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08-23-2004, 07:23 AM
Well, not really mutterings. Just shouting it out.

Good Morning!

Darn! Lucy just started her morning Spoiled Princess yipping so I'll do my dog slave duties, get a coffee and be back shortly.

Mutter away! :lol:

little chick
08-23-2004, 07:27 AM
Good morning to you Ruth. I am offically done phase 1 and I lost 5 pounds. I am thinking now that it may because of TOM. I am thinking it is going to happen this week, I have a sore back which is ususally a sign. So we will see.
I must go the first of the wee ones are coming in the door. I will check in later. Good morning to all of you yet to come. :)

08-23-2004, 08:05 AM
Good morning, Chickies~~ :coffee:

Well, the burnt hand is doing much better. I'm fairly sure that my relatively pain-free state is due to my quick thinking about immediately dunking it in cold water and keeping it there for a few hours. The tips of my middle two fingers are still a wee bit sensitive, but other than that, nothing! Yay! :)

Went to my guild meeting yesterday...ended up with 2 replacement bobbins for my wheel, 2 packets of dye and some mohair fiber. :sssh: ...don't tell DH. :eek: I'm going to have to have a stash reduction sale at some point. E Bay here I come. :rolleyes:

Didn't eat a danged thing until dinner last night (because of the hand). Then I sort of blew it. I ended up making chicken and dumplings. But only ate one small dumpling, so it wasn't a total waste.

Ruth, those dogs seem to have you very well trained! :lol: ;) I can't talk though, DH says I spoiled Pester Ann from Day one. But what was I supposed to do? She was a puppy, suddenly yanked away from all that was familiar, she had mange and she was naked. The mange treatment traumatized her, so I HAD to spoil her, right???

Little Chick, Way to Go, girl! I'll keep fingers :crossed: that once TOM has gone, you'll step on the scale and be down ANOTHER 5 pounds. :)

I don't weigh until tomorrow, so, we'll see.

Hope you Chicks have a great day on the Beach. Hello to all the sleepyhead Chicks who haven't gotten in here yet. :wave:


08-23-2004, 08:24 AM
Yup! My Girls are spoiled, Lucy in particular! (Her name really does mean Spoiled Princess!) However, they are loyal, loving, protective and think I am a Goddess so I think I'll keep them. :lol:

Little Chick, TOM is coming and you are down in weight? Good sign! It must mean you are really losing that extra.

Mamacita, I felt so badly about your poor hand. Good thinking about the cold water, especially for a long time. It really does reduce the trauma. I understand milk is even better.

This is going to be a busy week with a yard/bake/plant sale on Saturday followed by an adult scavenger hunt and a barbecue! I'm really hoping to get back to some walking as The Preggie Girls and I really need it. I have decided to wear the knee support more to see if that will help healing. The darn knee still bites me and wakens me in the night! I guess Advil at bedtime might help.

Sara is due at 8 (if it doesn't rain) and Gail will be here shortly after so I'd better get off my fluffy butt.

What's happening where you are? Come and chat. :cofdate:

08-23-2004, 08:48 AM
Hi everyone,

Mamacita - sorry to hear about your burn. Hope it heals fast

I got up today at 5:00 and did my yoga tape. Not much else to say except i have been doing reall well until last night when i went to a freinds for dinner. Ugh. well ther are 7 days until the end off the month.


08-23-2004, 09:14 AM
good morning all,
well i made it through another weekend, not that i did well with my eating or anything but i kept the plan in mind most of the time. the power shopping went well i still have to take dd out today to get shoes but other than that we are all done. her hair appt went well she ended up getting an straight shoulder length cut and some very subtle highlights she was very happy with the whole thing. we went out to the camper on saturday and spent the day there yesterday as well. the camping weekends will soon be over at the end of sept so we take advantage as much as we can for the last month. today is work, shopping, dinner and laundry. nothing exciting.

mama sorry to hear about your bad hand. hope it heals quick.

ruth hope you have a great day. thats why we get doggies to spoil them.

hi cac have a great day!!1

lc great job on getting through p1 good job loosing the big 5!!!

to all the rest of you chicks have a great day i'll check back later!!

