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09-07-2004, 03:34 PM
helooooooooooooooooooo you little tubby ghosties---i heard that the cute little hallowe'en candy bars were hitting the stores so i thought i better warn you all to stay awaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy---i bought some hallow's eve decorations today---a tiny black velvet witch hat for miss new brunswick-------adorable!!----first day of school for the kids---i wonder if it's a coincidence that my depression is lifting!!! ahahahahahah

09-07-2004, 03:59 PM
Hey Bagzie! I was about ready to run away yesterday too but I feel MUCH better today. Go figure. I take back what I said about other people's kids - the library darlings were adorable. New group and they were actually polite and didn't kick each other and run around like chickens.

Wabby - the parental units are headin' down to Oregon today for a road trip, lucky ducks. I told them to stop by your place for dinner. HA HA HA. Only kidding. Dad wants to drag Mummy to some aviation museum and you can imagine how much she's looking forward to that.

Did Pilates this morning. Probably won't be able to walk tomorrow. House is still a pit but it's getting there. I may get the hang of this by the time I'm 50.

09-07-2004, 05:09 PM
Oh dear, it's not time for Halloween candy yet, is it?

We did nothing all weekend. Except eat and nap. I got stung by a yellow jacket when I was working in the yard. My arm is all swollen and painful. And yet, I type for you.

Some developer type guy was just here talking to us about selling our property for development. He's been here before. He comes around, making me salivate for a new house, then disappears for 6 months. How would I ever leave my garden? How would DH leave his old barn? And yet, we are greedy, opportunistic types that would love the idea of all new plumbing and wiring.

Sugar, I think I've been to that museum. Is it the one which has the Spruce Goose? Howard Hughes big monster of an airplane? The parents are welcome to stop by for dinner anytime. No guarantee for what's on the menu.

Lush, when you figure out the work dilemma, let me know. I don't mind my job at all when I have someone else working here for me and my showing up is entirely optional. I'd like lots of money so I could go shopping and out to lunch a whole bunch. I liked it when I sold real estate, because that was basically my job, except the part about lots of money.

09-07-2004, 06:00 PM
i was on another thread and they gave the addy for the hallowe'en avatars!!! i lovvvvvvved them---wanna go see???go here-----

09-07-2004, 11:39 PM
Who needs Halloween candy bars when there's a mini-bar in the hotel AND 24/7 roomservice? My feet are numb to my hips from walking all over the miracle mile in Chicago... AND the art museum AND the natural history museum. I think tomorrow we're taking the CAR! Mostly I've cut all portions in half and tried to remember to have more fruit and more veggies so I don't wait to fill up on fat, meat, cheese and bread. Except for the last two dinners. Alfredo ravioli one night and deep dish pizza tonight.... But diminished portions.... May all the fat cells end up in Lake Michigan!

09-08-2004, 04:51 PM
My arm is all swollen and painful. And yet, I type for you.
You are a true heroine.

Painty, Glad you're having a good time in Chicago. I know what you mean about being numb from all the walking -- when we spent the week in NYC, it was all I could do to keep going after a couple of days. The friends we were with are super-walking crazy people. When they were doing something different than we were, we mostly took public transport -- and didn't feel the slightest bit guilty!

Speaking of NY, the high school music dept is planning a trip in the spring for all the band and chorus students to NYC, and I have signed up to chaperone. Slightly nuts, probably, it will be a real zoo, but who cares. It's NY; one does not pass up NY, even if it has only been a year.

DD got a small part in the school musical and is at the first play practice right now. This is the first time she has tried out for the musical, so she's in for an experience. They work their tushies off on this from what I hear. They put it on in mid-November, so only about 10 weeks to get it all ready. Last year she was on the tech crew because she didn't think she'd have time for the practices. This year she got all her music lessons scheduled for Mondays -- she's taking guitar and voice, plus she's giving 3 guitar lessons (plus the 2 hours of driving~whew!), so's she going to squeeze everything in the world in. Including AP Chemistry.

Horribly, all I can think of is that when I was 16 and a half, I was in the school musical and had my license, so I was allowed to drive myself to the rehearsals. One of the things I used to do was sneak in a visit to my boyfriend when I was done with rehearsal. :nono: And one day when I was going to sneak in a visit after I did some grocery shopping for my mom, I had an accident and totalled the car. Aaaaaghhhh!

But DD is so much more level-headed than I was, right? :?: You think I should tell her that story as a cautionary tale? No, probably not.

DH is going sailing for a week and a half with some friends, starting Friday. He's been such a poophead lately, I will have a hard time missing him. Maybe he'll come back with a better attitude, but I'm not holding my breath.

Gotta go cook more stuff. Did I tell you that I did a "Freezer Assets" cooking monstrosity last week? I took on so much cooking that I didn't even finish it in the day I had planned. Then we went away for the weekend and I had to stash some of the stuff in the freezer unfinished, so I have to go make meatballs now. This is all Lush's fault.

How's the job going, Peach?


09-08-2004, 08:08 PM
When I went to Seattle w/ my friends for the garden show we walked until I had blisters. Everything in Seattle is at the top of a very steep hill. And when you walk up the steep hill, somehow you have to walk up a steep hill to get back where you came from. It defies all the laws of the universe, but that is how Seattle is. Uphill. Lucky for me, I latched on to my pregnant friend and offered to take cabs with her some of the time. You know, just to keep her company. ;) Good to hear you're having fun, Painty.

Kiwi, DD will be too busy to get in trouble. Besides, if you tell her stories of your indiscretions, it's like a green light to whatever she wants to do. Eek. You must tell her you were a saint as a teenager and never did anything to give your mother a moments worry. May DH's absence make your heart grow fonder. Or give him an attitude adjustment. Men are just so like that sometimes.

There's a business here, where you go and prepare food for a month. Everything is prepped for you, and you just assemble it in foil pans. Then you take it home and use it out of the freezer for the month. That way, you don't have to do any shopping for ingredients, no waste and they have the recipes posted for you. I'm thinking I may just try it out. It beats fast food on work nights.

Tonight is cut and color night. Last night was fingernail night. I'm such a high maintenance girl. Hee.

DS has applied for an apartment and has been accepted. He's moving in 2 weeks. At least I'll see him every day at work.

09-08-2004, 11:19 PM
i just want to thank you dolls for getting in the hallow's eve spirit and changing your avatars----------you are sooooooooooo sweet--------------hey try this on Kiwi=====dd LOVES university,and LOOOOOOOOOVES residence and has not ONCE mentioned being homesick or missing me or NOTHING!!! every time i speak to her she is in seventh heaven---------- NOW HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES!!!!!!! CRAP!!!!

09-08-2004, 11:22 PM
HEY WABBS!!! I WOULD HAVE TAKEN CABS WITH YOU!!!---- I LIKE TO WALK,BUT PAVEMENT WALKING IS REALLY HARD ON THE OLD STUMPS!!!-----as soon as i git some money and we can get organized,i think we should all visit YOU----you live somewhere really HIP and COOL-----Peachey has hurricanes,WE have FOGGGGGGGG------it's cold in the east, Kiwonk has mosquitos,lush has had nothing but rain all pool season,it's too hot in Texas,Germany has language issues--------------WE ARE COMING TO YOUR TOWN!!!!

09-08-2004, 11:31 PM
And you know you are very happy for her, Bagzie. Repeat after me: I am so delighted that my daughters are leading happy, independent lives.

Easy for me to say, huh?

Yup. Hey, good news about DS' apartment, Wabby.

Do you like my avatar? Ol' Molly lives on in my avatar... Our bats don't look like that one, though. They are more like big black moths. At least when they're flying. When they are downed, they look more like a small mouse with black leaves on it.


09-09-2004, 06:04 AM
That's better. Love that Halloween stuff.

Making a few changes around here. Today I bought a bedside lamp and a kitchen utensil holder thingie to replace the ones I've been using for the past 14 years. Geez, no wonder I'm depressed. AND dh is making new combination night table/book shelves for our room so we can throw out the dusty, musty, crusty ones we have now. I'm so tired of living in this dump, I tell ya. Everything must go. :devil:

Kiwi! My dh has been quite the poophead lately too. Maybe we should trade and see if things get better. Oh, I guess there'd be that language issue to deal with, wouldn't there? :lol: You'll have a blast in NY. Not that I'd know what it's like since I've been there a total of zero times, but the pictures look good. :p

My kids are driving me NUTZ. One is having anxiety attacks about the 7 minute walk to and from school, and the other one is wailing about having tooooo much homework and no time for himseeeeeeeeelf. Whine, whine, whine. And they've only been in school for three weeks.

