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09-28-2004, 09:35 PM
WELCOME to the Jaded Ladies!

We are a friendly group of ladies that share the daily aspects of our lives with each other...not just weight loss. Won't you join us?

09-28-2004, 09:58 PM
Hiya ladies, :wave:

Now if I can get it straight as to who said what since the last time I checked in, lol.

Marti - it's cool that you ran into one of the carriers from the casino. Small world, huh? If we have to postpone Disney, we will go the last week of May instead. All the other times we've gone the 3rd week of May, but Katie graduates next year at that same time.

Cristina - are you having the same gorgeous weather as Indiana? Beautiful fall temps and nice breezes.

Sam - glad you have a positive outlook on losing! The time is going to pass anyway, but at least you will be thinner and thinner as each month goes by, right?

Susan - glad you finally popped in, sweetie! There were several of us who had asked what Sauvies Island was, and a few of us who asked if we could go, too, lol. So sorry that our Gabster is the one who has to suffer because of a jerk for a dad!! Give her a hug from Grandma Jane, ok? How're Rachel & Rebecca doing?

Hi also to Jen, Angie, Katy, Sue, Shanna, Mindee, Julie, Kathy, Katiecat, and all who read this.

Just getting ready watch Gilmore Girls with Katie. That, and Everwood are 2 shows we try to always see together. Anybody else watch them?


09-28-2004, 10:34 PM
Evenin' ladies! We sure were a chatty bunch today. Glad I was popping in at work, read some posts then. I don't dare log in, esp since that computer won't be mine after Friday (YAHOO!) Wouldn't want anyone to see where I had been!

I've been so busy tonight. Went to Wal-Mart. My aunt recommended an ointment she used on her dog for hot spots. Then I took the dog for a walk, (I needed it too), switched my closets and dressers from summer to winter clothes, did 2 loads of laundry, all after work. Now that I'm sitting I'm so tired I could fall over asleep. I'll probably zip up to bed and fall asleep watching Law & Order SVU.

I am officially back on the bandwagon today. I've been writing down everything I eat, and as I said, back to walking with the dog. Mainly because I realized, I'm not going to be able to fit into my dress slacks for work unless I lose about 10 lbs, and it's going to be down right chilly soon.

Well, zoning out and babbling on, so I'm going to bed.


da fat n da furious
09-28-2004, 10:46 PM
thank you Christina for the birthday wishes....this is Tanner
I showed him what you wrote and he had to get in his thank yous
I had to be up early to drive Tanner to band rehearsal this morning at 6:30 am arghhh of course they are doing so much construction that it took me over 50 mintes to drive there,,,normal time is 15 minutes...grrrr Came home worked on the scheudle for Fiddler...didn't go well so did some house work,,,read my book for a bit...relaxed. Cleaned some more,,,tried that program for the Fiddler thing again...finally gave up and called for help...then went and watched Oprah it talked about surviving disasters and attacks. I always remember that one show she did years ago about never letting an attacker take you to the second place...cause chances are you would die. I took a self defense class after watching that ...was a learning experience.
Susan, ah man thats too bad about Gaby's dad...his loss...and well Gaby's too.

Well should get myself going, need to take Tan to EB games to spend his birthday money.

09-29-2004, 02:50 AM
I have been writing on a single parents board for several years now. I just thought I would cut and paste from there to try and catch up


Gabrielle is so cute. I know I keep saying that but she is.....
We went to Starbucks this morning and she wore her doggie
slippers.They are these brown slippers with a puppy dog head- cute.
So, she flip flopped in Starbucks and everyone smiled at her....
Went to the mall and was trying to get her hiking boots on but she

So, I let her continue to wear the slippers in the mall. Of course
now the slippers are ruined.....going through all sorts of dirt and
grease in the parking

Taking the kids to Sauvies Island tomorrow afternoon. Want to get
some apples and pick up some sunflowers.


Took the girls to Sauvies Island yesterday and went through the corn
maze, went on a "moo ride" and a "hayride" romped through the pumpkin
field - Gaby kept tripping over the vines, which made me laugh and
question what kind of sick mom I
Rebecca headed up waaaaaaay out there- looking for the perfect
pumpkin- found 3 and had a heck of a time getting them all back on
the wagon for the trip back.
Moo Ride was the best- behind this 4 wheeler in a gutted out barrel
painted like a cow............going over pumps, through the berry
bushes, apple orchard...Gaby was laughing- they all had fun on that.


Going to put henna in the girl's hair today and wash my car, spend
time in the kitchen best friend called
after 2 years!!!!! She saw Gaby when she was a baby but her husband
didn't like Mike- thought he was dangerous so he didn't want her
around me.............which is silly but I don't care- she called
this morning!!! So happy............she is soooooo funny- have missed
I also applied Henna to Rachel's and Rebecca's hair yesterday. We did
it up in their bathrooms- they each have one *roll eyes* the lap of
luxury - though it is the kind where they share the tub in the their gripes of being "third world " are somewhat

Rachel was a trooper- never ,ever complains but Rebecca was passing
out with the smell.

She goes " I am not putting that on my hair!!! ((Me: So don't -
wasn't my idea)

Looks like poop!! ( Me: It is from India besides what do you have
against poop??)

"OMG- open the window, I am going to pass out...!!"
( Me: pete sakes........Rachel open the window!
Rachel: It is open,she is such a baby!)

..hurry up, you are sooooo slow!!!.......(Me: You have waaay too much
hair and you are making me nervous!

40 mintues later she was singing my praises!! Came out really

09-29-2004, 09:05 AM
Good Wednesday morning, ladies,

Jen - what ointment did your aunt recommend? My doggies are fine, but a close friend was just telling me her's has hot spots and she's having trouble getting rid of them. YAY for being on the wagon again - I have no doubt you'll be in those pants with room to spare before long.

Angie - omg, I saw Oprah yesterday too and about freaked when they showed the pregnant woman who was impaled by a mocrophone stand. :yikes: Did you make any headway with the schedule for Fiddler?

Susan - thanks for sharing your posts! Now I for sure want to go to Sauvies Island. Btw, the love between you and your DDs just pours through.... so sweet!

Mindee - where oh where have you been?

Hi to all reading this...

Mary and Dale are somewhat concerned about their money situation at Disney. Neal and I are paying for all 4 resort rooms, the airplane tickets and the park hopper tickets for everyone. So that only leaves food and souveniers. And, imho, we have enough souveniers already. We always eat breakfast in the room... Anyway, I've printed out menus and prices from many Disney restaurants to help them figure everything out. I'm worried that they are going to stay home....

Gotta get the laundry done today that shoulda been done yesterday!


09-29-2004, 10:51 AM
hey gals. I thought I would pop on a bit before my third day of **** starts at school. I apologize if I miss any ones ups and downs and life stories. I feel really bad, but with being so busy and my bleeping computer taking forever to go between threads, etc. I just don't have the time. Maybe this weekend. I just don't want you all to think I don't care about each and every one of you and think about you often. I am sad because I have such a dinosaur of a computer that I can't get on here with ease like at my last job. If I had money I would be calling up Dell and chucking this thing out the bleeping window. It almost has me in tears since this and e-mail is all I really use it for. Anywho...

