnt know that " moments....

WSW-- I think the test was yesterday? or is it today? I Know I speak for all of us... We are thinking of you... and have your favorite cup here, nice and warm ready for you...

Anagram-- your walks sound delish... and yes, I too am a big fan of the park systems lately... Tax dollars at work... ooopppps, don't get me started... lately I have really become an enormous "Tree hugger".....

Wildfire, WoodNymph, oopps, who else am I forgetting...


Thought of the day :
"Gray skies are just clouds passing over."
--Duke Ellington

Question of the day :
"How many hammers do you own?"



11-04-2004, 08:13 AM
ACK!!!! It is pouring cats and dogs here....grooming is the buzzword of the a.m. since I leave again tonight. And the mud!

Oh well, won't walk this morn...I don't like the water wings look. :lol: Have gotten the list of food that the munch monkey is taking.....gotta have your priorities straight you know.

QOD I think 3 normal hammers, then a couple of sledges, some rubber ones so the answer is ..... a few...or more.

Gotta fly...I have to groom, pack and do groceries and be at work by 12:30

Bye! :wave: Thinkin' of you wsw...good luck with the procedure.


11-04-2004, 08:18 AM
Hello, dear ones! Just have time to fly in and out. Busy at work and then I've been having these weird periods of exhaustion in the afternoon where I'm simply wiped out. Trying to figure it out---maube it's a lack of sugar? :o :lol: Nah.... Will check in later!

11-04-2004, 09:09 AM
Cold, damp, dreary today. Ugh! But loverly inside. Plan to go to the pool again - had a nice park walk yesterday. Three days "under control". Stomach still a problem - today I really did not feel like oatmeal again but knew it was the safest thing. I'd mind this nonsense less if at least I was losing weight. But I am at lowest so far anyway - it goes up at least two pounds everytime we eat out.

Were supposed to take a long drive today to meet friends "halfway" for lunch. Cancelled because we didn't feel like tackling the turnpike in the rain, etc. Will try next week. May do some more baking. A lovely day for making nut roll to freeze for holiday gifting. It holds well.

Princesses & retinue scheduled to come for weekend as well - they love to "rake" leaves w/Grandpa. So must figure out their menu and get some groceries too. Maybe tomorrow. I hate to crowd up a good day.

Safe trip, Ceara. And Empress, too, if you're tackling that avenue of nutty drivers tonight again. And hope all's well, wsw. Ah, Kaylets, two days off w/no guilt about it since they're "making" you do it. This new job seems to agree with you a bit better than last (though I guess none are perfect).

G'morning, Wildfire, Wood Nymph, Punkin, Eydie.

11-04-2004, 09:44 AM
Good morning, lovelies! I'm still ailing. I don't feel too badly when lounging, but woozy and exhausted when I try to do anything much, including sitting up here in my office. So I'm going to try to limit my computer time. I may see if a gentle walk helps. Love to all, sending all good thoughts and wishes out to everyone. I'm thinking of each and every one of you!

11-05-2004, 09:19 AM

Hope you're feeling better, Wood Nymph. And, Kaylets, hope you're sleeping in on your mini-vacation and that you have a ball all weekend.

Another pretty good day yesterday. That's FOUR, COUNT 'EM, FOUR in a row.

Cold, blustery here today but the sun is shining. Maybe we'll mall walk a bit today before doing the grocery thing.

Whatever, Have a Greatest Day!

11-05-2004, 09:39 AM
Hello all!

Yes Anagram, very windy here too... even more so predicted by afternoon...
I have the chair cover airing and the laundry drying as we speak. In fact, will try and get a bedpsread or two thru the wash to get out there and take advantage of all this free dryer power!!

Am energized that an Ebay auction went well... to the point, I got the price I asked for as part of the "Buy It Now" feature. It was a brand new, still in original wrapping condtion in a very beloved dinnerware pattern.... highly prized by colletors of that pattern....
If all my finds would find buyers as easily life would be different but then maybe I wouldn't have as much fun searching for the "finds".....


Time to put more items up for auction... after all, this is the time of year folks are looking for that special something for their favorite collector!!!

Thought of the day :

"Every man is the architect of his own fortune."
- Sallust

Question of the day :

"When is the last time you ate a pickle?"


I think I'll be poking back in again .... just have that feeling!


11-05-2004, 03:13 PM
Haaaappppppy Friiiiiiidaaaaay!!!!!!!!! :cb:

Ok, that's about as much energy as I intend on expending today... got a nice little headache brewing because of the weather. Sunny, clear and *windy*. WHAT is it about Oregon that caused my body become a barometer??? :(

Smooches and hugs all around, must away to say goodbye to the parental figures. They're off to CA to finalize the sale of my Papa's house...



