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08-26-2004, 05:38 AM

We are a thread dedicated to making losing weight a pleasant experience. We laugh, cry and talk together. We have challenges, points for staying on program, drinking our water, and exercising. We have a daily topic to join in. Our only focus is to help us realize that dieting and all that goes with it need not be unpleasant, but can be fun. Come join the fun here at Time for Serious Fun! Everyone is Welcome!


Monday: Mission Monday New mission each week
Tuesday: Target Tuesday We target something to work on
Wednesday: Wednesday's Woes Our day to complain about anything and everything
Thursday: Time for Us Thursday The day set aside to pamper us!
Friday: Fabulous Lbs Down Friday. Report our losses!
Saturday: Sunny Thoughts Saturday We share stories and jokes to help us smile
Sunday: Silly Poll Sunday A new poll to give your thoughts to every week





08-26-2004, 05:42 AM
THURSDAY: Today is Time For Us Thurasday. Take a little time just for you today.


Julie :cp:
Carri:bravo: (giving you the benefit of the doubt!)

I am still not over whatever this is. I am exhausted having had very little sleep. I just want to fall into bed and snooze away but don't know if that will happen. I have such a headache with this and body aches but guess it will pass in time. Dr said nothing to worry about but if I am not better by tomorrow it is back to the dr for me I think.

All you ladies have a great day

Faye :)

08-26-2004, 09:08 AM
Good Morning Ladies!

Where the heck is everyone? It's gotten so quiet here.....

I got another 4 pointer yesterday.....2 for the week so far.

Faye, here's a little tip that my mom taught me long ago..... 4:30 in the morning is time for SLEEPING!!! NOT typing!! :lol: :lol3: Get some rest!

Well, guess I'll check back later when everyone is awake.


08-26-2004, 01:20 PM
Well, sleeping was kind of a bust. I am not doing the fluish stuff but feel totally drug out. I forced myself to go to the pool and workout today and I am glad I did even though I feel kind of wasted. I can't stand being sick and not being able to accomplish anything!

FYI: Ummmm, we have exactly 6 days and the challenge is up. We did lousy this quarter girls, especially me! I am hoping our next quarter we do much much better. I need your stats by Tues (31st) at the latest as far as your weight to end the challenge and begin the next one. Let's make a better effort the third challenge or I may not do it any longer. The purpose was to spur you on, but it doesn't seem to be working with us so feel free to give me your input about it.

I need to go an lay down for awhile as I am pooped!

Faye :)

08-27-2004, 07:16 AM
FRIDAY: Today is Fabulous Lbs Down Friday. Who can post a loss this week?

I will check in later girls!

Faye :)

08-27-2004, 10:16 AM
Good Morning everyone..........everyone? Where is everyone?

3 points yesterday :( no exercise other than helping dh put the tent poles up in the attic.
BUT.......drumroll please...............

I lost 4 pounds this week!!!!!! :D :cb: :dance: :dancer: I can't even remember the last time I could post a loss on a Friday morning. I have no idea how or why, really. I don't think I did anything different. All the exercise over vacation might have boosted my metabolism some.

Ooooohhh, wait a minute...I cooked 3 crockpot dinners this week. I'm notorious for snacking and tasting while I'm cooking dinner....but since I put the stuff in the crockpot in the morning, I don't snack cuz I only eat breakfast-y food in the mornings. Plus I made really low calorie meals in the crockpot too. I'll bet that's what did it! Woo HOOOOOO.............

So anyway, I'm down to 204....which is the lowest I've been yet. I was 208 when I weighed after vacation. I so hope I can keep this momentum going.

Can't wait to hear about everyone else's losses this week.........Carrie, Amanda, MsCat, Cat90, Susan, come back lovelies.............

Later babes,

08-27-2004, 10:18 AM
Hello all, I was off from work yesterday so did not post, I had a 4 point day as I worked my butt off on that house all day!!!

And....I was down another pound this a.m. to 190! woo hoo, 180's I am coming for you!!! :lol: :lol:

Faye - I am sure you will feel better soon, that same thing is going around here, in fact my dh had it a couple of weeks ago but I did not get it, knock on wood ....

I cannot stay on long, gotta go to a class for work, talk later!!!

08-27-2004, 01:40 PM
Boy I feel like a limp dishrag. I couldn't sleep again last night and didn't get into bed until 1 am and was awake at3 and 4. There is not much I can do except I might take a couple sleeping pills tonight to see if I can catch up on my sleep. Getting old is seriously the pits! :lol:


Julie :bravo: :cp:
Carri :bravo:


Julie :goodscale :goodscale :goodscale :goodscale Wonderful job girl!
Carri :goodscale Weigh to go!

Julie what is the name of that crockpot cookbook again? I may have to check that out.

Everyone have a super day and a great weekend!

**Susan, MsCat, Amanda, Cat and you other absent ones, we miss you!

Faye :)

08-27-2004, 01:54 PM
Hi there,
The cookbook is called "Fix It and Forget It Lightly" which is the second book after "fix it and forget it". At first I figured there isn't a recipe in the first book that I couldn't get on the internet. But I'm a cookbook junkie.....and the lighter version has really different recipes, some of which only have like 150 calories per serving!

I'm finding that using the crockpot also limits how much food I can make at one time, which has helped me with portion sizes. I have a separate cooking insert with a divider, so I can cook 2 different things at the same time....but that means that I can't cook alot of food. This is an interesting weight loss tool. Plus, I don't have to worry what's for dinner around 4 pm every evening either!

Carrie, WOO HOOOO on your pound down! I'm so jealous that you're almost in the 180's. If I had been more diligent, I could be there now too......Oh well, I'll just keep plugging away and get there eventually.

