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09-21-2004, 10:18 PM

Starting the new thread as requested. Not going to stay on, but just wanted to say hi, and it's great to see everyone (except Puss who should be home by now, right?). :)

09-22-2004, 12:34 AM
Hi Everyone,

Thank you for all the beautiful posts today. I just wanted to let you know I don't feel well this evening. I have been resting. I think I have what Danielle had Sunday. I will post more tomorrow. Adam had to stay in the hospital one more day and stay under the lights. They all plan to go home Wednesday.

Puss was suppose to come home this last weekend I think. I suppose she is busy getting caught up.

Take care all....


09-22-2004, 08:21 AM

Good Morning Ladies!

:thanks: Sheila ~ Sure do appreciate you starting a new thread ;)

Bluet ~ I am so glad to hear that Adam is doing better and will be going home soon. Please do keep us informed on how they are all doing once he is home ;)

I sure do hope you get to feeling allot better real soon! My brother and my sister have written me from Maine, telling me that they have been fighting a bug of some sort... it really knocked them out!

Angel ~ I too have insomnia (got it from my dad) but it's not as bad for me anymore... there were times when I would go several days on only an hour or two of sleep, but it never seem to bother me. But now, I need that sleep! So when I don't get it I sure do feel it!! In your case, do you think it's your body reacting to the decline of your med. in your body (therefore you feel more pain, getting less sleep)? Sounds like it could be because of the time it happens to you - just before you need your meds again. In the days when I hardly slept I had a saying... *that night was wasted away on sleep* I use to be up all hours of the night doing or finishing projects. Not any more! :^: I need it! We all do ;) I do know one thing... I am blessed in that if I do have a restless night or am up too early I am able to nap if need be, being I don't work. Did I just make any sense at all :lol: :p

Is there something that your Dr. could give you for just that 2 weeks before, so you are able to keep up on your sleep?

Puss ~ We sure do miss you around here!!! Please do come back!!!!


Joe might take the day off today... he hasn't decided yet. He still has days, so that's why he's taking them now - he must use them by Dec. And we have days already set aside for Thanksgiving and Christmas ;) Anyway... I'll let you gals know if he does take off and what we did if he does :lol:

*Have a wonderful day today!!!*

09-22-2004, 08:34 PM
Shoot, Bluet, I think we're passing it around here. First Charlotte had some kind of virus, then me, and now you. Blame it on us! Hope you're feeling better today. Did Adam come home yet? I hope things are going well with them.

SunnyD, looking forward to hearing if Joe took the day off, and what you did. My DH decided this afternoon that he didn't feel like working anymore so he shut his computer down. He works from home so he can do stuff like that. If he feels like working later, he just turns on the computer.

Well, my Dad had another medication problem yesterday. I thought he was taking the medication for paranoia, but he wasn't so then he takes one. It was too much after not taking it for two weeks, and he got all confused. I could barely wake him up, and when I did, he said he wasn't asleep, but thought I was calling someone else on the streetcar. Huh? Then he asked if my mother was home (she died in 1996). He said she'd convinced him to take the medication. I got him to the table to eat some lunch, and he asked when my mother would be home because he had some stuff to do at the bank. Then he looked at me, and asked if there was someplace else I was supposed to be. It was quite spooky. He was also really cold so I turned his heat up to 80. Thank goodness he's on a separate heating system or we would have roasted because it was warm and sunny yesterday. When I called him for dinner at 6:30 pm, he said that at about 5:00 pm, he started to feel about 90% better, and he quit wondering what in the heck I was doing at his house. I asked him if he remembered that Mom was gone, and he said yes, so I knew the medication had worn off. I ended up throwing the pills out. That's two bad reactions in a month, so my DH and I will just learn to deal with his paranoia. If it gets bad, then we'll just figure something else out.

The first day of fall was pretty drizzly and grey around here. Tomorrow it's supposed to be nice. Hope everyone had a good Tuesday!

09-22-2004, 11:53 PM
Hi Girls,

My daughter called me about 7:00 pm to say they were at home after seven days in the hospital, some good news, she didn't start crying as soon as she heard my voice :). The doctor was a little hesitant about letting Adam go home because of the neonatal jaundice, but sent a glow blanket home to keep him on. They will have to keep an eye on it and if he needs to go back to the hospital and go back under the lights, then that is what they will have to do. He is going to be fine. He also has to take zantac (I don't know is that how you spell that?) Such a little baby and he has to take an anti-acid for reflux.

I am feeling better today, but still have no energy. So let this end now, the rest of you are not allowed to feel ill or get a virus. I am being serious now. ;)

Sheila, poor Dad, obviously that medication is too strong for him. Do you think he should go back to the doctor and have him recommend somthing else for him, you really are a brave lady just to throw his medication away. But, you know best you are right there experiencing these episodes. I would like a job like your DH, but I don't think I am disciplined enough to work when I am suppose to. I know I would end up watching old movies, HGTV and reading romance novels. It is best I drag myself up each morning and drive into a work place and shut myself up inside an office for eight hours and then go home again. :dizzy:

Today weather wise, was the most perfect day. There was very little breeze the temperatures was very mild and the sun was shinning all day. I could take these days for 365 days out of the year. Wishful thinking I know.

SunnyD, I love the Survivor series too. We had to miss the first Survivor last Thursday, because we went to Stevens Point. DS put it on a CD for us and we watched it last night. I am so glad the girls won. Those men acted like a bunch of wimps. Hope it is an interesting season. I like CSI too, I am looking forward to finding time to watch CSI NY. I am interested to find out what you and Joe were up to on his day off too. How did that turn out with his Choir People? Did he get their issues settled?

Charlotte, I hope you are feeling o.k., is it getting time to go in for your shots again? Hopefully someone can drive you this time. It is really hard for me to get up in the morning, but DH faithfully rolls me out of bed every morning at 6:00 a.m. , but I can work late into the night, and if I have a project going that I am really motivated about I can stay up all night, but then I am dragging big time the next day and can literally fall asleep standing up.

Next week I might have to go to Stevens Point for a few days, I will let you all know if I do. DD and SIL have a computer, so I can check in on you gals. They have DSL so that should be a real treat. I have it at work, but not at home.

I was watching Dr Phill, Family First tonight, it was really interesting, but then our local channels drop off the satelite and I couldn't watch it anymore. I called my DIL and they are taping the rest of it for me.

Well, enough rambling, I am probably boring the heck out of you ladies. Have a good Thursday. Take very good care you are very special people to me.

Hey, Puss WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!


09-23-2004, 09:42 AM

Good Thursday (payday :) ) Morning Gals!
Joe and I had a wonderful day yesterday, but we never did get to our gardening as we hoped to... oh well, we'll have plenty of time for that with this wonderful weather we are having here :) Another sunny :sunny: one today with highs into the low 80's, just love it!

We left for shopping yesterday at 9:30am and went to Kohl's Dept. Store... Joe reeeeally needed a new pair of running shoes, I equally needed new bra's & got 3 of them (they called them foundations :^: --- I got a kick out of that). And then I got a couple fun things like Autumn table runners and a table cloth with a small Autumn Dish for the center. of our table to hold a few gourds. When I finish decorating for Autumn I will get a picture to post, okay. Then we went to lunch (it's now 11:45) and I called Joe's sister, Marie (who only lives 5 min. away from the res.) to see if she'd like to join us and she did... 3 hours later (!) we left for the Wal-Mart. We had a really nice visit with his sister. At Wal-Mart... nothing too exciting, just had to get some household things and left right away (it's now almost 3pm). On the way home we stopped by the Costco Wholesale Club to get the pastel bowls for my mother... her birthday is on Halloween and I wanted to get these before they were gone (they only had about 10 boxes left!) ~ she is going to really like these. I will also get her a gift card for Penney's - she loves gift cards and always writes me when she buys herself something with it! By the time we got home we were plum tuckered out! Joe crashed on his hammock (shopping is allot of hard work ya know ;) ) and I chilled out to Oprah. Then Joe had to leave for a meeting at 7pm after we had dinner. I just vegged with TV last night. The new *CSI-NY* was on at 10... don't know if I like it yet... it is soooo dark :o It's all done in hues of browns and blues. I think I need to give it another couple of shows to know for sure. I like the actors allot.

So that was our day yesterday --- not too exciting really. It was just nice to spend time with my Joe... You know something? At one point while we were shopping Joe and I separated, so he could check out shoes and I went to the kitchen dept., while looking for him to reconnect, I made a comment to this lady watching me search saying, *just looking for my hubby, I seemed to have lost him* (with a big smile on my face) and she said, *Lucky you! I wish I could lose mine!* To me... that was a very sad comment and it took me back. I love being with my Joe so I felt so sad for her after it sunk in. Are that many people unhappy? I noticed on a few threads that many speak poorly of their marriages or their spouses & if I post positive things about *us* they never say anything to me :(... breaks my heart that so many marry and then are so unhappy. It is allot of work to be married!! Joe and I are very different from one another and we both have very strong in personalities, but we talk allot about our differences and enjoy it in one another ~ to us ~ so well-worthwhile! Sorry to go off :soap:, but I guess her very small, but intense comment really hit me!


Sheila ~ Good for you throwing out those meds!!!!! I would have done the same thing! He sure did sound like he was having a reaction to me. I don't know about all the meds that Dr's are so quick to give out today. When I complained to my Dr. about some sadness I was feeling last winter he gave me prozak (sp?) to help me and they didn't!!! I hated the funk they put me into just after 3 days of taking them... so down the toilet they went! I felt so much better with exercise through the winter vrs/ those pills. Good for you!!! Your DF will be fine... they become so fragile. I hate the thought that my parents will be there one day, but know it will be. It's so hard being so far away from them... In fact, we are thinking of going for a visit the week of Thanksgiving. We will see my Parents, my Aunt, my Sister & her girls and my Brother, his Wife & 3 boys... it will be great! It's been 2 years since I last saw them all. We e-mail each other all the time, but it's not quite the same at all :)

Lucky you! I cannot wait for my DH to retire so he can spend more time home! He only has 3 years left to go... then he is going to work for himself ~ I think in music. He already sings for Weddings and Funerals as well as for our church in our small group together... but he wants to do more. I know that he also wants to install sound systems for people, he is very talented and will have fun whatever he decides to do.

Bluet ~ Ohhhh, I am so very happy for you and your DD!!!! :dance: Sounds like they will all do just fine now that he is home :^: I cannot wait to see a picture of Adam... I bet he's a doll!

So glad to hear that you are feeling better now... your energy will come back soon. When my hubby got the bug this year it knocked him out for a week! He never gets sick, but this hit him pretty hard. Sending well-wishes your way :grouphug:

Bonnie, were you able to watch *CSI-NY* ? What did you think of it?? I was telling Sheila I have to give it another couple of shows to know for sure... it was so sad at the end, wasn't it? When he went to Ground Zero to mourn his wife. As for *Survivor*, :cheer: I was cheering on those gals too :D For me... it takes me a few shows to really get into Survivor, gives me a chance to learn a bit more about each person (well... what the producers allow you to see anyway :mad: ) I saw some of the Dr. Phil show last night - what I saw was pretty good, but I am afraid I was channel surfing & didn't really catch allot of it... hope your DIL taped it for you. I kinda got caught up in that premere show called *Lost* - interesting - it's like watching a Steven King movie.

Thanks for asking about Joe, Bonnie :^: :) That's where he was just last night! He is working with another new Choir Director for Teens and the teens are not working with her too well. They are use to doing it one way and not giving her way a chance... the teens don't want change, but they have it. So, Joe being the Musician's Coordinator at the church (in charge of all 4 different groups) had to go watch her practice last night and give them ALL some notes, hopefully to make things flow better. All we can do is hope and pray that the time he spent with them last night helped some. I think he will be going to the church when they play on Sunday evening to make sure all is flowing well... it takes allot of his time, but he enjoys it allot!

Stevens Point? I don't know where that is... is that where your DD with Adam is living? I may be :dizzy: confused... nothing new for me :lol: You have a good time when you go! Hopefully you will be up to snuff and done with your bug & will have a wonderful time!!

Never - Never - Never!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You never bore me! If anything, I bore all of you with MY ramblings :lol:

Hey there Angel ~ Hope you are doing okay. Have you heard from DD lately? How is everyone doing in Alabama? Thinking of you... knowing that you may not be feeling too well with your meds due in a couple weeks. *God Bless*


No real plans for today, just have to pay bill's :p
& it's time for me to go walking... :tread:

*Have a Beautiful, Blessed Day today!*

09-23-2004, 03:43 PM
Hi Angel,
I get the Presidential Prayer Team Newsletter and saw this in it...
just wanted to share it with you.

Hope that you are doing okay.


President Bush visits with storm survivors in Alabama last Sunday, September 19. Photo courtesy of the White House.


09-23-2004, 04:05 PM

Hello everyone...
WOW...Sheila...your dad sounds like a repeat of my FIL! Honestly! He was asking if we had heard from his mother, lately. Of course, died several yrs ago. Just a lot similarity. I do hope he gets better. My DIL is having problems again, mentally. As before, though, it's not the symptoms of Alziemer's.

Sunny...thanks for the pic. My daughter is living very primitively with her family back home, now. They still don't have electricity. Most of the town was hit hard...but, has electricity back. Her immediate area will be several more days, though. Hard on her with 3 kids in school...escpecially with no water. They DID get the motor home back safely.

Bluet...glad your grand is home now. I'm sure everything will be fine.
My meds are due on the 4th of Oct....still going pretty well, except for down in the back pretty bad from pulling & lifting at apt & storage for mother & Bill. Still don't have it all finished...but, gotta get better first.
Hope you're feeling better.

I'll post more later.....feeling blah.....

09-23-2004, 06:52 PM
Hey, all--

I keep seeing ads for Kohls, and I know we have one somewhere around, but I've never been to one. Sounds like you had a great day shopping, SunnyD, and I look forward to your photos.

So I watched a bit of Lost, but it didn't keep my interest. Then I watched Law and Order for two hours. I love CSI: Las Vegas, but that's the only one I like. I can only watch gory body part stuff so many times! :) Monday is one of my favorite TV nights, and not because of Monday night football. I like 7th Heaven and Everwood. I'm just a sucker for those family shows ever since The Waltons.

When I used to work outside the home, I would listen to my coworkers complain about their husbands and never could contribute. In fact, I thought, wow, am I lucky or what! It is kind of sad to think that so many people are unhappy in their marriages. Maybe they just like to complain? I don't know. All I know is that I feel like I won the husband lottery!

Bluet, I've heard of more babies going on Zantac lately. I read somewhere about why, but I can't remember now. My GD had reflux something terrible, and her pediatrician took his sweet time about putting her on an acid blocker. I think that's one of the reasons she doesn't want to eat, but what do I know?

Sounds like a beautiful day in your neighborhood. We're intermittently sunny today. I watched a bit of that Dr. Phil special. Makes me wish I had him around when I was raising kids. I love the fact that he used to tell his two boys a story each night that ended with something like, "How did I get so lucky that I ended up with the most wonderful boys in the whole world?" I saw a few minutes of that scary kid who has the characteristics of a serial killer. Hope they can help that kid before they have to let him loose on the world.

Charlotte, hope the electricity goes back on soon at your daughter's house. I've been hearing rumors of Ivan turning around and coming back, and Jeanne coming up near NC and SC. I hope that your family's area doesn't get hit again. I wonder if this has been the worst hurricane season to date??

My little 11.5 pound dog learned he shouldn't growl at dogs twice his size. We were out walking and a loose dog came up to him (appeared to be a Basenji). My dog growled a bit, but then they sniffed noses. The loose dog must not have liked what he smelled because he put his head over Mitch's neck (it's a classic dominance position), and when Mitch tried to squirm away, the dog nailed him. Poor Mitch yelped and tried to scuttle off behind me. I grabbed him and tried to shoo the other dog away. Turns out he lived next door to where I was standing, and had gotten out through a screen door that he'd pushed open. I got the loose guy back home, and the owner apologized. Because Mitch wasn't hurt it wasn't a big deal, and the dog got loose through no fault of the owner really. He just moved in and probably didn't realize the door was loose enough to be pushed open. Although I hope Mitch learns his lesson about growling at larger dogs, really he probably won't.

Speaking of dogs, I think I mentioned that my friend found another home for the English Setter. My DH isn't really ready anyway, and I think he's more interested in a fluffy dog like a Keeshond. They are usually very friendly (although I knew one that wasn't) and happy.

Hope everyone is feeling okay and having a good Thursday. A new ER tonight!