11-06-2004, 01:41 PM
happy saturday, everyone!

anagram-hope your stomach problems become resolved soon. i also hope you are having a lovely weekend with the princesses.

wildfire and kaylets-i remembered all the helpful info. and tips you both gave for the colonoscopy and they came in very handy on thurs. again, thanks!

hi ceara! hope your weekend is good.

and hi to eydie, amarantha, punkin, arabella, and all the very lovely roayls!

i had my colonoscopy on thurs. boy, no one was kidding when they say the prep is the worst part! everyone at the hospital was so nice-every nurse and doctor i had contact with, which makes such a big difference. the doc said he removed a large polyp with what looked like a small cancer on the tip, but there should be nothing else that needs to be done. he said it was very lucky that i happened to have this regular after-50 test done now, and i am very grateful that my internist ordered it. the biopsy comes back next week, but he doesn't think there will be any difrerent recommendation after that result. anagram-i remembered what you had said about losing your brother to colon cancer. i am very grateful for this test and having had it done today. i will just have to have the test done after a few years instead of 10, which i will definitely comply with. my friend who took me said how grateful he was too that this was done now! my stomach/system were still very rough yesterday, so had to stay in bed, but today, i am looking forward to going over to visit some friends this evening. it is gorgeous here today, and will be a pleasure getting out among 'em.

needless to say, my food hasn't been any problem for the past half week. i plan to still stick with very gentle foods for a bit longer, and to stay on track. thinking of you all. you are the best! take good care.

11-06-2004, 03:06 PM
wsw - so glad you're ok. And it DID make a big difference for you. dh has also had an almost cancerous polyp removed and must go every couple of years (it was every year for a while). I can go five years in between - phew! Today is the birthday of that dear brother so a semisweet day.

Walked in the park this a.m. Vry brisk when the wind came up, pleasant the rest of the time. Still waiting for the arrival of the princesses but am pretty much ready for the onslaught with a few little goodie things planned. So think I'll go join dh in front of the tv for football when I'm done here. Must be well rested!

Enjoy the weekend, dear Royal Ones. Best t'ye.

11-06-2004, 09:23 PM
Hello all!

Guess my post didnt make it this am!
Ah well, most of it was about me, me, me!

But I did ask all for status update, which I'm glad to see that HRH WSW and HRH Anagram already submitted.
Was wondering about both of you!

And you too Wood Nymph... feeling better?
Hi Punkin! Hope you can stop by more frequently!
Ceara-- saw a big dog show on television and immeadiately thought of you!
Eydie-- need a status on the classes....


Goodnight all!

11-07-2004, 10:50 AM

Got up about 6 and was moving along really well... got beans cooking for DH's baked beans. load of laundry, shower, breakfast and then realized as I was paying a bill, I was a day late.... and then realized that a yard DS he had mowed yesterday for his father was now being mowed but what I think is the homeowner... our customer... and from where I stood, ( 2 yards away) I could see the difference as he moved down the yard... DH is yet asleep... DS left for work at 5:45... I don't know who misunderstood who but I know for a fact, DH thought that yard had been mowed yesterday am at 8 am....

Now, these seem like small things... but I just was thrown for a loop...
ate some grapes and then found an apple too... couldnt even sit still for my favorite Sunday morning program...
and only had one cup of coffee---everything else decalf....


11-07-2004, 01:29 PM
Yo, :queen: s!!!! :wave: This be a flyby postie as I need to go shopping now that I actually have a half day off ... am cognizant of everyone's posties and sending what vibes I still possess to all, mentioned and unmentioned ... and a double congrats to WSW for braving the medical tests and coming through with flying colors ... have a great week now that's off thy mind, WSW!!!!

Kaylets, this is something of a status report, I guess! :) Lost .4 this week, details on the journal in the dietland far, far away! Not wanting to bore anyone :) ... rest of life blah as usual ... think I'm depressed yet again ... or not, I can't tell ... I just want to reach my goal weight and win millions in the lottery ... is that too much to ask? I think NOT!

Sorry thou be kerflummoxed this a.m. by the lawn client situation ... more tea's probably called for ... my advice: go back to bed! :) Anyhow, have a great week, everyone.

11-07-2004, 05:20 PM
Well, the dear princesses have fled south w/Momma to rejoin Daddy. DH and I are recuperating. Was non-stop from 6:30 until 2:30 or so today. Am surveying the kingdom with an eye to restoring it to it's stodginess. Whew, those gals have energy!

Looks like a loverly day here - was outside about 8 this a.m. for a while as girls helped rake and then jumped into leaf piles with glee and abandon. Then helped dh drag the leaves to the curb on a tarp. They thought this a strange thing and it may be.

Today was a total loss diet wise so far but then I expect to eat naught tomorro until late afternoon after procedure and then will have a total restart.

First floor almost neat - think I'll go check out the second story. It usually takes me about three days to get it all together once they've been here but I may just make it all tonight.

Hi Empress - group hug to you for blahs and depression.

Kaylets - I know about the little things thing. Some things you just can't get your head around a thought and you really don't want to be a part of (in the middle part) it.
Hope the day worked out better than that moment.

11-07-2004, 05:51 PM
Hello Royals!

Yes, I did wind up in bed... about an hour " after ' I developed a pounding sinus headache complete w/ nasal drip ( sorry) ... took meds, drank 1/2 cup of real coffee to kick start them and instead was dozing in a chair... so went to bed for awhile....
Sinus headache related to stress?? Maybe.... something to pay attnetion to...

But I awoke more cheerful and lo and behold, the customer came by and paid sooooooooo beats me....

