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09-04-2004, 04:53 PM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We are a friendly group that shares all the daily aspects of our lives with each other... not just weight loss. Won't you join us? :)

09-04-2004, 05:05 PM
Hi ladies,

Katy - I know how you feel about missing your son's first game! But I really think that if you go to most of them, that's what he'll remember - not that you missed this one. And if it still seems like something you just can't do, maybe you could skip the meeting?

Jen - hope your cat is out of pain, one way or another. At least you know that you have given this kitty the very best life she could ever have had. But it's still painful for you to go through. Way to go on the new job! I think you're right, maybe you should give your resignation to the prez since you can't trust your boss.

Mindee - I agree that seeing a loss on the scale is a good incentive! Yay for you!

Susan - not sure what you weighed before, but YAY for you anyway! Have fun shopping.

Marti - glad you maintained through TOM. Sounds like this would be a good weekend for you to read and relax.

Hi to the others.

Katie, the twins and I all have a nasty cold. What a waste of a good weekend, lol. I'm trying to get the laundry done between naps.


09-04-2004, 11:06 PM
Hello again ladies--

Had a great day. Went over to my grandpa' sister was there w/her DD, they stopped in on their way to camping. My Uncle from Washington is there to visit until Tues. and my mom & dad stopped in and my Aunt! So I stayed there most of the day, had dinner, did some laundry for grandpa....cleaned up the kitchen and enjoyed catching up with everyone. I got to share my news with them all about getting the job. My grandpa is worried about my hours. But I told him I'll be ok.

So, my day of doing nothing and being alone turned into a little family gathering. Which was very nice!

Talked to my mom & dad about my sister & brother in Florida......they tried calling both also today (I had tried earlier this morning) and there is no answer to we're thinking they're among the thousands who have been evacuated. I hope they call us from somewhere to let us know they're ok!!

Jana--- Take care of yourself.....colds are just terrible!

Hello to the rest of you girls!! Hope you're having a great weekend.

I'm going to go out to the deck, read a book, and listen to the races going on!

Take Care!

09-04-2004, 11:44 PM
I'm back - have a little time before we all sit down to watch the Amazing Race. So I'm just twiddlling my thumbs.....

Marti - Yay about the new job! Hope your sister and brother are alright. I haven't tried to get hold of my cousin, I'm sure all the lines are knocked out. Sounded like they weren't evacuating, so I'm just hoping for the best. this is website for a central Florida news station that is hurricane proof and is running 24hour streaming video weather coverage. I'm going to check it out after I leave here tonight.

Susan - Mmmm...margarita...mmmm I need one like no one's business - school really needs to start, know what I mean? PM me times that are good - would love to meet up.

Jana - hope you feel better soon. Believe me, if I could dump the meeting, I would. It's Orientation for the preschool and i have been informed that my presence is required with no early dismissals as i am a board member. I do plan on mentioning in my feedback that orientations on Saturday during soccer season are NOT a good idea. It's frustrating, when we were at this school before they had orientation during the week in the evening - wonder whose brainchild it was to change it - not someone with older children, I bet.

Well, after a few days of adjusting, the Core has been going pretty well. I am going to give it another week and make sure I use the activity and flex points. For me that will be the key to not feeling deprived of anything ( which I tend to do when I have a list of foods to choose from) The foods on Core are similar to what I ate on the Zone, so I tried to organize my meals in zone fashion. This week I mostly used the points on bagels, soy nut butter, Healthy Choice ice cream sandwiches, and I splurged on some Izzy's pizza today. I bought some Laughing Cow cheese which is not Core, but only 1 point for each wedge. It tastes a whole lot better than FF cheese....and I got used to skim milk - a miracle! I have to say I really like not worrying about portions for things like skim milk, fruits and veggies, FF popcorn - very liberating!

Just thought I'd post that feedback as I know some are thinking about Core. I still like flex, and will probably go back and forth depending on what's going on in my life.

Later, gals

da fat n da furious
09-05-2004, 04:20 AM
Hola everyone!
Im home and tanned,,,exhausted but
Took alot longer to get home because of the hurricane,,,did some major detours. Didn't really effect us weather wise other then some winds and the ocean was kinda dirty, on Friday.
Anyways it like 1:30 am drank too much coffee and well Im finally coming down off my high and am going to bed.
night all

09-05-2004, 11:58 AM
Happy Sunday Everybody!
Slept in really late today and am now trying to decide what to do.......
Had planned to take DD out for some of her school supplies, but well, am waiting for her to get ready.....
Will probably just do my own thing (housework and WATP workout) and decide what to make for supper. Was very excited yesterday- store nearby had 25% off on Weight Watchers entrees. Bought a bunch to have on hand for quick suppers after work- just have to watch the sodium!
Hope you all have a good day- talk to ya later! Barb

09-05-2004, 04:23 PM
Hi ladies,

Angie!!!!! :cb: So glad you are safely back! I've been worried that somehow you got into the winds and flood of Frances, if not the actual hurricane. We want a detailed report of your vacation as soon as you are rested enough to share. And pictures too, if you can.

Marti - do you get to see your parents much? Glad you're having a relaxing weekend. I bet the family is proud of you for landing the job at OML!

Katy - yes, how odd that the meeting is being held on a Saturday! Saturdays and Sundays are for family.... everyone knows that! Hope they won't be holding all the meetings on the weekend. Yay for you doing so well with Core! I wrote you a note at the other thread before coming here, lol.

Barb - have a good day with your DD!

Hope all the MIA Jaded Ladies are having a glorious weekend!

I feel a little better only because I'm on drugs, lol. I have "medicine head", and feel as though I'm in slow motion. Neal and Katie did most of the Sunday dinner preparations, and all I've done is lie around. I didn't do any exercises yesterday and today's isn't looking good, either.

It's hot and humid here in Indiana, but my personal weatherman said we'll get a break by Wednesday. Yay for that!!


09-05-2004, 04:36 PM
Afternoon ladies!!

Angie--I'm so glad you're back too! Yes....we want to see photos! I'm glad that you were not affected by Frances! That was a fear we all had! Enjoy time resting and as soon as you get....come and tell us how it all went.

Katy--I looked at the site you posted. I seen that the Hurricane was suppose to be near my sisters...but I have not idea if it did or not. My family keeps trying to get in touch with her. Glad you're having luck with CORE also. I think it's to strict for me to want to follow. But it's always nice to read that it works for some people.

Barb--The sodium in those entree's are always what keeps me from buying any. I used to have them for lunch all the time at work until I had to work on my HBP. So when I do get's only once in a great while.

Jana--Oh I hope you start to feeling better soon. I hate getting sick. Do you have a Sunday dinner with lots of family every Sunday? I'm glad your family is letting you rest!

I'm not doing much today....going to go to Walmart and get myself some IBProfin. Nothing like having cramps and having nothing in the house to calm them.

Speaking of HBP.......when I went in to have the health assessment....they took my pressure.....I was thrilled. 170/80!! That is very good. So I was happy to know it's ok. Going by the machines at the stores just isn't as realiable.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend...I'll pop in later.

09-05-2004, 06:48 PM
hey ladies!!

nothing really new here just figured I would jump on here real quickly. Nothing planned for us today or tomorrow. I told my hubby that he owed me a WHOLE day of romantic stuff, since I set up a romantic evening one night last week after Brandon went to bed. He goes "a whole day? why a whole day?" Then I told him about my romantic night I made for him, and he goes "by why a whole day?" and I said "because I said so." He goes "ok....I think I can do that."

09-05-2004, 11:28 PM
Sorry I havent posted since friday, I've been non stop the past two days..... I bought myself some new workout tapes and I've been using them like crazy!!! But I didnt weigh in this morning, because Im finishing my TOM, and I was afraid I was too bloated and may not have lost, or maybe even gained from water I may step on tomorrow for the heck of it....I'll let you know how it goes....Just did a lot of house cleaning and helped a friend with a few things today....Tomorrow I have to mow the lawn at my house and then mow the lawn at my mom's house, plus run some errands with my friend, cause she doesnt have a car right now!!! And then its back to work tuesday, so it wasnt much of a relaxing weekend!!!

JANA, Sorry to hear that CORE didnt work for you, i did catch the post on the 3" off the thighs....I didnt even think anything about it...lolhaha

KATY, on the flip side, glad to hear you are happy with the CORE program!!
Hope you have some success with it!

MARTI: I feel your pain, my TOM has really wrecked my three day weekend..

To all you other gals....ANGIE, CRISTI, MINDEE, JEN, SHANNA, BARB... hope everything is going well....and I'll check in tomorrow girls!!!