Well it is only the third day and I am ready to cry. I am so tired and I have information over load. Ugghhh I amost cried yesterday cause I just don't know if I can do it. There is so much pressure and reading and work and such just in those two first days. I have already made a plaster impression and taken four radiographs ( x-rays) on these creepy half plastic half real human heads. I guess they don't make them real anymore. It used to be when third world country had a disaster, and no one claimed some bodies, that they were donated to research and we got the real skulls. So they are creepy looking, real teeth in this plastic head with a level on top to open and close the mouths. The tongue is wierd feeling too. I didn't get to expose them yet to see how bad I did. But it was my first time. I am also stressed because I have to find ten people to take Full mouth x-rays of and turn in that list soon and will be performed them next term for my board exams. They have to be people that haven't had them in three years and we send a set to their dentists for them. Well, I have had to rule out four people already. so I don't know where I am going to find these people. Anywho, I am really stressed and tired right now and don't know how I am going to survive if and when I get a part time job. I will be up for 15-16 hours a day then. Uggghhhh. Bone tired and having to get ready for another brain numbing day.
I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful day. I will try and get on here when I can. I miss you all and the support and comraderie. Hugs to everyone.
Jana: I had time to look at your inscription. You are such a sweet person and I appreciate everything you and the girls give me. Be it verbal support or otherwise.
Here's to weight loss from stress. ugghhh :lol: :lol:
May the force be with you all. Tootles

09-29-2004, 12:55 PM
Sorry, I havent checked in for a bit, I've had a rough last few days.. My friend that I keep the kids for, went into pre labor, so I've watched the kids for the last 72 hrs for them, shes still in the hosp, but no baby yet!! Anyway I went to visit her last night, when I was there doing my hospital clinical for school and she basically ignored me.....I was very mad and my feelings are pretty hurt over the situation..I cant believe how ignorant they were to me, after I've watched there kids the last 3 days... Guess Im feeling pretty used right about now...Plus my TOM is I havent been myself lately..Hope that everything is going well with all of you...Im trying to catch up with all of the posts since I last checked I'll be in touch... By the way I gain 2 lbs last week in my weigh in.....sigh.....VERY UPSET ABOUT THAT!!! So I'm trying to get back on track!!!

Hope all is well

09-29-2004, 02:39 PM
Hiya! Just checking in on my lunch hour at home. I don't have a whole lot to do at the office, since tomorrow will be my last day there. I'm not in the middle of any big projects, just wrapping things up. Makes for a long day. Friday I have to work a shift, and then I am DONE! I start the new job on Monday.

Jane - The ointment I got for my dog is Sargeant's brand Antimicrobial Wound Cream. It's anti-bacterial, fungal, and viral. Sounds like something I should have on hand anyway. I'll have to let you know how it heals.

Shanna - Don't let life and your school stresses get you down too much. I remember in nursing school thinking "how in the **** am I going to get through this?" I just did it, and you will too. Do you do anything for stress relief? Yoga? Even a short walk outside can help.

Julie - too bad your friend is such a boob. I hate it when I feel like I've been taken advantage of.

Well, NUTBALL had an interview today for someone to fill my position. Wonder how that went. Hope whoever gets it likes it better than I did. I keep wondering what is going to happen with this, or that after I'm gone. But I keep saying, "it's not my problem, it's not my problem..."

Later, Jen

09-29-2004, 04:18 PM
Good afternoon, or Happy Hump Day..whichever you prefer. Another week half over. I can't believe how quickly this summer went, and how soon we will be heading West. I just have to get several things straightened out with Drs. and we can make our plans.

I am feeling a little nervous today and it will be worse tomorrow. I have my "surgery" on my back in the morning. Hope the x-rays and blood tests came back clear. I imagine if they didn't I would have been called.

In the midst of all this medical drama we are still trying to find a place to build a new home. I am so tired of talking to realtors....blah, blah, blah.

I have been able to keep up with the walking, but fear the eating hasn't continued to be the best. Why must I always be able to do one or the other, but not both? Can't lose weight if I can't stay on track. Last week I did super, and then the week-end sent me off track...and I stayed off track.
Going to the grocery store for lots of produce, so will try, try again.

Won't do individuals right now...but hope to be back tonight. I guess you could say I am not in the best of moods.

09-29-2004, 04:22 PM
Shanna~breeeeeaath...just don't let things get ya down girly. I think the first week or so of starting school are always a bit much to take in but once you get used to the routine of it all you will be fine. I was picturing real skulls and all the other stuff you said you had to do and think you are doing an awesome job so far. I have so much confidence that you will be fine.

Julie~so sorry to hear about the friends. I hate the feeling of being taking advantage of also. Just remember what goes around comes around. You would think they would have been very grateful for you watching their kids. Sorry about the gain also. I know you will have that off in no time, plus more.

Susan~I loved reading about the girls and yes Gaby is cute! Sounds like you all had a fun time. Rachel sounds like my dd with the smell and such. Sorry to hear about Mike being a poop head. One day he will wake up and realize it is too late. It's too bad though that little Gaby is the one who is really missing out.

Jane~oh! I missed Gilmore Girls!! I do watch that, that is when I remember. I was watching Trading Spouses the second part of it and forgot about GG. I think the same show is on Sunday evening though so I can catch up then. I have watched Everwood about three times but it never was one that I felt I had to see every week. Seems there is always something else on I want to watch. Well, I hope Mary ends up going with you all to Disneyworld. Seems like it would be more fun if you all went together. What always gets me is to see a smile on the kids faces and them all excited. Of course I never took the kids at that young a age, it could be overwhelming to her just thinking about it. :dunno: Is your son and his family going also?

Angie~you are welcome for the wishes and so is Tanner. I missed the episode of Oprah, of course it is probably because I watch Ellen since she changed her show from 1 pm to 4 pm. She cracks me up. Hope you get the Fiddler stuff worked out.

Yes Mindee~where are you girly? We are missing you and hearing about what little Brandon is up to.

Jen~good for you for walking again. Throw some of that motivation over my way-I need it!

HI to everyone else, Kathy, Katie, Katy, Marti, Sue, Sam, Stacy and everyone else. Hope things are well with you in your corner of the world. :wave:

Geez, this getting up at 4 am and then going back to sleep is messing me up. I think I need to stay awake and go to bed early instead of coming home and going back to sleep and sleeping too late. Anyway...only another week of this then will go looking for DS a car, or is it this weekend?? Next weekend is yard sale weekend so maybe it is this weekend. :dunno: I have been like this all day. Anyway...went to the library and then to Wal-Mart for my weekly grocery shopping. Glad I didn't have to get much because I really didn't feel like going. But remembered the first is Friday and the store is always so busy the first of the month so better get it out of the way today. Have a good day all.

09-29-2004, 04:33 PM
Boy that was a close call. I hit submit and AOL threw me off-thought maybe it didn't take my post.

Sue~I think it is understandable you no being in the best of moods. Just remember if you need to talk we are here for ya. :grouphug: Sending some good vibes that all goes well tomorrow and many prayers. :goodvibes: I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Know what ya mean about realtors-ugh! The one we had with this house I was about to fire but then that would have meant starting all over with a new one so we dealt with him since it was almost over.

Take care ladies. :wave:

09-29-2004, 09:45 PM

Just working on my newsletter- eating pizza that is leftover from lunch.


Jen-- It is not your problem :).......I bet you will be glad to get outta of there??

I am with you Julie-- disgusted with my weight gain but figure eating pizza will
Laughing about it because.......I will get it back in check - always do....
Just stay calm!! :)

The girls are so sweet. Adore Gabrielle. I adore the others too of course but Gaby is growing so fast and it seems she is doing something new everyday.
I was driving to the sitters (aka ex husband) and had the Christian station on and looked back at her singing-- or at least moving her mouth. It was sooooooo funny.

I have my newsletter to get finished up.....

There is this guy.............(everyone can *ROLL EYES* lol).......and he is the sweetest thing. Just thinking about him brings tears to my eyes,,,,
I know him through my single parenting group on the computer. We "met" 4 years ago when I first became seperated from my husband. I rejoined the group 15 months ago and he wasn't there anymore.
I asked about him because he had always been nice to me....and the moderator went and emailed him .....
He rejoined the group and we have been friendly over the past year. He has listened to my whining about men and he always said " they are idiots Susan you are a wonderful mother, a beautiful woman, talented, smart........" blah-blah-blah.......
He was always so sweet.......saying a smart man would see I was a "keeper".....