11-08-2004, 08:12 AM
YES! Made it through the week end with the munch monkey..........and.........drum roll please.........the scale is going in the right direction! It took much girding of loins and grinding of teeth but I prevailed....most of the time. Had a Guiness with dinner Saturday night...which was salmon and broccoli at the Olive Garden...very yummy..and a minor skirmish with about 5 starbursts until I realised what I was doing and stopped...also Saturday. We will see what the scale shows at weigh in this Wednesday night!

Got home around 4:30 yesterday pm and just hauled...1/2 unpacked the van, vacuumed the family room, had dinner with my parents and grandma...96!...came home and bathed amd blew dry the youngest heathen, changed the sheets, had a bath myself and hit the hay! Tired.

Want to bathe another this am and I have to go back to MI for a funeral this of a friend. Jeesh, too many people dying that I know lately.

So, gotta go....also want to walk this morn so best be movin'.

:wave: to all....glad the procedure went well wsw!. Hope the Nymph is recovering. Nice to see you on a Friday Punkin....


11-08-2004, 10:37 AM
Hello all!

So far, so good, getting a few 15 minute blocks of things done strung together and I still have at least 1.5 hr till the trash man comes... I am trying to get as much as possible out b/4 their arrival. Its a game but as long as its motivating me, its a good thing...

Ceara- Its interesting how we don't realize what we are putting in our mouthes 'till we 've already put it in our mouthes', isn't it?? It reminds me so much of babies ..." let me taste it so I can figure out what this is.'

ah well... perhaps I'm not as "mature" as I like to think...


Well, I begun this post about 7:30 and then had to reset the timer and am back again about 2hrs later... Took down a large picture from the living room... it had become damaged this summer but I would only think of taking it down at night.. then I thought it saving the frame would be worthwhile.. This morning, I took it down ( Much easier than I imagined) and even got the dust behind it. I do have another to replace it but..... still playing my 'beat the trash man game" ... although right now, it's really getting close to the wire...

So far, managed to squeeze a load of laundry and dishes in, washed both door windows inside and out, and ate breakfast although spread out.

Also need to get some correspondence done today too....

And make sure I see Oprah w/ Wynonna Judd later too!

Today's thought is:
"I like the dreams for the future better than the history of the past."

- Thomas Jefferson

Question of the day:
"Would you rather email or call someone?


Kettle really is starting to boil....


11-08-2004, 08:01 PM
Hello All! Weather's getting cooler and cooler here and I'm starting to think about the holidays. I do this every year about this time, plotting strategies to make sure I don't gain any weight during the winter. In the last few years I've at least been able to maintain; I've certainly never lost any weight! Hope springs eternal.... :D

Anybody have any tried and trues for sticking to your plan? Please share!

I'm looking at my first sugar-free or at least very low sugar Christmas. I see alot of fruit, nuts and cheeses in my holiday future. I made some very good truffles using cooked dates, protein powder, nuts, dried cherries, rolling them in cocoa. Actually tasted like the real thing! I can do this! :strong: :chef: :eating2:

11-08-2004, 08:05 PM
wrote a post, but don't know what happened to it. i am a computer-illiterate mess! oh well. anyhoo-wanted to say hi to the lovely royal kingdom. you are such an amazing, insipirational, warm, and supportive group, and i am so grateful you are here. hope everyone's monday was good.

anagram-hope your test goes well tomorrow. arabella-hope you're feeling better. hi ceara,amarantha,wildfire, kaylets, punkin! thinking of you, and all the royal kingdom with a big smile on my face.

kaylets-watched oprah today since had to lay low in bed most of day, and thought stacey's story was pretty amazing. it was very poignant for me when she spoke about how sad she was at having wasted so many years of her life hiding from people who loved her. also neat to see how much joy she was experiencing doing everyday things she could not previously do when weighing 500 lbs. and which many people take for granted.

the pet therapy golden retriever, mack, is going to visit me on thurs! as i have been stuck inside more and more over this past year, i realize what a treat visitors are, and how much i look forward to them-especially the big furry, 4 footed ones!

take care, all.

11-09-2004, 07:36 AM
Hello all!~

Eydie! I'm with you! Let's do this... the first year I left sugar was Mid Nov.....and by Jan I had dropped aprx 10lbs...part of that was the shock I am sure, the other part that I had been "plateauing" in a 2 lb range...

The truffles sound good... more details please!

Got a call from WW's yesterday, prescreening me.... They are full up but I am on the "WAITING" list... which right this minute I realize, I didnt ask, how many other folks ahead of me....

WSW--- I should have recorded Oprah... Instead, DH and I assembled a hay cold frame the whole time Oprah was on... We had a real frost warning so we were scrambling to protect the baby broccoli, cabbage, etc.... I picked what tomatoes I could get to but it was getting colder and colder as the sun went down... As it turns out, this morning its 34 degrees so the tomatoes might have been spared. But supposed to be even colder tonight...
So, please, tell us more.. What was the big schocker from Wynonna?? She really IS speaking to her mother, right?? Has she lost any weight??

So.... must skip away lightly my dears... wondering what the morning will bring...
always interesting when you've been away from your desk for a few days!

