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09-25-2004, 09:03 AM
"Water for Chocolate" is our name
Losing weight together is our game
Our wish, to lose 100 lbs or more
Without it feeling like a heavy chore

Our "need vs want", we battle each day
Cheering eachother on, along the way
Friends by fate walking hand in hand
Acceptance for all is the law of our land

Join us anytime you feel like being apart
Stay for a while and share your inner heart
We dont judge and we dont squabble
So come on in, we wont mind if you wabble.

by laura lynn

09-25-2004, 09:10 AM
Good morning ladies!!

To avoid losing any messages, why don't we switch to a new thread every 3-4 pages or so....and just number them #3, #4, ect. Many other groups seem to do this...what do you guys think?

09-25-2004, 09:10 AM
OK I found you guys...any word on what happened to the other one?

This one will be better anyways because it will be shorter.

09-25-2004, 09:11 AM
Not a clue...but hopefully this will help!

09-25-2004, 09:26 AM
OK guys - an update for me, yesterday my friend and I went to the gym and actually took a class! We went to a class called Step N Flex. And it was very very difficult. I had to quit in the middle of class because I couldn't hang anymore (I figured quitting would be less embarrassing than passing out LOL) So I went afterwards and did the eliptical machine for a little while.

But I am very proud of myself because I went. And everyone was very nice. Noone made any comments, I didn't feel out of place or anything. As my friend and I were leaving the instructer talked to us and said not to worry if I couldn't make it through an entire class, that she didn't used to be able to either! She just told me to keep coming back and one day I will be able to. She said it in a way that made me feel good about myself, not crappy. So my new goal is to be able to finish one of those classes. I don't know when that will happen, but one day. I don't care if it takes me a year.

Anyways, yesterday as far as food I did ok, I guess, except I was starving at work because I burned my Lean Cuisine Pizza, so I ate an entire carton of Strawberries....I don't know if I should feel guilty about that or not...LOL...I guess maybe I should feel a little guilty but not as guilty as if I had eaten an entire box of chocolates, or an entire carton of ice cream. LOL

Todays plan is to go to the gym at about 9am, work out on the eliptical machine for about 30 minutes (no classes today, on Saturday) and eat right.

I hope everyones day is great, and I hope everyone finds us here...I need each and every one of you for support!!!

:) Sam

Suzanne 3FC
09-25-2004, 09:58 AM
OK I found you guys...any word on what happened to the other one?

One of your members went through the thread and deleted all of her own posts. This made the thread shorter, and rearranged your pages accordingly. So, you didn't actually lose any messages, the person did it intentionally.

Hope that helps :)

09-25-2004, 11:06 AM
It was Laura...why???

09-25-2004, 11:28 AM
It was Laura...why???

Yes, it appears so.

Laura...if you are out there lurking...please hang in there!! You have shared so much with us and we appreciate your efforts in starting this thread and little community.

I know you have a lot going on right now....but realize we are always here for you and if and when you are ready, please come back. You are a beautiful and kind person that has provided much inspiration for all of us. Let us return the favor!! WE are here for you!

09-25-2004, 02:53 PM
Hi all :wave:

It's a beautiful day today on the West (WET) coast. Unfortunately, I must stay inside most of the day and work on cleaning my house. It has now changed from a low priority to a HIGH priority.... (too long on the low list) :lol:

We went out for chinese food last night. It was funny... hubby & I spent about 1/2 hour trying to decide what was lowest on the menu. We settled for wor wonton soup, shrimp with cashews and diced vegetables and curried beef chow mein. Don't know if these where the best choices..... but they sure were good. :T

Sam - You go girl.....:cb: I'm glad your hangin' in there at the gym. I know it won't be long before you are able to complete the class, I'm impressed you carried on an did some other aerobic exercise after you quit the class. Remember not to talk yourself out of going beyond your comfort zone.... ask yourself... can I do one minute longer..... :strong:


:cp: great choice with the think crust veggie pizza. :jeno: The dietician told us (the class) that deprivation leads to binging that we should allow ourselves to eat what we want in moderation and make good (or the best possible) choices.

Everyone have a great day and make your best choices......;)

Well that's it for now.... I cannot put the house off any longer.....I must turn off my computer..... I must turn off my computer ..... I must..... :comp:


09-25-2004, 11:49 PM
Angie and Joy...are we the only ones here? I hope everyone else finds us soon.
Joy - it's funny that you mentioned earlier about how much we need to talk everyday...all day long at work I have the web page pulled up, checking for new messages. I just now got home, and already am posting!!! LOL maybe I should spend less time checking for messages and more time getting active. But, it's night time and I am not able to do much now anyways.
I have had the weirdest cravings lately for avacados...any ideas why? I was thinking maybe I am not getting enough fat in my diet, so my body craves that? I don't know. At least it is a good fat, and I don't fell quite so bad about eating it.
I need to get back on because I haven't entered there in about a week and a half. I just can't seem to make myself do it!!! I know that I am eating much much better, but I should track it anyways.
Today I ate:
2 cups of Cheerios w/ 1 cup of 2% milk
a sandwich with two slices of white bread (wish I could switch to wheat, just don't like it much), two slices of 99% fat free turket breat lunch meat, and ENTIRE avacado (smashed up with a little bit of salt mmmmmm)
A Smart Ones chicken fajita meal (OMG that has to be the best one that I have tried so far)
And a salad with lettuce, italian dressing, tomatoes, and black olives (from Olive Garden) I didn't eat most of the lettuce, but I ate the rest, including those little green peppers (banana peppers??) Oh and croutons (sp??)
Today my "skinny" friend tried to make me eat the rest of her carrot cake...she even acted upset that I wouldn't eat it. Then she was like, I want to go to the gym with you guys....I told her I didn't work out with her kind. LOL. Why is it that she can eat CRAP, pure CRAP all day long and be rail thin? And then why does she feel like she has to tempt me like that, and then rub it in my face that she is so skinny? I am thinking low self esteem, or something like that.
Oh and Angie - where are you going??

:) Talk to you guys tommorrow

09-26-2004, 03:57 AM
Hi all, :wave: I guess its Sam and Angie

Thought I'd share some of the wisdom the dietician told me yesterday.

She said to stop binging you need to cut carbs for a few days and slowly introduce them back into your diet avoiding anything with white flour, etc.

She said you should have 2-3 serving of of dairy products daily per day. A new study showed those who consumed the suggested daily intake of calcium lost a third more weight than those with normal and reduced amounts.

She said you should have meals that have three food groups in them a protien, a grain and a vegetable or fruit. :cbg:

:hungry: She said you should go 12 hours after your last eating at night before you have breakfast and then eat every two-three hours during the rest of the day.

She said when you feel like you need a boost (grande latte :coffee: which is okay by the way if its NF) eat an apple. You'd be amazed.... I tried that today. I worked. :D

She said that your body needs "good" fat and avacados are a good source. I like to mash my avodado with salsa, lime and about a tsp. of mayo. The spicier the salsa the better.... mmmmmm Other good souces are cold pressed oils, such as extra virgin olive oil (which is great with seasoned rice wine vinegar and herbs for a salad dressing), saflower oil, and peanut oil (I think).

Mostly she focused on getting less processed foods in a more natural form. Sorry Sam, that white breads gotta go.:nono: If you don't like whole wheat try, spouted wheat, flax seed or the darker rye breads. I particularly like a product called "Squirrelly Bread" although I'm not sure if it's available where you live. The nutritionist also said there was very little food value in cheerios, better to go for shredded wheat or something like that...

The dietician said that you need to eat 2-3 serving of protein every day. Especially important is the protien you have at breakfast. :drill:

That's all I can think of for now.

Sam, I admire you for keeping up with the gym. I joined a women's only gym about five years ago, I go off and on. To be honest its been more off than on, but not now because I am trying to be more accountable. :strong: I hope you feel free to let me know if you see that I'm having too many excuses for not going in my posts :lol:

Angie. Have a safe and pleasant trip. :flow2: I know you can be mindful of what you eat, and gets lots of that walking in!

