Support Groups - Rears in Gear for the New Year - September

09-01-2004, 06:32 AM
Holy COW where is this year going!?!?! Welcome to the 9th month!

Well I started off last month with a bang, and life blindsided me and knocked me right off my track. I didn't gain, and in fact managed to lose enough to get me back into the 170s, but there I stayed.

I'm moving the horses AGAIN today to another farm, and this will give me more time to work out in the morning and actually work with the horses. But the last week has been very stressful. The last three weeks have been very stressful. I want very much for this month to yield better results, and I guess that means I have to be willing to work harder and focus more.

Four months left in the year. Wow.

09-01-2004, 07:56 AM
Here I am, it's September.... I always feel like it's "New Year's" in September vs. January 1st. School starts, it feels like a new beginning time of year for me.
I shall make this month really count!

09-01-2004, 10:15 AM
I really need to strengthen my resolve this month. I have been dealing with a lot of work stress, which has led to some old coping habits - food. I haven't been doing a lot of binging on junk food - chips, chocolate, etc - it has mainly been just eating a lot. But it is not good. My exercise is good. I need to stay focused, and make this month count. I am still on track to be below 225 by my birthday, and at 200 by the end of the year. I just need to focus. And find better ways to deal with stress.

The good thing is that I am getting better at not putting myself in the middle of the road to be run over by my bad habits. This morning, I did not stop for soda, as I knew I would be tempted by other junk. Last night, I did not stop for the chocolate I was craving. It is not 100% of the time, but slowly getting better.

Here's to a great month.

09-01-2004, 01:05 PM
Hello Lovely Ladies!

Back from one day off. Mom left yesterday afternoon. My house was cleaned and scrubbed free of all the crap food by last night. No more crud in my house. No more bad influences, no more slipping back into bad habits. NO MORE!!

I'm back to WW tonight. Will probably show about 10 pounds up, but that is better than the almost 15 I gained back. I was up this morning about 9 or 10. I'm okay with that, since September is really going to be my best month ever!

Had my 2 week post-op checkup with the surgeon. He said I looked "magnificent" and that he was not going to lift my light-duty restrictions. He said what he has found is that people push it anyway, and if he lifted my 10 pound weight restriction, then I would probably do deep tissue damage and not even know it, therefore setting myself up to have a longer recovery period.

He did say occasionally I could go without the bra at night, but not during the day. Might try that this weekend. I'm still scared of rolling over and smashing my nice new chest!

Some of us have been faltering a little bit here. I have been pretty much absent due to surgery last month, but feel the "needing a kick in the butt" vibes we so freely give out. I am determined to have a wonderful month of September. Here are my goals for the month:

1. I weighed 226 this morning at home--up 10 pounds post surgery. I can get that gone without a problem by the end of the month, but I want more. When the end of the month comes, I want to show a loss of 40 pounds on WW scales. I was 219.6 the night before surgery, that was 35.4 loss so far. I need to be at 215.0 by the end of the month on their scales, which weigh me 3 pounds heavier. That would mean 212 on my scales at home, a loss of 14 pounds. Aggressive, yes!!! Attainable, maybe not. Gonna try??? OH YEAH!!!

2. Get back into my morning routine of exercising on my Gazelle. I've been walking outside in the morning, but it's turning cold so that probably won't hold until the end of the month. We will probably have snow on the ground by month's end. So, exercise goals are Gazelle 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. I can't do my Pilates or any other tapes until my October 5th post op check up. Walking at work, as weather permits.

3. STAY OFF THE JUNK FOOD!!! No more fast unhealthy food and crap food. I've lived my life full of it up to this point and I just don't want it anymore. I will allow little bites here and there, but not whole candy bars, and three or four handfulls of crud anymore.

We have all worked too hard to backslide now. I would be interested in a mini-September challenge if anyone knows of one they would like to do. Nothing too complicated, and maybe we should all just get focused and back in gear this month, starting challenges next month? Let me know.

Jolly: Okay, we have done well, no more bad habits and old lifestyles creeping back into the mix. Head up, dust off your shoulders, and get back with it! We can do this together, because we need to!

Raven: When is Ian and dad due to arrive? How is your weather? My friend in Savannah says there is a big storm brewing down there. Why did you have to move the horsies again? I was hoping this would be a great move for everyone!

Red: Welcome back. I hope the job front calms down for you.

Happy: I'm still keeping fingers crossed for you and your job situation. The mailing gets really crazy here once the PFD posts and people start shipping stuff out. You can stand in line for over an hour at the post office and not make any progress. Just a mad house and I hate it.

Linda: Great job on the 140's. I'm so happy for you. I go tonight. Halfway there, huh? Keep up the great job, as I have heard the last 10 pounds are the hardest to lose.

Have a great day and HAPPY SEPTEMBER you lovely inspiring ladies!


09-02-2004, 08:17 AM
Sounds like the butt kicking has begun! I'm "there" with you guys. Blew it yesterday with a huge oatmeal raisin muffin and coffee cake at my quilt meeting. I have this problem with social occasions, obviously. I have another meeting today and will bring microwaved 94% FF popcorn. I have to be good! We are heading away for the long weekend and I need to pull in the reigns here.
Haven't exercised in two days, this afternoon will be a "marathon" on the treadmill, probably about an hour????
Think like a cat.... still my theme for this week. The cats only eat when they are hungry, if they get together with other cats their reaction has nothing to do with food!

09-02-2004, 09:01 AM
Tomorrow is Friday, and it's a three day weekend! Very cool. We got the horses moved without incident, thank goodness. They are safely ensconced in their quiet little pasture now, and looked very comfortable when we left last night. Of course we'll be going over tonight to spend some time with them and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Food for the last several days (weeks?) has been dismal at best. Too busy, too stressed to care. Just grabbed what I could when I could, and left it at that. Most of the time it was food I didn't even LIKE, but it was convenient and fast. Yech. So I think this is a GREAT time to start getting back to the healthier eating patterns.

Chach - You sound like you are taking the bull by the horns, good for you! I'm not sure at all when Ian and his Dad will be arriving in GA. The last time I heard from my ex, they were in Canada and making their way to Oregon to see his folks. His dad wasn't doing so well - apparently had to undergo heart surgery. I hope to hear from them soon. Frances is the name of the latest hurricane barreling towards Florida. It's a Category 4 monster already. It's making me nervous, not for myself, but for my friends with horses down in FL in its path. They went through Charlie and survived, now they're looking at this thing wreaking havoc. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it changes course, loses power, something.

Jolly - You have a lot of resolve, I'm so impressed. I know things get really stressful, but you keep thinking instead of just tuning out and giving in. I need to join you in that boat. :)

Linda - I dunno.. I've sure seen my fair share of FAT cats. Offer any animal unlimited food and generally speaking you've got a fat animal. Especially if you limit the activity. My daughter and I were actually talking about this the other day. How in a different time, people who could get fat easily were the ones who survived the best. We have very efficient metabolisms, nothing goes to waste, all of it goes to waist!! Ha, I made a funny. ANYway... Hope you enjoyed your treadmill workout. :)

My treadmill belt tore. *sigh* Can't afford a new belt. I guess it's taebo for my aerobics, or *gasp, horror* I could walk outside. If it ain't one thing...

09-02-2004, 01:23 PM
Hello Ladies,

I was up 9 pounds at my weigh in last night. You would think I was stressed about it, right? Nope, not at all. It was actually one pound lower than I thought it was going to be. My leader said I did good considering I haven't worked out in a month and have been on light duty for about three weeks. Honestly, a gain like that would have devastated me a few months ago. Now, I know why it happened, and how I can correct it and know I just have to let my body take it's time and heal.

So, that is me in a nutshell. I'm off tomorrow and have the long weekend to look forward to. I probably won't be checking in a lot, but know that I am on program, ready to fight this weight battle and ready to kick my own butt back into shape. I have new boobs, just need to get this tummy gone so my hourglass figure really shows!!

Linda: Have a great long weekend, wherever you end up going. Don't worry about your quilting day--I know that has always been a struggle. Be good the rest of the week and you will compensate for it. Count the points and move on. I'm on Core this week. I'll see how I like it. No portion control scares me, as I have a tendancy to binge eat.

Raven: My relatives are in Oregon, so if you need anything for Ian, let me know. See, I got people all over this country that are there if we need them! I'm glad the horsies got moved and all is good on that side of things. I'm sorry your treadmill broke. Looks like it's time for quality time with our man Billy Blanks. Love that man! Can't wait to do his program again once I am off light duty. Did I tell you I bought a Pilates DVD? It has over 15 workouts on it for all levels of fitness and for all different time intervals. I can't wait to use that also! I just need to get a mat for it. Think I'll make a trip to Sport Authority.

Alright ladies, I'm outta here for the weekend. I expect to hear wonderful results that everyone is right on program all weekend long. Jolly, I know you are weighing in on Monday, so good luck with that!

Hi to Happy and Hippy and Red!!!


09-02-2004, 02:28 PM
HEy all. Raven - e please!!! What happened with the horses??

I am trying to keep my mouth closed this week, in more ways than one. Not to say negative things, and not shove food in. I have been letting things get to me way too much. I am getting a very negative attitude, and I don't like it. Maybe I need to get the "serenity prayer" tatooed somewhere. I don't want to be negative. I don't want to be a glass half empty sort of person. And I don't want to eat my troubles away.

That said, I hope to use this weekend to regroup, relax, and get a much needed attitude adjustment.

Have a good one all.

09-02-2004, 03:49 PM
Jolly - I sent you an e-mail yesterday? To your work e-mail, I believe...

To spare everyone the gory details, basically things had been deteriorating at the new barn. Rocks with trash (piece of board with nails in them, metal strips) dumped in front of my pasture gate to "stop the erosion" of the little stream... "oh sure, your horses can walk across that just FINE!" *scream* My gate being accidentally left open. Horses being turned out with mine when I'm not aware it's going to happen. Then more horses being turned out with them on a daily basis, but who knows from day to day which horses it will be.... And the unfriendliness of the barn owners towards us was palpable. When I finally called Josh about the strange horses in the pasture and Shadow's leg issue, his whole thing was "if you don't like it, leave, we need the pasture." So... I did. *sigh* I found a nice little place. Quiet, private, small, very pretty, comfortable. I hope this one works out. Of course it's 30 minutes away from my house. And of course it's more expensive. And of course my boyfriend is now threatening to leave me because of the expense of the horses. I'm not joking. Sadly. Ok, I did say I'd spare the gory details, right? I'm sorry! So they're moved and I'm happy. Er.. sort of. *weak smile*

09-02-2004, 10:42 PM
Heh, I just found you again. Wasn't getting any email notifications so didn't realize there were posting. Am at the dreaded workplace now so can't write. Just wanted to say hi and I hope September is a productive month for all of you.

I'm barely keeping my head above water but am definitely trying. The 10-day challenge I started up on the support forum is a big help. Keeps me feeling obligated and accountable. I haven't forgotten you here though. Miss you all and hope to be back posting in the near future.

Take care!

09-03-2004, 02:50 AM
Hey all. Just posting from third shift. Raven, I never got your email. I will not be at my work computer again until Tuesday, so send stuff to my home. I am sorry things went bad so fast, and hope things turn out ok at the new place. Please "e" when you can. REd, I am glad your challenge is helping you get back on track.

Right now, I am just trying to work on my attitude problem. Then, the food. But, the mindset is more of an issue right now.

Ah well, one day at a time. Hopefully the 3 1/2 day weekend will help.

Have a good one all.

09-03-2004, 09:35 AM
Hey all .. I'm much more relaxed at this point. Heard from Ian, the horses are doing great, and I can actually sleep in this weekend. Wow.

I'm still in the 170s, that makes me happy. This month I'd really LOVE to drop that so that I'm in the 160s by October. I gave myself yesterday and today to just enjoy being back on a "regular" schedule, and this weekend I'm going to start working out daily again. I don't even know what, precisely, I'm just gong to make sure I do SOMETHING. Since my treadmill is out right now, I guess I'll probably rotate the taebo, pilates, and weights. Who knows, maybe I'll even be able to start riding again soon if my saddle comes in!! woo! And it fits my horse. :D

So I guess that's my biggest challenge to myself right now, is just exercise every day. Something. Doesn't matter what, just do it. So tomorrow I expect to be able to report in that I did some exercise.

As far as food goes, I'm finding myself seriously tired of junk and crap. Now that I have a bit more time, I think I'll start looking into recipes again. Wow. What a concept. :D

09-03-2004, 11:05 AM
Lots to read about with you guys. Raven, I am so sorry about what happened with the horses, but am glad they are in a new place now and hopefully that will work out?
Maybe you could trade off some work with the barn owners for some reduced rates? I have a friend who trades off riding for working, she's quite happy around any horse and doesn't mind the work, she considers it exercise! Sometimes they are agreeable? Sounds like your boyfriend just doesn't understand how these creatures have captured your heart. I hope he can.
Red, I hope this new 10 day thing has you more motivated. I have another thread that is going on in the ww general section and I totally understand that "ownership" of a thread gives you certain responsibility. You just can't lose interest and "drop out". People arrive on the thread and they begin to depend on you. I like it, though, it keeps me accountable. I also consider it very good practice for when (not if) I reach goal and when I can be a ww leader!
Chach, I am glad you were so positive about your gain, you know that it couldn't be helped post surgery and you are so motivated to continue on your path to self improvement, you'll do it!
Jolly, what can we all do to help your attitude? I'm here if you need me! Just put a smile on that face, it's contagious I think!
I stayed on the core program, no cheating, all day yesterday. I was on the treadmill for 40 minutes as well. I felt good. The scale "flipped" down to 146 for a brief second or two this morning when I got on, but settled back at 147. This is the scale that is always 3 pounds less than the one at ww, so who knows? Also, don't even know why I bother getting on it as I know it's different, yet I do!
We are unsure of weekend plans. We are going away for some of the weekend, but we are unsure of when as we are not wanting to leave my son alone overnight. He has to work on Friday and Saturday nights, so we might go away on Sunday and Monday. Weather reports look good, at least.

09-04-2004, 02:33 AM
Hello all,
I am still in a holding pattern, waiting to hear something about a new job. I know for sure I won't hear anymore about one until the end of the month as they go through th necessary motions but I thought I'd hear something about the other by now. Not taking any chances and still looking at want ads and the like to drum up more leads. It would be nice to know which way the path will run but I guess at this point, I'm still tromping through the woods. I have gotten much more done and I do feel better having spent less time on the computer and more time setting goals for myself to get various tasks done. I'm even exercising regularly again. Food was exceptionally good this week having gone shopping again. And all I need is some fresh meat for next week as I still have a good stock of fruits and veggies. My one foot keeps swelling which is annoying. I'm trying to watch the salts as much as possible. It's nice to have the 3 day weekend ahead of us even tho this is my least favorite holiday (because it means that summer's coming to an end, days get shorter and winter will be here all too soon). I'm hoping to spend one day having fun, one for chores and one getting the treadmill up and cleaned off. I must knock off my post smoking weight gain or I won't fit into my winter coat and I'm NOT buying a bigger one. Nope, no way, nada, zip, zilch.

Raven, sorry to hear you had to move the horses yet again. I hope things work out with all things in your life right now - don't forsake everything for your dream - sometimes we're too close to make good decisions - know what I mean? As you've said may times, it's all about balance.

Linda, I think that's a great goal to be a WW leader some day. Many of them are just not that great and motivating, I think you'd do well and it gives you something to shoot for. Have fun on your weekend away.

Jolly, hope you get some good R&R time to restore the good attitude. Sometimes the mental demons find all sorts of ways to knock us off our thinking. I think you have a good handle on your triggers and you're getting very strong in not letting them get to you. Make this week a no bad attitude challenge for yourself. Did you make loser of the month at TOPS for August?