08-23-2004, 09:20 AM
This is my last week of summer vacation before I return to work ( teacher).
I am going to try not to let the stress of preparing to return make me eat any junk ( although all summer I have been craving a jelly donut that i have yet to eat). I loaded up with kealthy snacks like light string cheese ( also got lactaid pills) , hummus, and sugar free jello. The weather looks nice this week so I am going to grill meat and veggies on the BBQ with big fresh salads. Kinda doing a phase one week, but having a few servings of grains if the urge strikes. The only thing that I have been eating is special K low carb a few mornings a week.I probably should start incorporating them back into my diet more than I am.

I am trying some of the recipes from the book ( I finally got it from the library). I am making the ginger chicken and the balsamic chicken this week.
I find the book helpful because he talks about eating and cheating and that it is okay to have a "special" dinner and do not feel guilty just go on phase one for a few days. So hopefully I will be better educated about SBD.

08-23-2004, 10:05 AM
Good morning, everyone! :wave:

Ruth, I'd wear that knee brace as much as I could, if I were you. But you're stubborn, so you do whatever the **** you want, darling. :lol3:
Hugs for you and Harry... :grouphug:

Little Chick... 5 pounds!! :hat: That's great, girl!!! :dance:

Mamacita, I'm so glad your burn is healing quickly... :grouphug:
Yes...Michael Phelps! Amazing swimmer, and what a charming thing to do... stepping down for the relay to allow his teammate to get the gold. Very nice. :yes:
Hey, we got a gold in gymnastics! That's the first gold we've EVER had in gymnastics! We're such a very small, humbled country. :rofl:

Karen, how was DH's birthday?
The movie was fun, thanks. I do enjoy a good scary movie, and it was fun going with my daughter and her friend. They're both such sweeties. :)

Kristin, don't apologise for venting. This is the place to do it... you're a very supportive person, and we're here for you, too! :grouphug:
I hope the funeral goes okay today. :( I'll be thinking about you. I'm glad you've got new meds. I know it's frustrating having to take them, but they're life-savers. I'll say prayers that you find a good psychiatrist soon. Hang in there, sweetie.

Cac, good for you doing the yoga! :hat:

Jodi, we're OP today, darling. Please see sticky at top of forum. :D
Isn't it funny how our young daughters simply must have dyed hair. :lol: It's such a sign of the times. (I guess.) My DD frequently dyes her hair. Her natural colour is almost black, which I love, but she likes the "red look".

Chilichick, you're smart to get on track before the start of the school year. :yes: I hope this is a good year for you. :)

I'm just getting ready to go and see my psychiatrist. I haven't seen him for almost a month. Sometimes I think, "What the heck am I going to say TODAY!?!?" But there's always something, and that hour just flies by! :lol:

Have a great day, girls... back later...

08-23-2004, 10:32 AM
Hello ladies,

Good morning to all. After a nice relaxing weekend away at the beach, I am back with a little guilt. I didn't quite stay on plan as I had hoped. I indulged in some garlic mashed potatoes, a really yummy dessert (don't remember what was in it, but is was sooooo good!) little bruschetta, fried clams..oih and I might have had a couple pieces of bread (not necessarily ww either). I feel bad, but it was all sooooo good. I did walk probably about a total of 10 miles on Saturday between my 5 miles if power walking and 3.5 hours of shopping. I think I will start Phase 1 again and get my body back in check again...just in time for visitors for Labor Day weekend. But any way, I need to do it. This happens every time I start a diet. I am so good and focused for about 2 months, but then lose interest and fall of the wagon.

I am home today with another sinus headache, but am thinking of trying my yoga for dummies....I've had it since Valentine's day last year.....My BF isn't too happy.

I hope everyone has a good day on the beach.

08-23-2004, 10:36 AM
Good Morning, gals! TOM should start today but I was down another pound this morning. I may just make my August goal yet. I did a LOT of walking this weekend. I took a 2 hour walk yesterday and then DS begged for me to join him on a 1 hour walk in the afternoon. He rides his scooter while I walk. I don't expect to do as much exercise this week since I have evening plans but I'll do what I can.

This is going to be a busy week. I'm covering for my team leader at work today and Friday. I had a cub scout planning meeting last night and have a committee meeting on Tuesday night. Thursday, I'm taking some time off in the afternoon to help out at the scouting rally at the school and then that night we have the Scouting for Scouts night where we talk to the parents. Oh, well, next week will be easier. We only have a pack meeting then. Oh, I forgot about the pizza party next Monday. I plan to eat ahead of time if I can.

