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09-18-2004, 06:03 PM
WELCOME to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We are a friendly group of ladies that share the daily aspects of our lives with each other...not just weight loss. Won't you join us?

09-18-2004, 06:13 PM
Hi ladies,

Jen - hope you had fun with your friend at lunch, and that you're having an easy weekend.

Cristi - yep, we include the corn stalks, too. I'm surrounded by them, lol. Which book are you beginning? I probably should hop over to the book thread for updates, lol. Btw, thanks for the info about Angie!

Mindee - determination is my "secret" to losing weight. It really does feel unreal to have lost it... and I still have about 40 to go. Something in that range, lol.

Susan - glad you're having fun with the girls this weekend. Hope Gaby's cold is better soon.

Hi to all the others.

I ended up hemming a top and sewing on some Disney patches on 2 other shirts, but didn't get the ironing done. I have some "lite" apple crisp in the oven, and also have potatoes peeled for tomorrow's dinner. Other than that, I've pretty much wasted the day!


09-18-2004, 08:03 PM
It sounds like a lovely day Jana. I remember those Puttering around taking care of a home and family. I miss that.
I just live in my car now- if I had an oven and sewing machine in there I would probably feel better (?????) - I could cook dinners and make my own chili beans
EVERYTHING smells like beans to me............think I need protein??

Anyway- blah-blah..........

Heading out to get the older kiddies. Gaby didn't last long at the party. We came homeand rested. I picked up a mystery book at the library.....a friend was telling me about it.
Bubbles is a hairdresser??? Anyone hear of these books?? Kind of funny so far...

Best get..... Is that your Tommy on your avatar Mindee?? Probably is what a cutie!! So do you visit Port Washington much?? 4 hours isn't that far.

ok- talk tomorrow!!

09-18-2004, 10:12 PM
Evening ladies--

Katy--I am a big fan of Amazing Race. There is this couple who are always coming in first with a horrible attitude the whole way and I really hope they don't win. I'm always telling James that we need to sign up! It looks very physical but adventurous also! And all the places they travel would be so amazing to see!

Cristi--Going to Walmart here in town is just plain chaos! They look like they're puting in a super walmart...but I'm not sure. All I know right now is that going is a pain in the butt! I would like to get some mums myself to put on my front deck. Kind of spruce it up a little. Getting ready to put some kind of fall decorations in front sometime.

Susan--I'm not sure if that is where James was working.....I do know that he stayed in the Residance Hotel which is about five minutes away (I think)...the one near the Lloyds center. Are you anywhere near there? I forgot to mention that they finally put his home terminal in he's home every night now. Which is nice.

Jana--I remember having one of those rocking/bouncing horses when I was little! It was always so fun until you got a little to rambunctious and got caught on the springs. That happened once.....not sure how the heck I was playing on it...but it wasn't the correct way! Hope your DGD's enjoy it! Congratulations to losing two more pounds!! You're family must be awfully proud because I know we all are!!

Mindee--I've had James show me the correct way to doing some exercises also. And it really made a difference. I always used to use him as my personal trainer at the gym too. He would help me and push me to do my full set of reps. And it trully made a difference than trying to figure it all out on my own. And I saw a difference in the way my body looked. I really need to get a membership to the gym again!!

Jen--When you're doing house calls....what do you do in the mean time while you're waiting for the patient to need something? That would be long a boring, unless they can sit and tell you some history about themselves. I always loved sitting and listening to my grandma tell me about herself when she was little. She had some funny ones to tell too! Sure miss talking with her.

Shanna--I have to agree with...(can't remember who said it) that turning 30 is not that bad. You have to look at it as something to look forward to. are as old as you make yourself to be. There are people who take life for granted and age so much more quickly and then there are those who enjoy life to the fullest and you would never guess their age. You'll be fine and you can make it a celebration!

Sue--I'm glad to hear that your mother still has her home!! The hurricanes there are just causing all kinds of destruction! I still haven't heard from my brother which is just driving me crazy. So I may just make some more phone calls in the morning.

Hello to everyone else....I hope I haven't missed anyone!

Went to Eugene today and did a little shopping. I must have FAT calves because I wanted to buy some boots.....and holy moly....I couldn't zip the suckers up! I tried on three different styles too.....very discouraging! So I went and bought myself a cheapy bookshelf. I don't trust it too much to put heavy books on it's mostly has pictures and other knick knacks.

I heard that OML employees get to tour the Sony building next months so we can see where we're moving to. I told some of the people that I can give them the tour myself! But I would like to see it again while it's all empty. I was checking out my department and checking out the size.....our department area is the size of ONE of the machine area's at Sony! And in my department at Sony we had nine machines!! So I think there will be plently of room for all the departments at OML since they plan on using the entire upper floor....which consisted of three departments. that I probably confused everybody but Shanna since she knows the Sony building..I'm going to go make some dinner.

You all have a great night!

da fat n da furious
09-18-2004, 11:29 PM
Hello Ladies
Im in Sylvan, at my mom's we are just visiting for the day...thought I would come in and say I miss you guys! I don't have the time to read all the posts so when I gt back I will have alot of
big hugs to you alll

09-19-2004, 12:46 AM
Jana~ I will have to remember that! I am very determined to get into a better body shape then the one I have now. So that will be key for me!

Susan~ Yup that is Tommy in my avatar. Brandon could pass for his twin! My sister Katy and her family just came over here and took Brandon's pictures for us. I am going to wait until I get the proof sheet and then I will more then likely post them on his webpage! I haven't been to Port Washington since I was a little tike....probably around 4 or 5. I lost my shoe to a lighthouse out there on a very windy high tide day. We have been toying with the idea of going out that way so my Aunt and Uncle can see Brandon. But I am sure that they will be here next month for my other Aunt's pig roast.

Marti~ I think with him showing me the right ways to do things, it will help get me in the mood to want to do more. After he showed me how to do them the right way, I did 30 yesterday. Then today I did 50 and I didn't even hurt after!

Angie~ How are you doing girl??

09-19-2004, 09:36 AM
Good Sunday morning to you!

Susan - you could always trade your car in for a camper, since you're in it so much, lol. I can see it now... sewing machine, oven, hot tub, lol. Hope our little Gaby is feeling better today.

Marti - I didn't know James is home every night now!! How great!! The bookshelf sounds nice.... adds texture to a wall. So what's your shift going to be this week?

Angie - Glad to see your post! Maybe if you had time, you could stop by and use the computer in the library. But you probably won't even be reading this until yours is fixed, lol.

Mindee - my DH had to show me how to do crunches. I was only pulling my neck muscles until he helped me. Now I can really feel it in my abs. Wonder why guys are so much more knowledgeable in this area??

Hi also to Cristi, Shanna, Katy, Jen, Sue, Katiecat, Julie, and anybody else reading this.

It's is downright cold here in Indiana this morning! Good snuggling weather, though. We're having a weenie roast this evening - the first of the season. I'll be helping Neal place the blocks for it afterwhile. He already has lots of firewood cut, and also has the willow branches ready for hot dog sticks. I made a lite version of apple crisp, and have a new bag of big, fat marshmallows. I don't like them very well, but usually roast them for the dogs, lol. This year, I'll be helping the DGDs. Yay!! :)

Hope you have a blessed Sunday!

09-19-2004, 02:27 PM
Katy, Rob, Roni and Nicholas came over last night and took Brandon’s pictures!!!! I can’t wait to get the proof sheet because they all turned out so cute!!!

Jana~ My hubby told me that he knows so much because he used to work out a lot when he was in high school. Now if only I could get him to get down and workout with me!

09-19-2004, 03:09 PM
Good Morning ladies--

Angie--I hope your computer starts working for you soon! We miss ya! Glad you and the family are ok and that your enjoying your time visiting family.

Jana--I have NO idea why I didn't post that James was back home! This working really has me loopy and I'm forgetting things. Next week's schedule has me working 11:30-8 MTW and 6-2 TH,F.....then the week after it has me on a different one again! I guess I have to live with that until I'm trained. It's been cold here too. Lots of rain, although the sun is peeking out today. But I love snuggle weather. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year!! I got together with James in Oct. of '98 and my life has been wonderful ever since! Does your whole family get together for the weenie roast? How often do you do that? Sounds like so much fun! I may have to hop on a plane and visit ya for that occasion! :)

Mindee--I think having someone show interest in what you do while working out really makes a difference in WANTING to keep doing it. So I think it's great that your husband is helping you out. Have you been taking Brandon out on walks in the stroller? That would be a fantastic way to get in exercise and to let the little one explore the outdoors. I used to take Jhanai out to the fields when she was little and when I came upon a creek, we would search for tadpoles or anything else that struck her interest. She still likes to walk, but to me, it's different in town than it is in the country. But I love going for walks with her.

Morning to all the ladies!!

Not much on my agenda for the day. I've got some laundry to do, and I told James I want to buy some stuff. What that stuff is I have no idea! :lol: We'll see once we get somewhere. I better go get ready, so I will check in later.

Have a good Sunday!

09-19-2004, 07:02 PM
Hiya! Just taking a break from my afternoon of football. It's not going so good today. Oh well. Can't win 'em all.