Red, good to hear that you're doing ok on your 10 day challenge. Bits at a time. Don't get overwhelmed, don't try and do 8,000 percent all at once. Kaisen - continuous ongoing improvement...

Speaking of which, I like your goals for September Chachee - I may tag along and borrow some of yours. Glad surgery worked out well for you - enjoy your long weekend!

My goals for September. I'd like to be down 8 pounds by month's end. My food is back on track - I need to plan ahead and focus on portion control. Exercise - bike and walking along with weights again 5 days a week. I should do the Pilates again too because my mid section and posture could sure use it. I have to force down the water again - not drinking enough and I don't want as much as I should be having. I've also starting drinking a few more sodas than I should be having. Maybe only about 3 or 4 a week but I should limit that to 2 of them. And start drinking green tea again.

Hope you all have a safe and happy long weekend!

09-04-2004, 08:55 AM
Good morning to you all!
Just a quick post, I think we are leaving for the lake later on this morning, still not packed, so have to get rolling.
We are awaiting a chat with my son to see how he is doing before our final decision to leave. Having a kid suffering from depression sure modifies your life a bit.
He's been better, of late, however he's had a bad couple of days. If we left today, we'd leave him alone for one night and we are not sure we want to do that.
Happy, I hope that news of this job comes quickly. I hope it works out whichever way is best.
Red, I'm "off" the 10 day challenge again. I think it was making me worse or something! I blew it with ww ice cream last night. I should have had about a half cup and then ended up re-filling my bowl. I was really stressed out yesterday and I could have eaten an entire half gallon.
Have to get control.... control is my goal.

09-05-2004, 10:35 AM
Hi all. Very busy weekend, it seems. Happy, glad to hear from you,. I hope you hear about a job soon. Good luck with your weekend goals. Derry, I hope you have a good weekend, and that your son is ok.

Not much new to report. Busy weekend. Having a lot of fun. Very active, and food is not too bad. Though I am binging on fresh tomatos I bought at a farmer's market - yellow and orange cherry tomatoes. Ymmmm.

Have a good one all.

09-05-2004, 06:37 PM
Hi people. How are you all? Haven't been able to read posts, let alone write something. Too much work. Too little money. Have dragged my butt to the gym but my heart's just not in in. Oh well, better than nothing. I've stayed off sugar and that's a big plus I think though I never seem to see the weight loss with it. Guess I "compensate" by filling up on other things.

Sure wish I could get some goals going for September but with work still one giant question mark I am afraid I'll fail. Don't they say you shouldn't be afraid of failure though?

Well, take care all. Linda, sure hope your son has an easier time of it. It must be a constant worry for you.

Jolly, bingeing on fresh tomatoes?!! Way to go!

Later, all! :wave:

09-05-2004, 10:49 PM
Hello everyone.

I cannot believe that it is September already. I actually do not know when the last time I posted was.
(But yes I have been reading mostly everyday what you were all doing.)
We have completed our first summer in the world of horse shows. Both Kristi and Lucky did very well for their first year of showing. I now know that we have to have a separate bank account to pay for next summer. Now we have to figure out where we are going to put Lucky. Move him back to the first farm that we were boarding him at with her other baby, (Wind Passer) or leave him where he is at now.
Between that and looking at acreages so that we can move and not have to worry about board the summer has flown on by.

Chachee I am so pleased that you are doing so well. It was so great to read that you were not stressed over your weigh in, and that you are so positive that you will just turn it all around by the end of the month. You are truly where I am aiming to be.

Happy I hope that you get good news from one of the jobs that you went for an interview with. I will brush the dust off my treadmill with you.

Jolly way to go on eating the tomatoes. Nothing tastes as good as fresh veggies from the farmers market. (Unless it is fresh veggies from your own garden which I don't have)
I hope that you are having a relaxing weekend.

Red I hope that you are doing ok.

Linda I hope that you have a good weekend. I enjoyed your pictures of your family on your last vacation. I hope that you take more to post this weekend. We don't ever go anywhere so I have to enjoy everyone elses pictures.

Raven I am sorry that the last stable didn't work out for you and the horses. I hope that all works out with this one. Are you still looking for a closer and cheaper place though, or are you just going to see how things work out?
I hope that Ian is having a good time. You and your daughter must be having a good time together working with the horses. The place that Lucky is at right now - they are having a horse whisperer type of trainer coming out on September 24. Chris Irvin - have you heard of him?

Well we got a new scale at work for weighing all the freight. It is a huge electronic scale, and I have been weighing myself everyday. It really makes you take notice when you have huge numbers right at eye level, and you don't have to squint and pretend you can't read the little numbers on the little scale at home. My biggest goals are to start to drink water and move my butt a little bit.

Happy maybe you should post our goals by pulling out our little goal fortunes from the jar again.

Must run we have a new little puppy, and I better put it outside. LOVE housetraining......

Miss chatting with everyone won't stay away so long now.

Sassy if you are out there, a big hello to you. To you to Tracy.

09-06-2004, 03:09 PM
Hello Ladies!

Happy Monday to everyone. Just thought I would check in here and see how things were going.

Raven: Glad your stress level has cleared up some. Hey, I finally treated myself to having my nails put back on. Remember, that was my 25 pound loss reward that I never got around to doing. Feels nice and girly to have them done. 160's for you by month's end is totally attainable. You can do it, you have done it before, just focus.

Linda: I'm doing Core this week. Totally different than I thought I would be. Thought it would encourage my bingeing, but it hasn't. It's actually made me want to try new recipes and eat less. Amazing, huh? Get that control back, you are so close to goal!

Happy: I was wondering if you were still a nonsmoker. How is that going? Feel free to borrow any of my goals, I'd love to share them with you!

Red: Check in when you can! Good luck on your challenge.

Jolly: Attitude adjustments are hard, so good luck with yours. Do you ever notice it's so much easier helping a friend out of a funky mood, but when it comes to ourselves we are so hard on ourselves. Be good to yourself.

Ladies, I am down 9 pounds since last Thursday morning. Core seems to be working for me. We'll see if it holds up for Wednesday night's weigh in. Just the right thing to get me out of my slump.

Have a great day!


09-06-2004, 09:13 PM
Hey all. Nothing new to report here. I ate really bad the last few days. I missed my owrkout today too. WAs too tired last night to groom the dogs, so did it this morning, and it took longer than I thought - no gym time. Now, I am too tired to bathe the dogs like I should. I just want to sleep. Weigh in tomorrrow should be very interesting -NOT. Can I just hibernate for the winter? I have my fat stored already.

I hope everyone else is doing better than me. Lucky, what kind of puppy, and what shows???? Tell more. Red, hope job situation sorts out.

Have a good week all.

09-07-2004, 07:42 AM
I'm back! I was not a good ww person this weekend, and I am re-starting points vs. core this morning. I think the core program is a good one, but I totally lost it this weekend and won't even tempt you all by saying what I ate!
I am putting myself back on points in hopes that getting back to my "roots" of journalling will help get back what I lost.
I weigh in today as well, not expecting any losses, that's for sure!
Linda in chilly NH, 53 this moring

09-07-2004, 07:44 AM
Two more things.... Chach, I do think core is a good plan and will go back on it again, maybe next week or at the end of this week, but journalling is so important when you've gone "off the wagon" and on a binge....
Also, thianks to everyone for their concern about my son. He's still not doing all that great, has another drs. appointment next Tuesday.

09-07-2004, 10:40 AM
Hey all. Not a good start to the morning. Hopped on the scale, and had gained 2 pounds. That is what I get for making bad choices. It is not even like I am having battles with "Viruqua" and losing - I am just not caring what I put in my mouth. That is my goal for this week. To care about what I put in my mouth, and only fuel my body with the best.

Here's to a better week.

09-07-2004, 11:47 AM
Alright... I feel a bit like I got hit by a small truck. I managed to do hoofwork on one horse each day this weekend. For an experienced person, that would be about 20 minutes of work. For me, it's about an hour and a half workout. Add to that the bruises on my thigh and elbow from being kicked by Shadow three times. She'll get better, it's the pain in that fetlock causing her to lash out. It's a learning curve for both of us. Her, that I'm not going to beat her into paste if she yanks that foot back, and me, how long she can sustain weight on that joint OR flex it enough to give it to me to work on without it hurting so bad that she can't tolerate it and needs a break. We'll get there. Eve was just herky jerky... she just needs to learn to hold still. Arashi was so funny.. he rested his nose on my neck when I was doing his front feet and started to fall asleep. What a character. He loves me as long as I'm not making him run, eh?!

So yeah.. I definitely got a heck of a workout each day this weekend. This morning I was faced with the remnants of Frances, and one **** of a drive into work. Power out to lights, trees down across roads, trash cans blowing all over the place, tree limbs hitting my car... it was a mess. Took me two hours to get here, and by then I felt like I needed a stiff drink. Geez.

Sounds like we're all having a really, really hard time grabbing back our focus. Well, except Chachee.. :D I'm maintaining beautifully, which is something. But it's not enough, and I just don't seem to be able to push just that little bit harder to throw it into losing instead of maintaining. Not sure what's going on here.

09-07-2004, 01:06 PM
Hello Lovely Ladies!

Linda: Sorry I missed the part about your son being ill. I hope things are okay. I will probably do like you once the Core newness wears off. I was down another pound this morning, for a total of 10 so far this week. Remember, though, I have a lot more to lose than you do!! :)

Lucky: Welcome back. Nice to see your cute face around here. I'm with Jolly, what kind of puppy??

Jolly: Tell that Veriqua to get back in the closet and stop making you behave badly! Want Bat to come visit? He's a bit dusty, but ready to travel!! Let me know...

Raven: I'm up for a good stiff drink!!! Tell me where and when!! You must have some nice color on your body from your bruises! Can you play connect the green and purple dots?? :) And I think for you to maintain with everything going on in your life is amazing--give yourself a break. Once your boy is home it will be easier!

Okay, one more day until weigh in for me. You know what I love about this thread? When one of us is having a down week, there is always someone else who is doing really well. For me, with the gains as of late, I was really inspired by Jolly and her successes! Now, when she is maybe struggling a little, I'm here having a good week. I love it that we support each other and can be there for each other.

We all have different means of getting there, but all have the same desired end result--being healthier and losing the excess weight. I'm so glad we are all here for the encouragement, help and tough love that we get. (Thank you Happy!)

Happy Tuesday.


09-07-2004, 01:34 PM
Oh and ... I really just have to crow about my daughter for just a second. She put together that pretty little avatar for me. It's a picture of my Arashi Rei as he's cantering by her when I was working him in the round pen. She got that and then put the kanji (japanese) for his name on it. I thought it was so SWEET! Aw. *sniffle*

Ok, just had to mention that. Thank you Red. You're one of the coolest chicks around. We all are here in this thread, eh? We so rock. :lol:

Chach - Thank you for your pats... I just wish I knew what was holding me back. I do want to lose... I just can't seem to want it enough to make it a priority. Ten pounds!! OMG! What is this core stuff. Water!?!?! Geez! The incredible shrinking woman. ;) My bruises are just starting to really blossom today. They were pretty deep, so the first day there were no marks at all. Today I'm seeing some lovely blue and greens surface. *lol* If it gets vibrant enough, maybe I'll take a pic and post it. ;) Congrats on your loss, lady!

09-07-2004, 04:29 PM
How could you possibly lose 10 pounds in one week, Chach? I'm intrigued, but are you eating at all????
Well, here I am ashamed of myself. I gained 1.8 pounds. This is so sad as I was doing so well and went into the 140s, finally. I have to do better. What's worse is that ww is looking for help right now and I could get a job working for them if I were within 10 pounds of my goal, as I am a Lifetime member.
I'm so bummed.
HOWEVER.... I came to a decision today about the core plan and have decided to stay on it. I wasn't on ANY plan this weekend, I just blew it. So, have no one to blame but me, not the plan. However, I have started journalling again and tracking points as well as eating core foods. We'll see how this works for a few days and maybe I'll feel comfortable going back to not journalling if I see the scale move a bit?
Have to get control, have to get back to where I was.....
Why did the chocolate thing grab me this weekend more than usual? Why didn't I order GOOD choices in the restaraunts? I knew better, but I went on a binge. What a jerk!
So, here I am getting back to work.

09-07-2004, 05:15 PM
Linda, 10 pounds so far is kinda easy for me, and let me explain how.

First, remember that I gained 9 pounds from surgery and from not eating well at all for the entire month of August. As is with any new program, I'm really paying attention to what I am eating and being very mindful right now. I've used about 3-5 points per day, on non-core foods.

Second, I usually really blow it on the weekends, sometimes being up around 5-6 pounds from the damage I do. Well, I chose not to blow it this weekend, so I didn't have that deficit going into this week. Amazing, because given the fact I was off work Friday and Monday I didn't go crazy, which I usually do. I had one slice of pizza and two plates full of salad at Chuck E Cheese this weekend, and two helpings of Watergate salad two nights ago, but those were my old splurges.

Third, my mom left and the crap food left my house also, as I cleaned it out and threw it out. Not having it around makes it eating to not that those little "bites" that usually add up to points that we don't count. I know I am guilty of that.

Lastly, I think I was having stress retention and water retention from the surgery. Pain pills and anestesia take about a month to get out of your system, so I am right along the right time frame for the rest of it to come off. Also, with my mom here I was stressed, and I know that makes your body "hold onto" food and fat for storage purposes.

So it has been easy, so far, to have it gone. I am sure it will slow down next week and level out, but I think the biggest thing is that I am paying such close attention to what I am eating. And WATER WATER WATER!! Usually about 96 oz of water a day.

Oh, and I am eating!! A typical day for me is:

B: oatmeal w/Splenda and cinnamon, Diet Coke with Lime
S: fruit, coffee
S: veggies
L: soup or salad with tuna
S: ff Kettle corn
D: meat (usually chicken), steamed veggies, brown rice or potato
S: WW ice cream dessert--where my 2 points usually come from.

See, I'm constantly eating!!! :) I'd be happy to pm some food ideas to you if you want.

See ya


09-07-2004, 05:42 PM
It is probably the surgery and after affects, then, Chach, as your day and my "good" days are very similar. I am still so bummed about my gain. No one but me shoved those peanut M+Ms into my eager mouth, though! Bad girl!
I'm heading out to another ww meeting in a few minutes, taking my daughter, but I'll be paying special attention myself!

09-07-2004, 10:48 PM
Hey all. Real quick post, before off to bed. I went to my TOPS meeting tonight. I had a 3 pound loss, was the loser of the week, AND was the loser of the month for August. I don't know how I had the loss for the week, but am glad. It really helped get me motivated again. I had told myself if I had a loss for the night (since I totally thought I would not), I could go to McDonald's for dinner. They have the Cheddar Melt this month which I love. But, after seeing the scale go in the right direction, I decided ot come home, have a salad and a sugar free yogurt. I feel good.

Here's to good choices for everyone.

09-08-2004, 11:04 AM
Hey Chickees,

Quick fly by for me. I'm still waiting on the job front as decisions have not been made and red tape must be carefully stretched out - time marches slowly but I almost hope this goes into October because then I could get some time off. This month is flying by more than ever and it's really hitting home that our jobs are going away. :( Several of the people in the office left last week and most all of us will be gone by the end of the month.

We did want to goof off over the holiday weekend but I stuck to my guns with my goals of getting some things cleaned up around the house. One of which is that the treadmill is operational once more. :tread: Finally!!! Now I have the choice of the bike or the treadmill - no excuses. My food's been clean for 2 weeks now - just have to get the water and exercising back in place. Water for some reason has been difficult - sometimes I just don't want to drink it and now that it's getting cooler, it's even more of a challenge. I might switch to 1/2 water, half green tea just to get it in. Basically nothing exciting going on in my life right now, just kinda hanging in a holding pattern to see how much my life will change by the end of the year.

