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09-01-2004, 12:58 PM
Who was your first friend? Boyfriend?

Do you still talk to him or her?

How old were you when you met?

What memories do you have of this person?

09-01-2004, 01:28 PM
My first friend I met when I was about 4 or 5. She lived in a little trailer that sits next door to my grandparents (it's still there) and when I went to visit my grandparents, she would always come over to play...but I was a mean little girl to her and didn't want her over.....she kept persisting and kept coming over. Eventually we started playing and we were best friends.

She moved and so I didn't see her for a long time, until we went to school. She was in the same class as I was. We hung out and eventually my family moved and I went to another school. Well my parents did a LOT of moving and I eventually would end up in the same school as her.....we remained friends all the way through high school. We were good friends for what seemed like forever! We did a lot with each other. I remember my high school years practically living at her place. Just hung out, talk about boys, walk through town hoping to attract boys :lol: We were the best of friends.

It's been awhile since I've heard from her. She moved to Colorado with her little family. I would like to get in touch with her again soon. She was in the process of moving the last time we spoke.

As for first was this redheaded boy. I was in the 9th grade he was in the 8th. We "went out" for maybe 6mos. before he tired of me! :lol: But he was the first boy I had a "real" kiss with! And let me tell you, I will never forget it. He went to give me a kiss and did the little tongue thing...and I pulled back and said "OMG---what was that?!" the look on my face was something else I'm sure. I was horrified! He was embarrassed. And now it's a memory I will never forget! :lol:

09-01-2004, 03:16 PM
My first friends were my sisters... there were 7 daughters and no sons in my family. They are still the ones I count on to always be there.

My first boyfriend, if you mean a "real" one, was the summer before I was a Sophomore, we would sit in my mom's swing in the side yard. That's where I got my first kiss after we had been seeing each other for 3 weeks. He gave me his ring that night. We also hung out at the local root beer stand and had lots of fun. He was from a neighboring town, and was going to be a Junior. When school started back, we broke up. Two years later, he came back from Viet Nam, injured, and we got back together and married. It didn't last, but I remember how innocent it all was back in the summer of '68. Btw, our song was "Love is All Around" by the Troggs.

The next summer, of '69, was the most fun, though..... the one of Mayall's pond that I spoke of in a different thread.

09-02-2004, 01:16 AM
Well, sad to say my first real friend wasn't until 6th grade. I was a shy kid and my parents were OVER protective. I was picked on so bad in elementary school because I got straight A's and had nice clothes and was shy. It was so bad my mother had to write to the school board to have me go to another school for my middle school years. She drove me everyday and it was the best thing she could have done for me, I was still super shy, but people where nicer, they didn't know me and could have a fresh opinion of me. I had friends with a similiar girl, but it ended in the 7th grade, I got another friend that i thought was cooler and I just stopped talking with her. I was close friends with the new girl until high school when she became a cheer leader and I was a dork apparently. She would only call me when no one else could do anything. I took her crap forever and it made my mom made. But we stayed in touch for about 4 years after graduation, but I had enough of always being there and always putting out the effort and having her put me , my house and my boyfriends down, so i gave up. Which was sad, since I cared for her and loved her family, but I said to myself friendship is a two way street and if she wants to be my friend, she will put out the effort. So, she rarely ever gets ahold of me. Maybe once a year and it is just uncomfortable since we don't realy have anything in common. I guess I got paid back for not continuing to be the first girls friend. I just had never had one until middle school and didn't really know how to be a friend. So Marti is my first real friend. I really appreciate her and think we have a lot in common and I enjoy her company and her great friendship. So when it comes down to it, Marti is my first friend and I hope it will continue as I grow older.

My first boyfriend was in 6th grade. we "went out" for six months. When I told my mother I was going out with a boy, she asked me where we were going. she just didn't get it and thought she was funny. I never kissed him, in fact my first kiss wasn't until 9th grade. Boys just didn't like me. My first " real" boyfriend was my ex husband. Pretty sad, but I guess I wasn't anything the boys wanted. Anywho, I had the same experience marti had with her first kiss. I thought i was going to be swallowed whole. I had never kissed before and all I could see was this huge open mouth coming at me and I just had my lips pursed. LOL He "dumped" me, if you could call us going out two hours later, I guess I wasn't a good kisser. hee hee LOL

Basically I lived my whole young life alone and feeling like a loser. Not only did it sucked being an only child, but I was super duper shy and no one liked me. I know , poor me, but after I got my heart crushed and beaten and bruised and got divorced. My attitude changed BIg time. I am not as shy by a long shot, I don't take crap from most people and I am more like the real me now, like I shed my shell and become alive and the best Shanna I could be.

09-02-2004, 01:01 PM
Ran out of time yesterday to post and meant to get on later in the evening but it just didn't happen. Anyway...

My first friend was really my sisters also, actually my oldest brother too. We were usually in school together so did just about everyhting together till Jr. High when we went our separate ways sort of. I was still close to sister #2 till we both married. She was/is living in AR and I was in CA. But my friend Molly I met in 4th grade, we were in the same class. Then we moved and I met up with her again in Jr. High (7th grade) and while we don't do things together like we did back in the day we have remained friends and still talk with one another once in a while. Mostly letters and cards. I moved from AR when I was 18 and she actually went to CA with us but didn't like it. She missed home and her family too much. She lives in TN now and has four boys.

As far as a boyfriend goes...I would have to say my first one was in 3rd grade, his name was Shannon. If you count that as a boyfriend. Hw would write me love letters and send them across the class and the kids would laugh. he gave me a picture of him and I kept it in my kneesock. Can we say dork?! :lol: I remember it like it was yesterday though. I was soo shy and one day we went to the library and he sat by me and we just kind of stared at each other. Then I starting reading and the kids were laughing because he was going in for a kiss! :lol: It was on the cheek and 'cause the kids were laughing the teacher made us go back to the class. We got out of school early to go to the Christmas parade downtown, me and my brother and sisters and Shannon and his brother. We actually lived downtown LR so main street was just about 4 blocks away. School actually let out to those who had a signed note from their parents. We also went to the same church and he always told everyone "That's my girlfriend" and I would just look and smile. He moved away and it broke my heart. I often wonder what happened to him because even though LR was kind of big when I went to school there I later on in Jr. HIgh & High School met up with some of the kids I went to Elementary School with.

Of course my first real boyfriend was George when I was 17 and like the nursery rhymes goes "Georgy Porgy puddin' and pie, kissed the girls and made them cry..." broke my heart.

09-02-2004, 01:12 PM
Awww...Cristi that is so sweet about the little boy!! How precious is that?

And Shanna.....that was awful sweet of you!

09-03-2004, 01:36 AM
Marti: no reason to thank me, it was the truth. :-)