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little chick
09-02-2004, 07:24 AM
Morning chicks sorry about yesterday the day just got away from me. I was here for a few minutes and never did get back to post. Can't believe I missed my fav day. Why is it when I get here this early in the morning the wee ones start coming in.... work always gets in the way of fun :p be right back.

09-02-2004, 08:12 AM
Good morning, Little Chick. I always love it when the daily is already started!

My "wee ones" got me up at five with urgent barking for potty breaks. Lucy didn't even make it off the deck so is in minor disgrace. Minor disgrace lasts until she looks at me with those lovely eyes and gives a small wag! Darn dogs rule the world around here! :rofl:

It's a tad nippy this morning again so coffee on the deck meant a jacket over the robe. However, the sunrise was gorgeous again and today promises a nice day.

Sarah comes at eight and Jane comes at eleven so it'll be a zippy morning around here. We have plants to move and I hope to have her clean my car after that. It's dirty work hauling plants! I won't leave for town as soon as Jane arrives - just a bit more work on that script needs doing. She will be in charge of Harry's lunch and I will have a Caesar salad (sans croutons) en route to my 1:30 haircut in town. I'll do a quick shop for groceries and be home by four. Five hours makes my afternoon off a lot more relaxing!

Tonight I have a read through of the November play and will know who else has been cast. I know the names but have not attached them to the people who were at the casting call. It should be interesting.

So another busy day here in Dog World/Mayberry. What's happening at your house?

09-02-2004, 08:17 AM
Good morning, Chicklets~~ :coffee:

It rained off and on all day yesterday. But the storm should be moving out so today will be more dry than wet. The plants look all revived..everything except my poor parsley, that is. It still hasn't recovered from getting eaten by some maurauding critter. :(

Guess I'll have to bite the bullet and buy a bunch of parsley at the farmers market tomorrow. I've been wanting to make some pesto. There's some new low carb pasta on the market that I want to try. I'm hoping my tummy won't object to it.

As for the pizza yesterday; BIL brought home a very, very thin crust pizza and I only had one slice. Yesterday was a very, very OP day for me. :) The only thing was, that ham is so danged salty that even having a few small pieces was enough to make me retain water. I'm going to try very hard to lower my sodium intake this week and see what happens.

Little Chick and all you chicks still snoozing...hope you have a great day on the Beach!


09-02-2004, 08:57 AM
2 bad days but now I am back. I feel off the wagon and was dragged underneath on Tuesday.......rice kripie treats and cc cookies. My fault for making them for my guests...the rest of dinner was all on...tomato, basil and mozz. salad, fruit salad, and a garden salad with balsamic chicken. Yestday wasn't much better....I didn't eat 6 meals. In fact I only ate 2 lunch and flax/soy chips and hummus for dinner. I need to get back today and stay op this weekend. Will certainly be a challenge with company here.

was a short day yesterday. The electricity went out so we got to leave early.....securing at 1 tomorrow too...I love short weeks! Gonna run in the shower and get to work early 9 :o . hope everyone has a wonderful day on the beach!

09-02-2004, 09:20 AM
morning chicks,
sorry i wasn't able to make it in here yesterday, i did get to read some posts but did not have time to post. so a big hug and hello for today!!! well i am on day 3 of p1. i AM doing it!! feeling ok the headache is gone and so are my nasty night binges (for now anyway) had a busy day at work yesterday but i did make the time to go to lunch with dh, we used to meet at least 1 time a week but things are so hectic lately we haven't had time. home and school meeting last night for dd she has some very nice classes and a fairly light schedule this semester so she is adjusting to high school very nicely. they had a beautiful buffett set up in the cafeteria but really nothing op so i skipped the refreshments and wandered around the halls for a bit. i went to the same high school and so it brought back lots of good memories for me.

today is work and then house cleaning and laundry, not gonna get much done with the holiday weekend at home so i better get my butt moving tonight. hope you all have a great weekend!!!!

09-02-2004, 09:58 AM
Good morning everyone! :)

Ruth -- I love it that you watch the sunrise in the morning! I will have to live vicariously. I think I must have been in the shower for sunrise, getting ready to get to the office early.

Which is where I am now. I re-read some of South Beach last night and DH and I talked through it some more. I typically jusmp into things before really fully considering them, and then more often than not it doesn't last long. So, I think this "preparation" time will be very helpful. Collecting recipes, etc.

I hope everyone has a great day!

