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08-27-2004, 07:46 AM
A quick coffee this morning on the deck as I have cakes #3 and #4 in the oven right now. I have to be in Brockville by 8:30 and hope to do #5 and #6 before I leave. We have a bake/yard/plant sale at The Church tomorrow morning and I'm on the fly today.

I braved WallyWorld on my afternoon off! It wasn't too crowded. I bought myself a new watch (an el cheapo) to celebrate ONEderland and also bought yet another pedometer. This one will be attached to my pants with a ribbon, not just the clip. I hate to admit how many pedometers I've lost, most of them probably in public washrooms! :(

Sarah will be here at eight and will start on more weeding - we are making progress! When I get back from town, we'll switch over to perennial splitting and packaging. I'd like her to work this afternoon but she has a "real" job interview! I'm glad for her but will miss her help.
:balloons: Big news! My DD, Mary Ellen (MEW) is now a registered Nurse! She has busted her butt this past 12 months taking the RPN course out in Nanaimo, BC, and is now finished! It's been a whole year since I've seen her and I'd love to just give her a huge hug. I'm proud because life has not been easy for her and is finally getting much better. Having a good DH really helps! Dave is a Prince but it still had to be a hard year with two kids and school.

Timer is ringing and dogs are barking so I'm outta here. Just leave the dirty mugs in the sink because I've not cleared the clean stuff out of the dishwasher! :rofl:

08-27-2004, 07:49 AM

Just stopping in to say hello and wish everyone a great Friday! I am sooooooo ready for the weekend!

little chick
08-27-2004, 07:55 AM
Morning chicks....sorry I have been MIA but I have been in a really rotten mood... feeling sorry for myself one minute, nasty and witchy the next and even a wee bit weepy.... god I hate feeling sorry for myself. Anyway staying pretty much OP and a few weak moments still have not started TOM yet but I feel like if someone pokes me with a needle I would just explode. :) Anyway just wanted to pop in. I will try later to get back and catch up with everyone but I have a partylite party that I am co hosting tonight so I need to do some cooking for. Hugs to ya all.

Airmans Angel
08-27-2004, 08:36 AM
Morning girls my sleep was interupted with a phone call from my boyfriend :D He told me he was flying in this morning that he got his orders for alaska yesterday evening....bittersweet....Any way he told me to be thinking of a place to go to dinner that it was my choice. I am still fairly new at all of this so any suggestions on healthy sbd friendly places for dinner? I am currently down to 190 lbs :o but I am on my way! I was just curious does anyone else weigh different during the day, like I will weigh in the mornings when I get up and then when I shower around dinner and before I go to bed a lot of the times they say different things the night and morning are close but the lunchtime one is whoa...3-4 lbs off! I am so glad that it is FRIDAY!!!!!! My kids (at work) have been more than a handful this week and I am ready for my weekend. I hope everyone has an OP day and keep your spirits high! Have a good day....

08-27-2004, 09:12 AM
Good morning chickidees,
Friday is my favorday of the work week. We might even get out early today...we did last Friday. :crossed:

Still able to stay on plan.....I am so glad I got motivated again. It's amazing how fast the weight comes off on Phase 1. I actually look forward to getting up and getting on the scale...I know we aren't supposed to official weigh in is once a week, but it's motivating, especially on phase 1 to see the pounds off.

I have to tell you the highlight of my day yesterday was booking a round trip ticket to Charlotte from Dulles for $16.50 each that's not a typo, it was actually $48+ round trip with taxes. BF is meeting me there and his round trip flight was only $73.70. Gotta love new airlines starting up business. It would usually cost me a minimum $250-$300 and is too much for me to spend every time I want to go to Charlotte to visit my nephews so usually I drive the 6+ hour trip every couple of months. I just could get over the price and had to take advantage of it. It's on Independence Air and their great to fly. There service is great and refreshing. They go into to New England where the rest of our families so we'll be racking up the mile with IA that's for sure.

Ruth-I wear my pedometer everyday and strive to walk a total of 10000 steps a's about 5 miles for me. I love having it when I go out walking so I know exactly how far I go. I've dropped it a few times, but havent' lost it yet. Your my hero for making 6 cakes!!! I am nervous making even one from a box. Baking is not my thing that's for sure. Congratulations on your DD's accomplishments. I know you must be so proud of her!