Nightie Night


09-05-2004, 11:52 PM
Hi ladies, sorry haven't had the chance to get on the 'puter. I was on earlier but had to get off. Just have a few minutes to post now and really don't have much to say but wanted to say Hi. I most likely won't be on tomorrow either but will try to catch up Tuesday when everyone is back to their regular schedules.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. TTFN

09-06-2004, 12:22 AM
Thought I would pop in real quick.

Cristi--Want to say HI :wave: back to you!! :) I hope you're enjoying your weekend. Today has been a very relaxed day for me. I went to walmart and's in turmoil. They're remodeling and you would think that would keep people away....but nope, it was so crowded! Almost like when it first opened. I just wanted some IBProfin and then get out!

Mindee--Hope your husband does something real nice for ya. I told James to buy me some kind of souvenir. He laughed....saying he wasn't THAT far out of town and what do I need a souvenir for? :lol: I told him that I just want something. (I'm needy)

I've been thinking of how Christmas is just around the corner!! I can't believe how fast time is flying. I must start a list for James & Jhanai. And then some other items for the gift exchange with the rest of my family. I was talking to my aunt yesterday for a great Christmas gift for everyone in the family. Out in the shed is a stack a paintings my grandma had done years ago. She was in a painting class. I told her that I want to get out there, and sort through the ones that are finished. Then have my grandpa make frames...I will stain or paint them and we'll put them together. Then...we'll determine which painting fits which family and have it be from both grandpa & grandma. My aunt loved the idea. I'm not sure if she'll remember to bring it up to my grandpa but I'm going over there tomorrow and I will tell him myself because I think that would be something special.

well ladies.....I'm going to clean up my kitchen after I take a browse around the boards.

Take care

da fat n da furious
09-06-2004, 01:31 AM
Hello Ladies,
Had to laugh this morning I woke up too early and had to go back down for another hour,,,showered and went off with Tanner to pick up Skittles at the dog resort. I figured she would be excited to see us,,,well she was...kinda but she actually had this look on her face like,,,ah man you gonna take me away from here I She got a lil doggie report card,,,about all that she did. And to be honest I wish I was a dog! Play dates,,,her friends are Oscar, Mimi and Macee...she had daily cruel of me to take her from that! This place is awesome,,lol

Anyways got her home and well had to take another nap. In between naps I more or less finished my laundry except one load. Did some shopping, milk/bread/ fruit
Monte said he was painting the boys rooms so we went to Sears for the paint, and got an awesome deal! Then to Canadian Tire for a sander he had seen on sale...
I then had a going away party to go to, which was great...the food was outstanding and I left so bloated...arghh The food in Cuba was not that great...*shudder

Anyways the things we did, we got to Cuba at about 6 pm we put our luggage in our rooms and went for dinner,,,then the kids swam while we had cappicinos (Im adicted now) actually Monte had beer,,,lots and lots of beer there
Got to bed around 10 ish each night.
Didn't do anything but book tours on Sunday,,relaxed at the beach and pool on Monday too. Infact had to much sun,,,we all burned,,,Brandon the worst,,,he had heat stroke,,,pukey and in pain...made him sleep and take gravol
We went on a tour called Caves and Corals...which was us going on a glass bottom boat and checking out all the fish and coral. Then we went to some caves in Mantanza City, and checked out the can't remember the proper name,,,they look like icicles...that I didnt' care for,,,lots of stairs,,,going down to 750 meters below,,,in cold damp, uneven ground...and the power going out so we were left in the dark,,,
Then Wed we went on a tour called Rio Canimar,,,,which was so much fun. We went snorkeling in a fresh water cave...spooky. Then we went to the corals which are about 100 meters from shore...very rocky and hard. But the boys did it...Brandon cut his leg on some coral,,,it bled alot but is ok now. Fed the fish...which was totally cool.
Then we took a boat ride on the Rio river to a farm and went horse back riding, and rowing in the river,,,I picked mangos from the trees,,,learned out to eat them like candy. So much fun.
Then Thursday we went to Havana there is old Havana and New Havana,,by a 100 years,,,which really is no different,,,pretty old buildings...I didn't like this tour guide and had issues with him. We went to a cemetary which is similar to New Orleans,,,above grounds. Then to the Parliment building which was interesting, Monte bought an authentic gun, that was made in the 1800s Checked out where Ernest Hemmingway drank...I didn't go in just saw the I cared. Went shopping in a market,,,watched young boys try to pick pocket Got caught in a major rain,,,before I was sweating and hot, after the rain I was wet and hot,,,same difference.
My hair was not once dry there,,,it was hot,,,no breeze which is normal there but because of the huge hurricanes there was nothing,,,it was brutal.
Flying home was interesting, had to do a detour, throu Texas, Tennesse, Nebraska, and so forth...and the ride was rough. We did notice on Friday when Francis was close that the Ocean was pretty choppy and dirty.
Do have alot of pics to share and will get them developed as soon as I can.
Have to get to bed,,,,work tomorrow even though its a holiday...grrrr
night all

09-06-2004, 03:16 AM
Hello ladies… are you all doing?

Nothing new here, same stuff different day. He is still kind of sick, but he is still a happy sick. Tommy on the other hand is another story.

I just realized that I had never posted any pictures of his nursery anywhere. So I am going to find them and then scan them and put them as a link on his webpage! The scanner doesn’t want to work today, so I will keep checking on it. It has been very touchy lately. We also had to buy him some size 2 diapers today! He is getting so big!!!

Oh yeah…..we finally got his card from President and Mrs. Bush for being born. It took me sending the request three times, but hey whatever it takes right? We are planning on framing his and ours when we get the chance! (I will find the address and post it so you other mothers, well everyone, can take advantage of it.)

My little boy is growing up so quickly!! It took me two hours, but I managed to get through his dressers and his closet and box up the 0-3 month size clothes. Now my little man is in size 3-6 months. In cleaning out everything, I realized one thing! We need to buy him some pajamas that he can wear now! The majority of his dresser were 0-3 month and then 9months and higher. He does have a ton of sweet pea pajamas. (the ones that look like long gowns) so those will help tide him over until we can get him so more pajamas.

Marti~ My hubby is really good in the romance department, once he gets a swift kick in the rear. For our romantic night that I did for us, I light all the candles in the living room, got Brandon to sleep and in bed, put a movie in for us, and then it was up to him from there. So hopefully Monday will be the romantic day since he got everything he wanted to do done on Sunday. But we shall see.

Speaking of Christmas, I should get a list started as well. I am not sure how money will be at the time when we go shopping, but I should start a preliminary list and if we have to knock it down then so be it. (coming from a HUGE family, I can’t help but want to buy for everyone, but since money is an issue, sometimes people get bumped and I end up feeling so bad because of it.) I love doing paint by numbers, so maybe I will pick some up and do them for the nieces and nephews. I have a beach scene that I did for Brandon when I was pregnant with him, but I need to get a frame for it and then find a place in his room for Tommy to put it.

Angie~ That dog resort sounds awesome!! Your trip sounds like it was a lot of fun! I can’t wait to see pictures from it!!

09-06-2004, 09:01 AM
Happy Labor Day, Ladies,

Marti - glad your blood pressure is under control... Neal's is too, finally, after about 4 different meds. It was hard to find one that would lower it without making him like a zombie. Good idea about the paintings! Your grandma would be proud of you.

Mindee - here's hoping you have the best, romantic day ever with Tommy! Let us know how it went.

Julie - well, I did lose 2 1/2 pounds with Core, but am so glad to get back to Flex. Sheesh, your day today sounds awfully "laborish" lol. Hope you get some time to just relax.

Cristi - I was just about to send out the posse to look for you, Missy, lol. Have a good day! Any special plans?

Angie - well your trip sounds really fun and eventful, and it made me tired just reading about it! What was wrong with the food? I had to laugh when you mentioned you had issues with the guide in Havanna. I bet you were really glad to get back home and see Skittles. Even if he is terribly spoiled now, lol. Yep, we want photos!

Katy - good luck with weigh in today! You worked hard, and I hope you have a nice loss - you deserve it!

Jen - how's the cat? I've been thinking about you, and wishing there was something I could do.

Shanna - hope you're enjoying your "vacation"! Are you going to post your scrapbook pages?

Susan - what's new with you? Hope you're having a good weekend.

Sue - how're things up in your neck of the woods?

Katiecat - how's the family? Good think you're going to Disneyland and not Walt Disney World... the rumor is they have had some major damage. Hope it's all back to normal soon.

Kathy(luckycharm) - hope you're having a great weekend... pop in and say hi when you have time.

Hi to any Jaded Ladies I may have missed.

