Weight Loss Support - Don't eat, don't lose. It's SO true!

08-28-2004, 02:14 PM
Yup, it's very true! I didn't believe it when someone I knew told me that, but now I realize that you MUST EAT TO LOSE!!!
This past while, I've been too depressed to eat, consuming about 500-700 calories a day. At the same time, I started my summer job where I walk around for about 6 hours a day. That's very little food, and LOTS of exercise! I expected to lose at LEAST 2 lbs! But guess WHAT?! I didn't!
I was not in the mood to eat this morning as well, but I forced myself to have a sandwich. I'm going to start eating again. My metabolism must of slowed down quite a bit during that period of time.
So that's my word of advice, chicks!

Suzanne 3FC
08-28-2004, 07:49 PM
Good advice! The body is a strange thing, lol. We've seen quite a few people start losing after they increased their calorie consumption. The body resists, and wants to save up for the famine, so you burn fewer calories in the end. It may not happen instantly, as the body needs a little time to adapt, but it will happen.

Good luck!

08-29-2004, 11:27 AM
Amen to that, MissyK :D

Thank you for sharing that bit of information, as sometimes it is so easy to forget because we are kind of programmed to believe the less you eat, the more you lose. But it can be counter-productive.

I am wondering if that was the problem years ago when I weighed 120 lbs and wanted to lose to 110 lbs but it was just not working. I was much younger adn didnt have nearly the knowledge i have now so I would not eat enough and then binge too often.

So deep in my mind I feel like it is impossible to get to my goal of 110 lbs (at 5"2 1/2).

Could you tell me what your exact method was to get down to where you are now? I guess I am looking for whether you counted calories everyday or just watched etc?

Thanks a bunch, girl!!!

08-30-2004, 04:31 AM
Sure thing, Cyndy!

Actually, I'm 111lbs now :smug: , but I could of lost more if I ate more. That is, in the period of time I didn't eat, I didn't lose. I lost most when I ate lots during the day, and less at night.

At any rate, this was what I did:

1. Ate a low calorie, low glycemic breakfast (whole grain toast with cream cheese and fruit, for instance)

2. On days that I ate more than I should of, I'd eat a dinner consisting of no more than 200 calories. I usually ate alot during lunch, so for dinner I'd have a "Kinetix triple chocolate" protein bar.

3. When eating with my parents, I'd drink 8 cups of water immediately before dinner to make myself feel full.

4. I hula hooped while I watched movies at home.

5. I treated myself each day. I'd have a very enjoyable lunch, and balance it off with a small dinner. I didn't feel deprived that day.

6. Toning exercises before bedtime EVERY night. I made sure, even if I ate badly during the day, that I'd at least build muscle. I did leg lifts, crunches and squats.

7. I wouldn't waste calories on juice, alcohol...etc. If I had a starbucks frap, that would be my lunch.

8. I constantly rewarded myself with clothes. I'm doing that again tomorrow.

9. I told myself that this wasn't a diet. It's how normal people eat. I was just an overeater in the past.

Of course, when I go out with my friends to eat, I wouldn't worry about the calories. I can't enjoy my meal like that.

10. I fully utilized diet buddies. If it weren't for my first diet buddy telling me that if I don't stop overeating, I'll reach 125lbs, then 130lbs and so on. We email eachother.

I'm SO sure you'll reach your goal, Cyndy! I'll be here for you every step along the way! I was flipping through my diary, and there was one entry, "I'd be lucky to be 110lbs by the start of school". Well it looks like I'm gonna make it! You just gotta be dedicated. Don't beat yourself up over the occasional treat...like donuts...which I'm eating right now :o

08-30-2004, 08:54 AM
Yep, a simple truth but one that often gets neglected these days! :D Congrats on your excellent progress so far!

08-30-2004, 12:01 PM
MissyK, you are somethin' else! I appreciate SOOO much that you responded in such a detailed way that was very clear.

I admire your patience in weight loss and understanding that you do have to eat in order to lose. It is also very admirable that even when you don't have a great eating day, that you don't go and totally "blow it" by binging and whatnot.

I think I am going to print out your response and keep it for motivation. You are the best!

Thank you,