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09-03-2004, 12:44 PM
Just a quick post to let you all know that I won't be around for a week. I am going on vacation to the beach and I am so ready. I am hoping to be back on a little later tonight, after I get everything packed, loaded and ready to go. In the event I can't due to my overwhelming schedule this evening I thought I would post now while I have a free moment. We leave at 4:00am tomorrow-- waahhhoooo.

I'll miss ya! Have a great upcoming week of losses, hit many goals, set new milestones and break all your records!

I hope not to gain more than a pound! And I'm taking Leslie with me! :lol: :lol: :D :dizzy:

09-03-2004, 12:46 PM
You have fun and enjoy yourself!!!!

09-03-2004, 01:14 PM
Have a great time, girl......I'll talk to you soon!

09-03-2004, 01:19 PM
I hope you have a great time!!
Catch a few waves for us!

09-03-2004, 02:44 PM
Have a fantastic Vacation Gretchen! Make sure to share details and maybe even some pictures when you get back. :D Enjoy!

09-12-2004, 11:50 PM
I'm back, I'm back.. Feels great to be back too!

We had tons of fun. More later.

I gained 4 lbs- 2 of water I think.. (I have PMS)

Feeling great about that though unbelieveably! It was fun having a free week. I did not binge out but I ate liberally and gave myself some treats, like a carmel apple, some crab cakes, fishers carmel popcorn and stuff like that. I got a belly ache almost every night. I did walk a few miles each day. I know for a fact, I couldn't eat like that every day anymore. It was nice for the week to splurge a little bit.. I could have totally remained on plan but I decided before I left that I was not going to count calories. I think I did ok. I definitely ate more than usual.

Tomorrow its back on plan and I am excited to get started again with my routine. I am hoping that by being a little bad last week that it might just jump start my last 30 lbs of weight loss.. its been slow for the past month or so.

Still feeling really good about everything and my hubby just compliments me all the time which is nice. I actually wore my bathing suit on the beach, in the ocean and at the pool without covering up or "running" from destination to destination hoping to not be seen. It was great.

I shopped a ton! Bought a lot of new clothes, bras and undies. Man, the cute things you can get! I'll tell you, one of the best things about losing weight is the variety of clothes available to you in a size 12!! Its great!!

My hubby pointed out something to me though, something I really need to work on. I am still experiencing the overweight girl syndrome... I tend to tug at my clothes and don't wear anything too revealing in public. Jeremy tried to get me to wear some more revealing type stuff over vacation, I had a hard time.. It's like I still feel like I look like I am still carrying the 70 lbs around ( I know I'm not but its a weird thing). Have any of you ever experienced this?
My hubby did point that out during vacation. I guess I need to work on that.

I feel great though, aside from that little "hang up" I have with myself.

Wow- the update got longer than I thought!!

I missed you guys!!

Goddess Jessica
09-13-2004, 03:12 AM

You are so incredibly beautiful. Girl! Show it off! I never really put my finger on it before but tugging at clothes is SUCH a fat girl trademark. Old habits die hard. :)


09-13-2004, 10:18 AM
WELCOME BACK, GRETCHEN! And how did I not know that you had a birthday??? :hb: :hb: :hb:

It's great to have you back, and I can't wait to catch up! Yup, I'm with Jessica, that togs tug is residual fat girl M.O.....gotta shake that now! ;)

Ivanna B. Skinny
09-13-2004, 10:50 AM
I'm so glad you're back Gretchen! Hope you had a great time!!

09-13-2004, 01:35 PM
Glad you had such a good time Gretchen.

I totally understand the 'fat girl syndrome'. If I am wearing anything that isn't baggy, I drive myself (and probably others) tugging at it like made. I used to permanently wear a demin jacket too, to cover up my arms, and I still have a real problem taking off my (new smaller!!) jacket when I'm out in public.

I suppose these feelings pass in time, but I can't imagine ever being comfortable in my body and clothes, whatever I get down to.

09-13-2004, 06:22 PM
Welcome back. Glad to hear you had a blast on vacation. Can't wait to see a couple of pics. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself and still are ready to get back on track.

09-13-2004, 09:32 PM
Good to see you back Gretchen. We missed you.