Well, you won't believe it, but I'm going to the funeral home again. This time, it's not someone too close to me, though. It's my son's biological paternal uncle. I have stayed close to my ex's family, and just love my ex MIL. She is a sweetie and I hate to see her in pain from the death of her son. I'll be going down to Evansville with my DS for the viewing.

I'm feeling a lot better today, and will try to be back later. Gotta get my hair color ...uh.... refreshed! :D

da fat n da furious
09-06-2004, 10:48 AM
Good morning all

I could not sleep last night,,,toss and turned,,,too hot/too cold. Finally just got up and went and read for a bit. Ate my cheerios,,,ahhh missed my cheerios.

The food was very bland, and I don't think she had a clue what was a common breakfast / lunch / dinner item. Like for instance for breakfast one morning I ate fish and syrup. Another morning I saw Tanner eating french fries. But one night we all dressed up and went out for a wonderful dinner...right on the beach.
well off to work I go

09-06-2004, 01:09 PM
Good Morning ladies--

Do you usually wish people a Happy Labor Day? James called me this morning and said Happy Labor Day and then we both you do that? So I thought I would ask.

Jana--Oh come on over and "refresh" my hair too will ya? It's starting to look bright with gray again. I'm kind of wondering if the gray looks more obvious than before I colored it!! I'm sorry to hear about the Uncle. I still talk to my ex IL's. In fact the day Shanna come over, my ex MIL stopped in front of the house as I was checking my mail and talked to me for a minute. She was very happy for me when I made my choice to leave back then.

Angie--Cuba sounded wonderful. Every thing you did I want to do! I can't wait to see some photos of your trip. I can just picture you lounging on the beach, drinking.....what did you drink Cappaccino's???? In my mind it's a margarita! ;) I'm so glad that you got to go and enjoy it. Although I'm like did a lot and I almost felt tired reading it too! About your pup...James would love to have one of those doggie "resorts" around here that you took him to. That would be perfect. They need more places like that for people who have animals.

Mindee--Sure hope that you get a very romantic day today.

Julie--I missed your post yesterday....sorry about that. You sure have a lot on your agenda! Not much time for relaxing it seems. Hope you get some time to relax.

Not sure what I'm doing today. I want to stop by my grandpa's today.....not sure when though. He may be working on the house he's been building. It's more of a cabin. He'll be leaving for 6wks. to Iowa later this month. He'll be back after his birthday (he'll be 85) and the family plans to get together then and celebrate his birthday. We all plan on getting together for a potluck soon after to start decorating his house for the holidays. My grandma always had it all decorated. Want to keep the tradition going. Otherwise there wouldn't be anything......I don't think my grandpa would know what to do besides put the house lights up.

Ok.....time for me to go clean up.

I'll check in later.

09-06-2004, 01:41 PM
Hi again ladies--

Well I thought I would stop in and say that I'm heading up to Portland to go see James. He's been lounging all week (worked only 2days) and I was taking to him and we decided that the dogs and I are heading up!

So I'll check in when I get back.

EDIT: Ok...change of plans...I can't go, I have an appointment tomorrow. timing is bad! Next time maybe.

09-06-2004, 03:08 PM
Good Morning-

Happy to have you back safe and sound Angie! Cute about Skittles.

I just have a second. I will PM you Katy!

I am working on a cover letter for a Housing & Community Specialist, it cloeses tomorrow, it is for Section 8. Kind of like a manager but without the complex or the Lot of paper and phone work involved. Good pay and being able to live off site appeals to me :) Plus, still with HAP
So I will give it a go.....

Girls are spoiled!! I had to leave them early yesterday.....all they seem to want is my wallet. So, Gaby and I came home after church yesterday and chattered and talked about her potty training

She is a doll - I need to get all the girls in for a picture taking. Becky got her ears pierced, she was happy about that.

I range between 142 and 145, it seems. I would like to be 135 again but feel my body likes where it is, so I guess I am maintaining for now.

better go!!

might get back on later......


09-06-2004, 06:24 PM
hello ladies....

nope I didn't get my romantic day today. Our friend Anna came over and we were looking at some wedding websites, and then our buddy Joe, one of Brandon's godfathers, who is an EMT, called to see what we are doing. We said nothing and he told us to come up to the track for some brats and hot dogs. We went up there and watched some races, now we are waiting for Joe to come over here and then we are all going to go over to his apartment. Tommy is going to make dinner over there and then help him set up his surround sound.

hopefully I will get my romantic day sometime soon!

09-06-2004, 06:31 PM
Well, it's WI day and I'm kind of between 1 and 2 down, but it's hard to tell with my cheapo scale, so I'm going to be conservative and say one pound down. Core went well, but I definitely maxed out all the flex and activity points. We'll see how this week goes. I've just about lost the "vacation" pounds...or the "lost weekend" pounds? I don't know, but I hope I don't ever have to see them again :dizzy:

Susan- My DD is developing some potty know-how, and in the nick of time...she start preschool in a couple of weeks. She's driving me a little nuts. Get this, she's great - 100% compliance - when she's running around the house naked or no-pants. As soon as she gets a pullup or training pants or big girls pants, she pees them out. And she doesn't really care if she feels the wetness against her skin. Can't take her anywhere...... Thanks for the PM- I'll try to call soon.

Marti - too bad about the trip to Portland...maybe next time, then we can meet up aomewhere

Jana - sorry about the loss in your's great that you've remained close to your exes family - that's so great for your kids

Angie - welcome home - glad you missed Frances

Well, I've heard from my cousin ( in FL) and they once again were spared the worst of the latest hurricane, but everything around them is in chaos. Their house is concrete block construction and they didn't lose their roof with Charley, so Frances didn't pound them as hard as she did other people. She reminded me that the best thing we can do to help Floridians is to donate money to the Red Cross - some are calling this the worst natural disaster in US history. And it may not be over yet as Hurricane Ivan is another big storm out in the Atlantic that could come their way. Marti - I hope your family has come out of this ok

Hi to everyone else - hope you are enjoying your Labor Day


09-06-2004, 06:37 PM
katy it is good to hear that you heard from your cousin!

I updated Brandon's webpage today! pw is baby! I put some new pictures on the actual page itself. I also added a link to see pictures of his nursery on there!

09-06-2004, 06:37 PM
Hey everyone!!

Well I weighed in today, stayed the same, so at least I didnt gain anything!!! I wanted to see if anyone else has tried the FIRM exercise series????
I've been doing it the last two weeks and it's very intense, but I am seeing results, they have some aerobics called calorie killers and I am sooo addicted to doing them!!! Anyway I just ordered their step , it's called the fanny lifter, it has a small step and a large one and you connect and disconnect them to get different effects....It cost me 50.00 for the fanny lifter step piece and 3 I'm really excited I'm already addicted to the 2 tapes I have now, so I cant wait to try these out!! It incorporates handweights, cardio, and step aerobics in each video and they really are If anyones interested in trying some thing new out, go for it!!!
Anyway on the home front, did my yard work, then went to moms and did her yard work....then I worked out to a video for 30 minutes and then went to the store with my friend so she could return something.... Just got in now about 6pm, and I'm off to make dinner!!!
Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend...and I'll catch ya later!!!


09-06-2004, 10:35 PM
Hiya ladies,

Angie - hope you'll feel better and be able to sleep once you get back on schedule.

Marti - actually, my ex mil was so much kinder to me than Fern ever was. Not to speak ill of the dead, but Fern only accepted me when she had some medical problems and I was the only one there for her - about 3 years before she had symptoms of Alzheimer's. My ex mil loved and accepted me from the get-go. So sorry the trip to Portland fell through!

Susan - I'll be soooo glad when I get to say that I'm maintaining! Good luck on getting the section 8 job - I think you would be good at it!

Mindee - well, hey, if you can't have a whole romantic day, how about a romantic night? You could get the baby asleep, light some candles, put on some "mood" music and take it from there....

Katy - Yay for the 1 (or more!) pound down!! Glad your cuz is okay. My friend Barb called and said so far so good in Jacksonville.

Julie - I've never done the Firm - it would probabaly kill me, lol. But I've read around the boards where a lot of women love it. You are doing so great with all the exercise!

Hi to the others.

Made it through the funeral viewing ok... at least my hair had no grey roots, lol. It was really good to see everyone, even under the circumstances. But have to admit I'm glad it's over!


09-07-2004, 12:04 AM
Evening ladies--

Well today I did more of nothing....enough to drive me crazy. Sure am looking forward to having work to go to. It would be different if I had family around who could do nothing with me. :) Just a month or so I will be back here saying "Oh how I wish I had nothing to do!" ;)

Susan--I would love to see the kind of work you do. Your newsletters and stuff. Sounds interesting to me. I hope you get the job your asking for. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Mindee--I hope your DH gets a chance to make it up to you tonight.