My newest self-help book: The Purpose of Your Life: Finding Your Place in the World Using Synchronicity, Intuition, and Uncommon Sense.
Interesting so far even if it does say "As Seen on Oprah" on the cover. I'm thinking of having large quantities of "Just Say No to Oprah" stickers made up. Discuss.

Must go do something productive. :coffee:

09-09-2004, 03:06 PM
Kiweeee! I love your Molly avatar.

Bagzie, you should be proud to have raised such a well adjusted, independant young woman. Yeah, right. My DD is busy living her life, too. I only see her about once every 2 weeks, even though she lives 20 minutes away.

Sugar, I'm feeling the need to do some major clean out at my house too.I'm still just thinking about painting my bedroom. It all just sounds like so much work. Sigh.

Where are the Halloween smilies?

09-09-2004, 03:50 PM
Good question, I love a nice toothless (or one-toothed) grin. Smilies Smilies Smilies Smilies.

I think I'm losing it. It's been raining here for 2 days. The only good thing about that is that it serves as my excuse for not getting at the giant weeds in the yard.

Go Sugar -- new stuff is a great idea. I want a new kitchen table (do they sell the magic kind that doesn't accumulate junk?). Everything I have is old. And a lot of it was handed down in the first place. It's so difficult to get rid of other people's treasures that they have presented to you -- which is why we have 2 kitchen sets that I hate (one is in the attic) and other such crap.

Gee, Sugar, I'm wondering if not knowing what your spouse is saying might be a good thing!

Hey, I wonder if it's okay to get political in your sig here? I think I'll try it.

Gotta go do some laundry so DH will be all ready to skedaddle out of here tomorrow morning.


09-09-2004, 04:34 PM
Everything I have is old. And a lot of it was handed down in the first place. It's so difficult to get rid of other people's treasures that they have presented to you -- which is why we have 2 kitchen sets that I hate (one is in the attic) and other such crap.

I hear you on that one. Got grannie's coffee service for 12 taking up space in the dining room. And we don't even drink coffee. *sigh* :dizzy: Used to have umpteen tablecloths, embroidered dishtowels (MILs initials) and sweaters that dh wore whe he was 3, but I quietly turfed those when no one was looking. I don't really mind old stuff, though, as long as it's MY old stuff. :smug:

I was planning on exercising tonight, but my existantial crisis mode made it necessary for me to eat chocolate chips out of the bag instead. Bad me. Tomorrow I will spend the day throwing out crap and then I'll report back here to thrill you all with the details. :p

09-10-2004, 02:39 PM
What I hate about old stuff is the indecision I'm racked with any time I think about getting rid of it. I've gotten rid of old stuff in the past and then I'm sorry I did. Sugar, you could probably make a fortune selling stuff on e-bay. Granny's coffee service sounds like something that would bring big bucks.

This weekend is a family reunion on my dad's side. I'm not going. I don't need the grief. I'm going to bunco instead. They love me at bunco.

09-10-2004, 03:06 PM
we love you too wabbeeeeee. and i love keewi's avatar.

09-10-2004, 04:35 PM
Yep, bunco sounds better than bickering relatives.

I have that indecision paralysis too, Wabbit. I have all kinds of paralysis it seems. Let's see what I can do with a week and a half of sailing-widowdom. I have a ton of things I want to post on ebay. And a ton of things I should just throw out. It all looks so onerous. I'm thinking that watching sweaty young men play tennis is a better way to spend my time...

Going out for margie night tonight. Although I guess I have to be fairly sober, since I will have to go back out and pick up DD at the h.s. dance at 11 PM.

Sunday I'm going to a birthday party for a really oooooooooooooooooold guy: he's turning 65. What do you give an old guy with only 7 fingers? I was thinking maybe a bag of dirt. Any better suggestions?

Kiwi, the nuts

09-10-2004, 07:04 PM
Went to see Sarah Harmer last night at the theatre---she is a well loved canadian folk singer---anyway-------she had this cute folksinger from Moscow {???} Idaho!! and he opened for her----BOY was he anti-Bush---he sang a song about it and said if Bushwacker gets re-elected he was moving to Mexico for the next four years-----------the poor Dixie Chicks got in so much trouble for bashing Bush,now it seems that no one minds at all!!!!-------------regarding the cleaning and throwing out of old stuff-----------i am the worst at it but i must say----I WILL JOIN YOU ALL CAUSE THIS DUMP IS MAKING ME SICK-------------------i need a margie for SURE :dizzy:

09-10-2004, 08:10 PM
I think I'll be going out for several margies! We have a dinner date w/ some old friends that we haven't seen for a long time. DH will be my driver. He comes in handy that way sometimes.

Kiwi, now that DD has her license, she's supposed to drop you off for margies and pick you up after the dance. That way you can be an irresponsible parent and drink waaay too much. You've earned it. Dang, I wish you lived next door, DH is leaving monday for the rodeo and I'm going to be a rodeo widow all week. We could have lotsa fun.

This was the last day of work for one of our guys who has worked for us for 11 years. He's starting his own business doing window retrofits and one man type glass work. He seems to think he won't have to work as much or as hard. I didn't tell him otherwise. He'll find out soon enough. Anyway, it was a bittersweet goodbye today. We wished him well.

Are we really going to get our houses in shape, since we haven't been doing too :lol: well on shaping up ourselves??? Maybe it will just continue on to the rest of our lives. Our houses will shape up and miraculously our bodies will fall in line. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

09-10-2004, 10:28 PM
Back from the Windy City---- sort of let down. Tons o' mail to sort and maybe even answer -- will throw out what ever I can. DH is conked out asleep.... (We only did about half as much stuff as I WANTED to do, but I'm not sure I had the stamina to do more... just the desire...) I should probably go lift weights or something to really get in shape.

Found lots of wonderful places to eat. (Deep Dish pizza must surely be in my top ten list of temptations!!)... but I think I did fairly well. Wrote everything down, even though i sometimes ate more than my "recommended daily allotment.)

I have no interest in getting the house in shape. What does that mean?

Am also despondent because I read an anti-Kerry piece (about his purple heart) that made enough sense that I might have to take it seriously... which means that BOTH candidates are big fat liars. I didn't want to vote for a liar this year... you know? I'm not sure I can stand another 4 years of Bush's malapropisms... let alone policies and unilateralism.... and I don't want to move to Mexico OR Canada, for that matter. (Maybe I'll just drink Margies or Canadian.... there's a great solution!! :dizzy:

09-11-2004, 08:37 AM
if you like the climate in texas Painty---you better head for Sol Country-----Canada makes a Chicago winter seem tropical----------------we do have good beer though if you like beer {i'm a mike's girl}ANYway-------------hey kiwonkers!!! it's a beautiful day up here in the north------SOON IT WILL BE TIME FOR THE FALL FOLIAGE TOUR!!!!!! are you heading for the White Mountains????

09-11-2004, 09:24 AM
Painty, here is what I have to say about the purple heart controversy. Have you ever been shot at? I do not doubt that once there, he used the brains that got him into Yale to get out of Vietnam. If he was my son, that is what I would want him to do. Who cares about his metals. They are unimportant.
No one says this, but he was a schmuck to go to Vietnam. We all know that. He had the money and the connections to stay out, but he was probably idealistic and he went anyway, what a fool. Bush did was we all would have done given his circumstance and connections. People are such hypocrites about this that it makes me sick.
But to put Kerry on the same plane with Bush in terms of intregity is, I think, a big mistake. The people who are running our country right now are evil. I'd love to see the real numbers on # of dead in Iraq and Afganistan. I'll bet that 10,000 people have been killed there. It gauls me when we talk about 1000 americans being killed, with no mention of how many were killed on the other side....not combatants.... unarmed citizens we were liberating.
I can't understand how anyone can't see what 's going on here. Do you really think that the most powerful people in the world didn't know that there were no WMD in Iraq? I knew there were no WMD. They didn't have a plane that would fly, for God's sake.
What is scariest is that it really doesn't matter who wins, because these people will do anything. They have the congress, they have the supreme court...they aren't afraid to use them to cheat. Maybe they will lose the White House, but if Kerry wins,they will do to him what they did to Clinton and anyone else who gets in their way. got me started this morning!