09-24-2004, 12:11 AM
Hi Guys,

Getting on a little late tonight, so I won't stay on long. I got caught up in another craft fiasco again. One of my co-workers sisters is getting married next year at this time and she asked me when I did Kathie's wedding if I would consider doing the decorations for her sister's wedding too. We went to Wal-Mart after work and picked out flowers and supplies to make a burgundy topiary with roses and ivy and gold ribbon and some supplies to put together a wheat shaft. The sister is coming home this weekend and these two examples will help her decide on what she wants for centerpieces. She wants a fall theme so the wheat shaft will probably be what she picks, which is ok with me because it is by far the easier of the two and least expensive for her.

Sheila, I thought you were a big Survivor fan too. I must have remembered wrong. I still think those men are a bunch of wimps. I have never heard men whine like that. Well only one now that I think of it. "The Office Bully" is a whiner. Poor Mitch, no those little dogs never learn, they just go back for more. I wonder if they don't realize there is a size difference.

SunnyD, I like Kohls too, it sure is a step up from Wal Mart. Glad you had a good day with Joe. It sounds like all of us in this group got lucky when it comes to husbands. Thank goodness, you really can tell I am hard on men. ;)

Charlotte, your kitten graphics are really sweet. Glad you got a chance to post. Take care of yourself, don't like to hear that your back aches you. Nothing worse than a lower back ache.

Well, it is after 10, I need to go to bed. Have a good Friday everybody.

I hope we haven't lost Puss forever.


09-24-2004, 02:56 PM

Good Afternoon Gals...

I am sorry I am not able to post individually today, I just have a moment & wanted to touch base with you before the weekend. I have been very busy with allota little things that needed to be done ( deep cleaning and reorganizing ) and I have been decorating for the Fall... so much fun to do! We don't decorate for Halloween or Thanksgiving specifically... just for Fall and that takes us right to Christmas :) Usually the weekend after Thanksgiving we put up our tree and decorate for Christmas. I cannot believe I am taking Fall already, where did the time go this year?!

Tonight we have a wedding to go to at 5:00 and reception at 7:00... and our weekend is another full one. Tomorrow we meet our friends in the morning as usual for breakfast and shopping and we should be home by noon; then we have plans to get these windows washed :crossed: Sunday after church we have a Baptism and a luncheon following and then Joe has to be at the church that evening to help a new music group out.

Our weather has been exceptionally beautiful all week!!! We are expecting another week of sunshine, crisp air :cp: I am just loving it! :dance:

Well Gals... I do hope you all have a wonderful weekend too!
*God Bless you all* :grouphug:


09-27-2004, 01:07 PM

A Good Autumn Day to you all!

We had another beautiful Autumn Day yesterday & again today ~ I wish it could last forever :D The day went well... we went to church and then to breakfast with our pals; came home to change went back to church for a baptism and then to a luncheon. We had a wonderful day! Joe & I had to leave at 5-ish because he had to be back at the church to help out that music director... I think it's helping her for him to go and she's working out the kinks with the teens.

How were your weekends??? Pretty quiet here today, must be pretty tired :tired: from your busy weekend ;)


Bluet ~ Yes, Kohl's is a great discount dept. store... they are decorating for Christmas already! :dizzy: ! What's up with that!!?? Seems that every year they rush our holiday's by a few days to weeks earlier... crazy! I really enjoy Fall and Thanksgiving and I refuse to allow them to rush me!

WoW! Sure sounds like you are going to be so very busy for awhile! Those take allot of time to do and I bet you do a beautiful job too! The colors sound wonderful... burgundy.

*Survivor* ~ I knew that Dolly would be voted off and I am kinda glad she was, she was a little to gossipy for me and played everyone with the other. Boy, those producers sure do make you work to figure things out! You really have to thing opposite of what they show you in the program. I also caught up with the others in the whole new line up on Thursday night... *CSI-Vegas* & *ER* & *W/O a Trace* recorded them all cuz I just couldn't stay awake. All good shows, but so far they seem to be darker - all of them. In graphics and in colors (making it hard to see)... is it just me or do you notice it too?

Sheila ~ You should go to Kohl's... it's really a good store! I have never had any problems returning items there either. They have things very much like a Penney's or Sears without as high of a price.

Law & Order is good too! I catch it now and again... just so many good shows!! What to watch :dizzy: I keep my VHS machine busy this time of year. My pal, Peggy, watches *7th Heaven* and *Everwood* too & really enjoys them... I am sure they are very good shows too, but I had already gotten into the others and so I chose not to get caught up in their stories... only so much time in an evening. But when Peggy would tell me about her shows I wished I had begun to watch them ;) Enjoy.

Me too Sheila!!!! I know I have won the husband lottery too! When I worked it was the pits listening to everyone complain about their hubbies. I always found extra work that took me away from their gatherings, so I would not have to hear it. I am so glad I don't have to work anymore.

I heard that this was one of the toughest years in a very long time as far as hurricanes... I am gonna see what I can find out. Now I am curious.

Angel ~ I hope that all is going well with your DD's recovery... does she have electric or water yet??? So glad to hear they got their MH safely back.

Boy-o-boy, did Florida get hit again or what :o --- those poor people! :cry: I count my blessings! I enjoy the weather here all the more because of all those storms other states and people had suffered through... so very sad. At the last count... there were 6 dead from Hurricane Jeanne :cry:

I too enjoyed your kitten graphics!! ;) I do hope that the Blah feelings go away soon and you feel better... I bet it's hard when so much is going on all around you with your DFamily. :grouphug:


Have a great day Gals!!!


09-27-2004, 03:45 PM
What a beautiful graphic, SunnyD! Our leaves haven't quite turned that much, but it's starting to get that way. I've always wanted to go "leaf peeping" in New England in the fall. My DH has relatives there, and we've been in the spring and summer, but never the fall.

Sounds like you had a great weekend. We, too, had beautiful weather once the fog lifted. We went over to visit friends who have a beach house on an island in Puget Sound. It has a fantastic view of all the boats coming from Seattle to go out to the ocean, shipping traffic and cruise boats as well as sailboats and motorboats. During the foggy mornings, we would see only the top half of the big container ships, but we'd hear their big fog horns, and it would be kind of ghostly. Sometimes you'd see a dark grey smokestack moving atop the fog bank, but you'd never see the ship underneath. My DD told me that ships have to blow their fog horns every two minutes. We noticed that when the ships started coming by at 6:00 am! The view from my friends' house also includes the Olympic Mountain range, and when the sun is setting over the mountains, it's just spectacular. We had such a wonderful time, very relaxing. And we love taking the ferry over and back, although the hour wait both ways this time was kind of unusual. There was a big motorcycle rally and the motorcycles had priority.

Bluet, hope everything went well at your daughter's house. I hope Adam is doing better at home and hasn't experienced anymore apnea. New moms are nervous enough without adding that to the mix.

Charlotte, did they get their electricity back? Has the new storm put anybody out of commission again where you are? I hope not. While we don't get hurricanes, there is some concern about Mt. St. Helens, which may blow again. Before we left for the weekend, the earthquakes were small and it was blowing off steam, no worries. We get back and hear that the earthquakes are bigger, some ash is being expelled, and the authorities have closed roads and trails. A volcano certainly doesn't kill as many as a hurricane, though, and it's a lot easier to get people evacuated. The ash causes a huge mess, though, and health problems for people with respiratory issues. We'll see what happens.

So, does anyone have the e-mail address of Puss? If so, send her a note, and tell her it's time to get on back and tell us all about her vacation.

Hope you all are having a good Monday!

09-28-2004, 11:34 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

I am back, but very behind at work this morning. Behind in just about every part of my life I should say.

Daughter is doing better and grand baby is home and off the glow-banket and had his first check up appointment yesterday. Oldest daughter is staying with them for two days and then daughter next door is driving up for two days and I will go back for the weekend.

SunnyD what some beautiful fall graphics for us to view, I saw some real trees like that this weekend because we went to Wausau where grand baby's doctor is located. Wausau has our states only mountain "Rib Mountain".

Will visit more this evening have to run and address mess on my desk.


09-28-2004, 03:37 PM
Hi Gals,
I forgot to tell you that on Sunday evening, when Joe got home @ around 7:30, there was this familiar sound... I ran outside with my camera and I was right! There were three HOT AIR BALLOONS just above our home!!! Awesome to see against the blue skies! They are so beautiful to see!!! Made me feel the excitement of a kid :flow2: Aren't they just too beautiful! These were going over our home!! I really enjoy Hot Air Balloons
especially against a clear blue sky!



09-28-2004, 03:40 PM
Just thought I would share some pics of our home all decorated for Fall ;)


Guido watching birds out our front door... like my leaf rug :)

The top of our entertainment cabinet all decorated with gourds...

Our Living-room...


09-28-2004, 03:41 PM
The ctr-piece on our coffee table close up...

Our dining-room ctr-piece... what else but Precious Moments ;)

My kitchen counter... do you see the tree's just outside my window? They are golden! And Joe's tomato's on our counter by the toaster - yum!!

Sorry I took so much space up :o
Hope you liked them...


09-28-2004, 04:08 PM
My sofa table with a Fall Runner...
The framed pictures are my parents on the left (2 of them) &
Joe's parents on the right...

Double Hibiscus

Dwarf Dahlias


09-28-2004, 06:38 PM

Such pretty pictures, Sunny!!! You put such care into your house & decorating it. When I had my house, I really enjoyed fixing it up & kept the walls full of pictures, & such. But, they stayed that way all year....sometimes, year after year. :lol: It really looks nice.

Bluet...I'm so glad your daughter & grandbaby are doing well! Yes, the fall colors are beautiful. We used to go up into the Smokey Mtns of Tennessee quite often in the fall of the year. Just beautiful!!

Sheila...glad you had a nice relaxing trip. Yes, DD hot their power & water back on yesterday. She was soooo happy! Had to call & tell me all about it.

Fatpuss....are you back? We're missing you like crazy!!

09-28-2004, 10:02 PM
Good Evening,

Well, it is very nice to be home again, I sleep better away from home than I used too, but it is still not the same. I was so happy to crawl into my own bed last night.

Sunny your home is just lovely. You have a talent in home decor. I enjoy seeing all the pictures of your home and your kitties. The hot air balloons are gorgeous, I would never be brave enough to go up in one of those though. Just like parachuting out of a plane, there is no way I would ever try something like that, not that I am capable anymore, but if I were I wouldn't :lol: The balloons sure are pretty to look at though. How is your walking program coming along. This is a pretty time of year for walking outdoors. It turned really cold here last night. I am not sure when it will warm up again or if it will. I am not going to get all the yard work I wanted to get done outside if I have to go back to Stevens Point this weekend.
Last year we had so many pumpkins in the garden for the grand children, but there aren't very many pumpkins this year. It was just a cooler year all around.

Sheila,I sent Puss an e-mail, but haven't heard from her. I know her Mother wasn't doing well before Puss left for Spain, so perhaps her Mother is tying up her time. I think she will post to us, as soon as she finds the time. :) Mount St. Helena has been in the news a lot lately. Just exactly what happens when she does erupt. All I can think of is like in the Hawaiian movies fire and molten lava run down the mountain sides into your villages. You can see I lead a very sheltered life, I don't get out much :o

Charlotte, happy to hear that your daughter has her power back on. Really feel bad for the people in the southern states. It is just incredible that there could have been so many hurricanes one after the other. Are any more brewing out in the Atlantic? I hope not. I know I complain about winter weather, but a least when we have a blizzard, one can hunker down in their homes until the thing blows over. Not out wondering if we have a home left to come back to, this is all too sad.

I had a hard day at work today, I don't know if I wasn't concentrating enough or what, but I had to do so many things over again. I had better mind my P's and Q's, the boss sent a notice around today implying we had all better buckle down and get more work done, and act more seriously about it.

Well, I had better get some other things done tonight too. Take care, have a good evening


09-29-2004, 09:41 AM

Bluet...hope your days at work get better. Sounds like you have a very strict boss. It may be that someone else is kind of lazy....& they have to say the same to everyone. Take care.

Sheila...Mount St. Helen??!!! WOW!! It didn't hit me what you actually said, until I read Bluet's response. Now.....I'll worry. :^:

Sunny, Fatpuss...have a good day!

09-29-2004, 06:56 PM

SunnyD, you are so talented! I love the decorations, and I especially like the leaf rug, probably because it's got a big ole kitty on it. :) Hey, isn't it fun to hear those hot air balloons? When we lived in Boise, they used to fly over our house a lot. One of my dogs was particularly terrified of them so that wasn't fun, but I enjoyed looking at them going by. Sometimes they were so low we could see the people in the basket. Have you ever been to a hot air balloon festival? It's pretty exciting seeing all of them rising up in the air, and the night "parades" are beautiful.

Charlotte, you'll be able to decorate your "new" house someday soon. And it'll be that much sweeter given what you've gone through. Okay, I have to ask. What is that first graphic? It looks like, well, I don't think I want to say what I first thought it was. Then I thought, no, Charlotte wouldn't put that kind of graphic up!

Well, Bluet, my village (tee hee!) consists of over half a million people, and, luckily, we're about 1.5 hours north of the mountain. They've closed the trails, and nobody lives near there anymore so even if it did explode, there wouldn't be the loss of life like 1980. The ash is the problem. It exacerbates respiratory conditions and gets into everything. Hopefully if it spews ash, it will go east, although there are people east of the mountain who wouldn't like me saying that.

Hope you had a better day today at work, Bluet. Everything going okay with Adam?

Made my weekly run to the eastside for a doctor's appointment so now I'm sore and am going to lie down and put some ice on my neck. Hope everyone had a great day! Weird weather here--fog, sun, clouds, sun, fog, sun, and now partly cloudy.

09-30-2004, 12:10 AM
Hi All,

Half a million Sheila, that is an awful lot of people for one village. Our village has had 30,000 people for as long as I can remember. It doesn't seem to shrink and it doesn't seem to grow. What's up with that Mount St Helen anyway that she has those little earthquakes and spews ash? Seems like no matter where you live Mother Nature always has some trick up her sleeve. We had frost for the first time this fall last night, there go all the flowers.

Adam is doing fine, he has his second doctors appointment tomorrow. I am anxious to see if he has gotten back to his birth weight yet. His Mom has calmed down too, now that his color is good and his oxygen level does not drop. Daughter next door is up there with her until Friday. Since she just had a baby a year ago, I am sure she will be giving her sister a lot of sage advice.

Charlotte, I too had to do a double take on what those things were at the beginning of your first post, after the initial shock I realized they are suppose to be eyes, I think . :^: You have told us though that sometimes you get a little naughty, that you can't help yourself. Just kidding, Charlotte, just teasing you a little bit. The first week in October is going to be here before we know it. That is suppose to be when you go for your treatment isn't it? I hope you are feeling o.k. How is your back doing? Are your dealing with any flooding in your area? I saw a place on TV news the other night where the area was flooded by 12 feet and you could see the top of a homes light post just under the water.

Sunny, you must be having one of your busy days, I have to tell you though I sure enjoyed all the fall graphics and the pictures of your home.

Hey, Puss, I finally am going to be able to get The Other Boylen Girl from the library, I got my notice to pick it up today. It is a very popular book, I had to wait a long time to get my turn to read it.

Take care everyone. Remember you are all special.


09-30-2004, 05:20 PM
My sister-in-law, Emily, took this picture from her gardens ~ South China, Maine


Hi Bluet, Sheila & Angel ~ Yes, I have been busy the last couple days... allot of paperwork to catch up on and filing --- it's making me bonkers :dizzy:
I will write tomorrow the first chance I get, okay.

Love you guys!


09-30-2004, 10:35 PM
Hello Gals,

Dropping in to say hi. Trying to catch up on my laundry tonight. I sure have a lot of it. I haven't even unpacked from last weekend. Have to buckle down and get some work done.

Adam gained another ounce at the doctor today. Now his doctor wants to see him again in a month.

I watched about 10 minutes of the debate and then said I am out of here. Can't take that nit-picking and shouting at one another about how great they are and who can run the country better. I have made my decision and know how I am going to vote. Enough said.

Hope you all had a good day. Tomorrow is Friday. Yea!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


09-30-2004, 11:29 PM
Hi, all--

I'm with you, Bluet. I didn't watch because I've already made up my mind. Have you seen all the hype about getting young people to vote? It amazes me that so many people don't vote, especially women. I mean, our foremothers went through a heck of a lot to get us the right to vote. Apathy can have some horrible consequences. Hey, good to hear that Adam is doing so well. Is he back up to his birth weight yet?

SunnyD, I finally know your real name, and understand why it's Sunny"D." :) Love the sunflower photo--so beautiful against the blue sky. Does your SIL harvest the seeds? I wonder how that's done?