Marti - What I do right now (for 2 more weeks anyway) is shift care. People hire us to come to there homes and help them out with things that would otherwise make it difficult to live by themselves, or just outside of a nursing home. The client I'm covering shifts for can't be alone, so she has someone in her home at all times. If she has to go to the bathroom, wants something to eat, or go sit on her deck, she needs help. So we just go and help her with the day to day things. I've been covering the 3-11pm shift. At least she has a dog for me to play with! And she naps after dinner, so I can watch some of my shows! I also have fat calves. I found a great pair of brown boots last year at Kohls. And I found some black ones at Payless Shoes. It's very hard for me to find some that zip up too.

Mindee - I've tried a few different things in nursing so far. That's the nice thing about it. I could try something new every year, and never run out of options. I've worked in nursing homes, cardiac nursing, surgical nursing, taught CNA's, flu shot clinics, currently supervise home care, and in October I'm starting in the home care coordination department. Still trying to find my niche. So far, I've decided anything to do with supervision/management is probably out. That's what I most disliked about teaching, and besides my NUTBALL boss, what I hate about this job.

Jana - We opted for TGIFriday's takeout yesterday, salads. They were really good. I'm hoping to get my yard cleaned up this week, so that soon I can drag out my fall decor. I usually do that around Oct 1. Gosh, a weenie roast sounds like fun!

Susan - I think Jana's on the right track, you need a camper! That would be your "home away from home"!

Does anyone else here watch The Apprentice? I've never really watched it before, thought it sounded stupid, but I watched it last night when I was working. I might be hooked! It was pretty good!

Well, I should go. Been sitting around too much today.


09-19-2004, 07:39 PM
Marti~ I have to agree on that. Having someone show interest in helping me work out to better myself makes it all the more worthwhile. yup we have been taking him for walks in strollers at least once a day. he is our little nature boy. he loves whenever we go under trees. he will stop and look and watch it.

Jen~ that is cool that you can jump around until you find what you love to do. I would love to go back to school to become a nurse.....but time and money are an issue for us now. my hubby would love to go back to school to become an electrician, I think, he has changed his mind so many times. I think this last time though it was to become a chef.

09-19-2004, 07:57 PM
Good Sunday afternoon JL's. I have done nothing but laundry today. Bedsheets and towels. So otherwise have been pretty lazy. I read the papers and drank coffee on the porch which was and is beautiful today. I am trying to get my mindset back to eating right. Tomorrow is going to be the day to START over. Wish me luck.

Jen - Your job sounds anything but dull with all the different aspects you have tried. I hope you like the new endeavor. Yes, I watch Apprentice and watched it all last year. This year has surprised me already with Bradford getting fired. Kinda funny really, but a surprise.

Mindee - Looking forward to seeing the new pictures of Brandon. Would you re-post the link to his web site? Good luck on the exercises. I need to know the proper way to do a crunch, do you loan out your hubby?

Marti - Hope you are enjoying your day of buying "stuff" with James. That is so cool that he is home at night now. I hope you don't have to work too many nights. Let us know if you found any good buys today. I am always up for reading about a good sale!

Jana - It was cool here this morning, wasn't it? Turned out to be a beautiful day here though. I am getting ready to walk with my neighbor and can really enjoy it when it is not too hot or too cold. Might even get in an extra lap. Hope your weenie roast goes well. Ummm, I can taste those fat roasted marshmallows.

Angie - Hope you get your computer fixed soon...hurry back.

Susan - Are you having a good day with your girls? I know how important the week-ends are when you can all get together. Have fun!

My Mom got back to FL safe and sound. Everything was fine there and she got to see her little dog, who she missed terribly. We had talked her into staying an extra week when we heard about Ivan coming. Thank goodness she doesn't live in the panhandle. She and my aunt might move back to IN in the Spring as we found a really nice 55 and older apartment complex that they liked. Hope it works out as I would like to have her near-by.

Hope everyone has a good evening and a Happy Monday tomorrow. Luckily for me, when you are retired and have no kids at home every day is Sat. :)

09-19-2004, 08:58 PM
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!!!

Sorry I havent posted in a few days, I have had so much homework and errands going on that I havent been anywhere near the computer!!!

Its starting to get quite chilly here in Rhode Island, easy to tell that fall is here!!! Pretty soon it will be pumpkin picking time and we usually decorate a bit for Halloween!!!
I ended up losing 1 LB this week. so I back down to 190, hopefully next week I can get uder that mark, I feel like Ive been stuck for a few weeks just trying to get into the 180's!!! ahhhhhhh....oh well

Well sorry to make this short, but Im heading to bed soon...Hello to All,
Jana, Jen, Marti, Sue, Mindee, Cristi, Angie, Laura, Shanna and Katy!!!!
I'll check in later


09-19-2004, 10:03 PM

It has been a carb-infested weekend for me, I must say. I'm scared to get on the scale tomorrow... :mad: I baked some sourdough bread and I've been feeling really run down due to some sleep deprivation and that is just a bad combo for me. So I've been pigging out on the yummy bread - so NOT Core! Tomorrow is another day, and the points start over, so I am resolving to make next week a better one. I will try to be strong and post my weigh in regardless of what the outcome tomorrow.

Sue - glad your mom's house and doggie are OK in FL. My cousin in Clermont emerged ok as well. We were very worried, because they were right in the path of Frances, but they managed to escape major damage. Hopefully hurricane season is about over, right? Hope your mom moves to IN soon... we are all trying to get my cousin to move back to Oregon. They want to anyway, because they feel the school system is much better here and they have a 3 year old. She said something about speeding up that timeline right after Frances hit. I told her that Oregon is a much better place. We only have earthquakes and forest fires and the volcanoes hardly ever erupt ;)

Julie - I also have been hovering 'round 190, managed to get below earlier this week, but I think my indulgences this weekend are going to put me up there again. This is a place I have plateaued at before, so I know to just hang in there. It's hard. I am so busy with the kids' school activities and my own classes.... I need to stop and pay more attention to what I am eating.

Susan - How was the church event yesterday? Hopefully it wasn't outside - I cannot believe how wet it is...It has to dry up this week as we are hosting a math department BBQ for DH's colleagues in a week. Gonna have a word with those meteorologists.....

Marti - So glad James is working closer to home; that will certainly make life easier while your new work schedule is unpredictable.

Jana - How was the weenie roast? That's tonight right? Sounds like so much fun.

Mindee - would love to see those baby pics when you get them. I remember the first time I had my son's portrait taken when he was 3 mos. old. I put the proofs on the fridge and could not stop staring at them - just so in love with that kid ( still am)

Jen- My dad's X/W used to do the kind of home care you do. She worked mostly with seniors, but some AIDS patients as well. Sounds like you get to meet some interesting people every now and again - and hopefully they don't sleep all the time, lol

Who was talking about the Apprentice? I'm newly addicted. Bradford was an arrogant putz - The Donald did the right thing, IMO. The only one more stupid than Bradford was Ivana for thinking she could arrange to gang up on Stacie and get her fired - don't think she'll last long. No one second-guesses the Donald. That show is a major addiction. I'm hanging on for the Amazing Race finale next week - it's just too exciting! Can't decide if I want Chip/Kim or the Moms to win.... The new Survivor is pretty good, too. I don't watch too much TV, but I am addicted to a few reality shows as you can tell.

Catch you tomorrow

09-20-2004, 12:19 AM
Katy...I thought Bradford was arrogant, but I thought either of the girls would be the ones to go. Ivanna was naive about trying to get Stacie kicked off, but I think they will both be gone before long.

I am trying to get back on the dieting horse tomorrow. I wish you well with your weigh in tomorrow. I haven't had the nerve to weigh in for a week. :)

09-20-2004, 01:46 AM
Sue(talks)~ Yup I sure can repost the link. it is . Now there is a pw on it, and it is baby. So feel free to go ahead and take a peak! Don't forget to sign his guestbook!! I am not sure when I will get the proof sheets, I am hoping to get them this week. My sister is awesome! She is not charging us anything.....well we do have to buy our own picture paper but that is it! And for anyone else who wants any pictures it is I think $5 a sheet. She is also going to take a family picture of us with a Christmas background that we can send out in our Christmas cards! (she will also be taking pictures of Brandon in his Halloween costume with a Halloween stay tuned for those as well!) Loan out my hubby.......for a JL?? Sure long as I get him back. LOL

I am not doing a weigh in this week....since I have TOM. And I don't want to look at the scale!

Julie~ It has been easy to tell that fall is here in MI as well. I had a sweatshirt on yesterday!

Katy~ We got a sneak peek of them, they hooked the camera up to our VCR, and we were able to preview them! It is going to be really tough to pick just one for his wall picture! We were aiming to get them done for him being three months, but he was three months and three days old when she gave birth to her son Nicholas. So I just let her pick the time. She is going to give us two proof sheets. One on photo paper for his baby book, and then one on regular paper for us to show others and for them to pick the one that they want.

09-20-2004, 10:04 AM
Good morning ladies!

Marti - so, what did you buy? Something fun, I hope! It's usually just our kids and grandkids for weenie roasts. We have them just about every Sunday in the Fall, and it is sad to not have Fern there this year.... she loved them. Bring your family... I'll put more chairs around the fire!

