South Beach Diet - New to SB and 3FC and darn happy to be here!

09-04-2004, 04:44 PM
Hello all! :wave:

I'm not sure how I stumbled on this site, but I'm sure glad I did. Talk about some spunk!

I'm nearing the end of week two and am looking for support as my husband gives me "stink eye" (you know, that snotty look one gets when they suggests ordering a super supreme large pizza may NOT be the best course of action for dinner?) every time I say I don't want potatos or fast food. :rolleyes:

Anyway, please excuse me as I flounder around for the next couple of weeks asking the same questions you've answered 100 times before.

Look forward to getting to know you all!

09-04-2004, 05:36 PM
Welcome Jennierose!

I've only been here a couple of weeks myself and I assure you, even if they've answered question a gazillion times they don't let you know they're rolling their eyes! *laugh*

There is a section of the SBD part of 3FC for frequently asked questions which has a ton of good information. The recipe section is awesome, there was only one recipe I tried so far that I wasn't a huge fan of but it wasn't gross either.

As a newbie I can tell you, I've yet to find a more supportive bunch of chicks. Just jump right in! There is also a daily thread where we all ramble about our days and what's up in our little parts of the world so please join the post if you'd like.

Welcome, welcome, welcome!


09-04-2004, 06:12 PM
Hi Jennierose,

I'm new, too, and already love this site. People are so supportive (about everything). I feel very welcome and will join the daily chat even though I am a night owl. :cbg: I am thinking about cheeseburgers this weekend, but also tryimg to keep in mind what they did to Clinton :dizzy: before he and Hillary went on South Beach. That couple does look very good now, though.

Have a good, successful weekend.

09-04-2004, 06:49 PM
Welcome to The Beach, Jennierose. This is a great group and a great lifestyle plan.
Ask away. :rolleyes: :rofl:

09-04-2004, 07:42 PM
Welcome, Jennierose! We're always happy to answer questions but let me give you a little hint. Go into one of the South Beach forums and click on Search this Forum. Then put in a word so search for, perhaps "avocado" and search for all threads with avocado in a post. You can search for multiple words and sometimes you will find that your question has already been answered. If you don't find it, ask away and we will do our best to help.

South Beach is the best!

09-05-2004, 01:48 AM
You'll love it here. The more you are here the better your OP days me.

SB is great and we all kind of feed off of each other's success.

09-05-2004, 08:28 AM
Welcome, Jennierose!! :wave:

sweet tooth
09-05-2004, 03:08 PM
Welcome to SBD. You will find this group really supportive of your weight loss and helpful in lots of ways.

When I was on WW, I found it really uncomfortable when people rolled their eyes, or made caustic comments when I said that I could not have something. I also found that some people intentionally try to sabotage your weight loss by tempting you and making comments like 1 won't hurt. Well, maybe they are right, but I firstly, I am intent on losing the weight that I need to lose, and also, I know that I can't stop at 1. Soooo, I really considered how I would handle those situations when on SBD.

Soooo I decided that I wouldn't tell anyone that I was dieting and had foods that were restricted. When I am out at someone's house, I help myself to OP foods, only - skip the bread and potatoes. Most of the time people are so busy chatting, they don't notice. But, if they do, I just say no thank you. Most importantly, I don't explain why. When dessert comes, I just say no thank you, I don't feel like dessert tonight thank you...dinner was so delicious and I just can't eat another thing. :) In a restaurant, I will quietly order extra veggies instead of a starch...I haven't found 1 restaurant yet that has objected to that change. Any friends that we are with don't even notice. I find that, if I tell people that I am full, or not in the mood for dessert, or whatever, they accept that reasoning more than I am on a diet.

I know that the books say that, if you set out to do something, tell everyone and they will keep you accountable. However, I have found through the years that, I only tell people who I am positive will support my effort. If I share the goals too far, then I find there are those who sabotage the goals in lots of different ways. The reasons could be many, including jealousy, but could also be subconscious - I don't know. What I do know, though, is that I need all the support I can get because this journey is hard enough.

Although DH is really supportive of my weight loss, I often feel bad when he would like to order that pizza, or indulge in something off program. I decided to work around that. If he wants a pizza, then he orders it. I make something OP at home if he is ordering in (then he can take the leftovers to work for lunch or have a snack later for himself), or I order something else on the menu if we are out.

Lots of spouses may feel that they are deprived if their food is restricted and they haven't chosen to follow the plan. Work around that and make sure that they are accommodated on your food plan, but don't compromise your own plan. It can be done, but does take some practice and planning. Above all, if you get the little digs, don't mention what you can or can't have anymore, just explain it as I don't feel like having that today, thank you. Your DH will know that it is because you are losing weight, but will be hard pressed to make the comment...after all, if you don't feel like, why should you have to have it?

Hope everything goes well. Take care.

09-05-2004, 04:44 PM
Peggy, what a wonderful post. Truer words were never spoken!
I found somewhere in this area, a low carb pizza that my husband and I really enjoyed and I would make it for us and order another for our son from Caesars. It has a ground beef for crust and then you just pile on the sauce (low carb) and cheese and veggies that you like and it's SO GOOD. I'll look around and see if I can find the area it's located. If I can't, I'll print it for this posting. Trust me, it's delicious and makes you feel like one of the crowd.

09-05-2004, 06:57 PM
Thanks for the warm welcome, all! I'm really glad to have a supportive community to turn to, especially when I want to prattle non stop! :hyper:

Peggy, truer words were never spoken. Ironically, my husband lost a lot of weight on WW, as did his mom and his sister - she's at 120 pounds off and still losing! For some reason, this is different. Oh well, it's a good thing I'm stubborn!! I am learning to make little modifications. For instance, tonight I'm having brats (no bun, thank you very much!) and cole slaw instead of potato salad. Tomorrow will be a challange because hubby is taking me to a Detroit Tigers game. I've planned for a hot dog (hopefully I can resist the bun, and a second hot dog!!) and peanuts.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!

09-05-2004, 11:31 PM
Welcome -- albeit a bit late :)

09-07-2004, 09:54 AM
Welcome! I am just starting TODAY -- so I will have lots of questions as well. Good luck!

:) lauren

09-07-2004, 10:48 AM
Welcome, Jennierose! :goodvibes:

I think you'll love it here! Check out the FAQ and post in the daily so we can get to know you better! :)

I know how you feel about your husband...mine is usually very supportive, but lately, he keeps asking if I want to have drinks with dinner, which he knows I shouldn't have (I know we can have them every once in a while, but not every night! :yikes: ). I hope you can convince your DH that if he wants to eat unhealthily, he'll have to do it alone! :(