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10-01-2004, 01:19 PM
That thread was getting a bit long - and sorry, this is all I could come up with.

The reason you have never heard of Himalayan Mountain dogs is because they are Burmese Mountain Dogs. duh me. I don't know where I came up with the Himalayan thing. My granddoggie visited yesterday. So did DD. I was a domestic diva yesterday evening and made a huge dinner for kids, DH, & Grandpa. Baked red snapper, rice pilaf, brussel sprouts (fish and brussel sprouts -- P-U!) salad, dinner rolls and even pie and ice cream for dessert. Grandpa & DH spent the rest of the evening yelling at George and John. I recorded it on my DVR for viewing tonight when I can have some peace and quiet.

I have a new favorite junk food. It's smart pop white cheddar popcorn. Mmmm. only 165 cal for 1 3/4 cup. Not that I stop at that.

The bad thing about starting a new thread is that I can't remember what we were talking about. Somebody come back here and remind me, please. :^:

10-01-2004, 01:31 PM
Thanks for the new thread. Frankly, I don't think we were talking ABOUT much of anything. We were kind of taking turns venting!

My attention was caught by your thread title though. I've been frustrated too. Started back to the nutritionist. Here's the result of the visit: It turns out that being normal DOES still matter to me. Seems immature, but... that's how it is. It's just like that! I have NO idea what my rebellion was... i.e., NOT writing my food down, not staying within food exchange limits,--- and I'm not even going to obsess about the rebellion. I will write everything I eat. Drink LOTS of water. Stretch and walk. I will manage portions. and, I WILL LOSE THIS EXTRA PERSON I"VE BEEN CARRYING AROUND IN MY SKIN!

I do remember being impressed with Sug's account of her relatives. THERE'S A NOVEL THERE!!

10-01-2004, 04:27 PM
Hey! Mount St. Helens is erupting!!! I'm going to take a drive at lunch time to see if I can see the ash plume.

10-01-2004, 05:23 PM
Wabby are you in DANGER???? Want to hide in my closet? I got plenty 'o canned food.

I am at my new job. People may now post anyday, not just Thursday, and I can read it if I want. Like Wabby. Wabby and I are just the same.

Is Bagz at her new cool business yet?

10-01-2004, 05:32 PM
Watch out for the lava, Wabby! :flame:

The reason you have never heard of Himalayan Mountain dogs is because they are Burmese Mountain Dogs. Well, I've heard of Bernese Mountain Dogs--they're from Switzerland originally. Those are nice dogs. I saw pictures of a breed I'd never heard of the other day: they're called Eurasiers -- look like a cross between a chow and a Norwegian Elkhound. Nice and furry.

(fish and brussel sprouts -- P-U!) I made fish and broccoli last night; I can't believe nobody complained...

Yeah, Painty, I'm frustrated too -- by my uDDer inability to do what I need to do. Like walk or exercise. Or stop eating at some point in the evening. :hungry: The only good thing about hanging around on the puter instead of doing something more constructive is that I can't actually eat and type at the same time (don't think I haven't tried though).

It's fall -- a great time to start things. The weather's still nice, so I need to

Cowpeach, I feel your pain. How's Flawridder holding up from the twin assaults of hurricanes and political hotbeddedness? :dizzy:


10-01-2004, 05:38 PM
I am just so YAY to see Kiwi posting!!! HI Kiwi!!!.. Lemme tell u what the ediot did. Not my ediot anymore, someone elses. He went to the voter registration office and changed his party to Republican. Then he wrote a L ooooo ng editorial about how some people (inbreds) say Democrats are going to ****. He quoted scripture many times to prove HIS point. Ended it by saying that he's a Republican. For five minutes he's a Republican but he's covered either way!! I say he should still go to **** no matter what party. Can we vote on that?

10-01-2004, 06:32 PM
All in favor say Aye:


What chapter was that in the bible that says Democrats are going to ****..:chin:.. I'm always impressed with journalists who can really cover things so objectively. :lol: And editorials that serve the community, yep. I would hope that the community might object to his using the newspaper as his personal bile outlet. Now that you don't work for him, can you write letters to a rival publication or something and expose him for the moron he is?

I can see his point though; now that the current administration has succeeded in creating a **** on earth, we're all stuck in ****. Is that what he meant?

I have emptied the trash, made the bed, emptied the dishwasher, shifted the laundry and RSVP'd to my halfsister (had to explain to the 12 year old nephew who I was so he could give her the message -- "Aunt K-" didn't seem to ring a bell :rolleyes: -- always fun dealing with this side of the family).

Gotta go do more stuff.


10-01-2004, 11:02 PM
Where is everybody when I am bored and left on my own to surf the internet on a Friday night after a boring half of a football game in which barely anyone would speak to me (I am a pariah because I am actually willing to appear alone at a public function), except, as it turns out, other women who are alone because they are divorced. And DD's very kind dance teacher who I think feels unaccountably sorry for me, I honestly don't know why, although maybe it is just her voice which always has a sympathetic tone.

Yes, I am a sailing widow. Again. Not that I mind. Much. DD and I shared chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream after leaving the game at halftime, and she told me funny stories about the pep rally they had at her school today. They had a drag contest, one boy from each class. The one from her class won. He mugged for the judges the most. Yes, you read that right, a drag contest. Boys with balloon boobs, dresses and wigs. Isn't that great? The classes also had a truck decorating contest, just so you know that everything is all reassuringly macho. Her class won that too. They are the best class for sure.

So, anyway, what's the deal, you people have lives or something?


10-01-2004, 11:26 PM
I seen you on the AOL and I messenged you and you run off.

Kiwi, I have a question for you cause I know you'll know. Is there AnY danger in taking weight gain supplements such as Cyto Gainer? Lots of amino acids. Is that like Adkins or anything?

10-02-2004, 02:23 PM
I dint see you afore I left. Sawry.

I don't do diet supplements. If they worked so well, doctors would be prescribing them (because the point of pharmaceuticals is to make money off them without getting sued). The only danger I know of is to the pocketbook, but if you insist I will look it up.

Yer fren,

10-02-2004, 03:24 PM
Just realized you said weight gain supplements! I looked it up and of course that is one of those body builder supplements. I assume you aren't thinking of gaining weight yourself... This for DS? I know lots of people take that kind of thing if they are working out regularly with weights and all. Those are really food and vitamin products; I doubt if they can do anyone any harm. Except of course if you took them and weren't working out, you'd probably gain a lot of flab!

Something to think about (

Here's a specific writeup about protein supplements (

Kiwi, the Helpful

10-02-2004, 07:53 PM
Kiwi-- I saw you on line, too. I'm shy about IM'ing people that I know in "other venues" for come reason... but you can always check in... (though I'm sure my habit of leaving my IM up without an away message is off-putting for some.) I used to do the solo Friday night football thing, too. That was one of the few advantages of having band-geek kids... they had band-geek parents... and as long as the ex (geek too!!! and my ex-best friend <geek too>) wasn't too close, I could buddy up to somebody else. I am SO GLAD MY KIDS NO LONGER REQUIRE THAT ATTENTION FROM ME. Not to mention re-marriage.

I thought my ostracization was because of divorce... but if you are "only" a sailing widow... those other people are just conventional or scared or something.

10-02-2004, 08:05 PM
I Am Bored Too,and If I Get My Shop It Won't Be Til February====the Current Owner Wants To Finish During The High Season====retailers Wait All Year For Christmas And It Wouldn't Be Fair To Keep Her From That!!!!---it Will Be Easier To Get Organized When It's The Dead Season Anyway===i Have One Of The Famous Cow Headaches---the Ones That Last For Days-=--lucky Me--and I Have Heartburn Too.sorry About Your Apron Gut Peachers But I Have My Own To Excise.{through Surgery Of Course}

10-02-2004, 09:01 PM
Poor teensy Bagz. You are the most beautiful of all cows. Honestly, when DS took pictures of me recently (without permission) I got SO depressed. The pictures look scary. Bagz's pictures are glamerous. Oh so not fair.

Here in Dogpatch we have a recurrent problem of kids and their parents selling fundraising junk and then not delivering it. Does this happen elsewhere?

10-03-2004, 07:27 PM
I never remember what I've ordered from local kids.... I figure it's a donation. I wouldn't know bait and switch if it bit me... Unless it was a girl scout who ran off with the thin mints. Like I should be even thinking of them.

It is dim and cloudy here ("only" 5:30 pm) and I feel dim as well. I think I'll see what's on the tube or call my daughter. of course I COULD get some laundry in and start dinner. ugh.

10-04-2004, 06:26 AM
Hi darlings!

ds11 has gone off on a 4-day class trip so I only have ONE kid to worry about. And dh, of course. But he can make his own dinner if he absolutely has to.

We haven't been cursed with fund raising crap yet. Shouldn't the people get the crap right when they pay? Or not pay until they get it? I have no idea how these things work. What do they do, eat the stuff themselves? I'm very worried about Peachy's stomach taking over the world. As if mine wasn't doing a good enough job already. It's horrendous. We will never be svelte.

Bagziee!! Not taking over the shop until February will allow us to develop a foolproof marketing strategy for you so you'll be all ready for the Easter (free Peeps with every $5 purchase!) madness.

Painty, you sound like you're in a pretty big funk right now. I hear you, believe me. It's all just so depressing, isn't it? We need a couple of good jokes.

Did I say that Bozo the Bookworm's birthday is in February? I meant November, actually, and that's why I have to go to another hideous meeting on Wednesday and find out who's doing what and who cares anyway. But before that I have to cut out about 5 million construction paper flames for the %&*# candles.