08-23-2004, 10:40 AM
I have just been BAD. I ate some of the non SBD appetizers I made for last night. Only 4 bloody people showed up, when 13 RSVP'd. So I made all that food, and nobody would take it home. So I ate it.

You gotta be kiddin' me. I PIGGED OUT yesterday....ate all kinds of non-OP things. I'm still 140. I was curious so in the middle of my post I weighed myself.

So Terry's mom is mad at us because last September we bumped our wedding date up (originally was Sept 11, now is April 16 since we wanted more time to save money) and I thought Terry told her....apparently he didn't tell her until last weekend. Sigh. So now she's not talking to him, won't go to dinner with him tonight for her birthday, nothing. He swears he told her a long time ago. Wouldn't you think if the wedding was in 3 weeks you would have heard SOMETHING about it?? I feel guilty, but how the **** was I supposed to know he didn't tell her? When I asked him if he told her (a year ago) he said he did! Aaggghhhh drama.

Here's another thing.....(I'm venting too...) Terry's mom still converses with Terry's ex. Apparently Heather (the ex) knew all about the date, time, etc of our wedding because some girl at the grocery store told me. Said she recognized me from pictures Heather had (why does she have pictures of me???) Thought we were getting married in September, etc. Apparently the girl from the grocery store was Heather's ex-roomie. I do NOT want this woman sabotaging my wedding. It was a bad break between the two of them, and Terry immediately went to me. I've only met the woman once, and it was under baaaaad circumstances. (PM me if you're that curious, but I can't post it here.) I wish Terry's mom would just stop talking to her. She didn't like Heather the whole 7 years they were together. Now, as soon as he starts dating me, they're best friends. Ugh.

Oh dang. It's time to get ready for work. It's a 2-jobber again. All I have to type is "2-jobber" and I yawn. Gotta hit the shower. Talk to you all later!


08-23-2004, 10:42 AM
Hello and Good Morning Beachgals!
I need you more than ever now, after this past week! I discovered Maple Cream Cookies and Maple Walnut Ice Cream, and we also went to the Ben & Jerry's Factory in Vermont, and on top of that, a very dear woman made us a scrumptious Bumbleberry Pie. Well, vacation time is over now, and I won't be going away til December, so it's back to Phase 1 for me. THANK YOU for starting the PHASE 1 STICKY!!! It will help a lot just knowing that many of the rest of you are starting back at the beginning,too!
I had to drag myself to Curves this morning, but I really feel good now that I've done it. It's hard to get back on track again. For today, I need to clean the house and finish the laundry. I did my grocery shopping yesterday, so I have plenty of OP food in the house. I have to babysit later this afternoon, so I'm going to take the rest of the box of Maple Cream Cookies along to give to the little ones. They are soooo good that I know if I have them here I won't be able to keep myself from devouring them! Breakfast so far has been a cup of coffee and string cheese. I may have a peach midmorning, I know they're not Phase 1, but I have to use them up. For lunch I'm having a Chicken Caesar Salad, and probably the same for supper tonight with a ricotta whip.

08-23-2004, 11:45 AM
Morning ladies!

Little Chick -- GOOD for you! I fell like I gained your 5 though! I've heard that iof you hang around with or live with other women long enough, you get to be on the same TOM cycle. Wonder if this is true for online, because I think it's happening here too!

Mama -- yikes! Glad your hand is better!

Ruth -- I have the same issue with my knee at night - and my shoulders. it could be how I sleep on top of the health issues. Anywho, every so often I take 2 Alleve before I go to bed and wake up a lot happier, not to mention mobile.

Cac -- 5A??? I nevy a person who can wake up that early!

Jodi -- your "tonight" sound like mine -- I have to go to the gym though. 1.5 weeks of no excersise and I wake up all crabby and sore! Dinner is salmon though, yum! And I have to go return a suit but forgot to take it with me this AM with my gym clothes (must bring the clothes as it's harder to drive BY the gym with them in the car than to go home to change and sit there instead of going!). The suit was too big btw!!!

Chili -- good job in planning. You'll get into the groove of things soon I am sure!

Ellis -- have a good day...

Sheila -- no use in feeling bad -- we can't change the past and at least it was worth it for you, you know? Now back on track :)

Barb -- I can sympathize with the busy week. Hope you can stay as close to OP as possible!

Weezle -- that is totally odd that she still talks to her. And this girl -- stalker much???

