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08-27-2004, 08:09 AM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We are a friendly group that shares all the daily aspects of our lives with each other... not just weight loss. Won't you join us? :cofdate:

08-27-2004, 08:28 AM
Happy Friday morning, Ladies,

To those who were in chat last night - I'm sorry I had to leave, but I started feeling all nauseous and dizzy! I think it's a sinus thing... hope you had a good time, though!

Julie - glad you got out of clinicals last night! Hope the witch at work is nicer to you today.

Cristi - did you have a good time at lunch w DS? As long as he gets the degree, that is the main thing! Most kids take even longer than 2 1/2 years for an Associates. Hope the cream colored dust ruffle works out.

Marti - what is wrong with Shanna? If you would rather PM me, go ahead. Wow, I hope James gets to start leaving from Eugene - that would be so nice for you guys. Glad you called OML! About your sister, the company is discriminating against her, I think, depending on what type job it was. She should check that out.

RosieKate - I personally can't wait to see a picture of the playstructure! It sounds like so much fun, I may come out there and play on it myself, lol.

Sue - hmmm... if you're the type who can't just sit... like my sister Sara... maybe nervouus energy is making you snack too much?

Angie - I always leave my house clean when we go away. 1) I like to come home to a clean house. 2) If we don't make it back, I wouldn't want anyone to know what a slob I truly am, lol. Give Skittles a goodbye kiss from me, too.

Mindee - oh I'm so glad Tommy has another chance! Maybe he can start fresh at the other place you mentioned. Baby teeth appear to go up and down before they actually poke through. We tap them with the back of a spoon to see if they are really through, and it is the neatest sound when they are!! Get the spoon ready.... it won't be long!

Susan - yikes, I was confusing Tom with Aunt Flo for a minute there, lol!!!! Glad you had a nice talk with him. Don't take him to Starbuck's... I think that place is a jinx.

Shanna - whatever is wrong, I hope it gets better! Count your blessing for whatever IS going right in your life, and maybe that will make you feel better. But I am truly sorry that you are sad.... is there anything I can do? If so, send me a PM, ok?

Hi to the others. :cool:

One of my good buddies is bringing her DGS over for lunch today and to play with my DGDs outside. This should be amusing! She and I don't get together much because she works 3rd shift and sleeps when I am out and about. Anyway, I am glad the weekend is here and Neal will be home... I always miss himn worse when school first starts.

08-27-2004, 11:46 AM
Quick hello from me this a.m.

Jana- know what you mean about missing everyone. My DH and son go back to school soon and it is a big change. Everyone's been home, bustling about. It's been noisy and crazy, and soon it will be quiet.

Marti - I remember when I was teaching and had to look for work every year...I never trusted HR anyhere...always turned things in in person, wrote follow-up letters. Ugh. I think that's why I wasn't so anxious to get right back to work after my son was born, just couldn't face a job hunt. I guess I was fortunate that DH had a teaching job and we could swing the one income ( barely)I knew I wanted to be a SAHM.

BTW, if they told your sis that she didn't get that job because she was pregnant, she can sue them. She should look into it at BOLI. My experience was that the employer usually words things in a way to give them an out, but you know the real reason. She does not have to tell anyone she's pregnant...even if she's showing. From what I understand, no one needs to officially "know" she's pregnant until she asks for family leave. I was discriminated against while pregnant and it is not fun. I could have spent three years in court, but followed my heart which told me I really wanted to be home with my baby anyway.

Ang- will try to get back to the computer later to day to PM you an address - would love a postcard from cunny Cuba

Susan - Wealthy and a nice guy! Woo hoo! ok, JK but important things is that he treats you like a queen....

I'll try to get back later to chat some more!

08-27-2004, 01:07 PM
Marti~same with me-I have no clue where we would put a grandfather clock. But! I definitely would find a spot if V were to surprise me with one. :lol: Right now though I like the wind up clock that we have. I hope you and Jhanai have a fun time school shopping this weekend. I absolutely LOVE Old Navy! Sorry to hear that OML didn't receive your stuff, bummer. I too would hand deliver, just to make sure this time they do get it. Sorry to hear about your sister not getting the job. Yeah, she could sue but it would be hard to prove that they didn't hire her because she is pregnant.

RosieKate~your quilt sounds beautiful! And so very special! I do feel that my kids are lucky but I feel that I am truly the lucky one. Raising them on my own from an early age I must say they turned out pretty good. I never had any problems with them, and still don't other than the boys fight once in a while which really kills me. But other than that I feel blessed. I have never considered myself a good mom but I do my best and I must say I must have done something right over th years.

Sue~maybe with your eating it isn't from being bored, but I know sometimes I get in those moods, like yesterday and I swear I eat everything in sight. Usually though if I am sitting I always keep a diet coke or water near to grab that first instead of food.

Susan~aaahhh, Gaby sounds like such a sweetie pie! Hope all goes well with your meeting/date with Tom this weekend.

Angie~you are not nuts! I too clean house before leaving on vacation. I just hate the idea of coming home to a messy house. Whe I get home from a vac, I need to relax from relaxing! :lol: and the last thing I want to do is to clean house. Did I miss something with the post cards? I would have sent one had I known. Of course there isn't much to see here, a lot of open space. But if you want one I will send one.

Mindee~glad to see Tommy is getting a second chance with his job. Everyone deserves a second chance, well almost everyone. I can't tolerate a man who cheats and would never give one a second chance, but that's me.

Shanna~I do hope everything is all right with you, and I am sorry to hear you are sad. If there is anything we can do, PLEASE don't hesitate to ask. :grouphug:

Jana~yes, made it to lunch with DS. I took it upon myself to invite DD, which of course he didn't mind. We had a blast, of course I had my mind set on Mexican because that is what he usually wants. Even had it in my head what I would get. :lol: Then he surprises me and says Red Lobster. I didn't eat much because for some reason it didn't appeal to me yesterday. Then we went to the bookstore. Bought three books, like I really need another book! And off to the pet store, For some reason he thought he needed a bird! It is pretty though. So we had a very nice day.

Not much on the agenda for me today. Need to get some laundry done and maybe vacuum. Also, watering the yard. Instead of watering it two or three times a week I have been giving it a deep watering once a week which I think is all it needs. But it takes forever. Anyway, I need to ge move the sprinklers so...hope eveyrone has a great day. TTFN

08-27-2004, 02:43 PM
Morning ladies--

Today is our shopping day! She's got a list of places she wants me to go! Oh boy...hope I can survive the day! :D

Jana--Hope you enjoy your day with the DGK's!! How old are they all? Hope you're feeling better...what caused the nausesness??

Rk--I'll be call HR before I leave today to make sure I don't need to stop by. I hope they find what I sent!

Cristi--My grandpa does a deep watering with his Dahlia garden...3-4hrs of soaking!! Long time!

Susan--Go back to Starbucks and have them fill it to the rim!! Tell them you need all that you can get!

As for my sister. She's a Graphic Designer. What gets me, is that the last job she had they let her go.....soon after they found out she was pregnant. Now I thought that wasn't right. And told her that she should do something about it. She said that it's a small business and they came up with some other excuse. The place she just had an interview with actually hired her afterwards and when she told them, they took it away. That's not right either! So I'm not sure what she's going to do.

Ok...better get ready. Talk to you all later.

08-27-2004, 03:01 PM
but just for a few minutes. Wanted to start a new thread that I thought would be interesting.

Marti~that totally sucks about your sister! If they hired her and then took it back then I definitely think she could try to do something, if not sue, call the labor board, not sure if that is what it is called. At least let it be known to someone that they did it. Of course they are going to come up with a different excuse because they know she could sue their butts for discrimination. That's a bunch of crap.

Susan~I know Gaby is a sweetie! I was just picturing her in your lap and thinking how sweet, and how much I would love to have a little Gaby.

Okay, going to start the new thread and then get going. Take care ladies and have a good weekend!

