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09-14-2004, 01:26 PM
WELCOME to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We are a friendly group of ladies that share the daily aspects of our lives with each other...not just weight loss. :cofdate:

Won't you join us?

09-14-2004, 04:35 PM
Hiya ladies, :wave:

Cristi - thanks for starting the new thread. You say you are in a mood... anything going on that you want to share? Sometimes it helps to rant here with the other JLs! I know I've done my share of it, lol. Just know that I'm here for you, ok?

Katiecat - thanks for the birthday and anniversary wishes!

Angie - got your birthday card, and had a good laugh over it!!

Shanna - thanks for your thoughts of me during my testing!

Marti - glad all is going well at work. I would hate to pay to park at work, too. When you get moved to the Sony bldg will it be free?

Katy - hope things settle down a little bit for you. What class/es will you be taking?

Hello to all others. :)

Well, the mammogram is over and it went fine. I had a very nice technician, although she seemed very young, and even had braces on her teeth, lol. But she was nice and capable. Then, I didn't get to do the cholesterol test since nobody told me I was supposed to fast for 8-10 hours beforehand. So I'll be going 1st thing in the morning, before breakfast. I will for sure be saving some points for a late snack tonight, or my sugar will dip in the AM.

I'll see my doctor (a GP) Monday for the pap smear, and I know she will be very happy and surprised to see my weight loss. This will be the first time in years that I haven't dreaded the scales. :D

Hope everyone is having a great day.

09-14-2004, 06:59 PM
Angie just called me.... and said her computer is sick and at the 'puter doctor! Hopefully, she'll get it back this week. In the meantime, she says Hello to everyone, and she'll check in when she can.

I have to tell you, it was just great talking with her! She has the nicest voice and such a good sense of humor.

Anyway, hopefully she'll be back soon...

09-14-2004, 07:53 PM
Evenin' gals! Finally made it home from work, figured I'd stop in here first before anything else took up my time.

I had a talk with the "new boss" at the agency. She hadn't been given the whole story of my resignation/transfer of depts. I had talked to her about the positions in the past, so she knew I was interested at one point in time. She was very receptive, said we would have to have an "interview" and then go through HR for the official transfer over. It's been really hard to not say too much at the office. I figure vague and evasive is good for now. Once it's official though, I'm gonna tell everyone. Apparently my "old boss", also known at THE NUTBALL, has told the other lead that I'm just too immature and don't have any loyalty to the agency. Wait til she gets wind of this!!! :lol:

But alas, ever since I resigned my appetite has returned. Darn it. Stress can be good for some things. Now I have to work on that again. My new neighbors moved in over the weekend. She is about as big as a toothpick. I swear, needs to be force fed a hamburger and milkshake! Anywho, maybe she'll inspire me to be a little more conscientious (sp?) about my food choices.

Jana - I'm glad your mammogram went well. I can't imagine you'd have a cholesterol problem. Obviously you eat well, and exercise. Just as a side note, if your total cholesterol seems high, take a look at your HDL (the good cholesterol). If it's high too (and hopefully it is) it will raise your total along with it. My total went up 20 points and I freaked. But then realized that my HDL went up almost the exact same amount. I'm also lucky enough to get my pap smear soon, Thursday to be exact!

Marti - What a wacky schedule. It will be nice to get settled into your regular hours. I have to say, we are pretty lucky around here, very few people in this area have to pay to park. That seems to defeat the whole purpose of working, like with child care. Pay someone most of your income to watch your kids while your at work. Silly.

Well, I have to run. Thunderstorm is rolling in, and I want to go out on the porch and watch it!


09-14-2004, 11:43 PM
Hello ladies--

Just a quick pop in tonight...I will post more in the morning before work. Today was an easy day. Saw body parts that I found interesting....(not the body parts themselves....just the idea that we get them in our room) The job is definately something else. The atmosphere is very laid back...yet they get the job done. I think once I get used to it all and start getting to know the people.....I'll really like it. I've talked to so many people who are just really looking forward to moving to the Sony building.....only for the PARKING! It's free parking there....where as there are some people who hop parking spots on breaks! That's too much, and if traffic gets backed up....OMG....then what??

Hope you all have a wonderful night and a great day tomorrow....

I will check back in then!

Night ladies!

09-15-2004, 10:14 AM
Hiya Ladies,

Jen - yep, "vague and evasive" is sometimes very smart, lol. I bet you'll be glad when the transfer is a done deal. How long will it take? The only reason I am at all worried about my cholesterol is because it tends to run in the family, even with a healthy lifestyle. Two of my sisters have had to resort to meds for control. Here's hoping mine is in the acceptable range.

Marti - body parts? Like livers and gizzards?? This job is going to give you a whole new catagory of JL topics, lol.

Just got off the phone with an upset friend who is having a problem with a mutual friend of ours. Sheesh... why do people waste precious time holding grudges and pointing fingers? Life is too short for bitterness!

On a happier note, another friend is taking me to lunch today, since my birthday was on the weekend, and we couldn't do it then. I chose Applebee's and am going to have the Baja Chicken Rollups. Never had this dish yet, but it looks good...


09-15-2004, 10:54 AM
Good morning.....

Jana--I saw an apendix, gall bladder, and a womans right breast. Very interesting!

I will have to do individuals later since I need to go back to the other post....and I only have a few minutes. Tomorrow I don't go into work until 10:30.....or is it 11:00? I better check on that! :dizzy: I really need to get a routine going.....I've been eating on the go or not healthy at all! NOT GOOD. So I may see a couple of those pounds I lost coming back!

ok...I will be back later on tonight to do my individuals.....sorry this was so short!

Talk to you then.

09-15-2004, 01:01 PM
Hope everyone is having a good week!!Mine is so so, same old garbage as usual!! Co- workers who dont want to do their work, people who talk about one another... Same old junk!!! Kind of down and out this week, guess I just have a lot on my mind!!! Jana, didnt catch how your doctors appt went? Hope it all turn out alright!!!

Marti: I think I missed what exactly your new job entails?? I was interested when I started hearing all about body parts??? Maybe you could fill in the piece for me?? HAHA

Katy: Thanks so much for the fertility advice, I will check that site out!! We had the count done and they came back and said it was very very low, so now he has to see an endocrinologist to make sure that hormone wise everything is alright, His primary care doctor thinks that it could be an issue of having a very low testosterone level!! But wont put him on medication for that until he sees the endocrinologist! I dont have any problems myself, so we're hoping it's just an issue of the testosterone because we both want children very bad, it's just very tough waiting on it all!

Well I'll check back in later HELLO to all the other gals!!!


09-15-2004, 02:17 PM
Good afternoon ladies~

Jeez, it took me forever to get on-internet is so very slow for some reason. Of course now I only have a few minutes to post. It has been a crazy, busy morning and I will post more later. Just wanted to say Hi.

HI! :D

Have a good day everyone!

09-15-2004, 03:31 PM
Hi y'all
I have time for a quick check in today

Jana - that photo IS the cutest! ....and I know cute, 'cause my kids are cute, (my completely unbiased opinion, of course!)

Julie - I hope the ivillage site is helpful - personally, we wanted to avoid drugs for either of us ( I'm really wary of anything that messes with my hormone levels), so all of our initial tests were about ruling out all the physical problems it could blocked tubes, low sperm count, etc. Then we found out about and took care of the endometriosis via a laparoscopy and that was what did the trick for us. Hope your doc can figure out what's going on and that it's easy to fix.....

Marti - I just have this feeling that your new job is going to be VERY interesting! You could pretend you work on CSI or something

Jen - sounds like your job situation is going to work out well for you - wish I could be a fly on the wall when your current boss finds out about your transfer.

My DD is pestering me, so gotta go for now

09-15-2004, 04:02 PM
Hello ladies… are you all doing?

Nothing new here, same stuff different day.

Brandon has been doing something else that is the cutest thing ever! My SIL Wendy asked him if he had any muscles like daddy yet and he put his arm up like men do when they have muscles. My hubby asked him on Sunday if he had big muscles like daddy and he did it again!

Well, Brandon ran out of formula Monday afternoon. Thank goodness for my SIL Wendy giving us formula coupons! We used one of them and got two of the ready to use tall containers for $3! Well, they were $5.98 a piece and in order to use the coupon we had to purchase something over $10, so those would work for us. (Tommy had a craving for some brownies so we had to pick up a box so he could make some.) Thankfully my dad IMed me yesterday and asked when we would be coming up there next because they have about 50 cans of formula for us! Which couldn’t of come at a better time since it looks like after we give my sister the rent money, we will be pretty much flat broke.

Brandon, we are hoping, will be into his big boy room by the end of this week. We have to find our three hole outlet so we can plug in the phone, my alarm clock and then the monitor. Because he is getting wayyyyyyyyyyy to big for the bassinet!

And…..I guess you can say that we will be trying again for #2 soon. Saturday night at Tommy’s cousin’s reception he was telling everyone that we talked to that he has been bitten by the baby bug and he is ready for number 2! I asked him last night “so are we officially starting for number two now since you went and told pretty much everybody?” and he goes “no….not yet. But I am bitten and I can’t wait for another one since he has been such a good baby.” So I will let you know when we officially start!!

