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09-01-2004, 01:42 AM
Hi, I am taking a prescribe weight loss pill call didrex. I have not found much information on the internet on this pill besides it being for sale. I am looking for someone who have tried or is on this weight loss pill. I have tried some of everything, cortislim, weight loss patch, diet-tech, and slim-fast. I am not taking didrex everyday but when I have a big urge to eat, then I take it. I started my diet 7-11-04 with a starting weight of 187, I now weigh 175. I am at a stand still now, and I am getting very frustrated. I don't eat as much as I use to. I try to portion control, which is kind of hard since I have three kids, 2 of which like to eat. I have tried weight watchers too, but I find it being to time consuming. I also read to detox your body to lose weight, and I have done that. Also I read to take apple cider vinegar with warm water. Do that work? Have anyone heard of cla, I read that helps you to lose weight also. What do you do to lose weight? I am willing to try anything to lose weight. When I put on my clothes and they are loser, it makes me feel good. My goal weight is to be 130. I said 120 at first but my friends said that I would be to little. I am 5'1 and carrying this extra weight around is making me tired. I have a 9 month old, 20 month old and an 8 year old. I need the energy to run after them. My husband and my children are my motivation. Thanks for reading my post. Remember food is not the enemy, how you eat the food is. Keep believing in yourself even when nobody else does!! Don't starve yourself, you have to eat in order to lose weight!!!

09-01-2004, 10:19 AM

Welcome! I have been around the weight loss block a few times...and this is the second time that I have successfully went from fat to fit. (I maintained my first loss successfully-the gain resulted from pregnancy.)
In your post-you said that you have tried some of everything-Slim-Fast, weight loss patch, diet-tech, cortislim, etc.-and that you are on a new prescription pill right now.
I am telling you this from experience-don't waste another cent on diet pills or patches, or other "quick fixes". Just don't.
There are too many stimulants, side effects, and potential health dangers from diet pills. Diet pills are being developed, sold, and then ripped from the market due to problems with them all the time-and there are always new formulas right there to take their places. If there was one that actually worked, and worked for the long term-everyone would have discovered it and noone would be fat. The marketers take advantage of people desperate to be thin. Think about it-just about every major diet pill ingredient has had it's problems. The ingredient in the original Dexatrim and its generic versions was removed from production in the 90's because there were a few users who had strokes. Ephedra/Ephedrine causes rapid heart rate and other heart problems. Remember the old phen-fen? (I could have the spelling screwed up!) There were tons of people who got that with a PRESCIPTION and then later got settlements because it caused permanent damage to their hearts! You never know WHAT these ingredients are doing to your body-and I have never met a person yet who has lost a significant amount of weight and kept it off through these types of things.

Slim-Fast is not a pill-but as a meal replacement system it is way too low in protein and high in sugar to be satisfying-so you are more likely to go off the plan and overeat.

I can relate to you in the fact that I am a mother with 2 children. I know it is hard. But the fact is-you need to do two things to lose weight, to lose it healthfully, and to keep it off for life. You need to watch what you are eating, and you need to make exercise a regular part of your life. It is simple math-you burn more than you take in. Period. There is no other way around it.

You don't have to starve yourself either. Yes-counting calories (a system similar to WW counting) may be time consuming at first-but after a while you get used to it-you memorize a lot of the counts for things you eat often, and you learn recipes and things to make that you can eat with your family. It is more time consuming than taking a pill...but it actually works-so isn't it worth the extra minute or two?

You don't have to go gung ho into some hard, complicated exercise routine either-take a walk around the block today. Take a longer one tomorrow. Over time as you get more fit-you will want to branch out in your exercise routine. I went from 211 pounds a few years ago doing a 10 minute ab tape 3 days a week to now being a performing belly dancer-something I never dreamed of doing at 211 pounds.

My advice is to not worry about detox, pills, vinegar, or any of the other junk and concentrate on your food intake and exercise. Ask anyone around here who has lost 40, 50, or 100 pounds and kept it was all diet and exercise.

I understand your pain and desire-but you really have to work for what you want. If you want any help or support-come over and see us at the "Doin' It The Old Fashioned Way" thread here in the general diet plans forum. Visit the great people over on the exercise forum-people are doing some great things over there for exercise. Check out the lower calorie recipes in the recipe section. You will have all of the support you need. You will also be doing something great for your kids if you teach them better eating habits-kids will adapt. Mine drink a soda maybe once a week-and they eat tons of fresh fruits and veggies. I take them on short walks. They adapt easier then you may think-and you will be helping them by teaching them the keys to maintaining a healthy weight as adults.

Good luck to you,

"If you keep doing what you've always done-you'll get what you've always got".

09-01-2004, 12:19 PM
Thanks aphil, your words to me was very motivational!! You really helped me out. You are right, nothing can replace diet and exercise. I am going to get my ww books and ww calculator today and plan my menu. It feels good to have someone that can relate to me and that can give good support whenever I need it. Again, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart aphil. Keep up the good work on losing weight!!!

