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08-30-2004, 01:53 PM
Okay, I did it! I will be back later with some photos (I hope) of my yard. I wanted to make sure there was room before I posted them.

08-30-2004, 02:38 PM
Hi Gals...
I'll be back again real soon. I just have allot to get done before Wednesday and I am still nursing a tender tummy, but getting better as each day passes. Allot of changes to adjust to.


:thanks: Sheila ~ For starting the new thread... and for being so happy for me. I sure do hope that all is going well with your father! I'm am praying for him and you!!! And I look forward to YOUR pictures too!

Charlotte ~ Thank-you too Charlotte, I know that if anyone understands chronic pain - it's you!

You look just beautiful as you are!!!! I only wish I looked that good in a swimsuit!! I haven't worn one in years... I really enjoyed your pictures!!!! You and hubby looked like you had a wonderful vacation!

Bluet ~ I sure do hope you feel better soon!!! :grouphug: I know what it feels like to be alone and feel yucky... but don't forget that you have us all here :goodvibes , okay.

Puss ~ I hope you come back and post again soon! We all miss you allot (!) when you don't stop in...

I really must be going, take care gals!

:sunny: SunnyD <><


08-30-2004, 06:28 PM
Hello Everyone,

Thank you Charlotte, thank you Sheila. I will just let you girls take care of the maintenance part of this board, I don't know all that much about it and I am not really in charge, I just wanted us all to post to each other again.

Charlotte, once again thank you for the lovely pictures of your vacation. You and DH look so happy and relaxed, and justly deserved especially with the pain you endure with your RA. You are a lovely lady Charlotte, and as I said before, do not appear as though you need to lose any weight. I on the other hand try to avoid bathing suits. :D It seems as though you are feeling better and that is a good thing. I know what you mean about having the house to yourself again. :)

SunnyD, how wonderful that you have discovered a possible help for your IBS. How wonderful too, that you have such loving support from Joe, you are a lucky lady. I know somewhat a little of what you go through, since I have always had what is called a "nervous stomach" and need to know where bathrooms are at all times too. Road trips are always a grind for me. But like I said I am most pleased for you, I hope the book is getting you the answers you need. You sounded very excited about the book, indeed.

Sheila, if I lose this post again, you will hear me ranting and rageing all the way to Seattle. I don't know why I was in such a fowl mood this morning. I was also very cold, I have an extra sweater at work and I was wrapped up in that too. So, I decided to go out and get some coffee at the kwik-trip, some Hazel-nut creme decaf, but then on the way I decided to put a little caffeine, in too. I never drink caffeine, so now I think I have a little buzz going. Will I never learn? On that post earlier all I wanted to do was move the outside slider bar, to add a word that I had left out and the whole post disappeared. Go figure.

Well, the kids got home from Hawaii, yesterday at noon. The Grandkids were so happy to see them. SIL said he was ready to come home Tuesday already. Sounds like DH, doesn't like long vacations either. Guess they figure they are going to miss some of that work at home. ;) I felt kind of anxious this morning, I missed the grandkids and the routine we had established last week. Oh well, I think I can recover. :lol: Last week was a looong week, but it went very quickly. Does that make sense?

Puss, hope to heck that cooker has released you. I am sure your enjoyed your family and DS girl friend for the weekend, and you were raring to go and get to work this morning. :flow2:

Well, I just got another error message from microsoft on my desktop, if I lose this post.. ugh.

Take care all

Bluet p.s. send it now with all errors, please forgive me....

08-30-2004, 10:46 PM


Sorry you're having so much trouble with your computer. You might should run a virus scan. Sometimes, just a small virus will complicate things enough to just be aggravating. I sure do hate when I lose a post!
Thanks for the compliments. I don't normally take a picture in a swimsuit...but, I don't have one on, but maybe once every 2-3 yrs. :lol: Just playing around. I was a size 8-10 a few months now that I gained 10 lbs, & wear 10-12, I feel & look so much heavier. Besides every pound on my back is a problem. And it's not good for RA, either. I know I can't look like a model, (too old, for one thing!! :( ), but, want to hold up all my looks I can, for as long as I can. :coffee: With chronic pain, I tend to work with what I DO have, which isn't much. :lol: I just seem to be digging myself a deeper hole here, so I'll change the subject. :^:
I understand about the grandkids. My son's two little girls (5 & 2) are here every other week. Sometimes I feel like I can't take the noise, etc, any longer. But, the weeks they aren't's too quiet...& I miss them terribly. :?:

SunnyD...I DO hope you get to feeling better soon. Take care of yourself. I'm glad you got a good, & understanding husband, as I did. We are blessed! Thanks for your prayers concerning my son's divorce, also. Don't know if I told you that. The final trial was last Tuesday. DIL conceded to my son's wishes. They have joint custody. He gets them a week, then she gets them a week. They sat down with the attorneys, & worked all things out. He doesn't have to pay child support, or anything. They split all costs on the children. They're even talking on the phone, now. Working out things coming up with the girls. She called tonight to tell him that they were sick, & she had taken them to the Dr today. Not bad sick...but, nice of her to inform him. I just hope it stays this way.
When they got to court, all of her family & a lot of her friends were there. Made my son nervous, because he had heard they were going to all testify against him, with lies. Then, the investigator that my son has been talking to came in & went up front, with 2 police officers. My DIL got real nervous. (the judge still has the book where DIL kept a record of her drug dealing) Apparantly, she thought they were there to arrest her. She got real nervous. Asked to talked to my son, alone. She told him she would accept his offer...if he promised her that he wasn't trying to trick her. He said he knew what she thought, so played along. He told her that he wasn't trying to trick her, but was very serious about the charges he would bring against her. That he didn't want drugs or dealing around his girls anymore. So, they settled it. Later, he told me that all he knew was they were probably there to arrest someone else. I told him that we had a lot of people praying for them, so he could call the investigator & the policemen his "angels". He said that he agreed!

Sheila...Looking forward to your pictures! There's always room. We'll start another thread, if we have to! :lol: Hope your dad is doing well.

08-31-2004, 06:13 PM
SunnyD, glad your tummy is getting better. It must be marvelous to finally find something that helps!

Charlotte, way for your son to go to play along like that. I like his style. Thanks for posting your beach photos (how do you do that like that, by the way?). It looks so relaxing, and I think you look terrific, too. :)

Rain tomorrow so I want to get out and finish weeding. I took photos of our front yard, but it was in a shadow so I'll try to get more when the sun goes down. I did take photos of the west side where the planter boxes are. I love masses of color so I just planted all sorts of stuff in there. I'm loving zinnias--they are such happy flowers. I planted gladiolas late and didn't think they'd bloom, but some are. I like that color. Next year there should be a lot more. You can also see the carrot tops in that shot. I keep forgetting we have carrots because we've eaten all the other veggies except for the tomatoes, and they are coming on strong.

Have a good Tuesday everyone!

08-31-2004, 09:46 PM

Oh, Sheila...what a beautiful garden! You're an artist! Thanks so much for showing us. I wanted a tomato out of there, so badly! :^: You should try to enter your pictures in a magazine. There's all kinds of ads asking for entries of pictures.
To post as I did my pictures: I put my pictures in an album at . Then, after you load your picture...underneath are 3 choices...just highlight the one with [IMG] & copy it...bring it back here, & paste it it is! :D If you need to load more than one picture, be sure to have 2 windows open. One for the photobucket, & one for the 3fatchicks. In case you don't know how: at the very top-left of the screen, click "file", then put your cursor on "new" & it will show "window". click on it, & go to the other website. That way you have them both on at the same time. Just minimize the one you don't need, as you're going. When finished, at the top-right of the screen, click the X. Remember, whichever site you're in, is the one that will go off. :) Actually takes longer to tell it, than to do it. :lol:

Talk to you all tomorrow.

08-31-2004, 10:55 PM
I have been doing this weight thing for most of my life :dizzy: and true to form just kept getting larger. My terrific husband has recently been diagnosed with Lupus. :( This was a surprise to all of us. I had always thought of myself as the one who would be in ill-health as we got older, since he has always been so fit. My husband and I are the Mr. and Mrs. Jack Spratt. :eating2: He has not had a large change in weight since he was in High School. I on the other hand, have gained more than 130 pounds over the course of our 25-year marriage.

I made an appointment with a local naturopath early in the year (several months before my husband's diagnosis) and was able to get in at the end of July (he is very popular). I didn't realize it at the time that I made the appointment, but he is well-known for helping many to lose weight. So I began his program - faced with the realization that this was probably my last chance to remain healthy (i.e., no diabetis, high blood pressure, etc.). It became even more imperative given our revised situation.

My SW was 236 lb (107 Kg) and I am now down to 213 lb (96.5 Kg). :) The naturopath has a very calorie reduced diet supplemented by Vitamin B injections and a multiple vitamin and calcium supplement. I take the multi vitamin 20 to 30 minutes before each meal. He explained that this helps to stimulate the production of seratonin and also keeps one from eating everything in sight. At first I was surprised at the very restricted foods that I was "allowed". This was in significant contrast to my last go with Weight Watcher's and the Point System. I have come to realize that this actually has an advantage in helping me to adhere to the programme.

I am very proud of myself that I have been 100% compliant. I keep remembering that jingle for one of those weight loss clinics - nothing tastes as good as being thin feels. Still have over 70 pounds to go, but have small objectives along the way.

I have been fortunate in having had the opportunity to be off when I started this diet. There is a lot of food preparation involved (20 - 24 oz of vegetables!) I now have established a routine and a sense of what I will be able to bring to work with me.

My husband and I live in Northern Ontario. It has been a cool and wet summer and it is already feeling very fall-like. The leaves are beginning to turn colour. We are a twin city with a Michigan town "across the river." My husband works for the State of Michigan on the International Bridge. I am a speech-language pathologist currently working for a Children's Treatment Centre. We work with children from birth to 19 years of age who have multiple disabilities. This past year has been very stressful since we were severely short-handed. There is a shortage of speech therapists - so if you know of any young people looking around for a career, there is a lot of opportunity in this field. I have been able to take a nice block of vacation and will be back at work next week. We are fully staffed now so it should be alot nicer for the families that we work for. I have a tendency to be a work-a-holic :comp: , which is another challenge. We have no children of our own, but have a very smart and handsome Australian Cattle Dog. He brings us a lot of joy.

I have just come upon this site while looking for inspirational sayings to beef up my weekly food log.

It sounds as though a number of you have been corresponding for a while. I look forward to joining you. Love those garden pictures. :goodluck:

08-31-2004, 11:41 PM
Hello Ladies,

Welcome IamwhatIam, yes we have known each other for awhile, I am the newer one of the group. Sounds as though you are taking your program very seriously and you have a logical plan. You will get a lot of support from this group, each and everyone is very compasionate and supportive. I am looking forward to learning more about Canada. I am not too happy to hear about your weather, since I am a neighbor of yours. I live in Wisconsin half way down the state on the Lake Michigan shore line. We too are experiencing cooler temperatures and some trees are starting to turn color. I am not a fan of winter weather.

Sheila, your garden is lovely, I like that sweet little staircase that someone built. I wanted to know how Charlotte posted those pictures too. Charlotte, you may say it is easy, but it sounded complicated to me. I had joined photobucket today, but am at a loss what to do with it. Are our pictures that we put in an album there private or are they there for all the world to see? Can you also store Clip Art there. Is that where you and SunnyD store your Clip Art that you talently display in your posts or do you have special purchased software on your computer that you pull things from?

I went shopping at thrift stores tonight, just kind of bumming around and didn't get home until 7:00 pm. I like to look at things and think of ways to enhance them or change them into decorative art for my home. I have to be careful though because you know DH's rule, nothing comes in this house unless something goes out and I don't have much left that I want to go out, after cleaning and having the rummage sale last summer.

My nephew is getting married Saturday, the whole family is invited even the grandkids. It should be an enjoyable evening. I didn't get a new dress, I am going to wear the one I got for my class reunion, I have been snacking too much his week, I have to stop so that I can fit into that dang dress.

Talk to you all tomorrow, oh by the way, I ran Norton Anti-Virus at home and at work and neither computer had a virus. My computer at work is just old :cry:

Take Care All......


09-01-2004, 02:00 PM
Hello Everyone,

It is 68 degrees here today, the sun is in and out, can't make up its mind today. I noticed on Yahoo that the temp was 54 degrees this morning in London UK. That is pretty chilly, I am thinking. I suppose 68 or 70 degrees will be the warmest it gets here until next summer again. :(

I stopped at the Kwik-Trip and got another large cup of Hazel-nut-Decaf again this morning, but this time I did not mix any caffeine coffe in the cup. Does anyone know the rule about coffee/water. Is it for every cup of coffee you drink, you should drink a cup of water? Does that apply to decaf too? If that is the case, I would probably be spending more time in the bathroom than at my desk.

I haven't seen the grandkids all week, they must be taking a break from me. I will have to stop in and see how school is going for them. My three boys in Green Bay are starting school tomorrow. I see so many young Moms walking around with smiles are their faces.