Cottage -- a bunch of us are starting phase 1 again. I am starting, FOR REAL, tomorrow until I leave. Join the bandwagon!

As for me:

I started the day out with an everything bagel with salmon and cream cheese. I don't know why I do these things (i.e.-forgetting breakfast and lunch at home and being "stuck"). I am no where near where I wanted to be for Puerto Rico and I leave Thursday. TOM is next week too. Ugh. I did manage to lose a pound and I am going to work off that bagel at the gym tonight. Lunch is the only thing I have to think about now -- perhaps a nice big salad. I took salmon out for dinner (I had every intention of being OP today!) so I am set there.

Think I can lose 4 pounds in 3 days???

I am going to try to update often this week before I leave and *gulp* have to wear a bathing suit!

08-23-2004, 12:16 PM
Good Morning Ladies!

Well I woke up at 7:30 today because my little brother's alarm clock was going off and he wouldn't turn it off :devil: , he slept through it....leaving me to turn it off....i heard it in my room...ugh....but anyways....I didn't go out last night...I was kinda tired...There's not much really going on today.....I'm in the office answering phones for now...little brother came out here and is annoying me.....ugh.....maybe i'll go out later just to get out of the house...It's another beautiful day here...sun is shining it's supposed to be 88 I hope everyone has a great day!

08-23-2004, 01:06 PM
Good morning/afternoon, ladies. I trust everyone had a good weekend.

First of all, CONGRATS to you exercisers out there! I spend $40 a month on a gym and yet, somehow haven't gone in almost two months. No time!! So I super commend all of you that get out there! :bravo:

Secondly, Jenne, I lost 4 lbs last week, and I caved and had whole wheat pizza and white wine on Saturday night. I weighed myself Sunday a.m., so anything is possible. Have a blast in Pr! My best friends (twins!) from college live there year round, and they are constantly gushing about it.

History Chick, it is gorgeous out here too. I am heading out to eat lunch outside, on the gorgeous waterfront in Boston. I brought a bathing suit and a blanket so I can catch some sun. I got so pale! :cool:

Weezle, congrats on a wedding date! Weddings are so special, I am not even close to getting ready to be married, but I still flip thru the Martha Stewart Wedding magazine. I sure hope things improve with the MIL. How abt chatting with her, sharing a cup of tea and explaining that it makes you uncomfortable that she is sharing details of yours and your financees personal life with a former flame? Although I realize that that is a stretch in a lot of MIL/DIL relationships, perhaps some of the other ladies in the forum who are MILs can offer some advice.

Well, off to do a little work. They do pay me after all! :lol3:

08-23-2004, 01:10 PM
Good morning, girls. :coffee:

Today is my first day of SB, I'm really excited to be changing my WOE. :D

Both of my sons are back in school today. I have the house to myself!!!!!!!!! :devil:

I'll check back in later...

Rose :)

08-23-2004, 02:39 PM
Hi, all! :sunny:

This is a quick speed-by...I have tons to do today at work! I had a dentist appt. this morning (got a clean bill of health, yippee! :D ), then a talkative former student showed up and kept us all occupied for an hour and a half. (whew!) to actual work I go. Hope all is well with everyone and my prayers are with those who need them! :D


sweet tooth
08-23-2004, 02:43 PM
Good morning. I can't believe the number of posts already. I started reading them at 8:30, had to go to a meeting in the meantimer, so I'm ready to type now. If I have missed anyone....special hello to you.

Mama - Sorry to hear about the hand. There is nothing as painful as a burn. Hope it heals quickly and you are able to get back to normal soon. I really am envious of you - not for the burn - but for the spinning talent. I have always wanted to learn, but dare not embark on that too soon. I have soooo much craft stuff stashed that DH would have a fit if I started something else. :D Have fun collecting the fibre...even just feeling them is so nice.

Ruth - Darn rights...those girls should be spoiled. Where else do you have someone greet you at the door when you get home, shower you with love and kisses and undieing adoration? Hmmm, methinks that you may be spoiled, too.

LC - WTG on the weight loss. You are at least going in the right direction. The amount doesn't matter. You will get to you goal eventually and for that you will be a healthier mom. Congrats...savour the weight loss that you already have and keep on goin'.

cac - Last night is OK. Today if a fresh moment, and as you said you still have 7 days to the end of the month. Get back at can do this.

