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09-01-2004, 02:20 PM
I am like Susan. Unless we have some people post I am not coming here anymore. I have been absent a week with a horrible virus but it seems no one wants to post here so this is the last month I will set it up. I have too much to do with my own thread to babysit here if no one wants to post. Any of you who are interested, I have a thread on the support group, call Time For Serious Fun and you are welcome there.

Good luck to you all and I will check in later


09-01-2004, 05:19 PM
Hey Faye!
I'm just pop'n in to say hi. Life is running out of control here and no time to post like I used to. I'll still try to pop in occasionally and hunt you up...even if I have to track you down on your other thread.
I'm back at Curves and thinking about joining a 7 week weightloss class they are offering. No weight gain after my Curves absence, but I'm ready to start losing again.
Both boys are in football, one in band, me back at work cashiering in the cafeteria and to top if all off...DHs job has him buried. He's working on FEMA travel trailers for the hurricane victims...temporary housing.
Hope all is well!

09-02-2004, 12:59 PM
Hi All:

Sorry you are feeling we don't want to post Faye. Like Tiger I am running around like crazy studying for graduate school exams and getting ready to start school again next week.

Food is in order but every once in a while I go crazy. Excercise is right on target though since I am finally in a routine and I don't beat myself up anymore over the occasional day I don't do it.

Peace and Love to All

09-02-2004, 10:21 PM
Hello All! :)

How did it get to be September already? :chin: Our summer here had such cool temperatures, it really didn't seem like summer at all! As much as I love the fall weather and the beautiful landscape of colorful leaves, I am not ready to face it!

This summer has been a bust dietwise also. I have been up and down..:rollpin:...absolutely no focus whatsoever. The good news is......I have gotten such a tremendous amount of information from you folks, this thread, and 3FC in general that I feel the next few months :encore: is going to be a turnaround time for me!
Carol.....great job with the exercise! This has got to be my next exercise with some...any....kind of regularity.
Tig.....good to hear from you! I remember how hectic it used to be when the kids were still at home. Caffeine and vitamins were what got me thru!
Faye.....glad to hear you are over your virus and feeling better. to go hear what the Republicans have to say tonite.......Night all!

09-03-2004, 12:49 PM
Carol, glad to hear you are going ahead with your school plans and getting your life back in order.

I've missed the rest of you...I'll drop in once in awhile and see if anybody has had time to update.

I went back to WW last Saturday and started the Core Plan. It's great. Can't wait for my official weigh in tomorrow - I know I've lost this week and I've never been hungry.

09-04-2004, 09:50 PM
Well I am back…….it was a very long and difficult summer. As you may remember when I last posted in July, I was in the middle of being dumped by my boyfriend… and exercise were the last things on my mind……but I think I am back on track to some degree. I went back to my counselor, increased my meds, and started doing things for myself. One thing I did was hire a personal trainer. It was so difficult to get out and go to the gym, but I did. She has been working with me once a week and says I am doing great, but then again that is her job!!!! But I appreciate it! She gave me a cardio routine with interval training to do 3 times a week and has been working on strength training with me. She really upped the ante this last week and I sure feel it, but I am enjoying it. Foodwise….doing okay. I certainly eat less, but my weight has not changed much…..the strength training has changed my body significantly….clothes are fitting looser!!!
I will try to stop back more often now that I am out of my fog of sadness and ready to get back to life!!

09-05-2004, 08:36 AM
Hey ladies, great to hear from some of the group again! I know you are all very busy but it is frustrating when you are the only one that posts for days and days (I am as bad as some of the others about getting here often) It is just hard for me to keep up the thread since I have my own and this was started by someone else, not I!

I am totally redeveloping my eating and exercising for fall and winter now. I get less strenuous exercise during the winter months so my eating has to change with it.

Sounds like everyone is well and busy! Hope you all have a great holiday weekend.

Carol: Wasn't chastising you sweety!!!! I know your schedule is hectic.

Tig: We are going to be in Indiana for Thanksgiving for a few days. Wish we could meet up somewhere.

Lily: I am so glad you are getting things straightened out after the "man" issues! You sound like you are doing great with is!

Susan: You have quilting "conventions" this fall and winter? I heard a lot of people like this WW Core plan

MsRD I am like you, it is time to get our behinds in gear and really go for the losses this winter!

Everyone it was good to hear from you. Even if you can't post day to day, try and check in once in a while with us and let us know you are a-ok


09-07-2004, 05:56 PM
Lots of quilt shows the next few months and a couple of conventions, too. I love it!

