100 lb. Club - 120 pounds to go.. can you relate?

09-22-2004, 04:07 PM
Hi all ... I am a newbie... yup finally decided that being fat was not good for my health and so here i sit day 4 on LAWL and i am having it hard.. i am in carb withdrawl as well as salt withdrawl.

Can you relate? last night at 1am i wanted to drink the olive juice out of the jar i felt so deprived.. will this last for much longer?

Listen any advice.. guidance.. positive words of encouragement will be most gratefull.

My goal is to have a family portrait done .. my 4 year old deserves pictures of her mommy and she has none.

Looking forward to meeting some new people.. here are my stats:

Starting weight:297
Prestent weight:290

Goal:175 :D

09-22-2004, 04:12 PM
I don't know what LAWL is but I can certainly relate to having a lot of weight to lose. I would highly recommend staying here, there is a lot of knowledge and support here.

You have made the right step in that you know you need to lose weight and have at least started on a plan. Have you added in any exercise? I find exercise to be very motivating and it is one of the things that keeps me on track.

Take one moment, one hour, one day at a time and you will get there.

09-22-2004, 04:23 PM
Hi there!

Great to hear from you... LAWL aka La Weight Loss.

I starting walking about three weeks ago .. i'm not able to go to far but i am making babysteps i try to walk around the block usually takes 12 mins and by the end i am hurting .. carying 300 pounds is not easy.. i bought a good pair of walking shoes and they help a lot.

I go for a weight in tomorrow i am hopeing to be down some i need that boost!

Its nice to hear from someone who has similar goals .. i have a hard time relating to someone who has only 20-30 pounds to lose.

09-22-2004, 04:55 PM
I've heard of LA weight loss but being from California and now Colorado, I don't think it is popular in either of those areas, it seems to be more of an east coast thing? I'm not sure.

Trust me, I understand the carrying 300+ lbs around ;) Once you build up your stamina, you will be able to go further and be able to do more. You have definitely made a good start.

09-22-2004, 05:09 PM
Welcome to 3FC and CONGRATULATIONS on starting your weight loss journey.

I can definitely relate. I need to lose about 150. When I think about all the changes I need to make, it freaks me out. So, I'm working on one thing at a time. Since I was a totally sedentary person, my first priority was starting to move. Next will be the food. I read this forum for a while before I joined and it motivated me to get started. I'm taking one day at a time, remembering my successes and letting go of my failures.

Hope to see you around often.

09-22-2004, 05:15 PM
Hi Marcia, Great to hear from someone with the same goals and similar weight.... I know about the moving thing i started walking three weeks ago and i thought i was going to have a heart attack the first night ... my husband was worried sick but every day i get better and not so tired with my walks.... I know i am on the journey of my life i want to be here tomorrow and the day after etc ... i was heading down a one way road to nowhere.

Lets keep in touch!!

09-22-2004, 05:15 PM
Hi Dutchy,

I don't have 120 to lose but I started out with 87 lbs to lose, which I think qualifies for a signficant amount. I am down 12 lbs since starting south beach on 8/22. Now I have 75lbs to lose. I feel the same way you do about having to lose a bunch. We can do this. When I started South Beach, it took me about 5 days to a week to get past the no carb, sugar or dairy thing. Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow and keep us posted.


09-22-2004, 07:12 PM
I can definitely relate. I know by experience that totally changing your lifestyle and sticking to it is one of the hardest things in the world. I am new here too, starting over after losing over 70 pounds and gaining back nearly all of it. I know what helps me is taking one day at a time. If I think about how much weight I actually have to lose, I get overwhelmed. But, each pound is a milestone, and eventually those pounds add up. I joined a gym in Feb. and that really helps too. Good luck!

09-22-2004, 09:11 PM
Hi ladies, I just wanted to jump in here because I've been where you are now and I can totally relate to how overwhelming it all seems right now. But all of you are on the right track, especially the exercise department, which is so, so important. Just keep taking one day (or hour or minute if that's what it takes) at a time and you will get there. Please never, ever give up because what you are doing now is so worth all the hard work. I commend each of you for making the decision to get healthy and embarking on this long, hard journey. Good luck and keep up the good work!


09-22-2004, 09:16 PM
Hi everyone, I can completely relate to everything you all are saying...
I can't believe I got to this point. I have ALWAYS fought with my weight, and in the end I have ultimately failed, even when I have done things the "right" way (sensible eating, excersise, etc)...I am 27, married, no kids yet, and I am so sick of being fat and unhealthy...a couple of years ago I lost a lot of weight and got down to about 180 and in a size 12 which for me was like a supermodel---and to think some people on here are STARTING at size 12!! (jealous!)

Anyway, I haven't dared weigh myself lately but when I went to the doctor about a month ago, I was about 275, so it's safe to assume I am about 280, possibly a few lbs more....and I am SCARED. This is the heaviest I have ever been and I know if I don't do something about it, I am only going to get bigger.....eventually losing my chance of having children, and of course the added bonus of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, joint problems, back problems, breathing problems and every other obesity related illness right around the corner at any moment....

Right now, thank God, I don't have any illnesses related to obesity ( I am hypothyroid but I take medication for that)...and I REALLY want to keep it that way...

That of course, isn't the only reason...the other is vanity, wanting to look good and feel good in my own skin...my husband is really in shape and is very good-looking (even though I am biased, it's true)...and I know he loves me as I am, but I know that he would find me sexier if I were thinner and felt better about myself (he hasn't said that, but cmon, I'm realistic)...
He is very supportive, but it's also hard for him to understand where I am coming from, as he hasn't really ever had to struggle with his weight...
This has completely affected my self esteem...man, I remember when I was slinkin around in my size 12's and I was on top of the world, felt better, looked GREAT, had so much more energy, got out a lot more with friends and my husband....and WHAM...I went off my plan and slowly the weight creeped back on until I was like, HOLY SH**....and now I am the heaviest I have ever been...

Sorry, I am going on forever, but basically, I understand. It is SO daunting to me to look at myself and say, WOW, I need to lose AT LEAST 100lbs JUST to be in a somewhat respectable range---and even then I would be 180 again, my ultimate goal and a healthy weight for my heigh (about 5'3) would be about 130, though I would be in HEAVEN at 150....It is so daunting and I know I should just take it 5lbs at a time, or even one day at a time if I have to, but you ladies understand I'm sure...

