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08-21-2004, 01:11 PM
sorry guys i didnt kno what number chat we were on or if we even go by numbers but i felt like writing so i started a new one.

Today i am going to by my refrigerator for college and go to target. i love target if u guys are fortunate enough to havea target near u shop there an support them :P.

I was supposed to clean my room but there is jsut soo much stuff for college everywhere i dont kno where to begin or if it is even possible.

I got upset yesterday cuz someone from a board here i feel went at me for stating my opinion but she explain she wasnt mad at me but it still hurt my feelings with what she said. like i was raised in a pighole or something because my view is different.

does anyone else find that even though they r fat they got little fingers? i wear a size 4.75 ring. isnt that like abnormally small? lol well i'm abnormal so i guess it works.

I leave for college in less then a week and i have begun the task of packing. I am soo excited. i'm gonna try and keep posting here but i dont kno how often i'll be able to becuz of school.

I bought a scale for my dorm room just so i can keep track of how i am doing.
I think i should be ok. thank goodness it doesnt cost money to join their gym. i'll be trying to go every day. we'll see how long that lasts

sorry this psot is all over the place but my mind tends to do that lol.

08-21-2004, 07:17 PM
We don't usually do the number thing on our chat threads, just the weekly dates.....so that's why you don't know the number! :) But good for you for striking up a chat! :coffee:

Elle, I just read what you were referring to, and I want to personally and publicly thank you for trying to speak out against that ignorance. You were absolutely right in responding as you did, and no amount of backpeddling on their parts will change the true meaning of their original words. I respect you very, very much for speaking out as you did, and for standing up for your convictions and cutting through the BS with courage and sincerity. When I read what they were saying, I was pretty offended, and I know that I sure wouldn't feel very comfortable turning to them for support on much of anything. Don't ever stop speaking your mind and staying true to your own sense of right and wrong, Elle -- you go, girl!

As for the cleaning, can you shove it all to one side to get some working space and then go through it a section at a time till you've got it cleared out and organized?

I'm really excited for you -- when do you leave for college?? And where are you going? I'm glad that you got a scale for your room; I didn't weigh myself as I was gaining, and I really regret it. If I'd known the actual numbers, I'd like to think that I'd have reined myself in and made these changes sooner. This way you'll be able to stay on top of it, so smart thinking on your part! It is sooo cool that the gym is free! So even if you can't go every single day, if you went 5 times a week you'd still be doing GREAT! (No freshman 15 for you!)

Again, Elle, I respect you and appreciate you. :goodvibes :goodvibes :goodvibes

08-21-2004, 07:30 PM
Well i am soo glad i am not the only one who felt what she said was wrong. I thought i was reading too much into it. THanks for reassuring me your post made me soo much better. i was feeling like crap before then. Thanx sarah.

As for the cleaning part i cant shove it too one side there is not enough space to shove it lol thats how much **** i have in my room.
I leave for college on the 27th i am soo excited i prob wont be posting til the 29th after i leave. I go to college upstate new york. what happened was i went my freshman year then i took a year off for medical reasons basically i went crazy so yea. so i will be going back as a sophomore to the same college. I am soo excited to go.

the funny thing is i am excited to use the gmy because thier gym is better then the one i joined at home lol. plus i dont have to find a ride every time i wanna go.

thanks again sarah for saying what u did. it really bothered me

08-22-2004, 04:45 AM
You did the right thing if only other were strong enough to speak up like you did!! I'm very VERY VERY PROUD OF YOU!!! I've told you time and time again that your very strong you just proved it once again!!!

As for your room... bet your mom takes care of your mess. I know go into my son/daughters room and clean. (They don't mind)


08-22-2004, 10:51 AM
Hey Everyone!

Well, I'm doing quit well. Excersizing is getting interesting as I like to bike and walk but it has been about 50-60 degrees here lately.... SO COLD!
I'm very pleased in the fact that it is 8:45 a.m. and I have until 7 p.m. to to *whatever* I want. Where will I start....

Then my friends are coming over at 7 to watch the Olympics. :D Monday night is our big end-of-summer sleep-over at my house. I'm pumped.

Grrr... I don't want to clean the house with all my spare time. That is *not* what I want to do. Have a good weekend.

08-23-2004, 01:34 PM
Elle--good for you for standing up. I agree that we each have our own opinions and are each entitled to it. My mom has tiny hands as well and has been overweight all her life. I think she can wear a ring from my ring finger on her thumb or something like that. Her ring size I believe is like a 5 or something.

I think sarah gave you a great idea for cleaning. I know how hard it is while your trying to get everything packed and ready to head off to college and be all excited about it only to get bummed out in the next moment because there's a ton left to clean up.

So am I the only one not into the Olympics this year? I usually love watching the gymnastics, swimming, diving and try and catch the beach volleyball but the ONLY things I've seen have been replays on the news. I just haven't turned it on once and not sure why.

08-23-2004, 02:04 PM
i havent turn on the olympics once this summer. Just doesnt appeal to me anymore. i might have caught a glimpse here or there flipping through the channels but that is about it.

08-23-2004, 02:11 PM
So am I the only one not into the Olympics this year? I usually love watching the gymnastics, swimming, diving and try and catch the beach volleyball but the ONLY things I've seen have been replays on the news. I just haven't turned it on once and not sure why.
I am completely disinterested. All the references people make to athletes and the rest just fly over my head. I don't have anything against it, and I really respect the efforts and discipline that those athletes put forth -- I just don't find actually watching it even remotely interesting for some reason. :shrug: Sports have just never really done it for me. I wish everyone else the utmost enjoyment, however....rock on with your Olympics-watching selves! :high:

08-23-2004, 02:37 PM
Elle, I am not familiar with what was said, but I trust Sarah and from reading what she posted about it then you absoulutely did the right thing. Never feel bad about that!!