WW Core plan is wonderful. I lost 4.8 pounds last week and a lot of the 'carb' bloat I have when I eat too many. I ate out twice during the week. I love this way of eating.

Have to get off the computer - lightning and thunder - guess Frances is starting to give us a little rain.

09-09-2004, 11:24 PM
Hi All! :)
It has been a beautiful day here......temps in the mid 70s, clear and sunny. (I obviously don't live in Florida!)

Faye.....I have also taken a hard look at my eating and exercising habits. With the winter months coming on (not to mention the temptations of the holidays), it is time to make some adjustments. I have joined a challenge group......nothing like having to report in :drill: to get me kick started!

Lily.....glad to hear you are doing better and ready to take on life!

Carol.....studying for exams? The very thought gives me the chills! I went back to school to finish up my bachelors degree some years was so incredibly hard to go to school and keep the rest of my life running smoothly. :dizzy: I always said I could get everything done, if only I could give up sleeping!

Susan.....DD has convinced me I could do some quilting, so.......just finished marking a wholecloth table runner. It looked like such a simple design when I! I have folded it neatly on the sewing table.....and will continue just as soon as I gather enough courage (or am ovecome with guilt for a half-finished project).

Just enuf time left in the day for some exercise...:dancer:...and maybe a tall glass of cold water!

09-11-2004, 03:52 AM
Hey ladies, hope all is well with everyone.

I have been having a lot of sleep issues and woke up and can't sleep so decided I needed to get back in here and post again. It is hard for me to get here everyday though like a lot of the rest of you.

Susan: I think quilt shows would be fabulous to go to. I find them beautiful and interesting to say the least.

I have lost 10 lbs since getting back to a winter program now. It is always so dumb of me to go off because I lose consistently if I stay with my program the exercise and water. That is simplifying things though. It is like alcoholism or any addiction, one day at a time.

MsRD: Sounds like you will be doing well too!

To all of you lurkers and those who we haven't seen in a long long while, we miss you


09-12-2004, 03:57 PM
Hello, it's Jello. Remember me at all? It's been :censored: since I posted here last. It's nice to see familiar faces. Although I do understand Faye's first post on this thread. It was when we were soooooo slow that I stopped posting here. I would come in daily and there was no one here. :cry: It was very depressing.

Dietwise, I've been on and off, up and down, on program and off program. I keep thinking it's time to get serious, but it doesn't seem to happen... at least not for longer than a day or two. :rolleyes: I figure I'm about exactly where I was when I last posted here.

Since that time, I've quit my job. I just couldn't stand it anymore. :mad: Stress eating was killing me and I blame the stress on that loser of a boss. I got another job for less money but I'm much happier. I also do part time work from home on 2 other jobs so I'm kept busy. :strong:

And yet somehow I always find time to overeat. :dunno:

Anyway, I've found a couple of other women at my new job who are also in WW so I've got a new resolve. I'm hoping it lasts.

And I'm glad to see all of you guys again. :wave: I wish you all luck in your weight loss efforts. I'll pop back in to say hello again. I promise.

09-12-2004, 08:35 PM
Hello All! :wave:

The troops have left and it is now time to settle down and enjoy the quiet. I had the eating under control until DD walked in with her famous Choco Chip Cookies...:cookie:....these cookies are to die for......they absolutely melt in your mouth! Fortunately, she just brought a few, and there were others beating me out of the way to get to, if they have just finished up that apple pie before they left!

Jello! great to hear from you again! You have been missed! Glad to hear you finally chucked that stressful wasn't doing you any good health wise. Let us know how WW is working for you! the kitchen to shovel out before another week starts!

09-13-2004, 11:14 AM
Jello: Great to hear from you. Glad you kicked that jerk of a boss to the curb. Better to have less money and like your job than lots of money and hate going in everyday!

MSrd: My dd says she is my worst enemy when it comes to food because we go out to lunch someplace fattening usually. I told her that I am responsible for what goes into my mouth not her. I am a choc chip cookie freak so I would probably eat them all if they were in the house.

Please don't misunderstand what I was saying about posting. It is just that I run a thread of my own and it keeps me busy enough and then I post with one other group of ladies besides this one and though I don't work away from home, I don't have lots of time to hang on the computer. It didn't seem like anyone wanted to take over duties of starting new threads every month so I did it but it is tough for me to keep up to date with it. Please don't be angry at me, I probably sounded like a you know what and that is not what I meant at all. I just meant if no one was posting I wasn't going to try and keep it up because my own thread takes up a lot of time with our challenges, daily points I have to tabulate besides posting. I also have topics for each day of the week and have to keep coming up with new stuff for it so I am busy busy.