Anyway, I just wanted to hop in and see if I can be of any support or help to any of you... I started getting serious today and have eaten 1400 calories for the whole day...now if I can just get in some kind of excersise...
my hubby is going away on business for a couple of weeks soon so that will be GREAT for me, even though I'll miss him, it will be much easier to focus only on myself and to *jump start* my new habits without having to focus on him and his meals, schedule, etc...

Wish me luck gals, and good luck to all of you!

09-22-2004, 09:39 PM
Welcome Sick of this.

With whatever you are trying to do the easiest way to accomplish a big task is to break it down into smaller more manageable tasks. That is why my current goal is to weigh 299 because I want to be out of the 300's for the first time in 10 years. I'm so much happier at my current weight than when I was at 350 or so. I know when I am at 270, I'll be happier with my weight than I am now. So I don't think of it as "wow its such a big task" but rather it is a progression of myself and improvement of myself. I won't have to wait until I'm 200 or so to be happier with my weight.

I also am looking forward to being able to do more things as I lose weight. With my increased strength and health, I'll be able to do more things and feel better about who I am as I go.

09-22-2004, 10:25 PM
Wow! You guys have some strong commitments! Congratulations. That is the first step. I know many people who have had great success with LA Weight Loss Centers. I have also known many people (including myself) that have had great success in creating their own plans. This is not an easy journey ahead of you. There will be many ups and downs, on days and off but the key to success is to remain positive and KNOW that if you stick with it and make a lifestyle change out of it, you will SEE THE RESULTS! When you hit a speedbump along the way keep going don't let it stop you!

I am proud of you!

09-22-2004, 11:20 PM
Welcome, Dutchy and Sick of this! :wave: I never hit the 300 mark, but I got darned close, at 284. I just want to say that yes, it is a long road before you, but you've each ABSOLUTELY got it in you to accomplish anything to which you set your minds. You can do this......don't get overwhelmed by the length of the road, just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you'll see progress all along the way. I have really been motivated and inspired by that Chinese proverb which says, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step." And there are some amazing folks here at the 100 lb Club with whom to share that journey! I've received so much support and caring here -- it's really been critical to my success. As for relating to the folks who don't have as much to lose as we, I just kind of think it's all relative. I'm going to use my good friend Gretchen as an example (hope you don't mind, Gretchengirl! ;) ) Gretchen started at 225 just after I started at 287. My loss is just behind hers. We've shared support, struggles, information and laughter every step of the way, and have really helped one another in countless ways. I'm excited that she's about to achieve her goal of losing 85 pounds, and I'm really proud of her -- and I also know that I still have another 80 to go before I reach my goal of 140. So I look at it like this: she and I shared the same path for 85 pounds, and now she'll learn all kinds of stuff about Phase II: Maintenance......so I'll get to benefit from her experience with that when I hit my own maintenance phase! I REALLY can understand needing to find other "big losers" to relate to, though -- it's hard to compare the struggle of 150 pounds to the struggle of 30, even if that 30 is going to be a huge accomplishment for that person. Similar, kind of -- but not the same.

It's great to have you both, and I offer my support to each of you; if you ever need anyone to talk to or have a question, please feel free to PM me anytime! You're going to find this group just so supportive and so helpful -- and again, WELCOME! :goodvibes

Ivanna B. Skinny
09-23-2004, 09:26 AM
Welcome to you both! I'm glad you all made that first daunting step in coming here! If you ever have any problens, questions or thoughts, post them! We love to listen/help if we can!! ;)

09-23-2004, 09:48 AM
Sarah, thanks for the kind words. I'll be here forever! And for the record, I actually have 24 more to go to reach ultimate goal ;) , so we're still on the same phase of the journey for a while I bet girlfriend! It's a continuous journey, one of many stages. As long as your even on the journey, we're all in this together!

09-23-2004, 10:41 AM
Hello Ladies - I am sure that you have seen many of my posts before - I started my diet on 9-1-04 and have lost 15 lbs to date - I feel better, have more energy and sleep better at night. I know what it is like to have to lose so many pounds also - I began my diet weighing in at 280 bleh!! I would love to be a part of this thread and give and get support!!
:) Sam

09-23-2004, 04:04 PM
Thanks for all your inspiring stories....
I guess my biggest problem is maintenence...as I said before, I was down to about 180 at one point and believe me, I was looking and feeling good! I shouldn't beat myself up about gaining ALL of it back and then some, but I want to learn from it... I am going to be 28 this year (well next may) and I will absolutely DIE (well that's dramatic lol, but you understand) if I am fat in my 30's!!!!

I spent my whole teens FAT, my whole 20's (almost) FAT, and I am sick of this (hence the name)!!

Well, I did okay yesterday, had about 1400 calories for the whole day...I am going to stick to that until I lose about 20 lbs o so, then I think I'll reduce it to 1300 etc...

My other problem is excersise... I KNOW, I absolutely KNOW it's key in battling this thing, and I have been trying to get some in, even though it's hard right now being so heavy...
Well, enough of beating myself up...ONE thing I'm good at is water...I gave up diet drinks about a year ago because of all the terible things I had been reading about aspartame and the dangers of it, so pretty much ALL I drink is water...lots of it...after a little while of drinking it, I actually love the taste (or non taste) of it now and my body really feels it when I don't get enough of it...

Anyway, hope you ladies keep posting, maybe we can be a regular *club* for eachother...
As far as weighing in, I don't have a scale (which I don't know is a good or a bad thing) but I weigh in at the grocery store....I am supposed to go back to the doctor in about a month just to test my thyroid levels, so I'm not going to weigh in until then and compare it to the last weight I was at the doctor (which was about a month ago)
THEN, (maybe) I will have to courage to put my SW, CW, etc... lol

Have a great day and keep posting gals!

09-23-2004, 05:30 PM
I am going to be 28 this year (well next may) and I will absolutely DIE (well that's dramatic lol, but you understand) if I am fat in my 30's!!!!

I spent my whole teens FAT, my whole 20's (almost) FAT, and I am sick of this (hence the name)!!

I'm new as well and my story is very similar to yours. I was fat as a kid, a teen, and now as an adult. And like you, the prospect of facing my thirtieth birthday at 300+ pounds was what motivated me to finally get off my duff and do something about my weight.

I started at 330 pounds and through healthy eating and exercise I've managed to get down to 283 so far. Some days are easy, some are harder than heck, and I've made some mistakes, but you just have to keep getting back on that horse, you know? I want to get down to around 170, so I can definitely relate to needing to lose 120 pounds, as that's right where I am at the moment.