09-11-2004, 11:55 AM
the singer from Idaho the other night said "too bad we don't have an exchange program for world leaders"-------------someone from the audience yelled "no thanks" but i was thinking maybe if you had our boring prime minister for awhile==== Paul Martin==== you could take a break===he is like someone's grandfather ----- nice but boring----Prime Minister Cretien ---the french PM who just left power---he had alot more spunk---that's why we fell out of favour with the Americans---he refused to join the 'colalition of the willing'--------------at the time i was worried that you guys would hate us forever,but that seems to have dissipated-ANYway----it is quite a dilemma---- too bad that the Democratic Nominee is kinda boring but that really is not the point-------i know Clinton was a skirt chaser,but I loved his speeches!!! :lol: :lol:

09-11-2004, 11:56 AM
oh yeah!!! remember when everyone used to get all up in arms at Cybermom about politics and they were flaming each other and all that!!!----i miss the good ole days----i think Dusty was probably a Rebuplican!!!------------one of my girlfriends has it down to this-----kerry gets the better entertainment---all bush has are gospel singers~!!!!

09-11-2004, 11:58 AM
lohani---get your hallowe'en avatar come one get in the spirit!!! soon i will be calling out the number of displays i am amassing========== but first we have the canadian thanksbgiving on second week of October!!

09-12-2004, 12:20 AM
Am also despondent because I read an anti-Kerry piece (about his purple heart) that made enough sense that I might have to take it seriously... which means that BOTH candidates are big fat liars.Here's what I just read. ( Andthis ( I do know that the guys who did those Swift boat veterans ads didn't serve with Kerry and are financed by Bush supporters, which says it all for me. I would be disappointed to find that Kerry'd been lying, too; I hope he hasn't. But it won't change my vote. Bush is a nightmare and he and all of his machine need to go.

Anyway, the pain of election season goes on. And on.

I have swollen glands in my throat or something.

I need to watch more tennis.


09-12-2004, 12:33 AM
Oh yeah, and I agree wholeheartedly with Lushie.

09-12-2004, 06:57 AM
Don't get me wrong, I'm in the ABBB camp (Any Body But Bush). I'd just hoped to be able to vote for someone who could think ahead more than 5 minutes and be HONEST.

Did you know there are more laws limiting what toy manufacturers can say about their toys than there are about whether political advertisers have to be honest? Maybe I'm just mad at myself because the spin Meisters have pulled the wool over my eyes a few times.
2 sites new to me: and

What does it say about me that I can relate better to skirt-chasing Clinton than Fundamentalists of any stripe?

09-12-2004, 08:46 AM
like i was saying----the skirt chaser was better --the devil you KNOW!!--plus he seemed intelligent------being a Rhodes Scholar and all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!---is Peachy in Ivan's Path??? what's going on with the crazy hurricane season!!!------------scary stuff!

09-12-2004, 02:00 PM
On the Clinton least he's honest....most men when given the choice of whether to be leader of the free world or get a bj would choose a bj. Don't you think?
It is impossible to get to the top of politics and be honest. They weed them out by that time.
I"m cooking today. I don't have time to get a new avatar...and I forget where the link is...and I'm too lazy, anyway. bye

09-12-2004, 02:12 PM
It's true--people won't vote for someone who tells them the whole truth.

09-12-2004, 04:06 PM
....most men when given the choice of whether to be leader of the free world or get a bj would choose a bj. Don't you think?

OH YES. :lol: I sorta liked Clinton.

OK, Kiwi! I'm ready to trade dh's right about now. Here's the deal: You give me the coordinates on the sailboat, and I'll arrange the rest. Why do men have to be so darn difficult? I'm going to go to bed before someone around here gets hurt. :devil:

09-12-2004, 06:15 PM
SUGAR!!! they have a new reality show called "Wife Swap"!!!! here's your chance to get rich and famous!!!! start up the Husband Swap Series!!!!-----------You better not ask advice from me ---i'm on my second husband!!!---the second time was a charm,so mention that to the dh and see how he likes that one!!! you too kiwonk!!!!----------i am sure they are perfectly lovely husbands on their good days!!! but you do get a bit jaded as you realize that THIS is it and if you don't like the looks of "forever" nows the time to figure it out!!! {since we are still so young and gorgeous}---------useless blathering i am sure but i just thought i'd weigh in on the husband scene!!! xoxoxo ;) ;) ;)

09-13-2004, 02:13 PM
Hmmm- re:husbands ---- I think in general it's less work to overhaul the ones we've got than to get a new one. Just too much work for essentially the same result.

I think I'm getting ready to get some weight off. I don't like being chunky. It's either get some weight off or go buy some new jeans. I wouldn't mind buying jeans, but not one size bigger.

09-13-2004, 06:05 PM
A Dove bar sabotaged me on the way past the pantry.

I liked Clinton, too. And I think most men would prefer the bj. Though if they thought about it, like clinton, they could have as many as they wanted AFTER they were leader of the free world.

I hope nobody's in Ivan's path. Batten down the hatches. I gotta get back to work. I'd rather take a nap. I never thought about my job as "refurbishing OTHER people's husbands/wives" before. No wonder I'm tired.

09-13-2004, 10:30 PM
OK, Kiwi! I'm ready to trade dh's right about now. Here's the deal: You give me the coordinates on the sailboat, and I'll arrange the rest. Yes, I think you'll find him relaxing. He won't really expect you to do anything because he won't want to do anything. Does yours do home maintenance? How long can I have him?

A Dove bar sabotaged me on the way past the pantry.I feel your pain. I had to split the rest of the dough ice cream with DD.

Today was DD's first day teaching guitar. She had 2 little girls, one 7 and the other about 9 or 10. One was very shy, the other never stopped talking. She's going to have some fun with this! She'll have a 3rd girl next week (they are all separate lessons). The 9-yr-old wants to learn to play "Red Neck Woman" :lol:

I had lobster yesterday at the 65th b-day (no, it was not my birthday, thank you) party. Only had half of one, but I have been paying for it all day. Whew, never encountered such a gaseous sea creature before in my life... :eek:

Thanks, I knew you'd want me to share.


09-14-2004, 12:38 PM
News Flash: I'm still chunky and I still don't like it.

Peach must be busy w/ the new job. She's neglecting her duties here.

I had planned on getting major things accomplished while DH is gone, but so far I've just been watching a lot of tv and eating. I think I may be depressed. I don't know, I'm too depressed to do anything about it.

Kiwonker, I never knew Lobster had that effect. Thanks for the warning.

Somebody come and entertain me. :^:

I forgot to mention that DS is still home while DH is gone. Just in case Mr. Internet stalker wanted to know. His knickname is Trigger Happy. And of course my neighbor Rifleman Bob is keepin an eye on things too. :lol:

Hey, all you cows dissed Oprah and now we didn't get our cars. :nono:

And this is why I'm feeling sorry for myself--- No pictures of DH on the website, but you get the idea-- He drives an immigrant wagon in this --

09-14-2004, 02:56 PM
wow wabby!!! is that your man with the thong riding the horse!!! he's hot!!!----i feel bad that you are here in cyberspace all alone,but i have to go see my friend with the colon cancer---she just saw the oncologist yesterday and she is scheduled for six months of chemo---she is depressed--------anyway-----------LOVE the Happy Pics!!! :lol: :lol:

09-14-2004, 04:28 PM
I KNEW there was some reason I wanted to move to Oregon. :lol: May still do it one of these days. Who knows what the future holds? :o

Dead tired as usual and off to bed. See yas! :smug:

09-14-2004, 05:01 PM
I had planned on getting major things accomplished while DH is gone, but so far I've just been watching a lot of tv and eating. I think I may be depressed. I don't know, I'm too depressed to do anything about it. Oh dear, that's what I've been doing. Ridiculous, because the weather is glorious, I really have much less I have to do this week than usual, I should either be enjoying it or getting something done, and I'm not doing much of either. Well, it's only Tuesday, let's get motivated!
I never knew Lobster had that effect. I don't think it usually does :shrug:
And this is why I'm feeling sorry for myself--- No pictures of DH on the website, but you get the idea-- He drives an immigrant wagon in this -- www.happycanyon.comYou usually go to this? Looks like something out of the 60s--too innocent for the 21st century, you know? I want to know what they're doing to that stiff on the box. And I have to say, I'm not a country music fan, but those 2 guys are 2 cute!