Julie--I haven't tried the FIRM video's but have been wanting to. I think my sister has some. She also has some Tae Bo videos I would like to try out! Great job on not gaining during TOM. I was pretty pleased when I WI and had the same experience.

Katy--I tried calling my sister again. No answer. Left who knows how many messages. My parents haven't heard anything either....which is very unusual since my sister calls them once or twice a day. We're assuming no power. And pray that their house is still intact!

Jana--James' mother really liked me. It's too bad that she passed away before we had gotten married. When he was w/his ex....he went over to her house one day and she just knew something was wrong. And asked him if there was another girl in his life. (we hadn't even been together yet) and without getting an answer...knew he was in love with someone else. I knew his father...but he didn't know me. He was ill...and had passed away a year after we got together. My parents love James. But it has always been my grandparents whose approval I always looked for.....and they absolutely adore him. Treat him as though he has always been a part of the family. And I'm so glad that my grandma had really gotten to know and love him before she passed away.

Hello Cristi, Angie, Shanna, Katie, Sue, Barb and everyone else I may have missed.

Ok ladies....I just wanted to check in and see how you all were doing! You all take care, and I will check in later in the morning.

09-07-2004, 02:27 PM
Good Morning ladies--

Just a quick post this morning. I'm off to go get a TB shot.....then I have some errands to run. Then I will be going to visit my grandpa and my aunt & cousin who will be there today.

Not much else to do after that.

Hope you're all having a good morning!


09-07-2004, 04:03 PM
Hi Ladies~

Just a quickie here to say Hi. Don't mean to be rude but really don't feel like posting. These stinking allergies hit me hard yesterday and I just want to sleep. Which is bascially what I have done yesterday and today. If it doesn't get better in a couple of days I am going to the DR to see if I can get a shot or something. Waiting for this Claritin to kick in. Was taking something else which was working so, so then stepped outdoors yesterday and that was all it took. Then went out this morning and I swear I am staying in for a couple of days. Anyway, I will post more in a day or so when I am feeling a little better.

Hope all is well with everyone.

09-07-2004, 04:38 PM
Oh Cristi- DH gets hay fever really bad - I feel so bad for him when he gets it, so I can just imagine what you are going through ((((((big hug))))) I get a hay fever reaction when the pollen is really high and I always hate it because I hate the symptoms, but I also hate the drugs, so I'm a mess no matter what!

Marti - sounds like a nice laid-back day. I worked in the yard for an hour this morning, and hung 3 loads of laundry on the line. My shoulder is hurting, so now I have to stop. My PT will not be so happy with me if I keep overdoing it.

Susan - Good luck on the job app...still plan on calling you, maybe tonight - with school starting tomorrow, we are in a busy transition 'round our house - how's yours holding up? I feel like a bad mother - can't wait to ship this kid off, lol! He's so wound up and excited, he's getting real difficult. Oh well, 2nd grade will keep him so busy he won't be able to see straight!

So I got on the scale and I did lose the extra pound, so I am going to count it for this week - just 'cause. It makes my sig look so pretty, lol. A nice even number. The vacation pounds are officially off! yahoo

Core still going ok. Sometimes it's hard to figure out what a No Count food is. I eat a TB of soy nut butter on my oatmeal. Well, on dottie's someone wrote in a thread that soy beans are No count but soy nuts are not. According to the label on my Soy nut butter, it is made from soy beans. So I go back and forth about whether to count it or not. It's all kind of silly, really. I have so little spare time and this is what I choose to use my brain cells on.....However, This plan seems to be working for me for now, so I will give it the ol' college try!
Hi to everyone else - hope you are all having a good day

09-07-2004, 08:39 PM
Hey all!!! Had a stressing day at work today, I had to learn a tough new job at work, so my brain is pretty shot!!!!! Anyway, I did get in my walking on lunch, and then I had clinical for a few hours tonight!!!! Just had a new lean cuisine meal with a salad for supper, It was chicken florentine, carb cutter...It actually tasted pretty good, I bought some this week, cause they were 2 for 3.00....Anyway, hope you all had a good day, Im tired, so making this short tonight!!!

MARTI : I have tae bo tapes too, but those are even tougher than the firm, I used to do it faithfully though, and it really helped get rid of inches!!!

JANA: Thanks for the support, the firm is really fast paced!! But thats the only way I can keep going!! I am on a kick with the exercise though, I think it's cause Im really seeing results!!

KATY: YAHOO!! ON the 1lb lost, as along as you feel better, go with it!!

Check in tomorrow with ya's

09-07-2004, 08:44 PM
Hi ladies,

Just popping in with a quick hello. I've been busy sewing some Disney patches on t-shirts today and doing piddly things. I'm off to Penney's in a little while to return a shirt and see what they have in for Fall.

Katy - yay for getting all the vacation pounds off!

Hi to the others. :wave:

See ya manana,

09-07-2004, 09:18 PM
Hello ladies--

Did my errands, got my shots, and went over to my grandpa's (wasn't home but my aunt & cousin were there). Made some phone calls to see if I could find any record of my Immunizaton Records...well the high school destroys them 3yrs after you graduate and the doctors office tossed them after 10yrs. So I felt like I've been erased! :D So I went in and told them that, so they drew some blood to test it out and see if I need to update. Nothing like getting poked every few days!

Was talking to my aunt today and we talked about some of the things that my grandma had promised to people in the family. I remember talking to her and know what was left for who. Well let me tell you....there is going to be some talk over some of the stuff. I hate knowing that some family members are.....hmmmm....whats the word I'm looking for? I'm not sure, but I know of one aunt who thinks she gets some things that I know my grandma promised to another. Wonder how they'll handle it. I hope like adults!

Cristi--I sure hope you start feeling better. Allergies are the worst thing! I never had bad allergies until after I had Jhanai. They would get so bad that my face would swell and I would look like I've been crying for weeks. But the last couple years haven't been so bad.....I still get allergies...just no swelling, thank god. Big hugs your way!

Katy--Congrats' on the pounds loss. WW is working great for you! I"m glad the Core is sounds awfully complicated! Hope your arm isn't hurting too bad. Take it easy and relax!

Julie--Hope tomorrow is a less stressful day for you. I can already see myself feeling stressed in the weeks to come during my training at the new job. I'm really looking forward to contributing to the finances. Been feeling like a let down. This will make me feel much better!

Jana--I bet your so excited about Disney World. Have you heard if they got any damage to the place after the Hurricane? I hope the hurricane weather is all over with by the time your family goes.

As for my family in Florida. My sister finally contacted my parents. She's staying with her inlaw's right now. They don't have power. But their house is still there!! Tree's are all over their yard and debris everywhere. But they are safe and they still have a home to go to. My brother on the other hand....we still haven't heard from. So we're just waiting. I'm sure he'll contact someone soon. At least my sister!

Ok...going to find some Jhanai and see how her first day of school went. Take care!

09-08-2004, 09:18 AM
Good morning ladies, :wave:

Katy - unless there are non-Core additives, I would think the soy nut butter would be a freebie since they are made from soybeans. I don't know why they would allow all those canned soups and not soy products! But, alas, they didn't ask for my input, :D . YAY for the other pound lost forever!! :cp:

Cristi - I'm sure you probably have some prescription meds, but for OTC, I think Tylenol Sinus is the very best. Hey, how's your PT going? Making lots of progress, I hope. Did your DS's finger get ok w/no infection or anything?

Julie - I haven't bought any of the carb cutter Lean Cuisines, but my 2 favorite regular ones are the chicken tenderloins with penne pasta and the dijon steak tips w/ roasted potatoes and green beans. I try to keep a couple in the fridge for emergencies. Way to go on the exercise! You're gonna be buff before you know it!

Marti - oh I hope the Aunts don't fight over your grandma's things. She wouldn't like that. :no: We had only one couple who were greedy when Fern died, and they took things for their value, not sentiment. As far as I know, Disney sustained only minor damage. They were back open Tuesday, after doing a lot of clean-up on Monday. Part of the roof of one building blew off, and off course there was other debris everywhere! Hope you get your shots lined out! (ow ow ow ow ow!)

Kathy (luckycharm) - look for a PM from me, ok?

Hi to all the other Jaded Ladies...

Just a reminder to all JLs- I promised Neal I wouldn't open forwarded email since 2 different times I got a virus that way. Thank you for thinking of me, though! :) Personal messages are always welcome, and I do try to check it more often than I used to.