Jen - my sister does home health care and gets really attached to some of the patients. Seems like most of them are lonely and like to have her around to chat with. I like Donald Trump's aura of power, but why oh why doesn't he do something about the hair??? It seems to be working for him, though, lol.

Mindee - I also am a photo nut. As I replace the 8x10s around here, I always give the outdated ones to the DGDs parents. Candid shots are my favorite.

Sue - glad your mom got back safely. It would be nice if she would move to IN.. Those senior apartments are usually very nice. My mom lived in one and made a lot of new friends and they all looked out for each other.

Julie - YAY for the 1# down!! :cp: You're doing great! I've never seen Fall in New England, but would love to someday. Neal says when he retires, that's one thing we're going to do. Take pictures to share if you can, ok?

Katy - fresh baked bread would be a real problem for me, too! Love the smell of it. Maybe your weigh-in won't be as bad as you think....

Hi to Cristi, Shanna, Angie, Katiecat, Susan, Barb, and anyone else reading this.

Gotta get a pap smear later today. Why is it that we wear our very best underwear to the doctor's, then fold them up small, and hide them in-between our jeans and shirt on the chair?


09-20-2004, 11:16 AM
Morning ladies--

Jen--We don't have a Khols around here. But I hear it has GREAT stuff! I found a pair of boots at Ross that I was thinking of getting, but I didn't. I figured I would wait until I got my first 80hr paycheck. (my first one will be for a measley 8hrs....but thats gas and parking!) I've watched Apprentice one time, there was another show on at the same time and I kept switching back and forth......but lost interest of the flipping and watched the other show! (not sure what it is now) I'm with Jana....that man needs to do something with that hair!

Mindee--Just wait until he's walking! Then it will be a whole new experience going outdoors with him! There would be days that I would let Jhanai find a mud puddle and just go for it! She would run and then do a little hop into it. Then pretend she was fishing.....all kinds of cute photo opportunities! Of coarse I didn't take many since I had to make sure she didn't submerge herself in the puddle! It was always fun and it was always bath time right after! .......memories........

Sue--My permanent schedule would be from 6-2:30am. Which isn't too bad. Plus I get a shift differential with that. Not like that is my concern or anything. But I try to look at the good things for going to nights. I thought I was going to have to work the 9-5 shift and I was completely surprised when I didn't get that one (and secretly thankful that I didn't!) I'm glad to hear that your mom made it home ok.....where was her dog the whole time? Glad the dog was ok too!

Julie--Hurray for the one pound down!! I was so busy all this weekend that I didn't bother to WI this weekend! Next Saturday..... I would love to see pictures of Rhode Island and the Fall colors! Think maybe sometime next month you could take some photos and share with us? I will do the same....and maybe the girls will too. It would be great to see the fall in different states!

Katy--I'm REALLY loving watching the Amazing Race. I sooo don't want Colin/Christie to win. They have such an attitude that once they rewatch the show....they ought to be ashamed. Was dissappointed that they got to stay in last week but just knew that they would be the last couple to stay in. I'm not sure who I would want to's a toss up between the moms and Chip/Kim with me also. (I'm a reality show freak!) Been watching Big Brother5 also......not sure who I would prefer to see win that either....Drew or Michael???? Hmmmm....time for me to get a life! :lol:

Jana--Didn't buy anything that I was set out to buy. Which is typical of me.....I still have a hard time buying things that I would want, which drives James crazy at times. We did buy some stuff for lunches for work.....and thats about it. I told him that my next paycheck that I WILL go shopping. Then later on in the day I found a $10 off coupon for OLD NAVY in his jeans pocket while I was cleaning them out for laundry......asked if I could have it. So OLD NAVY is where I plan on going!!

Good Morning to Angie, Cristi, Shanna, Laura, Katiecat, Susan, Kathy, Barb and anyone else I may have missed.

Well I was attempting to sleep in this morning and that just didn't work. I wanted to make sure James got all his stuff since I clean out his jeans and did laundry and I had his stuff that he needs for work strewn all over the place. Locker keys for one!! Drove by the old Sony building yesterday to survey the parking lot. Put a huge smile on my face!! It's huge, so plenty of room for everyone. Wish I could fast forward a year and get going with that.

I better hop in the shower and clean myself up. You all have a great day!!

09-20-2004, 02:28 PM
Just stopping in on my lunch to see what everyone is up to. I've got only clean-up and end of job preparations going on today, so what's an extended lunch? Found out my new pay rate today. Dropped a little since I'm not a supervisor anymore, but not as much as I expected, so that's good news. And I dropped off the on-call bag for the last time. No more of that for me! YIPPEE!


09-20-2004, 02:51 PM
Hi Ladies~

Marti~that is great that James is home every night now. So when will your regular hours actually start?

Susan~hope Gabrielle is feeling better and you and the girls had a great weekend. Also, WTG on maintaining! To me maintaining is just as good as a loss and that seems to be what I have been doing for a while. Our yard and house are coming along fine. I can't wait till the trees and shrubs get bigger. The only thing that seems to be growing at a fast rate is the care-free roses-they are going wild, but they are really pretty. I love the yellow roses.

Jana~the wienee roast sounded fun! Good luck today with the pap smear, boy I hate those. And you are right about the underwear! LOL

Julie~:bravo: on the pound lost this week! :cp:

Jen~my son and I used to volunteer for Hospice in AR and went to people's homes. It was mainly to keep them company in between shifts for the nurses or whoever cared for them. The one guy it was his mom that did a lot of it, especially on the weekend and she needed a break so we kept him company so she could go do what needed to be done and have some time to herself. Actually, this one particular guy was assigned to my son but I had to go also because he didn't have his license yet.

Mindee~love the new avatar! I have seen CSI: Miami and like you don't really care for David Caruso. But I do watch it once in a while. My son likes that one better than the original one.

Angie~hope you get your 'puter fixed soon. We miss ya!

Shanna~turning 30 is nothing girly! Besides it is just a bunch of numbers. You are as young as you feel! I remember when my Aunt turned 50 and I asked her how she felt because I always here stuff about turning 50. She said she didn't have a problem with 50, didn't have a problem with 40 but when she turned 30 she was scared and didn't want to. My friend Cheryl turned 40 this past June and was hating that, it was like she was going to die turning 40. I told her the same it is just a bunch of numbers. I guess I can say that because I have't felt anything turning any age and I am 45 years young! I don't even feel 45 whatever 45 is supposed to feel like. You are still young girly, heck we all are! So just get it out of your mind and celebrate the day when it comes, not the age.

Sue~glad your mom made it home safely and her house and doggy are fine.

RosieKate~I get in moods where bread is a downfall for me. Not sandwich bread but homebaked bread or french bread. Can't have the stuff around. I usually only use my breadmaker on special occasions which is very rare. That stuff is so good! :T

Well, the weekend was just two lazy days. Yesterday V and I decided to go look at cars, well, SUV'S. I have crossed the Saturn Vue off the list for sure which is a bummer because that was what I was wanting. I am not impressed with the interior at all. Also, looked at Kia Sorento and whatever the mini-vans are called, can't remember what they are called. I like them but am a little afraid since they are new, haven't been around long. And they are made in Korea, not sure why that bugs me but it does. So we are down to two, the Ford Escape or the Hyundai Sante FE which I like both. The interiors looks nice and they are roomy even though they are small. We'll see what happens if anything. I did get some reading done and that is about all I did yesterday. Spent some time outdoors in the afternoon. The wind had died down and it was nice and cool. I enjoy sitting on the deck. As for today, getting laundry done and some straightening of the house. Anywhooooo....

Hope everyone is having a great day. Take care ladies.

09-20-2004, 03:52 PM
Good morning!

Ok - WI day and - no change. I was ok with that - at least it wasn't a gain. I've already had a nice long walk with DD today, and am planning meals so I stay OP this week. We are still busy, but our schedules are calming down a bit and we are getting used to the new school schedules. This means I can try to squeeze in some more walking. On our walk today, we stopped in at Katelyn's Closet ( ever been there, Susan?) and I managed to find some rainboots and fall clothes for Leigh and... the piece de resistance ~ a dinosaur costume for 4 bucks! Wahoo! KC is a consignment shop in the Village.

Cristi - Honda Pilots are supposed to be good SUVs. We really like Hondas in general, I should add. They are more expensive but are so reliable. We currently have a 95 civic, which replaced an 81 Civic. The only reason we got rid of the 81 was because it was totaled in a fender bender, otherwise, DH would still be driving it for sure. I love car shopping - isn't that wierd? It's psychological warfare.....I guess I'm pretty good at that :cool: ( ha ha)

Marti - I am so disgusted with the final two for BB I've given up on it. I so need to get a life when it comes to reality tv! Anyway, this season of BB had some of the most intelligent players, and to have to see those two doofuses in the final two made me realize that I need a 12 step program for these shows! I was waaayyy too invested! I have to focus on my classes so I am putting myself on a tv diet, seriously. It's going to be Amazing Race, Survivor and the Apprentice - and that's it! Well, maybe Arrested Development - it's too funny. Ok so 3.5 hours a week - think I can do it?