:) Lauren

09-02-2004, 10:01 AM
'Morning everyone,

What a beautiful day it is here. Cool, but sunny. Perfect for coffee on the swing (if the hardwood floor installers aren't working next door today!)

Mamacita, I can sympathize - we've had maaurauding rabbits in the garden. Anything not in a raised bed has been subject to their appetites. The snails haven't helped either.

I can't get my ear away from the radio today, hoping for a peaceful solution to the kidnapping in Russia. I can't believe any cause justifies terrorizing any people, let alone little kids. It's really disturbing and I find it hard not to let it colour my view of the world. Perhaps it's time to turn off the media and just check back at the end of the day.

Sorry for the downer. On the upside, I'm down 2 pounds this morning. Yahooo! I realized that the most I had ever lost at Weight Watchers was just a little more than this, and it involved a much greater effort. Nobody has yet noticed my loss, but I guess they get used to seeing a fat woman, so the degrees of fat don't come into it for them.

Justjodi, glad your dd is adjusting to high school. It's a big change.

Shequila, it's difficult to stay op with guests around. Good luck!

Ruth, sounds like a really interesting project you're working on. Hope the read-through goes well for everyone.

Littlechick, it's hard to type with children in your lap, isn't it? :bb:

Hope everybody has a great day.

09-02-2004, 10:03 AM
GoldieFun, we must have hit "enter" at the same time! Have a great day!

09-02-2004, 10:10 AM
Good morning, gals! I'm working from home today since I have to go in for a blood pressure check in a few minutes. I've been watching at home and my BP has been great now that I am off the diuretic. I'm hoping to convince her that I can get rid of some more blood pressure meds. I'm down 8.5 pounds since I saw her last month so hopefully she will be happy. I'll be back later today to update everyone.

Oh, I am proud of something I did last night. We had some old leftovers in the freezer. It was chicken bake roma which is on plan (chicken, zucchini, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes) except that it was on top of regular pasta. I separated the pasta from the meat and veggies and gave my son the pasta and then put the meat and veggies on a WW tortilla and had that. It was really good and I didn't waste the food. I hate wasting food but didn't want to eat off plan either. :)

09-02-2004, 11:05 AM
LC, glad to see you...those wee ones can really take all your time! But just think...soon you'll have one day off a week! :D

Ruth: :lol: those puppies have you wrapped around their paws, huh? ;) That's okay...mine does too. Did you get the hours upped for Harry after all? That's great! :D Enjoy your afternoon off!

Mama, at least the critter has good breath! :lol: Do you make pesto with parsley? I usually make mine with basil...which reminds me...the farmer's market is this afternoon...wonder if I could convince my lunch dates to stop for a minute so I can pick some up? Enjoy your market...aren't they fun? :)

Sheila, stay on the OP wagon today and stay away from those chips! :D Hope it's a great day!

Lauren, glad you've joined the daily! :D I loved my prep time, too. Helps you get ready. Check out the PB cup, Stuffed Chicken, Taco Bake, and Almond Dijon Chicken in the forums. They are all Phase 1 safe and very yummy! :T

Heidi, I know how you feel. I went on a no-media diet two years ago and it has helped me immensely. I don't watch the news, read the newspaper, or listen to the news on the radio. My mother is appalled and thinks it's awful to be uninformed. The thing many horrible things are happening in the world and there is little I can do to change it, so I really get upset and that does nothing for anyone. If the event is really important, someone mentions it to me and I know. Otherwise, I don't, and that's great. In the meantime, I signed up for alerts and other e-mails from political groups I believe in, and so I'm able to do little things for change, like write e-mails, send faxes, etc. I'll be praying for the Russians and hope things turn out well. :grouphug:

Barb, I'm so proud of you for your OP actions last night and your success with your health! :cp: I know your doctor will be, too! YGG! :bravo:


I'm sure there will be ten posts by the time this gets on the board...I am sorry for everyone I missed! :grouphug:

I have been dealing with great fatigue for about 2 years now. I'm talking bone weariness. I have a bunch of other health issues (oy!), and I wasn't sure if it was related to those or to my high weight. About four months ago, my doctor ran bloodwork and found I was anemic. I've been on iron since, and I'm back to normal, but I still am very tired. The doctor then ran tests for Lyme and Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV, causes Mono) and the EBV came back positive. It shows that I was not exposed recently. Rather, I have a raging case of the antigens in my blood and my body is producing antibodies to deal with it. EBV is common, with 95% of the population getting it in their lifetime. 1 out of 4 gets Mono without knowing, and I'm obviously one of those, as I never knew. Anyways, one of the tests that came back convinced my doctor that I have Chronic EBV a.k.a. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. <groan>

