100 lb. Club - Why do bad days happen to good people?

09-17-2004, 12:11 PM
I had a horrible day yesterday, and have to wonder, why do bad days happen to good people? :?: I got up all normal, prepared for my day, and put on my shoes, I couldn't get them on! So I dug out an old REALLY comfy pair, and ran out the door, missed my bus of course. Work was, work, my assistant manager was a slave driver yesterday, which she never is. And my brand new sweater started to fall apart, the seam along the arm pulled BADLY, and can't be fixed, and there are no more of that sweater. So this was all well and good, I was alright to deal with that, but then.. it got worse. I called my friend after work like we planned, the plan was to hit the mall to do some birthday shopping for another friend, then get some coffee, and she was going to take me to buy the parts for my car (it's a lemon, I can't keep up financially with everything it needs) where she gets 50% off, and then we were going to come up to my house for dinner and all those new thursday night tv shows. She wasn't home, I couldn't get a hold of her, and now need to come up with 150 bucks to fix my car, oh, and since it's not drive-able, it has to go in today ( I'm just heading to the appointment). This is the reason I don't have friends, they flake out, ALWAYS flake out. My invisible friend doesn't do that, my invisible car never breaks down either, but of course it's a porche. Anyways, I just needed to vent. I'm tired of dealing with my car, with my flakey "friends", and stupid shoes, and stupid people!! :dizzy: I'm off to tackle my day, I'm going to see if I can force myself to be positive to overcome my PMS.. :lol: Take care everyone!

09-17-2004, 12:37 PM
Yuck. It must be going around. Sorry to hear you had a crappy day. Hopefully your friend may call before you have to go to the shop and come through for you. Take care of yourself today.

09-17-2004, 01:25 PM
You know what really pisses me off is that friends don't HAVE to make plans, but when they do, they could at least have the decency to let you know if they're going to flake out on you! Ugh. I hope today is better for you.

09-18-2004, 02:53 AM
Well! My day is over, and thats the good news! So I bought the parts at full price, 192 dollars.. and considering I'm selling the car, thats a lot to sink into it.. So I took it to my mechanic, and went off to have breakfast with my boyfriend. As we were finishing, we got a call, they were the wrong parts. So we headed back to the mechanic's, and he spent an hour trying to figure out which part number for the part we needed, eventually we find out you can ONLY get the part from GM at a cost of 300/side. I almost had a heart attack, long story short, 6 hours later (waiting in a very uncomfy chair), the car was sorta fixed, and it only cost me 277 with parts. I, of course, returned the other parts, so it worked out alright in the end. Except that I leave on Tuesday and my car HAS to go in for warrenty work to finish fixing the problem before then. I hate to be negative, but I HATE GM!!!!! My car is only 3 years old, it's been in to fix the transmission 3 times, wheel barings, strut bushings, and next is my struts. And, I've already had to get my brakes fixed, I thought by having a standard my brakes would have to be done less? I am in a CAR CRANKY MOOD! Oooh, after the whole car incident my bf took me to find a Honda! They are the right price, with the right kind of warrenty.. That might be my solution. I honestly can't sell a lemon car, I wouldn't wish this CRAP on my worst enemy. But tomorrow is another day, and maybe the dealership will treat me with a tiny bit of respect.. one can dream.. heh.

As for my "friend"? She saw me at her work (the place where I got my full price parts) when I was returning them, I think she pretended not to see me. Pfft, whatever, I was going to buy her clothes from my store at 50% off, but I can be a flake too, and just "forget"... teehee (thats an evil laugh).

09-18-2004, 04:23 AM
Oh Swimgirl I am so glad the day from **** is over for you. Hondas are great we had one and it was as reliable as anything. I just don't know why people say they'll do something and then don't - I hate it. Anyway I hope you have a great time away at your brothers (have I got it right?) and a great weekend.
Congrats on the 9 pounds too!