09-01-2004, 01:38 PM
I'm totally in agreement with what Aphil said - also just wanted to ask:

Did you get this prescription from a DOCTOR (preferably your primary care physician as opposed to a 'weight loss clinic' doctor that takes your Visa card number, your blood pressure, your weight and gives you some pills), or just order it off the Internet?

The thing is...these ARE FDA-approved prescription drugs. IMO...IF they are prescribed by your physician who knows your history and IF you don't take them for more than a few weeks...then they probably can assist SOME people. SOME.

I did find an article in the PDR Health website - here's a portion of it:

When you see a doctor for treatment of obesity, your examination is likely to include questions about obesity in your family. You will also be asked about your eating and exercise habits, use of cigarettes and alcohol, your occupation, and your experiences with gaining and losing weight in the past. During your physical examination, the doctor will check for signs of other medical conditions that might be responsible for your excess weight. Lower than normal activity of the thyroid or adrenal glands are two possibilities. However, these and other medical conditions are to blame in only about 1 percent of obesity cases.

Attacking the Problem
There's no way around it: To rid yourself of obesity you need to diet rigorously, though regular exercise is also helpful in shedding pounds and keeping them off. Although both over-the-counter and prescription medications help take off pounds temporarily, there is little evidence that they are effective in helping you maintain weight loss over the years.

The best diet includes nutritious foods served in smaller portions than you're in the habit of eating. Be sure to check with your doctor before undertaking low carbohydrate diets, liquid protein fasts, and other "fad diets." Some can be dangerous. Liquid diets of the past, for example, caused several deaths and hospitalizations; the dieters apparently starved to death because the liquids provided only a few hundred calories per day.

Losing weight can be a struggle, particularly if your problem is severe enough to classify you as obese. You may find help and support from local chapters of such organizations as Weight Watchers and Overeaters Anonymous. These groups can offer both advice on weight loss and a chance to ease your feelings of isolation by talking with people who understand what you're going through.

Medical treatment ranges from dieting under a doctor's supervision, sometimes with the aid of prescription medications, to outpatient or residential programs. These treatment programs are usually run by private doctors; some are associated with hospitals...

While the mainstays of permanent weight control continue to be a low-fat diet, regular exercise, patience, and perseverance, for some people who are seriously obese, drug therapy also may provide at least a little help. Older stimulant-type diet drugs include diethylpropion (Tenuate), phendimetrazine (Bontril, Prelu-2, others), and benzphetamine (Didrex). A newer weight-loss drug sibutramine (Meridia) works by boosting certain chemical messengers in the brain.

The phentermine drugs (Adipex-P, Ionamin), nicknamed "phen," were often prescribed along with fenfluramine (Pondimin) or dexfenfluramine (Redux), nicknamed "fen," in combinations known as "fen-phen." But in September 1997, the Food and Drug Administration asked manufacturers to withdraw Pondimin and Redux because of studies strongly suggesting that the drugs damage the heart's mitral valve. Today, the "fen" drugs are no longer available, but the "phen" medications remain.

A review of numerous studies reveals that diet drugs are only modestly effective, typically working just 10 percent better than non-drug treatments, and losing their effect after about six months...

How To Increase the Odds of Success
Unfortunately, success rates for long-term weight loss are low. It is estimated that only 20 percent of patients lose 20 pounds and keep them off for more than 2 years. An even smaller percentage maintain higher rates of weight loss.

Your best chance for success is a multi-pronged attack, employing a variety of strategies and emphasizing maintenance of weight loss more than the initial loss of excess fat. A well-rounded treatment program that includes a low calorie diet, counseling to help change eating behavior, regular exercise, and social support is the approach most likely to work. It also helps to have a close, supportive relationship with your therapist or physician. Above all, you must be motivated to attain your goal and keep the pounds off.

Some things to keep in mind about these kind of drugs:

1) Basically, you are taking speed, and this could affect your heart, blood pressure, emotional stability, etc. (a good reason for taking this under a doctor's supervision!)

2) These pills don't 'make you burn fat' - they are appetite suppressants - with only temporary effects - not long term.

3) Since this is a type of SPEED, there is a very strong possibility of becoming addicted or dependent on these medications, and requiring higher doses to get the same effect. From everything I've read on these drugs, they are only meant to be used for the short term!

Also, I believe that Didrex has been around since the 1960s as an appetite supressant, Phentermine has been around since 1972 or so. Obviously, if they WERE the 'magic pill' we would know by now, wouldn't we - also, the major pharmecutical companies wouldn't be spending BILLIONS of dollars trying to find the magic pill! ;)

09-01-2004, 03:21 PM
It was from a weight loss clinic. I should have known better!! I spent $60.00 to the Dr. and $102.00 for 90 pills. I should have used the money on diapers!! Well they say experience is the best teacher. Thanks for the words of encouragement and the information on the pill didrex.

09-01-2004, 04:19 PM
renaanderick-you are welcome. Good luck to you!