:blah: I'm sure long winded tonight.... I guess I was really paying attention :rofl:

Talk soon :grouphug:


09-26-2004, 04:53 AM
:coffee: Glad you started a new thread.I think we will be ok now.Glad we are still a group because I also look forward to comming in here everyday and looking at who said what and all the helpful ideas.I went and saw a show with my aunts and cousin yesterday and I haven't laughed that hard in along time.It was a comedy play and everyone was wiping their eyes.I really needed that laugh so it felt so good.We went out for lunch and the little town that I we were in was very high german type so I ended up ordering a turkey club on whole wheat with fries now I took the fries over potato salad and I really enjoyed them but that is it now.I have to get busy and get down to business and get this butt of mine in gear. :tread:I am having supper at my mom's today but they are serving chicken and I am going to make sure that I exercise for an hour at least today.I will probably be on later tonight so I hope all of you have a great day and see you then.
Trisha :) :flow2: :balloons:

09-26-2004, 11:13 AM
Just a breif note, I am on my way to my son's football game, I just started to read some of the messages, but there are too many to read at this moment, but I will when I get home later tonight. Anyway, Sam great job of taking a class, just a few suggestions: do not use your arms. focus on the feet movement only. once you get the feet down and use to the moves then incorporate SOME arms. Once upon a time I use to compete in step aerobics and aerobics. And when I began, that is what they told me to do. Because your leg muscles are bigger you need to focus on them first. I have no idea if it is true, or your gym may do something different, this is just a suggestion. Have fun, Once I got into it I could not stop, I love it, someday I will go back. I check in later you'll have a great day. It is bearutiful here on the coast of the North East.

09-26-2004, 12:22 PM
Joy - thanks for the tips. I think I will print them out so I can remember all of them. I have never been fond of wheat bread, but I do like potato bread, and sourdough, are those ok? I wonder howcome they said that cheerios weren't good for you, because on the box it says it is good for your heart. I will try shredded wheat (I GUESS I will get the non-sweetened kind :lol: ).

Trisha - I am so glad you found us. I also enjoy comedies, we have a comedy club here and I love going because I laugh so hard my stomach hurts!! (That has to burn some calories lol) Sometimes I wish they would quit for a minute because I want to quit laughing for a minute but I can't!!

Lynne - Noone at the gym has really told me much about that, but I find it useful because I am not coordinated enough to use my arms right now LOL I find it hard enough to do the same steps as they do. I know I look like a stumbling fool in there, but luckily noone has said anything about that. On that subject I watched a girl the other day in there running full speed on the treadmill, and I was amazed because no matter what I do when I am on there I have to hold on to the bar in front of me because I will fall off if I don't!! Maybe one day I will be coordinated enough to do that :)

OK guys, have a great day and have fun!!

09-26-2004, 02:01 PM
Hey everyone I got a little lost and confused but I think I made it here. I wonder what happened. I know that I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for laura. She has been such an inspiration in my life.

09-26-2004, 02:05 PM
I agree with annabelle. Laura, if you are out there, PLEASE come back. We love you and miss you. You have been very motivational for us. Your words of encouragement have been extremely valuable in all of our lives. Let us return the favor, please.

09-26-2004, 04:38 PM
Good afternoon,

Well I am so gald to have a few moments to check in. Well, it sure seems like alot has happened. I wish Laura would come back, we all miss you.

Sam, again, bravo on the gym trips. I can't wait to go back to the gym. You are actually inspiring to look into going back. I was there for 8 years. I haven't been in 3 years. Anyway thank you for sharing your story and accomplishments. As for your friend, doesn't that drive you nuts. My sister inlaw is a skinny beautiful girl, and eats whatever, she only watches what she eats after she gave birth to my two nephews. The first time she lost 70lb in less than 4 months. With my 2nd nephew she gained 75lbs and he is only 4 weeks old and she has 23 more lbs to lose. Her diet days are like my overeating days :lol: Metabolism: it is all about the metabolism. I don't think I have one :lol: :lol: fortunately she does not try to make others eat what she does. I agree, with you your friend probably is suffering from esteem issues. Keep up the good work, remember it is her problem, not yours.

Have a great time on your trip. I am not concerned with you. I am positive that you will do great.... just enjoy your trip.
Bravo on the 45 minutes on the tread mill, 1+ qt of water before noon, wonderful. I agree with you about the shopping with healthy food in the cart. The supermarket in my town is a couple of doors down from my old gym, therefore, I alwasy see someone from there in the supermarket, I feel good whn my cart is full of good food.

Joy: I hope you had fun cleaning your house. I have to do the same soon. I am thinking I might spend a few hours on it tomorrow. I have a question, the protein for breakfast, what was recommended: I have just started eating yogurts (6oz) mixed with 1/2 cup of Go Lean Crunch cereal. I have been alternating that with an egg, 2 Bocas (veggie sausage), mixed with little cheese or toast. I will definately try the apple idea. I just bought a bag of Macitosh apples. It is apple season here, I can't wait to go apple picking in two weeks. We go north to Maine.

Trisha: I agree with you, I love this site. I hope we all continue this. I look forward to checking and feel sad when I can't. I love to hear all the idea. I love comedy plays also, what was the name of it? Does it travel? Enjoy dinner tonight.

Hey Mary, Fran, Julie, and Laura and and everyone else hope all is well. Talk to you all soon.

I'm Living
09-26-2004, 10:16 PM
Hi everyone still learning to fly my computer :lol: thought Id see if I could work out how to do these smiley faces :?: hope your all doing well and staying focused sorry to hear Laura is taking a break i enjoyed her poitive attitude will miss her :( I,m doing fine glad you gave me directions on how to find you guys I get lost at the best of times :lol: well haven,t got much to say having a good day so far just knowing there are others out there going through the same thing as ups and downs helps well keep up the good work stay focused bye for now I,m off for a cuppa :coffee: JULIE

09-27-2004, 05:31 AM
Morning Everyone :coffee:
Glad you found us Julie.Watch out for those smiley guys they can get addictive :dizzy: I had a nice day yesterday.My aunt and uncle came over and my hubby and them went golfing then we had this awesome meal at my moms.The meal it's self was not too bad for fat but dessert was amazing it was black forrest cake and cherry squares and black cherry icecream.I was serving dessert so at the end I only took a small piece of each.
Today is a new day and starting tonight I am going to get on my bike as soon as I get in the door and ride it and row for 20 minutes.I have to get this weight off.
I am also going to try and email Laura to see if I can get her back in here.I miss her also.I haven't seen her on chat either.
I hope she is ok.
I have to go Have a Great Day everyone and see you tonight

09-27-2004, 08:59 AM
Good morning, ladies!
Yesterday wasn't a good day for me. I woke up with a terrible headache, and called in sick to work. Then all day long I was at home w/ my hubby..and since I wasn't feeling good he was getting on my nerves LOL...I feel bad saying that but it's true. To top it all off, the gym was closed, so I couldn't go there, it was raining so I couldn't go walking, and I don't like to do my pilates video when my hubby is at home because I can't do it well and I don't want him to see that LOL (stupid, I know)
So all day long I was bored to tears, and I am the first one to admit that when I am bored, I EAT.
So I didn't eat so healthy yesterday, but today I am back on the wagon. (I sound like an alcoholic LOL) I woke up this morning and made some scrambled eggs for my hubby and I, had coffee, and am good to go. Today I will be going to the gym around nine. No classes today, but tommorrow I am going to a class (don't know which one yet)
Don't mean to be so negative!!
How is everyone today?

:) Sam

09-27-2004, 01:50 PM
Well I hope everyone is having a great day.

Well yesterday, my son hurt his knee at his football game, I was so worried, but felt like an ***, because I could not get my fat *** over the fence. I had to have my brother climb over the fence. It would have taken me too long to run,(who am I kinding) around the fence to the field. Who ever thought of putting a fence around the field anyway. Well I was so worried, but he is going to be ok. I then had a bad dream last night about taking him to a bad neighborhood, I was trying to get services for underprividge people and he decided to go back to the car, while I continueed my meeting and I LET him. Well as I was walking back to the car the police were at my car and something bad happened.... I woke up in extreme fear. I have been jittery all morning. I felt so bad....
Just had to get that out, thanks for listening.

Hey Julie glad you gfound us. Hope your plan has been goin well for you.

Hey Sam, I am the same way, I have my routines and I hate when others interfer with them.