Anyway...........the past two weeks he has been calling and we talk for hours.He sings - he has a beautiful voice- and he writes beautiful songs--very talented......
He lives in Hawiai though............but I love his friendship.......he has a 10 year old boy and has been a widow for 10 years- his wife died 23 days after the baby was born.
Anyway..........I wanted to say something about him-- to me he has become something special.

09-29-2004, 11:16 PM
Hi ladies,

Shanna - I think it's very weird that you have to find your own patients! Is this standard practice?? But it will all work out, and you are one smart cookie, so don't sell yourself short!

Julie - yep, your friend shouldn't have ignored you at all! But, after 72 hours of labor, and still no baby, she's probably not at her best...

Jen - thanks for the name of the cream... I'll pass it on to my buddy. Have you got your desk packed up yet?

Sue - I'm sure all will be fine tomorrow... let us know when you get home, ok? My sis just had the same thing done, and actually, so did Neal, on his ears! We're here for you, ok?

Cristina - the whole family, meaning Terry, Gina, their 2 girls, Mary, Dale, their 3 girls, Katie, Neal and me are going, plus Katie's best friend (Kayla) who is just like family, is also going to Disney. That's 13 of us! (Neal and I are looking forward to spending some time alone, though.) Mary and I sat down and wrote down on paper all the expenses they would have and that made it seemed much better. They will be ok, money-wise. She's a worry-wart, like her momma! Are you having a yard sale Saturday? I wanna come to it!!

Susan - no rolling eyes here (now or in the past!) and I'm very happy that you have such a friend in your life. Guys like that are so hard to find - too bad he lives in Hawaii!! So where're my newsletters??? Btw, pizza sounds soooo good!!

Marti - how's your day been?

We watched "Lost" again this week, and I really like it! It could almost have been written by Stephen King.

As I mentioned to Cristina, Mary and I went over some figures, so she is more relieved about Disney. So it's all good....

See ya manana!

09-30-2004, 12:08 AM
Hello, I did get back here tonight. Hope you all had a nice day. I walked this morning and it was so chilly, sweats weather. Then this afternoon I went to watch DGD run cross country and it was sunny and very warm. I had worn a jacket and had to take it off real quick. This was my first experience with cross country and it is not real interesting. lol. I am just glad DGD is interested in something though, so that is a good thing. (I don't think I have ever mentioned that this GD is actually a step GD, but she is now living with my DD and hubby. That is how they have two 13 year old girls living under one roof.) Hormone city!
Jane- I don't watch either of the shows you do. I should because they have taken all of my shows off over the years. Really don't like to get too "into" any shows though as we are hardly ever home at night when we are in LV. I hope all goes well for your trip to Disney and that all the family does get to go.
Jen- Good luck with the new job. Hey, can I get on the bandwagon with you? I fell off big time this week. Let's hope we both do better this week.
Angie- Saw that Oprah show. That was really something. I could not imagine going through what those women did. Good luck on your work for Fiddler.
Susan- Your girls sound so sweet and cute. I laughed so hard at Gaby and her slippers. The trip sounded like lots of fun. I wish my grandson were here I would take him to the pumpkin patch. He is 4 and quite the talker.
Shanna- I can understand your panid with all you have on your plate right now. I hope you find enough people to get the x-rays for your class. Good luck and I hope you can get over the stressed out feelings and enjoy your classes.
Julie- Your friend should realize what a good friend she has in you as you are watching her children for her. Maybe it was just the excitement and worry of being in labor that made her act as she did. Give her another chance to show how appreciative she is when she is through her ordeal. Want to jump on the bndwagon with me and Jen as we try to get back on track? It is hard isn't it?
Cristi- I hate if my sleep is interrupted. I love to sleep in mornings, but then feel lazy if I do. Good luck on the car for your DS. Thank you for the good vibes. I am still a bit nervous, but Hubby is going to go with me to hold my hand.

Most of the midwest is enjoying Fall weather now and it is so pretty. Our leaves are turning orange and the fall decorations are out in the neighborhood. I need to make my scarecrow to sit on the porch swing. I miss getting the kids ready for Halloween, but I still fix up treats for the kids who come by.

I will try to stop in here tomorrow after my appointment to let you know how it goes. The Dr. said I would be more sore after this than I was last week. ugh...

09-30-2004, 12:15 AM
For all the other JL's..Hope you are all doing great. I did not mean to miss anyone. Have a wonderful Thurs. and maybe we can chat tomorrow night.

da fat n da furious
09-30-2004, 01:45 AM
Good evening ladies!

Susan, I love the way you make us all feel like we are like sitting right there listening to you girls talk. Should write plays.
Sue, its chilly in the mornings and evenings here too. But in the afternoon I can zip around in a t-shirt and shorts...nice.
Jane, can I come too? huh huh pulleeezzzzzzz Ill be good really I will be....
Shanna, that seems weird to have to find your own patients,,,,if you were hear I would let you xray my teeth give you some fun,,even thou I gag when I do get them...hate those lil white things...hurts the gum...hmmm on second thought,,,Shanna if you were here I probably wouldn't want my teeth xrayed.
Nothing much happening here,,,football and rehearsals...
Well should get to bed,,,
night all

09-30-2004, 01:46 AM
Hello ladies---

My third time poppin in some stuff being rendered on the computer so it's slow. So I won't be doing individuals tonight. I will in the morning though!

Today was another day..... :) Day goes by quick! Our supervisor is always bringing food! I think he wants to fatten people up! He brought in his fondue set and some bread so people can dip into some cheese spread he made. I passed that coarse. Yesterday the heat was broken and the temp was rising (got to 80'--and we wear smocks!) so he brought in an ice cream cake....had a tiny piece of that. And last week, the department reached a certain amount entered into the system so they celebrated with pizza! Didn't have that either! Can you believe it? Whats up w/all this food? (of coarse most of the department are skinny people!)

Ok...I best be getting myself to bed. I will try to post in the morning!

Night girls.

09-30-2004, 11:15 AM
Good Morning Ladies!

It's almost Friday! So happy about that. At least the week goes by pretty fast for me. Ok....let me see here............

Angie--What a sweet boy you have to come on here and thank someone on his own. You're raising good boys. When Jhanai pops on here, it's more like she's wanting on the computer! :lol: Actually she likes posting when she can on here. Hope the surgery goes/went well. Let us know how he is once it's over.

Susan--Loved the narration of your family getting there hair done. Now...I had no idea about putting Henna in your hair. What do you do? About the man in Hawaii....sounds like a sweet gentleman. And he sings! Does he sing for you over the phone? I'm glad there is someone special for you. I hope you two get to meet someday soon!

Jane--Do you think that the recent Hurricanes had anything to do with the idea of going to DW for Mary? Maybe it stressed her out a little and the thought of the entire family going......I am glad that they decided to go and that you are all still going. Are you still going this month??? what's that show about again?

Shanna--Well I can't really imagine what you're going through right now...but I sure hope it all turns out for the better soon. I wish I had some words of wisdom for you to help you relief some stress. Just make sure you have a total "ME" day each week to not think about school, homework, finding a job, or anything! Time does go by fast and before you know it, you'll be graduating!

Julie--During times of stress, which your friend is definately going through, she may not be thinking the way she normally would. Your body goes through so much turmoil during labor and she not actually having the baby but going through the actions....must be hard. So maybe that's where it's all coming from. Maybe once it's all over she will thank you to no end.

Sue--Will be thinking of you today. So when you can, come back and let us know how you're feeling!

Jen--I hope the NUTBALL hired someone who can handle her. That would be sad if another employee left because of her, but then maybe the company will see that maybe they need to change HER position or let HER go......

Cristina--What kind of car are you looking for, for your DS? Maybe when I go get myself a new car I will call you up and have you go with me! :) Sounds like you need to go to bed early girl! I can see where your schedule can mess you up. Hope you have a rested night soon.

Hello to anyone I may have missed. Hope you're having a wonderful morning.