As for other things:
Raven, love your new avatar. Your daughter is really talented with a good eye for the visuals. When is your son due back home?

Jolly, don't know how to explain the scale weirdness other than take it literally as a sign to pep up your spirit and get you out of a funk and back on track again. High five on passing up the Mc D's drive through yet again :high:

The WW Core program sounds quite interesting that you've been discussing ladies. I just don't know if I want to go through yet another fling at a diet program. I look at the books on my shelf - BFL, Atkins, SB, Dr. Phil, Michael Thurmond, Bob Greene - you figure after all that I should have found something that works. Actually I think it's not so much the foods as much as the portion size. Time to bite the bullet, quit whining and track things - food, water, exercise. Just like you said Linda.

Chachee - what kinds of soups do you eat? Canned? Homemade? I love soups, now that it's getting cooler I can't wait to start making and freezing batches of soup again. Please share some food ideas - always willing to try something new...

Lucky - good to hear from you again. Red - you sound like you're racing around like a crazy woman again. Hope you were not adversely affected by the recent earthquakes. :yikes: Seems to be one of those times of the year when we sort of get caught up in other things going on. I feel like I'm on one of those breakthrough moments myself.

Gotta run now... take care - stay upbeat and on track!

09-08-2004, 01:15 PM
Hello Ladies,

Stepped on my scale this morning, and am down 11.5 since last Thursday. So, if that holds true for my weigh in tonight, this could be the one thing that really helps me get pushed back into the mindset of losing weight again--hard to do after not doing it for a month. I'm very happy with how well I've done this week, and know that it can't last forever, but sure am happy I'm down from my surgery weight.

Happy: I hate to think of WW as a "diet" even though it's a "program". To me, it's more common sense, with a little tweaking. As I have stated before, my biggest problem is portion control and mindless eating. Well, I've starting knitting again and also have pulled in on the portions. I tend to "graze" during the day--eat a little every couple of hours. I can honestly say I haven't been hungry at all this week, except one time I heard my tummy growl. It's just a matter of finding something that works for you body and life.

Jolly: Wahoo! Congrats on being the big loser!! I'm so glad this has helped get the focus back. And great job on the NSV with McDonalds. Taco Bell is my downfall.

Linda: I love M&M's. That is one thing that I can't have just a few--I gotta have them by the handfulls. I found a great snack yesterday. Have you heard of the Necco's candy? You can have 14 of them for one point. Not a Core food, but great for the snackies!

I'll try to find some of my recipes for soups. I made that wonderful broccoli/onion/garlic soup the other night. Very good and filling.

Wish me luck tonight!

Happy Wednesday!


09-08-2004, 05:53 PM
Woah! Jolly, what a good girl passing up that MacDonalds dinner! No wonder you were "loser of the week, and month"! Cool!
Happy, it must be so hard not knowing what job will be or won't be. I've been there. Hope you hear what is happening soon so you can make plans. The core program is something that I don't consider a "fad" as I do So. Beach, Atkins, etc. I've purchased so many books and taken so many from the library, I can't count anymore. I view this as one of the healthiest things I have ever done for myself, it's not low carb, it's truly being smart for a change (hard to do for me!). I had lunch last week with my friend who is a diabetic and we compared notes and her diet and the core plan are quite close (not exact, but close) and I think a diabetic who is being "good" is probably eating healthier than most everyone else. The core allows more fruits and doesn't allow peanut butter, unless one uses points - something I might do soon as I love peanut butter! She also eats whole grain breads and right now I am staying away from bread, but again NOT carbs - just eating the GOOD carbs!
This morning, I had oatmeal, splenda, skim milk and strawberries. Had a ww 2 points bar as a snack, had a 95% lean hamburger patty for lunch with 1/2 cup kidney beans and 1 cup string beans. For snack, I had 94% ff popcorn and for dinner it will be turkey breast, baked potato with ff sour cream and peas with ww butter spray on them. For dessert, I will have ff, sf, jello chocolate pudding. I was on the treadmill and earned some points today as well, as week 3 of the core plan allows exercise points! I think I am being very "balanced".
Chach, I can't "weight" (get it?) to find out about your weigh in!
Linda, on core, staying portion controled and feeling good!

09-09-2004, 02:33 AM
Okay, so I was the biggest loser with 11.2 gone this last week, my first week on Core. It shocked my leader, and she was a bit concerned that I lost so much. So, I am going to follow Core again this week, and for the entire month of September, to see if it's just the way my body responds to the type of food we eat.

It was a bit embarassing, though, as I was the center of attention for the entire meeting. So many questions. It was kinda fun, though. Gets me ready in case I decide to pursue the thought of being a WW leader.

This will be quick, as I am on my way to bed, but wanted to check in and let you all know. I am down to my lowest yet, thank you very much. 37 pounds gone now since joining, 65 from my highest. Time for another moo!!


09-09-2004, 08:09 AM
:cb: :cb: Way to go Chachee! :cb: :cb: You are developing quite a herd there. Awesome job. You have to feel so good. AND perky. Keep up the great work.

I am feeling much more motivated this week. I have to try and find some winter shirts that fit and are affordable too. It is getting cold up here. I stopped at Goodwill yesterday - and a lot were too big :rofl: Ah well. Hopefully the Penneys outlet will have something. Wish me luck.

Have a great day everyone.

09-09-2004, 09:46 AM
Awesome, Chach! I am sure everyone was thrilled for you. If I were you, if you haven't already, I'd take your leader aside and explain the surgery thing so she isn't worrying too much that you will "waste away" or are doing something horribly wrong, etc.
If you body does continue to respond this way to core, I think I would personally want to slow things down just a bit. I know you are quite anxious, as we all are, to drop off those pounds, but I believe it might be a bit unhealthy to lose that much at once. I do think it was the surgery and after effects, though, so this week you will probably see more "normal" results, like the rest of us poor "losers".
I've been an angel for three days now, and that darn scale has not budged a single bit. I am determined, it will work for me, but sure wish that the scale would "reward" me with a little encouragement. :?:
Ah, Jolly, finding winter shirts. I sit here with my AC on in pouring rain with high humidity wondering if I'll EVER feel like I need winter shirts? I keep getting these darn menopausal hot flashes and wonder if I'll ever need a winter shirt again? Darn hot flashes..... feeling like I like :devil: you know where!
Rain, rain go away.....

09-09-2004, 12:41 PM
Hello Ladies,

Jolly: Good luck finding the smaller sizes. Isn't that a wonderful feeling? I just love it! Part of my new joy in life is going through my closet and finding clothes that either haven't fit in a long time or never really fit right and being able to wear them. I'm so inspired that you found your motivation again! Way to go!!

Linda: Yep, my leader and I talked about the reason behind the incredible loss. We want to monitor it this month and really watch what the numbers do. We both think my stress level when my mom was here had a lot to do with it, and also the fact I am up and moving a lot more now than I was even two weeks ago. There are a lot of contributing factors to it, but I am just so happy that the surgery gain is gone. The extra was just an added bonus. Like I have said all along, I'll be happy with 2 pounds a week, except for TOM week. Around 6 pounds a month will be very good for me.

Hey, Raven, Jolly and Lucky--I'm going to need to borrow your horses soon to corral all these cows in my pasture together! I got the hound dogs to help out, just going to need some "horsepower" to help! Heehee.

Happy Thursday.


09-09-2004, 02:16 PM
Hey all. Chachee, it is cool to have to look for smaller sizes. I am sort of in between right now though. 18's can go on and get zipped up, but not all brands are "wearable" yet. So, I wait until I find some that do, and look good, and then get them. I hope to find them at the Goodwill store, so I can downsize more affordably. Then, do a blowout when I reach goal. Hurray.

Derry, hope your scale behaves soon. If not, may I recommend Chachee's Bat? He has worked for me :)

Raven, Red, Lucky, Sassy, Happy, and everyone else i haven't heard from in awhile - I hope you are doing well with weight, jobs, exercise, and everything else. Take care and post!!!

09-10-2004, 01:01 PM
Happy Friday everyone.

Not to much going on today. I have a new recipe in the crock pot, so if it's any good, I'll let you all know and give you the recipe. It's got chicken, sweet potatos, corn, spicy tomatos and spices. I hope it's good, just to prove Hubby wrong--he thinks it sounds strange.

I made lemon/herb halibut fillets last night. They were okay. A little too much oregano for me, but they were okay.

Made the menu up yesterday for next week's meals. Did the grocery shopping and have it all planned out. I love being organized.

Bat is available for rent--anyone need him?

Have a great weekend.


09-10-2004, 04:56 PM
Getting kind of lonely here, Chachee. Is everyone afraid of Bat??? Helloooooooooo? Anyone else out there?

I do menus too. Helps me with the "what do I eat?" moments, and usually keeps me one track.

Have a good one everyone.

09-11-2004, 11:02 AM
Hey all,

Scale's not moving for me so I have to really focus on the portion control as I am eating the right foods - just too much. And as it gets cooler, I get hungrier. Also, honestly right now I'm tired of this whole diet thing. But the only alternative is to get bigger and grow out of my clothes, not acceptable. So get over it kiddo. Perhaps I need a visit from Bat more than I want to admit :o

I have joined an exercise challenge with my husband. Hopefully that will get things in the right direction. Still working on dejunking the house. Hopefully I'll hear something on the job front soon. Weeks are flying by now, the end of the month and unemployment loom near.

Hope you all have a great, on plan weekend. You guys are still inspiring even if my interest is not 100% at the moment. Chachee congrats on the fabulous weigh in this week!!!!! :cp: :cp:

09-11-2004, 02:42 PM
Hi Ladies,

Don't fall over, but I am here on the weekend. Just checking in quickly.

Made a great recipe last night and wanted to share it.

In a cockpot, medium heat for 6 hours, combine:

4 chicken breasts, cubed
2 large sweet potatos, cubed in 1 inch cubes
2 cans diced tomatos, salsa style
1 can (14 oz) fat free chicken broth
1 large white onion, chopped
1 1/2 cup frozen corn kernels
1/4 tsp thyme
1 tsp oregano

We had this last night over some brown rice and it was amazing! Give it a try!

Happy Weekend.


09-11-2004, 06:09 PM
I'm here, have been getting tons and tons of e-mail from one of my sewing groups this week and haven't been able to keep up much here! Yikes!
Chach, that recipe sounds good to me, thanks and I certainly will try it. The kids never like sweet potatoes, but I am big on them. So, will have other alternative foods for them if they don't like it.... there is always bread and peanut butter in this house if one hates what is being served and is hungry enough!
I fought off the desire to have some comfort food today with sf, ff, Jello pudding. I have 21 flex points left of the week and we are going out to dinner tonight. WI is on Tuesday morning and I am hoping to stay on the Core plan with whatever we have for dinner, don't know where we will be going yet tonight though, sure wish I could do some planning. But, if I have chicken again this week, I think I'll be sick! No more poultry, time for something different! Seems like I am in a chicken "rut". So much one can do with it, but I can't take another meal for at least five or six days!
Break out the pasta, beef, fish or pork!
What is BAT? Jolly asked if we are all afraid of it, but I don't know what it is even!
Was feeling blue this morning with the anniversary of 9/11. Such a day or reflection. Plus, we went out to try to buy a new car for Lancelot this morning and were bummed out as we couldn't afford the car he wants. He puts high miles commuting on his vehicles and we always lost money on a trade. I have to start saving, big time, as his older car is starting to cost us alot of money in repairs now and it's "time". He needs new tires before winter and who wants to spend money on those when you know the days of the car (with us) are numbered?
Sure wish I could find a magic money dispensing machine! Oh well.
Not doing much this afternoon, I ought to be cleaning or exercising. Hope you are all doing happy things today.
Wish me luck eating out tonight.... have to remember to behave myself.

09-12-2004, 07:53 AM
Hi there. Sorry I've been away. I've been reading but just haven't had the energy or motivation to write. I try to keep up the challenge thread I started over on support and am able to more or less do that because I have a sense of responsiblity to it, like you said Derry. Not that I don't have a sense of responsiblity to you guys. Well, it's more, I've just been too depressed to talk about the things at work again and I'm afraid you'll all just tell me to find another job.

I know and I am looking but I was so just trying, hoping, that things would work out. Actually, last week, things were really looking up and then, wham, they seemed to turn again and I don't know if I'm coming or going. I don't want to leave the paper. It's been a part of me for years now and I love newspaper work. There is nothing like it. But things have become too schizo at this company. In addition to personal problems with bosses the entire paper may fold. Everyone is under a black cloud of uncertainty about their jobs. It's not just me. But my issues have been colored a sicker color because of the other problems. The main problem is I really DO want to stay in the work and if I only could see that there is hope I would be able to get my spark back. Oh heck. I just have to try to hang on to the healthier things in life. You people are among those.

I'm going to try to get back in the swing of the thread again this week. Hope things are looking better for you all.


09-12-2004, 08:59 AM
Good morning all. REal quick post, before I head off to the gym and the first day of Sunday School. Derry, "Bat" started awhile back, when Chachee mentioned that if the scale didn't go down at weigh in, she was going to bring a bat to beat up the scale. A bat became "Bat", who beats us in to shape when we stray. He is sort of a roving inspiration.

Red, I was in a really bad job situation years ago. I kept thinking that if I only worked harder, things would get organized and work out ok. I finally realized, why do I want to work that hard - because it never got better. Sometimes, it is just your subconscious being afraid to leave the comfort zone. Bad is better than unknown.

I hope things settle down for everyone. I know how stressful financial, career, and automotive problems can be. I wish the best for all of you.

Have a good rest of the weekend.

09-12-2004, 09:58 AM
Just a quick post... I haven't been on the computer hardly at all for the last week or so. Too caught up in other things.

Red - *big hug* I have been in situations similar to yours, and I truly understand the conflict. It seems that change may be forced upon you, regardless of whether you want it or not. Sometimes that's the only thing that gets us out of our loops, our fear. Regardless of what happens, you know the chickies here are going to support you, and you know Valeska will, too. She admires you so much. Just hang in there, and know that whatever happens, happens, and you will survive it all. And we never know what's around that next corner, do we? It could be something even better than what we have now.

09-12-2004, 01:35 PM
Hello all.

Red: Big hug from the group. I'm so sorry things at work aren't going well. I think Jolly and Raven both gave you some very sound advice about it. I know Happy is struggling with the same sort of situation. Fear of the unknown is scary and for me, not being able to control it is really what gives me anxiety. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Remember, we are here for you not only when good things are happening, but also for when things aren't going smoothly. That's when it really helps to be here for each other. It's easy to be a friend when things go the right way, it's harder to be there in times of stress. We'll be here, for whatever you need.

Jolly: Great explanation of Bat. I thought I might have needed him this week, as my eating urges kicked in, but when I did the math and added things up, I realized it's about two days before TOM and I can write this off to PMS. I did good, though, so far I haven't touched my Milky Way bar that I bought right after surgery. I think I'll save it for emergency purposes.

Might go get a pedicure today. My friends are leaving for vacation tonight and I have to take them to the airport. So, I am running her over to get her nails done and thought it would be a nice treat. I made $50 off of some scarves I made, so I thought I could treat myself.

I found out I am in charge of doing the Christmas party at my hubby's squadron, so I need to get that organized. I have already cut out 40 fabric gift bags, just need to sew them up. It's so much cheaper than buying gift bags. To buy them it would take around $50, but I was able to buy the cutes Christmas fabric for $4 and made more than I needed. I did the same thing for Halloween. Gotta love being able to do that.

Okay, big hugs all around and Happy Sunday.