Later Babes,

08-27-2004, 01:54 PM
Just a pop in to say " WTG Julie!!!!!" .... what a great job!! How good you must feel... see you can do it!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

08-27-2004, 04:56 PM
Well I cannot believe that no one has posted since I did last ... :lol:

I just wanted to check back in to say "have a good weekend" everyone and I will talk to you on Monday unless I get to check in over the weekend, but I doubt it as this weekend is going to be very, very busy...dh's 80 year old grandma is getting married tomorrow, a full out wedding!!! I do not even think I have anything to wear...but to you all later!! :dance:

Hope you get feeling better over the weekend Faye!!!

Amanda Panda
08-27-2004, 08:45 PM
Hi Girls,

Sorry I've been MIA AGAIN - things have been a bit :crazy: I was doing alright and then I let Nigel loose in the supermarket on his own and he came back with 1kg (yes, I did say 1kg!!) of full fat gorgeous mature cheddar cheese!! Aaah! Now as you know I cannot resist cheese at any time, but during my PMS? So I am sorry to report that I have gone way off track again. I feel utterly annoyed with myself about it - I can't chuck it out because Nigel would be really cross, but I am having such touble keeping away from it.Nigel keeps telling me off for eating it - he was hoping it would last for a couple of weeks but I've already eaten half of it - thats half a kilo! :o I feel so ashamed of myself -It is so stupid - my willpower is just zero!

I suppose it is not the end of the world - I just need to get back on track and move forward. Everything seems worse when I've got PMS!!

JULIE - Big woo - hoo for you girlie! I am so pleased for you! 4lb is great - hey maybe it marks the end of your plateau! :crossed:

CARRI - Another pound down? That is so great - now you can move onto kicking the 180's in the butt!

FAYE - So sorry you are still ill. I hope you are feeling better real soon!

I'll try to do better!

Have a good weekend!

Love Amanda x

08-28-2004, 08:14 AM
SATURDAY: Today is Sunny Thoughts Saturday! Share with us, won't you?

My sunny thought is I feel great. I had a full night's sleep and the virus is gone, yeahhhhhh!

Amanda: Ok, here is what I would suggest. Cut the darn thing up into small pieces to store, show Nigel how many pieces remain, then store it in you veggie bin or whatever. Maybe the fact he knows how much is totall left, you will feel embarrassed taking chunks out since he knows how many there are versus one big hunk where you can take bits off at a time. I know you are a cheese lover and this is tough, but BEG your guy not to do this again and tough it up sweety tough it up!

All seems right with the world for at least today!

Faye :)

08-28-2004, 09:47 AM
Good Morning everyone!

2 points yesterday.....for eating. I seem to be in a "limbo" week. Vacation is over, aerobics classes are over, but school doesn't start for the kids until next week. So I'm sorta floatin' through the days, getting some sewing done for a big dance seminar/show we have over Labor day weekend.

My sunny thought is that next week I begin a whole new phase of my life.........ALL OF MY KIDS WILL BE IN SCHOOL. Ben will be in Kindergarten only in the mornings, but I have 2.5 hours to myself in the morning! I've already promised myself that I will spend that time writing my novel. But I also have to make a plan for exercising on the days that I'm not dancing. I know that if I don't do it first thing in the morning, it probably won't get done. So, I'm thinking I'll get my workout in before the kids get up and then have my whole morning to write. I hope I can stay disciplined enough to do this and not just goof off every morning. :lol:

Amanda, I agree with Faye. Smaller pieces give you a better idea of how much you're eating and make it easier to decide if it's "worth it". Especially with cheese, label how many calories or points each piece has right on the baggie. For me a 1 inch bit of cheese just is NOT WORTH the 300 or so calories it contains!!! Don't berate yourself, just talk to Nigel and figure out a way to get through this and make sure he understands that you can't have the stuff in the house. At the very least, he could hide it and not tell you. You'll get through it, sweetie......

Ok, gotta go. Lots to do. Everyone have a super weekend!


Amanda Panda
08-28-2004, 04:56 PM
Hi Girls,

Well I'm having a much better day today - I steered clear of the cheese for breakfast and lunch as I know I am having homemade pizza for dinner! And believe me that is a real improvement on the last few days! :lol:

I've also been swimming today - did 14 lengths, which is 2 up from my normal 12!! Swimming always makes me feel great!

I think maybe my cheese frenzy is over - I feel alot more in control today! I don't know why Nigel bought it (well it was on offer in the shop - buy one get one free) - but he doesn't even really like cheese that much! I think he bought it for the pizza's and couldn't resist the buy one get one free offer, even though it meant getting about 4 times more than we actually need! oh well, there is no point crying over eaten cheese!

I'm going to have a much better week next week.

Love Amanda x

08-29-2004, 07:35 AM
SUNDAY: Today is Silly Poll Sunday and our silly poll this week is: If you watched the Olympics, whom and in what sport inpressed you most?


Julie :dancer:

Amanda: Man, I am so proud of you for the swimming. I knew if you ever just got up the courage and said to heck with it I am going out there in a suit you would see it would be the right thing to do.

I am not an Olympics junkie, but saw a few things because of Jack. There is this young black woman from Great Britain who won a race yesterday and I have never seen anyone run like that. I keep thinking her name is Jones? Also, the kid from Canada, Despatie, who is a diver, is a phenom.

Well, have a great day girls

Faye :)

Amanda Panda
08-29-2004, 07:48 PM
Faye - her name is Kelly Holmes! She is a hero here right now! 2 gold medals at the age of 34! Yes, I agree with you she is an excellent runner - she hangs round the back and all the commentaters panic, saying 'she'll never catch up now' - then she makes her break for it and passes everyone!

We also have a young boxer, Amir Khan, who has just won a silver, and while I hate boxing, you've got to respect an unknown 17 year old who goes to the Olympics and wins the silver! :cb:

I will miss the Olympics, i really enjoyed it - and now it's back to boring daytime telly which is all repeats and soaps. :(

Thanks for the comment about the swimming Faye - you are right, I don't even think twice about going now! I'm even going to start going to a session on a Thursday which isn't women only! :yikes: The thing with swimming is it is the absolute best exercise for large people - it is such a good workout, but it is not too difficult as the weight is supported. I find 40 mins in the pool alot easier than 25 mins on the bike - and it is a much better all over body workout! I really think this is an exercise I can stick with - I enjoy it so much!

