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09-16-2004, 01:37 PM
Are there still the normal ups and downs on this diet? I am just off of phase I and lost 9lbs and was feeling really good. Well now, I am back up 2lbs and while that is so minor, it has me concerned I've done something wrong. We haven't gone haywire. We are using phase 2 diets on some days, and maintaing phase 1 diets on the rest. In fact, we started Phase 2 on monday, but I've had carbs only once, and that was our whole wheat bread crumbs in our crab cakes.

I suppose it could be due to hormonal cycles and all, but after 14days straight of always seeing the weight either the same or down a bit, I got scared! :(

09-16-2004, 01:43 PM
Yes, there are normal ups and downs. Many show and up when it is TOM. It is easy to show higher if you are retaining water (due to TOM or too much salt or not enough water). That is why we are encouraged not to weigh daily. That said, I weigh daily as a guide.

If you don't think any of this applies in your case, why don't you post your menu and exercise amounts and we'll see if anything jumps out. I know I have to be careful of too much cheese or nuts.

09-16-2004, 03:33 PM
Yah I told myself that after the first phase I would stop weighing in every day, but I got addicted to seeing the improvement! :D I don't exercise enough, but that is going to change as of next week. My menu is really made up of Phase I recipes right out of the book and my portions are very reasonable.

Your mention of cheese is something to look into. When I run late for work (that's just about every day) I end up taking two pieces of string cheese as my snacks. (One morning, one afternoon) I bet I am overdoing the cheese!

Today I've had a 4oz low-everything yogurt for breakfast.
Low fat string cheese as snack.
Phase II Crab cakes for lunch, with spinach + Parmesan cheese.
I'll have another string cheese later if I need it,
Then a chicken recipe with asparagus for dinner.

If things are right on schedule (And I've had goofy schedules since getting sick in July) then my TOM should be tomorrow or Sat. at the latest - and I have been really cranky! Hopefully that is it, and if so, then I avoid the scale until that's gone! ;)

Thanks for the suggestions, also, what would be a good exercise routine to work into for someone that really dislikes walks/runs on her own. I play softball on Wed. nights and volunteer doing chores at a horse farm on Saturdays - but neither of those are real heart pumping things. Well, except for running the bases... heh.

09-16-2004, 03:46 PM
It's the dreaded TOM as far as I can see. I'm there too and I'm up 2.5 pounds. Yeah, it a bugger I know, but don't get down. Just guzzle water and exercise as much as possible. You'll be alright on the other end!

09-16-2004, 03:57 PM
It sounds like your menu is good! Try to back off on the cheese for a couple days and see if that gets things going again.

There are a couple things I do for exercise. I LOVE :love: Tae Bo! Tae Bo 2004 is great for beginners. If you want something harder, try the Get Ripped Advance series (serious :censored: kicker) or the new Boot Camp :drill: videos. They are both great. I also have an elliptical machine that I really like (I can't stand walking/running outside or on a treadmill :tread: ). If you like rollerblading, try that. That burns a lot of calories. If it's accessible, try swimming.

Hopefully things will get going again for you! :lucky:

09-16-2004, 04:21 PM
Sounds like it could be the cheese. I like to take red pepper strips with hummus or peanut butter as a snack. I cut one pepper into strips and put it in 3 snack sized bags and do it in the evening. I'll usually package up the hummus or peanut butter ahead of time too. I also cut up a raw cauliflower and put it in 5 sandwhich bags so it is easy to grab. I sometimes dip it and sometimes eat it plain.

It can be boring walking alone so I try to find a partner. I also find it more interesting walking early in the morning. There are more things to look at and lots of roller bladers and bikers around. Walking at the mall can be fun too. I love the elliptical machine but I don't know if you have access to one.

09-16-2004, 04:41 PM
I'm an avid cheese eater if there is such a thing, so it doesn't look like the cheese to me. As long as it's part skim I don't gain anything. Did you eat cheese on Phase I? I really would attribute it to TOM.

Walking alone is great for me. I don't really walk alone as I have the Divine Ms. Dion in my ears, but I find it very relaxing. I walk at night because I have the time, and no one is around. I run my own business and it is tough for me to leave the office and leave work there. I use my nightly exercise bouts, such as walking outside (usually 4 1/2 miles) or yoga to de-stress and follow it with a bath relax. It works for me because it makes exercise feel almost like pampering!

I also exercise to sweat, and when I feel the need to really work I take it up a couple of notches. Climb a mountain, hike a gorge, bike a hill. Grab some weights to walk with for added resistance. It all depends on how I feel and how much I want to work that day. The important thing is to work everyday, even it's not super intense.

I would just monitor the scale for awhile. I skip the scale and my weekly weigh in during TOM and the days preceeding. It does well for my self-esteem not to see numbers going up for any reason.

Remember that every person reacts differently to certain foods and certain exercises work better for some than others. SBD is great because it allows you to find the right combination for your body and even that combination may change as you get closer to your goal.