Little Chick-Keep your head, we're all entitled to feel down every now and then, but not feel sorry for yourself. Take yourself to the mirror and tell yourself you deserve better than that! :grouphug: I hope you are feeling better very soon!

Kiko and Airman's Angel-Have a great day on the beach. Don't forget your sunscreen ;)

Everyone else to come, I hope its a good day for y'all. It's a little overcast her but hope it's sunny where you are.


08-27-2004, 09:20 AM
morning chickies!!
TGIF is right!!! this has been the week from **** at work, i am so looking forward to the weekend. todays plans are half a day of work at the job then i think i'll go get my haircut, pick up dd from school, have a quick dinner and then we are off to a football game for the evening. ds has a football scrimmage tomorrow am at 9:30 and then we'll be at the camper for the rest of the weekend. hopefully i can relax a little.

little chick hope you get feeling better those backed up pms hormones really get to me too sometimes. hang in there!!

airmans angel how great is that?? have a good time with your short visit with your man!!! good luck picking a restaurant!!

ruth can i come over for cake?? baked goods are my total weakness!! have a good day sounds like you'll be busy again.

hi kiko!!

hello to everyone else yet to post have a great day and a good weekend!!!

08-27-2004, 09:21 AM
Morning all. I'm so groggy I may not even remember typing this later on today.

Oh good, Flood Watch today, and more rain. Sigh. Scattered strong to severe thunderstorms.

I hate early day at work. I can never bring myself to get out of bed. I woke up at 6:15 (one hour before time to get up) and have been drifting in and out of sleep since.

Well, better go potty and hop through the shower. Talk to you all later.

08-27-2004, 10:29 AM
Any way he told me to be thinking of a place to go to dinner that it was my choice. I am still fairly new at all of this so any suggestions on healthy sbd friendly places for dinner?

Do you have a Friday's? They have a grilled grouper with vegetable medley that is on their Atkins menu but has no oils or butters added. Are you on phase 1 or 2? This would work for either. Applebees has a chicken skillet dish on their Weight Watchers menu that comes with a whole wheat tortilla and would work for Phase 2. Steak places can work as long as you watch out for fats and sugars. I have heard that Ruby Tuesday as some good stuff too but we don't have one close so I don't really know.

Me - The scouting signup went really well last night. We got enough for a nice size Tiger den and added 8 scouts to existing dens. I was a little upset to get home at 8:30 and find DH had just gotten home from shopping with Brian and was just fixing his dinner. That is too late on a school night! Anyway, we scrambled to get him to do homework, eat and get to bed close to on time.

08-27-2004, 10:41 AM
Morning, ladies. How are we all doing this a.m.? Sounds like everyone is around and about and getting ready for a great weekend. I am beat, looooonnng night last night, long week really. Hopefully the weekend will afford some time to relax, but somehow I doubt it. ;)

Airman's Angel: Have fun with your BF. Barb's suggestions are all good. I have been to Ruby Tuesday, and they have a great Atkins type menu that you should have no trouble ordering from. However, I have a personal predisposition to romantic evenings at home- lots of scented candles, a special menu, pretty flowers, a new dress, and you could control the food. But alas, I am sure that that would be hard to pull off with little ones around. Enjoy nonetheless. :hat:

Ruth: Congrats to the new nurse! That is so exciting. Here in the US we have a shortage of nurses, so it is always great to see someone new dedicating themselves to the field. :bravo: Plus, congrats to you on making 6 cakes! What kind? I love baking!

Littlechick: You need a dancing banana. :cb: Hope it helps. Always makes me smile a little.

Shequila: Congrats on the good prices. I am going to try to visit DC in the fall to check out some law schools. Maybe I can get a good price from Boston or Providence. :crossed:

So everyone, enjoy the beach today!

08-27-2004, 10:49 AM
Ruth, wow, congratulations to your super-smart DD! :hat: That is great news, especially with the nursing shortage! :D Sounds like you had a good day yesterday and even did some nice things for you! (which you totally deserve! :D) I'm glad!

Kiko! So good to see you! :grouphug: Hope you have a great end to your week!