Wow, it was hard for me to make sure I got the name changes correctly. I looked back and had wrote Jana! But I'll do fine. With the name change it reminded me of an experience I had a couple years ago around my birthday. James took me out for seafood to we were being seated, a table behind us had a group who were singing for this man for his birthday....they sang and got to "Happy Birthday Dear Marty" I thought wow...another Marty with a January birthday. Then our waitress came over and what do you know? Her name tag said "Marti" That was the strangest day! Never been in a room with three Marti's before!

Well, this post took me much longer than I anticipated! I need to clean up and get ready for work. Hope you all have a great Thursday!

09-30-2004, 11:24 AM
Good mornin', ladies :coffee:

Jane, I DID get the card you sent! My 18 year old son got the mail while we were gone, and I just found another pile of it in a different spot, and the card you sent was at the bottom of the stack! Really cute and funny, and so appropriate :lol: Thanks for thinking of me...I am glad it sounds like your whole family is going to be able to go to Disneyworld -- what a wonderful trip it will be. I will keep my fingers crossed that the weather stays good for you. Oh, man, I wanna go, too!!! I feel silly, but on the last day of our trip, when we were leaving Disneyland, I cried -- I didn't want to ever leave :stress:

Shanna, if you were here I'd let ya x-ray my teeth -- I hate going to the dentist, but it's nice to know that a nice caring person is in training to be a hygenist :D

Marti, they constantly have food at my work, too. Always struggling to fight those temptations :devil: :angel: -- not to mention the lure of the soda and vending machines. It's hard! For the vending machines, I switched to Diet Dr Pepper - or in a pinch, Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi -- but the chips and candy bars still try to lure me with their evil siren song...if I think of it, I try to bring a healthier granola bar or something like that from home, or if I have to buy a snack, stick with choices that are lower fat, like pretzels or Rice Krispy treats, but the Doritos and Reese's still look too good! We have a birthday potluck for our team each month, and I started out trying to make a dish I knew was healthier that I could eat -- like a fruit bowl, or a salad -- but then they found out I can bake, and now it's always my job to make the birthday cake. I thought it would be bad, but actually it works out -- by the time I'm done making a cake, I don't really even want to eat it :lol: If anyone is ever tempted by grocery-store cake icing, don't be -- the recipe is: 50 lbs of powdered sugar, 27 lbs of shortening, salt, water, and usually artificial vanilla and butter flavorings. ICK!!!! :yikes: I know this for a fact -- I've worked in several bakeries...

Sue, holding good thoughts for you for your skin surgery -- praying that all goes well, and you heal up quickly. :goodvibes

Cristi, can I come to your yard sale? Then we could go shopping at Walmart afterwards :) My son gets a discount there, now, heehee...Don't know if I mentioned, but he got promoted. He no longer works in the photo lab -- now he's in the cash office. Not bad for an 18 year old young man, huh? ;)

Angie, what are you doing in the production of Fiddler? Are your kids playing any of the roles?

Susan, I loved your description of your day at Sauvies Island. It made me dream of pumpkins and Halloween last night. My husband got our family into carving really elaborate pumpkins with cool scenes (I usually carve a cat of some kind, and last year my kids did a howling wolf and a dragon). We buy those pumpkin carving books at the craft store, and they usually have really great designs. Now you've inspired me to go up to Apple Hill and bring back pumpkins and cider...and I understand Gaby's love of her puppy slippers. I have Eeyore slippers that I wish I could get away with wearing to work :lol:

OK...speaking of which, gotta get ready for work...hullos to everyone else...

gotta run! :hyper:


09-30-2004, 11:37 AM
Good morning ladies~

Marti~that is the bad part of working-all the food people bring in! DS will be looking for a older, used truck. He doesn't want a new one with the prices what they are, and add to that insurance and the cost of gas. Of course the gas is still going to be high. I was trying to talk him into a small truck but he wants a full size one. So we will see what we can find. That is strange Marti, three in a room at one time. I don't think I have ever know a female Marti except you, Martha yes.

Jane~good to hear everything is fine and Mary feels better since seeing things on paper. Sometimes that helps. And like Marti said, I too thought maybe she was thinking about the hurricanes.

Susan~no rolling of the eyes here either. I love to hear what's going on in your life. The guy sounds like he knows what he is talking about because you are talented, smart, beautiful and a wonderful mother. I understand all the attention with Gaby, she is your baby and they do grow so fast.

Sue~thinking of you today. :grouphug:

Shanna~I too would let you x-ray me if I lived there. That is kind of odd that you have to find your own patients.

Angie~any new cases going on? I always like to hear about them.

Hi to everyone else! :wave:

Well, no rest for the weary...DS came home yesterday (I am surprised he made it home) and the brake line on V's truck was junk. Had to take it to the shop to be fixed. So guess who is running everyone around? Luckily, before I got on here I got a call from the guy and they will get to it today. Originally they couldn't get to it till Friday morning but apparently someone cancelled. So yeah for me because I don't have to drive across town to take DS to work. Not much on the agenda for today. I am going to straighten the house. V made a mess in the dining area. he cleaned most of it but the rest is mine from not getting anything done while he was making a mess. We have a counter that divides the dining area from the kitchen and decided we wanted to be able to sit at it. So it tore it apart and built the new counter top and now just has to tile it. Then we can put some bar stools up there and use the counter instead of the table, which no one uses except him anyway. And I am going to take a long nap-hopefully. The guys across the street started in on the last house on the block. Apparently they do the framing and then some other guys come in and do the roof and plumbing and then they leave the house standing for a while. The other one, no one has worked on in about two weeks. Anyway...

Hope everyone has a great day! :sunny: Tata for now :wave:

09-30-2004, 11:43 AM
Hiya Katie! Thought I better say Hi before I move on. I saw you had posted while I was writing the mini-novel. :)

There ya go, yard sale and then Wal-Mart sounds like a plan. :lol: Hey, since your son works there and gets a discount do you also get the discount? I have heard some places gives the family a discount also. Would be great if you did. CONGRAT'S to your son for getting promoted! :bravo:

09-30-2004, 01:41 PM
Well, thanks for all the good advice on the friend thing, I was telling her mom how she treated me and I guess her mother talked to her and she claimed that she wasnt ignorant with me,but the way I look at it is, if she was well enough to hang out with her other friends who were there when I walked in...and not even introduce me to them on top of it.....then thats ignorant!!! I told her mother I had no intention of going back to visit her anytime soon, now they may send her home cause the contractions Im not going to be her doormat til she has this baby!!!!Oh Well
As far as the lbs gained...I have gotten back on track this week...trying hard to get them off....My boyfriend goes to the doctor next week, so hopefully we will get some good news on the whole BABY thing.... We are both kinda in the dumps over that!!!

Jen: Good Luck with the new job!!!

Sue: Hope the surgery goes okay for you!!!

Susan: Another crush huh??? One of them has to turn out to be Mr. Right!!!

Hello to Angie, Marti, Cristi, Jana, Katy, and KatieKat...

Talk to you all later

da fat n da furious
09-30-2004, 01:51 PM
Marti, we once went to Tony Roma's for dinner and would have to say we were the only ones in the whole restaurant not having a birthday. You know how they come and sing at your table? We were the only ones not getting sung to.
My work has a potluck every 3rd this being our Thanksgiving week we all have to bring something pertaining to Thanksgiving,,,anyone have any ideas? I was thinking of spagetti squash with hot italian sausages diced up and baked. Or sweet potatoe pie, when I was in San Diego a few years back this woman and I (total stranger) exchanged recipes while waiting for the whale show. I gave her my oatmeal chocolate cake recipe.