09-12-2004, 05:22 PM
Red, I am so sorry about the work problems. I know you would like to stay with them, but it all sounds horrible. I hope the right choice becomes apparent and that you end up happy, no matter what!
Jolly, thanks for the BAT explanation. I think I get it.
I needed Bat, I guess, last night to some degree, however I don't feel badly at the moment anyway! Let's see how I feel on Tuesday, my weigh in day!
We went out for Lebanese Food last night, it was so good and I had butter on my pita bread! BUT, I have flex points to use, and still have some left and figured it all out. So, I think I might be ok???
Chach, sounds like fun being in charge of the Christmas thing. So glad you are using your sewing skills and saving money! I love my sewing and it really does help our budget.
What will go in the gift bags? What kind of party will this be?
Linda in sunny NH

09-12-2004, 06:16 PM
Heh jolly, Raven, Chachee, Derry, thanks so much for the encouragement and advice. I just woke up, barely even up yet, yet am already in front of the computer trying to do tons of work before I go into the office. I'm so beat with all the work I do and I haven't been able to find any time to take care of myself. Really, working all the time is probably the hardest part of my life (what little of it I have) right now. But I have to stay strong, otherwise everything (the work, the lack of support there, the burgeoning debt and weight, the muscles turning to flab) will just become so overwhelming and will drag me under. Like I said, have to keep the healthy elements strong so I can prevail!!

You all are great and I appreciate your support so much. Thanks again! :grouphug:

09-13-2004, 07:23 AM
Red, wouldn't it be awesome if we lived in a time and place where the connection of self were more appreciated? I suppose there are tradeoffs, always. But please, do not beat yourself up when life takes your priorities and throws a monkey wrench into them. You are a lovely woman, inside and out. Do not sell yourself short. You know what you need to do, and sometimes that means not doing what you WANT to do for a while. Find the peace, chickie. You know we are all here for you.

09-13-2004, 09:16 AM
Raven, thanks for your sweet message. I read it on my phone first and then came in here to reply. No time for long messages, gotta be up at 3:45 a.m. tomorrow. The work waiting for me (yes, more rewriting!) when I got home (from work) is just gonna have to wait till tomorrow. I'm getting such shuteye! Yeh, you said it right, monkey wrench in my priorities!! Love it. "Find the peace." I like that too. Thanks, kid. Gonna sleep on it.

09-13-2004, 09:19 AM
Sometimes, do you just wish you could start over at your adult life and make different choices? I keep thinking that when I read some of your posts. I know there are some things I would do differently as well.
However, we need to pull ourselves up and square our collective shoulders and move on. Red, I am thinking of you and sending you positive energy again.... hope you can feel it.
I wish I lived near you so that I could give you a big hug and be your personal trainer and positive person cheering you this week. But, I am closing my eyes (yes, I can type so well that I can do that!) and sending you the positive thoughts!
I skipped working out over the weekend, and in a few moments I will be doing a huge one and getting on that treadmill! I was looking forward to my exercise and now, suddenly, I feel as if I am dreading it - what happened? Maybe I should do something different. I hate sports, so that is out.
Hmmm.... thinking.

09-13-2004, 12:49 PM
Good morning Ladies.

Just a quick message as I am ready to start working today. Not much new to report. I am trying a new beef thai salad tonight, so I'll share if it's good.

Had a lovely thunder and lightning storm here last night. Something about it just makes me appreciate everything more and understand how fragile we all really are when nature can do something so incredible. Guess that holds true with the hurricanes in Florida also.

Makes you really appreciate all you have.

Happy Monday!


09-13-2004, 02:52 PM
Chach - I was talking to my brother up there and he told me about the storm. Very rare for Anchorage to have something like that. I'm tremendously anxious about several rather close horsie friends right now who live in the panhandle of Florida. It seems like lately that's all we're doing, is sitting on watching the stupid hurricanes roll in. It's scary. By the time it gets to us it's usually pretty worn out, lots of rain, maybe a few trees down, but usually nothing serious. Doesn't stop me from worrying about my horses, but thankfully it's nothing like what they're having to deal with down south. :(

09-13-2004, 07:27 PM
Thunder storms are so common around here in summer that one doesn't give it much thought, generally, but I suppose you are right that is is something to be in awe of and we are really fragile humans, totally at the mercy of the weather at times.
I hope this hurricane doesn't hit Florida that badly, they have had it tough.
We haven't had much in hurricanes in this area in several years, so we are "due". I actually am weird enough to "like" extreme weather conditions. I think I should have been a storm chaser or something!
Have had a good day today with my food and water and exercise! Will it be enough to have a loss at weigh in tomorrow? I'll be holding my breath!

09-14-2004, 02:31 PM
Hello Ladies,

Not much going on here. Just wanted to check in and say hey.

Linda, I hope weigh in goes well. Let us know.

Raven, you know I'm used to those storms from growing up in Oregon. Just love to watch them when they happen!

Happy Tuesday!


09-15-2004, 01:53 PM
Alrighty then.

Well, I'm not sure how much I've even been keeping things up to date. But my treadmill pretty much bit the dust. The belt tore, and the motor is going. A new belt would cost about $150, and even if I replaced that, I'd end up buying a new motor soon, too. So I think I'd just be better off looking into another treadmill. I'll be looking at Play it Again Sports, garage sales, maybe even Walmart or something. I think I can get a great used (probably hardly used) one for a good price, or failing that, I can get a cheaper model for not too much more. I don't need all the bells and whistles. All I need is a digital speed and distance calculator, and electric incline with a digital readout on that, too. And a decent speed motor. My gosh it's amazing what you can get them equipped with now! But really, I don't need or want any of that stuff... all I need is my headphones, and I'm good to go. Hopefully I can do something about that this weekend.

Alright. I'm getting interrupted again. More in a bit. :)

09-16-2004, 02:29 AM
Hey chickies.

First off thanks for that chicken crockpot recipe Chachee - I made it over the weekend and it was really good, even the husband like it. I added a few more Italian spices and some fresh garlic to the mix. We had the last of it tonight for supper. I may even experiment and add more chunky vegetables to it.

Red, I'm sorry to hear of your job situation. All I can say is that I clung desperately to a losing situation that was killing me a bit more each day. A horrid place. It was outstanding money and I was trying to hang on 1 more year to pay the debt down. Made it 3 months before they laid off 150 of us and it was actually a relief when we were all let go. Those left behind had it much much worse. And I was forced to make a change that I otherwise wouldn't have - and it was a good change. This time around I am still debating the merits of 2 totally different positions. Not much I can do until I get an actual offer (both jobs are still in wait mode) but at least I have plenty of time to think and weight the benefits and detriments of what I percieve will be offered. Good luck with your situation, I know all too well how difficult it is to take steps or make a tough decision. Like Derry's husband, we all have our horror stories, don't we?

I am getting back on the exercise again. Doing the stretches for my feet - I think they are helping the foot pain and I'm alternating between the bike and treadmill for cardio. Just have to start the weights and not just think about it. And a bit of yoga will also be beneficial. Today I walked a full 20 minutes beyond my original goal. I hope the scale will reflect the efforts at next weigh in.

I hate to see the dark and cooler weather come in. With it comes the hungries. But I will be strong!

Sounds like everyone is hanging in there which is better than giving up. Seems like a busy time for us all. Take care, will catch you later ladies.

09-16-2004, 06:23 AM
Good morning ladies!
I have been so busy this week, didn't have a chance to check in here. Missed you guys!
My WI on Tuesday was "ok", not great, I lost .8 but think it was because I skipped breakfast before I went in there, to be honest. I've been feeling "fat" this week.
But, I have energy and have embarked on a new project that I am excited to be involved in. I am heading up a group of people who are making a quilt for each of the families of the soldiers who died in Iraq and Aghanistan in the state of NH. It's very important to me to show these families that people do care about them and show love for them. I can't imagine what they must be going through, makes my own problems seem like nothing in comparison. This will eat up my time, but I don't care!
Raven, after I bought my treadmill (which I do love and have no regrets in a way) my husband picked up a local publication we have around here called "The Want Ad Advertiser" and I saw TONS of used treadmills for cheap money. I think many people buy them, don't use them and decide to unload them, to be honest. Also, if you search on e-bay in a LOCAL search to you, you could find one right nearby and get a good deal if it's a local pick up!
I use my treadmill all the time, at least 3 o 4 times a week, and would miss it so much if it broke! Just curious, is there some maintenance I should be doing on mine to prevent it from breaking like yours? How old was yours?
Some interesting news has come up on the job front for my husband, I'm praying! Looks like another larger company might be intersted in buying his company. If that happens, we could get some money as we own "shares" in this small company (another reason why it's been so difficult for him to leave there). If this happens, he won't have such a strong reporting relationship with the current President that he works for, the guy we called "Whaky" before. It could really change things, maybe good, maybe bad? We'll see how it plays out and they may not come to an arrangement in the end, who knows?
I am excited, though, as Lancelot's company is very small, less than 25 employees, and we don't have some of the things like retirement plans, life insurance, 401K plans and all that kind of thing that is usually affiliated with a good company. We pay privately, and dearly, for life and disability insurance. Perhaps we'd get better benefits being part of a larger organization? Perhaps Lancelot would be much happer? We'll see what happens, but Lancelot and Whacky are having luch with a Sr. VP and President of this other company today, it's looking good!
Yesterday, I behaved myself and stayed on program very well. I still am feeling fat.

09-16-2004, 10:41 AM
It was a dark and blustery morning....

We're just getting the leading rain bands of Ivan this morning, and it's anyone's guess as to how bad our weather will get. My heart goes out to all of the folks who had to deal with this thing when it made landfall. It's huge, and it's powerful. I know anything we deal with won't be anything at all like what they have gone through. Unless we get to play patty cakes with spawned tornados, I guess. :eek:

Jolly - I want to start out by saying that e-mail you wrote was so great. I personally think you should post that here. Even though I *know* everything you wrote, I needed to hear it again. Badly. So thank you.

Linda - Very cool that you're doing something so thoughtful as that quilt. I know the treadmill is the one piece of exercise equipment I will actually use. I bought the one I have used about 5 years ago, and I've literally worn it out. The only thing I can say is to keep the belt clean and if it requires it, use lubrication so it slides freely. That is one of the things that allowed mine to live as long as it did. :D I have three people (well, two right now) who use my treadmill on a regular basis, so it takes a beating. When I hit my stride, so to speak, I'm doing between 1.5 and 3 miles a day 6 days a week, then add in my daughter and son, and yeah... I use and abuse a treadmill.

Speaking of hitting my stride... I'll be searching for a treadmill this weekend, and hopefully I'll find one. That always seems to be the one thing on which my success hinges, isn't that funny? I've had so many things happen in the last couple months, and I simply could not get my head together to focus at all on weight, food, working out... and I was starting to feel a huge pinch financially because everything seemed to break at once. The car, the treadmill, the horses, clothes wearing out, computers dying, relationships taking hits... it just seems endless sometimes. And not enough funds or mental power to keep up with it all. It dragged me down to a place where I just didn't care anymore.

Well I care again. And maybe I've had another shift in perspective. Because even if you know, logically, all the reasons you need to lose weight, that isn't necessarily enough to DO what you need to do.

Jolly, you mentioned courage. You made me feel so bad when you said that, because lately I've been feeling like such a coward. Afraid to face what it's going to take to get where I want to be. Whether that's with someone by my side or alone... between the time I had with just my daughter last week and the things you said, I realize it doesn't matter whether I do it alone or not. I'm still going to do it. I even ordered the next training video and the next book I need to keep studying. My daughter assured me that even if I don't have a man in my life, I won't be alone. She's right. Who knows how things will go, who knows what direction they will turn, but I need to stay MY course. Let the winds blow as they may.

So .. yeah. I want my treadmill. And I want to lose the rest of this stupid fat. And I want to start lifting again, and doing pilates. I want to be strong. Physically AND mentally. I want to pursue my dreams, and part of that is not carrying around this extra baggage. Thank you for reminding me of that. *hug*

Chachee - Come on down here, girl, and we'll have a storm watching party!! You can play in the winds of the hurricanes!! *lol*

Happy - It's good to see your post. I keep hoping to hear news that you've gotten a job, and it's something you love. I know it's rough to just hang in there.

I'm rambling. It's been so long since I've posted here... so long since I thought I had anything positive to say. Eve ripped her face along the jaw and cheek bone... it was in a hard area to see, and it was during the days when I threw out my back (yes, I definitely need to start pilates again) and my barn owner didn't see it. By the time I found it, I'm guessing it was at least two days old. Far too late to stitch it up. Scrubbed it up as good as I could without Eve going up or over on us with betadine, and slathered furacin ointment all over it. She also has another hoof cracking all to ****, so is still lame and unrideable. I just wish we could grow out new hooves faster, poor girl. Shadow's prognosis isn't great, the vet finally called about the x-rays and the arthritis in that fetlock is getting worse. He wants to go into the joint capsule with stuff to help it, then start an aggressive therapy with other drugs to help slow the degeneration. Whether she will ever be rideable again is still anyone's guess. My poor Arashi is still limping, too. Not sure what the heck is going on with him, I just am getting tired of dealing with too many things at once. I need more time. I wanted to get my tail into the training and orientation classes for the hoof care certification, but it looks like the first opening won't be till early next year. I'm going to jump on that like a starving dog on a pork chop. I'm excited about it, and enjoy the heck out of working on my own horses. I just wish I could do it NOW.

Ok .. I'm rambling indeed. I hope everyone is doing well.

09-16-2004, 01:10 PM
Hello Ladies,

Had weigh in last night, and was up one pound, but that is okay. Itís TOM for me and I usually am up more than that!

Linda: I found out last night that 94% FF Kettlecorn is NOT CORE. There has been much debate about this, and they ruled it not to be core. So, I find myself finding another snack, as I canít stand regular butter microwave popcorn. Guess Iíll just use my air popper at home and sprinkle Splenda on it. Iím sorry you are feeling fat. That will pass. Just keep up the good fight. Iím very proud of you for your quilting project. As the wife of an enlisted man, it makes me feel good that there are people who care about us. Iím sure those families are going to treasure the quilts you make them and they will be passed down from generation to generation.

Happy: Iím glad you enjoyed the recipe. Iím going to add garlic to it next time, but man, it sure was good. I hope you hear something soon about the job offers.

Raven: Sounds like the old you is back. You are such a strong woman, why would you think you needed a man to validate you? Itís very nice to have a man, a companion, a significant other, but donít lose track of yourself in order to have it. You are such an inspiration to me with all your goals and dreams, and being the mother of two teenagers and doing so well. If there are times when your man isnít the best thing and is more problems than love, then itís time to re-assess having them in your life. I donít know exactly what your situation is with him, but search your heart and find what is best for you and your family. As for coming down there, we are planning next Christmas to be in NC, so you better make some time for me!!!

Jolly: Where are you? Itís weird not hearing from you. Hope things are okay, and I miss you.

Alright, ladies, looking forward to a great week again next week. Life is getting busier with the holiday season coming up. Time to make sure we are on track with everything, so nothing falls by the wayside.

Happy Thursday.


09-17-2004, 07:47 PM
Hi people. Just a quick message to say I'm alive and reading the posts on the fly at times, wishing I could sit down with you and chat at leisure. No time to read back now, but from what I remember, Raven! come on girl, have some faith in yourself. What is meant to be will be and there is a reason I believe. If anything, it's perhaps to show yourself that you are much much bigger than all this sh!t happening to you. Just believe you will prevail. You have your dream and you must hold tight to it! There was a poem I knew from when I was a little girl. Langston Hughes. You probably know it. It always gave me a sense of strength and perserverance.


Hold fast to dreams
for if dreams die
life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.

Derry, the quilting is such a beautiful thing to do. I am sitting here getting chills and my eyes well up with tears to think of the feelings, the thoughts that are going into that project. Those families will most surely feel the same. You are fantastic.

Gotta run. Later, all.