Oh, LC! :grouphug: :grouphug: I'm so sorry that you are having a hard time, my favorite BBQ skewer! I hope that you feel better soon...sounds like a terrible case of PMS! Here's hoping you can take the time to do whatever gives you peace...a nice bubble bath with no kids around, a good book so you can have a good cry at other's expense (or a good girly movie), some peaceful time at the beach...whatever you can get. Wish I was there so we could have some diet tonic and gin and laugh! :lol:

Morning, Angel...what a great call to get, but sad because he is flying long will he be up there? He will be so thrilled to see you looking so great! :queen: 190 sounds heavenly! :D The easiest place to eat OP, IMHO, is Ruby Tuesday. You can have most of the steaks, chicken, salad bar, veggies, mashed cauliflower, rice pilaf (if on phase 2), brocc. cheese soup, and white chicken chili. Lots of choices! If on Phase 2, there is also a quesadilla appetizer that is good as a dinner choice. WW tortilla. :D Have fun!

Sheila, so glad you are having a great day! That plane price is amazing! :yikes: What fun!!! Where does your BF live? Pedometers are great. We got one each at work as part of a program...I was sometimes able to get up to 8,000 a day when I worked out, but not up to 10,000, even on weekends. I guess I'm more sedentary than I know! ;)

Jodi, I feel you on the week from **** much work and the week flew by so fast with nothing (it seems) done. Hope you enjoy the game and the camping. Sounds fun! :D

Ooh, Weezle, I do not like early days, either. I've been so motivated to keep working on this baby quilt and I also had about 20 pages to finish in a real page turner, so I read and was up late last night. Oy. So sleepy this morning! :yawn: Hope your day got easier! :D


Well, got the quilting done on the baby quilt last night. Just need to put the binding on today, but my coworker isn't I'm going to have to wing it. :crossed: Still, I'm excited by how it turned out!

We're going out for Mexican tonight. Should be fun! I'm finding that even with going back to my previous plan (one starch, one fruit), I'm still not losing. In fact, I apparently gained a pound and a half today! :mad: I'm on TOM, and maybe that's why, but oy! I'm frustrated. :stress: I know...I need to be patient and calm down. I am worried that I might be sneaking too much stuff in...maybe too much oil in different things? Not sure... <sigh> Sometimes I just over think!

Nothing much going on this weekend, and we are due for a lot of rain, so I think I might relax with DH and the some cleaning in the house, work on the quilt and plan out my next projects. I have some great fabric to make small wallhangings for my friends for Christmas. One is green with a ton of little shoes with a description under each: "sexy shoes, spiky shoes, comfy shoes, slipper shoes" and my favorite, a Birkenstock-type shoe with "earthy-crunchy shoes" underneath it. :lol: Another is light blue with panties and bras on it, also with descriptions under each: "ouchy bra, pointy bra, sport bra, date bra, thong, high rise, etc.". My favorite on that one is a space with no picture and just the word, "braless" :lol3: Others have a ton of quotes with pictures...things like, "Who needs men when you have chocolate?". There's also another with a ton of different purses with descriptions. I'm going to modify a quilt and make a purse block with a shoe block to make a 10" by 20" wall hanging for four of my girlfriends. I think they'll really like it. :D

Not much else going on...just work and looking forward to the weekend!

One last I the only one that thinks getting a sport bra on and off ought to count as exercise? ;)

08-27-2004, 10:55 AM
Good morning everyone.

I too am having a hard time waking up and would still be sleeping if my youngest cat wasn't sharpening her claws on anything she could find in my bedroom -- she knows it's a no-no and it wakes me up to scold her.

While everyone is praising that it's Friday, I have to work this weekend so my "weekend" this week is Monday to Wednesday. We have a co-worker who is leaving and there is a good bye lunch on Saturday at the Olive Garden. Since I'm still working on Phase 1, I'm going to skip the lunch because even though I could have salad and baked chicken, the pasta and bread are WAY too tempting for me right now.

I made some of the crockpot chili last night and it was really good. I overflowed my pot a little bit but the clean up wasn't as horrific as I thought! So I have enough left over for 3 or 4 more servings.

It's good to see everyone this morning and good to be seen.

Have a great day!


08-27-2004, 11:05 AM
Hi, Barb and KVixen! We posted together!

Barb, so glad you got more scouts! Scouting is such fun! Sorry about DH and Brian. At least he wasn't making brownies for dinner! ;)

KVixen, Wow, you make an evening at home sound delectable! :goodvibes: Congrats on looking at law schools...have you taken the LSAT yet? I have a student who is prepping for it and I have next to no info for her on how tough it is...what is your take?

08-27-2004, 11:58 AM
Hello Everyone!!

