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amy elizabeth
04-23-2001, 10:41 AM

About a year and a half ago I order Move, Groove and Lose from a TV Infomercial. It was the first time I'd ever done that and will be my LAST!!!

Over the weekend I rec'd another new MGL kit that was automatically charged to my VISA card that they had on file!!!!!!!!!! I was livid!!! I did really enjoy the product, but had problems before with them as they sent me vitamins that I didn't order and charged me for those. I have called my credit card and closed the account after putting a hold on those funds that they say they will credit.

Now on a good note...I did enjoy the MGL product. And...the woman today at Customer Service was very helpful and said she will credit my account, cancel my plan and i can keep the merchandise. Apparantly they had a mailing that asked you if you wanted to cancel your 'membership' which i had never signed up for! By not responding to this letter, as I have since married and moved....I enrolled myself and they charged me for a product that I already have.

My feelings of the whole service I received through this product made me feel negative towards the product itself. To anyone looking to purchase this product...try EBAY or a private seller, as you may end up paying and getting more than you intended.

Buyer Beware!!!

Good Luck!