Jana - WTG on your loss!
Julie - you too missy!

Susan - wtg on maintaining - you are succeeding at the really hard part - keeping it off over a long period of time. How are the girls enjoying school?Just wait til little Gaby starts preschool - I have been a mess. Leigh's my baby and she's growing up -

hi to everyone else!

Today I need to catch up the checkbook, and keep working on fall clean-up stuff. The weather is supposed to be drying out this week which is good 'cause I need to work on the yard. I have tomatoes taking over the back 40. It has been so wet, they are splitting on me, sigh. Today I also go through the pantry and freezer and plan our meals. Monday, Monday da da, dadadada


09-20-2004, 06:14 PM
Thanks for the encouragement!!! I am trying hard to get under 190lbs, but Ive had a lot on my mind lately so I havent really been able to stick with my diet as well as I should be!!! The whole baby thing kinda has me down in the dumps.....I know, I know, everyone says it will come when the time is right, but it's hard when everyone around you is having them!!! Especially when they get pregnant at the drop of a hat!!!Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if we knew we could have one if we really wanted it right now, but theres no guarantee at this point.. But what can I say He has to go to an endocrinologist on Oct5th hopefully we can get some answers in the next few weeks!!!

JANA & MARTI : I'll try to get some pictures over the next couple months as we go through fall so you guys can see the gets really pretty!!

RosieKate : Bread is a major down fall of mine as well!! Especially when it's fresh outta the oven...I love it!!

JEN" hope the new job works out for ya!!!

Well gotta go catch up on some schoolwork, cause Im falling behind!!!! And I'll talk to you all later


09-20-2004, 08:36 PM is really bad to talk about homemade bread!!! What is wrong with you women??? lol

I LOVE bread.....I don't care if it is homemade or not. lol- love carbs, love my beans.....

Congrats to Julie and Jana on their weght loss if I forgot to say that before.

I loved my Grand Voyager Cristi......really powerful.

Yes, I have been to Kathryn's Closet RK - neat little store. I go there or down by Valley Theatre to shop for Gaby. There is a second hand store across the street?? I forget the name - she is kindo fexpensive - considering.

I went to Goodwill this morning. I found a yellow sweater to go with a skirt. Couldn't find anything for Gaby.
She bought some slippers though at Walgreens the day before- so she was wearing those through the
It was only 2.49- .....kind of surprised. She dunked the bear in the water ( it came with a bear and the bear slippers) last night while taking a tub bath.
She is soooooo like a mommy........she did these "awww"s " when she got it all wet.....
This morning we put it in a towel and wrapped it up.
I threw it in the dryer and she came unglued. .....I kept sayig it was getting dryed and she could see it through the window going around and around......she didn't want any part of

Her cold is better.

Rachel will go see about braces tomorrow- going to take the first part of the shift off to go with........

There is a lady that I hope will come join JL's.

Her name is Melissa and she just had a little baby girl. When Angie and I first met on the Richard Angels board 4 1/2 years ago Melissa was there too......she is a nice lady. I hope will join here........

better get to work!


09-20-2004, 09:54 PM
Hiya! Just back to check in this evening! I'm sooooo tired today. I stayed up too late last night watching football. Did you know the Dolphins suck? OMG I hope the coach gets fired. I'll probably have to go to bed early tonight!

Did a really stupid thing today. Went to open my back door, there's like 4 steps to get in the house. Anyway, opened the door as I was trying to step in and darn it if the edge of the screen door didn't slam into my kneecap. Thought I was in trouble for a few minutes, then I could stand on it. I got an immediate bruise on it. I'm sure it's gonna be sore in the am. I'll probably take one of my leftover pain pills tonight when I go to bed. Guess that was my blond moment today, open the door before you go through it!

Susan - Oh bread! I love bread too! My dbf is so sweet, bought me a bread machine. And then there is this Italian restaurant, they have the best garlic bread, made with a sweet Italian bread. Yum, yum, yum!

Julie - I hope the appt on the 5th goes well. I'm sure you are terribly busy with work and school right now. Sometimes I wonder how I made it through. Oh yeah, gained 30 lbs in nursing school! Don't worry, the weight will come off once the stress is gone!

Katy - I too am way too invested in TV. I'm thinking of taking a yoga class at the activity center downtown. It's only once a week, and not very strenuous, but it will get me out of the house, away from the TV (and kitchen), and some stretching at least. I need to go check the dates.

Cristi - Honda's are good cars. I don't have one though, I've got an Olds Alero. My dbf is starting to look for a new car. He's got a Mitsubishi, not real reliable. He's looking at the Accord, Civic, Solara, Ion, and I forget what else. Myself, I like the Lexus IS 300, but that's just a dream!

Marti - Oh are you going to have fun shopping with your 80 hr paycheck! :devil: Don't spend it all in one place! At least then it will seem worthwhile to work! Are you liking the job so far?

Jana - I went to my gyn last week. I didn't wear underwear. Ok, I can explain. I was wearing some low rise jeans and didn't want them to stick out the top. I hate that. But I did hide my bra. And this is because he does a breast exam on my new girls, and I hide the bra? Makes as much sense!

Mindee - I often skip weighing during my TOM. The water weight can be so discouraging, even if I know it's all water.

Well, I should go, getting sleepy!


09-20-2004, 10:18 PM
No time for individuals right now, but just wanted to say HI!

The pap smear went okay as far as they go, and yes, I did tuck my new undies and matching bra under my folded top, lol. Not sure when I'll get the results. The doc was very enthusiastic about my weight loss and lipids screening. I also got a tetnus shot, and so I'm up to date for everything now. The doc did mention that at my age, it's time to think about a colon scope. :yikes: I told her I'd think about it.

Hope you JLs are having a good Monday evening, and I'll talk to you in the AM.

09-20-2004, 11:48 PM
Jana..that is so funny about the underwear. My Dr. has a hook on the wall to hang clothes and I do notice that I always hang the undies under the other clothes. Like my undies would shock him and my naked body doesn't. funnneee.

You guys talking about homemade bread got me hungry. My hubby made 2 loaves of bread in his bread machine last week when mom was here. Yummy. But I did really well today as far as bread is concerned. Just one slice for breakfast and then some crackers this afternoon with my cottage cheese. (I passed on potatoes at dinner and ate cauliflower instead)Managed to walk 2 miles and made plans to walk in the morning also. We are going to try for twice a day walks now. Exercise is my shortcoming I know.

No time for more...DD in CA is IMing for a talk..


09-21-2004, 02:04 AM
WOW, I have been gone a while and you gals have me scrambling to catch up. I don't know what I got, be it food poisoning or the stomach bug, but I was sicker than I dog all of saturday and sunday ( even called in sick to work). I was looking at the inside of my toilet bowl so much I swear I have every crack and blemish memorized. my stomach muscles hurt so bad and I feel soooo weak. Thank goodness my sweety took care of me, ( I was starting to worry him) and my babies rallied around me to. At first i thought it was because I drank too much on friday, but I didn't so who knows, it could have been the fish sticks that might have been a bit off or the bug that is going around my work. Then to top it off I had to go get my blood drawn for one last test before my insurance ran out and I passed out. It is nice because I just walk across the street since I live right by the hospital, but I pass out a lot when I get my blood drawn, so there should be a note in my chart to let me lay down afterwards and give me some juice. I have a problem with needles, which is funny with all the tattoos I have . Anywho, I forgot to leave a note for my sweetie ( since I had told him three times I had this to do) and since I passed out and was later getting home, he was in a panic. What a dear for worrying, but he chewed me out for not leaving a note. Anywho... after the novel above, basically I am feeling better. Thank god it didn't happen next weekend, hate to feel this way before school starts.
So now the stress begins. I have paid 2000.00 for books, classes, fees and thought i was done except for finding 2 pairs of scrubs. Now I found a sheet of paper that says 600.00 will be due the first week for course fees, equipment, etc. I am soo upset. I don't have that. I thought it would be bad enough with charging, etc for survival now this. Bring on the migraines. AAAHHH
Jana: on a more positive note, CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss. I am sure I lost at least a pound or two with throwing up things I am sure my grandmother ate. sorry for the visual there. LOL I need to come spend a year with you and let you be my weight loss guru, " snatch the weight watchers manual from my hand grasshopper" hee hee. I am loopy still ,forgive me for finding that funny. Anywho glad the testing went good, I would recommend the colon thing. My dad has one about every four years and with all that is coming out about colon cancer, you can't be too careful, plus it is not every year you have to get it. My dad could tell you Lots of stories about his, some funny, some not. LOL Anywho I am glad miss jana got a clean bill of health.

cristi: To respond to your earlier comments about not fretting about the big 30, I thank you for your thoughts, but it isn't going to be pretty no matter how I try to think about it. I just think that I have nothing I wanted to have at this age i.e. ( kids, a home, a husband ( I did try that once, now I am divorced , which is another failure on my part) and a career) I just get depressed that I won't have accomplished anything that I wanted by that time. It also makes me sad cause I want something to make my parents proud, and so far I have given them nothing. But I am going to do it no matter how long it takes. Anywho, Hopefully I will still have my jaded lady gals to rally around me when i fall apart.