Thinking about changing my family room's curtins. Do any of you have roman shades? And do you like them? Do you know anyone who has made them by hand and if it was a difficult process? I never did get around to making slip covers for the living room sofas, plus there is some painting upstairs that needs to get done. It is a three day weekend, I usually like to plan a project when we have one, but all of these sound too big to start on a weekend. Usually I end up doing last minute babysitting, oh well. :dizzy:

Take to you all later.

09-01-2004, 03:47 PM
Charlotte, we're being overrun with tomatoes so if you could reach out and pick one, I'd gladly let you! :) We planted one regular tomato plant, then a cherry tomato, then my Dad decided he wanted to plant one, too. That actually meant that he bought the plant and we planted it. Too many tomatoes for three of us to eat, really. My son is living with us now, but he doesn't like tomatoes so it's up to the three of us to eat our daily quota of tomatoes.

Okay, I'll try the photo thing soon, but I'm not quite clear on how to do it. On other boards, I type in an <img src> code. I don't know where to find the [IMG] code or do I just type it in like I did here?? I don't use Photobucket because I already have a website and all my photos are there. I'll give it a whirl and see what happens.

IamwhatIam, welcome! I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. I knew a woman whose husband had Lupus also, and he had good days and bad days, then started to have really good days. Not sure what kind of treatment he was getting, but he got much better. I hope your DH is doing okay. I'm so glad you found something that works well for you. I've lost a bit over 75 lbs. with the help of Weight Watchers, which I enjoy. Also the support here is a great factor in my weight loss. :)

What a great job you have! I talked to my DD about being a speech therapist at one point because I thought it would be a great field. She joined the Navy instead--guess I shouldn't talk to my kids about careers because they do the opposite. :dizzy: My granddaughter is disabled (she's got Trisomy 18--are you familiar with that?) and a speech therapist visits her at home once a month or so as well as a physical therapist and occupational therapist. It looks like such a rewarding job. Being a pet person, I'd love to see photos of your ACD. They are smart cookies, aren't they?

Bluet, glad your temps are better than those in London. What about all those hurricanes? My DD is getting pounded with tropical storms from what I understand. Her cell phone bit the dust, but it's the last thing she said to me. I hope your kids take photos of their kids on the first day of school. We have some great photos that, looked at side-by-side, show how much they've grown each year. It's fun to look back on them, plus seeing the new lunchboxes and clothes.

I love Roman shades! I watch a lot of the decorating shows on HGTV and decided that when I get my own home, I'm going to have Roman shades. They look so pretty. I saw someone make them, too, on Trading Spaces. It didn't look too hard for a crafty person like yourself. For me, well, it would be a lost cause! :)

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday! Puss, are you still chained to that cooker? They must have thrown away the key!

09-02-2004, 12:57 AM


So glad you joined us. You've really been well-disciplined with your diet! Wish I had the will power for that. I lost my weight last summer, & trying to maintain. I've gained back about 10 lbs, lately, so trying to lose it. I'm afraid I'm not trying quite hard enough though. :(
Sorry your husband is having health problems. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Works much the same way as Lupus. If you read back a few posts, you'll find out a little more about my illness. Also, have Osterarthritis in my back from a car accident in '83. Life's a challenge!
I was raised in Detroit, Michigan. Went up there when I was 3 yrs old, & came back to Alabama when I was 13! We would go to a park called Belle Isle & look over into Canada. Thought that was the grandest thing in the world to do!
Hey, 70 lbs to go. You CAN DO THIS!!!! :D Stay around here, with us!

Sheila, if your site will let you post directly from there, you just right click on the image you want. When it opens up, click on "properties". Highlight the URL address, & copy. Close it out & come back to your post & paste it. Then, put at the beginning & the end...only with the /, of course. Some sites won't let you post directly from them (mine won't), so I use Photobucket. Now, if you use it...just simply go under the image (yes, you can put icons, or anything in it) & highlight the address with [IMG] in front of it & copy & paste in your post. It's so much easier than the other way, to me. Whichever is best for you, though, is fine. Good luck...any way I can help, let me know.

Bluet, sorry I couldn't open the pictures in my email. Maybe you can post them here. I was looking forward to seeing them.
I don't know the rules on coffee & water. Do know we're supposed to drink a LOT of water!! Afraid I don't know much about shades, either. Just not much help to you tonight. :^:
You can store clip art in Photobucket, or anything else. The world can see your pics, if you make a "public" album to send them to. But, like any other site, it's password protected, so no one goes there, unless you want them to. Yes, that's what Sunny & I & many others use for our graphics. You'll only learn by trial & error. I couldn't even turn on a computer 3 yrs ago. No one has shown me anything. I've messed up a lot, but I learned. There's very little you can do to really "mess up". Even if you delete something, you can bring it back. (most of the time, anyway :lol: )
I DO make it a little simpler for myself. I purchased Emotipad Plus for a one time fee of $12.00. I take all of my images out of Photobucket & put them in that one little place. It stays on my desktop....I have all of the images in catagories (welcome, happy, flowers, etc.) & "click & drag" to the post! When I get tired of them, I delete them out, & add more. :D Some nights when I can't sleep, I get up & work on replacing my images with new ones. :)
You'll look beautiful at the wedding! I wanna see pics!!


09-02-2004, 01:23 PM
Good morning! Well, not really. . . :(

Can we talk sleep, or lack thereof? For the past couple of months, I've been having a huge sleep problem. I can go to sleep, but I just can't stay asleep. I was so tired last night I went to bed at 10:30 pm, read for a half hour, then turned out the light at 11:00 pm. At 2:47 am (yes, I looked at the clock), I woke up, went to the bathroom and stayed awake through my son's 5:00 am alarm and his leaving, but must have snoozed a bit between 6:00 am and 7:00 am because I remember a dream I had. When I don't get enough sleep, my neck muscles contract even more, making it very painful indeed. Last night I even took a Vicodin with my regular nightly medication, hoping that would zonk me out. I guess it did for 3 hours or so, but that's certainly not what I was hoping for.

I'm wondering if it's the big "M?" I don't have night sweats or hot flashes, but I've been pretty moody and nonsleeping. Since I had a partial hysterectomy, I don't have that monthly indicator. Does every woman have hot flashes and night sweats when they go through menopause?

Charlotte, maybe I should learn to just get up and do something productive when I can't sleep. How do you cope with the sleep deprivation? Do you nap during the day? You know, my good friend with the heart condition has always been able to sleep about 12 hours a night, no problem. Don't know if that's because of her heart condition or just her body. We're spending the weekend together soon and I should ask her the secret of sleep!

Oh, Bluet, I don't know about coffee to water ratios, but I do know that you should drink at least six glasses, preferably more, of water per day. In Weight Watchers, half of those six can be decaf beverages like decaf coffee or decaf and herbal tea. I love hazelnut coffee--my fav!

I was supposed to go see the chiropractic neurologist today, but the insurance company is giving the doc a hard time. Very frustrating!

Hoping for a good day for everyone! Tomorrow is my weigh-in for the first time on the new Weight Watchers CORE program. Wish me luck!

09-02-2004, 02:55 PM
Hi Everyone,

Sheila, I don't have those sleep problems, mine go the other way, I am always, always tired, and have a hard time getting up in the morning. Most people I know have your problem, and struggle for a solution too. It might be menonpause. I have recently stopped taking HTR and am suffering from hot flashes and moodiness. I haven't told my doctor that I have stopped taking the HRT yet, I was always wearing the patch, but my skin is so sensitive, I was running out of places to put the darn thing. Then my regular doctor, asked me why my Gyn doctor still had me on HTR, since so many studies have come out about heart attacks while on it. So, I thought about it when I got home and decided to ease off of it, so this is where I am today. I have to go in soon to have my regular check-up and then I will discuss it with the doctor. How is your Dad, by the way? Is your daughter anywhere near the newest hurricane heading towards Florida?

Charlotte, for some reason I thought you were born and raised in the south, your gentle ways made me think you were a born and bred "Southern Belle", not one of us "Hard Nose" northerners ;) Is it better for you to live in the south with your RA and the Osterarthritis? Years ago I had a friend, her name was Olive, that had arthritis in her hands so badly and she went to Mayo for what I always thought she call "gold shots." I never asked what "gold shots" were, but I did not like the sound of it. Where do you live in Alabama? Will the pending hurricane affect you in any way?

Last evening I went out to the garden and tied up the tomato plants. There are so many green tomatos, I don't know if it will be warm enough to turn them red before the first frost. My SIL and one of his employees and DH planted garden this year. DH tried to hold them back, but they went hog wild and planted way more than any of us will need. Since the garden is on the way, I continued over to the kids house to see how the grandkids next door were doing. They are fine, the baby is starting to think about walking, she will be one year old this month. The other two are liking school so far.

Well time to go get the billing done. Perhaps I'll be back this evening.

Take care all, wish you well Puss, SunnyD and Iam. :)


09-02-2004, 10:53 PM

Hello everyone!

Oh sorry about your sleep problems! That is the pits! Well, yes, the big M could be the culprit. It effects you in a lot of ways. None of them pleasant. When I had my hysterectomy, the Dr said I still had about 18 "good" yrs left, because he left one ovary. :lol: He was right. Almost to the day, I started the big M! My gyno said it wasn't, but I insisted she do a blood test. I had an appt that same day with another dr. By the time I got there, my gyno had phoned ahead to tell that Dr to prescribe estrogen for me! I went through the whole nine yards...including the lack of sleep.
Now, I've been over it for a few yrs, so it's not that. I believe it's either the RA, or the meds for the RA. I've noticed a pattern of insomnia a couple of weeks prior to a treatment. I get up & stay on the computer. A lot of times, that's when I post to all of you. (not's only 8 pm). I don't take naps, although I easily could. I keep thinking, if I don't, maybe I'll sleep that night. I HAVE gone 3 nights in a row with NO sleep, or 3-4 hrs sleep. Strange thing, I don't feel a lot worse the next day. Late in the evenings are the hardest. I do hope you get a remedy. Maybe you should talk to your dr about it. Our cases are different, so you might be able to get help. Just remember, because you're sweating, or freezing, it doesn't mean others are going to feel the same they may not understand. :^: I'm always tired & fatigued, so can't be sure how that effects my insomnia. But, remember, they can take a blood test to determine the big M. I had to insist on it.

Bluet...I spent 10 yrs in Michigan, but, no one up there thought of me as a Northerner. They said I never talked like I was from up there! I would always be asked if I was from the South. :lol: When I hear myself talk, I sound like I'm from waaay back in the sticks! :D I don't know about the difference it would make with RA & OA. I was 13 when we came back South, & didn't have it then. I imagine it's better, here, though, with the warmer climate. The winters there were so bitterly cold, I know it would really bother the OA a lot. The "Gold Shots" are a treatment for RA, just as Methotrexate, or Remicade that I'm on now. Only, I don't think it's quite as strong. I was on Sulfazalasine (spelling) which is a lot like the Gold Shots...but, it got to where it didn't work. They don't put you on Methotrexate, because it's a chemotherapy...unless nothing else works. Then, the Remicade, if the Methotrexate doesn't work well enough alone.
I don't think the hurricane will hurt us, we're in the NorthWest part of Alabama, near the Tennessee Line. The hurricane is in the Southern part. Only our daughter...the one we visited on down close to Mobile...about 2 hrs from the gulf. So, they may be effected. If you go to a map of Alabama....go to the top-left corner, touching Tennessee. There where Mississippi crosses into Alabama is where we live. We are only about 17 miles from Mississippi. Yeah....Southern!! :lol:
OOhh...I'd love some of your tomatoes! I love!! Have you seen the movie? :)

Hello IamwhatIam....doing good on your diet, still?
Fatpuss & Sunny...I'm adopting two large black cats from my step-dad. He's going into the nursing home tomorrow & begged me to take them. We're having to keep our big black lab retriever chained now. :dizzy:

Hope all of you have a great evening.

09-03-2004, 05:36 PM
Not feeling well today so I'll just say hi to all. Lost 1.4 lbs. today, which brings me to a total of 77 lost.

I think I caught your virus, Charlotte. :(

09-03-2004, 11:19 PM
Hi All,

Sheila, so sorry you don't feel well. Please get better soon.

Today was quite and slow at work. Everyone was winding down for the big holiday weekend I guess. A lot of people were off today, so that made the work load lighter.

Stopped at the dry cleaners and picked up my dress after work. Then went to Wal-Mart to pick up pictures I had dropped off earlier in the week to be developed. The pictures didn't turn out very well. I think it is because I had them in the camera for almost a year :o . Obviously I don't take very many pictures. I hope I remember to take the camera along tomorrow for the wedding. Daughter from Green Bay called this evening, she wants me to drive half way to Green Bay and meet her at the park and ride and pick her up and bring her back here so she can go to the ceremony. She wants to have SIL bring her down to the park and ride, then go back home, and get done what he wants to do around the yard, and then come later with the boys to the reception and then they will have only one car down here. I think that is really quite a commotion, just so they will have only one car here. This will cut into my time for getting ready for the wedding too. My life just isn't my own anymore :faint:

My computer at work is dying, it is running out of hard drive space. I really don't think he will get me another one for my office. I will have to go to other work stations if I need to get any letters out, or create any forms. There goes my sneaking out some time to get to 3Fatchicks :(

I am boycotting the Packer game, because they started out playing like dopes, so I guess I will just head to bed and maybe I'll read a little. I bought a "boddice ripper" by Patricia Rice when I was at Wal-Mart today.