09-18-2004, 10:40 AM
Aw shucks you guys! Thanks for your kind words about the quilting stuff!
I am so enthused about this. Did you ever feel that a certain thing was just meant to be? This is kind of how I'm feeling about this project. It's falling into place, there are volunteers coming out of the woodwork to help, wow! I am totally overwhelmed, but busy. Happy is not the right word to describe how I feel, as these soldiers gave their lives for freedom, however, I am hoping that the people who get these quilts can feel happy in knowing that so many people dropped whatever they were doing to take part in this as they felt the importance of showing support, love and caring. Wow.
Just when you get down on the human race, they do some amazing stuff and you get all pumped up and feeling good! One person CAN make a difference!
At any rate, feeling good, eating good. What more can one ask for, except of course that ______ scale showing me a reward for all my hard work!
Just HAVE to share this recipe with you all, we had it last night and it's a 9.9 on my 1 - 10 scale!

Yes! Pizza Crust On Core!!!!!!


First, credit where credit is due.... I am on another thread and have been whining about not having pizza and the wonderful, dear Melanie came back with this pizza crust recipe! Haven't tried it yet, but I will for sure!


Non stick cooking spray
1 1/2 cups yellow cornmeal
1 cup cold water
1 cup boiling water
1/2 teaspoon salt to taste
1/2 cup grated fat free parmeson (Kraft makes a Non Fat "grated topping" that is on my core companion book, but I couldn't find it, so used low fat parmesan and gave myself points.... changes the point total at the bottom of this recipe, but thought I'd leave it there so you could see it, if you can find ff parmesan)

Spray a 9 inch pie pan with non stick spray. Preheat oven to 375. Place cornmeal in small bowl. Add cold water and stir until well mixed. Stir cornmeal mixture into saucepan of boiling water. Cook, stirring over low heat until thickened, 3 to 5 minutes. Remove from heat and stirr in salt and parmeson. Spread cornmeal mixture to form a crust in the greased pan, using wet hands or a spatula. Spread evenly across bottom and up sides. Bake uncovered for 30 minutes. Add toppings and bake until finished.

6 points for the whole crust for those who are doing points.

So, guys, it's off to breakfast and a work out for me. Keep up your spirits guys, especially YOU Red!

09-18-2004, 01:38 PM
Red - What can I say? That poem, of course, made me cry. It's so true. And at the risk of sounding flippant, I feel like I've been flopping around with a broken wing for the vast majority of my life. Are you ok? How is the job thing going? How are you?

Chachee - *warm hug* Why would I think those things? Fighting my old conditioning again, I guess. But you're right. I've been thinking a lot lately, and getting my head back on straight and making sure my priorities are in the right place, and for the right reasons. But I can come in here and read how you all are doing, and I know that even if I slip for a while, I'll get going again. I'm so proud of you! I told Jolly this... Regardless of my agonizing, the drama, whatever - I know this much. No matter how long it takes, I'm going to lose the weight, I'm going to get my certification in hoof care, I'm going to keep going. Whatever happens around me will happen, but I can't let it all distract me to the point of forgetting my goals, my dreams, my priorities.

Today ... My daughter and I are off to check out Play it Again Sports and see if I can't find a good used treadmill. Wish me luck!

09-18-2004, 05:07 PM
Raven, just a quick remark and then I've gotta get rolling....
You have not seemed like a bird flopping around with a broken wing to me, also the rest of you, truly. I think WE are all strong women supporting each other and we are all, in our own way, trying very hard to get it together and keep it together. I think we all have had, some more than others, our share of hard luck, but we are coping and not wallowing in it all.
We can work together and move forward, thinner and happier and more "together"!

09-19-2004, 02:39 AM
Hi guys,

Just a quick check in. Linda, that's really great what you are doing with the quilt making. What a terrific way to reach out to people!!!!

Raven, I hope you are able to find a good treadmill at a decent price. Last weekend we FINALLY got the basement cleaned and I'm back on my treadmill again. Bouncing between bike riding and the treadmill and boy did I miss it. I feel alot better regularly exercising again. It is not showing up in the scale but I am not letting that discourage me.

Red, big hugs to you :grouphug: I hope you find your way through the minefield that is your life right now. I can totally relate. Sometimes it's very hard not to sink into despair which is why I haven't posted much lately. I don't even know how to put it into words many times but I'm not in a very good place myself right now. Mostly just plugging away.

I suppose I should remind myself that often I sink into the pits of despair and hit a personal low and then boom, good times are right around the corner. Maybe feeling bummed out now is a good thing as the answers are nearer than I think.

Either that or I'm just goofy again :dizzy:

Hellos to Chachee, Jolly, Lucky and Hippy. I'm off for a good night's sleep. We were supposed to go camping this weekend but changed our minds and decided to stay home and work around the house. I think we missed the best weekend of the year to go camping - hope the weather holds up for the next few weeks.

Take care ladies...

09-19-2004, 08:15 AM
Happy, glad you are back on that treadmill!
Best weekend for camping? Wow, it was pouring buckets, windy and nasty all day yesterday here in NH. We had the remants of Hurrican Ivan coming through. This morning it is 43 degrees, very chilly, but at least sunny.
My exercise for the day will be yard work this afternoon, this morning church.
Red, I am still sending energy in your direction. I know times are tough, but I meant what I said in my last post, we are ALL strong women. Keep telling yourself that!

09-19-2004, 09:26 AM
Derry, thanks! I'm trying. Raven, happy, thanks too. Things are no better but I am fighting!

09-19-2004, 11:40 AM
Ok, I gave up on the buying a treadmill idea. I guess I'm spoiled. My old treadmill had a cushioned deck and it's hard to go back to the standard hard one. I'd have to spend too much to get what I really want right now, so it's time to repair the old one. I think I can get a new belt for $150 or less, and the motor will last for a little while longer, then I'll replace it, too. Apparently there aren't many used ones for sale right now... maybe just bad timing on my part.

Today it's hauling wood. Amanda (my new barn owner) felled a bunch of trees on her property and cut the majority of it to stove length, so Valeska and I will be loading up the pickup and bringing at least one full load over today. Then I'll buy an axe and a maul and teach V the fine art of chopping wood. I miss that. Plus with wood at $190 a cord here, it's going to save me a LOT of money this winter! I try to heat with wood rather than turn the gas heat on, so this will really help the budget. Lets see if I can NOT throw out my back again. *grump*

Yesterday it was all about adventures with round bales. I found out a round bale will fit in the back of the truck. I also found out I really should have brought straps to keep it from rolling back and forth when I stopped and started. *eek* I noticed interesting things... like you never notice the bank in a road till you have as high a profile as a round bale and you feel like you're just going to tip right over... especially when the wind is blowing. And there are 15 cars piled up behind you because you don't want to go faster than 35 in a 45 mph zone. *lol* Oh! And if you get a round bale rolling downhill, throwing yourself in front of it to stop it is NOT a good idea!! On the positive side, my horses are very happy. Now I get to see how long one lasts for three horses.

Ate way too much - it was Richard's birthday dinner. Eh. Move on. I'm seeing the scale start to creep up. Not a good thing. I have an e-mail in to the company that supplies belts so I hope to find out if they can replace mine and how much it will cost today.

Happy - As much as I don't like it, life does seem to operate that way for me, as well. I think that's why, even though I kind of pulled back on the board, I didn't let this slump get to me. I didn't think of it as the end, or as failure, or whatever. I just let it roll. I knew it would end at some point, and it seems to be ending now. Goofy is ok, too. ;) Many years ago I decided that confusion was just my brain trying to figure something out, it was normal, and to just let it be. At some point all would be clear. I think my slumps, my depressions, my agonizing is kind of the same thing. If I just be patient and ride it out instead of trying to force something, everything will eventually work itself out. Congrats to you on getting back into the swing, getting on the treadmill, using the bike. Hopefully I'll be joining you soon! I hope that foot doesn't give you much trouble, and the stretching helps.

Red - *hug* You are that, aren't you. A fighter. :yes: I hope you can rest soon.

Linda - We had the remnants of Ivan last week, and got record rainfall. Yay. I'm still fighting street closures from where the flooding tore apart roads. It was supposed to be totally yucky all weekend, but it turned out to be utterly gorgeous. Fall is most definitely in the air. Seems early for GA. I wonder if that means this winter is going to be a cold one. Yay.

Jolly my girl... where are you? Is everything ok?

Chach - Hope you're having a great weekend!

Off to toss wood!

09-19-2004, 03:12 PM
... If I just be patient and ride it out instead of trying to force something, everything will eventually work itself out.

Boy oh boy oh boy... if you didn't hit the nail on the head with that one. :chin: I think that's what's frustrating me so much - there are 3 directions I can go in, I'm not one to just sit and tread water, yet I can't really do much of anything until I have an idea of which direction to go in - I'm not about to go full tilt in one direction if things will change and that will become a mostly wasted effort. At this point I have a week and a half left on the job. I guess I will just do my best to get through this time and decide where to go from there (I sure wouldn't mind having a week or 2 off to tackle some things - but it would be easier knowing I had a definite job after that time).

Anyway, I've already had a morning bike ride - almost an hour - a new personal best for me. And I'll do the treadmill in the evening so I got a good workout today. Grocery shopping now.

Raven, we have a cushioned track too and even with cushy sneakers, there's a huge HUGE difference so I hear where you're coming from, especially if you're running. It's like trying to walk a treadmill with Dutch wooden shoes :headache: once you've been on the cushioned track.

What's a round bale? :?: Is that one of those big round hay things we see in the fields as we are out in farmland? If it is, geez yeah I hope you'd have that thing strapped down in your truck! :lol: Good going on the wood. Go easy on the back and enjoy your chopping. Lizzie Borden had an ax... :rofl: Chopping wood is HARD work! :faint: as your daughter is no doubt about to find out.

09-20-2004, 12:16 PM
G'morning chicklets.

Happy - *lol* Yes, a round bale is one of those big round things. I know what you mean about treading water. I get very impatient to DO SOMETHING, and a lot of times, that's not what needs to happen. I don't like the unknown, I don't like waiting, I really do better when I have a plan. But too many times things just don't go according to my plan. It is very, very hard for me to sit tight and see what happens. And I guess that's understandable when you're talking finances and livelihood, like what you're in now. That kind of stress just consumes me. Excellent bike ride!!

Valeska and I hauled about a cord of wood yesterday. Some of those suckers were a good 2.5 feet long and huge around... not exaggerating, I know they must have weighed at least 90-100 pounds. We'd each grab one end and heave them into the truck. Got that all piled up outside ready to chop. There's a LOT more, so probably more loads next weekend. I'm kind of surprised I'm not more sore today. And yay me, I didn't strain my back.

I found a place to get a new belt for my treadmill. It will cost me about $100, but that's better than 10 times that to replace the whole thing. :D I will be ordering that this week.

I hope everyone had a great weekend... time to face the week!

09-20-2004, 02:22 PM
Hi Ladies! Not much to say but just checking in to let you guys know I am here.
I had Chinese Food on Saturday night and I did have enough flexpoints to have it, and used great portion control, but I was apalled to see my scale go up a few pounds this morning. Not sure if it's fluid from the sodium in the food or if I really gained? I haven't had a period since April, maybe I will get one now? That could be it? Doubt it, but one never knows.
So, am feeling a bit down in the dumps about this, as my weigh in is tomorrow.
I was a good girl all week, staying on program, even the Chinese was flexpoints, so why this sudden gain? I was so hoping I would have a loss tomorrow and felt so good about it. I am really being GOOD, but guess that Chinese might have been a bad idea?
Maybe tomorrow I will be a different weight. My weight does fluxuate from day to day, so who knows?

09-20-2004, 03:37 PM
Hey Linda,

Don't get bummed but remember rule number 1 - no Chinese before weigh in :lol: It's got a tremendous amount of salt in it - even if it doesn't seem so. My foot lately seems to be a barometer for sodium gauging and having had Chinese ourselves this weekend, it's true. :yes: At our favorite take out place, we can ask for less salt in the food and I thought, what a great idea. Well believe me, it's so blah with low salt that you know they must be using quite a bit - or the infamous soy sauce when they cook it "normally". So don't fret, drink lots of water to flush your system out and you should be back in the swing of things again.

09-21-2004, 10:12 AM
Hey chickies... fall is in the air! It's still warm during the days, but the nights are dropping into the 50s and 60s, and it feels great!

I've been able to clear up several financial issues that were dragging me down, and that has relieved quite a bit of stress. There's always more waiting in the wings, but it feels good to have at least some of it off my back.

I haven't ordered the treadmill belt yet, I want the dust to settle on my bank account before I do, just to make sure I'm not digging myself into another hole. I hope to have it ordered by the end of this week, though.

In the meantime, I'm finding myself starting to gravitate towards real food again. Last night it was steak and salad. I even bought my oatmeal for work so I can have my breakfast here. I ordered a couple CDs from Amazon to use as new workout music, and I need to pick up that Alice DJ CD again, like I keep promising myself I'll do. I feel like I'm climbing back out of a hole. Climb towards the light, Marian!! *lol*

Linda - OMG Chinese is the bane of scale weigh-ins!! I agree with Happy... the sodium in that stuff will puff you up SO bad. And you said it yourself, weight fluctuates. Make note of the number, and move on.

I figure I can still be in the 150s by the end of the year. Not goal weight, but still it would be the lowest weight I've been since I was in my early 20s. And I could even conceivably be into the 130s by February. I can still do this. I feel good about it again, finally. Not like I HAVE to do something, like I WANT to do something. Want it enough to actually put the effort into it again. I feel good that I didn't shoot up the scale like crazy. I gained about 6 pounds over the last several months. I don't consider that bad at all. If I had my treadmill right now, I could probably get that off by the end of the month, but ... patience, Marian, patience. If I could even ride every night... but noooooo, all my horses are still lame and my saddle hasn't even shipped yet. It's a conspiracy, I tell you.

So ok, my goals for the remainder of this month are just to stay the course. Try to make the small steps I know it takes to getting back on plan with my food, and take care of the things that need to happen so that by October 1, I'm ready to roll with exercise. I would really like to be at 155 by the end of the year. Doable. Achievable. Exciting!

09-21-2004, 10:53 AM
Hi guys. In frustration, this morning, I posted a new thread about plateaus.... got only one answer, but it may be THE answer I need to get myself moving along.
I wanted to share it with you all:
Weigh in was a .2 loss, and I wore warmer clothing as it's been so cold here lately. So, here I am.
Will be working hard and really taking what was said as an answer to this post of mine to heart.

09-21-2004, 11:15 AM
Linda - Yep, plateaus are the bane of us losers!! Lots of good information in that post! I hope you can bust through this one. I especially liked the post about the attitude plateau. I think that's what I've been fighting for the last several months. The "why bother" syndrome.

I figured I'd just wait it out, that it too would pass, and it seems to be doing that finally. I think, for me, the physical plateaus are easier to deal with!! *sigh*

09-21-2004, 03:35 PM
Hi Ladies,

Brr...turned chilly up here. It's down in the 20's overnight and the 30's and 40's during the day. I'm finding I am much more cold this year. Guess now that I have lost some of my fat layer I need a little more clothing on. Hello sweater weather!

Going to have our pictures done tonight with the dogs. I promise I will try to get the home scanner working so I can finally (yes, Raven and Jolly) get some pics of us on here. What I would like to do is to attach our family picture from two years ago so you can all see the change in me. It's actually noticeable!

Raven: I'm so happy you have found a replacement belt that is affordable. That is wonderful news. Hubby and me went last night and found the treadmill we wanted. It was actually on sale at Sports Authority. Marked down from $999 to $499. A friend had this one and we love it. They didn't have any right now, but rainchecked us for when it gets here. I'm very excited. We are also going to purchase a Universal Gym, as we both love those. It's $249 there also, so we are going to use one of our PFD's to get both items. It's only $919 this year, down another $200 from last year. Amazing, because when I first got mine, it was almost $2,000. I would love the one-time payoff and just get it over with! Glad the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming brighter for you..keep moving towards it!