08-27-2004, 03:49 PM
Quickly since Jhanai is practically pushing me out the door! :lol:

I called HR....asked if they found it and they didn't so I went and reprinted the information to fill out and while doing that, I get a call back saying they finally found it!!

He asked me if they had the original Letter of Recommendation and I told him no I just scanned make it all look pretty and impressive. :D He laughed and told me that he will get in touch with me very soon!


Off to go shopping.

08-27-2004, 03:50 PM
Just popping in for a minute to say hi...

The playdate and lunch went well. The kids are 2, 2, 2, and 10 months, so it got a little hairy when they all got sleepy at the same time. Mary took her 3 home, and my friend packed up her DGS and left, too, for a nap. But they all had lots of fun while it lasted. I got some cute photos and lots of sticky kisses.

Now I'm headed for a nap, too, lol. and praising God that they don't live here. :D

Later, tater!

08-27-2004, 06:05 PM
Just survived a playdate with 2 seven year-old boys, three year-old twins and my little 2.5 year old pumpkin - we are all pretty wiped out! My son was over tired because he stayed up too late listening to his Star Wars book on tape ( after lights out) and he was a royal pain. I was embarassed, but we had a long talk about his behavior, so he is going to get a good night's sleep tonight and work on using his pleasant tone of voice...or else!

Marti - we went to the Old Navy outlet at Lincoln City last week and scored some really good deals on school clothes for the kids - hope yours has some good ones too.

Cristi and Angie - I'm in the clean-your-house club, too. When we get back from vacation we just kind of explode. I don't know where all the laundry comes from - I KNOW I didn't pack that much stuff, lol! It's just nice to focus on getting unpacked and not on the dirty floors and unmade beds, IMO. My DH thinks I'm nuts for putting that much effort in when we are leaving....

well, onward. My DS has three birthday parties to attend this weekend, and our co-op preschool is having an all-school picnic tomorrow. Ciao for now - RosieKate

08-27-2004, 06:47 PM
Jana~ He has one through on the lower left side of his mouth. And then he has another one just about to poke through in the same spot but on the upper left side.

Cristi~ I couldn’t agree more with what you said in your post to me!

Marti~ I agree with one of the other ladies. Your sister can go after the companies for firing her/hiring her and then firing her because she is pregnant. That is so awesome to hear….I can’t wait to hear what they say when they call you back!

08-27-2004, 08:14 PM
Hi Ladies! Nothing really exciting going on- just wanted to stop in. Good diet day, but didn't make it to Curves- got out of work too late. Had pedometer on though and walked 12,000 steps- so that's good! DH and I have a very rare evening together, with no kids- so guess what we're going to do????? No, not that...we're going out for ice cream!!!!! Yipee! I'll be good, I promise. Low fat, no sugar for me! Working the weekend, as usual- so will be back ASAP. Have a great couple of days, girls! Barb

da fat n da furious
08-28-2004, 01:25 AM
Thanks RK I PMed you back,,,,

Cristi, I am hoping you soon get your card...took me long enough to mail it to you.
Jana, ahh to be able to have the best of both and have sticky kisses then send them home and go and take a nap. Hope your ok,,,sinuses cause dizziness for you?

Marti, have fun shopping,,,I do enjoy shopping with the boys.

Susan, good luck on the date with Tom...

and well Im done in,,,going to bed early since I have to be up early. I finished everything but folding the last two loads of laundry. AHHH
Tanner had fun at football which took longer,,,which took away from all my other things to do...ah well we had fun.

night all have a great week and see you next Sunday.

08-28-2004, 02:38 AM
just jumped on to say I have new pics of Brandon doing his latest favorite thing.....playing on the computer. it is really helping with his hand/eye coordination. We are thinking that he is going to be in advance classes because of how early he is doing things.

he also has two teeth that have popped through. both are on the left side, one on top and one on bottom!

08-28-2004, 11:12 AM
Sorry I havent had a chance to post in a bit..... Yesterday I stayed home from work, because I had to go have my car worked on....that cost me $450.00, so needless to say I was a bit depressed yesterday... A friend came over and we got pizza and movies...and th totally splurged went to friendly's and had a 3 scoop. REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER CUP SUNDAE!!!! very bad...but I needed it, I was so upset!!!!!! So that probably ruined my weight loss this week....OH WELL!!
Then my mom called and said that my uncle had a really bad stroke!!, so yesterday was not a good day for me!!!
Anywho, on the docket today , I am going to the grocery store and hope to get on my treadmill for 30 minutes!!! I have been having a problem with my left kneee...which is unusual with me, dont know if I may have put to much strain on it from working I;ve been trying to stick with walking for now.. I am taking my friends 2 children overnight tonight, 2 boys, ages 2 and 5.... they love coming to Auntie Julie's for a sleepover!!!!
So tomorrow's my weekly weigh in, so I'll stop back by then I guess to let you know the damage!!!
****By the way, it was nice chatting with you, JANA, ROSIEKATE, AND SUE,
the other night in chat...JANA glad to hear you are feeling better!!!

Have a great day
Julie :cool:

08-28-2004, 11:13 AM
Good morning, Ladies,

Angie - it's too late for this, but maybe you'll see it when you get home. HAVE FUN!!!! I'll be looking for a postcard from Cuba!

Cristi - I just love how you've been starting the interesting new threads! Makes checking in here more fun! What's going on for you this weekend?

Marti - it sounds very promising from OML! Hope you get the job! Have a good time shopping with Jhanai... take plenty of $$, although there are sales everywhere on summer stuff. I bet you'll get a lot for the money.

RosieKate - wowee, you're going to be busy this weekend with 3 B/D parties and a picnic today. Sounds like lots of fun. I'm looking forward to CORE!

Susan - I'm impressed with what you've learned in graphic designing. Maybe Tom can meet you for lunch since you have to work?

Barb - hope you had a good evening with DH. Don't work too hard this weekend. Is it hard for you to not eat too much at work? I could never work at a bakery because I would eat up all the profits, lol.

Hi also to Shanna, Sue, Julie, Jen and anyone I forgot.

I'm down another 3/4 pound this week. I thought it would be more than that... but I'll take it! :yes: Those little losses add up, too. Next week Monday through Friday I'm going to be doing WW CORE program. At first I thought I wouldn't like it at all, but then decided it would be do-able for at least a week. I will miss my peanut butter and graham crackers everyday, but will have it using FlexPoints on one of the days.

Gotta do some laundry today and also make soup for tomorrow.

What's on your agenda today?

08-28-2004, 02:18 PM
Just a quick "hi" this morning. I am home alone and enjoying it. Still in the cleaning mode however, so can't dally. I got side-tracked on the computer printing out some pictures of my kids to frame. Now I have to hurry to get my work done. Hope to be back later.

08-28-2004, 02:55 PM
Morning ladies--

Jana--May have to look into the core program. Need to try something!

Angie--Have fun in Cuba!! Post pictures when you get back!

Cristi--I spoke to my sister last night and she had told me that she's getting a lawyer. (her husband was very ticked about the whole situation) So she's actually going to see what she can do about it.

RK--I love going to the outlets!! James & I usually go to the one in Woodburn...(I think that's the place) But I must go to Lincoln City....Love Old Navy!

Barb--I hope you enjoy your time with DH!! You reminded me that I need to get my pedometer out and start using it!! 12,000 steps is very good!!

Julie--Take care of you knee.....I think walking is a good idea to see if it was from working out that aggrevated it.

Sue--Enjoy your day....don't spend too much of your weekend cleaning....try to relax!

Susan--You do have Tom's all over the place! :D Hope you have a great time with Tom the man!

Mindee--Jhanai was like your little one...she started everything early, started talking before she was even a year old, and started writing words at 2! Smart girl!

Which reminds me of my favorite story to tell is when her dad and I were talking one evening (she just turned 2) and she kept saying "stop" and we kept telling her to not interrupt, (trying to teach her manners--plus we were in the middle of something important) but she continued to do this, finally I looked at her and asked her what she wanted. She looked at me and said "Stop" and held up this piece of paper. She had written stop all over the page!! I was so excited after that that I never hesitated to see what she wanted!! That was her first written word, and Exit was the second. (can you tell we did a lot of driving around?)