Well have a good evening, whatever is left of it, and enjoy your holiday weekend.

Bluet Hello to Puss, Charlotte, and SunnyD......Sheila get well!!!!

09-05-2004, 02:24 PM
Good morning, all!

I hope the wedding was fun, Bluet, despite all the trauma just getting there. Sounds like lots of extra driving for you. I can't believe your company won't buy you another computer if yours dies. I mean, how unproductive is it to have to wander around looking for a free work station to use?

Finally I woke up without a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. Yeah! I felt pretty lousy there for a while. Didn't comfort myself with food, though, so that's a big plus. I went with my DH down to the local mall area to go to Michael's and buy an easier cross stitch pattern. I used to be able to do more intricate designs, but I haven't done it in so long that I need something simple to start. I got a Winnie the Pooh design to make for my GD. We also stopped at Old Navy where I bought a pair of sz. 10 relaxed fit jeans that, yes, I can actually get on. They do have that "sprayed on" look so I won't be wearing them for another 10 lbs., but I wanted to see if I could fit in them. My sz. 12 jeans are getting too big, but I'm not quite into a 10, and I don't think junior sizes are my style.

College football season is starting, and my Dad and I watched a game yesterday afternoon, and probably will watch another one this afternoon. He watches a lot more football than I do--I stick with Pac 10 teams, but he'll watch any game that's on, plus any pro game that's on. It was really difficult for him to give up his season tickets to the Seahawks, and then the Univ. of Washington Huskies. Much more comfortable to watch on TV, however, and not have to worry about how to get to the men's room in time.

Hope everyone is having a good holiday weekend. If you live in Florida, well, I know you're not, but hang in there!

09-06-2004, 09:22 AM

Sheila... I DO hope you're feeling better, now. My son & two little granddaughters have it now. It's been a couple of rough days. I've been taking care of them, & trying to sort through & clean out my mother's & step-dad's things. What a job that is! He decided to go into the nursing home with my mother, suddenly. His sugar got dangerously high, & out of control.
Also, a lady that goes to our church, found her son in her front yard Saturday night. He was dead from a shot gun blast to the stomach. It was ruled suicide...but, none of us think so. Too hard to reach the trigger of the shotgun (it wasn't sawed off), & more like to shoot in the head, or at least in the chest. We believe he dropped it & it went off. He was drinking a lot. Such sad things to have to be around. He was only 31.
So, my life is non-stop work. At least I'm feeling stronger.
Get better soon, my friend.

Bluet...your life sounds a lot like mine. :^: Seems like other people are deciding what my days are going to be, instead of me getting to do it. :( I never get anything accomplished for myself, because I'm always busy. Try to get some pictures. Don't wait a year to show us. :lol:

I'm very tired, & got a long day going to go eat a bite of breakfast, & get started.
Hope you all have a great Labor Day!

09-06-2004, 12:35 PM
Sorry for not being here girls and haven't had time to read posts - just a quickie before I leave for the airport to Spain. Had a lovely weekend with DD then nightmare time with mother culminating with another O/D, hospital etc etc (same tablets, not the other ones which really are lethal) and when my poor brother was expected round at her place. I didn't go racing up this time (two days before I leave for holiday) and she told my brother I couldn't be bothered to go up (250 miles each way when she was in no danger). I just can't win, every night on the phone for over an hour just isn't working.
Anyway girls, didn't want to vanish for 2 weeks without letting you know why. Think I will take up drinking!! Take care everyone.

09-07-2004, 10:58 AM
Good Morning.

I had to go out and delete some stuff on my hard drive this morning, before the computer would let me post. Money is short here, since I work with the money and know that, I can't feel justified in asking for a new computer. I did ask my son to check with a friend who fixes computers on a part-time basis, to see if he had something appropriate at a reasonable price. :(

I will get this message off to you girls, so you know I did not drop off the face of the earth yet. And then check in with you tonight when I am at home on my own computer.

The wedding was a disappointment for me. I really looked forward to the wedding, the church part went ok kinda. My sister said she wanted all of us to sit right behind her in church, since it was her sons wedding I wanted to do as she asked, so I drug my whole family up the center isle with my Mom and the usher leading, and then there wasn't room for all of us and we had to find other places to sit. Since the church was pretty full, I found this to be too embarassing, but we survived, I managed to find an almost empty pew about half way back that our whole family could fit into.

The church was at one and the sit down meal was at five. There were drinks and light buffet at the Holiday Inn, so we were all directed over there. I had wanted to go home for a while, but oldest DD wanted to go to the Inn, so we did. It turned out to be a warm humid day and even though the Inn is air conditioned it was obvious, it could not handle all the people that piled in there. As I said the meal was at 5:00, so our kids showed up with their kids just before 5:00, but the meal was delayed an hour and half. That created a problem for the grandchildren that were bored and hungry and getting rambunctious. I was the happiest when we decided we had stayed long enough and went home. I guess DH and I stayed until 10:00 p.m. By the time I left my dress with wringing wet with sweat, and my arms were worn out from taking turns holding the babies.

On Sunday after church, I just hung out at home and was too exhausted to start any projects. Yesterday I had some energy and changed pictures in the dining room and painted the wall were I changed the pictures. And that dear girls was my Labor Day Weekend.

Sheila hope you are feeling better, Charlotte, hope your roof was done for all the rain that headed your way from Frances. Talk to you all later.


09-07-2004, 05:30 PM
Good afternoon!

I do feel better, Charlotte. Just a little tired now--guess that's the residual effect or something. It feels so nice to swallow and not have my throat hurt. I hope your son and GDs get over it soon. Has school started for the grandkids? That was quite a fast decision by your stepdad. I hope he gets along okay here. I imagine he's used to it from visiting your mom there. What a horrible accident with your friend's son. I feel so sorry for her. My friend has lost two adult children, one to a boating accident, the other to e-coli (don't let them tell you only the young and elderly die), and the loss of a child, no matter the age, is a hard thing to get through.

Bluet, I hope you can find someone to fix your computer--I'd hate to see you have to cut back on your internet time. Bummer about the wedding! Why was the dinner delayed so long? I can't even imagine how hard it was for the kids to wait that long. Sounds like you got quite a bit done on Monday. Except for mowing the lawn (my DH did that) and some routine household stuff, we were pretty lazy and just hung out, and then explored a couple of neighborhoods in Seattle, just for fun. I love looking at old houses so we went to an area where there are a lot of really nice old houses to look at plus a park to play around in. On Sunday we went to the Farmer's Market and stocked up on some veggies. Don't need tomatoes, though, we've got an overabundance.

Also watched the football game with my Dad on Sunday. It was kind of sad because he said that he was in his room thinking about whether to take a jacket to the game, and if he'd need a blanket, then he decided to take his stadium cushion. Then he thought, gee, I don't have bus transportation lined up. At that point, he remembered that he hadn't had season tickets in three years because he's just too frail to make it there anymore. I felt bad for him plus a little disturbed that he forgot that. His memory is getting so bad at times. He also wondered why I put $35 on his desk. I said that I didn't, but he insisted I did. Why the heck would I give him $35? Anyway, he later said he remembered that he got a scratch lottery ticket and won $35. I hope if he wins the big one that he'll remember!

I was supposed to make the one hour trek across town to the doctor, but the insurance is having problems. The alternative care part of our policy is with a company that doesn't know which end is up. It's awful. This is the second appt. I've had to cancel. Hopefully we'll get it together for next week.

It's absolutely beautiful here--75 degrees, sunny, a hint of wind. Rain tomorrow so I'd better get outside and enjoy the weather.

Puss, I know you won't see this, but I hope you have a great time on your holiday!

09-07-2004, 09:54 PM
Good Evening,

Sheila, I am glad you are feeling better. It is really a little too early for the flu season to start. We always get a flu shot, and they are suppose to be later than ever getting stock this year. Insurance Companies Bah Humbug...Every year the rates go up and the benefits go down. Who has who over a barrel?

I believe the dinner was late because there were two weddings at the same time at Holiday Inn and they did not have the staff to handle preparing that much food. I think they took care of the wedding in the Atrium first because it was a "sit-down-buffet" and then started the food for our wedding which was just a plain old "sit-down" and the food wasn't done by 5:00 p.m. I can tell you, if I had any weddings to do yet it would not be at the Holiday Inn, unless it was in the winter and they quaranteed me that ours would be the only wedding that evening. :^: Even then I would have to think about it some. I did take some pictures of the children dancing, that I hope I can figure out how to share. At least the kids had a heck of a time dancing to the music played by a DJ.

Sheila, I love to look at old houses too, and I like living in an old house, except it is really too large for DH and me, but I am not moving until I have to. I have been here 40 years and I am not about to move now. I love to tour homes when they have parade of homes or open houses. Labor Day I had the TV on all day to HGTV, finally shut it off around 4:oo p.m., when I was full up with home improvements. Sorry about Dad, I don't want to think about it, then I start to cry, life is so hard at times.

Charlotte, sorry about your Stepdad and your neighbor lady. Hope your feeling o.k. and the grand daughters are doing better. I am glad the divorce turned out to everyones benefit. (well, what I mean is I am glad things turned out ok and wasn't a bitter court battle).

How about that Puss, running off to Spain again and for two weeks no less. Hope you have a good time Puss. A peaceful vacation right now sounds perfectly heavenly.

I probably won't get to use a computer till tomorrow evening when I get home. Take care Sheila and Charlotte. Wish you both the best Wednesday ever!!!!


09-08-2004, 09:39 AM

:wave: Good Fall-ish Morning Bonnie, Sheila & Angel (I see Puss has left for her trip) :wave:

Joe was off yesterday and we putts around the yard all day weeding & went grocery shopping - I went to Curves yesterday (35 min) and walked 1 mile and did 30 min. of stretching... it sure did feel good after being so ill for two weeks to get back into my exercise routine --- I really missed it! I am feeling really well :D again - what a nice feeling :flow2: I will try to get in 1 - 2 miles sometime this morning - slow walking.

Joe & I didn't go anywhere on Saturday - we had allot to do here at home, but we went to church on Sunday early and we picked up Aaron (our nephew) who was all by himself at his house (his family had left already for the Islands, he had a wedding to go to) & then we all went to Kelly's Island near Sandusky, Ohio for the day with Joe's family... what a beautiful day :sunny: !!!! We got there about 1:30pm & when we landed on the Island ~ John (Joe's brother) was there waiting for us & we were taken on a tour of the Island on a golf cart... I have never been on one of those before and I love it (I want one!). We sat on the back and were able to see such awesome views of homes, cottages, gardens, ships, boats and more boats and what a beautiful the shore line... it felt like an amusement park ride. The weather was warm with a cool breeze, with the sound of the water coming up on the shore, sunshine with a few white clouds - just a wonderful day! We took a ferry to the Island (20 min ride) and that in itself was a nice ride! And we did allot of walking too, but I forgot my pedometer so I haven't any idea how much I walked. When we got off the ferry @ 9pm for home we just had just enough energy left to walk to the car & even less when we got home at 11pm, but what a great feeling and wonderful memories. No pictures... forgot my camera again! :dizzy: We had to take mental pictures instead. Then on Monday-Labor Day we went to the Fair in Burton. Oh... another beautiful day :flow1: ! We got there at 11am and left at 5pm and that's where we walked and walked - my pedometer read 4.5miles - I was a happy camper... :) we had a wonderful weekend! It feels so good to feel well again... I think I have figured out this food program. I planned for the days out and brought my snacks and fruits and plenty of water and did real well. I did not buy any bad foods at the fair and was soooo proud of myself.

Those poor Florida dwellers... they are waiting out another Hurricane (Ivan). They were told not to take down the boards on their homes till they were given the okay, because hurricane Ivan could hit them. I am sure that you all are watching the Weather Channel like we are. My my my... I sure wouldn't want to be in Florida. My thoughts & prayers are with them all for sure. And now they are getting hard hit in Georgia, and the Carolina's and heading up to us right now soon to be up by you guys too. The rain began here this morning at 4am - that's what woke me up.


Bluet ~ I too think my Joe is wonderful --- he was just so supportive while we were away from home making sure I was feeling okay and provided for before he went off anywhere. I am truly blessed without a doubt.

Did you have a good time at you nephews Wedding on Saturday? I don't buy new dresses either - I rarely wear a dress anymore, so if they remember me in it too bad ;) I don't follow trends... I follow my pocket-book :D Good for you. I just read that you had a hard time getting to the wedding & that it wasn't all you hoped it would be - I am sorry.

Bonnie, you may call it a *nervous stomach* but you sure do sound like you may have IBS. There are different intensities of discomfort from person to person... but if you are going to the bathroom all the time it sure sounds like it's a possibility. According to the reports more people walk around with IBS never even knowing it and just coping when there is a way of eating to really help. Yes, it means sacrifice, but I rather feel well then ill any day, ya know.