Jana~ We had a good time at my parents house. The Schwann’s truck was due to make a delivery while we were up there, so my mom gave us a catalog and told us to go shopping while he was there. We got some stuff that will last us a couple weeks, I hope. I have the papers to fill out for WIC, but I have heard so many ill words said about people on it, that I don’t want them directed at us. (And the main person to think about is my MIL.)

Marti~ I love my FIL to death. It is just my MIL, BIL Tim and SIL (if you can call her that) Kim that I have to watch out for.

Cristi~ My MIL is very old fashioned in all her ways! She has tried telling me on numerous occasions that I am not doing things right. She, I am sure, thinks bad of me because I don’t cook. I have been helping out, but Tommy prefers to do the cooking so I let him. She will tell me “a women’s job is to cook, not the mans.” When she told me that, I stopped dead in my tracks of what I was doing and I looked at her and said “well, your son is the one that loves to cook and I am not going to push him out of something he loves doing. Thank you very much.” She called here yesterday while we were gone and left this on our voicemail, “hi, it’s mom” and then hung up. I was thisclose to having Tommy call her back, but it was after 11pm.

Katy~ Things haven’t improved yet, and I am sure that they won’t. I hate to do it, but if they can’t grow up then Brandon will be better off without them.

09-15-2004, 04:20 PM
Good Morning-

Ya, I missed the job you are doing now also Marti......what ARE you doing???? lol

Just wanting to say hello.

Basically the other job would be ok $$$$wise. ( I would save on babysitting- really just breaking even now .......but I am LEARNING on the job!!! lol) but I am thinking I wouldn't be happy. It seems like a step back - with an ex that is 70 I think I should be working towards being able to support these girls on my own.

Also- do I really want to be a mile away from him?? He is in my life enough- I think I would feel trapped...........

I better go-

Hi to everyone!!!

09-15-2004, 08:17 PM
Well, not too much going on here again today. At least things were less chaotic at the office today. I'm only going in for 1-2 hrs tomorrow afternoon, not at all on Friday. I have to work as "staff" in patients homes Friday and Saturday 3-11pm, plus 2 days next week, and 3 days my last week in this job. It's nice though, 4 weeks notice, but I'm only there part time! Ha ha on you NUTBALL! :lol: (I'm so bad!)

Today was "soup day" at work. I stayed away from the creamy soups (potato soup, cream of broccoli, cheese) and went for the bean soup that was in a clear broth. It was pretty good, burnt my mouth though. Makes me want a nice cool day, leaves crunching when you walk, and a crock pot full of hot soup. Soon....

Jana - Yeah, those darn genetics will get you everytime. I will be very glad when the transfer is a done deal. Tomorrow afternoon I'll talk again with the new boss. She's very nice and laid back. Not like the NUTBALL at all! It all depends on how fast human resources moves as to how long it will take. Maybe another week or 2. It's why the prez said my resignation notice would have to go for 4 weeks, so that we give HR plenty of time before I'm gone. October 1 is my last day.

Marti - Ahhh, body parts. I see you've peaked everyone's curiosity now! I have seen pictures of my gallbladder, but didn't actually see it. I had it removed in 2001. You are part of the CSI team now! They just announced on the news that a local university is offering a "CSI" degree, criminalistics. Sounds like fun!

Julie - good luck with the doctor appt. I hope that it's an easy fix for you guys.

Katy - I know, I would love to see the NUTBALL's real reaction. She's so phony though. I don't know if anyone really knows who or what she is. She's also just like the "Stepford Wives". Almost eery.

Well, gotta go, should call dbf and do something around this place!


09-15-2004, 10:38 PM
Hi ladies!

Wow....who knew I would strike interest in what I do? :D My title is Specimen Processor. I take all samples (blood, urine, paps, stool {yep..icky huh?} and so on) and input them into the computer. They are already in the tubes and stuff...I just scan them in so the info is in the computer system. There is more that I will eventually do, but that is all that they have me doing right now. As for the body parts.....we are the center of the company, meaning we are right smack in the middle of all departments....there is a chute that comes from the surgery room and some other room, that we pick up and deliver to another area...usually toxicology (I belive that's the room) and most of the time it's just blood samples that need to be taken to the blood room area ( :lol: I don't know the actual name) but every now and then a body part comes along. Today it was a small intestine. Very interesting. And that is what I do. Not hard....but not quite easy....more overwhelming. But I will eventually get a hang of it all.

Jana--Let us know how your lunch went. Chicken Baja Rollups sounds really good. Never had them!

Julie--Hope all turns out for you and BF so you can have children. You two will be in my thoughts!!

Cristi--I'm hoping that your computer starts working better for you soon! Computers issues are the pits!

Katy--I have never watch CSI so I have no idea what it's about. Clue me in.

Mindee--Schwans!! Our driver stopped coming by back in May! Can you believe that? I should have called, but I decided that I would save some money by not ordering anything every month.

Susan--I can understand you wanting to save money. And the feeling of taking a step back. And as long as your learning new things...who may get the perfect job soon!

Jen--Soup! That has been on my mind all day today....not sure why. Probably because it's getting cooler out and I just love a bowl of soup! Bean soup sounds good. May have to take a trip to the store.....

Hello to everyone else!!

Ok..I got to find some kind of dinner!

So I will check in tomorrow

09-15-2004, 11:15 PM
Hiya ladies~

It definitely has been a crazy day. DS#1 had car problems and it was fun and crazy trying to get things taken care of, running here and there. Glad it was just the battery and nothing serious. We are playing musical cars as it is and no way can 4 people try to use two cars, especially with that kids schedule and all the running around he does. Been staying home a lot because I really don't feel up to getting up at 4 to take V to work. So it's been fun-NOT! We haven't had the chance to go looking for a car for DS#2 who is using V's truck so it has been interesting. Then had to take the truck to V's work and leave it and take DS#2 to the doc about his finger. I swear they scheduled 10 people for 1:30 and they weren't taking it to well. We were there 1 1/2 hours so the doc could take five minutes to wiggle his finger and say I want to check you in three weeks but it looks fine-umm, duh!

Jana~my mood I think is just from being bored with life in general. That and I have felt so drained the last few days. The allergies have really taken a toll on me. Anyway, being fat, being at home, not working, etc. I get in these moods once in a while because I have often thought there is a purpose for me in life but I don't know what it is or if this is it, being a mom, wife, etc. blah, blah, blah.

Marti~computer is fine it was the internet. Not sure if it was the time of day or what. I signed on fine but it was taking forever for anything to come up. Your job sounds interesting. Makes me think of when I worked at the hospital and I had to take things to the lab-let me tell ya, some of that stuff was nasty!

Susan~I can understand not wanting to be close to your ex, he probably has good intentions though, or I am hoping. It's good that you are learning all kinds of things on the job.

Mindee~your MIL sounds like my mother! I had to tell my mother when I had my first born that I wanted to learn things on my own and do it my way but if I had a question I would ask her. She was staying in our house at the time and was always telling me how to do things, or how I should do them. I am glad that she respected me enough to let it go after we talked. Of course we are not close like I would like to be. And I really wouldn't worry about what others thought about WIC. Why not get the help if you can and it is available? My SIL did as did a couple of friends and if anyone thinks less of you for that then that is their problem.

Hi to everyone else! :wave:

Not much else to say. Maybe I will be more talkative tomorrow. :dunno:

09-16-2004, 01:32 AM
I love soup also - Jen. I like bean soups the best- like split pea or lima beans.....especially as we turn to Autumn!!

Sorry about your car problems Cristi. I think when you were saying that you would mail me a card with a Mickey Mouse stamp you wrote what a friend! lol

My ex is wearing out. He is 70....he has the girls full time. It doesn't make sense to go back to part time and yes........I could help more with the girls but they need things.....and when he passes away--- where will I be?? I am the only full time assistant manager in my area........and I love my office....and I am basically Gaby's only parent. If I went back to part time it would be back on state offense,,,,but I like providing for her, makes me feel responsible and after the last few years- I want to go forward- I don't want to " just get by".......the older girls wouldn't live with me anyway....and I am only 6 miles away.......
Maybe learn better time management where I am not in the car so much. I did 1000 miles in a month and that was just going back and forth to the

Anyway- my boss is the coolest- so nice. I really do like where I work.....

Need to buy some more sunflowers tomorrow! I might buy the dyed ones- kind of a red color?? I think they are dyed........not natural is it??

Mike's mother emailed me thanking me for her birthday cards. She usuallu doesn't talk about her son but she did say he was soooooooo happy to get Gaby for visits........and I said he needed to grow up and he was being a
He called and left a message with this sad song playing in the background....
I told him when I spoke to him that I didn't appreciate that head game- he would do that years ago when we first broke up. I think it is weird....he goes " I just wanted to share a song" *roll eyes* whatever........

blah- blah..........

going to pick up Gaby. She is chatty as ever- wears a size 5T and is a sweetie.

night :)

09-16-2004, 03:31 AM
Good late evening gals!!!!