Must go do Pilates or yoga or something.

10-04-2004, 01:40 PM
I think we may be in an all time cow-slump low. Except Lush. She hasn't been around to whine much lately.

I'm going to WW on wednesday at 5 pm. I told DH to make me go. I've got to get a grip on myself. If I head into the holiday season in my present see it - eat it mentality I'll be 50 lbs. heavier by springtime. I've gotten into a TV couch potato mode. I don't know how to get out of it. I don't even sit upright to watch. I go into my room, flop on my bed, shut the door and veg.

Kiwi, you get extra points for going to a football game by yourself. I was a fishing widow on Sunday. I had lots of energy in the morning (since DH woke me at 4:30 am) so I thought I'd paint my bedroom. I moved the furniture out from the wall, vacuumed the dust bunnies and went to the paint store to buy the one very special color I'd picked out. The paint store was closed. Then I went to Home Depot to buy tulips (no, I couldn't buy paint there - they didn't have the one special color) then I went home and planted tulips and worked in my yard. Before I knew it I was wiped out and I spent the rest of the day - you guessed it - watching tv. Did I really care what the 100 best moments of Saturday Night Live were? The only good part of being a fishing widow is that when the fisherman comes home, he feels guilty enough to take me out to dinner.

I'm out of the fund raising loop. Except for my hairdresser who collects soda cans for her daughter's softball team. I like that fund raiser.

10-04-2004, 11:14 PM
Schwartzenegger is vetoing over a quarter of the bills sent to him. Sounds like a plot for his next movie.

The only good part of being a fishing widow is that when the fisherman comes home, he feels guilty enough to take me out to dinner. Would you tell my DH that? He doesn't get it.

Funny, I did almost the same thing on Saturday that you did on Sunday, Wabbit. I didn't paint either... Seriously, pulled the furniture out and cleaned everything, except I only did one end of the room -- the reason being we are getting bugs in there and I wanted to spray for them while DH was gone. Did all the bedding and everything. All nice and fresh and clean. I'm tempted to pull down the boring paneling that's been up there since we bought the house -- I see that there is nice beadboard ( under it. Very camp.

I don't think I've ever paid for something that I didn't get from fundraising kids, but I'll tell you I was some disappointed when I ordered a tub of chocolate chip cookie dough (not prepaid) and it never showed up. I think with most of the fundraising around here, you pay when you get the order. Don't they have to give a receipt if you pay beforehand? If the kids are stiffing their customers, they ought to be held accountable. Otherwise what is that teaching them -- how to cheat people for profit. Yikes! Not to mention the sad thought that someone else is eating your cookies.... :cry:

Long couple of days -- yesterday we headed out early and drove down to the coast, meeting up with DH halfway. We went to a concert in a pub in Rockland at 2 in the afternoon. Strange time for a concert, eh? But perfect for us because we could get back early. The concert was by a Yugoslavian blues/rock guitarist/singer named Ana Popovic. She had a small band with her (just drums and bass). We had seen her at the blues festival in the same town last summer. Great concert -- they played for almost 3 hours. At one point she came off stage and sat in a chair right in front of the audience and played her guitar, then she asked if anyone would come up and play a bit. Nobody would come up until we persuaded DD to go up!! It was great--Popovic gave her her guitar and DD played a little bluesy improvisation with the band backing her up. It was so cool -- she did really well. Some other guy came up after she came back to her seat (he was twice her age) and played a couple of chords feebly. hmph.

Then the poor kid slept all the way home -- I think she has the flu. I'm probably next.


10-05-2004, 05:08 AM
Feeling kind of flu-ish myself this morning. Hope you don't get anything after all that running around, Kiwi!

My new waste o' time is this kind of community channel I found on when dh installed our new satellite receiver thingies all over the house. I got an itty bitty colour tv in my kitchen and this show is called "Future a la Carte" It's almost non-stop people phoning in and having their tarot cards. RIGHT up my alley, as you know. I'm mesmerized. Most of the time they get it right, too. Spooky. You can imagine how much work I've been getting done. NOT. Oh well. Kids have 17 days holidays starting Friday so I'll be able to sleep in!! Or watch tv. :p

Wabby, how's the ash situation down there? I'm worried about your bronchial passages. I've been watching the VolcanoCam but I can't see anything. Probably because whenever I look, it's dark outside. :lol: I heard there was even some ash on the cars in Vancouver, so if it really blows it should be pretty scary.

Must start making displays for Canadian Thanksgiving. This year I have the cutest little ceramic pumpkins you have EVER seen. Orange and green and yellow and just adorable.

10-05-2004, 07:39 AM

10-05-2004, 11:44 AM
I have a cure for your flu. Eat a durian. Seriously, have you eaten durian? Would you like to? DS has prepackaged durian pudding that I'm sure not gonna eat.

copied this from a website on durian:

The love/hate relationship with the durian bears telling. The odor of this fruit has been described as a mixture of onions, old cheese, and turpentine or, more picturesquely, as a "custard passed through a sewer." So penetrating is the odor that the fruits are forbidden from being eaten aboard airlines, the result, perhaps, of an interchange between a pilot and an air-control tower: "We request emergency landing. We have a durian on board."

My son is an adventurous eater. I ate probably 1/8 esp of the pudding and never never NEVER want more. Panicsville if you spill it.

10-05-2004, 12:53 PM
No ash here. Just beautiful sunny skies this morning. The volcano has just been burbing steam clouds. The geologists seem to think we're in for a big blow, though. Hopefully we'll be far enough away that we won't have too much of a problem w/ ash. Even in 1980 we just had a dusting of it. DH happened to be working on the entrance doors of the US Geology something or other the day the volcano started coming to life. He said there were more news cameras than geologists.

Does anyone else love Bruce Hornsby's new single "Changes made"?

Kiwi, how cool for DD to be able to get up and hold her own with that band. I bet you were pumped. :smug:

I'll pass on the durian.

10-05-2004, 04:49 PM
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was so exciting about your sweet dd there Kiwi!!!! i would have been so thrilled if i were you!!!-----thank God we can live through our children's glories---cause ours seem to be sputtering....................wabby-0--i LOVE bruce hornsby---must check out his new song---one of my favourite songs in the whole world is "mandolin rain"---------------BRUCE IS A BIT OLD FOR ME NOW THAT I AM A COUGAR!!!!!

10-05-2004, 04:52 PM
Oh well. Kids have 17 days holidays starting Friday so I'll be able to sleep in!! Or watch tv. :p :lol: You're a card, Sugar. A tarot card. Hope you are not getting sick. Although if you are, you will then have to lie down for a few days and do nothing but watch TV. I'm always amazed at what crap I can find on the satellite that is sooo absorbing. :tired:

I can just see you lined up on the sidewalk in your sleeping bag to be first in line for the CD, Bagz.

The love/hate relationship with the durian bears telling. ":yikes: Get away from me with that stuff!!! Although I have to say I stared at the phrase "durian bears telling" for the longest time, picturing cute little cartoon bears trying to sell pudding or something. I think I need more coffee.

Does anyone else love Bruce Hornsby's new single "Changes made"? Wow, I haven't heard that name in a while! It's good? I want to hear it!!

I have come to the certain conclusion that the only way I'm going to straighten my life out is to start going to bed at 11:00. So that's out. :rofl:


10-05-2004, 05:11 PM
OK, everybody. Go to website. Search popular music for Halcyon Days (Bruce H's new cd) then click on the sample of Changes Made. Be sure your sound is turned on your puter. Wouldn't it be something to play a piano like that?

10-05-2004, 05:17 PM
Just as soon as I get that chicken soup made...

10-05-2004, 06:41 PM
Okay, I listened to it. Wasn't enough of a clip to really hear it, but it sounded cool. Maybe I'll hear it on the rahdio. Gotta go take the kiddie to rehearsal.

10-05-2004, 06:52 PM
Au contraire! I don't have to take her to rehearsal. She is taking herself! How easily I forget. And what a simply strange concept. I mean, I've been driving her around for 16 and a half years--very hard to remember not to!! :fr:

10-05-2004, 11:13 PM
i know how you feel kiwonkers!!! one of my chillens has actually BOUGHT a car!!!! they can drive mEEEEEEEEEEEE around=====didn't need my sleeping bag but i got the last two copies of the cd at walmart-----------at nine am!!!!-----somebody will be mad they slept in!!!!!

10-05-2004, 11:15 PM
by the way---i lOVEEEEEEEEEEEE that we all have these autumnal halloweeeenie avatars-----we shall have to get christmas ones as well!!!!!!!!!!!!did i really say the C word????
kick me.

10-06-2004, 12:34 PM
You all sound active and excited. Here I am still doing IM, email and crossword puzzles when i ought to be painting, writing a novel, exercising, cleaning (ha!!) or something. Instead I'll chalk it up to old age and another birthday. Ahh, the joys of self-indulgence. (and the agony of d'scale...)

10-06-2004, 12:54 PM
My favorite Aunty and my mom are taking me out to lunch today. Tomorrow my DD is taking me out to lunch. No wonder I'm a pudge.

Painty, did you sneak that birthday past us?