Jodi - Great that the school shopping is just about done. Now you can breathe a sigh of relief and get back to a normal routine. I find that, when I am under the stress of something non-routine, my eating goes out the window even if I am well planned. Just get back on track today and you will be just fine.

chilichick - I am also starting to venture out with some of the recipes from the cookbook. I find it easier to keep OP if I plan my special off program treats. I think it is easier to get back OP if they are planned ahead - I guess, mentally you are never really getting off program because the treats are planned. In planning them, I also find that I enjoy them more because I am not berating myself with self-talk.

ellis - Have a great day. Take care.

Sheila - Don't get discouraged with your eating. Go back to Phase 1 to rejuvenate, then onward and forward. Everyone falls off the wagon now and time plan in advance, then you head into those tempting times with your eyes wide open and have a plan around the treats that you will actually have. Then, back OP the next day. You can do this.

Barb - WTG on the weight loss. I should be so lucky as to lose weight at that time of month. However, the weight gain always shows up just in time for me to report my monthly weight loss - sooooo frustrating. Have a great week. Sounds like you will need to put some extra ooomph into those running shoes this week. Take care.

Weezle - Don't stress out about the family stuff. It is so discouraging and disappointing to be in the middle of the family issues. Been there, done that. :lol: Sounds like Terry's mom is throwing an adult temper tantrum - nothing worse than watching an adult throwing a tempter tantrum. However, always remember to handle these issues with class and dignity - never lower youself to someone else's level. You wil come out the winner every time - after all, haven't you won the guy?

Have to run right now, I will check back in later. Take care everyone.

08-23-2004, 03:50 PM
Busy day, trying to get back into "real" life. Looking for some good success with recommitment to phase 1!

sweet tooth
08-23-2004, 07:55 PM
I can't believe how busy it is today compared to how slow it has been for the summer. Tomorrow is registration and I have done nothing by stamp out fires most of today. I think most are out now, with the exception of a few. Whew!

cottage - So good to here that you are back on track and starting with Phase 1. In the diet world, there must be an end of summer resolution time as well as the January 1 resolution time. Get back at it, you can do it.

Jenne - Ok, Jenne, today is serious talk time. Let us know what you are going to have for breakfast tomorrow. Enough of those bagels, now. You really do need to lose that 5 pounds. You still have 7 days to the end of August. I'm challenging you to take those pounds of by the end of the month. I know you can do that.

Historychick - What do you mean it is 88 degrees there? It is cold and rainy here. They finally got the air conditioning working in my office, and with the weather outside, it is mighty cold. The temp got up to 16.5 C in my office. I have been shivering all day. BUT, I'm not complaining to the air guy quite yet. We should still have a warm indian summer and I always subscribe to the fact that I can always put clothes on at work, but there are only so many that I can take off. :lol:

kvixen - Congrats on the weight loss - uncongrats on the exercise :) I can really empathize what you are experiencing with the exercise. I have worked at a college for 18 years, hubby was here 10 before that - access to the pool, exercise programs, weight room tracks, etc. - is all free. AND I haven't really taken advantage of much. In spurts now and then but not regularly. I am presently doing a 60 minute power walk at lunch everyday, and hope to get a fitness trainer (they are free in January, too) and start to use the weight room then. Sooooo, the bottom line is, if I can get the bit butt off the chair to exercise, so can you. I know the time is always a factor, but you do need to make time for you. You are improtant, too.

Rose - Congrats on choosing SBD to change your WOE. I wish you great luck and bigger successes. Keep us all posted.

RNMOM - I know you can do this. You were only 2 lbs. from goal. Don't let that slip away from you. When I was on WW, I was 5 pounds from goal and I let it all slip away. I'm not sorry now that I have found SBD, but am worried about you. Catch that gain before it beomes 30 - 40 pounds. That's the voice of experience talking. You CAN do this and you are so close.

Me - Well, it has been interesting to say the least. Our DS decided to take one of the puppies to Ontario to the lake for 2 weeks. Sooo, I had to scamper about to get heart worm for him before he went. We are left with the other puppy. She is OK for now, but I'm sure that the lonliness will set in fairly soon. Our schedules have been turned topsy turvey and she will have difficulty with that, as well.

We have also had some hawks hanging around the house, so I am concerned that they are stalking the pups when they are out in the yard. We have been keeping a very close eye of them while they are there.