I started working on my disability application. I keep thinking, oh, this treatment's going to work, and maybe that treatment will work, but I realize that nothing's worked so far in five years. Kind of disheartening, but realistic, I guess. I still have hope that something will happen and that I can go back to work. I miss having a job.

More rumblings from the volcano. Now all the weather dudes are figuring out which way the ash will go if it blows on Friday or Saturday. Luckily, the weather has been pretty nice with little wind so the ash won't blow too far hopefully if indeed the volcano erupts. I believe they've restricted air travel over the mountain just in case.

Tomorrow we're going to see Ladder 49. I don't go to many movies because it's uncomfortable, but my DH got free tickets, and I thought that movie looked pretty good.

Anybody eating too much recently? I don't know why, but I've been doing horribly in the eating department. I haven't been paying attention to portion size at all. I don't have that much more to lose, but at this rate, it's going to take me another year. :(

Hope everyone is having a good Thursday!

10-01-2004, 12:37 PM
Colors of New England

Good Morning!
I almost have all my paperwork done (feels so good gettin caught up!)... I did allot yesterday & the day before.

I think it's amazingly sad :( how many Apathetic people there are out there!! We all should be out there voting!!

Joe & I did watch the whole Debate last night and found it to be very important to listen to even though we too *know whom we are voting for*. We both feel it's very important to be "informed" and get all the facts that we are able to get. Especially the information that the media has not gotten to first & slanted. Many do not take the time to realize or want to see that the media has an agenda. I know we aren't suppose to speak about politics, so I guess that's enough said from moi... I don't want to offend anyone or get booted out of 3fatchicks :o


Angel ~ Thanks... glad you enjoyed my pictures :D I pray that SOON you too will have your home back so you are able to decorate again. I bet you do a wonderful job! Did you see on the news from the Weather Channel about the lady from Florida who had been gathering Christmas Ornaments for over 50 years from family and friends and lost them all! (I thought of you right away) It was so very sad to hear... she was crying so hard. She lost everything and was so devastated. My heart sure went out to her!

Bluet ~ Great to hear that Adam is getting stronger each day and has gained weight... here I am trying to lose them! I'll be glad to give him some of my lbs ;)

Thank-you Bonnie... I am so glad that you enjoyed all my pictures and weren't bothered by them all. I never want to bother you gals ;)

I couldn't do anything that has to do with heights --- I am terrified of heights and get vertigo real bad. I just love to watch others. I do enjoy decorating and am so very excited about decorating for Christmas (when it's time to)... so much fun to do and it sure does brighten the spirits!

My walking... I got in 32 miles last month, but only went to Curves once (not good!). I just had allot I needed to catch up with and wanted to focus of getting that all done. It feels soooooo goo :^: od to get those projects completed and know I can move on without that stuff hanging over my head. I have already gotten 2 miles in for today.

My goals for October:
Walking---> 1.5 to 2 miles 5 days a week
Curves---> 2 times a week (Tues. & Thurs.) :crossed:

I wish I could grow pumpkins... it was a bad year for growing anything!! Joe got very few tomatoes & peppers this year, it was just too cool and too wet! We bought four pumpkins over the weekend and will get the outside all decorated with them, the mums we bought and the cornstalk... when we finish I will post a picture ;)

Sheila ~ How kind... :thanks: yeah, I like my leaf rug too. Guido couldn't wait for me to put it down - it's made of wool - and he loves to lay on it.

You are too funny about my name... :lol: I thought I had posted my name a long time ago, but then again I can't remember what I posted yesterday :o :dizzy: I don't know if my sis-in-law does harvest the seeds from her sunflowers or just lets the birds go for them. I'll have to ask her. Beautiful, huh!

How's your neck today? Feeling better?
Have you heard anything more about Mt St. Helen?

I hear that *Ladder 49* is a really good movie... some places have done preview shows and many have loved it. Free tickets :cp: you enjoy!!!

EATING... YES!!! I have... not everyday, but the day before yesterday I just felt like I couldn't eat enough!!! I call it the *Bear Syndrome* :lol: our bodies getting ready for hybernation --- the weather change and the cooler temps, not to mention the time change --- at least here in Ohio! It's dark now by 6:30 or 7pm and cold! Last night it went into the 30's!--- burrr. Beautiful today!!! Sunny with clear blue skies and the colors from the trees, just awesome!

Guess what?! I have lost another pound as of this morning :D :cp:


Well gals,
I really must be getting finished up with my paperwork and get some chores done.
Hope this finds you all well and that I have not offended anyone.

*God Bless*


10-01-2004, 07:42 PM
Where is everybody :shrug: :?:


10-01-2004, 08:57 PM
I'm here!

Lots of excitement in my neck of the woods. Mt. St. Helens erupted, although it was a pretty wimpy eruption as eruptions go. She might do it again, though. Nobody really knows for sure what might happen now. The eruptions took just a couple of minutes, but the news coverage lasted two interminable hours.

That leaf photo is just so cool, SunnyD. I want to see fall color in New England so bad. One year I was there in early September and got one red leaf from a tree that was turning early. I think it would be fun to do the train trip across Canada and then go through New England, and, hey, I might as well add a week in DC so I can finally spend more time doing museums and things.

Thirty-two miles?! Wow! That's darn impressive. You should chart on a map to see how long it would take you to walk from your town to some place you'd like to go in the U.S. Congrats on the pound, too!

I had a dream last night that my granddaughter learned to say, "Give me a kiss, Grandma." It was so real. Did I tell you guys that I am going to continue to color my hair until I have a grandchild that says Grandma? The reason I colored my hair was because some kid called me a grandma so I thought it fitting to quit coloring it when my own grandkid calls me Grandma. My sweet girl won't ever be able to do that, but I figure my son will have another kid someday and my daughter (who is way too young to be starting a family now!) wants to have kids, too. So, I can stay brown for quite a few more years. :lol: Whew!

Anybody doing anything interesting this weekend? I'm weeding and planting tulips. It's supposed to be a nice weekend so it's time to get all that fall yardwork done. A nice walk by the beach would be good, too. . .

Have a good one!

10-02-2004, 09:20 AM
Hi Ladies,

I am leaving shortly for Stevens Point, will be back later Sunday evening. Sheila there was a half page article in our local paper last night about Helen,
she is suppose to spew ash and rocks for a distance of three miles. You are right know one wants to live around her anymore. I wish I could work in the gardens and yard today, but alas, family first. :)

Sunny have a good weekend, I know you will, you little social butterfly you. :cool:

Charlotte, hope you are feeling o.k. Think about you often. :)

Puss, you evasive little bugger, how are you? :?:

Love you all......Bluet

10-04-2004, 05:27 PM

I've had MAJOR pc problems the last few days!!! Hopefully, it's over.

OH NO!!!!!!!!! I'm not THAT naughty! They are EYES! I guess what I mean, is I'm a little mischievious.....can be a difference. :D I would never post anything like that. If I can find a way, I'll exchange it with something else. A lurker may get it wrong, too! I apologize for it. the sweet things you said about my house. It's nice to know that someone cares. I've tried to make peace with it. There are people worse off than us. We're blessed. I'm so glad I didn't see the lady on the news about the ornaments. I don't think I could have taken it. My prayers are with her.

Well, ladies, I don't feel up to posting indivually today.......had a gotta go get some sleep. Hope you all have a great day.

10-04-2004, 05:45 PM
Good afternoon, everyone!

Tee hee, Charlotte! Our minds are just in the gutter, I guess. No need to apologize at all. Hopefully in a few days you'll be feeling a lot better. I'm glad you have that to look forward to. What was wrong with your PC?

Bluet, how is your daughter? Exhausted? It's so nice that you and your family are around to help her out. I remember being so tired after having my first baby, having no one around to help, and his father had had back surgery a couple of weeks prior so he needed care, too. My mother was supposed to come help, but she'd broken her arm (weird story--she broke it at a Seahawks game, but has no idea how she did it, was found wandering around the stadium with her arm broken and no memory).

SunnyD, how was your weekend? Hopefully the weather stayed beautiful.

Hey, is anyone else having a fruit fly problem? I think they came in on some fruit we bought at the end of the summer and now they seem to be everywhere. I've got fly traps up, but smacking them seems to work better. They are a little sluggish with the colder weather, but I do hope they disappear soon--they're gross. And speaking of gross, there was an article in the local paper about rats coming up through toilets. The one incident they cited is only three blocks from me. Yikes! I'm going to start closing the lid on the toilet. When I lived in Oregon as a student, I lived near the sewage treatment plant. One night my sister (was my roommate for a while) screamed because she'd gone to the bathroom and there was a rat swimming around. The article said to put dish soap in the water and flush them down. I guess they're such good swimmers that just flushing them won't work. Probably more information than you wanted to know about rats, right?

Have a good Monday!

10-04-2004, 08:27 PM

Hi Gals,

Sheila ~ Yes!!!! Those flies are all over the place. I am glad for my cats --- they love catching those fruitflies!!!

How are YOU doing? Mt. St. Helen's is all over the news! You getting ash where you live? How close are you in miles to the Mt.? Hope you are far enough away :?:

We did allot over the weekend and had such a good time, but I sure paid for it today!! I had such a bad flare-up this morning and got so sick. I have been on a heating pad all day and it hurt too much to sit this morning & post. But I am doing much better now, just feeling tired from not feeling well today. I'll be just fine tomorrow...

Saturday ~ In the morning we didn't meet Mike & Peg (our pals) like usual... we had breakfast at home and then we went shopping together leaving at 9am... FUN SHOPPING / WINDOW SHOPPING mostly, no grocery shopping. Just did allot of looking around and getting ideas for what we would like to do someday. It was a rainy day till about 1:00 & nice day for shopping --- we got home at around 3:00 all tuckered out. I cannot believe the people out shopping and doing what we were doing... just checking out prices and getting ideas looking at new things. There are some really nice things out there!!! We did find a small table for next to Joe's chair. We have been looking for months and finally found one. It comes in on Wednesday... can't wait!! It is a cute little painted table with a small drawer. When we get it I will get a picture of it to send you., okay. It only cost $130.00 (on sale!) Really cute! I am so glad we didn't rush into buying one when we wanted one... I love this one. We have been using a TV tray. When we got home we both just putts around the house doing small things & getting everything ready for church.

Sunday ~ A Beautiful Day!!!! After church we went out with our friends (Mike, Peg & DD-Lisa) to breakfast; we got home at around 11am and I straightened up here and made a lunch for me & my tummy. Then they came over to our home at 12:30 and we all went on a Century Home Tour from 1-5pm... what a Beautiful Day we had!!! We toured through 5 homes all built in the 1800's --- what struck Joe & I funny was that the homes had allot of period furnishings and items and then you would get to the living-rooms to find the big screen TV's with surround sound... it just hit us in the funny bone. It was so cool to see all the ladies wearing their Fall sweater's for the tour... me too :D After the tour we all went out to dinner and then got home at around 7pm and we both put our jammies on and chilled out to TV!!! We were both so very tired! I think that is what triggered my flare-up this time --- just too much activity (we did allot of walking), because I was so careful with my foods and even brought my own foods with me... oh well. I'll live... :dizzy:

Charlotte ~ I hope that your PC is okay... there was a jpeg bug that was hitting people hard! You needed the Microsoft Security pack 2 (I think it was called that) to be safe. I happen to download it on August 26th, so I was safe... whew! I always check for upgrades even though my pc is programmed to automatically and should let me know. I just feel safer checking myself. It took me 6 hours to download that bugger, but I am so glad I did!

You feel Better real soon now :^: (((big hugs)))

Bluet ~ How was your weekend? Or are you gone the week? I can't remember things like I use to :dizzy: :D Hope you had a fun time!!! I know I did :)

Gotta go lay down... catch you all tomorrow ;)


10-05-2004, 09:11 PM
Oh, shoot, SunnyD--I'm sorry you had a flare-up after having such a good weekend. The tour of homes sounds wonderful. I absolutely love looking at the outside and inside of old homes. In the spring and early summer, we often go to open houses (houses for sale) just to look at the inside of a house. Guess we're just looky-loos. Looking forward to seeing a picture of your new table.

The foghorns were sounding again today. I had to drive in the pea soup to take my dog to the groomers. It's a bit spooky to drive in thick fog. I was especially careful where we almost got into an accident the other day. Did I mention that? The driver was on her cell phone and just turned left right in front of us. Luckily we have ABS and it worked very well. I really don't think she even saw us even after we squealed to a stop because she was so engrossed in her call.

Got my eyes checked today. The eye doc said that I don't need a prescription change, and that they've actually got a touch better. We have a bunch of money in our flexible spending healthcare account that we need to spend by December 31 so I'm getting the most expensive glasses possible plus I'm going to change my reading glasses that I got last year (those do need to be stronger) and get more contacts. I'm also going to get my neurologist to prescribe massage so that I can get that reimbursed, too. I already get massage paid for through my insurance, but that's through the primary care doc. If I get a precription through the neuro, then I can go more often and get longer massages. It's just horrible when you have to spend money! :lol: Aspirin and thermacare wraps are reimburseable, too, so I will have to stock up on those, too.

Hope everyone is doing okay today. I didn't go to the gym, but got a 1/2 hour walk in plus 20 min. of stretching.

10-05-2004, 10:01 PM

Oh Charlotte, sweetie :love: we were just teasing you, trying to cheer you up, because we knew you were close to your treatment time again and that is a difficult process for you. You don't have to change anything. Hope you are getting the rest you need and will be back in fine form soon. Your graphics and additions are just wonderful and your new angel under your name is precious.

Sheila, that's good that you have all that medical stuff figured out. It is a shame the way insurance companies are making life so difficult for people. They charge so much money for their coverage and then it doesn't cover much, because the deductible is so high. The law officials should really set down some rules about talking on the cell phone while driving, it is hazardous. Although I must admit I am as quilty as the next person. I was thinking about cell phones the other day, you see so many people all over the place talking on them now-a-days. I was thinking, how is it that we were able to exist without them and survive just a short time ago and now they are a necessity in life? We get a lot of fog here too, off of Lake Michigan, and we have a fog horn, but since I live in the country away from the lake I rarely have to hear it anymore.

Sunny, sounds like you had a very busy weekend. Sorry to hear your tummy went on the blink again. It is one thing when you are not careful and you get upset, but it another thing when you take such good care of yourself as you do and you don't feel right. I know it is hard to understand and disappointing. How nice that you found just the right table for your living room, I am looking forward to seeing it too.

I went to Point just for the weekend. I rode up with my son and DIL and grandbaby, they went to visit DD and new baby, stayed there overnight and then DH drove up the next day and watched the Packer game with SIL and then we came home. Adam is doing fine, his little cheeks are starting to fill out and I can see he is growing. DD is doing fine too, she is much calmer and confident in handling and feeding Adam. So, I guess I can stay home this weekend and try to get something done around here. I could use about a month of no babysitting and working and then I think I would have everything caught up. But that is not to be. Someday, perhaps.

I hope Fatpuss comes back to us some day. It would be really special to see that scraggly grey cat jumping up and down again.

Take care everyone, have a good rest of the evening and hope Wednesday is very special for each and everyone of you.


10-06-2004, 10:04 AM

Good Wednesday Morning Ladies!

I am feeling World's better today :smug: Thank-you so much all for your love and concern... it gives me the *warm-fuzzies* to know how much you all care. I was very weepy yesterday, never cried... just felt on the verge of tears all day! I think it was from the pain. How much can a body take, ya know :dizzy: But when I woke up this morning it was like nothing was even wrong --- yeah!!! I think my Mint teas & chicken & rice soup for dinner did the trick.


Bluet ~ Sounds like you were surrounded with Baby-L :love: ve over the weekend... how precious is that!! How great it is to hear that Adam is doing so well and improving each day :dance: I had a feeling that DD would do much better once she and Adam were home... hospitals make you nervous to begin with :dizzy: Your weekend sounded absolutely delightful :smug:

Sheila ~ Yep :lol:... that's about how I felt too --- "Oh Shoot!" But I am feeling so much better today! Still feel a little sleepy, but after I walk on my T-Mill this morning I know that my energy will pick up some.

You know, Sheila, I always wanted to go on those weekend "Open Houses" and never have... maybe I will. It sounds like it would be allot of fun to do and a great way to get new ideas for renovating (when I finally am able to). We sure did have a good day Sunday! You would have loved the tour!

You know... now that you mentioned it... ... on Sunday morning when we were heading for church we had fog too --- I even mentioned to Joe how eeerrrrrie it looked. Like I was gonna drive into another world or dimension or something ( dodododo - my Twilight Zone sounds :lol: ). There goes my imagination... :lol: It was really neat looking.