Well, I'm not getting anything done slavering over young hunks, so :wave:

Oh yeah, my cousin sent me this little tidbit of wisdom. I'm totally behind this idea:

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well-preserved body,
but rather to skid in sideways, Champagne in one hand, strawberries in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO HOO - what a ride!


09-14-2004, 05:07 PM
Wild Cow Milking?

09-14-2004, 09:19 PM
HI. Yes. I am in the Ivan path. I have $244 worth of canned food, juice, water, chocoalte and extra underwear as they say the power could be off for three or four weeks. I wonder how I am to wash my hair. So if you don't hear from me, it's because my hair is dirty. I went to work Monday but Tuesday it was locked up. That's today. Schools are closed through Thursday already. That's it. Signing out.

09-15-2004, 02:58 AM
Be safe, Peachy!

09-15-2004, 12:46 PM
Batten down those hatches!!! This hurricane thing is getting totally out of hand!!! Are you sure you don't prefer earthquakes?

09-15-2004, 05:21 PM
Here's a tip for Peachy: fill your bathtub with water.

Really, I hope everything will be okay. I guess you're not close enough to a danger area to evacuate. Well, if you can, come back and let us know what's going on.

DD's schedule has already caught up with her; she came home this afternoon, made a cup of tea and went up to bed. Sniffling all the way.

Later gators

09-15-2004, 05:59 PM
Kiwonkers!!!--never Have I Had Such A Stressful Year As The Last Year Of Highschool With Both Of My Girls!!!!----dd20 Was The School Pres Which Was A Giant Headache And Dd18 Was Studying Her Arse Off---------they Were Always Sniffling!!!!---which Can Lead To You Having To Sniffle Too!!!! I Feel Your Pain!!!!---how Is The Lushette Doing In Grade 12----i Know Kiwietta Is Not In "senior" Year Yet.....................wonder How Poor Hurricane Peach Is Doing..............................

09-15-2004, 08:05 PM
Still sleepin' single in a double bed - remember that song? hee. :lol: I'm starting to get attached to DH's side of the bed, though. It's closer to the bathroom, and the door. I think I may like his lamp better too. It's the same lamp as on my side of the bed, but for some reason I like it better. He may have to forfeit his side.

Has anyone seen the reality show, Trading Spouses? I watched it last night and it was fascinating in a sad way. The husband in one family was a real jock type person. His oldest son was obviously (to any outsider) gay, or if not gay, pretty effeminite. He was a really sweet boy and his inability to relate to his dad was heartbreaking. The husband in the other family was a ne'er-do-well immature but lovable type. Both wives thought their real spouses were wonderful and absolutely couldn't see their faults. I think it's my favorite new reality show. Watch it. It's like a train wreck, once you start watching you just can't look away.

As you can tell, I'm still in an eating-tv watching marathon.

09-15-2004, 11:18 PM
I think I was posting when our entire house went black. And just as quickly, the electricity came back on. Very odd -- no weather to explain it. I don't think DD and I were overloading the circuits or anything, we only had 2 computers, a printer, a scanner, a stereo, half a dozen lights, 2 TVs and a satellite system on. Big deal.

I say I think I was posting because I can't remember a word I had typed before, but I know I intended to respond to Wabbit's TV marathon. I haven't watched Trading Spouses, but I am totally enthralled by the Amazing Race, now in its next to last week I believe. Tomorrow the new season of Survivor begins and I suppose I will also be enthralled with that.

Does anyone know what to do with leftover broiled chicken breasts that are not quite as juicy and tender as one had hoped? I mean they definitely are going to have to be dismembered and added to something; I'm just not sure whether it would be better to shred or dice them, and what to add them to. They really were, um, chewy. :rolleyes: Maybe I should grind them...

Keeping Dogpatch in my thoughts. Good grief I was watching the Weather Channel and they had people at the beach right near Peachietown talking about how the waves could be as high as 20 feet there in a matter of hours. :yikes:


09-16-2004, 12:56 PM
How about cube them in small pieces, add to a cream sauce made of milk and chicken broth (and a flour and butter rue) add a package of frozen veggies, heat through and top w/ a storebought pie crust or bisquick dough. Bake and you have a chicken pot pie. :hun:

Keeping my fingers crossed for Peach. Hope she's doing fine.

We have old farm house wiring, Kiwi. We can't run the air conditioner (window kind, not enough electricity for central air) and the dishwasher or microwave at the same time. At least we had the plumbing and water line replaced so we can take a shower and flush the toilet at the same time. :cb:

09-16-2004, 04:07 PM
Oo Yummmm Chicken Pot Pie. Good idea.

I remember many years back, DH put in an extra electrical box in the basement (Mr. Elec. Engineer); I'm not sure whether that allowed us to have more stuff going at once or whether it was just to have more breakers, but we don't usually have a problem. We do have the ancient "old farm house" wiring coming into the house -- one time in a storm the line came down and we had to have the electric company look at it. They said it was the original line from the 1930s or something and there wasn't much they could do about it. They had to replace the section that actually came into the house, but there's still 1930s wiring out there in other sections. It's amazing that we don't lose power more often. Now don't get me started on plumbing...

Hope Peaches still has a roof. We should have sent her some hip-waders, looks like.


09-16-2004, 06:22 PM
We only have a 100 amp service coming into the house. It would cost a couple thousand to update it, and I'm just too cheap to do it. I'd rather buy new furniture.

It looks like Ivan may have missed our Peachy's area. Anyway that is according to AOL weather, not that it's accurate.

I just went to lunch w/ my mom. Had pasta. Yummmmmm.

09-16-2004, 11:50 PM
I hope that Peachy is high and dry and appropriately electrified AND flushing.... Ladies, doesn't it seem odd to you that we can IM and e-mail and transmit pictures, but we still can't count on the sockets having "juice."

I was happy to hear on the news today that GWB and JFK are neck and neck. NOW, if only some of the really SMART people (who probably aren't running for office) will help us voters figure out the real issues and the best answers so that THEN we can decide who to vote for.

Too bad that Pinochio's growing nose trick doesn't work in the 21st centure. Of course probably no politician would be able to wear a turtleneck ever again.:nose::nose::nose::dizzy:

09-17-2004, 12:40 PM
Good morning cowsies. I have nothing to say, just good morning. :coffee:

09-17-2004, 04:10 PM
:flow2: Good morning! :flow2:

I have nothing to say either. At the moment I'm trying to research my Dish Network tV system. I have unfortunately discovered that the problems I'm having with the thing are bugs in the equipment and so common that it doesn't even seem worthwhile to complain about them. Blah.

One of these tropical storms seems to arrived here -- without the storm part! It's just tropical today! I should go swimming!


09-17-2004, 07:51 PM
We got the storm without the tropical. It's cold and rainy.

We have a satellite system too, Kiwi. I hate it. I really hate it. As soon as our one year contract is up, I'm switching back to cable. When you have cable tv, you turn it on and watch it. I don't remember needing to call customer service once in the 10 years we had it. I'm constantly calling Dish network for problems. We lose signal, we get the signal but can't change the channel, we bump the remote the wrong way and the whole thing goes haywire. Did I mention that I hate it?

DD and I are going to see Vanity Fair tonight w/ Reese Witherspoon. It's not supposed to be all that good, but I'm a sucker for the beautiful costumes. Had lunch w/ my sis today. I can't figure it out, but with all the eating I've been doing, the scales were down 3 pounds this morning. It's a mystery.

Have a loverly weekend.

09-17-2004, 09:59 PM
Wabbs... congrats on being 3# down. I understand that cutting out sugar allows the metabolism to de-tox very well. Unfortunately, iI snarfed down a whole (but not huge) bag of Reisen's last night. I can feel my waddle returning. But I'm drinking tons o water and skipping sugar and refined stuff at least til Monday... so the chocolate bloat will go away before it decides to take up permanent residence.