Laurie you crack me up :lol: I do indeed think sport bras should be counted as exercise :lol: I can't believe you're already done with the quilt!! You are speedy!! :) Way to go! Don't worry the scale will continue to go down! I gained 2, only because I had a couple pieces of pizza the other day and had a bit more peanuts than I was supposed to....I think....but the scales finally went down!

KristinJ I have yet to have the crockpot chili...It sounds like it'd be good. I totally understand skipping out on the Olive Garden. The breadsticks are sooo tempting. I went there with my mom, grandma, and aunt and had soup and salad.

LC I hope you feel better soon....I agree with what Laurie said "a nice bubble bath with no kids around, a good book so you can have a good cry at other's expense (or a good girly movie), some peaceful time at the beach...whatever you can get"

Ruth you are a strong woman....making 6 cakes! Just having one in the house is too tempting :lol:

To everyone else, I hope you have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend!!! :)

Me: Well yesterday as I was putting the Sims game onto my computer I recieved a phone call. Some lady from this company called First Investors Corp. found my resume on monster and wanted to interview me next week :) I was so startled and said yes that I've forgotten what position I'm being interviewed for :o soooo hmm...well I guess be prepared for anything....I've tried looking them up on the net....haven't seen anything yet...but will continue to look. It's a long day in my dad's office's so weird being here when no one else is....Oh my dad and little brother are on the Braves website somewhere....the People there at the game took pictures of the fans and they were some of them! I made the 3 bean salad today for's chilling in the fridge...I've never had I'm hoping it'll be good.

08-27-2004, 12:06 PM
Just a quick pop in to say Hello to everyone:wave: I have to get to DD school to help her get her pizza today. She is just so excited. Will check back in later.

08-27-2004, 12:09 PM
Me- I have to admit that I have been struggling in all areas of my life. School has been so overwhelming- I hadn't fully anticipated how stressful this year was going to be. I don't feel like I am being effective in any area of my life right now- mom, wife, woman, teacher... I need to figure it all out. Just a stressful spot- fortunately I am an extremely resilient person and know that I will make it through. I am maintaining my weight loss, which I am proud of.

Kiko, I'm so sorry! I think you are probably doing a much better job than you think...teaching is so all encompassing that it is difficult to do anything else, at all! I know that with your caring and nurturing nature, you are doing a lot for everyone in your life. Just don't forget about you, okay? :grouphug:

Kristin, I totally understand about not going to Olive Garden...that would be tough for me, too. You do what you need to in order to succeed. Hey, remember to brag about your weekend on Monday when we are all stumbling in to work. :lol: That ought to make it even! ;) What kind of work do you do?

HistoryChick, thanks so much for the support! :D I hate to burst your bubble, but I would stay away from First Investors. They are an insurance/financial services company. They tend to chew up and spit out their employees. You would be selling insurance and other financial services to everyone you know and lots of people you don't, and you would be working on commission only. It's not the job for you, I think. You won't find much posting on Monster...just things like First and Vector (selling knives). Instead, look for local job boards (you might try to see if they have a board for your area) and post your resume there. Also, perhaps at your college? I'm a career counselor at a small, private, liberal arts college, just so you don't think I'm talking out my nose. ;) You might also try looking on specific job boards for the career you are interested in. If you don't know what you are interested in, PM me with your e-mail and I'll send you links to tons of career surveys that will help you figure it out. Finding a job is tough, but you don't want to go with something like First. :no: Hope saying this didn't bother you, but I wouldn't let a friend go work for them. :grouphug:

08-27-2004, 12:11 PM
Hi, SKHerb! Hope it's fun! :D

P.S. To HistoryChick...I love the Sims!!! :love: Which one were you installing?

08-27-2004, 12:14 PM
YAY!!!!!! I'm so glad someone else loves the sims too!:spin: Let's see...well I have the sims, hot date, house party and i just got the magic one...I really wanted the unleashed one with the pets...but they didn't have that at the store...The magic one is pretty cool...I ended up choosing that over the vacation and superstar because it had trees with fall colors :lol:

08-27-2004, 12:20 PM
:lol: at the trees with fall colors! :D That's great! I have the original, Living Large, Unleashed, and Vacation. Vacation is pretty cool, but I find it annoying that they get tired more quickly than they do at home. Suppose that's pretty realistic, though, huh? ;)

The magic one sounds really cool! What types of things does it allow you to do?