Glad to hear that you will be getting all new eyes! And that your eyes improved some --- :cool: I should have gone for another eye check up on this left eye and never did. Now you have me thinking... my left eye had a growth in it that she was watching. I have noticed some changes in my sight, but haven't done anything about it. I am glad to hear that you are taking care to get all those benefits now.

:bravo: in getting in your exercise, you did GOOD! I did go to Curves yesterday even though I didn't feel well, but I think it only made things worse, I should have rested a bit more. Today I will just try to get in my 2 miles of walking.

Angel ~ I sure do hope that you are doing okay. I think you mentioned you had treatment recently. We are all *Thinking of you* with Loves & (((Hugs)))


Well... it's that time... ... ... I am a little late for my morning walk :tread:
but I wanted to jot you gals a line first.

*Have a Wonderful Day Everyone!*


10-06-2004, 10:14 AM
Autumn Color, Baxter State Park, Maine

Just had to share this picture with you that
I got this morning from Webshots --- Isnt it pretty!



10-06-2004, 09:46 PM
Well, Bluet, once you retire, you may get the not working part, but I think you'll still have the babysitting part. :) I'm glad Adam is doing so well and that your daughter is a lot more relaxed.

SunnyD, I'm glad you're feeling better. Pain is the pits, for sure! Did you get your two miles in today? I had to force myself to do the WATP tape, but I did it plus stretching. Don't know if I want to take the dog for a walk, though. I should because it's not raining right now, and that could change soon.

I decided to work in the yard a little bit. Fall cleanup time, you know. I pulled all the yucky tomatoes off the vines and put the vines in the yard waste. Then I planted tulips where I had the tomatoes. They should be done blooming by the time I put in more tomato plants. I'm only putting in two plants next year--probably Early Girl and a cherry tomato plant. We had too many tomatoes with three, and they overpowered the area I put them in.

The topic for my DH's meeting today was budget cuts. Always scary because it could mean that layoffs are next. I cancelled the extended cable TV, and I guess I'm gonna let my hair go grey again and wash my dog in the utility sink. Finding a job at 53 is a lot more difficult than finding a job in your 30s or even 40s. :( Hopefully it won't come to that, but I want to be prepared without dipping into retirement.

Other than worrying about layoffs, it was a pretty nice day. Got some work done around the house, and not much arguing with my Dad. Since he's been off the medication, he's gotten a bit more feisty (and I mean that in the worst possible way), but he's not too bad.

Hope everyone is doing okay! I miss that scraggly grey cat, too.

10-06-2004, 10:36 PM

I just lost a whole message. :mad: I was submitting it when a dialog box came up and said microsoft explorer experienced a problem and had to shut down.

I have a splitting headache this evening, so I am going to just say hello to all of you and try again tomorrow night.

I am sorry have a good Thursday, and remember you are all loved.


10-07-2004, 02:41 PM
Bluet, hope your headache is better this morning. Too much stress at work? Bummer about the message. My computer's been acting weird, too. Is there a full moon?

I'm posting early because I'm sitting here waiting for the phone to ring. My Dad isn't feeling well, so he's not eating or drinking, and that worries me because he has diabetes. I put in a call to the doctor to find out if it's okay for Dad not to eat or drink. He has an appointment tomorrow, and the receptionist wanted to know if he'd come in today. My Dad is incredibly stubborn (I think I mentioned he resisted going to the hospital when he had that adverse reaction to medication that we thought might be a stroke) so I said, no, just have the doctor's assistant call me. I really need to get in the shower, too, which would be the time she calls, right?

I went on a 45 minute walk today. It was sunny then and I thought I'd take advantage of it. I didn't want to do it, but I forced myself. The mind can rule the body! My DH says when I'm in pain I walk really fast, so fast he can't keep up with me and he's 6 inches taller. I'm glad he didn't try to go with me because I was walking so fast I was almost running. The dog wasn't too happy either because he had to keep up with me, and I only let him sniff and mark a couple of times. I'm so bad--sometimes I get going and he wants to stop and I just kind of drag him along by the harness. I always allow him ample time at the beginning to pee so I figure he's just marking for fun later, and he really doesn't need to do that.

Have a good day everyone! It's almost the weekend. :)

Note: Well, it's 7 hours after I called the doctor's office, and I haven't heard a word from them. :(

10-08-2004, 12:24 AM

You guessed it Sheila, I am having OB problems again. Man, it is just impossible to like that person. Detest comes to mind. I have been looking at the want ads and the jobs on the internet since last Friday. I need something with benefits and someone that will hire someone who is old. I have to work 3 more years and 10 months to get my full retirement benefits. Working there is taking it's tole on my nerves and my body. Any suggestions? Please don't tell me to sit down and talk to the person. I have tried that and it only makes matters worse. This person is a bonafide, first class jerk and a chauvinist to boot. Oh well, grinding about it isn't going to change anything. Thanks for listening.

We had another warm day today, what a shocking enterprise that is. Usually we can dig our winter jackets out when the calendar changes to October. It is suppose to rain tomorrow, and we could really use some rain. September was really dry.

Sheila, I hope the doctor's office finally called you. Why dosen't Dad want to eat? Is he depressed? I feel for you it is not easy for you I know.

Watched Survivor this evening, the girls are beating the guys butts. That is entertaining. Then I watched CSI. I had to close my eyes when they were doing the autopsy on the cadaver. That was pretty gross stuff, not really necessary I think. I am wondering about the lab person (guy) the one who had his hair looking like a mad scientist last year. This year he has normal hair, a more sober persona and is part of the team. I kind of liked his weirdness last year. :)

I can't get the smilies to work tonight, wonder what is up. Hope it is not my computer, and I better not lose my post tonight either. You can tell I am in a mood, right :( . Sorry. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday, but then I thought that last week too, and then all **** broke loose at work.

Well, it is 10:30 p.m., I had better head off to bed, I rarely stay up this late.

Enjoy your Friday guys...Talk to you soon.

Bluet Oh where oh where can our Charlotte, Sunny and Puss be?

10-08-2004, 01:59 PM
Good Afternoon Sheila, Bluet, Angel (& Puss if you are lurking ;) ) ~

I have some MORE pictures for you gals...
I have been a busy cleaning lady these days :D

Don't laugh... I don't have curtains yet for the living-room
and still have our Christmas garland up :lol: I haven't found the
curtains I want yet. I wanted to show you one of my father's
paintings (The Autumn Barn Scene):

New Rattan Stand for our newspaper in our dining-room:

New Painted Side Tabe:

New Friendship Knot Side Table:

Our New Lamp - replaced the Tiffany Lamp -
the Tiffany wasn't tall enough for behind the sofa
(isn't that shade the cutest!):

Our Bedroom (nothing new in there)... do you gals see
where I placed the Tiffany Lamp from our living-room?
It looks so much better there and it's so beautiful to see
lit up at night looking down our hallway :)


I hope you don't mind all the pictures!
I'll be back to post...


10-08-2004, 09:16 PM
SunnyD, I love the tables and lamps! The shade on your new sofa lamp is gorgeous, and that painted table is so cool. It looks old world French to me.

Valium, Bluet? No, I'm just kidding. Have you started a diary of the hassles he gives you? You might consider doing that because if it gets too bad, it could be considered grounds for some kind of legal case. I'm probably not a good person to ask because I sued a place I worked for because of a horrible boss. I won money, but wish I had been able to oust him. He was fired two years later when everyone else realized how horrible he was. I'm not a suit-happy person and I loved my job, but enough was enough. People shouldn't have to work in those kinds of conditions.

Know what you mean about closing your eyes on the gory stuff. I do that, too. ER has a lot of blood, but not a lot of gore. Nip/Tuck is the worst for surgery stuff, worse than CSI actually. I liked the weird guy, too, and hope he goes back to being his offbeat self. So, are you planning on taking it easy this weekend?

It's been raining hard today, and probably will continue throughout the weekend. The doctor's office never called back, but at Dad's appointment today I learned that the receptionist didn't give the medical assistant a note to call me. She did leave a note, but it didn't say anything about my questions or calling me. The medical assistant showed me the note--I was ticked. The doc was a little concerned about my Dad getting ill like that, so he did a blood test. Dad's okay today, though, so probably it was just a little stomach thing. Would you believe he's lost 7 lbs. in a month? He eats what I cook (with a martini or two on the side), and doesn't exercise, but he still loses more than me. I'm so jealous!

My DH comes back from Boise in a couple of hours. He said that every time he goes to Boise to work onsite something awful happens. The first time, the HR person yelled at him (long story), the second time everyone was upset about jobs going to India, and this time it's budget cuts and layoff fears. Hopefully it won't come to that! Buy new HP printers for Christmas, okay?

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and a lot better weather than we're having!

10-08-2004, 11:51 PM

Sheila, I am a great fan of Hp Printers, that and Cannon, who has a HP engine in their printers. No other printer can compete with an HP they are the best, we have at least five or six in our office alone. DH is a repair tech for fax, copiers and printers. His favorite is the HP too.

Yeah, I wish I could sue his a--, but even that wouldn't be justifiable punishment for this guy. He has support in higher places too, he can do no wrong. It really mystifies me. I think I am going to have to go get some therapy for the trauma he put me through last week, I can't seem to get past it, I am just really angry. I know it is verbal abuse and harassment, but it is a male dominant atmosphere in this paticular office.

Sunny, what lovely pictures of your home. It seems like you are very fond of pastels. They are very pretty in your home. The victorian lamp that you moved to the bedroom, matches the room so well, all the colors in the lamp are in the bed covering. I guess I never knew that your Dad was such a fine artist. That must be where you got your artistic ability from. I love your new lamp, I like that new look, it is so popluar right now and romantic looking. Your new table is lovely too, victorian is a good description for it, some people call that shabby chic. I can't believe it is the weekend again, I imagine your schedule is pretty full. Watch what you eat little lady.

Charlotte, hope you are feeling better, and hopefully you did not get as much rain as we did last night and today. We got an inch and a half. Luckily we needed it so it soaked right into the ground.

I have to babysit the two grandchildren next door tomorrow. The men are building a road through our woods and they have come by a lot of free fill, so they are going to be hauling and grading tomorrow and DD works at the Walk in Clinic tomorrow, so the girls will come by me for the day.

Well, here I am up late again, I can't stop yawning, so I better go to bed.

Have a really good weekend and have a little fun too.


P.S. Sheila, you had every right to be upset with the doctors office. I would have been spitting nails too, if it happened to me. A martini or two on the side sounds just the ticket, too bad I gave up drinking. :)

10-09-2004, 10:28 AM

Well, I finally got on here. I've tried to post the last couple of days. I couldn't log on. Then, another day, I couldn't reply. My computer was doing fine everywhere else, but at 3cks. :(

Sunny....Beautiful pictures!!! I know you enjoy living in your house. You're so talented in everything you do. When we get our house finished, you need to come help me fix it up. That is, if you're not dead of old age!! :lol:

Bluet...I noticed you're spending a lot of late hours. I hope you're ok. You may have said before, but I'm so mixed up now that I'm behind again. :^: Do you just have insomnia? I'm up pretty late most nights, & sometimes all night because of it. Makes you feel really drug out the next day. My Dr gave me Zyrtec for it, but it's so costly, that I save it for when I take a treatment. I AM feeling much better now. The treatment has kicked in, & I'm finally getting over the cold (or whatever it was!) It really had a hold on me. I don't know what I'd do without my treatments, although I hate sitting there for 2-3 hours waiting for the meds to slowly go in.

Sheila...talking about the gory stuff. That never bothered me. I was the one everyone called for when things happened. I could take anything! I always wanted to be a nurse. I have medical books that I've read almost all the way through. Now, with a pc, I can really research! I think, if I'd had the opportunity, I would have made a good nurse. I really like being around people, too.
I hope your dad gets better. He's in my prayers. Dr did some more testing on my FIL, & says he DOES have Alziemers, after all. He's really going down fast. We all love him so much. He was the strength of the Borden family. My mother is in the last stages with it, now. My step-dad is doing well in the room with my mother. Thank the Lord, we finally got the apartment & storage building cleared out. Now, I've got to clear out all the boxes of their things that's in my "house under construction"! I think I'm in a no-win situation here. :( Oh well, it IS interesting going through things that I remember as a little girl.

If I'm slow about posting for awhile, I'm either having trouble getting in here :lol: or I'm working on a project for my children for Christmas. They love looking at the picture albums of our years as a family when they were young. I'm making them all an album with lots, & lots of pictures. They will have pics of mom & dad before & after marriage. Our family life, & then...all their family lives. I thought it would be good, too, in case any of us had another fire. Some of us would have copies of pictures. I came very close to losing them. Was lucky they weren't in the storage building. See....I'm blessed.

Hope all have a great weekend. Fatpuss.......I MISS YOU!!

10-09-2004, 10:52 PM

It was really beautiful in Wisconsin today. The two grandaughters that I was taking care of today and I took subs sandwiches out to DH and the the guys who are building the road through our woods. We walked as far as the road is built into the woods. I have lived here for 40 years and have never been that far into our woods before. It is really pretty in there with all the fall colors. They are building a road because they make wood in the winter for our wood burners, cause gosh knows our winters are cold.

Charlotte it is good to see you back posting with us. I don't have insomnia, I am stressed our right now and am having trouble sleeping is all. I respect someone that wants to be in the medical profession. All my daughters are and my DIL is a veternarian. I personally would rather faint than look at a wound.

Got a very nice thank you note (letter) from DD in Point today. I miss not being there with her and Adam, but they are getting along fine now.

Sheila, hope Dad is doing better, and hope that DH brought good news home from his meeting in Boise.

Sunny, I am sure you are busy with your church and your friends.

Puss, miss you more than chocolate ;)

Have a good Sunday everyone!!!!!!


10-11-2004, 05:46 PM
Bluet, how cool to be able to go to a place that you've just been able to view for the last 40 years. I'm so glad that your daughter is doing so much better now that Adam is home. Just wait for that first tooth or cold! I remember freaking out at the first sign of illness. Did I ever mention that I almost moved to Madison because I visited one summer and loved it? Reading that winter weather report in the newspaper stopped me cold (pun intended!).

Hey, Charlotte, what's up with that computer? Strange how it was okay until you tried 3FC. Glad you're feeling better now. Hope the treatment lasts a long time. I remember going through all the stuff here first when my Mom died, and then when my Dad moved to assisted living (before moving back). In fact, in the days I was with my Mom before she died, we went through her jewelry boxes and through photo albums. She really enjoyed it, too, although she got pretty tired. I'm so sorry about your FIL. That must be really hard for your DH as well as you. Where is your FIL? Still at home, or at a facility?

Speaking of Dads, mine was just awful yesterday. I mean, AWFUL! His paranoia has started up again, and now he's mixing all sorts of stuff up in his head. I need him to go back on the behavior drug, but I'm not sure how to get him to go back. I called the Senior Services who recommended I call the Altzheimer's Association. My Dad has dementia, but I guess the Alzheimer's Assoc. deals with that, too. Anyway, I need to talk to his doctor and get him to get my Dad to go back on the meds. I feel guilty, but I can't take the stress, and it's doing a number on my DH, too, since my Dad is really creepy to him when he's having one of his "spells." DH and I both need to learn how to deal with Dad and not feeling like we're walking on eggshells. It's like having a teenager again--you never know what mood they'll be in when they come down for dinner and what will set them off. Unfortunately, we can't treat my Dad, who has a legitimate illness, like we'd treat the teenager.

Sorry to dwell so much on it. On the plus side, even though I was horribly upset yesterday, I didn't eat any of the leftover birthday cake (my son turned 26 on Saturday). I was pretty darn proud of myself! I told my DH today that he needed to eat that remaining piece immediately because I wasn't sure how long my "won't power" would last. :)

Hope everyone is having a good Monday. The sun has started to break through the clouds and the rest of the day is supposed to be beautiful. I still have old green bean vines to take down so I guess I'd better get started.

10-11-2004, 06:32 PM


I am so sorry that you and DH are having a difficult time with Dad right now. Even though I don't know how to help you, I am not knowledgeable about alzheimers or dementia to advise you, I feel deeply for you. I hope it helps to know that someone cares and wishes you were not so upset. :(

I am signing on early, for me, :^: because the kids next door are going to the Packer game tonight and DH and I are babysitting for the the three grandchildren next door. DD promised to have them fed and their baths done and their homework done before she and SIL leave for Green Bay, which will make me happy, because I am tired when I get home from work. The grandkids are staying over night and DD is picking them up in the morning to get them ready for school. Of course the baby won't go to school. DD is off tomorrow so it will be easier for her to pick the kids up in the morning, and we can all go to bed tonight instead of waiting up for the kids to get home. I wonder why they start Monday Night Football so late? It is even an hour later on the east coast which makes absolutely no sense to me.

