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08-25-2004, 05:27 PM
This was the woe-is-me post I put out earlier--two nice supportive responses--one reason I posted after perusing the boards for the past week or so. Lots of good info and suggestions and positive karma flowing here--

I am a newbie on the South Beach--my husband and 25yr old daughter all started Aug 16--I did not know exact weight because we have not owned scale in some time until I bought one after we were two-three days into the diet--figured about 204 start weight from my last visit to dr for bad case of the shingles earlier this month.
I have been weighing in the morning before I eat anything and sometimes at night before bed--I know that weight will be heavier than the start weight, but I monitor from night to night the change/if any. My husband and daughter as not as heavy and do not need to lose as much--he weighs in the morning--I don't think she has weighed more than once so far...

I need/want to lose about 50 lbs--took a long time to put on and intellectually I know that it will take a long time to take off--but what I read in the book about early weight losses is making me feel like I have reached a plateau before the end of Phase I is over--have only gone down to 198.2--and except for drinking lots of water (which I HATE) I have been the Diet ****, according to my daughter. I have tried to follow all the rules and have even been walking for 15-20 min daily--which I never used to do at all.
I am taking a med called neurontin for a case of the shingles--and that calls for extra fluid intake also. Does anyone know if that might be partly responsible for the slow loss--

and I guess I am jumping the gun about the plateau-thing but to have really increased the excercise level and cut back on the bad carbs/fats--loved snacking, never drank a diet soft drink, liked wine and beer--(I was/am very self-indulgent)--feel like I will have difficulty with making the grade and staying on this diet or any--
I can cook healthy, we love almost all veggies, and now that I am retired it won't be the problem to cook better meals as it was when I was teaching--but it is a lot of work w/o much reward from where I am sitting now.
Any insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Vicki--a flickers (as they once were called) fan ;)

08-25-2004, 05:44 PM
Yay, Vicki! :grouphug:

Welcome, glad you are here. I'm not sure if Barb has been on yet or Kiko, but both are from Texas. Not sure where in TX...and I know that's one big state, but maybe you all are near each other.

Have you been having all that nasty rain this summer? Sounds like the state of TX is going to become an island or a lake! :lol:

08-25-2004, 05:58 PM
Welcome! Another DFWer! I live in Richardson and work in Plano. Kiko and Skherb are also in the same area (Frisco, McKinney). What area are you in?

Kiko and I each only lost 4 pounds during Phase 1 but we've done well since. I've had several plateaus and found that adding extra veggies really helped. Sometimes increasing my exercise helped too but not always. I think you are doing great.

08-25-2004, 06:26 PM
How cool that you guys live near each other! Wonder if you'll ever have time to meet? I really enjoyed meeting Meg and Jack when I was in their area for a conference a couple weeks ago. Meeting others who know and support what you are going through is really great. :goodvibes:

Vicki, Barb is one of our best...she's wise beyond her years and very SBD-savvy. Good one to listen to! :yes:

08-25-2004, 06:51 PM
Laurie, you are embarrassing me! I just spend more time than I probably should searching for answers to people's questions.

You asked about rain? We're supposed to have some this weekend but I just checked and at my home it is currently 97 degrees with a heat index of 107! Did I say I promised Brian we would go out tonight so he could practice his scooter while I walk? We may have to keep it to a half hour instead of our normal hour or so.

Vicki, it really does sound like you are doing quite well but feel free to post a day's sample of what you have been eating and we'll offer up suggestions. We are always free with advice. :)

08-25-2004, 07:16 PM
Welcoem to The Beach, Vicki.