I had a good day yesterday - even though i didn't write down my calories, I made good choices and kept control. I also went swimming and drank lots of water - so I'm going to award myself the full 4 points! :)

See you tomorrow!

Love Amanda x

08-29-2004, 09:45 PM
Sorry I've been gone. Just haven't been around computers these last few days. I weighed in on friday and stayed level so I'm ok. I'm hanging in at 182 wich is very good for me I'm down 4 past re-run pounds :)

Hope you all are well. I'll try to check in more this week.

08-30-2004, 07:27 AM
MONDAY: Today is Mission Monday and our Mission this week is goal setting. It is important that we set short and long term goals and strive to achieve them. Let's set goals for ourselves ladies, then work to achieve them.


Amanda :bravo:

Talk to you later girls.

Faye :)

08-30-2004, 10:00 AM
Good Morning everyone.

I wasn't so good this weekend....not bad, but not great either. I think part of last week's weight loss was that my metabolism was boosted by all the exercise I got at Pennsic. Which tells me that I need to get loads of exercise if I'm gonna do this thing.

For today's mission of goal setting.....I have two goals for September. One is to be down below 200 by the end of the month and the second is to reclaim my workout space in the garage that has been idle all summer. As a reward, I'm going to install a ballet barre on the wall facing my mirror so I can dance more.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Amanda, you sound like things are smoothing out for you. Your pms posts don't seem nearly as down as they used to. The exercise must be doing you good.

Well, it's the last day before school starts for the kids..........YAHOOOOOOO!!
So I have lots of errands to run. Better get going.


08-30-2004, 10:32 AM
Morning Everyone!! Hope you all had a great weekend, mine was busy, busy, busy....still working our butts off on the house, we have to freshen up the paint in about every room so this three day weekend coming up is really going to help, we should have it ready to be put next week, yeah!!! I know I will just feel so much better and less stressed once it is actually up, although the stress will be keeping it clean 24-7.... :lol: :lol:

I had one 3 pointer Saturday, and a 4 pointer Sunday !! :)

Goals, huh? Well I had one mini goal for myself, which was to reach the 180's asap!! And I actually did that yesterday!! :cheer: Got on the scale yesterday morning and it said 189.2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cb: So now that I have reached that I would like to be at 185 by the end of the month, I think that is going to be fairly easy to get to but I want to make this goal easy on myself :D

Well I will check back in later today and see what is going on!!! Have a good Monday, if possible...I still have not heard about the new job yet but should sometime this week...


08-30-2004, 03:29 PM

Carri :bravo: :cp:

Keeping my fingers crossed for your job, Carri!

I think we have some kind of curse going on with us lately. First off, our credit card company REMOVED money from our bank account without a scheduled payment, then did not apply it to our account and now tell us because of the snafu it make take up to 14 days to straighten it all out. The car was supposed to go to the shop today but when we went to pick up our rental they had LOST it or whatever and wanted to charge us double even though we had paperwork. When we tried other places, it was all the same, huge amounts for a little car because we didn't do it ahead of time so now we have to wait until the weekend to get the car in and get a rental car for the week. I am still not feeling totally up to snuff so will be checking back with the dr but I imagine it will be hormone issues again and there is not a lot that can be done because I won't take any kind of HRT being obese, borderline high bp etc. I just don't think it is safe for me so I suffer. Jack fixed his meds this morning and dropped them and we had a pill missing and I spent 30 minutes on my hands and knees trying to find it because of the cat and dog and the darn thing was on a shelf on the wall. Guess it had bounced there! I just have to laugh at it all I guess!

Everybody have a great day!

Faye :)

Amanda Panda
08-30-2004, 08:00 PM
Hi all,

I'm still here and doing okay, although the PMS is really starting to bite! Yes Julie, I think my mood has been gradually improving - probably due to the anti depressants and the B complex vitamin that I now take which is meant to be good for PMS and general mood. :dizzy: Oh yes, and definately the exercise - it really is as important as any medication I take!

I'm going to have a think about my goals and get back to you with some dates. :)

Love Amanda x

08-30-2004, 08:25 PM
I did rather badly with food yesterday but today is going really well mood and food wise! I had a bigger lunch than I wanted but all the extra was fruit so no regrets. As for Goal setting, just last night I started thinking about Halloween and it came up today at lunch with friends. There is a costume I really want to make and it involves sleevelessness so I'm going to work my arms hard untill october!!!! Not to mention hopefully slimming my middle and upper thy. It will be cute and I will of course send a picture come that time of year.

I'm going to FINALLY try out the work out room that my apartment complex has. I feel so bad for leaving exercise out for so long but I'm pumped right now!

Have a great day all

08-31-2004, 07:35 AM
TUESDAY: Today is Target Tuesday and our target this week is EXERCISE! For most people it is the toughest to put into their daily routine, the one we want to slack off on the most and the one we dread more than the other two. Remember, if you are pressed for time in your day, ANY EXERCISE IS BETTER THAN NONE! Give up half you lunch hour for a walk if you can't fit it in before or after work, do stretching etc at work or school while sitting, use stairs, park farther from stores and hoof it, etc. We need 3-4 days of at least 1/2 hour to MAINTAIN our weight so we must put more time in for losing.

Check in later

Faye :)

08-31-2004, 10:12 AM
Morning All - We need to recruit some new members, it is too quiet over here anymore...what happened to Cat?