I am so bummed! There is not only no cure for this, but the disease gets little to no respect from others. It's not like I can say, "I have ___" and people will understand. I'm heading for an extremely full year with over full time work, full time school, DH and home, three pets, trying to exercise and making SBD meals. It's going to be tough! I guess I'm just going to have to take it easy when I get really exhausted and deal with it. I hate feeling so weary that I'm afraid I can't finish the day. And I want to keep exercising as hard as I am and even harder...but I'm going to have to accept that some days that's not going to happen. I'm determined not to let this be an excuse to get off plan or change this WOE...I know this is the best thing I could do for my health, for now and for the future. :goodvibes:

I finished the baby quilt last night and it looks really nice! :D I did a great cardio workout on the elliptical yesterday...longer than I've ever done before, and even harder! I found that I was instinctively squeezing my abs while on the elliptical and today they actually hurt! A friend of mine mentioned that she read an article saying those that do cardio workouts, like cycling, actually have good abs as a result of them. Interesting!

Yesterday was a good OP day, though I tried the lemon basil bean bowl and was unimpressed. I don't think I like the consistency of lima beans. They are just a bit odd. :shrug: We had the "Souffle" Stuffed Chicken for dinner, and though they are a bit of work, and I forgot the sauce, they were really good and worth it! We had the Nutty Summer Squash with Asiago Cheese too, and it was okay, but lacking in flavor. I think next time I would use blue cheese for the cheese and maybe more seasonings while they are cooking. But you really can't spoil zucchini and summer's soooo good! :D

Hope everyone has a great day! :sunny:

09-02-2004, 11:19 AM
I'm back! My BP was up a bit in the office compared to my readings at home. Of course, I do get nervous about my BP which raises it. Then she checked my pulse and it was only 43. She said that my pulse being so low will raise the blood pressure since it has to beat harder. So I did get my dose of beta blocker cut in half (that's the medicine that lowers my pulse). She thinks I can probably go off the beta blocker eventually and maybe the ace inhibitor too.

She checked my weight on her scales and I am 8 less than last month. I go back in 3-4 weeks for another BP check so I'll be motivated to see how much I can lose by then.

Laurie, I'm sorry to hear about the chronic EBV. I had mono when I was 16 and it seemed like I was exhausted for 2 years! Good luck with keeping OP. I think you have a great attitude! Exercise when you can and rest when you need to.

09-02-2004, 11:30 AM
Morning all. I don't know why I'm so groggy today. Fortunately I don't have to work until 2. Have to stop somewhere and pick up my PartyLite kit first, but that shouldn't be so bad.

Gonna go watch some TV. Hope you all have a great day.

09-02-2004, 11:56 AM
Morning to all ladies! :coffee:

Always get off to a late start compared to you ladies as we don't open here until 10, but today I thought I'd chat anyway.

Laurie- Great job on the eliptical girl! Actually, squeezing your abs during any exercise is really a great workout for them. Since they are the only muscle you should really push every day it's really good for you to remember them! Confession: Because I spend about 3 hours a day in the car I actually turn up the radio and squeeze and release to the beat! Or when I make a sharp turn I pull in my abs and lean with my body. It's kind of stupid, and believe me I get some looks, but it makes the time go by faster and gives my abs a little burn. ;) As for the fatigue, I'm in the same boat with a different disease. I'm actually hypoglycemic. If I don't eat enough during the day my sugar drops dramatically and fatigue as well as some shaking sets in big time. Also, if I spike my sugar too much it drops and the same happens. On top of that to keep under control, there is work, work-outs, family, keeping the house clean, making dinner, desserts, planning menus, etc. :stress: I know how you feel! Just make sure you get in some down time, though I'm not sure if that helps your disease or not...Oh an Lima Beans..... :eek: BLEH!

Barb - Great job chick! It makes it easier when you have someone you can give the other stuff to. :bravo: Something to be proud of!

justjodi Nice job avoiding the table! :bravo: The business mixers I attend always have that same issue!

Shequila Good luck with your company!

Still no scale at the house, mom refused to bring one home last night. Looks like I'll have to wait for the weekend when I can get out and get one. I didn't find the time to do any measurements last night except for my wrists! :lol: Just for Laurie, they are 6 1/2".