09-18-2004, 11:12 PM
crappy day-----------rained ALL day-------------wonder how poor peach pie is doing---looks awful down there in her neck of the woods...............blahhhhhhhhhh

09-19-2004, 08:39 AM
Ach, I'm exhausted. I've been a librarian all week. Remember how I thought I'd like spending my day in a library...being bookish etc. Well, I was wrong. It was very boring and very clerical. Lots of checking in and out and alphabetizing.'s a drag having to tell people to be quiet all the time. So, librarian is off my "what I want to do when I grow up" list.

I hope Peachez is ok. There is lots of flooding around here. I’m holding my breath…we’re wetlands..which is a nice way of saying that I live in a swamp. I keep thinking that during one of these rainstorms, it will rise up and claim the house. As they build more and more of those hideous boxy mcmansions around here, the water has no where to go. For the first time in an age, I off sugar. I feel so much better. My hot flashes were beyond endurance, I thought it may help and it does…luckily. I’m also avoiding coffee with less success.

WTG on 3lbs..wabby.
My hometown,which is so republican that there are no local elections outside of the primaries, is going for Kerry. That means that if Bush does win, it’s because he cheats…which is why he won before….but it will be official this time.

Bagzie, Lushette of grade 12 is one busy girl. She kept her job…checker in supermarket…but only works Wednesdays and weekends. I remember taking idiot courses as a senior, but they don’t’ do that anymore,do they? They do their freshman year of college, so she’s busy. Her illness last year really changed her. She is so mature. She’s too old for high school, which sort of makes me sad. She’s not into all the senior stuff. Lots of kids skip their senior year and go right to college to take real college courses rather than AP courses. She was ready to start college this year, but she couldn’t have lived in a dorm. She says that isn’t important to her; but, I think it’s important. I hope she’ll go away and live in a dorm next year, but I’m not sure. She isn’t into partying(whose daughter is she?) and doesn’t think communal living looks all that attractive. Because she has her own car, she’s very independent. She runs her life better than I run mine.

My boys are packing up the trailer to go dirtbiking. I should get myself in gear…Have a great week. L

09-19-2004, 03:03 PM
She runs her life better than I run mine.
Same here. Thank goodness.

We have colds out here in Podunkland. I feel icky. Just in time for DH to come home so he can take care of us. :lol: :rofl: :lol3: Okay, just in time for DH to come home so he can catch it too and be helpless.

I've got to call my brother. He lives in the southwest corner of NC where they've had massive flooding. Fortunately he lives at the top of a mountain, so I don't think he will have washed away...


09-19-2004, 03:41 PM
hey y'all.

First, Bagz, I have your email address in my address books. I don't have any others but have only yours. Who knows why. I sent you a text-message from my cell phone but there's no way to put a subject so I know it looked like spam.

Second, I send Lushbat a card telling her how bored I am because this coulda lasted longer and you'd all wonder what I was doing.

It was scary. DS and I slept in the big closet in my bedroom and there were wind noises but not too much. The part I remember most about the storm is a Panama City radio station that stayed on through the use of multiple generators and kept us undated (The eye is partially on land) but the radio guy became franticccc when a trailer park in Alabama was blown away and rescue units went out. His radar showed another tornado inthe same area and he was pleading, demanding that the rescue units get out of that area before they were hurt as well. Occasionally, he'd say, "Folks, I know this is Florida station and you want to hear what's going on in our state but we're trying to save lives here." He was not quite calm and the drama of it all was terrible. The next day, broadcasters on that station said they believed lives had been saved because of that effort. Most stations were out so if you wanted to hear anything, you ended up with a group of stations that were putting out the same thing.

We only had one tiny rotten tree blow over. Power was out for a couple of days, water stayed on, telephone came and went. Even with power and phone lines we couldn't get online though.

State officials (forestry guys) were giving out ice and we went to get some as the fridge was about warmed up.They threw a box of MREs in the car, too. That was fun. The power was on when we got home but the MREs are just fascinating. Mine had a mint-chocolate chip coffee, two Tootsie Rolls, hot chocoalte powder, coffee power, cream power, sugar, gum, weird bread and jalapeno cheese stuff to put on it and the main dish of chili/macaroni. I kind of liked it. DS wants the rest for camping.

Schools still aren't open here and won't tomorrow. They're still assessing buildings for damage.

I have the best-stocked pantry in the whole cow kingdom.

09-19-2004, 10:00 PM
Congratulations on your well-stocked pantry! I'm pretty sure we could live for about a month on what's in our freezer and pantry. We even have jugs of frozen water (yes, some people call it ice...)

I'm so glad everything is A-okay. MREs sound, um, lovely.


09-20-2004, 12:03 AM
So the government really does want us fat and stupid... passing out choc. mint MRE's AND putting high fructose cornsyrup in every every everything.
If anybody asks who I'm voting for I'm gonna say Bush... but vote for Kerry. I hope everyone else is thinking the same devious thing. Problem is, that in Texas my vote probably won't be worth an old cow chip. Grrr.

DD invited me to MA for my birthday-- but waited so long there are no flights except at 6 am or ones that cost $1000+ Can't justify it for just a weekend even if there WAS a yarn festival. Kind of crabby now as a result.... But I ate right today and DH and I took a walk this evening... (It was the annual hot air balloon festival in Big D, so the dogs were all barking, birds twittering and the big gas bags (not us!!) going "whooooosh," whooooooosh.....
Hope your Monday excedes expectations.

09-20-2004, 06:21 PM
and NO----i have no intention of growing up------someone might make me work in a library!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:smug: :smug: :smug:

09-20-2004, 07:53 PM
Happy happy birthday, Painty!!! :hb: :hat: :cb: Sounds like a festive birthday evening.

Peachez, I'm glad to hear you rode out the hurricane ok. That was too close for comfort. Did you get any damage around your area? Thank goodness the MRE had lots of chocolate. I wouldn't want any of our troops to get pms and not have plenty of chocolate.

Librarian has never been on my list of things I want to do when I grow up, Lushy. I've never seen a librarian actually looking like they're having a good time. I can't believe your baby girl is so grown up. And just how did you get off without a whole bunch of teenage angst??? no fair.

Thanks for all the congrats on the 3 lbs. It's already back. That's how it is with weight that mysteriously disappears without dieting and exercise.

DH is back. He didn't bring me any presents. I'm thinking he may have to pay. He said rodeo goers are rabidly pro-Bush. What do you expect from ppl who wrestle helpless little calves to the ground for entertainment? It doesn't matter here anyway. The race is always called several hours before our polls close out here on the edge of the world.

Sorry you're feeling under the weather, Kiwi.

Hi Sugar, what's up? I'm off to check out your new sweetheart, Bagzie. Did I miss anyone? I'm blaming it on old timers disease.

09-20-2004, 08:35 PM
Bagzoid, what's this library comment? Explain.

Tonight DS made dinner. Delicious tacos. Life is so good!

I have a friend who adores Bush. I am sending her gifts to help her through the loss of her idol (not a minor, either, Bagz!) when the election comes about. Tissues so far and then anAmerican flag that Herbicide got for donating to his last "Cheat Gore out of office" campaign. Any other suggestions will be welcome.

All Canadians can sing. This is no big deal.

09-20-2004, 10:52 PM
Annoying/sad change in my plans: American airlines is too hoity toity or full for me to go to MA for birthday. Will have to stay home with DH and swill champagne or something..... Still have a couple weeks to drop hints at home before the speedometer turns this one over.

Re librarians: I was one. for 15 years. (Yeah, I'm old, but I'm gonna go check out Bagzz's hot teen stud!!). Being a school librarian is THE WORST, because they expect you to file and file and file and file. Public or corporate is better because you know stuff the customers/patrons DON'T, so they have to be nice to you when you find it for them! We were unhappy with the bureaucracy, but it was really cool spending LOTS of money on books and getting the new ones first.

Cowper... how about bumperstickers that say:
Failure is plenty good enough.
It wasn't our fault!

We have GOT to start making these guys talking about the issues instead of making their cosmetically enhanced little innuendos. How on earth did Bush turn Kerry's criticism of Iraqi chaos into a pro-Saddam remark.... That is more twisted than pretzels-- or Michael Jackson, for that matter.

Love to all.