Below is some information that causes flare ups that I copied from the site:

Common Pitfalls ~ The Seven Sneaky Deadly Sins of the IBS Diet

"I'm following the Eating for IBS diet, but I still have problems. What am I doing wrong?"

I hear from many people who have made a great effort to modify their diet for IBS, but who still have abdominal symptoms they feel certain are associated with their eating habits. They're often very frustrated because they believe that there aren't any steps left for them to take. The good news here is that it's much more likely than not that there are still dietary triggers involved, they're simply being overlooked.

I've found that there are seven specific pitfalls that ensnare many people as they adjust their diet - let's call them the Seven Sneaky Deadly Sins of the IBS Diet:

1. Coffee (yes, decaf counts)
2. Yogurt (it's the safest dairy product for IBS...isn't it?)
3. Alcohol (just one glass of wine is okay, right?)
4. Vitamin supplements (they're good for you, aren't they?)
5. No insoluble fiber foods (they're triggers, so you just don't eat them, right?)
6. Too low a dosage of soluble fiber supplements
7. Not drinking enough water (doesn't soda pop count?)

Here is the LINK to the SITE to read further information if you'd like--->

Did you change the curtains in your family room like you were thinking of? How did it come out? Change is always so refreshing!

I sure do hope we don't lose :o you because your computer has died :( I have enjoyed this thread coming alive again thanks to you ;) Come back soon!!!!!

Sheila ~ I am so very sorry to hear that you haven't felt well, but am glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better today. Those bugs sure do take allot out of you don't they :( Praying for your continued recovery {{{Hugs}}}

As for your sleep... you having problems still? Maybe you need to watch any stimulants like sugar or caffeine? They will put you to sleep right away and then in a few hours you will be fully awake. Try some decaf sleepy-time tea (no sugar or honey) - it just may help you. Especially if you are going though some changes in your body. I remember that my mom had a hard time sleeping when she was going through her changes and the tea really helped her.

You have some Beautiful gardens Sheila! I really enjoyed your pictures!!

W :o W!!! 77 lbs DOWN!!!! Just Awesome!!!!!!!!! :cp: I am so happy for you :dance: Good job!!

Angel ~ Thank you so much! I am feeling so much better --- it's such a good feeling :) I DO hope that you are feeling better also :^: I believe you were having a bad spell there too.

I will continue to hold you and your family in my prayers, Charlotte... it just must be so difficult sometimes. No, I didn't know that your son's trial came & went... I am so happy to hear that your DIL conceded to joint custody and that all is calming down. So good for the children! I had a feeling that once they ironed out their differences all would be calmer, lets just pray that it continues that way so that the children will have a good life.

*Keep Positive*
*God Bless*


09-08-2004, 11:00 PM
Hi Gals, how are you all doin?

My son Joe found a computer suitable for my needs at work today on Ebay. He is gong to come to work with me one evening and set it up and get it going for me. So in about a week I will have a computer again, without breaking the owners bank ;) .

Charlotte and Sheila, I hope you are both o.k. neither of you posted today, so of course I have to do my worry thing. :^:

We are having some beautiful fall weather, we got lucky for a change and are on the back side of the front that is coming up from Florida, which has stalled and is keeping the good weather here. After the summer we had I guess we are deserving.

Grandson next door had his birthday yesterday, he turned 8. He had a whole bunch of boys to a party at a park near his school. They played games, ordered pizza and had a Dale Earnhardt Jr cake. All the balloons were orange and red and yellow his favorite colors. It was just fun watching the kids have a good time. Then I went to Day Care and picked up the baby and brought her home and fed her and we played on the family room floor until SIL picked her up.

SunnyD, it is so nice to hear from you. Glad to hear you are feeling better. You really got to do some nice and fun things over the Labor Day Holiday. Yes, I do have some IBS, but I am very careful about what I eat. Thank you for the link, I look forward to spending some time reading up on it. I surely hope you have found solutions for yourself. :)

I think I am going to read for a little while before bed, I am almost 3/4's of the way through the book I bought. Take care, hope you all had a good day and the rest of the evening. I'll be back tomorrow evening.


09-08-2004, 11:33 PM
Hi Everybody.... Hope all are well tonight. was good to hear from you. Glad you're feeling better. I know you're glad to get the roof finished on your house. What's the next project? Bluet...I like old houses, too. That's why we liked this house so much. It's one of the oldest in this small community. It's called the "Petree Place". Seems Mr & Mrs Petree owned a lot of Belgreen community. This house is where they lived. It started off small & was added on to. Everyone in the community was thrilled we were remodeling & bringing it back to "life", when the fire happened. Well...we've tried, but looks like we may be defeated. The roof is still not even half shifted & DH is up there alone every evening trying, but can't manage it. I'm afraid he's killing himself. We're out of money after the roof is finished, so may have to resign myself to living in a "gutted out" house.
I'm just so tired of it all. I'm tired of the fight in courts, etc...with money....with trying to live clean in a "under construction" place. Excuse just comes out sometimes. I'm ok....just a long week. Sorry the wedding was a disappointment. It sure lasted a long time, didn't it? Should be a day for the couple to remember. :D Sheila...sorry you've been sick. Hope you are better. Listen....your dad's symptoms do NOT sound like Alziemer's! Yes, there's a problem. But, that's not the way Alziemer's progresses. It's more like...they can't recall the name of something they're trying to say. Like mother would point to the stove & say "that know what it is" & would kind of laugh. Slowly, but, surely it progressed, until she wouldn't know what the stove was even used for. I do wish you'd have him check by someone else. If it's not Alziemer's, then that medicine will hurt him, instead of help him. Has he had an MRI? Nothing you've said, sounds like my mother, or a few other people I know with A. Fatpuss...have a good time, & when you return, tell us all about your trip.

09-09-2004, 12:38 PM

Just a quick note before I leave for a weekend in Boise where I may get to see my granddaughter for two hours or less. :(

Charlotte, I'm not happy with this neurologist at all. She upped the dosage on a medication (not Arricept) when my Dad got the prescription refilled and last night I couldn't even understand what he was saying. He was also weak and shaky. I thought he was having a stroke, but he wouldn't go to the hospital. She didn't really say that he had Alzheimer's, but he has some dementia changes that may be associated with early Alzheimer's. The Arricept is to prevent further memory loss. Does that sound reasonable? I don't know enough about the drug to know whether it's only for people with fully documented Alzheimer's. She said she'd done bloodwork and tests to rule out other things.

Anyway, gotta get going! Have a great weekend everyone!

09-09-2004, 01:12 PM

Good Morning Ladies!
All is still going well with me :D Another good day so far...

Bluet ~ I am just thrilled that your DS was able to get you another computer... I know I haven't been on much, but I do read ~all~ the posts the best I can when they come through. With this IBS I am not able to sit very long at all and it takes time to get posts read & written and that can get ouchy!! I belong to 3 threads and so hate to leave any of them (all such lovely people!), so I do my very best in keeping up with the limited amount of time I have sitting. I don't know why, but I felt the need to share that ;) :lol: It wasn't anything you said... I just wanted to let you all in on why I don't post everyday I guess :^:

:hb: Happy 8th Birthday to your DGS! Sounds like he had a great, fun party!!! What book are you reading????

Your weather sounds like what we had last week! This week we had allot of rain from the left-overs of the hurricane... most of it has passed through but we are still dealing with high winds and an overcast sky. We are suppose to have some awesome weather tomorrow and on Saturday -- yeah :cp:

Tomorrow night Joe & I are going to a couples Bible Study and then on Saturday morning out to breakfast with our friends and grocery shopping and then that evening we are going out with the same friends for dinner to celebrate their anniversary. It's tough... but someone has to do it :lol: So far :crossed: it is quiet for Sunday.

Angel ~ Nope... no special projects at the moment. Havta get that roof paid for first; then we may begin the next one. Which is still undecided, but we have tons to get done! Where to go from here :o

Hey... ... ... you gals love 'old homes' ~ do you ever watch "IF WALLS COULD TALK" on HGTV??? It is a wonderful show!!! I would give anything to have the $$$ to rebuild one of those homes and live in it... what a feeling of accomplishment that would be. We barely have the $ to get what we need done. I see that you are still dealing with home problems and $$$ too, Charlotte. So very sad that things did not work out for you as we all hope and prayed it would :( I can only imagine the frustration you must be feeling to live unfinished...

Sheila ~ Hope that you are feeling well enough now for this trip and that all goes well for you in Boise and that you have the best time with the 2 hours you will have with your DGD :^:

As for your father... I sure do hope that the Dr's will be able to help him soon. I wish I knew more about the problem so I could help, but alas all I can offer you is my {{{Hugs}}} and understanding. I do hope that upping the dosage does help him :(

Time for me to get a bite to eat :)


09-10-2004, 12:03 AM

Sheila, enjoy your Boise weekend. I hope your get to see your grand daughter, and for more than two hours. We will be here when you get back.

SunnyD, so good to see your post. It doesn't matter that you can't post every hour on the hour, it is just really grand that we hear from you and we know that you are doing fine and enjoying life the way you do and share with us. :bubbles:

Charlotte, yes these old houses cost a lot of money and need constant care. But, there is just something special about owning an older home. So Ivan is headed for Florida now, it seems almost unbelieveable that this could be happening to Florida again. On the news today they said people are having a hard time getting out of Florida because of all the rain and washed out highways. What a shame.

Charlotte, my plan is to save for a year and remodel the kitchen, it is one room we have not done too much with, except paint and change the floor covering from time to time. My immediate plan for the weekend is to clean up all the flower gardens before it gets too cold to work outdoors.

Well, I will check back tomorrow evening, I sure miss my computer at work.
It should be here next week.

Take care all....


09-10-2004, 12:37 AM

Today was a little better. :) My sister & I met at the appt, again, & did some more packing & cleaning. Only difference, we listened to our bodies, & stopped to rest often, & quit early. I was still tired....but, not exhausted. Started supper, then got a call from my brother-in-law. I had forgotten to meet with him at an Assisted Living Home to sing. I changed clothes, gathered some songs....rushed out telling poor DH he had to finish his supper. :^: The people there are so sweet. They didn't want us to stop singing, although we could tell they were getting tired. I was ready to drop! They were excited because they see me on TV each day...
That's so funny to me! I mean, I'm really not anybody special. But, when someone recognizes me in town, they have to stop me & tell me they watch the programming. It IS fun, though, & so glad to have found a place like that to volunteer my time. Anyway, getting back to the evening...I couldn't wait to get home, I was starving! Found DH had finished supper. REALLY finished supper!! Nothing left! I just snacked around until I got full. :lol:

Sheila...I don't know if the Arricept will help, or not. I just know what my sister-in-law found out on her trip that week. My father-in-law is doing so much better without it. Now, the dr said he DID have some kind of a memory problem, but it wasn't Alziemer's...& that if he didn't have Alziemer's that the Arricept wasn't needed. I'm not sure what to tell you...but, I'd sure get him to another Dr. for a second opinion. Sometimes if Drs don't know what's wrong, they'll just take it for granted it's the most popular thing. So sorry. I pray you find the answer.

Sunny...I understand you not being able to stay at the computer for very long. Although you do such a great job posting with such personal comments to everyone. I get to where I can't sit at the computer because of my back hurting, or my legs swelling, or mainly, my wrists hurting. Just do what you can. We'll wait anxiously!! :D

09-10-2004, 11:11 PM
Charlotte the graphics in your posts are just too adorable. I really enjoy your posts.

My computer came in today and DS loaded all the software on it. I stopped over after work to bring Word 2000 for him to put on the computer and played with GD, for awhile. She was very happy to see me, because we danced a lot at the wedding together. She is only sixteens months, but she has been walking since she was nine months. She is so tiny and adorable, you just have to love her.

It is so kind of you to volunteer your talent and your time at the nursing home, and I am sure it is an honor to have people stop you when they recognize you from the show. I think it is pretty neat too that I know you and share posts with you.

I started early in the gardens this evening, couldn't resist, they are getting so shabby looking. I will finish up tomorrow, but first I have to meet DS at my work place at 8:00 a.m. so he can install my computer.

Have a good Saturday Charlotte, SunnyD, Sheila in Boise, and Puss in Spain.


09-11-2004, 10:04 AM
A Day to Remember...

Let us *PRAY*... reflect & in prayer remember
all those lost and families who still suffer that loss today.

*God Bless the U.S.A.*


09-11-2004, 12:33 PM
Thank you SunnyD for the gentle reminder of 9/11.

I am typing this from my new computer in my office. DS just left and has everything set to go for me. I am a very fortunate person and very thankful. Enjoy your Saturday Sunny and Charlotte.


09-12-2004, 05:04 PM
Hi Everyone,

How did your weekend go? It is warm and humid here in the Mid-West, dardnest summer/fall I have seen in recent years. August was so cold, mostly in the upper 60's and now September has been very warm and dry.

That garden may turn out to be plentiful after all.

I had a stiff neck on Thursday, that turned into a flu thing. Feeling rather punk today and tired. DH developed a stiff neck yesterday, and feeling crummy today. He is resting and watching the Brewers no less. ;)

I hope you get back soon Sheila. I hope you enjoyed your mini-vacation in Boise and got to see your sweet grand daughter.