DD still needs her mommy. She called me from work yesterday evening. Her shoes were giving her a blister. I had to run to the cheap shoe store and buy her a pair of sensible shoes and take them to her work. It's so nice to be needed. :^: I think I may be going through the empty nest syndrome. I've been feeling --- hmm, what's the word? --- un-needed, not vital, like so much flotsam, peripheral, ---- no, none of those are the right word. In 2 years I will be 50. I plan on celebrating it in Italy. DH will be 50 next year. I'm planning a blow out party for him. He's Mr. Sociable. I'm the shy one. hee. ;)

10-06-2004, 05:00 PM
[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=4][COLOR=DarkOrchid]NOW I GET IT KIWONKERS!!!---you had "just say no to Bush"---right!!!!hahahaha---i was wondering what that meant!!!-----and Painty---am i reading that you have lost TWENTY pounds???that is wonderful!!! and belated Happy bee day as well!!!!---i remember your great paintings of the sheep----------maybe you could make them into greeting cards!!!! i sell my christmas cards to a shop in Nova Scotia----your sheep would make great Texas Ranchero Cards!!!!{I would buy them!!!!} i could sell them at my shop,but we are supposed to carry "Maritime" crafts and gifts made in the region as the market is a designated tourist area---you must have a tourist shop that would LOVE to have your stuff!!!! :) :) Wabby i know just how you feel---i love the dd's calling me with their problems---it's more fun than when the problems actually lived in the house!!! :lol: :lol: seems more flattering that they actually SEEK you out!!!!----DD is selling LOTs of her glass bead jewellery at the market----it's lots of fun!!----i know you can't have avatars and political sigs,but can you TALK about the election???? Jay Leno said that Cheney and Edwards were like Dennis the Menace and Mr Wilson!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

10-06-2004, 05:08 PM
Here ya go, Bagz. Now concentrate on Can. Thanksgiving so I don't feel any pressure to do anything.

10-07-2004, 08:54 AM
Hi cows and sows.
I've been a failure. But fine. Life is very busy at this time of year. We are college shopping, high school shopping, going to soccer, etc. Can you believe that ds14 is going to hs next year? I can't. It seems more impossible than dd going to college. At least until I imagine her at the HUGE university she wants to go to.

Painty, 20 lbs! wtg

The dennis/wilson comparision was good. Wasn't Cheney's constant hand rubbing creepy? I can't believe there are people who admit to thinking he's great. I am hopeful because my hometown(Republican, PA....1/2 the population distant cousins to both bush and kerry) ripped his debate performance apart. I don't know what Bush did to turn them against him. I'm sure it had to be something petty, like Barbara refusing to speak at the Junior League Tea. I can't imagine them getting all riled up about sending all those kids to a foreign country as cannon fodder. You know, we used to love our Barbara... but now, not so much. Bagzie, I'm sure the 3fc's agree with us, so they let us rant.

Wabby, you are not flotsam. You are sought out.....your dd chooses you. And lots of people want to eat with you.

Cowsie, I have to look up durian. Sugar, I'm feeling the pressure of Bozo's birthdy coming up in just one month, too.

Must go force children to leave the house...but don't have to drive them myself anymore...isn't that nice? I will enjoy this year because next year, I'm the driver,again.

must run...L

10-07-2004, 01:09 PM
Lushy, I'm so happy to hear that it's possible to be a failure, yet fine. If I don't snap out of this soon, I may have to do something drastic. Like finding a therapist. I really don't want to go have to talk to a shrink when I have all of you to whine to. I've been working overtime at not tearing up all day. This is not good.

Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Kerry wore the same colored suit at the pres. debate. Next time Mrs. Bush said she will be wearing blue. Just a warning to Mrs. Kerry. This is newsworthy information.

10-07-2004, 08:01 PM
NOW I GET IT KIWONKERS!!!---you had "just say no to Bush"---right!!!!hahahaha---i was wondering what that meant:s: You got it!

Hey, if you are supposed to sell Maritime stuff, how about I print up a few batches of notecards with your photos on them (I never did send you any, did I?) I made notecard sets as Christmas gifts last year for some of my family -- with pictures they had sent me, or scenes from around here and whatnot. One set I did with beautiful portraits of her dogs and she wants more!

You bet we can talk politics -- it's our forum, isn't it? I think I really may have caused that ban on political sigs -- I posted in the help forum and forgot to turn off my sig in the message (I should know better!)

I saw that last night with Laura Bush talking about her outfit for Fri. night. Wouldn't it be a laugh if Theresa showed up in a blue suit too. Maybe then Prez and First Lady would be making annoyed faces!

I've seen a bit of rebellion in Republican circles too, Lush. My stepfather, who is conservative to a T, calls Bush a liar. I think there may be enough staunch conservatives who have been voting Republican for decades who are willing to get rid of Bush this year that it might finally tip the scales away from all the Bush loyalists (who I really can't understand no way no how--if anyone would like to explain that to me, please go right ahead.)

Wabby, I'm sorry to hear you are feeling blue. I seem to get that way about every other day, so I can identify. I tear up in the car going in and out of town rather frequently. Seems stupid, but there it is. I'm sure I would feel better if I was getting some regular exercise, but blah :P. Sucks too, because the weather here has been magnificent--I go out and stand on the steps and wish I had the energy to actually do something. Hope you feel perkier soon, but be assured you are in good company. Maybe it's our hormones.

By the way, I think Italy sounds excellent!! I'm starting to contemplate what ought to be done to celebrate my 50th too (only a year and a month away for me).


10-08-2004, 05:39 AM
Wabby, I'm sorry to hear you are feeling blue. I seem to get that way about every other day, so I can identify. I tear up in the car going in and out of town rather frequently. Seems stupid, but there it is. Kiwi

Hey, I tear up when I'm walking down the street. Or when I'm washing the dishes. Or just any old time How embarassing. Been pretty bad lately. And then I go and torture myself by listening to Sarah McLachlan and thinking about alternate life #67. Waaaaaaaaaah! Sucks to be us, huh? I'm in a the market for a major attitude adjustment. :cry:

Italy sounds fabulous, Wabs. I may just join you. A numerologist told me something good would happen to me when I turned 50. Can't wait. :coffee:

Lushy, I love the way you just keep keeping on. Doesn't it ever just depress the h*ll out of you?

And I see that Kiweenie has lost 2 lbs! Way to go! My weight regularily goes up and down about 3 lbs so I never know where I'm at.

ds11 got back safely from his class trip. The youth hostel was filthy but only one kid barfed. Ds8 got a ceramic penguin as present. He is thrilled.

Word of the day: cahoots

10-08-2004, 08:36 AM
What is all this tearing about? You are all sSOOO adorable and lovable and I am perplexed. I am upset about the flu shot shortage. I want my shot!!! And DS must have one. Yesterda, we learned about tori. Do any of you have tori? For those who dons't know, like me, they're boney b\growths in the mouth and cause noproblem unless you have dentures thent he dentures don't fit.

My puter is not letting me see what I type as I go. Must live with mistakes.

Love you Cowsies!!!

10-08-2004, 12:53 PM
Aaaaah. You are all so sweet. It must be the time of our life to go through these feelings. I'm trying to figure out what I'm supposed to be learning from it.

I had a dream last night that DH had another wife named Shannon. They went out for burgers after I was asleep.

Last week I had a dream that I met all you Cowsies in 3D. Except Bagzie, who was late. I had to leave without getting to see her and I was distraught.

Feel free to interpret. :dizzy:

Sugar P and Kiwi, I can't wait to meet w/ you and the Pope.

I don't ever get out enough to catch the flu. I'm like the boy in the bubble, but I'm the woman in the office. I have no tori or dentures.

Saturday is bunco night. Wish you all could be there.

10-08-2004, 03:49 PM
Wabbitsfoot, I do not see u as a boy in bubble, I see you as a girl dancing in baloons. Pop. Pop. May I sit in your office til winter is over?

10-08-2004, 06:25 PM
Yes, Sugar, maybe we'll become Canadians.
I agree, Kiwi, I do not understand why people support Bush. But on the other ought to see what the democrats are doing in they're all crooks.
I'm not depressed...give me a year. I'm sure DD's departure will push me over the edge.
I have nothing to say...but it's cooking day and I don't feel like starting. The radio has the 885 best songs of all time. It is good. We are down to #20...Satisfaction. Philadelphia has such good radio...#19 Moondance.
I think we'll be ok for flu shots...I hope so at least. I was going to change drs but now I think I'll stick so we'll be on the top of the list. I don't like our drs...they are arrogant. I am tired of arrogant drs. DD left them and goes to a woman who is very close. I am going to change, too.
#18 All Along the Watchtower....hendrix version

10-08-2004, 06:26 PM
I am donating my flu shot to Peaches. Of course, I never get a flu shot. I don't get the point -- haha get it, the point? :lol: I almost never get anything remotely like the flu, I just get colds. Plenty of 'em, but you can't prevent those yet. I think we live far enough away from everything and everyone, and it's so cold here all winter, that we just can't seem to get a really good flu epidemic going here.

I never heard of tori. I noticed that where I had that molar extracted (it was the last one in the back) there is an abrupt bony shelf beyond the "hole". It sort of creeps me out, but I don't think it is a growth, it's just what was on the other side of the tooth. I have decided I don't want to get an implant to replace the tooth. My dentist thought it was unnecessary, but the doc who pulled the tooth out said I was "a good candidate for an implant" -- of course he would say that, he would stand to make some thousands of dollars if I got one. It's not usually covered by insurance and it's not bothering me. Well, except for the creeping out part. It is kind of annoying when I floss my teeth and I want there to be another tooth back there to floss between... Phantom tooth syndrome. Not.

Glad to hear DS had a good adventure, Sugar.

Yeah, I had to put down my big 2 pounds of weight loss. In bright red numbers. I figure if I write it down, it makes it permanent, right?

Interesting dream, Wabbit. I usually have dreams of me being bad.

I'm sure there is some meaning to the dream about Bagz' being late. You know what being late means....