Susan: Did you hear my honk??? LOL Hope you are going to have a wonderful week since you are such a wonderful person

Hello to all the other wonderful jaded ladies on this site, Julie, Mindee, angie, Jen, Rosiekate, sue, laura, barb and anyone else I missed.

Marti: We need to get together soon missy, before my schooling gets me too stressed and hopefully a part time job ( lord I pray you bring me something) gets me too busy
tootles for now gals

09-21-2004, 02:07 AM
Well, tonight (Monday night) starts the night of firsts! Our little boy is sleeping in his big boy bed for the first night! So far so good….I thought when we actually did this that I would be freaking out and checking on him constantly. But surprisingly I am not….I know he is just across the hall and that since the monitor is on, I will be able to hear him when he needs me. And....Tommy gave Brandon a bath....pretty much on his own!

Jana~ I am the same way…..I love the candid shots!! You know…that is a good question. I do that every time I have to get changed at the doctor’s office!

Marti~ I can’t wait for him to start walking! He is already showing signs of wanting to do it….and soon! I put him on his play mat on the floor while I hung up a picture, and I turned around and he was off the boppy part of it and some how scooted around it! Then I put him back on the boppy so I could finish hanging the picture, and he took a nose dive off the boppy! I’m telling you….he hates to be still…..he wants to constantly be moving!!

Cristi~ Thanks for the compliment on my avatar. Now for the clincher, do you know who it is? I am sure you will guess it right away! Like you, I sometimes watch the Miami one, if there is nothing better on. I meant to watch it last night, but I was too into the Monday Night Football game. I even got my hubby hooked on CSI now. Our friend Anna, who is one of Brandon’s godmothers, has a Saturn Vue. It has plenty of room and I wouldn’t mind getting one when we get the money.

Jen~ I too hate to see the gain when TOM because I know it is just that water. (lol….as I sit here drinking a glass of water)

Quick question……I was told to drink tons of water and cranberry juice if I get AF before an event that I don’t want to have her around for. What does the water and cranberry juice do?

Man… you ladies have me wanting some home made bread!

09-21-2004, 10:20 AM
Happy Tuesday to you!

Angie - we miss you! Hope all is going well.

Marti - Kohl's does have some cool things. Besides clothes, their housewares department rocks. Other than Pier 1, Kohl's have the best placemat selection, and I just love placemats! Old Navy is Katie's favorite place to buy jeans. She always find some that fit her perfectly there.

Cristi - yep, I agree that age is only a number. You gave our ShannaBanana some sage advice! I feel lots younger today than I did 10 years ago! Plus, there is nothing a person can do about their age, lol, except deal with it. Hope you find a vehicle that you like! It's fun to look and test drive different ones.

Katy - YAY for your find at KC! I just can't believe how expensive costumes are! You made out like a bandit getting one for 4 bucks! We have a very nice second hand store locally, and now you've piqued my curiosity as to whether or not they have them, too. Mary will know... she shops there and sells stuff to them, also.

Julie - oh hon, I think you'll feel lots better after you and the bdf talk with the doc 10/15. Since neither of you are totally sterile, I think there are answers and solutions available. Paying for it may be a problem... does he have good insurance? Does it cover stuff like this?

Susan - how'd Rachel's visit with the orthodontist go? Both our DDs had braces, and straight teeth sure do help a kid's confidence. Tell Melissa to pull up a chair! Any friend of yours (and Angie's) is a friend of ours. She and Melissa would probably have a lot in common.

Jen - lol, I do hate to see undies hanging out the top of jeans, but never thought about leaving them at home, lol. Yikes, hope your knee is better today! Only 3 more days, right? Will you take a few days off inbetween positions?

Sue - you are doing great with the food and exercise! Feels good, doesn't it?

Shanna - awww, sweetie, so sorry you were sick! I'd love for you to visit if you ever could - just let me know when. My sister had colon cancer, but the docs didn't know where it originated since it was so advanced and in almost every organ when it was diagnosed. So I probably will bite the bullet and do it soon... okay, maybe next Spring....

Mindee - how'd the first night go for your little guy? I think the boy in your avatar is your DH? Either that or David Caruso since you were also talking about CSI, lol. I've never heard about water and cranberry juice helping with AF. The juice is supposedly good for kidney infections. Proabably any fluids will help flush bloat.

My son's little girl, Macy, has to go in for extensive tests on her head Thursday. She has been falling down, and her ears are ok, and the doctor said he wants to rule out a brain tumor! YIKES!! I'd appreciate it if you could keep her in your prayers.

Seems like this family has been through quite a bit in the past year, doesn't it? Fern's death, 2 nephews dying 48 hours apart, Dale's bone cancer scare, tests on the little one for spinal menengitis, my BIL finding out he's terminal with prostate cancer, testing for the cause of blood in the baby's stool, Neal's b/p shooting through the roof, and now this with Macy. I'm sure there are more things.... but it could've been worse. I thank God that is wasn't worse, and for helping me stay OP through it all.

Didn't mean to bring anyone down.. hope I didn't. Today is a beautiful day in Indiana, and I'm going to work in the yard for awhile. There goes the manicure... lol.


09-21-2004, 01:41 PM
Yes, Jana it is a beautiful day here. I was out doing a 2 mile walk at 7:45 this morning. I think if I walk in the morning it will keep me thinking about eating right all day. Then hopefully another 2 miles tonight. Yes, it does feel good!
Be back later....


09-21-2004, 02:18 PM
Good Morning ladies--

Jana--Your family has gone through so much! I will keep Macy in my thoughts today and pray that the results come out good! Poor thing. As for OLD NACY....they are the only place that I'm able to find jeans that fit my short legs! :D

Mindee--I haven't heard anything about cranberry juice helping with AF either. Only water...helps with the bloating, flushes the bad stuff out and releases any bloat. I heard the same as Jana, that the CB juice helps the kidneys....more for a urinary infection.

Shanna--Take deep breaths.....everything will be ok school wise and as long as you keep yourself at a low of stress,,,,the money worries won't feel so overwhelming. Easier said than done isn't it? We'll keep our fingers crossed that everything will be alright.

Sue--Glad to see your walking again! I've been walking all over the place at work. And now that I figured out where all the stairways are....I refuse to use the elevator. We work on the 3rd. floor. Gotta look at it as a step machine and know that I'm doing my legs some good.

Jen--I would love to spend my first paycheck all in one place!! But I would feel to guilty afterwards! So...I'll buy myself those boots I'm wanting and a pair of jeans. Then get Jhanai some clothes too. (hmmmm....maybe I will end up spending it all!) As for the no underwear....that made me giggle a little,,,,but didn't you know they have low rise underwear too? Thats what I buy for when I'm wearing my low rides....more like at the waist jeans...those low riders are tooooo low for me!

Susan--Oh I love bread! Especially right out of the oven bread. Smells soooooo good! James makes these incredible cheese good but so bad for me. But.....I never hesitate to eat them! Hope your friend does decide to join! Tell her she's more than welcome too!

Julie--I'm looking forward to seeing the photos! Not much has changed color here yet. But as soon as it does....I will search for the perfect photo and post also.

Katy--Tonight is the last of I'm going to watch and see who ends up winning. Watch it be the cowboy.....the dumbest one of the bunch! But...he does have a little family and maybe he's just using the "I'm not so smart" personality to get him where he's at???? Maybe. And tonight is also Amazing Race! Gotta see it. I'm addicted!

Cristi--I have no idea when I'll be at my regular schedule. I don't even understand there scheduling! It makes no sense to me and I have to ask when do I come in??? It should be way more simple than what they got. Kind of frustrating.

Morning to the rest of you girls!!

Ok...I've got to get going before it gets too late. I need some gas before I leave. I've been hunting down dollar bills for my parking. I traded James his dollar for a $5! Now how generous of me was that? :lol: Can't wait until I'm on my shift because parking will only be a $1.25 instead of $3.50!! Ok...enough rambling!

Take Care

09-21-2004, 02:31 PM
Just a quick Hi ladies for now. I spent too much time on the other threads. Anyway, I will be back later to chat more. Take care and have a good day all. :wave:

09-21-2004, 05:51 PM
Well, we made it through the first night without any problems. He didn’t cry until 8am this morning when he was ready for his bottle!!

Jana~ I will keep your whole family in my thoughts and prayers during this time. I hope that they find nothing on the tests for Macy on Thursday as far as a brain tumor! You are right, the little boy in my avatar is my hubby! Brandon can pass for being his twin!!! My gosh girl, your family has been through enough! My hubby’s family went through an uncle and his son dying within 24 hours of each other. The uncle had prostate cancer, and the son they never did figure out how he died. They found him slouched over in his truck with a thing of peanuts and some vomit next to him.

Marti~ I guess I will have to ask my friend in the other board then. I have been drinking tons of water….so that has helped with feeling less bloated!

09-22-2004, 09:30 AM
Good morning ladies,

Not many were able to stop by since I was here yesterday....