About the friend in labour...was she in alot of pain or was she in there trying to hold back labour? Cause I know Im not a nice person when Im in pain,,,I don't like people around me or worse yet touching me. Cause my way of thinking she is either focused on pain or a itch with a B

Jane, the first time I went to DL I was shocked over the prices,,,like a bottle of water was 4 bucks...a hot dog was 6...and these were nothing special. Except being available... We went and bought a case of water at the grocery nearby and carried in a back pack, with snacks and water. We would go first thing in the morning, then leave about 1...go for lunch, swim in the pool then about 5 go back for the night.
At Universal Studios you can't bring any outside food in....

Katie did you do Universal Studios? We had a blast there,,,the Mummy (scary house) scared me so bad I shook for a good hour I still giggle over looking over and seeing Monte walking with these asian people holding him. They didn't speak english and were scared and latched literally onto Four of them in a group hug, shuffling out the door.

For Fiddler, Tanner is playing the son of Avram, again hes one of 6 kids out of 42 cast.
Im stage managing it by myself. I have 2 assistants, which will help. 3 wardrobe, 2 makeup, no hair dressers,,,everyone wears scarves, or hats. I have two for quick changes, and with my lightening and sound guy that pretty much covers the who crew. Of course we have a 10 piece band, hidden away on stage
As for my cases,,,Ive got one that I have been trying to think threw,,,and its not going Did a few serves, one guy was stalking a young woman and she put a restraining order on him...he was nasty. I got a horrible vibe off of him. Specially when he was chasing me in his stocking feet threw Thank Gawd I didn't wear heals that day!
Other then that,,,not much happening, have to go to Staples and run some copies off for theatre, grocery shop, do the banking,,,ahhh yes love them days off. I cleaned the house,,,well ok need to vaccuum,,,and one more load to wash, and 4 to fold...*sigh
well better get at it...

09-30-2004, 03:12 PM
Hiya gals, :wave:

Sue - I'm thinking of you today!! Hope you won't be too sore.

Angie - yep, you can go with us to Dis. We'll swing by and pick you up! ;) So glad the weirdo didn't catch you!! Sounds like Fiddler is going to keep you on your toes.

Marti - Mary isn't afraid of us being in a hurricane because she knows Neal won't let us go at all if there is a threat of one. She was worried about the money situation, but feels better now that we listed her expenses. Btw, we're leaving 10/15. Two weeks away!! "Lost" is a new drama about a jet that crashes and the ones who survived are on an island. This ain't no Gilligan's Island, lol!! Lots of tumoil among them, and something fearful is loose... It's good!

Katie - yay, I'm glad you found the card! I had to laugh when I saw it, since we are both "cats", lol. I am sure you're very proud of your DS for the promotion! He must be a real good and trustworthy worker.

Cristina - wow, your dining room and kitchen will be so nice! Always something to do to a home, right? Hope you get a restful nap sometime today.

Hi also to Shanna, Julie, Jen, Kathy, Susan and Katy.

Btw, although I prefer to be called Jane, it doesn't bother me to be called Jana. Old habit die hard, I know, lol.

Went shopping early with Mary and the DGDs.... that was something we don't get to do often enough, ever since she began working. We looked around in the toy department to get ideas for Christmas. That will be here before you know it!

One more thing - I get Oprah live at 9 AM, and today's Oprah has the follow-up to the show where she gave away all the cars, and has the homeless girl they gave the scholarship to. It is really a good show! Made me cry.


09-30-2004, 06:33 PM
Good afternoon! Yep, got the office packed up today. And par for the course, the NUTBALL told one of the clerical gals that she should ask a new employee, one who has never worked in homecare before, to cover the shift I'm working tomorrow so I can come into the office. Now, does that sound like a safe idea? No. Do you think she had the guts to tell me instead of the clerical gal? No. Plus, I have nothing in my office, gave her the key to my file cabinet, turned off my voicemail, what on earth would I do? It's just nuts. Of course, I'm not going to do that. She's off tomorrow and just doesn't want to be bothered with anything if it comes up. I'm glad I'm out.

Jane - Lost sounds like something I should watch. I'd probably like it. Man, wish I was going to DL!

Angie - You're ideas for the potluck sound yummy. How about Pumpkin or squash soup? I made it once, it was gooooood!

Katiecat - Ok, even knowing what is in grocery store icing, it's still yummy. Can't help it. I truly think I am addicted to sugar!

Marti - NUTBALL had 2 interviews yesterday. One is a "do not hire" per HR, the other one I know from working in the hospital. Phony and all into image, just like the NUTBALL. Perfect for each other. I describe her as being like the Stepford Wives.

Sue - definately, jump on my bandwagon. The more the merrier.

Well, should go for my walk! Check in later. Not sure about the chat, may watch the debate tonight.


da fat n da furious
09-30-2004, 06:43 PM
Hi Jen, could you send me a recipe for Squash soup or Pumpkin...which ever....I have never had it but am willing to try. Plu since I work at 8 am I can make it ahead of time put in crock pot and have it warming while we work...ya good Now Im all pumped for Monday,,,they always give away prizes to whoe eve brings in something really good,,,I have yet to win anything,,,but then again I always bring something simple that we need like buns and butter and napkins,

Jane, I haven't even heard of Lost,,,gotta check it out,,,once Football is over. Which nights is it on? And Thanks for the call,,,what a nice surprize to come home to. I was out buying milk and juice boxes. But forgot the MAIN reason for going,,,ADVIL
Asked Monte to grab some on his way home from work.
Well Im reading my Nora Roberts book about witches,,,a new set that is. And really into it.
Talk with you all later

da fat n da furious
09-30-2004, 06:47 PM
oh ya I had to mention to Marti, I once worked in retail as a supervisor,,,this one weekend, during Christmas I almost lost my mind...6 checkouts,,and 3 of the cashiers were named Katherine and the other 3 were Jamie....I changed that to, Kate, Kathy, Katherine, Jay, Jamie and James. On the other side of the store, (I had 23 checkouts to worry about) there was Donna, Donna, Angela, Ashley, Alisa, Alicia...ya life was not fun that
oh ya there was a guy who called in for some beer, his name is Monte,,,spelled the same way,,,his girlfriend yup you got it,
Anyways better really get going here

09-30-2004, 08:00 PM
Angie - look for a PM with soup recipes! Jen

09-30-2004, 10:29 PM
I just had dinner and have a second.

It was nice to get a message from Jane today!! YAY......sorry I wasn't home though-lol............but you were able to hear Gaby , right?? Ain't she the cutest???

We woke up and she always leans over me and with her lil beady eyes say's "mama??".....and if I don't answer she will say again but louder "MAMA!"...we walked up and I bought some Starbucks at Freddies. Puttered around the apartment and finally went out to pay bills.....

I hope you are doing ok Sue- healthwise and all.....

We had pizza yesterday for a staff meeting- have a popcorn machine in there--which I love. I put in a Pumpkin Walnut Fudge recipe in my newsletter--- sounded so good. Anyway, I still am working on it but I haven't forgotten to send a copy out to Jane &

Which reminds me in my parent group there is this lady from Australia that never had candy corn so I offered to send her some. Went up and bought that Halloween mixture , along with tootsie rolls a.........$4.00 value .....that cost $12 to send..........I hope she enjoys it! lol

hmm,,,,,,Marti. Yes, he sings over the phone- songs he has written, some to do with losing his wife. He plays different instruments-- musical and talented. He has free phone service after 9 his time - so he calls and he has these lil frogs that sound like birds outside his was pretty at first but now is downright

Anyway...........better get

10-01-2004, 12:23 AM
Nobody in chat. boo hoo. I am feeling really sore and it is hard to sit in a chair with any comfort. Bad place to have cut on...right where my muscles work in the back, so it hurts if I use my right arm much. And hurts to lean back in the recliner. I wonder how I will feel sleeping as I am a right side sleeper. He cut fairly deep, into the muscle and hubby says I will have about a 3 inch scar. Will have results again on the 12th. The bad news is that he needs to see me in 3 months, so we will be coming back from out West in Dec. for some Dr. appointments. Then will go back for 3 months. We have never done that and hate to pay the extra travel fees, but it is my health, so I guess we will do what we have to. My Mr. sure was a sweetie today, taking care of me and asking the nurse just how he needed to care for my wound. He wouldn't let me do anything when we got home and I tried to sweep the floor. He will probably get tired of doctoring me after a few days. But for now he is being sweet.

