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08-31-2004, 07:00 AM
It's very quiet in this house this morning. I didn't get a middle of the night potty call from the Girls may be a puddle morning or they may be just fine! Lucy is starting to look really preggy - she isn't that big but she is getting boobs. She keeps checking them out and saying "WTF!". I wish Hershey would explain it to her.

Not much new. Yesterday was very rainy so, aside from a script meeting, I stayed home. I had a nap, cooked, read, made phone calls and spent a relaxing day. I also sent in a huge order for spring bulbs! I get silly over garden catalogues!

Sarah comes for outside work this morning. We will go to the Church and pick up any leftover plants. I'll have her plant them in their pots in the back garden. Then in the spring, they can be just dug and be ready to go to the Spring sale! Sarah is getting close to being hired by a Brockville plant so I need to get as much work done as possible. I will be delighted if she gets a real job but will miss her help.

Well, it's still wet on the deck and a bit cool on the wicker on the porch so let's just sit around my big kitchen table and chat this morning.

08-31-2004, 08:02 AM
Morning Ruth!

Your dog's boobs are cracking me up! :lol:

Here's to an OP day- I will come back and update you on my successful day of eating healthy SBD approved foods.

little chick
08-31-2004, 08:04 AM
Morning Ruth and the rest of you chicks yet to come. I am justing sitting here thinking about all the things to do and not really wanting to do anything. Need to get organized this week as school is next week. My house looks like I don't know what hit it. I have been helping the new Home and School president for the school get organised for the new year. I have a dozen things to get ready for the up and coming fundraising year for DD dance troupe. I have a dance meeting tonight. I need to get my own dance music and routines ready as my classes start next sat. I can't seem to get in the mood to do any of it. Hopefully next week when the house is quiet. Oh well I am sure it will work out.

Ruth I wish I had your green thumb and I wish that I could really sit at your kitchen table have a cup of tea and then visit in your gardens. I am so very jealous. I have a indoor green thumb. My front porch looks like a jungle. But when it comes to the outside I am not so good.

Well must go my little sara is screaming at everyone... I wish I would wake up and it would be Tuesday (next Tuesday that is.).... the first day of school.

little chick
08-31-2004, 08:05 AM
Morning Kiko we were posting together. Don't be jealous of Lucy's boobs yours will get bigger to when your with pup.:lol:

08-31-2004, 08:24 AM
Hi All,
I don't normally post in the daily thread but I feel like I know you all already from 'lurking' here. Hope you don't mind another Beacher at the table!

My kids, DD 14 and DS 13, are both squeezing the last bits out of summer vacation before school starts next week. DD had a sleepover, waking everybody else intermittently throughout the night with raucous laughter. DS can't get enough of his bicycle. In reality the school day is only 6-7 hours long, leaving plenty of free time to continue summer activities in September, but you would think they were about to be sent to boarding school or something.

You all sound so busy and productive. You've inspired me to dig into some furniture painting I've been putting off. At least with a brush in my hand I won't be grabbing off plan foods.

Hope everybody has a good day.

08-31-2004, 08:32 AM
Of course you can pop into the daily thread, Heidi! We have no private threads on The Beach.
Thanks for the painting comment - I must get the new frames around my new windows primed this week.

08-31-2004, 08:32 AM
Good morning, Chicks~~:coffee:

Well, the end of another month is upon us. September here in Georgia typically ushers in a break in the weather just after Labor Day. We can start looking forward to days in the low 80's and mid to high 70's with nights dipping down into the 50's.

This is the time of year my batteries recharge and I get a burst of energy and enthusiasm. :) Now that the park a few miles away is complete, DH and I will start taking evening walks with our girls and let them meet all the other fur babies in the neighborhood.

Yesterday was pretty good, work-wise. No crabby patients, no crabby doctor, no hard sticks and it wasn't SRO as soon as I unlocked the door! :)

I finally completed the now infamous chemo hat and will be calling the lady to come get it today. Back to working on Carmencita's hot pink/purple socks.

Ruth, coffee around the table with you and the rest of the chicks sounds great. Pass me the Splenda please!

Good morning Little Chick and Kiko! :wave:

Hope all you chicks have a great day on the Beach!


little chick
08-31-2004, 08:41 AM
JUST A REMINDER; post all of your exercise minutes. I will be do the tally this eveing when I get home from my meeting and will pass out the crown to our Queen for the month.