Boy am i extra tired today. I didn't get to sleep until 10:30 a.m. and I had been up since 3 pm the day before. YIKES!! :tired: :yikes: However I had to go get my books for Fall term ( $400.00, I almost fainted. :faint: ) and then I had to run around campus to turn in my last piece of paper for my dental assisting thing and then go wait a half hour before my appointment with my advisor to sign new vouchers so they could pay for the books. I had so many books that the bag broke and I had to lug them around like a baby all over campus. I was sweating and huffing and puffing before I got back to the car to wait. then I was so loopy and tired at my appointment I was shaky. I kind of felt a little sick, but it could have to do with eating 5 or 6 pepperoncinis. ( love those!!!) Anywho, I was never so glad to slip into my bed when I got home. Of course I had two snuggle bunnies right beside me just as happy so they could be close to me. Can we say aaaaaaw together. :love: Anywho, I have homework already and the fall term hasn't even started. uggghh, It is a lot of reading. I should be losing a lot of weight with all that lugging of books around campus and not eating a lot with all the running around and stress. which reminds me.... I have good news. I never weigh myself since I don't have a scale ( :lol: ) but i am wearing a pairs of pants today that I have not been able to zip up for 4 months or so. That has to mean something good, right?? :?: Anywho I have another day of less sleep cause I have my last appointment with my arthritis doctor before my insurance goes out after I don't work here. uggghh. I am going to be crabby this weekend, especially since I have to waste my saturday going up to portland for my monthly appointment. grrrr, feel sorry for my sweetie. :devil: :lol: LOL

JANA: I hope you had a good lunch with your friend. I have seen the new weight watchers menu at AppleBees. Unfortunately I boycott that place because they support Iams food which does horrible, cruel testing on animals. However the dishes do look yummy and it is nice to see a place do something like that to help the people lose weight. I hope your meal was good. Me and my boyfriend did go there once before the boycott and the food wasn't too bad, it was WAY to salty though. You could actually see the salt crystals on the food. YIKES!!!! LOL Nothing like heart healthy huh. hee hee lol. Anywho I was thinking of ya today and hoping you were doing good missy. ;)

Cristi: I am so sorry you are feeling bad. I am sending hugs your way since you are always the one who does nice things for all of us when we are down. You are worthy of life and love, so don't you forget it. I know being sick can bring a person down and being at home all the time can do that too. My boyfriends sister hasn't worked for 17 years since her husband makes a lot and it seems like she is always sick and stressed ( we know it is depression, but she won't own up to it. ) I know I tend to not keep up here, but are you on vacation from work, or just being a wonderful house mommy and wife. I think that is the most rewarding job of them all. I am sending good vibes your way and a sunshine to brighten your day. You are appreciated here missy!!

Susan: Make sure to listen for my honk your way when I am up there on saturday. LOL :lol: I always think of you portland JL when i am driving to and fro to get to my appointment. Hope your day tomorrow goes great. Nice to see you here more.

Jen: your welcome for the poem. It is one of my favorites. Although I was crying when I copied it. It gets me every time. Mmmmm Soup, Now I am hungering for some. It is perfect for fall and winter months. Plus if you eat the right kind, it is actually good for you and helps lose weight because soup is very filling. I am just a sucker for soup. My mothers makes the best Navy Bean soup and Split Pea in the world. It is funny because she can't stand either, she makes them for me and my dad. She uses Thick pieces of ham hocks, etc and That is my favorite comfort food in the whole world. Good thing I am not a fan of cream based soups, so I don't have to worry about extra fat. Soups are just yummy , I especially like to try new recipes. mmmm, maybe it is time to call my mom and see when she is making some soup. :D

Marti: we must get together to talk about the job. How interesting, body parts. I don't think I would like the stool samples stuff, but the other sounds way interesting. How cool that you get to work in a cool sounding job. What fun. I am glad you are enjoying yourself and the people seem nice you work with. Have to get you a badge that says :" #1 Specimen Processor" LOL

Hi to rosie kat, Julie, and all the rest I missed. Hope you have a good Thursday!!!

09-16-2004, 09:59 AM
Good morning, ladies,

Marti - you are sharp, and just right for this job! Before you know it, you'll be settled into a routine. What do you do for dinner? Do you have a nice lounge/lunch room? My lunch with Sally was so nice! The rollups came with fresh pineapple and a big strawberry on the side. I wasn't able to finish it all, but it was very good.

Julie - sorry about your co-workers being so immature! I haven't actually seen the doc yet, but will on Monday. So far, I've only seen technicians - one who smashed The Girls and another who poked a hole in my arm, lol. Hopefully the mammogram and blood test will be good.

Cristi - yikes, I do know how frustrating it is when someone in the family has car trouble. Last week, Katie's brakes went out, and I had to either loan her the van or take her places. Thankfully, she has a friend who lives close and she helped out, too. I get to feeling what you are feeling, sometimes about not working. I often wonder "Is This It"? They tell us that staying home, making a home for our families and raising our kids is the noblest thing we could be doing, then give us little or no respect for doing so. Neal and the kids give me a lot of respect, as I'm sure V and the kids do you, too. But outsiders sometimes don't. I used to feel a lot of pressure to keep the house *spotless*, but no more! Anyway, Shanna is right, you ARE the one who does all the nice things for all of us, and I know I speak for everyone when I say We Appreciate and Love You, Cristi!!!!! I know your weight is an issue, too, but hon, it isn't as though you are Two-ton Tessie! If you never lost any more weight at all, you are still a beautiful woman! And you look very, very nice in all of your pictures.

Katy - I have lot's of questions for you today, lol! How's Core going this week? Have you seen all the changes they've made? Did you guys get the play structure finished? I also want to know how James is liking school and how Leigh is doing at pre-school. And you never answered my question about what class/es you're taking... sheesh, am I too nosy, or what???

Mindee - Cristi gave you some real good advice about WIC! Hope Brandon's room is coming along nicely. So.... how do you feel about trying for another baby?

Susan - sounds like you've thought through the job situation and are doing the right thing for you and your family. I've never seen red sunflowers but I bet they are pretty. Hummingbirds would be crazy for them!

Jen - well, sounds like you'll be able to get through the next few days or week with little trouble at work. So how's dbf?

Shanna - do you have a backpack for your books? I've got a new ...well, like a messenger bag that I thought I would take to Dis and now know I am not. It's never been used... has a hole for a headphone wire to come through, and is black and grey. It is tear-drop shaped, and slings over the shoulder. Katie likes it, but has a new one of her own. Anyway, if you would want it, I'll mail it to you - it's in a stack of stuff I'm dropping off at Goodwill soon. Let me know, ok? YAY for your pants being smaller!! :cp: That is such a better indicator than the scales!

Hi also to Katiecat, Kathy, Suetalks, Barb, and anyone else reading this!

Holy keyboard, Batman, it's taken me forever to write all that, lol. Today is doing grocery shopping and errands in general for me. We have the rain and winds of hurricane Ivan heading our way by evening. Nothing too damaging, I hope. Hope all of you have a good day!!


09-16-2004, 11:38 AM
Good Morning ladies--

Today is a later day...don't have to go in until 11:30. So I am going to catch up on some house cleaning! (ooh what fun!)

Cristi--I want to repeat what Shanna & Jana said about you, you ARE the most thoughtful caring person who thinks of everyone on special occasions or just because. You are appreciated so much here! I had only been out of work for a year and a half before this job, and I had felt that even though I didn't have to work....what more can I do with myself? I was considering volunteering before I got this job. Maybe you can volunteer at the hospital since you've worked there before? Just know that you are loved and cared for by us JL's!!

Susan--Strange about your ex playing the song in the that his way of trying to get you back? I also agree that you have thought over the job situation and are doing the right thing. I think it's important to feel that your moving forward and feeling good about things and being able to support your family, and that sound just like what you're doing. Red Sunflowers? I love sunflowers, one of my favorites....must check out the red ones. They gotta be dyed right? Sounds so pretty, I could fill my house with those!

Shanna--If we talked about my job, you'd be sitting there with your nose all crinkled up saying "OMG....what have you got yourself into?" :lol: Glad to hear that you got your books. Sounds like you had a LONG day yesterday. Are you looking forward to school and taking the steps to getting a career?? How exciting. Funny how I went to school last year, and I'm no where near being a receptionist.....and that's how I like it. I think I wouldn't last long doing that kind of work. So I am very thankful that this position opened up! We'll get together soon.

Jana--OML doesn't have a big breakroom or cafeteria. Just a small room down the hall or down the stairs (not sure where it's at yet!) But OML is connected by a sky bridge to the hospital. They have a dining room, cafeteria area. I have gone there to eat my bagel and drink my coffee. The other day I went to Carls Jr. Somewhere that I haven't gone to in years!! Will never go there again. (not bad food...just not a hamburger eater) Did see a subway down the that may be my new lunching spot. I'm not sure how I like working in a busy town like that. I'm really looking forward to the move. See, OML & the hospital is next to the it's REALLY busy! And makes the parking that much more difficult.

Morning to the rest of you gals.

Well I had some horrible news last night!! Our neighbor came over yesterday and asked us if we had a cat, and we told her we did.....four of them. And I guess yesterday morning a school bus hit a cat, got out and talked to our neighbors wondering if it was theirs and they said no....and so they layed it on the side of the road...and then after awhile.....some truck pulled over and picked it up. (not sure who that workers?) Anyway....they think it was our mama cat. White Simese looking we thanked her for giving us information and went out to see if she was anywhere around couldn't find her, called the vet hospital and our veterinarian to see if someone had brought her was late so we just left messages. And this morning she's still not here so we know it's our cat. Sad. There is another cat that looks like her, but it's a male....but I figured, she still hasn't shown up it must be ours. So now my kitty's lost their momma. The buses come while I leave for it couldn't of happened to long after I had left. Wish I had stayed home a little longer.