I'll check back this evening to see how your weekends went. Best wishes to Charlotte, Sheila, SunnyD and Puss, wherever you are in sunny Spain :)


09-12-2004, 09:02 PM

Hello Bluet....& everyone. Had a couple of quiet, but busy days. I'm still very busy cleaning & packing my mom & step-dad's belongings in their appt. I can't believe some of the things they kept! My sister & I are so exhausted! Still have a lot to do. Then, have to go to the rental storage place for more. :^: We've only got a few more days & the rent will be up on both places, so we have to stay with it. We're slow, cause we have to stop to rest so often.
I'm glad you got a new computer for your office. We got a new computer for the weather at the TV station. May the maps won't give me such grief, now,when I have to bring them up for the weather. Yeah....right.....dream on, Charlotte! :lol:

Sunny...thanks for that beautiful reminder. I'm so glad my SIL & family are back home now. Hope he can find a job soon, & try to live some kind of normal life.
Hope you're feeling well this weekend.

Sheila hope your family are enjoying the weekend.

Fatpuss...I have a feeling you ARE enjoying the weekend! :D

Tomorrow will be a very long day for me....may not get back until Tuesday, but I'll try. Take care.

09-13-2004, 10:19 AM
Good Morning,

Welcome back Sheila, hope your weekend was good.

Charlotte, take a lot of rests, don't make yourself sick with this clean-up of the appartment and storage place.

SunnyD, hope your weekend was a good one, and your Monday even better.

Puss, You have been in Spain long enough, come home now. ;) I am just saying that because I am jealous.


09-13-2004, 01:59 PM

Good Afternoon Everyone :wave:
So many happenings this weekend ~ where to begin...
Saturday ~ Joe & I went out to do some major grocery shopping, not only at the reg. grocery store, but also at the Costco Wholesale Club. Joe bought me a new Lane Leather Chair for my office :D It is a red brown and ohhhh so comfy (I'll get a pic. of my chair later to show you all)!! And a few other fun things, some chocolate brown toss pillows for our sofa and these really cool pastel color mixing bowls: butter yellow, mint green, baby blue and rose pink! The exact colors I want to use in my redecorated kitchen (someday :lol: ). Then that evening we went out to dinner with our friends to celebrate their 27th anniversary with them and then we all went to a park afterwards... the weather has just been the best!!!! We all spent a good hour walking & playing on the swing-sets (with Joe pushing me) and we went on some of the bars --- gosh --- I haven't done that in years!!! What fun that was to do --- my girlfriend and I just laughed and laughed at one another and our antics in trying to fit on the slides and such. Good exercise :) Don't worry --- these were big kid sets, so we wouldn't break anything (just in case you thought that ;) ) :lol:

Sunday ~ After we went to church we left for Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio (the largest coaster park in the world) --- we got there about 1:00pm and stayed there till closing at 8:00pm --- what a blast!!! There wasn't a wait at all for any of the rides... we would get off and then just go around and get right back on again. When we got home after that long day as we pulled into the driveway... guess what happened???!!! Our brake lines to the back of our jeep totally broke! :o We heard it snap!!! We only had the front brakes to stop with (barely). I am soooo glad that it waited till we got home and we made it home safely. It was an hour and a half's drive home. So...

Today, Monday ~ Thus far... ... Joe has taken the day off so we could go to the garage and dropped off our jeep to be repaired (so I will not be going to Curves till I get my jeep back on Thursday, but I will be walking my 2.5 miles each day). Joe is now working on my dryer that gave way just this morning :dizzy: What's going on here anyway :lol: :dizzy: Of all days for it to go... I am trying to catch up with my laundry. Hopefully Joe will get it fixed so I am able to finish, if not there's always tomorrow. And I have already walked my 2.5 miles :D

Our weather has been picture perfect here in Ohio... just perfect! It is awesome to open windows, feel breezes and to hear the birds as well as feel the sun. It is suppose to be like this through Thursday. Awesome!!! :flow2: :dance:

Well now that I have taken so much of your time I will try to catch up with all of you in my next post... :flow2:

*~*~* MiLeS: 21 CuRvEs: 1 Time


09-13-2004, 02:25 PM
I am back to finish... :sunny:
Bluet ~ As you can see... Joe and I had a great weekend! We always do, even if it's time at home.

How did everything go with the installation of your new computer? Do you have any new bells and whistles on it compared to the last one? Or did you get it just for the space/size it will hold now?

Thanks for asking about my health --- I have been feeling really well!!! I think I have figured out this food program and am getting the hang of it now. I am not out of the woods quite yet, but each day I am doing so much better. I am so glad I stumbled on that web-site!!! :cp:

Angel ~ I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better too. You and your DS were so smart in listening to your bodies and taking the rests you needed. I do the same now too --- and I totally know you know what I mean when it comes to sitting too long --- anywhere --- I even find that some chairs in a restaurant (like stools) kill my legs! I have bad vain's and it really kills in the back of my thighs if I sit too long in them. So I am always looking for a booth :p

And I think that is soooo :cool: that people recognize you from you TV program :D So you are a star ;) Glad to hear that all worked out at the assisted living home too, sure did sound like fun!

I am sooooo glad to hear that you kids are all home safely with one another and beginning a new life together. *God Bless Them* I thought allot about -all who have suffered - so far from 911 and this war and I just keep tugging on the Lord's robe in *prayer* that He will continue to watch over them all and that it will end soon!

Sheila ~ Hope you had a good time in Boise ;) Come back soon and fill us all in on your weekend, okay :)

I really must be going... lunchtime you know ;)


09-13-2004, 09:45 PM
Hi, all--

SunnyD, sounds like you had a fun time shopping for all that new stuff. Looking forward to seeing a pic of your new chair. How fun to go on the swings and the slide at the park, and then to an amusement park--it's great to act like a kid every once in a while. Good for the soul, I think. Pretty scary about the car. I'm glad that it happened at home, and also that you didn't bang into your house. Actually, my DD did bang into our garage once, and we got a new garage door out of it courtesy of the insurance company.

Charlotte, cleaning out someone else's home is a lot bigger job than cleaning out our own, I think. I had to do it when we moved my Dad to assisted living originally. Fifty years of junk, and then trying to decide what to save, throw away, sell, donate, etc. Be sure to get some rest, too!

Bluet, glad you got the new computer all set up. I'm sorry you're not feeling so hot. Are we passing this thing over the internet or what? Weather is certainly screwed up everywhere, isn't it?

I had a good time in Boise. Ate too much, exercised to little, but talked a lot. :) I saw friends I hadn't seen in two years, and we had a great time. On Saturday, I saw my little sweetie for about three hours. I was really pleased to see that she remembered me. She smiled at me and wasn't at all reticent about me holding her, and usually with strangers she's a bit more cautious. That made me feel really good. I was glad that her Dad woke up in time to feed her, though. I'm just not as confident about hooking up the tubes as I used to be.

Today I tested my Dad's blood sugar for the first time. I had the hardest time getting the drop of blood from the finger poke. I had to stick him several times to get enough blood. I think the first time is the worst, though, and tonight should go easier. Let's hope!

09-14-2004, 04:57 AM

Well Hello there Sheila ~ So good to see you back :flow2:

It's sooooo good to hear that you had a wonderful time in Boise with your DGrandbaby, family & friends... do you have any pictures to share with us? I know you must have said what was wrong with your grandchild, but I must have missed it somewhere? Why the feeding tubes? Would you mind telling me again, Sheila? Glad to hear that her father took good care of her, so you could just enjoy :goodvibes

Yes, it is definitely good for the soul to play like a kid once in awhile... :^:

The Jeep... I know!! :o !! I have thought of many different things that could have gone wrong, but didn't --- Thank you God! We would have gone into our home the way we have the driveway in front :o We definitely had Angels watching over us :^:

Bluet ~
I too hope you are feeling better real soon!
Here are some Big, big Get Well {{{Hugs}}} :grouphug:

Angel ~ How are you doing?
Hope all is going well and you are just a busy lady cleaning, cleaning, cleaning... ;)


As you all can see by the time I just couldn't sleep, but I'll be tired later - I have been up since 2:30, tried to go back to sleep - but just decided to get up and catch up while all is quiet. Joe got my dryer all fixed (he's my handy-dandy man :love: ) and I was able to get all the blankets dry and put back on the bed. And I have only one or two more loads to finish and I will be all caught up again for a day ;) It's amazing how fast two people can go through clothes... it's because I workout twice a day.

I am not sure what my Joe is doing today yet --- he hasn't said whether is is going to take off again. I was hoping he would so we could clean these windows together - the job goes so much faster when he does the outside & I do the inside. One of these days I am going to get those windows that you can flip to the inside. We had them in our old place and I got spoiled! Now I have the old ones here and they take forever to do. But when they are clean... I love the look --- as if the outside is coming in :D

Then this afternoon my girlfriends daughter, Sandy, is coming by to visit. She hasn't been over in a long while, so we have allot of catching up to do :yes: I look forward to her visit today :smug:

You ladies have a Wonderful Day today!!!
Big {{{Hugs}}} for you all :)


09-14-2004, 05:08 AM
Did any of you gals see Oprah's opening show yesterday???
Awesome show! She gave a car to each audience member!
I love happy shows like that.



09-14-2004, 12:33 PM

Hello everyone,

We had a very bad storm Sunday night. It tore the tarp off the roof, & my house was drowned again, for about the 3rd time. I kind of got upset & went to bed. When I got up Monday morning, all the water had been gotten up. DH said he didn't do it. So DS must have. I don't think he's seen me that upset in awhile.

Our daughter & her two little girls from South Alabama is coming tomorrow to stay a few days. The hurricane is headed straight for them. My grandson & his step-dad are going to weather the storm, & try to save the house from damage. They left the motor home (the one DH & I used) in storage at the beach...& now,it's in the direct path of the hurricane! Out in the elements. She said she knew it was replaceable, but, she was very sad...that they had such good memories with it. They bought it from our pastor & wife 2 yrs ago, & they are REALLY praying people! I reminded her of how many prayers had went up in that little motor home, & that it could possibly withstand the storms. If not, remember, God has a purpose. She seemed to feel better. She said she had prayed last night that God use it for his Glory...either way.
I don't know how safe they will be here. The hurricane is suppose to be here by Friday. With this unfinished house, & especially the roof! We'll just all do the best we can. I feel so sorry for the families who have suffered over it, already.

Sunny...sounds like you've had a full schedule! Enjoy your new things DH bought for you!!
Thanks for the encouragement....but, I'm not a star. Just small towns around here, & it helps the viewers to see people in person who are on the TV. Makes it more personal, when we sing a song for them, or pray for them. glad you had a good time. Especially getting to see your little "sweetie". She looks like an angel in the picture! Hope your dad is doing well.

Bluet...I really liked the picture you sent me. Thank you. You're a beautiful lady! Of course, I knew you would be...I could just tell.

Hope all of you have a good day. Maybe I'll have my mother & step-dad's appt & storage cleared out soon, & be back to normal. (whatever that is. :lol: )

09-14-2004, 05:03 PM
Hi Girls,

The accountant is coming tomorrow and I am running late today. Right after work I am getting my hair cut and then I have to go to the voting place and vote, our primary is today. So, I'll be late getting home tonight, but will talk to you all later this evening.


09-14-2004, 08:44 PM

SunnyD, did you have a good time with your friend? Hey, I've always wondered if those windows were as good as they looked, and from what you say, they were. At some point, I will own another house, and I'd love to have windows that are easy to clean. How do you put screens on them, though? Oprah looks like she has such a good time giving stuff away. I know I always love watching people open presents I give them--wouldn't it be fun to be able to make someone's dreams come true?

My granddaughter has a chromosome disorder called Trisomy 18 or Edwards Syndrome. She's part of the only 10% of kids born with this that live past the age of one. There's some information at this website: She was unable to suck so she had an NG tube first, then the G tube. Her teachers are trying to get her to eat, but she's very stubborn and clenches her mouth--it's kind of funny. She can't sit up or crawl, but she can roll over and she does 360s all over the floor. She's got a lot of heart defects and pulmonary hypertension so she's on oxygen fulltime. I didn't take the camera this time so no new photos.

Oh, Charlotte, how awful about your house--all that water again. It sounds so darn discouraging. I'm so glad that your son was around to get it cleaned up. I hope the hurricane bypasses your place, and I hope that the rest of your family stays safe, too. My new son-in-law is in Mississippi on the Gulf so he might be in for some pretty rotten weather, too. I guess the Navy takes all the ships out to sea in hurricanes so that they don't destroy the shipyard and the other ships.

Bluet, it's our primary today, too. I always get the absentee ballots so I don't go to the polls anymore, but my Dad and DH do. I reminded my Dad that last year he fell down and got all cut up so please don't do that again this year--he's already banged up enough! He made it back safe and sound.

I went to a new class at the Y called fluid movement, but I didn't like it at all so I got up, cleaned off my mat and went to the weight room to lift weights. I thought it might be a good stretching and range-of-motion class, but it was a lot of movements that were hard on me. Funny how I can do regular aerobics, but the class for people with chronic pain and illness was too tough!