Trisha, good job on the control, and not depriving yourself.

Ps, I PM Laura a few days ago, but never heard back. I miss her also. I hope she is ok, she is in my prayers... as is everyone else.

Well I have to stop cleaning and get dressed to pick up my son to take him to his Chiropractor, to check out his knee.
The school nurse just called, he went to her to say he was sore, but didn't want to go home. :( Well if I can I will check in later.

09-27-2004, 06:27 PM
Laura – I think that I speak for everyone when I say WELCOME BACK. I personally don’t think you EVER came off as a know-it-all. We are all in this together, and we share our personal experiences, good, bad, and ugly, with each other. Everyone on this website knows (I’m sure) that people here are just sharing personal knowledge with everyone – and what works for one person may very well not work for another person. I also don’t think that you made yourself “too vulnerable” or a “total jerkoid,” because we all have been there, we all have had days that we didn’t feel up to par. That’s what this website is for, to help each other during our down times. We need you, Laura, as much as you need us, everyday, to bring us through the bad days, cheer for us on our good days, and teach us what you have learned, so that we can all learn from each other.
We love you :grouphug:

09-27-2004, 06:31 PM
I am so glad to you came back.And you have no need to be embarrased.We are all here because of the same reason and none of us are judging anyone else, that is what makes this group so special.Everyone's words are wisdom and that is what is going to get us through all of this.We all know what to do to lose weight but it is the support of everyone in here throught thick and thin that is going to make us all successful.Please keep posting wether you had a bad day or good.One thing I have learned about myself is to be honest if I had a bad day :yikes: say I had a bad day,and we will be here to help you get through it.
Keep posting and you will see that it will work give it a chance. Talk to you later. Trisha : :grouphug:

I'm Living
09-27-2004, 07:54 PM
G,day everyone, WELCOME BACK LAURALYNN , :cp: :dance: I have only been here for 2wks and when I found this site you all made me feel so welcome and we all have our own opinions and if we can,t say what we feel and think here where can we, I don,t think from reading your posts that you come across blunt or a know it all the things you say and comments you make are all things we have said to ourselves countless times well I know I have anyway ;) so please don,t leave again I need all the help I can get :lol: hey Trish thanks for warning me those smilies are addictive well thats it for now glad your all well except for the headache Sam hope it improves bye for now BLESSED BE JULIE

09-28-2004, 12:46 AM
Hello Ladies - how is everyone today? Today was alright for me, I didn't get to work out because I had to do laundry, but I did sit down at the laundry mat and make a work out schedule for myself. I ate pretty good today, I had some scrambled eggs this morning, then had a Lean Cuisine Fajita something or other for lunch. At work I had a Lean Cuisine macaroni and cheese, and then when I got home I ate what was left of my hubbys chicken fried rice - is that bad for you? It says "fried" but I don't think that it is REALLY FRIED, like dipped in grease, is it???

Anyways, guys, I will talk to everyone again in the morning.

09-28-2004, 03:16 AM
Hi all :wave: a special welcome back to Laura :balloons:

This is cause for celebration (not embarrassment) :encore:

I pretty much stayed OP today. Didn't get any exercise in tho. Class tonight.

Lynn, funny you should as about cereal and yoghurt. I asked specifically about that. She said it was best to eat natural non fat yoghurt with your cereal (I eat porridge oats, consisting of rolled oats, flax seed and bran). She said you should add your own fruit to it. The ones that say they have fruit in them generally are made with a syrup that has little to do with real fruit, and are sweetened with things we can't pronounce. The best sweeteners are natural ones such as pure maple syrup, honey and even sugar, when you put them in you know what's there and how much of it your using. She said you need to have foods from three groups in one meal. The yoghurt takes care of the protein (dairy too) the cereal is your grain, and the fruit is, well the fruit.

Well it's after 11pm. I still have to make lunches, coffee and journal.

I wish all of you the best tomorrow you can have :flow2:


09-28-2004, 05:30 AM
I had a really good day yesterday.Eating wise everything went well and I even exercised .I am trying now as soon as I get home from work instead of plopping my butt down and playing on this pc I go right to the basement and change my clothes and exercise away :tread: It felt good and by that time my supper is ready.I am really going to try and stay motivated for that because it sure made me feel good last night.
One thing I am going to miss is that at work I am usually running around alot and for the next 2 weeks I am training and being trained so they have me couped up in a board room for almost 8 hours a day :dizzy: .I think the only thing that I can do is go for a walk at lunch to help make up for that.Weigh in is tommorow so we will see what happened.
Have a great day everyone and will talk to you tonight
Trisha :grouphug:

09-28-2004, 11:08 AM
LOL Laura you are right about the fried rice, I knew it anyways, I was just hoping that someone would agree with my justification LOL...Thank you for not putting up with my **** :lol: ;)
Well bad news everyone...well, disapointing anyways. I weighed in this morning and only lost 3 lbs last week. I guess I shouldn't have expected to continue to lose 5 lbs a week, it just isn't feasable to expect that. But I tell you what, I think that not losing as much weight actually motivated me more to get in gear, as I have been slacking off lately. I need to get back to the gym, I haven't worked out for the last three days...I felt like crap LOL its amazing that I can honestly say that before this lifestyle change I hadn't worked out in AT LEAST 2-3 years, no wonder I got so FAT! :lol: But this morning already I did my pilates video. I should admit, though, that when I do my pilates video, I only do the first part, the standing pilates because I have NO ab strength and find the other half very difficult for me. I was thinking the other day (and I may be justifying again - please let me know if I am) that the reason that I have less ab strength than before is because when I had my baby I had a c-section and they cut through my stomach muscles. I am sure that they stitched them back together and I am sure that they have formed again but I am SO WEAK in my stomach. BUT I don't know if that is because I have been so lazy for so long. Has anyone else had a c-section? I am interested in whether you had the same problem, and if so what kind of exersizes should I do to gradually make them stronger?
OK ladies, thank you again for all of your support

:) Sam

09-28-2004, 12:44 PM
Good morning to you all.

Laura Welcome back, as you know we all missed you very much.

As for the yogurt, I like Stonyfield Farm all natural with 1/2 cup of GoLean Crunch all natural cereal. I am actually eating in as we speak. My breakfast is late today. It is raining here and I am hoping that my son does not have football today. I really do not want to stand in the rain.

He is doing much better, and I have stopped having nigghtmares about something bad happening to him.

Well you'll have a great day and I will try to check in later if I can:
My exercise plan this week:
Walk 2miles a day 3X
Resistance bands 2X
Yoga 3X

09-29-2004, 02:19 AM
Hi all :wave:

I've had an okay day. Stayed OP (used all my points tho) and went to an aquasize class after work. Hubby made a fantabulous supper. :T Chicken and mushroom caesar salad in a pesto wrap and french onion soup. mmmm mmmm good No points left for my nightly piece of :cheese: RATS. :mouse: Weight in tommorow. Wish me luck :lucky: I'm not sure how it will be with my - shall we say - less active week. (another way to say lazy)

SAMANTHA !!!! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT"Well bad news everyone...well, disapointing anyways. I weighed in this morning and only lost 3 lbs last week. THIS IS CAUSE FOR CELEBRATION :cp: :cb: :high: :yes: :bravo: :encore: :goodvibes :flow1: :flow2: ouch..... I think I've hurt myself :stars:

Trish :goodluck: tomorrow with your WI. :crossed: You're motivation may just be catchy.....

:idea:Do I see a challenge coming up anyone..... :kickcan:

Lynn :sunny: for the game :crossed: It must be a weight off your mind now that the nightmares have stopped. Its very difficult to take when you child is unhappy.... :cheer: and by the way GO TEAM GO :cheer:

Laura Thanks for the info on the Stevia. Actually a friend had given me some a while back, I tried it and liked it. Unfortunately, I wasn't watching what I was eating at the time and forgot about it. I need to watch my HBP too. I'm glad to see your back on track with your eating.:yes: 1650 is "a" okay. and so pleased to see you back posting... would love to sneak a peek at your fitday journal :s: ONE POUND GONE FOREVER :cp: :cb: :high: :yes: :bravo: :encore: :goodvibes :flow1: :flow2: ouch.... I keep doin' that :stars:

Annabell and Julie sounds like things are progressing for you. It's nice to see someone else gets hooked on smilies... :rofl:

Sure hope Angie's having a good visit with her family.... I though maybe she would pop in....:cofdate:

Well til tomorrow - which is probably now for some of you. Have a splendid day.