09-18-2004, 02:26 PM
Again, no respect. So I called my origional dealership, and the receptionist (who actually had a brain!) recommended I remember who sold me the car, and talk to them. And we both agreed that if this doesn't work I should call the Better Business Bureau, see what they can do. Because appartently there is a "Lemon Law" which protects people from this kinda stuff. But after talking to the dealership I've been dealing with, I'm starting to question myself, what if this IS all normal wear and tear on a car? It's been 3 years that I've had this car, and I've replaced my brakes, which seems normal (except my mom has a car with 100,000 km's and never replaced her brakes), my wheel barings have gone, my strut bushings, and plates, and now my struts. And I still have my on-going saga of my transmission. Is that a lot? Or have I just been talking to GM too much? I'm repeating myself, so I shall stop..

I'm feeling pretty positive right now, partly because I got on my scale and it says I am down 2 pounds, which takes me to a total loss of 11 pounds. Which is a pretty huge accomplishment for me. And the support from all of you, I just don't have a place to let this all out IRL, people don't seem to understand, mostly because everyone I know doesn't have a car.. heh. Anyways, my point? Thank you!! :)

09-18-2004, 02:48 PM
Swimgirl - I think you are making a good choice by purchasing a Honda. I bought a used Honda last year for under $1000 (from a friend), had to replace the clutch, but other than that, works like a charm. Oh, and it has 216,000 miles on it. I would definitely buy a Honda, or maybe a Toyota. Oh - and just a thought, if your friend doesn't want to indulge on the half price clothes, Im here for ya, girl!!! (Just kidding.)
:) Sam

P.S. Everyone has days like that, don't let it get you down!!!!

Ivanna B. Skinny
09-18-2004, 11:01 PM
oooooh SwimGirl, what a time you're having! I hate cars...and I hate that we all need one. Generations before us didn't have to deal with brakes and struts...just horse ****! (Ooops, sorry did I say that?) I hope all this works out for you! Congrats on the 11 pounds too!! :D

09-18-2004, 11:25 PM
Thanks for all the words of encouragement! I have to convince my bf to "settle" for a civic, he's not really into the idea because both my mom and some girl he hates have one. It's kinda weird.. I don't mind having the same car as anyone else. We'll see though.

So funny story, I'm getting ready for work and I slipped and ALMOST fell.. instead I pulled a muscle in my back. So tell me, will being positive get me to feel better? Am I having bad days? Or am I just having NORMAL days? I need to get positive about things! In the mean time, I'm going to take some strong muscle relaxers and get me some sleep! Thanks gals for all the support :)

09-18-2004, 11:26 PM
hey swimgirl-if you bought that cat NEW you got a LEMON!!!! and GM owes you. See the BBB if the dealership won't help. Unfortunately, some places like to treat women like crap. If your BF or other caring male could help you, you might get further. Make sure you tell the dealership you're going to let everyone you know what you think of them, their cars, their service, etc.

A used Honda with 200,000 thousand mile on it is better than a new GM. We know. Good luck!

09-18-2004, 11:53 PM
My brother's gf just bought a honda civic, 1997, she's had quite a few problems with it, and put some money into it to fix it.. and then it was stolen. I think I'd do some research into how much more it would be to insure it, because I've heard it can get expensive.

I am definitely going to the BBB, I will call them on Monday morning. I didn't buy the car new, I bought it will 11,000 km's on it. I was *told* it was a demo, but when I looked at some of the paperwork left in the car by accident, I realized it belonged to someone before us. The person only had it for a few months, we suspect it was a lease, and then they returned it because of the transmission noises. My boyfriend has been dealing with the dealership, but I'm far more aggressive when it comes to the car. He caves pretty easily, whereas I ask SO many questions, and question everything I get charged for (like who PAYS the dealership to drive them to work when it's warrenty work.. cheap arsed GM).

Sam - I'd totally hook you up with my discount, it's not the greatest of all stores, but it's better than paying full price :) I think you live pretty far from me.. ;)