Not sure what I'm going to do today. I'd like to go to Evansville where a niece is registered for baby shower stuff, but not sure about the weather. It looks like it's going to be stormy and bad today.... Maybe I'll just visit the place on-line instead, lol.

What's on your agenda today?

da fat n da furious
09-08-2004, 10:51 AM
Good morning all
Marti so glad ot know about your sister being ok. And fingers crossed for your brother.
I didn't mention before but Congrats on the new job! And I can relate to the needles, we all went and got our hep A and B before leaving, Monte and I need to go back for another...arghhh
Jana, how much do you want to lose? Cause wow you have done so well....How many bags of flour, sticks of butter is it now?
Cristi, can't tell you how many times I have gone to the Dr with either Brandon or myself all puffed out like a bull dog...hate allergies. Hope you find relief soon...

Well ladies I have to tell you I couldn't mail your cards from Cuba,,,so once I was home I did. I wrote them there thou if that
Well the busy time for me has arrived, Tanner if football takes an hideous amount of time and now Fiddler on the Roof started last night. Auditions that is, and I just told Tanner he can't audition,,,there is no way humanly I can get him from one to the other. Hes ok with that,,,thing is Im stuck in Fiddler cause we had made plans for him to be in it. And Steel Magnolia's start on Saturday with a team meeting,,,Im on the team. Still wondering about how that
I wanted to take up a dance class but that sure won't be happening this year...Im now booked till May.
Today Monte and I are planning to do a second coat of paint in Tanner's room which will become the spare room, Tanners moving next door to Brandon's old room. Start a coat of paint on the other room, then take all the old equipment into a sport swap place...good cause we have too much junk down in the basement. Then we are going for lunch to our fav MexTex -place.
Well need to go get myself ready for the day,,,,*yawn

09-08-2004, 03:57 PM
Thanks for the hugs and well wishes. I am actually feeling a little better, and I do mean a little. It just so happens that on top of the allergies I had to have TOM. I just wish it would go away and never come back. It seems to skip a month now and then when I have it it makes up for not having it the month before-terrible pains. I so enjoyed the 6 month vacation from TOM. Anyway...I had read in the paper last week that the ragweed was really bad this year and I am feeling it. Never had allergies until I moved from CA back to AR and it seems like since being here I have this ever year. Tylenol Sinus/Allergy is what I usually take but for some reason it has not worked. Went and bought some Claritin yesterday and not sure what to think yet. I know I read that it actually takes a week before you actually get the full effect of it.

Did my grocery shopping this morning and then headed over to the mall to the Yankee candle store. I am so glad they put one there. So stocked up on candles, the Wedding scent and Ocean Water, and then Fresh Cut Roses t-lights for the bedroom. Can't find them at Hallmark because they have all the fall scents out. The Yankee store has everything!

Marti~Oh I hope they don't start with that. I have seen what that kind of stuff does to families. Maybe your grandpa should give the stuff away while he is still alive so there won't be fighting later. Sorry to hear about having to have all those shots-OUCH! I hate shots! I don't know if you mentioned it or not, I am sure you did and I have forgotten, but what will you be doing at your new job? When do you start? Are you excited? Glad your sis is fine and hoping you hear something real soon from your brother.

Jana~I don't usually go tot he doc for allergies and Tylenol sinus usually does work but not this time. I am glad that they sell clairitn over the counter now because DS always had to go to the doc to get a prescription for it. Once in a while he gets bad that he has to have a shot but not often, maybe every other year. Hope you find some cool stuff at Penneys. I just placed an order online. Trying to get my living room together so ordered a couch cover, some throw pillows, a new tablecloth and runner. Figured a cover is cheaper than a new couch although one day I will get a new couch. But for now...that will do. I thought I would go with a green one since there is a little green in the valances. I did find pillows made from the same fabric to tie it all together and the tablecloth is burgundy with a yellow runner. I am hoping it will look decent. A green couch will definitely be different since I have had a blue one for the last 15 years, not the same couch of course. I am babbling...

RosieKate~CONGRAT'S on the loss! Glad CORE is working for ya. Are the kids excited to be starting school? I remember the kids dreading it.

Angie~sounds like you guys had a wonderful vacation. Snorkeling in a cave-too scary for me. A cave on land is scary enough, there is no way I could go in a cave underwater. Didn't you guys already paint the boys rooms or am I thinking of someone else?

Okay, think i have blabbed enough. Miss a few days and have to try and make up for it! :lol:

Hi to everyone else! :wave:

Hope everyone is having a great day!

09-08-2004, 05:58 PM
Hello ladies… are you all doing?

Nothing new here, same stuff different day. He is still kind of sick, but he is still a happy sick. Both Tommy and Brandon are doing great. I think Brandon’s cold has more to do with his teething then anything else.

Well, again nothing new here. Just hanging around the house cause it looks like it is going to rain.

Julie~ You just reminded me that I have to get my hubby to tell me where he hide my workout tapes. I packed them with the rest of the movies when we moved, and now I can’t seem to find them. I will look in the cabinet one more time. You have my interested in trying the FIRM videos.

Jana~ My hubby tried for a romantic night last night, but things got shot down the crapper when money became a topic. We were suppose to go to the zoo today, but since payday is tomorrow it wouldn’t of worked out. I am hoping for a romantic night tonight, but what is romantic about soup and sandwiches for dinner? I give him credit though, he had dinner on the table, got me a glass of water, lit two candles but one blew out. Maybe I will make a romantic night tonight.

Marti~ He made it up to me, and like I said, it got shot down the crapper. I will make it up to him tonight…..but shhhhhhhh! Don’t tell.

My sister has some Tae Bo videos as well. She used them after her first two pregnancies and she looks great! Now she is pregnant with her third child, and I am sure that she will be using them after this one is born! Although after this one is born, she is “retiring” from her job until they are in school then she is talking about going back to work.

Cristi~ I hope you feel better soon!

Katy~ Congrats on the loss!!! One pound at a time, which is what I keep telling myself.

09-08-2004, 06:56 PM
Well another lovely day goes by!!! I swear my work is going to kill me if something else doesnt first!!!HAHA...It's just so stressful there, because the fiscal year ends October 1st, my boss is working us to the bone to collect as much money before then as possible....Needless to say, I get home from work and feel mentally wiped out!!! Anyway, good thing I bought lean cuisines this week, cause my motivation to cook isnt that great!!!

Mindee : Defnitely give the FIRM a try, it's really worth it, tough at first,
but like anything else, gets better the more you do it!! Taebo is really
good but I usually only make it half way through the tape!!

MARTI: Glad to hear you're excited about heading back to work, it will
definitely help give you a confidence booster!!

Jana : Im glad to hear that you like those two, because I keep seeing them, but I'm always iffy on buying them cause I dont know if I'll like them or not, especially if no one I know has had them!!!

Well hope you all have a good night!!! And I'll catch ya later...Keep making those healthy choices!!!!

GW 165 LBS

09-08-2004, 07:03 PM
Afternoon ladies--

Been enjoying what time I had with James before he left again. He came home last night after a week of being gone and he just left a few minutes ago. Got to spend more time together than we thought. So that was nice.

Jana--Do you get really bad weather in your state? Like tornados? I wasn't sure and was just curious after reading about your weather. That is one thing that I like about Oregon....don't have to worry about tornados or hurricanes. We just get lots of rain. One year we had so much there were floods...but nothing like what I've read about in other states.

Angie--I really didn't expect you to even write on postcards during your vacation!! That's your time! And sounds like you had your vacation just in time!! I can't believe how busy your schedule is already! I'm worn out for you before you even start! I honestly don't think I could do all that you, much too lazy. :dizzy: When do you get time to sleep?? Or do you even get to fit that in, in your scheduling book?? Time to plan for next years vacation!

Cristi--My title for the job is "specimen processor" which pretty much means that I will be the person who tests the drug screening....urine, blood and other stuff. Not really sure what all is involve, but as soon as I find out (next week) I will let you all know. I have orientation on Friday & Monday...then I'm not sure after that. I don't know about being excited about working..but I'm excited about the paycheck! :) I'm hoping it's nothing so horrible that I can't handle it. I did work in a chicken plant for three years so this might not be so bad.....we'll see!

Mindee--I'm sure you and your hubby will have that romantic evening soon. I haven't had a romantic evening w/James in forever! But he does little things for me that are even better. I have some workout tapes that I can't find either...packed them when we moved last year and still haven't gotten around to finding them. Although I'm not really looking either! :lol: But I do have my pilates tapes....every try that? It is soooooo good. They are easy to do and you feel totally relaxed and limber afterwards.