09-23-2004, 06:29 PM
Plush, congratulations on your weight loss so far...keep up the good work!!

My Mom always tells me, "The time passes whether you are doing something about it or not, so you may as well try." ...That is so true, and that's how I try to think of it when it seems like this weight is SO daunting and I feel like I have SO much to lose...

I also remember someone else saying (I forget who it was)...that Whatever your weight is now, remember there is someone out there who has chosen your weight right now as their goal or mini goal....
Of course it doesn't make me feel better to know that there are people heavier than me, but the point is, I am probably about 280 which I look at as HUGEEEE (to myself I mean)... when there is someone out there who started at 350 or something and is so proud (rightfully so) of achieving a mini-goal of 280 or something.... the point is, it's all relative...we are all working hard, we are all struggling... even people who need to lose only 20lbs or whatever...(though it makes me jealous when I see people's start weight at like, 135 haha)

Anyway, I have done great today so far, I am in at about 400 calories so far so that leaves me with plenty of calories for dinner...Ive found it to be successful in the past to sort of *save* my calories for dinner because evening is my problem time, so if I am eating a substancial amount in the early evening (before 7 or so) that makes me feel full and usually sustains me through the night...though I do eat a small breakfast and lunch just to keep the ol metabolism up...
Anyway, I find myself coming here often now, as I am a housewife (thanks hubby!) and sometimes even coming here stops me from binging!

Anyway, take care ladies, and keep posting! Maybe when this post gets too long we can start another thread and be sort of a *club* for eachother...

maybe call our threads "The 'can you relate' club"... or something like that?

Any takers?


09-23-2004, 08:14 PM
My Mom always tells me, "The time passes whether you are doing something about it or not, so you may as well try." ...That is so true, and that's how I try to think of it when it seems like this weight is SO daunting and I feel like I have SO much to lose...

I have to look at it the same way. I have gone for so long without trying and all I've gotten from it is older and fatter. It's time to try, I think.

Anyway, I have done great today so far, I am in at about 400 calories so far so that leaves me with plenty of calories for dinner...Ive found it to be successful in the past to sort of *save* my calories for dinner because evening is my problem time, so if I am eating a substancial amount in the early evening (before 7 or so) that makes me feel full and usually sustains me through the night...though I do eat a small breakfast and lunch just to keep the ol metabolism up...

I'm a night binger as well but for me personally things go much smoother when I have a good deal of my calories spread out over the earlier part of the day. That way I don't feel excessively hungry at night and I'm not tempted to binge.

I'm glad to have met you! We seem similar in a lot of respects.

09-23-2004, 10:31 PM
heya plush, thanks for responding...we do seem to have a lot in common, and I see from your starting weight that you have lost about 50lbs so far GOOD FOR YOU!!
We are about the same weight now, I am scared to weigh myself yet, but if I am realistic, I would say I am in the 280 area...as far as the night binging problem...I dunno, I guess it's psychological for me, I don't get that hungry during the day, but I do manage to eat at least 4-500 calories just so my metabolism doesn't stall on me...so I dunno, it feels like a reward or something when I eat my bulk at night (before 7 or so)...that way if I can eat 6-700 calories at once for my *dinner* it feels like I'm not even on a diet, cuz you can eat A LOT if you're eating the right things...then I feel full through my *binging* time which is later in the evening, so I don't eat... I dunno, it just works for me---everyone is different...

I did so good today gals...that makes 2 full days of being on plan except for not getting as much excersise as I should...well, focusing on the positives--yesterday I had about 1400 calories and lots of water, and today I am in a 1270 for the whole day, and drinkin water like it's goin out of style!

I'm glad I found this thread...hope some of you gals stick around and we can make this a regular thing...like I suggested, maybe if we keep with it, when the thread gets too long (like 4 pages or something) how do you all think about making regular threads?

Oh well, just keep posting, and keep trying...that's all we can do!!!

09-24-2004, 02:30 AM
Hey Sick_of_this,

I can totally relate. I was a fat kid, fat teenager and now a fat adult. I have alot of weight to lose, im sure more than 100 pounds. I dont have a scale, and even if I did, i highly doubt it could weigh me. I am taking baby steps, I started on august 12 and every once in a while I notice small things like, for example, now I have rock hard leg muscles,..lol. I am also sedentary. I started with Leslie Sansone's walk away the pounds, 1 mile. i cant do the whole thing, but I can get at least half a mile in 6 times a week, which is past the 12 minute mark on the dvd. when i first started i could only do 5 or 6, so I know I am getting better. it just takes one small step at a kind. I admire your resolve, there is no way I could give up wheat bread and no-fat yogurt,...yummmm,..lol Its funny because i am also married, 27 and no kids, so we really do have alot in common!

09-24-2004, 09:24 AM
Tara - You have done this before so you know you can do it again. I am also heavy, but there are many excersizes you can do anyways. Try just going to the park and walking. OR, buy an excersize video. I bought a Pilates video and try to do it a couple times a week. I have a hard time doing everything that she does on the video, but at least I try - and I am home alone, so noone has to see me try that hard to touch my toes LOL.
Oh, and I am all for continuing chatting here. Please let me know if you guys decide to switch threads. I love the 'can you relate' club.
I would encourage you to weigh yourself, because if you are like me, you won't see results on your body for a while (I still haven't) but the numbers on the scale will encourage you to keep going.

Plush - :cheer: :cheer: congrats on the weight loss this far - If you got that far, you can go all the way!! Have you ladies ever heard anyone say not to eat after 7pm or so? What do you think about that? I have a hard time with it because I work until 9pm every night. But I have heard them say that if you eat and then go straight to bed, all the food turns into fat because you haven't burned any of those calories. I don't know if it is true or not, though.
Heather - congratulations on the baby steps! Every little bit helps! Just think: One day you will be able to RUN 5 miles if you wanted to, and not have to worry about the one mile mark. That's what I look forward too, anyways. Goodluck in everything that you do!!

You ladies have a wonderful day. Today I am going to take a "step" class at the gym. OMG I am so nervous!!

09-24-2004, 12:52 PM
Samantha, I eat every 3 hours or so including after 7pm. I think that rule was invented for people who are heavy night time snackers, meaning when there is a lull and they are sitting at home, they just snack. I would highly recommend staying away from high carb foods a few hours before bed but eating some complex carbs or protein should be fine then.