Anyway...I better get to cleaning up a little. Then get ready for work. I will talk to you ladies later!

09-16-2004, 12:02 PM
Good morning!

Jana - didn't mean to sound like I was ignoring you..I did sneak a post in about my classes right before this new chat thread started, so it got missed. Anyway the classes are "Exploring the Internet - 1) ~ Easy "A" :)
and "Brain-based Learning". I can do both from home, which is just what I need. Core still seems to be working for me. I do max out all my flex and activity points on non-core foods, but I don't look at it like they are extras. I'm viewing this as eating like I was on the Zone, but have more flexibility than I had sticking 100% to the Zone. I still think I will be switching back and forth between this and Flexpoints.....Kids are both enjoying school - I will be happy when both are settled in, Leigh has her first "official" day today and I need to run off and get her ready....

So - I will have to try to get back to chat with more individuals later , I appear to have run out of time. So, have a great day everyone!

09-16-2004, 02:37 PM
Good morning..yikes..afternoon already! Boy has my life been wizzing by and busy, busy. Today I am taking a break. Mom went with her brother and other siblings and spouses to eat lunch out. I am cleaning the bathrooms and sweeping. Can't ya tell? :) We did talk Mom into staying this week instead of going home last Sat. and here Ivan missed her area. (Thank goodness) Now she leaves Sat. which I hate. I have been talking to her about moving back here and even about living with us, but she is resistant. I get my stubborn streak from her!
I got my test results, all normal again, Dr. wants a follow up the 5th. The strange thing is, I have felt better since this test. Not 100%, but at least lots better. Went to a dermatologist on Tues. to have a "body check." He ended up freezing one mole and then surgically removing one on my back. Go back for stitch removal 23 and will get biopsy results. I never expected that he would do the removal right then. (this was my first visit and I didn't know what to expect.)
Now I am pricing our flights out West for the winter and planning, plotting, and schemeing for the holidays. I have to get busy early since we leave earlier this year. Might go right after election day. I am not ready to do Christmas shopping, but I will have to.

Jana -We had a downpour this morning, now it is very hot. Your lunch sounded good. We went to Applebee's yesterday but I got the half philly cheese sand. with salad and fries. Left the fries...and was proud of that. :) Their salad is huge. Glad your mammo. is over, I got my results and mine was fine. Hope your blood work is okay. I take Lipitor for high cholesterol, so mine usually is good now.

Shanna - Good luck with school and studying. I talked to my "baby boy" Sun. and he likes his 2 new law classes. I am glad it is you young people and not me...I don't think I could do it at this late date.

Mindee - I enjoy reading about Brandon and hope he likes his new room. I was always a little sad when the babies went into a crib from the bassinet. Just seemed like the first step in their growing and it is TOO fast. Good luck on having a second baby.

Marti - I have been reading about your job. Sounds so interesting. I hope you find out that the cat was not yours. Very sorry to hear that.

Katy - Hope you enjoy the classes, they sound like good ones. I am glad you like Core, sounds like you are doing good with it. I wish I could get motivated.

Susan - I can relate to your being a single parent. Not only did I do that, but my DD is going through it now. She puts many miles on her car running her boys and the little one especially as he goes to his father and grandmother. I am glad you decided about your job. You have to do what makes you feel best and in charge. I keep telling DD that she is in charge of her life now and has to make good decisions. Her hubby was very controlling and it is a hard transition.

I am sorry I am having a hard time catching up here. Lots to read and respond to.

Sorry I am rambling.........

09-16-2004, 03:23 PM
I'm back.....

Marti - oh, I'm so sorry about your cat! Maybe it will turn out that it wasn't yours.... (((HUGS))) to you!

Katy - I know you weren't ignoring me. :) Sorry I missed your response on the other thread. Hope your sweetie has a great first day today. You'll have to let us know how it was... Glad you're doing well with WW - I know I sure do love the flexibility of it!

Sue - glad you've spent some quality time with your mom and that Ivan spared her home. Good luck with your plans for going West. You'll miss all the Indiana snow!!

Shanna - I went ahead and sent the backpack to you, as well as a book I think you'd benefit from. It's Dr. Phil's Self Matters. This book helped me to get my head on straight about who I am, and maybe you can get some good out of it too, ok? You are a sweetie who often underrates yourself! I sent it by the regular post office, since I didn't know if UPS would deliver to a postal box. So it will probably take forever to get there.....

The doc's nurse called today already with my blood test results. Don't you think that was awfully fast?? Anyway, they were all good. :cp: Cholesterol is 182, triglycerides are 141, HDL is 45, and LDL is 109. I am very pleased with the numbers, since I don't take any meds for this.

Gotta go back to Wally World and pick up some photos...

09-16-2004, 04:09 PM
Good news on the cholesterol and other blood work Jana. I wish mine would be that good without the meds. I hate taking medicine. Unfortunately Mom's whole faily has high cholesterol, so I can't escape it, even though the Dr. let me try to lower it with diet. Heck, I can't do anything with diet these days! I have managed to gain 4 pounds this summer after losing 8.
The good news is...I am walking more than ever so that might help.

09-16-2004, 05:22 PM
You ladies are too kind, thanks for all the kind words. :thanks: I know it is just a mood and will pass soon. I get in these moods once in a while and I think it is normally brought on when I am feeling bad, i.e. the allergies. I hate feeling so exhausted and unable to do anything. Well, I am able to do something just no feeling like it. Today is a better day thank goodness. I did manage to get the house cleaned and a couple of loads of laundry done. It took me forever but I did get it done. Of course when everyone gets home it will take five minutes for them to mess it up! Still waiting for my couch cover and quilt. I am getting ready to email about my quilt, just thought about that when I was cleaning. It was supposed to be shipped the 12th and I can't remember if it was through regular mail or UPS. Other than that not a lot going on with me.

Shanna~maybe you can get one of those suit case looking thingys that have wheels and you pull it, don't know what they are called. I tried telling DS#1 to get one because two days of the week he has to carry a lot of heavy books around on his shoulder which is not good. He can't go back and forth to the car because the parking lot is so far from his classes. And I know at WSU they have the room to be able to pull this thing without running over someone or it being in the way. About working, I don't really need to work but want to. I am always looking for a job but I guess you could say I am picky.

Susan~did I say I would send a car?? :lol: Well, I can if you want me to. It may not be one you would like or have any use for but it would be a car! :lol: I have some hotwheels in a drawer-lol. I completely understand about the job and being responsible. I don't think I have ever seen red sunflowers either, I bet they are beautiful! Okay, and what was up with Mike's message??? Is he maybe thinking he wants to get back together?

Marti~aaaahh! (((((HUGS))))) to you. I am so sorry to hear about your cat. Jeez, now I know what a hard time you have finding parking. It is always hard anywhere near a college and hospital. Glad you are liking your job though. And like you, I went to school for the office stuff too and found that that really isn't what I want to do the rest of my life. I have had a variety of jobs over the years and liked that it wasn't the same ole stuff day in and day out.

Jana~glad the results are fine and you had a nice lunch. I never really felt pressure to keep the house clean years ago but I took pride in having a clean house and felt it was my job. I figured since DH worked so hard the least I could do is have a clean house for him to come home to. I think I was a bit anal back then though, kinda on the perfection side. I think I became more lax in the cleaning dept. when he passed. I still had a clean house but I didn't vacuum everyday. I think I felt no one was coming home to see it so what does it matter. I wasn't a slob just not as anal. The same now. I always enjoyed being a mom and housewife. But the kids are older now and just feel there has to be something out there for me. I know what you mean about the weight, but I am so uncomfortable even though I have lost a little.

Sue~glad you enjoyed your visit with your mom. I envy you going to the west coast. Can I come? :lol: I think that is part of my problem. I am feeling a little homesick for CA. I haven't been back in years and I am really missing it. Anyway, glad your tests came back fine and you are feeling better.

RosieKate~glad core is working for you. The classes sound like fun and glad you can do them at home. It makes it so much easier when you have little ones.

Angie~hope you are fine. Sorry to hear about the 'puter problems. Hope you get it fixed soon as we miss you!

Hi to everyone else. :wave: Take care ladies and have a wonderful day, what's left of it! :)

09-16-2004, 08:08 PM
Happy Thursday Afternoon-

How are you feeling today Cristi?? I hope better - will chime in with everyone else that you must be one of the sweetest ladies I have come across!! Certainly I get in my moods- still in one - trying to pull my arse out of it....getting there - YAY........ :)

What is peperoncinis Shanna?? Why are you honking and not STOPPING?? I don't think I have anything going on oh, I do have a thing at the Rose Garden with the girls - church thing. - that is at 7pm though.......
School sounds like fun- I know it must be a pain $$$ wise but worth it in the end :) Best of Luck!!!

Sorry about your mama kitty , Marti. Do you want my Mia?? She is stuck in the apartment all the time - she would probably love a country setting! she is a sweet little thing- a year old - a tabby.....just wish I had more time with her. Your job sounds interesting-----> geesh......curious what your title is?? Does it take a lot of computer knowledge?? I really need to take some excel classes to advance.......