Unleashed is awesome. I have found that birds and other small animals, unfortunately, are not as much fun, but the dogs and cats are so great. The gardening thing is a wonderful aspect as well, and the ability to make a pond filled with ducks is great!

Did you see my other post?

08-27-2004, 12:49 PM
Good morning everyone! I got a very late start this morning, I've been nauseous all week, I guess my body's still getting used to phase 1, our coffee pot broke last night in the dishdrainer and I had to dig out the box of single serve coffee "tea bags", which left my kitchen in shambles, and then I turn the computer on and my local network was down! Rough morning. I was glad to finally get online, coming here and reading everyone's posts made me feel a lot better, thank you all!

A baby quilt! That sounds like fun! I started my first quilt a month or so ago, I'm using scraps from our old flannel "comfy pants" that we've worn until they have holes in them. :) I don't have much space in the apartment, though, so any kid of sewing project is a big production involving much moving of furniture and such. Guess that would be some good exercise, though?

I adore the Sims! I've been playing for ages, I have them all. Unleashed was the best, but when Makin' Magic came out.... :dizzy: There are some new plants, and you can enchant the gnomes and they'll tend your gardens for you! I love having my sims make little gardens and feed themselves... It's very satisfying. Sorry, I could talk about the Sims for hours. :)

When I got laid off last year I put my resume on Monster and that First Investors place started calling me, I got about 8 phone calls and 4 hand-written postcards from them trying to get me to work there... it got really annoying.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the day! Wish me luck for the weekend, I usually spend it loafing on the couch eating potato chips, so it's going to be a bit of an adventure! :)

08-27-2004, 01:12 PM

I'll remember to take pity on y'all Monday morning :)

I work in mental health on a crisis intervention team. We're a 24 hour service that goes out into the community to help people in crisis - from grief to suicide to general not coping with life. We don't do counselling but we help people problem solve and get hooked up with resources. It's a great job and I love it but it can be VERY stressful.


08-27-2004, 02:12 PM
Wow, Kristin, I can imagine! I think it's wonderful that you are doing such work, though! Wow! :goodvibes:

Angela, congrats on doing so well, and so sorry about your awful morning! :grouphug: I hope that everything goes well this weekend! I know my first weekend was really tough. Some of the girls on the forum suggested that I go outside and garden, and that really helped! See if you can get into a project, like your quilt, that keeps you occupied and your hands away from the chips! ;) I know totally what you mean about the moving of furniture! This little quilt still took up a ton of floor room to arrange and pin...and keep the dog away from! ;) I hope that you are enjoying it...I can't wait to try working with flannel. It just seems like it would make a super comfy quilt! :D

Oh, the Sims! :) It's such a girl DH doesn't get it at all! He tried creating five babes for his one male character, and got everyone annoyed with each other. He thinks it's funny when they slap each other. :rolleyes: Men! :lol:

I love the gardens, too! I didn't know that about the gnomes...will have to put Makin' Magic on my gift list for this Christmas! :D

08-27-2004, 02:32 PM
I could work on my garden, we have a balcony and we've been growing peppers and some herbs, and lots of tomatoes in containers. They keep getting blossom-end rot, so I should pay them some special attention. Thanks for the advice!

Makin' Magic is the best, and I didn't even mention the spinning wheel, the butter churn, the nectar press, and the oven your Sims can use to bake bread and pies and cakes.... I think I might try some vicarious binging this weekend... maybe it'll help. ;)

08-27-2004, 03:50 PM
Beachgal, getting into law school is horrendous. I originally got a 150, then up to a 155, and hopefully up higher, and even though that is in the top 30%, I am still having major issues getting. I think the key is great LSATs, and applying super early. But it is so complicated, and nitpicky, and incredibly expensive. The best advice that I can offer is to apply early and take a course to help study for the LSAT. Good luck to your student!

Today is a crazy day, so I can't say much else. You all sound like you're having a blast on the beach though! =)

08-27-2004, 04:30 PM
Shequila: Congrats on the good prices. I am going to try to visit DC in the fall to check out some law schools. Maybe I can get a good price from Boston or Providence. :crossed:

KVixen- Southwest flies between Baltimore and Providence several times aday and you can usually fly for about $150. not sure if Independence is flying into TF Green yet. You'd have to go out to Dulles if you fly IAir. Let me know when you come to the area and I give you lots of tourist tips....