Morning to the rest of you girls out there!

Ok...I need to get myself cleaned up. I have half my makeup on!! Forgot the mascara. :lol: I will check in later!

08-28-2004, 07:33 PM
thanks ladies for the nice comments about my little smartie.

today is just a day in the house. he has had a runny nose all day, and coughing and sneezing so it is all from his cold that we were told he has.

sorry to cut this short, but he is trying to take over the computer. I guess he is trying to tell me that it is his turn on the keyboard.

08-28-2004, 07:51 PM
Back from the birthday party/preschool picnic, so the rest of today should be smooth sailing. Tomorrow my son has back to back birthday parties to attend. Now that the sun is out, I'm finally getting all the stinky camping gear out of the garage and airing it out in the backyard.

Just got a copy of South Beach from the library. I must say, and this is not to knock anyone who has had great success on SB, but I was a little less than impressed. It struck me as trying to combine the Zone and Atkins, but I didn't think it really offered anything new to the whole diet debate. I think, for good health, we should be aware of glycemic indexes, just because due to the copious amounts of processed foods in the American diet, we have lost track of the need for whole, fresh foods in our diets. But SB seems to live and die by the GI. I really don't think it is ever necessary to eliminate whole fruit from one's diet, as this diet does in its Phase one. This diet aslo claims that you will lose that tummy with this diet. Well, I think that's going to happen on any diet that includes healthy food habits and exercise. I applaud the people who have lost on this diet, as I do with anyone who has success, because we all know people have to do what works for them. This diet, on the whole, sounds like a fairly healthy way to go...just musing about a few things that didn't sit well. Though I did like some of the recipes I saw....

After looking at the CORE, I think I can accomplish the same goals without eliminating all sugar and starch. I just have to cut back on them and use the flex points. This next week on the CORE will be interesting, as I won't be watching portions or counting points with the foods on the list. That will feel kind of weird. I'll keep checking in to let you all know how it's going.

Marti - Now there's an idea for the Oregon JL's....we could meet up at the Woodburn outlet. That would be fun, and expensive I'm sure, lol

Jana - looking forward to trying out the CORE with you next week. Is it possible to sticky the info you posted earlier? I found a list on Dottie's, but it would be nice to have another place to go when I have a question. Do you think it will feel weird to stop watching portions (off the No count list) after doing it for so long?

Julie and Sue - enjoyed chatting with you two on Thursday, hope I'll see you in there again

Mindee - your little Brandon sure sounds like a doll. My DS did lots of gross motor stuff really early. He rolled over at 12 weeks, was sitting at 6 mos, walking at 9.5 mos. He has always just been a bull in a china shop :)

Susan - hope you are enjoying your weekend - have fun with Tom (the guy, not the cramps) What do you think of my Woodburn outlet idea?

Have a great weekend, folks


08-28-2004, 10:10 PM
Hello Hello Hello .... jeez, there's an echo in here.... lol, where IS everyone????

Susan - thanks for the congrats on my wl... don't worry about your gain, I'm sure it's only tom. I'd love to have a copy of your newsletters and will be looking for them, so chop - chop, missy!

Sue - hope you got your house cleaned and are on your way south to do mine. :D

Marti - you must be busy this weekend!

Mindee - all 3 of my kids were ahead of schedule, too! On some things, that is. My son had advanced motor skills and both girls' verbal communication excelled, lol, and still do! Your little guy sure is a sweetie.

RosieKate - aren't you glad you didn't spend money on the SB book? I thought about buying it awhile back, but didn't, thank goodness. I thought you were doing WW on line and had the info??? The administrators here asked that we not post the food list from WW. Look for a PM from me.... not that it would be the list or anything!!

Just got back from town with Neal. Had to pick up more pictures. The grandkids are breaking me, lol.

It has been so rainy and humid here, that I don't even want to go outdoors. Neal says it's going to be better for the next 3 days, though. Have to remember that's it's August.... it's *supposed* to be hot in Indiana!


08-29-2004, 12:44 AM
Evening ladies!!

I'm with Jana...where is everyone today?

I've been busy cleaning out my shed thats attatched to the house, and transferring it to the one my grandpa made us. We want to turn that room into a workout room. And I hate going through boxes!! But I did manage to fill 2 totes, that I bought at Walmart, from 6 cardboard boxes!! So I've been sifting through, transferring and recycling! Not too much fun....but is sure kept me busy for a few hours. I kept asking James "do you want this? how about this?" :) He came home last night and then got to stick around for awhile before he was off again.

Jana--I received my WW magazine today and I remember you mentioning that there will be some info on the Core program in there....I have yet to find it, but I just glanced through it. The recipes they have inside look SO good!! I'm really going to try and do this. In fact, I was talking to my sister (her name is also Sarah) about WW. And she wants to do it with me. We talked about how maybe we can each have a notebook and write everything thing we eat, what exercises we do and then each week swap our notebooks and give each other either a lecture (hee-hee...that will be her giving it to me)or praise what we've done and to record our weight. It seems that if we have someone to go to, to do that, it would be easier. Does all that make sense? Anyway...we're still talking about it and will set up something soon.

RK--Liking the idea of meeting in Woodburn. And can be spendy!! You know, I LOVE going to "Harry & Davids" I just have this sense come over me when I walk in there. Can't describe it, I just feel good walking in!! :)

Mindee--Oh....give little one a hug and kiss from one of his "Jaded Aunties" nothing like having a little baby with a cold and not being able to talk and tell you where it hurts or what he needs!

Hello all you other gals....whats been going on today?

Jhanai & I went to the store and bought everything that is COMPLETELY junky!!! I was almost ashamed when I went to the registar!! BUT....before you girls lecture me :dizzy: I told Jhanai that this weekend is the last of the junkfood festivities! School will be back in session the next weekend she is here and she'll have a more strict sleeping schedule and all that jazz...and so this weekend we'll splurge. And thank god I WI before I agreed to this!! I'm still sitting at 145lbs. I'm happy with that. I'm definately not a fast loser. Every two weeks I may see a drop....but next weekend-----unless I really do well with the Core program....I most definately will see it go up! (don't even ask what I bought!! It's not good! :lol: )

Ok....I'm off to munch on.......hmm...I better not say I may have your eyes looking at me in disapproval! :nono:'s not that bad...chips and salsa isn't going to kill me....but too much will.

I'm babbling ladies...I will check in in the morning!

08-29-2004, 09:22 AM
Happy Sunday morning to you!

Julie - you and I were posting at the same time yesterday. Hope today is better for you! How'd the sleepover go? Did anyone actually get any sleep, lol. Good luck with w/i today.

Marti - we had to clean out Fern's sheds when she was sick, and I thought we'd never get done! She was quite the little packrat - even saved the waxed paper bags that comes in cereal boxes! I hope your sister Sarah does WW with you! The Core info in the magazine is limited... did you get my PM? I didn't like the recipes... well, I didn't mind them too much, but couldn't imagine Neal ever eating them. Check out the Mexican recipe I posted on the Core thread. Glad you and Jhanai are having fun before school starts.

Hi to all you MIA Jaded Ladies!

Today I'm going to trim up some plants outdoors that need deadheaded bigtime! We had a storm with 1" of rain, and horrible winds yesterday evening, so I know there will be lots of sticks and limbs all over the place to be cleaned up. Lots of good exercise!


08-29-2004, 01:04 PM
Good Morning ladies--

Wow...second to post this morning? Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Jana--I did receive your PM. I'm going to print it out later. I have to do some "serious" grocery shopping today so that would be nice to have as a "list"!! I will check out the recipe again after I'm through here. There is this recipe in the magazine that I want to try....can't remember the name off hand, but it looks very good!!