Glad your test results came back ok Jana -- :)

RK!! Call me sometime!!! :)

Thanks Sue........being a single parent is hard. I never realized, - having an extra hand makes a difference.
Course Rachel and Rebecca's dad helps with them He was super controling in our marriage. The last 4 years since our seperation I have tried to move away from him but the girls keep us tied together it seems.

Mike does his music thing ---- and I am guessing.......I wouldn't even try to figure him out. He is manipulating me in to feeling sorry for him - -- into seeing what a wonderful loving relationship we had..........NOT. *roll eyes* .....
The first movie we ever saw was Sweet November. I don't know what it is called but when we broke up he called and played that on my machine.
Now he is doing that years later and it brings back bad memories of his mental state........I really think he is odd and I know he lies....and Gaby is too vulnerable to be put in his care. I am just sorry I even thought he could co parent.....

Better get back to work. My boss is letting me do reviews! YAY- One step closer to a managers postion! Plan on the summertime for that.......


09-16-2004, 08:38 PM
Good evening! Went and had my "interview" with Mary, the new boss. She is such a diffence from the NUTBALL! I've officially got the new job, and she went with the Prez to tell the NUTBALL! Good, I don't have to do it. And now I can actually talk about it. It's so hard to hide something from everyone. The hard part will be tomorrow, I have to call the director of nursing at the nursing home that hired me and tell her that I'm not coming. Not looking forward to that.

It sure was nice to not have to rush around today, although I have plenty to do, who cares? It's going to wait for me, I'm sure of that. I surprised my friend at work. It's her birthday today. Also went to the gyn. That was fun, but isn't it always???

Marti - Oh honey. I'm so sorry about your mama kitty. How many kittens do you still have? How old are they now? Don't go read that Rainbow Bridge poem from Shanna now. Not unless you've got 3 boxes of tissues. It still just about kills me. I've had 3 cats put to sleep in the last 2 yrs because of illnesses. I miss them so. They're like my kids.

Jana - Congrats on your bloodwork. I honestly would have expected your HDL to be higher, with all that you do exercises and watching what you eat. UGH, must be genetics. Damn those genes! :lol: What do you mean by "how's dbf?" Anything specific? He's wonderful. He told me that if I just wanted to quit my job, he would give me money until I found a new one. He also said I could move in with him, and not work, but I can't bring all the cats. He knew I wouldn't agree to that one!!

Susan - AHHH, managers position? You can have mine, I've only got 2 weeks, 1 day left! But who's counting!

Cristi - Sorry your allergies have got you down. That is one thing that I am thankful for, no major issues. Perhaps I'll have to go to the "thankful thread"

Suetalks - Glad all your test results came back normal, and that you're feeling better. My mom finally announced that she was coming "in a couple of weeks" and then showed up at my grandma's 2 days later. Boy is she a headcase. That was about 2 weeks ago, I still haven't gone to see her. Guess that's what happens when you just show up and I'm too busy!

Shanna - Congrats on getting into your jeans! I treated myself to Panera Bread today! They've got a new soup, asparagus and chicken florentine. It was delicious. My grandma makes a delicious chicken rice soup, with raisins. Maybe I'll have to ask for that?! I tried to make it once, but it wasn't quite right!

Well, I suppose I should go for now. I've been lazy long enough.


09-16-2004, 09:20 PM
Congrats Jen :)

Happy to hear some good news! You are an RN? Yo work in a nursing home?? What is your new position?

I property manage for the housing authority- we have a 175 unit complex. I managed before a little 40 unit complex on the coast for 11 years- nothing like this though----- my head is swimming with everything to learn because they just have switched to more of an on site management style - which means budgeting and more hands on-- before you had all these different departments taking care of the same property.

Have I said my boss is cool?? lol He is -- super nice. He is only 29 and just married- he took off early tonight to go to Las Vegas for the weekend- anyway he came from a department that I still may apply for....he was there 4 years-- good stepping stone to managerment......

blah- blah...........dinner time !! yay.......ttfn :)

09-16-2004, 10:32 PM
Just went and checked the chatroom, it's empty! HEEEELLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOO!
Oh well, guess I'll have to find something else to do.

Susan - yes, I'm an RN. Right now I'm "lead" for private duty home care with an agency connected to the hospital. I got to where I couldn't stand the stress of the job or my boss, so I found a job in a nursing home. I do love working with the elderly, so it didn't bother me at all. I'm actually wanting to be "just a nurse" again. But when I turned in my resignation, other managers rallied to keep me, and a part time position was turned into a full time one so that I would be able to take it. Now I'm going to be a "home care coordinator". Set up home care for patients going home from the hospital, or nursing homes, or if their doctor just thinks they need it. I get to be "just a nurse" again, but in a different way. I'm not in a management position. So I'm willing to stick it out at the agency, keep my seniority, benefits, and obviously I'm pretty secure there! My official start date for the new job is Oct 4th.

You are so lucky to have a good boss to learn from. I wonder how different I would feel if I had someone who was more like a mentor to me instead of just passing on all of her work to me.


09-16-2004, 10:43 PM
Hi Jen--

I love the elderly too. We have elderly and disabled here where I work- have the families over across the parking lot where I live in a differnt building.

On the coast it was just elderly, disabled residents. Loved them a lot- they were my family for all those years- drove me nuts with their advice on how to raise Rachel and Rebecca but I know they just cared.

There is a Resident Coorinator position here - would love to do that job. Work more with the resdients in their housing and provides resources- with housekeeping and meals.

My boss is a doll.......he wore sunglasses the other day while playing kick ball- very relaxed while all the maintenance men were telling him to just kind of trotted. He is such a Yuppie- from Denver and is trying to quit smoking- we learned how to forward calls together and he never has asked anything he isn't willing to do himself-

anyway- my co worker is bringing me over a blueberry muffin.....starved----


09-17-2004, 01:20 AM
Just poppin in before bed...I am tired! I got up w/James this morning (what was I thinking??) that was 5:30. But I did get some house work done.

Had a wonderful surprise when I walked in the door when I got home.....James made dinner! Chicken Enchilada Casserole. Smelled sooooo good when I got out of the car! Now I'm full and bloaty and tired. (attractive visual isn't it? :lol: )

Learned something new today at work. Not sure what it's called, but I've been pouring samples into other tubes ALL day. And after awhile....trying to remember what all is you a headache! But I'm catching on. And the guy training me is from Sony, so it was fun to compare the difference in company attitude. (OML is SO much better)

My kitty....hasn't returned home. That's two nights now. had to have been her. Makes me sad. I still have three of the babies...(which aren't quite babies anymore) but she was my favorite. So sweet, loving, soft, and pretty....just an all around fantastic cat. Breaks my heart knowing she got hit!

Ok ladies....I'm off to bed. I will do my individuals tomorrow. You are all a chatty bunch today!! That's wonderful!

Take Care

09-17-2004, 03:19 AM
Well, gals I am exhausted today. I had to get less sleep because I had to go for my yearly appointment with my arthritis doctor before my insurance runs out again. Then since I was up anyway I went for one last hoorah at Michaels. Didn't get everything I needed but I did some damage. LOL I totally lose track of time in that store. I wander the aisles aimlessly, my mind a total buzz of ideas. I spent 2 HOURS in there. lol. I couldn't believe it. my boyfriend called me to make sure I was alive since my doctors appointment was at 2:15. I didn't get home until 4:30. :lol: He thought I may have been in an accident.. but no I was just in my craft zone. LOL. he laughed at me, but at least it jarred me out of my daze and I could get home since I needed to eat and get ready for work. LOL He even had the door open for me when I got home since he knew I would have a load of bags. He knows me so well. :D :love: Anywho, I am hoping I can get off at 1:30 a.m. today. If we are not busy that is. with my luck I will be here all day. Uggghhh.

Susan: pepperoncini, pepperoncino (pep-per-awn-CHEE-nee) - Also known as Tuscan peppers, sweet Italian peppers, and golden Greek peppers. The Italian varieties, grown in the Tuscany region of Italy, tend to be more bitter than their Greek counterparts. The more popular Greek varieties are sweeter and commonly found in pizzerias tossed in salads for a crunchy, salty taste. They have a bushy plant that grows to 30 inches tall and producing sweet green peppers that turn red when mature. Usually picked at 2 to 3 inches long, these bright red, wrinkled peppers taper to a blunt, lobed end and are very popular for pickling. These peppers are mild and sweet with a slight heat to them, and are commonly jarred for use in Greek salads and salad bars. These are sooo good. I like this more spicy, but these do carry a pretty good kick. If you are Papa Johns pizza, or go to Olive garden and have their salad, you will get them. Yummy for my tummy. As for the honking, that is all I have time for missy. We would have to schedule a day to get together and invite marti and roseikate too.

Cristi: Those suitcase backpacks drive me crazy. While doing my prerequisite classes last year people were dragging those darn things around every where. I felt like yelling out ; " You missed your flight!!!!" They were clunking and banging all over the place and irritating as all get out. LOL But I will have something nice from Jana ( sweetie) and the extra weight will be like exercising. I am with marti, you should volunteer if you don't have to work. That always makes me feel good about myself.