Charlotte, that is really a cool plan you have for the children's Christmas gifts. They will really appreciate it.

Sunny, how did your weekend go? Hope your tummy is doing o.k.

Take care all......


10-12-2004, 09:38 AM

Well, I made it, again. I couldn't post, again, yesterday! This thing is driving me crazy! Talking about crazy.........I must really be more stressed out than I even knew. I went to the TV Station to work awhile yesterday. DH didn't have any work, so he was home. He called me later, & asked if I was the one that put Butter Beans in the crockpot for supper. (our son lives here, & cooks, sometimes.) I told him I did. He said there was a paper towel in it!!!! My goodness,, tell me.......what's this a sign of????????? I remember wiping the lid, after getting it out of the dishwasher. It must have fell in, & I just didn't notice. :^: He thought it was funny. :p

Sheila, I am so sorry about your dad. I know how stressfull it must be. You may be forced to do something. We're facing that decision with DH's dad. He's still at home. He keeps everyone there up all night, though. Seeing people that aren't there. Imagining all kinds of things. It hurts so bad. As I've said, he was the strength of the Borden family. We all depended on him for advice & his wisdom, & love him so much. He may have to go to a facility for his (& other's) on safety. You may have to make that decision, also. I know it can make you feel guilty. I felt that way about my mother. Once she was there, though, I saw how much better off she was. They're equipped to handle situations better. Mother is much happier....going down really fast, now, though. I'm glad my step-dad decided to go in with her.

Yes, we've enjoyed going through all the pictures, & different items we've found. It has helped with the things I lost in the fire. Also, one of the things I valued most was found, & I got to keep it. My dad's camera. He'd had it since before I was born. Every time the family went out anywhere, he had it hanging around his neck. So precious to me! :)

The kids BETTER appreciate those albums, Bluet! It sure is a lot of work! I really didn't realize how much work would be involved, with all the scanning...resizing...etc. Also, one thing leads to another...I keep getting new ideas. ;) It's labor of love, though.

I've gotta go. Hope you all have a great day. I sure do miss Fatpuss!

Hello to everyone!

10-12-2004, 07:56 PM
Meeeee... with our Autumn Decorations :D *~*~* A Closer Look

:wave: Good Evening Gals!

Hi Bluet ~ I am so sorry to read how much you are going through at work! I was just catching up with all the posts and it is heart-breaking to see you suffer so much there! I so wish I could take that away from you and you could have a better place to work in. I will keep you in prayer that you will find a better workplace or that things get better in this one. (((Hugs)))

I am doing great... all is going well with me!!! Aren't you sweet for asking. I haven't been ill with constant pain in about 6 days now!!! Hoorayyyyyyyyyy! I still feel a bit tired, but I am not in constant pain! And moving regularly if you know what I mean ;) (double yeah!). I think I am tired because I am so very busy these days and not getting nearly enough sleep. Gotta work on that...

Yes, I do favor pastels... it is relaxing for me and I need to stay as calm as possible in all ways. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the pictures and like my decorating. My father is very talented and sells his painting in Maine privately. He has done very well for himself... selling some as high as $500.00 - $550.00. I have two of his paintings in my home. I am very proud of him. He loves bright, vivid, true colors as you can see.

Hi Sheila ~ Awwweeee, I am so very sorry to read about your Dear Father taking a turn for the worse :( I don' think you should feel badly for doing what you must to care for him. Sometimes, we do what we have to - even though it doesn't feel good. I remember all we had to go through with Joe's father, it broke our hearts to have to take his things away from him to move him into a smaller space at a nursing home, but once we moved him in and he got such good care we knew it was all for the best. After about a week or so he accepted the move and even enjoyed the company and care he received. None of us had the space in our homes to care for him (or I would have in a heartbeat!). Your father is blessed to have you taking care of him, so that he doesn't have to move. But those meds are something he obviously needs to stay as well as possible, please don't feel guilty. You are doing the very best you can!

Hooray for you getting in your exercise lately & resisting that cake (that is so tough sometimes!) :cp: I see you have been enjoying the weather... good for you. As far as exercise... I walk everyday (if I can) now and am enjoying the weather here too! As of yesterday I am not going to Curves anymore right now. They have put me on Medical Hold and if I decide I am able to go back next year I will begin again at the same locked in price I signed up for, but as of yesterday they will not be charging me any longer. She also said she was going to see if I could get reimbursed for last month ~ being I only went once. I was so pleased to hear that. I just think it's too much for me right now and I need this time to heal up completely... I am doing great with just the walking everyday & watching my diet. I have been a very good girl and have been richly rewarded with almost pain free days.

I am glad you like my pictures also, it means allot to me to hear everyone's input... especially when you like what I have done... I am rather insecure in that way. I just do what brings warmth and comfort into our home.

Angel ~ Your paper towel story was very funny!!!! :rofl: I hope that stress leaves you real soon, but at least you don't have to worry about the fiber intake :lol:

I am sorry to hear that you are having so many problems with your pc... I think some of it may not be you, but this site! I too have times when I lose everything or cannot get on 3fatchicks. That's why I save everything I write on my pc notebook... this way all I have to do is copy and paste when I lose it here.

Glad you enjoyed the pictures too... sure :yes: I would love to come over and help you with your home decor when the time comes!! You aren't that far away you know!!! ;) You are just too funny... I won't be that old... you will get your home done soon, you'll see. Bet you get allot done this coming Spring into Summer now that things are settled with Maytag. Renovating takes so long to begin with and then with you having problems with Maytag - it only made things worse for you.



Joe & I had a wonderful weekend!! We were gat-abouting all day Saturday visiting family at a birthday party (no cake for me either, Sheila!) and had dinner out with our friends (I was very careful too and didn't get sick!). And Sunday after church we went to breakfast with our friends and then we came home rested for about an hour. Then we went out to work in the yard. We went out at around 1:30 and finished at around 6:30... got all our weeds pulled, the perennials cut down and put the yard decorations away (most of them - had to leave the birdbath out for our friends till at least November ;) ).

Well gals... the boss is home from work and I have to get dinner put on the table. Please know that I hold you all close in my prayers always!!! That goes for you too Puss!!!

*God Bless*


10-13-2004, 12:52 AM
Hello all!

Hee I am back again. The past few months have been so hectic I just don't know where the time has gone.
We finally got my MIL moved into the nursing home. We then had to clean out her apartment...its amazing how much can accumulate in 30 years. After the move I had our 2 grandsons for 2 weeks. Busy Busy!!
Then it was on to the yard sale for both my MIL and DM which took up another 2 weeks. After the yard sale I had the misfortune of dislocating my hip!! I am finally back to semi-normal and able to do a few more things but still in physio. We have also had company on and off through August and September.

My what a summer !!

I have been reading some of the posts I have missed and am up to the last 2 threads
so I have more reading to to get fully caught up. It looks like everyone has had a busy summer as well. I just thought I would let you know I am still here and have been thinking about you all even though I have been MIA.

I will try to get all caught up the next few days.

Good to be back !!

10-13-2004, 06:18 AM
Our tree here in NE, Ohio

Good Autumn Morning Gals!!
Buuuurrrrrrrrrr... chilly day here in Ohio! I woke up to 34* this morning!


Welcome Back Jacquie ~ It is so good to see you again! I know we don't know one another very well... but maybe this time we will have a chance to :^: I am glad to hear that all is going well with your DMIL and her move. How is she accepting the move?

Aweeee, I am so sorry to hear of your hip!! :o Ouch!! :o Is it therapy you are doing to recover? I do hope that you begin to feel better soon and that the exercise is helping you.

Looking forward to getting to know you, Jacquie.
God Bless.


Have a Great Day Gals!!!


10-13-2004, 10:27 AM

So good to hear from you, Jacquie!! I've been wondering about you. I hope your MIL is doing well. We just went through the same thing with my step-dad. He decided, suddenly, he would go in with my mother. They share a room, & has turned out well. Only, my sister & I had to get the appt cleared out by the end of September! Neither of us are in good health, so it really took a toll on us. Then, we had to get everything of their's & our dad's (deceased) out of storage, he had rented...also, by the end of September. It was nice going through some of the things...especially of our dad's, but so much work! We ended up throwing out a lot of things, & most of the rest is boxed up & stacked in my "under construction" house. :^:
So sorry about your hip. Hope it's all better now. Maybe things will slow down a little, & you can get some rest.

Hi Sunny...beautiful pictures! I'm glad you're feeling better. I know it must be hard having to watch everything that you eat. I can't hardly do that when I'm on a diet, much less, continually. I suppose we do what we have to, though, huh?! You must be very desciplined. (I know I mispelled it, tried several ways. :lol: )
I'm working on a picture album for my children for Christmas. Really enjoying it...but, gee, it's a lot of work! Gotta scan the pics...fix the pages, etc. They had better appreciate it! :D I'm finding myself really "caught up" in it, sometimes, though. Projects like this can be very interesting. I remembered not having any pics of our family after I got married. Mother gave most of them to our older sister(??).....we hardly ever hear from her. So, I wanted to make sure our kids had plenty of all of us.

Well, I've got to get ready to go to the TV Station. I hope all of you have a beautiful day!
Fatpuss........PLEASE POST!!!

10-13-2004, 11:02 PM
Hi, all!

Jacquie, welcome back! It's so wonderful to see you here! Dislocating your hip? Sounds painful. I'm glad you're doing better now. Sounds like you had an incredibly busy summer. Time to take it easy, right?

Hi to Charlotte, SunnyD, and Bluet! I'm not going to stay on long because I'm tired. Will get back tomorrow. Beautiful day here in the Northwest--70 degrees and sunny. I've got to take advantage of it and get some yardwork done before the rains start this weekend.

10-13-2004, 11:43 PM

Jacquie, how nice to see you posting again, very nice to see you back. You really had a busy summer. Dislocating your hip sounds mighty painful. :(

Sunny, who is that pretty girl sitting on your porch? Looks like a sixteen year old waiting for her date for the homecoming game. :) Your decorations look absolutely apropos for fall.

Charlotte, paper towel in the soup, :) must have had your mind on more important things. Now I don't feel so bad, when I do something like that.

Sheila, I have to get out in the garden one more time too. We are suppose to have temps in the 30's and 40's this week with a slight chance of snow flurries :(. The Green Bay grandkids are coming down to go to a pumpkin patch on Saturday to pick out some pumpkins. Never fails, should have taken them last Saturday, but we were into road building. Always something.

I am still recovering from Monday night, grandaughter next door slept in my bed and she kicked me to pieces in her sleep, so I got very little sleep. Went to bed early last night, but still am tired this evening.

Tomorrow night is Survivor and CSI. DH isn't into Survivor this time, he said it is too many people to try to remember. He is busy studying for a test every night, that he has to take on Friday in Green Bay. He will be his old self after the test is over.

Have a good Thursday, everyone, take care of yourselves you are very important to me.

Hey Puss, miss you more than chocolate and a good glass of wine!!!! Have'nt had any chocolate or wine for a year and a half now. :)


10-14-2004, 05:59 PM
Our trees here in NE, Ohio
Picture taken by Moi :D

Good Afternoon Gals!
Whew! I feel better! This morning I spent two hours paying bill's and trying to locate a large payment that was missing... we found out that hubby forgot to mail it :o Luckily I was ahead with it, so no biggie :smug: He also had two birthday cards that were to be mailed with that payment... now I feel so much better knowing where they went to. He gets so upset with himself when that happens, but hey... it does. When I stop making mistakes then I can get upset with him... in the meantime, I guess I can be understanding :^: He feels better too now that we have found them.

Today, our weather is a bit chilly and wet, but it has been so nice lately I am not gonna complain...

I went to see the movie *Shark Tales* with a friend yesterday and found it to be VERY COLORFUL!!! Awesome to see what they can do today with the animation!! It was a cute movie.

Tomorrow, Joe is taking the day off and we are taking our 3 boys to the vets for check-ups and their shots. Joe likes to go with me... they are his kids too ;) Really, Guido & Zeppe are very heavy and I cannot go alone and they hate going one without the other - so this works best. Then I think we are just going grocery shopping tomorrow cuz we cannot go on Saturday as usual. Then Joe has to go to his chiro. at 4:00 --- he pulled a muscle in his back at work the other day and now will be going there for a few treatments. He said he was feeling better already just after one treatment.


Bluet ~ You sure do know how to make a person's day!!!! Awwwe to be 16 again... NOT! I like where I am today... well, minus the aches and pains that is. I wouldn't want to be a teen today :no: but I sure don't mind looking that young :D Thanks!!

I am so glad that we got our gardens done this past Sunday... we have a few things to do yet, but nothing to be concerned over. Joe does want to put up our Christmas lights before the cold sets in... I sure do hope we have another warm weekend before Thanksgiving week. And we still haven't gotten our windows washed yet either :o

Yeahhhh... tonight is my favorite night too! I really enjoy the shows *Survivor * CSI * WITHOUT A TRACE * & ER*. I always tape the 10:00 shows, but then stay awake to watch one of them... I know I know... silly me! :lol:

Hi Sheila ~ So glad to hear that you are enjoying the beautiful Sunny :sunny: weather there! I see that your Mt. St. Helen's is still a little steamy!! OOoooo :o

Hey there Angel ~ My favorite purple in that rose! I am a February baby and Amethyst is my birthstone - that purple reminds me of Amethyst... really pretty! Thanks! Glad you liked the pictures. So much fun to have a place to share them :)

You know Charlotte, in the beginning it was real hard to watch my diet and what I could eat and sometimes when I see others enjoying a dessert I feel a little sorry for myself... but most times I do just fine, I do better then I thought I would. I tell you... I would rather do without the sweets then endure that kind of pain, you know.

I know what you mean about making that album!!! When I did the one for Joe's 50th birthday (whew!) it took allot of time... so I can only imagine the time and talent it is taking you to do those albums for your kids. I am sure they are going to LOVE them!!!! *Have fun doing them* there are so many fun things to add to the albums now ~ with all the card embellishments and scrapbook stuff they sell at the craft centers! I go crazy in there! Many times I wish I had my own craft room to do projects ~ I think I would do more! It is so hard to do without the space. I wish you the best in getting them done, I know they will be beautiful!!!


Time for me to get dinner made for my hubby and I :D
You have a wonderful evening gals!!!
*Gods Blessings Always*


10-14-2004, 06:06 PM
Oh Angel ~ I was wondering how your DD and her family was doing after that storm... is everything coming together for them? They have been on my mind lately. Is there any way I can help them??

Me ;)


10-14-2004, 09:20 PM
SunnyD, thanks for sharing the great photos of your porch and of you. You definitely have a sunny smile! :) Also love the fall leaves photo that you took. Is that part of your yard or some place near your house? Hey, everyone screws up the bills once in a while, and at least you found it before it was due. I still remember when we were trying to buy our first home. We had a credit card balance and were paying it off before we got the home loan. I wrote the check and mailed it in time, but then it was returned because the written out part didn't match the numbers. Dang! Of course, then I got a late fee and interest because by the time it came back to me, the due date was past.

My DH and I always take our animals to the vet together, too. When you have more than one, it's such a struggle to get their carriers out of the car and into the vet's office by yourself. When we had 4 dogs and 3 cats, it was quite interesting taking them all to the vet's office. We would end up with 5 carriers and two dogs on leashes. Always had to make two trips from the car. Now that we only have 3 cats and 1 dog, all in carriers (the dog is the smallest animal), it's a lot easier.

Gotta love Thursday TV. I usually watch Without a Trace on reruns--don't know why I don't just tape it. In addition to CSI and ER, I watch Landscaper's Challenge on HGTV. I'm not a Survivor fan, but I do kind of like Extreme Makeover. It's pretty incredible what the surgeons can do for those people.

Charlotte, the kids will love those photo albums. My friend also did something that was pretty cool. She took artwork that her kids had given her when they were in grade school and framed it. The now adult kids really loved that gift. I'm sure every parent has some artwork saved in a box somewhere. When my DH turned 50, I put together a photo collage of each decade of his life, and then had that on the wall at his surprise party. I also put individual photos on candy bar wrappers and gave them out as favors. Everyone got a big kick out of that.

Bluet, snow?? Not yet! When do you usually have your first snow? When we lived in Colorado, the first snow was always around September 12, and the last snow was always around May 12. That doesn't leave much in between. The pumpkins patch sounds fun. Hope it doesn't snow so you can have a great time.