Anyway I had a 3 pointer yesterday...tonight we have to do a ton of shopping for some paint and new toilet seats and some other things for the house...I probably will be hard pressed to get home before 9 or so, so may have a ton of exercise in from all the walking and shopping :lol:

Faye - Today is the end of the challenge right? I weighed in this morning still at 189. You are right about the exercise - it is the hardest thing for me to do and like I said I think it is because I lose anyway w/o doing it so for that reason I am not highly motivated to do it...I know that is a lazy answer :lol:

Susan - I think that is a great goal!! I LOVE Halloween...I too need to really work on my flabby arms...that is a bad spot for most women I hear..good luck!

Julie - Enjoy that quiet time at home, that would be wonderful, even if it is only 2 1/2 hours :)

Amanda - Sorry to hear about the PMS, I am right there with you...I should start my TOM on Thursday and I am fighting food cravings like crazy!!! C'mon we can both get through it this week .

Okay check in later

08-31-2004, 10:12 AM
Morning Ladies,
Just a quick note this morning, it's THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!! Woooo Hooo :dancer: :dancer:

All my babies are gone and the house is SILENT! I promised myself that from 9 to 11 I would write, so I can't stay long.

Yesterday I went to an ice cream social that one of the girls' friends was having as a back to school party. It was at a restaraunt and I ate a whole meal (rueben, onion rings and blueberry pie)......BLECH~!! I felt so sick, even while I was eating it. I don't know why I bother ordering food out anymore, there are so few restaurants I can tolerate anymore. So, just 2 points for water and exercise yesterday.

Here's a picture of my baby Ben on his first day of school....can you say future politician!


happy dance dot
08-31-2004, 02:23 PM
Hi everyone remember me?

Wow your're all here and doing very good. Susan, wow you're doing great! You go girl.

As for myself I've been out and about. Have pretty much maintained myself within the 150-155lb range from the 175lbs I started at, but girls I need to reach my goal weight of 120lbs. Just feel out of loop lately and thought to myself, "What am I missing?" The answer: You girls!

I could have never done it without the support I got from this group THANK YOU!! I am back :) and hopefully this time to meet my goal weight. I plan to start program on Monday Sept. 6 2004 because I need to shop for healthy food again and rid my fridge of all the junk, lol.

08-31-2004, 04:21 PM
Welcome Back Dorothy!

Baby steps rock! You can do it..........

08-31-2004, 08:00 PM

Julie :dancer:
Carri :cp:


Julie: He is SOOOOOO adorable. Looks like a future Alex P Keaton! :lol:

Dorothy: It is great to have you back. We are kind of poor in numbers right now so it is great to have you here. Would you like to be part of the challenge for next quarter?

Sorry I didn't get in here today but was expecting a Fedex I had to sign for and the guy didn't show up until late this afternoon. I sat downstairs all day, no exercise or anything because I couldn't leave.

Girls, I am a messl big time. I haven't been in the pool or eaten right for 4 days now and you know how I am about exercise. I feel at the bottom of a well I can't crawl out of. I have never been this bad before and usually it only lasts a day or so but my hormone issues are so bad that they are disrupting my life. Say a little prayer for me as I have to get back on track!

Faye :)

08-31-2004, 08:26 PM
I'm sore, that's right, I lifted weights yesterday!!!! Go Me. And I plan to do it again tomorrow. I did well with food yesterday except in the evening when all the cookies came out. BUT today is much better so far and water is getting back on track too.


Cute pic Julie!

09-01-2004, 07:44 AM
WEDNESDAY: Today is Wednesday's woes. What can we help you with?

Susan: Got your weigh in! I will put it on the spreadsheet.

Carri: Got yours also so put it in last night so you are a-0k.

I need everyone elses to end the last challenge and begin the new one TODAY!

My weigh in weight is 316 if anyone wants to keep track of it for me. I put it in the spreadsheet.

Talk to you gals later.

Faye :)

09-01-2004, 08:19 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

Hormones suck, don't they Faye? I'm so sorry you're going through all this. Seems like life's kinda dumping on you lately. You are STRONG, though, lady...and you can get right back up and going again. You know how much better you feel when you are on track, just remember that and do whatever it takes. I know you can do it. :cheer: Maybe you need to have an alternate plan for exercise when the hormones just won't let you swim or maybe get a gentle video. I think they even have peri-menopausal yoga videos that are supposed to help with the symptoms you're facing.

So, yesterday went well with food and exercise again :( I'm still trying to work out my school day routine and figure out how I'm going to get exercise in on a daily basis. The quiet time at home from 9-11 was great for writing, so I don't want to mess that up. I'm thinking I'll just workout when I pick up Ben around noon.

Faye, let me know who to send that giftcard to......

Susan--WOO HOOOOO on your weights yesterday. Keep it up!

TTFN ladies,

09-01-2004, 08:49 AM
MSCat: You are the only one I need info from so if I don't hear from you by this afternoon, I will just award the gift card without your stats.

Julie: I REFUSE TO GO BACK TO WHERE I WAS! I AM NOT GOING TO BE THAT HUGE WOMAN AGAIN NO MATTER WHAT! Jack told me this am that he will walk with me in the evenings after dinner with the dog so that is one good thing. I am working on doing some weights apart from the stuff at the pool now and may do some other stuff lik WATP or something just have some stuff that is different. I just have to be careful with tapes because of my knee. I can't be bouncing up and down on a hard surface with it. I am not giving up on this and I am trying to get back on track totally. I am just so damned depressed about my health and poor Jack is so helpless and feels so bad for me. My sister has recommended a different hormone cream to try and I may do it and overthe counter soy and see if the combo works even if it costs me a bazillion $ a month to do. Thanks for your good thoughts. I am so thankful to have friends like you!

I need to get started cleaning house so have a good day!

Faye :)

09-01-2004, 10:37 AM
Morning Everyone!! I got 4 points yesterday!! Last night we went to Menards and spent a ton of money on paint and everything we needed to do small repairs to the house, we have alot more work ahead of us. I also went to Kohls and got this beautiful new comfortor that is multi colored ( mainly shades of deep purples and lighter ones ) that I am real excited about, not going to use until we put the house up, the dog likes to lay on the bed and I do not want him ruining it... :lol: Everynight I come home from work change into some kind of old painting and cleaning clothes and go to work, poor dh is doing most of it and he is worn out...we just keep telling ourselves it will be over soon and then we can once again relax in the evenings...