09-24-2004, 01:09 PM
Samantha, I eat every 3 hours or so including after 7pm. I think that rule was invented for people who are heavy night time snackers, meaning when there is a lull and they are sitting at home, they just snack. I would highly recommend staying away from high carb foods a few hours before bed but eating some complex carbs or protein should be fine then.
This goes for me, as well, Samantha. I almost always have a healthy snack after dinner, and it hasn't affected my loss at all. I do low-glycemic carbs overall, and that applies to all meals, including the one after dinner. It's planned, fits into my overall daily plan, and makes me happy!

09-24-2004, 01:28 PM
Thanks for the advice, ladies. Now I won't feel so bad. I do, however, try to have my biggest meal of the day in the morning (I have to force myself, though, because I never was much of a breakfast person) and just have a small meal at the end of the day. It works pretty well for me.

:) Sam

09-24-2004, 02:53 PM
Hey ladies...glad to see you all still posting!!

Yeah, I know about the excersise, I really do try to get it in... I do yoga, and believe me, for anyone who says that's not an aerobic excersise doesn't see me sweating and panting at the end of it!!! Maybe if you're like 100lbs and doing yoga you won't be sweating and panting, but try doin all those moves at 280...you know what I'm talking about!!

Heather--thanks for the messege, yeah we do seem to have a lot on common, although I don't know if you comment about not having bread or yogurt was directed at me... I am not doing low carb....I think that balanced eating is the key, though different things work for different people...I do stay away from *white* foods though, and try to eat my carbs in the most unprocessed forms (whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, sweet potatos in stead of *white* etc)

As far as eating after 7pm (or not)... I only try to do that because I have a night binging problem....honestly, if you are staying within your calorie range, it doesn't matter if you eat at 10pm or whatever...you're not going to gain weight unless you go over your calories and don't excersise...it's simple really...the same way if you set your calories at say 1200 a day and eat 1200 worth of ice cream youre not going to gain weight (although we all know eating all your calories in ice cream IS NOT healthy!!!) You get my point though...it's all about calories taken in versus calories expended...

I remember when I lost about 50lbs years ago, I ate the most terrible things (hey I was a teenager) but I stuck with 1100 calories a day and I still lost weight...the only problem with that is the point of losing weight is not only to get the weight off but to learn new, healthy habits that will stick with you for life hopefully....

Anyway, I've been doing really well..today is day 3 of what will hopefully become a lifelong plan that will stick and I am uber proud of myself...my husband is going away on business for 3 weeks (see my thread in this catagory called OPERATION: hot housewife) so I have a game plan all set to pamper myself while he's gone and concentrate only on myself....

Anyway gals, have a good day...I'll definately be checking in!!

09-25-2004, 06:39 PM
Tara - are yoga and pilates the same? I do a pilates video, but have never tried yoga. I also huff and puff at the end of pilates :lol:
P.S. You'll have to post a picture of your new hairdo on here :)

09-25-2004, 08:21 PM
Yoga and pilates have similar concepts but aren't the same. There are also quite a few different types of yoga. Yoga is more about getting into a position and holding it or deepening it, and pilates is a little more active though I know there are some yoga variations that are a bit more active.

09-29-2004, 12:41 PM
I am also a newbie here! My goal is to lose about 130lbs! I have been off and on dieting for the last year. I had some success with a Naturopathic diet, however, due to lack of committment i gained it all back. So here I am again! Hopefully things will go better this time!

I look forward to chattin with everyone!

09-30-2004, 02:07 AM
I just have to add that those first few days without sugar/bad carbs/wheat/caffiene I just feel like walking out into the middle of a busy road, it would be a lot less painful than the withdrawl! Of course I haven't done that... yet... but I do have a fairly amusing story.. A while back I was on this fitness kick, I was walking 6km's or more a day (hiking really, I live in the mountains), Well one day I had been pretty sick all morning (3 hours with my head over the toilet), but I decided my fitness was more important, so I set out on my walk... making sure the bundle up! On my way home, which happens to be 1.5 km's straight up a mountain, I felt like I was going to have a heart attack, infact, I wished for one.. *anything* to not have to go up anymore. I had packed my cell phone in case of emergency, just forgot to charge it. And all those clothes I bundled up in? I had 2 sweaters wrapped around my waist, with my pants pulled up into makeshift shorts, and my t-shirt sleeves pulled up as much as they would go. LOL It made for an interesting walk.. I quit walking that route.. So whats the moral of my story? There is none, I'm just dumb ;)

09-30-2004, 10:22 AM
Wow, you guys on this thread are great! There is such a soothing feeling about reading others' stories that are just like your own. I'm 32, married, no kids. (but would like to) I've been fat all my life, and the largest amount of weight I've ever lost is ONLY 30lbs and that was about 10 years ago. I'm currently at 345, and would like to be 180. That would put me at about a 14, I'm 5'11.

Recently I've gotten almost to the point of giving up. Like most people here, I've tried every plan out there, and have thought about surgery but am too afraid to go that route due to possibilities of puking. I can't stand the thought of that. Anyway, most recently I've been reading up on the Body for Life plan. It makes sense to me, and that's what I would like to do. I just got a Platinum crossbar, and have a recumbant bike at home too. I like the eating plan, eat 6 meals a day, 1 portion carb, 1 portion protein. It really does seem doable. My problem has always been sticking to the diet, no matter what it is. I can go about a week, then I give up. Having such an enormous amount to lose makes it seem impossible. I've tried using motivation to help me, but nothing works. I put off picking a wedding date for 3 years after being engaged, because I didnt want to get married fat. Finally I decided just to do it, so I did, at 310. That was 4 years ago. I've been consistnatly gaining 10lbs a year for as long as I can remember. I met my husband in 1996 at 270, and look at me now. Ugh! We've decided we want to have a baby, and I know at my weight, I couldn't handle caring for a baby. The past few months, my body has begun to crap out. My first real issues from being overweight are that I've had swelling in my ankles, my knees are really starting to hurt, not just ache sometimes, and my right foot almost feels like there is a cramp. I've sort of been limping the past few days, which reminded me how I used to make fun of super fat people (to myself, never outloud) the way they waddle. Now, its me, sort of limp/wadling. I never understood why it was a big deal for someone to walk a mile, now I know. It's so sad, but I think even with these new physical issues, I question whether or not it will impact me enough to MAKE ME stick to a plan long enough to see results and begin to feel normal again.