Today is a day off from school. DD is really sick, although she has been doing almost everything on her schedule, so I'm glad she got to sleep in today and be lazy. I joined her. :coffee:

Tomorrow very early in the morning, I'm heading out to go to a farmer's market and then to the DOG SHOW!! I'm going to see lots of Belgian Sheepdogs and talk to the breeder who sold mine to me many long years ago. She may be breeding again. Me want Puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10-08-2004, 06:37 PM
Hi Lush. Didn't see your post before I posted. That's what happens when you spend al your time making rainbow colored messages instead of just writing a message.

Keep us up to date on the rest of the songs. So far, they're good. Upstairs in my house, DD is playing her electric guitar. With the door closed, but with the amp turned up fairly loud. She was playing a Cream song a few minutes ago.


Let's see, what color should this be....

10-08-2004, 06:58 PM
Just for the record, I'm not as depressed today. Not not depressed, but not as depressed. The thought of bunco and the fact that I'm not driving so I can imbibe is helping. Isn't that pathetic?

Good songs, Lush. Maybe I've just been listening to the wrong radio station.

Kiwi, 2 pounds is wonderful. And of course, pounds in red never come back. Did you do anything in particular to lose it? I'm thinking of just swearing off eating restaurant food. I bet I'd really drop the weight then.

Have a loverly weekend, Cowsies. I hope the sun is shining on you wherever you are. It's going to be a rainy weekend here. Good for watching black and white movies.

I'm worried about Martha S. - it will be her first night in the big house. What a bizarre world this is.

10-08-2004, 08:25 PM
Did you do anything in particular to lose it? I'm thinking of just swearing off eating restaurant food. I bet I'd really drop the weight then. Nah, I've been snacking like food's going out of style. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I hardly ever eat lunch. Or maybe it's because I've started eating oatmeal several times a week. Or maybe it's just a fluke. But I have been thinking that even one little change for the better could make a difference -- so don't try to do anything drastic, just change something small. This little blurb kind of inspired me:
Tip of the Week: Living by the Numbers
By Steve Edwards

1 gram of carbohydrates = 4 calories
1 gram of protein = 4 calories
1 gram of fat = 9 calories
1 gram of alcohol = 7 calories
3,500 calories = 1 pound of body weight

For example, a candy bar that's 10 grams of protein (40 calories), 60 grams of carbs (240 calories), and 25 grams of fat (225 calories) is 505 calories. If you were eating one per day, that's 3,535 calories per week, so by cutting out your candy bar you'll lose a pound per week by changing nothing else.

I'm worried about Martha S. - it will be her first night in the big house. What a bizarre world this is. Me, too--I was just reading an article about it and I almost cried. I know she did illegal stuff, but I don't understand why she is having to serve time in prison. Wouldn't it make a lot more sense for her to have to pay a gigantic fine? I have to say that it might be beneficial in one way: a lot of women in similar positions will think twice before being tempted to trade on insider info. I don't think the same can be said for men, but I think most women can sympathize with her to some extent and be pretty horrified at what she is going through.

Hey, enjoy bunco!!


10-08-2004, 10:19 PM
It is a sin what happened to Martha. She wasn't charged with insider trading...she was charged with obstruction of justice. The mistake she made was to talk to them in the first place. She thought that she could just clear it up..Fool. You can't trust the government.
That's why I'm moving to Canada. I want my kids to go to Degrassi. I could jaunt down to Wabby's for Bunco night.

10-09-2004, 02:48 PM
I ALMOST MISSED THAT "LATE" COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: LIKE,FUGETTABOUTIT~~~!!!!! :p :p :p ---OKAY,since some of you want to move to canada i will have to paste the Thanksgiving piece I read in a Canadian newspaper online-------but first let me tell you I worked this week in the shop i may purchase-----AND SELL ME AND KIWONKER'S CARDS OF COURSE---SPLIT 50/50!!! HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!------------------- we had FIVE boats in the harbour {cruise ships from New York and Connecticut}---LOTS Of american passengers---MOST OF them very sweet---my favourite lady from Virginia asked me when she saw our little pumpkin decorations----DO YAS ALL HAVE HALLOWE'EN UP HERE!!! hhs hhs hhs-------------ANYWAY--it's Thanksgiving weekend here so here's the newspaper item---------------------It's Thanksgiving and you know what that means. Leaves. And, if you're lucky, leftovers. And baseball. And more leaves. And more baseball. And a little football. But no hockey. So sad if you're one of the eight people who still care. As long as none of our locked-out hockey players starve.

But enough about spoiled sportsmen. This is a happy time, a joyous occasion for family and feasts.

For the record, if for no other reason than to prove I know how to use the Internet, the first Canadian Thanksgiving was held in 1581, 40 years before the pilgrims landed in Massachusetts.

There is no disputing the fact Canadians have plenty to be thankful for. If you compare this country with the rest of the world, there's no comparison.

Not once did I have to duck into a doorway to escape gunfire. Dozens of buses drove by and not one of them was the target of a suicide bomber. There wasn't a single sniper on the roof. There were cops on the street, but none of them carried a machine-gun.

In Canada, as much as we like to ***** and complain, there is much to be thankful for.

Nothing puts things in perspective quicker than a youngster's smile. Combine that with good health, good friends and a great family, and I figure I have it made.

10-09-2004, 05:29 PM
There is no disputing the fact Canadians have plenty to be thankful for. If you compare this country with the rest of the world, there's no comparison.

See? That's why I wanna go HOME!!!!! Went out to buy a Thanksgiving turkey today an they DIDN'T HAVE ANY. So I bought two chickens instead and we'll just improvise. I'll make pumpkin pie and no one will eat it but me. Which is part of the plan, of course. :devil:

Bagzie! You're going to be raking in the dough in no time. Better build an extra room onto the house to shovel all your loot into once you get famous. Have you got business cards printed up to give to all those ladies from Virginia?

Did yoga today and I am my huge gut are feeling at one with the universe. :smug: :smug: :smug:

10-09-2004, 11:29 PM
Hey! Where's my post? I'm getting really p-o'ed at this computer. Well, actually the other computer. It keeps disconnecting me.

Anyway, DD has been doing some yoga. This is relevant to my losing weight because I'm the one who bought the yoga video. Ten years ago.

:dance: I had a great time at the dog show. Sometimes it seems I just need to get the heck out of Podunk and talk to some different people for a change. And get good doggie hugs. The breeder who sold me my dog way back when was there and is hoping to do another breeding this winter. She was happy to hear that I'm interested, so maybe I'll be able to get a puppy! :dance:


10-10-2004, 04:14 AM
Perhaps we were ALL in a funk. And it seems to have lifted, lightened or LEFT. Whoo hoo.

Now some of you are still whining about getting old. I am now 54 @#$%ing years old and have earned my stately (I HATE "matronly") dignity and respect. (Well, I take it when I can.) I've started wearing my hair in a french twist with various odd "implements" to hold it in place. It shows off my lovely lobe-less ears and earrings and distracts people from making weight-loss remarks.

A few months ago, I chose to change my meds. No consult with professionals, I just dinna wanna take some of 'em any more. I became frighteningly (and embarrasingly) self-destructive. (I started back up.. with some M.D. assisted adjustments.) But I can see (especially with my on again off again relationship with fruits, veggies and general abstention from sugar) that what we put into our bodies REALLY MAKES A DIFFERENCE. Believe it or not, it was news to me. If you have been feeling better (or worse) than *before* rethink what sort of fuel you've been feeding yourself. Please. You all have little niches in my heart and matter. No, I don't "need" any of you like a child or spouse or even a recalcitrant employee. but you matter. And I am coming to understand that sometimes the people that I matter to aren't the same ones who matter to me. Sad. True. Undeniable. Acceptable.

Thanks Wabby for remembering the sheep paintings. Do you suppose under either candidate's new tax plan I could take a trip to NB or ME or even the Gulf and deduct it if I were to paint "sea" paintings? I'm considering it. It doesn't seem like more of a spin than the stuff I heard in the debates.

From what I read on line, Kerry made one factual error, which (conveniently!) I don't remember right now... I think it had to do with either the cost of the Iraq war or numbers of troops coming or going... don't quote me. AND, Bush made 5 or 6 comments that were technically accurate but to most listeners left an impression that was false. Given that many people have told the RNC that the impression being left is false (but flattering to the RNC), and that Bush keeps making the same remarks, I have concluded that he doesn't care about honesty and accuracy much. I watched a video copy of G and L on Dr. Phil this afternoon. I think Laura's got the brains, but George has the passion. Passion in a leader is definitely important. Unfortunately, I think Laura is "nicer" than Hilary was, and may not be privvy to the details that would help her keep him accurate. (Librarians really DO believe in accurate sources!) After reading Bush's Brain about Karl Rove, I am of the opinion that Rove believes the end justifies ANY means and ultimately has no charity or respect for anyone who doesn't owe him anything. So it is a combination of personalities that just doesn't support my values: Honesty and mutual repect being two of the most important ones.

If any of you knit and want to get REALLY heavy into political opinion stating, check out the "off topic" forums at!

Ciao for now.

10-10-2004, 04:30 AM
You all have little niches in my heart and matter. No, I don't "need" any of you like a child or spouse or even a recalcitrant employee. but you matter.

Oh Painty, you are SO sweet. I'm getting all weepy again. I'm sure I speak for the whole herd when I say that you matter to us, too. And you're also so right about watching what you put in your body. It makes such a difference. I just bought a book called "Lit from Within" by Victoria Moran. Very sound and inspirational advice that I'm attempting to follow.

I will now go and attempt 3 miles with that chatty Leslie Sansone who drives me nuts but actually keeps me moving.