We really do miss those of you who quit posting and would love to see you back here when you have the time


09-14-2004, 04:38 PM
Jello - OMG it's so good to hear from you. I'm about ready to quit my job too, for the same reason. The man gets worse by the day.

Faye - If you want, I'll take over starting the threads. I know you are a busy lady. Your other thread is great (I lurk from time to time).

Ladies, I'm in love with WW Core. Down another .8 pound for a total of 5.6 in 2 weeks. Love the food and I'm never hungry. I do not let people bring desserts to my house because I don't want to be tempted and no one really needs the sugar stuff.

Hope to hear more from all of you soon!

09-15-2004, 06:37 AM
Susan: Thanks, that would be a tremendous help. Sometimes I can't seem to get in here and then forget to start it again and then I feel bad about it being halfway through the next month. What is the difference with the new core plan for WW? My sister is on WW so I know the basics of the different stuff, but what makes this so much better?

I fell asleep too early last night so I am up early this mornng. DH just got up to go to the bathroom and the man worries way too much about me. He is always so worried when I am up early like this.

We may get our car back in the next century. I see from previous posts that I didn't tell you what is going on. First off, a month ago I hit a deer going 50 mph and messed up the whole front of the car. The insurance company wouldn't cover a rental saying I didn't have the insurance when I had the accident, which was fine, but then they wanted the body shop to use cheap non factory parts (we by now are into a full week of having a rented car we are paying for) and cheaper paint. Well, we have a 2 year old Mercury Grand Marquis, which is considered luxury so the paint is fancier and the grill is specific yadayada. Anyway, the car was supposed to be done last Friday and the part didn't fit so they had get an okay from the insurance company and then order a factory part so he said it would be Monday. On Monday, Jack called him and he said the paint wouldn't match and he wouldn't release the car until it was perfect. Well, we were having to rent the car by the day now, having the week expire and we just can't afford that so Jack blew his top and the guy volunteered to rent us a car. Now the thing is supposed to be ready by Thur so I am keeping my fingers crossed. The General Manager showed us how the cheaper paint did not match. Our car is a baby blue with this coating stuff on top and the car has to be painted from the bumper past the door to blend it. Our car color looked grayer than the paint color so they are trying to match it. We just seem to go from one catastrophe to the next!

Everyone have a great day and you in the south keep your heads down when the hurricane hits!


09-15-2004, 09:59 PM
Hello All! :wave:

The dog and I got our walk finished just in time . It is raining here now...:rain:....a lovely gentle summer rain.....not at all what the folks in Alabama are dealing with now. It has been in the 80s all week, and a little sticky, so this weather front should drop the temps back into the 70s for awhile.

Faye......I understand completely where you are coming from....and there are no hard feelings. We all have busy lives....borderline chaos at times..:spin:....and sometimes we just have to remind ourselves to slow down and connect with our chickies.

Hope you car problems have resolved themselves. I don't think I have ever had work done on a car that I didn't have to bring it back a second time to complete the work properly. That says a lot for pride and workmanship, doesn't it?

Susan.....would love to hear more about this Core program you are on.....sounds like you are doing great with it!

09-16-2004, 09:39 AM
Morning ladies!

I am doing great on my fall program. I have lost 12 lbs in 2 weeks! I am walking around 2 miles a day and do weight lifting everyday along with a short toning and muscle building in my legs (I figure my legs and butt get the workout walking up and down hill and up our cotton picking stairs all the time.)

I had a great time with dd yesterday and we are going to have lunch again next week, then dh and I are taking the baby (well, he isn't a baby as he is 4 but he is my baby along with his mom and his uncle who will be 31 next month :lol: ) to see the new shark movie coming out then in Oct she, my dgs and I are going to Nashville overnight to Opry Mills to go shopping, which I am really looking forward to. We found this great "wrap" place and the food was really terrific. I had 1/2 a cobb salad wrap that was delicious and she had all veggies, which was just as good. We can't wait to go back and go through the menu! :lol: :lol:

Hope you all are staying warm and dry if you are in the path of this hurricane. We are supposed to get dumped on with wind and rain starting today so I got my walk in early partly in the dark, which dh would kill me for if he knew! Anyway, you guys all take care and will check in soon