Now that I've gotten three blood sugars behind me, I'm getting pretty good about sticking my Dad. Still hasn't had one reading in the normal range yet, though. I think I mentioned that he had his skin cancer removed, didn't I? Well, when they pulled the bandage off, they discovered the area was infected so now he's on antibiotics. I imagine the diabetes probably has something to do with the infection, but I don't know.

So we're considering getting another dog. Our little MinPin is so obnoxious and unfriendly (not to me, but to everyone else) and we miss our sweet, friendly dog so much. The one we're considering is an English Setter, which is a breed I really like. Not too smart, but very loving and very friendly. We'll see what happens!

Hope everyone is doing okay. It started out sunny here, but now it's turned into one of those gentle rains that Seattle is famous for.

09-15-2004, 12:02 AM
Good Evening,

Well, my hair is trimmed and I cast my vote for my party. Haven't done much this evening, read the paper and ate supper, that's about it.

Sheila it is so good to see you back safe and sound. Glad that you enjoyed your trip. I guess I did not know that Dad was diabetic and that you have to test his blood sugar. My Mom is diabetic and is careful about eating sugar and test her blood all the time too. My brother developed diabetes this year, he is 54, unfortunately he had to give up his favorite refreshment, a cold bottle of beer ;). He has started a walking program and has lost a lot of weight, even though he never had a weight problem to start with.

Charlotte, sometimes we just have to loose it to save our sanity. I am glad DS was there for you and cleaned up the water. I just was downstairs to ask DH a question and caught a glimpse of the weather. Ivan should be at the Mississippi Delta by this time tomorrow. I hope you and yours will be ok. Your DH will really have to batten down that tarp. I pray no more water gets into or damage is done to your home. Thank you for the compliment, you are so nice Charlotte.

SunnyD, my goodness up at 2:30 am, did you get a nap today? I would have been falling asleep on my feet. Everything went really smooth with the installation of my new computer. It doesn't have any bells or whistles, but it is faster and newer that my old one. I never ask for much, I am always very happy if someone does something nice for me. Of course as you probably can guess I never fail to get teary. Of course DS got a big hug and a little cash from the company for his time. :) Thank goodnes your brakes did not go out while you were on the freeway, I am so glad you made it home, and that you had a marvelous time being a kid again. I love to swing with my grand kids, there is something so comforting about a swing. I would really like to get my windows washed too before it gets too cold. It does work much better with two people working at it.

I am going to try to go into work tomorrow morning earlier :lol:. I never really manage, but I need to get a jump on that accountant before he show up.

Take care each one of you, have a good Wednesday. Puss is it raining on the plain in Spain? :cool:


09-15-2004, 12:07 AM
Oh Sheila, daughter and SIL next door had an English Setter "Alex" he died this summer. He was bred to be a show dog, he was very aloof and stuck up, and no personality at all. He would sit in the yard and watch birds 24/7 if you let him. His coat was black and white, a very handsome dog indeed.


09-15-2004, 11:41 PM

Had a busy day with the accountant.

Our third daughter had her baby today, she was in labor three hours and had a little boy 7 lbs 15 1/2 ozs 19 inches. I am really glad it is over for her. We are going to travel to Stevens Point tomorrow afternoon and then come back in the evening. I might not be back to the board until Friday. Talk to you all then.

Charlotte hope everyone is ok looks like Ivan is headed your way, or you are going to get a lot of rain :(

Sheila and SunnyD hello to you and best wishes, hope everything is ok in your neck of the woods.


PS DH and I now have 5 grandsons and 3 granddaughters

09-16-2004, 12:53 AM
Congratulations, Bluet! Only three hours of labor--wow! So how many grandkids does this make for you, and how many girls/boys? What are they naming him?

We ended up deciding not to get the dog. Somebody else expressed an interest in him, and we are still kind of on the fence about getting another dog. I think we're still in mourning for our old Molly.

Charlotte, hope you're doing okay tonight. My SIL is now in Chicago after being evacuated from Mississippi. My poor daughter has class and duty tonight so she won't get to see her husband until tomorrow.

Yucky weather around here, but it kind of matches the way I feel. I don't get my injections until Monday, and then it takes a couple of weeks for them to kick in. I've been pretty miserable the last month or so. Today I comforted myself with food. Luckily, I don't do that as often as I used to, but today I just needed my "friend," I guess. Gotta work on that. . .

Looks like fall is here for us. While I didn't like the heat of summer, I'm not ready for it to be over yet.

09-16-2004, 08:38 AM
Good Morning Angel, Bluet & Sheila,

I will catch up as soon as I am able to, my hubby has had some time off and so I am not on the computer as much. Just wanted you all to know, okay.

Charlotte ~ I am *PRAYING* for you and your family, friends and neighbors!! I see that Hurricane Ivan is sweeping over your state entirely!!! :o Please just know that you are in our thoughts and our prayers for your safety!!!

Much Love to all,


09-16-2004, 10:19 AM

Hello everyone,
Well, looks like Ivan is headed this way. We're not suppose to get the hurricane itself...but, some of the tropical storms & winds. We're being told to get everything prepared. School has been let out for the next 2 days, & it's already raining. DS has tried to fix the roof to not leak. Of course, if the winds get very strong, the tarp won't hold up. I just hope & pray the ROOF holds! Our daughter & her 2 little girls are here from close to Mobile. Her husband & son stayed home to ride out the storms. Her community is in the direct path of Ivan. If I don't post for awhile, you'll know I'm just busy, or without power.

Bluet...Congratulations!! You've been blessed!! We have 11 grands. :D 3 boys, & 8 girls. So proud for you & family. When you get back, tell us all about it. Be sure to get pictures for us. ;) You can show us your new hair-do, too!

Sheila...don't worry about the eating. Whatever makes you feel better when you're hurting, or sick....I think is a good excuse. Besides, after seeing your picture, you don't have a lot to worry about. ;) Hang in there...I know it's hard to wait for your injections...that's the way it is for my treatments. I'm doing fairly well these days. My next treatment is 2 weeks, I figure I got, maybe another "fair" week.
When I get more time, I'm going to go to that site you gave us. Thanks for posting it.

Fatpuss...WE MISS YOU!!

Sunny...Hope you're having a good week. Those windows you're talking about...that's the kind I've got! They open to the inside to clean, & I love them! We got a real good deal on them. Went to a warehouse in Huntsville, Al. It's a place where "overstocked" or "discontinued" items are sold at discount prices. We paid $45 each for them. Worth a lot more! I was happy to just get new windows that would open easily...but, this kind is a bonus. :D I may not have a roof...but, I have windows! :lol: Our children are planning a Saturday soon to all come over & work on the roof. Maybe we'll get it good enough for winter, anyway. It'll be fun, with all the grands here & grilling, & such. It'll be the first time we're ALL here for a long time. Our SIL is home & out of the army now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! has started to rain. Got a couple of leaks to take care of. Nothing too bad, yet. Remember, I'll be back when I can. Everyone take care.

**Sunny...thanks. Yes, we're in the path. Daughter just got a call that a large tree fell in her yard going through the garage & totalling their new truck! There's live power lines all around, so they don't know how much more damage. The eye of the hurricane hasn't reached their yet! Pray for them. She's upset.

09-16-2004, 08:51 PM
Charlotte, I'm praying that you and your family are doing okay, and that your roof and the tarp held up. Those hurricanes and tropical storms are scary, scary things, and so unpredictable. Get those buckets out.

Hey, you're sweet! :) After yesterday's dim sum, molasses cookie, Twix bar, bacon/cheddar potato wedges and milkshake, I'm back on track and eating well. I also feel better today--guess there's definitely a correlation. I had a great massage at the chiropractor's yesterday, and I think that helped a lot. Today I even swept and mopped the floor in the kitchen and the utility room. Haven't done that in way too long and it showed. I'm glad you're doing well so close to your next treatment. I just hate the ups and downs of chronic illness. I know I should be glad that I don't have anything life threatening, and really I am. On the other hand, I get so tired of being tired and in pain. Uh-oh, starting a pity party, aren't I?

Hope you're having a good day, SunnyD. And Bluet, I'm jealous of you going to see your sweet new grandson. Babies are so wonderful--especially when we can hand them back to their parents. :)

Puss, you better come back the minute you get home and let us know all about your trip. I bet you have some great stories to tell. What kind of trouble did you get into in Spain--inquiring minds want to know!

09-18-2004, 04:14 PM
Hey, all--

Charlotte, when you get a minute, please let us know how you and your family are doing after Ivan?

Ivan was actually a good thing for DD. Her DH got to evacuate to Chicago and spend some time with her. She had school and duty, but managed to see him a little bit, and they're spending today together, although she has to be back on the base by midnight. He goes back to Mississippi tomorrow. She also found out that she'll graduate on December 16, and be back in Norfolk to welcome his ship into port so that's a lot less time apart than they were expecting.

Bluet, how was the visit to see your new grandson?

Finally made it back to water aerobics today. While I did exercise a bit last week, it wasn't my usual hour plus of aerobics, and I could feel a difference in just a short time away.

After almost a week of checking my Dad's blood sugar, he finally got a reading in the normal range this morning. He's been running 145 - 200, and normal is 70-120. Today he was at 115 before breakfast, which is wonderful. I have no idea why the difference, but he was happy.

Has anyone used tart cherry concentrate to help with inflammation and sleep? A friend in Boise swears by the stuff so I found some yesterday and started taking it today. I hate drinking flavored liquids so it was tough to get it down, but I'm hoping it helps. She said her sciatica was cleared up as well as some other pains. My DH has been really achy lately, probably arthritic changes, and so I'm hoping it will help him, and for me, well, I pretty much try anything!

Hopefully you are all having a great weekend! Lots of rain here--wishing for a late "Indian Summer." :)

09-18-2004, 10:30 PM
Hello Everyone,

Sheila, sorry I have been absent so long. We didn't get back until really late Thursday and I have been just really tired.

I have been on the phone alot with my daughters. The baby's name is Adam Scott he weighed 7 lbs. 15 1/2" ozs. and is 19 inches long. Adam has some sort of breathing problem where he loses oxygen and then he is ok again. He can't go home from the hospital until the doctors resolve the problem. DD has not been able to hold him until today and was finally able to breast feed him for the first time today too. Whenever I talk to her on the phone she ends up crying. The doctors aren't acting like it is a really big concern, but the not knowing is really hard on her and SIL, they are staying at the hospital too, until Adam can go home.

I don't know anything about concentrated cherry juice, but I hope it works for you and DH Sheila.

Charlotte, when you get a chance, by all means let us know how things are going for you and your daughter in Alabama. So sorry about the hurricane. Everything looks so devastated on the news.

Sunny D, hope you are having another fun filled weekend. Wonder what adventure you and Joe are up to today.

Puss, Hope you haven't taken up residence in Spain. It has been a long two weeks.

Take care everyone, talk to you all tomorrow.


09-19-2004, 05:32 AM

Morning Ladies!
Wow... I have a bit of catching up to do, haven't I :yes: It's 4am and again I am up. I slept well till 3:45 (I think I am too excited about the day today :lol: ) and then just decided to get up and try to catch up here.


It's been a busy week days here in our little home... let's see... ...
Monday ~ Joe took off and we took the jeep in to be repaired (brakes went) and then when Joe and I got home he ended up repairing and cleaning out my gas dryer & then took apart my leaky faucet and fixed that. And he finished painting the stained area of our ceiling and put the frame back up, now that we have the new roof and no more leaks :) And I spent the day catching up with laundry and cleaning... We also did some shopping later that afternoon/early evening.
Tuesday ~ Joe went back to work, but I was still folding clothes and cleaning. Then I got a visit from my friends oldest daughter, Sandy. That was so nice... it had been a long time since she last visited me. Then we had our church practice for our small group from 7 - 9pm. and I began to feel ill by the time we got home :( (overtired I think).
Wednesday ~ I didn't feel very well in the morning, but my noon I was doing so much better (darn gut anyway!). Lisa (Sandy's sister) came by and picked me up (still no jeep) and we went to see the movie *Cellular* with Kim Basinger - pretty good movie... entertaining anyway. Then we went to have a late lunch together and had a wonderful day. When I got home I had to get allot of book-work caught up and almost did.
Thursday ~ Joe took the day off again and we spent the whole day HOME!!! So nice! :smug: We got allot of little chores done that we really had been putting off - boy, that sure felt good! Made some phone calls ( Ins. Companies - you know... them kinda calls - yuk! :p ) Joe replace my broken toilet seat with a new one :D and he finished the kitchen faucet that he started on Monday ( it works so well now & looks so nice even though it's old :) ) So that was the whole day --- just doing stuff that needed to be done, but to many things to mention it all --- we even had time to enjoy an afternoon nap with our kitties :D It's also the day we began to really watch Ivan on the weather channel... we were so concerned for everyone!! In Florida, Alabama, the Carolina's & on up the East Coast. We even got hit pretty hard on Friday with high winds and rains! But it didn't last --- it was a beautiful day Saturday and will be again today --- very Fall-like. Never even knew there was a storm ~ we feel very blessed! So many lost so much from this storm and now there's another on it's way... those poor people in Florida!!!
Friday ~ I spent the morning paying bill's and preparing for the shock ($$$) of paying the mechanic for the jeep when it was ready. We finally went to pick up the jeep at around 4:00pm and there were allot of repairs to be done --- it was really in bad shape according to our mechanic... mostly salt damage for the last three winters we've had here. Nothing Joe could have done short of taking the car to a car wash 3 - 4x's a week (not!). We had new everything put on! A whole new brake system --- $786.00 later :o But that's okay... We feel allot safer now & blessed to have a good friend for a mechanic (it could have cost us allot more!).
Saturday ~ It was sunny with the bluest of skies, 70* and a blustery day here in Ohio... Just beautiful!!! We went to breakfast in the morning with our pals, Mike & Peg, and then went to grocery shop all together (so much more fun that way). We got a corn stalk and a bale of hay to put near our front steps for the Fall... soon we will be getting a few pumpkins to add to our Fall decorations outdoors (it's way too early right now for buying pumpkins & having them last till the end of Oct.). So much fun to do!