10-01-2004, 09:55 AM

Jen - I think the NUTBALL was just trying to throw her weight around! If it were me, I'd call in sick rather than go to an empty desk... what a weirdo!! I'm gonna call you one of these days, too, for a chat. I knew you were at work when I called the others....

Angie - Lost is on Wednesday nights on ABC. There is (so far) a doctor, a drug addict, the main woman who we found out had been handcuffed and on her way to trial, a pregnant woman, a Korean couple, a young woman who's a total narcisistic brat, a man and his young son, and many others that we haven't "met" yet. When I called, I really didn't think you would be home, because your post said how many errands you had! We'll talk some other day....

Susan - it was so sweet of you to send the candy to Australia! I know she's gotta love candy corn and tootsie rolls! Gaby's sweet little voice on the answering machine was just too cute! Like I told Angie, we'll talk some other day.

Cristina - I would LOVE to talk to you, too.... don't have your number... :( :( :( :( :(

Sue - glad your DH is taking good care of you. I bet you're so glad this much is over! Couldn't you transfer your records to a doc in CA? That would save lots of $$$. I totally forgot about chat!

Marti and Katy - I miss you not both being here as often as before!

Shanna - how're things going? Let us know, ok?

Anybody else who would like to chat on the phone sometime, PM me your number, ok?

Well, there's a dead mouse somewhere in my house, and the smell is nose-numbing, lol. Pea-you!!

I bought the neatest little thing last night at CVS pharmacy. It's a small book light to clip on my book so I can read in bed and not bother my sweetie. It really puts out a lot of light, but just on the book pages. It's a lot different than the clunky one I had a long time ago. Yay for technology!!


10-01-2004, 11:23 AM
Good Morning ladies--

Katiecat--I used to work at a Croissant Factory which had the bakery eventually moved to the connecting warehouse......I saw all the amounts of sugar and butter and what have you that is put in a tasty treat!! The croissant cinnamon rolls were the best ever! And SO fattening! And I always had a problem with making holiday cookies in July! I mean, why are we making them that far ahead?? I can see a month ahead, but 4 to 5 months?? Needless to say, the business is no longer running.

Cristina--Well you'll be proud of me for skipping on the pie yesterday. For one, I'm not comfortable enough to just barge into the supervisors office and help myself.....and two...I was thinking of my expanding waistline! I guess they had 4 different kinds of pies. All looked good...but I didn't need any. (I can come home and bake my own!) :lol: I hope that your son finds a truck that is in great condition and cheaper than most. James wants a full size truck again too.......Boys!

Angie--The spaghetti squash dish sounds very good!! I would like to have some myself! I would have no idea what to bring for a company potluck. For the family, I make a dessert or a pasta dish...depending what the event is. But I think your spaghetti squash sounds like a yummy dish to have. But if James was helping you choose, he'd go for the sweet potato pie! And for the names at your old job....Holy smokes! How complicated! At OML, I was realizing that I work w/a bunch of people w/names that I haven't had to work with. (if that made any sense) What I mean is not one person has the same name as someone I worked with previously. Bizarre!

Jane--I watched Oprah last night.....I just LOVE how she looks! The hair looks great on her and her clothes are just fabulous. Maybe if I write in to the show, and ask her how she chooses her wardrobe...they'll offer to fly me to Chicago and go shopping with Oprah!! :lol: Gotta lose some rolls off the waist first though. Oprah is so slim and her clothes really compliment her figure! So I'm trying to make that a goal of slim down to buy fashionable clothes. Sounds very vain doesn't it? But that's what I want! Selfish but true.

Susan--How sweet to send candy to the woman in Australlia. I remember in high school, our neighbors had a really nice foreign exchange student from.....I want to say Germany but I really can't remember....anyway, when he was leaving to go back home...half of one of his suitcases he packed with M&M's! He said they don't have them where he lives and is hooked. So the family promised to keep sending him a supply of M&M's! It's amazing what we have and what other countries don't and vise versa.

Sue--Health is so important and whatever it takes to get treated......I hope it all turns out good for you. I forgot it was Thursday Chat lastnight! I even got on here last night to post on some other threads! Sorry about that. And next week is my late night I won't make it then either...... :( Someday.....

Morning to the rest of you gals out there. I hope you have great plans for the weekend. I'm not sure what I'm doing yet..but I do know that I need to do my hair and get a cup of coffee. TOM decided to show up at work yesterday and boy let me tell you how shocked I was. I don't know why, but it came early and I wasn't quite prepared! Nothing like having that happen to a gal! all take care and I will pop in later on tonight if I'm not too tired!

10-01-2004, 11:42 AM
Mornin'! I really don't have anything noteworthy to say yet! Got up around 8, paid bills (yippee), and here I am. Planning on doing some cleaning around her today, before my shift at 3. That way I don't have so much to do tomorrow and I can drag out my fall decorations. I would like to go pick a pumpkin this weekend, but it's supposed to rain tonight, and I'm sure the field will be too muddy. Guess I'll have to wait on that one!

The gals at work did do a nice thing yesterday. They gave me some roses in a really neat vase, and an Isabel Bloom statue. I was surprised. But I'm sure it's just so she looked like she's supportive of my transfer. She's not that genuine.

Jane - I'm usually home in the eves and weekends. But Sat eve and Sun dbf is over. Gosh, I wish there were a couple more days in a week! Makes me want to put more into my retirement plan so I can retire even sooner!

Sue - I thought about chat last night, but I was watching the debate. I'm glad everything went well yesterday, and that your hubby is helping you out. How was it sleeping? A couple years ago, my lung collapsed while I was at work. Luckily I work in the hospital. But anywho, the only way I could sleep was on the collapsed side. If I was on my back or the other side, the pain was horrible. My ear and hip was so sore in the am! Luckily that only lasted about 1 1/2 weeks!

Marti - Wow, you're up early today! Once you start on your late night shift, will you stay there instead of rotating? It would be nice to get into a routine. Do you like your job so far? It sounds like they like to eat alot, like every other office!

Well, should go clean something! I've got a couple boxes of stuff from my office I should at least go through!


10-01-2004, 04:38 PM
Just a quick Hi ladies. Got on a little later than usual and not I am running out of time. It took quite a while to read all the posts! You ladies have been chatty since I posted yesterday. Anyway, I will try to catch up later this evening.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday!

10-01-2004, 05:26 PM
A quick hi from me also....
I just posted my situation on the WWJLD thread - never ceases to be boring around here!

Hey - our volcano is erupting!
Jen - have a great first day on the new job - bye bye NUTBALL
Jane - hope your family can get to DW - hopefully no more hurricanes
Susan - I used to henna my hair with my mom, too - loved reading about your girls
Marti - Job sounds great - glad its going well
Sue - you've been in my thoughts - hope your followups go well. I've had many suspicious looking moles removed from my back, so I know how uncomfortable it is - maybe some ibuprofen will help.
Cristina - Your WWJLD was a good one - had to really think about it. Most of the adoptees and adopters I know are all open adoptions so its not an issue.

Sorry I wasn't in chat, but I wanted to watch the debates...maybe next time


10-01-2004, 06:28 PM
Good Moring-
YAY , Katy........exciting news about the mountain -- can't wait to get up there. Just what I wrote on the parents group this morning.

This Morning

Seems Gaby has the corner on being naughty.........

We woke up this morning -- something we do on a regular basis.Usually
in the morning......haha-

She did her "huh??" thing --->goes something like.....

Me-> "Can't find any of your socks Gaby"

Gab-> "Huh?"