What I could really use right now, from those of you who have had success in the past is what things really made the difference for you, making your plan work. I mean mentally. I think that is really the key, and I guess maybe I haven't heard or read what will work for me yet. I'm hoping something will strike me, and make a difference. With wanting to get pregnant, #1 I know its really not healthy for me to get pregnant as is, at this weight, and #2 I know I couldn't handle all the getting up and dealing with normal care of a baby the way I feel. But, even with the desire to get pregant, which I've had for a while, maybe a year, even THAT hasn't been enough to get my mind to make myself stick to a diet and exercise plan.
Much thanks in advance!


09-30-2004, 10:30 AM
wow kristy, you joined in june and this is your first post??? WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG???? but congrats for coming out of lurk-dom. tha'ts the first step.

the second step is breaking this whole big process down into little baby steps. so that you can meet every single goal you set [instant gratification!!!! - a wonderful thing]. a five-pound loss deserves a treat - like a manicure or a magazine. anything that's not food. and most importantly, it helps you develop a completely different lifestyle and head change.

perhaps the most important, IMO, is that you now HAVE TO PUT YOURSELF FIRST. people around here are probably tired of reading this from me, but i've never met an overweight woman who put herself first in her life. and in order for you to accomplish your mission, you MUST change that. you can't let anyone or anything distract you from your exercise regiment, or your eating plan, unless it's YOUR choice. that means that you have to plan your day. schedule your exercise. plan your food and make sure you have what you need when you need it, even if you have to pack a cooler in the car., there can't be any negotiation about this, unless YOU decide to have a treat or a rest day.

lots of people around here have had great success with body for life. in fact, the Ladies Who Lift forum has a LOT of folks who have done well with it. tremendous advice from them, by the way. AND, most important, several of them have lost more than 100 pounds doing it and HAVE KEPT IT OFF.

not that i'm trying to get you to change forums.. oh no, not at all. you belong RIGHT HERE. but that doesn't mean you can't participate in other threads as well.

there's lots of wisdom floating around here. in all sorts of places.

so it's great to meet you, and keep posting!!!! if you're typing, you're not eating!!!!

09-30-2004, 11:04 AM
Hi Jiffy.

I noticed this was my first post too. I also found when I signed on today, I had a msg from you, a reply from a message I sent to you.(back in June) Guess I forgot about this wonderful site!

I've got to argue alittle about not putting myself first. I think I do. My husband doesnt require much of my time, in other words, he does his own laundry, cooks more than I do, helps clean , etc. I have no one else that needs my time, my time is really my own, and I obviously choose not to exercise or plan my eating. I know that has to change, but I'm not sure HOW to do that. I think about both ALL the time. Also, a problem I have with setting small goals, which does make sense, is (as my user id says) I'm a complete shopaholic. Buying stuff makes me feel better in the short term, so buying a magazine or shirt, or pedicure isn't motivational to me, because I do all that stuff all the time, ya know?

I definately check out the ladies that lift section. Thanks!

09-30-2004, 12:41 PM

You sound so much like me mentally. I have a small debt that I am paying off as best I can but the reason I have this debt is that I felt crappy about myself and the only way I could feel better is by indulging myself with buying clothes and lots of other things. I would indulge myself with food as well.

My wish is that everyone would be able to see that we all have our own unique talents and abilities, we are all different but that doesn't make anyone less than another. There are so many people out there that don't know their self worth and have low self esteem issues. I lived with low self esteem for many many years and I embraced it. What changed me and what has enabled me to lose more weight than I have in previous weight loss efforts is I decided to shed my low self esteem. I can't say I am always perfect but I started simple, I would stop negative self talk and put in its place positive self talk. If I started to say "I am so ugly" then I'd change that into "I am beautiful". Basically, an important step is believing in yourself and believing you are worth putting the effort into your weight loss efforts.

The second thing I would say is don't start with huge changes because it can be quite shocking to your system, mostly mentally but also physically. Good small steps to take are:
1) Drink more water
2) Eat/Drink better (what is better? depends on you)
3) Exercise more

Some food examples are...
If you drink sugar added drinks, try to switch to sugar free alternatives. If you eat white bread, switch to whole wheat bread. If you eat candy bars, eat fruit instead. Add more veggies into your diet. If you eat/drink whole milk dairy, switch to low fat.

As far as exercise, anything more is better. So go for a walk, you don't have to try to run a mile. When you go shopping, park further away from the door. Take the stairs instead of an elevator/escalator once in a while.

I don't follow body for life although I have read the book and it has helped me shape my own diet. I eat 6 small meals a day with some protein in each meal. I eat tons of veggies. I exercise every day or at least try to.

Not only have I lost nearly 50 lbs, but I am no longer a complete shopping addict. I finally feel as if I have control over my weight and my money.

I wish you much success, we are here for you.

09-30-2004, 01:07 PM
Kristy, when I was reading about your post about putting yourself first it reminded me a lot of myself. I have had so much time where I could have exercised, shopped and prepared healthy foods etc and I didn't. I wasted and frittered my time away on a lot of pointless and meaningless stuff. Now that I think about it I have to wonder why I did that. Was it because doing stuff that would be beneficial to my health would be too much work and I was being lazy and/or did I not think I was worth spending the time on? I think you are headed in the right direction and I wish you much luck. Joining a gym has been my salvation as far as exercise goes. I was so much into thinking that I could do this all myself and then I woke up and realized that I wasn't doing anything. Joining a gym has been really great for me as I feel more motivated to get out and exercise. The gym is like 5 blocks away from me and I have lots of time for it so I really have no excuses not to go. As for eating, I am falling by on that too. I was trying dr. phil's plan but I am so addicted to nasty fattening carbs like cookies and crackers and white bread that it has been hard to change. The 2 weeks that I did his Rapid Start Plan I lost 6 lbs even though I did stray off the plan quite a bit. Still I was eating better than I am now. Right now my food goals are to eat meals at regular times and stop snacking in between. These are goals I know I can achieve. I know snacking is supposed to be a good thing and if I could snack on healthy stuff I would but I tend to do bad snacking while watching tv or reading a book so I need to stop bad snacking. anyway I've babbled on enough here. Keep coming here to post, it really helps, I was wishy-washy about going to the gym today before I started reading and posting but now I'm going to grab my stuff and head out. Best wishes!