After that I will check my lottery ticket and find that I have won this week's 16 million EUR jackpot. Really. Gotta happen sometime. :dizzy:

10-10-2004, 10:41 AM
Hi kids. I'm procrastinating. DD and I have to go to a baby shower this afternoon. The honoree is my youngest half-sister. She is the reason I'm going, of course. I am dreading it big-time though. This is the thing I tried to RSVP to and my nephew had no idea who I was. I never heard back after leaving a message with him, so I called again, left a message on the answering machine and still never heard back. I told them we're coming, but I can't tell you how tempted I am to call and beg off. It's a 3 hour drive each way and DD is still coughing from whatever she has been getting over all week (although she claims to feel fine).

Durn, DD's out of the bathroom. Can't procrastinate any longer.

Thanks for the heartfelt post, Painty, good luck on the lottery, Sug.


P.S. The mistake on Kerry's part was in stating the war cost as 200Bil. The white house states it as 120. Difference is the 120 is what has been paid out in costs, 200 is what has been designated to be paid. The media is the one getting it wrong as usual -- typical "lie" where there is no lie, just spin. Troop count is probably similar, definitely some of it is overstated by GW, understated by Kerry. Typical. Cheney's the guy for the "bald" faced lie, though. "I didn't say that" "I never met you" All just baldly not true. Lie and swear to it. Makes me shudder.

10-10-2004, 02:45 PM
Didn't win a cent in the lottery, as per usual, but I DID do the three mile walk, so that's somethin', ain't it? If only I could get myself to do it three times a week. :coffee:

And I can sleep in tomorrow!!!! Woo hoo!

10-11-2004, 01:01 AM
Yay, Sugar, you won the 3 mile walk!!!

I had tasty party food and got to see adorable baby gifts. Then went with DD to see The Village -- good, atmospheric, suspense movie.


10-11-2004, 05:34 AM
10:32 a.m. and still in my jammies. Go me!

Oooooh! Wasn't The Village scary (asking because I haven't seen it, not to confirm that I have and found it scary)??? I'd probably be awake for a week after that like I was after The Shining. :o :o :o

Glad the shower was a success Kiwi! Sounds like you had a good time after all and I'm sure your sister was thrilled that you could make it. Tell us about the food!

I am about to attempt to make a pumpkin pie. From scratch. No pie crust mix and Libby's Pumpkin Pie Filling available here. Or Cool Whip. I suppose I'll manage. It's only us chickens for dinner anyway. :coffee:

Since the kids are off school and I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn, I MAY attempt to clean up this dump somewhat. Already threw away a bunch of clothes that I couldn't stand to look at once second longer. The kind that you hate but wear when everything else is dirty but that make you feel really lousy? I have no idea how this family aquired so much clothing, but some of it has GOT to go. Whine, whine, whine! :lol:

10-11-2004, 10:38 AM
Sugar, you're using a real pumpkin??? Wow o wow. Will you roast the seeds and make a jackolatern, too. Send pictures of the pie.

Today is Columbus Day and I'm home alone. DS has school. This is so nice.

By the way, about 3 months ago DS and I joined a gym which we rarely get to BUT today when I looked in the mirror, things looked smoother. My butt is still similar to two of Sugar's pumpkins but my thighs and arms don't reflect that weird light that comes from having cellucite lumps. Today anyhow!

Post. I'm home. POST. DO IT~!!!

10-11-2004, 01:13 PM
I was just reading about how to use real pumpkin for pies and stuff - the key apparently is to drain the moisture out of it really well, otherwise you have soggy pies I guess.

So Florida doesn't celebrate Columbus Day? The schools are closed here. Silly holiday, but I say, any excuse to get off work. DH has the day off too. He never had these holidays when he worked for the paper mill, but now he's in the "public sector". So he's home watching SciFi Tv. Oy. We have 2 feet of grass surrounding our house, but you have to have your priorities. :rolleyes:

Yay for smoother thighs, Peachie! Good job. I'll bet you are feeling more fit too, right?

Oh :censored: Superman died! What a bummer!


10-11-2004, 01:15 PM
OK, Peach, but only because you asked. It's not because I have anything scintillating to tell you.

Bunco was, as usual, a success and just what I needed to get me out of my funk. The theme for the evening was school cafeteria. We had weiner wraps, tater tots, mac and cheese and apple crisp. It was served on lunchroom trays. Surprisingly yummy and of course I ate too much. What a surprise. :o

Sugar, I need to do the closet clean out too, but if I clean out all the clothes that make me look dumpy, I'll be running around in my birthday suit. I went shopping on Sunday, but I wandered around for an hour, then decided I wasn't in the mood to buy clothes and left. I went home and DH & I went for a drive, then stopped for lunch, then a movie. Saw Ladder 49 which was ok, but not fabulous. Ate popcorn w/ butter. correction: stale popcorn w/ butter flavored oil. why can't we get good popcorn at the movies anymore???? Is that too much to ask for $4.75????? of course, that didn't stop me from eating it.

Painty, you're sweet.... thanks for the reminder about the correlation between what I put into my bod and my mental attitude. Of course all that negative self talk I do to myself when I eat the wrong things doesn't help either. So far today its been a banana and cottage cheese. I feel sooooo much better when I eat well. Of course, sometimes you need popcorn at the movies.

Leslie Sansone is the only exercise tape I use, even though her perky self makes me want to scream sometimes. I gave all my Firm tapes to my sister, who actually uses them. She's going to be 55 this year and she has a great figure. Maybe by the time I get to 55 I'll look that good, if I start now.

Peach, you go girl!! Cellulite free zones?? good news. Have you gotten to the point where you actually like to work out? Tell me it can happen.

Kiwonkers, glad you got your doggie fix. I went to visit my grandpuppy at DD's on Saturday. She's still having housetraining issues, but her cuteness makes up for it.

I refuse to make any political statements because I'm really, really, sick of it. I have men on both sides of the fence here at work. It goes on all day. All. Day. every day. I can't wait for the election to be over. :stars:

Hi Kiwi! didn't see your post there. Yes, isn't it sad that Chris Reeves died? I remember one interview in which he said that if you're able bodied, get out there and use it to live. Good advice. It makes you feel a little guilty complaining about exercise.

10-11-2004, 01:32 PM
Some schools planned not to have the day off. Some WERE going to have it off butttt there were some hurricanes that changed things. Yes, I feel fitter and fat. I am still eating non-stop. What to eat next?? PUmpkins!!!

10-11-2004, 06:37 PM
What a concept!!
See below for an image that reminds me of the SIZE of mine, and holds promise for smoothness.... Don't take offense y'all...., OK? :devil:

Texas doesn't have Columbus day either.
Probably thinks Sam Houston discovered the East Coast.
Or maybe that Columbus forgot the Alamo.

Clients have crawled back into the woodwork and hubby is out of town till Wednesday. So I'm home in front of the 'puter, afraid I might eat WAY more than I'm supposed to. but looking forward to an evening of knitting, reading and drinking water.

10-11-2004, 06:55 PM
naturally i wonder how much fun it must have been for the tatoo artist :dizzy: :dizzy: ---we had our THANKSGIVING dinner at sissy's cottage yesterday---lovely day but somehow today feels like a hurricane----------crazy winds out there---and pissy rain----i felt TERRIBLE about Christopher Reeves too------i was shocked that he could just die from an infected bedsore---i would have thought his care would have been beyond such mistakes{???}--------you are right on wabby about complaining about excercise===what he would have given to be able to run around like we could!-------anyway-----just sayin hi for a minute---and oh yeah------SUGAR PLUM----COME HOME TO CANADAAAAAAAAAAA~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D WE MISSS YOUUUUUUUUU----LYNNIE IS VISITING FOR TWO WEEKS FROM VICTORIA----SEE YAS---

10-11-2004, 07:53 PM
That's got to be paint and not a tatoo!!! That would hurt waaay too much. Whattya mean Texas doesn't have Columbus Day??? Do they think it's a different country???!!! Oh, yeah, my BIL is a Texan. They do think it's a different country.

Bagzie, don't neglect us just because your sis is visiting from the other side of the continent!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!! Did you eat Pumpkin Pie????

I'm going to go check out cruises. I think a January vacation would be nice.

I just made reservations for company Christmas party. I can't believe it's already that time again. Time to start thinking gifts. I'm going to go buy pears after work so that I can make my famous ginger-pear butter to give away. This year I'm going to be organized! Shhheaaaahhhh. right.

10-11-2004, 10:17 PM
Peaches, if you eat a whole pumpkin, don't forget to peel it first.

I am at this moment eating a spinach and chicken salad from Subway. Yes, it is rather later to be eating dinner, but we just got home from the weekly jaunt to Othertown. I tried to eat this in the car, but I couldn't do it, even though DD was driving. Did you ever try to eat a salad in the dark? I like to know what I'm putting in my mouth. At one point while I was trying to eat it, I couldn't find my fork.

Oh, I get it, Peachie. So all the Florida schools have different numbers of days they need to make up and all that, eh? I guess they don't normally build snowdays into your school years...

I have a migraine. Sucks.

Bunco sounds like a hoot. I know exactly what you're talking about with the shopping, Wabbit. I do that frequently. I hate spending all that time trying on clothes only to find that nothing fits or it looks like crap; then I just want to go home. Sometimes it's the stores themselves. I went into Talbot's last summer because they were having a sale, and was surprised to find that there were clothes there were nice and that fit me. And were on sale. You never know -- try a store you've never tried before! I used to think that if I resigned myself to shopping in Lane Bryant, that at least the clothes would fit. But I went in there and could not find a thing I wanted to even try on, so that was a dumb idea.