Me-> "I can't find your socks"

Gab-> "huh?"

Me-> "your socks.......can't find any".....

Gab-> "huh?"

Me-> "stop that......can't find your socks, muct be in the laundry"

Gab-> "huh??"

*roll eyes*

So, we got up and she blopped (sp??........huh?"))her lil nude bode
in front of the tv and watched Arthur. I told her she should be
modest and at least put a pull up on ......geesh......she just
said "huh??"

Got my shower , put things in the oven and took things out........had to wait til it was baked and for
the time to be right--- kept checking on it and that slowed me down
some.....but it came out perfect .......banana bread and cookies.

So, that chore was done-- finally time for coffee and that means
Starbucks (wooo hooo) so we walked downstairs and I threw her in the, I placed her very gentle in her seat and
strapped her in...
We circled around to Freddies which is only 2 blocks.......have to
circle in otherwise the natives get we parked
the car and walked in.......
Gabrielle was EVERYWHERE!! Very naughty!!!!

I said
"Can't you wait til I get some coffee and have a chance to wake up??"

She said " huh???" and continued to tear toilet paper off the shelf and not
just any toilet paper.......24 roll packs!!...

Finally get to the U-Scan....and scanned...........duh.

Gaby thought this was a wonderful time to do her " Lets collapse to
the floor and see how ticked mommy can get!!".....

I had coffee in one hand, groceries in the other.....and Gaby

I said........" You really need to get up, walk like the 30 month old
lady that you are and not make mommy lose it in public!".

She just laughed and got up and, I cuaght her and we
marched home...I had my coffee and groceries in one hand and her lil
hand in mine...........all the way home.......a long two blocks.

Started coming in the building and I noticed my car wasn't
there.....I said " Gaby, where is our car??"......and she laughed and
said "huh??"

So, realized after a second that we had left the car in the parking
lot......*roll eyes* dingy.

Anyway,,,,,,I am SO glad to be at work!! Gaby is a handful...( but a
sweetie) going to take her to my mothers in the morning and have to
work ---

Mt St. Helens erupted - so that is in the news.

I better get to work.....

10-01-2004, 06:38 PM
Hello, I am feeling better today even though sleeping was an experience. I learned to sleep on my left side after years of right side sleeping. My back is sore today, but Tylenol helps. I saw the wound and it is not pretty.

da fat n da furious
10-02-2004, 12:44 AM
Owey Sue Owey! Keep taking the tyenol....and milk Mr. all you

Susan, I hate when I forget where I I always park in the same area.

Christina, I would call you too if you pm me your number..

RK I was watching the news on your mountain..and was oh huh there are 4 JL over in that area....
Jane, sounds like LOST would be a good show...Im hoping I can find the time to see soon,,,,

Not much happening here, football practise,,,one lil boy broke his arm so I took him to the Children's hospital. His mom was pretty nervous,,,asking me alot of questions,,,and such. I am not a nurse...(I just play joking) Anyways the reason I am making this comment is she is a nurse. Im just experienced in broken
The hospital called this morning telling me what Brandon has to do before hes unable to take Advil or anything like that but Tyenol. I guess the others thin the blood out....
And I laughed over this, hes has to tie his hair back if its long,,,which it is, but not long enough for one ponytail so hes going to have two pig Ill get pics
My cousin Tanya is coming tonight,,,getting my hair all funked up.
Anyway thats about all thats happening around here....

10-02-2004, 09:29 AM
Happy Saturday, Ladies!

I don't have much time, but wanted to say hello to everyone! I've already spent too much time on all the brain-teasers we've got going here, lol.

I'm down 1 1/2 more pounds. It seems unreal..... But now I need to get back to exercising which I have slacked on ever since I had the cold about 2 weeks ago! Not quit... just slacked.


10-02-2004, 11:56 AM
Oh what a Happy Saturday it is! A little chilly though. Only supposed to be a high of 56 today. Fall has fallen! I may end up having to turn on the furnace today! It's only 64 in here now. I even baked a batch of cookies for dbf hoping the oven would warm the house. Nope, not that much. I'm waiting until after I vacuum, then I'll crank the heat!

Jane - WOOHOO! Good for you, another loss! You are so consistent. I remember when I joined this group, you were in the 40's! Makes me jealous, just think where I could be!

Angie - From my own experience, when something happens to yourself or a loved one, nurse or not, you lose it. I'm a much better nurse than patient myself. I turn into a bumbling idiot!

Katy - I can't wait for Monday. Yesterday was my last day, so I am officially "between jobs" this weekend. That means NO RESPONSIBILITY!

Guess that's about it. The vacuuming isn't getting done by itself.


10-02-2004, 01:53 PM
Hi Ladies~

Sorry I didn't get back on last night. DD and DD were using the computer most of the night and since DS hasn't had much time on it lately I thought I would bother them.

Susan~your day by day play of Gaby is adorable! I am picturing her as I am reading and remembering the kids at that age. Hoping Mt. St. Helens doesn't blow too hard and reach you guys. I remember when it blew years ago and the ash going to Seattle and I think Tacoma?? I thought to Portland also?? I should know this but can't remember. It would be cool to go up there to see it. We were up there in '91 and took lots of pictures, also bought a couple of books about it. While it was cool to see it was sad to see all the devastation.

Jane~eeeeeewwww, did you find the dead mouse? Last year we had something crawl up under the house and die and boy the house was stinking. We couldn't find it either but knew some bunnies were living under the house. What kind of book light did you get? I never thought to get one till you mentioned it because I also read when V goes to bed. I have a light on my side but it is not bright enough and I wouldn't want anything bright anyway that would bother him. But then the tv doesn't bother him. CONGRAT'S on yet another loss! :bravo:

Marti~WTG on passing on the pie! I know how tempting it is to have all those goodies around. Hope the job is working out for ya and you are being careful walking to your car.

Sue~glad to see you are feeling better, and glad your sweetie is helping you out.

Jen~sounds like you guys are having the same weather we are. They said it was supposed to get down to 37 last night and not thinking I left the ceiling fan on, boy was it cold this morning. Luckily in the LR, DA & kitchen we get the sun in there in the morning so it heats it up if I have the blinds open, so it wasn't too bad. But I did have to run to the store and had the heat on in the car-brrrr. It is supposed to be only 67 today and that I can deal with. I love the cool weather.

Angie~I will PM you my number. Sending good vibes your way for Brandon and his surgery. :goodvibes: Hey, me and DD and I were talking about your Thanksgiving and wondering what it is that Canadians celebrate? You know, the meaning of Thanksgiving to you guys. We were wondering if it is the same as it is here because you guys celebrate in October and we celebrate in November of course. Just curious.

Katy~I thought of that question because I was thinking of my nephew. he wasn't adopted but he never knew his father because my sister decided she didn't want him to be a part of his life. At the age of 18 he was wanting to find his dad and he asked me some questions and I wasn't sure I was the one he should be asking. To this day his mother still refuses to talk about him and he hasn't found him. Well, he actually think he did but the guy is pretending he doesn't know what he's talking about, which is sad. He (my nephew) doesn't want anything from him except the opportunity to get to know him, or at least meet him one time.

Hi Mindee, Kathy, Shanna, Katiecat, Julie, and anyone I may have missed. Hope you ladies are doing fine.

Nothing much on the agenda for today. My back is out so I will be nursing that and there's not a lot I can do. I know they say you need to move around but I can for a little while and then I need to sit. Of course like sitting, I can only take so much. So much of my day will be spent reading and watching tv. I will try to do some laundry with the help of DD and make my bed. Thank goodness the house is clean. Anyway, hope everyone is having a great day! Talk with ya soon. :wave:

da fat n da furious
10-02-2004, 01:56 PM
Happy Saturday Ladies,
Jane, every time I look at your weight loss its a bigger number,,,you are doing awesome cold or not. There will be times when you body does need a break even if its a day or a week.