09-29-2004, 05:27 AM
:coffee: Morning Everyone
It just puts a :) on my face when I read everyone's post.Congrat's Laura on your 1lb :cb: that is a great start.Samantha you will see your weight loss start to come down to about 2 lbs a week which is healthy.The faster you lose the more your body will want to start to reject it and plateau and those things are nasty :devil: Keep up the good work.
I think an exercise :tread: challenge would be good as a few of us have some trouble in that area.Any ideas for one.I got on the scale this morning and it looks like I :goodscale lost but we will see by tonight.I look so forward to going to my meetings they just inspire me and are so full of info.

Will share tommorow what it was all about.Have to run get ready for work.

HAVE A GREAT DAY :grouphug: and I will talk to you tonight

09-29-2004, 09:10 AM
Good Morning Ladies!! Well yesterday was a good day for me! I ate good, and I did my pilates video....and......FINISHED AN ENTIRE STEP CLASS!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! :cb: :dancer: :high: :cheer: :tread: :rofl:
I had to take lots of breaks, and couldn't do the sit ups (I'm thinking because of the reason I mentioned earlier) but I FINISHED it. I stayed through the whole thing. Man I was tired at the end of it. That is about 30 minutes of cardio, FAST cardio, and 30 minutes of lunges, sit ups, weights, and a few moves I recognized from my Pilates tape. That was my shining moment because my friend was having a hard time doing those moves, but I knew them!!! I came home, ate dinner and went to bed.
Anyways, thanks for the support, I know that I should be proud of 3 lbs a week, but somehow was disapointed by it. I wish that you didn't lose so much at the beginning because then when you stop losing that much, it is very hard to get used to not seeing the numbers move so much. My mini-goal now is to weigh 250 by Halloween. That is 4 weeks and 2 days. I think that losing 12 lbs by then is reasonable. I am proud of that, because my original Halloween goal was 260, and I have been able to modify that.

Todays plan is to go to the gym at about 9am, for about an hour or so, and then maybe later come home and do pilates. I work tonight from 5p-10p (overtime).

You ladies have a great day!!!

09-29-2004, 12:03 PM

:yes: :cb: WHOO HOOO I'm so proud :cp: :bravo: It didn't take you long to reach that goal, what's your next goal???? Sometimes we find it easier to be motivated when we are "in training mode" working toward a specific task. Did you have a reward coming ????



09-29-2004, 09:56 PM
Sam, :strong: :strong: :strong: :strong: :strong: I knew you could do it. Just remember, to listen to your body, it really is not a contest. But is sure is an accomplishment. I am so proud of you. Aerobic classes are hard, and you did it. As for the sit ups, ask for instructions on a modification to fit you.

Trisha, an exercise challenge sounds good, but how, I will give it some thought myself.

Laura: I love your energy. Good job on the the 2.5lbs. I am know you will have the will power to eat only one.... if not, just go right back on track. You can do it. You are doing it. Yes the stoneyfield is organic. I like it also, my doctor said it is good for me, but I always feel so congested after. Dairy for me is very mucasy (is that even a word)????

Joy: YOur dinner sounds wonderful. :goodluck: Good luck on the weigh in, You have been OP, therefore, I am sure you will have a loss. How do you like the aquasize class??? I am thinking about looking into water classes.

Well today I did 25 mins of yoga and eat well. My son begged me to take him to McDonalds :mcd: after football practice so I did, I kept praying :tape: that I would not get anything for myself because I really don't like it but enjoy eating it.... must be the grease. Anyway, I got a small french fry and came home and had a salad. I was proud of myself. I also walked 2miles. and I am going to do my resistance bands for 15 minutes. :burger:

Well have a great night to everyone else,

09-29-2004, 09:59 PM
Hi Ladies
I just got home from my weigh in and I lost 3 lbs that is a total of 8.4 lbs in 3 weeks.I am so proud and this is giving me the motivation to move on.Had a great meeting about how to know when we are hungry or when we just eat for the sake of eating.I have 2 goals this week EXERCISE and think before I actually put something in my mouth.They also talkes about the 20 minute rule and that is it takes your stomach 20 minutes to tell your brain that it is full.So before you go for that second take a drink of water and wait 20 minutes to see if you really want it.
I feel so pumped after these meetings.Have a great night and talk to you tommrow. Trisha

09-29-2004, 10:08 PM
Trisha, bravo to you, way to go. Keep up the good work

09-30-2004, 02:10 AM
Laura, congratulations on the 2.5 pounds "gone forever". I tried to look up your journal on fitday, but my computer is so slow (I lack just a little bit of patience too). I think I'll go there on the weekend when I have more time. Thanks, I'd be interested in a new avatar.... I leave the design to you, see if you can capture my online personality.

Lynn: I love the aquasize. I have gone off and on for a few years. I have osteoarthritis in my knees so I can get a "high energy" work out without impact. If you put effort into it it really pays off. Amazingly you can sweat in the pool.

Trish: WOW WEE .... Down another three pounds. Good for you. Sounds like you're right on track with everything!

Sam: I have been doing quite a lot of work on a fitball. Just by sitting on it and balancing while you are doing weights such as bicep and tricep curls or by alternating leg raises you work your core muscle group which is a start to stronger abs. There's a lot of literature out there on fit ball programs, I think its worthwhile to look at. My gym also has a class called aqua pilates, your really work your abs while doing this class because you have to keep your abs in to keep your balance in the water and not float away. Another consideration for you.

I think the activity challenge is a good one. :workout: Let's not make it too complicated tho...... Say 1 point for planning to exercise and 1 point for following through on the plan...???? Or maybe we could somehow figure out how many miles we're traveling while exercizing and find out how far from each other we are and when we've gone far enough we can visit each other.... does this make sense to you? :spin: Oh, I guess that sounds complicated.... Any other ideas out there????

Hubby made wraps again tonight..... Spinach, egg, shrimp, imitation bacon bits and caesar dressing in a pesto wrap. :T Plus greek salad. :eating2:

Drum roll please....... I've saved the best for last...... I was down another 3.2 at WI tonight...... Quite surprised because I haven't been exercising as much as I should... Another .4 and I have to reward myself, I can't decide on whether to get gel nails. I worked in a warehouse as a shipper receiver for the last fifteen years, long nails definately wouldn't work there, but now that I'm doing office work... I think it would be a"girly" thing to do, nice to try and fit in with the girls now instead of a bunch of guys. OR my roots are starting to show on my streaking job, I was thinking I might go for foils instead this time in brown, red, and blonde. Right now my hair is brown with blonde streaks. OR I've never had a pedicure, I think it would be a real treat. Sometimes when your chubby, it's a little tough to reach your toesies to make them pretty. Decisions, decisions.

Well that's it for tonight.


09-30-2004, 01:24 PM
Good Morning all and congratulations on your individual successes!!!

Today was payday so I bought a new work out video - Tae Boe I (sp?) I am pretty excited about it. Will try it probably on Saturday since I already did Pilates this morning and have a work out class tommorrow. I also had to buy a new pair of work out pants because my other ones were getting too loose and they were almost falling down last time I went to class!! WHOOO HOOO!!! ;)
I also bought enough Smart Ones/Lean Cuisine/Healthy Choice dinners to last me until next payday so I don't have to worry about what I will be eating when it gets closer to next payday and I am broke again :lol: .

Has anyone ever watched "I LOST IT" on discovery or TLC or something like that? I watched that yesterday and was very inspired.

You guys have a good day.

:) Sam

I'm Living
09-30-2004, 08:22 PM
Gday everyone just dropped in for a quick visit from downunder I have been away for a couple of days catching up with family and friends really missed all of the encouraging vibes and inspiration I get from this thread well it,s spring here and it is pouring rain and its cold today can,t keep up with the weather :dizzy: its all over the place at times oh well gives me something els to whinge about instead of focusing all of my energy on my weight :lol: , it,s great to hear fo all your individual losses you all give me a big wake up call especially on a day like today when I could just curl up with a good book and forget the exercise and eat something really sinful, have missed reading quite afew posts while I was away :dizzy: have to read them all when I get time and see what each of you have been up to hope I have,nt missed anything to exciting :lol: well I,m off going to grab a :coffee: then hit the exercise bike bye for now JULIE

09-30-2004, 10:58 PM
Very strange, I posted a message this morning/early afternoon and I must of forgot to hit submit, because I do not see my reply. Oh well here I am.