Marti - did the person you wanted to win on BB5 actually win? Katie has a slim waist and wide-ish hips, and looooong legs, and Old Navy jeans fit her nicely. They have so many styles to chose from!

Cristi - I know what you mean about running out of time while on the computer... I get on here and can't believe how much time has passed by the time I am through. Sometimes I even set the timer if I have to be off here by a certain time.

Mindee - actually, I think I read where you said the avatar is your DH. So sorry about your uncle and cousin. How tragic!

Hi to Shanna, Susan, Jen, Katy, Barb, Angie, Sue, Katiecat, and anyone else reading this. :wave:

Not much on the agenda today. Mount Washmore is looming large..... and I need to sweep and dust. I have a crafty-type plaque on my living room wall that says "You may touch my dust, but please do not write in it." lol...

Thank you for the prayers for Macy...


09-22-2004, 12:17 PM
Good morning. I'm working the evening shift with a client again. It's nice to have a little time in the morning. But of course, I have a ton of stuff to do.

I stopped last night at a fitness store, looked at an ellptical machine. The cheapest one will be almost $1000 after delivery and taxes. That seems high to me. I'm sure it is a good machine, but that's alot of $$$$. And the salesman asked me like 3 times "can I get that set up for you today". Bad sign when they are that pushy.

Jana - My knee does feel better, yesterday stairs were still painful, today almost back to normal. I'm such a clutz. I still have to work through next week, Oct 1. But I'm covering so many shifts, I'm only in the office on Friday, Tuesday, Thursday! That's nice! I wish I was taking time off between, but I'm not. Not able to yet. As for your little Macy, they rule out brain tumors for everything from the neck up. I had to get an MRI to rule out tumors or bleeds for my migraines. It's a CYA process. I hope that's all it is for you.

Marti - I stopped at a shoe store yesterday. They had an Ivory pair of boots, but couldn't get them much past my ankle. Guess I saved some money! Yes, I know about the low-rise undies. I just don't like the feeling of my underwear below my little pooch. Funny, the jeans don't bother me. But I don't think they are as low.

Shanna - Glad you are feeling better. Sometimes I wish I would get "a touch" of something so I would feel sick and lose my appetite. That's pretty bad!

There are 3 of us in the new department I'll be working in who have gained a total of 29 lbs in our new jobs this year. We are all going in this together. Hopefully it will be easier with friends!


09-22-2004, 01:00 PM
Good Morning ladies--

Cristi--Hope you get more time on the computer, I feel the same way, I get to browsing on other threads and then realize just how much time has slipped away!! Like this morning, I got to get going!

Mindee--Drinking water does wonders for your body! You'll notice a lot if you continue to drink it. Now.....if only I can continue to drink it!! :dizzy:

Jana--Not sure who I wanted to win on BB5....but the couple on Amazing Race that I wanted to win did win! So I was just happy with that! And now the reality shows are over. What will be next?? I am a reality tv junkie! (how horrible!)

Jen--I am determined to buy boots soon. And I may attempt to buy a skirt too......something I haven't bought in years!! But I thought the two would work nicely together.

Ok...I really need to get ready for the day....I'm slacking around this morning....I need to buy more coffee, I'm out!

Take Care ladies

09-22-2004, 02:59 PM
Well, I just didn't make it back on yesterday, obviously. All, day long I was fighting to stay awake, well into the evening when at 9 pm I just threw in the towel and went to bed. I got up at 4 am yesterday, and today, but couldn't go back to sleep yesterday for some reason. Didn't help that I didn't go to bed till 1 pm. So I really got about 4 hours of sleep. Since getting a good nights sleep last night and then going back to sleep this morning I feel rested. We are going to go looking for DS#2 a car this weekend I think, possibly during the week. Once he finds something there will be no more getting up at 4 am for me anyway. V was told a couple of weeks ago that they will be working overtime every week day plus working the weekend also, till the end of the year. Of course they do this every year. They won't work any overtime till about June when they realize that they are not going to get the number of planes out that they need to get out. So they wait till June and decide umm, we have 300 something planes to get done before December. Ummm, yeah, right! Never happens. They are lucky if they get one out the door a week, now tell me how they plan on getting 300+ out in the next 3 months??? You would think that after so many years of doing this they would figure out something else, but that's management for ya. Anyway...

Jana~sending special thoughts and prayers your way. Yes, you are right in that your family has been through enough this year. (((((HUGS))))) to you and to your sons family. :grouphug:

Marti~oh a skirt would look great with boots. I have a long denim skirt and a khaki skirt that I wear with black boots and I love it! As a matter of fact I bought the khaki skirt at Old Navy, among other things. I love Old Navy! Hope you find the right boots for ya. The ones I have you just pull on and they are actually comfortable, got them at JC Penneys a couple of years ago. Also, wear them with long dresses.

Jen~not really a car person. I have had a mini-van for the last about 7 years, not the same one, before that a SUV and before that a truck. I have had cars before, back in the 80's but don't care for them anymore. They sit too low and I swear everytime I get in and out of one I hit my head. OUCH! I am tired of the mini-van and want something different but don't want a gas hog of a SUV, something small and cute. So we will see. That elliptical sounded very costly. I swear I have seen them cheaper in the paper, not used but at the sports store, there's always an ad in Sunday's paper.

Susan~hope your friend decides to join us. That is so cute about Gaby and the bear.

Mindee~I think I read somewhere too that your avatar is DH. I had to do a doubletake because I thought it was Brandon. Never heard that about the water and cranberry juice.

Shanna~glad you are feeling better. WOW! That is some costly books. Is that for the whole year or just the semester? I know DS#1 payed about $400 for his but he isn't taking a full course, just four classes, spanish, a math class, forgot what but it is hard and confusing and 2 business classes. He is working on his bachelors and one day hopes to get into Corporate Law.That's all he could handle with his work schedule.

HI to everyone else! :wave:

Did my usual Wednesday Wal-mart shopping. Didn't really have much to get thank goodness. I am getting to where I don't like grocery shopping. Anyway, then ran over to Michaels looking for a thingy of flowers to hang above a pitcure. Couldn't find anything. Everything they have is for fall except for one that had magnolia flowers on it. It was big and nice but not sure that is what I want. I did get my quilt and shams Monday. I like it but don't like it. It is a little different from the catalog, the colors. Couldn't really tell there was brown in it and I don't care for brown in a bedroom. Or maybe I was used to the old one. It does at least go with the bedskirt so I don't have to buy another one. I think if I also get rid of the white lace in there and replace it with ecru it will match better and look fine. The white definitely doesn't look right. Also, received the couch cover which I definitely didn't like. I've got to get it folded up and sent back. Nothing much going on today. House is clean and laundry is done, and the groceries are even put away! So nothing really for me to do around the house. I need to get off here and run to the post office. later on V and I are going to go test drive some cars. I am going to go ahead and drive the Saturn because I had my mind set on that so I have to see for sure if I like it or not. Then the Hyundai Sante Fe. When we went looking we went on Sunday so that we wouldn't be bothered by a sales person and now that I know what I want to try out we will go today and drive them. Anyway, that's about all that's going on in my corner of the world.

Hope you and yours are having a great day in your corner of the world. TaTa for now.

09-22-2004, 05:23 PM
Well, I thought I would be back yesterday. When I got on the computer last night my DD got on (from CA) and we IM'd for quite awhile. She had a free night, no little one. She kept saying that she should get up and do something since he was gone, then would say how good it felt to not have to get up and do anything. SO...we talked too long.
I did get another 2 miles in last evening, so 4 for the day and have walked 2 already today. Going for 4 today also. I have managed the eating real well too. I am excited, but won't weigh until Mon. which will be a week. This morning hubby said that he knew I would lose this week if I kept it up...let's hope. He can be encouraging since he fights this battle too.

Cristi Good luck with the car hunt. I personally like the Saturn Vue or the Buick Rendevous although the Buick is costly. Of course, keep in mind that hubby is a retiree of General Motors so I can't even look at those Hondas or Mazdas. We get a good discounts too, so will stick with G.M. products.

Jen Hope your knee gets feeling better. Boy, that is a big price for the exercise equipment. Good luck with the new job!

Mindee Hope you made it through another night with no problems. His first night sure went well.

Marti Thanks for the encouragement. I know you are getting lots more walking with your job. Isn't it funny how even taking the stairs or parking farther away can make you feel so good? Kinda like "OKAY..I got some exercise." I try to park far away from where I am going so I can walk in and back out. Of course, I sure look for the closest spot in bad weather and have been known to circle the lot for a long time. :lol:

Jana Your family is in my thoughts. Hope for good news! You and your Mt. Washmore. DD was saying last night that she got hers all caught up. I had forgotten how much kids add to the wash. We have so little with just the 2 of us, and I think I wash often. AND..yes, it does feel good to be back to walking and eating right.

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful day. I put a turkey breast in the crock pot this morning and will make veggies and cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy. Since I don't care for cornbread or turkey gravy I think I will be able to resist and do well. Yesterday I made a huge tossed salad and a bowl of cut up veggies. Then made a pan of cornbread for Hubby. That way we had soup and salad for dinner and he was happy as a clam with his bread. Tonight I will eat the turkey and lots of veggies with another salad. I love raw vegetables, so I am good to go. SF jello is my new best friend!
Gotta go sew on some pj's for my DGD's.