Not much on the agenda for today. Jhanai & I are just going to do some crafty things SHE wants to do. :) She wants to make a collage....she's actually at the dining room table right now already starting it....what about breakfast?! :lol:

Ok ladies.....wake up and chitchat a little!!

I'll check in later.

08-29-2004, 01:31 PM
Good Morning Ladies~

I was on yesterday and posted on a couple of the threads but had to go someone was at the door. So I logged off thinking I would get on later-didn't happen of course.

Mindee~oh how I miss the kids being that age. My sons assisstant just had her baby and I asked him if she needed a babysitter! :lol: Just dying to get my hands on the baby, I have yet to see her.

Jana~I can totally understand taking lots and lots of pictures of the grandbabies-I would too! We take pictures of Ernie like crazy which seems kind of silly. But he is our baby and when you pull the camera out he comes running. Never saw a dog who liked to have his picture took! :lol: CONGRAT'S on your loss this week! :bravo:

Marti~glad you and Jhanai had a great time shopping! I think sometimes it is okay to go splurge on the junk, as long as it doesn't happen often and one gets right back on track. Maybe that is my problem! :lol:

Susan~waaaaa, I want a newsletter...hope your meeting with Tom went well. That was this weekend wasn't it?

Julie~sorry to hear about your car and your Uncle. How is he doing? Sending (((hugs))) and prayers your way.

Sue~did you get your cleaning done? You can come and clean mine, please! :)

Barb~12,000 steps is good! I need to get a pedometer. Had one but when we moved it disappeared somewhere. I would love to get one of those talking ones.

RosieKate~you took the words right out of my mouth about SB. I did buy the book. Foolish woman I know. Never could get it at the library and I saw it cheap enough so bought it. If anyone wants it let me know I will be more than happy to send it!

Angie~I know you are gone already but I wanted to wish you guys a safe and fun vacation in Cuba! Looking forward to seeing lots and lots of photos when you guys get back!

Not much on the agenda for today. Getting some laundry done and going to finish my book, maybe get in some practice on the old keyboard. Went to mass last night because DS and DH had to be to work this morning early and don't care to go by myself so...DS and I went last night, well at 5 pm and then went for a 30 mn. walk afterward. I was being lazy yesterday and DS came home and said are you going to mass, No, well then are you going for a walk later, no. He said yes you are. I just kind of laughed. I did. Drug my lazy butt in the shower and went. I am glad he talked me into going for a walk. I am going to try my best to get up early and go 3-5 days this week. I do feel better after going. Anyway, that is what's up with me.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. TTFN :)

08-29-2004, 03:20 PM
I was very surprised, because I had ice cream sundaes twice this week, but I did walk 3 miles everyday so maybe that was the key.....
The sleepover went well, the kids didnt want to go home, but they kept me up practically all night, so Im a bit tired today!!!!

My uncle is doing better, the doctors werent very positive at first, but they said that's hes really done a complete turnaround, so they hope he recovers without too much trouble!!!

It's very hot here in Rhode Island today!!! So Im staying indoors with my AC on full blast!!!! Tomorrow I have my annual physical, so hopefully all is well, but I am going to mention my knee, cause it continues to give me problems...

Hope everyone else is enjoying the weekend....I'll check back later


08-29-2004, 04:07 PM
I'm here, I'm here, I'm here. Just been busy. Friday after work I had to pick up the toothless cat. Poor old girl had 5 more teeth pulled. She's still not feeling too hot, sleeps under my bed alot. But at least she is nibbling on canned food. Then I relaxed and cleaned the house. Yesterday I had to do an admission in the afternoon and a regular home visit. I'm on-call, so might as well. Had take-out pasta with dbf last night. Today I still haven't managed to do much. Guess I finally don't have to do anything so it's very hard to get motivated. Don't get me wrong here, I have plenty to do, but it does not absolutely need to be done today.

Like Jana said, it has been terribly rainy. We've had rain and thunderstorms every day since last Monday, I think. That may be part of my motivation problem. From what I've heard, the week is supposed to be much better, so I'll have to catch up on my yard work then. Maybe I'll clean out the hall closet upstairs. That sounds like the kind of thing I'm in the mood for today! Exciting huh?

My neighbors are in the process of moving out today. Well, they've been working on it for over a week. Can't figure out what is taking them so long. I got it done, mostly by myself, in a week. One day with movers I hired. Hopefully that young couple I talked to a few weeks ago bought it. I haven't asked. Figured it's none of my business.

Well, I'm gonna go do something. I've been sitting long enough. Suppose I'll pick up the back porch and the closet. Not too strenuous! :dizzy:


08-29-2004, 05:35 PM
Hello ladies… are you all doing?

Brandon has a new found “passion.” A friend of mine from another website told me about this website that you can go on and play peekaboo with Elmo, Zoe and Big Bird. Brandon LOVES it! He knows how to make it work, and it is really helping him develop his hand/eye coordination! We are thinking that he is going to be in the smartie classes because of how advance he is!

Well, our little man has two teeth on the left side of his mouth. Which hasn’t been making this cold any easier for him. I was also working with him yesterday on rolling over both ways. I had him on his belly, and he rolled over on his own on to his back! (he only did it once, and wouldn’t do it again to show daddy) But hey, it is a start! He also hates to lay down now. The only time he will lay down is at night to go to bed, and when he is eating. Other wise he has to be sitting up.

Jana~ Thanks for the information! He is really smart, and he has said a couple “words” already, but my hubby still claims that he hasn’t said them. Brandon a couple weeks ago was getting mad because it was food time, and I wasn’t going fast enough, so he figured that if he said mom it would make me move faster. Then the other day it sounded like he was saying duh. He has said hi on a couple occasions when people have said hi to him.

Marti~ I will be sure to give him a hug and a kiss from you. He seems to be fine during the day, but at night is when he gets all snotty and can’t seem to sleep for beans.

Cristi~ My sister Katy goes back to work after Labor Day, and two days a week, I will have Brandon and her two little ones. She has an almost 3 year old daughter, named Veronica, and an about one month old little boy named Nicholas. Brandon is 3 months and 4 days older then Nicholas. So it should be fun on those days to see how I will handle having more then one. (I am just wondering how I will manage to fit in eating for myself. As well as how I am going to manage feeding them all at the same time. Brandon is already on a schedule, and Roni can tell me when she is hungry. It will just take some time getting used to Nicholas.)

Julie~ That is awesome about the weight loss!! It is good to hear that your Uncle is doing better.

Jen~ It is good to hear from you. I hope your cat starts feeling better soon!

08-29-2004, 07:21 PM
I tried to post earlier, but lost it in the ether. Now I can't remember what I wrote....I have few minutes before taking DS off to the next birthday party ( Mindee, oh what you have to look forward to!)

Jana - Congrats on your loss and thanks for the PM. It's ok about the sticky. WW does seem a bit touchy about "their" info. I got that same list over at Dottie's. Wonder how WW feels about that site - they distribute everything freely. Hmmm

Julie - WTG on your loss! Walking definitely helps, I've been walking alot this week and the vacation poundage is starting to come off, thank goodness.

Hi to everyone else. My former long post addressed many more individuals, but sadly I don't have time to get it down again. Will try to get to more individuals over the next few days.