Jana: Congrats on the good cholesterol!!! All that weight loss, good eating and exercise really paid off!!!! :bravo: Mine was in the 200's last time I had it checked. yikes!!! :yikes: Thanks again for your care package, I can't wait to get it.

SueTalks: Thanks for wishing me good luck. I must say though, you are never too old to go back to school or learn something new. Plus I am not a whippersnapper myself. I will be 30 in a year and a half. I think I will be sick just thinking about it. I am not going to be one of those people that handles it well. :cry: :eek: :fr: :bb: :stress: :faint: :headache: :bomb: :tired: :yikes: :lol:

to everyone else I hope your weekend is FABULOUS!!!!!! With a capital "F". tootles for now ladies

09-17-2004, 04:19 AM
Brandon is doing awesome! He is about to try some applesauce for the second time. This time it will be in a jar for him. (he tried some at the sitters' this past weekend)

He changed his schedule around a little bit. Last night since we were on the road at his normal feeding time, he ate when we got home, which was 11:30pm. He went through the night, and got up at 7:00am this morning and has been going every four hours. It is almost 9:00pm, and I am about to try him with some applesauce. then his next feeding will be at 11pm and then off to bed. I am liking this schedule more because it makes things easier for both of us.

Well, our little smartie pants showed us something else he can do! Actually two new things that he can do. First thing is he can move the walker forward as well! Tommy put his shirt on the back of one of our kitchen chairs and Brandon was moving himself forward in his walker to get to it. And the other thing that he showed us is that he can turn himself around in the walker as well!! He was facing our kitchen table in our kitchen and then when I turned around to see where he was at so I wouldn’t spill the ice cube trays on him, he was facing me. I looked at Tommy and said “did you turn him around?” And Tommy goes “no, that is what I have been telling you all day.”

Marti~ My parents order from them I think every month. But with all the people living at home, who could blame them? I am so sorry to hear about your kitty.

Cristi~ Thanks for those nice words. I haven’t talked to my MIL in about a week now, and I am happy!!! I do however have to see my BIL Tim, but we are going to watch him bowl, so it will only be for a couple of hours! And thanks for the words on the WIC issue.

Jana~ I am going to be taking that advice from Cristi soon! Thankfully my parents gave us I think 47 cans of formula. And the way things are going that should hold us for a month or two. We are going to be putting him in his room full time, nothing new is being added to it. I am okay with the idea of trying for another. I will find out soon, if we actually succeeded or if AF will come into town. Man, I forgot to weigh in…..I will have to do that on our home scale on Friday.

Suetalks~ I know exactly what you are talking about! I have been dreading him moving into his room, because he will be so far away from me! And I don’t want him to grow up soo soon!!

I need to get going. It is almost 3:30am and I need to hit the sack!

09-17-2004, 09:12 AM
It's Friday!!

Laura - I have mistakenly been leaving you out of my "hellos" and I am oh-so-sorry about that! :o I had listed your name in the birthday list here, but forgot to add it to the printed one I use to keep track of the JLs. Please forgive me.

Sue - well, look at it this way: at least you are still down the 4 pounds, and with the walking increase, you'll probably keep it off. How soon are you going west? Did you say after the election?

Cristi - what did you find out about the quilt? Hope it's on the way. I have terrible dark circles when my allergies are acting up, and so does Mary. Now, with these non-glare glasses, they really show up! Thank goodness for cover stick!

Susan - did you west coast girls ever get together? At Flannigan's or something like that? Waaa.... I wanna come, too!! I once had a boss like the one you have now. Makes going to work not so bad! I'm proud of you that you're learning all the new stuff.

Jen - bet you're glad that the transfer is out in the open now! Re my testing - I'm ecstatic with the numbers! Makes me wonder what they were this time last year.... I asked about your dbf only because he is an important part of your life. Will the fact that he doesn't like cats be a problem someday?

Marti - once again, I am so sorry about your cat. :grouphug: It hurts to lose a part of the family, and that's what our pets are to us. If you haven't read the poem Shanna posted to Jen, you ought to. It is very touching. Yay for James cooking!

Shanna - how'd things go with the arthritis doc? I know what you mean about stores like Michaels. There is a Hobby Lobby in Evansville and they have stuff for every craft imaginable, and home decor, too. Lots of vases, picture frames... you get the idea. I always spend too much money and time both in there, but, dang, it's fun!! :D

Mindee - awww, it's always sweet when babies learn something new. My dgd Madison has recently learned to count to 10. The twins just turned 2 in June... anyway, it's really something to hear her! Her twin, Makenzie, is the most loving little girl, and will always stop what she is doing to hug & kiss me if I ask her to.

Angie - hope you get your computer back soon!! We miss you!

Hi also to Sue, Katy, Katiecat, Kathy, Barb, and Julie. :wave:

Mary has a meeting this morning, so I will be babysitting for a little while. I'm going to dig out my barrette how-to books that I used a long time ago and refresh my memory on that. I have spool after spool of ribbons and cutesy little decorations and might as well use some of it. :yes:


09-17-2004, 12:09 PM
Good morning?? I'm working on my pot of coffee :coffee: before I make all of my fun-filled phone calls today. I've gotten myself some amaretto cream, boy is it yummy!

Jana - It's not so much that dbf doesn't like the cats, he doesn't like all the shedding, the hairballs, etc. I don't think it'll be a big issue someday. He knows I couldn't stand to live with any pets. He said he doesn't want either of us to compromise too much, or we'll end up resenting each other. Him putting up with it, or me giving all of mine away. Plus, we are both content with the way things are right now....It would be interesting to see how your numbers improved from last year. You've come a long way baby!

Shanna - Turning 30 is not that bad. What is bad is that I remember when my mom was my age! YIKES! I went to Michaels a couple weeks ago, but apparently they were having a huge sale, because the store was full of people. I can't stand that. I tried to walk through, but I couldn't even browse, so I just left.

Marti - Glad your day at work went well. What a nice surprise to have dinner ready when you got home! Oh, poor mama kitty. It would break my heart to see the babies without her. I had a litter of kittens (well, I didn't have them, one of my cats did!) in April, only 1 survived. It was hard to watch sick babies, but it was harder when the 1 was old enough to play and there was noone to play with.

Susan - I am so happy for you for having such a nice boss. I'm hoping that my next one is better, heck how could it be worse?! Is there any chance the resident coordinator position will be available in the future?

Well, gotta go. On top of my phone calls, it's payday Friday, which means there are bills to be paid!


09-17-2004, 01:14 PM
Good Morning!!

Get to work the day shift. Boss went to Las Vegas to gamble and play golf with his dad and brother. His dad sends them the airfare to meet - cause daddy is from Denver?? Yep - I think that is it- some annual thing they did I miss out in being part of that kind of family?? lol
If we meet it would be at Goodwill to

Jen- Possible about the resident coorinator coming open in the future. The whole program is up in the air but the lady that works here must make $20 an hour--- which right now looks like a good sum to aim for......

Mindee- Brandon sounds like a dream--- always wanted a little boy. Any plans for the weekend.

Jana- Happy babysitting!!! My mom is watching Gaby for me this morning. I was going to go get her on my lunch and take her to the ex's until 5pm.
Pretty good time management huh?? lol
Waaaaaaay too much driving around. It's Friday though so maybe I can relax at home some and catch up on housecleaning???

Shanna- *pout*!!!!! Ok-
Honk if you must..........going to meet you one of these days if it is the last thing I do!!
Pepperoncini sounds sinfully wonderful..........Papa John's???? hmmm, with a Margarita??? lol

I better get busy. Just had the assistant property manager call wanting to take our radio and give it to another area of town
That is our radio! We need it to communicate. I just said talk to my boss on Monday- he might not like that idea- so she said ok......doesn't make any would we contact our workers in case of an emergency??? We have the second biggest building in the portfolio.....suppose to go up and down the friggin hallways looking for them????
I think not...........



09-17-2004, 01:23 PM
Good Morning.....

I've been cleaning up around the house, did some laundry, dishes, sweeping and all that fun stuff. (ok...not really fun, but needed to be done)

My computer is going through a I won't be on long. I don't know what James did with it this morning before he left, but I seen that it was downloading a new program.....and now my virus protect isn't on and the computer is slow....and that makes me nervous so I don't want to be on long.

I'm tired already and I haven't been to work yet. ****sigh****

Next week is three mornings and two nights. Now how am I going to get used to a sleeping schedule?? I'll live I suppose.

See what happens when I get a job girls...I complain to much! :dizzy:

Ok...before something pops up.....I'm going to logoff. So I will chat when I have James fix this computer.

Take Care

09-17-2004, 01:31 PM
Ok - I'm back I completely missed chat last night - so sorry ladies. I like chatting with whoever shows up, but last night just got too busy and I forgot. James had a playdate and by the time he got home, it was dinner, cleanup and the our favorite show, SURVIVOR!!! We live for that show around here.....that and the Amazing Race. I had another busy day. It was Leigh's first official day of preschool and she did great. I think I was the one with the separation anxiety. I scheduled a PT during school, so that took my mind off of things. She must have sensedhow much I was missing her because when I picked her up from school she said, "Good Job, Mommy" - my heart just melted - how do kids know just what to say? she's right, I did do a good job :)

Jen - hooray on your new position - I'm so glad this is all working out for you and you can escape the nutball boss.