I'm such a meanie that I would never let kids sleep with me for that very reason. I love my sleep! I hope that you aren't too bruised up.

Instead of working in the yard, which I should have done, we took the dog and walked down on the beach. The blue water, the warm sun, the ferries traveling back and forth to the island--it was wonderful! I told my dog that was his last walk until spring. Probably not true, but the forecast is for rain for the next week. I've been saving all my inside projects like balancing the checkbook, putting recipes in order and the big one, cleaning my desk, for the rainy days.

Happy Thursday!

10-14-2004, 11:33 PM

Well, I am catching up on the laundry tonight. Started right after supper and have the last load in the washer now. Ran back and forth from the Family Room to the Laundry Room during commercials, so I wouldn't miss Survivor or CSI. I don't have any favorites on Survivor this time yet, perhaps Scout, she is a very nice lady, but not any of the others yet. CSI is getting too gruesome, I am not sure I can keep on watching it. DH usually does the laundry in the morning before I get up, I know I am unusually lucky :), but he has been studying for his test that he takes tomorrow and hasn't had time to do the laundry, so it has been piling up.

Sounds like they are going to be building that road again on Saturday. It is suppose to be cold, but I guess it will be ok in the woods. We can get snow anytime from October to next spring, but most of the snow we get comes in December, January and February. I know none of you know this, but I hate winter!:)

I am going to cut this short tonight, I have a load of towels to fold yet and then I need to get to bed. You know work and all tomorrow.

Take care....bye for now.


10-15-2004, 12:56 AM
Hi all!

I haven't had much time to get caught up on all the posts for the summer yet....had a busy day with 2 assisted living homes to go to. I have still been doing my DM's laundry but finally gave it was too much work bringing it all home. I finally decided I have to make things as easy as I can... so I can have some time for myself!!

The past few weeks the weather has just been beautiful the nicest fall we have had for a few years but today cooled down and I think we are in for some snow on the weekend ...hopefully it won't last. Tomorrow I will have my GD for the morning then have a stay at home day to get caught up on a few things. The diet has gone by the wayside for the summer. I haven't gained but haven't lost either. I started back at the pool yesterday so... maybe that plus being back posting will get me motivated again.

Just wanted to touch base with everyone ..... time to turn in its been a long day!


10-15-2004, 08:55 AM

Ok....I'M BAD! :^: I think the graphic is cute, & Bluet mentioned snow!

Sunny...You're so sweet. There's nothing you can do for my daughter & family...except to keep praying. Things are getting better for them, especially since they got their power & water back on. Going back & forth trying to keep 3 kids in school & them both at work...with clothes to wash, etc., was rough. But, it is better, now. I believe they had the most damage in their little town. It's for sure, they were the last to receive help, because of the power lines being down around their house. She called yesterday, & said FEMA was going to help them, & sounded relieved. They both had VERY good jobs as engineers at a paper mill (Georgia Pacific...they make Northern Tissue, & Brawny Towels), until this past year. They decided it wasn't worth being away from the kids so they downsized their jobs. Liking it a lot better, but pay is considerably lower, so have to watch money closely. She is working at the college....something to do with Osha. He is now teaching math at the high school. She (Paula) goes on 1-2 day trips, sometimes, teaching safety to firefighters (how to wear their masks, etc), & different people. Tough job, huh? :D A lot of the time, those trips bring her in our direction, & she stays with us. We like that! Only thing, we don't get those large boxes of Tissues & Paper Towels brought to us, anymore. :lol:
I have a granddaughter that LOVES purple. Everything she gets, & is given is purple! :) I'll pray that the foods you like (but can't eat) won't be tempting you, so it will be a little easier for you. I have a similar situation with my back problems. Although there are things I'm capable of doing, I'll pay dearly. I'm bad to undertake things on my own without waiting for someone else's help. Impatient! :^: What bothers me the most, though, is not being able to do things with my grands as I'd like to do. My granddaughter(the purple lover) is a Cheerleader this time....I'd love to go watch her. There's no way I can stand to sit on those bleachers. Couldn't even climb them, with RA. So, I'm trying to figure out how to go watch the end of a game from the doorway, maybe. The school is within walking distance of our house. I still think I can handle that easier than not eating foods I like. I'm a sugar eater. Can't stay away from sweets. :^: Like I said....praying for you.

Sheila...that sounds like a great idea about the artwork. I don't have any of mine, anymore...but, can pass the idea on to others. I came up with another idea for the grands for Christmas. We all decided to not buy for each other because of all having money problems this year. (of couse, they don't know about the albums) We're just buying small gifts for the kids, & having a big dinner. I'm fixing up baskets, like Easter, only with several individually wrapped
small gifts to unwrap. I found Christmas basket wrap that's perfect for each one of them! :D I think they'll have a lot of fun....I hope so. Yes, I've been to those birthday parties before with pictures on the wall. They're lots of fun. I haven't heard of the candy bars, though. Good idea. It's been raining here for a few, turning cold.

Bluet....I hate winter, too! I was raised in Detroit, Michigan. The winters were brutal. I think that really contributed to turning me against it. We don't have a lot to say about it, though, do we? We'll just have to endure it. I know what you mean about the laundry. I spent all day Tuesday doing laundry. Still didn't get it all done. Our son (divorced) is staying with us, right now...& has his two little girls here every other week. can imagine the pile of clothes after last week! :^: Sometimes, he'll do their laundry. He's good about helping around here. But, he & DH had long work days this week.

Hi Jacquie...Hope you got some rest. You sounded tired. How far was you having to go to do your mom's laundry? I know that was rough.
DH has no work next week, so maybe he'll get the roof fixed good enough, at least that it doesn't leak! If everything goes well, he should have it far enough along by the end of the week, that our kids can all come over & help finish up. That's what they have planned.

Well...this is a very long post...hope it will hold it. Everyone have a good Friday!

10-15-2004, 05:43 PM
ALL - RIGHT CHARLOTTE!!!!!! That is what I say to snowmen too or any kind of snow or freezing temps.

I am getting on now because I won't be able to later, the grandkids will be at my house around six and won't be leaving until tomorrow. It will be a busy day for me.

I just went to the kitchen at work and dumped a little caffeine coffee into my decafe, having a hard time staying awake this afternoon. Well, I am working on the general ledger, which is some pretty boring stuff. Except Receivables isn't working out and I can't figure out why the detail is not matching the G/L. I hate that, try to be so careful all month, so I don't have to struggle with things not balancing at the end of the month, and still things go wrong.

I will have to make a lunch for "The Road Builders" for tomorrow, so I thought I would stop at the grocery store and get some stuff to make hot tamales, (sloppy joes) everybody calls them something different, depending on where they live. Since I don't cook much anymore, this should be interesting. Of course, I should do some practicing since the holidays are fast approaching and the kids and grands will be home for the Holidays, I guess I will have to provide something for then to eat, right ;)

It sure is gloomy today here. We thought we saw some snow flurries a little while ago, but we decided it is 45 degrees, it does not snow when it is 45 degrees, does it? It is a little soon, not all the trees have changed color yet.

I am starting to wake up a little bit, it must be the coffee. I just know I am going to lay in bed tonight staring wide awake at the ceiling from the caffeine. I never drink caffeine, for one it is not allowed on my diet and secondly it has a weird affect on me, it messes with my eyes and of course I get jittery. It was either this or be found dozing at my desk by OB, oh my gosh what a woman hating brute.

My sister stopped at the office before lunch and dropped off a beautiful baby quilt she had someone make for her for Adam. DD will be very happy it is a warm snuggly quilt in blue and white plaid with little old fashion baby buggys on it.

Well, I guess I had better get back to the G/L, the accountant will be here bright and early on Monday. I'll check back on Sunday after church.

Have a good weekend everyone.


10-16-2004, 03:20 PM
Charlotte, that graphic is too funny! Boy, I'd miss the GP products, too. Sounds like they still have good jobs, though, and getting to spend more time with their kids is such a wonderful perk. I love your idea about the baskets. You're so creative! It's raining here today, and will be tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. . . Good time to get all the inside projects done, and catch up on some reading.

Bluet, we both had a little caffeine on the same day. I always stick to decaf, too, but I was craving coffee and the store I was at didn't have their free decaf out so I drank about 1/4 of a cup of regular. Didn't have much of a reaction, which was good. Never heard of sloppy joes being called hot tamales. Maybe it's because there's quite a Mexican population in the west so a tamale is a tamale is a tamale.

Boy, was I kicking myself on Thursday night. My Dad always gets six lottery tickets, three for him and three for me. I put my initials on the back of mine and then he turns them in and with the initials he can tell who won. On Sunday he didn't get three and three--he got all six on one ticket and wanted me to initial three of them. I didn't want to deal with it so I said he could just do all six. He won $700!! I couldn't believe it. The most I've ever won is $20. Of course, even if I had initialed three, maybe the one that won wouldn't have been one I initialed. I could have used an extra $700.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

10-18-2004, 07:35 PM
Hi all!

It's a winter wonderland!
We have had the first snowfall of the season.....hopefully it won't last long the ground is white but we were lucky ...some areas had 7 inches of the white stuff. I feel like I have somehow missed summer.
The weekend was busy as usual with several trips to the homes for a visit and our oldest GD decided to have a sleepover. We always have great fun though...not having had a daughter myself I get to do all the things with her that I missed having boys.
We also finished up the yard work and got the furniture put away...just in time to miss the snow.

I finally had the time to get caught up on all the posts....whew...lots happening.

Bluet congratulations on your new grandbaby Adam!
I was so thankful to see he and you daughter are both doing well now. It must have been such a worry for you.
As far as getting caught up I know exactly what you mean but I don't think it will ever happen, I find things are worse since I retired. You do need time for yourself though.

SunnyD...your pictures are so wonderful! I wish I was more computer post are so boring compared to yours. One thing I do have though is a craft room and it is wonderful. I can just shut the door and leave everything where it is. The grandkids also love "Grandmas Craft Room" we get to do many projects together.

Sheila I know just what you are dealing with....dimentia can be frustrating and difficult at times, by all we can do is our best.

Charlotte...the hurricane season sure was a traumatic one this year for so many people. We get so far removed from the deviastion when we don't have anyone we know affected by it .....I pray things will soon return to normal for your daughter and her family.
I love your graphics..some day I hope to be able to use them as well.

I hope I didn't get the posts mixed is pretty easy to do when one has so much reading to do.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


10-18-2004, 10:29 PM

For the compliment on the graphics! Use to do a lot more. I just don't have the time, like I use to. Not enough hours in the day.
Thanks, also, for the well wishes for my daughter. Things seem to be coming together for her family.
So good to hear from you!

Sheila...having a lot of rain here, too! Even a lot tornado watches & warnings out all day. One town, near by, was hit by a tornado. My DH was off work this week, & hoped to work on the roof. Of course, it's suppose to rain all week. :(
That's about the kind of luck I would have with a lottery ticket. :^: I feel for you. Too bad your dad won't still share with you. After all, you take care of him. I know his mind isn't exactly clear though.

Bluet...glad you liked the snowman. I know snow seems to bother you a lot, but our winters are mostly cold & rainy. We'd love to see more snow. I just don't like winter, in any circumstance, but snow is better than rain, I think.
Sweet of your sister to have that quilt made. My younger sister & I are very close. We married brothers. Our older sister never comes around.

Well, ladies, I'm very tired. I'll try to post more tomorrow. Still working on the picture albums. Gee, a LOT of work! :o

I sure do miss Fatpuss. :(

10-18-2004, 11:44 PM
Snow, Jacquie? Yuck! And seven inches in some areas--double yuck. I prefer rain to snow, although I used to enjoy snow on Christmas Day when we lived in Idaho and Colorado. That's the only day it should ever snow except in the mountains. You were lucky that you got all your fall cleanup stuff done before it snowed.

So how old is your oldest granddaughter? I'm sure you must have said, but I have a sievelike memory. What fun things did you do?

Wow, Charlotte, tornado watches. I thought that only happened in the spring. Snow is never better than rain, by the way. :) I'm sure that snow vs. rain probably has a lot to do with where we were raised. Living most of my life in the western Pac NW, I have webbed feet so I'm able to deal with rain better. Just kidding! Does cold weather make your RA worse? Hope not.

I looked outside late this afternoon and saw this weird metal thing in the yard. Turns out it was the cap on our oil furnace chimney. We had a bunch of wind yesterday that caused the rusty old thing to come off. My DH got a new one and then spent about an hour on the roof in the rain with power tools, installing the chimney cap so we wouldn't get water in the furnace. I was worried he was going to get electrocuted, but he's pretty blase about that stuff. Luckily, I've got lots of insurance on the guy!

Today I bought some real pyjamas. I usually wear nightshirts, but since losing weight, I'm so cold at night, even under two blankets and next to a warm hubby. Last night I kept waking up because my legs were cold. I even got up and put my bathrobe over my legs so they'd warm up. I used to be so warm at night that I slept most of the winter with one blanket. Goes to show how much fat really does insulate! :lol:

Hope everyone had a good day!

10-19-2004, 12:09 PM
Hello Ladies...

I sent you each a PM with a problem that I am coping with today and just was afraid for it to be seen by everyone lurking... I thank you for taking the time to read it and for helping me in any way you are able to.

Thank-you so much,


10-19-2004, 09:03 PM
Hi, all

Well, my pajamas were wonderful--kept me warm and toasty all night. It's not all that cold here (upper 40s at night), but it's damp and that kind of seeps into you.

Just got news that my daughter and her husband may be coming home for Christmas. Yippee! I immediately went on the internet to see about flights. I use Southwest all the time, but it appears they've discontinued service from Norfolk to Seattle. Bummer! I can get them from Norfolk to Chicago where they can stay with his folks, then from Chicago to Seattle. My DD wants Christmas with everyone together, but that's not possible. My oldest son has to work, and I don't know if he's going to get any time at all. His ex has my GD this year because he had her last year. Hopefully my stepdaughter can at least come up for a day or two while her sister is here. I was planning on a small, cheap Christmas. Best laid plans, right? I'm really happy they want to come here, though, and am willing to pay any price. Her DH has never been to the Northwest, and December isn't exactly the time to see Seattle. Hopefully there will be some fun things for 20 somethings to do. I'll make my son who lives here take them to all the hot spots.

I did so well with exercise today. In addition to my normal weight lifting on Tuesdays and stretching, I did a 2 mile WATP tape with Leslie Sansone. I usually don't exercise in the afternoon, but I was motivated for some reason. I actually checked my coffee beans to see if my DH had bought regular instead of decaf! :lol:

Cooking red beans and rice for dinner. Sounds very southern, doesn't it? Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!

10-20-2004, 09:35 AM
These tree's are right across the street from us
Taken on 10-10-04

Thank you so very much Bonnie & Sheila, for all of your encouraging words! :^: You both really helped me understand my place in this situation as well as made me feel I did all I could do right now. And that's what I really needed. I felt lost and you two helped me see I was on the right path and okay. I am feeling so much better today... I got a call from one of my aunts last night, she called to ask if I was okay and to tell me that I did the right thing. She even said that they were all proud of me for sticking my neck out & taking that chance :o :^: Whew... I am glad that's over with!

Thank you again for all your support ~ *God Bless you both*

This morning I am going with my pal, Peggy, to the hospital...
She went for a physical on Saturday (10-16) and has been told that she has a noisy artery in her neck that may cause strokes (her family has a history of strokes)... she is going for an ultra-sound this morning (10-20) at 10:30. Please keep her in your thoughts today for her health and that whatever it is they find, the Dr's will catch it early enough to help her with meds! I must say... I am so very concerned!!! Her father has had many strokes!!! Thank-you so much!!!

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

*God Bless!*


10-20-2004, 11:11 AM

Well, Sunny...I DID answer your pm, but it was this morning. Sorry. I was working on the picture albums yesterday. I'm glad Sheila & Bonnie were there for you. That's the good thing about this, usually at least one of us is available. You are a very kind & caring person....always there for us. Wish I had been here for you. Nice to see that today is better. I'm praying for your friend.

Sheila....Yes, losing fat DOES make a difference. :lol: My good warm pj's feel good, also. :D I have a hard time keeping my feet warm, even in the summer. Not good enough circulation, I suppose. I sleep in socks in the winter.
Cold weather doesn't bother RA so bad, it's just a general change in weather that will cause a flare up, sometimes. But, cold weather DOES bother my OA. :(
Sounds like you're going to have a nice Christmas. This will be the first year in a very long time that our whole family will be together for Christmas. Because of our SIL being in Iraq. He & our daughter & family are doing very well, now. Living not far from us! Our daughter & family in South Alabama that was hit by the hurricane won't be here for Thanksgiving. (obligations somewhere else.) But will be here for Christmas. I just may have to post a Christmas pic of our family for all of you to see! :D
How's your dad doing? Did he share any of that lottery money?

