100 lb. Club - Having Blogger troubles & a strange victory

09-08-2004, 03:50 PM
I tried to write in my blog 2 different times last night and again today and that th ing wont work,.. it isays it is "publishing" but never actually publishes. i am wondering if any of you out there use blogger.com and if yours is messing up too?

Anyway, I have a non scale victory of sorts. I have an exercise injury. I can't remember if that has ever happened to me before in my life. The other day I noticed my knee hurting, but I didnt think much of it because, since I am heavy,, my knees like to be brats sometimes. That is only one of about 100 reasons i want to lose weight. well, i went ahead and did a little over a mile of the Leslie workout and when I got to the "kick back" part ,..oooohhhh I felt that knee again. Then later I was sitting in the living room floor and it was hurting if I kept it bent in one position too long, but when I tried to straighten it out, it hurt and would go most of the way, but not completely. So now this morning it is still hurting a bit and I am hobbling around the apartment. I feel guilty missing my workout tomight and I don't want to lose any ground but I think my knee demands it. Hopefully it feel feel better enough to workout tommorow. I am still happy though,..whoohoo I actually have an exercise injury,..hahahaha. I know, I am a strange lady! :-)

I was going to enter that in my blog, but :-P

09-08-2004, 06:16 PM
Hey there, Heather! Sorry to hear of your injury -- or are congratulations in order? :lol: I'm not the expert here.....is it hot or cold that's needed? Hot compress or icepack? I think since it didn't just happen, heat is in order, so as to loosen it up, but I'll happily defer to someone more knowledgeable about these things. One thing that I noticed last night when I got to view the tape and do the routine for the first time (got it in the mail yesterday!) was that she definitely doesn't do enough stretching.....so do much more than she's telling you to do. You really need to stretch before and after you do the workout, alright? And please don't feel guilty for not working out; to do it now would be foolish. Give your knee a rest -- it's telling you it needs one. Try to cut back on your calories a wee bit though to compensate though, ok? ;)

As for the blogger woes -- I experienced the same thing. The site was having difficulties. If ever you're experiencing difficulty, go to blogger help, then click on blogger status, in the lower righthand corner. That's where they communicate any technical issues. I was getting frustrated this morning when I was still having the same problem from last night, and so I checked out help, but then happened upon "blogger status;" I'd discovered it back when I first started, but had forgotten about it. Lo and behold, the problem was explained and so I just waited patiently. You'll find that it's all resolved now, and the update explanation has been posted there as well.

Again, good luck with your knee.....and GREAT JOB on your injury!! Just kidding :lol3: -- really, stay off it and next time don't overdo it, Missy!

09-08-2004, 11:24 PM
:bravo: On the knee! :p Hope you're back up and about soon.

(Sorry, I don't blog.:))

09-08-2004, 11:47 PM
thanks guys,.lol

Happy to report the blog is up and running again,..:-)