09-22-2004, 08:35 PM
His 5 month pictures are up!!! Go take a peak and don’t forget to sign his guestbook!!!

Jana~ that was my hubby’s uncle and cousin. The uncle was also his godfather….so that made it harder for Tommy. I need to get me a plaque like that! Although I use a natural duster…..candles!

Jen! Have fun at work!!

Marti~ I have been drinking more water for like the past month or so. I only allow myself one glass of pop (soda) which tends to be with lunch, and then the rest of the day is water. I have noticed a big difference since drinking more water and less pop.

Cristi~ I am sure that I wrote that it was my DH in my avatar.

Sue~ yup we made it through again without any problems!

09-23-2004, 02:40 AM
Well gals the count down begins until I am standing on a corner with a cardboard sign. ONly one more night at this job, which makes me both happy and stressed for money. I have been sending out resumes and cover letters and no bites. Very frustrating. I am even sending to places I never wanted to work again, i.e. ( fast food , retail etc. ) Thinking of that makes me so stress and unhappy, but I have dealt with unhappiness before so one more year won';t be anything in my life.
Okay funny story, well kind of that happenned today.
I had to get up early to run over to the one uniform store we have in town to see if I could find the two sets of scrubs i needed for school. I was going to order them online , but happenned to see we had 1 store here and thought it would save on shipping ( it was going to be about 120 total, yikes :yikes: ) Anywho, I got there and unfortunately they didn't have everything that they had online, but I kept looking ( i was determined to save money) and since I was the only one in the store, I was feeling wierd too. Anywho, I liked some and needed to try them on for size. Needless to say the XL I was going to order online seemed HUGE at the store, so i grabbed a L. Well, when I tried it on it was still too big. Well I was starting to feel pretty good, so I sauntered out and grabbed a M to try. Low and behold it was perfect. Well I was strutting in the dressing room doing a pretty good Barney Fife face, acting cocky. Well I got to the register to pay and mentioned that I was glad I came in instead of order because the size I was going to get was too huge. That's when she deflated my bubble and said that scrubs run real big because a lot of them are unisex. I wish you could have all seen my face. I went from Barney Fife smirking to having my chin dragging on the ground on the way out to my car. Talk about going from a high thinking I was losing weight to a low knowing my butt is still the size of a mac truck. Anywho, my sweetie found it funny, thought maybe one or two of you could enjoy it as well. hee hee

Jana: hope everything is going okay for you and your family. I hope Mt. washmore was tackled successfully . LOL :D

MINDEE: Your sweetie is sooo cute!! :D Love babies. Also good for you for drinking more water, it is a big help with weight loss. I have been drinking 2 liters or more every night since I starting working at this job. Sometimes I swear I should just strap a toilet to my bottom and save some walking time. LOL . It is good though, flushing out the bad stuff. I hope i can keep up with it being jobless and all.

Cristi: have fun looking for cars. I have to admit that I am a true female and should always have a man with me when purchasing cars since I go for what is pretty, color and shapes. LOL I mean who cares what is under the hood, right??? :D :D :p

Suetalks: Your crock pot meal has me salivating missy. I love crock pot meals. They are easy, sometimes cheap and lowfat and very yummy. I love turkey and stuffing and corn. mmmmmmm I am making a wonderful easy 4 ingredient pork stroganoff in mine this weekend. I got the recipe from a low cost meals site and my sweetie says it is the best thing i have ever made. It lasts us four days or so and we are always sad when the last bite is taken. Anywho, I better go wipe the drool off my chin. LOL

Jen: I hope your knee is feeling better hon. and I wish you lots of luck with your new job and all. good vibes sent your way.

Marti: hey want to buy me a pair of jeans?? I need some new stuff to replace my holey thread bare getting one pair of jeans. The only ones that still fit ok. :( LOL Missy money bags !!!! LOL I am so happy for you getting that job, but darned if it is not inconvenient for getting together and crafting or gabbing ( which happens more often than not despite our good intentions. lol) boo hoo. First is was my poopy job, now yours. wouldn't the world be better if we all lived in one big utopian community where us girls never had to work and we could just saunter over to janas house for advice and support. LOL That would be sooo cool. anywho, get ahold of me missy!!!!! hee hee

well, I better get back to listen to people yell and curse at me, such fun, only 1 more day of this.
tootles for now

09-23-2004, 03:58 AM
Hello ladies… are you all doing?

Nothing new here, same stuff different day.

Katy, Rob, Roni and Nicholas came over Saturday night and took Brandon’s pictures!!!! I can’t wait to get the proof sheet because they all turned out so cute!!!

Well, tonight starts the night of firsts! Our little boy is sleeping in his big boy bed for the first night! So far so good….I thought when we actually did this that I would be freaking out and checking on him constantly. But surprisingly I am not….I know he is just across the hall and that since the monitor is on, I will be able to hear him when he needs me. And……..Tommy gave Brandon a bath pretty much on his own!! Well, we made it through the first night without any problems. He didn’t cry until 8am this morning when he was ready for his bottle!!

His 5 month pictures are up!!! Go take a peak and don’t forget to sign his guestbook to let him know that you stopped by!!!

One quick thing on the me front: I was able to put on a pair of jeans that I used to wear in high school……..and do them up!!!! Granted they are stretchy jeans, but hey it still counts!! The only thing is that them being stretchy is what helped in zipping them up, but I wasn’t about to try to sit in them. I just wanted to see if I could get any farther in them then the last time I tried them on.

Shanna~ I would just not think of what the lady said and still take it as a good thing! Cause it was a good thing you didn’t order them online, cause then you would of needed something to hold them up while you were at school! I will keep you in my thoughts that things pick up again soon! I have a funny story to tell also……it is above what I wrote to you! My hubby used to love when I would wear this certain pair of jeans… I am thankful that I tried them on when he was sleeping!!

(sorry if some of that was a repeat. it is not 3am yet, but close, and I need to get to bed!)

09-23-2004, 08:50 AM
Good Thursday morning Ladies,

Jen - glad you'll have a couple of others in the new dept. to help keep you on the straight and narrow, lol. I too think that the brain scan is a CYA move. Please oh please let it be ok....

Marti - I like to wear skirts with my boots, too. I've got a new one... it comes to about mid-calf and is plum color, with black embroidery around the hem and up the side - it is a wrap skirt. I thought I'd wear it with a soft black sweater and of course my new boots are black leather. What do you think?

Cristi - how'd the test drives go? Did you decide yet on which vehicle to buy? About the quilt and shams, it's amazing how changing little things can make such a difference... once you change the white lace to ecru, maybe you'll like it better.

Sue - hmmm... is the turkey breast one of those 3 pound ones? How long do you cook it? I'm very interested in that. I make them in the oven all the time and it heats up the house. Do you ever eat the sf/ff pudding? The banana is delicious with a crushed graham cracker square sprinkled on top.

Mindee - YAY for you getting into high school jeans!!! That's major!! I wasn't aware that burning candles helps prevent dust, but I like the concept of it.

Shanna - hey, a medium is a medium no matter what! Savor it! How many more classes and semesters do you need to take before you're finished? Something will come up, jobwise....

Katy - you've been scarce this week, missy! Where are you? Hope all is well.

Hi also to Angie, Susan, and anyone else reading this.

Well, Macy's scans are scheduled for this morning. Thank you for the prayers... I have to admit that I am very nervous.

Did anyone see "Lost" last night? It is a new show, and pretty good. Some of the fx were similar to those on Titanic, and very believable! It showed a guy getting sucked into a plane engine and Yikes....:yikes: ... I'm thinking we will be driving to Florida now, lol.

09-23-2004, 08:56 AM
Jana: I have three terms before graduating, Fall, Winter and Spring. That is if I make it thru. It is a short, highly intense and stressful program. It goes 20 credits in fall, 15 credits in winter and then 12 in spring, but that includes co-op. anywho, I hope something comes up to because I don't want to go bankrupt. :-(

09-23-2004, 11:37 AM
Good morning ladies--

I'm up too early. James told me to make sure I get some sleep since I don't go to work tonight until 4. I was suppose to be in by 6, but they changed that...which works for me!

Cristi--Does your husband build planes? Or does the mechanical work on them? I was fascinated when I read all the hours he'll be working. Now, that's tough, why would they do that to their employee's when they know it could end up being a safety hazzard trying to meet a quota? Working people to the bone is crazy! I hope he get's rest and stays safe.

Sue--When I take my breaks, I go down the 3 flights of stairs to out and (smoke......yep....darn it girls I'm still smoking) then for lunch I walk a block to the hospital cafeteria....(it's connected, but I go outdoors and enjoy the weather) and I park about 2/3 blocks away from the building, only because that's the closest that I could find! So I do a lot of walking!

Mindee--Congrats on the jeans!! I've thrown all my highschool jeans out. There is NO way I would EVER fit into them again. I always wonder how in the world I was that small? I used to wear size 3jeans back in the day. I can't even imagine fitting my huge thighs in something like that! I believe one thight must be a size 3 on it's own!! But I'm glad that you've fit into them!! Hurray for you!