Julie - Very cut pic, nice blonde hair...He does look like a little Alex Keaton :lol: Enjoy your 2 hours of writing this AM

Faye - So sorry to hear what you are going through, I know I cannot compare yours to mine as far as how bad it is, but right now I am starting my TOM and it has been very hard for me all week too, but I just keep looking to goal, remember how good you felt when you saw that last big loss? Remember that feeling and see if it can help you get through, good luck!! We are here for ya :)

Dot - Welcome back!! So glad to hear from you, stick around!!! :cool:

Susan - Good job on the weights, once we move my dh and I would like to get a set and start using them, I can imagine your arms are sore...

Okay, well I think I have rambled enough this morning...check in with you girls later.

09-01-2004, 11:22 AM
Thank you for all the positive thoughts. I have really needed it. I went out in the pool and did a partial workout (had to go to the bathroom and couldn't hold it so didn't go back for the rest), did some weights and will go for a walk later. I am also cleaning the upstairs so I am back on track. Had Kaschi w/strawberries and no milk and eggbeaters with 2 strips of crumbled turkey bacon for breakfast along with my trusty ole water so I feel pretty good.

Carri: This didn't all get bad until about 6-8 months ago then I started having ALL the symptoms of menopause, night sweats, insomnia, hot flashes, body aches, headaches, the whole nine yards and the closer to my menstrual cycle the worse it gets. I am going to work on doing some kind of yoga stuff maybe along with med combos to see if it helps.

I have yet to clean so better get going on it! Just so you know, I am feeling better and more like my chipper ole self today.

Faye :)

happy dance dot
09-01-2004, 11:41 AM
Hi girls...thanks for the welcome.

Faye: Sorryu to hear about what you're going through with the menopause...hope thing start looking better for you. I'll keep you in my thoughts.

Julie: Hi, what a handsome boy you got there, very cute pic.

Susan: Keep it up ur doing awesome.

I will try and check back in later. Been sort of promoted in my job and so now I have more work, but I also have my own office :D so that's a plus for me.

09-01-2004, 02:25 PM

Julie :cp:
Carri :bravo:

Dot: Bet you are going in nuts in NY this week with all the dumb protesters and the Republican Convention going on. Heard lots of you folks headed for the hills for the week.

So far so good today ladies

Faye ;)

happy dance dot
09-01-2004, 02:42 PM
Yea Faye its been a bit nuts, but luckly I work in a location where I can avoid the area by like 2 blocks, lol. Yes, a lot of people left making trafic a lot smoother and the trains have actually been great this week, at least in my case.

Talk to you girls later...

09-01-2004, 03:17 PM
Good Morning
Still sore, UGH! I'm in a water challenge in another thread so that should get me back on track with water. I just finished a 24oz glass so I'm doing good. Tomorrow I'm going to take measurements so I'll let you know if there is anything to report for the last month.

Carri - great job on the 4 pointer

Dorothy - congrats that you were promoted, hope things aren't too hecktic for you though ;)

Amanda Panda
09-01-2004, 05:14 PM
Hi Girls!

I've been doing really well - I got 4 points yesterday. Considering I've got PMS, I'm really pleased with how my mood is up to now - usually I'm alot more agitated, but i think the regular swimming has really helped. Even Nigel has noticed a difference!

Welcome back Dorothy - it's been a long time! You have come at exactly the right time as it is a bit quiet here at the moment, so we need you to liven this place up!! :cb: :cb: :cb: So how are you? Are you still seeing that guy (sorry, I can't remember his name) - the one with the drink problem?

JULIE - How was Ben's first day of school? By the look of the picture he was very happy to be going - what a cutie!

FAYE - Have you spoken to your doctor about your menopause? You really are struggling aren't you - poor thing! I'm sure there must be herbal and alternative remedies that may help to relieve your symptoms, if you want to steer clear of HRT. Yoga sounds good! Silly question - how long can the menopause last for?

CARRI - Well done for cracking on with the house, it will be well worth it. Have you been looking at any houses yet?

SUSAN - Well done for hitting the gym - keep it up!

I don't know if I'm going to be able to go swimming tomorrow :( - I really want to, but I have a HUGE blister on the sole of my foot! I've basically popped it and peeled all the dead skin away (is that too much information? :lol: ) but now the new skin underneath is sore. I'm hobbling around as the blister is right where I put pressure on my foot. I'm hoping it won't be as sore tomorrow as I really want to go swimming - it's really keeping me sane at the moment!

Have a good evening

Love Amanda x

09-02-2004, 05:30 AM
THURSDAY: Today is Time For Us Thursday so be sure and take an hour for you today!


Amanda :bravo:

(TRUMPETS SOUNDING) Our winner for this quarter's challenge is.......CARRI WITH A TOTAL LOSS OF 10 LBS. Ok, girls, we have to unseat her next time so let's all kick butts! :lol:

Carri: I have your address from last time so I will PM it to Julie so she can send you your gift card.

Amanda: I have spoken to the dr and my only recourse is HRT. HRT I feel has too many iffy things about it like, stroke, heart attack etc and for someone like me I feel it would be a bigger risk. I am on an herbal progesterone but my symptoms have gotten worse so I am going to have to fiddle with the dosage (it is a cream and have been told it won't harm to up it) and get some soy "estrogen" replacement and see if that helps. Most women can suffer 3-5 years but I started this TEN darn years ago and the bottom fell out about 8 months ago so I figure I am pretty much into menopause now!

Everyone have a great day and I will check in later!

Faye :)

09-02-2004, 08:52 AM
Morning Ladies!