I loved college. I would go back in a heartbeat if I could. Catch me up Elle. Is this your first year?? I've kind of been out of the loop. It's so cool you can use the gym there. That is very convienant for you.

I have pretty small fingers for a fat chick but they are even smaller when I am skinny. Your fingers are very slim. Right now I wear about a six or a little smaller and when I am thin I wear about a size 5.

I've been watching some of the Olympics this year. I don't care for every event, so I just watch the ones I like. I think they are pretty interesting.

As for me, I have about 13 days left of vacation. I am so ready to get back to my own home. I have loved being here and being able to spend time with my husbands family, but I am just ready to be back to my own home. It's been a long summer for me. I have learned a very important lesson though. When we first got here I was eating uncontrollaby, and I felt that I was going to be a lost cause. There is so many foods here that I don't keep in my own home. Well, I kicked myself in the A$$ one day and told myself that the way I was eating was not acceptable in the least. After that I have been doing really well. It has shown me that I can truly be able to participate in life and not have to panic about how I am going to react outside of my circle to food. That's been a pretty big breakthrough for me.

Have a wonderful week!!

08-23-2004, 04:54 PM

How is everyone doing? I'm glad to be back and focused! I am determined this time. I'm not stopping this time unti I reach my goal!

Apryl, hi sweetie! So glad to see a picture of you-you have a beautiful smile! Congratulations on being a senior, and best of luck with your last year of high school.

Not much going on right now-I start my fall classes next week. This week I'm trying to catch up on things around the house and read some fun books...cause once the fall semester starts I won't have as much time to read what I like (as opposed to textbooks)

Any ideas for getting through the major hunger of the first few days of "clean eating?" I'm ready to eat my keyboard! I keep drinking water and telling myself the hunger will pass. Most of the summer I've been exercising, but eating whatever the h*ll I've felt like (too much ice cream and pizza, and it's landed on my thighs). I have to keep telling myself I can have those foods once in a while, but not all the time.

Take care everyone,

08-23-2004, 06:55 PM
Don't jump the gun! (I'm certainly not!!) I'm only going to be a junior, thank God. I'm excited about being an "upper-classman" (make that upper-classwoman) though! :D Yahoo! My friends and I are all juniors and seniors now, so we're holding on to every moment. :)

08-23-2004, 07:29 PM
tammy this will be my second year of college i did my freshman year then took a eyar off.

so i think i lost a lb how great is that i wont kno for sure until tomorrow maybe my scale is off.

I went shopping today and bought knee length boots and shoes for a grand total of 8 bucks. I'm such the bargain shopper i feel such a rush cuz i could never fit into knee length boots ever llike my calves were too big but these foot with room!!!!!!! Now i know i'm lookin better lol

Ivanna B. Skinny
08-23-2004, 10:38 PM
I want a really great pair of boots for the fall too! Shoes are definatly my thing--and purses--and well, all clothing in fact! Good luck in school this year girls! Im like Tammy, if I had the opportunity, I'd go back in a minute! Actually, Ive been looking into taking a certificate program from University of Phoenix on line. Its a little expensive though,and Id really just rather wait till my little girl is in school, then go back for real--I dont know. :dizzy:

08-23-2004, 11:11 PM
Amy Jo, do they have community colleges where you live? If so, often they offer online courses for a lot less money than a university. I applaud all of you who are in school and who plan to go back. I think my proudest moment was when I walked across that stage and got my diploma. It took me 13 years, and I had two kids, but I finally made it. And when my kids were older, I went back for more. :)

Apryl, I'm really glad you're only a junior because that means we all still have time to save money for our trip to see you graduate. Wouldn't that make a great 100 Lb. Club gathering??!! We'll all be skinny by then, and when you walk across the stage and we all yell for you, you can tell people, oh, those are some Fat Chicks I know. :lol:

08-23-2004, 11:22 PM
wow ok i just have to share this cuz i cant stop laughing and i thought maybe i should share the love.

So this person asked me what i was going to college for and i said to be a teacher for the deaf and their response and this is no joke was "cool, i know a blind person." Now does that not prove how horrible our school system is? lol gosh i am still laughing

08-23-2004, 11:56 PM
I'd like to go back to highschool, college was too much work, heh. I remember doing 1,000 page projects in one of my college courses, and writing a paper everyweek for just one class, and then there was 30 page MID TERMS, not just one midterm, TWO, plus the final. I did enjoy my social life in college... hmm, is that why I'm working retail? lol

So, I'm having a hard week!! People at work at picking on me still, I've actually resorted to telling them they are b*tches. Not nice at all ! But they are still meaner! Anywho, I was coming home from work today and my boyfriend came to pick me up part of the way (really it was like 1km away from my house, but its a steep hill!!), well the brakes are making funny noises. So I have to get my back brakes done, soon! We have a friend who is a mechanic, but he's not always the most reliable, he did our front brakes (did a good job too), but it took us about 2 weeks to connect with him. And if I take it into some chain mechanic, they will charge me an arm and a leg, now if it just came down to body parts, I'd give all mine up, but again, I work retail, therefore I am broke! Okay, done complaining :)

Elle - I have lots of dumb people stories, my FAV this week is, "whats 50% off of this price?", so I tell them, "it's half of the last price". Do people really not know what 50% off 19.99 is? I get that question probably 5-10 times a day. Or, even better, when they come up to me holding an item of clothing, and say "how much is this?", so I pick up the tag, which is always attached in the same place, and say "half of the last price". We are having a sale at my work where everything is 50% off the last marked price... pretty straight forward, right?