Busy busy last night, got home around 7:30 pm, ate dinner of Chicken Veggie Soup and busted my butt with my yoga and stability ball workouts. Only took 35 minutes, but I defintely worked myself into a nice healthy sweat. Got up a little late this morning, but still manage the Gorge Trail on the Treadmill. 20 minutes, better than nothing right?

Gonna have to reschedule tennis for tomorrow. Gotta run home and clean out my bro's old bedroom as he just took off for college. Gotta make dinner tonight as mom will be out's going to be tight as there is NOTHING in the house....Also have to clean up the kitchen and hopefully get some down time to read. :dizzy:

Since tennis is now tomorrow night, the puppy is here at work today rather than her usual Friday visit. She's such a doll. :smug:

09-02-2004, 12:04 PM
Hello ladies,

I had a very interesting day yesterday. I had a Dr. appt and have lost 7 1/2 pounds since Monday...I was shocked. Since I am going to a new Dr. she is not happy about my weight and wants to see me in 3 months for a weight follow-up and she even said that if I haven't lost more, she may prescribe Meridia...but I know I can do it without pills. The worst part of my day was at the Dr.s and she found a mass in my left breast. So, next Friday I go for an ultrasound, and I believe the week after that a biopsy. I'm only 27, there is no breast cancer in my family, but she said none of that matters anymore... so now I just wait...

On a good note... DH and I went to the Metallica/Godsmack concert last night and it was really good! Well, everyone have a good day

09-02-2004, 12:30 PM
Barb, thanks! :grouphug:

I'm glad the stats were good! Your doctor must be so proud of you! Next thing you know, you're gonna be in some journal article on patient motivation! :bravo:

Weezle, enjoy the free day! :D

09-02-2004, 01:03 PM
Hey everyone!

I'm just busy gearing back up for school. Trying to cram everything in this week before the start of the school year.

Well after the whole scale incident yesterday and seeing that I was potentially 10 pds heavier freaked me out enough to go back to phase 1 for awhile. Thank goodness yesterday was payday! I went whole hog on the grocery shopping. At one point I spaced out that I was going back to phase 1 and ended up coming home with apples, but oh well. I don't think and apple here and there will harm me.

DS goes in today to meet his teacher, they are having a class picnic so that everyone can meet each other before school starts, bring in their supplies, find their desks. This is a good thing cause ds was freaking out last night with not wanting to go to school at all! Very unusual for him, he loves school. Turned out to be a very bad case of nerves.

Other than that as I have been saying every day for the last week '"I WILL get my house clean today!" :lol: We'll see about that!

Have a great day chickies!

09-02-2004, 01:20 PM
You ladies are so busy in the morning!! :)

Ruth - I am also envious of your time with the sunrise. It must help bring peace to your crazy days.

Mamacita - I have always wanted to try making my own pesto...hmmm, maybe I should give it a shot?

Shequila - step away from the goodies, get thee back OP!! :nono:

Jodi - Good for you just walking away and staying on track. Hope the old memories made you smile.

GoldieFun - I think your preparation will pay off BIG!!

Heidi - I noticed your weight loss all the way from over here!! :bravo:

Barb - Excellent med news!! You are inspiring!!

Laurie - Sorry to here the chronic fatigue diagnosis. At least you have an answer and can move forward. :grouphug:

Adia - cook well this evening!!

Yaya - you will be in my thoughts and I am praying this turns out to be nothing. :crossed:

For me? Had a care conference at Dad's nursing home this morning. Got out of work and went over there. I am sure he still has that internal bleed, but he is holding steady at his low hemoglobin count. We go back to the GI specialist on the 15th.

Other than that, not much new to report. Time to go fill that water glass!!

09-02-2004, 01:40 PM
Yaya and Laurie, What difficult news for both of you. Take care of yourselves as well as you can, and accept offers of help even if you aren't used to it. Laurie, I've heard Chronic Fatigue can 'go away' after a few years, so maybe you'll find your recovery soon. Yaya, I'll be sending positive wishes your way.

sweet tooth
09-02-2004, 02:11 PM
Good morning everyone. It is really nippy here today and promises to rain. I was up most of the night listening to a rain storm, so am really groggy today.