Julie--You have me worn out!! I think it's wrong for employers to work their employees that way! I don't think that they really get much out of employees by doing that! Sometimes safety issues occur! So be careful. And don't wear youself out to much. (the mother in me telling you this)

Hello to all you other girls!!

As for the stuff my grandma left....they're not displayed at all through the it's not like they couldn't get them if they wanted them. In fact, my grandpa had talked to one of my aunts and told her she should come and pick up the chairs. (the items that is the issue) Now here is the story...I sat with my grandma one day (before she was going through chemo) and she had asked me if there was anything that I wanted from her. I told her that I would LOVE to have a painting she has done and some books. Because years ago she had already given me this dish set that I had always loved as a kid. then she proceeded to tell me who gets aunt gets this beautiful desk clock, one aunt gets a set of dining room chairs, another gets this old desk, and so on. Well, the aunt who gets the clock is thinking that the chairs (there are 6 of them) are being split between the kids...(there are 6 kids) now why would you split up a dining room set?? Made no sense. I know grandma had a will, and I remember her talking about stuff that she left for everyone that they can have after both have if they want to argue...they just can go look at what was left w/whom. I say, be happy with what you got.....that's how grandma would have wanted it. Time to grow up. Sheesh!

ok...I'm going to browse around some and then clean up my kitchen. Made lunch for me & James and I just left the mess. It will drive me crazy here in a few if I don't get to it.

Take care

09-08-2004, 07:18 PM
Hi Ladies! Unfortunately don't have much time (as seems to be the case all the time lately :dizzy:)- have to go pick up DD at work soon. Just read thru everyone's posts and just wanted to chime in! Nothing really going on right now except work, sleep, work. My house is going to pot...try to get a little time here and there to work on it- but you all know how that lasts! Hope next week to have 2 days off, instead of only 1. Diet and exercise going really well- think I'm headed for a small loss this week- yippeee! Does anyone else have the sense, sometimes, how this whole lifestyle is benefitting you mentally- as well as physically? I just feel really good as I log my food for the day that I've taken really good care of myself. I've had days that I felt like I couldn't possibly have the energy to exercise- but did it anyway...and felt GREAT after. I don't know- maybe I need another hobby, but taking care of myself is a priority for the first time in my life. It seems to be having good effects in unexpected places- has anyone else experienced this?
Okay- gotta run and get DD- talk to ya soon! Barb

09-08-2004, 09:26 PM
I'm baaaaack, :D

Angie - I wish I could see one of the theater productions you are involved in! As far as my weight loss, I'm not sure how much more I want to lose, but probably about 40 pounds. My sister says that would be too much at my height and age, but we'll see...

Cristi - so glad to see your post! Sorry you have the allergies and TOM at the same time! They could at least show up a week apart, lol. Hope the Claritin kicks in soon. I also need some new candles. When I had my yard sale, I sold the Yankee candles I thought I would like, then didn't. They went real fast at $1 each, lol. I want some new ones that don't smell like cookies or pies or sugary things in general, lol. Maybe I'll try your Wedding one. Oh, I think your living room is going to be very nice! The colors and fabrics sound great. And no, you weren't babbling... I like to hear what's going on with you, Cristi.

Julie - I had to stop and think what 2 things you were talking about, lol, and then remembered the Lean Cuisines, lol. I experimented with several that I bought when they were on sale and now stick to the same few, because I don't eat them very often. The French Bread pizza one is good, too, imho.

Marti - yep, we are on the edge of "Tornado Alley" and have them every year in the Fall and Spring. Indiana is in the top 5 states of high number of tonadoes annually. My DH gave me those facts, lol. The DJs at the radio station have called him in the past for an outlook - no kidding. I bet you're getting nervous and excited both about the job! You will do a great job, Marti, and you are a real sharp girl - you'll catch on quickly. I have a lot of confidence in your ability.

Laura - glad you made it to chit chat!! TOPS may be a good idea, why not give it a try? The fee is low, and depending on the group, it can be a very rewarding meeting. In the meantime, when you are stressed, how about making a pot of "free" soup to eat all you want when you have the need to feed? I use ff chicken broth, tomatoes, cabbage, green beans, carrots, celery and onions. But you could put any "free" veggies that you like, to personalize it for yourself.

Barb - boy, you said a mouthful! I am not the same, mentally, as I was 67 1/2 pounds ago! I am happier and more confident and carry myself better. I always was an extrovert, lol, so that hasn't changed. I, too, feel good about taking care of myself. Can't wait to see how I feel after losing even more weight! I sure hope you get 2 days off in a row next week!

Got a new pair of slacks and two new sweaters at Penney's today - didn't make it there yesterday. Spent some quality time with my grandbabies and then basically wasted the rest of the day, lol, except for cooking. Fixed salmon patties for dinner and that really hit the spot!


09-08-2004, 10:17 PM
I'm here, I'm here, I'm here. Just been taking a break to sort things out. I've hopped online, and read throught the posts, but haven't felt much like leaving one.

I decided to take the new job. Officially accepted the offer Monday. Finalized it with the new administrator on Tuesday. Then I turned in my resignation. My boss didn't have a whole lot to say. Then I went and had a chat with the President of the agency. But I wasn't sure how to say what a nutball of a boss I have, so I left that part out. But, as word is getting out that I resigned, a couple of people are working with the Prez to find a way to keep me in the agency. There is a PT home care coordinator position open, but I need at least 4 days a week. He basically told me to think about it, decide what I really want to do, and he will make the position anything that I need it to be. I also told him today about some of the games the nutball has been playing. I guess she had him fooled. He had no idea. Problem is, now I don't know what to do. Part of me says stay, keep building on my time there, same benefits, etc. Part of me says RUN as fast and as far as I can. Guess it's time to make the pros and cons list. Sure feels good to feel needed! But awfully confusing. :?:

My poor cat. Angel wasn't getting any better, infact, maybe even worse every day. I had the vet put her to sleep on Sunday afternoon. Just about killed me. But how long can an ole girl fight kidney failure. It just wasn't fair to her. Yesterday I had to go to the vet and pay the bill and pick up the empty carrier. That was rough. :cry:

Well, I guess I really don't have much else to say. I should go work on the "list". My last day as of right now is the 17th. Only a little over a week! I don't have alot of time to think about it. :dizzy:


09-08-2004, 11:01 PM
Hello again--

Still haven't cleaned my kitchen (must not bother me that much!) :D but I did go lay down and take a nap....I had such a headache! One of those TOM induce headaches!! I swear TOM sticks around way too long for me!! I sure miss being on the pill! Always knew when it was coming AND going!! **sigh**

LauraLynn--I love your name btw!! Glad to see you made it to the chitchat thread! I read your post about cookbooks in the bio thread......made me smile because I have many! (ok, more like had) and I use to have a subscription to a variety of home cooking magazines! I had this thing about collecting recipes! But really don't use them. Maybe only a few---That's the terrible part. So I finally stopped the subscriptions. I occasionally still get WW cookbooks in the mail, not sure how that started, I just started getting them in the mail and then ended up keeping them. I hope eventually I will get creative and use one recipe from each magazine or book!! (yea right :lol: ) Anyway, glad to see you over here!

Barb--That is how I used to feel MANY times when James & I used to go to the gym....I would go there dragging myself in not wanting to, but knowing I needed to. And afterwards felt incredible and was thankful that I did it! The feeling that overcomes you when you see a results from your change of lifestyle is a high on it's know what I mean? You think differently and you truly feel that your body is worth taking care of. I think you're doing fabulously! But if you feel you need a hobby.....find something that you're really going to enjoy. My new found hobby....scrapbooking!

Jana--Thank you for having such confindence in me! James asked me today if I was excited about going back to work. I told him that I really wasn't, but to ask me again after a month of working. Starting a new job is ALWAYS nerve wracking! (is that spelled correctly???) I hope I catch on quickly, that is my worse fear right now...only because we are dealing with test that belong to actual people!! first thought when you told me that your state was one of the top five tornado area's was OMG!! :fr: Do you have a basement for situations like that????

Jen--So sorry about your cat. But you are so right about not letting the poor thing suffer. As for your job dilemma.....oh goodness, that would be tough. If you really like the job you have now, but not the one woman.....I would explain everything to the head guy and let it out. Tell him that is the one reason why you chose to go somewhere else. I think it would be better for him to know, than for you to go, then have her turn to someone else and do the same thing. Weighing the pros and cons is a smart idea. And a difficult one at the end. I hope it all turns out the best for you!! I long winded or what?? :lol:

Ok,....since I've babbled on with you all I better get myself going. Not sure what to do with myself yet.