Thought for the day:
"Map out your future but do it in pencil."
--Jon Bon Jovi

Question for the day:
"When is the last time you overslept?"



11-09-2004, 08:26 AM
QOD...can't remember, my eyes usually snap open at 6 am EST no matter what time zone I'm in. :lol: It would have been a good day for that today...since I had coffee at the funeral "dinner" yesterday was actually like tea-time...4ish..and the coffee affected me...tossing at 1:30 am. I am feeling sluggish now. However another stellar day. Both good food choices and moderate exercise....and 3 clean dogs. Always a bonus.

Have story/toddler times this am so hafta run....then a board meeting this pm....long day. Yesterdays' QOD...I'd rather call...more immediate and personable.

:wave: to all :queen:s Good job on the "no-sugar" :queen: are still sweet....!!!!


11-09-2004, 02:43 PM
Greetings, Royal Personages!

Feh. Still feeling cruddy, actually worse again today than I had been the last few days. Seems like that kind of a cold or whatever it is.

In other news, I'd gained THREE (3) pounds :eek: at WI yesterday, after having not been for a few weeks. Oh well. Onward! I'm not going to adjust my sig stats until I have to do it downward again, and that's that! Have convinced self that food treats are not the key to feeling better, but it leaves me feeling like -- well, what then? I don't really feel well enough for anything much. Am working but maybe not as productive as I could be. I think I'll try a gentle walk and tonight just relax.

Amarantha, nice to see you fly by! A whoo-hoo for you and your virtually half-a-pound down! :cheers: Also, thanks for the new good word: kerflummoxed. I like it a lot! I was interested in your musings on stress and cortisol, as the healthy carb diet is supposed to regulate hormones. I wonder if that's why cravings are so much less extreme on it? (um. Pumpkin spice donuts sound too good, though :T )

Punkin, I get those "weather" headaches too -- barometric pressure changes? Luckily they don't seem to last very long, but I always feel quite put out, like "What did I do to deserve this?"

Eydie, your truffles sound good. How did you cook the dates? I've actually done something similar with dates, tahini, and cocoa and I can definitely imagine endless possibilities. Just needed a tiny bit of confectioner's sugar to get the proper texture (maybe protein powder would do it?) and it made a very satisfying and nutritious sweet. Not low-fat, but healthy fat. I'm losing my taste for inexpensive chocolate, 'twould seem, Godess be praised :cp: :cp:. I did have a bit of a run-in with Halloween chocolate, but it wasn't good enough to make it really compelling. I would have much preferred one of my date treats. Unfortunately, I was out of dates. :lol:

Ceara, congrats on the clean dogs and days!

wsw, so glad you got through the tests nicely -- now you don't have to even think about them again for a long time. YAY!!! I'm turning 50 next year and will schedule those tests. My husband's ex-wife died of colon cancer -- even though her own mother had died of it she couldn't bear to be tested until it was much too late.

Have fun with Mack! :cb:

Kaylets, how I could relate to your feelings about DS and the lawn-mowing or non-lawn-mowing as the case may be. We really shouldn't have to worry about such issues, but how to stop? :shrug:

Anagram, sounds like you had a busy time with the princesses. I adore DGS so, but -- oh, the blessed peace and relative tidyness when he's gone back to mummy.

Well, my Dovies, I really need to go and do. Love you much, mentioned or not! Let's take this day and do the best we can with it.

11-09-2004, 05:15 PM
hi kaylets-the big shocker from wynnona was just that she had not been able to lose weight and gained some back, but is back on track now. she was staying away from her mom too just to protect herself emotionally until her mom can do more than just shame her or take any responsibility for what she had done in not letting her know who her real father was until she was around 30 years old.

arabella-sorry to hear you're still feeling crummy! as i am sipping on my lovely green tea, i am drinking to your good health.

ceara-congrats on the good food choices, exercise, and 3 clean doggies!

i just had a visit from a new volunteer. she was so sweet, and very interesting, and warm. i was honest with her from the beginning, and asked her for help with things i really have been needing, such as getting down my winter blankets,sweaters, and warm shoes from atop the closet shelves, etc.,which is great since it has been getting colder now. she also said she will help me with anything i need like cleaning, organizing my place, etc. i am so glad i finally got honest and asked for more help, and i am so lucky to be receiving that help from someone so kind. after candace got something from a top shelf over the frig, she just went ahead and cleaned the top of the frig, and i let her(!)-without being embarrassed, even. just being honest about my situation with candace lifted a big weight from my shoulders.picture me smiling and sighing with relief! big step for me!

food and exercise today have been pretty good so far. just turned on oprah, and she is cleaning out her closet too! well, take good care, royals one and all!

11-09-2004, 08:59 PM
Evening, all. Endoscopy results ok, nothing major contributing to my stomach upset so it MUST be the meds. If only it resulted in wt loss!

Good day today and also yesterday w/help from endoscopy restraints. Feeling pretty good today. Cold here. Sort of a flyby just to check in, not up to more at the moment. Hang tight. Must go back outside and try to see northern lights.

11-09-2004, 09:35 PM
Well, I wrote a long reply and somehow lost it and now I have to go cover a board meeting and can't stay. It was a good reply, though! Oh, well. Bye.

