100 lb. Club - Beating the work travel gremlins......

09-01-2004, 06:03 AM
Hey guys

I'm taking a small moment of self-congratulation here......I'm away on a work trip (just one night, sunny Birmingham, middle of England), and I am beating those work-trip gremlins to a pulp!

Last night I went shopping at the supermarket.....and ended up with a very enjoyable very healthy picnic in my room, which I consumed while watching Sleepless in Seattle.....I like that movie! And this morning, I had fruit salad, poached eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms.....and turned down the rest of the traditional English breakfast!

This is a big deal for me - in my former life I travelled all the time for work, and it was not a healthy lifestyle I was leading, believe me...

Now if I can just persuade myself back to that resistance work....I will be rocking!

09-01-2004, 08:41 AM
Claire!! That is WONDERFUL! You are doing so well. I love to see your positive spirit. It's really paying off for you! Congratulations on that wonderful accomplishment in beating the "away from home grub".

Great great job.. You are an inspiration and a proven example that it can be done!

09-01-2004, 09:41 AM
Great job kicking those trip gremilns bums! That breakfast sounds yummy! Isn't it the best feeling when one makes great choices!!

09-01-2004, 02:09 PM
Good for you. It is so hard to be good when you are out of your regular habits. Good job.

09-01-2004, 03:53 PM
Excellent! I bet it feels good to be making those great choices.

Hey, about Sleepless in Seattle, I went on a boat tour in Seattle this summer (I live there) and we saw the houseboat where they filmed that movie. I guess they filmed in summer and it happened to be a nice summer so they had to throw a lot of water on the houseboat and film at night to make it dark. I was pretty amused to hear that.

09-01-2004, 06:53 PM
that is so awesome. WTG

09-01-2004, 07:03 PM
Thanks for all your support guys......it is really good to know that there are other people out there who understand! No more work trips planned for a while, but its good to know that I can handle them just fine......

09-01-2004, 09:03 PM
Good Job Claire! :cp: You're doing awesome!