08-31-2004, 09:04 AM
:coffee: Happy Tuesday everyone...

Another work day...groans. LOL. I am pumped about my 2nd day on The Beach. It's amazing how much better I feel even after the first day. Accomplished that I am getting things under control for the day (at least). I decided to set a mini goal of 15 pounds by October 11th...that's the motorcycle toy run... and I can't wait.

Have a great day girls!

08-31-2004, 09:29 AM
good morning chickies,
the sun is shining and it looks like it will be a beauty here today for a change. i am feeling so unorganized i lost a bunch of forms for school which isn't like me at all. i tore the house apart last night looking for them. it really makes me mad but 3 different kids in 3 different schools with 3 different sets of forms and i am used to only one procedure. hopefully i will get it together soon. my little ds starts school tomorrow (thank goodness) and that will be all 3 in safe and sound. i'm back in the groove of lunch making so no problem staying op during the day at least.

welcome to heidi and yaya so nice to see you posting in the daily!!!

mama congrats on completing the cap!!!

ruth i'm in for coffee this morning anything i can do to put off starting work today.

lc sounds like you have another busy year ahead of you with the dance troup. hang in there tuesday will be here in a blink!!

hi kiko!!

hope all you chicks yet to post have a great op day!!

08-31-2004, 09:55 AM
Morning ladies,
Can I just tell you how exhausting entertaining is...or at least getting ready to entertain. Housecleaning is not my thing that for sure. I can't imagine what's going to happen when we buy a place that's bigger than this...YIKES!

It's a lovely day here in NoVA. We didn't get as much of the Gaston as we were supposed to. Looks like the weekend will be dry and mild for my guests. I am trying to plan as many meal at homeas possible so it will be easier for me to stay on plan. Eating is always a challenge since there are sooooo many tempations.

Well gotta run and jump in the shower. Have a great day everyone!

08-31-2004, 10:03 AM
Yick! I just tried a coffee that dear Harry poured for me and.............he put in meat tenderizer instead of Splenda! His cylinders are still not firing properly, I guess.

Oh well! life is a giggle sometimes. A few weeks ago he put away the electric frying pan - in the freezer! At least the cord was there too!

We are back to looking like rain. Sarah has not shown which likely means she got a call about a job. Her lazy mother is probably supposed to call me but she sleeps until about 10:30! That woman is in chronic social failure! I hope Sarah breaks the cycle.

Sorry! That sounds snotty! Now I'll go back to being nice for a while.

08-31-2004, 10:33 AM
Ruth, your day sounds lovely! <happy sigh> Hope things continue to be peaceful. :goodvibes: Love your description of Lucy. :lol: I can totally see my dog looking like that! I gave her a green bean last night (it fell on the floor), and she kept picking it up and walking around, looking like this: :smoking: then dropping it and trying to pick it back up. Finally she looked at me like, "What the :censored: is this thing?" :lol:

Kiko, you're cracking me up! You sounds like you're reporting in to "mein commandant, sir!" :lol: I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day! :grouphug:

Ah, LC, you're having a hard summer! I am so glad that you came and posted anyway, hon! :grouphug: I'm glad your sense of humor is still intact! I SO know that feeling...that's why my bathroom is still not scrubbed, the bunnies are living with fur-dust-bunnies bigger than them, and the living room smells like wet dog! :rolleyes: I say we both move to Ruth's for a month. Ruth, care to run a sanitorium for overworked women? :lol: LC, maybe you and I can take over Sarah's job in return for room and board? ;)

Heidi, you are ALWAYS welcome! And welcome to any lurkers who haven't posted...please feel free! And don't feel like you have to write back to everyone...then this thread will be longer than even I can make it! :lol: We love having new people in the daily! :yes: I love your plans, Heidi...keeping your hands busy means you aren't eating off plan...and that's a good thing! I spent last night working on the binding of my baby quilt, and that kept me from snacking last night. :D

Mama, I'm SO glad that you finally got a good day at work! You overworked phlebos deserve major breaks! If I was around, I would be bringing you SBD-friendly treats! :yes: Your walks in the park and the upcoming weather both sound lovely! <happy sigh> Enjoy them! Our pup is finally starting to feel secure around other dogs. She wants to check them out! Big change from how she was when we got her! Good going on finishing that cap! Sounds gorgeous! I'd love to see pics...hint, hint!