11-10-2004, 08:09 AM
Kaylets, how did the mystery of the unmown [or is that unmowed?] lawn turn out, or shall we never speak of it again? What a way to start the morning---yuck!

wsw, I saw Oprah with Wynona too. Was very distressed to hear that she'd gained more weight. And I agree with her decision to put some space between herself and mom. I thought Mom Naomi came off just a touch passive-agressive. :o

Arabella, sorry you're still feeling not-so-great. About the truffles: I just cooked some chopped dates in a saucepan in water, kept stirring, until they were a thick sticky mess! Then I let it cool down a bit in a big mixing bowl, and added finely chopped nuts, the protein powder [you could use powdered milk too], currants, chopped dried cherries. I think when I make these at Christmas I'm just going to make the basic date mixture and then divide it up, then add dried fruit to one, nuts to another, coconut to one, and malt-sweet. chocolate chips to another. Then roll them into balls and roll the nut ones in chopped nuts, the chocolate ones on cocoa, etc.

Anagram, Garry tried to wake me up in the dark of the night to see a faint version of the northern lights. I just couldn't rouse myself tho! Regret it now. :mad:

Ceara, what book did you read to the little darlings? I love children's books!

Must go to work, so I can come home and goof off! The sooner i get there.... ;)

11-10-2004, 08:45 AM
Mornin'! I read a variety to them...Little One Step, The Bear's Teddy (in a BIG book format...I sit it on a chair) and a bunch more...I like funny books with nice colourful pictures. They went well....I had one little guy who obviously has a bad cold...his little nose ran the whole time...and I was outta Kleenex! He had to wipe that on his sleeve...poor kid.

Board meeting was good...long but good....budget setting time.

Weigh-in is tonight...I am at a number on my scale which I haven't seen for a while! Will change my sig in a minute...

Anyway...gotta walk, tend to the girls, enter some shows and get groceries...I can see through the shelves all the way to the bottom of the family is in shock!

Eydie...that date you have slightly more precise amounts or is this the toss and mix method....they sound good.

wsw...glad you are feeling comfortable with your new carehelper. And Mack comes tomorrow! Arabella are you coming back to the living? I have seen a lot of people at the library who have been just knocked flat by viruses this year...and for extended time periods....I trust they keep their bugs to themselves. Anagram did you see them? Apparently they were red here last Sunday...which means that the particles shot off the sun penetrated our atmosphere farther in...I saw some years ago whcih were green...a lighter penetration so I hear. I used to see them all the time in Alberta, but rarely in Southern was cloudy here last night when I got home.

Happy Hump Day :queen: s

It is almost Friday :cp:


11-10-2004, 09:21 PM
Eydie, do you have a calorie count on the truffles?

11-10-2004, 09:34 PM
YES! Weigh in was down 4lbs...YIPPEE!

A calorie count would be good Eydie....but they do sound delish!

Am off to have some tea and a bath I think...Wed Night TV doldrums.


11-11-2004, 07:30 AM
Hello all!

Ceara! Congrats! What a feeling huh?

Woodnymph! Must be water! Not to worry, you're not alone and it very well could be muscle!

Wsw! Thanks for the update! I am disappointed but then again, realistically,
how much would any of us been able to change our life long relationships after a visit w/ Oprah?? Especially if we were in Wynonna's circumstances??
Any chance you saw the Dr Phil show yesterday?? The promo made it look like Dr Phil was threatening to call the authorities......


Anagram! BRRRR!!!!
Any leaves left on the trees??

Eydie! I hear some mountains in the Poconos have snow.... does that mean its imminent for you too??

So, far, three days into the "cold frame " experiment, I've forgotten to uncover one day... but it stayed in the 40's so we think it didnt get too warm inside the "hay box"... I have no choice but to uncover at this time of the am which may/may not be counter productive....we'll see.... its still hasnt gotten
but a few degrees below freezing...

As for the mystrey (Sp?) of the lawn mowing... if this gives any indication of how tiny our yards are.... By Monday,while outside building the cold frame I rrealized what I saw was NOT our customer's yard but the yard next door....
Which is a good thing....

So.... off to work...

Thought for the day :

"Everything works out in the end. If it hasn't worked out, its not the end."

Question of the day :
"Do you know if your name means something in another language?"


11-11-2004, 08:58 AM
Bad day for me yesterday. I was on my way to work and it was a gorgeous, cloudless day. I was fighting the sun's glare for miles, blinded in places and came over a rise and was totally blinded by the sun and oh-so-gently [cause I had applied the brake] rear ended the vehicle in front of me. She had a big sturdy truck and had zero damage to her truck, but my car's grill and hood is damaged. Thankfully we were both okay, and we called the sherrif and naturally I got a ticket and the trooper encouraged me to go to traffic court and said he'd back up my being blinded by the sun, so I'm going to do that. I have that to look forward to on Dec. 22. Merry Christmas..... :mad: My poor car. I want to get it in for repairs as soon as possible---it's hard to look at; it looks like it's sneering! Still drives beautifully though, so no damage to the engine.

Always something....The good news is I think I handled it all really well. I truly believe that cutting back on sugar has leveled out my emotions. I do admit to wanting to eat all day yesterday but didn't give in to those impulses. That was hard!