08-29-2004, 10:53 PM
This'll be quick- not really a great day today. Had to go into work this afternoon/evening to do an inventory. Had spent all morning running around getting last minute stuff done for school with 16 year old daughter. Had been already having tons of problems getting her to do her share around the house before this, but she and I had talked about what she wants for school and how that correlates to her responsibilties around here. Well, I got home and she had actually made the house worse. I had to walk right behind her a make her do what should have already been done. She was so snotty to me and mad because I was doing this- she does not see that if she'd simply do it, I wouldn't have to get after her. On top of this, our 18 year old son had taken off for 3 days- with no word on where he'd be. He just appeared at home today, acting like it was perfectly fine. Well, ladies, I guess my husband and I missed with them on the "responsibility" part of their upbringing. Sorry to go on about this- just really upset with them.
One piece of good news that I do have is that I did not eat in reaction to being upset- which I used to do alot. I almost did and then asked myself how eating would solve any of this.
I'm just going to try and go to sleep- I'm sure things will look better in the morning!
Goodnite All! Barb

08-29-2004, 11:32 PM
Evening ladies--

Well I have to say this....Jhanai & I DIDN'T splurge that much last night! We had bought those small Totino's Pizza's last night (only 2) for dinner and chips and salsa, Oriental Rice Crackers,& cornuts(small bag)....really not that bad once I look at it today. But it's over with and we went and did some serious shopping today...loaded up on fruits and my chicken (she says I eat to much chicken) :lol: some other good stuff. I was more proud this time when I went to the registar!! And a BIG bonus....James can come home look in the fridge and not complain that theres no food in the house!! :D (All that junk food thats left over will be thrown out when she leaves)

Cristi--Taking Jhanai shopping...I have noticed that she really has taken from me the "watching the sales"! She's always telling me whats cheap, whats on we can get 2 for on. Even with the school clothes...we only bought one outfit! Amazed. She told me that once I get the job, that we can go shopping then...right now, she can wait. (sweet)

Julie--Congrats on losing 2lbs!! Hurray for you!! That always feels good. What is your goal weight again?? Is it in your siggy? I haven't actually looked to see if it was.

Jen--If your neighbors are like me...they have a lot more stuff than they realized and are probably going through it as they move. I took my time last year when James & I moved....we had soooo much stuff!! I was wondering where we got it all! We ended up leaving some of the furniture--a Chair, a coffee table, the fridge and so on......

Mindee--New teeth!! I remember Jhanai (I say that a lot don't I? :D ) getting her first teeth. She always got them in two's. The top ones first, then a few days later the bottom ones....she was soon full of teeth!! And so cute!! If I find a picture of her when she was little, I will figure out how to scan and post. I love her baby pictures!

Rk--Well I sure know who to call when it's time for my birthday!! think in January you'll be free to set something up for me? :lol: I know you're not actually doing all the setting up..but you're the first person that I've heard that's had so many parties to attend!!

Barb--I feel for you...two teens in the house. And if I can remember when I was's just how we I wouldn't blame yourself for how you are raising them. Just wait...once they're on their own and having to clean their own home....then they'll see why you've been on them this whole time! I congratulate you for taking control and not eating during a stressful time! That is a great step towards success!!

Evening to the rest of you lovely ladies!!

Well Jhanai is hollering for me..time to make a healthy meal. Not sure what that is yet...but I better get on it!

Take care and may sneak in here later on!

08-30-2004, 12:00 AM
Hiya ladies,

My computer is on the fritz again, so I've shoveled a path to Katie's. Hope I don't step on something... not sure my tetnus shot is up to date. :D

Marti - did you and Jhanai end up doing any crafts? Yay for you getting all the healthy groceries. :cp: Are you joining us on Core?

Cristi - we like to take lots of pictures of our dogs, too. Katie says I take more of Molly than I do of her, lol. Did you get in any practice on the keyboard?

Julie - YAY for the 2 # loss!! That's great! Glad your uncle is going to be alright.

Jen - aww, your poor kitty! Makes my gums hurt just thinking of it! Hope your new neighbors are friendly, whoever they are.

Mindee - you're going to have your hands full after Labor Day, but I'm sure you'll be able to handle it well.

Katy - Since you're the only Katy variation that posts regularly, do you mind if I call you that now? Looking forward to Core tomorrow.

Barb - teens! We've got two raised and on their own, with one to go. They can be a challenge at times, that's for sure. Just remember, "this, too, shall pass".

I didn't do the yard work like I thought I would. It misted all day off and on, so I didn't want to get out in that. Had visits from DS and his family and also Mary and her family. It got very hectic around here for awhile, lol.

Got more pictures organized - that's always a big job since I have so many. Time for a whole new album soon. Hopefully my decendents will appreciate my efforts, lol. Also set some aside to be scrapbooked this winter.

See you tomorrow!

08-30-2004, 12:44 AM
We have a problem in our house…….we have either a black hole or a pacifier thief! Brandon in the past 24 hours has lost two of his pacifiers! We don’t know if we dropped them while we were out, or if the dog took them and hid them. Yesterday when we had to pull out the third pacifier in about 2 hours, we connected the pacifier to his pluggy holder just so we knew where it was.

RK~ Thanks for giving me a heads up! Just in one day, the day Brandon was born, there were four babies including him born! A friend of ours who lives in PA, who was pregnant with twins and not due for another two weeks, had her two little ones, one at 12:10pm, and the other at 12:17pm. Then a friend of my hubby’s that he went to school with and ended up working with, his fiancé was pregnant, due the same day I was, with a boy as well, and going to the same hospital just the other campus, had her little boy at 7:19pm. And then Brandon rounded out the day at 9:16pm. The even funnier part is that our friend that was due the same day as me, she wanted to bottle feed and I wanted to breastfeed (turned out the opposite), I wanted a c-section because I was told that Brandon was going to be HUGE, and she wanted to go natural….again that turned out the be the opposite. And the last comparison, Brandon was suppose to be the bigger of the two at about 7lbs. 10oz., and Mike Jr. was the bigger of the two at 8lbs. 4oz. I got a call in my hospital room the day after Brandon was born from them, they were in her room at the other hospital. So we shared congratulations, and hopefully our timing will match up to where we can get together with them soon!

Barb~ Yikes! I say you have been through enough already! I hope things get worked out soon with them. I am dreading that age with Brandon. But he has been a little perfect boy so far, so I am hoping that he stays that way.

Marti~ You sound like me! I will get something I know I am not suppose to have (lately it has been the nachos from 7-11, which doesn’t help when we live around the block from one. But I counter it with a bottled water….does that count?) and I will feel like crap after eating it. I have to admit, I also had a Shrek’s Hot Fudge Sundae from Baskin Robbins, again doesn’t help that we live near one…..but I walked and did my exercise to get it, does that count? But again, I felt like crap after eating it. I think he is working on getting his right ones in because he was chewing on his fingers on the right side. That is how I knew there was something on the left side because he was doing the same thing but on the left side.

I put some new pictures up on Brandon’s website. (the addy is - pw is baby) don’t forget to sign his guestbook!

Jana~ I am sure that I will be able to handle it. I am just glad that my BIL works the day shift, so about the time my hubby will be coming home, so will me BIL to pick up the two kids since it is easier for him on his way home to pick them up.

08-30-2004, 04:52 AM
Hey there my jaded lady gals!!!!
I am back and out of my funk. More like I have just pushed it down like all the other problems. Pretty soon I am just going to explode and watch out whoever is in my path when that happens.!!!LOL
I don't have much to say right now, just that i am sooo looking forward to my 5 days off coming up. I am going to us all my personal time and sick time that I can, since my job won't help me out with school. Heaven knows what cardboard box i am going to end up in since I have nothing in savings to fall back on and it is hard to find part time jobs that will work around your school schedule. So, Saying that I am going to not make it easy on this job and just keep calling in , etc. Five days off, I am actually going to be able to see marti, I hope. That will be fun, I miss getting together with her.
On a positive note, I got a lot of christmas crafts done this weekend on the night my boyfriend went to his fantasy football draft thingy. Some I am going to keep and others will be used as presents. that only leaves me about a million more to do. Ugghh. trying to get most of it done before school starts when i won't have time to eat , let alone sleep and do crafts. LOL :lol:
I really stocked up on the christmas decorations when I had money and when they had all the huge sales in January, so my house is going to be all decked out to the 9's this year. It will make up for no gifts. I can't wait, I love to decorate and with all the new stuff I bought, I made, i already have, it may take me awhile to get it all up and then back down again. hee hee. What fun.
Anywho, I better get back to work, not much going on really.
Glad to hear most of ya had a wonderful weekend and hope the weekday ahead is absolutely marvelous for all the great jaded lady gals

08-30-2004, 10:24 AM
It's Monday!