Mindee - so, you really want a baby with a crazy toddler running around?! :dizzy: My friends who have had them close together say that it's a real intense couple of years, but then they go off to school around the same time frame as well, so it gets easier. I put five years between mine on purpose. James was quite a Tasmanian Devil and I thought I wouldn't have any energy left for another, then he turned 4 and mellowed out enough for us to reconsider. We have been SO happy with two kids. I know things happen for a reason, but sometimes I wonder what I was so worried about. As my grandmother says, the sun rises and sets on one child and the sun rises and sets on 5 ( that's how many kids she had) - It's all work no matter how many you have, lol!
Do not let the MIL influence your decision on WIC - that program is meant to be used and it is tax dollars well spent, IMO.

Jana- great news on your blood work. I was reading a newspaper articel on cholestrol lowering meds and the jist was that so many people turn to these drugs too soon and they are very expensive. By too soon, I mean that they should be working harder on exercise and nutrition and weight loss, but because they think these are "magic" pills, they think they can take a pass on the lifestyle changes. You are proof that healthy living is the way to go.
Thanks for asking after the kids in your previous post. I must say, this year's transition to school has been very hectic, but so far very smooth :crossed:

I glanced at the Core changes, and I just kind of take all that stuff in stride. Some of that is the whole WW culture - seems like there are always people who have a tough time with something new and WW throws alot of new stuff at people on a regular basis. The Core is not really all that spelled out like the flex plan is, that's for sure. But I look at that as making life simpler - but that's just me. For folks who like their Skinny cows, they have to change the way they think about them, that's for sure.

Cristi - hope your allergies are lightening up. I'm so glad you are on this board with us - hope you are getting the little boost you need from us. You ARE always here with a kind word for us, so just remember you are deserving of all good things, too!

Marti - CSI -you know I have to confess I just see a bunch of gross-out commercials for this show when I watch Survivor or the Amazing Race. I've never seen any of them becaue I'm a big wimp and they look way too gory for me. My inlaws say it's their favorite show. It's about investigating crime scenes - and it looks like there's alot of lab work, which reminded me of your new job. So sorry about your mama kitty - always hard to lose a pet.

Angie - if you are back online - thanks for the postcard! Cuba looks like where I want to be for sure. Oregon is wet and soggy right now.

Hi to anyone I missed - Laura, Katiecat, Shanna ( sending you good "back-to-school vibes) Sue, Susan (good call on the job, IMO - too bad Mike can't co-parent, I hope he grows up before Gaby does - he will miss so much)


09-17-2004, 01:59 PM
Good Morning Ladies~

Had to check the time, yeppers it is still morning! LOL I always want to put good morning, not sure why. :dunno: Of course it may not be by the time I finish this post.


Marti~that is so sweet DH having dinner ready when you got home. And the chicken casserole sounds delicious. :T I wish someone around here would do that! Yeah, right! I'm glad with the weird hours you and James has that you still have time to spend with each other. Hopefully that doesn't change when you do get your official hours.

Jana~enjoy your time with dgd's. Barrett making sounds fun and I bet the girls would love them. Haven't heard about the quilt yet. I emailed them yesterday and will give it a couple of days before I call. I need to find my copy of the order for the order number.

Jen~did dbf know you had cats going into the relationship or did they come after? Just curious. My cousins husband refused to go in my Aunt's house because she had two cats and he felt she didn't clean good enough for him. He was a jerk anyway, but the few times he did go in he wore a mask the whole time. They always cleaned and vacuumed before he came over and would put the cats in another room. I would love to have a cat but ds#1 has allergies and a cat would kill him.

Susan~sounds like Mike is definitely playing mind games. I don't understand people who do that. Glad you see through it. It's sad though because of Gaby. An excel class would be good, and you can do it online. It's so cool that they have so many online classes now days. Or you could just go buy a book and learn that way. Your boss sounds like a sweetie! Too bad he's taken. ;)

Mindee~Brandon is such a sweetie. I miss when the kids were little and all the new things they learn everyday. Hey, that's great about the formula, 47 cans-what a lifesaver, not to mention a lot of money!

Shanna~you are making me want to go to Michael's! Yeah, I agree about the suitcase backpacks, but they are a lifesaver on your back and shoulders especially if you have a lot of books to carry. I would enjoy volunteering and did a little last year, but I am wanting to work and make some money. I always had my own money and I feel a little odd not having any now. I mean Vince isn't complaining but I would just like to have my own money and feel like I am contributing, and I want a new car. LOL But I want to pay for it myself. Does that make sense?? And I hope it doesn't sound like I am greedy as I'm not.

Well, HI to everyone else, Angie, Sue, Kathy, Katie, RosieKate, Laura, Julie and I am sure I missed someone, sorry.

Went to Wal-Mart this morning for my weekly shopping. Man there was a lot of people there for some reason. Glad I didn't have much to get. Bought some mums for the porch and will get it decorated for fall now. Was going to get some pumpkins but decided against it. Too many get taken off porches and smashed in the street. I am going to wrap some fall leaves around the flag stand before I put it on, a scarecrow flag with some sunflowers on it. Then I have a fall wreath I made a few years ago and a scarecrow to stand behind the mums and a fall welcome thingy for the door. That's what I am doing today, should take a whole ten or fifteen minutes! After that not sure what I will do with the rest of the day except pick V up from work at 3. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! See ya later...:wave:

Edited: Hi RosieKate! Guess you posted as I was writing this novel. Thank you for the kind words. I am actually feeling better today, maybe just getting out of the house. But I actually feel like doing something other than sleeping. I have to say CSI is my favorite show also. The original CSI. Don't care for the Miami one, or the Navy one and now they are coming out with CSI:New York. I will stick with the original which I think the new season starts next Thursday. YIPPEE! Kids are funny. I remember when DS#1 started kindergarten and I was all sad and teary eyed and he looked at me like you can go now. You don't have to walk me to the door. He wanted to be a big boy. And he didn't want me to kiss or hug him! :( I would do it before we left the house so his friends and the other kids wouldn't see. Of course he always acted older than he was, still does. People think he is my husband or boyfriend when we go out together. Anyway, have a good day.

09-17-2004, 02:37 PM
Good Morning Marti- Katy & Cristi.......

I agree...........VERY sweet that James made you dinner last night, Marti. I went to the central post office last night and the Union Station is right across the that where James works??? Are you ever coming up with him?? You should ..........we could meet with Katy for lunch.......
Sorry again about your mama kitty...........going to offer again my tabby....she loves to be loved.

Leigh is already in pre-school??? Wow.......I was aiming for 3 or 4 for Gabrielle. Aren't the girls the same age?? Gaby is 3 in Feb.
Still need to hook up sometime! I took Rebecca to the ortho yesterday - picked her up from RG and she said " I love you mom".....made my heart melt......didn't know she liked me so much. lol- She has a rat now in her bedroom and her whole wardrobe is

Cristi!! already went to Wal- Mart?? wow......course it is later there.....
The story with Mike is he is technically 17 ( if he has had a long history of drug abuse. The story is he has been "clean" for 2 years now. He is extremely irresponsible and a smooth talker. .....can make anything look good on the surface.
His mother knows all this and she is a very sweet lady. She seems to like me......I don't usually bad mouth him to her but I am not going to lie about how wonderful he is either..........hate secrets- part of the addictive personality.

yikes..........gotta go.........


09-17-2004, 06:43 PM
Hiya ladies,

Jen - hope you got all your phone calls finished. Is the weather as nice in IL as it is in IN? We have had the most beautiful fall day - a nice breeze and temps in the low 70s.

Susan - good for you not letting anyone take off with your radio! You'd have to get some roller skates to go find the guys when you need them, lol. Rest up this weekend, ok?

Marti - hope you also get some rest this weekend. You don't work, right??

Katy - glad Leigh had a good first day, and her "Good job" comment was endearing!! So how's the PT going?

Cristi - your decorations sound nice, and somewhat similar to what we do. Neal always fixes an area with a scarecrow, bales of hay, and pumpkins. Had to get a new scarecrow this year. The old one looked like he'd been on a toot, or something, lol.

Found a second-hand rocky horse today for the DGKs. Well, it's the kind with springs at the four corners - you know what I mean? Although it's in really good shape, I cleaned it up, and it's in the play area, waiting for the kids to come out after dinner. Not sure who will be more excited, them or me, lol.


09-17-2004, 06:57 PM
I would love a rocky horse.........for Gaby, of

I will try and rest. I am exhausted already. I drove to Milwaukie, where my mother lives and picked up Gaby on my lunch break, It is about 8 miles away. I got there in 20 minutes. Gabrielle was sitting there with just her shirt on ......*rolleyes*
I NEED her dressed!! lol
I only have 40 minutes to get back to we quickly dress her and I get her in the car.
Head over to the ex's. Go through Sellwood and over the bridge - wind my way to his place. About 6 - 7 miles......
Get there and now only have 15 minutes to get to work.

Gaby is happy as a clam.......she waves good bye. It was nice to see her mid day....

Drive towards Hillsdale HWY and swing into Wendys because I really want some , I buy that and wind my way up to HWY 26 and back over to PGE exit and to my area of town........amazing because I was only 1 minute late!!