Hey Julie, it is great to have you back, hope you had fun with your family???

Sam: What is LOST IT about, and when is is on? Great to hear your pants are too big. :D

Joy: Way to go on the weight loss :high: :dancer: As for all the wraps your husband has been making, I went shoppping today and boutght some spinach wraps with veggies and anything else I can think of to put in them. I am thinking I will marinate some chicken in some teriyaki and cut it all up and make a salad with chicken in a wrap. I could eat one now.

Laura: :cheer: :cheer: grat job with the muffins. I am so bad when I bake, cook etc. During the holidays I make gift baskets for many people, I make candy, truffles, cookies, fudge......blah, blah. I always gain at least 10 pounds between sampling and just sitting down and eating whatever it is I have made. I am going to try minty gum or lollipops... keep my mouth full so I cannot stuff it with anything else. I think you did a great job. As for the exercise... It is sooooooo hard to get motivated. I have such a problem with eating right and exercising. For some reason for the past 5 years I cannot do both. Right now I am in my exercising phase, but not eating the best foods. I feel your frustration I am also living it.

My son is taking his bike to school tomorrow for the very first time. The school is 1.4 miles away. I am very concerned (I know he will be fine). I have been driving him for the the past 3 years. Anyway, I said we will do a trial ride. I was dying. My bumb hurts so bad. Finally after 1 mile I said we have to turn around. I lied to him.... I said I have so much to do at home. My legs, my knees, my bumb and I was so out of breath. I was mortified, I could not keep up with my 8 year old. I felt so awkward. I was so embarressed. So I came home and ate. Ya know, don't feel it stuff it away. I have always been so good at that. Anyway, I did walk 1.75 miles today also. So I have this bitter sweet feeling. I am not happy about how hard it was but I also feel determined to do it more often, not 2 miles. But maybe 1 mile... go 1/2 mile then turn around. I hate being fat. I have never been this fat.

I am sorry everyone, please excuse my little break down. But I really do hate feeling like this. My son is so athletic and I can't do anything with him. Sorry I did it again. Tomorrow will be a better day. I hope my bumb stops hurting by then.

I'm Living
10-01-2004, 01:02 AM
:balloons: OK, HERE WE GO, Hi, Lynne,angie,joy,sam,fran,mary,trisha,lauralyn and anyone else out there boy its a bit like the Waltons wheres jonboy, well anyway hope your all well I had a great time with my family lynne thanks I have 4 daughters and a son my son is my best mate he is 20 and I can never feel down or discouraged when he,s around he just will not have it he is the regular food police always saying are you really sure you need to eat that I think I better have it instead I don,t want you to feel guilty later I,d never forgive myself, the thing that sucks is he can eat whatever he likes and not gain an ounce I think he must have whollow legs :lol: , I love reading all of your posts your all so motivated most of the time and the inspiration is just remarkable I always get a good vibe and sometimes a giggle or a big laugh :) when I read the stuff you put down lauralyn thanks for being there guys sometimes it helps to know I,m not alone on this journey well I have bent your ears and raved on enough bye for now I KNOW I CAN DO THIS 3 WKS AND 7LBS GONE SO FAR :cheer: :cheer: :goodscale JULIE

I'm Living
10-01-2004, 01:09 AM
Oh I forgot something you should be very proud of your daughter and her room sounds like it will look really cool when it,s finished I,m a scorpioI like w so eird and different. BYE AGAIN FOR REAL THIS TIME JULIE

10-01-2004, 10:03 AM
Good Morning guys, this will be quick because I am about to head out the door to my 8:30 Step N Flex class.

Today marks my one month anniversary for my diet....18 lbs lost so far!!!! I feel better than I ever have in my life!!!

This morning I got scared because my internet was not working....and the first thing I though was omg...what about 3FC???I HAVE to get on there!! I about panicked!!!

Anyways, I have to go now...thanks always for being there for me!!!

:) Sam

10-01-2004, 05:45 PM
Good afternoon to all of you.

I know waht you mean Sam about OMG, 3FC. I was down stairs just sitting waiting for the time to pass, before it is time to leave for football practice. When I said, OMG I never checked in with all yall. So here I am.

I talk with a counselor as often as I can afford, which is every other week. She gives me such a kick in the pants about everything. Anyway I was able to see her a few days ago and she told me staight out that I do not feel. I run from my feelings.... I eat them away. I have been watching closely, real closely. I do, I really do. I see it with bad feelings, or uncomfortable feelings. I have decided to start writing in a journal. I do not think I am ready for the online journal. Because I have 38yrs of pent up uncomfortable feelings, whatever they may be. I can only try. Like you Laura, I really want to do and need to do both. You and I walk in the same shoes... sometimes when you write I feel like you are writing for me. Everyone always says you should be dating.... I have been divorced for 3 years. I have not been on a date since my husband, I was thinking how lonely I was, how long it has been since I have been touched or touched a man intimately. This sucks, I cannot go here right now. I need to put my sneakers on and take my son to football practice and go walk my 2 miles. I will try to check in later.

Thanks everyone for listening to me again.

I'm Living
10-01-2004, 09:24 PM
Good morning everyone I,t a beautiful :sunny: day here downunder God,s in his heaven and all is right with the world I wish ;) my scales have gone on vacation they are telling me I have,nt lost anything this week don,t you hate it when they don,t cooperate hope they come back from holiday next week :D anyway hopw your all doing well I know what you mean Sam I look forward to checking in with you guys at 3fc to you help keep me honest, you hang in there Lynne running away from feelings is something I used to do to but their your feelings and you have to own them and admit them to yourself no one else can do it for you I know its not easy I had a nervous breakdown awhile back from worrying about everybody elses feelings but my own , keep telling yourself your a person too and you,ve a right to your feelings good or bad own them deal with them be kind to yourself don,t judge yourself to harshly ;) treat yourself the way you treat others the way you talk to people on this thread with encouragement and understanding , sorry if I,ve waffled on :) it,s just that I know how hard it is to get back up if you don,t take care of you, I can I identify with the dating stuff to this is my third marriage if you listen to others and get back out there before YOUR ready you make bad choices you listen to your inner voice and you will know when you want to get back out there and loves funny when your looking for it you can,t find it but when your relaxed and not worrying about being on your for ever it finds you the Gods and the Angels know whats best for you and you,ll know when your ready ;) boy I,ve been long winded today putting in my sixpeniths worth if I sound like I,ve been talking out of my hat please forgive me :^: well I better go before I say anything sillier than I already have bye BLESSED BE JULIE

10-01-2004, 10:50 PM
Julie thank you so much for such upbeat and positive advice. I truely do appreciate it. While at football practice with my son I was talking with one of the other moms and she was going on about herself, the troubles she has experience over the years. And boy my life truely is not so bad. I needed to hear her story tonight and I know my angels set it up to hear it, to remind me to be greatful for what I do have. Thank you again. Bless you for your kindness.