09-21-2004, 03:44 PM new site---hahahhhahha

09-21-2004, 04:49 PM
If anybody asks who I'm voting for I'm gonna say Bush... but vote for Kerry. I hope everyone else is thinking the same devious thing. I'm begging you, please don't do that. People ask who you're voting for in order to validate their own opinions -- you say you're voting for Bush, you could actually help someone make up their mind to vote for Bush too.

I know I'm taking this way more seriously than any of you meant, but I do think this is a crucial election, and I'm constantly astonished at how many people think Dubya is some kind of gleaming model of virtue. The man was a drunk; he was arrested 3 times. Arrested 3 times! How is this is not an issue? People say they care about character -- that was the whole right wing reason for their hatred of Clinton. Apparently there were many thousands of people who voted against Gore because of Clinton's personal character issues! That's how sensible and thoughtful our electorate is, so sarcasm and subtlety are totally lost on many people. Bush and the machine behind him have used their power with ruthlessness and cynicism for selfish gain at the expense of our economy and security. They need to be brought down.

Sorry, I'm done. This election is going to kill me.

Bagzie, your teen idol is a doll. What is he, 14? You can be arrested for that, you know... :lol: I love that his photos were taken by Jan Bunney. How cute is that?

Wow, DS is cooking for you, Peachie? Excellent!


09-21-2004, 05:01 PM
hahha---he looks fourteen but he will be nineteen in november---old enough to drink in canada---old enough to get killed in Iraq if he hangs out with DUBBY DUNCE-----i agree with kiwonkers--------------cut down the Bush!!!!!----------and vote Kalan for Canadian Idol--------haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa---------------fortunately dd18 is in love with cutie pie too so i will have to settle for being his muther in lawwwwwwwww!!!! i am loooosing it{and i don't mean pounds!!!}

09-21-2004, 06:14 PM
So what you're saying is it's not your birthday?? I thought you'd gone to see the balloons instead of flying to MA for your b-day. Like Roseanne Roseannadanna said never mind

Today was my big sis's birthday. Mom and I took her out to lunch and I gave her some really purdy earrings. It helps the sting of turning 55. She looks great, though. The guys here at work thought she was in her 40's. She exercises to videos and walks 2 miles daily. She also doesn't drink anymore. Makes a difference.

09-21-2004, 10:58 PM
I totally agree, Kiwi. People also stay away from the polls if they think it is a sure thing...either a sure win for their candidate or a sure loss.
I have two sons who will be approaching draft age in the time it will take for the Bushzies to get it in place. This is an important election. One good thing...Kerry has been making some strong appearances on mainstream tv shows...Letterman and Regis..both were funny.
Poor Peachpernia. What an experience she's had in the past week! I got her card which is quite gripping. Natural disasters are somewhat exciting from 1300 miles away.
This school business is like pulling teeth with these boys. I'm exhausted...I have to go drill...bye

09-22-2004, 03:37 PM
We had John Edwards and Dick Cheney both visit my little town last week. We never get the big guns. Just the veeps. Of course both of them had town forums, but no one knew about it before hand and all the tickets were already issued to who, I don't know.

That horrible man who murdered those 2 girls here is expected to change his plea to guilty to avoid the death penalty. He claimed to be insane earlier, but I guess he's sane enough to figure out that he doesn't want to end up on death row.

We're having a week of beautiful weather here. Wish I wasn't working.

09-22-2004, 04:49 PM
:sunny: It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor. :dance: Won't you be my neighbor? Too bad I'm too tired to enjoy it. I got no sleep last night. Actually I haven't slept hardly at all at night all week. I've been sleeping during the day. Doesn't quite do it. :sp:

Bagz, I think we should let you Canadyens vote in our elections. And we'll vote in your Canadian Idol. Who was it who said that the world ought to be allowed to vote in our presidential elections because we were making a mess all over the world lately? I remember reading that recently, somebody from Europe I believe. Maybe it was Sugar.

DD got a different part in the play; she's been promoted -- she's now a ditsy dancer who has a few more lines than the previous role, and maybe a few solo bits too. She's happy.

I'm boring. Talk amongst yourselves. I saw that Letterman show with John Kerry. That was a good move. He made a good impression. Too bad they followed the interview with a performance by Green Day of a song called "American Idiot" -- not that I could understand all the words, but it seemed to be about how stupid rednecks and other people were. Don't think Kerry would want to be associated with that.... Oh well. When I run the world...


09-22-2004, 06:50 PM
Hi Ladies:
I just signed up here although I've been lurking for awhile. I just wanted to stop and say hi....I've enjoyed 'reading' you... I actually belong to another online diet support group. However, lately the most active group is one composed of ladies over 60. Sweet gals.....but I just don't have anything in common with them. I'm 54 but I feel (most of the time) about 32.
Well now that I've started typing I can't think of anything witty to I'll just tell you about me! (heavily edited for brevity..)
In April of this year, I re-married; to my Best Friend-we met on the internet after he responded to my Personal Ad in 2000. =) I have 2 sons, ages 27 and 31 who are, thankfully out on their own. I hope.
I have lost about 25 lbs over the past year (toooo slowly) and would love to say byebye forever to another 25. Getting enough exercise and eating enough vegetables are the hardest thing for me. Also I love bread. (sigh).
Ooops I better go: will be back again---thanks!

Chris =)

09-23-2004, 01:04 PM
Hi Choca, and welcome. I don't know if we can provide weight loss support, but we sure know how to commiserate.

AOL news said Hurricane Ivan may be heading back to Florida. Didn't he do enough damage the first time around?? What do you hear, Peach?

09-23-2004, 02:29 PM
Hi choco. What a great name! How'd you lose the weight.

Wabby, Ivan is coming back to pee on us.

09-23-2004, 04:53 PM
Feeling like a slug. Eating like a pig. It's rainy and windy and cold - they say it's Ivan's fault. Got my hair cut and it makes me look 65. I'm crabby and my life sucks. Or is that SOCKs?

Hi choco! Wow, 25 lbs? That's excellent. Maybe you can give us some pointers.

Kiwi! Did you whiz on down to the airport today to see Cat Stevens? Wasn't me about the politics thing. I saw some website, though, where people from all over the world could put in their "votes" for Bush or Kerry. Interesting to see it split up country by country.

Hi Wabby and Bagzie and Peachy and Lushy! It's only Thursday but I think I need a margie already.

09-23-2004, 07:36 PM
Hi everybody! Ahh... pointers...weight loss... are you sure you want to talk about that? (grin)

First I had to like myself as is. Tough to do!
Then I had to get all the junk food out of the house.
Write down everything I eat.
Count calories
Exercise (ACK! WHAT??? is that??)
Drink a ton of water
I had to develop patience to lose slowly and not freak out if I went up a pound (or 2)
but keep at it.

Sorta hit a plateau but....I haven't gained any back and Maintenance is an Art Form too doncha think? I'd LOVE love LOVE to get down to 135 lbs again, but that's (gulp) 40 lbs away at the moment and 150 looks pretty good from here at the moment.

Currently: 173
Goal: 145
Height: 5"5' (well almost)
Age: 54

I wish I could send you ladies some of our weather here in California.... it's sunny, warm, not too hot.. clear and gorgeous... balmy comfortable evenings. We could use some rain....maybe we can work out a swap? Have a great evening!

Chris =)

09-23-2004, 11:23 PM
Welcome, chocashopaholic!

My computer is driving me crazy. The modem keeps hanging up on me. Very rude. I need DSL or something. Unfortunately I can't get it here. Yes, indeed, I live in the boonies. If I lived 2 miles closer to town, I could have DSL. But nooooooooo :no:

Hi Sugar, Sock! No, I didn't go to the airport for the festivities. He's a terrorist, isn't he? :lol: I will never understand the logic. :shrug: I believe the lesson is: don't change your name to Islam.

Speaking of such, did you hear that Madonna has assumed a Jewish name of Esther? What is it about pop singers? We're not supposed to really take them seriously, are we? Let's see, Cat Stevens went from Greek Orthodox to Muslim, Bob Dylan went from Jewish to Born Again Christian, didn't he?, Madonna went from Catholic to Jewish. Are we missing anyone? No one seems to want to convert to Catholicism. Or Shinto.