YAY........I am sure RK will be able to appreciate this,,,,lol....since she should know the roads I mean....

Thanks jana--- I hid the radio.....the gull that they would think we can work without a radio.....they would have to pay me a heck of a lot more to roller

talk later..........

2 more hours and I am out of here! :)

09-17-2004, 07:01 PM
I'm back - for a minute, anyway
Susan - Leigh will be 3 on Halloween. She's in a co-op preschool that has a Nov. 15 cutoff date for their 3s class. So she's a young'un in there, for sure. We need to get these girlie-girls together to play sometime......

09-17-2004, 07:03 PM
almost forgot

This is a blog I came across that I thought some of you might be interested in reading. A rather upbeat approach to Core....just a little FYI for y'all

Her latest " I am the captain of my own ship"

Jana - I just realized that on one of her pages, someone has posted the food list for Core - so I don't know if my link can stay in this email because of the website rules on posting WW info.

So everyone- If Jana needs to delete, PM me and I will get the link to anyone who wants it

09-18-2004, 02:50 AM
We did a weight comparison. Well, actually Tommy did, and according to our scale here at home, Brandon is about 16 pounds!! He is getting so big so quickly!!! Tommy tried to give Brandon a bath……until Brandon started to pee in his bath. That startled Tommy, then Tommy jumped, well freaked out. Then that startled Brandon so I had to get Brandon calmed down, then we had to refill his bathtub cause it was “contaminated” as Tommy called it. Then we got back in business and he was all done.

Jana~ I know what you mean. Brandon has become more vocal when he gets mad. He will sit where he is at, and go “mom” and then if I say something like “I’m right here angel.” He will try to turn to where I am at.

Susan~ I have always wanted one of each. Now that I have my little boy, I won’t care if I get another boy. But I would be secretly hoping for a little girl. No special plans this weekend. Tommy has to work Saturday morning. Do you live in WI? I have family there!

Katy~ Well, two of my sisters have their children spread out by two years and they managed, so I am sure that I can. LOL Thanks for the comments about my MIL.

Cristi~ That is exactly what my hubby said! He has been worried about money for bills, groceries, formula, diapers, and the rent. But when my dad IMed me, I saw some relief come off his shoulders. When did they come out with the CSI: Navy one? I don’t remember that one!

09-18-2004, 10:10 AM
Good morning, ladies! :wave:

Let's see... who's been here since I checked in last night??

Susan - unlike most of America, I've never had Wendy's chili, but I hear it is good? Have fun this weekend with your girls.

Katy - no, I won't delete unless I get a PM from Jennifer or Suzanne. Since you posted only a link and not the real list, it's very doubtful that anyone cares. But thank you for the consideration of it.

Mindee - just wait til your little guy poops in the bath water.... hope Tommy is around for that one, lol.

Hi to the rest of the bunch!

My sister, the one I usually talk to on Sat. mornings, is out for breakfast with another sister. They invited me, too, but a sit-down breakfast is a hard meal for me, since I normally spend only 5 - 5.5 points on breakfast. Speaking of which.....

I lost 2 more pounds, which is pretty good since I celebrated my birthday and our anniversary during the past week. It's odd to think I've passed the 70 pound mark - almost unreal, you know?

Not sure what I'm going to do today other than clean the house. Oh joy.

What're your plans for the day?


09-18-2004, 11:23 AM
Good morning. Worked my shift yesterday with a client. Ya know, it's really boring to sit in someone's house for 8 hrs and wait until they need something so you can do it. Well, it's better than being in the office with the NUTBALL! :lol: I've got another 8 hr shift today, then 2 next week, and 3 the following week. Then I transfer!!! Ha ha, only in the office part-time!

Jana - CONGRATS on 2 more pounds! You are doing so good! I have to get "back on the wagon". Ever since I resigned, I've gotten my appetite back (go figure) and I'm sure I've gained weight back. I haven't gotten on the scale though. What I don't know isn't real, right?! Yes, the weather is gorgeous. I hear it's supposed to stay like this for awhile, except for some rain during the week.

Susan - I am not real fond of Wendi's chili. I've tried it a couple of times, it's just not right. Of course mine is much better! Hiding your radio. Good for you, very resourceful!

Cristi - When I met dbf, I had one cat and my dog. About 1 month later I got another cat, then another 4 months later, then the next month took in a pregnant stray calico. It's been all downhill from there! What can I say, I'm a softy. But he can't say too much, he found Cameo in the paper for me, told me to keep Runty and Chickie when they were born, and found Danielle and Angel at the shelter. See, it's not all me! Apparently my happiness is more important than his comfort! He's even taken a few of them over to his condo, but 2 months is about the max he can stand one around! But at least he tried!

Hi to everyone else. I have to get going. I've offered to bring lunch to my friend at work for her birthday, and I have to do a little cleaning. DBF will be over tomorrow, football Sunday ya know!


09-18-2004, 12:46 PM
Mindee~you made me laugh-I was picturing Tommy seeing Brandon go in the tub! :lol: You should have had the camera! Not sure when exactly they came out with the Navy:CSI, I've never seen it. Well, maybe about two minutes of it, just enough time to find something else on. Not a real big fan of Mark Harmon, who by the way is supposedly my SIL's cousin.

Jana~CONGRAT'S on another loss girly! :cp: :bravo: I thought about a bale of hay but then realized my porch is not big enough. LOL I've seen that with the corn stalks also. SIL sometimes does that in her yard by the curb. It looks nice.

Susan~Jeez, you were making me dizzy and tired reading your post about driving from here to there! Tell me Wendy's chili is still good. I've had it a couple of times but must say it has been years. I was tempted to get some yesterday at Braums but theirs is yucky. DS brought some home once and I had to taste it, ick! Not sure why chili sounded good yesterday. :dunno: You need to share some photos of lil' miss Gabrielle. I love kids and especially at that age, well actually from newborn to 5-I think they are a lot of fun and so very cute. They are always learning new things and it's so cute to watch them explore. Of course they are always learning new things at all ages. Sorry, Mike has to be a dip. Maybe one day he will find someone and grow up.

Jen~okay, so he can't say you have to get rid of the pets especially if he bought some for ya and takes some to his place! :) For some reason I was thinking maybe he was allergic. Good you don't have to put up with the nutball anymore!

Hi to everyone else :wave:

A message from Ms Angie, her computer is still down and it looks like maybe by next Thursday she will be able to get on, hopefully sooner.

As for me, nothing much going on. No special plans today except to get the yard watered good. This is supposed to be fall and it is supposed to be 96 today! YIKES! And the back yard is looking thirsty. Have a couple of loads of laundry to get done and going to start a book. Other than that just a lazy day today.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day and weekend! :sunny:

09-18-2004, 02:18 PM
Hello ladies… are you all doing?

Nothing new here, same stuff different day.

We did a weight comparison. Well, actually Tommy did, and according to our scale here at home, Brandon is about 16 pounds!! He is getting so big so quickly!!! Tommy tried to give Brandon a bath……until Brandon started to pee in his bath. That startled Tommy, then Tommy jumped, well freaked out. Then that startled Brandon so I had to get Brandon calmed down, then we had to refill his bathtub cause it was “contaminated” as Tommy called it. Then we got back in business and he was all done.

Jana~ All I can say is wow!! You are motivating me! (Can I get your secret??? Please??) I have been waiting for the day that he poops in the bath tub. He has farted in the tub numerous times, but not poop yet. Tommy caught me doing my exercises yesterday and told me that I was doing my crunches wrong. So he had me drag my booty out into the living room to do them the right way, and by golly I find it more manageable to do them his way. (Ugh…..did I say that out loud?)

Jen~ How are things with you? What type of nursing do you do? I was going to go to school for nursing, but then we had to move because my parents were moving and I would of missed registration and everything.

Cristi~ The funny part is… that we were on the phone with Anna, one of Brandon’s godmothers when it was bath tub. She was laughing hysterically and wished she was over with a camera so she could take pictures! Now that I think about it, I think I remember seeing the Navy: CSI. But at that point, I wasn’t into the show like I am now. I don’t really like the one with David Caruso, but I watch it anyways, because I love crime shows.

I think I should go save Tommy….he is watching infomercials!

09-18-2004, 03:33 PM
YAY- to 2 more pounds down Jana! That is great- :)

Wendys chili just sounded good. I must say I ordered 2 large bowls and ate them at my

Weighed in at 143- maintaining mode-

Gabrielle is at a birthday party this morning. I need to pick her up soon and we will go home and sleep. Rachel and Rebecca are with her. She has a stuffy nose.......

Going to take the older girls to a evening church thing tonight.

I guess that is it,,,,,,,,,,we can exchange kids sometime Mindee :)-- I will take Brandon for the day and you can take Gabster?? lol I live in Portland - city girl now- though my heart belongs in the country.

Your yard work sounds nice Cristi :) Miss my yard..........

k- better get busy.

09-18-2004, 03:46 PM
Susan~ We can change.....although I think Tommy would be lost without his little buddy! I have family that live in Port Washington and Waniatosa, WI. I just did Maps from Yahoo! and you are about 4 hours west of Port Washington.

09-18-2004, 06:00 PM
Go on over to #78, ok?