Quick post, gotta get the kids to school.....Oh, BTW, Ben had a good first day, I think. He wouldn't tell me much because he was so Pissed that it was only half day :lol:

4 points for me yesterday! It always seems so easy on days I have dance...go figure.

WOO HOOO FOR CARRIE!!!! :cp: :cheer: 10 pounds in a quarter is great!

Amanda--I'm so proud of you for continuing to swim when you feel icky. I'm glad you've noticed the difference in your mood....cuz we have! Great Job

Faye--You must be coming close to the end of this menopause thing if it's been 10 years! You can make it, just remember the exercise actually helps the symptoms.

Susan--Keep it up with the weights, girlie! :cheer:

Dot--Hope you're doing well....

Ok, gotta fly now!

09-02-2004, 10:13 AM
Morning All -

I am kind of embarrassed that I won the challenge twice, but I guess I should be proud :) I am with Faye someone definitely needs to de-seat me next quarter, although I am buying the next card so I guess I am not eligible for the challenge anyway :lol:

Julie - Thanks for the congrats - I am wanting you to win the next one!!! :D
My nephew started kindergarten this year and that is what he was mad about, he wanted to stay all day, in fact after the first day he asked his mom
"can I go there everyday?" ... some kids just love it...

Faye - I sure hope your symptoms get better soon, that you get some relief, good grief 10 years you have been having this? That is scary...

Amanda - Good job on staying strong through the PMS, last night was really hard for me because of my TOM, but I struggled through the chocolate cravings, but sadly I have three or 4 more days to struggle with it :)
Keep up the good work with the swimming...

Susan - Good job with the water, that is a very important key to losing weight

Dot - I forgot that you lived in NY, I am always saying that I would love to go there, Manhattan mainly, I guess I watched too much Sex in the City, ha ha

Well I had another 4 pointer yesterday with slaving on the house...with the cramps I am having today I hope my dh does not expect too much work from me tonight, because it may not happen, although it may make it feel better to get up and moving, got that crazy little back pain with it, uggghhhh :(
Oh well I will survive...

Hope you all have a great day!!!!

happy dance dot
09-02-2004, 10:32 AM
Morning girls!

I got 1 pt yesterday for exercise, lots of walking.

I went to look for two outfits to wear to my brothers wedding thats on the 11th. Well, actually the civil ceremony (is that what its called?, lol) is on the 10th so I got a pant suit for that one and I must say I am very happy with it. I look very trendy. Then for the reception is on Saturday the 11th and I got a really nice top with a skirt, its a casual dress code, I also look sexy/trendy in it so I am a happy duckling, lol. The shopping was a lot easier and I am still a size 10, so that makes me happy, except for my top I am still a 12 (darn boobs). Will they ever shrink? lol So anyway maybe I'll attract some good attention and meet someone :lol:

Amanda: Hi I am doing pretty good and NO, I am not with Andrew anymore, lol. It was for the best and I am much happier now :D . I have dated here and there, but no luck yet. My expectations are a bit elevated now, in a good way. Sorry about your sore, hope you feel better.

Julie: Wow the dancing must help you a go girl!

Carrie: Congrats on the weight loss! Great job! :cheer:

Susan: Thanks, and yes it has been a bit more hectic but I'll be finacially happier, lol.

Anyone I missed: hope you're all doing great!

Take Care.

happy dance dot
09-02-2004, 10:37 AM
Oh by the way Amanda, I love that quote on your signature part.

Carrie: NYC is a lot of differnet things. We have attitude, but its been overdone in movies and media. I believe we're the only ones that could come up with something such as metrosexuals, lol. Yet, I think I am ready for a little quiet time. I would love to work in the city still, but go home to a quieter less hectic neighborhood.

09-02-2004, 12:06 PM

Carri :bravo:
Julie :bravo:
Faye :dancer:
Dot :flow2:

You want rude people go to France. They don't like Americans and my dh says when he was there he went into a patisserie and couldn't get waited on because of being an American and he was in his uniform. It is one place I will never go no matter how beautiful it might be. I would love to go to New York for a few days, but I have to get Las Vegas out of my system first ! lol

Well, Have lunch with my sweet gs and dd so I need to shower. The pool put icicles on my boobs! :D

Faye :)

09-02-2004, 01:39 PM
Icicles on your boobs Faye... holy cow... dont hurt anyone or yourself... LMAO!!! Hello Beautiful Ladies... i have been so out of the loop... but i am back and with a vengence... did great this summer til my husband got fired from his job... i was down to 215... and am back to 224. Its really been hard and its not doing any good for our already troubled relationship. But... i need to work on me... and make me happy right now so that i can help the rest of the family stay happy. He still doesnt "get" that he needs to communicate...
on to other things... Glad to read u r back dot... good for you on your accomplishments... Same to carrie and julie... day at a time honey... i am right there with u... Faye... have u spoken to your doctor about any other meds for the menopause?? I started perimenopause ... and thtas when i started taking celexa... its an antidepressant but it does wonderd in taking off the "edge"... just a thought... i can only imagine what i will be going thru once it hits for real... As for anyone i have missed... i apologize, but i will get back into the swing of My daughter started middle school yesterday... unbelievable... and my boys started elementary today. Sawyers first day of Kindergarden.... he was soooooooo excited... and its full day and hes Julie your Ben is adorable... and be thankful that he likes school... i am blessed that mine
Everyone take care of U today... and i will check back later chicklets... I have missed you all more than i can say... and i love you...


09-02-2004, 03:20 PM
SANDY!!!! :) So great to have you back !!!

09-02-2004, 05:31 PM
Hi Girls
Just a short note today. I'm off to New Orleans in the morning!!! Wish me luck sticking with at least water while I'm gone ;) Check you all when I get back

09-03-2004, 07:15 AM
FRIDAY: Today is Fabulous Lbs Down Friday. Did you have any losses this week?

I will check back when all you sleepy heads are up!