Ohhh, I almost forgot... :o Today ~ after church we are going to a place for breakfast called *Nifty Fifties* in Madison, Ohio :cp: It's a restaurant that serves breakfast with a fifties decor, playing fifties music --- I cannot wait to go there!!!! :dance: We will be going with our pals, Mike & Peg... did I say that I can't wait to go :D I just love the fifties!!!


Angel is doing okay... considering... I sent her a PM to let her know we were praying for her. And here is part of her response to me, just so you all know what happened. Angel wrote on 9-17-04: Hello friend,
Thank you for the prayer request on the threads. So far, although it's been rough, & power was out yesterday....all is still together at my house. I'm afraid my daughter (her & 2 little girls are here) didn't do so well. They are about 1 1/2 hrs this side of Mobile & in the direct path of Ivan. A small town...Thomasville. The entire town was hit hard. A lot of the stores, beauty shop, etc, she goes to, was destroyed. 4 large trees in her yard blown over...including one very large that hit her house, going through the carport onto their new truck...probably totaled. She had a motor home in storage at Gulf Shores.........
She doesn't know all the damages yet. Her husband can only call from his cell phone, & reception is terrible. Just keep praying. We're so thankful our family is all still alive. That's the main thing. It's hard to see our children hurting, though.
Take care of yourself.
*Continued Prayers* Angel!

Now to catch up with you all ;)
To be continued...


09-19-2004, 06:29 AM
Angel ~ Just want you to know that we are all *Thinking of you* and your Dear Family in hopes that all stay safe and will recover real soon from all the damage... I have seen allot of reports on the weather channel and they have not been good at all. So many areas hit so very hard. *God Bless you All!* & *Prayers!*

Sheila ~ Thank you for the link to your Dear Grand-daughters illness... I never knew!!! From the article, you are all so very Blessed to still have her with you as each day passes. She is such an adorable & beautiful child from the pictures --- I will keep her in my prayers!! Thank you again for enlightening me. My nephew has Downs Syndrome and it is mentioned in the article, because it too has to do with chromosomes. Only Downs is not always life threatening (always depends on the severity of heart damage in the child).

Don't we all have binge days?:o? I thought it was normal :lol: I think it's okay once in awhile as long as it doesn't become a daily habit... you'll be fine, Sheila. Did you enjoy it :smug:? That's very important ya know ;)

Oprah ~Yeah... wouldn't it be great to have enough $$$ to share like that with everyone!?? I know I too love to give and it would be such a great feeling to do that! I just love her give-away shows! Don't always enjoy her sad ones though, I may watch for a bit (depending on the show), but if it gets to be too much for me I have to change the channel to *Ellen* or something else. I like having *Joy* in my home and watching too much sadness can bring you down, you know.

How is your DFather doing? Have you figured everything out for him? Is testing him getting better? Yes, the area of infection is from his diabetes. Allot of times they do not heal well from sores or surgeries if it's not under control. I had an Aunt who lost her legs to it, because she did not follow her diet... very sad. I saw that Glucerna (not sure of the spelling) is a beverage to help with Diabetes (you can buy it at Wal-Mart) if it helps. It's a meal supplement. My father is dealing with it too & my mother has to test him everyday --- came on from age. I do hope your father is doing better with his numbers.

Never heard of tart cherry concentrate to help with inflammation and sleep... maybe I should look into it for my gut and the lack of sleep I have had lately?? Have you tried it yet? Where do you get it? Health Food or Vitamin Shoppe? I will give it a try once - especially if it's natural.

Soooo, are you still thinking of getting another pup, huh?? English Setter? I have a friend who's first English Setter had to be put down from biting (they couldn't figure out why, but he was too dangerous to keep or give away). They have another - a female - and she is just beautiful!! So loveable!! I adore animals!! I know that when I lost my Tang-kitty I mourned a long time and still think of them all (lost 3 kitties)... it will take some time to get over your beautiful Molly. I am thinking of you :grouphug

Bluet ~ Congrats to you on another grandbaby :flow2: A baby boy... How exciting! Adam Scott... what a lovely name! Did you get allot of pictures when you visited? I bet he's a pretty baby! I am so happy for your DD that is was a pretty short labor --- only 3 hours! And such a healthy weight. I am happy for you all :smug: Maybe Adam has under-developed lungs... I know that they will keep a baby for that reason... till he breathes easily on his own. I will keep him and your DD in my prayers that she will have her baby healthy & safely home soon! I bet she is so tired and that makes dealing with things so much harder.

Nope :no: , I never got in a nap on the day I got up at 2:30 and I probably won't today either. But I will be home tomorrow and I will have a chance to catch up with myself a bit then. Tomorrow evening (about 5ish) my girlfriend, Peg, will be by and we are going shopping at the wholesale club. She has some things to get and I will just be going for the fun of going with her (wanna bet I find something to buy too ;) ).

So glad all went well with your new computer... that's okay to get teary-eyed, you are such a sweet person! You make me smile! We never did get our windows washed that day... Joe had to go to work and it began to rain... there will be another day. It's nice this weekend, but there's too much going on to be washing windows.


Well ladies, I must be going ~ the alarm is going off for me to get up and get ready for church... you all have a lovely day today!

*May the Lord Bless You and Keep You Safe & Healthy*


09-19-2004, 06:36 AM
Where have you been, sweetie:?: ????
Come back as soon as you are able to!
We sure do MISS YOU!!!!!



09-19-2004, 02:45 PM
Bluet, your poor daughter! Besides all the trauma of giving birth, to have to deal with a baby with breathing problems is just so tough. I hope the docs can figure out what is causing his apnea and deal with it so they can all go home. That must have been so hard on her to not be able to hold him. I hope things are better today.

SunnyD, what a busy week you've had. It's a good feeling to get all those chores done, I bet. You'll have to take a photo of your entry so we can see how you decorate. I admire you talented folk who can do stuff like that.

Thanks for letting us see how Charlotte is doing. I've been worrying about her and her family. I hope the damages to her daughter's house aren't too severe. The carport and truck are bad enough!

Yup, my granddaughter is definitely a little miracle. I do get a touch jealous of other grandmas who get to go and do stuff with their grandkids, but I am so thankful that she's still with us. Her Dad said that she's taught him so much--patience and unconditional love to name just a few things.

I'm with you on the "joy" in the home. My Dad was going on about the news this morning and I finally said, isn't there anything good in the news? He said, well, not that I remember! I prefer heartwarming stories of people doing good works. I know they're out there!

Have to share a couple of funny things I did yesterday. Must be old age. I did a load of laundry, then when I took it out of the washer to put in the dryer, I thought, you know, I don't think I put any detergent in the washer. I spent so much time using the Spray 'n Wash and other stain treatments that I completely forgot the soap. So back in the washer again for a second round. Then we got my daughter a birthday card (she turns 21 next Sat.) and I put a check in the card, addressed it, sealed it up, and put it out for my Dad to mail (he goes to the P.O. every day). About an hour later I sat at my desk, picked up a check and realized it was Erin's birthday check. I'd enclosed the payment for our burglar alarm in her card. Wouldn't she have been happy with that! We tried steaming the envelope open, but my DH ended up cutting it instead. I can just see that triggering some big alarm at the P.O. or at the Navy base mail station.

So today is a few chores, then we're going to watch a movie at 2:00 pm on HBO. Normally I don't watch movies in the afternoon, but it's cold and rainy and a movie sounds really good. Yesterday I watched football for a couple of hours (I love college football), but when Washington started to lose, I decided to do some housework instead.

I will let you know, SunnyD, how the cherry concentrate works. We're going to take it in the evening because my DH got really sleepy after drinking his. It's supposed to help with sleep so it makes sense to take it closer to bedtime. The acid in it bothered my stomach, unfortunately, and if you have a hard time with fruit, it wouldn't be good to try.

Have a good Sunday, everyone! Charlotte, hope you get back online soon, and I'm really thankful that none of your family were hurt.

Puss, are you recovering from your vacation?

09-19-2004, 09:40 PM

Spoke to DD a little while ago, Adam is doing ok, he had one oxygen episode last evening. She is really worried for when he is circumcised, because the episodes seem to come on when he is sucking very quickly or crying hard. She just really fell apart on the phone this afternoon. I wanted to go up this weekend, but she said to wait until they come home, so I can help her more that way. I have to confess, I am really worried about her, and Adam of course. She is concerned when she brings Adam home, that what if he has breathing problems. She always was a worrier, she gets that from me, I am sure.

SunnyD, I could never keep up with you, you are one busy young lady. Thank you for sharing your message from Charlotte. The people in those southern states have a heavy load to bear, it doesn't seem possible that there could be so many hurricanes one after another. Joe is such a blessing to you (of course you know that). It is wonderful when your spouse is so handy with fixing things.

Sheila, I watched grandchildren next door today, while DH and DD and SIL went to the Packer game. Youngest granddaughter has allergies and after her nap her eyes were stuck shut and she was running a slight temp. DD thinks the slight temp is from cutting some more teeth. Granddaughter will have her birthday next week Tuesday, she will be one year old. I am glad to hear that you do so silly things too, I thought it was just me, odd as it may seem I washed a load of whites yesterday twice too because I couldn't remember if I put detergent in the first time. I might have to start writing everything down so I don't forget, that would be a real chore wouldn't it?

Well I am going to call DD back now to see how she is doing, I promised I would call this evening.

Take care everyone. Hey, Puss, how was Spain?


09-20-2004, 09:21 AM

Good Morning Ladies :) Well, since we are sharing laundry stories... :dizzy: how about this one... ... ... I have gotten to where I was just about done laundry and had one load left and the last load was a load of cleaning rags, well I got the load done and then totally forgot they were in the washer till I could smell something musty in the laundry-room. I couldn't believe I had forgotten to put the load into the dryer! And this was in the middle of some very hot weather too. So when I opened the lid to the washer, goodness gracious, the smell (!) ~ it had mildew growing on it... ewwwwwwwwwe! :p To say the least I had to throw them all into the garbage (they were pretty bad, even after I had washed them with bleach) --- good thing they were rags! :D I hope it has nothing to do with age :D Sometimes things just happen... so that we have stories to tell ;)


Sheila ~ Ohhhh, we don't have anything special with our entry or our home, but I will get some pictures for you all to share of our home soon ;)

I just :lol: laughed so hard reading about what you did with DD's birthday check! My mother did the same thing!! She sent me a check for her cable :lol:

What movie did you catch on HBO? I like watching movies and catching up with my magazines when it's rainy out. Hope you enjoyed your quiet time, that's what Sundays are for --- rest :)

Please do keep me up on that cherry juice ;) Joe could have used it last night!!! He got a call at 9:30 (just before we went to bed!) and it upset him... problems with personalities among some of the music directors at our church... uggg. Joe is in charge of them all, but we have told them not to call at night after 9pm. I suggested to Joe to let the machine take it when the phone rang, but he answered it and then after the call said, "I should have listened to you and let the machine take it." He had their problems on his mind all night and has a full day today at work. I pray he will be safe today, because he was so tired.

About your DGrandaughter: I bet it is hard not to be able to play with her the way most do with their grandbabies... but it sounds like her father has done allot of growing up with her, so cool --- something what comes from difficult situations. Do you have other grandchildren? You may had said, but I have forgotten :sorry:

Surrrre there are heartwarming stories out there ;), but you would never know it by our media!!! That's why I watch allot of HGTV, A&E, The WEATHER CHANNEL or TVLAND (I love the classic shows & movies!) --- like yesterday, when we got home from our breakfast out with our friends Joe & I watched a *Bewitched* marathon! From the first show till we went to bed. It was great to see them all again! We loved that program and I thought that Elizabeth Montgomery was absolutely adorable!

Bluet ~ I am so relieved to hear that your grandbaby, Adam, is doing better... I will keep your DD in my prayers along with Adam that all will smooth out and he breathes easier. Do you think that the baby is picking up on her anxiety? There have been many articles about how much a baby picks up signals from his or her mother. I will keep them both close in prayer and in thought. Is Adam home now???