08-27-2004, 04:53 PM
Yes I got your other post Laurie! Thanks so much!! I'm so addicted to my sims games. I just love to decorate their places and stuff. I have a question for those who play sims.......Do ya'll cheat with it? Like say do the "rosebud cheat"?? where you can get lots of money for your sims? I admit it......I do it

sweet tooth
08-27-2004, 04:54 PM
Good morning, everyone.

Today was one of those nasty started in the middle of the night. I forgot to do something at work yesterday, so got up in the middle of the night and phoned the Security Guard on duty (the security company that we hire works for me), and asked him to send someone to do it. He advised that he would send someone right away. So, I relaxed, thinking that everything was under control. On my way past their office this morning, I decided to check to see if the little job had been done - usually, I don't check, but thought I should this time because I don't know the midnight staff very well. When I checked, the job had not only been ignored, but he didn't pass the information on to the next shift, nor had he left a message for me to tell me that they didn't have time. Just decided that he did not have to do it for no woman that phones him. I was NOT impressed, to say the least. That was the start of my day at 7:00 am, and it has not slowed down yet.

THEN, our summer student's mother baked a cake for him to bring to the staff on his last day of work. As I have said all along...if I don't expect something and have a plan of attack in advance, I can't resist the temptation. Yep, I had me a piece of honey cake and it was worth every bite. Now the guilt feelings are creeping in because my weight had gone up a bit today - probably because I didn't get to the track yesterday. Anyway, that is life. I will just have to be very good for the rest of the day.

Ruth - You must be so proud of your DD. It is a great accomplishment to finish a program like that. Nanaimo is such a pretty community, also. My SIL and her husband spent a few years there, and I can remembering holidaying there when I was young. Do you make Nanaimo bars? Never mind - I don't think they are SBD friendly :lol:

Kiko - Morning Kiko. Have a great weekend.

Angel - You are so lucky to be spending some time with your man. If you are not able to go to a restaurant where you know that there is something on the menu for you, look for foods that are SBD friendly. I always try to find something on the menu that is grilled also, and ask for oil and vinegar for my salads. In addition to that, I ask for extra vegetables instead of the starch that is served. Most restaurants are very good at accommodating that small request. Hve a great time.

Sheila - Congrats on getting the cheap air fares. It is wonderful to be able to take advantage of some of the airline sales and specials, and to also visit the little nephews. We called our grandkids yesterday - one of them got on the phone and immediately said, "I have a baby brother and Jessica broke her arm. Bye. Love you." and was gone. Then, it was murder trying to find out about the broken arm... Can hardly wait to visit them again. Like you, it is an eight hour drive to get to see them. We don't get reasonable flights there because it is not a major airport, so the flights are expensive. We end up driving to get ther. Have a great time with the kids.

LC - Hope you are feeling better soon. As you must already know, it is a woman's perogative to be witchy and *****y sometimes. ;) I'm sure that we all have our moments. Take care. By the way, how is the job hunting coming? Hope everything is going well there.

Jodi - I can soooo empathize with you on the week from ****. I am so glad that the work week is coming to an end - I think. I just remembered that I am on call 24/7 until September 7. Oh bother...

Weezle - Sounds like your weather is not good. Hopefully there won't be too much bad weather and no damage. Have a good weekend and remember, the earlier to work, the earlier home.

Barb - I had to smile when you mentioned about DH getting home late from shopping. Isn't it just like a man to not worry about bedtimes and school nights. They just meander through life like it will happen some time. :D

Kvixen - Get some rest this weekend. Next week will be here before you know it. Take care.

Laurie - Congrats on getting the quilting finished. Just the final step now...that isn't too time consuming depending on how you bind it. The wall hangings sound like a hoot. Where did you pick up fabric like that? The bra...being allergic to exercise ;) , I took one look at those things and firmly left them on the shelf. I'm sure that I would strangle myself if someone ever let me have one.

Kristin - Your cat sounds like it is smart...knows when it is time to get up. We had a cat when the kids were small and you could set your clock on him when the kids were in school. He would saunter out to the end of the driveway to meet the school bus every day...but made sure that you thought he was doing something else. Then when the bus came he would walk the kids into the house. But, it's good to see that you are up today. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow morning when I am up early and weeding the garden :D

HistoryChick - WTG on the job interview. Will be keeping my fingers crossed that it turns out positive.

skher - Hope DD has a great time at school. Have a great weekend.

amdove - You'll get through the weekend. Just keep focused and when you have the urge to snack, pick OP foods. I find that really helps and then I don't get so much of an urge to binge.