Tomorrow is student registration and the place is crazy. I look after parking (the most thankless job on a campus) and found out this morning that the contract for one of our parking lot leases finally went through. It is located a long distance off campus, so I had to arrange busing for students to and from the parking lot. Then arrange sales of permits, etc. etc. What a hassle. However, most of the work is done.

I also realized this morning that I need to start to dress like a lady...summer is over, no more jeans, capri pants and Ts. Back to dresses and pantyhose. What a bother. But I did try on the 'small' clothes that I bought at a secondhand store and most of them fit. Woohoo. It is just like having a new wardrobe to start school. I do have to buy pantyhose on the way home, though...up in the morning to stuff those blasted things on.

I also lost survived the weekend with a .4 pound loss. I have been trying to be good and to continue the weight loss. Another few more pounds and I will be on the home stretch. It will certainly be nice to be that far. I have also been doing aerobic exercise since June, so am getting back into physical shape. The whole thing is starting to feel like an entire package. I have my annual medical at the end of September, so I am hoping to be at goal before then. Mr dr. won't be giving me any hassles this time.

Hope everyone has a great evening. I am running really late today. I may not be able to pop in for the next few days - having router probs at home and won't have time at work - so keep OP. I will be back in a few days. Take care everyone.

little chick
08-23-2004, 09:14 PM
Hi chicks just checking in before bed I am so tired I can't even think. I manged to get through day 1 of phase 2. Although I did have 2 sugar free puddings and one slice of low carb bread. After eating the bread I relised I didn't even miss it. Well thanks to all the well wishes and congrats. Love ya chicks. Talk to ya in the morning.

08-23-2004, 09:33 PM
hello everyone,
wow it has been super busy in here today. so nice to see everyone posting in the daily. well it was a typical monday for me, slow moving and no real good plan but tomorrow will be different. i am no longer feeling sorry for myself which is a good thing!!!

hi sweet tooth :wave: sounds like back to school is crazy for you!!! hang in there!! we'll miss you while you are gone. don't work too hard!!

i'm here with you RNMOM we can recommit together!!!

laurie- good for you with a good dentist appt!! have a great day!!!

rosewaddles hi nice to meet you!!! welcome!!!

kvixen hope you have a great day!!! i have exercise / time issues too. it makes it tough. keep trying!!!

history chick hello there!!!

jenne1071 good for you taking back the "too big suit" hope you got all your errands done. have a great trip if i dont get to talk to you before you leave!!!

cottage put that delicious sounding vaca behind you "humbleberry pie??" time to start fresh!!! great job going to curves this morning!!

weezle sorry to hear about all the party leftovers. i hate it when they rsvp and then have the nerve not to show. word of advice, get terri's mom over to your team. heather sounds like a "bad thing"

barb great job!!! keep up the great work!!!

shequila hope you get feeling better soon!!

ellis great job with the new sticky!!! i guess the hair color thing is a sign of the times, they try so hard to be their own person. i'll do just about anything to foster that too it seems to give so much confidence to them. (well at least when the color comes out right) BTW you described your dd's dress the other day the kids around here call that goth i think anyway there is a great store down here called Hot topic they have some of the coolest stuff :smoking: not sure if they are on line or not i'll take a look and let you know.

hi chilichick nice to see you again!!

well i got all my errands done and have a little time to sit here and do nothing!! for a change. i think i'll go plan out my day tomorrow. have a great night everyone!!

08-23-2004, 10:46 PM
Hey all, it's been a crazy day around here. I woke up at 5 am but could not bring myself to actually get out of bed, so I laid there for 3 hours watching t.v. and trying to snooze on commercials.

I finally got out of bed and got ready to go in to work. We have to go in (at our leisure) and drive our routes 3x's this week. Well I get there and not only does my bus have cobwebs all over it :lol: but the darn thing was broken, so I had to wait 45 min for the tech to fix it and then it took about 2 to drive my route.

Other than that I've just been cleaning house. DBF's kids went home to their mothers house after being here for the last 6 weeks, during that time it had been pointless to really clean because they would just turn around and trash it 5 min later. It took my the full time that they were here but I am happy to say that we've made progress as they now clearly understand that Emily does not like to live in a pigsty. *ahem* it says alot about how they live at their mom's house.

Anyhoo, I've been OP. Can't wait until payday though we are out of a lot of things and it is getting harder to stay on track. It just means I am getting more creative about my meals.

Must go for now but I will chat later, DD wants some snuggle time. :D