Mindee - pacifiers go the way of the one sock that never gets found... there are pacifiers and mate-less socks floating around in space somewhere, lol.

Shanna - so glad you're feeling better, and yes, I think you should take all the sick days you can if they are paid. Have fun with Marti, and just rest up. What kind of Christmas crafts did you do?

Susan - YAY for the 142!! Michael thinks you're beautiful because you ARE. I hope this one works out, sweetie. If not, why not take a break for awhile and see what happens? Love sometimes comes to those who aren't looking at all.

Well, my computer is still wacko and I can't get a new one... boo hoo. I'm not used to using a mouse and it's driving me crazy. But Katie is being a good sport, letting me invade her room this way.

I haven't done any house cleaning all weekend, so now it's time to get busy! This is day one of Core for me... wish me luck!


08-30-2004, 11:25 AM
Weighin day for me and I'm down 2 pounds - wahoo

Need to get off the five I gained on vacation - boohoo

Jana - "Katy" works for me - that's what everyone calls me, and it seems that I am the only one on the boards at present. CORE should be interesting. I did go out and get the FF milk, and plan on gagging it down just like I did the 1%, lol. I have to admit, though, it's nice not having to be so concerned about the points of the "basics" I'm doing some menu planning today, so I'll post over on the core thread later.

Mindee - My DS was a major binky-boy. My DD wanted nothing to do with them - weird how kids are so different. My son wouldn't give them up, so when he was three we arranged for a visit from the "binky fairy". We told him that when he was ready, that he would leave all his binkies under his pillow and the binky fairy would take them all away and leave him a CDROM. It was my first indulgence of out n out parental bribing, and whaddya know - it worked! I'm tempted to go back to it now that DD needs to get out of diapers for school...haven't decided what I'm going to do about that one. One thing my children are alike in is that they are stubborn.....

A good morning to all

08-30-2004, 11:28 AM
hi to Susan and Shanna - sorry I forgot to say hello in my previous post.

What do you Oregon gals think of a meet-up at the Woodburn Outlet? I don't have any particular time in mind - just thought I throw that out here as a possible location..

08-30-2004, 12:24 PM
Good Morning All~

Shanna~good to see you back. Hope you have fun with Marti. Homemade gifts are always the best kind! Years ago a few months before Christmas I would make ornaments for the tree or stuff around the house. I added something every year, till the kids were a little older. I still have all those ornaments. I haven't added some of them the last few years because i do a blue and white tree. But have lots that the kids made also that I add. Now that I have a family room I can have two trees with those ornaments.

Susan~sorry Tom didn't work out. He could have at least called when he said he would. Michael sounds like a nice guy.

Jana~I wouldn't know what to do without a mouse. DS has a laptop and let me try it a couple of times and I just couldn't get the hang of using the finger-too weird.

RosieKate~:bravo: on your loss this week!

Mindee~took a quick look at some of the pictures and Brandon is such a cutie pie! I will go back later and sign the book again and look at all of them.

Barb~sorry to hear about our teenagers. Been there, done that. All I can say is breath...

Julie~:bravo: on your loss also.

Jen~hopefully you get some good neighbors. :crossed:

Marti~that is good about Jhanai. Not very often kids watch for sales. Mine never did. They saw what they wanted and didn't care what the cost.

Hi to everyone else! :wave:

Nothing much going on in my neck of the woods today. Finished my book last night and going to start another today. That's about all that's on my agenda. Maybe get in a walk since it is still cool. Didn't realize it rained last night, or this morning but went out on the deck and it was a little wet. Can always use the rain.

Have a good one ladies :)

08-30-2004, 01:50 PM
Good morning ladies--

Jana--I'm not sure what I'm doing with the CORE plan yet. I should be doing that, but when I went shopping I thought of James & Jhanai...but I will attempt to do it as best as I can. (That probably won't work will it?) I am absolutely horrible when it comes to following a plan!! But we'll see.

Mindee--Pacifier Alert!! So you're losing them quickly are ya? Jhanai never used them that much, in fact when she was about 8mos. she got really sick and refused to suck on one....and I tossed them out. She never had one again. My poor baby...being deprived of a BINKY!

Shanna--You have a lot of days off coming up! Maybe we can head over to woodburn and visit RK & Susan on one of those days. See what we can come up with.

Susan--Another Michael......sounds like a nice man. Just be careful. He may not like a bunch of e-mail, but moving too fast can turn a person off too! But I hope this one works. Congrats on being 142!!

Rk--I'm liking the idea of meeting. Woodburn would work for's a nice in between area and that would keep me out of the busy City of Portland!! I'm a complete wimp when it comes to BUSY traffic!! Congrats on the 2lbs. lost!!!

Cristi--We had rain last week, but now it's been the perfect temp until it's reaches the late afternoon...then it gets hot. But rain is headed our way again this sitting under my deck listening to it hit the metal roofing!! I was sitting out there the other night and day dreaming about sitting on a beautiful deck (obviously not mine....) and sitting around a table, drinking coffee and talking to all you Jaded Ladies!! I was able to picture the women who I've seen in pictures. It was a cozy daydream. Very fun. (See what I do in my spare time?) :lol:

Well....I'm not sure what I'm doing today...I know at least a load of laundry! I take Jhanai home tonight, been asking her what she thinks about school coming up.....she can't wait to see her friends again. She's really excited that one of her best friends has the same class this year, the last time they we in the same class was the first grade.....SOOOOO long ago! :D Geez, when was the last time I was in first grade????? Back in '77!! :eek:

Ok...I better straighten up some....doing the wife beater and boxers this moring! What a sight to see!

I'll check in later girls!

08-30-2004, 06:05 PM
Hello ladies--

Have a question for anyone who has kids or grandkids or nieces/nephews, neighbor get what I'm saying....

Jhanai would like to find a penpal that she can correspond with through snail mail. And I thought I would come here and see if any of you know any kids that would like to do this. I think this would be a great opportunity for her to get to know about other kids from different states/town and to practice on her writing skills!! :)

Here is some info. on Jhanai:

Age: 10
Interest: Hanging out w/friends, talking, watching movies, playing games, listening to music.
Favorite animal: Puppies or kittens
Favorite color: Maroon
Favorite movies: The Goonies, Pirates of Carribean, Shrek 2

And of coarse there is more.....but that's a start. Please give me a PM or send me an e-mail if any of you know a child around her age (boy or girl) (age 7-12) that would like to have a PenPal.

Thanks Ladies

08-30-2004, 06:22 PM
Well hope everybody is having a good day today!!! Mine has been alright! Thank you all for the support on my 2 lb lost!!!! I really needed to see that to get some motivation to be really good this week, so Im trying to stay on best behavior... I walked 3 miles on my lunch hour today...which was kind of nutty cause it's about 90 here with 90% I was soaked when I got back to work, then I came home and did step aerobics for a 1/2 hour.... Trying to make up for tomorrow and thursday when I have clinical, I cant really fit in my working out!!!!


MARTI : my stats are HW : 256LBS
CW : 190LBS
GW: 170LBS.....20LBS TO GO.....SIGH
The reason I am aiming for 170 is because I am 5"10 and my doctor says that if I get anywhere under 165, I'll probably look sickly, cause Im tall and big boned!!!!

SHANNA: Dont let the whole job thing get you down, I know how really
stressing it is, trying to keep up with bills and school... Dont let it
eat at you though....I do that and it makes things worse!!!

JANA: Hope your computer feels better!!!

BARB: Im only 22 yrs old, so not far from being a teen and they always know it all!!! Dont think that you've failed your job of parenting, kids go through
phases to test there parents and this is probably whats going on with you now!!!

SUSAN : Sounds like you are really searching for the special someone...Just remember that patience is a virtue and guys will come and go, but dont be in a rush to be with someone.....make sure it's what you really want!!

