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08-28-2004, 11:19 PM
I am so confused. There are so many items on the market that seem to be low or no carb, but not sure if I could eat it. Like I found a a candy bar with 1 gm carb. Is that allowed? I know when book was written there was not all these things to buy that are low or no carb but no in book. I know I should be going by list in book, but there is so much out there that was not there before. HELP! :twirly:

Any feedback is much needed...thanks

08-28-2004, 11:27 PM
There have been some updates to the book. Check out the FAQ section of the site. Many of the products that are on the market right now are not South Beach appropriate. Allow SBD limits carbs in Phase 1, it really is not a low-carb diet. It is a way of eating that, after Phase 1, reincorporates healthy carbs. I think of it as very healthy, "clean" eating.

Beware, as you may "hear" some people scream FRANKENFOOD when you speak of many products that are currently on the market. (We won't mention any names, RUTH!) :lol:

08-28-2004, 11:28 PM
I think my problem is that I ony bought the SB Guide and not the book. Maybe I should get it. A few friends said that the book was not really needed. What do you all think?

08-28-2004, 11:31 PM
I think I would do both. I only have the book, which is quite informative. The guide, however, I think may be helpful as a quick reference. What do you all think?

08-29-2004, 12:28 AM
I have just the book and I keep learning new information that seems to be from either the guide or some update. If I could find the guide I would def. do both because I've screwed up several times which could have been easily avoided.

08-29-2004, 12:42 AM
A lot of heavily processed foods contain sugar alcohols which are not allowed. SB Diet encourages eating a range of whole natural foods like lean meat and chicken, fish and shellfish, eggs, low fat dairy, vegies, whole grain breads, nuts, legumes and fruit. The foods high in carbs are very limited in phase one and reintroduced in phase two at a rate whereby you still lose weight. It is a lifestyle change. I use very little processed food now and rely on herbs and spices to season food.

08-29-2004, 09:05 AM
Some of the heavily processed foods (especially ones made for Atkins) contain saturated and trans fats that we should not be eating. Dr. A has addressed the candy bars in some of his talks and he does not approve of them.

08-29-2004, 09:10 AM
I just have to do this!
Eat REAL food, not highly processed ones, and you'll be just fine.

08-29-2004, 09:16 AM

08-29-2004, 09:18 AM know me!

08-29-2004, 09:53 AM
if you read the ingriediants and they start of with a syrup or chemical, RUN!
I ate a low carb health bar as a snack and then read the label. It was all chemicals then said wheat in one of the very last things listed. I would pack low fat cheese sticks and nuts to snack on. And eat as natural as possible. It always tastes so much better.

08-29-2004, 01:18 PM
I think the general rule is that if something is specially made to be low carb/no carb, then it is a no. If something is naturally low carb/no carb and low in saturated fat, then it is a yes.

08-29-2004, 09:14 PM
Nelie great way to remember THANKS!!

08-29-2004, 09:21 PM
Ughh, just ate too many of those Frankenfoods... sf chocolate covered almonds and a regular choc chip cookie i baked for my housemates. It's been a bad weekend.

08-30-2004, 01:38 PM
VT, I'm sorry! :grouphug:

That's just why you want to avoid the evil Frankenfoods! They can make you so sick.

Nelie, that is a great way to remember it!!! :yes: Thanks, girl! :goodvibes:

Jane, I would definitely buy the book and read the beginning, carefully. It will really help you understand what is going on. The lists in our FAQ will help you with updated info as to Foods to Enjoy and Avoid, but I can promise you that you won't find Dr. A ever advocating bars or low carb candy. There's just too much yuck in it. You know?

Go with the good stuff, girl! When you get out of Phase 1, you can have real dark or semi-sweet chocolate! :T

08-31-2004, 01:50 PM
I wish I would have read this yesterday. I just bought some Russel Stover Sugar free Peanut Butter cups. :( I bought a mini bag of them, and they're almost gone.

I was craving chocolate. It was that kind of day. I need to reprogram my head to not eat these things.

I guess I'll start Phase 1 again. : /

08-31-2004, 02:06 PM
If you are craving chocolate, the fudgesicles are a really good treat. I know some people mix them (slightly melted) with pb and whipped cream. Also, in phase 2, you can have sf chocolate pudding which i imagine might taste good with pb mixed in.