Have a good night!

da fat n da furious
09-09-2004, 01:47 AM
Jen big hugs....I hate hearing about animals in pain or suffering. But I hate more about how the mommys feel when they lose their pets.

Jana, any plans for your birthday? I have meetings in the afternoon, but Friday evening we are doing a family birthday dinner, considering Brandon's, Tanners and mine are all this month. I wish you guys could come and see my Tonight at auditions the director asked me to audition for yeta (sp) I made it perfectly clear I know I have stage fright just thinking about it sooooooooo no!

Cristi, I painted all my bathrooms and office last,,,but with Tanner's room I never did get it finished right so starting over. Its a nice butter cup yellow...then about 2 feet from the ceilling and about 2-3 feet thick I am making a band around the room using a magnetic paint,,,then painting it a virbrant blue. So after it all dries he can use magnets and put all his treasures up,,,drawings.
Spare room will be a nice soft sage green

Marti, can you come and help me this month? On Tuesday I have call backs for Fiddler, which I should be at... Football game which I should be at cause Im the trainer,,,,and I have a band meeting with all the other band parents,,,I have to seel the uniforms that night...*sigh So my thought is,,,get one of the other parents drive Tan to the game,,,and I meet up ASAP after the band thing. I have an assistant..(which is cool) so I will have her be there for that.

I carry an agenda book and my assistant was putting in all my times in there,,,she was freaking cause I had Steel Mag, times in, school meetings in, days off from school for Tan, my days off, plus all his games and practises. Next month at this time I will be busy with Brandon,,,his surgery and all. Not sure how long he will be hospitalized. Called his school today to set up a meeting with the VP or Principal and guidance councillor.
Well I need to write a letter to Brandon's darma teacher,,,who I have worked with before.
And with all this going on, I have to set Brandon up with an outreach school,,,while Im at it Im going to try and get my math courses done.

Well night all

09-09-2004, 02:16 AM
well hello my wonderful jaded lady gals!!!!
Sorry i didn't post when I got back to work last night, but they had done something to the computers and it lost my saved username and password and I didn't have it memorized, so I had to wait until now when I looked it up at home.
However I had a nice weekend and five days off.
I had a nice time with marti on Friday, scrapbooking and drinking wine and such. Wasn't long enough, but it was something since we haven't gotten together in a while.
On Saturday I went to my boyfriend's family picnic at a wonderful park. It was not crowded since it was two days before labor day, which was nice. There was a wedding going on at the end of the park, which made me sad wanting one of my own. But anywho, I didn't eat much, since I had a tummy ache all day and they had hamburgers and hotdogs and I don't eat either of those things. I don't eat beef and hotdogs. eeewww So I had a yummy fresh cucumber and tomato salad and his mom's famous potato salad and that was it. So i did good. Nice to see them all again since I have had to work the past two times everyone got together.
Then on Sunday me and my sweetie went to Cottage grove ( marti's home town) and went on a bike trail that is 16 miles one way and was built on a old train track. It was such a beautiful day, the trail is marvelous, just a gradual incline and goes around a beautiful lake and such. Took lots of pictures, of course I had some scenarios in mind for a scrap book page or too. hee hee My boyfriend thinks I am wierd, but they turned out great and we had such a good time , especially on the way back, since it is a hill and we coasted and laughed and giggled almost the whole way down. We had such a good time and we were getting exercise at the same time. Thank you marti for telling me about it. We are definetely going back, maybe when the leaves turn. How pretty that will be.
Then on Monday i crafted ALL DAY. It was a Me day. I need to take some pictures of some of the things I made. I didn't get to do all, since I need a whole week to do everything, which would be cool, but they are all new things i have never tried before and the ones I did turned out so cute and I am pretty proud of. I will use some for christmas gifts and keep some for myself. I had so much fun that day too.
Then my mommy had surgery on tuesday, but she is doing fine now, she will be off work for two weeks and then go back for four weeks light duty.
However I am back at the old crappy job and hating it. I can't wait until friday, my boyfriend is getting his hair cut after having long hair for 20 years. He is sooo scared and nervous and I will be getting pictures of the whole thing much to his dismay. But I told him this is a big deal, a big moment in his life. A Scrapbook page MUST be made. LOL He is a rocker, has been in five bands since highschool, two of which toured all through washington, oregon and california. But he said that the reason he had long, long hair isn't valid anymore and he says no more summers with the long hair. I am scared for him, it will be sooo weird to see him without a long pony tail. So that should be fun.

Jana: I will definitely post some scrapbook pages as soon as I finish them. The two I did at marti's need journaling and embellishments still. Will some craft pictures do?? hee hee So, you guys have tornados huh?? I have only been in one when visiting family in oklahoma. I will never forget it until I die, and then I may still remember it in heaven. It was so deathly silent almost like the air had vanished and then it was like a frieght train was running through the whole house. The sound was deafening. We were all huddled in the root cellar. Terrified does not begin to describe what i was feeling. My mother had them when she grew up in Wisconsin and I couldn't imagine living with them day to day. That is why I am so thankful for living in beautiful , green oregon. No tornados, hurricanes, huge lightening ( which I hate), we did have floods a while back like marti said, ( my aunt was on the news paddling away from her house) but I can handle the rain since that is all we get really for natural disasters. Besides it makes our state green and clean, no smog or such.

Jen: Oh my god, I was crying for you in relation to your cats death. All I can say is I am so sorry and that your sweety is is a better pain free place. Have you every heard of the rainbow bridge poem. I truly believe in it, it basically say that there is a wonderful heaven for our treasure pets and that they live waiting until they sense us coming home, so they can run across the bridge back into our arms. I can't wait until I see some of my loved pets again and I told my boyfriend I will have to be buried next to my baby manti when the time comes. He is 10 now. Anywho, my thoughts and prays are with you hon.

Susan: I am glad to see you came back. You are a valued member of the Jaded ladies and would miss your humor and wit if you left.

Cristi: I am glad you are feeling better hon, being sick sucks big time. I feel something coming on right now and I hope it goes away quietly without a fuss or pain. Cross my fingers.

Angie: I am glad you had a good time on your vacation and the huge hurricane didn't touch you much. I was worried about you down there. I am very envious of your tan. I used to be a brown little berry when i was younger with being half native american, but as I have gotten older, my polish and irish genes have kicked in so I am not as brown. Grrr, but I tan in like ten minutes which irritates my sweetie. hee hee Anywho, I am glad to see you back.
well, since I have written a novel here, ( trying to make up for being gone so long ya know. :-) I will stop for now and be back tomorrow or if the urge to gab again takes me. Love to all I missed in my gabbing

09-09-2004, 03:27 AM
Hello ladies… are you all doing?

Nothing new here, same stuff different day. He is still kind of sick, but he is still a happy sick. Both Tommy and Brandon are doing great. I think Brandon’s cold has more to do with his teething then anything else.

Well, again nothing new here. Just hanging around the house cause it looks like it is going to rain.

When I fed Brandon his peaches, I noticed some more white spots. So you all know what that means......more teeth!! I saw them on the right side this we shall see!!

Julie~ I am making my hubby dig out my tapes when he gets home from work today (Thursday). I have a tape called “Boxerate” which is a combination of boxing and karate. I will try that. But I am going to look at getting some new updated workout videos! How are those Lean Cuisines? I have been looking at the healthier foods when we go grocery shopping and I just get the fear in me of them being awful tasting. Maybe I will get some to try this week.

Marti~ We managed to have our romantic night tonight. There was no way of making soup and sandwiches romantic, but my hubby did make all of dinner, get me a drink and we ate at our table…..with Brandon in his walker staring at us and throwing his toys on the floor. But after he went to bed, we managed to get in a romantic evening. I finally remembered to ask Tommy where the rest of the tapes are, and he thinks they are in the attic. I am going to send him up there when he gets home from work. I hope they didn’t melt up there!! Relaxed and limber? Man, Tommy would love it if I felt like that! Nope, I haven’t tried them. Do they have anything for a novice like me? I can’t do much when it comes to stretching every which way but loose, because I have a screw in my hip, but I can try.

Lauralynn~ Welcome to the group!!

Barb~ I know what you mean. I have noticed, not on the scale, but on my body different areas that are looking leaner and better with each passing down. Now I just need to get that scale to stop telling me those bad high numbers!

Jana~ You know, I have to say this. When I first got on here, what a couple weeks ago?, and I noticed your siggy was about 60 or so, I thought that was your age. Then it dawned on me that it was your weight loss tracker! I was having a really bad day that day, so please don’t get mad at me.