MINDEE: That blackhole maybe your dogs belly!!!! I had my friends kids here the other day and caught my Jack Russell chewing up the binkie....guess he was jealous!!!HAHA

Well Gals, have a great night and I'll check in later


08-30-2004, 10:38 PM
Good evening ladies,

Susan - I'm so very sad that you deleted your posts! :( Please look for (and answer!) a PM from me, ok?

Katy - YAY for the 2#s down!!! That is really great! I told Mary about the Binky Fairy and suggested she do the same with the bottles, and she's all for it. Thanks so much for such a good idea. Hey, nothing wrong with a little bribery, lol.

Cristi - When I first got the laptop 3 years ago, it drove me crazy, too, until I got used to it, lol. What book are you reading? I'd go to the book thread but I have limited time here - Katie's computer is sooooo slow!

Marti - so glad Jhanai's friend will be in her class. And tell her that Aunt Jana loves the Goonies too!!! I especially like Chunk. I wish I knew someone in her age group, but don't. Well, wait a minute.... my niece is 10.. her name is Chelsea... I'll pass along the info!

Julie - I'm 5'9" and know what you mean about not wanting a low weight goal. Height sure makes a difference! Dang, girl, you're doing great with the exercises!

Well, I've made it through the day on Core, lol and although I'm not hungry, I need some $%^&* sugar! I miss my peanut butter Captain Crunch!! I've tried to stay busy and got the house sort of clean and all the laundry done.

Now I'm headed soon to go sit on the patio with Neal. See ya, :wave:

08-30-2004, 10:39 PM
Well gals, looks like I caught Shanna's funk. Full on. Work SUCKS. So busy, I can't keep up, can't see straight, everyone's complaining, can't make anyone happy, and no one cares but me. Yep, in a funk. I was even working on having a panic attack yesterday, but took some of my meds leftover from my surgery last November. I always said if it ever gets to the point where I have to take meds to deal with my job, it's time to find a new job. That's just not healthy. Guess I should at least take a look around. I hate to have to admit that I can't handle something. But I guess it's just about come to that point. I suppose that it may be the reason why my migraines my be worse this year too. I have scheduled an appointment with my doc on Friday, just in case it takes awhile. Plus, I don't want to make any rash decisions. UGH, I hate this. Maybe I just have really bad PMS this week!

I did talk to my neighbor. He did sell his house to that young couple I talked to. Yay! I'm excited about that! Some people my age to talk to at least. I don't think I've ever really had neighbors my age, so that should be fun. They were really nice.

Well, I'm gonna go check out a couple websites for job postings, just in case.


08-31-2004, 01:51 AM
Shanna~ I am so sorry to hear that things are still rough. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers during this trying time for you!

Jana~ I am starting to think that. The funny part is, I did Brandon’s laundry, oh gosh, around 4th of July, when my sister was down here, and I was folding it. Out popped this purple sock that wasn’t in his laundry before, but was there now! I think it might be one of our nieces socks, since we now live in my sister’s old house. But I had asked my sister if it was her sock and she goes “no.” So then I asked Brandon what girl he had over and I was washing her clothes. He looked at me and smiled.

Katy~ Brandon is stubborn as well. Just last (Monday) night, it took him until about 11:15 before I finally just stuck him in his bassinet to fall asleep. And even then he was straightening his arms so he couldn’t lay on his side like the doctor wants him to, in order to get rid of his flat spot. We plan on a visit from the “owl” around the time he is one or so to get rid of his bottles and pluggies. I had the owl take mine, so it seems to have stuck with my family that the owl takes them.

Cristi~ Thanks for checking out his website. He is growing up so quickly. I have a ticker that counts down until his first birthday, and I can’t believe he is almost to the ½ mark! Before I know it, we will be getting ready for his first birthday!

Thanks to you other ladies who have gone to his website and checked it out. Also thank you for signing his guestbook!

Marti~ Brandon didn’t take one when he was first born. The day we got discharged from the hospital (he was born on a Friday, and we got discharged on Sunday) he went for his hearing test, and came back sucking on the hospital kind. Ever since then he has taken one. Now he only wants to take it when he is sleepy or fussy. Other wise he will pull it out and play with it.

Julie~ LOL….The funny part is….is that our dog has black fur! She is black lab, cocker spaniel and chow. So maybe it is in her belly….but I think we would have heard her playing with it. Unless she hid them in her kennel. Hmmmmmm??

Jen~ Sorry to hear that you are in a funk. I hope you can get things worked out and out of that funk soon.

08-31-2004, 02:26 AM
Hello , hello one and all!!!!!! :wave:

JANA:Hey there missy!! To answer you question, I am the queen of crafts and I do tons of stuff for christmas gifts, regular gifts, etc. I could tell you some of the things I am doing THIS year, but not all since marti is getting a bag of the things. I am doing bags for the women and bags for the men. The men ( which is hard to find things for) are going to get food stuff and whatever else I can think of. It is hard for men stuff. I had all four of the womens done in feb, except for one thing that can only be done about a week for giving them. I can P.M. you the list, I am pretty proud of it, but I don't want marti to know before I give it to her. :D I crocheted placemats and napkin rings for my hopefully future mother in law and will hand paint some candle holders soon. I also am going to find and old moody blues album or bob dylan and make a gift box out of it. I got that from an HGTV show and it makes a cool gift box. I have been waiting to try it for about a year. Can't wait. Anywho, I do so many things. One year I made stained glass suncatchers for everyone of my family members. 40 in total. I started in may and finished in dec. Boy were my hands tired and cut up, but it was fun. I love to do stained glass, I have a full glass cutting machine, etc. It is at my parents house now, cause I have no room to use it where I live. makes me sad. I also got two books that are full of crafts for 5.00 or under, very cool and I used my 50 gift certificate to michaels to get supplies to make a whole bunch for gifts. Look what you made me do, write a novel .heee heee, I love crafts and making stuff and trying new techniques, I could spend my whole live doing that. Too bad you live so far away, we could have a crafting circle instead of a quilting one. Hee, too much coffee, starting to ramble and chatterbox away. heee hee :lol: :coffee: :D Have I mentioned I love making things??/ :lol:
Rosiekate: I would love to meet you all at the Woodburn outlet stores, sounds cool. I have been there a couple times and drive by there every month on my way up to Tualitin for my monthly appt. I love that burrito place ( I know bad!! :^: ) I think it is called New York burritos or something like that. Kind of like a place we have down here called Mucho Gusto. Yummy. Just let marti and me know and we can set up a day , time and see if that works. What fun. Of course I have no money to get anything, and sometimes window shopping makes me sad, but I still like it. :D
Cristi : I have been hand making ornaments for a couple of years. I would love to have enough money to do those color scheme trees, but since I am WT right now I have the hodge podge tree. I have ornaments that my great grandpa and grandma made and some from my childhood that my mom gave me. I also made these wood ornaments last year that I just painted and plastic ones that you used special paint for. I love making Mexican gift balls that are ornaments, but double as gifts. I made them at a temp job at a gift shop one year and started making them on my own. Cool idea. Anywho, I make something every year for my tree or my house decorations. Like I said yesterday, my house and tree are going to be all decked out this year. I can't wait.
Dolphin: Oh no, I passed on my funk. I hope you too can get over it and get back to normal. I totally feel for you. Seems like I am getting in funks a lot lately, due to stress I know. I am pulling for you to feel better. Keep your chin up, things will look better in the morning. :-)
Well gals for my final jabber of the day. Some good news. I was talking to my mom tonight, she was letting me know she will be having surgery next week and then she said my dad wanted to tell me something. I guess my mom and him talked things over and starting oct 10th they are going to be giving me 400.00 a month to help with school and such. I wanted to cry. I told him no, he can't do that and he told me I can't tell him what to do. I told him i would feel too guilty and he said that is what they are here for, to make me feel guilty. ;) I wished I could have hugged him right then, but I couldn't. He says that he and my mom will be there for me and help me out. They figured that i will have to take care of them pretty soon. LOL I told him yeah, nursing home and he told me I would have to come visit to make sure they were not treating them bad. hee hee. I just love my daddy, me being an only child probably helps me out, but how sweet is that. I will of course insist on a contract so I can pay them back, which they will probably tell me no, but I WILL insist. I can always count on my parents to be there for me and hopefully with their help, loans, good, good, good luck, I will make it through the next 10 months alive, in debt up to my eyeballs, but alive. Hopefully the good luck will keep coming, but knowing my life, I will be foiled again somehow. Anywho, I thought I would share that bit of good news, I just feel soooo guilty now. Here I am almost thirty and my mommy and daddy have to help me out. how humiliating and humbling. Oh well, My dad says this stress and pain and such should all be worth it when I graduate. I hope he is right. hee hee. Well, My novel is over for now, tootles to all my jaded ladies. Love ya all. :love: :grouphug:

08-31-2004, 02:31 AM
Shanna~ That is awesome that your parents are willing to help you out! I am glad things are turning around for you!