Yaya, welcome! :goodvibes: Sounds like a great mini goal! What is a motorcycle toy run? And with what will you reward yourself for reaching your goal?

Jodi, that's a lot of stuff to keep track of! :dizzy: Hope everything falls into place, and glad that your routines are coming back to you. Fall is such a nice time, isn't it?

Sheila, sounds like your guests are in for a wonderful weekend! :goodvibes: I feel you on cleaning...a bigger house means MORE cleaning! :lol: Enjoy your time with your guests! When do they arrive?

Well, yesterday I did a tough workout with weights all morning. Then I read a bunch in the Ladies Who Lift forum, and got inspired. Last night I didn't have a therapy appt. (my forgetfulness...the one with DH is on 9/8, not yesterday), so I decided to do the basic dance video from my Belly Dancing collection. WOW! It was a lot of fun, and not really a workout, persay, but tough, nonetheless. And this morning, my thighs are killing me!!! Ow! Ow! :lol: I'm just hoping they'll be back in shape for Jazzercise!

The students come this Thursday and Sunday, and school starts next week. I work at a college, so this is a crazy-busy time of year. :dizzy: I start classes next week too...I'm a grad. student. Anyways, last night was a nice, relaxing of the kind I'm unlikely to have until next summer! ;) I made dinner with DH (we rarely work together in the kitchen) and we had a great meal (Thai Steak Salad Wraps from the August Cooking Light), then cleaned up, I made the Lemon Basil Bean Bowl (recipe in forums) for the week, did my bellydancing, then watced the "Last Comic Standing" show for an hour while working on the binding of my baby quilt. I only have one side left and it will be done! :hyper:

Wow, yesterday I was really craving carbs! I made this awesome dinner on Sunday and I really wanted a piece of it! It was a calzone made of WW pizza dough full of spinach, feta, pine nuts, and golden raisins. Yummmm! :T It was a hard day. I had to convince myself that I really wanted the club salad I had planned for lunch. I was trying to make deals with myself all morning...I could eat dinner without the wrap if only I could have the calzone in the fridge...:p I hate when I get whiney that way! :lol: I ended up going to lunch at 1:15 instead of my normal 12:00 because I was afraid I'd eat the wrong stuff! Thankfully, I resisted, and the scale was down a little today. TOM isn't over yet, so I'm hoping this is "a foretaste of the feast to come!" ;)

Today I'm going to meet Sarah (AdiaFaith) for lunch, as she works nearby. That should be fun! Meeting other 3FCers is nice to have people IRL who understand this journey we are all on! :)

Have a great day everyone! :sunny:

08-31-2004, 10:45 AM
Morning, everyone! I did okay last night. I ate the amount of pizza that I had planned and drank lots of water. I stayed FAR away from the brownies because, BOY, did they look good! Thank goodness this was the last event this week that involves food.

I'm still at 171 this morning which I think is great considering I've had non-OP pizza two days in a row! I'll post my August weightloss after I weigh tomorrow morning. I can always hope I go down a little more. :)

08-31-2004, 11:04 AM
Ladies, how do you do? Gosh, I couldn’t even bring myself to make coffee this a.m., despite buying a nice sugar free caramel syrup yesterday. I am so exhuasted, work, LSATs, family, other responsibilities. I really really really hope that when I have a family, a house, a career, etc. as you all do that I am half as motivated and productive and still sound so nice! :crossed: I have an awful feeling that I will be a harpy. Ugh!

I had a gorgeous wake up this a.m. by a jackhammer, which is probably my reason for the awful mood. I also was bad all weekend long, and ate OP. :nono: Back to reality on Monday. TOM is coming too, so I am just super witchy. :devil: I apologize for the whining. Especially when everyone else manages to remain so chipper!

Anyway, it is nice to see that somewhere in the world, there are happy people this a.m. Perhaps a day at the beach will help me! :^:

sweet tooth
08-31-2004, 11:10 AM
Good morning ladies. I thought that I was getting in here super early today, and then saw that there were already 11 posts before me. :yikes: But, upon further inspection, there were a lot of replys.

Hope everyone is having a great day today.

Heidi - Welcome to the beach. Hope you have a great time. Sounds like DD and DS are busy people...probably time for school so that you can have a bit of a rest.