09-30-2004, 02:10 PM
Oh my! I don't have a small debt, I have massive debt and I'm not afraid to talk about it. About 7 years ago, I went through consumer credit counseling and got all my $20,000 worth of debt paid off. I was worried doing that would ruin my credit, but it hasnt been so bad. We've since bought a house, and two cars, as well as managed to get 1/2 dozen new credit cards, which now have about $18000 worth already racked up in 3 short years. I know I buy to make myself feel better, and lately my husbands been noticing all the packages ,( i love Ebay and internet shopping) so I'm really trying to stop it, but its so hard. I know if I were thin, I wouldn't be buying to make myself feel better. I have 1 walk in closet STUFFED with new things 1 or 2 sizes too small that I bought in hopes that *IT* would *MAKE* me have incentive to shrink and wear them. I also have a second closet filled as well.

I keep wondering, I don't eat a loaf of bread, whole thing of oreos or whole tub of ice cream, EVER. I do eat more than I should, some of the time, but I swear its not to the point where I should be gaining weight. Is that possible, or am I in massive denial? My thyroid has always been low, and they upped my medication last month, and I haven't noticed a change in how I'm feeling, tired wise. I know thyroid and metabolism do go hand in hand, I'm hoping when I see the doctor and they retest it today, that they'll bump the medication up even more.

Regarding self esteem, the odd thing is, I think I'm cute. Well, minus the fat of course, but I've never really had negative self esteem. Sure, I look in the mirror sometimes and notice the fat, but I dont make derogetory remarks to myself at all. I keep wondering , all these therapists want you to examine your past, that there is probably a reason why you overate, and why you continue to do it. I've tried thinking HARD about my past, and if there is any chance I've had some type of abuse, and I just haven't. So whats my mental problem, why can't I stick to a plan to lose weight? I am so frustrated. I am tired of hearing "well, if you really want to change, you'll change." That is SO not true. I do want to, I do try! Ugh!

Thanks for listening :-)

09-30-2004, 02:38 PM
Kristy, the sad thing is it doesn't take massive overeating to gain weight. Even though I'll admit that I have food issues, I have gained weight just eating "normally". So it is possible and it sucks but it is just an extra hurdle we have to face when losing weight.

I brought up the low self esteem because it is an issue a lot of us face. I know it is why I had to buy stuff to make myself feel good. Since I "fixed" my self esteem issues, I no longer have to buy things to make myself feel good about myself, I naturally feel good about myself.

I don't do it, but I know it has helped a lot of people is write down what you eat, when you eat it and why you eat it. For example if you decide to start following a weight loss eating plan and then all of a sudden you want a piece of pie, write down what you are feeling and why you want it. Is it simply because you think it'll taste good? Is it because you are craving it? It might help you figure out why you can't stay with an eating plan.

Something that has helped me with my eating and shopping is... wait. If I want something, normally I would've just bought it. Now I wait a day or 2 and then buy it. If there is something I want to eat, I wait at least a few hours maybe a few days.

I also used to have an ebay addiction and when I said I had a small debt, I was exaggerating ;) It doesn't stress me out though because I have a 2 year plan to eliminate it and also have a 2 year plan to lose weight ;) I also used to buy a lot of things online, but I have cut that back immensely.

09-30-2004, 03:27 PM
Hi Kristy, I wanted to jump in here and tell you what I think made the most difference for me. IMO it's acceptance. I got to the point that if I wanted to be healthy, live longer, and be a normal weight, then I had to accept the fact that I could no longer live and eat the way I had done all of my life. And once I really, fully accepted that, it was like a burden had been lifted, and it allowed me to continue making the changes I needed to make in order to lose the weight. In the past, when I've tried to diet, I would always be trying to get away with as much as possible or have to do as little exercise as possible to make it work. Now I know that this is an every day process and the choice is always up to me about how dedicated I am going to be. This is something I know I have to work on every single day, and will have to, for the rest of my life. And I'm okay with that because I've accepted that this is just what I have to do in order to get what I want in life. Not such a bad trade, IMO.

Well, that's my 2 cents worth. Good luck in your journey, we're here if you need us.


09-30-2004, 03:27 PM
I wasn't upset at the suggestion about self esteem. I totally understand how lots of people have negative self body image, etc. I do buy things to make myself feel better, because I'm depressed about being fat. So, if I don't have a bad self image, physically or in general, obviously still something must be wrong in my head, why I can't stick to this. Does it still fall into not caring about myself enought? But I do. I make myself a priority big time, which is why until this past year, I didnt think I wanted kids. I didn't want to give up all the me time. But in reality, the me time, is mainly being lazy, taking naps when/if I want, etc. I know when I lose a chunk of this weight, I wont need to be napping, and wont feel so lazy.

I definately will try writing down my food again. I've done that before, that usually lasts about as long as I can stand the food part, a week. :-)

Man, I must really sound negative, arguing everyones ideas.,saying that's not me, etc. I don't mean to be doing that, I am just frustrated since I dont feel I fit so many of the typical things overweight people are/feel, ya know? I just want to figure it out.

Thanks for all the replies!

09-30-2004, 03:34 PM
Kristy, I think we are related!! My husband and I are in huge, huge, huge debt. How can I put it? About half a house worth and that's not counting the mortgage for the house we do have! It is serious and if anything bad happened we would be in deep doo-doo. Mostly it is due to my husband's race car hobby, the year I was off on maternity leave and subsequent difficulties finding work that fits around hubby's schedule. In other words it is all his fault. :) But I digress. I can't stress about that or I'd go into deep depression. Nelie is right, you don't have to eat a ton of food to gain weight. If you are honest and look at your diet you will see where the calories are coming from. Even a couple of cookies can be a couple hundred calories. I just about had an attack when I was looking at the calories in a tortilla wrap. Just one large wrap without filling is like 160-200 calories. Add in filllings and you are looking at probably 400 calories for one stinking wrap. I could probably eat at least 2 wraps easy. Also you could be distorting your serving sizes. I used to eat a huge plate of food at a local restaurant, plus bread, plus appetizers and dessert. Geez, why on earth have I gained weight? I thought that was normal and that is the way I ate at home too.

Suzanne 3FC
09-30-2004, 05:12 PM
Kristy, the Body for Life (http://www.3fatchicks.com/fitness/eating-for-life-review.php) plan is very easy to follow, and the Eating for Life (http://www.3fatchicks.com/fitness/eating-for-life-review.php) cookbook makes it even easier :) (I've linked those to Jennifer 3FC's book reviews, and she also participates in our Body for Life thread in the General Diet Plans forum). I would also recommend Jorge Cruise's program, 8 Minutes in the Morning. He has a version for larger ladies called Real Shapes, Real Sizes (http://www.3fatchicks.com/fitness/8-minutes-in-morning-real-shapes-real-sizes.php) that I was very impressed by (link to my review). He stresses the importance of taking care of yourself emotionally, as part of the overall process of losing weight.