About those truffles; when I made them I didn't measure anything so I don't have the proportions. As far as calories, I don't know that either, but I estimate them to be about 80 calories each.

Ceara, 4 pounds!!!! That's really something! How long has it been since your last weigh-in?

Kaylets, I'm delighted to hear that you were mistaken about your neighbor's yard! We're far from the Poconos so no snow yet!

Have a good day, all!

11-11-2004, 05:17 PM
ceara-congrats on the 4 lbs down!! woo-hoo!

eydie-so glad you were ok when that nasty sun blind spot hit!

just a quick hello. had very pleasant visit with mack and his mommy for a couple hours this afternoon. pretty tired now, so going to get some rest. thinking of you all. take care.

11-11-2004, 05:38 PM
Ceara, my heroine. Hurrah!

wsw, glad you enjoyed the furry visitor.

Eydie, I too am most glad that you are safe. We can fix cars and the officer sounds kindly.

No, I didn't get to see anything I recognized as northern lights. On Monday morning when I had gone for the paper at 5:30 a.m. there was a lovely reddish glow in the sky which I took to be sunrise starting. But it wasn't something I had noticed before and then I heard about the NL and thought maybe that was it. Dunno - not common at all here so don't know that I'd recognize it if I saw it.

I was in onederland today if I weighed in the nude which I don't usually do but it was worth it for the lift it gave me. Loverly day here, almost 60. DH and I did the park walk thing for pure pleasure. I had already done the pool (with lots of fast inervals) and he had raked leaves.

The Princess Royal has been a pain in our regal butts today and I found myself about 100 calories into some mints before I said to me "this will not help" and stopped. I wasn't even really enjoying them.

11-11-2004, 10:53 PM
Yo, Eydie, so sorry about thy mishap and the damage to thy car! You did well handling it foodwise ... I'd have given in to the eating impulse ... thanks for the calorie estimate on the truffles. I'm going to experiment ...

CONGRATULATIONS, CEARA, ON 4 POUNDS OUTTA HERE!!!! :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: Huzzah!

Anagramatic, congrats to thee on the save with the mints!!! Sounds like you had a good day.

Kaylets, glad thou hast solved the mystery o' the neighbor's yard ...

Hmmm. Ability to write seems temporarily out of order, so shall say good-night, Gracie.

In fact, I've been laying on the couch for hours watching old Burns & Allen shows (depressed) and not once did George say: "Say good-night, Gracie," or Gracie say, "Good-night, Gracie."

Another of my core beliefs shot to heck.

11-12-2004, 06:25 AM
HEllo all!

up EARLY to get out of here early as I need to clear the desk for a Monday vaction day ... ( note to self.... is this really worth the prep work this involves for an extra day.. two days..??) ..

EYDIE!! Very, very clever to use the brake when you can't see! Glad you are ok! And valid point about emotions vs sugar....

Anagram!! YAY!!! Onederland is beckoning!!

And yes, we had celebration day at work two days ago. Yesterday, the cheesecake was being cut again and I ran my finger over the knife to "taste" thinking that would be a lovely binge.... But, either I am way off or it freezer burned and stale... But like you Anagram... I said, "Not worth it".....

I admit, I have been overdoing the SF Pudding... In fact, have to admit, that was all supper was last night... did put a banana in it, and can take credit for 2 cups of nofat milk.... but not a green t hing in sight....

Must be off... its starting to rain... Riding in w/ DH to grab some more desk time and to carry a change of clothing for the office holiday party this evening .. (more details at 6...)

EMPRESS!! Big Hug!


Thought of the day :

"One person with a belief is equal to a force of ninety-nine who have only interests."
----John Stuart Mill, English author

Question of the day :

"When is the last time you took public transportation?"



11-12-2004, 12:41 PM
Ho, hey, so gray - and cold and rainy. Cancelled (again) plans to drive "halfway" and meet friends, substituted lunch w/another friend but she called this a.m. and can't make it. So dh and I are going to go do some lite shopping, then the Senior Citizen late lunch 20% discount at Hoss's and a quickie to the grocery store. So exciting!

Well, the float into onederland was AGAIN shortlived. Even nekkid it was up a half pound. This keeps happening, sob, but ONE DAY I'll be there and maybe even at the 195 I was when I met son-in-law. It's strange I should remember that, don't remember what I weighed when I met DIL. Less, I'd assume, as I met her a few years before I met SIL.

Today, I'm wearing REALLY OLD jeans that must go back to about that time. But it's wearing time that counts, not closet time so they're not that old after all.

Thanksgiving plans gelling. DH wanted to take us all out this year, Princess Royal (who eats nothing) didn't want to go. So I said I'll cook but I need LOTS of help w/cleanup, etc. DS wrote this a.m. that he and DIl will be here Wed and will help w/setup and don't worry about cleanup as they'll be here a couple of days afterwards to do that too. DD is good about cleanup and has told Princess Eight that she's old enough to help this year - which means Princess Four will demand to do it too - whatever it is. If Eight's doing it, Four must as well. Probably take me weeks to recuperate from all the help but should be fun. DS is also going to do some more 'puter work for me (see why I love that fellow?). And I have laid down my umpteenth ultimatum about taking their stuff out of my house. Somehow I'm not sure I'll get any better results than in the past.