You both are welcome! I know how much I worried about Charlotte and her family (praying like crazy for them)! She has had so much happen in her life through the years, and has come through it all like a trooper. Every time she gets her head above the waters (so to speak) something else seems to happen to her. I really think the devil tests those of strong spiritual beliefs and Angel is being picked on by him... but she is strong and is being protected by God & a survivor without a doubt! I admire her very much with all that she has had to endure and how she still shows her love for our Lord and others.

You ALL are such lovely ladies!!!
It has been such a *Joy* getting to know you in this last year. I reached a 1 Year Anniversary here on 3fatchicks in August, where did the time go!

Hey there Bonnie... I see that this month makes 1 year for you too :)
*Happy Anniversary* on 3fatchicks this month :cp:

Thinking of you Angel! :grouphug:

Catch you all later...
Have a Great Day!

09-20-2004, 11:47 AM
Goodness!! What LOVE I felt on this thread when I read it today! Thank you all for your concern & prayers!
Our biggest problem here at our house was the power outtage. In fact, a lot of the towns around us are still without power. We had a house full here. Two daughters & a son, & their children. Spaghetti was cooked on the grill in my new, unfinished garage ;) They found a dry corner. :D I had just thawed the ground beef, when the power went off. We made it ok, other than a little worried during some very high winds & rain. Oh....if you ever need to put air in an air mattress without power for the pump...take a garbage bag....wave it around to fill with air...hold tightly on the hole of mattress, & squeeze the air in!! Took about ten bags of air! :D My DH & DS are geniuses!! They talked about putting a patent on the idea. :lol:
A lot of the people in the different towns around us are helping each other. I saw one neighbor with power, putting food in their freezer from the neighbor, who didn't have they wouldn't lose what they had put away for the winter! Folks around these parts have always helped each other, like that.
Our daughter's house was hit, as Sunny showed. (thanks, Sunny) She called us back yesterday....said they are living very primitively in their house. No power, or water (pump run by electricity), etc. They went to Gulf Shores & found their motor home without a single scratch on it!! They were in shock!! I had told her several times, that they had bought it from our former pastor & wife, who prayed continuosly in that little motor home, & I felt like it could withstand the storm. She said she knew it COULD, but really didn't expect it to! I just had a feeling about it....hard to explain. She remembered what I had told her. She's a good little christian, & maybe this will help strengthen her faith & help with the days ahead... & help her husband...who isn't. IS hard to believe we've been here a year! I started a year ago in June! I was in that little, bitty, camper. Boy, I hated that thing! It was loaned to us by some good friends...& we hated to say no. So, we used it a couple of months. :^: I read all of your posts...& ARE busy!!

Bluet...Sorry your little grandson is having problems. I'm praying for him. I'm also praying for your daughter & you. I know what it's like to have a child upset & you can't be there with them in person.

Sheila...I could fill this post up with funny things I do all the time. Some of it is age, I guess, but I believe stress can do a lot of it too! At least, we can laugh at ourselves! I'm anxious to find out more about that drink also!

Fatpuss...have fun!!

Beautiful weather the week end & today! Talk to all of you, later!

09-20-2004, 09:57 PM
Hey, Charlotte, that's great about the mobile home, and sure makes a person think! I'm glad their house is still standing, and that all of you survived with not much loss. I'm betting after roughing it for a while that camping won't be a big priority with anybody. Sounds like your tarps held up okay, or at least the bucket brigade was doing a good job. That's too funny about the garbage bags. A good thing to remember!

Bluet, I think that most apneas clear up within a week or so after birth, but the hospital can send them home with a monitor. If the monitor goes off, then just moving the baby usually starts them breathing again. My granddaughter had a monitor on for the first couple of months, but had only one apnea episode after she got home (three weeks in the NICU). It's hard for new moms not to stress--I'd probably be a basket case myself if anything had happened to my kids.

Poor little GD! Sounds almost like a sinus infection. I bet she was miserable. Hope she feels better by her first birthday. First birthdays are so much fun. I remember both my kids first birthdays. I didn't meet my oldest son until he was four (and we didn't live together from when he was about 7 until he was almost 20), but I remember the first birthday I spent with him. I made him a train cake. Now, I'm not artistic at all so it was a real labor of love. When he came to live with us in Colorado, he turned 20 a couple of months after he came, and he wanted a train cake. It was so sweet that he remembered that train cake after 16 years.

Ewww, SunnyD! I've done that before with laundry and it was so stinky! I keep my cat boxes in the laundry room and kept thinking it was them, but cleaning and changing them didn't help. That first whiff out when you open the washer--phew! I'm sure glad to know that I'm not the only one who does silly stuff like forget detergent and enclose the wrong check. I'm happy to say I remembered before I sent that check--what did you do when you got the cable check? I bet you laughed like crazy! I don't know that my DD would be that forgiving at age 21. Takes a more mature person to see the humor in it.

We watched Mona Lisa Smile, which was a pretty good. Did you see Oprah today? I cried! Makes me want to see that movie, Ladder 49, too.

Well, what a crummy day I had. Had to go to the neuro for my botox shots. The first shot I screamed and said "get it out!" It hurt so bad. Then I started hyperventilating, which I've never done before. Got a bit lightheaded. The doc sent me home and told me to take a sedative and come back in the afternoon. I ended up taking a sedative and a half, and made it through the rest of the injections. That's the worst it's ever been. I used to be able to tolerate them, but the last few times have been incredibly painful. I think I'm going to dope myself up good when I go in December. Of course, then I was kind of out of it the rest of the afternoon, and it was a nice afternoon, too, when I should have been outside pulling weeds. Oh, well. Felt bad, too, because my DH had to take off work twice today to take me to the neuro, and then he has to take off again to drive me to another doctor tomorrow. And when I'm in pain, I'm really a "witch" with a capital "B." Gotta work on that. . .

Well, going to take the dog for a short work. It's the most I can manage tonight. Hope everyone is doing okay on this Monday!

09-21-2004, 12:03 AM
Hi Ladies,

Thank you all for your warm support. You are just all the sweetest best people I know. A whole year, can you imagine we have known each other for a whole year, what an honor.

Adam and his Mom are doing much better, you were right Sheila, now they are working on his color and he has been under the lights and eating a lot and tomorrow he will be circumcised, and if all goes well in the afternoon they can finally go home. SIL is taking the rest of the week off to help DD with Adam, and my other DD's and I will take turns going to Stevens Point to help her out. Thank you, Thank you, for all your prayers, you are so appreciated.

Sheila, I am sorry that you have to endure such pain when you get your shots. I am sorry, but I had to smile when you said your doctor said to go home and take a sedative, it sounded like something they would say on a TV show. I know it is not funny, but you made me smile anyway and I am glad it is over for you. Grandbaby has a double ear infection, and the doctor gave her an antibiotic and drops for her eyes. I stopped on the way home tonight to see how she is doing and she was trying to play, even though she doesn't feel well and her eyes were tearing as though she was crying. She is so sweet and good natured. I loved the story of your Step-grandson and the train cake. You really are a neat Grandma.

Charlotte, well lady I sure am glad that you and yours are ok. I know about that no electricity thing for days. It ain't no picnic that I can tell you. One is never so thankful for electricity once it comes back on. It is a wonderful thing to see everyone helping one another during a crisis. Spagehtti, on the grill, that is an interesting concept. I bet it was really tasty too. Yes, we were all worried about you during the hurricane. I never would have thought to fill bags with air and use that to fill an air mattress. Trying times usually bring out the best in us.

SunnyD, up again in the wee hours. It has been wonderful getting to know you. You were brave enough to join us, even though you are the baby of the group, I am so glad you did. We know we can always depend on you for a prayer when times are tough and an uplifting message to keep us going. That is what good friends do for one another and you are a good friend. I love your Joe and Donna stories, you two are good for one another, and an excellent pair.

Well, I am going to go check on the Minnesota and Philadelphia game on Monday night football. I am hoping Philadelphia wins. Noooooo, there is no rilvary between the Vikings and the Packers. yeah right. ;)

Chat with you all again tomorrow. Puss, you just don't know how much fun you are missing here, with the hurricanes, our aches and pains, shots that hurt, failed brakes on jeeps, a newborn with apnea, on and on, while you vacation away in sunny Spain. Come home you naughty girl. :D


09-21-2004, 10:56 AM

A very Gooood Morning Gals!

Yesterday was a bust for me... I didn't do anything! I felt very tired, so I just did allot of sitting (out on our porch) catching up with the Sunday paper and some of my magazines. It was such a lovely day to do that!!! We are going to have another great weather :sunny: day today!! This could go on all winter for me :D (well... except for the week of Christmas - we need snow then, it's sooo beautiful!).


You are so welcome Angel! I am glad to see that you are doing okay - considering. I hope it won't take your DD too long to recoup from this storm! I loved hearing about the mobile home being protected ;) So cool :cool: And that spag. dinner sounded like FUN!!! I have always found it fun to do things differently when challenged... I remember when Joe & I first married and we went over-seas the first 6 months of our marriage, we had nothing! No furnishings, no appliances... nothing. We brought a broken ref. home and Joe patched it up and got it going for us. Then he found a three legged skillet (the kind you plugged in and set the temp on a dial) fixed it and that is what I used for cooking meals (I did a mighty find job too, if I say so myself ;) ). And for a table & chairs in the kitchen ~ we used old barrels to sit on and a headboard from a bed for the table top.... awww, those were the days! Oh... our bed was a mattress we bought (only new thing) to put right onto the floor - no box-spring or headboard and a meg-shift dresser I made myself with extra wood and shelf lining :smug: - but we loved it cuz we did it all on our own! And we remember those days fondly.

Happy *1 year Anniversary* to you toooo, Angel... where does the time go???

Sheila ~ I saw that movie too... I thought it was pretty good. Isn't that with Julia Roberts?

YES!!! I did see *Oprah* and cried like a baby! I knew that Mattie had passed away and wondered why Oprah had not mentioned it on her show and then she did yesterday! How very sad, but touching... I have a CD with his poems being read in the background to the music, what an awe inspiring child he was. He touched many lives and brought many to God in such a short time on this planet. God Bless His Mother... I too look forward to seeing that new movie with John Travolta in it *Ladder 49* --- looks good!

I guess I don't understand why you are getting Botox, Sheila... what is it doing to help you? I must have missed something in one of your posts... :dizzy: So sorry it's painful like that! Ouch!!! :fr: I have those witchy days too... don't feel bad. I don't have them as often as I use to, but when I do --- better *watch-out* and steer clear of me... when I get like that, I try stay home and away from others if I can till it passes. I don't like being that way either. Pain does that to people! You will feel better today... you will see :sunny: I hope you enjoyed that walk with your pup. Are you still thinking of getting another pup?

Bluet ~ You are so very welcome!! (((Hugs))) Hope that all goes well with Adam's circumcision and that soon your DD & her hubby will be able to bring him home and enjoy their new son.

As for the wee hours... I slept in this morning till 7:00!!!! :smug: I am usually up at 5:30, but it sure did feel good to sleep in!!! I went to bed allot later then usual - had to watch *CSI-Miami's* new season show last night!!! I really enjoy those CSI shows and the *Without a Trace* show... just love the Thursday night line up!! *Survivor* - *CSI* - & *Without a Trace*... I record them for Joe, he has to get up too early to stay up with me.

Yes, it has been fun hanging around more... I have myself a bit more organized, so I don't feel so overwhelmed now. I do enjoy posting here with you all and getting to know you better also. I just love the thought of being the *baby* of the thread ;)

Our Cleveland Browns lost to Dallas on Sunday and we lost a major player to a broken leg :fr: Bummer! You know how that changes the whole team when a member is hurt... especially when it's a major player! I hope they keep doing well. They had a great opening game!


Later Gals...
I have some exercising to do this morning :) :tread:


09-21-2004, 11:02 AM

Oh Sheila...I am sooo sorry you hurt that way with your shots! I felt so sorry for you while reading your post. Hope you're feeling better. I know what you mean about the guilt. I have to have someone take off work to take me for my treatments. That's why I keep trying to find a way of taking care of myself. I also feel guilty about DH. Not just when he takes off work...but, things around here that needs to be done. So simply a task for others....

Sunny...I meant to comment on your sleeping problems earlier. I'm up a lot of nights. Most of the time, I try to go to sleep, but get up & on the pc. Sometimes, I never even go to bed. I don't take naps, in hopes I'll be sleepy enough for the following night. There are times, though, that I go 3-4 days with no, or as little as 2-3 hours sleep. I've noticed most of the time it starts about 2 weeks before treatment time....which is in 2 weeks. :^:

Bluet....Hope that grandson is still doing well. When my son was born (25 years ago), he had to have his blood exchanged 3 times. It was from the RH factor. Dr wouldn't circumcise him then, because of him going through so much. We had to take him back when he was 2 yrs old....& it was rough on him. So, I'm so glad they are able to do it now.

Sheila....or Bluet....We're needing a new thread. :D If you want me to do it...let me know. Just taking a long time to open. Hope everyone has as beautiful weather as we're having today!! :)

09-21-2004, 10:19 PM
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