Later gators

10-11-2004, 10:31 PM
She's got the whole world in her hands, She's got the whole wide world in her hands....

Just try and offend us, I dare you!

Oh yeah, Happy Canahdyen Thanksgiving!! Hope it was fun.

Kiwi, who has spinach between her teeth

10-12-2004, 02:29 AM
Bagzz... I thought the same thing about infected bedsores... but then on the news tonight it said he'd been getting more and more infections.... AND if they were all septic (which aparrently happens alarmingly frequently in hospitals) it might have just been too much.

I have never tried to eat a salad in the dark. Brownies, yes. Salad No. If there was any left, I might be able to eat some of the pumpking spice cake I made in the dark. Spice cake mix made according to the directions ON THE BOX, extra cinnamon, a little ginger, a copy of canned pumpkin (and I added a few cinnamon chips.)

I've never been challenged to see if I could offend anyone. Hm. I think there's enough of that going around.

Wabby... do you share your ginger pear butter recipe? It sounds yummy.

I am thankful I have a sense of humor, plenty of hair on my head, and enough brain cells to think new thoughts.

10-12-2004, 03:25 PM
A hoot is exactly what bunco is, Kiwi. We have so much fun. The women are funny and smart and we laugh and have fun. Just like we cows would be if we could play a mindless game together and eat and drink to excess. :cb:

I've never attempted salad in the dark. I had enough trouble w/ popcorn at the movies on Sunday. I left w/ my cleavage full of kernels.

I would be happy to share my ginger pear butter recipe, Painty. You core, but do not peel very ripe pears. Cut the pears into chunks and puree in food processer (or in my case my blender). Pour into a roasting pan. Add an equal volume of sugar. Grate some peeled ginger into the mix. Bake at 300 degrees for 2 hrs. Pour into sterilized jars and process in a water bath just like any other jelly. I make tons of this stuff and everybody asks for more. It's yummy on toast or biscuits, and also is a wonderful glaze over a pork roast.

Denise Austin was on our local radio station. She said the key to physical fitness is the consistancy of exercise, not especially the degree of difficulty or intensity. So I'm thinking I could do a half hearted, easy *ss routine as long as I do it every day.

I need a pedicure.

I'm thankful for .... the beautiful sunny day it is today, my sweet, warm, lovable husband, (he's back on my good list, can you tell?) and my goofy doggies.

10-12-2004, 04:44 PM
I am thankful I have a sense of humor, plenty of hair on my head, and enough brain cells to think new thoughts.I'm thankful for .... the beautiful sunny day it is today, my sweet, warm, lovable husband, (he's back on my good list, can you tell?) and my goofy doggies. I've never attempted salad in the dark. I had enough trouble w/ popcorn at the movies on Sunday. I left w/ my cleavage full of kernels.
And I'm thankful for the miracle of online friends who make me snort coffee through my nose!

Gotta run pick up the kid, who has assured me I would be late this afternoon. :o


10-13-2004, 01:39 AM
Equal VOLUME sugar. OMG. and with ginger, too. No wonder.:lol3:

]Cleavage full of kernals... sounds like a kinky war novel....[/COLOR]. :drill:

OK. I've got snail mail to sort and files to shred before I head off to my bed.
I can hardly wait for pear butter! Certainly sounds easier than lemon curd! Maybe I can do some up for friends who needs presents!!

10-13-2004, 03:32 PM
Good morning!!!

Gosh I was reading the previous days' postings and I missed reading you wacky ladies...

I got sidelined with the flu a couple of weeks ago. Yuck. I haven't been that sick in 10 years...don't even remember one whole day. Then as I was recovering from that, my older son (age 31) had an episode with his bi-polar disorder which landed him in the hospital..he had not been on medication for it for a long time; but this attempt at suicide at scared him and he is NOW on medication and going to counseling.
ACK. There is a lot of this around--and although it isn't logical and I'm trying to not blame myself...gosh it really hurts. Of course there is the side of me that wants to blame his father (to whom, thankfully I am no longer married) for destroying his self-esteem etc etc. Anyway.... between that and the fall melancholy that sets in for me every year... well I had a few days of wanting to cry all the time too, so I can identify with that..

meanwhile somehow I managed, mostly to not go on an emotional eating binge, and I lost a couple of pounds. I had Monday off, so I took myself shopping-hooha!
Among other things bought a long, straight fitten denim skirt which I am wearing today with a tucked in tee shirt (under a longer blouse) and a belt. Amazing.

I feel thin, although at 5'5" and 170 lbs that doesn't exactly put me in the Amazingly Slender category. At least I'm out of that nasty OBESE! DANGER DANGER! category on the weight charts.

Have been looking for a flu shot... my Dr's office doesn't have any. Told me to try Costco? (what -- you buy a gallon..???) Safeway is doing them a type2 diabetic I am eligible; but I do have to call tomorrow to see if they've changed the parameters. I dunno... do I want to stand in line with a bunch of older people and risk getting battered to pieces with their canes and walkers?

I did indulge Sunday night. DH and I went out for dinner (he's on business travel this week and he'd been gone that whole week too...) and we needed a 'date.'
Went to a wonderful Cuban restaurant and then stopped and bought some Dove icecream bars for dessert later. Heaven. Worth every calorie, and now they're gone and I'm being Good again.

Re: the exercise comment which I scrolled past and don't remember who made it...that doing something is better than nothing... ? I started, last year, by doing exercises in the swimming pool. Leg kicks. Then I bought a stationary bike. Before I got sick I was riding 5-6 days a week for 30-45 min a day (5-9 miles). That's it.
No fancy classes, no jogging (don't wanna scare commuters) no CURVES. When I was trying on clothes in the store, Monday.... looked at myself in the mirror in my undies.. my gosh. What a shock. Honestly, I didn't recognize my body. There's a lot less of it. I'm not gonna win any FirmAbs awards DOES make a difference.

So that's my 2 cents worth.

Keep on keeping on.... have a great day!


10-13-2004, 04:43 PM
hey choco!!! sorry to hear about your son's episode---you are right==there is alot of this around and there is NO way you are responsible {they always "blame the mother" of course} but it likely is his father's fault {heh heh}---those ex-husbands are excellent fodder for blame!!--- regarding excercise and your newly minted bod-----you and Denise Austin may just have piqued my interest in "Not too strenous" excercise---i do have treadmill and my KALAN PORTER CANADIAN IDOL DOWNLOADED SONGS CD that i can use to walk to---------------just in case everyone thought i had forgotten my 18 year old boyfriend!!!!------gotta go get ds ready for Hockey Practice-----yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love hockey--------i miss my Toronto Maple Leafs now that the stupid NHL is on strike-===========and those DAMN Yankees beat the Red Sox last night---crappy !!!!-----------see yas------love yas!!!

10-13-2004, 05:29 PM
Sorry to hear about the sickness etal, Choco. Sounds like you are making progress on the healthy body area, so things will improve!!

Bagz :love: Kalan


Today was PSAT day at DD's school. She said it was "boring". I am taking that to mean it was a snap. :shrug:

I have nothing to say goodbye


10-13-2004, 05:43 PM
Saturday is PSAT here in Hurricane World. I hope it's a snap. Yesterday, DS met me at work where we had a special day with people dropping by and us giving them bags of books. He helped carry stuff. He also appeared a big sullen but, you know, he's 16. Then on the way home, 20 minute drive, he fell asleep and SNORED> ... the boy needs rest before this very important test.

A boy we know who was a PSAT finalist last year, went to the U of Florida and got enough money that he gets to keep some.

Choco, nothing is your fault. Mine neither. I have no idea how stuff happens. I do know that some days my lovely child to whom I am devoted is pretty much unbearable.

DS and I got flu shots yesterday. The doctors in Dogpatch are giving them out. The waiting room was full when we arrived at 8 a.m. (the time they open and began giving them). I asked a friendly woman sitting across from us everyone was there was there for the shots. She was not. I never knew there was so much one can say about one's boils.

10-13-2004, 07:38 PM
I never knew there was so much one can say about one's boils.:yikes:

That would be pretty cool if one (or more) of our cowettes got a National Merit Scholarship -- I think it's a little easier to get one in a less populated state such as ours. I suppose it's changed from when I was in H.S., but my scores were higher than DH's and he got one and I didn't (I was in NC). I sincerely doubt that dd will be going to a school that will be inexpensive enough for any amount of scholarships to cover it, but you never know. We have not started doing serious planning for college tours etc., and I'm starting to get anxious because my overachieving half-sister is taking her (same age) DD on a college tour this weekend. I can't help it, I get competitive around her. Lush and Bagz, you can both help me out -- is there anything you wish you'd done sooner re:colleges?

Gotta go finish cooking dinner.


10-13-2004, 11:09 PM
aha~!!!! a question i can TRY TO answer----DD being the valedictorian and all was eligible for an Eight thousand dollar renewable scholarship to the university in THIS province---Fredericton in fact {you have been there kiwonk}----but NOOOOOOOOOOOO SHE DIDNT' WANT TO GO THERRRRRRRRRRRE--the guidance counsellors said she would have received it for sure as the university called looking for their "Highest achiever"------but NOOOOOOOOOOO---i let her apply to these out of province universities with crappy scholarships {4000 per year}---I SHOULD HAVE INSISTED THAT SHE APPLY TO THE UNIVERSITY IN THIS PROVINCE-----she may have had a hard time turning down that kind of cash------i regret not insisting anyway----right now,she is actually complaining about being away and i suspect she is regretting not attending the closer school----anyway------every college has a fee you have to pay JUST to apply----i regret not applying to more schools because i got tired of the 50-100 dollar fee just to apply------------OH GOD I REGRET SO MUCH!!!!!---I WISH SHE WERE CLOSER IS MY POINT I GUESS,CAUSE NO MATTER HOW YOU SLICE IT,AN ARTS DEGREE IS JUST AN ARTS DEGREE AND IT DOESN'T REALLY MATTER WHICH SCHOOL ISSUED IT------NOW I WILL SHUT UP CAUSE I AM MAKING NO SENSE!!!!

