General Diet Plans and Questions - Just trying to get healthy, anyone else?

09-30-2004, 09:37 PM
Hi, I will be fifty the end of Oct. I am overweight, have high blood pressure,
artheritis in back and hip. I am a mess. It took me many years to get this way, so miracles won't happen overnight. As many of you have, I have lost and gained and lost and gained. I decided to just start eating healthy foods, only when I'm hungry. If I get the snackies, I will do carrots and celery, or fruit. Been doing some walking everyday, hope to get up to about 30 min. a day, even if it's in 10 min. time 3 times. I have also started doing some weights. Have to be careful with them, but a little is better than nothing. I have been doing this for only a week now ( and that is good for me ) and I really do feel much better. A lot more energy. Is anyone else out there just tired of all the fad diets and just want to get healthy and start really liking yourself? Well this is my goal and I sure would like to here from anyone else.
Have a great evening.....

10-04-2004, 11:32 AM
Join us over at "Doin' It The Old Fashioned Way" thread...we are all using healthy plans like calorie counting, WW points counting, and Body For Life types of plans...all which are healthier-by not eliminating carbs, or all fats, or any sort of strange fad type of diet labeling one thing or another as bad. We all strive to exercise on a regular basis, drink water, and eat healthful-lean meats, fruits and veggies, whole grain carbohydrates-and limit junky foods.

We stress that this is for life...not a diet-because we want to keep the weight off for life. It is better to make small changes gradually and stick with it-then to go gung ho and quit in a week. For any plan to work-it has to be something you can do for life. Feel free to join in!