09-16-2004, 02:38 PM
The Core Plan from WW is basically meat, poultry, fish, whole grains, veggies, fruits and dairy with 2 t. good oil. You can also have brown rice or a potato or whole wheat pasta once a day. Eat until you are satisfied, not feeling full. No weighing or measuring. No bread is core. You have 35 flex points to spend on non-core items a week and you can also earn up to 28 activity points per week. You don't have to count anything but these. There is not much in the way of prepackaged foods on the plan and very little fast food - mainly salad if you get them to leave the cheese off. It won't be for a lot of people, but I love it. I don't feel like it is a diet and I'm eating very healthy. I never feel well when I have a lot of carbs (insulin resistent) and this is just about what the nutritionist tells me to eat.

Faye, I hereby declare you uncursed so these awful things quit happening to you!

09-18-2004, 07:37 PM
Happy Saturday! :)

Today is weigh-in day and a happy one indeed! :goodscale: The scales show a loss of 3 pounds! I really have been concentrating on eating properly and exercising......maybe I am onto something there! Now, the question is...can I keep up the momentum, the enthusiasim?

For the past 7 years, I have had a wonderful car that has required little maintenance.....fill it with gas, change the oil...and it takes me where I want to go and then back home again. I LOVE THIS CAR! Last week, I got a double whammy.....first the nice oil change guy told me my belts were cracking (visions of being stranded along the freeway.....aughh!) and then the heater inexplicably started blowing nothing but hot air on my already sweaty menopausal being. I borrowed DH truck to get to work and enlisted SIL to provide repairs (so nice to have a mechanic in the family). I got home Friday to find he had removed the offending belts, completely dismantled my dashboard, handed me a little black box heater thingy...and left. Today, we drove down to get parts.....belts were easy, but the heater thingy apparently you can get only at dealerships......which, in this area anyway, are never open on Saturdays. Grrrrr. The plan is that I can pick up the thingy Monday.....or have it ordered and FedEx'd....but SIL probably can't get at it until maybe Wednesday. I hate it when my car doesn't work.:headache: I hate to drive DH truck. :( Isn't it strange that we can handle the chaos, the crises, the true tragedies......and the little things in life drive us insane!

Guess I can't do anymore in the auto department, so will go dig in the garden :flow1: where I can see progress being made! Have a lovely weekend!

09-21-2004, 02:07 PM
Hey ladies, how's it going?

MrsRD: You were very lucky to not have anything major in 7 years. We now have to have something called an Egr valve replaced so it goes back to the shop on Thur. Luckily this only takes a couple hours to replace but it is pretty important because it adjusts gas in the exhaust or something so that if it is not working properly the car won't stay started. Of course, this happens just right after the accident! :lol: Hope it all gets fixed soon!

Dh and I had a fun weekend, went to lunch at Hard Rock, then down to Beale street and to the movies. One of the cool things about living here is Beale street and anyone that comes here must come and visit it. They have outdoor free bands on Saturday during the day that just take tips and this last weekend was a great blues band. We had a blast just spending time together for the whole day.

Tomorrow dd and I are going out to lunch again and shopping. She wants to give me some suggestions for dgs. Little bugger wants me to buy him a rat for Christmas, which is out of the question because I have a BIG rodent phobia. Gives me the shakes just thinking about it! Maybe a nice aquarium as he loves fish. I bought him a pair of some kind of fish that eat each other if they are kept in the smae bowl so I bought him this split tank to keep them in and he named them Fred and Barney. Unfortunately, he was 3 at the time and took one out to "visit" with it and killed it. He still has ole Fred though.

Well, I am hungry and it is lunch time so better scoot.

Semo, Jello, Carol, Dyan and the rest hope to hear from you soon!


09-21-2004, 10:10 PM
Hello All! :wave:

I heard my stomach growl today. On the commute home from work. This may not be earth-shaking to anyone else........but it is a sound I have not heard in a long, long time. This must tell you something about my snacking habit...:eating2:....I don't think my stomach has been totally empty in years! I would have breakfast, a snack on the way to work, a mid morning snack, lunch, etc etc etc. Made me the woman I am! I am really really trying to make this program work......:crossed:

The car is still not working.....SIL is scheduled to come to the rescue tomorrow. DH is beginning to think I will fall in love with his truck and he will never see it again! Fat Chance!

Faye.....loved the dgs/fish story! Maybe another fish for Christmas? keep old Fred company? Our dgd has a birthday next week.......and dgs 2 weeks after.....I have no idea what to buy either one of them.......the better start dropping some hints soon!