Bluet....where are you? Did you get buried in the snow? :^: Hello to you & Jacquie & Fatpuss. Everyone have a great day!

10-20-2004, 03:15 PM

I think the 5 grandkids I had for the weekend wore me out. :) The last two days I couldn't wait to get home from work and lay down I was just so tired. Today I feel better, yesterday I was just dragging.

I didn't get buried in any snow yet Charlotte, but Saturday weather wise was awful, the wind was blowing hard and temps were really cold The three older grandkids kept going back and forth to the woods and then back to my house again. It had rained the night before, I can't tell you the times I cleaned up the laundry room from mud being tracked in. I hope the weather is better this weekend, because they are working on the road again, they are actually 1/2 way to their goal I think.

Sheila, I was reading an article on the internet on Monday that was about a flock of wild parrots that is living in one of the parks in Seattle. I found that to be very interesting considering, I never thought of Seattle as being a tropical state. :) Have you seen those parrots? How cool that your daughter and SIL can be home for Christmas. It will certainly be something to look forward to. What is the best time of year to see Seattle?

Sunny, glad to hear you are feeling better today. Will certainly keep you friend in my prayers. Let us know how things work out for her. During that wind thing on Saturday a lot of leaves came down in our yard, but a lot of trees are still green, so there are a lot more leaves to turn and come down yet. Last year Grandson next door and I spent one whole Saturday raking up all the maple leaves. Hope the weather warms up a little bit, or I might just let them lay till spring. I can get away with that a lot easier, living in the country. I drove my car out to the garden behind the barn on Saturday and GD and GS and I jumped out of the car and threw 3 pumpkins in the trunk and some gourds, jumped back into the car and drove back to the garage and unloaded the pumpkins and the gourds for the three GS that live in Green Bay to take home with them. It was just so cold Saturday.

I am at work right now and I guess I had better get my nose back to the grindstone. Have a good rest of the day all of you. Take care.

Puss, we miss you, how are your DH, DS and DD and kittens doing?


10-21-2004, 12:17 AM
Those trees are beautiful, SunnyD! Thanks for sharing them. I'm glad that your aunt said your relatives were proud of you for "sticking your neck out." You made a difference for people you care about and we're all proud of you. I'll be praying for your friend. That's pretty scary for her.

Charlotte, I've got to start thinking about wearing socks to bed now that you've mentioned it. That sounds so good to me, and I bet my DH would like me to quit sticking my cold feet on him at night. He's really good about it, though. Do you ever sit in a hot tub? After water aerobics I always sit in one, and heard one woman talking about how it helps her OA. How wonderful that your entire family is going to be together for Christmas! That would be so cool. Are you going to be cooking? I'd love to see a pic of everyone. Oh, and no, my Dad didn't share his winnings. He's quite the penny pincher--I could tell you stories. ..

Yeah, the 5 grandkids would wear anyone out, Bluet. You're such a good grandma. I'm glad you didn't get any snow. My daughter is in Chicago right now and said the wind has been really cold there. Her MIL bought her a coat, which was very nice of her. So how come I haven't heard of tropical birds in Seattle? Hhmm, I'm going to have to check that out. No, we're definitely not a tropical area, although I suppose those of you who brave midwest winters might think so. :) My grandmother, who was from northern California (a hot area near Redding), used to wear a sweater when she came to visit in the summer even when it was 80 degrees.

When we lived in Boise, we had a lot of trees in our yard and the first few years we raked all the time. At the end, we just let them all fall down, hoping that storms would blow them in the neighbor's yard, and after the leaves were all off, we'd rent a leaf vacuum and suck 'em all up. Worked pretty darn well actually, and renting the vacuum wasn't that expensive.

Get some sleep, Bluet!

10-21-2004, 11:04 AM Good Morning Sheila, Bonnie, Charlotte & Jacquie,

I went to the hospital yesterday with my pal, Peggy, and she had the ultra-sound done. She won't know the results for a few days yet, but before she left the room the radiologist carefully stated, "I see nothing to worry about" And that put both our minds to rest... now we wait. We went out to lunch afterwards and by the time I got home, I just felt spent! I found myself just sitting and staring out the window. I felt a peace just sitting and reflecting on the beauty out my window and watching our birds and not thinking at all.

Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts! We sure felt them. I told Peggy that she was being lifted up and she smiled and said it brings her so much of comfort knowing that people that don't even know her are praying for her health :goodvibes

As for me: I think I handled my health and the situation pretty well thanks to all of you... I didn't get a migraine or have an IBS attack this time. I really tried to eat a little something even though I didn't feel like it, because I knew that if I didn't I would pay the ultimate price of physical pain.


Now to try and catch up ;)

Dearest Charlotte ~ I am *Thankful for you* as well for your kind and guiding words! I am so very grateful & Blessed for the lovely, loving friends I have found here at 3ftchicks!! I figured that you were busy working on your albums (you had mentioned earlier that you have been very busy with them) and that you had not seen my post ;) I so understand and am grateful for the time you took for me (((Hugs)))

I WILL keep praying for your DD and her family!! I am glad to hear that they are somewhat getting their lives back together after such devastation. Thank you so much for bringing us up to date on how they are doing.

Loved your snowman :lol3:

Bonnie ~ Whew! 5 grandkids! Yep that many would wear you out! I am sure that they kept you pretty busy too! Hope you were able to catch up with yourself yesterday :goodvibes have to get outdoors and rake up those leaves too, but I love seeing the color on the lawn from the trees. Joe & I hope to get out sometime this weekend, they are calling for warmer temps... we usually do it together and in a day we get it all pretty much done. Joe got a new cordless leaf blower the other day from Home Depot, so he is anxious to give it a go in our yard.

Sheila ~ Thanks :goodvibes I have been told that my smile lights up a room. The pictures of the tree's are taken all around our home. I am so glad you all are enjoying them. The weather here has gotten cold and rainy :rain: the last few days - the kind of wet that seems to go right into your bones. And most of the tree's have now lost their color. The peak weekend was this past weekend, but I am still seeing allot of color in most of the tree's here. Your walk last Thursday sounded so wonderfully peaceful! I wish I could have joined you ;)

You mentioned that you lost your chimney cap from the winds the other day... we have had some mighty strong winds here also... 40-45mph gusts. They have calmed down as of Monday but they were so strong!

Good for you!!! New jammies!!! :cp: Now that you have lost all that weight, you need other ways of keeping warm ;) I love, love, love my jammies!!! In fact, I am in them now still :o I just love the way they make you feel! All warm and comfy inside, especially on these damp, cool days.

Hi Jacquie ~ I am so glad that you enjoyed the pictures I have posted as well... Charlotte & I do so enjoy our graphics ;) I hope that you do not feel you needed to respond to my PM ;) it's okay really. I didn't mean to make anyone feel that HAD to PM me, I just needed some different perspectives and felt that if I could find it anywhere I could come here. I really hope that I didn't make you feel pressured in any way. I know that you and I don't know one another as well so it's really okay ;)

SNOW! :o It just seems too early yet to hear that word... nevermind 7 inches!!!! :eek: But I guess it's to be expected where you live. I hope that our snows hold off till after Thanksgiving!!! Joe & I want to make a trip to see my family in Maine and if the weather doesn't look good (like we may have a storm or two) we will have to cancel the plans ~ it's been 2 years since we last seen my family and I really do want to go.

I so wish I had a craft room like you!!! I know that if I had the space I would be doing so much more. When I make my cards (especially for the holiday's) I have such limited space for drying them and it is very frustrating. Especially since I have 3 cats and they all want to see what I am doing and always seem to jump right into my glitters & glues (ugggggggggg!) When I have big projects now, I have to lock them out onto our enclosed porch or the bedroom till I am done. Maybe one day I will have my add-on of a craft room -- who knows :^: :smug:


Well gals,
I have bill's to pay and laundry to catch up with :jig:

Thanks again for being here and giving me a *soft place to fall* :flow1:
*God does Bless you all*


10-21-2004, 01:18 PM

But, they DO tire us out, don't they Bluet?! All of mine are good (no brag, just fact! :lol: ), but, just watching after them is so tiring. Our son just got a divorce & shares custody with his ex. So, every other week his two little girls, 5 & almost 3, are here with us. I'm about spent by the end of the week, even though he's the one who takes care of them. They still want "mamaw Charlotte" to do things for them. Our son told us last night that he was going to try to have them their own place by the first of the year. I hope so. Love them dearly, but, just too old...........

Yes, Sheila...I DO sit in a hot tub. We had just remodeled the master bathroom, before the fire. It only got smoked up. Only, now, with the roof not getting on before the rainy season sat in...the tile is popping off the wall. :( My DH will fix it, though. :) Sorry, got off what I was saying. Anyway, when we remodeled, he put in a jacuzzi tub! Let me tell's heavenly!! :lol: It helps OA a lot, & just generally old bones! :D
I'll be cooking part of the meal. But, my 3 daughters, & son, & DH all get in on it....we all love to cook our specialty & have a feast! Same way with Thanksgiving. I usually fix the turkey & dressing...the girls do most of the rest. Mostly, it's just a loud, wonderful noise, with lots of eating, & playing with kids!

Sunny...I wish my twin daughters would watch what they eat, as you do. They have IBS, also. They eat what they want, then suffer tremendously. They are so stubborn! Probably took after their dad. :^:

Hello Jacquie & Fatpuss (miss you)
Hope you all have a good day.

10-21-2004, 08:54 PM
Hi, there:

Charlotte, that's a cute graphic! Mawmaw Charlotte--that sounds very southern. Yeah, the energy to chase after little ones just isn't there anymore, is it? I quit fostering puppies because I didn't want to deal with them either. I can't imagine how some of these grandparents raise their childrens' kids. Frankly, I don't think I could do it--and hopefully I'll never have to find out! Oh, your Jacuzzi tub sounds wonderful. I want one so bad. When we finally own our own home again, one of the first things I'm going to do is put in a big soaking tub, maybe with the jets. I like the jets, but just the act of soaking sounds good to me.

SunnyD, I'm so glad the radiologist said that about your friend. I bet she's breathing a bit easier now. I know it's not the final word, but it should give her some consolation, I hope. So do your cats knock all your stuff down? I get so mad at my cat who is a terrible jumper. She jumps up on my desk and has to scrabble around to get a foothold and then ends up knocking stuff off. Of course, it would probably help if my desk were clean. She's the one who likes to hunt objects. She takes stuff off the desk, and then puts it on the floor and yowls. It's quite strange actually. This past week, she's done that with my glasses case and my DH's calculator. I finally had to hide the digital camera because we'd keep hearing a thump, then her yowling and then we'd find the camera on the floor in the hall.

Well, I went to the doctor today to have her look at my foot, and it appears I have a wart on the bottom of one foot. Isn't that gross? I thought I was too old to have a wart. She froze it today, then I have to scrub the dead skin off and come back in three weeks to get it frozen again. At least it was easier than when I had warts burned off my foot when I was a kid. I remember screaming, and the doctor telling me to quit being such a baby and that I was scaring all the other kids. Who cares? It hurt! I also got a prescription for Actinel, which is the same kind of stuff as Fosamax, for osteoporosis. I was a little annoyed about that because it's been six months since she did the bone density test. The only reason she looked at the results today is because I mentioned that my sister had bone loss and her doctor lowered her thyroid medication. So my doctor finally looks at the bone density test, says, oh, that's interesting, you have no loss in your hips at all, but a definite loss in your spine. Interesting?? I hate it when medical people say that. If she would have looked at the chart before, I could have been on this stuff earlier and prevented any further loss. She did tell me something that you don't hear doctors say anymore. She told me to use more salt. My blood pressure is 100/68, and when I get up I see stars so more sodium should help that. I'm glad because I love salt and add it to my food before I even taste it. I've heard there's a name for doing that, but I don't remember what it is.

Today I was really pleased with myself because in addition to my 45 min. of weight lifting and 20 min. of stretching, I did a 3 mile Walk Away the Pounds tape. I also did a 2 mile one on Tuesday in addition to lifting and stretching so I'm at 7 days of cardio now. And it better show up on the scale tomorrow! I've been losing piddly .4 and .6 lbs. recently so I thought I should step up my exercise.

Hope everyone is having a good Thursday. A great TV night tonight! Speaking of TV, have any of you seen the new show "Veronica Mars?" It's on UPN on Tuesday nights. The TV critic in the paper recommended it, and we're really enjoying it.

10-21-2004, 11:56 PM

My goodness, I sure had a hard time getting on the site tonight, it took forever to load. What is that all about?

I can sympthize with you Sheila and Charlotte, I am always cold too. I don't even bother with pajamas anymore, I wear a sweat suit and socks and a turtle neck under the sweat suit to bed, and I have about three quilts on the bed too to cover up with.

The Gkids are coming down again tomorrow evening and staying until Sunday noon. I have a feeling my butt is going to be dragging come Monday again. The weather is suppose to be warmer, but there are some threatening thunder showers predicted. The grandkids love the animals and the freedom to come and go as they please, and of course grandma has a special snack cupboard for them to rob. So far they all love coming here. We will see what happens when they are older. :)

Survivor was ok tonight, except one of the challenges was to catch baby pigs in a mud wallow. How could they ask grownups to wallow in the mud and catch baby pigs? Yuk what a mess. CSI is going too far, in grossing me out. I almost stopped watching when they found the dead rat in the cupoard with maggots crawling out of it. What the heck is that about anyway?

Sheila, I should have mentioned the details about the parrots, but I figured you knew about them. They live in Seward Park. It is speculated that people bought the birds, which are quite bothersome, because they are so noisy, and when they tired of them they set them free. The parrots have adapted to Seattles climate and environment by living and huddling in hollowed out trees in the park to stay warm and adapting to eating fruit scraps and seeds and other things they can find in and around the park. The article also mentioned some parrots have aclimated themselves to living in Chicago too. Can you imagine as cold as it gets in Chicago that parrots would survive. Anyway these parrots in Seattle cost $400.00 a piece in the pet stores.

Well, here it is creeping up on 10:00 p.m. again, so I better say adieu, and get some winks before tomorrow night. Have a good Friday everyone. Take care.


10-22-2004, 09:37 AM
Good Morning Ladies...

I am sorry Bonnie ~ I think that some of our pictures and graphics may slow up the thread a bit... and then if it's a busy night on the net it get worse.

I guess you doooo get cold :^: those are allot of layers ;) I sometimes will put on socks and I enjoy my blanket, but I don't get that cold (yet). Maybe it's because I still have my body fat :p Seems that no matter what I do I cannot get rid of it. Now that I have been watching the fat intake because of my IBS I thought I would see it lower... NOT YET! I will just keep on trying.

Do the GKids come and stay with you every weekend? If so... I could see why come Monday you just want to veg-out. I do that just from having a busy weekend, nevermind entertaining all weekend like you do with all the GKids. My grandparents always had a snack drawer too... a great memory! You sound like such a loving Grandmother ;)

I agree with you about the shows... CSI is getting very gorry :eek: and graphic these days, but I'll keep watching right now. I am afraid I am addicted to the show. As for Survivor... I felt bad for Lisa getting voted off... and am concerned about the one bossy girl in that group, Amy. She is a snake in the grass that one. Rory had better watch his back! I felt bad for them on that challenge though... they had not eaten like the other tribe (with their steak and eggs) and their energy was so very low. This is about the point that is all becomes very interesting...

I want to Thank you again, Bonnie, for all your caring support and advice :^: You and the others are special people I feel I can come to for the good things to share and the trials in life for advice. Thank you again.

Thanks Sheila ~ My girlfriend, Peggy, has always been there for me when I have needed her in the past, it felt good to be there for her when she needed me. It would be so nice if we were to live good healthy lives together into our old age. We have known one another for over 20 years! Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts :grouphug:

I enjoyed your kitty story :lol: Yes, they do jump onto areas I would prefer they wouldn't. I taught them when they were very young NOT to jump up on my cabinets or shelves where my bird statues are displayed & they haven't yet (it's been 2 yrs), but just in case they are fun-tacked into place so they won't fall very easily. They all take turns here at my desktop... I will have Zeppe sleeping here while I am on the computer and then Guido will want up too and there's very limited space --- so it's quite a sight to see 30lbs of kitty trying to fit into this small area... usually one will give way to the other or I'll boot them both out! Domino likes sitting in my lap and he's tiny, so that's no problem. When I am trying to read the paper on Sundays and cutting coupons Guido keeps me company and just sprawls out right over it all! So much for reading :lol: I find that more times out of many they bring me to laughter with their antics. I am knocking on wood... they haven't broken anything of value yet. I have to watch for the bugs that get into the house (moths, ladybugs)... because they will chase them without even looking at what is in their way :o

I think your kitty sounds like she loves to see things fall :lol3: (maybe in play)... is there a black tie on your camera? Kitties are drawn toward black and reds (dark colors) especially if they dangle ;) My Guido cannot leave anything on my coffee table alone! If it's on there he scoots it around till it falls onto the floor and then just looks at us like "well, aren't you going to play with me?" They are characters... that is for sure! In fact, last night Zeppe was lying on the shelf of our coffee table, knocking the papers & magazine off while Guido was on the floor chewing them up! :dizzy: Here are a few pictures of them playing on the coffee table together... just too cute!
Zeppe started it all...
Then Guido (on the left) decided it looked like fun...
And then Domino (on the right) was like, "Hey, me too!"