Ruth - Poor Lucy. She must be confused about what is happening to her. You need to tell Hershey to have the facts of life talk with her...some mom to ignore that. ;) I wish that I could get into the gardening thing. When I was growing up, my dad was a manager with a large seed company and I spent hours hanging around nurseries and at the plant playing in the seeds. I was allowed to have my own garden at home, so spent a lot of time being responsible for my own space. After moving to an acreage now, I love to have the rewards of the beauty, but am having trouble with the work getting it to look that way. Consequently, the weeds are out of control and I need to get to the crop of canola that we have (the farmer beside us plants canola).

LC - You are busy and getting busier with the approach of the school season. My granddaught called and told me that she is registered in dance classes this year. Whenever we visit she always has the music on a doing her own routines, so this will give her a bit of structure for her interest. My DD tried her and her younger sister in gymnastics last year - the younger sister loves the gymnastics, but the older one is more into the dance. They are both very young yet, so have lot of time to decide where their interests lie.

kiko - Good morning. Have a great day...OP, of course.

Mamacita - How I envy your weather. We are feeling like fall already, but I am hoping for an indian summer yet. The maintenance guys finally got the air conditioning working in my office this year, so it has been rather coolish. The highest the temp has been all summer has been 15C or 59F. When I read your low temp...I was a bit jealous since I haven't been in anything higher most of the time. I can hardly wait until the -44C hits.

yaya - Congrats on staying OP. You are wise to take the positive attitude towards the beginning of the diet. It will serve you well in the long run...just be sure to stay OP for the first 2 weeks.

Jodi - Good morning to you. Nice to have all the kids in school and some time to yourself. Hope your days are enjoyable and easier to stay OP. Take care.

Sheila - Been there and done that with the entertaining. It is not only a lot of work, it is very expensive. I feel for you...but it will be worth it. Then you will say that you should do it more often - until the next time comes. :lol:

Hope everyone has a great day. Take care.

08-31-2004, 11:15 AM
hi everyone,

I have really bad cramps today.. ugh.. I just want to go home and sleep. I am not going to weigh myself for a couple of days. During this time of the month I can gain as mush as 5 lbs.


08-31-2004, 11:16 AM
Morning everybody.

Well, they found the trucker at fault and not Terry, thank God. You should see his poor show car. $4,200 in damage to it. Now he can't be in the Cruise for Charity in less than two weeks. It won't be fixed by then.

Plus, because he had such a horrible day, we fought all night long. He acted like everything was okay, and I thought he was taking everything like a trooper, but then the fighting began. I didn't realize what was actually going on until he said "I had a really rough day today, and you don't even care, do you?"

What? Of course I care. I just thought he was okay because of how he was acting. Should have known something was up when he wouldn't talk to me about why he was so upset with me. So I am a swollen MESS today. Probably have 3 lbs of fluid just in and around my eyes. We made up, kind of, last night, so I guess we're okay today. He kissed me goodbye this morning, so that's a good thing, right?

Well anyway, going to watch some Regis and Kelly before I have to get ready for work. Talk to you all later.

sweet tooth
08-31-2004, 11:32 AM
5.4 pounds Woohoo!!!

08-31-2004, 11:33 AM
hey guys! not much going on....You guys should see Richmond! It's a mess! Gaston really hit us with rain....over 14 inches!!! all last night....downtown is a mess cars are everywhere....there was a mudslide....the Gov. has called a State of Emergency....It'll be a while before they get it all cleaned building's just all crazy....They showed footage on the weather channel this morning...I think my little brother and I have to pick up the yard...there are branches and pinecones everywhere....I hope everyone has a good day today!!

08-31-2004, 12:01 PM
Morning everyone!

Beachgal: I watched "last comic standing" too -- I am in love with Ralphie May -- well not literally. I had seen him on Jay Leno a few months before the first season and thought he was extremely funny. When he was onstage last night at the beginning I kept looking at him thinking something was wrong because he didn't look happy -- I almost that he was mad at something. When he did his bit, I cried at first (my Dad died 2 years ago of cancer, and thought of Ellis' Dad right now) but thought the 2 jokes he told were really funny. Anywhoo, I was really proud of him and if he gets voted off tonight, America should be ashamed of themselves! Just my .02 :)

Yesterday wasn't a good OP day so back to day 1 again but that is ok. I think I just have to keep reminding myself that if I can make it 14 days I can have carbs again but good carbs. Unfortunately is was pure laziness and boredom that led to this fall -- at least I did make it 3 days this time.