10-13-2004, 11:54 PM
Actually, we will probably face that same thing: Univ. of Maine offers a full scholarship to the top student in each high school, I think. My niece got it and went there for nothing. She even had spending money, if I remember correctly. DD so far isn't interested in UM. It's only an hour down the road, although there are other campuses, some of which are very good too. She wants to go further afield, and I don't really blame her. She was talking about beaches and warm weather -- oy! But now she is talking about an urban area, Boston or NY. Wants to be where the action is. Well, there are plenty of choices near Boston. That's where I went. I do think there is a big difference in the experience and education when you're looking at big vs small, private vs state etc, but not so much between similar size schools. I mean, if DD thinks about going U of NH, she'll have to think about UMaine too, it wouldn't make sense to pay out of state tuition when you could get paid to go to school in your own state.

Anyway, I'm rambling too. Be glad she's in school, Bagz. My brother's stepdaughter, very very smart, lived in Georgia where she could have had a state paid education, decided not to go to college "yet" (i.e. screw the money), got married and now has 2 babies a year apart, with a dh in Iraq. She will shortly be moving in with bro and wife.


10-14-2004, 05:20 PM
I knew there was something good about my kids deciding to go to the school of hard knocks. I never had such worries as what school to send them to.

Hi Choco, sorry to hear of your troubles. Sometimes they do stack up, don't they? Shopping therapy is good.

Another beautiful day here. 80 degrees and sunny in October. woohoo. :cool:

I've gained another pound. 158. That makes it an even 15 pound gain since last year at this time. You would think it would make me get a grip, but I just ate a chicken sandwich from Wendy's. And it wasn't the grilled kind w/ mustard only either. :ink:

10-14-2004, 05:57 PM
Wabbit! Get on the stick!

Hey, last time I went to Wendy's I had such a lousy meal, I don't have any interest in going back. I ordered those "Homestyle" chicken fingers -- they were 3/4 breading and 1/4 hard overcooked "chicken". Why would "homestyle" have 1/2 an inch of breading on them? Real people don't cook that way, unless they're implying that home cooks suck. Then they gave us extra french fries and an extra drink we didn't order or pay for. That sounds like a plus, no? No--we already had french fries and drinks. And the fries were so awful bad I threw most of them away -- way too salty, they almost hurt to eat. So I didn't enjoy my meal and I had to feel guilty for throwing away food and beverages.

Now that ought put you off Wendy's for a couple of days. Or more likely put you off reading my posts, eh? :lol: Yep, I got lots to complain about.

On the other hand, the weather continues to be unbelievable. 63 degrees and sunny. If I weren't so lazy, I could be doing stuff outdoors!

I didn't get to watch the debate last night; I have it recorded. DH wanted to watch the baseball game (Red Sox/Yankees) which went for 3-1/2 hours. He slept through most of it. I was too tired of waiting to watch the debate after that. (Yes, we have another TV, but it's in the kitchen and not comfortable enough for that long)

Whine, whine. Gotta go make real homemade chicken nuggets. The kind that people like. The kind with real chicken in them. :chicken:


10-14-2004, 08:13 PM
That breaded chicken is much yummier on a sandwich w/ lots of mayo slathered all over it. And there is no such thing as too many or too salty french fries. They're french fries!!!! yum. We have a place called Burgerville here that has french fries w/ a "secret" sauce that consists of a whole lotta mayo. Greasy potatoes dunked in mayo sauce. Can't get any worse for you than that, and I love them. If I could just grow taller than 5'2" I'd be perfect. My 6' DS has no problem w/ his weight.

10-14-2004, 11:09 PM
All you who can vote, check out this site: this one (

Do you all have Olive Garden restaurants? I went to one for the second time tonight. They have HUGE chairs for really fat people and bring you lots of bread. Delish. Tonight, 100 percent of the profits go to hurricane recovery charities so we bought plenty. It's in th fridge if you want to come over.

Yep, I think DS should go to school in Florida even if he can get scholarships elsewhere probably because he already has tuition paid for and is certain to get it paid for a second time by the Bright Futures program. PLUS, he'd better get more scholarships.

There's a brown kitten where I work. Wild. I want it. Wabby can keep it on her roof whle I tame it.

10-15-2004, 04:44 AM
Mothers are saints and not to be blamed.
Glad all all of you who are "eligible" are getting flu shot. DH ("of age" and also type 2 diabetic) thinks he's immune. I KNOW he's stubborn. Wonderful. but stubborn.
Lots of high-priced (well endowed) schools will admit students based on academics and then make up the difference between FAFSA estimates of available money and actual costs. My daughter did that at Mt. Holyoke... (they called it "needs blind" admissions....) There was an article in this weeks paper about the money that isn't given out for scholarships/loans because nobody applies for it.... If the HS guidance counselor is too @#$%'d busy, check with the local librarian... And encourage girls to check out PEO International... which especially WANTS to support women's education.They give loans and grants of various sizes.

It's almost 3 am. I am supposed to weigh in in the am. I'm hungry.

There are mixed nuts calling me!!!!

10-15-2004, 09:59 AM
I'm ignoring that "eligible" comment. In a small town, such as this, things are handled differently. You walk in, you get the shot. Bush didn't get one so I took his.

Today, you may post for me. I will be at work in Dogpatch and it's a little slow there.

bye. got to go to work.

10-15-2004, 02:01 PM
what is bad about being "eligible"???? people were chuckling about Bush as he was crapping on Canadian Drugs being sold to americans {put a stop to it!!!} they are getting too good a deal---------------------AND NOW---he's like "oh we are checking Canada to see if they have any extra flu shots they can sell us" hhs hhs hhs------i told this american guy from Detroit {off the cruise ship}---we know EVERYTHING about you guys and you know nothing about us==he said " i know---i think you are secretly building a big bomb" huh?????? interesting .

10-15-2004, 03:42 PM

1.ages6-23 months
2.ages 65and over
3.ages 2-64 with chronic medical conditions
4. nursing home residents
5. children on chronic aspirin therapy
6. health-care workers
7. caregivers for children 6 months of age

I am not any of those yet I felt at jeopardy without the vaccine.

I watched the debate. DS kept staring at me because I was muttering "idiot" all the time. For example, if more people get health care with goverment help, health care standards will fall.


10-15-2004, 04:16 PM
Peach, that website told me what I already suspected.... they are both big fat liars.

We have Olive Garden restaurants. DH doesn't like them. I do. My favorite is salad, breadsticks and Pasta Fagioli soup. DH was forced to eat too much italian food as a child, so now he won't eat it now. It's his one fault. Well, almost the only one.

We have a mail in election. Anyone else? I like it because you can study issues at your leisure and then vote, although it lacks the excitement of actually going to the polls. And you have to be sure and have a stamp.

I had a boobie squish this morning. Why don't they warm up those dang machines?

10-15-2004, 04:27 PM
We have "absentee" voting and "early" voting where you go into the voting registrar's office.That's what I do. They're not liars. One made mistakes. The other is stupid.

10-15-2004, 04:59 PM
There was an article in this weeks paper about the money that isn't given out for scholarships/loans because nobody applies for it.... I have that article on my desk to read. I find that sort of amusingly ironic. An article about scholarships that aren't applied for, sitting on a desk unread. :dizzy:

people were chuckling about Bush as he was crapping on Canadian Drugs being sold to americans {put a stop to it!!!} they are getting too good a deal---------------------AND NOW---he's like "oh we are checking Canada to see if they have any extra flu shots they can sell us" I was screaming about that one -- I couldn't believe Kerry didn't bother to follow up on that. Bush is such a hypocrite. He won't let people buy Canadian drugs because they "might not be safe" but flu shots are okay? Makes no sense at all. I think I would make a much better candidate for prez than either one of them. I have an answer for everything :lol:

Yeah, there's an Olive Garden practically everywhere I think. They're not bad -- no doubt you get a lot of food. And if necessary they can roll you out to your car in your chair if you eat too much. :lol3: I think of it as sort of the Old Navy of Italian restaurants.

I watched the debate. DS kept staring at me because I was muttering "idiot" all the time. For example, if more people get health care with goverment help, health care standards will fall.I don't know, I think it's a matter of who makes the healthcare decisions and who profits, wouldn't you say? Health insurance and costs are such a convoluted mess in my opinion, I don't think anyone has the answer. I did hear someone mention a system that I know works: if people have "catastrophic" insurance, like people used to have a generation ago, and a healthcare spending account for regular costs, that is pretty cost-effective. Doesn't mean the government ought to be paying for it. In fact, I read a sensible idea somewhere last year: that everyone should be required by law to have health insurance, much like they are required by law to have car insurance in most states. That would drive the costs down astronomically and hospitals would no longer have the excuse of paying for the non-insured to keep their costs inflated.

Political campaigning is, sadly, all about misrepresenting your opponent. I hate it. I'm tempted to look at the debates the way I look at some movies: just keep telling myself "it's fiction, it's not real, don't take it to heart."

