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09-03-2004, 07:35 PM
As most of you know, I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately, with dizziness last week, tiredness, nausea, etc. Well, today I got sent home from work because I ralphed up my Subway garden salad. My right eye has been twitching since I woke up today, and I thought that was weird, but I felt fine all day until on my way back to work with my salad. I started to feel icky, but blew it off, went back to work, and ate my salad. So then I yarfed and wasn't feeling right at all. So now I'm home, and every time I stand up, I get the black and red fuzzies/stars all around my head.

We've established (by the fact that I haven't missed a period and with EPT's approval as well) that I'm not pregnant. I'm on the pill, and we use two other forms of birth control as well. (I'm not ready yet.) Everyone keeps asking me "Are you sure you're not pregnant?" Even my friend Abdul, who freaks out at the mention of the word "tampon."

So I made a doctor's appointment for 9am (have to be at work at 9:45, so that'll be fun.) The doctor is worried about my blood pressure. I'm hoping it's just something minor like postural hypertension or that I'm on too high of a dosage of Norvasc. Hey, maybe I'll get put on a blood pressure medicine that has a generic form so I don't have to pay $35/month for Norvasc!

So anyway, please send some prayers my way, if you have time. Don't take too many away from Ellis, just if you think if it, send some over here too.

To make it all better, I'm out of eggs, lf cheese, beans, salad, cottage cheese, vegetables......I'm about ready to eat a WW Eggo Waffle, as I have nothing to eat in the house. Sour cream and Salsa. Mmmmm. (Makes a good dip, but nothing to dip in it.) Stupid Phase 1 again.

Also, not exercising tonight as I am light-headed and have a hard enough time standing up, let alone riding an exercise bike. I'm too young for this :censored:

09-03-2004, 07:46 PM
Yes, you are too young for this! I hope the doc can pinpoint the cause and just fix it! Take care tonight and let us know how the appointment goes in the morning, Can you stay off work? I'll phone in for you. :lol3: (((Weezle)))

09-03-2004, 08:20 PM
You have my prayers. You really need to get someone to get you some food. It's just going to make you feel worse if you don't eat. Is there anyone that you know who has a blood pressure meter? Preferably not a wrist meter since they are not as accurate but anything would give you an idea. Even without any gadgets you can take your pulse. Normal resting starts at 60. I think the top number is 100 but don't quote me on that. Too low of a pulse can cause your symptoms.

I am so glad you are seeing the doctor tomorrow. Don't drive if you are dizzy though. And let us know what he says. We'll worry until we hear.

09-03-2004, 08:36 PM
Hey thanks guys. I broke down and had 2 WW waffles with I Can't Believe spray. I thought I was going to waste away. So far, so good, keeping it down.

Ruth, unfortunately I already spoke with my boss and I can't call in. She let me come home early today, but I'm the only one working the store tomorrow. We're so short-staffed in Springfield that it's impossible to cover illness.

Barb, I'll let you know what the Doc says. It's not my Doc, but the Doc on call and he's pretty good, from what I hear. I am a bit blurry tonight, but for now I'll blame it on sitting too close to the computer monitor, and watching more TV than I'm used to. Also, could be from my eyes glazing over as I stare at pink sapphire/diamond rings at Sounds good to me.

I'll let you all know tomorrow evening what the Doc said, after we go GROCERY SHOPPING!!!!! Woo hoo, food! I don't know how this next week is going to go.... did fine on Ph1 this week except for the waffles I just ate. Planning on doing Ph1 most of next week, except for the weekend....I told everyone I'd drink beer for Molly's birthday, and I still plan to.

Most annoying part of all of this is my eye twitch. Every so often, it starts spasming out of control and I feel like I must look as if I have sociopathic tendencies, or something. REE REE REE REE.

PS I could kill for chocolate. *twitch* *twitch*

09-03-2004, 08:44 PM
PPS Resting Pulse is at 84 bpm

09-04-2004, 07:54 AM
Well, it's always reassuring to know you have a pulse! :lol: Watch out for that winking eye when you are in public. You could be arrested for soliciting! :rofl:
Be sure to post after the doc visit.

09-04-2004, 08:34 AM
Oh, Weezle... :( Sending you lots of prayers and hugs, sweetie. :grouphug: Please keep us posted, and try not to worry.

09-04-2004, 01:38 PM
Prayers sent your way. :grouphug:

09-04-2004, 08:35 PM
I am so smart! So, I went to the doctor this morning, and they told me exactly what I thought. Postural hypOtension (I tend to mix up my hypers and hypos.) When I was sitting, my bp was 135/98 (which ran normal, but a little high for me since I was at the doctor's office.) When I stood up? 100/74. Remember, that's high for me, since I was at the doctor's office and freaking out because I wasn't feeling well. So in a matter of seconds, my blood pressure plummets when I stand up, which would be why I'm dizzy, nauseous, and all around not feeling well. They cut my dosage of medicine in half!

Of course, I took my medicine before I went to the doctor, like I always do in the morning, so I was dizzy and goofy all day long. I called my boss and told her I had a note from my doctor that said I shouldn't work, but she said "Well, we're single staffed everywhere today because people are on vacation for the holiday. Just be careful and do your best." I ended up falling once....walked carefully along the counter to the other side of the room, picked up what I needed, turned, and the black and red fuzzies came over my right eye. Down I went! Caught myself, though. Didn't go all the way out. Too bad I didn't hurt myself.....if I did, I'd own the company in a matter of time. I can't BELIEVE she made me work in my condition and with a doctor's note!

Another weird thing....remember how I've been stuck at 138/140 for the last month? Well, I weighed myself naked, like I always do, at home this morning before the doctor. 140. Surprise. Then I went to the doctor, slipped my shoes off, and weighed with my clothes on. 133. Excuse me??? I made her check it twice. And it's one of those that they have to callibrate to make sure they're accurate (with the slidey things on them.) Time to buy a new scale.

Did we decide that digital was probably the best way to go, for a home scale? Gotta buy one at Wal-Mart tonight.

So, I'll be better soon. Thanks for the prayers, everyone. I really appreciate them!