Me - I am very disappointed in me. I have stayed OP this week to the letter. However, I had 3 servings of starch this week and the weight went up. I was so disappointed, I wouldn't even figure out how much it went up, but it was more than 1 lb. Soooo, I did what any disappointed person would do - ate a piece of cake this morning. There just wasn't any discipline in these old bones at all. However, on a good note, I did get to the track today. I missed yesterday and really had a hard time going back today, but I did do it. I kept thinking that if I missed again today, it would be 4 days until I went to the track again and then I probably wouldn't go back at all.

Another bomb dropped since the boss is away, so I am busy stamping that fire out this afternoon. Not pleasant business, but must be done, I guess. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Take care.

08-27-2004, 04:56 PM
I do a lot of cheating on the Sims, but I try and keep a few families around that I don't cheat with. That way I can play "for real", but still go nuts when I want to just decorate like crazy. :)

I also play with a lot of downloaded items, which your sims can get for cheap in the game, but often go up in value after midnight. I like to say that my Sims are just into art and antique dealing. ;)

08-27-2004, 05:31 PM
I'm so addicted to my sims games. I just love to decorate their places and stuff. I have a question for those who play sims.......Do ya'll cheat with it? Like say do the "rosebud cheat"?? where you can get lots of money for your sims? I admit it......I do it

Oh, I do! :o Sometimes, I make a rule that once the house is purchased and furnished, I'll not up the money any more. One guy I had, I pretended he had a trust fund, so I didn't send him to work at all, and just kept using the cheat. ;) The game is just so much more fun to me that way! The one time I played it completely straight, my character was eating beans from cans and was dying for entertainment. It was not a pretty picture! I have found that with unleashed, you can actually make a decent living with the garden and selling your vegetables. You might be able to play it straight if you have one person gardening to make extra $.

Ooh, the baking and nectar making sound like so much fun! :hyper: I love the idea of virtually indulging! ;)

How do you design your characters? I've made so many...sometimes I play out a storyline, other times, I simulate people I know in real life. Sims is just so flexible and so fun! Right now I have a guy with a dog and a girl with a cat who are neighbors...I'm hoping they'll fall in love! :love:

08-27-2004, 05:42 PM
Peggy, good for you for going back to the track! :jig: That is awesome!!! :cp:

08-27-2004, 07:07 PM
One last I the only one that thinks getting a sport bra on and off ought to count as exercise? ;)

I agree whole-heartedly!!!! I got mine from the Oprah Website Recommendation thingy. It gives me what I proudly call Uni-boob. I swear, it feels like I'm giving myself a mammogram everytime I put that thing on. I will say, however, that it's the only sport bra I've ever owned that hasn't just shoved them together and made them bounce as one instead of separately. My babies are glued to my body and not going ANYWHERE!

One problem least once during the volleyball season, I have to get nailed in the Uni-boob with the ball. Happened again Wednesday night (first game back from break.) Again, I mentioned that nothing was hurt but my pride, but gracefully asked the other team if it's in the rules that you can't play it off your boob. I thought maybe I could thrust my chest out harder next time and at least make it playable. They decided that the only rule was you couldn't kick it, so it's legal from now on!

08-27-2004, 07:47 PM
Well it's official, I'm obviously doing something right because I feel like I'm going through some kind of withdrawal. I have the start of a headache and am feeling kind of clammy. I don't think I'm coming down with something, I think it's more likely the 24 hours without sugar :)

I went to the grocery story to pick up TP and part skim mozza for the the cheese stuffed beef rolls and managed to walk past all the bread and down the junk food aisle (caffeine free diet pop) without wavering. The chocolate bars were calling my name in the check out but I did my best to keep focused. I treated myself to flavoured sugar free water instead. I'm almost to 1 day down and only 13 to go!


08-27-2004, 10:26 PM
Hi ladies!

Just wanted to pop in for a quick hello!

Have a great weekend everyone ;)

08-27-2004, 10:48 PM
Way to go, Kristin! You really do have to take one day at a time especially in Phase 1. Trust us. It does get easier!! It is truly a way of eating now. Just make sure you get lots of beans so you have enough carbs for Phase 1.