Hmm, weight loss, there's a topic. I may have lost half a pound. Don't worry, I'll find it.


09-24-2004, 02:11 AM
Kiwi-- check out this guy's blogs.... he gives great talking points for those of our political persuasion. You made a great point about lying to pollsters... but I still don't want to help the bushies out of their smarmy complacency.

ChocShop- welcome. I think I'm one of the newer ones on this list. What I like about this group is it is friendly but not particularly intense (well, usually). Few drama queens here. What a relief!

My nutritionist keeps saying a pound a week is a GOOD speed at which to lose pounds. If it's the end of september (month 9) x 4.3 weeks/month that'd only be 39 pounds... 25 sounds great!! (I need to remind myself of that.... 15 (out of 100+ sounds pitiful to my own ears.)

I think people's religions should be mandatory secrets. I'd like to have a conversion experience: to THIN!

09-24-2004, 07:51 AM
DARLINGGGGGG PAINTSTER!!!! YOU MUST KNOW BY NOOOOOOOOW THAT I AM THE DRAAAAAAAAMA QUEEN AROUND HERE!!! AFTER ALL---------I AM THE COUGAR WHO IS CURRENTLY IN LOVE WITH AN EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD POP STAR!!!! :smug: :smug: :smug: i could probably get Kiwi to join me in my adolescent journey IF SHE ONLY HAD THE DAMN DSL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i may have to go back to nature where she resides and have a peaceful march about it!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D CHOCOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so far,what i am most thrilled with about your revelations-----------------you are in your fifties AND you want to be as skinninyas you were "before"------------you know that when we get to OUR age and a simple haircut can age us FIFTEEN years { SUGAR------laughed me arse off over THAT remark}-----------they tell US that we shoud NEVER be as thin as we WERE cause that will look TERRIBLE and bring out all the NECK WADDLES,CREVICES,BAGS,SAGS and SAUSAGE CASINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!----------wellllllllll--------- I LOVE THAT YOU WANT TO GET DOWN TO 135!!!AND I THINK PEACHERS AND WABBY ARE THE ONLY COWS WHO HAve EVER DONE THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I WANT TO WEIGH 140 AGAIN AND I AM HITCHING MY STAR TO CHOCOS------------that is all i have to say for now----------------i have to go check out Kalan's new BMG music site-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

09-24-2004, 06:20 PM
Sugar, 15 years??? really? Did you dye it grey??? I just got back from the bank where one of the tellers told me I looked tired. Geez. I hate that. I wasn't tired, but once you get old like me you look it. This is after the conversation (while watching extreme makeover) w/ my DH yesterday in which he asked me what new cosmetic surgery I was interested in. I wasn't interested in any, but now I think he must think I need it. I asked him what he thought I would want - I had in mind lasik eye surgery, but he came up with "fix your neck and eyelids". Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhhh!!! Sob.

I want to be thin even though it would make my sags and bags even saggier and baggier.

I'm thinking of becoming a recluse and never leaving my house.

I have no fun things planned for the weekend. DH is going fishing on Saturday, even tho he just got back from a week long vacation. By himself. Without his wife. I think he's going to take me out to dinner tonight and I plan on having several margies. Several. Maybe I will plan a bbq w/ friends on Saturday night. I need some fun. Guess I need to make my own.

09-24-2004, 07:23 PM
I want you to come and have fun with me, Wabbit. And anyone else who's available. I actually went to the trouble of calling some folks to see if they'd like to go out for margies tonight and they were busy. And that was the only couple I could think of. I'm so pitiful. Here it is 6 PM and I'm not doing anything tonight. DH and I are sitting here trying to get rid of adware on our computers. You'd think people would be lining up to socialize with us..... ;)

I'm thinking of going to the Common Ground ( fair this weekend -- it's trés organic.

Have a good weekend, everyone.


P.S. Bagz, it's true I haven't gotten below 155 or so since I was pregnant 16+ years ago, but I used to be a 125 lb chicky. Sad eh? I blame DH :devil:

09-25-2004, 07:44 PM
Wabbs, what a cruel and unusual thing for your DH to say...... Does he need the rest of us to come bonk him on the head and tell him the "right" thing to say is "You look beautiful to me just the way you are"? or to tell him what surgeries we'd like HIM TO GET? :devil: :devil: :devil:

I have managed to lose a few pounds during and after vacation. I might make me believe in religion... except I don't think anything but physics (Weight = Bulk + calories - exertion) were at work. I certainly wouldn't want to think that anything Almighty were being DELIBERATE about Ivan or Jeanne or Iraq or Haiti, or EVEN the Dems and Reps. humph.

Hope the margies are adequate Kiwi -- you've inspired me to get some rum and mint! oh, and splenda :D :D

09-26-2004, 01:43 AM
Here's the good news: I am now actually at the start weight shown in my sig.

The bad news? It's been several months getting back there. :ink: :ink:

The fair we're going to tomorrow only sells organic food and beverages. Apparently there will be no cotton candy. Unless of course it is made with Maine maple syrup. Actually I had some of that last year at the Folk Festival. Mmm Organic Junk Food! No coffee though, unless someone is growing organic coffee beans in this state. Seems unlikely, but caffeine is a powerful motivator!
We're going to see the Draft Horse competition and the Oxen Log Scooting Contest and the Harry S. Truman Manure Pitch-Off! And if we play our cards right, we might be able to catch the seed cleaning demonstrations!
Y'all have fun, y'hear?


09-26-2004, 03:01 PM
Kiwi-- That's is the WEIRDEST bunch of stuff I've ever heard, and I thought Texas was peculiar. We are , apparently, having a big success selling fried marshmallows though... with or without chocolate. I think there have been cow-chip tossing contests in the past, but I don't know who they were named for. I liked the pig races when i went to the Calif. state fair once. I prefered the sheep competition.... what a yarn that was....
heh heh.

09-26-2004, 08:53 PM
kiwonkers!!!---------i would LOVE The organic fair----------very cooool---i had maple syrup cappucino once and it was to die for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!okay peachers--do you remember the uptown "market" in my town---i am pretty sure we walked through it-=-----i can't remember if kiwonk walked through or not----at any rate,i am negotiating with a gift shop owner in the market---- i may BUy the space she inhabits----------then i will be a "gift shop owner"---ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-----i am SCARED out of my wits--------i would be able to sell my stained glass,paintings,etc and those of my friends AND i would have to go the atlantic craft trade shows and the Toronto Gift Show to access wholesalers etc-------I HAVE BEEN OUT OF THE WORKFORCE SO LONG I AM HAVING A PANIC ATTACK,YET I AM THRILLED WITH THE POSSIBILITIES....................OLD FAT COW IS HAVING A COW........................... :o :o :o :o :o :( :( :(

09-27-2004, 02:39 AM
Bagzz... HOW EXCITING If you decide to carry yarn as well, be sure to let me know so my daughter and I can put you on our itinerary.

Have many of you met each other? :cofdate: It sounds like fun... even maple lattes (I usually like hazelnut or vanilla) I am feeling lonely these days. :stress: (Probably why the hershey nuggets can be heard at an ultrahigh frequency that only dogs are supposed to be able to hear).... DH hasn't felt well, and I've allowed myself to heavily rely on him for entertainment... so now I've switched my "neediness" to the net and clients... that doesn't have a happy ending. hmm. better do something about THAT! :nono:

Tomorrow is Monday how did that happen?:stress:
Good luck cowies. Enjoy the almost full moon.

09-27-2004, 01:09 PM
Bagzie!!!! That sounds so exciting!!! I'd be scared too, but what new thing like that isn't scarey? Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and jump in.

Painty, I haven't "met" any one here. Unless you count yapping away every single day for ---geez, I don't even remember how many years. I live on the wrong coast, but those eastern cows have gotten together in 3-d.

We did go out to dinner friday night, I did have a margie (I exaggerate my drinking ability) and DH didn't go fishing Saturday. He went fishing Sunday, but that was ok because I was shopping w/ a friend that day and when he came back we took a lovely nap and then he took me out to dinner. Saturday we did household cleanup stuff and then visited some friends and drank some yummy wine and then came home and some other friends stopped by and hung out until late. So even though I was all set for a bad weekend, it turned out pretty nice.

Kiwi, your organic fair sounds like a blast! That's just the kind of thing ppl around here like to go to.