I think that once you find a diet and exercise program that you enjoy, the rest will be easy, or at least doable. Make it an adventure, but don't think of long term goals. Your body will begin to crave the healthier foods and the exercise routines. It will naturally become a priority to you. Losing a large chunk of weight is a real accomplishment, but so is getting through one day without needing a nap. You'll notice that when it happens, and it will feel so good!

Sometimes it helps to take it one day at a time. Make your only goal for the day to be able to lay down tonight and think to yourself "I did good today!"

It can also help to look to the past, find what has worked for you, and what hasn't. A lot of people buy clothes in smaller sizes, as an incentive, but I don't think that is always successful. Trust me, I also filled a closet with wishful thinking :lol: Since that hasn't worked for you before, then doing it again won't help either. Instead, save your money to buy a new outfit as a reward, and not a goal.

We're glad you finally posted, and hope you'll stick around :)

09-30-2004, 07:25 PM
I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in as well. I am in debt, and when I look at it and see that right I have no job and realize the bills we have, is when I start to eat and eat and eat ... it soothes me for a while and then I realize what I have done. I am so glad to know that I am not the only person who feels this way. This place is inspiring, even for the few days I've been here, I am glad I found it.

Jennifer 3FC
10-01-2004, 12:37 AM
What I could really use right now, from those of you who have had success in the past is what things really made the difference for you, making your plan work. I mean mentally. I think that is really the key, and I guess maybe I haven't heard or read what will work for me yet.

Kristy, I have a ridiculously sluggish metabolism, but I never give up. I might lose 5-10 pounds a year, but I'm not gaining 10 pounds a year. Your 10 pounds are adding up, and so are mine. Which way do you want to go? I had to ask myself that same question. I lost my weight, and I gained it back after I had a nervous breakdown. Getting it off the second time has been 3 times as hard but I absolutely will not let myself turn back.

My mental motivation is death, pure and simple. I got over the vanity a long time ago. I need to live a long life to be here for my family. I don't want to DIE! If I remain fat, I will die early. How many fat old people do you know? How many old slender ones? I bet there are a lot less fat ones. The heart, pancreas and liver can't take this for a long time. Fat is damaging, and fat kills. It isn't about eating less Oreos or less ice cream, it's about dumping it all and HEALING. Read the packages of the food and see how much partially hydrogentated crap is in it. That's just like pouring grease down a drain. It's adding up and if you, me and anybody else that has a long past of not eating healthy doesn't do something about it, we're going to clog up way too soon.

Sticking to a healthy eating plan is the least you can do to repay your body for the damage you've inflicted. It's not going to be quick and easy, but it's how you are going to live the rest of your life. Losing it is just a wee chunk of the equation. Keeping it off for life will be the bulk of it. You need to turn your life completely around and don't look back. You CAN do it. It won't always be easy, but as you can see, you aren't alone. We're all here helping each other and we will help you too if you're ready.

10-01-2004, 09:53 AM
Kristy, you've gotten a lot of great info from the other ladies. I feel like I can relate to you on a few things too. Maybe if you try one thing at a time. Do you drink soda? Try cutting out the soda for a week, and drink water instead. Or if you do drink water, try drink a couple more glasses a day. Or cut out fast food, or whatever your vice food is. Take a walk around the block each evening...bring DH with you! Journal everything you eat and drink....and how you feel. Get yourself enrolled in credit counseling again and get rid of those CC's!! DO NOT apply for any new ones! No matter what they offer you, live on cash, we've been doing it since we got married...DH is still paying off his 25K in debt...should be done by next spring. We keep one CC that we have been able to trust ourselves with. We have it for emergencies only. Or big purchases that we need, but don't have the cash upfront for, like a new tire, recently we had to use it to reserve our hotel when we go to SF for BIL's wedding later this month. We pay it when the bill comes in, or within 2 months. Only do that after you've proven to yourself that you are trustworthy!! Stop shopping!! It will be more of a treat if you don't buy stuff as often...it will make you feel better!! :grouphug:

Lastly, keep coming here for lots of support!! :)

10-01-2004, 10:25 AM
My mental motivation is death, pure and simple. I got over the vanity a long time ago. I need to live a long life to be here for my family. I don't want to DIE! If I remain fat, I will die early. How many fat old people do you know? How many fat slender ones? I bet there are a lot less fat ones. The heart, pancreas and liver can't take this for a long time. Fat is damaging, and fat kills. It isn't about eating less Oreos or less ice cream, it's about dumping it all and HEALING. Read the packages of the food and see how much partially hydrogentated crap is in it. That's just like pouring grease down a drain. It's adding up and if you, me and anybody else that has a long past of not eating healthy doesn't do something about it, we're going to clog up way too soon.

And if that isn't enuf, read this article. Pretty darn scary.


Kristy, if not for nothing, do it for you, your dh and your future babies.
Just don't ever give up, keep looking and searching inside of yourself for the strength to make the right decisions, but do it meal by meal (slowly) and remember, there is no quick way.

Hugs !!!

10-01-2004, 02:17 PM
Leenie!!! What an great article. Not great in the "happy about it" kinda way, but so infornmative. I think we all forget or live in denial about what we are really doing to ourselves.

Thanks for the wak-up call!!!

10-01-2004, 06:42 PM
Kristy, I can relate in so many ways, but I think you are not quite ready to make the leap. I was right where you are about two years ago. I knew I needed to lose weight. I had decided that I did want to have children after all, but I knew I couldn't do it at my weight (not only are you likely to get gestational diabetes that stays with you after you have your child, but the incidence of birth defects in children born to obese mothers is 2 to 3 times higher than that of a slim mother). I hadn't been motivated enough to lose weight for my wedding, and I still wasn't motivated in spite of hugely swollen ankles, pain all over, messed up knees, sky rocketing cholesterol, signs of pre-diabetes, incontinence, the inability to have a comfortable sex life, being exhausted and out of breath all the time, even on three asthma meds, the inability to fit in a seat on an airplane or in a theater or in a booth at a restaurant, or even in the driver's seat of my car. Still, I was not able to make the decision to do anything.