Faye :)

09-03-2004, 08:45 AM
GOOD MORNING BEAUTIFULS!!!! Today its going to be beach weather again... to bad the pool is closed... LOL! Makes perfect sense doesnt it... get the kids back in school and make the weather beautiful! We had such a strange August here(WI) it was more like sept or oct... so i guess it stands to reason that september would be like august.... anyway.. now that i am done babbling about :dizzy:
Its nice to be back here... as i write i am drinking my h2O... and trying to make a plan for exercise today. I will probably take the dog for a walk... or maybe go for a bike ride... or
I will check back later as well... remember to take care of U... love you all...


09-03-2004, 08:57 AM
Good Morning everyone!

SANDY! Welcome Back Sweetie!!! We missed you...... :grouphug:

Well, I have good news and bad news on the ole' pounds down Friday....I got on the scale this morning and it read 200! But then, I know my scale tends to lie, so I got on it again (well, several agains)....and it was 204. Same as last week. Now, the bad news is that I didn't lose...but the good news is that I SAW the number 200! And I know I'll see it again soon. Also, I'm pmsing bad this week....bloated and eating too much. So, the fact that I didn't gain is a good thing.

I have a major dance seminar in town this weekend with a hot-sh*t dancer from California named Mesmera. I have to set up the stage all day to day, dance for about 7 hours tomorrow in classes, perform tomorrow night, and then dance for another 7 hours on Sunday! WOO HOOOOOOO.........lots of exercise for me! I'm planning to bring my lunch at least today and Saturday so I don't use the exercise as an excuse to pig out (like I usually do).

So, everyone think happy thoughts for me tomorrow night. I'm performing a piece I've done before, but it's with my entire Monday class and lots of them are very nervous.

Susan, Hope you have a blast in New Orleans!

Carrie, Hope the painting etc. goes well. I know how hard it is to get ready to sell a house. Two years ago I had to renovate our entire 13 room farmhouse in 2 weeks!!! We had to sell it in January in Maine (not an easy thing to do) We had to strip walls and paint and wallpaper and tile floors and replace the entire electrical system......but the hardest part was just keeping the darn place clean enough to show with 3 little kids running around! :eek:
I will tell you one thing I did that I hope you don't do....I was so pooped out from all the renovating, that I decided I would just go to Sam's Club and get microwaveable plastic CRAP for food so I wouldn't have to cook. Oh My GAWD! I've never felt so horrible in my life as after eating nothing but frozen pizza rolls and lean pockets, easy mac and eggo waffles and BLECH for a month!!!! I think I gained 15 pounds. After I detoxed from that was when I found this place and finally decided to lose weight for good. Do yourself a favor and eat as healthy as you can while you're renovating and need the energy and vitamins and good mood to get you through it!

Dorothy, great work with the walking!

Faye, hope your boobs are thawed out :D

Did I miss anyone? Oh, Amanda honey....I'm hoping for some pounds down from you today!

Ok, gotta go pack up costumes and hit the road! Everyone have a great day.

09-03-2004, 10:15 AM
Morning Everyone!! Still going strong on my TOM so I didnt expect any weight loss but low and behold I was down 1 pound, which as we all know is quite a feat, right?? :lol: :lol:
No points for me yesterday, I did finally give in to the TOM and totally pigged out last night on Pizza !!! :nono: :ink: But what can I say? I havent cheated in a while, I am only human :rofl: Back on again today :jig:

Julie - I laughed when I read what you wrote, that is EXACTLY what we did, we went out this week and bought a ton of frozen dinners, hot pockets ( lean pockets for me ), etc...and paper plates and the dinners are lean quisine and WW Smart Ones...I am trying not to eat just those, I am mixing it up with some lean meat and fresh veggies...I shouldn't put on any weight from those frozen meals, but you are right it may not make my energy level very good...thanks for the advise...Sounds like you went through way more of a **** than me, I guess I should count my lucky stars ... :D Good luck with the dance seminar!

Faye - I have heard that alot that France does not like us? Why I wonder?
Anyhow, hope your symptoms are better today, do you have any pounds down this week? If not I know you will next week!!! :grouphug:

Sandy - You are also an early bird, huh? I saw you posted almost as early as Faye!! :lol: Glad you are back, have a great day today!!

Susan - Our next door neighbors also went to New Orleans this weekend, have a great time!! :cb:

Amanda, Dot, and everyone - Have a great day and long weekend!!!

09-03-2004, 12:17 PM

Carri :goodscale

Carri: Hope the house update is coming along. Have you found a new home? Is it in the same general area?

Julie: Shake that rumpy girl! I know you will do terrific!

I had a really nice time with dgs and dd yesterday and a good talk too. We got some misunderstandings out of the way between us and I hope we will now be spending more time together.

No lbs down, but I am totally menopausal and TOM at the same time so I am still a mess. The dr keeps promising that I should be stopping my periods soon but I am without hope. I am going to be the only 85 year old woman who went through menopause and still has to buy Kotex!!!!! :lol: :( I am just trying to live one day at a time at this point and keep things under control. I am seriously emotional. Regis and Kelly had on their Relly award nominations this morning (I never watch this show because it is so DUMB) but anyway, cried through half of them. My poor husband is beside himself. Unlike a lot of hubby's who get fed up with the whole thing, he is so upset that I am going through this and he can't do anything for me. He calls me everyday to make sure I am ok and asks how I am feeling. Bless him, at least I am not really crabby with him and when I am I apologize right away. This would make a great sitcom I am telling ya! :lol:

Everybody have a great day. It is gray and cloudy and possibly rainy today.

Faye :)

09-03-2004, 01:44 PM
Does any one remember me???????????

Things have been awful here all work and nothing else. However, I was able to have some fun this summer with my boy. I think that things in my life are begining to settle down some so that I can get back on track.


09-03-2004, 03:07 PM
SandyG: Wow it is great to hear from you! Let me know if you want to be in the challenge this quarter. I need your starting weight if you do.

Cool looks like the ole gang is all coming back! We have really missed all you guys!