Then we had a minor altercation in the house this morning before work. DH makes a piece of toast for the puppy in the morning. Usually, he gets her started on her kibble and then puts the toast on top for a treat. This morning, her toast was ready before he put the kibble down, so he dumped her kibble on TOP of the toast. :yikes: She gave him a dirty look, then came running to me to tattle on him. Soooo, there I am, trying to get dressed digging toast out from under the kibble...just a tad bit spoiled methinks.

LC - That darn work...spoils all one's fun doesn't it? Hope you have a great day, though.

Ruth - Hope the reading goes well tonight. You must tell us about the rest of the cast tomorrow.

Mama - WTG. You did well with the pizza and staying OP yesterday. I have never had much difficulty with salt, but I should probably pay more attention. I am up a couple of pounds this week, but can't remember if I got into salt last weekend. Hmmmm, that might be one of the problems with the weight fluctuation. I'll have to monitor that more closely. Thanks for the reminder.

Sheila - You have the right attitute. Get back OP right away before you lose the momentum of your goal. I have a particularly bad time with desserts when company visits. So, I make a choice of desserts when I am serving a meal. One SBD - usually the cheesecake which I serve more like a custard topped with berries - and one not SBD. Then, it doesn't look like I am eating differently when company comes. It also helps with temptations and managing the eating program. With the rest of the meal, I usually make the standard fare for company, but ensure that there are lots of SBD foods to fill my plate and just avoid the non program choices. It requires some planning, but, I guess eating on a different program always does. Good luck this can do it.

Jodi - Congratulations for staying OP last night. Those are the kinds of functions that I really have difficulty with. You will do this if you continue with the discipline that you have. WTG. Have a great weekend.

Lauren - Right on! My dr. suggested that I cut carbs/sugar from my diet to lose weight and immediately, me thoughts went to Atkins. I have the original Atkins bood from the '70s so was somewhat familiar with the program and was not impressed. When I discussed with DH, he was telling me about SBD - a diet that many of his staff at work are following. Soooo, I bought the SBD and took a read through. Then when I was at the mall, I saw the Atkins book for 2.00, so thought I would buy the newest edition and have a look, as well. Then, I saw a book that rated all the present low carb diets and thought it might be good to look through. When I read the Atkins diet book again, I was really impressed with the changes in that eating program, but comparing it to SBD, I thought that the SBD emphasized the good/bad fats and the good/bad carbs better than Atkins, so that, along with the good review of the program, contributed to my decision to follow this program. However, the rest of the family is skinny, skinny, skinny, so it is difficult to manage the program when the rest of the family is not in need of it. We have come to a compromise around our eating program - we have converted most of the processed foods (they are still finishing up the processed stuff that was in the cupboard before and make those when I am not eating a starch at that meal) to unprocessed. As the processed foods are finished, we buy the unprocessed as a replacement and they are fine with that. They also control part of the snack food budget and purchase the things that they enjoy eating, but are not on SBD. I control the rest of the snack budget and purchase the snack foods that I can eat and still stay OP. This has worked well for the family and the rest don't feel like they are being deprived of the things that they enjoy. However, it does take planning, compromise on both sides (however, I will not compromise my eating program, just what is in the house) and some discipline to not indulge. Good luck on will be able to do it.

Heidi - The kidknapping is such bad news. One of our daughter's high school friends was working in Russia a couple of years ago when they had the kidnapping at the theatre. Her secretary and the secretary's sister were at the theatre that evening and taken as hostages. Fortunately, for them, it turned out well, but could have been totally different. I have been following the kidnapping also, hoping that nothing serious comes of it.

Don't worry about people not noticing your weight loss. I think that, when they see you everyday, they don't seem to notice the gradual loss until your clothes start to hang badly on you, or you go away for a while. They WILL notice, though. Keep it up.

Barb - You are such a smarty pants. WTG on the eating. Great are doing this the right way. Hope that you are able to reduce meds. You never know, with the weight loss, your BP may improve to a point that, eventually, you won't need any. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. I just read your second post...Congrats. WTG. Keep up the fantastic work.