I just sat down and made my list for who need to buy Christmas presents for, and even some that might get booted off. The list is definitely manageable!! Now, I just have to run it by Tommy and make sure I didn’t leave any one off!

Jen~ I am so sorry to hear about your little kitty. I know what you mean. We sent our cat up to my parents house and it feels weird not having her come out from hiding and rubbing on our leg when she wants some attention.

Angie~ You are one busy mama! You reminded me that I need to find out where I saw the two year planners on sale at and go and get me one! I am much more organized when I have something that tells me where I have to be, when I have to be there and for how long.

09-09-2004, 07:32 AM
It's Thursday!

Let's see.... who all posted since I was here last???

Jen - so sorry about Angel. ((((((HUGS))))) to you! As I said a few days ago, at least you know you gave her the best life possible. Regarding your job, I'm thinking you should just go with your gut feeling... it's usually fairly accurate.

Marti - nope, I don't have a basement, but Mary does. Several times we've scurried across the yard (100 feet) to her house for shelter. Will your training hours be day hours at the lab on Friday and Monday?

Angie - have fun at your birthday dinner!! The family will be here for dinner on my birthday. Neal and Katie will be fixing salad, chicken and potatoes, brocolli-rice casserole and baby carrots with some pre-prep help from me. I have chosen to not have a cake at all. Instead, I bought a box of Hostess cupcakes and will have one of those (4 points) and somebody will put a candle in it. Any cupcakes that are left over will go home with the kids. Mary will pull my ears. That's a family tradition and the kids would freak if we forgot that part, lol. Btw, I never knew they made magnetic paint and think that's awesome! Mary will be glad to know about that!!

Shanna - glad you had a nice mini-vacation! Please do share the photos of the bike trail. Hope your mom is recuperating nicely.

Mindee - glad you finally got the romantic night! It's more of a feeling than what was served for dinner, isn't it? I had to laugh when I read that you thought my weight loss was my age.... now watch how fast that gets identified in my siggy!

Well, I'm up with the chickens again today, the house is quiet and there is a beagle next to me on the couch. Cloe is the baby and thinks she should get special privledges, lol.

It's too early to state my plans for the day... <yawn> .... I'll bbl,

09-09-2004, 12:50 PM
Life is crazed, I have to say. Between my son's soccer team and my daugher's co-op preschool, I am just a madwoman these days. I finally broke down and started using a PDA because my DH and were just getting too discombobulated trying to sync our schedules in passing. I'm hoping that once everyone settles into their various schoools that things will smooth out a bit.

Can't address too many individuals today, unfortunately, as I agreed to take minutes at our board meeting last night and now I have a very short timeline to type them up and get them out for corrections. The good thing about being so busy - I don't obsess about food so much! Yeah! So , staying OP has been easier this week....

Laura - Welcome! I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I am a veteran of TOPS. Was a member of two different group from 1997 - 2001. Served on the board twice and was a program coordinator for a short period. I really agree with the comment that was made that you need to find the group that fits you. TOPS will let you visit any group once without joining, so checking out different groups is free and a good investment of your time. If you go to the TOPS website ( they should have a group locator there. If you want to pick my brain about the pros and cons, please PM me

Everyone else - have a great day...I may make it to chat tonight - keep your fingers crossed :)


09-09-2004, 01:03 PM
Jana~ At first I wasn’t sure what it was, but when I saw it go from 64 to 65 ½ over night, that was when it hit me. And then it dawned on me even more when it went up to 67 a couple days later. I was up with my alarm today, which is very unusual lately. But I woke up with a scratchy throat, so I had to feed Brandon and then take some medicine. Now I am feeling a little better, but Brandon is coughing again. I had to give him some Tylenol while he was sleeping because he kept coughing and was very congested sounding. I guess it comes with the weather changes!

Katy~ You have been one busy women! I love when I get distracted by something and it takes my mind off eating/food.

09-09-2004, 02:22 PM
Morning ladies--

Angie--I have to say that I think I'll stay here. Youre schedule has my eyes all crossed!! My goodness girl..have you always been this busy?? No wonder you have an assistant. Wow....that makes you sound pretty important! Now I must meet you! You're some kind of celebrity! :D

Shanna--The photos of the bike ride are purdy!! You must go back up next month when the leaves are changing....very pretty up there! I'm looking forward to seeing Bryons hair cut!! :D

Mindee--Soup & sandwhiches can be Jana's the mood that goes with it that's romantic! Glad you had your night! I have two pilates I bought the other was a gift from came with the matt and resistance' called "Pilates anywhere, anytime" very easy for beginners. The other is just called "Pilates" for beginners with Jillian Hessal. I try not to get things that would be to advanced for me.

Jana--My hours for the orientation Fri & Mon. starts at 8:00 to who knows (they didn't tell me) and then my training will be day hours and I don't know about that yet. So not informed on anything yet!! Making me nervous. I'll find out tomorrow!

Katy--You just as busy as Angie!! How do you girls do it?? I have yet to see how a palmpilot works. James has one and put all the information from his handbook (this is a huge book) and takes it to work. My schedule isn't very busy to need one.

Morning to everyone else!!

I called Jhanai last night and asked how her second day of school was. She said that she has to play soccer in PE and she doesn't like soccer. I told her it's a fun game and that she may enjoy it. She's got to play it first! She told me about her first day of school. She informed me that she made a new friend who was new to the school. Her name is Rebecca. I was thrilled!! A little girl friend! :) All her friends are boys!! She's been hanging out with boys since day care!! :lol: She thought it was funny that I was so excited about that. Silly girl.

I have some house cleaning to do....then some bills to pay and then figure out what I'm going to wear tomorrow. They gave us this list of what is appropriate and whats not for the work area...since I have no idea as to the area I'm working in...I'm not sure what part of the list I should be looking at! Some area's you can where jeans...others you cannot. Others where uniforms...others do not...and so on. So I guess that I should be safe with the orientation days.....and I will find out what my department wheres.

Ok ladies...I'll be back later to check and see whose chatting.

Have a great day!

09-09-2004, 02:39 PM
Jeez, I am tired from reading all the posts since I posted yesterday! You ladies have been busy little bees.

Jen~((((HUGS)))) to you. :grouphug: My heart goes out to you in the loss of your little angel. About the job, only you know in your heart what the right thing to do, and it will come to you.

Shanna~I had posted on the other thread and asked where the pictures where taken so never mind since you posted it here. It sure is a beautiful place. You guys looked like you were having a nice time.

Marti~you made me think about tornado alley, we are in it also. I love the rain but when it gets bad it is a little scary. We didn't live here in 98, I think it was but a tornado went through here and destroyed most of this town. The church has huge photos on the wall as you go in of the damage it did to the town and church. I know there have been some pretty close to us but I have to say, living in AR and here I have yet to actually see a tornado and hope I never do.

Angie~the rooms sound nice. I didn't even know they had magnetic paint! How cool is that? I was never much of a green person but told V next time we change the bedroom I am wanting to paint it a light green, not sure what shade. Of course that will be a while as we just moved here and painted. You kill me lady! I read your posts and get tired just reading all the stuff you do. I like to keep busy, but your schedule would kill me.

Jana~woohoo on the new clothes! And speaking of yard sales...we never did have one. But the subdivision is having a neighborhood yardsale in October so I have plenty of time to get ready for it.

Mindee~I have to agree with Jana. I don't think it is so much the food, what is fixed that makes it romantic but the mood and ambience. But glad you finally got it. I would love to have a romantic evening with DH but with him working all the time and the kids in and out-don't see it happening anytime soon.

RosieKate~your schedule is sounding like Angie's-YIKES! I don't ever remember being that busy when the kids were little. They were involved in sports and such but I guess I wasn't as involved in the school. I did help out though and did go to all the functions and such but it seems you ladies are going all the time. Not that it is a bad thing per se. Just took a gander at your photos today, sorry I didn't realize you had posted any. They are great though and thanks for sharing them.

LauraLyn~a big WELCOME! The ladies here are wonderful.

Hi to everyone else! I just know I have missed someone, sorry. Guess I need to be checking twice a day again to keep up with things and everyone. I normally do, just haven't been feeling so great. Boohoo...

Anyway, trying to get my laundry done today and then tomorrow will vacuum and such. I got a good start on cleaning the house Tuesday and then pooped out. Yesterday, we went to lowes and go three trees and a couple of shrubs to plant in the backyard. V and DS#2 got that done. I must say after looking at a plain bakyard for so long it is kind of weird seeing trees back there. Anyway, gotta go move the sprinkler and get in the shower. That is about all that is going on with me today. Will cook a roast later for dinner, I think.

Have a great day ladies! TTFN

09-09-2004, 04:01 PM
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