Linda: A loss is great. I am probably going to be up this week, and I can explain more about that down further, but I am dealing with it. Plateaus are hard and sometimes its a small change that moves you out of one. How is the quilt coming? Thanks for sharing the recipe. Sounds wonderful!

Red: I'm still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Hope the job situation gets better for you. Lovely poem you wrote.

Happy: Boy, you sound busy. I love your new signature! Are you still keeping your sanity with not smoking? Did you get everything done around your house you wanted to??

Work is stressing me out, which is making me eat the bad things this week. No one to blame but myself, but comfort is much needed right now. Why do people have to be poo-poo heads? Are they that unhappy in their own lives that they have to be a dark cloud in others? Oh, Raven, please hurry up and win the lottery, so I can be your personal shopping and employee. Then I can quit and not deal with the crud around here....

Happy (?) Tuesday.


09-21-2004, 09:03 PM
Chachee - Good to know I'm not the only weather weenie!! ;) I'll bet I'd notice a huge difference from when V and I were up there if I were to see a picture of you now. Ah, PFD days... I remember them well. :p Very cool that you can get the new equipment! Work isn't going well for you, either?? Good lord, it's an epidemic, I think. I hope it wasn't too serious, and that you recover quickly.

I got my two soundtrack CDs today - Kill Bill 2 and Desperado. I love the music from those movies!

Doing good on food, tonight it's baked seasoned tilapia and broccoli with potato wedges. I heard from Ian and his Dad - they're just now leaving Oregon and should be in Georgia in about 2-3 weeks. I miss my little pig pen!

09-22-2004, 06:18 AM
Howdy Ladies!!

Just wanted you all to know I am back and to tell you I missed everyone a lot.

I had to well to use a 60's term find I hope that you will let me post again.

I am going to read back on your post to find out what you guys have been doing.

From the few I browsed through..sounds really great!


09-22-2004, 06:39 AM
Tracy! Return of the prodigal daughter! :lol3: I think several of us have been finding ourselves lately, girl. How are you doing!??

I did good on food, stuck to the plan and had a healthy choice caramel ice cream sandwich for dessert. And I have leftovers for lunch. Tonight I think I'll beat chicken into something approximating chicken parmesan, light on the cheese. I feel so tickled making these little steps because I know I'm on the right path, and it feels good to be there again. The scale is doing the slow creep back down back to my "only 6 pounds gained" number, and that's a good thing, too.

I think the dust is settled enough on my account to order that treadmill belt. Maybe I'll do that today. Halfway through the week!

09-22-2004, 09:01 AM
Hi there guys!
Glad I shared that plateau post with you guys, if it was helpful. Raven, I know the attitude thing has allot to do with my own issues!
Today, I feel "refreshed" a bit and am ready to go the extra mile. I sure wish I could capture these feelings and not have the down days.
Changed my avatar this morning as I noted that Tracy (Hi there!) had the same one as me and I didn't want things to get confusing.
Red, are you OK? I'm thinking about you lots and wishing for something big to happen to make you smile!
Linda, feeling sore from yesterday's work out but happy to have done it anyway!

09-22-2004, 01:05 PM
Good morning!

First, let me say....

HELLO TRACY! WELCOME BACK PRODIGAL DAUGHTER!!! (I was thinking the same thing as I read Raven's post.) We are sooooo happy to have you back. You have been much missed.

Now, if we can only get Sassy back..........

Raven: Girl, I know we are twins separated at birth! I'm such a HUGE Quentin Tarrantino (sp?) fan! It all started with Resevoir Dogs and I haven't missed anything he's put out. Loved him in Pulp Fiction--what a sick twisted mind he has....gotta love that! Yep, I'm excited about the new equipment. As soon as the pics come back, I'll post them. They turned out really cute.

Linda: We wouldn't be confused by your avatar(s). We know you well enough now that we'd figure it out. Wait, sometimes when it's too early in the morning I might need some extra help. Maybe it's a good thing!

After weigh in I'm going to get my nails done and out to dinner with a girlfriend. Busy busy!! Needing a break from "life" right now, and maybe this is the way to do it. Hubby is picking up son tonight from daycare, then they are going to dinner and by the time I get home they will both be in bed. Ahhhh...quiet time for Mommy! Sometimes I really need it.

The girl who did our pictures last night has done them the last two years. She was acting weird towards me, and then she finally sat down and talked with me. She said she recognized my son, and remembered my hubby, but said she didn't recognize me. I told her I had lost 65 pounds since she saw me and that I had a breast reduction surgery. She was amazed and said that she seriously thought my hubby had a new wife! Now, ladies, I saw my pictures last night and I really don't see a difference. I'll try to post the pics from two years ago and then the ones from this week and you all can tell me. I just am not seeing it. The pics won't be here until October 12th, so I'll have to do it after then.

Happy Wednesday.

Work still sucks.


09-22-2004, 01:32 PM
I have to wait till the TWELFTH!?!?! Ok, that's torture. Sick and twisted mind.. :rofl: Yes, I'd agree with that. What does that say about all of us who love his movies so much? *blink* Am I a horrible mother for saying even my daughter loves his stuff? She's only 15, but I think a lot more ... (I hate the word "mature") objective (?) than many people her age. She hadn't seen Pulp Fiction, so I'm going to be getting that from Netflix... that and From Dawn to Dusk. All these movies that I know she'd enjoy are now on our list... things like all the old spaghetti westerns with Clint Eastwood, then there's Paint Your Wagon and Cat Ballou... all the way to the newer stuff. Oh, and for scenery only, we're going to get Escape from LA. *lol* The scene where Kurt Russell is getting dressed in the locker room turned me into a gelatenous (sp?) blob when I first saw that movie. Ok, ok ok ok ... enough of that. *ahem*

Another successful lunch.. had my fish and salad and diet soda. I keep wondering why this was so hard a month ago, two months ago.. heck, last week? What is the mental shift that turns working out and losing weight from sheer drudgery into something exciting? I wish I could figure that out. Tonight, beaten up chicken parmesan. Yay !!

09-23-2004, 05:38 AM
Hi all.

I was down 0.8 from the 1 pound gain last week. Pretty good considering all the crap I have been eating.

Can't stay long as my hubby and I just got home from the emergency room. He's got a kidney stone on the move and is in unbearable pain. We have to go see his urologist tomorrow. So, due to the fact he is on such high power pain killers, I am home at least tomorrow.

Well, going to get some rest, I hope.

Happy Thursday.


09-23-2004, 06:00 AM
Chachee, wow, sure hope your husband gets better soon! How awful.

Everyone, thanks for all your well wishes. I'm alive, still kicking, still hanging in there. . .by my teeth, or the skin of them. . .

Take care all. I will be back. :wave:

09-23-2004, 07:21 AM
Chachee - OWW! Gack, are they going to blast the stones out of existence? I hope so. The closest I've come to that was having a gallstone get stuck. Unbelievable pain, far worse than labor, even! I'm so sorry he's hurting, I hope they get it taken care of soon! And congrats on the loss! :^:

Red - *hug* Hang in there kiddo... V and I are thinking about you a lot, miss you, but know you've got things going on. Please take care of yourself!

Dinner last night wasn't the greatest, I had chinese. I didn't eat much of it, though - got full really fast. Had my light dessert, and didn't overdo anything. Maintained this morning. I really must order that treadmill belt today. I need to make sure I have the money, then just do it. *nose wrinkle*

09-23-2004, 08:54 AM

Raven hope the belt gets ordered! Loved the pictures of your horses! Linda nice to meet you! Have a good freind in Center Conway where are you located? chachee so sorry about your whole family has had them..and boy do they hurt. Hoping the pain and the stones go away!

Work out yesterday but no walk..felt crummy w/o the secon one. Am going to Body pump at 9:30 then walk at noon. Red Balloon how is Tokyo? I bet it is an exciting place.

All for now..Jolly where are you??

09-23-2004, 01:17 PM
Hi Ladies,

Hubby slept through the night, only taking one pain pill. I did okay,but you know you never really rest when someone in the house is under the weather. We are waiting to call the urologist when they open. I really hope we can get him in and taken care of soon. I can't imagine what this weekend will be like with him. Ugh...

Well, I can't stay long, but wanted to let you all know what was going on.

Tracy, how have things been? Whatcha been up to?


09-23-2004, 01:47 PM
Hope the hubby is ok, Chach! Yikes!
I might change my Avatar again, just to keep you guys guessing, but I am also not liking this new one right now. I need something else.... it was time for a change anyway.
Chach, that was a cool story about the photographer not recognizing you!
Red, I'm really STILL sending you those vibes. How's it going?
Tracy, Conway is pretty far "up there", we're right on the MA border and near the ocean. I love the Conway area, though, and would prefer to live up that way, anytime!

09-23-2004, 11:55 PM
hey awesome on the weight loss! Whohoeee!!! Chachee. Did not know that Center Conway was close to the coast...hmmm..never been there...thanks for letting me know.

Workout out at bodypump then took a walk...doing good.

Chat you all later

Glad to hear the hubby got some sleep!


09-24-2004, 07:27 AM
Actually, what I said was WE are close to the coast, not Conway! Sorry it came out that way. I can be at the ocean in about 20 minutes. From Conway, probably 2 hours.
Another day here trying to be on program. I'm working so hard and this ____ scale is just not budging. : (

09-24-2004, 01:05 PM
I am know I have never been so it is me!!I kow the scale will move Linda..have will I promise!

Having a Friday the 13th day..son sick no workout possible..poor guy...but Mama needs some exercise...bless him..Cannot wait for hubby as he will be late today as we were at schoo for my kids to get inot student council and Terrific kid.

Hope everyone is good. Jolly where are you??

09-24-2004, 01:15 PM
Hi all,
I am doing ok. Had to put forth a massive effort - exercise twice a day - bike and treadmill or weights, controlling portions down to the point I'm hungry all the time - all to finally see 1 measly pound down on the scale and it's no guarantee it's going to stay there.

I have exactly one week left on the job. Still getting strung along to the point that I am about to write off both companies due to lack of interest. I can't wait to finish my week out - am ready to leave today. Looking forward to at least one week, perhaps 2 of intensive focus on household projects. I am very very much looking forward to taking a vacation from everyone's well-intended yet intrusive, aggrivating and not so helpful advice on job seeking, the monumental uphill slide of this infernal quest to lose weight and all things which conspire to annoy me at that moment.

This grumpy old bear desperately needs some alone time in which to recapture her enthusiasm, get a few things organized in my life and set a new course for the future. I am ok, this sort of thing happens to me every few years. At first I would sink into a deep funk that could last for months and months on end punctuated with frequent angry outbursts. But through the years I have learned exactly what this mood means and the best way to treat it. The good thing is that I know I will hit bottom for a tiny bit of time but that is always the signal that gives me the courage to recharge my batteries, pick myself up and head on a rather lengthy stretch of positive momentum.

It may be a while before I am back again but I will be thinking of you all.

09-24-2004, 09:55 PM
Hey all. Sorry I have been MIA. I have been having a lack of energy issue. More mental energy than anything else. Floating along with the weight loss stuff - not going anywhere. A real bad case of the "who cares?"

I am quitting TOPS - again. I hate quitting. I know it can be a good thing. I know that there are many good people there. But a situation came up due to some ex-members that has gotten everyone off track. I feel for them, but it is not my fight, and I don't have the time or energy to waste. So, I quit. I will use my own resources, my on-line supporters :wave:, and Chachee's Bat, and continue alone.

I need to take this weekend to get over my cold, recover my energy, and get focused back on good choices. I may stay off the scale for another week. I know that the bad choices I have made lately has probably sidelined my goal of reaching 225 by my birthday, but I will keep on keeping on, and get there eventually.

Hello to everyone, and welcome back Tracy. I will get caught up sooner or later. Take care.

09-25-2004, 09:08 AM
Thanks for the encouragement, Tracy.
Happy, I know exactly where you are coming from. All the work I've been doing and to see something like a .2 loss when I go to ww is very discouraging. I have never worked so hard for weight loss than I have in these last two weeks, I think. I have been really on program and I just am exhausted, sore from working out and tired of being hungry. I almost gave up yesterday, I swear, but I am NOT. Just have to change things a bit, I guess, and keep trying.
Weight, at age 49, just comes off very slowly, I guess. It's awfully hard to sit there at the ww meetings and hear all these other people with 2, 3 and even more than 5 pound losses, week in and week out, and not experience this. I keep wondering what it is they are doing that I am not doing? Yet, I follow the program, I listen to the same ww leaders and nothing. I even prayed for a weight loss yesterday, then in my prayers apologized for being so selfish as I know there are so many things going on in the world that are so much more important than me and my weight loss. I can work on this without devine intervention. I need to be better at it, lean and mean!
Happy, the job thing sounds frustrating, but this last week will go by in no time at all and you will be home and getting a chance to catch your breath. I hope you get something else going soon, though. Are you worrying?
Jolly, what happened at TOPS? Is there another chapter you could join? Are you opposed to weight watchers or some other thing? WE are here if you need us for group support, though. I love this web site for that!
I am going to maybe restart the 10 day challenge with Red, next time, and vow to remain off the scale, other than my ww weigh in, for 10 days..... that will be a super hard thing for me to do. I always joke that getting on the scale is my "step aerobics" plan!

09-26-2004, 05:15 PM
Am praying for you too. You are so motivated Linda!! You will can do it I know it. It is harder to drop weight at 27 exercissing 2 times a day boom the weight was off like even moving. But I have to change my eating habits!!

HAppy..i hope you will post soon..I have missed you. I am osrry about your job..wish I could just say to you before you spend some time on you that we all love you!!

Jolly sorry you are quitting TOPS but your weight loss has been really good. Am super proud of you. You can do it ANd if theg roup is not going the way you want then yes you should drop out.

Raven are you riding your babies this weekend?

chachee how is the hubby?

Need to stop eating Tracy..ok stop the exercise though todya m laofing off..but have decided that Sundays will be my one day not to exercise.

Chat you all soon


09-26-2004, 07:07 PM
Well, here I am. I had a soft serve ice cream today, 5 ww points, and I have no regrets. I love it! I also loved that it was a beautiful day, about 78, and sunny. A crisp fall feeling in the air and the leaves are turning lovely colors. What more could one ask for?
Am cooking fresh fish on the grill and having fresh corn on the cob for dinner. I have found a butter/margarine spray stuff that tastes good and is no ww points. It's great on corn and makes it taste like you are "cheating".
I skipped working out today, I like to take Sundays off and give myself a day of rest.
Hope you all had a great day and it was as nice where you all are as it was here. I am feeling really badly for the Florida residents!
Linda in lovely NH

09-26-2004, 09:15 PM
Hi all. OK weekend, though my eating is still off. I was getting over being sick, and didn't take the time I really need to kind of reflect, and figure out what is bugging me.

Derry, I love your signature - you domestic goddess you. I really don't feel like trying another group. Plus, weight watchers is much more expensive, and I don't want to do special diets. I just want to develop a healhty relationship with food. That's just me though.

Tracy, step away from the food :) It is so good to hear from you again.

Everyone else - Happy, Chachee, Red, Lucky and everyone else that has been in and out, I truly hope things are going well, or at least better for you. TAke care all.

09-27-2004, 10:04 AM
Ah, being a "domestic goddess" has it's pitfalls..... one is expected to be "perfect" you know! Only kidding!
I am having a "good day" today and feeling accomplished. The scale here at home moved down a bit, but no official reports until my weigh in tomorrow.
Jolly, I hope you can do this on your own. Do let us help you if you need help.
What can we all do for you?
How is everyone else?