I'm Living
10-02-2004, 12:34 AM
G,day all and you are quite welcome Lynne and your right sometimes our lot in life seems quite overwhelming until we hear someone elses story and we don,t have it so bad after all I,m glad you know that your angels put you in the right place at the right time to help you hear what you needed to hear and to put things in perspective hope you feel better,Hey LauraLyn yeah 3 times 1st time I was young and stupid but I had 5 beautiful kids and was with him for 17yrs until he got a roving eye something I couldn,t forgive so that was that, 2nd time like I said bad choices I was lonely not a good reason to be with anyone he was an alcoholic and 8yrs of my life wasted was enough so chapter 2 ended ,3rd time like I said this time I was,nt looking I lost my DAD in March 3half yrs ago and on October the same year on the 6th my DADS birthday I was feeling a bit down so I went out with friends and as I was walking out the door I asked the Gods my angels and my Dad to send someone to make me smile I was sitting there my now hubbie asked me to dance the rest is history but this time I was,nt looking or sending out hey I,m desperate vibes and I think I,ve finally got it right this time well fingers crossed anyway , well have I bored you enough hope you all keep well bye for now BLESSED BE JULIE

10-02-2004, 02:20 PM
Lynne - just so you know, fitday is not a "public" journal unless you chose to make it that way. You have to tell someone the link before they can visit. Don't get discouraged, though, because I know that you can get through the bad times, and when you hit another good time, you will be so proud that you made it!!!
Julie - I agree with Laura, I don't know how you were able to open up again for a third time! Do you find it difficult to trust your husband, after whatever your other husbands put you through? Maybe one day I will understand ;)
Laura - love your new picture!!! That is funny :lol: I forgot to tell you earlier, but I would love to have you make one for me, but I don't have any idea what I would want on it...any ideas you have would be great. I hope your daughter has a good time at the homecoming dance, oh I miss the days of young romance like that!!! Does she have a boyfriend to go with, or is she going to just dance with everyone? I love the idea of chatting, but don't think I will be able to as I work Sunday evenings, and my boss probably wouldn't like the idea of me chatting online when I should be working!! I am able to pop in everyonce in a while to post, though.
Joy and Trisha - congrats on your weight loss!! Doesn't that feel so good after worrying about it all week, to hop on the scale and see that you DID accomplish something?
OK guys, gotta go to work (fun fun) but will probably post again later on at work when I am bored.....

:) Sam

I'm Living
10-02-2004, 08:19 PM
G,day everyone, :) I hope your all well , Sam what can I say I don,t know how to make you understand when I don,t myself this is my hubbies second marriage and as in my first his exwife cheated on him so we,re both a little wary of each other I guess we do trust each other ;) because I believe with out trust you don,t have a relationship he,s a bit more clinging than I am , yeah sure I went through alot in my first 2 marriages but I believe life is a learning experience and I must have had things to learn about myself to get me to where I,m now I think it made me alot stronger :smug and when I met my now hubby I new what I would and would,nt put up with this time I around he had to deserve me not the other way around , I can,t say I have fully opened up yet he has my heart but not my soul yet :dunno: how long that will take :) anyway thanks for your input you and Sam think I,m brave I,m not but I think life is full of risks and you can either sit back and watch the parade go by or take the chance and get in there and participate ;) well I seem to be getting boring and raving :lol: all of you keep well and stay focused bye for now BLESSED BE JULIE

I'm Living
10-03-2004, 09:12 PM
Good morning everyone hop your all well and staying focused ;) I can identify with you LauraLyn the lack off attention and support let alone anything else is the pits, for the last three years of my first marriage we seemed to just drift apart then when I was 34 almost 13yrs ago I had to have a hysterectomy which made things worse when I needed my husbands support he decided to have an affair instead to deal with my emotional baggage at the time which was a real :rolleyes: bummer at the time , it was,nt easy for me to make the choice of separating we agreed to a trial separation but I knew in my heart he wouldnt be back , so there I was left alone with 5 kids aged from 13 down to 6yrs it was scary but instead of the yelling and the feeling of being more alone with him than I would be without him, after the usual tears and regrets I found my piece of mind , he came to see the kids and all I heard on those visits was your fat you,ve got 5 kids who else would want you I believed it for awhile :crazy: but then I said to myself KNOW I,M NOT WORTHLESS I HAVE VALUE TO ME AND I THINK I,M PRICELESS, I lost 4st in under 4mths not a good way to go I was so sick but then I thought I can beat this :smug:all this stress I can live without I had my kids and friends who all thought I was worth something :D . About 12mths after being on my own with the kids I met a really nice man but still to bruised to open up to him so it didnt last but it made me realize I was,nt a right off because I had kids , I know I,ve waffled on but my point is sure life is full of changes and its easier to stay with what you know than what you dont :) after 7 yrs of what ever it is you deal with everyday only you know if you can turn it around and change things in your favour or if its time to move on talk to your hubbie tell him how you feel but guess you,ve probably done that till your blue in the face , and girl you do have support else where from friends and here I dont know you and hey Im just a girl from downunder but you seem to be a very warm and outspoken person and I know from reading your posts you keep me inspired to keep going :goodluck: :thanks: for being there and you,ll know in your heart you,ll feel it ask the Gods and angels for guidence they listen trust me you,ll know what to do when its right for you . Glad you had a nice holiday redswirls I dont get in line of cameras the last time I had my photo taken was 18mths ago at my wedding needless to say those photos never see the light of day well I,ve bored you tears long enough :lol: gotta go bye for now BLESSED BE JULIE

10-04-2004, 10:28 AM
Good Morning Everyone!!

I have GOT to get motivated to start eating right again. I haven't been THAT bad, but I cheated a few times and I am worried that it will show when I weigh in this week.
On Saturday, someone brought donuts to work, and I begged people to share with me so I wouldn't eat a whole donut, but noone would, but I only ate about 1/4 of a donut. The weird thing is, I didn't really even like it all that much!!! (probably the guilt :lol: )
Last night when I came home I was starving and at a small slice of pizza. That I enjoyed. Alot. mmmmm...but no more. I need to get focused. Today is very busy for me because my grandmother is having surgery on her bladder, and my husband has a doctors appointment to be scheduled for surgery. I don't have time to go to the gym, but I have plans to go to 4 classes this week at the gym: 2 kickboxing conditioning classes, a member's choice, and my Step N Flex class. I am worried about kickboxing, because I really don't know if I can do it!!! I will give it a shot, though, and do the best I can.
Weekends have proven to be the hardest for me, for some reason. I have noticed that when I don't work out, I eat like crap. It's either a really good day, or a really bad day. Either I work out and eat healthy, or I don't work out and eat terribly. I don't know how to fix that problem.

OK guys, I gotta eat breakfast and get ready to go to my hubby's dr appointment. You all have a good day!

:) Sam

I'm Living
10-04-2004, 07:20 PM
G,day everyone from here downunder Its a beautiful day here quite warm for spring , hope your all well I agree with your LauraLyn where is everybody hope you all come back soon we need your inspiration and encouragement, I,m doing fine lost another 1lb ,glad your keeping up your exercise LauraLyn your better than me in that area I do 30mins on the indoor bike and I,m stuffed let alone walk the dog for 45 , I was thinking of having a day off from exercise but you,ve inspired me to move it , I have my fingers crossed for your grandmother Sam and I hope all goes well for your hubby I,ll be sending my angels to be with you take care , the soup sounds yummy LauraLyn have to give it a try , I also like the idea of a challenge we dont have thanks giving here in oz but that does,nt matter 8wks is 8wks anywhere well thats it for me keep well all of you saty focused bye for noe BLESSED BE JULIE

10-04-2004, 09:32 PM
Well, I am sorry for not logging in this past weekend, But waht a busy weekend.
Laura Lynn sound like you also had a very busy weekend, how wonderful for you and your daughter. I am the only girl in my family. I have 2 brothers, one son, and 3 nephews. NOOOOOO girls. you are so lucky. Thank you also for all your support. I really appreciate it. thank you :D

Julie: thank you for sharing. You make me feel hopeful that someday I just may find "that" man. My whole life I went from one bad relationship to another. When my ex and I were separating I asked God not to let me get involved with another wrong man again. It has been 7 years since...... I have been held, kissed, or loved by a man. I know my day will come. Somedays are worse than others. But when my son asks me to please find him a Dad, it breaks my heart. When my ex left he left us both... he has severe alcohol and drug problems. When sober he was a great guy... but he couldn't stay sober so he had to leave. We (my son and I) deserve better. thank you..

Sam, wonderful Sam, you are still doing great. Yeah for you. Keep up the fantastic work. How is the Gym going???? I want to join so badly, but the membership is a little steep right now. But I'm working on it. Let me know how it is going.

Hey Angie, glad to hear you trip went well. Don't forget pictures add lbs. I usually hide my body in pictures. I seen a picture of myself and began to cry. I have also had a few pounds to lose, never 120lbs to lose. But I will get there. Glad you had fun, let the picture inspire you, not keep you down.