This is becoming more keeps walking across the keyboard and sitting in front of the monitor........better go check to see if his dish is empty.

09-26-2004, 07:40 AM
Hello ladies!

MsRd: I think we are getting T a full on aquarium in a smaller size for Christmas. I told dd I would get a gift certificate from the pet store so he could pick the fish out but she said, "Nooooooo way! I will help you pick them out." Hope you can work out your car woes. It is a pain, isn't it?

Been kind of quiet this weekend. I read the new Sidney Sheldon book in one sitting and it is pretty good, though not like some of his others. I guess people get fed up with authors because they lose their edge but think about it. They have to continually think up new and better stuff and sooner or later you HAVE to run out of ideas for stories.

Our weather has stayed pretty warm and quite humid. I go out to walk in the morning and it is pretty sticky even at 6:30 am. I don't really like the cold weather anymore so I try not to complain about the other stuff! :lol: These old bones complain a lot with the cold.

Just wanted to check in. Everyone have a great Sunday and hope to hear from more of you soon!


09-27-2004, 11:12 AM
Happy rainy Monday ladies! Down 2.6 at WW weigh in on Saturday. That makes losses for 4 weeks in a row, something I haven't done for a long time. This Core Plan rocks!

I decided to get a new car before I retire so now I have the brightest red sportscar I always wanted. My husband just shook his head. The young guys at work told me I have a cop magnet for sure. Hey, I was smart enough to get cruise control since I drive I-64 everyday. I love it.

09-27-2004, 08:54 PM
Hello All :wave:

It is been a beautiful day......even tho I had to work most of it away. I wish you would send some of your rain up this way, is terribly dry here, and only a chance of rain late this week.

Susan.....losses 4 weeks in a row! You have hit on the perfect plan for you and you are at your goal! That is so awesome. Sounds like a great car too......bright red, eh? control might have been a really good idea

My car woes are over for the time being. SIL obediently trotted over, replaced the belts and the heater thingy.....and I am happy back on the road again. Actually, it was nothing major......but I know next to nothing about cars, so I tend to freak with every little thing.

I was down another pound last Saturday. It should have been more.....but last week was so crazy and I didn't get my exercise or water in like I should. Starting out better this week.....guzzling water at every turn and even ran (yes, I said ran) with the dog tonight.

It's going to be a great week.......

09-28-2004, 06:49 AM
Hi girlies!

Susan: Congrats on the losses! As for your car, the only problem with a red car is that it is the most likely of all car colors to be stolen so it ups your insurance a bit. I totally love red cars.

MsRD: Congrats on your losses also!

Kind of quiet at my house, though it always is unless the cat decides to jump on my poor doggie;s back for fun! :lol: He lays in wait and my yorkie has gotten so paranoid that if he wants to go upstairs and the cat is anywhere near the stairs, he barks at us until we shoo the cat out of the way! The cat is ornery about it though!

I think I am going to run to the library today. I am down to two paperbacks that I haven't read, one I started and is big YAWN. I have been reading a lot of what my dd calls "chick lit" lately and found some really funny books. I was at Walmart's on Sunday and went back to get some books and stood there saying, "read that, read that, read that...." I read so much I am almost caught up on my favorite authors again (I have about a dozen) and now can't find anything to read that interests me. I don't do scary stuff and I like thrillers to a certain point but the ones with serial killers especially the kind killing kids turns me off. My dd suggested The Lovely Bones, but it is written in the perspective of a 14 year old murder victim of a serial killer and she is talking about her life and looking down from heaven. YCK! My dd belongs to a book club and so reads more intellectually stimulating stuff that I consider CRAP! :lol: Give me good ole laugh til your sides hurt, or murder mysteries I can figure out and I am happy as a clam. I don't like to buy books since I only read them once and then the library gets free gifts of them, but we have a crappy library system and it is hard to get your hands on new stuff. Believe it or not, I have read the Harry Potter series at least 3 times, mainly because it is entertaining when I have nothing new in the house to read. I guess I read about 5-7 books a week! For the most part, tv stinks day or evening so I read instead. I love to go out and sit on my deck and read if the weather is cooler. Unfortunately, it has been really sticky with humidity lately. We still are in the mid to upper 80's here and even at 7 am it is pretty humid still. (feel free to suggest any good books you have read lately and I will surely get them if I haven't already read them! :lol: )

Enough yakking I guess.

Have a great day!