Hitting a big craft show tomorrow w/sister. One of our almost annual "do's". Then will lunch with both DHs and put all family affairs (if not those of the world) in order.

Kaylets, enjoy the Holiday Party. (No, no, it can't be time for those.) And I guess what few leaves are left on our trees will be gone by Sunday.

Sorry thou be depressed, Empress. And that thy faith in longheld "truths" be shattered.

Wood Nymph, it's one of those weather headache days here today. Hope thou be faring better.

Looks like you're rainy too, wsw, and I know that's not helpful! Actually weather map seems to include Eydie too. 'course they're not always accurate. Maybe you're all sopping up sunshine!

Later. Off to play w/the big guy.

11-13-2004, 09:05 AM
Hi, me back again! Sunny and pleasant. Another good day yesterday but not sure I'll like what scale says. Just that feeling...

Have a marvelous weekend, all.

11-13-2004, 12:43 PM
HEllo all!

Holiday party was ok-- Lots of cheese and veggies offered during happy hour ( the usual other fare too in case you were wondering) and the meal had a beautiful big salad w as well as crunchy sauted squashes w/ red onions and a very delish veg/cheese ziti alfredo.....folks said the other offerings were good too.... I didnt even look at the others, only focused on the vegatarian and
that was that...
DH was stellar socially and talked about everything he could think might interest my coworkers... one good friend's DH finally felt "safe" enough w/ us to open up and share... Even she was suprised that he spoke ....

Got home by 9, and then watched ER from the night b/4....

Small amount of domestic stress this am as in between lots of "wrong #'s" ringing, we realized DD had left a long meandering message about how she hadnt heard from us in so long and oh, by the way, can she borrow nearly $500 for car repairs....
DH is steamed that again, the only time we hear from DD is when she wants to hit us up.... She has no idea what her father has been thru the past few weeks medically, just assumes that leaving a message about " how this is different than all the other times, this loan will be paid back..."

Never mind, that DD is well and able bodied and could easily find a 2nd job ...much less is living in an area with excellent public transportation...
I remember when I was still in highschool when I asked for a loan till payday...
and was told "I work for my money to spend on myself, you should do the same"...
What is more suprising is that DD is asking again, the last time we recvd this kind of message she didnt get a call back for 3 days and then told us she had made a deal w/ the repair shop to make payments.... DH told her that we couldnt give her anything and it was a smart thing that she had found an alternative....I just cannot believe how its easier for DD to embarrass herself coming back again and again asking instead of earning or giving up trips to the nail salon, smoking, etc, etc...

hmmmmmm....sorry this is so much about me....Dh is very upset and is surfing the net to distract himself... He is so offended and hurt ...

Think I should put lunch together so he doesnt have a late lunch and stress... not a good combo for diabetics...

I know you are all sympathetic, I am just venting as DH gets more upset as I talk it out....
Just totally beyond me how 2 children who have watched their father work 2 jobs their whole lives have so little pride in themselves that both have them will beg for money b/4 working for it....

Thanks for listening, the vent does feel better....

11-14-2004, 07:41 AM
Up way too early again this a.m. Not good foodwise yesterday but walked lots at Craft Fair and bought lots too. Unusual for me but another nice chunk of Christmas shopping done. Even sis found some things to buy. She usually ends up being my "encourager". The four of us enjoyed lunch together and I came home and took a long, long nap - a deep one I had trouble waking up from. I had been up at 4:30 a.m. yesterday too.

Sorry about the dh stress, Kaylets. Please vent. I know it's hard when you don't feel you can vent to the person you'd usually do. I did that a bit this past week re DD when I really should not have as I think it further aggravated dh who didn't need any more to be aggravated about. Most of the friction was a clash of their ideas on what Thanksgiving should be this year. I really sided w/dh but sighed, took a deep breath, and worked out a compromise. Her heart is fortunately in the right place but sometimes I think she's in a form of denial about health situations here. I'd like to be there too. In denial, that is. DH is in a form of that too but it helps direct him to healthy behaviors. DS is a rock - not here a lot but he understands without a lot of explanations. Well, sorry to have made this about me. Just meant to say, please vent because it's better for you.

Church, lunch out, maybe Christmas cards a little today and some back reading. More leisurely - busy week coming up again. A little thought on the next six weeks and some planning might help too. Not only holiday time but DH & DD have birthdays too. And since we're not going to FL right after the new year, dh is talking like he wants to do more decorating than we've done the last couple of years. Don't know what I want except to be healthy and live in peace.

11-14-2004, 08:18 AM
I want to hear about the Xmas decorations, Anagram! We have such a small house that we could be overwhelmed if we did a lot, but we always like to do something.
I think I'm in a bit of denial about my father's and MIL's health sometime. It's not something a child likes to look at, even a 41 year-old child! It floors me when I think about my dear MIL being 87 years old!
Kaylets, sorry to hear about the difficulties with DD. Is she your step daughter? How old is she? I remember wheedling around for money like that when I was 16 or so, and am mortified about it now. :o :lol:

Hang onto something, I have an announcement. I've been at this weight for a few days now, so I'm calling it official. 132 POUNDS!
Here's what I can't figure out: I'm taking in more calories 1700-1800 per day, I'm eating more fat, I'm even exercising less, and I'm losing weight!!!!Surely this is a sign of the apocolypse. :lol:


11-14-2004, 08:43 AM
Hello all!