Jen you are right about when its a loved one. I fell completly apart when Tanner had an emergency surgery. Im hoping I will ok with Brandon's. But when it comes to strangers Im cool calm and in complete control. We used to live 20 minutes from the city where we worked. So driving the highway was a norm. And in the 11 yrs I saw many accidents.

Well I now have a new do....dark deep red with black and red hair is straight, and chopped son was wow a lil wild eh mom?
Well we are off to Wally's for a pic of Tanner in his gear. His hair is all trimmed now too, not the fro hes been
And then we have a game at 2....this will be a tough one. Then we have a silent auction dinner, and all I really want to do is stay home and watch 2 hours of LOST. My cousin Tanya watches the show too, and told me they are showing the first 2 hours back to back tonight on satelite...grrr I wish I could bale the dinner.
Well better get myself going,
have a great day ladies

10-02-2004, 01:57 PM
Good morning!
getting ready to cart everyone off to the big soccer game today - grandparents are coming, too, so it will be a big family affair.

No ash here. yet. The volcano is still quaking, so there may yet be another eruption.

Went to Costco yesterday and got a really good deal on Laughing Cow cheese. My new favorite food :) it's only one point a piece ( as opposed to 3 for a regular cheese serving) so it makes portion control for a fave food much easier for me. Very easy for me to just keep slicing the cheddar, you know.

Jen - a weekend with no responsibilities - ahh bliss - I haven't had that in ages. Why the heck are you VACUUMING?! If I were home alone, no kids, no responsibilites, I'd be doing something indulgent, that's for sure. Enjoy the time w/ dbf!

Jane - great job on the loss! You are going to have to think about your 100 mark here pretty soon. TOPS had a 100 clubs and people would come up with very special things to celebrate the 100 mark. A friend of mine donated 100 books to the local library. Another wrote down 100 benefits to losing 100 pounds and read it to the group. I was so inspired..and you continue to inspire me to stick with it.

Angie - you are so busy! - Hope the surgery goes smoothly

Sue - Hope you are feeling better today. Are you able to ice your back? we keep cloth bags filled with flax seed in the freezer. I thought I'd mention it to you, because it might help alleviate some of your discomfort. It's a soft, dry kind of cold that's more comfortable than other ice bags. FYI - they can go hot or cold and smell good too.

Susan - Gaby sounds like normal, happy kid! I love the way you write about her and R & R. I could just visualize you two at the Fred Meyer! Why do kids wait until you have both hands full of something to want to be picked up?!

Have a great Saturday everyone!

da fat n da furious
10-02-2004, 02:04 PM
Christina you and I were posting at the same time. As for your nephew, that really is too bad that your sister is doing that. My thoughts are is she hiding something horrible, like she got pregnant by rape? Or does she feel she has the right to hold back information on someones own history. I speak from experience, my mom and dad split when I was 18 months old. We never saw him again. Till I was 18 and found him, but my mom helped me, she gave all the info she had. And really I never did want to know until one day she asked me if I wanted to ever know him. There were alot of twists and turns in my hunt for him. And to be honest,,,it was not worth it. Yes I am saying my dad is not worth it. Hes is a nasty mean spirited person who thinks of only himself.
Im glad I met him so that any doubts or questions I would of had in not meeting him are answered.
Well I should get going,,,,go relax Christina,,,ice pack, drink, book, remote control in

da fat n da furious
10-02-2004, 02:06 PM
Hello Katy! Looks like we were posting at the same time too...
Have a great day...
Angie...ah man I need a Costco run too....

10-02-2004, 02:20 PM
Hiya Angie~your dad sounds like mine. Well, he is not mean and nasty but he definitely thinks only of hisself-always has and always will. Doesn't really care about anyone unless they can or will do things for him. But then he still doesn't care, just wants people to do things for him or give him things, anything. My parents finally divorced a few years ago after 30 something years of a horrible marriage. Anyway, I think the deal with my sis is she is still holding a grudge with the guy. She was 18 and he was 20 something and married but said he was getting a divorce. He kept telling her this over and over I think just so he could have sex with her. Supposedly he showed her some papers proving it but all a long he was lying. The guy was an idiot but he did offer to pay child support to which my sis refused because she was mad and was going to teach him and figured if he payed child support then he would get to be a part of his life. So...I don't know if he is still trying to find him or if he gave up. I don't think he will ever give up but I don't know. Well, hope you guys have a nice day.

10-02-2004, 07:15 PM
Angie and Cristina - missed your posts earlier, so HI gals! Don't get me started on dads - AARGH! Mine is pretty dysfunctional and I am finding I just really need to keep some space for my own sanity. I just can't keep wishing he were a different person, or what life would have been like if he had been a better dad. I've made a good life for myself - yippee!

Cristina - hope your sis and nephew can square all this away some day, but you are wise not to butt in. Sounds like Sis has her reasons - they may not be good ones, but there it is. You are a very compassionate person....too bad some things just can't fixed

Angie - your hair sounds cool! very hip mama, :)

TaTa for now!

10-02-2004, 07:47 PM
I'm back... tried to post earlier but got interrupted! I want to say thank you so much for the congrats on my weight loss. It means so very much!!! I'm afraid I'm going to wake up and it will have been only a dream....

Angie - although I'd love to see a photo of DSs pigtails, I for sure wanna see a photo of your new 'do! Sounds wild! Just like you, lol!

Susan - mmmm, banana bread! I love it with a little peanut butter on it and a hot cup of coffee at hand. Neal has some of the Mt. St. Helen ash from when it eruppted in ...1980, I think it was? Love your Gaby stories!

Sue - hope you're doing better today. Just let your DH baby you and be at your beck and call!

Jen - don'tcha just love this weather! Katie and I went to a school function outdoors last evening and had to have jackets and gloves. You can literally smell fall in the air!

Cristina - how's your back and what in the world did you do to it?? Hope it's better! No, we didn't get the mouse because the silly thing is in the wall or floor where we can't get to. This happens off and on all winter, too. Oh joy! The booklight has no name on it, and it came in a blister package that I threw away! I got it at CVS pharmacy, though, and it is about as big as my palm, and the light part is bullet-shaped with blue tips on each end. The rest of it is white. Hope this helps! It really focuses the light only on the book pages, and Neal likes it as much as I do, lol.

Katy - I, too, like Laughing Cow cheese but haven't bought any in awhile. I used to eat it with 5 Triscuit crackers when I first started WW. Like you said, it is so easy to control the portions that way! I'm thinking it will be next spring before I get to 100 pounds gone. (That's 5-6 months from now, and at 6 pounds amonth, that would be 30-36 more pounds.) At that point I'm am getting all new everything, with Neal's blessing. Which, everything I have now is all new, too, but I don't have nearly as much as I'd like to have once I get to a set weight. Seems a waste to do that now. But look out in the Spring... cha-ching!!!!! I for sure will be getting my rings re-sized. I miss them and tried to wear those plastic thingies, but they stay wet and also fall off!

Hi to Marti, Shanna, Katie, Kathy, Julie and anyone reading this. :wave:

Neal put up an antenna on the roof today, which I previously didn't want. We had no wires to our house above ground at all, and didn't want the look of it. But after 4 years of not getting network channels except through rabbit ears, we said heck with it! Now I get CBS and NBC!!!! (already got ABC) I am thrilled with this!!!! I wil get to watch The Young and the Restless, lol.

Have a good evening!

10-02-2004, 11:45 PM
Hi ladies--

Busy chatters today. Shanna came over to do some crafting and to pick up some scrapbook stuff we ordered.......she got a lot accomplished as I did not...usually how it goes. :dizzy:

I'm in the middle of trying to clean my house and organize and thought I would pop in and say hello. I do my individuals tomorrow when I'm not so busy.

So much to comment on!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

take care

10-03-2004, 08:08 AM
Please go over to chit chat #81... see you there!