Hi Angel ~ I love your kitty animation! Thanks for the hint as to where to find the snagables ;)

When I was reading your post I recalled when all my nieces and nephews were little and they use to spend time with Joe & I staying days & nights over... I miss those times allot, but I do remember how tiring it was because they demanded all of our time & attention. We did allot together... crafts, coloring, played school (I use to have a couple of old school desks in my home where they could keep all their little books, crayons, pencils, etc ;) yep - I miss those days... enjoy!! I bet you are a great Grandmother!!!!

I wish I could help your girls... but my nieces have IBS also and don't want to follow the diet and get ill often. Nothing I can do for them. I have given them the book on eating for IBS, but unless they follow it :shrug: nothing i can do, you know. It's not easy to give up foods you enjoy, but for me it's well worth it for my health!


Well gals, I must be going... I never did finish my laundry yesterday and want to get an early start on it today. You would be surprised at how fast two people can fill up a hamper :o



10-22-2004, 10:57 AM

This is ME in the mornings (only blonde. :lol: ) I sleep in warm pj's & socks. I have a thick, furry blanket my SIL brought me from Korea (so warm!). I haven't been that wrapped up, yet, poor thing. Hope you sleep warmer this winter.
I think we're needing a new thread started...hint, hint.... :lol: ...Sheila. That's one reason it's taking a long time to load. As Sunny said, a lot of graphics will do it, also. But, I notice it's not near as bad in the morning, when there's not many online, as in the evenings.

Sunny...I DO enjoy being a grandmother. Our big holidays are just a few hours, so it's not too tiring for me. Most of the time spent with grands are one on one. I take turns having "our day" together. The younger ones come over to play with me. The older ones ...(mostly girls) we go shopping, & get our nails done, & to eat, etc. This has always been our tradition. This way, they all get equal attention, & I can choose the day I feel up to it. :D

I watched the first Survivor series, & enjoyed it. But, lost interest after that.
I think it's a good program, though. May watch another one, sometime.
I'm still praying for your friend.

Morning Sheila...Yes, my grands call me mamaw Charlotte. I think they like the challenge of trying to say "Charlotte" when they're learning to talk. :lol: They've all done very well.

We, don't have kitties, as you know. We have horses for our pets. DH is thinking about selling them, though. Work has been very slow, lately, & they're expensive to keep up. Hopefully, things will work out, differently.
The grands that are here every other week, have a black lab retriever, though...Gypsy. Someone poisoned him a couple of days ago. He's gone off, & we can't find him. I'm afraid he's probably dead. Hard to understand why people can be so cruel. That dog would let you beat him to death & not even growl. The girls don't know yet. Maybe he'll turn up ok.

Well....need to go. It's a work day TGIF!!
Everyone have a great day.

10-22-2004, 12:36 PM
Post from Sheila53: Well, I went to the doctor today to have her look at my foot, and it appears I have a wart on the bottom of one foot. Isn't that gross? I thought I was too old to have a wart. She froze it today, then I have to scrub the dead skin off and come back in three weeks to get it frozen again. At least it was easier than when I had warts burned off my foot when I was a kid. I remember screaming, and the doctor telling me to quit being such a baby and that I was scaring all the other kids. Who cares? It hurt! I also got a prescription for Actinel, which is the same kind of stuff as Fosamax, for osteoporosis. I was a little annoyed about that because it's been six months since she did the bone density test. The only reason she looked at the results today is because I mentioned that my sister had bone loss and her doctor lowered her thyroid medication. So my doctor finally looks at the bone density test, says, oh, that's interesting, you have no loss in your hips at all, but a definite loss in your spine. Interesting?? I hate it when medical people say that. If she would have looked at the chart before, I could have been on this stuff earlier and prevented any further loss. She did tell me something that you don't hear doctors say anymore. She told me to use more salt. My blood pressure is 100/68, and when I get up I see stars so more sodium should help that.

Today I was really pleased with myself because in addition to my 45 min. of weight lifting and 20 min. of stretching, I did a 3 mile Walk Away the Pounds tape. I also did a 2 mile one on Tuesday in addition to lifting and stretching so I'm at 7 days of cardio now. And it better show up on the scale tomorrow! I've been losing piddly .4 and .6 lbs. recently so I thought I should step up my exercise.

Sheila ~ I totally forgot to mention that I was sorry you had to go through so much to remove that wart, but as you said it is easier then it use to be. And I NEVER heard a Dr. tell anyone to use salt! You have low BP like I do... sometimes mine gets so low it's scary. I have had a BP of 92/65 when normal is 120/80. My hubby gets real concerned because I get so sleepy when it's that low. Did your Dr. mention WHY you have a low BP? It may give me some insight. As for your bone density... that's nothing to take lightly... I am surprised that your Dr. did not say something to you sooner either and put you on meds! Goodness... proves that they are only human and it's important to speak up! Good for you!!!

As for your exercise routine... :cheer: you are doing SUPER!!! :cheer: I think you should be so proud of yourself and not worry at all. At least you are not putting it on... and it's still coming off... :bravo: !!!!!!!!!!!!! I only wish I had done better with my exercise in the last few two weeks... I was doing so well, but I haven't walked in 9 days now :p not good! I told the walkers thread I am on that I would walk yesterday and then never did... I promise you --- today, I will get in at least 1.5 miles on my T-Mill. :coach: This way I WILL do it! :D

Angel ~ I signed up at that snagables site, but cannot figure out where to go!??????? And do you pay monthly there to get to the threads to check out the graphics? Bummer if you do... I liked your lady in jammies this morning... she looks like me (except for the blue eyes)... I snagged her from you ;)

One-on-one with your GKids is WONDERFUL!!! And I bet that they remember it for a lifetime too! Especially since you made it a tradition ~ I just love traditions :love: The time you spend with them will stay with them a lifetime! That goes for all you Grandma's ;)

You ALL have something in your lives that I will never experience... have fun.

Gotta get back to work... :dizzy:


10-22-2004, 06:22 PM

Sunny you are very welcome, I was just so pleased I was able to console you and that I happen to log on not long after your plea for help. You are so sweet, I dreaded knowing you were not happy. Any time I can help you out let me know. :) I am also glad that you alerted your family and that they are taking care of the problem. Sometimes we become so accustomed to how things are we think nothing is out of the ordinary, until someone standing outside of the box raises an alarm. That was you. :) Yes, the graphics are probably slowing us down a bit, but heck I like the graphics, they pretty up the place and I enjoy seeing the different pictures and graphics that you guys come up with. I loved the PJ one, isn't she just darling. Those jammies would never be warm enough for me. :lol: I hope your weekend is a really good one. I certainly hope the weather is better this weekend. At the moment where I live, it isn't looking too promising.

Sheila, so your Dad didn't share the winning ticket with you, and you could tell stories, couldn't we all. My dad was so tight, and money was so scarce when I was growing up. I was really glad when I turned sixteen and could get a job and make some money I could call my own, what a relief. One evening when I was fourteen years old my Mom told me to go out and look for my brother, who is ten years younger than me, I had on some stupid carpet slippers and was dragging my feet along and tripped on a raised piece of concrete and fell flat on my face and broke one of my front teeth off. I went to the dentist and he said the tooth was dead and he would have to cap it. So he started drilling away on my tooth and I started crying from the pain, he called me a big baby and that he refused to work on me and I should go home and find a different dentist. Of course, I was afraid to go home and tell my parents, but they found me a different dentist and it all worked out in the in. I am still annoyed at my brother, who was always running away when he was little, being the oldest, I always had to watch after him. ;)

Charlotte, Yes it is special to be a grandma, but we are not as young as we used to be. Sometimes I think our kids don't realize that or just plain don't want to admit it. I remember when my Mom turned 55, she let me know that she couldn't handle all the things she used to help me with when my kids were young and we were farming full time. My Mom was always a big help to me. I spoke with three of my kids on the phone today, the receptionist said, when the third child called well, thats three out of four, are we going to hear from the fourth child today? We just laughed the kids hardly ever call me at work. Someone asked me if I have grandkids every weekend and the answer is just about, yes. Grandson next door is usually there helping grandpa with the young stock on Saturday or fixing something or other on the farm. I have eight grandchildren and I will probably have five of those eight at my house for the weekend again. It is hard for me to get my work done, with working 40 or more hours a week and not having my weekends free. Oh well, the kids come first. :^:

Well, the men are road building again tomorrow, so I will probably be cleaning up the same mud in the laundry room again. I am making hamburgers for them with some other things to go along, another busy Saturday.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend. Take care all.


10-22-2004, 10:23 PM
Bluet, I closed my eyes when they opened the cupboard on CSI because you'd mentioned the dead rat with maggots. My DH said they didn't show the maggot, though. Still, I find with that show that I close my eyes a lot, and it's not because I'm sleepy! Your dental story reminds me of a local writer who said where she lived there were two dentists in town--one for the poor folk and one for the rich folk. The "poor" dentist didn't use anesthetic, and the "rich" one did. It's hard to believe some medical caregivers are so callous, doesn't it? Another lively weekend for you. Okay, do grandchildren really keep you young? It sounds more like they keep you tired. We once spent 8 hours with my granddaughter, and it was exhausting and she doesn't even walk.

Love the PJ lady, Charlotte! My DH gave me some long wool socks that I'm wearing under my pants, and I might wear them to bed tonight. I think giving those grandkids individual attention is the way to go. My best friend had five kids, all grown now, and when they were young, her mother would take them out for the afternoon one at a time. Since they never went many places, it was a treat to just go grocery shopping with Gel (they called their GM by her first name, or nickname, I guess) and have that one-on-one attention. I'm sorry about the dog. I hope the girls take it okay.

SunnyD, I love those kitty photos! Aren't they funny the way they like to squeeze into places? Hey, are you getting hairballs from your cats? I keep forgetting to give the Laxatone stuff, and we've been finding lots of hairballs around. Usually we can hear when they start bringing them up, but I guess we haven't been paying as much attention. It certainly gets our attention when we step on one with our bare feet. :) Oh, I lost 3.6 lbs. this week so the scale was good to me. I'm still a couple ounces short of losing the weight I gained the end of September, though.

Tomorrow and Sunday we're going to go on a remodeled house tour put on by the home remodelers association or some such thing. There are 25 houses in the Seattle metro area. I'm sure we won't hit them all, and they are scattered all around, some an hour's drive, but we're going to try to hit as many as we can. We did this last year and it was great. I don't think I could afford to do the kind of stuff these people do, but it's fun to look at the fancy kitchens, bathrooms, and master suites.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

10-23-2004, 09:12 AM

Good morning everyone...

Glad you all liked my pj girl. :) Sunny...I have the same girl that says "Good Night", if you want her. :D The forum you're talking about isn't for just regular conversations, as we have here. But, you can leave short messages. There are several "artists" that make the graphics. Look on the left of the screen where there are different artists names. You can click on one to go into their work. If you find something you want, you post or email & ask for it. It will be emailed to you, or (if you posted) you will receive an email when it's ready, & you go log in...look for your artist & you'll see your username to click on, & receive your graphic. A little different than a lot of places, but very interesting. Then, sometimes they will announce "snaggables". They're few & far between, because most are by request only. No, I don't pay for anything, or I couldn't afford to be there. :^: If you have anymore problems, let me know.
I DO enjoy my grandchildren....I hope it doesn't bother you that we talk about's hard not to, sometimes. We are all blessed in different ways.....I'm mostly blessed in "bunches" of grands. :dizzy: far the dog hasn't returned. DH says they go off to themselves to either die, or get better. I believe the children will be ok. It's just that their mom & dad have just divorced, & that's been very rough on them. Their pet helped them a lot. As I said, Gypsy would let them do anything to him, & wouldn't complain. He just loved them. I just hope the mom's family didn't do it. You'd have to know these people. Unbelievable. Especially her brother. He'd rather kill their dog, than for them to have something their dad got them. :( He stays in trouble with the law a lot. He told the oldest (5 yrs) that her dad had her pony up for sale. (We keep it here with our other horses.) She came that week very upset, & it took awhile for us to get her to tell us what was wrong. She was very hurt at her dad...she's had the pony for quite awhile. Our son was in a rage! Those girls are his world, & that pony will never be sold, as long as they want it.I don't know how he ever got involved with them. We sure got 2 sweet little granddaughters out of the marriage, though. :) Well...didn't mean to go on so.
That tour sounds like fun. We used to go to "open house" of new homes. It was very interesting.

Bluet...My kids call me at the TV Station quite a bit, also. They know if I'm not at home, or answer the cell phone, that I'm there. :lol: I'm the secretary, though, so I answer. :D No one there minds, anyway. In fact, my son's oldest gets off the school bus there in the evenings. It IS amazing. Seems when one calls...all 4 of my kids call in the same day. Most of the time, anyway.

Well, ladies, keep all fingers crossed, & pray. Next weekend all the kids have planned to come over & help us finish the roof! We need sunshine!!!

Hope you all have a good weekend.

10-23-2004, 12:32 PM

Good Saturday Morning Gals,
Joe is singing this morning at church for a Memorial Service, so I have a bit of time where I can play on the computer before he comes home. When he does come home (around 1ish) we are going out with our pals to the new SAMS CLUB here... they built a new store and I hear it's huge! Then we are going to catch an early dinner out together... it's a beautiful day today!!!


Hi Angel ~ Whew I am so glad that you told me about that site... I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever figure it out :rolleyes: I did click onto some of the people on the left side but all their graphics had sigs on them, so I was confused about how it worked. They want close to $60.00 a year for one of their packages :no: Not for me if it ain't FREE :D Yes, I would like the girl in jammies with the saying "Good-night" :thanks: so much!!

Not at all!!! I am not bothered in the least with your shared stories of your grandkids :^: In fact, I really enjoy hearing some of what you all do and where you go with them. I thank you for thinking of me, but I am fine - really ;) Keep on sharing away :smug:

Hi Sheila ~ You know something... ever since I have given my kitties this snack of wet food at night before bedtime - they don't throw up at all that I see. It's is so nice! They pass allot of the fur now. The snack I give them has fiber for aiding in furballs. Usually in the Spring and the Fall it's bad, but not this year :D The pouches of wet are from Nutro - Natural Choice - Complete Care. I open ONE pouch at night and Domino likes the gravy, and the two moose's :lol: split the pouch of food. Then I fill the two small dishes of DRY food from the same company at night and that's all they get... I don't feed them again till the following night. I feed them at night because they are nocturnal animals, besides that... they leave us alone too :yes: ! Now we sleep and they aren't buggin' or begging us in the morning to get up or to be fed... nice!

:dance: Yeahhhh, on your 3.6 lbs lost!! :dance: I am so happy for you! I haven't budged, but I did get in my 1.5 miles yesterday as I promised you I would :D

Have a blast going through all those homes!!! I sure wish I were coming along!! I love looking at new homes and watch that HGTV programs all the time --- especially when they remodel kitchens. That's the room I hope to get done next year sometime!

Bluet ~ I am glad that you like the pics and graphics... I will try not to post too many at one time, okay. It does tie it up some and make the loading slower.

So far our weather today is awesome! It's sunny and the colors of the tree's are out of this world!! I think we are at peak... It has been cold and wet all week, so this sunshine :sunny: is very inviting and great for the spirits! How is your day looking today?

Doing anything special with the GKids today?? Those hamburgers sound delish :T Joe calls me "Whimpy" (from Popeye) cuz "I would gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today" :lol: I LOVE burgers to a fault! Hope you have a great weekend with your family!

:flow2: I hope you all do! :flow2:


God Bless you all very much :bubbles:


10-24-2004, 02:17 PM
Praying for that sunshine, Charlotte!!

Just stopping by to start a new thread so we can have a brand new thread for Monday.

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