Amazing Eydie-- I was cooking last night and the same thought ran across my mind... Where is Wildfire???

Remember I mentioned the book Fit or Fat??, what you're experiencing is spelled out in great scientific detail .... lots of equations that do not stay w/ me long enough to get thru the next paragraph.....
Congrats and enjoy!

Angram-- Yes, exactly, its hard to say what is really on my mind considering this is a Step DS ....much less Dh is also an enabler.... which both children also know...I used to even call DD "the worker" but can see now she has chosen a different path...that "settlement lawyers" have seduced her even when the reality of the situation shows there is nothing more to be had. ( ...IE -- minor car accident which did "total" her vehicle but only because of the auto value... she was given the value of the vehicle but now is expecting a settlement as well... The most she was out of work was a few days... I could see Dr bills ( strained muscles) being covered but a settlement large enough for a deposit on a house?? PULLLLEASSEEEEEE..... Naive?? Hooked up w/ a fast talker attorney?? Well, yes... but this is the 2nd accident plus her divorce she chased settlements for..... 1st accident, a very young man had no insurance ( so there was nothing in the first place) ....her divorce happened because her DH refused to work...( so again, what would there have been to get?) and now, this accident... Unless of course, there's been another incident....)

Sorry.... thanks for the vent space....

Holiday decorations are showing up lots of places here too...
I am not ready mentally...
Perhaps now that its definitely colder ....


Here's a thought of the day that seemed to arrive at the perfect time...

Thought of the day :
"Every person that comes into our life comes for a reason,
some come to learn and others come to teach."
--Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Question of the day :
"Can you juggle?"


Time to set the timer a few times


11-15-2004, 08:32 AM
Hello all!

Am home today... hoping to get some things done and get to my WW meeting tonight... last week didnt get there as we were building the cold frame to beat the frost....

So far, the plants in the cold frame seem be doing well... but I don't know if these "cold weather plants" would be looking the same if not in the cold frame...
Its interesting...

Don't ask me why but, DD did not call back yesterday to get an answer about her "SOS for money voice mail". Dozens of possible scenarios of course but the most likely is that someone else on her "Call list" came thru to meet this "emergency" ...... DH is sure she hasnt given up on us and may even plan to hit us up again "by voice mail" today as ordinarily we'd not be home on a Monday..... I am sorely tempted to ask her a few pointed questions but will restrain myself.....The priority is to help DH deflect the stress...

Again, bowling did not go well till the middle to the second game... Very low score 1st game ..... off balance, awkward movements, poor hand eye coordination.... but then, by middle of the 2nd game, when it became obvious I wasnt going to have a "good " game night, I suddenly started hitting the pins, moving better, etc, etc..... Stress related?? Stress= body tenision???

Thought of the day :

"In every (wo)man there is a (queen)king.
Speak to the (queen) king, and the (queen)king will come forward."
--Scandinavian proverb

"Question of the day:

" Can you speak another language?"


Need to play my "Beat the Clock " game w/ the trashman for awhile....


11-15-2004, 09:03 AM
Good day yesterday! Nice and sunny but cool today. Stuck to plan healthwise except no exercise. Also stuck to plan for leisurely but busy day. Got lots of "small' things done.

Had the best night's sleep last night that I've had in ages. Didn't want to get out of bed. Have temporarily dropped one med (not the one that precipitated the stomach problem but one that contributes) while I'm waiting for test results to get from one dr. to the other. Stomach seems a bit better. Know i can't stay off too long but if I can hold out a few more days just to see how much better it might get, I'll have some useful info for doctor. Just don't want RA to flare up w/o it - but weather is expected to be the kind that will help.

I feel like a mad scientist here.........

11-15-2004, 12:24 PM
Subject: The Parrot

A young man named John received a parrot as a gift. The parrot had a
attitude and an even worse vocabulary. Every word out of the bird's
was rude, obnoxious and laced with profanity.

John tried and tried to change the bird's attitude by consistently
only polite words, playing soft music and anything else he could think
to "clean up" the bird's vocabulary.

Finally, John was fed up and he yelled at the parrot. The parrot yelled
back. John shook the parrot and the parrot got angrier and even ruder.

John, in desperation, threw up his hands, grabbed the bird and put him
the freezer. For a few minutes the parrot squawked and kicked and
screamed. Then suddenly there was total quiet. Not a peep was heard for
a minute.
Fearing that he'd hurt the parrot, John quickly opened the door to the

The parrot calmly stepped out onto John's outstretched arms and said "I
believe I may have offended you with my rude language and actions.

I'm sincerely remorseful for my inappropriate transgressions and I
intend to do everything I can to correct my rude and unforgivable

John was stunned at the change in the bird's attitude. As he was about
ask the parrot what had made such a dramatic change in his behavior,
bird continued, "May I ask what the turkey did?"