08-31-2004, 02:08 PM
If you are on Phase I and ate the Russell Stover you will need to start your two week PI over again. If on P2 you can just resume where you are. I have just resigned myself to eating the hard candies only. The CreamSavers are good and Lifesavers are good too. I know they are still Frankenfoods but less harmful to our eating plan than others. Remember too only 75 calories in goodies a day.

08-31-2004, 03:44 PM

Darn you Russel Stover, darn you! :devil:

Hi nellie,

I will have to try the fudgesilcles and whip! That sounds yummy!

Are there any good low carb whipcreams?

08-31-2004, 03:49 PM
Most people eat Cool Whip Free, which is probably the best choice? You are allowed 2 Tbsp a day. I don't actually eat whipped cream because all the commercial ones have corn syrup in them to make them sweet ;) I am a bit picky about added sugars, but it is allowed on SBD.

08-31-2004, 06:13 PM
You can use either Cool Whip Free (not the regular or lite), and only one serving (2 Tbsp). It counts as a sweet treat, too. You could also use heavy cream and whip it with splenda (or any other artificial sweetener). Again, only 2 Tbsp. With the first, you get some sugar and a bit of really bad fats, with the other, you get bad fats. Neither is great, but since you only use a tiny amount, it's okay on the diet. Just don't get carried away!!!

In speaking with Sarah today (Adia Faith), I realized that we might be coming across as confusing here!

Here's the lowdown on sugar alcohols:

Many of us hate them and think they are evil. :devil: The reason for this is that they make most people sick. In addition, who knows what's in them? They are chemicals and therefore a bit scary.

On the other hand, they are allowed on SBD. You need to limit your sweet treats (anything of non-nutritional value that is sweet) to 75 cals a day. If you do this, you are unlikely to eat enough of the sugar alcohols to cause diarrhea, the most common result of over-indulging. However, you may find that even that small amount will make you sick, so try things carefully and see how you feel. For instance, I have no problem with sorbitol in small amounts, but I can't have any malitol. It makes me violently ill. :tied: So watch it and be careful. Read ingredients.

Most of all, try to stay away from those processed foods. If you are on SBD to become more healthy, as most of us are, you need to learn to eat things that make you feel healthy and strong. A mint or hard candy now and then won't kill you, but bags of SF chocolate may lend to an evening of pain! Your call. ;)

08-31-2004, 06:46 PM

I think a major problem with a lot of the "low carb" tailored products out there is that they assume you are on a standard low carb diet and don't care about your fat. I decided to look up a popular (carbolite) pb cup (single pb cup), just to see how much fat was in it. It had 14g of fat with 7g being saturated.

Sure there are sugar alcohols, which are allowed, but the items that are made specifically to be low carb are really highly processed foods. I am trying my best to stay away from processed foods, but that is a personal goal that is important to me. I would just encourage people to be careful about their choices if they do start heading into the "made to be low carb" arena because those items usually have a lot of fat, especially saturated fat.

09-01-2004, 06:46 PM
Nelie, that's a good, and important, point!

Watch those ingredients and fat levels, ladies! We're getting a decent portion of saturated fat in our dairy, so there's really no need for any more! :no:

Thanks, Nelie! Personally, I don't touch the stuff...I am, like you, interested in eating as little processed food as possible. My sweet treats are the only processed things I'm eating right now besides the odd pita or slice of WW bread.

But some people here feel the need or desire to eat processed food. I want them to know that it's not banned because of sugar alcohols. It's your choice...just watch what works for you.

09-02-2004, 01:34 PM
There are a couple of Carb Options products that I eat like the pasta sauce. There are no evil :devil: ingredients in it and it is sweetened with Splenda, not sugar. I had that last night poured over :chicken: with a little l/f mozarella on top. I like the Carb Options sauce better than the regular stuff.

I also like to use a little of the Ranch dressing, the steak sauce and the Asian marinade. You can check out some of the ingredients at They make plenty of products to stay away from on SBD :nono: but there are some good things as well.

09-02-2004, 02:11 PM
Last time I bought pasta sauce was actually before I started SBD. I looked at Carb Options (because I was watching my carbs) and I compared it to some various pasta sauces. I actually ended up buying one of the regular pasta sauces because it didn't have sugar added and had less carbs than the carb options one.

I've tried a few of the carb options stuff, before I started SBD and they do have some good stuff.

09-02-2004, 11:52 PM

I am going to have to find an updated book. I've screwed up again on phase 1 without realizing it. Sigh. Live and learn I suppose.

There's nothing like learning something new everyday. :(