Well I must get my wonderful little one, who rides his bike to school alone, without his mother now, to bed. He is growing up so fast. I use to drive him to school everyday. :( :(

10-04-2004, 10:01 PM
Oh, Lynne, youre little boy is growing up!! That should make you happy!!! The gym is going good, will go tommorrow morning and attempt this kick boxing thing...this week I will only be able to go to three classes, instead of four, because my husbands surgery will be on Thursday morning. I have taken Thursday off of work and will be able to play "nurse" for the next week. Thank you guys for the concern about my grandmother. She is fine, they will keep her in the hospital for a few days to keep an eye on her. I will be up at the hospital probably most of the day tommorrow to spend with her. Then I will be at the hospital most of the day on Thursday w/ my hubby.....FUN FUN FUN...but, if I eat at the hospital they have a WONDERFUL salad bar, so I will still be able to eat healthy, and still planning on going to the gym everyday except for Thursday.
Everything is good here, I am at work...earlier we were really slow and I laid my head down...ended up taking a nap for 1/2 an hour!! I didn't realize I was so exhausted. I feel better now. LOL I hope I didn't snore.
OK guys, I will post tommorrow.

:) Sam

OH by the way, the best time for ME to chat would be early morning, like from 7a-8a, M-F

10-05-2004, 05:28 AM
Morning Ladies
Sorry I haven't posted for a bit things have been very hectic here.I had to train both factories that I work for last week and now this week I am getting trained they are putting me in a board room for 8 hours a day and want me to learn something new :?: They think that they can teach and old dog new tricks I wil be snoring.
The eating is going ok I made salsa on the weekend and it is really really good and salsa is free no points so I can put it on anything the nice thing about this is that I know what is in it.
We had my dad come over on the weekend and we are buying his Yukon and going to sell out truck.I don't know what it is about men always wanting to biggie size everything they always think the bigger the better.So we are going through that proces right now also.
It was so beautiful here on sunday we went for an hour long walk it felt so good but sure didn't burn what I ate.
I like the idea of a challenge and yes our thanksgiving is on Monday but it would keep me good for this weekend.
Gotta run feels so good to be back. Have a great day and talk to you tonight

10-05-2004, 09:52 AM
How are all of you this beautiful sunny, brisk, fall morning (on the Northeast)

Well, I have no idea how I missed the info, but Sam what happened to your Grandmother, and why is your husband having surgery?????? I cannot believe I did not catch that. Well I hope all is well and I will keep them both in my prayers, as well as you..... :)

Angie & Laura I also like the challenge thing, what are we going to challenge. What about like points: 1point for staying on Plan, 1 point for drinking 64oz of water, and 1 point for exercise.... just a really quick thought/idea. We could do it weekly or monthly...What other ideas are out there. I know one was about miles....

As for the chat thing, I think that sounds like fun. Usually evenings after 8pm are best for me... although Mondays and Wednesday am could work also.
We could set up an am and a pm chat session that way anyone who can, can check in. Just a thought. I also lkie the idea of setting up a topic.We are such a smart productive group. Aren't we??

Keep me informed as to what the group decides.

Oh yea, I am going away for the long weekend, I am going to Block Island. I love it over there. As a child my Paternal Grandparents had an Inn and a big house, My father was a twin and one of 10. Anyway they do not own any property over there now, but I still love to go every year, once in the summer and then the fall. This is my fall trip. I can't wait. I will log in until then though.

Well I guess I should get back to work. Please everyone, have a wonderful blessed day and remember to breath, smile, and forgive.... :)

10-05-2004, 10:37 PM
Hey ladies!!
Today was alright, went to my kickboxing class as planned, I LOVED IT!!! I was nervous about it, but it was really fun, and actually easier, because instead of doing the same thing for an entire hour, she kept changing it up, so I never got bored, and I never felt too repetitive. We would box for a while, jump rope for a while, lift weights for a while, then box some more, etc. It was fun.
Went from there to the hospital to visit my grandma, she is doing well, still pretty drugged up. BTW she had surgery on her bladder. Apparently it dropped?? She will be in the hospital at least for a few more days, until she is able to use the restroom and have a BM by herself again. My husband went up there with me to pre register for his surgery, it will be Thursday morning at about 9am. His is just a day surgery, will be in and out on Thursday. He is having surgery for a pilonidal cyst on his back that keeps flaring up. It's pretty minor, but I am still a little concerned, because it is surgery, after all. I am sure he will be fine.
OK, so that is the update for me, everything is well here, I am tired and will probably hit the sack in a little while. Will be up early again in the morning, got a Members Choice class at the gym (don't know what that is, exactly) and back to the hospital. I go into work tommorrow at 5pm.

Turkey challenge sounds good to me, either in here, or in another thread, whatever. I think that instead of worrying about losing pounds, I will instead focus on exercizing daily and eating correctly. The pounds will just be an added bonus. I am already doing two challenges, Halloween Challenge: 260lbs, Christmas challenge: 245lbs. (I think that's what they are, can't remember off hand at the moment.) I think that should make my Thanksgiving challenge somewhere in the middle: about 252lbs. (Assuming I don't ruin it ON Thanksgiving dinner lol)

Anyways guys, gotta go....

:) Sam

10-06-2004, 09:26 AM
Godd Morning ladies... :coffee:

I started with good morning vietnam, because sometimes losing weight feels like a war zone...... :?:

Sam, you as well as your family will stay in my prayers. :smug: good job to you to keep up with exercising and eating well. I would of ran with that excuse. I am very proud of you. You Go With Your Bad Self :cool:

Laura; :cp: on walking and eating well. What chat room will you go into on Thurs nite at 8pm EST. I am going to try to make it there, I have to pack and do laundry that night. But I will try to get away fro a few moments. I would love to talk to you and others. :)

Trisha, remeber to care for yourself, I hope things slow down for you. I will pray for you, stay strong. :dizzy:

Fran, I am so sorry to hear about your mom. That is so scarey...... I will keep you in my prayers. Hang in there, keep up updated when you can.

Angie, have some fun....

Yesterday I walked 2.41 miles.... I am not even hurting today. :lol:
My eating was good also. Today, I have to walk to pick up my SUV at the shop, it is a 3 mile walk. Therefore, I am hoping that I will walk again at football practice, hopefully 1 more mile. That is my plan, would love to do my yoga and possibly my resistance bands.

Joy, Julie, Mary and anyone else, please have a wonderful blessed day.... :smug:

10-06-2004, 09:23 PM
OMG ladies I hurt so bad today after that workout class this morning. Mostly we did steps, but at the end she did quite a bit of ab exersizes, and instead of wimping out like I usually do I tried my damnedest to do it, did pretty well, but I am paying for it now. Every time I move I hurt...LOL...even right now I hurt just by typing!!!! OH well, it will get better, I am sure.

Laura - it is funny how much our situations are similair: that is exactly what my grandmother had: bladder suspention and bowel/vaginal wall reconstruction surgery...and she is also a nurse!! I don't know if she is going to have the pace maker thingy, she didn't mention it, but she is concerned that she will have to take the catheter home with her. She said tommorrow they are going to take the catheter out of her, and if she can urinate and have a BM by herself she can go home w/o the catheter. She said that she had heard of cases that people have had to wear the catheter for up to 3 months!!They also are forbidding her to do any lifting of any kind, which will be very difficult for her because she is a clean FREAK!

Anyways ladies I am working so I need to go now....but will talk to guys tommorrow...tommorrow is the big day for my hubby...will let you know how it goes.

:) Sam

10-06-2004, 09:45 PM
Hey Laura I loved you example of fat and water. I never really looked at it in that exact way. I am such a visual person, and that was extemely visual... I can see me drinking more water. I also drink close to about 48-50 oz of water. I don't usually drink soda, but really like coffee, but limit it to 2 a day. One in the am and one in the late afternoon (football practice). thanks for the info. Oh yea, what chat room are you going to use tomorrow at 8pm EST.

Sam, glad to hear you gram is doing better. Why do you hurt???? Is it a good hurt (working muscles to exhaustion) or hurt because you did something you should not have. I know the kick boxing classes are really fun, but also in my gym were the cause of most injuries. Due to it being such a tough work out and people not keeping their form, then pushing themselves, causing injury. I hope it is the good hurt.... if so, take a hot bath to soothe the muscles. Take it easy, don't push too hard.