Laurie - Oh you poor dear. I have had low iron problems off and on for about 30 years, but nothing to equate to the CFS. One of our neighbour's daughters (in her mid 20s) was working in a research lab at the university and had the same symptoms. She was diagnosed with CFS, then all the lab workers, one by one, discovered the same thing. They checked the lab and could not find any point of exposure, but it was too coincidental to not be in the lab. She has had several miscarriages since and has a very hard time to cope. Do keep on your eating program, though. You need to become as healthy as you can possible be at this time. :grouphug:

Weezle - Hi to you. Have a great day and here's a waker upper :coffee:

AdiaFaith - Good work on the exercise. You are right, even the 20 or 30 minutes of intense exercise is worth the effort. Have a great day and don't rush too much.

yaya - Congrats on the weight loss. What a lucky girl to have gone to the dr. and discovered the mass. I know that this is a very stressful time and I will be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers. Hoping that everything works out OK. :grouphug: Take care.

Emily - Good luck on the revisit to Phase 1. I find that, every few weeks or so, I must go back to Phase 1 for a week. Just seems to be the way that my body has adjusted to the carbs. If I don't do that, I experience the same thing - a gain in weight when I have been following the program properly. Hope the weight comes off quickly and that you get back to where you were. Take some time for you each day, also. I know it is busy getting kids back to school, but you need some sane time, also. Take care.

Jen - Glad to hear that your dad is holding his own. Praying that the news will be in the positive direction the next time.

Me - Everything seems to be the status quo for me. Work, work, and work some more. Sooooo many things have gone wrong this week, so I am trying to cope and get things back into the groove. I have to make a student presentation tomorrow and haven't had a minute to work on it. If not done during the day, I guess it will be done tonight at home. Hopefully time will permit some of that kind of work today.

Hope everyone else has a great day. Take care.

09-02-2004, 03:21 PM
Ok ladies...I've got BIG news!!! I got the job!!! Not only did I get that job....but I also might have a part-time job on the weekends or some nights...I have an interview for that one on Tues! Granted this job I took is going to be challenging...but I think that's what I need...something to challenge me :) Now if only my pants fit me better.....I tried on one pair of pants and they I wore the same black pants I wore yesterday...nothing wrong with that...ugh well i have a butt load of paper work to fill out now....I just wanted to share my wonderful news! I hope everyone has a great day! (my last message is lost in space i think)

09-02-2004, 03:32 PM
Congratulations on the new job, Jess! That is great news.

09-02-2004, 03:49 PM
WAHOO Jess!! Congratulations!!

09-02-2004, 03:58 PM
Good afternoon ladies. Sorry I am so late, such a crazy, not much time now! But I wanted to say that I am thinking of you all who have health issues, and I am so grateful that we live in a world where we have such advanced medicine, and we can do almost anything these days. I am sending good vibes! :goodvibes

As for moi, crazy crazy day, but very OP, so I am happy. I even did 20 minutes of yoga this a.m. My back was killing me, hence the back care yoga video. Very relaxing, although it was Rodney Yee video and he is a slime ball. :(

Well, you ladies all enjoy the beach. I am going sneaker shopping so I will make it to my very expensive gym more often! :D

09-02-2004, 04:16 PM
Hey everyone!

I start my nights tonight so am happy that I slept until nearly 2pm. I'm off to Wal Mart to get a scale and then pick up some groceries. I will head to the gym for around 6 so that I can work out then shower before work. I have a claw foot tub which I love, but can't shower with it until I reno my bathroom. So the gym motivates me to be able to shower quickly rather than bathe!

Hope everyone has an OP day, here's hoping that I do on my first night shift!


09-02-2004, 05:34 PM
Wow, so many wonderful responses! Thank you to all of you with well wishes!

Yaya, I will definitely keep you in my prayers. I am sorry that you are going through this stress, but I agree with's good that you caught this early...that only bodes well for your future. :yes: Lots of :grouphug: and prayers that this time passes quickly and you get a safe and healthy result from the tests.

Sarah, thanks for the great info and advice! I'm so sorry you are dealing with hypoglycemia! It's such a pain and can make dieting really tough. I have a mild case of it...I seem to be able to go longer without food than most, and SBD really helps a lot. Getting the sugar out of my diet was the best thing I have done for myself in a very, very long time! :D I hope you feel better and get that fridge...I know having good snacks around will help! Make sure you eat those six meals a'll help. :D

Emily, what a great idea by DS' teacher! I'll have to tell my teacher friends about that! Don't stress about your house until the kids are truly at school. Then you'll have time! Don't forget to take special care of yourself, okay?

Jen, I'll be keeping your dad in my prayers. I hope his doctors find the source of the bleeding and can fix it. Glad he's feeling better for now.