We have absentee voting if you want it, but I like to go to the polling place and stand in the dorky booth. When DD was little, I used to take her with me. It was my idea of impressing on her the importance of civic responsibility. Now that she's is high school, I feel like anything I did was pretty useless. Would you believe that her teachers are not doing anything with the election? No mock election, no debates, nothing whatsoever, not even in "Government" class for god's sake!!! That really burns me. I would go to the principal or someone and ask for something to be done, but I hate the school's administration -- they have 592 ways to say NO.

Her class is more likely to do something about Halloween than about the Presidential election. Something that comes up only once in 4 years, and coincidentally kids are in high school for 4 years, after which most of them are eligible to vote!! :chin: I wonder why most people don't vote?

<end rant>

10-15-2004, 05:04 PM
at DS's school, 10th graders do a lot with the election. Maybe she's just in the wrong grade.

I changed my mind. Neither lied. Both idiots.

Kiwi, hospitals, as far as i know, do not care for the uninsured. Maybe if you have a leg falling off and are unconscious but I know a woman who is in pain and has been told she needs a hystorectomy and can't find a thing to do about it.

<rant to continue>

10-15-2004, 07:12 PM
We had friends over for dinner. It was hilarious. They are the one thing I would miss about this place.

Did not exercise today. WILL exercise tomorrow. And do laundry. Lots and lots of laundry.

10-15-2004, 07:56 PM
Both candidates exposing their faux pas, idiocy and drive.
On another web somebody quoted James Taylor (I don't know what makes him an authority...) about who to vote for:
"vote for the smart one."

I like Olive Garden OK. It seems overly Americanized. There are two family owned Italian restaurants not to far away that I like better. One is very quiet with no waiter under about 60 years old (no patrons (except me and DH) much younger than that either! ). The other is owned by a middle Eastern family... Kurds? Afghanis? beautiful women... and Canoli to die for.

I'll do early voting. If I have to stand in the middle of a crowd and be in the minority, I'd rather the crowd was small. We've had LONG lines on regular election days. I can go Monday if I want. Um... I wonder what/who's on the ballot besides Kerry/Bush. For all I know there could be 79 other contests.

Cowie, I'm glad you got Bush's vaccine.
Do you suppose there is a vaccination so I wouldn't have an allergic reaction to him?
I might break out at any moment.

10-15-2004, 08:15 PM
A sampling of our ballot measures...

Ballot measure 33 Allows an increase in the amount of medical marijuania allowed for patients who have a "debilitating disease" to 6 lbs. That would be equal to 1 1/2 joints per every hour of every day of the year.

Ballot measure 36 amends the state constitution to declare that marriage is only valid between one man and one woman.

These are the 2 most interesting ballots. Any of you cows have any to beat these?

10-16-2004, 12:51 AM
We have a bill about whether to ban bear baiting and another one about tax caps. Some ex-con got the second one put on the ballot, apparently she wants to bankrupt every small town in the state. This is really pretty amazing -- this woman is called "Maine's best-known citizen activist" but she has been convicted of embezzlement, served a year in prison, and also was found not guilty by reason of insanity for bank robbery. She got the issue of legislative term limits on the ballot, then was convicted of forgery for fraudulent signatures on petitions she was circulating and served 9 months in jail. She's filed for bankruptcy 4 times. One time the judge found her statements "evasive, self-serving "and "deliberately false" and concluded that she had been evading creditors using an "elaborate shell game". Another judge barred her from filing bankruptcy for 2 years because she had misrepresented her tax payments in court. I can't believe people could possibly take her seriously. Maybe she should run for President.


10-16-2004, 01:41 AM
If you want to be cynical about politics, move here. It is openly corrupt. No one even tries to pretend it isn't.
So far so good on the college thing with dd. We started going to see campuses informally last year....No appointments, just walk throughs and lunch. She is set on a public college after 13 years of private school. She wants to be near NYC. DH and I have nixed the idea of her living in NYC, but she wants the skyline visible from her campus, at least.
Around here the various state universities are radically different from one another. There are four within a few hours drive from here and they are all so different. I didn't like our own state's university, but I love the next state over. In the last few years, our NMSs had perfect PSAT, SAT and grades. Even with that, not all perfect, perfect, perfects make it.
Kiwi, most well known universities are very well endowed. Most give an automatic award based on the cost is barely above that of a state university.
Everyone agrees with you, Bagzie...apply, apply, apply. You don't know what they'll come back with...AND you don't know how much $$$ they'll offer. DD gets 5 or 6 blurbs from different schools a day. In most cases, she has no interest but some are good prospects that we never would have thought of. AND with online applications, most waive the application fee.
Aren't I a bore? This is all I stuff and laundry. Mostly laundry. I must go shift...L

10-16-2004, 04:32 AM
You mean there might be something to vote on besides Pres? :D :stars:
I understand the bear baiters might skew the voter turn out in ME. (Thank goodness for NPR!)
So if you are for bears you're for Kerry? Sort of like the Republicans (generally) being willing to vote FOR torture? :spin:

I'm glad I'm not a politician... because I don't think DH or I could STAND stranger bedfellows than we already have. :nono:

10-16-2004, 02:30 PM
hmmmmmmmmm---in Nova Scotia they are voting on whether to have Sunday Shopping or not!!--it's the only Province left in Canada that requires the stores {including grocery stores} to be closed on Sunday---they believe in the 'day of rest ' act----maybe his holy rollerness mr bush should move up here {did you guys know that his father the Old Prez almost died on a hunting trip in Newfoundland!!--he was caught in quicksand and had to be rescued!!! wierd eh!!!}-----------regarding universities-----the tuition at the most expensive one in canada {which step dd attends] is around 15,000 a year including residence------that would be around 11,000 american---how does this compare price wise to your colleges????? my dd has a 4,000 renewable scholarship to her school and a 1,000 renewable from another source---2500 a year we saved using a scholarship trust fund account----so she has to come up with 6500 per year----------------yikes----she can probably make 2-3 thousand per summer so we are looking at student loans/lines of credit to make up the balance----not forgetting that we have to help out two others in college as well another one coming up in 2006-------WHY AM I TALKING ABOUT THIS ---I AM GETTING DEPRESSED------------------------------let's talk about weight loss ---hee hee :dizzy: :dizzy: :o :o

10-16-2004, 03:13 PM
Bagz, please tell me you're only talking about public universities! That's comparable to the costs of a state university here. Private colleges are up in the 30,000/40,000 range! Yes that's for one year! If DD could go to, say, Tufts where I went, for 11,000/year I would drive her right down there tomorrow and hand her over!

Personally, I think N.S. would be well served to keep their stores closed on Sundays. I remember when they started that here in Maine. I think it was only larger stores that weren't allowed to be open. They passed a law saying that they could be open on Sunday during the Christmas shopping season, and it wasn't more than a few years before it was all year. Hasn't exactly improved our quality of life... In fact, what I think it has probably encouraged is more giant stores like WalMart to litter up our landscape and bankrupt the locally owned businesses.

I suppose I will have to research the bear baiting issue, Painty. I've been ignoring it, but I will have to vote on it. I can't say that I care about the issue at all, but I'm for whatever the scientific opinion is. Apart from that I'm for traditional use of the land, so I guess I'm for hunting. Not that I'd be able to go out and kill a wild animal myself, but I'm not going to ban something just because I don't want to do it.

By the way, I'm still fat.


10-17-2004, 02:50 AM
Interesting... I'd not heard anything about GHWB's quicksand encounter. I think GW has his own "sinking" problem in Iraq.

There were "blue laws" in Texas when we moved here. They allowed some "essential needs" stores to be open on Sundays.... Grocery stores, for example. But then they cordoned of certain sections. You could by baby formula, but not diapers. Cat food, but not an opener to open the can with.... It was nuts. And, I think it was all, um, RELIGIOUSLY based. So much for separation of church and state.

State universities in Texas are currently about $8000/year (tuition only). Private can go as high as $35,000 for tuition AND fees. Thank goodness my ex believed in good educations AND had the wherewithall to see the kids GOT good educations.

Kiwi... love your attitude about the bears. Science. Live and let live (re hunters AND bears). :jig:

DH said that he votes for conservative legislators (so they don't cook up too many wacko laws) and liberal judges (so they don't impede freedoms). I thought that was really smart.

We had a great afternoon... went on an artist's studio tour.... Three people asked me whether I sold scarves like the one I was wearing.... Whoo hooo...... I've got so much knitting to do for Christmas, I can't imagine adding "orders." Unless they were willing to REALLY PAY A LOT.

I'm still fat, too. Controlling portions, and increasing patience.

10-17-2004, 03:10 PM
There were "blue laws" in Texas when we moved here. .... baby formula, but not diapers. Cat food, but not an opener to open the can with.... That is nuts. Yeah, blue laws were totally religiously based -- originally I think the idea was to make sure that everybody could go to church on Sunday (because hey, everyone's Christian, din't you know?) A day of rest was something of a universally valued thing -- i.e. it was as much for the benefit of the worker as it was to keep the shoppers at home. But as it got tinkered with, I think the changes were entirely for the shopper and the store owners; employees of those stores found themselves working on Sunday without a "Sorry, mate."

Did anyone see that series on PBS about the recreated Puritan community they did on the New England coast? One of the most divisive issues was whether it was mandatory to attend "meeting" on Sundays. Interesting dynamics. Makes me wonder whether the whole church and state divide is too complicated to legislate. Won't make me stop insisting on it though.

DH said that he votes for conservative legislators (so they don't cook up too many wacko laws) and liberal judges (so they don't impede freedoms). I thought that was really smart. I like that! I agree, conservative legislators are good for voting against wasteful foolish spending. I think the President should be on the liberal side though -- without checks and balances you have corruption.

Very cool on the scarf compliments!