Well I did my 3 miles to the auto shop to get my car. What a walk... it actually felt good, then my hip started to ache a little. Tonight I tried to walk the track and my hip started bothering me again. I think it is because I have been walking the soft cushy track and today I walked the hard tard sidewalks. ??????? who knows. But I will have to get adjusted tomorrow, I must be ready for my big weekend away..... :) :) :) :) :) :) I plan on doing some walking.... I'll have to bring my ice packs, inflavs for inflammation, just in case. I don't even think BI has sidewalks (not many)...

Well all have a great night... I hope to speak with whomever can log in tomorrow evening 8pm EST..... :)

10-06-2004, 10:05 PM
Lynne - it is definitely a good hurt....I can see how someone could get hurt in kickboxing...but it really is a fun class. I could also see how someone could get injured in the aerobics we were doing today - she had us turning and twisting all sorts of ways. I could just SEE myself breaking my ankle, so I tried to take it easy, as I am not able to jump around as easily as some of them are. I will be taking it easy, though, because I am not able to go to the gym tommorrow, so tommorrow will be my day off until Friday!!!

10-07-2004, 02:43 AM
Hi all :wave:

Thought I'd let you know the results of my WI tonight at WW. Down 4#.

I've been doing much of the same.... staying OP.... drinking my water...

:tread: Still have motitivation problems with regard to getting daily exercise. Still trying to get myself psyched :spin: Like Sam, I have joined a few challenges.... Hallowe'en.... Christmas..... 100miles....point challenge.

With regard to the WFC turkey more couldn't hurt I guess... :lol: although my Thanksgiving is also on Monday..... I'll go along and count the weeks with you guys.

Sounds like everyone is staying on track with their eating and exercise. Good to see :bravo:

I won't be able to participate in the chat night. I will be at class tomorrow night from about 5-10. Pacific Time. I think that we are four or five hours behind eastern. We get Chicago channels here on cable can watch shows such as Survivor at 5pm instead of 8pm if we want, so its three hours from Chicago. Let me know when the next one is and I'll try that.

I think that a discussion topic is a very good idea. :write: Maybe would could have a different theme each week. I nominate Redswirls (her idea) :idea: to be leader in this area.... :lol3:

Well that's all for now.....


10-07-2004, 05:09 PM
Hi hubby came through his surgery okay, just grumpier than :censored: He is griping about everything from the cat to the car. I went out to get his medicine, and picked up lunch for him, a few movies to watch while he was bed ridden, a soft (but manly!!) blanket, and a magazine. Did he say thank you? :censored: no!!! GRRR....

Anyways, I am going to chalk it up to him not feeling good and try to do the best I can while playing nurse. He is driving me crazy, though, because he keeps trying to DO things, like get his own blanket, etc...when I told him that I would get him anything that he needs. I am tempted just to let him get it himself, if that's the way he wants it!

OK, enough of my griping, diet went to crap today because I was stuck at the hospital, but I didn't have anything fried, and no I am still okay. Will go to Step N Flex tommorrow morning.

Talk to you all soon!!

:) Sam

10-08-2004, 05:50 AM
I am ready for the challenge.Just got off the scale and weighing in at 256.2.
:goodscale This is going to be a tough weekend for me with 3 turkey dinners.Plan on getting alot of activitiy in :strong: My trip is comming closer and closer and this weight needs to move faster.
Glad to hear that your hubby is doing good Sam just be are sucks when it comes to this kind of thing.
I made it through my training this week and I get back to work yesterday and find out that we are being audited by ontario health and safety now and have to spend the day with the auditor.I sure hope he likes turkey my only salvation :?:
Thet tell me that I also have training for 3 days next week again,this does not help my weight loss because normally in my job I am running around for at least 4 hours a day and now I can see my butt getting bigger as we speak from sitting.
I made 15 lbs of mashed potatoes last night for the dinner we are having today. Will not be having them plan on having turkey and some veggie's and a little desert and that is it.
Gotta run and get ready for work hope you all have a great day.
:cheer: LET THE GAMES BEGIN :coach:

Ps Laura thank you for setting up the challenge it is greatly appreciated
:bravo: :cp:

I'm Living
10-08-2004, 08:12 PM
Gday everyone hope your all well , gooe to see you all seem to be sticking to it and congrats on the losses out there Sam I hope all is well with your family you have been in my prays , Fran I hope all is well with your mum I know how scary it can be my mum had 6 bypasses 6 yrs ago so you hang in there , love reading your post Laura you make me laugh at times when I really need it , I know what you meen about stones and lbs I,m the same with lbs and kgs there are 14lbs to one stone , I have,nt had a very good week family issues so I,ve been eating all the wrong food and have regained the last 2lb I lost but I,m back on track now I have no control over certain things that are going on but I,m the one that controls my weight issues hope you all have a great day thanks for being there bye for now BLESSED BE JULIE

10-09-2004, 12:57 AM
Good evening ladies, I am still dealing with a VERY GRUMPY HUBBY. My eating has been terrible and I really need some motivation to start eating right again. My exersize has been okay, but I know that it takes both parts to get the job done, not just one or the other. I hate to admit it, but this is what I ate today: a sonic hamburger, a hot dog, a SmartOnes Pizza, and a Grilled Chicken Salad w/ extra chicken. Oh, and a few french fries. OMG I feel like such a pig. And some sunflower seends. Oh, and two granola bars. Jesus. What is my problem? I was doing SO good and then in just a matter of days I have slipped back to my old eating habits. What is my problem??? I didn't think I was an emotional eater. But APARENTLY I am. I probably just never realized it before because I ate so much anyways. I am on my period, but I don't really think that I can blame it ALL on that. It's me.
Anyways guys thanks for letting me vent. Will post tommorrow.

:) Sam

I'm Living
10-09-2004, 03:25 AM
Hi Sam dont beat yourself up over one bad day we all are affected by our emotions even if we think we,re not , sometimes we need comfort in unconventional ways and when the person we look to for it is feeling ofsorts themselves we go elsewhere in my case it,s usually the bikkies or chips you know you,ve been doing really well and your encouragement and things you write in your posts have really help keep me motivated when I,ve slipped and remember a slip is not a failure it,s a new day tomorrow so just start afresh kiss today goodbye and remember tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it , stay focused you know you can do it just look how far you,ve come already and your mini goal hey easy all the best bye for now BLESSED BE JULIE

I'm Living
10-09-2004, 03:41 AM
Boy am I an airhead not payin attention I guess to many things scrambled in the old brain at the moment :lol: yeah I,m up for the challenge its a great idea Laura just what I need at the moment ;) even if I don,t lose a whole turkey maybe a couple of drumsticks will be a good start :lol: anyway it,s Saturday here downunder so I,ll make that my checkin day thanks for the encouragement and inspiring ideas they really help just when I,m ready to give up I read something that makes me keep going, well :crossed: and good luck to us all bye foe now BLESSED BE JULIE

10-09-2004, 07:05 AM
:coffee: Morning everyone
Samantha do not get yourself upset it is normal for people to go on an eating program and for the first 3-4 weeks we do so well and then we fall back into our old habits.That is why we are here.Things are always happening in our lives that do not let us stay on track and when that happens we go fo comfort food. :burger:
Set yourself a new day :) to get started again.Take a deep breath and look forward not back you can do nothing to change that now.
You have been such an insporation to me on here because I am at the stage where I am falling and just to read about all the exercise you do and the weight you have lost has helped me.
Take a deep breath and get focused again and you will be ok.
Just keep posting on here it works and we are all here for you. :grouphug:

I am trying to get my strategy up for this weekend.We now have family get togethers for all 3 day's I will be gobbling like a turkey by monday night.

I really need to get myself motivated for exercise again going to start a program for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night and see of that works.I foind that since I had all that training last week that sitting for 8 hours a day in the board room didn't help.I run around for about 4 hours a day and found that sitting all day I was more tired at night than anything.

Well I should go and start claenaing and want to wallpaper part of my kitchen today.I hope that you have a great day and oh ya
GOBBLE GOBBLE :wave: Trisha

10-09-2004, 10:47 AM
We are reaching 6+ pages!!