08-31-2004, 09:48 AM
Good morning, Ladies!

Jen - awww, I'm sorry you're having a tough time. A person can handle only so much, and you have already been doing more than the average person. Maybe it IS time to scout around for something else... So glad some people your age are moving in next door.

Mindee - hi, hope you're having a fun day with Brandon.

Shanna - your crafts sound so impressive! Yep, I agree, it's so hard to buy/make gifts for men. Their stuff is just too boring, lol. Yay about your parents helping out! :cp: Things really do have a way of working out, don't they? And let them do it, they want to. You can do some nice things for them along the way and later, but all they want is to love their little girl.

Hi to all the other JLs. :wave:

Nothing special going on today. I'm going to check on a friend who's having a hard time and maybe have her over to share my Core lunch. Not much else going on...


08-31-2004, 11:55 AM
Hi Ladies! Thanks everyone, for the kind words about teenagers. Yeah, you know how it goes- we have our good days and not so good days- feeling better now. Anyway, today I am closing at the store- so was able to sleep in a little and relax. Am getting ready to shower and run to the store for a few things. DH will be home tonite to handle things here, so I won't have to worry TOO much! Am off tomorrow and the weather is supposed to be great. Alright, well I hope everyone has a great day and I will talk to you all Wednesday! Barb

08-31-2004, 12:22 PM
Good Morning Ladies~

What a day...had to spend 3 1/2 hours at the emergency room last night. DS#2 came home with a bandaged finger and told me I needed to take him. The kid nail gunned his fingers to a board yesterday at 2:30 but did not go to the emergency room. He said he had to finish the job-WHAT!!! Ummm, okay. Anyway, the nail went through one finger and scraped the other. But the one it went through, his left index finger is broken. I've got to make an appointment with a ortho. specialist today to see what they want to do about it. Meantime he has to keep it in a splint thingy and take antiobiotics. I told him if something happens again to go straight to the emergency room. I told him I was going to call his boss and tell him to not let him handle the nail gun! :lol: Just kidding, I wouldn't embarrass him. I hate those things.

Marti~I don't know anyone about that age, no wait, my nieces (the twins) are about 8 I think. I can't keep up with their ages. I will write them and let them know. All the others are either younger or much older than 12. I don't know if they would actually keep up with the writing but I will see and send you their info. My DS#1 in school years ago, he was in 7th or 8th grade and it was a class project to pick someone to write overseas. He is still writing Isabella in Italy. She is such a sweetie and I was hoping that one day they could meet. But I think it is cool that almost 10 years later they still correspond.

Jen~sorry to hear you are in a funk, or were. But glad to hear about the young neighbors. It is always nice to have neighbors about your age. Ours are all younger except two single women, one is about 70'ish ??? and the other is about late 50'ish. I am not good at guessing ages. Hope today is a better day for ya.

Mindee~aaaah, the first special and so much fun!

Jana~I didn't start the Core after all. 1. didn't have the foods in the house to get started and 2. I refuse to drink anything less than 2% milk and use the points on that and bread. I didn't really think I ate that much bread and such. While it sounds good I guess there are some things I am not willing to do without. The book I finished was Mary Higgins Clark-Nighttime Is My Time and it was a goo done. The one I started yesterday and almost finished is "E" is for Evidence by Sue Grafton-it's okay. I am hoping the other two I have are better than this one.

Shanna~I knew everything would work out for the best. :) And if your mommy and daddy are willing to help then let them. They love you and are there for you, so don't feel any guilt. Just accept it gracioulsy. You are fortunate to have parents that care and are willing to help you. You will have to take pictures of your place all decorated at Christmas so we can see all your crafty work.

Did I miss something about Susan? Did she delete all her posts? I hope everything is all right with her. Do you hear that Susan? Hope everything is fine.

Hi to everyone else-hope you have a great day. Hope everyone has a great day.

Well, not much on the agenda today, as usual. Do need to get some laundry done and will vacuum and dust. That's about it. When Vince gets home today we are off to SAMS to do some shopping. Try to get there at least once a month but doesn't always happen. Later ladies...:wave:

08-31-2004, 02:09 PM
Morning ladies--

Cristi--Do you have any idea how to find a penpal for kids oversea's? Jhanai & I were online yesterday and we searched...but it was all through e-mail! She doesn't want to use e-mail (shocking isn't it?), she wants letters to save. I told her to ask her teacher when school starts but I will post a note to all you girls. I'm going to keep searching for her and find her a penpal. She plans on writing to her cousins who live in Florida, but she wants more. I wonder if she'd actually keep up??

Barb--Our weather in Oregon is wonderful. As long as it's before noon! :lol:

Jana--Hope you enjoy your Core lunch with your friend. Jhanai likes Chunk too. I told her that there may be kids in "our family" here, but there may not be any who is her age or who actually wants a penpal....but I will keep searching for her.

Shanna--You have sweet parents. Very glad that they decided to help you. And as Cristi pictures of this wonderful Christmas decorated house of yours when the time comes!! I may need you to come over and help me out with mine!

Mindee--That was a cute story about you asking your son what girl he brought over!

Jen--I hope you're feeling better today. Hurray that you have young neighbors your age moving in! My neighbors consist of a senior housing, widow on one side and and elderly couple on the other side. Across the street I may have younger ones......but I don't know. should venture out more shouldn't I?

Julie--I'm barely 5'1" doctor (years ago) told me that the ideal weight for me was between 110-130lbs. Well...I haven't gotten to 110 since after I had my son, but I have been to 130 a couple times.......boy how sad is that to be able to say that I actually got to 130 a "couple" times!!! The last time being when Sony was still open!! Must work on myself more.

Hello to anyone I may have missed.

Nothing on my agenda for today...I'm going to stop over at my grandpa's then I'm going to finish cleaning up my shed......but nothing entertaining.

I'll check in later

08-31-2004, 03:36 PM
I'm back for just a few minutes...

Marti~I am not sure where to find oversea penpals but I will ask DS where exactly the teacher got the info/addresses. Sometimes if you do the emailing some of them will want to exchange letters, or at least a card every now and then. It is cool to have penpals. This guy I met a few years ago through a personal ad (he was in Saudi Arabia) was a sponsor for Compassion International (that's an idea if you want to sponsor a kid) for a few kids and as we corresponded he asked if I would like to write some of his sponsors. He paid the fees but i wrote letter to two of his kids. I was writing a girl Hannah in Kenya and a boy Wilson in Ecuador. It was nice to hear about their lives and way of living. Hannah ended up getting married at 16 so was dropped and Wilson dropped out of the program but I corresponded with them for about 4 years. Anyway, that's all I have. I will talk with DS though and see what he says.

Have a good one ladies!

08-31-2004, 05:19 PM
Thanks Cristi!! If you get any info....Jhanai's going to love you for it! :) anyone going to buy the Movie: Passions of the Christ?

I want to buy it....I wanted to see it in the theatre but I heard it was very emotional and I'm not sure if I could have handled that. I hear it's out on DVD already.....I better go get one.

Ok...Need to take the pups out for a potty break!

08-31-2004, 09:23 PM
Be-Bop on over to # 74!