09-27-2004, 10:12 AM
Good morning all. Thanks for the thoughts, Derry. I lost almost 30 pounds before joining TOPS. I know what I need to do, I just need to stay focused. Good luck with your weigh in.

Well, I lost the 3 pounds I gained last week. Hurray for that. However, all the farting around I have done the last couple of weeks means it will be almost impossible to meet my birthday goal. I am not giving up, and will try hard, but may have to wait a bit longer. Ah well, that is what I get for losing focus. Choices. It's all about choices.

Have a great day, everyone.

09-27-2004, 11:02 AM
G'morning chickies.

Had a good weekend with horses and my daughter and even got to spend a little time out with the boyfriend. We found a nice leather jacket for him, on sale no less! I picked up a new bar and ball plus a few other adornments for my labret - I needed a shorter, thicker bar.

Weight is, as usual, maintaining. I think that's a good thing, considering I am not really focusing on my eating at all, so that means I have achieved some sort of balance going forward. Very anxious to get that treadmill belt in, though.

Had some interesting thoughts on my drive into work this morning about patience and stubborness. Often times being stubborn is considered a negative thing. People will tell me, often in the same breath, that I am impatient and stubborn. :?: How can I be both? If I'm stubborn, in some twisted way, that must make me patient. Perhaps not gracefully, and not in a roll over and show my tummy kind of way, but if one is stubborn enough to plant one's feet and out-wait whatever it is... that would speak to being patient, in my book. So it comes to me that my stubborness is, at this point, exactly what is allowing me to keep coming back to losing weight. It is what will not allow me to give up, it is what keeps goading me on even after a day of eating everything I'm "not supposed to eat." But frankly, on any given day (or any given minute, for that matter) I eat for many different reasons. I doubt that will ever change. So having a list of foods I'm "not supposed to eat" for any reason other than losing weight becomes meaningless. Now it's funny, because there are foods I react to if I eat them. Apples, pears, nectarines... some others. I have an oral food allergy. If I eat things in that cluster, my mouth starts to itch, swell up, burn - my throat and stomach swell...pretty miserable. I wonder what I'd do if chocolate did that to me... *ponder* :chin: ANYway.. it was just mental meanderings. It just struck me that I can use my stubborness FOR me, not against myself. As anything about us, it seems, we can choose to see it as a positive or negative.

Ok, off to finish time cards. Happy Monday, folks.

09-27-2004, 08:16 PM
Need some help, ladies! I'm really struggling right now. Not that I'm eating badly, just too much and can't stop doing it. Not showing a gain on the scales yet, but some kicks in the butt to help remind me what I am doing would be great.

I am reconsidering the weekly WW plan. My goals are out of focus, and I think I need to pull back and re-assess everything. I think for the next few months I will change to the once a month weigh in plan. Just gotta remember I'm going for myself, not for social reasons, which it seems is what it is turning into for me. So many sabotaging weekends for me and I need to get out of this rut. Need to shake things up and stop obsessing about the scales.

Good news is that we bought the treadmill this weekend. They were out of the raincheck ones, so they upgraded us for free. I love it and have been on it for three days straight.

See, things are in line, but need to get fine tuned...

Help is appreciated.


09-27-2004, 08:41 PM
Chachee - I know how hard it is to get back into the whole mindset once you deviate. Sometimes I think we look at how much we've accomplished, and just want some "time off" so to speak. It took me a long time to get back to where I even wanted to think about it again. Which means, to me, that I need to be careful about how I'm doing this. Going gung ho pedal to the metal is all fine and good, but if it's going to burn me out to the point where I fall off and don't work out, don't eat right, and gain weight, what's the point? What I consoled myself with was that I was finding "reality." Finding the middle ground. Finding what I can do for the rest of my life. I'm not helping, am I. :devil:

I needed to get where I *wanted* to work out, wanted to lose weight, wanted to eat right again. Forcing it didn't work.

Do what you can. If you can work out, and enjoy it, then by all means, do that!! I wish my treadmill belt would get here! Just do NOT lose sight of what you are ultimately doing. Even if you slip and slide around for a while, ultimately, you ARE changing your life, your body, your health, your perspective.

I'm so zen.

Hey, my boyfriend is going to lure me into the gamer's world again. He bought me City of Heros. :lol:

Congrats on the treadmill, btw!!! That's awesome!

09-28-2004, 09:16 AM
Hey all

Linda great work on the exercise. Ps If you want this avatar you can have it..I just picked it before I saw big deal for me...

Jolly how great was that 30 pound loss!! your thoughts todya..aa are right on the money can do it..everyone has up and down can adn WILL do it.

Hopefully of to the gym..hugged the commode todya...but I am going to old body sabotager..(i know that is not a word or I misspelled it..bleck!)

chat you all soon!


09-28-2004, 09:19 AM
Ok changed mine to the cat..sorry about taking yours!!!

09-28-2004, 10:05 AM
Tracy, I always liked your cat. Did you make it to the gym? Raven, when is your belt supposed to arrive?

I also am struggling right now. Everything just seems wrong right now. Everything. I can't pinpoint what really is wrong. NOthing major has happened. No huge issues. I just feel out of sorts and in a real funk. I don't know why. I just can't seem to care about anything, and feel like just quitting from everything.


09-28-2004, 11:36 AM
Good morning, chicklets!!

Chachee, Jolly -

You both sound like you are where I was about a month or two ago. I wish there was some magic formula that just whisked away the frustration, the boredom, the apathy. Jolly ... you went through this last year, too. You know this too shall pass, and you'll find the desire to continue again. That alone should give you some peace inside. I watched a movie last night - "The Missing." I love Tommy Lee Jones. One of the parts was where the apache brujo was telling Tommy's character that he was two dogs inside, the good dog, and the evil dog. He asked Tommy's character which one would win. The character said "I don't know, I suppose whichever one I feed the most." The brujo came back with "No, they will continue fighting till they kill each other and you die." Ok, I realize the quotes may not be exact. But that I remember it at all is amazing for me. I don't usually remember lines from movies. But it struck me so hard as I heard it that we all have these two dogs inside. And the more we goad them on, the more they fight, and the more mixed up we get inside. We cannot beat ourselves into submission. We cannot fight with ourselves about weight loss or getting fit. There is no guilt, no shame, no dishonor. There is only what we want, and how we go about getting there from here. For some of us, it's a straight shot. Start on a food and exercise plan, lose it, boom, done. For most of us, though... it doesn't happen like that. We start, we stop, we start, we stop... over and over again. Till we get it right. Till we make enough changes so that starting and stopping don't even exist anymore, we've found a lifestyle to maintain the weight at which we are comfortable. For some, the fad diets become their universe, they starve or eliminate food groups or restrict to the point where the weight comes off, but once they "go back to their regular eating" the weight piles back on. They have found no lifestyle. Personally, I would rather be one of the ones who stops and starts and puzzles it all out till there is no change, there is no "diet," there is no starting or stopping. Just living. Adjusting here and there to lose what I need as I see fit, or building more muscle, or increasing my stamina, or whatever, but never really large adjustments, so that when I adjust things back, there is no weight gain, just maintenance.

Ok... I'm rambling. I don't want to sound like a know-it-all, these are just thoughts that have occurred to me. Take them or leave them, as you will. :^:

Tracy - You seem to have a lot of stomach upsets.. have you seen a doc about that? Hope you feel better!!

Oh... and the treadmill belt. I'm not sure when that little bugger will get here. I'm just hoping it gets here before the weekend so I can try to put it on when I have some time. I re-ordered that Alice DeeJay cd I lost, too.. :D I'm getting ready! I sure as heck need it... I miss running like crazy now, and I know that when I'm working out regularly it really helps me keep my water intake up, and my caloric intake DOWN. :lol: Yesterday was NOT a good food day. I stress ate. It was a dark and stormy night... we had the remnants of Jeanne drenching us. More flooding, woo.

Tonight I hope to get out to the stables and work with the ponays a wee bit. Soon I'll be running again and amazing you all with my blinding speed and awesome scale victories!! :rofl: See, that's what I like about being on a treadmill, I can fantasize anything I want!!! :dizzy:

09-28-2004, 11:56 AM
Hi Ladies,

To my "funk" sister Jolly, we will get through this. I guess it just hits us once in awhile.

Raven: I watched that movie, but didn't remember that scene. It's funny, because right now I feel the dog saying "aw, give up, you look good, better than before" is a pit bull, and the dog saying "no, come on, you got a lot of work left to do and we can do it together" is a little teacup poodle. So, I guess it's time for the teacup to win, huh?

I will be feeding that poodle. I will be making that pit bull sit in the corner on his rug and be a good boy. My teacup poodle will guide the poodle...

Alright, feeling a little better. Gotta run. Going to reward myself with a skinny latte with sugar free caramel syrup. Yummy!

Be the poodle!


09-28-2004, 12:15 PM
:rofl: Be the poodle. Chachee, I love that.

I know what you mean about the "this is good enough for now" syndrome. And I had to just go with it for a while, till it finally became "not good enough."

I called the treadmill doctor place and my belt shipped on Friday, same day I ordered it! And he said it should be here today or tomorrow! Woo! :tread: Here I come. Then I'll start lifting again... :strong: :cb: :dance: :hyper:

09-28-2004, 01:56 PM
Jolly, next time set reasonable goals! If you meet reasonable goals, you won't be beating yourself up! When is your birthday?
Raven, that exact thing happens to my son, especially with fresh apples. I react to cantaloupe, but only sometimes, as well as Kiwi. But, I am totally allergic (life threatening) to celery, which I love, and used to be able to eat tons of. Suddenly I was rushed to the hospital after eating it and I can't tolerate it at all anymore. An allergy can develop overnight to something you've had all your life, I am proof!
Chach! I was in the same place as you were a few weeks ago. Did you read that response I got to my plateau post? I referred everyone to it about a week ago.... read it, it's worth it! I have a renewed focus and I think that one person's response really helped me focus. I've gone back to journaling, and really doing it WELL, not missing a single thing that goes in my mouth! I'm still doing the new Core plan, but I am treating it like it's the flex plan. I'm journaling and staying in my points range, totally. I am back to measuring portions and being very watchful again. I had my weigh in today and lost 1.4 pounds, not fantastic - but it's a loss! I am now down 13.8 pounds since April and only have 2.4 left to go to reach my 10% goal! Also, now, I have 13 left to go to reach GOAL... I've finally lost MORE than the halfway point, for me a huge step. I'm trying to have a vision of myself standing in front of a group, being a Weight Watcher's leader. I'm trying very hard to think about what I will wear and how people will look at me and use what I have done to help them get where they need to go! I look THIN in this vision, and Damn I look Good!!!!!!
I am calling this minor success "working the program".... as that is what I have been doing this week, with re-newed interest and perseverance.
It can be done.
My worst enemy has been ME, I've been allowing weekends to rule my life in terms of eating out and not being "smart". I still ate out on Saturday night, I even had a cheeseburger and fries, but I saved up my flex points seriously for that and I stepped up my activity level quite a bit as well. By planing ahead for the big weekend eating out meal, I was able to spend 14 flexpoints on one meal and be totally on program! I enjoyed it with no guilt and it tasted great, but I was right back on track afterwards.
I took drinking my water more seriously, I've always drank water but had allowed diet soda to creep in a bit more than usual. I think that changes your body chemistry a bit?
Tracy, I'm ok with my new avatar, so if you want to go back to the other one, it's ok by me. I like the catwoman thing you have going, though!
Jolly, don't you dare quit! This feeling you have is temporary. I tend to get depressed and do have the same apathy for my weight loss plan, and quite honestly, I have to stop and "put on a happy face" sometimes. I try to keep things on a very "lite" level here at home, as you know my son has been very depressed. But I think it's helping me maintain a positive attitude about other things in my life too. We try to only rent comedy movies, for example. I won't go see a movie, like Titanic, I refuse to let bad things get me down! There are things that bother everyone going on in the world. How can we all be positive and happy when people are being kidnapped and beheaded, and we envision people flying airplanes into buildings if we stop and think..... but we CAN find positive things to dwell on and try very hard to stop and smell the roses! We can make every effort to surround ourselves in positive things, and when world events or other things get to us, it's time to turn off those tv sets, get out and walk, pick flowers, plan a PARTY, etc. Yes, a party with all "Good" foods and a theme or something. You can find it's something to look forward to and work towards!
I love that reference to the movie, Raven, makes perfect sense. For me, I am feeding the good dog inside of me and starving that bad dog, lately. But, the bad dog might come forward and take over next week.... It could happen. The life plan of eating that you strive for, Raven, is the right way to go. Fad diets and eliminating an entire group of foods is not going to work for the rest of my life, that's for sure.
For example, I know that the holidays will be coming soon. I still will bake those special cookies, I may add back a few pounds, but it will be with a new awareness. I will try not to use those special celebration foods that are part of my life, and special to me, as an excuse to go "off the wagon" and binge.... it could happen, though, but I am not giving up this time, I am "in it for life" here.
But, if you read some of my posts here, or in other threads, you will see times when I sounded just like that bad dog in me.... the bad dog won some of the time, but the good dog won this week, at least!
I love the pitbull/poodle scenario. But, now my tiny Chihuahua (sp?) is grabbing the Doberman by the throat and growling. It's hanging on for dear life and then the Doberman is now running and hiding, cowering! The Chihuahua is feisty and barking and wagging it's tail... it's well "fed" and satisfied! It's cuddled on my lap and being nurtured! The Doberman, is tired and hungry and will stay away from the perky tiny dog!
Linda, laughing at that vision! :cool:

09-28-2004, 03:06 PM
Poodle here...

Linda, I love your enthusiasm. I honestly don't think I'm at a plateau, weight or exercise wise, it's a mental thing.

I went back and realized that I had lost a lot of weight on my own, eating sensibly, basically following the WW plan, and exercising. It can be done, and Raven is a great example of that. So are a lot of people.

I got my new notebook out, just a spiral cheepy thing, and started filling it out for October. I am putting my exercise plan daily into the notebook and it's going to go with me everywhere in October. I'm going to take a break from WW meetings for the month, only weighing in once, and see how my plan works. It's what I've done before, and have done well, keep the weight off slowly.

I must realize my frustration is with this last 50 that I want to lose, not congratulating myself on the 65 I've already lost. Why do we lose sight of what we need to do? And why don't we give ourselves a high five when we accomplish such a big goal?

We need to be good to ourselves and know that we are human, and can't be "perfect" 100% of the time. As long as we keep plugging along, then we are okay.


09-28-2004, 04:59 PM
Jolly can do it. Everyday is a new battle..but let me tell you you will win. I have faith.Look at how far you have come? To me your weight loss is fabulous. Look at Linda 13 to go till she meets great is that@@ GREAT!

you and chachee can do anything you put your mind too...I mean I bet you have battled way harder things in your work and personal life. You can..You will do it. will it be wiht that awful surgery it takes months...Everyday you exercsie and cut out one bad food..well you are 95 percetn aboe us all.

One day at a time...24 hours..surely all of us can battle one 24 hour slot at a time

Now time ofr me to drop my pity party about my buddies here and take my own advice

hi RAVEN!! Thaks for caring..I lov ya girl!

09-29-2004, 08:55 AM
Good morning everyone! It's nasty and rainy still here.... remants of hurricane Jeanne just aren't going away. Oh well, a good day to stay home and contemplate life?
Chach, I am cheering you on! You know ww is always there if you need it and maybe, for you, going down this path on your own is best?
For me, I think I totally need that group support thing. The meetings are very helpful to me. I'm hoping that, this week, I can be successful and keep up whatever I have been doing that led to this week's loss!
How are the rest of you doing? Tracy, love that Bette Davis quote!