Instead, I made baby steps, without meaning to. In the fall of last year, I saw a three week fad diet that I figured I could do. I thought, I can do anything for three weeks! I did it, lost 27 pounds, and gained it back in two weeks. But I knew I could do it again, just didn't want to (boy do I sound like an addict! ;) ). In early spring, I gave up eating between meals for Lent. In March, my doctor recommended, again, that I start a diet, and that she though South Beach was the one for me. In April, I picked up a copy of the book, intending to simply read it. Then DH saw the book and asked when I was going to start. He looked so hopeful and happy...and I didn't want to let him down, so I figured, why not? I threw myself into it and I have never, ever looked back.

I was AMAZED at how easy it is to follow this plan...and the fact that my desire for a baby is so strong it is painful and heartbreaking (because it is not yet fulfilled) has become a serious motivator. I know I can finish this journey, and it is worth it. And every day that I stay OP (on plan) and exercise and do things for myself that are healing and good, I learn to love myself (and the skin I'm in) even more. You may think you have good self esteem, but you have never seen the esteem you have for yourself when you are able to lose the fat that has plagued you your whole life.

I know you can do this...but you have to be ready. See if you can wean yourself, slowly, off of the spending and/or the eating. See what little changes you can make. Be gentle and forgiving with yourself, and seek some outside help...shoppers anonymous (I assume there is one?) or Overeaters Anonymous (www.oa.org)...I belong to OA and think it has helped my recovery a 100-fold! Try a therapist to talk this out. Journal. And keep posting. You'll figure this out. :grouphug:

10-01-2004, 10:13 PM
Could you tell me how you lost all of your weight? Was it the gastric bypass surgery? That is not an option Im willing to try, so Im looking for other alternatives. I just cant seem to get motivated. You would think that being recently divorced I would be, but I just cant seem to stay on a healthy eating plan for more than a day lately. Any help would be appreciated.


10-02-2004, 12:25 AM
Terri, congratulations on the weight you have already lost. Gastric bypass is obviously an option for some people, but not an option for others. One of my main reasons that I didn't consider it was I enjoy food too much ;) I love spicy food and all types of food and I don't expect that I could do something that I could later regret.

Motivation is a very personal thing and you have to find your own. Perhaps think about the fact that if you do nothing, you'll stay the same or maybe gain weight but if you work on eating and exercise, you could lose weight and as someone put 1 lb a week is 52 lbs a year which is quite doable.

Perhaps you should start evaluating why you go off track by writing down your food and emotional state when you eat.

10-02-2004, 10:47 AM
Thanks for the advice Nelie. I love all of the spicy foods too. I noticed that I believe her name is boibaby (dont quote me) or beverly. But I sent her a message on how she lost 180 lbs. I dont know if I did that right though. I just need to know that it is possible to get a hold of this eating that is destroying my life. I have low self esteem, so low that I graduated the top of my class at Massage therapy school and I cant bring myself to do anything with it because "Nobody wants a fat massage therapist" I have a talent that can help so many people but I'm afraid to use it. Im sooooooooooooo sick of wearing cotton black pants every single solitary day. I dont feel comfortable in jeans at my weight even though I can find them in my size. I get motivated everyday, but just cant keep it. I wish one of these ladies in this forum lived in Michigan near me so I could buddy up with one of them so we could do it together. I have friends dont get me wrong, but they are mostly skinny and the ones that arent are married and dont really care. I need to get some confidence and get out there and try to meet mister right (again ).

Well Im looking forward to posting when I can. My computer is acting up something fierce and I might have to put another one in layaway or something. I was the lucky won to win the old computer in the divorce (smile)

Thanks for listening to me ramble.

10-02-2004, 11:19 AM

There are quite a few people floating around that have lost weight without surgery. I know a number are in the LWL (Ladies who lift) forum, you should look through it. Since you do have low self esteem (which I have also suffered with), you need to work on that. Personally, I don't think I could've lost the weight I have without lifting up my self esteem.

As far as having a "nobody wants a fat massage therapist", who says? Honestly, the best massage I've had was by a 300 lb man. I rather have someone who has weight so they can apply pressure better. If it is something you enjoy and want to do, why don't you do it?

10-02-2004, 01:43 PM
Hi Terri, you did send the private message correctly and I sent one back to you this morning. Just click on "private messages" at the top and you'll find my message to you.


Jennifer 3FC
10-02-2004, 11:34 PM
I think there might even be a large market for a plus size massage therapist. There may be a lot of overweight people that want to get a massage but are ashamed to do it because of their size. Maybe you could advertise that you specialize in plus sized clients?

10-03-2004, 12:22 AM
I think there might even be a large market for a plus size massage therapist. There may be a lot of overweight people that want to get a massage but are ashamed to do it because of their size. Maybe you could advertise that you specialize in plus sized clients?
That's a great idea! I totally see it as a plus (no pun intended!) not a negative. I would feel much less self-conscious with someone who could relate to my body. And think of the people who'd buy a session as a gift for their larger friend or partner/spouse who said they'd love it but didn't because they were ashamed..... I would definitely approach it as an advantage in terms of being able to relate and also to market your skills.

10-03-2004, 01:10 AM
Sarah, thanks for the kind words. I'll be here forever! And for the record, I actually have 24 more to go to reach ultimate goal ;) , so we're still on the same phase of the journey for a while I bet girlfriend! It's a continuous journey, one of many stages. As long as your even on the journey, we're all in this together!
wow! great job

10-04-2004, 04:05 PM
Terri, I know what you mean...for years I just couldn't get the motivation up to work on the weight. Still, you have lost so much already...over 70 lbs!!! WOW!!! :hat: I know you can do this, but you have to know it! I found that one thing I never suspected was that instead of having to get my self esteem up in order to diet, dieting (and being successful, day by day) has helped to raise my self esteem! Who would've thunk? ;)

Seriously, try making a start, one day at a time. Talk sweetly to yourself...call yourself darling, treat yourself as you would a child that you love...firm but loving. Don't chastise yourself when you fall...just remind yourself that failure isn't falling...it's not getting up when you fall. Keep getting up, and you will see those pounds falling off! Though most diets work, finding one that makes it easier for you to stick with it is essential in my book. Look at them, find one that seems workable, and make it work for you by taking no excuses and by being very aware of yourself and how you are feeling.

Keep posting, keep coming back, and keep working whatever plan you are on!

And I second (third?) the many responses saying that you totally should get into massage!!! I know that not only do I hate getting wimpy massages, but I also hate giving massages to people who have no muscle or fat...but most overweight people don't know that! I bet they often feel afraid to get a massage, but knowing that you understand how they feel could make them so much more comfortable! And as you lose, you can post a before picture so they know that not only do you understand, but you can also be a beacon of hope to them that the life they are living can actually get better! :D