Shanna--Don't be silly with the cardboard comment! You're boyfriend and parents would never let that happen. I have weekends those would be my times available to get together.

Jana--Your outfit sounds cute! I'm really thinking about getting some next weekend. Your vacation is coming up soon!!! How excited are ya? Ok...I know you've told me before, but when is the date?? And do I get a postcard from DisneyWorld??? :D I sure do hope you all have fun! I would love to have a family vacation and take Jhanai to Disney Land (since it would be closer than World) Someday!! Maybe when she's a teen so she can ride on all the rides and such.....she probably could now anyway!

Ok.....I've got some cleaning up to do, some dinner to prepare for....and squeeze in a nap before I go to work tonight. I'm not feeling good, so this is going to be a long work night!!

09-23-2004, 11:56 AM
Good morning. Church bells down the street woke me up this morning. Isn't there some sort of noise ordinance?! :dizzy: Well, probably not at 9am! Oh well, what's a girl to do? I'm sure glad I don't work night shift anymore. Although I do like working nights. It's the days off that are hard to flip. And the shift differential was enough to make my car payment each month. But, I felt like a vampire....Anywho...

My mom and grandma are coming over this evening. My mom needs her injection for her MS. I offered to take them out to dinner, but I'm not sure if we're going, or where. This could be interesting. I didn't tell them I took today off for having to work on Saturday, or they'd be here now already! :devil: I do have to go into work for about an hour for a group project meeting. But I plan on sneaking in and out the back door so the NUTBALL doesn't see me! :s:

Shanna - What are you going to school for? Just curious, you are buying scrubs! I had a similar experience with jeans once. I'm still not sure what was wrong with the tag, either there were only sizes 1, 2, and 3 (like small, medium, or large) or the 1 was left off of the 3 so it looked like a size 3, not a size 13. Anyway, bought the jeans because the tag said "3". The girls at the counter looked at me like I was stoned :smoking: when I mentioned something about the sizing. Of course, they were the toothpick mall girls! You do sound like an awfully cute Barney Fife though! :lol:

Jana - I lost 1.5 lbs from yesterday! I know it's just water weight, and I don't care. :p It motivates me just to see it on the scale. I think your skirt and your boots sound like they'd look good together. I wear my boots with skirts alot in the winter, my legs don't get so cold.

Sue - Your crockpot dinner sounds deeeeelicious. I can't wait for the weather to cool down just a little so I can start that kind of stuff. I've never tried a turkey breast, how do you do that?

Cristi - Your trip to Michaels made me think. UH-OH. Anyway, I bought a wooden planter thingy last spring at an antique store and it's just sitting empty on my front porch. I should take a look at the silks or hay bales or something and see what I can put in it.

Marti - Yes, boots and skirts look great together. And keep your legs warmer in the winter! When do you get your first big paycheck???

Well, should go get busy. I have to mow the yard and finish some cleaning before my 3:00 meeting.


09-23-2004, 12:28 PM
Sorry I've been scarce...sigh...just a busy gal. One of my classes is called Exploring the Internet. When I can get away to the computer, my time has been increasingly take up by this class. It has been fun, I must say. I spent some time on the Smithsonian site ( and the National History Museum ( and it's amazing how interactive they are. If you are bored ( yeah right) they are fun to check out. Yesterday my assignment was to plan a one week trip on Travelocity, so, of course, I went to Paris! Now if I could only scrape up $2500 so I could REALLY go....

Jana - I'm heading out to shop today, and your outfit sounded so attractive. I have some wool skirts that I may finally fit into, so I'll need tops to go with them. I'm down a size ( finally!) and the seasons are changing...what's a girl to do? SHOP

Marti- Glad your new job is going well. Smoking?! Well, I'm sure I can't tell you anything about that that you don't already know. I caught myself checking out the Bachelor last night, but stopped myself and went to bed, lol! Such a little reality addict. I was cheering when Chip/Kim won TAR, such a satisfying ending. I love it when the team I like wins - which hasn't happened on TAR for a few seasons now. I've completely bailed on Big Brother -what a waste.

Shanna - You are going to do great at school - I know it! I went back to college after a few years out and I know it feels like alot of pressure. But you are older, wiser, and more motivated so you will most likely be one of the best students they have! Try not to stress the money - you have a good support system and it is one year - so hang in there....

Wish I had more time to chat, but I am thinking of you all and hoping its a happy healthy week for everyone. I'm doing a better job of staying OP this week, yay!

09-23-2004, 12:36 PM
Good morning. Well, the turkey in the crock pot was delicious but I had to stick it in the oven for about 20 minutes to brown it because it does not look healthy after crock potting. LOL. Made no difference to me as I pull off the skin anyway. This was a bone in turkey breast, not one of those formed rolls. I put carrots, celery, onion and 1/2 cup water in the pot, added the breast, sprinkled on salt, pepper and basil. It took 9 hours on low, but would be okay on high for 4 or 5 hours. Then I took out some of the broth to make the gravy for hubby. Even though it was a yummy meal I think I did real well. I ate turkey, one small spoon of potatoes and some cauliflower. Then I noshed on fresh veggies. I didn't even get hungry for a snack last night although I had sf jello waiting just in case. AND I did walk another 2 miles last night.
Have already walked 2 miles this a.m. and done 2 loads of wash. I have to go get the stitches out of my back today and then will go get groceries. So, I am on my way to the shower after I get done computin'.
I must say I doubt if I will ever get back in my clothes from my teens. Actually, from lots later than my teens. There were times in my life I was way too thin. (can you believe that?)

Won't do individuals since I rambled on so much. I will drop in tonight if I get the chance.


09-23-2004, 04:05 PM
Jana~ Burning candles doesn’t help prevent it, it sort of takes over for actually having to pull out the stuff to do it. I used to sell candles, and that was one thing that I was first taught. So we have the spare room closet just full of candles!! How did Macy’s scans go this morning?

Marti~ Thanks for the good words. I was not the skinniest thing in high school. When I was in high school, I probably weighed about 180 or so. So for me to fit my big butt into my jeans from high school is awesome!

BTW, Brandon is doing raspberries at the screen….so he says hi.

Katy~ those sound like some awesome sites!! I will have to check them out sometime!!

Sue~ That turkey in the crock pot sounds so good!! I had a piggy moment last night with dinner, but I think it was because we waited so long to eat dinner. But I didn’t get hungry for a snack last night. I am going to WI today….so wish me luck!!

09-23-2004, 04:17 PM
Just a quickie ladies since it is later than usual.

Jana~thinking of you and yours today and hoping things go well. I think your outfit sounds nice. I love my boots and wear them with the 2 skirts and a couple of long dresses I have.

Marti~yeah, DH works on planes. It is cool how they get all that stuff together and I am sure they are safe but I wouldn't fly on one of them! LOL I am not sure but I KNOW they are safe because they have to go through all kinds of inspections and nothing gets past them that is not up to par. I just don't care to fly on small planes or big ones but the small ones are worse from what I have heard. He does the electrical for the right & left wing among other things. I told him he should apply for management but he said with all the BS that goes along with it it is not worth it. He would not want to be in management. He likes what he is doing and they never meet their quota! They get close though. The guys & gals, just kind of laugh at management because they do this every year.

Jen~enjoy your day off. WTG on the loss!

Mindee~candles and dust??? I am confused. :?: Never heard that, fill us in please. Do I need to be burning more candles? :) I will try and go check out the new photos later, if not tomorrow for sure.

Shanna~you are not going to be on the street corner girly! No one would let that happen to you. You sound excited about school. Sorry, the lady burst your bubble. They do make them bigger, not only because they are unisex but also because some wear clothes under them. But hey, doesn't matter-it's still a medium.

Sue~that dinner did sound delicious! :T I love using the crockpot but usually in the fall and winter when I cook a lot of soups & chili. There was a time I used it for anything and everything anytime. Glad you are getting your walking in.

Rosiekate~your classes sound interesting.

Hi to everyone else. :wave:

Sorry if I missed anyone. Kind of in a hurry. I know I shouldn't be trying to post when I am in a hurry but wanted to say something other than HI. Nothing on the agenda for today. For some reason I slept in really late and trying to play catch up with errand running and laundry before I have to go get V. Hope eveyrone is having a good day. Talk to ya soon. Take care ladies. :grouphug:

09-23-2004, 04:23 PM
Hi Mindee~you posted before I finished my mini-novel that was supposed to be a quilie! :lol: Anyway, I am still confused about the candles and dust thing. I guess I am just a little slow :dizzy: and am not getting what you are saying about the candles and dust. Lord knows I have lots of candles! Anyway, give Brandon kisses :p from me-what a cutie pie.

09-23-2004, 04:26 PM
Cristi~ I don't remember what exactly I was told. But I was told that if your house gets a ton of dust or you don't have time to dust, then burn some candles. I forgot how long you have to burn them for, but if you burn them it is suppose to help eleviate some of the dust.

I try to burn some at least once a week, and this house hasn't been dusty in the time that we have lived here. Which has been 6 months now.

09-23-2004, 06:47 PM
Please go to chit chat #79....