09-29-2004, 09:57 AM
Mornin' chickies,
C'mom Chachee - take hold of my hand and we'll run away from the food :rofl: As we all can tell too well - hitting the skids for a bit is so hard to recover from. AND personally as it gets cooler out as it has been - my hybernating bear eating machine kicks in more than ever. I'm not looking for snacks, I want FOOD - feed caveman ugh. So if I chose to eat more, then I have to proportionately bump UP the exercise and water. And since you only burn like 140 calories in 20 minutes on the treadmill, I know that it means upping the exercise alot so that helps to temper my cravings.

I've been back to logging food and all other stats and that has helped me. I also do mini challenges for 3 days for myself - 3 days of drinking at least 96 oz of water or 3 days of fruits and veggies - no deviations. They are short goals and like the WW commercial on TV, short goals are doable and reinforce good habits.

You can do this girl. You've done so fantastic so far, don't give it up. Same to Jolly and Linda and Raven.

Linda, I could really relate to your past post about sitting at the WW meetings and getting kinda upset over people losing 2, 3 pounds in a week while it seems stuck like glue to us. I think it's because part of me goes critical of myself and I'm thinking well if you weren't so lazy or such a :moo: :ink: and applied yourself more then you'd be down too. But it's hard to stay away from that negative thinking. Sometimes I see what people write and I'm like "No Way" they could have sustained that kind of loss if they really did eat everything they said they did all week long. Life's not fair I guess. Just have to do for yourself but I'm glad you wrote that - at least I'm not the only one who thinks like that.

Raven, hope that treadmill belt comes soon. Ought to be interesting getting that puppy on the track bed and getting it aligned correctly. I'm sure you can do it tho. I can feel your positive energy wanting to get back on it again.

Tracy, tracy, tracy - so WONDERFUL to see you again. I kept checking the journals and your stats to see if you had decided to pop in again. Sounds like the exercise bug has bit you which is fantastic. Sorry to hear that the people in your part of town are still poopy heads. I guess Southern hospitality doesn't apply where you live. I still say - MOVE SOMEPLACE ELSE where they will appreciate you - if only it were that easy...

Jolly, sorry to hear that TOPS didn't work out. We can do TOPS online and you can be our leader since you're the only one who knows how it works, ok? Hang in there and find your drive again.

Well I am this close || to getting a job offer I think. So far I'm the strongest candidate but the job will be posted until the end of the week. Guess I'll know for sure late Friday or most probably on Monday. And it's the job in Tennessee so we'd be moving. Part of me is excited, part scared of up and moving. But I'm still holding back until I have something concrete for sure. Till then I am trying hard to get some little tasks done, keep clean with my eating and exercise. I made a beef vegetable soup yesterday that was soooooo good on a chilly evening - it really hit the spot. Good thing because I got carried away and made a HUGE pot. I'll be eating this for a while even if I do freeze some.

Carry on ladies, be strong! :strong:

09-29-2004, 10:22 AM
HEy all. Be the poodle? I love it. i also love the picture of the chihuahua beating up the doberman.

Raven, congrats on the belt. I hope installation goes ok. Can't be much harder than a vacuum cleaner belt, right ? :rofl:

Derry, I did set a reasonable goal. To reach it, I would have had to continue my 1-2 pounds per week loss. I was doing well, and I won't even have missed it by that much. But I made poor choices, and my progress has slowed. That is not even why I am beating myself up. In fact, beating myself up isn't the issue. I am just, for unknown reasons, battling the old self esteem/self worth demons. In all areas of my life. And it is leaving me feeling very low and unworthy. Congrats to you on being so close to goal. You can do it.

Happy, it is so good to hear from you. I will keep my fingers crossed on your job offer. Also, I love your signature. And you are right about it being soup weather. I should plan for a pot.

Tracy, thanks for the pep talk. Again, I just think I need to find some time to be still, pray, and do a little soul searching. I need to get to the bottom of why I am feeling this way. Deal with it, and move on.

Thanks again for everyone's pep talks. Hopefully I will be blazing ahead again soon.

09-29-2004, 11:02 AM
Guten morgen chickies!

Well, I think I mentioned that Richard bought me the MMORPG City of Heroes... I installed it last night and started playing. *lol* It didn't capture me quite as much as EQ did when I first started playing it, but it certainly was fun enough to keep me up past midnight. *tsk* Valeska is creating her own character on my account today and playing a little. I wish her computer hadn't fried, I would have bought it for her and we could have played together. Ah well... hopefully we'll be able to get her a machine this year.

Today should be the day my treadmill belt arrives! Not sure if I'll have time to work on installing it tonight, I really need to get out and work my ponies. Weather has kept me away from them, but today promises to be great, and I hope to get in a little training time.

Linda - I very much agree that we create a lot of our own mental or attitude problems. Though I don't necessarily walk around with a little mary sunshine smile on my face, I do readily (finally) accept that I cannot change many things in this world. I can, indeed, only change me. It has helped me come to terms with a lot.

Chachee - *hug* I know you will keep going. In one form or another. Sometimes keeping going just means not giving up. Even if all we do is realize that through eating in a fashion which will not achieve our goals, or neglecting to exercise, we still understand we have not given up, we are merely biding time, working through things, waiting.... we are still going. Sometimes we do need a break. Time to think about why we're doing this. Time to accept the changes. We are people who are losing a significant amount of weight, and our bodies (especially with your surgery) are changing dramatically. I think it takes some folks (like me) periods of time to fully accept that person in the mirror is indeed them. Added muscles, bones showing, becoming someone WE find attractive... that, in my case, is actually almost frightening. I need time to get comfortable in my skin again every time I lose 20 or 30 pounds.

Tracy - I hope you're feeling better... how goes this day?

Jolly - *hug* I hope you're fighting less with yourself today. Make the doggies play nice together instead of trying to kill each other. ;)

Happy, Red, Lucky, Hippy - Thinking about you, and hoping things are well in your lives!

Alright.. off to get some work done, I suppose! Happy Wednesday!

09-29-2004, 11:11 AM
Holy cow... ok, I took so much time trying to get that one done I cross posted with Happy AND Jolly. WTG me. :rolleyes:

Happy! OMG I'm SOOOO crossing my fingers and praying to the gods and (you want me to sacrifice a chicken or something?) ramble dribble off meaninglessly..... I really, really hope this works out for you! Is it a job you'd like? WHERE in Tennessee? ROAD TRIP!! *blink* :hyper:

Jolly my girl... *hug* Hey.. I wonder if running magnets across our bodies would erase those old tapes? *sigh* No matter what other people tell us about ourselves, we still revert back to those things. I guess the only consolation is that each time it happens, I seem to have a better handle on how to deal with it. Whatever it takes for you to find your "self" again, instead of burying it, that is what it takes.

09-29-2004, 01:00 PM
Hello Ladies,

Feeling much better this morning. I took some time out yesterday and really asked myself the tough questions. Why am I getting down on myself? Why am I making bad choices? Why all this self doubt??

Answers came in trickles for me. One, then a little bit later the other, etc. This may not apply to those of you that need to lose 20-30 pounds, so please don't take it the wrong way. I think at a lower weight that is a big amount to lose on a smaller frame.

For me, at my highest, I was 283. Goal weight for me was at least 120 pounds away. Losing this first 60 has been relatively easy. Now it's tough because my body is really changing and it's hard for me even daily to find something that is either not too sloppy or not too tight. Being in between is hard. I'm not plus size anymore, but the misses clothes can sometimes be too tight in areas.

Plus, with the breast reduction surgery, as Raven said, really changed the look of my body. Before I had this huge chest and everything below it looked really small. Now, it's all proportionate, which I am really happy about, but it makes the rest look not so small anymore. That is hard to deal with also, but I am loving how things fit on the top so much! I'm so happy I had the surgery and am now going to adjust to it.

I got my food/exercise/mental journal together yesterday. I will start it October 1. I'm in "boot camp" mode, so I am counting on all of you to be my drill sergeants. I will have a great month, now that I've given myself a few "breather" weeks.

Jolly: There is light at the end of the tunnel on all aspects. Just hang in there, and once all the dust settles, you will have a clearer vision on what you need to do. Like me, keep plugging along and we'll get there together.

Raven: Aw, thanks for the kind words. I'm back into it slowly now. Just gotta be the poodle... And you are so right about how our bodies change. I have bones where I never have before. Well, they were there, but never really showed up! I gotta accept the fact I am attractive and have a right to be looked at in such a way. I think I need to be a french poodle--the vixen!

Happy: Keeping my fingers crossed for you on the job front. Hmm...Tennessee? Going to NC next year and Raven is just around the corner in GA, ROAD TRIP FOR SURE!

Linda: I'm so glad you had a good week with your weigh in. Keep it up, girl and you will be the leader before you even know it! How is the quilt going?

Okay, off to work. Oh, hubby is going to Nashville for an Air Force Com Squad seminar. b-o-r-i-n-g......

Happy Wednesday.


09-29-2004, 03:47 PM
Hope we hear soon about that job, Happy! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!
Not much to report here.... getting on line to check one thing and I couldn't resist stopping by here.
Take care, everyone...
Linda, off the the boring laundry : (

09-29-2004, 05:26 PM
Hey all... a quick post before I bug out of work. My treadmill belt did arrive, so I might check out how difficult that will be to put on... and after finding out that my saddle was backordered AGAIN this time till mid-November, I started an online hunt for it, found one after hours of calling places, and ordered the darn thing. Should be here in about a week. So. I just hope my horse isn't still limping by the time I get ready to toss that saddle on his back. ;)

Hope everyone has a great evening!

09-30-2004, 09:51 AM
Bah!! They forgot to include the installation instructions!! I have an e-mail in to the company begging and pleading for a PDF file or a fax so I don't have to wait for snail mail. I really, REALLY want to get my treadmill up and running for this weekend!

Chachee - I hate to be cliche, but ... Rome wasn't built in a day, and we are not going to recreate ourselves overnight. I think your patient and insightful approach will definitely take you through whatever obstacles you come up against. I can't speak for all of us at all, but I know that for some of us (me, in particular) weight is more a symptom than it is a cause. Self insulation, self protection, invisibility. I have so many fears and anger left over from the things that happened to me as a child that I need to exorcise - it's coming along well, if I may say so myself, but I've been here at 3FC now for nearly two years. I doubt I'd be this far along without this place, the understanding and the encouragement, information, and support. See I'm not just changing the things that other people can see - my exercise, my eating - I'm changing the things inside that no one knows are there. I think that goes for a lot of us. And as I change the things inside, the desire grows to eat better, to exercise more. And like Jolly, sometimes all those things come back to haunt me, and the "run and hide in the food" syndrome kicks in. Or sometimes the "I'm not good enough to be attractive" tapes start, and I eat out of self pity. Or heck, sometimes I just get BORED with food and I want something really super delectible and overdo it. *snicker* It's about re-learning how to be "normal" and ourselves and love who we are and be thankful for our attributes. I'm on a soapbox again, aren't I. :o Sorry. :D

Ok ok ok ok oooooKAY then. Last night. LAZY Marian. Played CoH all night with the boyfriend. He's tickled to death. I like seeing him happy again. I enjoy the game, so it's all good. Tonight I'm going to try to get daughter and self over to the horsies and work with them a bit. Heck, if I have a saddle to ride in, I'd better have a horse to put it on, eh!?!? :lol3:

It's Thursday, I can smell the weekend!!

09-30-2004, 12:11 PM
Hey all. Some good news - I played racquetball again last night, and actually won 1 of the 3 games. Woo hoo. I was so thrilled. Of course today, the ankles are screaming at me. I rode last night too. Things went better, but not stellar. Need another pair of eyes to see if they can spot what is wrong.

I am coasting right now. I haven't had time to do the reflecting I need to, to really get out of this funk. I have been hiding from it. So, I am going to accept the coasting, as long as I don't take steps backwards. I will take time to figure out what is going on and why ( smelly weekend anyone?). And will be kind to myself.

Maybe for me too, part of this is adjustment, and my subconscious trying to avoid change. I am making major changes in my life. Changing to places I have never really been. We all know change is scary. Even if it is change for the better. An uncomfortable known is "better." I don't know. I just know I need to figure it out.

Have a good one all.

09-30-2004, 12:57 PM
Hello all.

Nothing new here, really. Just wanted to check in and say hello.

It's really raining outside and I just love that kind of weather. Reminds me of growing up in Oregon.

Raven: No soapbox there, just the truth. I know a lot of us have issues buried deep inside that contribute to the weight gain. I have been working on it, but, for me, seeing the changes outside is a reminder of the change inside. Like you said, the weight is a symptom of what was wrong and I know what was wrong. Now I just need to move on, love myself, and realize some things are not in my control.

Weight is in my control and I am choosing to control it. I'm tired of being control by it, I want to be in the driver's seat!

So, great job on the raquetball, Jolly. You ever been hit by one of those little balls? That is my fear and why I don't play. I'm a volleyball freak, and at least I can see that thing coming and get out of the way if it looks like I might get smacked in the head!

Happy Thursday.


09-30-2004, 01:15 PM
:lol: I've been hit by both! Somehow that never stopped me from playing either if I got the chance, but I prefer raquetball. Hmmmmm... I wonder if there's anywhere around here reasonbly priced to play. I wonder if V would enjoy it? Hmmmm.. :chin:

10-01-2004, 04:25 AM
Hey all. Just wanted to stop by and say I'm alive, though barely. I have no Internet connection since my computer crashed. I'm using an old one that I can get line mail on but no Net and no html capabilities.

Just when I thought things couldn't get worse, they did and it means a massive and immediate reduction in my income. Still, I'm going to look for the good in this, even as I'm reeling. Well, in fact, I'm not reeling. I've gotten so good at this.

Am keeping a no-sugar challenge up but the weight is coming back on because I haven't been able to exercise. Really feel bad.

Well, hope things are going well for you all here. I really wish I could get on the Net but I'm rarely near a computer now. Take care everyone!

10-01-2004, 10:46 AM
Good morning all. I did make it to the gym this morning, which is a good thing. My goal for the weekend is to take the time I need to reflect, figure out what is wrong, and make a plan. Though I am on call for work this weekend, so I also hope to have a quiet weekend.

Red, hope things improve soon. Everyone, have a wonderful weekend.

10-02-2004, 08:09 AM
Good morning everyone, and afternoon to you, Red.
Not much time today, as we are heading away for the weekend, overnight. Always the ultimate challenge for me, that's my biggest downfall. I shall "use the force" or BAT or whatever to keep me sane and on program!
Just finished a response on the Core support board for ww people and it struck me, truly as something I wanted to share with you all. I was responding to someone else's post, but my response truly wasn't only for HER, it was for me as well. I need to do this, just as much as she does.
At any rate, I shall cut and paste it here, then I have to get rolling! Take care, will be back tomorrow night, might not be back here until Monday????
Use the Force!


Janette, LJ, responded to you, not me. Neither she nor I can address your ultimate question. However, you must "use the force, Luke".... my Star Wars phrase for the week! The force, is a zenlike feeling that a person can achieve when they are working towards a goal. This force is kind of like hypnosis and allows us to walk away from the chocolate, walk away from the French Fries and choose better choices. This force gives us strength and courage to go through each and every day and add some activity.
You must ask yourself, are you TRULY satisfied with 166 vs. that written goal you have under your signature of 150? Have you consulted height and weight charts and do they say, for your height, that 166 is a good and healthy weight?
You must not allow the "dark side" to sway you into thinking that your body has "leveled off to a weight you should be at". You have lost water weight, some initial weight and here is the time for truly hard work and committment. You must use the force to take a serious look at what you have been eating. Journal, measure, work out, walking, parking the extra few spaces away at the end of the parking lot, taking the stairs, etc. The force is always with you, my dear. The dark side is forever there, lurking, and it can be like the devil in terms of swaying your thoughts.
May the force be with you all today!
Linda, using her "lightstick" to ward off the dark side from coming into her life