Ok, I want to know what is up with the world's Kick Faye when she is down???? :?: I have been having all the trouble with me personal medical issues and believe it or not I got stung by a wasp just a little while ago. I am not allergic, but it is on my back where I can't get to it very well and the dog and cat are no help putting on meat tenderizer! :lol: I slopped it down my back and hope I got it in the right place. It hurts like the devil and I am having some other "pain with it, but I think I will be ok. If not, I will call dh to come home and take me to the doctor. I probably haven't been stung in 20 years or more. Blasted thing hurts! I guess I am just doomed right now!

I am looking forward to talking with all the "comebackers."

Faye :)

09-03-2004, 03:53 PM
Afternoon All -

Yes, Gigglez, I remember you, where have you been? Good to hear from you!!

Faye - Boy when it rains it pours huh? Things have got to look up soon for you
hon :) No, we have not started looking at other houses yet, I suppose our realtor will want us to start right after we put ours up...we will stay in the same town, just maybe out of the city just keeps piling up and seems overwhelming, you get one thing done and you find much for the three day weekend as we will be spending the whole time fixing more things!! :( Oh well, it will be over at some point, and then I will be getting a new house!! Try and look at the positive I guess :lol: I am glad to hear that you and dd settled some things, I know you would like to see dg ( and her )
more often.

Well I may not be able to check in all weekend, as I will be busy with the house ( or probably even Monday either ) so I want you all to have a great three day weekend!!! :cool:

09-03-2004, 11:34 PM
Hey all!

Man it is so good to be back! I have missed everyone so much. With all the running between both jobs and the fact that I have had to go back on steriods again my weight loss have been none at all. In fact I have found some weight. The last week I have been mentally going thur all this and have a plan ready. So here's to a new start.

Faye, hope that you are feeling better from the sting that you have recieved.

Julie, looking for a new house sounds like fun to me. Wishing you lots of luck in finding something that you will enjoy for many years.

Going to go time to get in bed,


09-04-2004, 06:49 AM
SATURDAY: Today is Sunny Thoughts Saturday. What do you have to share with us?

My sunny thought is no bites, no stings no trouble! :lol: :lol: :lol:

You have a 3 day holiday weekend. make the most of it girls!

Faye :)

Amanda Panda
09-04-2004, 09:19 AM
Hi Girls! :wave:

Welcome back Sandy B and Sandy G!!!! It is so great that you are back - things have been sooooooo quiet round here without you!

I'm doing fine, my foot is getting better and I'm going to go swimming this afternoon. I have god news to report..... I have lost 3lb! Yay - that is despite the cheese fest AND with TOM!!! I know it is 100% due to the regular swimming raising my metabolism - up to now I've been going twice a week, but this week I'm increasing it to 3 sessions, so hopefully the weight will really start to drop. Hey, you girls are lucky I'm not part of this quarters challenge! ;)

Faye - the French hate everybody! I remember a school trip to Paris and everyone was so rude, and the hotel staff made several of the girls cry! I'm glad you are having a trouble free day - I pray it stays that way! Aaah, Jack is such a sweetie isn't he?

Julie - Wow, that is alot of dancing you will be doing this weekend - I expect you will get under 200 in the next week or so. That will be such a milestone to break through!

Carri - Well done on winning the challenge - see all those 1lbs really do add up!

Sandy G - Well done for sorting out a plan, sometimes that is half the battle. If you can find a plan that you can stick to day in and day out, then the pounds will take care of themselves! I'm glad that you had a great summer with your son - I know you are a busy single mum, so some special time with your boy must have felt great!

Sandy B - Sorry your husband lost his job - that's bad news. I hope he finds work soon. Don't worry about putting on a few pounds - you are where you are, and it's downhill all the way from here!

Have a great weekend - our 3 day weekend was last weekend - not that it makes any difference to me as I'm not working!

Love Amanda x

09-04-2004, 09:53 AM
Good Morning BEAUTIFULS!!!! I am up and at em early We have a new member of our family...LOL Our neighbors had to get rid of their cat... so... we now have Telly Monster in our He in the army and just found out this week he is being sent over... lots of tears between his wife and i... we have all become so close over the summer. But... for now hes being sent to Kawait... so hopefully out of harms way. I so feel for any military people that have loved ones over there...what a scary thing to go thru. LMAO!!! Telly and my Sheba are learning to get along here... well... i dont know if its that or they are just fighting...hahahahahaha thats another reason we are ALL up at this hour on a saturday... hahahahaha
I am not weighing myself til next friday as i just got back... but hopefully it will be good news... I am trying to get back onto the south beach plan... it works and i notice like julie refered to that eating healthy really makes a difference... in a hurry i no longer grab junk or processed stuff... my body makes me pay for it... actually sick of felling so sick that i would rather throw up than feel that way...
I think i am going to go to the farmers market this am... get some good fresh veggies... i am craving so its a good thing...
To all fo you BEATIFUL WOMEN.... have a fantabulous day... remember to take care of U... love to u all


09-04-2004, 01:44 PM

Just wanted to chim in about HRT. I love it! With out it I would need nerve pills and even more medcine. Faye, I know the life with it and without it. I am on cenestin(sp) .9mg and life is wonderful. I was on the pregestion cream before the hyst but then I found out that if you have a heart problem that straight pregestion isnt good for you. You just have to weight the good with the bad and hopefully you have a wonderful doc that can really help.

work is calling

09-04-2004, 07:05 PM
Hi girls, just checking in on my full, full Saturday. We have been painting since 10:00 this morning and it seems to be slow going. :lol: I am very worn out from all of the up and down painting moves but on the good side I am getting some great exercise, usually on Saturday's I just sit on my big ol' butt

Don't really have time to do personal replies, so just want to say hope you all have a great 3 day weekend! Talk to you later!!

Oh and I had 4 points yesterday.... :cheer:

09-05-2004, 08:04 AM