Heidi, you sweetheart! Thanks for the kind comments and the hope...I do hope I can go into some kind of remission! :D BTW, it took a while for people at work to notice my loss...about 50 pounds down before I heard comments! Part of it is my clothes being so big, but when you see someone every day, it's hard to judge. Also, sometimes people are afraid to ask if they don't know whether you are dieting...they don't want you to think they thought you looked bad before, you know? Trust that you ARE looking fantastic! :bravo:

Peggy, your puppy cracks me up! Sounds like our top bun, Bella. She has a fit if I put her carrot nub on the bottom of her salad bowl. It needs to be on top, please. :snob: She also needs curly parsley, not flat, and her grapes (the rare times she gets them ) must be red seedless and cut in half, thank you very much. :lol: Love pets! :D So sorry you have so much work going on! I hope your presentation is done quickly and you don't have to do it at home! :(

Jess, congratulations! Where are the jobs? What will you be doing?

KVixen, thanks for the vibes and good luck with the sneaker shopping! The yoga sounds wonderful!

Kristin, have a great first night on!

09-02-2004, 07:50 PM
aloha chickies!!!
i just thought i would check back in, i am totally just trying to get out of the housework i have facing me so this is my little break after dinner.

laurie so sorry to hear about the CFS diagnosis, i did not know that mono was related to any of that??? gives me a new avenue to look into for my dd she had a terrible case of mono when she was 4years old and her blood shows she is still producing antibodies. hmmmm i think i'll bring that up at her next dr visit this month after a little research first. hang in there and be thankful you have a dr that was able to give you a diagnosis i hear so many horror stories from people that just don't get their symptoms recognized. rest when you have to and keep taking care of yourself!!

yaya good luck with the tests, hope everything comes out ok i will be sending you good vibes and keeping you in my prayers. i bet that concert ROCKED!!! you lost 7.5 YGG!! CONGRATS!!

kvixen great job staying op today!!! have fun shoe shopping!

kristen good luck with the night shift!!

wooohooo historychick!!! congrats on the new job!!!

sweettooth good luck with the presentation hope all goes well, we have a little terrier here that just loves to "tell" on me dh spoils her way too much.

hi smilintwins!! sending your family prayers hope they get everything straightened out with your dad soon. good for you get in as much water as you can!!!

1busymomma welcome back to phase 1. i have the same household nightmare going on here. good luck getting everything done.

aidafaith great job getting your exercising in and good luck with the dinner. since i am a total scale ho i feel your pain there. hope you get good news when you finally get to weigh in!!

hi weezle hope you enjoy yourr day!!

wow barb great dr visit from the sounds of it!! good for you keep up the great work!!

heidi i totally understand your feelings about the russia situation, sometimes i hear a news story and just can't hewlp but feel horrible for them. keep your chin up.

goldiefun great for you getting everything prepared ahead of time!!

hello there shequilla, mama, ruth, and little chick and anyone elsi i missed!!

well i guess i have no choice but to hit submit post and get my butt to work!!! the disaster that i call home awaits me. have a good night everyone!!

09-02-2004, 08:33 PM
Good evening~~

Laurie, I've made pesto with basil and I love the flavor, but DH has some problems with fresh makes his tongue swell and go numb. :eek: So I did a little experimenting and made some using parsley instead. Still tasted yummy and no ill effects for DH. :)

I'll post my recipe (if you can call it that) on the recipe board.


09-02-2004, 08:48 PM
ok i've been doing some serious thinking all afternoon.....about this job....and i mean serious thinking....While it would be fun and would also be a GREAT risk.....which is why I'm now thinking that I should turn it down...Yes I need a challenge....but I need benefits and a guranteed paycheck and not commission and no health insurance....**Sigh** Laurie it was with an investment firm...So tomorrow morning I'm calling the guy....However I may have a part-time job....This lady at Talbot's (who's really nice) called me back....earlier this summer I had thought about working there part-time and came in and gave her a resume...she wants me to come in tues for an interview...I think I would have a lot more fun's a bright store and the people that work there are really here's to hoping I get that part-time...but I'll still continue to look for something I reeeeeeeeeeally want

09-02-2004, 09:16 PM

Just be careful not to burn any bridges. Every store looks bright and sunny until you get to visit the backroom. :)

Good luck chica!

09-02-2004, 10:22 PM

I know what ya mean....I sat down and talked to my family about all of they're backing me up on my decision....the more i think about it...investing is just not for me....

Thanks everyone for your support and advice...and allowing me to vent every now and then....I soooooo appreciate it!