09-28-2004, 03:47 PM
Hi everybody!

I got kindof busy and didn't get back...(I'm at work, sitting at my desk eating some leftover green beans and a chicken/noodle thing I made for dinner last night....not very inspiring..) Anyhow, my computer at home is hiccuping as well; seems like every time I get online I get booted off. We have DSL too; it seems to me that a NEW computer is JUST the thing I'd LOVE to see under the Christmas tree......

Anyway.. I got seduced by a couple of Halloween chocolate goodies yesterday.. fortunately they were the 'fun size' so I don't feel TOO badly. This morning just as I was thinking I should have worn a longer top with these jeans ( to cover my JLo butt) a friend told me that I look great and so much slimmer and how well I'm doing losing! So--true or not--it made me feel better!!! Amazing, isn't it, how little it takes to encourage me to stay away from the Lure of Fattening Food.

We had a small earthquake this morning... somewhere between us and LA.
Somebody came down the hall and pointed out that the stuff in my ofc window was still swinging--then I realized that's why my computer had been moving and I'd felt kindof dizzy/queasy. Weird. ( I knew it'd been too long since yesterday's sugar for that to have affected me.... lol)

Well my food is almost gone (what a relief--really boring lunch) so I'd better stop babbling and get back to work. WORK!

Have a great day!


09-28-2004, 04:36 PM
Oh dear; I have a very bad feeling. I've been keeping an eye on airline prices without booking reservations for Christmas, because it seemed that they kept going down. So now I'm not finding flights on the days we have to fly! Good grief, it's only September! Da** school system really screwed us up good this year: they changed the vacation schedule drastically(I looked that; that really is how you spell it...) so that the kids only get 2 days off before Christmas. Then they scheduled the high school Christmas concert on the Tuesday of that week. Meaning we only have 3 days we can travel on, one of which is a school day and one of which is Christmas Eve for heaven's sake.

The Organic fair was very cool. It was a gorgeous day -- we both got sunburns. We learned about mushroom foraging, we watched sheepdog demonstrations, draft horse contests, lots of animals, plants, much fiber spinning, weird food items etc. And drumming. Lots of drumming. Not as hippie-ish as you might have thought. I think mainly because all of these people work very hard at what they do and don't have all that much time for dancing barefoot in the field.... :lol:

I'll be back later. Gotta go pick up the kid.


09-28-2004, 07:32 PM
Kiwi, hope you get the tickets you need. Where is home for Christmas for you? I forgot. Carolinas? I'm planning on doing Thanksgiving dinner at home for my immediate family. As in DS, DD, DH, DS's gf, Grandpa Jim a few misc. friend's of my kid's, and me. I bought the cutest cornstalk taper candles. Can't believe it's already time to think of the holidays again.

Choca, no earthquakes here, but Mt. St. Helens is grumbling again. The last time she erupted was the year DD was born. That should have been an omen.

Painty, Lonely seems to be the plague of women. We get too busy taking care of our families, and all of the sudden they're grown. We should look on it as a luxury to have the time to get lonely or bored. Except that it's sooooo lonely and boring. :dizzy:

09-29-2004, 08:10 AM
OK, let's get the whining and complaining out of the way first : I can't sleep because it's a full moon, the dirty clothes in my laundry room come up to my knees and I spent yesterday singlehandedly keeping the feminine hygiene industry afloat. So there. :p

Today I'm in a much better mood, if it wasn't for this RAGING :headache: which stems directly from this morning's meeting of the Library Ladies. It's Baldwin the Bookworm's first birthday in February, you know, and of course they want to go overboard and do stuff involving 365 candles made out of wine corks, 20 sheet cakes with icing and various hilariously fun activities. I think I signed myself up for something but I have no idea how to do it. I wasn't the only one who got a headache. Going back next week for more, of course because what else is there to do in this place? Huh? Huh?

Bagzieee!! You're going to be a businesswoman!!! Just the thought of doing something like that scares me spitless, but it's totally your thing. You can do it. You'll be famous!

Mummy and Dad got back from their trip to Oregon and I sent and e-mail to ask how it was and get this back: "Just wrote you a long letter but the computer ate it. Grrr! Must go watch Sopranos now. No time to write. " That was three days ago. Hmphhh! You know those retired people. Always on the go.

I'm changing my official starting weight to 160 (when I get around to it) and getting serious about exercising. TOO many fat rolls around the middle, thank you very much. This will not do at all.

Peachy - did you get hit by Jeanne too? Worried about yas.

09-29-2004, 02:50 PM
Sug, can I whine too? I've got the headache and Aunt Flo's visiting here too. Misery loves company, I guess.

09-29-2004, 03:09 PM
You go ahead and whine right along with me, Wabby. Must be the full moon thing. I took two extra strength Advil migraine thingies today and it's still there. Anyone else want to join in?

Found out why Mummy hadn't written. My aunt came out from back east to whine and complain about my dad's no good brother (74!) who left her for a hairdresser, my sil got strep throat and had to leave 3 yr old grandson with my parents while they were already looking after divorced brother's 8 and 12 yr old granddaughters, and father of 3 yr old (still married but just barely) went out on a hike with a female buddy of his from work and didn't get home until 10:30 at night and couldn't be reached on his cell phone. I think he's grounded for the next 6 months. :lol:

Wouldn't you all just love to have such an exciting life?

Must go fold laundry.

09-29-2004, 04:36 PM
I'm having a sympathetic headache with you all even though I don't have my period.

Wow, Sugar, I had to read that saga twice to get it all straight. Apparently your parents should have prolonged their vacation ;)

Golly, is it Blippy the Bookworm's birthday already? Whatever will I get him... Your library cronies are nuts. They need some crisis or other to keep their minds occupied. How about an attack of termites in the Biography section?

I'm all excited about Bagz' new career!! I need a career. No I don't.

Ohmygod, is it really almost Thanksgiving? I can't deal. Good luck with the family dinner, Wabbit. If we can't find decent flights to NC for Christmas, we might change our minds and go for Thanksgiving, I suppose. Not that we've been invited, but when did that ever stop me? I can't possibly wait till next summer to see my sweet little niece again--I really want to spend Christmas with them. Well, we'll work something out, I'm sure. We could always drive--we have 3 drivers now.


09-29-2004, 08:05 PM
Your poor parents, Sugar, but oh, wouldn't it be nice to have someone like that to dump your family on everytime a crisis arose? Maybe you should move them over to Germany. I was always the person that other ppl dropped their kids off on.

DD bought herself a darling little red weiner dog. Her name is Katey and she's adorable. This is my introduction to grandmotherhood. I can spoil her and never have to worry about housetraining. And also in the dog news department - DS's girlfriend's mother raises Himalayan Mountain dogs. One of her mommy dogs had an emergency c-section and DS did artifical respiration on one of the puppies and managed to get it breathing. They were only able to save 2 puppies out of a litter of 6, so he was quite the hero.

My headache is still with me. It will be a take out dinner night.

09-30-2004, 06:03 PM
What a coincidence! I had a darling little red weiner for dinner last night!

Cool about your ds's life-saving! I never heard of a Himalayan Mtn dog. Poor little puppies.

I'm eating jello. It's good. I haven't made jello in years, but last night I just needed me some jello.


09-30-2004, 10:19 PM
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm jellloooooooooooo mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm[channelling homer simpson}--------------i guess i have been busy lately-------miss you girls--i have been checking out the shop i may be purchasing-------------------my dd works there at the moment so it gives me a nice up close view of the running of the place-----the dd's who are away at college are having a BALL=========they have been home for a visit once and it was great to see them============i am jealous of their great new lives!!!===========they will be home for Canadian Thanksgiving which is A WEEK FROM THIS WEEKEND!!!! OMG!!!!! MUST GET CLEANING!!!!! HOW IS EVERYONE'S WEIGHT LOSS GOING??HAHAHAHAHAH :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :devil:

09-30-2004, 11:44 PM

10-01-2004, 03:26 AM
I have nothing to add tonight. I would prefer to be eating, but I'm not gonna.
Not ready (or interested) in major Turkey day preparations..... and hoping that my kids have more latitude in Xmas travel. Not SO lonely tonight. (I got to talk alot to GW and JK during the debates. As usual, I didn't get any great answers.)