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08-29-2004, 01:47 PM
As summer winds down what summer memory/memories do you most treasure?

08-29-2004, 01:56 PM
There are so many but I think my favorite is when the kids were younger and we spent so much time at the beach flying kites. I have some special memories of them and their dad, we were very, very close. Now that they are older and doing their own thing I am lucky to have a lunch date once in a while or a movie date and I do cherish those.

I also cherish the memories of growing up and spending a lot of time with my moms family, not just in the summer time but through the year. My grandma was very special to me, as were/are my Aunts and Uncles and my grandpa. Of course my grandma, grandpa and and Uncle has since passed. I remember everyone being at my grandmas and the kids usually ended up going home with someone other than their parents. It was fun! Then we would all go back to grandmas the next day for a big dinner.

08-29-2004, 05:20 PM
When I was a kid, my sisters and I would go to a neighborhood park called Lester Square and play til lunch, go home for lunch and then right back to the park. We did crafts, played tetherball, swung, and wore ourselves out! Then we'd catch lightening bugs (fireflies) but not pull them apart - we'd let them go.

My favorite summer as a teen was the summer I was 15. I had a blast! It was all good clean fun. A bunch of us teens hanging out, not a care in the world. Going to the drive-in with the speaker on the car window, lol. Swimming in Mayall's pond... old Mr. Mayall running us out, lol.

But my most favorite are all the summers spent with my own children and grandkids, watching them grow and learn. Priceless memories....

08-29-2004, 11:39 PM
The summer nights when everything gets still and you can hear the bugs and frogs making music. Especially those drive-in movie nights w/soon to be DH. The picnics the kids and I used to have in the back yard or occasional trips to the zoo. That wonderful feeling of freedom but eagerly waiting for school to begin again in September.

08-30-2004, 01:06 AM
I love to listen to the night sounds during summer. It's never too cold to sit outside and just take it all in.....the crickets, the frogs...rustling in the bushes..(ok..that's scary, but..)

This time of year, I'm just so ready for Fall to begin and seeing all the leaves turn into colorful views!

08-30-2004, 02:11 AM
Summer, even though I had a sad lonely childhood being an only child and having to play and entertain myself, I still have some good memories.
I remember playing squirt guns with my dad and getting him so wet and laughing so hard I thought my eyes would bulge out. I remember having a big garden and helping my dad harvest the beans and having King bean wars with him to pass the time and make it more fun. King bean is where you each take a bean and one makes a U shape out of it and the other ropes theirs around it with the same shape and the first one to snap is the loser and the other is the KING BEAN. My daddy would also plant Kolirabi just for me since I ate it like apples and I would also go in the corn field for a sweet raw corn snack. Good times. There is nothing better than fresh raw corn, it is sooo sweet and juicy. We had a Huge Garden and Huge Royal Ann cherry tree in the middle of it. I would climb up high and make myself a sitting spot to read and look out over the garden and when I got hungry, I would just reach over and grab some cherries. My mom said when I was 6 I ate so many when we harvested them that when you knocked on my tummy, it would just thud. hee hee I love fruit. My dad also made me a two story playhouse with a huge sand box on the first floor and a house and deck on the second. It was taller than our house and attached to it was a slide as tall as it was with a huge swing set the same size. he worked so hard with it, all the metal cutting and welding. My dad is a genius. It was 100 times sturdier and well made than the stuff you buy at the store. Those were good times by myself in that house. Me and my cousin used to swing and see who could get the highest and then jump off, flying thru the air. It was hard on that grass, but it was fun and worth the thrill and scabs. Come to find out that the bit of grass we were landing on was a concret slab that was covering an old septic tank and only had about 6 inches on dirt and grass above it. hee hee Kids.. I also remeber taking wax paper and riding it on the slide to fly off the end so fast you would land 10 feet away. It was fun to try and land on your feet instead of your face and dodge the piles of dog doo. hee hee. This thread is good. I love thinking back to the fun stuff I did in the summer. You are never as happy as you are at age five and such. Back when kids played outside and had imaginations and summers were spent in the great outdoors, making forts in the bushes and getting dirty and actually being bone tired at the end of the day, because you played your little heart out. I better stop being all nostalgic, otherwise I will be posting all night. hee hee. Thanks for this thread Cristi

09-09-2004, 02:35 AM
* Bump* for the new people and the old that haven't shared.

da fat n da furious
09-10-2004, 12:32 AM
What I love of summers are, waking up to a warm sunny room, and comeing down stairs to cool floors, and then with a big cup of coffee sticking on my deck....
I don't worry as much about house work during the summer,,,we eat more salads which is easy to make and lots of fruit...where as in the winter its cold and I feel hot meals are needed more.