I seriously need to get back to the gym as I'm not going. I was going daily up until I got sick and I've just not been able to get back into it. I've been "recovered" for a month and been to the gym twice since. That is bad! :( Fortunately (?) my best friend who is a paramedic picked up an extra shift today so she had to cancel lunch -- which means it will be easier to be OP, cheaper :) and I will go to the gym instead. I am actually going to nap after I write this because I start my 2 weeks of nights on Thursday. I have supper with 2 other gf who are doing WW but I am bringing Capri Chicken and they said they would understand if I have to pick apart what they bring.

Here's to a great OP day everyone!


08-31-2004, 02:02 PM
Hello friends - Just a quick moment to say I am climbing back on the wagon. In fact, my lentil soup for lunch is beeping in the microwave.

I need to exercise. Almost did last night, the power was out and it was a perfect reason to go. If I have to miss Last Comic Standing, might as well be sweating...right? Nope, I went to sleep instead.

Today is a new day.

little chick
08-31-2004, 02:12 PM
Sweet tooth- that is so cool. My oldest dd is a dancer and my youngest is into gymnastics. I used to help coach last year but I think I am going to cop out for this season. I really need some down time. :lol: How old are you grandaughters? My dd has been dancing for 9 years. Well must get going just pop in for a second but so much for a sanity break.

08-31-2004, 03:34 PM
Wow, this thread is hopping today!

Kristin, I felt exactly the same way about Ralphie! I think he is hilarious, and was heartbroken to hear about his dad. I thought of Ellis too. :cry: I'm so glad he told those jokes...I know his dad must have been laughing from heaven. :) Was it me, or has he thinned down a bit?

Jess, I'm so glad you are okay!!! Are all your family members safe and dry? Did anyone in Richmond get hurt? How awful! :( We had a huge flood here in town in '72, and everyone still talks about it. What a mess...water can do such enormous damage...I swear it's worse than earthquakes! :yes: Stay warm and dry!

Weezle, I'm so glad things worked out for your DF. I'm sorry that he took it out on you, though. That wasn't fair at all. Can you guys see a counselor or something before your marriage? It's amazing how much two people so in love can do to hurt each other...learning to live together can be really tough in spite of how much you love each other. My DH and I had to do counseling with our pastor as part of our wedding preps, and it was the best thing we ever did. :yes: I'll keep you both in my prayers in hopes that things look up soon! I hate that feeling when you are not sure if things are okay between you and your SO. :grouphug:

Peggy, what does Canola look like? Does it make a fruit? From where do they get the oil? Sounds cool! Your granddaughters sound precious. :angel: :angel: Did you want your August weight loss post in the August weight loss thread? I can move it over if you want.

cac, take gentle care of yourself! No caffeine, salt, or chocolate, makes the cramps worse...but do some exercise...light stretches, walks...that actually helps. And some ibuprofen (sp?)! ;) :grouphug:

Jen, :drill: get exercising! It's so good for you and will make you feel so good afterwards! You can do this, girl! :cheer:

08-31-2004, 03:50 PM
Just a quick post. Most of you are off with your day already, but I'm always slow getting to the 'puter. Mornings are busy around here getting 3 off to work one off to school and today beginning another 5 credit class at the University a couple of blocks away. What am I thinking???????????

Anyway, tried to get out and run yesterday but couldn't do it no matter how fast and furious I worked to get everything completed. Today I will run! If I could only have another two hours in the day......

Been fun reading all your posts. You all sound so busy! Hope you all have a great OP day!

08-31-2004, 06:40 PM

I don't know if he slimmed down or not but his clothing fit better!


08-31-2004, 10:52 PM
hello everyone!

Laurie, Yes my family and I are safe and sound...and dry...well almost all of us are older brother and his fiance have a hole in their bedroom ceiling at their apt....Just too much rain I suppose....Water got all over their tv and a dresser... :( So far there has been 5 deaths in Richmond...really sad...but I'm glad it's not as bad as it could have been....Downtown is just a complete mess...I'm trying to figure out a a different route for my interview tomorrow....lots of roads are still closed....Dad and I did some errands today and had to keep turning around in a lot of places because of high water...So tomorrow is the big interview....I'm crossing fingers...I finally found a website on this doesn't seem too we shall see...hopefully it'll go smoothly.... :) How has everyone been? busy? Everyone is doing such a fantastic job on the SB!! I'm so proud of everyone!!! :bravo: Everyone is so supportive....Ya'll deserve a pat on the back!! :grouphug: